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Kandi Simons was nearing her destination-home. She was twenty-six years old, supervised six convenience stores, and tended bar part-time. She lived about an hour from her hometown in a fairly large city, and was gloriously independent. She had further ambitions, wanting to open a business of her own, utilizing her creative talents. Her stepmother, Laura, had been a rock in Kandi’s world since her parents had divorced, and Dad had married her. Always there to offer support and wise council, she had become Kandi’s best friend through school and now in her career. The two jobs had padded her bank account enough that she thought she was ready to take the plunge. She still felt she needed confirmation from Laura, although they had planned the venture for over a year.

Kandi thought back to those first few months when Laura came into her life. Naturally, she had been jealous of this new woman in her world, especially one as beautiful and sexy as Laura. She was the opposite of Kandi’s mother-pleasant, vivacious, sensuous, and oh so sexy! Her legs seemed to go on forever, and her ass was the perfect size and shape. Kandi secretly admired Laura’s body, and dreamed of having a similar one someday. Allowing nature to take its course that someday had arrived.

Kandi had turned into an absolutely beautiful, sexy woman in her own right. Her legs, while not as long as Laura’s were toned and muscular, her ass sat atop them beautifully, and her breasts were even bigger than Laura’s 34-C’s. Kandi had a full rack of 36-DD’s and still didn’t need a bra. In fact, she only wore one when on company business, and today was definitely not company business.

Turning into her folks’ driveway, she saw Roy’s truck parked to the side. Roy was her Father’s best friend, and he often left his truck there while they did whatever men do to get away from the “little woman.” She let herself in the back door, and for some reason, didn’t call out to Laura. She stopped before walking down the hall, trying to place the sound she heard coming from the master bedroom. It sounded like flesh slapping flesh!

Stepping quietly to the open door, she peeked around the corner and got the surprise of her life. Her stepmother was flat of her back, her titties bouncing in time with the pounding that Roy’s cock was delivering to her upturned pussy. He had her calves over his shoulders and was driving his eight-inch cock deep into her pussy, the slap of their coupling the only sound in the room. Laura had her eyes closed and a serene smile on her face, enjoying the sensations Roy’s dick was delivering to her cunt.

It looked to Kandi as if Laura was on a pleasure high that had overpowered her to the point that she was lost in the moment, and the only thing that mattered was that Roy’s cock continued to pound her cunt. Each inward thrust resulted in a “Thwack!” that resounded down the hall. As he pulled out, Kandi could see the moisture glistening on his shaft, and Laura’s hungry lips grabbing and clenching to get him back inside her steamy pussy.

Without realizing it, Kandi had begun rolling her right nipple with her thumb and finger, while her left hand slid down the front of her jeans, finding a very wet thong bunched up in her cuntlips. Realizing that she had wanted Laura for quite some time, Kandi decided that this was the perfect time to act on her desires. So what if things didn’t go as planned; who was Laura going to tell? I mean, after all, she was fucking her husband’s best friend on their bed.

Easing into the bedroom, Kandi stepped out of her sandals, and pulled her t-shirt over her head, making her tits bounce and jiggle. When she got to the side of the bed, Roy saw her and grunted, causing Laura to open her eyes. “Go ahead, Roy,” she said, dreamily, and held out her hand to Kandi. Kandi took her stepmother’s hand and kissed her fingers, licked her palm, and placed it on her breast. The touch was electric, and Kandi knew she had entered another dimension.

To have one’s stepmother caress your breast was one thing, but Laura put so much love and tenderness into the act that Kandi almost came right then. She moaned, grabbing Laura’s hand, squeezing her breast with it. Her hips bucked involuntarily, and Laura slid her hand down the front of Kandi’s jeans, silently urging her to get undressed. Kandi stepped back and unfastened her skintight jeans. When she bent over to slide the material over her ass, Roy grunted and doubled his efforts, trying to drive Laura into the bed.

Realizing this fact, Kandi turned to face him, and, smiling seductively, pulled her thong into her swollen cuntlips, loving the effect both on Roy and her clit. She rolled her eyes back and moaned as Roy gave a final thrust into Laura’s steaming cunt, sending his load deep into his lover’s pussy as she came around his throbbing, gushing cock. When he pulled out, his eyes never left Kandi and her now-excited body. Her nipples were standing proudly on her tits, and her cunt was issuing a very distinct, musky aroma, as she fingered herself.

Bending over to kiss Laura’s breast, Kandi moved down to her navel, then the top of her slit. Roy graciously moved to the side, his cock still glistening, and Kandi took his place between Laura’s spread thighs. She wasted no time attacking the rivulets of cum that had begun sliding out of Laura’s pussy, and soon was licking and sucking the entire load out of her sodden hole.

Suddenly, Kandi’s father Tom, who had snuck into the bedroom quietly, said, “Dirty fucking whores! I should’ve known! I’m going to the garage!” and stomped out of the house, slamming the door for emphasis.

Kandi, who had adored her father for her entire life, burst into tears. “Oh, Laura, what have I done?” she cried.

Wrapping her arms around her stepdaughter, Laura held her until the sobs had quietened, and finally said, “You’ve turned onto the beautiful sensual daughter that your father has loved her entire life. Just because you wanted to give me a little pleasure is not a big deal. Roy, would you be a saint and give us some time. I’ll call you later.” When Roy had left, Laura and Kandi sat at the kitchen table, Laura still nude and Kandi wearing one of her father’s flannel shirts. Laura began by saying, “Darling, please know that your Daddy loves you as much or more than he loves me. Always has, always will, even though it’s hard to believe by what just happened.”

“He sure has a funny way of showing his love,” said Kandi, her lips trembling.

“OK, so here’s the whole story. After your mother left, and he was your sole caregiver, Tom was in absolute ‘Daddy paradise.’ He doted on you, went way farther than necessary to see that you knew you were loved. Suddenly, he realized you were becoming a stunning, desirable young woman, and he felt the same misgivings that many fathers feel. His little girl was growing up, and he felt inadequate. We started dating and married, so I took you over. He secluded himself in the garage and we drifted farther apart. I finally got so frustrated that I approached him about taking a lover. We agreed on Roy and the situation has been this way for a while. I still love Tom and would do anything to see him happy, but he’s still denying something,” Laura explained.

Kandi processed the information and made a decision rather quickly. She stood up and told Laura, “I’m going to the garage. We may not be back tonight.”

When she got to the garage, she went directly to the section Tom had walled off to make an office. The door was shut and Kandi knocked softly, calling her father.

“Daddy, it’s me. We need to talk.”

“What’s there to talk about? You’re a slut, just like I thought you would be. Go on back to your whore partner and both of you fuck each other silly,” he answered gruffly.

Undeterred, Kandi said, “Laura explained everything to me, and I love you more at this moment than I ever have. I want you to look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me.”

Holding her breath, she was very relieved when the door opened a crack, and her father looked down at her. “Look at you! Wearing my shirt and not even buttoning it to hide your breasts. And you don’t have on any underwear. What the fuck am I supposed to think?”

“Think what you want, but I need to talk to you. I can’t believe that you don’t still love me. Yes, I grew up, and yes, I’ve developed a woman’s body. But I still worship the ground you walk on. You are everything I’ve ever wanted in a man. There’s no possibility that I’ll find a man as handsome, loving, and… yes, sexy as you. I’ve come out here to do two things-make you see that I understand your actions, years ago, as well as today. Secondly, I’ve come to show you just how much I love you. So what’s it gonna be? You ready for this?” she asked, standing with her hands on her hips and staring him down.

Tom sat down on his sofa and said, “You’re right. I had no right to dismiss you from my life. It was that you grew up so fast, and I felt so inadequate, I had to get help. When Laura came into our lives, I thought my problems were over, but I was wrong. You just kept getting sexier and sexier, and I just didn’t trust myself. I couldn’t bear to think about you with a boy, but I couldn’t bear to be around you either. I secluded myself here, and let you go. You’ll never know how sorry I am to have hurt you, and I’ll do anything to make it up to you.”

Kandi stepped in front of him, his shirt open to show off her breasts, as well as her shaved pussy. “That’s the second part of my mission. I want you to show me just how much you love me, any way you want. We’re both adults, we both crave sex, and there’s no reason for you to keep torturing yourself. I want you to fuck me so badly. Look how wet my pussy is. You, and you alone do that to me.”

Kandi slid her finger in her pussy and stroked it back and forth, allowing the moisture from her seeping cunt to coat her finger, then took it out and held it to Tom’s lips. He sucked it in gently, laving it with his tongue and then sucking it deeply into his mouth.

As he did this, Kandi sat beside him and began to caress his growing cock. His jeans were stretched tight across his entire length, and the head was outlined beautifully. Kandi bent down and kissed his cockhead through his jeans, murmuring, “Just as fucking big as I suspected.”

Tom, in the midst of the biggest dilemma of his life, knew what he wanted to do, but this was his daughter. Sexy daughter…hot fucking daughter…rubbing my dick daughter-he was helpless. As he made up his mind, Kandi fished his eight-inch cock out of his jeans and briefs. “Daddy, you have a beautiful cock. I can’t wait for you to show me how much you love me with it,” she said, her head near enough for him to feel her warm breath and thumbing the head and smearing his precum around the crown.

Even her hand was hot. “Kandi, this feels so wrong. I’ve wanted you for so long, but I just don’t know. What will Laura think? Does she know you’re here doing this?” he asked, knowing in his mind that his argument was purely rhetorical.

“Yes, she knows, and she approves. She wants her stud husband back, and I want my Daddy back. Now, let’s quit talking and you show me how much you love your little girl,” said Kandi, standing up and stepping to his desk. She bent over and cleared it with one sweep of her arm, looking back at Tom and wiggling her exposed ass for him. She turned and lay back on the desk, spreading her legs and saying, “Come on, Daddy. Come fuck your little girl.”

Wisely taking the time to get out of his clothes, Tom stepped to the end of the desk where the most beautiful sight he had ever beheld awaited him. His cock was engorged beyond belief, but he took a minute to take in the picture of lust before him. Kandi’s breasts pointed skyward, her nipples forming perfect spires atop the perfect orbs. Her flat stomach tapered to her hips, and her legs framed her glistening, smooth pussy. Tom could wait no longer, saying, “Baby, I don’t want to hurt you. Tell me how you want it.”

“I want it hard and deep, Daddy! Fuck me like a slut! Make up for lost time!” she exclaimed, humping her hips upwards toward his cockhead.

He plunged his raging cock into her slick cunt, using all the pent-up force he could muster. He bottomed out, pulling back and thrusting forward savagely. Years of repression, frustration, and denial were washed away as he pummeled Kandi’s fleshy cuntlips relentlessly.

Kandi urged him on, whispering, “That’s it Daddy! Just like I dreamed! Your cock is so fucking big! I love you Daddy!”

His orgasm was not long in coming, and he grabbed her thighs, holding them against his thrusting hips. His growl was primal as he exploded deep in her cunt. There seemed to be no end to his cum, and Kandi loved every spurt, pulling him deeper with her cunt muscles, and whispering those delightful things that lovers love to hear. When he finally pulled his cum-coated dick out of her sodden pussy, he realized he was sweating.

“Damn, you’re one hot little girl!” he said, much to Kandi’s delight. “I love you more than you’ll ever know!”

She sat up and hugged him, crying softly into his shoulder. He picked her up and carried her to the sofa, laying her down gently. When he started to move away, she grabbed his hand and said, “No, Daddy. Sleep with me.”

Somehow they were able to sleep on the sofa, the sun awakening them around ten o’clock. Kandi had put Tom’s shirt over them during the night, but their skin contact provided plenty of warmth. He awoke to find her smiling up into his eyes, and gave her the kiss that he had wanted to for years. Their tongues dueled with each other, their hands roamed, and they languished in each other’s warm, loving embrace. Finally, she giggled and said, “I’ve got to pee.”

She got up to use the bathroom and found him sitting on the sofa when she returned. Kneeling before him, she took his hands in hers, kissing them and said, “I love you so much. You’re the best Daddy in the whole world. Let’s go tell Laura our news.”

Tying the shirt sleeves around her waist, she waited patiently for him to slide on his jeans. Appraising him coolly, she said, “You are one sexy man.” They left the garage, her arm around his waist and his around her shoulders. As they were approaching the house, Laura saw them, silhouetted in the morning sun, and was taken in by the eroticism of the scene. Kandi’s breasts were bouncing slightly as they walked, and instinctively she knew that Kandi had her hand in Tom’s jeans, cupping his ass.

As they climbed the steps of the deck, Kandi saw her, and immediately turned and pushed Tom against the rail, pulling his jeans down as she knelt in front of him. She took his flaccid cock and began kissing it, sucking the head into her mouth and fondling his balls. He began to stiffen under Kandi’s oral ministrations and began to enjoy the sensations. He leaned his head back and dwelt on the last twenty-four hours, luxuriating in the hot lips suctioning his cock back to life.

Kandi had motioned for Laura to join them. Needing no more invitation, Laura, quickly stepped onto the deck, shrugging off her sleep shirt and slid her hand behind Tom’s head. She pulled his mouth to hers and slid her tongue deep into his mouth. Pleasantly surprised, he said, “Well, you might as well join us. We cleared up a lot of things last night, and I suspect life’s going to get a lot better around here. It seems our ‘little girl’ is a full-grown woman who loves sex as much as you do. As you can see, she is somewhat talented in a few areas, but I think she need some help to realize her full potential. Think you can help us?”

“Darling, I’ll do anything on earth to make you happy, you know. Whatever education Kandi needs, we’ll see to it she gets it,” said Laura, kissing him even more passionately. By now, his cock was rock-hard and Kandi was deep-throating him. Laura knelt beside her and saw the bulge of his cockhead in her throat. “Damn Tom, I don’t think she needs any cocksucking instruction!”

Kandi rolled her eyes, but continued to massage Tom’s cock with her throat muscles. Laura slid a finger in his asshole to speed up the process. Soon, he was grunting and fucking Kandi’s face. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and pumped it vigorously.

“Come on Daddy! Shoot a load of your hot cum on our tits!” Laura had moved beside her and Tom did not disappoint. His cock erupted with stream after stream of thick, ropy cum, splattering on the four perfect tits placed in front of it. When he had finished, Kandi and Laura faced each other and kissed, rubbing their cum-covered tits together. Kandi kissed down Laura’s neck and began lapping the cum from her left breast.

Suddenly Tom knelt and began licking, then sucking Laura’s right breast and nipple.

“Goddamn, Daddy! That’s too hot! You are one fucking stud!” Kandi exclaimed.

“Hot isn’t the word!” said Laura, breathlessly. “If you two don’t stop, we might just have to fuck right here on the deck!”

“I can think of worse things,” laughed Tom, first licking his cum off Kandi’s tits and helping his two women to their feet. They went into the kitchen, and Tom said, “Why don’t you two try and get this hungry man some breakfast. I have a feeling I’ll need plenty of strength today!” He went to shower, leaving Kandi and Laura alone.

“Obviously you two came to an understanding,” said Laura.

“You might say that,” teased Kandi. “You might say we got some things straight between us!”

“I’ll bet! About this long and this big around,” laughed Laura, measuring with her hands and holding her wrist.

“That’s about right,” answered Kandi, rubbing her hand down her stomach and groaning subtlety.

They set about preparing a huge breakfast, neither bothering to dress, and when Tom got back into the kitchen, he commented on the fact. “You two planning on staying undressed like that the rest of the day?” he asked.

Laura turned around and pointed to his crotch, saying, “Well, from the looks of those shorts, you certainly don’t mind.”

Tom looked down and saw that his cock was beginning to grow within the confines of his shorts. “Damn, where’d that come from?” he asked, almost to himself.

“I don’t know where it came from, but I know where it’s going!” quipped Kandi, as she set a basket of biscuits on the table, making sure to bend at the waist and give him a superb view of her ass and pussy. “Let’s eat so you’ll have enough strength for the day.”

Tom sat down, with both Laura and Kandi across from him, both their tits swaying and jiggling provocatively. His cock had grown and was pushing the waistband of his shorts. He was getting uncomfortable, much to the delight of Kandi and Laura, whose giggling and pointing only caused their tits to jiggle more, and Tom’s dick to get even harder and longer.

Standing abruptly, he said, “I’m going to mow the grass. When I’ve finished, we’ll discuss what we’re going to do about this situation.”

Laughing uproariously, Laura and Kandi hugged and kissed, only adding to his discomfort. After cleaning the kitchen, Laura asked, “You know we made a ‘play room’ out of the basement, don’t you?”

“No, but I bet it’s great!” said Kandi, her eyes lighting up. “Could you show it to me?”

“Sure!” replied Laura, moving quickly to the stairs. When she got to the basement, she turned around and complimented Kandi on her body. “I can see why your Dad was so reluctant about getting close to you. You’re a real hottie. I bet you’ve got more men than you can handle.”

Kandi smiled shyly and said, “Thank you, Laura. That means a lot coming from someone as sexy as you. About the men, working two jobs keeps my social life pretty dull. Maybe if I can get this new business off the ground, things will be better. Enough serious stuff-let’s see what you and Daddy have been doing since I’ve been gone.”

Laura showed Kandi the “Rumpus Room” as she called it. Pillows everywhere, a big screen TV, candles, a closet of “goodies”-all directed to the pleasures of the flesh. Kandi was quite impressed, and said so.

Laura thanked her and said quietly, “Yes, it’s great, but we sure haven’t made use of it. Tom withdrew even more after you moved and we’ve barely used it. I just don’t feel right bringing Roy down here, so it’s practically new.”

“Well, since Daddy and I have ‘reconciled’, we just might need to have a party down here! I’m primed and ready, and I really want to give him something special! Let’s get our heads together and come up with a fucking plan!” she squealed.

Soon, Tom noticed the two women on the deck, stripped naked and applying tanning lotion to each other. He almost ran over a flowerbed, and mowed to the deck. “What the fuck’s going on?” he asked pointedly.

Laura, her hands rubbing Kandi’s asscheeks sensuously, dipping a finger into her asscrack, said, “We’re getting ready for you to wine and dine us tonight. We’re going to be showing a lot of skin, so we want to look good, and to make you proud of your girls. Then, we’re gonna bring you back here and fuck your brains out. Any questions, Stud?”

“Nope,” replied Tom, a huge grin plastered across his face.

As he resumed mowing the girls put on a hot makeout session for his benefit. His hard dick was almost painful, but the girls’ promise of delights to come helped him struggle through the mowing.

When he finished mowing, the girls awaited him on the deck. He still couldn’t believe that these two sexy, beautiful women wanted him and him alone. They embraced him, kissing his ears, eyes, and chest, while rubbing his cock and massaging his ass.

“We’re going to shower and dress. Don’t peek!”

Tom wondered just what the two vixens were cooking up and was still suspicious when they told him to shower and they would be waiting when he was dressed. They had chosen an upscale seafood restaurant, so he dressed accordingly. When he got to the living room, he was greeted by two absolute visions of sexiness personified.

Kandi wore a plaid schoolgirl type skirt that hung just below the juncture of her thighs, and a translucent white top, which fastened with a single Velcro clasp underneath her breasts, leaving her midriff bare, and her braless tits almost visible. Lacy ankle height socks and shiny black leather shoes completed the ensemble.

Laura wore a short black leather skirt, with a slit to the waistband on either side. Her top was a sheer black, off-the-shoulder peasant blouse that was just snug enough to let the outline of her nipples show. She wore 6-inch black stilettos, giving her an even sexier look.

“Let’s get this party started, Stud!” she said as she walked up to Tom and pressed her body against him. “I’m ready to fuck right now, but we have to celebrate your and Kandi’s reconciliation.”

“As tempting as that sounds, I think we need to celebrate first,” said Tom, hugging her and massaging her ass.

“OK, you two. I have a little something to add to this adventure,” Kandi said as she produced a silver vibrating egg and wireless remote control. “Do you want to do the honors, Dad?” she asked, holding the egg on the palm of her hand.

He took the egg gently, and with an attempt at an evil grin, asked Laura, “OK Miss ‘I’m Ready to Fuck Right Now!’ Front or back?”

“Oh, you dirty man! Front of course!” she said, turning the front of her skirt up so that her freshly shaved, glistening pussy was on display. “I don’t think you’ll have any problems sliding it in!”

He knelt and kissed her lips gently before slipping the egg into the folds of her cunt with little effort. “Damn, you’re wet,” he exclaimed, rising and kissing her passionately. “How in the world is that thing gonna stay in there?”

“It will stay,” said Kandi, “Trust me. Now let’s put you in charge.” She showed Tom the settings and how quickly they brought a reaction from Laura. “You probably don’t want to drive her crazy just yet. Just keep her on the edge.”

Tom tried the adjustments and watched Laura’s eyes grow and her breathing change from normal to rapid. “Well, well, well. Are we having fun yet?”

“Oh, fuck yes,” said Laura, leaning on the door and breathing heavily. “I don’t know about this Kandi. I just might pass out from pleasure.”

“Dad, you can’t let her do that. We’ve got a lot to accomplish tonight,” said Kandi, grabbing her purse and holding the door for them. Tom kept his finger off the button on the ride to the restaurant, allowing Laura some respite.

Holding the door for his ladies, he got a look at two of the most delectable pussies he had ever seen. Short skirts, long legs, and blatant displays of shaved cunts had him hard and adjusting his trousers on the way into the restaurant. Kandi and Laura each took one of his arms and escorted him inside, giggling like schoolgirls, and loving his shameless grin. They were seated in a secluded alcove and immediately, Kandi took charge. “Daddy, I need the remote first,” she said, somewhat selfishly.

“Why, baby? Can’t I have a little fun first?”

“Not yet. We have business to discuss first.”

“I don’t understand,” he said, looking from one beauty to the other and reluctantly handing over the remote.

Laura smiled and said, “Kandi has a business proposition for us, Darling. To me, it sounds great, but she needs to run it by you, so we can make a solid decision.”

Tom looked at his darling, sexy daughter with questioning eyes. For some reason, he had never thought of her as a businesswoman. By the time she was finished, his look had changed to one of pride and admiration. His daughter, whom he had lusted after for years, whom he had fucked mercilessly, and allowed to give him a blow job, had a hell of a business plan.

Her proposal was simplicity itself. She was ready to start an upscale sex toy business, complete with in-home parties, for adventurous couples. She needed two “business associates” to help with parties, demonstrating the devices on each other, or even party guests. Tom saw the beauty of the plan and was sold on the idea immediately, although, in order to enjoy the moment, he said flatly, “I don’t understand. You want us to prostitute ourselves so you can sell adult toys? What are we, your sex pawns?”

He could barely hide his amusement when Kandi’s eyes widened and she swallowed deeply. “No, no! You’d be partners! Everything would be divided into fourths, with each of you sharing one-fourth of the costs and one-fourth of the profits. The other half would be mine, since I’m bearing the startup costs and handling all the booking. In fact, we could cut expenses by having me move back in with you.” Then smiling her best, most seductive smile, she looked directly into his eyes and said, “We’ll only need one bedroom, you know.”

“Well, I can see the possibilities. How are you on this Laura? Think we could help Kandi out?”

“I know we could!” said Laura, excitedly. “In fact, I know we could and should. After all, she’s the one with the idea. We would just be accessories. Let’s give her anything she wants!”

“Wow! That was easy!” exclaimed Kandi, motioning their waitress over. Since they were in a seafood restaurant, their waitress’ uniform fit the pirate theme of the place. Her black stretchy shorts were skintight, and her sizeable breasts were barely contained in a red satin top that was held closed tenuously by one snap. The top displayed more titflesh than it hid, and the server knew how to flaunt her assets. Kandi ordered champagne to toast their business alliance.

“Now, Daddy, why don’t you give Laura a thrill?” she asked, sliding the remote to him.

When he got the remote, Tom left it on the table in plain view. Adjusting it to its lowest setting, he watched Laura’s eyes narrow and a smile creep across her face. She reached over and held Kandi’s hand.

“Aren’t you going to hide that thing?” asked Kandi.

“Hell no! Did you see what that hot-ass waitress was wearing? I bet she’d join us in a fucking minute!” he answered.

The waitress returned with their champagne and noticed the remote immediately. “So, that’s what this party’s about,” she said, pouring the bubbly, bending so that each of them had a view of her more than ample breasts. “I’ve got one just like that! Who’s the lucky gal?”

Laura raised her hand like a schoolgirl and the waitress stepped to her chair and gave her a long, wet kiss. Tom took the opportunity to turn up the egg’s speed and Laura went crazy on the waitress’ tongue, grabbing her tits, and almost pulling her to her knees.

Finally breaking the kiss, the waitress said breathlessly, “Hey, I get off in about an hour. If you folks are still here, I’d like to invite myself to the party.”

Kandi spoke up and said, “Look, we want to iron out the details of this arrangement and then we’re going back to their house and celebrate. Maybe we can use you and your talents on a contract basis.”

“Sounds good,” replied the waitress. “Tell you what-I’ll tell the boss what’s going on. He’ll keep the oysters coming, so you can all enjoy a great night!”

True to her word, they had a feast of champagne and oysters and were all feeling horny as teenagers when they finished. Tom had given Laura two orgasms with the egg, and had finally let her slide it out of her dripping pussy. She promptly slipped two fingers into her pussy and presented them to Tom, who wasted no time in sucking and cleaning them completely. Kandi couldn’t stand the display and slipped to her knees underneath the table, parting Laura’s legs and inhaling the wonderful aroma of sex. Urging her stepmother to the edge of the seat and flipping her skirt up, Kandi buried her tongue in Laura’s ripe, blood-red cuntlips and licked as if her life depended on it. Laura’s grape-sized clit slid from its hood and Kandi attacked it vehemently.

Laura pressed Kandi’s head to her cunt with one hand and clawed at Tom’s dick with the other. When Laura came, she bit her lip to keep from screaming.

Kandi, her face smeared with cum, moved back to her seat, just as the waitress returned to offer them dessert.

“Boy, I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you guys get home!” she exclaimed, announcing that the bill was on the house, and wishing them good luck.

They each gave the waitress a deep kiss, and when Kandi took her turn, the buxom pirate wench slipped a card with her contact info into Kandi’s shirt. “Don’t forget me,” she said gaily and wished them a safe trip home.

Kandi and Laura chose to ride in the back seat, urging Tom to get them home quickly. “The more time we spend on the road, the less time we’ll have to fuck your brains out!” Kandi whispered in his ear, sliding her hand inside his shirt and pinching his nipple.

Tom reacted, and soon had them in their driveway. They held each other’s hand as he unlocked the door and started towards the bedroom.

“No, no, Fucker! We’re breaking in the basement tonight!” said Kandi, breezing past him to the basement stairs. “Laura and I have your evening planned, Daddy!” she turned and dazzled him with her sexiest smile, saying, “You wouldn’t want to disappoint your little girl would you?”

“Of course not,” he replied. “Anything for my two girls!”

Laura and Kandi giggled as they bounced down the steps. When Tom got there, he hardly recognized the place. They were lighting candles, and the room had a heady aroma that he couldn’t quite place. Laura and Kandi approached him, seductive smiles on their faces and held out their hands.

“Clothes, please,” Kandi said, helping him unbutton his shirt, as Laura started on his shoes. They had him undressed in a matter of seconds and were giggling at his stiffening cock. Laura fondled it and kissed her way up to his nipples.

“Your nipples are so fucking sexy, Tom. I think I’ll spend a while here.”

Kandi, who had stepped to the bar, came back and knelt at her Father’s feet.

“We thought that in order for you to be able to demonstrate our toys, you needed to be familiar with them. Everything we use tonight is a product we will be selling. You up for this?” she asked, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

“Sure,” he answered.

“Great!” squealed Kandi. “Ever used a cock ring before?”

“No, but if it will help give you two pleasure, I’m all for it,” he replied, swinging his dick like a wand and turning to face her.

She licked his balls, and when they were glistening, she began slipping one of them into the gold ring. Then came the other ball, and finally, his stiffening cock. Snugging it up to his body, she asked, “How’s that feel? Not too tight?”

“No, there’s some pressure, but I can stand it,” he said, urging her to stand and kissing her forcefully. Laura was still tonguing his nipples and moved her head to help them kiss.

“One more thing, Daddy. We want to tie your hands so that you don’t jack off and waste that delicious cum.” Producing a pair of velvet handcuffs, she fastened them to his wrists behind his back and led him to the edge of the daybed and sat him down gently, holding his now-erect cock lovingly while Laura arranged several pillows in front of him.

She knelt and faced him, cupping her breasts and pushing them together. “Can you see, Lover?” she asked coyly, holding one nipple to her mouth and licking it through the flimsy material.

“Oh, fuck yeah! Give me a show!”

Laura and Kandi, still on their knees, embraced, and kissed passionately, yet tenderly. Their tongues intertwined and their hands began exploring lush, supple bodies in a sensual dance played out countless times, but still holding its magical spell over all who viewed it. This time, Tom was the lone voyeur, and he was loving every minute of the show. His dick had attained full hardness, and precum was oozing down the underside of the head.

Kandi and Laura had begun undressing each other, and Tom groaned his approval. When Laura unfastened the clasp holding Kandi’s blouse closed over her tits, they sprang free like two magnificent birds, bouncing and jiggling with a life of their own. The nipples looked to be an inch long, and her areolas were the size of Tom’s palm. Laura wasted no time before she started massaging the perfect orbs and suckled the nipples like a nursing child. Soon, Kandi was moaning and Laura pulled away, laughing and saying, “Your nipples are as sensitive as your father’s.”

When they were completely undressed, they lay on the cushions in a classic 69 position, with Kandi on top and her luscious ass turned towards Tom. She dove into Laura’s dripping pussy and felt her stepmother’s talented tongue invade her cunt at the same time. They wasted no time on preliminaries and soon had each other groaning, with Laura coming first. She clamped her legs around Kandi’s head and humped up into the serpentine tongue that was giving her such exquisite pleasure.

Kandi wasn’t far behind, and quickly followed Laura to nirvana. As they separated, Tom said, “That was the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Laura untangled herself from Kandi and held her asscheeks. Bouncing them gently, then vigorously, so that they slapped together, she said, “That’s your ass, Stud.” Like a lioness on the prowl, she crawled to Tom, whose dick seemed to grow with each heartbeat. “That was nothing,” she said. “Before the night is through, we’ll make that look like child’s play. Now, let me wrap these pussy lips around that big dick of yours.”

She retrieved the handcuff key and released Tom’s wrists. While he flexed his his wrists, she began licking his dick. Kandi joined her and together, they cleaned all of the precum off the shaft and head. Laura stood up and Kandi held her father’s dick still, allowing Laura to slide her pussy down the shaft until she could feel his cockhead touching her cervix.

“Let me get accustomed to that pole, Stud,” she said, settling onto his long dick. “I think Kandi wants to put on a show for you.”

Tom, who by now, had Laura’s tits in his hands, looked over her shoulder. Kandi had taken a very life-like rubber cock from her bag, along with a buttplug and a tube of lube. She bent at the waist, with her ass towards Tom and slowly slid her lube-coated finger around her asshole, then applying a dollop to the head of the buttplug. Making eye contact with her Dad, Kandi struggled to get the device started in her anal canal. Finally, it moved easier, and when she finally finished, she asked, “You like that, Daddy? My ass is so fucking tight. It’s tighter than Laura’s pussy, don’t you think?”

“I don’t know,” he said honestly. “I think her cunt is pretty tight right now.”

“Maybe we’ll have to compare,” Kandi countered, leaving Tom with some inkling of what was to come.

Kandi then took the dildo and held it so that her could see all its features, along with a remote control. She fastened the cock to the wall nearest the daybed and knelt beside Tom’s knees. Using the remote, she demonstrated the different functions of the artificial cock. She pushed one button and it pistoned back and forth quietly. The next button brought on a subtle vibration. Suddenly, both actions combined and Laura groaned aloud.

“Damn, that would be nice. Deep fucking and vibration at the same time. I may cum just by watching!” she said, beginning to move her hips back and forth, her completely stuffed pussy ready for some action.

“Wait!” said Kandi. “It’s got one more secret. Watch this!” While the dildo was pumping and pulsing, she pressed a final button and it shot a wad of cum! Another push brought forth another shot. “Isn’t that fucking great? No more lonely nights for our women customers. We even have the rights to the recipe of the ‘cum’ for sale. So, what do you think?”

“Un-fucking-believable!” said Tom, as he grabbed Laura’s hips and began sliding his cock up and down her silky cunt. Kandi watched for a few seconds and backed up to the wall-mounted cock and impaled herself on it, sliding easily all the way to the wall. She laid the remote at Tom’s side. Her breasts hung down and Tom was able to reach one of them and pinch her nipples.

“What could be better? A hot pussy on my cock, and a handful of tit? I’m in paradise,” Tom said, his breath coming shorter. Laura was getting her share, bouncing up and down, then scrunching down on his cock and grinding her pussy as fast and hard as she could, holding his shoulders and mashing her tits into his face. Kandi was reaching a climax and Tom pushed the “Cum” button and watched in awe as Kandi writhed and screamed out in ecstasy.

“Oh, fuck–fuck—fuck—fuck! I’m cu-u-u-umming. Don’t stop Daddy. Fill me up with cum!” she yelled, at the top of her lungs. Her body had taken over and her orgasm lasted a full two minutes. Laura came soon after and leaned into Tom’s chest, her body spasming and her breath ragged.

She held his head, kissing him, her tongue seeking out his and trying to suck it from his throat. “See what you’ve been missing? Now we’ve got this fucking nymphomaniac daughter of yours to contend with! What ever are we going to do with her?” Laura asked, laughing and crawling off Tom’s cock.

Kandi had slid off her friend and was lying spread-eagled on the carpet, her cunt glistening with a combination of fake cum and her own excitement. Absently rubbing her slick cuntlips, she said, “Yeah, Daddy, what are you going to do with me?” she asked, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

Laura crawled to her and gave her pussy a long lick from bottom to top, giving her clit a small nip with her teeth. Kandi squealed and Laura looked at Tom. “Well, if we just eat her pussy, maybe she’ll be good.”

Tom stood and looked down at the two most beautiful women in the world. Kneeling, he took over from Laura and gave Kandi a proper tongue-lashing, bringing her to another gut-wrenching climax. When they finally broke for air, he saw that Laura had positioned a wedge-shaped cushion in the middle of the room.

As a girl, Sue had been a parent. Her father and mother had died young, but now before giving her a baby brother to care for. So, a teenage girl, she’d stepped into the gap. Washed his clothes, done his dishes, cut the crusts off his sandwiches. All while a part of her, and it fluctuated in size every day, saw the other girls who only had to worry about diets and clothes and boy bands; it screamed “Unfair! Unfair! Unfair!” And she couldn’t argue with it, not when Johnny got to be a kid and she had to be an adult.

She didn’t want to take it out on Johnny. He’d lost as much as she ever had. More; at least she had the memories of their parents. He barely had their faces. But still, the frustration piled up, just from Johnny being Johnny, and she… overcompensated. She went for him to go to sleep, at a 9 PM bedtime she was uncommonly strict about, and then she dug into her closet for the clothes he never saw her in. The leather. The red lace. The thin tops. And she went to the kind of clubs that probably shouldn’t have let her in and did the kind of things that she shouldn’t have done, yet couldn’t regret.

Boys (bad boys) called her Stormy, and hung off the puffs of smoke from every cigarette she burned. Tobacco or otherwise. She’d danced way too close with other girls’ boys, stealing them away, and sometimes stealing both. They weren’t called threesomes back then. Just ‘partying’. And that was about as gay as Susan had ever been.

Last night, she’d eaten out three women.

Sue had been under no illusions that ‘Stormy’ was the real her, anymore than she was ‘really’ June Cleaver. She was somewhere in-between. She loved both the danger and the safety, the day and the night; male and female (she thought ruefully). Then came Reed, and Ben, and Johnny too, in a way, the way he matured ever so slightly and fit into their little group, the dutiful son with Reed, the annoying little brother with Ben, playing the kind of tricks you never could with a sister. She’d found herself, in a way.

And, in another way, the birth of the Fantastic Four was a blessing on that account. Suddenly, she was both sex symbol and scientist, family member and Imaginaut, Susan Storm and the Invisible Woman. Getting married just confirmed it. She could have it all. The danger, the risk, the adventure, all with a home to come back to and a sweet husband and a family that loved her unconditionally.

Where had it all gone wrong?

Somewhere along the way, with Johnny and Ben forming their own little families and with the birth of her two amazing children—the fantasy had given way to routine. She had to mind Reed— with his dictatorial tendencies, his patrician outlook, the self-assurance that bordered on supremacy—as much as she ever had Johnny. She had to comfort Ben in his heartbreak, because the world just kept breaking the biggest heart she’d ever known. And Johnny… she actually envied Johnny. The way he seemed to dip into responsibility without it ever sticking. He was best friends with that spider fellow, but if it wasn’t convenient, that was alright, Peter could just find Daredevil and play with him. It was all so…

Something had happened to her, small but infuriating, and it just happened so much…

So she’d slipped back into her old routine. She’d been Stormy again, without even realizing it. The old double agent had come back to life as she went out with her friends for a night on the town, no idea what a night it would be. She’d stayed with Janet and Jen as they changed right before her eyes, showing her lusts she never could’ve imagined them possessing, then holding up a mirror for her to look into. Like the dance of the seven veils, her inhibitions had fallen. She would be present, but not look. She would look, but not stare. She would stare, but not touch. One by one, she had gotten out from under her vow to Reed, and by the time the coke was on her nose and a dildo was up her ass, she’d still thought of herself as Susan Richards. Was she? Had she ever been?

She’d gone back home, helped into her clothes by her newfound friends—co-conspirators. They’d washed her up and given her water for her hangover and Emma herself had given Sue a smart pat on the rump to send her on the way. And she, still the dweeb that had never gotten ahead of a single Avenger on the Maxim Hot 100, had taken the taxi humming I Could’ve Danced All Night to herself like she’d just been romanced by Clark Gable. She’d seen the show’s last Broadway revival. What had she been doing getting fucked in the ass by a former supervillain?

Then she’d slept without even a moment’s insomnia, dead to the world as soon as her head hit the pillow. The night burned the drug out of her system, letting her guilt in. She’d woken up a changed woman, though the change had come the previous day. This was just when she felt it.

Frantically, she’d gotten into the shower and scrubbed herself like there might be evidence painted on her skin. The clothes she’d thrown out only because burning was too extreme. She went without make-up and it just made the woman in the mirror harder to recognize. She’d always been a natural beauty, but now there was a terrible light in her reflection. A smile that seemed to persist right through her horror. She’d hadn’t just cheated on her husband. She’d loved every second of it.

Emma’s voice rang in her eyes, as clear and loud as church bells in the distance. “That high is not what this drug is all about. It was developed to destroy old-fashioned feelings of guilt, shame, and taboo…. Susan—this is what you want without fear of remorse, regret, self-loathing… all those emotions designed to keep you in line.”

The thought leapt to her mind. She could go back. Get more of Emma’s ‘mutant coke’. Bury this useless guilt again, leaving only her enjoyment of what had happened. But no. She hated the idea. Getting through life self-medicating, not for depression or anxiety, but just to kill her remorse. No, she deserved to feel this way. She deserved to feel worse. Because as awful as she felt, she couldn’t bring herself to hate what had happened.

She just couldn’t let herself think about it.

“Sue? Are you awake?” Reed’s voice came through the cracked door, followed shortly by his head on an extended neck. Sue looked around, as if checking whether she was awake. After that night, everything felt unreal.

She was still in bed, her eyes aimed at the alarm clock without actually acquiring it. She’d slept in one of the guest rooms, and it still smelled vaguely of aftershave and flannel from when they’d had Wolverine over. Sue hadn’t expected Reed to notice her absence; it had smelled like another all-nighter in the lab. But apparently not.

“I’m up,” Sue said. “Just feeling a little under the weather.”

She turned herself invisible to go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. Reed’s head, still extended, followed her in. Luckily, he was used to her not wanting to be seen before she put her face on. For a moment, he was distracted by her clothes becoming visible as they were peeled from her body, then by the outline of her in the steam and hot shower spray.

“If I did something to offend you, I’d appreciate you letting me know.” Reed’s body made that balloon-rubbing sound as his body caught up with the rest of him. Apparently this was important enough for him to join her in whole. “I reprogrammed HERBIE to let me know if there’s a greater than sixty percent chance of my having angered you, and to order flowers as appropriate, but the system is still in beta…”

“We’re fine.” Sue reassured him by turning her face visible, along with a helping of her upper chest. As she might’ve expected, he’d rededicated himself to science far too much to be flustered once more. “I just caught a bug and I don’t want you to get sick.”

“Well, let me run you through the scanner suite, just to be sure. You never know when one of these things is a potion of Diablo’s…”

Sue thought of him picking up the coke in her system. She had to give it time to flush out. If it did flush out. It was some kind of mutant drug, right? What if it would keep showing up on drug tests when she was eighty? “Please, Reed, I can’t have every 48-hour bug be treated like something out of Star Trek. Just let me be sick awhile, please? The kids can bring me breakfast in bed, like I did for my parents growing up. It’ll be fun.”

“Alright. You get some rest. If you feel better, the seismology department of NYU either has some extremely faulty Richter scales or New York will soon be experiencing a tectonic event. Either way, the Fantastic Four can lend assistance.”

“I’ll be there. Just some antihistamines and orange juice, and I can deal with whatever the Earth’s crust can throw at us.”

“That I can provide.”

Dressed in her uniform, and babied slightly by Reed, she felt slightly herself. And moreso with Johnny and Ben quibbling over a videogame, Franklin of all people playing peacemaker. In the time it would’ve taken her to add two and two, Reed had double-checked the university’s findings and concluded there was nothing wrong with the Richter Scale (“Though to be less colloquial, the fault would be in the seismograph, not in the measuring unit itself.”). So off they went on the Fantasticar, hovering a half-mile above the adoring masses, supported only by repulsor technology.

The fantastical situation had Stormy bored solid. Seismological weirdness. Had to be Mole Man. And it was. He came bursting up through the Port Authority Bus Terminal (he’d been aiming for Times Square) with the usual rejects from Barsoom. The prospect of a fight seemed so… dull. She could even mouth along with ol’ Harvey.

“Foolish suntanned barbarians! The subterranean world will not tolerate your unchecked aggression! Quake before the terrible vengeance of the Mole Man and his lightless legions!”

Then Sue glanced down at the Fantasticar’s radar screen and realized they’d double-booked. The Blackbird was on its way as well. Which meant…

Hello, lovely.

Get out of my head, Frost.

Very well.

The radio crackled and for a half-second, Sue expected Emma’s iced accent to proposition her right before her teammates. Instead, it was Cyclops’s commanding tone coming over. “X-Men to Fantastic Four, we’re in the neighborhood. Need any help?”

“Nope!” Johnny said, while Ben chimed “Nada!”

“The more the merrier,” Reed said. “I’m always interested to see the X-gene in action.”

“That you’ll get, Dr. Richards. You might want to hang back while we make our entrance—”

“Come onnnnn!” Johnny pleaded, picturing Bobby Drake getting more hits than him on the Twitosphere.

For once, Reed was with him. “Sorry, friend. The FF doesn’t hang back.”

They leapt into the fray, followed closely by Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Kitty Pryde, Gambit, Maggott of all people, and of course, Wolverine. Emma had to still be in the Blackbird, piloting. Waiting to make her entrance. No rush.

Sue steeled herself against anymore speculation in that direction and focused on the fight. It was alright, as far as fights went. She didn’t enjoy violence, but as long as the boys had a good time and no one got hurt—well, it was like a bonding exercise, almost. Much better quality time than playing Monopoly.

The Mole Man overreached quickly, and was captured by Wolverine, who was thrown by the Thing. They had a name for the maneuver, which unduly fascinated Reed as he wrapped his arm three times around the snout of a reptile that was trying to wolf him down.

Without the Mole Man’s guidance, his monsters were just wild animals driven berserk. They could be corralled and tranquilized one by one, Johnny using his flames to trap them, Kitty baiting them with the safety of her intangibility, and Marvel Girl dumping them back down Mole Man’s hole after they were out.

Still concerned by her ‘sickness,’ Reed asked Sue to watch Mole Man on a nearby rooftop while they wrapped things up. She was quick to oblige. Despite two near-death experiences and the bitter pain of a claw swipe across her midsection, she couldn’t keep her mind off Emma. What was she thinking, as she directed the Blackbird’s turrets with only a fraction of that incredible intellect? What was she going to do?

She got her answer surely. The Blackbird’s hatch opened and Emma dropped down like Buttercup at the end of The Princess Bride, her cape and hair flowing so sinuously that they might’ve been parachutes. Her body was diamond, though, and it cut through the air like an arrow. The light hit it, flowed through it like the sun setting over water, and Sue was in awe. Emma knew it, and she didn’t care.

It’d been a long time since she’d had wonder. Finding it with Emma seemed at least as legitimate as traveling to another dimension.

Emma landed surprisingly lightly. Sue wondered how much diamonds weighted and—”You wound me,” Emma said, shaking flakes of concrete off her high-heeled boots. The impact she left was like a star would put down outside Mann’s Chinese Theater. Dainty and elegant. “I live in a mansion where red meat is a load-bearing part of the food pyramid and yet I only allow myself Nutella when I’m licking it off someone. If Husk had shifted into diamond, she’d be on the ground floor right now.”

The Blackbird stayed hovering over them, casting its shadow over the two women and the restrained Mole Man. It happened in the blink of an eye. With no sunlight touching her, Emma’s transformation back into flesh was almost imperceptible. And yet, Sue felt the sudden wave of warmth coming off her newly human skin like it was a physical caress. Emma smirked at her speechless facial expression as she turned to the Mole Man.

“Oh my. Is this who’s been monopolizing your time? I’ve had some unconventional partners in the past, but still…. Dignity. Always dignity.” Tugging on her left glove like she was reminding herself she still had it on, Emma touched her hand to the Mole Man’s temple.

Perhaps it was a side effect of her ability to make the invisible visible, but Sue had always been able to see psychic powers, after a fashion. When she was staring right at it, it was still as vague as something in the corner of her eye. The heat coming off a grill or a cloud in the night sky. Usually, it just blurred her vision during a psychic attack, seeing the blunt force and invasive thievery used by most telepaths. With Emma, it was like she was sliding crystal scalpels into the man’s brain, or moving slides under a microscope.

“Oh, rude boy,” Emma chided. “The thing he makes those Moloids wear. Your little arch-nemesis saw a documentary on fracking and decided that this time, right would make might. I know a lot of men retreat to basements after they’re rejected by enough women, Harvey, but you approach hyperbole. Oh well, at least those boys get to let out some steam without brawling in front of the students, and a little devastation stimulates the economy. Sue dear, have you invested in Damage Control Inc? A very well-run company. Owner’s a personal friend. The workforce is fourteen percent mutant and two percent AI. That’s better than some Avengers line-ups.”

“I can’t do this,” Sue said. She kept her voice blank, her face blank, her mind blank.

“Can’t?” Emma put the Mole Man to sleep with a hearty prod and wheeled on Sue. “Susan, you’ve done it. It’s part of you now. It always has been and it always will be. You’re my bitch.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“You loved it.”

“I’m married.”

“And I killed a horse once. Why are we discussing things with no bearing on our situation?”

“It has every bearing on our situation! No, not our situation. Mine!” Sue threw up an invisible forcefield, thick enough to mute their rising conversation for outside ears. “I’m the one with kids, I’m the one with a family, what do you have? Some… eff-buddy!”

“Eff-buddy.” Emma quirked an eyebrow. “Scott’s more of a D-buddy, if you take my meaning.”

“You’re a smart woman, I’m sure you have some masterful way of justifying all this to yourself. But be honest—how would you feel if Scott cheated on you?”

“Bored, probably. Slightly surprised, depending on how much she looked like Jean Gray.”

“Well, Reed’s not one of your post-human… hipsters! If he found out about us, it would actually hurt him—”

“Would it?” Emma interrupted, barely letting Sue get her last word out before she interjected. “Would it really? Or, as you’re so deathly afraid of—would he not even care?”

“Quiet, Frost.”

“Perhaps he’d consider it convenient, sharing you. Pawning off your less… cerebral needs onto a third party. Your children have a nanny. Why can’t you have a mistress?”

“I’ll hurt you,” Sue promised.

“Not the kind of physicality you’re looking for,” Emma replied. She walked toward the forcefield, her low-level scan of Sue’s mind telling her it was there, and Sue forced herself to lower it so Emma wouldn’t run headlong into nothingness. And as Emma stepped out of the shadows, the light let her steal Sue’s breath away.

She was perfect. Even on a team and a job that seemed to demand physical perfection, she took the ne plus ultra of her costume and her body and wore them with such daring and verve… with an effect that went beyond the psychic and became nigh-physical… with such confidence, to both flaunt and not give a damn how she was perceived at the same time… that Sue could only compare her to the Celestials, the Eternals, the other god-like beings the Fantastic Four had encountered on their travels. In the same way their sheer power and importance seemed to shake the matter of the universe itself, Emma’s sexual potency demanded attention, arousal, worship.

Her comparatively modest X-Men costume made ‘the real Emma Frost’ an open secret, a private joke between her and Sue. With her bodice covering her from heart to womb, she easily showed less skin than a lot of superheroines Sue could name. It was the way she stood, the way she walked, the looks she gave that elevated her into a love goddess.

Emma didn’t touch Sue, though she was within arm’s reach. She barely even looked at her. She just held herself the way she did, arms across her chest, hands about her face, inviting Sue to uncover her. Not even showing enough flesh to be a promise, merely a gamble. “We’re not having the same conversation. You’re talking about truth, justice, the American Way. All the things that make your life worth living—when you’re not with me. Me? I give your life meaning. I give you pleasure that justifies your life. I make you come so hard it justifies itself. This isn’t about big words like infidelity and faithfulness and trust. This isn’t words at all. It’s that mindless beast between your legs that knows what it wants and know how to get it. Are you going to let me feed it, Sue darling? Or are we going to pretend that playing Suzy Homemaker gets you off half as good as I do?”

Sue was flustered halfway through Emma’s speech. By the time Emma was done, she was wet. She tried to deny it, but she couldn’t when every minute motion rubbed a warm pussy against sodden panties. And so, desperate to force this impossible contradiction out of her life, her powers activated the same way they would to instinctively stop a gunshot.

Emma faded from view. A moment later, her laugh came from nowhere.

“Oh, Sue, you’re more delightfully fucked up than you let on. You know, you could’ve just turned my clothes invisible. It’d make a much better show.” Sue heard high heels clicking on the pavement between them, that had been between them. “But even I must admit, it wasn’t the sight of me that made you come like Old Faithful. It was my touch. It was how I made you feel.”

And to Sue’s horror—to her unending relief—she felt Emma’s invisible hands run from the sides of her breasts down the curvature of her ribs, all the way down to rest on her hips. Just short of her ass, just short of her cunt—the grip staggeringly intimate and not nearly intimate enough all at once.

“Did you know we actually forget things on purpose?” Emma’s voice was in Sue’s ear now. There was no telling how close she was. Sue could’ve made her eyes perceive Emma Frost, could’ve simply uncloaked her, but both options seemed unbearable. She could only stand there, in her lust and her weakness, and be tempted. “It’s true. Imagine if every single thing that had ever happened to you could be called up at a moment’s notice. It’d be torture, wouldn’t it? Sensory overload. For our own sake, we reduce the detritus of our lives to vague blurs, scents and impressions, so we can live in the now instead of being held prisoner to the past. But you, Susan—you try to sandpaper past, present, and future into one smooth slope, sliding down unimpeded from your birth to your death. I’m not offering you memories, dear heart. I’m offering you the here and now. My fingers in your cunt, right now, and my cock up your ass in five minutes. And the only way you could say no—is if you didn’t know what you were being offered.”

Suddenly, Sue felt Emma’s hand in her hair, the force of her muscles pulling on her scalp, forcing Sue’s face up into Emma’s warm breath. It smelled of lilacs. “And we both know you can’t pretend that.”

Emma kissed her and Sue remembered everything.

She remembered being face down in a sex club, her best friends arranged in front of her. They were sitting on their hands, not allowed to masturbate, naked from the waists down (at least), but clenching their tights together for the faint pleasure. Janet was even opening her legs extra wide to flash her pink pussy at Sue, either mocking her or promising her something.

The reason they weren’t allowed to masturbate, and the reason they wanted to, was Emma Frost. She was wearing her White Queen costume, known and feared through the superhero community as the brand of the Hellfire Club. The only bit of color on her was the yellow and blue dildo strapped to her hips, a sardonic tribute to her current beau, Cyclops of the X-Men. And it was buried all the way in Sue’s ass. Though she was bent over the table of the private booth all five ladies were crammed in, Sue might as well have been bowing to Emma.

“Do you want to go cold turkey and get my cock out of your ass?” Emma was asking, finishing a lengthy extolling of the drug Sue had literally eaten out of Emma’s hand. “Or do you want another hit while I fuck you like the bitch you are?”

Sue hadn’t even hesitated. “Muh-mistress!”

Emma took that as the plea it was. She withdrew just enough to get a running start, then impaled Sue with one surge of her hips. The ladies in front of Sue—her friends and colleagues—tightened their thighs together as one. Sue could smell their arousal. She could see it glistening on the seats below them.

“Enjoy my cock up your ass,” Emma advised, sounding nothing more than solicitous. “It’s going to be there quite a bit.”

Despite her pleasure, Sue felt the fear of a winded animal being pursued. In her panicked, ecstatic state, she couldn’t imagine Emma ever stopping. She was powerless, willingly powerless—and that left only the enjoyment. There was nothing she could do to stop the pleasure Emma was giving her and she wouldn’t have it any other way. The fear sent adrenaline coursing through her, thicker in her veins than the drugs. It made everything vivid.

Once more, Emma held herself deep inside Sue. She took Sue’s blond hair in one hand, vanilla blonde, such a small ways away from Emma’s own rose gold hair, but so dour in comparison. Emma rubbed it between her fingers before pulling on it, the new pain forcing Sue’s attention.

“Touch yourself,” she ordered. “I’m under no obligation. If you want to come, you’re going to have to do it yourself.”

Sue understood. She parted her legs as much as she could with one of Emma’s hands still on her hips, keeping her in place, then she shifted all her weight onto her left hand while her right ran underneath her prone body. She felt her clit and it was like it was hot to the touch, the intensity of the contact was so strong. A nudging push in her mind from Emma. She groped herself, the sharp feeling cutting into the pained pleasure of the dildo in her ass. Mixing but not mixing. Oil and water. Almost immediately, she—

(Sue remembered Emma’s mind with hers, like they were hand in hand, running their conjoined hand over her sex, her perineum, her clit. Her fingers were soft and nimble, so different from all the callused touches she’d known—that was Emma’s thought, not hers—they felt magnificent. And the cool lacquer of her manicure, when Emma pressed her to rake her nails over her cunt despite her fears… It was almost enough to blot out the lingering pain of Emma’s penetration, but some always stayed, like spice. Just Emma shifting her weight was like an earthquake: more than enough to finish her off.)

“Sorry!” Sue breathed as she came. She had no idea what she was apologizing for.

Emma patted her on the back. “That’s quite alright, dear. I think you’ve had enough of Cyclops. He’s best in small doses.” Emma withdrew a ways, and even that sent burning heat through Sue. It hurt so much more than it pleased, but she loved it and she held still without the slightest nudge from Emma. Emma stopped, neither hilted in Sue nor outside her, and being balanced on that knife’s edge snapped Sue’s mind. A tear ran down her cheek. When she saw her mascara running later, she wouldn’t be able to remember where it was from joy or agony.

“Would you like some more coke, my dear? Like they say: it’s the pause that refreshes.” Sue could only nod. “Slut, time to make yourself useful.”

Psylocke answered to her codename, bending down—it was an effort for her hands to avoid her pussy—and reaching into her stockings, where a sort of garter belt held more vials of the stuff. She poured one out in front of Sue and Sue went for it, but Emma held her tight by the hair.

“Janet, you’ve been having a profitable quarter. Why don’t you give Sue something to keep her from making a mess? A large bill, I should think. As a fashionista, you should know how entwined expense is with enjoyment.”

Janet had to pry her hands off the bottoms of her thighs, leaving white marks where they’d been clenched, but eventually she reached into her purse and brought out a hundred-dollar bill. “I’d pay ten times this to watch what’s going down.”

“You’re not going to watch for much longer,” Emma said meaningfully. She took the bill and rolled it up into a tight straw, then handed it to Sue. “You know what to do.”

“I…” Sue picked up the money. “I…” She put it in her nose. “Oh, Emma.”

She ran the dollar bill over the cocaine until nothing was left but a faint white smear on the stage.

This hit wasn’t like before. It went in hard, hitting her in the pool of overwarm pleasure that Emma had made between her legs. It knocked away everything but EmmaemmaEMMA, that look on the back of her neck, those fingernails needled on her hips, that patch of skin where Emma’s knee pressed against the back of her leg, the low and almost supportive way Emma’s whisper (thoughts?) made it to her ear—”Come on now, that’s it, there we are, good girl, ride it, I know it’s rough, you simply must ride it, there, THERE, come down now, dear, you’ve had your fun, yes, can you orgasm once more? For me? Yes? Good girl, darling girl, such a good student, we’re learning so much.”

Sue couldn’t even think of the dildo up her ass. It wasn’t a part of her and it wasn’t a part of Emma. It felt bigger than them. The world was darkness and her and Emma, and the feeling of being penetrated was at the center of it. Emma was the boundary, keeping everything tight and confined and cozy. And Sue… Sue was the darkness.

Later, her friends would tell her that she came four times, just from Emma swaying her hips with that cock deep inside. Janet would say it was six, but she was prone to exaggeration. They all agreed, and Sue vaguely remembered, that at some point (orgasm three?) her arms gave out and she just collapsed on the stage, her arms and forehead off the edge, her face covered by the hair reaching for the floor.

Emma pulled out by degrees, accounting for however other many orgasms Sue felt. By then, her high was finally dying. She just felt a chilly absence and realized she could rest and passed out for what felt like hours, but was really only a few minutes as Emma took off the dildo, had Betsy wipe it down, then put it back in its box, safe and sound.

Emma patted Sue on her well-used ass along with a mental nudge, waking her in time to hear “Get her on her feet, ladies. We’re taking this party upstairs.”

Everyone but Emma descended on Sue, eager to grope her as they lifted her up. Jen’s hands—large but not mannish, just shockingly long fingers—sunk into her buttocks. Janet’s—slender and child-like compared to Jen’s—cradled her breast as they supported Sue’s back. And Betsy’s fingers were rough and callused where they gripped Sue’s head, her other hand carrying the box under her arm, but her index finger possessively hooked in Sue’s mouth. Sue was glad for the small debasement. Sucking on it gave her something to focus on as the cocaine erupted through her. Making her heart race and shake.

She was born aloft behind Emma like the prize from a hunt, club-goers parting before her to observe her degradation from new angles. The lights and music physically crashed down on Sue. Their waves bounced through her blood vessels and left her shaking like a struck cymbal. She thrashed and laughed. Laughed louder when Emma’s guests reached out in passing and ripped off pieces of her garments. In only twenty feet she was stripped bare, her naked body glowing with sweat and shaking, hot and cold. She wondered if Emma’s nods had anything to do with who was helping her disrobe. Did she nod to them before or after they stripped her? It was hard for Sue to tell.

The procession (hunting party, Sue’s mind claimed) swept through the dance floor and up a spiral staircase the size of a redwood. In the rafters, with the sound and fury dimmed, Sue should’ve felt metal-cold. Instead she could’ve been in a boiler room. On her bare skin, her friends’ bold fingers felt hot as brands.

Finally, they ascended to a mahogany door, tres out of place. Through it was Emma’s office, which of course connected to a luxurious bedroom. Both were stark white, the office lined on both walls with paintings, each pair dominated by a different primary color. In that room, they looked like windows into other worlds. And despite what was downstairs, none of them were sexual. Flowers, trees, fruits—it could’ve been a museum exhibit.

At the far end of a space the size of a studio apartment, floor-to-ceiling windows of one-way glass looked down on the White Queen’s realm.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Emma asked in a rhetorical mood. She sat on her ivory desk with its black drawers as Sue was carried past it, born like a virgin sacrifice to those vast windows.

In her mind’s eyes, with the vulgar suddenness of a dirty word, Sue imagined a pillory made out of her own forcefields. It was of a special design: a large board in front with three holes for her arms and head to go through, then a neck that swept down and widened so she’d be bent over it at the waist. From there it narrowed straight down into a pole, which crept along the floor to become a second holed board for her legs. Struts projected to either side so the construct wouldn’t pitch over with her weight. It looked like a horrible device, bending someone over and locking them in place, something Sue wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy.

“Yes, mistress,” she said, and when they set her down, she projected the forcefields, obediently bending down over its neck and ‘strapping’ herself in.

With the pillory invisible, she looked like she was frozen in ice, bent over an imaginary desk or table. Her ass was on display, as was her pussy underneath. So were her breasts, dangling under her. Sue could see them in the faint reflection of the dark glass. Along with Jen, Janet, and Betsy, growing in the mirror as they circled her.

Betsy slid a hand over her ass, while Janet ran her fingernails down Sue’s steepled leg. Jen was the most aggressive. She reached right under Sue and grabbed a handful of cleavage like she was inspecting livestock.

After a testing squeeze on Sue’s buttocks, Betsy’s hand slithered down toward where Sue was pink and wet. Emma stopped her with a brisk command.

“Slut, bring me Wolverine.” Betsy obediently trotted off. She went to the desk, pulling open a wide drawer. Bending over to do it, giving Emma a perfect view of her perfect ass. She put Cyclops’s box inside—Jesus, Sue thought, she really does have Scott’s dick in her desk—and took out another. Opened it.

Inside was exactly what Sue expected, only much larger. Cyclops had just seemed big because of the circumstances and the drugs. Sue guessed it was really only about six and a half inches. This was ten inches, and thicker, its brown and black coloring making it look still more masculine and threatening.

Emma clapped her hands together as Betsy fitted the new strap-on to her like a tailor. “This is Wolverine,” she said, gesturing to her phallus like she was making introductions. “It’s not true to life— Logan’s is actually short but thick, rather like the man himself really, but I enjoy thinking of the look on Scott’s face were he to discover this.”

Sue saw Emma clearly in the reflection as she approached, white, gleaming. She was so pale she could’ve been the moon, her light only blotted out by Sue’s body as Emma stepped around her. At her groin, reflection made the strap-on obscenely black. An abyss that Sue lost herself in; when Emma came around, she thrust the dildo in Sue’s face, making it dominate her vision. Through Sue’s adrenaline rush, it pulsed and throbbed mightily.

Emma ran it down Sue’s face in a parody of a loving caress, the kind Reed might do from across the room, and it. Was. So. Cold. So refreshingly cold.

While Sue burned up, Emma put her out a little. “You haven’t had any work done, have you Susan? Such a lovely face. More than the sum of its parts. That simplistic haircut. That weak chin. Those lost cheekbones. Yet it’s all so naturalistic that one has to forgive the shortcomings. Yes, you’re a veritable winsome beauty. I can’t believe I’m going to let someone else fuck that face. But that’s Emma Frost, I suppose. Generous to a fault.” Perching the Wolverine cockhead on Sue’s lips, she faced each of the others in turn. “Alright, poppets, now you get off. But only on our dear Susan’s face. I’ll leave it to you to sort out the pecking order.”

Sue pulled at her bonds, but they were inescapable. The sleek, glassy feel of her forcefields was usually so comforting. Now they felt otherworldly enough to be threatening. They were hers, yet she couldn’t control them (or herself). Emma had split Sue apart when she’d penetrated her. One half of her was still fearful of this pleasure and anyone who could possibly enjoy it. The other held the rest of her tightly captive, betraying her to the White Queen.

Emma circled around Sue to fit the dildo to her ass like a plug in a socket. Despite the stretching Sue had endured just minutes ago, her ass put up a token resistance to Wolverine’s entry. Emma made an “mmm” sound and applied a little more pressure, than a little less. Sue clenched and relaxed. A little more pressure, a little less.

“You want to see me put this bitch on a spit before we start?” Emma asked the others.

They nodded eagerly, Janet letting out a tiny “Yes!”

Emma secured Sue’s waist in her hands, then her hips—

(Sue remembered agonizing pain, sudden, indescribable. That alone she could’ve endured. She’d been in enough torture chambers and death-traps to stand up to anything. Except that a second after Emma roughly shoved herself into Sue, the pain was wiped away by pleasure. Some secret part of her was exploding and singing, and not because she was getting fucked in the ass. Because a woman was fucking her in the ass, a woman she wasn’t married to. A woman that was stronger than her, prettier than her, better than her. And naughtier. So much naughtier.)

“Now fuck her face off,” Emma commanded, twirling a lock of Sue’s hair around her finger.

The three heroines swept in all at once, but Jen was easily the victor. She shouldered the other two aside like a linebacker and grabbed Sue by the ears. Her pussy was close enough for Sue to count the many hairs on it (not too many, of course, Jen being Jen, but she was definitely closer to being a meadow than a lawn), though Jen kept a respectful distance. “Sorry about this, Suzie,” she said with a chagrinned smile. “But Shulkie want get off!”

“That’s okay, I completely understand,” Sue said. Tried to say. From the second word on, she was muffled by a giant green twat.

Not that Sue had much to compare it to, but Jen tasted good. Exotic, strong to the point of unpleasant, an acquired taste to be sure—but good. The gamma radiation must’ve changed Jennifer’s flavor as surely as the rest of her, because her juices left a faintly burning aftertaste like watered-down whiskey. Sue loved it. She licked as best she could, but despite her tongue being feared by every member of the World’s Greatest Heroes, it wasn’t enough for the sensational She-Hulk. At least, not with her as keyed up as the last half-hour had left her.

“Stick out your tongue,” Jen ordered, her deep voice rumbling with arousal, and Sue obligingly extended her tongue as far as she could. Not that Jen waited for that. She jerked her hips like a teenage boy at a dance, grinding her cunt into Sue’s face until she had Sue’s tongue trapped. Then she went faster.

Even with Jen holding back—she was, right?—She-Hulk frantically ramming her sex against Sue was like receiving a series of open-handed slaps. The taste filled Sue’s mouth, setting her throat aflame. Then Jen stopped bothering with tongue altogether. She simply held Sue’s head still and ground herself into it, running her sex over Sue’s face in laughing delight. Sue felt her booming, full-throated chuckle as deeply as the rest of her. Jen was as hot as an open match held up to Sue’s face, and her wetness marked Sue like war paint. Sue forgot about the pillory, and nearly forgot about Emma, and just—what was Johnny’s word for it? Motorboated.

“YES YES YES!” Jen was as vocal as her cousin, though far more agreeable. When Sue was able to see past her magnificently thick thighs, it was up at Jen with Janet and Betsy hanging off her, either trying to move her so they could get their turn earlier or trying to leech off of Jen’s sexual excitement. Or both. The way they bit and scratched at Jen could not be considered either wholly loving or wholly aggressive. They, and Emma’s glorious smile, spurred Jen on. She threaded her hands into Sue’s hair and forced her as deep as she could into her needy cunt.

It ended up covering both Sue’s nose and mouth, instantly cutting off her air. And her vision, for that matter. All Sue could see was the sweet, cuddly pink that had been so incongruously situated in the midst of Jen’s jade skin and dark hair. She struggled to breathe, turned her head to try to get away from Jen, but the giantess just went faster. Unapologetically rutting Sue’s nose, Jen threw her head back to expose her surprisingly slender neck to her friends’ love bites. Her pussy ran like a piece of fruit being squeezed harder and harder, now slathering Sue’s face with her cream, filling her lungs with the smell of quim and nothing else.

With Sue suffocating, her head turned to the ceiling, her friends teething her neck like twin vampires, and Emma watching, Jennifer Walters dropped her mouth open and roared “YESSSSS! SHE-HULK COME!”

Linda Jamison stood in front of the man and fought back tears, determined not to cry. The news that she had just received from this man shook her to the core. She would never have believed it, not about Michael. He just didn’t seem to be that type of person.

Then again, what did “that” type of person look like? She knew judges, policemen, doctors, lawyers, bankers, people from all walks of life, shared the same affliction as Michael.

“So, what are we going to do about this?” Mr. Foswell said as he looked over at the obviously-unhappy brunette. He knew that she had dolled herself up to convince him to work out a deal and he was willing to cut her some slack, but not too much slack. She was a looker, but men with his kind of money could snap their fingers and find twenty more just like her. He looked at her again. Okay, maybe five, ten tops. She was sure a gorgeous woman and he thought Michael was an idiot for risking his marriage in this way. The more he looked into Linda Jamison’s beautiful almond eyes, the more she seemed to draw him in. Maybe only one or two women had what she had. Yeah, Michael was a fucking idiot for risking his marriage to this gorgeous and exotic-looking honey.

“How much?” Linda asked, trying to keep the tears from her voice and remain calm. “How much does my husband owe you?”

Foswell looked at the brunette beauty and he had to admire her strength. She hadn’t crumpled when he called her home and she hadn’t panicked when he said he was sending someone to pick her up. The men that worked for him were a bit scary looking, but it was all for show. Foswell ran a legitimate business after taking over from his father – who didn’t. He used his gangster dad’s reputation to handle cheaters and welshers and 95% of the time, it worked out fine.

“He’s into me for a quarter million,” Foswell said to the young woman. He watched her jaw drop and her eyes go wide. To her credit, she did not cry, faint or crumple to the ground. If anything, she looked furious.

“That’s almost what he earns in a year,” Linda said with anger in her soft voice. “How could he be so damned stupid?” She loved Michael. She had been the happiest girl in the world when they had married two short years ago. She had known a number of men, but none like her husband. She had waited 33 years for a man like him, tall, handsome and successful. They had even talked of having a family. That would have to wait. It was obvious her husband had a problem and she needed to do something about it. First, she had to find a way to settle things with Mr. Foswell.

“We don’t have that kind of money,” Linda said and looked at him with pleading eyes. An idea struck her. “We have a huge home and it’s all in my name. I can take out a second mortgage on the house and pay you most of the money – in a week, would that be okay?”

Foswell admired the young woman, she had moxie. “Yeah, but what about the rest? Tell you what – I need a few cocktail waitresses to take some extra shifts. You’re hotter’n hell, you come work for me and I’ll deduct the remaining debt from your wages.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t intend to work for free,” Linda stated plainly.

“Doll, with your face and body, you’ll clean up in tips,” Foswell told her. “Believe me; you won’t be workin’ for free. Do we have a deal?”

She extended her hand and Foswell didn’t think he’d ever touched skin that soft. “We do,” Linda said to him with great appreciation. “Thank you, I’ll make sure you get what you’re entitled to.”

As she drove her sporty little MG home, Linda’s wheels were spinning, but not in the car. She now knew that Michael was a compulsive gambler and his “poker nights” were spent losing most of their savings. She was going to find a way to put a stop to that. She thought that part of Michael knew he had a problem and that is why he had insisted the house be in her name only. That had saved their bacon, now what? She would have to find a way to pay off their second mortgage. Michael could easily gamble away their money again.

Then, it hit her. A Linda Michael had never met resurfaced. It was the survivor instinct of a young woman who was on her own at 16 and at 18, had done what she needed to do to survive. A Linda who was wily and smart and who got whatever she went after. This Linda was going to insure their future and if Michael got out of line, she could deal with his ass. She loved him, but the Linda that was now driving the MG was a survivor above all else.

Michael had met the attractive brunette in a nightclub and offered to buy her a drink. They got to talking and he danced with her. She was surprised because most men couldn’t dance, although he could – very well. She was dying to know if he moved equally well in bed. As it turned out, he did. So well, that she never bothered to tell him why she had been in the club in the first place.

Linda had been a high-class call girl since the age of 18. A friend had shown her the way and helped her set up a website presence. She had been doing very well and was supposed to meet her date at the club when his wife got sick and had to be rushed to the hospital. Linda got paid in advance, so she had time to kill. She was in the club looking to see if she could attract another man – or hot lady, Linda sometimes partied with women. In a leopard print hat and matching boots, with her hair down and a very short skirt, she remembered Michael telling her that she stood out from the crowd like sunshine through a field of black clouds.

She found herself falling for Michael after their first-ever “date”. He was funny and chatty and talkative. She also found out he was very successful. He took her to a restaurant where dinner cost as much as she earned for a few hours of kinky sex.

So many times over the next few weeks, Linda had wanted to tell Michael what she did for a living. She didn’t intend to be deceptive, although she wondered if he’d end it if he knew. She scaled back her working schedule; she was no longer the desperate woman of some years earlier. She had savings and investments and owned her small condo outright. When Michael asked her to marry him, she accepted. She had a few final flings with favorite customers and left that world behind.

Now, it was time for THAT Linda to return. She had to control their life and she knew how. The same way she had for most of her life – with sex.

Michael had a higher sex drive than many of her former clients. Linda rarely went unsatisfied in bed. Okay, it was time to up the ante. Michael wanted this and he wanted that. She was going to treat their sex life as a game, but completely everything was in favor of the house. He could have whatever it was he wanted – but everything as of now was going to cost him. She walked into their spacious home and looked in the mirror. She hadn’t lost her looks, not one iota.

She called the bank and made arrangements for their second mortgage. Mr. Dillon could not have been more helpful and he told her no, as she was the sole name on the mortgage, Michael would not necessarily have to be informed. Only in case of an emergency. When she finished the arrangements, knowing how much debt Michael had put them into, Linda was seething. She looked in the mirror again.

Oh yeah, sex was going to cost her husband big-time.

Michael came home on time from his job and acted as if nothing was wrong. She had to give him credit; he knew how to keep a secret. His was almost as big as hers. All throughout dinner, he didn’t mention Foswell or his huge debt, although Linda knew Foswell had contacted him. She tried to push her resentment down, telling herself he had a problem. She needed to deal with things one step at a time. She went upstairs and came down dressed in a slinky black teddy and her sluttiest pair of 5-inch stiletto heels. “In the mood for a fuck, handsome?” She purred as she leaned in close. She knew her husband would never turn down a horny woman, so she had his interest.

“Of course, what did you have in mind?” Michael asked as his sexy wife sat on his lap. He’d never seen this teddy before and there was a wild, feral look in her eyes.

“Baby, we’re going to play a game,” she purred, keeping up the pretense of knowing nothing about his problems. “I’m going to act as a call girl and sex is going to cost you. A blowjob and a hot fuck will cost you – oh, let’s say, $1500. What do you think, am I worth it?”

“Of course you are baby, but are you serious?” Michael chuckled.

Linda kept up her act. “Uh-huh, I could use a little mad money so that I can buy more naughty things like this little outfit,” she grinned and did a small pirouette. “Do you like it?”

“You bet I do,” Michael grinned as he got out his wallet. “Okay, I’ll play along.” He handed her 15 $100 dollar bills and watched in amazement as she put them in a drawer for safe keeping. She led him upstairs to their bedroom and he couldn’t help noticing her persona seemed different. She seemed wilder, nastier, almost – dare he say it – a bit of a slut?

Whatever had gotten into Linda, that night he got a far different wife than the one he was used to. She sucked and fondled and gave him the noisiest, wettest blowjob of his life and instead of spitting out his cum, she swallowed it and made quite the production out of it. He got her wet by eating her, but she wasn’t as anxious for oral as she normally was. He waited for her to mount him, as she usually liked to be on top, but she looked at him with her gorgeous dark eyes and asked him how he wanted to fuck.

“Well, we always …”

“You’re the customer lover, you get whatever you want. You paid for it,” Linda smiled.

Michael looked at his gorgeous wife as if he was seeing a different woman. She had even kept her sexy heels on in bed, something he found to be a real turn-on! “Are you serious?” He asked with a chuckle.

They almost always fucked with Linda on top, because it was her favorite and he liked to please her. It wasn’t his favorite, he liked doggy, so he requested that. Linda nodded and let him slip it in from behind. She let him slam her pussy with as much strength as he could muster up. Linda wasn’t totally mercenary about it, she enjoyed the fuck and let him go as long as he wanted. She made him cum again and then, they were done.

“Another round?” He asked with a happy smile.

“If you’ve got another $1500, sure,” Linda told him. He looked at her with astonishment. “I told you babe, I want to have a bit of mad money, so you’re going to provide it for a while. In exchange, you get a whore for a wife. A slut who will please you in bed. I might decide to fuck you for my own pleasure every so often, but get used to the new status quo.” Linda rolled over and fell asleep while her husband stared at her. Something had changed, drastically changed. He liked a bit of it, the unbridled Linda was incredible, yet it troubled him somewhat as well. Oh well – they were still newlyweds in a sense, they’d adjust.

Linda went to the bank early the next day, about an hour after Michael had left for work. She wore a clingy white sweater and a short black skirt with high heels. She got a check from Mr. Dillon and he gave her a reasonable rate for her second mortgage as she was such a “valued customer”. Linda smiled and thanked him, sure her naughty attire had nothing to do with it. She handed back $1000 in cash towards her first payment and banked the remainder in her account. Michael never checked there. She would buy some new pieces of lingerie from that account every so often. In the meantime, she had several trashy outfits from her former career that he had never seen before.

Michael had a busy week at work and Linda played the supportive wife, cooking all of his meals and keeping the house tidy. She also started her job at the casino and found she liked it. The other hostesses were cute and Foswell had been right, the tips were enormous. She was astonished to find out what he paid his girls. “I pay the best, so I get the best,” he told her as she moved about in her new, short black uniform. He still couldn’t believe the hot brunette cookie had managed to come up with 200 Grand on her own. He had underestimated her.

Linda could easily have started up her old career again and was occasionally tempted. Part of her was still furious with Michael, addiction or no addiction. A lot of the customers were good looking. She could have gone the “women only” route and done fine, it was easy to spot girl-loving girls because of the way they tipped or looked her over. Linda’s survivor instincts were still working, she wasn’t ready to make any moves as yet, but she wasn’t ruling anything out either.

By the end of the week, Linda was horny as hell and almost abandoned her plan. Fortunately for her, Michael was not a man who could hold out for sex too much longer. He needed a release after a stressful week. He asked Linda if they could go upstairs and fuck and she smiled sweetly. “Certainly darling, did you have anything particular in mind?”

He smiled back at his sensual, exotic wife. Part of this arrangement might work out to his advantage, although he couldn’t afford to play poker and screw his whore-wife. His libido won out, of course. “I’ve always wanted to fuck those great tits of yours, maybe give you a pearl necklace?” He grinned. Linda had many customers in her past career who had done that, it was no big deal. Still, she wasn’t telling Michael that.

“Sure tiger, I think with the other things included we can do that for 2 Grand,” she smiled sweetly. Michael’s eyes rolled back in his head, but if sex with Linda tonight was anything like it had been before, it would be worth it. The money had turned her libido on to overdrive. He handed her two $1000 bills, which she put in her purse. “I’m going upstairs to shower and put on something really slutty,” Linda told him. “Finish loading the dishwasher and join me when you’re done.”

Michael got his chores done and almost ran up the stairs. It seemed odd, to be doing chores and living with a woman he was paying to fuck, but it also had an air of kinky fun to it. He stopped in his tracks when he got to their bedroom. Linda was wearing a white lace bodysuit with holes cut out on the sides. She wore another pair of stilettos, this pair white and also with a silver tip. If his money was going towards buying clothes like this, it was money well spent.

“Come on in handsome, I don’t bite,” Linda said with a throaty purr. “I might scratch and nibble, if you get me too hot. I hope you’re ready for a hot fuck baby, this gets me really fucking wet.”

Michael had never seen this side of his wife before. Yeah, she loved sex, but this Linda almost craved it and wasn’t afraid to be a total slut. She had a good time undressing him and then sucked his cock even more vigorously than the last time. Again, she swallowed his cum and then she let him have fun with her tits before undressing her. Her bodysuit was flimsy and she was glad he was careful with it, because it had been expensive. He ate her cunt with more vigor than she had ever known. When Linda was a “working girl”, very few of her customers ever got to do that. She afforded Michael that honor because he was her husband and he was very, very good at it – now he was even better.

This night, Michael fucked his whore wife in the Missionary position, something they had only done a few times during their sex life. Then Linda got some oil and lubed up her titties. She squeezed them together and let her man fuck her jugs before cumming all over her. It wasn’t something she wanted to make a habit of, but she was now 2 thousand richer and another step closer to paying their bills. Plus, Michael hadn’t gone to “poker night”, she knew he couldn’t afford to do both.

She went to the bank before going to work the next day and got some astonished looks when she made another payment on their mortgage. She deposited the remainder, plus her tip money, into her other account. Linda decided to go shopping the next day and get some new lingerie, a pair of heels, some toys and other supplies. To be the perfect whore-slut, one had to stay on top of things. She sailed through work that afternoon and walked away with a few hundred in tips and an offer from a very attractive black woman. She smiled sweetly and told the girl she’d think about it – and she would. The woman was hot as hell.

The lingerie boutique Linda visited was very upscale, she had used it in the past because everything they sold was of the highest quality. Linda figured that she would likely end up spending four figures on her new inventory, but it would be money well spent and she would reap some of the rewards as well. The new-old Linda was getting some of the best fucking of her life.

She was putting items on the counter that she intended to purchase when a woman she recognized approached her. It was the store’s owner, whom Linda knew from years earlier. “I thought I recognized you,” the woman said, giving Linda a small kiss on the cheek. “I haven’t seen you in years!”

“I got married,” Linda smiled and the woman – what was her name? – looked back at her.

“Oh, I see,” the owner – Jen-something? – Linda knew she’d get it “The marriage didn’t work out?”

“No, we’re still married, I’m not in the business any longer,” Linda told her. “We’re just experimenting with some new ideas.”

“I see,” the owner – Colleen, that was it! – said to Linda. “My husband and I have experimented for years, that’s why we own the store. I was actually hoping that you were still in the business, actually,” Colleen sighed. She began to put Linda’s purchases into a neat little pile while they talked.


“My husband and I were looking to have a threesome, but not with anyone we know,” Colleen told her. “We just want to have a no-strings-attached fucking good time and both of us thought of you. As if by magic, here you are.”

The old Linda popped up at that second. “Okay, I might be interested – can we make a deal?” Colleen’s blue eyes lit up and she nodded. “I’ll come over to your home and fuck with the pair of you for an evening. I’ll be a total whore, for one night – and in exchange, you give me a good deal on all of this stuff!” Linda knew she would be cheating on her husband, but at this point, it was more money in the bank. A one-time deal that she could use to make another payment on their home.

“You have a deal,” Colleen smiled. “I won’t charge you a thing for your items, they’re on the house. I remember that some of my regulars partied with you. They said that you’re a total slut in bed, which is just what Aaron and I want.”

The two women worked out the particulars. The following Saturday, Michael was going on a fishing trip with his friends. He had heard from Foswell, who had informed him a “friend” had paid off his tab, but that he shouldn’t come to his tables again. Michael thanked his lucky stars and hung up. It couldn’t have been Linda, she knew nothing about his addiction and if she did, she wouldn’t have been able to stay quiet about it. He went on his trip and decided to join Gamblers Anonymous when he got back and rebuild their savings. Linda deserved a secure future and she’d been so wild in the sack lately. Maybe it was time to revisit the idea of kids?

Linda watched her husband drive away and phoned Colleen. She got dressed in a slutty PVC outfit and called a cab to take her to Colleen’s home. She wasn’t there 15 minutes before she had Aaron’s big cock in her mouth and Colleen’s lips glued to her pussy. She felt like such a slut again and realized that this woman was the true Linda. She loved her husband, but she needed the excitement of extra sex. She was going to work again, just every so often, to keep her slutty desires at bay. Michael would never find out because she intended to keep blinding him with kinky sex.

Before the girls left Luvlee’s with their eight teachers for the orgy they were going to have, Camilla put on the school-girl outfit she’d worn during her striptease to ‘Gang-banged’; and Candice found a similar-looking school-girl outfit (like Camilla’s, it wasn’t her actual school uniform) from the change room at the back of the strip joint. The girls each sucked on a breath mint to get rid of the smell of the men’s come that had been emanating from their mouths. The girls also took more ecstasy–a half pill each. They freshened up with heavy, bright makeup, and went with their teachers to Mr. Langella’s house.

They all arrived there about twenty minutes later. As soon as the girls walked into Langella’s house with him, they started unbuttoning their white blouses.

“Wait,” Langella said. “Let everybody come in first. We’ll all get some beers, I’ll put on some music in the living room and dim the lights. When everyone’s settled, then start stripping.”

“OK,” the girls said together, and buttoned up their blouses again. Candice chopped lines of the remaining cocaine for all the men to snort. Langella got six-packs of beer from his refrigerator as the other men snorted, then he dimmed the lights and snorted his line. When all the teachers were sitting on the sofa and chairs, surrounding Camilla and Candice, who were in the middle of the living room, Langella put on a CD of Global Underground 015: Darren Emerson, Uruguay. Camilla and Candice started slowly swaying their hips to the a cappella voice of a woman singing Minnie Riperton’s ‘Lovin’ You’, which began the first track, by The Orb. Candice–still high on the cocaine, and beginning to feel the effects of the ecstasy (as was Camilla)–was getting teary-eyed as she heard the song lyrics; they were expressing her exact feelings for Camilla. The girls, whose eyes were fixed on each other’s, slowly unbuttoned and removed their blouses. As they removed their plaid skirts, Camilla’s eyes burned lust, while Candice’s eyes shone love and longing. Candice was growing futile hopes of making Camilla return the love Candice felt only for her; when the girls were completely naked, Candice planned to jump for Camilla’s clitoris and lick it as never before.

The beats of the acid house music kicked in, and the girls started shaking their asses to it. Their teachers were practically drooling with lechery as they leered at their two students dancing in pink and black lace underwear (Camilla and Candice, respectively). Candice got up close to Camilla and undid her bra; Camilla returned the favour and unhooked Candice’s bra. Their teachers cheered as the bras came off and the girls’ large breasts shook with their baring. It was hard for the men to decide whose breasts they preferred: Camilla’s, with her larger, lighter areolae and less protruding nipples; or Candice’s, whose areolae were smaller, but whose nipples were pointier and of a darker pink. Both pairs of breasts were of approximately equal size, and were equally firm–no excessive sagging. After dancing around topless for a while, the girls got up close to each other again and slowly pulled down each other’s panties. The men shouted lewdly as Camilla stuffed her pink panties in her wet vagina, then pulled them out. Candice did the same with her black panties. Camilla pulled on the elastic and flung the panties like a sling-shot at Langella’s face, as she had done during her strip-show at Luvlee’s. Candice flung her panties at Mr. Knowles’s face in the same way. The remaining men tried to hide their jealousy.

Candice’s jealousy, however, was the strongest of all; and when the girls kicked off their high heels, she went up to Camilla and kissed her hard on the mouth, hoping to make her wayward lover appreciate her more.

“They’re dykes!” Mr. Williams shouted. “Awesome!”

“I love you, Camilla,” Candice sighed between small pecks on her lover’s lips and cheeks. Then their tongues twined around each other, and their lips met.

The girls knelt on the floor as they continued French-kissing. Camilla fondled Candice’s buttocks as Candice fondled Camilla’s breasts. To their ogling teachers, the squatting girls looked like a mirror reflection of each other, practically twins except for three things: Camilla’s blonde hair, versus Candice’s red hair; Camilla’s brown pubic hair, versus Candice’s ginger pussy; and the nipple differences already mentioned. Camilla lay on her back while Candice’s kisses made a red lipstick trail going down from Camilla’s lips, to her chin, her neck, her sternum, and finally to her right breast, which Candice started sucking. Candice’s right hand gently squeezed and caressed Camilla’s left breast, and moaning Camilla fingered her clitoris. Amazed at what they were watching, the teachers started undressing.

Candice’s red trail of kisses continued down to Camilla’s navel and ultimately to her vulva. After moaning and sighing her enjoyment of Candice’s cunnilingus, and running her hands in her licker’s hair, Camilla moved around and under Candice so the girls would be in a sixty-nine. As Camilla licked Candice’s pussy from below, Camilla put her finger inside Candice’s asshole, slowly sliding it in and out. Candice moaned her thanks and buzzed and hummed on Camilla’s clit. The moistness of their vaginas made their saliva seem dried up in comparison.

All eight men were now naked, with hardening cocks. The cocaine was taking effect, too. Langella got Camilla’s anal lube from her purse, and Knowles got Candice’s lube from her purse. After lubricating their phalluses, they got ready to lube the girls’ assholes. Feeling Knowles’s slimy finger slide inside her rectum, Candice pulled up Camilla’s legs so Langella could do the same for her anus. Meanwhile, kneeling, Williams gently turned Candice’s head to the left and, aiming his hard cock for her mouth, asked, “May I?” Candice opened wide and deep-throated him.

Candice’s head was facing Williams’s cock at a forty-five-degree angle from her ass, and as she took the whole length of Williams’s shaft all the way in and out of her mouth, she looked back at Camilla. Candice didn’t seem to notice Knowles’s long, thick cock pushing against her anal orifice and entering her rectum; she was too busy seeing Camilla lewdly grin as Mr. Rudolph aimed his cock at her salivating mouth. Candice’s jealousy and disappointment at seeing this made her temporarily oblivious to all other sensations, even that of the electrifying ecstasy she was peaking on. Oh, well, Candice thought, fuck the pain away.

Langella slid his dick inside Camilla’s asshole; she squealed with pleasure at the entry, and sucked Rudolph’s cock all the more eagerly, playing with his balls and tickling his scrotum. Mr. Burgess masturbated as he fingered Camilla’s clitoris, and Mr. Matotek sucked on her left tit while handling her right one, pinching the nipple. Tingling with pleasure from peaking on the ecstasy, Camilla gushed her first of many orgasms, all over Burgess’s drowning hand.

Mr. Fulson carefully put his five fingers inside Candice’s cunt, then slowly got his whole fist inside. Her screams of pleasure were muffled by Williams’s cock in her mouth. She wrapped her lips tightly around his shaft, and her curled tongue hugged his bulging corpus spongiosum. Though Williams was rock hard, he wouldn’t come…yet.

Mr. Johnson fondled Candice’s left breast while sucking on her right; his other hand was on his cock. All ten of the naked lovers continued in this crowded position, rocking back and forth, jerking their hands in or on the others’ genitals or breasts, for about ten frenetic minutes. Camilla’s river of come was all over Langella’s living room carpet: the next morning, he would have a formidable cleaning job to do. Candice had already come several times, too, since focusing on the pleasure of sex and drugs took her mind off of uncommitted Camilla.

Finally, it was the teachers’ turn to come, and they got up and circled the squatting girls for bukkake. Langella, Fulson, Matotek, and Johnson stood over Camilla; and Williams, Knowles, Burgess, and Rudolph surrounded Candice. The men all quickly and frantically jerked off. Langella was the first to splash his load: his come splatted in several spurts on Camilla’s right cheek, next to the right side of her mouth, on her nose, between her eyebrows, and in her left eye. Grinning and giggling, she wiped the come out of her eye as the rest of it dripped down either side of her face. Just when her left eye was more or less clean, Fulson came, flooding her other eye and her nose. She screamed and giggled at every squirt, blowing some come out of her nostrils. Immediately after that, Matotek and Johnson ejaculated, plentifully and simultaneously. When every last squirt had come out, and all the men wiped their dick-holes on her cheeks to remove the last of the come from their cocks, Camilla’s face couldn’t be recognized as hers, so completely was it drenched with jizz.

While Camilla was receiving her shower of semen, so was Candice. Williams was the first to spray, shooting his come in straight lines on Candice’s face and hitting her nose, upper lip and left eye in several strong squirts. Then Knowles came, getting some in her hair and left ear. Then Burgess splashed his come on her right side, drenching her cheek and lips. Finally Rudolph blew his load in her wide-open mouth: only a few drops of his ran down from her lips to her chin.

Exhausted, the men got dressed and rested on the sofa and chairs. Their excitement changed into depression as they came down from their cocaine high. Gradually getting drowsier and drowsier, they watched Camilla and Candice, who would continue making love after washing up. Eventually, the teachers would fall asleep.

Camilla was still frisky for more sex, and Candice was still hungry for Camilla’s love. Camilla looked in her roommate’s sad eyes as they, in the shower stall, washed the come off their faces and hair; and Camilla sensed Candice’s need for loving only from her. When they finished in the washroom, the girls went back to the living room.

Candice lay on her back, and Camilla put her head between Candice’s legs. As Camilla ate Candice’s pussy, she could hear Candice’s sighs and cries of, “Camilla, I love you…love me, only me…” Though concerned with Candice’s jealousy, Camilla would deal with that problem later; right now, she just wanted to enjoy more sex. Candice ran her hands in Camilla’s hair as she continued licking and sucking on Candice’s clitoris. Camilla put her fingers in Candice’s vagina and anus, her index finger tickling Candice’s G-spot, her long finger rubbing against Candice’s A-spot, and the pinkie of her other hand deep inside Candice’s rectum, moving in and out. Camilla buzzed and hummed on her lover’s clit, and Candice’s cries grew louder and louder until she finally came. A few drops came out of her vagina, and Camilla lapped them all up.

Finally, the girls came down from their ecstasy high, and fell asleep on the living room carpet around 8 AM.

This is the final instalment in the Salt & Vinegar series. It’s also a bit longer, so settle in.

While the other chapters are stand-alone stories, this one ties together many of the threads from the previous three. I suggest reading them first if you haven’t done so already.

Thanks to Warrior_Wolf once again for her valuable editing work.




My mobile rang; Beth again. I was going to have to put a stop to this. I’d let it go too far.

We’d made progress on Saturday night and I should have let it go at that. But, you know me; a sucker for pussy.

I’d seen her again on Monday night. And on Wednesday. I was afraid she was forming an attachment, replacing me for Stacy. Oh, the sex was great. It was just for all the wrong reasons.

I’d been thinking clearly enough when I’d been with her on Saturday night. Jus had helped keep me in check too. But I think I enjoyed the chance to be fully in control again. To have someone submit completely and utterly to me. To enjoy the feeling of power and domination.

It’s funny you know. I’m not like that with Jus. I can be rough and brutal, but it’s never domination. Well, to be more precise, she’s not submissive. She surrenders herself to me but it’s got nothing to do with submission. The stupid bitch is crazy in love with me. God knows why! I think I’ve realised though that for all that she’s selfless and puts up with so much shit from me, Jus is the one that holds the leash. How’s that for irony. And it’s why I’m feeling so fucking guilty over Beth. I sleep around all the time, but this is different. Three days in five is more than a one-night stand. Jus deserves better from me than this and Beth isn’t worth ruining the one good thing that’s happened to me, well, ever.

Scary to say, but in some ways Jus is like the mom I wish I had. Mine died of a drug overdose when I was ten. My memories are mixed, but mostly of mood swings and mania. Jus is calm, confident and strong. Her love is unconditional. Sometimes I feel like a kid in the playground, running round madly, exploring, having fun and doing whatever. And you know it’s OK ’cause Mom’s sitting on the bench over their watching out for you. You fall off the swings; there’s a hug. The play gets a bit rough; Mom steps in for you. You get hungry; Mom has the snacks. Jus is like that. Her quiet strength is my security. Her love my safety net. I play around but there’s always Jus to come home to and, with her, I know everything’s going to be alright.

A year and a half ago I would have instantly said that I’m the stronger one; I’m in charge. Now, it’s the opposite. Her quiet strength can stand against anything. She supports me. And part of me hates that I need it so badly. Really, really hates admitting my own weakness and that, at something I pride myself in – my own strength and independence – Jus is stronger and far more durable than me. And so fucking saintly as well. Damn the bitch.

Which is why, just like a kid, I push the boundaries. Test the limits. Rebel against authority. Do stupid stuff just to show that I can, that I can pretend I’m my own person and can do whatever the hell I want and damn the consequences. Just how much do you love me, Jus? Stupid bloody fool.

I was having coffee with Chrissie on Thursday morning, so I thought I’d ask Beth to join us and give her the bad news after Chrissie left. I also wanted Chrissie’s advice first. Shit, I’m getting soft. What ever happened to fuck-’em-and-leave-’em Lena? Chrissie didn’t hold back when we met either.

“What, you’re still keeping Beth on a string. Shit, girl, does Jus know?”

“No. She’s never minded before though.”

“Yeah, but this might be a little different don’t you think? Jesus, Lena. You’re going to risk Justine over some fucked-up ex of Stacy’s?!”

Which is when Beth arrived. Had she heard? Probably. But she didn’t appear offended. If anything she looked a little smug. Oh, shit, she’s taken it wrong. Now she thinks she seriously has a chance with me.

“Hi Lena, Chrissie.”

“Hey, Beth. Well, who wants a coffee?” I said, slightly too brightly.

“No way Lena, I’m ordering. You always stuff it up. What do you want Beth? I know what Lena has.”

“Skinny cappuccino for me please.”

Chrissie got up and went inside to order. I took a deep breath.

I turned to Beth, placing a hand gently on her knee. This was as good a time as any. Well, maybe not, but I had to make a start. This wasn’t going to get any easier. Unfortunately, Beth misread it again. She glanced down at my hand then looked up with a shy smile before throwing her arms around my neck and giving me a kiss. I was surprised for a moment before I disengaged myself. Chrissie was glaring at me from the counter. Shit. This wasn’t going to plan at all.

“Listen, Beth, we need to talk.”

She looked at me expectantly.

“When Justine and I helped you out on Saturday night, that’s all it was. You looked like you needed a hand in taking an objective look at your relationship with Stacy. What you did with that was up to you.”

“But didn’t you like being with me? Didn’t I do everything right?”


“Yes, but you don’t want to replace Stacy with me.”

“You’re a lot nicer than Stacy. Strong, but nice. You take care of me.”

Double shit. Hurry the fuck up with those damn coffees Chrissie!

“Do you know why Stacy hates me so much, Beth?”

“No. She’s mentioned it, but not why.”

“I trained Stacy, Beth. Stacy is what she is because of me. And I’m twice the bitch that she is. Didn’t know that did you?”

“Um, no.”

Well, Lena, here goes nothing. I put on my ‘evil witch’ face. The one Justine hates. The cold sneer that she says hardens my face and takes all the humanity out of it.

“Well, you don’t know me very well, bitch, do you? You want to be with me? Stacy is like Barbie compared to me. Stacy hurts people; I fucking break them. Then toss ‘em away.”

I picked up one of the coffee stirrers from the caddy on the table and snapped it for emphasis. One half flicked towards Beth and landed in her lap. Hah! Beth’s eyes were wide and her face paled.

“Now you’ve got a choice. You’ve left Stacy and we’ve had a bit of fun. But playtime’s over and it’s time to move on. Find someone who’ll look after you right. That someone is most definitely not me, and it’s not Justine either. Clear?”

“Um, yeah. Very.”

Beth’s eyes had teared up. Bloody hell, Chrissie could you take any fucking longer! I just ditch people ’cause I hate this bit. I wouldn’t be a cold-hearted bitch if I could do this ‘let’s just be friends’ thing well! I handed Beth a napkin from the caddy on the table. Wow, sensitive me.

Chrissie returned and sank back into her chair.

“Bloody trainees. Stuff up the simplest order.”

‘You done?’ she mouthed silently at me. Beth was dabbing at her eyes. What, she’d seen the whole thing and had played it out to give me time? Bitch! She could have helped instead.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

Beth gestured vaguely inside and we got the message that she needed some space. The restroom’s such a great excuse for us girls.

“Sure. Hopefully they’ll have brought our coffees by the time you’re back.”

“You did OK, Lena”, said Chrissie after Beth had gone.

“What! You heard what I said?” I was suddenly worried that the whole cafe had witnessed the conversation.

“No, idiot. But I was watching and I figured out what you were doing. You’re timing’s absolutely shit but it seemed as though you handled it OK.”

“Gee, thanks”, I said sarcastically.

“You’re welcome.”

“It’s still easier to fuck ‘em and leave ‘em”, I muttered.

“Yeah I know honey; but you’re growing up. Justine would be proud of you.”

“What are you now, Chrissie? My fucking Mom?”

Chrissie laughed. The waitress gave us a curious look as she delivered our coffees.

Beth returned. She looked slightly brighter – if still a bit red around the eyes – and the next fifteen minutes went pretty smoothly as we chatted and drank coffee. Beth squeezed my hand and said thanks as she left. She’d be alright. Chrissie hugged me and then left too, saying she had a few other friends to meet. I sat back down, just enjoying the feeling that everything was turning out OK. Strange how life goes sometimes. I wondered if Justine’s day was going as well as mine.



It was an odd sort of day. One of those ones which have good bits and bad bits and nothing turns out like you expect.

Overall, the week had been OK, but last week’s effort had taken its toll. Everyone at work was tired and tempers were thin. We’d met a few critical milestones and the client was happy, but winning a battle isn’t the same as winning the war and the project was only half complete. It’s hard to maintain the energy and stay focused for such a long period.

So here I was pounding the pavement to drop some stuff off to the client because the account manager was off sick. I did my best to be polite and personable and was surprised when Sean asked if I was in a rush to get back and could he speak to me privately.

“I’m really glad you dropped this over today, Justine, because I’d been hoping to have a word with you.”

“Sure, how can we help, Sean?”

“No, nothing to do with the project. Well, not really. You know, of course, that we’re really pleased with how it’s shaping up. We also know that it’s largely due to your contribution. Oh, I know it’s a team collaboration and all that, but your coding and structure is what makes it so solid. Ideas are nothing without effective techs to back them up. We’ve been looking for a Programming Director for a while and the word is that you perform consistently like this on every project you’ve worked on, including rescuing a few marginal ones. You also get the best out of your people. That combination’s rare and we could certainly use your talent. So, you interested?”

Wow, that was unexpected.

“Yeah, sure. Thanks. Would you mind if we talked after this project’s complete? I think the change would affect our team dynamic and the outcome may not benefit either you or us.”

“Absolutely. Your loyalty and team ethic are a credit to you and part of the reason we want you with us. Let me know when you’re ready. Here’s my card.”

I left their office feeling elated. And then it started to rain. Typical.

I dashed for a cab and glanced across the street. I saw Lena sitting in one of the cafes and thought about joining her. Then I recognized Chrissie and Beth sitting with her. As I watched, Chrissie got up and walked inside. Lena kissed Beth and they were suddenly all over each other. What the hell?

“Hey lady! You want a ride or what?”

“Yeah, sorry. Downtown thanks.”

So what was that all about? I thought Lena had controlled herself pretty well on Saturday night, but had I been mistaken? Had the experience got to her more than she was letting on? Worse, had she enjoyed the domination so much she couldn’t help herself? I could be wrong, but this looked a bit different from her usual one-night flings. I wasn’t going to like it, but I needed to ask her.

The rest of the day passed slowly. I couldn’t really concentrate on much for thinking about Lena and Beth. And what did Chrissie being there mean? Did she know? Did she sanction it, even? If Chrissie knew, then how many other people knew as well? No secrets with Chrissie.

I left early and drove home through more rain. I paused at the door to our apartment and took a deep breath. Was Lena home? Only one way to find out …



I was flicking idly through one of my photographic journals when I heard the door latch click. Jus walked in and collapsed on the couch.

“How was your day?” she asked, giving me a kiss on the cheek and curling up to next to me.

“Interesting. Yours?”

“Same. I had a job offer from the firm we’re doing this project for. I’m tempted. The money’d be brilliant.”

“Then fucking take it. Glad to see other people recognise my girl’s talent.”

“Thanks. By the way, I saw you with Beth today at the cafe.”

I stiffened and I knew she felt it.

“You and she looked pretty cosy. Everything OK with you?” Jus asked, with a slight frown creasing her brow.

I reacted badly. First Chrissie, now Justine. They were bloody right, of course. It probably wouldn’t have bothered me except, for once, I’d actually done the right thing and I’d felt pretty good about it. Telling Justine how I’d fixed it would also involve admitting that she was right and I had crossed the line. I still felt bad about that. My bloody stupid pride fired up.

“So? I fucked her in front of you on Saturday night. I boned her again on Monday and fucked her again yesterday. What’s your fucking problem, Jus? You know I sleep around.”

She looked at me steadily for a long moment before answering in a carefully moderate voice.

“It’s you I’m worried about, babe. After what you told me about you and Stacy on Saturday night and how you asked me to keep a check on you with Beth, I want to know you’re OK and in control.”

I was in control in relation to Beth. More than she knew if I could only admit it. What I wasn’t in control of, I suddenly realised, was my relationship with Justine. For so long I’d been used to being the dominant partner in my relationships. I held the power, I dictated the terms, I decided how long it lasted and when and how it ended. I’d enjoyed the thing with Beth so much because I’d felt my old self again and I now knew it was because I’d been subconsciously frustrated and afraid of my lack of ‘control’ over Justine. I couldn’t intimidate her. Oh, I treated her like everyone else – in other words, bloody badly – but her love for me somehow neutralized it.

Jus wasn’t naive or anything; my bitchiness just had no effect on her. She knew what I was and loved me anyway. She returned my abuse with selfless care, which made it even worse. If she’d complained or berated me, it probably would have been OK because I knew I deserved it. What I couldn’t handle was her quiet acceptance of my flaws. Her generosity demanded better of me but it was easier to pretend it was actually OK and that I could indulge myself however and whenever I wanted without consequences. At least I’d been considerate enough to keep my casual flings reasonably private, but I’d definitely crossed the line with Beth. It’d been much more than a once-off. And I’d made it public. And now I was rubbing Justine’s face in it. My guilt made me worse.

“What, you don’t think I can handle myself over a piss-weak bitch like Beth? For God’s sake Jus, get over it, I’ve told you I’m fucking finished with her!”

“No, you hadn’t. What I saw today suggests you haven’t either.”

“Well, fuck you! You knew what you were getting when you signed on for this. I’ll fuck whoever I want whenever I want. Doesn’t mean anything. Now get over it, bitch and come to bed so I can fuck some sense back into you!”

Justine’s face went white and her eyes went wide. That she didn’t even raise her voice was a really bad sign. Shit, Lena you’re an absolute bitch.

“I’m not ready for bed yet. I need a bit of air. Think I’ll just take a walk. Don’t wait up.”

She turned and walked back to the door, grabbing an anorak. Was it wet out? Hell, I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I was incandescent with rage, more with myself than Justine, but how could I expect her to see that?

“That’s right, walk away”, I screamed after her as I heard the door open. “You can’t escape shit by running away from it you fucking dumb bitch!”



I held it together until I closed the door, then tears flooded down my face.

“Justine, what the hell … Are you OK?”

I looked up blearily to see John, who has the apartment across the hall, frozen in the act of turning his key. He’d obviously heard Lena and the outcome was pretty obvious. I quickly brushed past him and down the stairway with a non-committal wave which I hoped he interpreted as ‘yeah’. I didn’t trust myself to speak.

I stumbled out onto the sidewalk, shrugging on my anorak. It was still raining. A dull, monotonous drizzle, not enough to be useful but enough to soak anyone caught in it. It felt like the night knew my mood and was crying with me. At least no one could tell the difference between nature’s misery and mine in the wetness on my face. But I knew; my tears were bitter.

I walked blindly, consumed by a broken kaleidoscope of thoughts and emotions. I hardly registered, the lights, the sounds and the smells of the city in the early evening. I stumbled along sidewalks, pushed through crowds, crossed streets completely on autopilot. I had no idea where I was going and didn’t care. I just walked. In part, Lena was right. I was running away. That’s what makes her cutting remarks so effective when she’s being a bitch. There’s always an element of truth which hones the edge of her words. Tonight, they cut like a butcher’s cleaver. Solid, sharp and deep.

A part of me knew that her reaction wasn’t rational and that something else was going on. Most of me didn’t care because it was too numb to be that generous. I wallowed in self-pity. Why did I deserve this? I wasn’t the one that slept around. How come I get abused when I’m always faithful? Why do I have to be the one that deals with all her shit? God, why doesn’t she love me as much as I do her? What more can I give her?

I cried myself out and my thoughts turned to ‘what next?’ Realistically, was this going to work? I knew that almost a year and a half was a record – by a very long margin – for any sort of relationship with Lena. But could I keep this up? Could I keep absorbing the emotional damage? Being with Lena was sometimes like dating a supernova. Bloody spectacular until you got incinerated. It didn’t matter that I loved her. I wasn’t sure that I could survive her much longer. Was it better to end it now for her sake as well as mine, while I still had wonderful memories fresh enough in my heart to counteract the acid of our parting?

But I wasn’t sure that I could just walk away. Call me a fool, but I loved the girl too much. I knew what breaking up would mean to her. For all her seeming strength, she was emotionally very vulnerable and I shuddered to think what her wild rebound would look like. Forget train wreck, supernova was probably more accurate there too. There was a strong possibility she’d kill herself in the process, either deliberately or by accident. Apart from me, I didn’t know anyone in our circle of friends who would be able to be an effective brake for her. Could I live with that on my conscience?

A screech of brakes, a loud horn and the smell of rubber suddenly brought me back to the present. I was standing halfway across an intersection with a warm radiator grill a foot away from me. Cars sped past either side. Somehow I staggered back to the sidewalk with the driver’s abuse echoing in my ear.

“Stupid fool girl, don’t you know when to walk!”

I clutched a pole, trembling from shock and breathing heavily. Through the rainy mist I looked up to see the red flashing pedestrian signal on the opposite sidewalk. Didn’t I know when to walk? Didn’t I know when to walk! It was like a sign. Lena was wrong. Facing reality and choosing when to walk is not running away. It’s just plain sensible.

I’d decided what to do. I’d go back to our apartment, sleep on the couch and talk with her in the morning. I’d sign the lease on my apartment over to her with a few months rent paid in advance to help her get back on her feet. That bit of security might be enough. It would have to do. Lena was an adult; she could learn to cope the same as the rest of us. Or not. After all, she had choices too and they were hers to make, not mine. With my savings and the new job, I could find a new place readily enough. New place, new job, new life. Sans Lena. Deep breath, Jus, you know you have to do this.

Now where the hell was I? I looked around and was stunned to see across from me the cafe that I’d seen Lena at this morning. Somehow I’d found my way to where it all started. Was it only half a day ago? It felt like a year. I hailed a cab and deliberately thought of nothing on the way home. No, not home. Lena’s apartment.

The cab dropped me a couple of doors up. I fumbled in my pocket for my keys when I felt a hand grip my shoulder.

“Well, hello bitch.”

I started to turn. All I got was glimpse of a dark hooded face silhouetted against the dim light from a street lamp before my head was slammed into the wall of the building. I felt the rough bricks tear up my face, my nose break and my cheekbone fracture. Blood everywhere. The pain was intense and I screamed.

“Thinks she can just take my girl, huh. Let’s see how she does without her bitch then!”

Sharp pain in my lower back. And again. Dimly I hear shouts and curses, as if from a great distance. Footsteps, running. I slide down the wall as everything goes black.



The door closed after her. I screamed obscenities. I kicked the couch. I punched the cushions. I threw the cushions. One collected a photograph which fell from the wall. The glass shattered. I didn’t care. No wait which one was it? Shit. No, no, no! Not Jus, not that one of Jus! Shit, Lena, what have you done? And I wasn’t thinking about the picture.

I ran out into the hall and flew down the stairs. I stood in the rain looking up and down the street. Couldn’t see her. I walked slowly back upstairs. I crawled into bed and cried myself to sleep.

I remember waking in the night to put my arm over Justine. Her side of the bed was cold. She wasn’t there. She was never not there. She was the warmth and comfort no blanket could ever give. Shit, Lena, what have you done? It was two in the morning. I rang her mobile. No answer. I left a message. And again every fifteen minutes after.

I must have fallen asleep again because I woke around five to the sound of the door. I dashed out of the bedroom. But it wasn’t ours. Must’ve been John’s. I sobbed with frustration and desperate worry. My mobile rang and I ran frantically back to the bedroom.

“Jus, honey, where are you? Hello?”

It wasn’t her. Well, it was in a way. Mercy Hospital had rung to say that a young woman had just come out of emergency surgery and was now in a serious condition, recovering in intensive care. She’d had no ID, only a mobile phone on which this number had come up about ten times and did I know who she was?

Oh, Justine. My love, hang on. I’m coming. Please, hang on.

I was running like a maniac around the apartment grabbing stuff to take when there was a knock at the door. At 5 a.m., what the hell! I don’t fucking care, they can piss off and I’ll tell ‘em so on the way out!

Except it was the police.

“Miss Lena Sanchez? We need to ask you a few questions.”

“No, please, I’ve got to get to Mercy. They’ve just phoned to say my partner’s there.”

“Yes, we know. That’s why we need to ask you a few questions.”

“What? What’s happened to Justine!”

“Miss Sanchez, we can do this standing in the hall or …”

Reluctantly, I went back inside. I learnt that Justine had been assaulted and stabbed. Someone had seen the attack and chased her black-haired female assailant before calling 911. A set of keys with a tag for this apartment block had been found on the sidewalk amidst the blood. They’d been working their way up floor by floor when they’d spoken to John across the hall. He’d heard what happened last night. They had an obvious lead. I had no real alibi.

Perhaps my astonishment and genuine worry convinced them. Or at least they were prepared to be open-minded for the present.

“Can you think of anyone who may have had a reason to assault her?”

“No. She’s an angel. I can’t think of anyone who’d want to hurt her. In fact it’s normally her looking out for others. Like last Saturday night, she …”

I went cold. Oh, shit. Stacy.

I gave them what information I could about her and about Beth too. If she’d gone after Justine, it was a fair bet she’d go looking for Beth as well; if it wasn’t too late already. It’s what I would have done. Well, I’d made Stacy. I knew how she thought. Shit, Lena, what an absolute fucking mess you’ve made this time. God, Jus, please forgive me.

All I cared about right now was Justine. The cops ‘kindly’ gave me a ride to Mercy. I suspect they really wanted to keep tabs on me until they’d followed up the other leads. Conversations over the two-way meant that, by the time we arrived, they’d got enough to let me go with the usual warning about not leaving town etc. I ran into the hospital and frantically abused everyone until I found Justine’s room. They almost threw me out until I calmed down enough to be allowed into the ward.

I quietly opened the door. She looked so small in the bed, surrounded by equipment, tubes and other medical shit. Her beautiful eyes were closed and her red hair fanned across the pillow. Her face was white and still. She could have been a marble statue. And then, I crossed the room to the chair on the other side of the bed. On this side, the statue’s hair had been cut away with a clinician’s surgical efficiency. The face was a crazed, swollen mess of pads and sutures. Red-tinted fluids seeped through dressings. The calm hum and beep of the machines monitoring her vital signs was the only sound, the only indication of life. I sank numbly into the chair and gently took her hand, trembling. My poor, poor girl. Shit, what had I done? Tears ran unchecked down my face. They weren’t for me.




I struggled toward consciousness, wondering if it was worth the effort. The blackness was so much nicer. Anything else hurt too much.

I blinked.

Light. White sheets. Tubes. Hospital?

Makes sense if I hurt this much. No idea why.

“Jus, I’m here honey.”

Ah, Lena.




Her eyelids fluttered. I leaned close and whispered to her. I hope she heard. I think she heard. I saw the beginnings of a smile at the corner of her mouth. I did, I’m sure I did. Oh, baby, hang on. Please, I can’t live without you.

Why does it take something like this to make you appreciate what you’ve got; that only when you’re about to lose the most precious thing in your life do you truly understand how much it means to you. And it sounds so incredibly selfish when you say it like that. That it’s all about my loss and my feelings and my life. Never mind the poor girl, lying half-dead in this bed, who’s only there because of your bloody lunacy and fucking pride. I want to tell her what an idiot I am. A stupid fool who loves her to death, but can’t even think about how to beg for forgiveness in the right words and who’s crazy enough to hope that maybe, just maybe, she still loves her too. Maybe? Probably not, and I so deserve that. Oh, Jus, I am so, so sorry.



Pain, but less. That’s good, right?

I slowly open my eyes, getting used to the light. My body feels so heavy. Can I move? Hurts, but yes. That’s good too, I guess.

“Oh, look who’s awake. How you doin’ sugar?”

A nurse smiles warmly at me and begins to check over my charts. I look around slowly. Half watching her and half looking for something else, someone …

My eyes rest on the chair. It’s empty.

“She’s in the ward lounge asleep in one of the chairs. She sat with you for about 18 hours. Wouldn’t leave. I almost had to carry her out. Want me to wake her for you?”

Lena. I smile. Ow, that hurts. Head shake. Hell, that hurts too.

So tired.




I wander to the restroom. I look blearily into the mirror as I’m washing my hands. Wow, what a mess. The walking dead.

I find coffee from a vending machine and wander back to Justine’s room. The smell of caffeine helps. It burns on the way down, but it feels good.

“Oh, you’re up? You just missed her”, says a nurse as she leaves the room. “She woke for a minute or so and I told her you were asleep.”

“Fuck. I mean, thanks. Sorry.”

“No worries, sugar. I understand. Your sister’s getting stronger. Making good progress.”

She touches me on the arm and smiles as she brushes past. The contact is just slightly less than professional, a little longer than necessary. I recognised the look too. OK, I know I look pretty skanky right now, but coming on to me when my girl’s lying there in the bed, what the hell? Oh, hang on. ‘Sister’?

“Justine’s my partner”, I say with a frown.

A quick look of surprise before the professional veneer is restored.

“Ah, that explains it.”

I scowl again and walk back into the room. Jus is looking a little better. Less pallor, more colour.

I carefully lie down next to her on her good side and gently lay my head on her shoulder. Underneath all the smell of ‘hospital’ is the smell of Justine. I can smell her hair, her skin. I can just feel her breath; so faint. My Justine.

So tired. I’ll just stay here for a bit …




I know that smell. Lena.

I open my eyes and there she is; her head on my shoulder. Strands of her raven hair riot across my chest, the sheet, the pillow. Her hair smells wonderful. She’s asleep. I hear her cute little ‘wuffle’ snore. I can feel she’s clasping my hand between us.

“I love you Lena”, I murmur in a broken whisper.

A tear rolls down my cheek to drop into that raven hair. I could look at her forever.

Eyelids so heavy.




It took a week before Justine was conscious for more than a few minutes at a time.

It was another week again before I got her home.

Three weeks without sex. That’s got to be a record dry spell! But strangely, I didn’t mind. I was happily and completely occupied in looking after Jus. I discovered – possibly for the first time – the pleasure of genuinely caring for someone else. Preparing meals, doing laundry, fetching stuff, giving hugs, helping her bathe (not really a chore that one, God she’s beautiful). The light in her gorgeous eyes, her soft smile and the knowledge that she was recovering were all the reward I needed.

I got a giggle out of her when, as a gag, I dressed up in a nurse outfit. Nothing like the uniform at Mercy though. This one would have given elderly male patients heart failure with all that flesh exposed. Jus appreciated it. And just like an old lecher damn if she didn’t pinch my ass!

Four weeks and she was up and about. We spent hours on the couch. We talked more I think during that week than in the six months before. Really talked. Not just the chat of the every day, but the deep stuff. About life, about us, about the future.

I really didn’t know how to start telling her how I felt; how appalled I was at myself and how desperately I needed her forgiveness. I ran through a hundred conversations in my head and none of them worked. In the end it just sort of came out. I don’t even remember what I said. I just bared my soul, the tears running down my cheeks and sobbing ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry’ over and over. The darling girl just took my face in her hands, brushed the tears away and looked at me – into me – just like she had that first day at the gallery.

“I forgive you”, she said. “I always will. I love you, Lena.”

And with those simple words I was absolved. I collapsed into tears again, but this time of relief and love. I gathered her gently into my arms and smothered her with kisses.



Five weeks later I was almost back to normal. I’d healed well. The surgeon and medical staff at Mercy had done a great job. I had some scarring on my face but it didn’t disfigure my features at all. In fact it gave me a slightly rakish appearance.

“You could be a pirate, Jus.”


“What the hell was that? That sounded like a rabid kitten. You’ll have to do better than that, bitch!”

I could easily cover the scars with make up so they hardly showed. But I also discovered I could highlight them, outlining them and transforming my face into a half war mask which looked, frankly, pretty wicked.

I’d lost weight during my recovery and made a decision to keep some of those pounds off and tone up a bit. Trim and fit, I enjoyed my new self. I’d always had a fairly decent figure – not in Lena’s league of course – but now I could easily carry off outfits I really wouldn’t have felt comfortable in before. When Lena and I went clubbing we made a smoking hot couple and Lena had to warn off almost as many interested approaches to me as I did for her. It was a novel experience. Apparently low cut jeans, leather, flaming red hair and my war paint made a striking combination. I confess to a little mental ‘fist pump’ the first time Chrissie saw us out and her jaw dropped.

“Jus? Wow. You look … incredible. Amazing. Lena, you’re in trouble girl. You’ve got some serious competition there.”

“I know. Doesn’t she look fucking awesome?”

Somewhere during my recovery, Lena and I had achieved some sort of transference. I’d become a little bolder, more self confident. Perhaps my ordeal had been like a rite of passage. I wore my scars like a badge of honour and took more pride in myself as a result.

Lena had become a little calmer and a little kinder. More thoughtful and considerate. A touch less brash. She helped out more at home. It wasn’t just habit from those weeks of looking after me either. She wanted to. Don’t get me wrong, she hadn’t transformed into a saint – there was still a hell of a lot of the wild old Lena – but somehow she had ‘found’ herself during my recovery and the quiet self assurance added a depth to her character which made her even more beautiful if that were possible.

I decided to get my first bit of ink. A tattoo which covered the knife scars on my middle and lower back. I’d been really fortunate – a slight shift in angle, a bit more depth and I would have been dead. I decided I needed to celebrate that. I got a full colour piece covering almost half my back. The words ‘Lena aeternum‘ were fully illuminated together with some fine scroll and filigree work which incorporated some of the Japanese peach blossoms which I love from the tattoo on Lena’s thigh. It was both beautiful and striking.



I was stunned when Jus lifted her shirt and turned round to show me. Then I was humbled. Trust Jus to get it in Latin though. I quickly got my camera and spent the next half hour capturing her tattoo from various angles and light settings. Of course we then moved into bolder poses without clothes in which the tattoo was an adjunct feature. And then into stuff without the camera at all.

I held her close as we lay on the couch and I traced the lines with my fingers. Her smooth, white back was marred only by the jagged ridges of the scars, but which the artist had very skilfully disguised by using their texture as part of the overall feel of the work. Goose pimples rose on her flesh as my finger wandered around her back, adding another dimension again to the ink.

I gently kissed each scar and then each part of the tattoo. I worked my way down the curve of her spine to the small of her back, caressing her curves,: softly touching, caressing her with my lips and tongue. I rolled her over and began again at the top. Her gorgeous eyes stated into my soul as I cupped her face with my hands and gently kissed her mouth, her cheeks, her jaw line. I could feel her pulse pounding as I necked her throat. I gently nibbled her ear lobes which set her giggling.

“Stop that, Jus, I’m trying to do some serious work here.”

Her eyes twinkled and she stilled. The giggles gave way to a soft sigh as I worked downward over her shoulders. I traced her collarbone with my tongue. I felt her relax and melt into me. I gently lifted an arm and caressed her all the way down, feeling the tone of her muscles; an outward sign of the new-found, inner strength at the core of my lover’s being. I was so proud of her and so absolutely thankful to be with her.

Somehow I’d lost those jealous, rebellious feelings. I recognised and truly appreciated the rare worth of what I had with Justine. It was something very few people had. I was privileged to have her in my life and to share mine with her.

I stroked her arms gently then took her hands in mine. I kissed her wrist, her palm and the tips of each finger.

She reached up and stroked my cheek. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her satin caress. Then with a moan she reached around my neck and pulled me down toward her and kissed me fiercely.

“Please Lena, my love”, she said huskily, “take me.”

Permission granted; I changed gear. My touch was firmer. My kisses harder, then savage. I ravaged her breasts, sucking and pulling at her gorgeous dusky pink nipples, hard with need. She groaned as I explored her navel then licked down toward the delicate auburn down of her mound. She ground her hips upwards, urging me to take the final step. I tantalised her awhile longer as I licked the top of her thighs, working my way slowly inward.

She moaned and spread her legs for me; inviting, needing, craving. Her pussy was exquisite. I stopped for a second or two to admire her perfection. Her delicate folds of perfect symmetry. Wet, glistening evidence of her desire. I lowered my mouth and extended my tongue to gently touch her clitoris. The contact was electric. Fuck balls of string and kittens, Justine’s pussy is my absolute favourite thing. Jus shuddered as I licked her. She grabbed my head with her hands, pushing me down hard against herself.

I devoted myself to her pleasure. My tongue and fingers exploring her wonderful sex. Her scent, her taste, the velvet feel of her, moist and warm. Without breaking contact, I moved off the couch to kneel beside her, changing my angle so I could trace delicately around her anus with my finger as I continued to devour her.

Her hands moved to my waist, pulling urgently.

“C’m'here”, she grunted thickly.

I threw a leg up over her and she grabbed my hips, pulling me backwards onto her face. If giving Jus cunnilingus is bliss, then her doing me at the same time is heaven. I gasped as she began to match what I was doing to her. Touch for touch, stroke for stroke, lick for lick we worked each other towards a frenzy of need and desire. I felt the first tremors of my orgasm begin and with a savage energy I ravaged Jus, licking and sucking, thrusting my fingers deep within her. Her hips began to rock harder and faster and I knew she was as close as I was.

We came almost together. I screamed as my orgasm ripped from me. Jus sucked thirstily as my juices ran over her mouth onto her chest. She came a second or two later and surprised me with the volume which gushed from her. She wrapped her arms around my hips and hugged me tightly as wave after wave of pleasure racked her. Normally, I’d lick her softly down but this time I continued to savagely suck and lick, desperate for as much of her nectar as I could get.

Spent and exhausted, the tension drained from us and we collapsed to lie against each other. For a minute I couldn’t move. Then I slowly raised myself off her and twisted around to lie beside her, my head resting against her cheek. She turned into me, wrapped an arm around me and kissed me long and deep. I could taste myself on her, my saltiness mingling with the sweetness of her lips.

Finally, we broke apart and she snuggled down with her head under my chin, her cheek pillowed on my breast. I felt her deep sigh of contentment. She loves to do this and it’s so adorable. She just lies there, touching as much of me as she can and listening to the beat of my heart, feeling the rise and fall of the breath in my chest. It never fails to wake me in me a soft tenderness which is almost foreign to me. I was never sure whether she did it for herself or me. I realise now it’s both. She does it for us. ‘This is us’, it says. Just us. Together.

*If I love women, I’m straight; and if I love men, I’m confused; does being Bi make me greedy?*

Thank you Frontma for burning the midnight oil on this one.

(Yes, this tale is supposed to be somewhat humorous and outrageous too. While not always comedic, I’d like to think it is mostly a good-natured romp.)

We were late heading out of the dorm so, under Rhaine’s watchful control, the group jogged toward the dining hall. As we made the final approach, Rhaine grabbed my arm. Rhaine, Joy, Mercy and I slowed down while the rest headed in ahead of us.

“What are we going to say?” Rhaine hissed in a panicky voice.

“I was childish, blocked the door, and you caught me sneaking down a fire escape,” I suggested.

“You will get in trouble,” Rhaine said with utter confusion.

“I can take it better than you can,” I related.

“I don’t understand. Why are you…all of you, doing this for us?” Joy asked.

“Because,” I snorted, “we are the good guys.” They clearly thought I was a nut but going inside cut off the conversation. “Besides, I need to do something that’s going to be rough on both of us.”

The Smartest Girl on Campus

Looking back on things, that first Monday when it was only Rio and I realizing what I was became the only time I entered the Dining Hall or Assembly without being noticed. First I had been a novelty, now I was the freakish center of the storm. I sort of held my reactions in reverse; the hateful looks my enemies gave me made me laugh while the hopeful looks my allies gave me scared the hell out of me.

I was dwelling on that quirk in my nature when I reached the spot my gang was sitting; we had our own location and the majority of the school had given it their blessing. Weird? Only the Class Presidents had their own preordained spots. Speaking of which…

“Hey, Jungle Boy,” Rio teased in such a dangerous way that I felt my balls crawl up into my body. “Iona nominated you for Freshman Class President.”

“Ha, ha, ha,” I joked dryly, then looked to Iona. She couldn’t meet my gaze. “Iona, why? Why didn’t you at least ask me first?”

“I knew you would say ‘no’,” she replied softly, then she looked up with more determination, “but I know you would be a great Class President.”

“Don’t sweat it, Zane,” Rio chuckled. “You need fifty signatures to be on the ballet.”

“He has seventy-two,” Iona informed us.

“Gak! How long have I been out there?” I gasped.

“Nine minutes,” Iona smirked bashfully. I looked around the room, humbled and disturbed. You have to remember that there weren’t 250 freshmen and nearly one-third had decided that I should lead them; the faculty must be having kittens. I was thinking that over when a previous bit of theater came back to bite me in the ass. A girl I vaguely knew – Arielle, a fellow freshman – put her hand on my shoulder and waited.

It took me a second to clue in but thankfully she and the others were patient. I put my hand on top of hers.

“Thank you,” I told her. She smiled and moved away, immediately replaced by another freshman. Over 80 freshmen followed and I could feel the disgust emanating from the head table were Chancellor Bass sat.

Friends like Brandi and Dove came over to congratulate me on my nomination but I realized my more savvy friends stayed away. They knew the struggle I was in for and the very real possibility that even if I was elected, Chancellor Bass would simply kick me out. I’d be going to them for advice and counsel. I guess I might actually have to ask Iona who the Sophomore and Junior Class Presidents were. In fact…

“Iona, who are the other Class Presidents?” I inquired.

“They would be those haughty bitches in pleated skirts,” Rio interrupted.

“Funny like a crutch,” I replied snidely. “Besides, that describes about half the girls here.”

“These would be the ones avoiding you like the plague,” Rio snickered.

“Here you go,” Iona intervened, showing me two pictures on her phone. “Besides, you aren’t that alone; the Science Club and Botany Club both support you.”

“Whoop-de-do,” Rio huffed. “What are they going to do? Send nasty e-mails and throw clods of dirt on our opponents?”

“Could I meet with them?” I asked Iona, ignoring Rio’s snide asides.

“They’ve both agreed to help with your Solarium,” Iona shot a ‘that will show you’ to Rio, “and you already know the head of the Science Club but I can set up a meeting if you like.”

“Make it so,” I commanded loftily.

“Zane, if you become Class President Iona will be your Personal Assistant, but what does that make me?” Rio inquired.

“My House Assassin,” I suggested. Rio seemed to like the idea – it fit with her violent tendencies – but she wanted an explanation. “You are almost always underestimated, and like me, you have nothing to lose.”

“House Assassin,” Rio mulled it over. “Okay, but I prefer the title ‘Ninja Reaper Angel’.”

Rio and I exchanged looks; hers mischievous and mine one of amusement.

“NRA?” I questioned her. “Seriously?”

“Well, I like it,” Iona interjected.

“Wait! Wait!” Rio exclaimed. “Ninja Stripper Angel – I could be the NSA!”

“How about Ninja Urban Temptress?” I suggested.

“Hardy har har,” Rio snickered, then stuck out her tongue.

“On that note,” sounded an exasperated Iona, “let’s go to class. Hanging out with you two is lowering my IQ.” Rio and I shared an awestruck look.

“Did our little girl just make a funny?” Rio wondered.

“They grow up so fast these days. I blame the internet,” I responded. Iona hit me before taking her tray and standing up.

“Ow! Why didn’t you hit Rio?” I questioned.

“She’s incorrigible, Zane, but I expect better from you,” the little raven haired beauty lectured me, but with a compassionate smile. I looked to Rio but she stuck out her tongue again and left as well.

I was still dealing. I had joined with Elizabeth (a neutral in the power struggles going on) for my Handmaiden’s Duty, which turned out to be a question-and-answer session on the Bible.

Though I have had numerous sexual misadventures, I can’t forget that this is a Christian institution of higher learning and people like Elizabeth treat it as such. I was sure she knew about me and the duties I had performed previously but she felt she was doing her duty as a senior classman to educate me. I didn’t mind in the slightest; if I said I didn’t know, she’d enlighten me and move on.

Now I know I’m not the brightest guy on campus but I was quick enough to realize that someone had hacked my phone and switched up things on my calendar. Somehow Cordelia Dresden had appeared as my next ‘mistress,’ replacing Odell Bergdorf who had been moved to Friday morning. I really needed to talk to Iona about this. Now I had to figure out who Cordelia was.

I stepped out to see Ms. Brunette smiling at me and I gladly smiled back.

“Hey, Zane,” she beamed.

“Hey, Ms. Brunette,” I joked. I had never gotten my very first Mistress’s name but I thought she was pretty fun. She was looking at me expectantly.

“I would really like to do…whatever…with you but someone’s screwed up my schedule and now I have to find someone named Cordelia Dresden,” I told her as I motioned us outside.

“Wouldn’t you rather spend time with me?” she asked hopefully.

“Yes, absolutely, but that wouldn’t be fair to Cordelia, or true to our school traditions,” I sighed. Ms. Brunette tilted her head a bit and seemed to be assessing me.

“Zane, I’m Cordelia Dresden,” she teased me with a smug smirk.

“Great!” I exhaled. “What did you want me to do for you today?”

“I’m not sure; you are the one who wanted to talk to me,” she taunted.

“I…what…you are the Head of the Science Club?” I groaned.

“What,” she giggled, “I’m not geeky-enough? I apologize, but I had my braces off my senior year in high school and laser eye surgery last summer.”

“That’s not fair,” I protested. “I was thrown off by your lack of a hunchback and your excellent bathing habits. Besides, where is your pack of nerds speaking in techno-babble? I cry foul.”

“Fair enough,” she giggled, “I admit to my clever obfuscations. You’ve nailed me; I’m helpless and at your mercy,” she bit her pinky finger and batted her eyelashes at me.

“Are you going to think less of me if I break down and cry in frustration now?” I sobbed.

“I don’t know,” she jibed, “if I say ‘no’ will you invite me to your place tonight?”

“Tonight is really not good,” I groaned. “Could we make plans for next week?”

“Oh, come on…I’ll make sure you don’t regret it. Let me come by tonight…around seven,” she faux-pleaded. My look went from regretful to peeved.

“Okay, you can stop making me look stupid, please. I get it; you are much smarter than I am,” I conceded. Of course, in the process of getting my Solarium prepped for habitation I would have to get the electrical systems fixed up so Iona had enlisted the Science Club.

“I’ll forgive you if you kiss me,” Cordelia grinned. Since our first kiss had been pretty intense, I was going to have to really work on it to make this one even better. Our book bags slipped to the ground, which was the signal for every girl in the vicinity to slow down or even stop so they could see what was developing.

Last time I had kept the kiss to her lips; this time, everything above the waist became fair game and as I cradled her back and laid her out before me in my arms. I took to her chin, then her neck, the top of her sternum, then center of each breast. I let my kisses step down to the top of her skirt, then I reversed course until I reached her lips. We exchanged a long look, then I went in for her tongue and lips.

“Mr. Braxton!” snapped a female voice of authority I didn’t know, and for a moment I thought me and Ms. Dresden were about to get schooled in the worst possible way. Cordelia rolled her head back so that she was seeing the world upside down while I looked right at a teacher I didn’t recognize.

She looked to be late 30s, early 40s, dark blonde hair, sort of tastefully moderate upstairs with slightly larger hips that spoke of childbirth and some maturity. Who she was and what she taught – a total mystery.

“Mr. Braxton,” she repeated, but now a hint of mischievousness snuck into her ‘Voice from on High’ tone, “hands above the clothing at all times.”

“But…” I started to plead.

“Dr. Topaz Larson, Language Studies,” she informed me.

“But Dr. Larson, the other girls don’t have to.” I tried and failed to keep the humor from my plea.

“That’s because they are girls, Mr. Braxton,” she smirked, before taking a half-turn and walking ahead of us to lunch.

“I think I’m in love,” I sighed.

“With me?” Ms. Dresden giggled a third time. I was still dipping her, after all.

“We’ll see,” I responded in a husky, passionate voice, “but right now I’m in love with fighting the system,” and I went back to kissing her.

Before I entered the Dining Hall for lunch I asked Cordelia to do me a favor and let her get inside ahead of me. I wanted to give Rhaine a warning that something bad was coming though I didn’t supply the details. As I made my entrance, I made sure that the spare key was with me. I retrieved my meal and joined my crew plus Cappy, Opal, and Brandi.

“Excuse me,” I shouted as I stood on my seat and waved my arms around. “Excuse me…” I waited for something akin to silence. “I found a brand new spare key to my room outside my door this morning.” There was some murmuring at this piece of news. “Apparently, every freshman has been issued one. So would each of you please check to see if yours is missing; I’ll return it. Thank you.”

The quiet discussions around the hall picked up as the implications of what I had said sunk in. Here was an opportunity for every freshman to get access to my room but also the implication that some of them had been left out. Before any student could make up their minds, Ms. Marlowe came storming up to me. I already knew her angle; it was what I would have done.

“You need Administration permission to make a copy of any campus key,” she stated. “Now give it to me,” she demanded.

“I can’t do that,” I countered. “I know you aren’t a freshman and only Chancellor Bass can assign a new one.”

“Do I need to call Coach Gorman over?” she threatened me.

“What is she going to do, beat me up some more? Christians don’t live in fear, Ms. Marlowe, they bleed for their beliefs,” I taunted her. Ms. Marlowe ground her fingers into her palms but at the same time, Christina appeared beside us and extended her hand, palm up.

“Give me the key, Zane,” Christina demanded. I didn’t hesitate for a second to hand it over.

“Here you go, Ms. Marlowe,” Christina stated. “Make sure you give it to whoever sent some girl to sneak into Zane’s room. I have no idea why anyone in authority would want to sneak a woman into a man’s room but I am sure they do.” Ms. Marlowe angrily grabbed the key.

“I hope this resolves the matter,” Christina continued, then, “Zane, you can sit down. I’ll deal with this matter.”

“Of course,” I responded. With a slight bow of the head I turned and resumed my seat.

“Boy, that was humiliating,” Rio joked.

“Yeah, I think I did pretty well this time around,” I agreed.

“No, dumbass, I was thinking how humiliating it is that you lied to the freshman class, telling them they all had keys to your room,” Rio pointed out.

“Oh, ye of little faith,” I grinned conspiratorially to Iona, who blushed and kept working on her phone.

“Oh, you two little bastards,” Rio growled playfully. “Come on, tell me!”

“It was all Zane’s idea,” Iona whispered. “I thought it was stupid at first, but now I think it is pure genius. He is not only going to change the lock on Saturday – he’s changing the whole door into a keypad locked steel door. Everyone has individual combinations for it, which can be blocked as needed.”

Rio stared at us for over a minute.

“You will – of course – give me that neat little ability; right?” she threatened. “I’ve got such great plans for my little playmates in Zane’s Xanadu.”

“Sisters to the end,” I told Rio, then we bumped fists. I opted to hug Iona instead.

Zoning Xanadu

It was ten until 7:00 and Rio and I were vaulting out of my car and speeding to the dorm when Coach Dana Gorman stepped out of the shadows to block our progress.

“Stop where you are and let’s keep this simple,” Dana announced.

“We’ll use small words so you can keep up,” Rio taunted the woman, but Dana merely smirked. Dana had zero respect for my friend.

“Let’s see your bags,” Dana ordered. On campus, civil rights did not apply.

“Jahwohl ein Gruppenfuhrer!” Rio gave the Nazi salute while I groaned.

“Cut it out, Rio,” I interjected before Dana could respond, “she’s only doing her job.”

“Yes, but her job is to drive a spike through my frontal lobe and cut off your nuts,” Rio retorted.

We still handed our book bags over, then spilled out the contents of my pockets (Rio had to spill her purse, small as it was). Dana found nothing, of course.

“I imagine we should search the car next, unless you care to tell me where you put the contents of your latest run,” Dana continued.

“I’ve already smuggled it onto campus, Coach,” I stated evenly. “This was more of an operation to draw your person on the inside out, and I’d say it worked very well.”

“Then we go search your room,” Dana grumbled. Rio snickered, which made the Coach growl at her.

“Seriously, if you were running an operation like this, would you store it at your base camp?” I asked Dana. She didn’t visually react but I could see I’d made my point. “You have been given bad intelligence by the Chancellor. You spent ten years in the Marine Corps, including two years in Marine Recon, while I’m an eighteen-year-old kid. Neither one of us believes I’m keeping one step ahead of you on my wits alone.”

“You have to get it right every time while I need to get lucky only once,” Gorman pointed out.

“Or you screw up one too many times and your skanky ass gets fired,” Rio sneered. “I’m sure you’d do gang-busters as a cross-walk guard or a corrections officer.”

“I don’t want to see you fired, Coach; the girls on the teams like you. You do a really good job and you care about this place. I know you think I don’t belong but that is really the only problem we share and I can live with that.”

“Take your crap and go,” Dana told us in a cold, even voice. As we did so and walked past, without turning to me she asked, “Where did you get the key?”

“Rhaine. The Chancellor gave it to her. She didn’t tell me but I know it was her,” I replied.

“How did you know it wasn’t me?” the Coach wondered.

“Dana, you are head of Security here; you would never risk distributing keys to my room. You are all about containing me and if Christina couldn’t keep me in check, I know you would have zip faith in Rhaine doing so. I respect you enough to know that,” I explained.

“Very well. But next time a key shows up, bring it to me,” she ordered.

“I can’t do that, Coach; we are at war and I owe it to my allies to win. I’m sure you can understand that,” I told her.

“We are not at war, Mr. Braxton. Don’t exaggerate the situation,” she shot back.

“The second you told Cappy it was okay to beat up Rio in the hallway, it has been war. It is not our fault your side has been too stupid to understand that,” I growled back.

The Coach didn’t respond but headed her way while Rio and I headed ours.

“Burning Bitch Flesh,” Rio gloated, “smells like victory!” As we stepped into the elevator she asked, “Did you really know it was war from that first day?”

“You and I, Rio, until the bitter end; I wasn’t going to leave you and I don’t give up gracefully, so beating them was my only other alternative,” I pledged.

“You and me – the bitter end,” she said softly, then gave me a hug. Then she punched me in the shoulder because she’s not the weepy, hug-you kind of girlie-girl,…not at all. When we stepped off the elevator, we spotted Barbie Lynn and Cappadocia standing watch over my door.

“Don’t be late to your own party,” Cappadocia joked. “Iona’s been frantic. She keeps calling but neither one of you answer.”

I pulled out my phone, only to discover it had been muted. I glared at Rio.

“That would be because I cut off the ringer on my phone,” then Rio looked to me, “and Zane’s.”

“Which reminds me, Cappy; could you manage to give Rio some private Karate lessons?” I inquired.

“Hey! Why can’t you teach me?” Rio grumbled.

“I’ve never taught a lesson in my life and I only have two years of experience,” I answered.

“Does Barbie-luscious have to take any? Iona?” Rio snapped.

“I took Karate my first three years; I’m just concentrating on Soccer this year is all,” Barbie informed Rio.

“Iona has already agreed to lessons,” I smirked back at Rio.

“I’m not going to do it,” Rio declared petulantly.

“I can’t wait for Iona to put her down,” Cappadocia told Barbie Lynn. “She’ll make me so proud.”

“Rio, you haven’t won a single fight since you came here; it doesn’t have to be Karate, or Cappadocia, but learn some way of defending yourself,” I pleaded. Rio glared at me.

“Fine, I’ll think about it, but I make no promises,” she muttered.

“I’ll count that as a partial victory; let’s go upstairs and see how crazy Iona has become,” I said.

As it turned out, Iona wasn’t too crazy, had everything in order, and blamed Rio for my delay – life was good. I also discovered there was a new term on campus; girls had been ‘zaned,’ and ‘to be zaned’ meant an upperclassman had given you some chore…like singing popular music, reciting poetry, or some other far more romantic/humorous task than previous years had put up with.

Freshmen were beginning to recognize hardcore traditionalists and would scurry to a friendly ‘neo-Handmaiden’ for a duty to avoid the oppressors. Things were getting to the stage where the freshmen began preparing tasks in advance to make them more appealing to the ‘good’ upperclassmen. They were posting sound tracks, dance tracks, literary and poetry readings, and some even acted like newspapers, doling out the daily news between classes.

In a way, we’d remade our world; the onerous burden meant to teach us humility had been transformed into a vehicle that united our class in common cause and presented ourselves as a gift to be sought after, not a lesson to be administered. The best part of this was the minimal role I’d played. What I’d done by accident, they had forged into a strategy.

Of course, that meant I gained a chorus of “Zane’s” when I reached the top of the stairs, along with a hug-tackle from Iona before things were explained. Even then, freshmen girls would come up and touch me, kiss me, or even hug me.

“My sister told me how miserable her first year was,” was a common refrain, “but this is turning out to be such fun.”

I was so important that Iona had to consult with me on what I was supposed to say; I divided the gathering into teams with dedicated tasks, such as pick-up, trash removal, and glass pane replacement. Cordelia and a dozen others (mostly non-freshmen) began working on the electrical systems, bringing them up to code, while a junior named Philadelphia, head of the Botany club, worked wonders on the hydro-works.

At eight-thirty, Christina and the Soccer Team showed up and we all began to woman-handle rolls of carpeting into the Solarium, roll it out, cut it to fit the dimensions of the room, and tack it down, carpet and padding both. At the end we had nearly two hundred students up on the roof, helping out and soaking up the accomplishment. I thanked each one as they left, holding only my closest friends behind.

Heaven was hanging surreptitiously around my bed but I had a special purpose for Hope and Chastity.

“Guys,” I whispered to them, “I need something from you but it is secret.” They clearly understood who I wanted them to keep the secret from so they thought it over for some time.

“Fine,” Chastity finally, grudgingly allowed, “you’ve not steered us wrong so far.”

“If you are messing with us, you know we will find a way to make you pay where it hurts,” Hope made clear.

“That’s fair. What I want you to do is keep the others occupied all of Saturday. That’s when I’m actually moving the furniture in and I think the Chancellor will be keeping a close eye on you five.”

“Why can’t we tell Christina?” Chastity questioned.

“I’m not sure Christina would appreciate the risks I’m taking,” I lied, “and I’m even more worried about Heaven in case I have trouble with Gorman.” They digested that, then nodded. For my part, I was straining the bonds of friendship because I had to secretly test loyalties.

With or Without Mercy

I had cleared out the place, kissed Barbie Lynn good night, and turned to deal with my last guest of the night when the rough part began.

“I have a little problem,” I told Heaven as she came into my arms and looked up at me, expecting a kiss.

“Yes,” she said cautiously.

“It seems Rio went a little…okay, a lot crazy this morning and invited a date up to my place,” I explained.

“I’ll kill her,” Heaven growled.

“Rio or her date?” I wondered.

“You are right; I’ll kill both of them,” she frowned in thought.

“Okay, our worst choice – for me – is that you go home,” I suggested. Heaven didn’t like it but was kind enough to note I declared this was the worse choice.

“I could tell Rio to go away,” I went on, “or we could settle in and let Rio and her date have the floor and the extra sleeping bags we purchased earlier today.”

“What? I don’t have to share you…again?” she grumbled.

“No. I figured that if either of them wanted a piece of me after we were done, they’d be playing with a comatose body,” I told her, which slowly drove disappointment and anger from her face and replaced it with a smile.

“Fine. So who is Rio with?” Heaven finally asked, in a way accepting the situation.

“Mercy Chaplain,” I answered. Heaven’s eyes grew wide.

“Mercy…Rhaine’s kick-ass girl Mercy?” Heaven boggled.

“The very same. Long story, but apparently Mercy likes…diligent, urgent, and violent attention,” I answered. “There is one problem, though.”

“Just one? What is that?” Heaven questioned.

“I had to buy Rio some toys,” I confessed. Heaven looked for further explanation. “A strap-on or two, four dildos, two vibrators, a butt pug, and five scented oils.”

“One or two strap-ons…don’t you know how many you brought?” Heaven asked dubiously.

Sigh. “She has a ‘whoa’ strap-on and an ‘OMG’ one,” I told her cautiously.

“Zane,” Heaven sounded exasperated, “what inspired you to this bit of madness? Rio is a complete nutjob.” Pointing out that Heaven was pretty insane too didn’t seem wise.

“She’s my friend, and I figured it was better to help her get some stuff she was comfortable using, as opposed to using whatever junk she could find,” I reasoned.

“Hmmm…I hate to admit it but I think you have something there,” Heaven sighed.

“So, can she and Mercy stay the night?” I managed to say after a minute.

“You know what I’m risking; right, Zane?” Heaven urgently warned me.

“You are who matters, Heaven. I’ll tell Rio to figure out another night,” I grinned. I reached for my phone but Heaven covered my hand.

“She’s your best friend,” Heaven stated, “like Christina and I. I won’t get between the two of you. And you’ve always stood by me so if I stay under the covers, we should be good.”

“I note you didn’t offer to go home yourself,” I pointed out softly. Heaven huffed and sighed.

“Damn it, I’m horny. I’ve been imagining touching, tasting, and looking at your body all day long,” she related, tapping my chest for emphasis.

The resultant kissing led to me stripping Heaven’s clothes off with exaggerated care and occasionally batting her hands aside as she tried to assist or take off mine. She trembled with excitement as I planted my lips on her neck, breasts, stomach, and hips. Right as I got her to kick the skirt aside, there was a knock at the door.

“Get underneath the covers,” I told her. I noticed her skip over to her book bag before she hurried to obey. Shoes hit the dresser as I headed down the stairs.

“Look what I found,” Rio gloated, as she pushed Mercy ahead of her. Mercy looked somewhat traumatized; probably still grappling with where she was and what brought her here.

SLAP! Mercy yelped and jumped into me.

“Up the stairs, my slut,” goaded Rio. The three of us proceeded to the Solarium, Mercy, Rio, and me pulling up the rear after putting my ‘back stop’ in place. No one would be barging in on us.

We gathered around the landing with Rio getting ready to push Mercy toward my bed and the sleeping bags rolled out on the floor.

“Rio,” I cautioned, “you know what not to do; right?” We had discussed that Mercy’s virginity was a no-go, period. I didn’t care if she begged to have her pussy fucked. If Rio didn’t like my rules, she could take Mercy to her own dorm room.

Mercy didn’t see Heaven until Rio pushed her to the foot of my bed. She looked forward, her eyes met Heaven’s, and Mercy’s eyes bugged out.

“What! Not her! Please!” begged Mercy. Rio grabbed a handful of Mercy’s hair as she pressed her body hard against Mercy’s back.

“No, Bitch!” Rio growled. “We are all going to fuck your ass tonight, and if you backtalk again, I’m going to spank you so hard you’ll think your ass is on fire. Hell, I’ll probably do that anyway.” Rio hauled off and gave one crackling swat to Mercy’s ass to drive the point home. “Now, who is in charge?”

Mercy’s whole body vibrated in anticipation. While there was definitely an element of fear, the lustful needs of her body and psyche were overwhelming for her. That kind of hunger was scary, actually.

“You are…Rio,” Mercy whispered.

“What am I going to do to you?” Rio continued.

“I don-…” yank, “ah…anything…anything you want, Rio,” she gasped in pleasure/pain.

“Good Girl,” Rio purred into Mercy’s ear. “Now strip; I want to stick two fingers deep inside you to see what a fucking slut you are.” Rio walked behind my wardrobe to retrieve the secreted goodies Opal had snuck in earlier.

While she was busy, I stripped quickly and joined Heaven underneath the sheets. Heaven had her knees up, a pillow in her lap, her arms wrapped around her knees, and her head resting on her arms. As I sidled in next to her and wrapped my arm around her, Heaven rested a hand on my crotch.

“Am I hearing what I think I’m hearing?” she whispered, then I nodded. “I don’t get it. Mercy can easily take Rio; she’s a first team Karate and Rio’s…Rio.”

“Sometimes what you have leaves you empty and what you want sets you on fire,” I explained. “Now let’s sit back and enjoy the beauty of Mercy stripping down.”

That was intentionally loud enough for Mercy to hear. She froze up but couldn’t meet our gaze, then when she finally started undressing again, Rio came back around with her black bag of toys and her bundle of clothes…Rio was naked. Rio stalked right up to Mercy and spanked her hard yet again: SLAP!

“OW!” Mercy choked back a sob. Even Heaven shivered, and she was a past master of the slap.

“Why aren’t you naked?” Rio snapped with barely contained rage.

“I…they were watching and…I…I was afraid,” Mercy stammered fearfully.

“Feet apart, hands on the bed,” Rio seethed, but when Mercy (near tears) leaned forward with Rio at her rear, my friend gave Heaven and I a wink. Heaven nearly lost it. “Damn it, you are one useless piece of tail,” Rio grumbled. “I don’t know why I even let you come here today. Zane, is it too late to get Brandi to come here instead?”

Mercy looked stunned, then ready to burst forth with the tears.

“I’m sorry, Rio, but Brandi said she had a ton of Bible Study to catch up on,” I shrugged. “Heaven, who was that freshman on the first level that was hitting on Rio Friday?”

“I think her name was Naomi,” Heaven guessed, getting into our little production.

“I’ll behave,” Mercy desperately told Rio, looking over her shoulder to her mistress.

“One more chance, you whore; now finish stripping, then resume the position,” Rio demanded. Mercy was up in a flash, quickly pushing her skirt and socks down, shedding her shoes, and finishing up with her bra and panties. She was leaning over my bed looking down.

“Head up,” Rio demanded, once more pulling on Mercy’s hair. When the head came up, “Lock eyes with Heaven. If you break that gaze, I’ll make you go around without panties tomorrow, and I’m going to detail ten freshmen to pinch your naked ass before lunch.” Rio proceeded to kneel down behind Mercy and start working over her pussy in an interesting teasing/aggressive pattern that Mercy really enjoyed.

It didn’t take Mercy thirty seconds to break eye contact, her lids closing in intense pleasure. When it hit her what she’d done, she gave Heaven a fearful, pleading look. Now Heaven could be a real bitch, as I could attest, and I could see her making decisions based on her own experiences, wants, and desires at that moment.

“Rio, if Mercy keeps eye contact with me, can I get a taste?” Heaven asked. Rio flexed her legs up enough so she could look at Heaven over Mercy’s back.

“She’s my whore, but if she’d good, I guess she deserves a performance bonus,” Rio allowed. I responded to Heaven’s actions by shifting my pillow behind her, then pushing her back and diving onto her left nipple.

Mercy mouthed a quick ‘thank you’. Rio suddenly started giggling.

“God damn, Heaven, the very thought of being passed around like a Popsicle at a blowjob workshop makes my little girl wet as hell.” Mercy flushed with shame.

“Rio, you struck gold,” I commented between stimulating tickles of Heaven’s breast. “Women who are as responsive as Heaven is, and Mercy might be, are treasures.”

Mercy looked surprised and Heaven breathed heavily in response to my little bit of bedroom prose. Mercy immediately bucked up as Rio added a finger to go along with her tongue wiggling between Mercy’s labia. Her finger coaxed her clit and dipped into the top of her vagina as far as it could go.

“Zane…” Heaven began. I continued to push her onto her back and slipped between her legs. Heaven’s eyes lit up as I moved one hand between us and grabbed hold of her cock and began stroking it. She responded by reaching between us and stroking mine. It didn’t take us a minute for our grips to be switching back and forth, and sometimes working on the same cock, but always in tandem.

At the foot of the bed Mercy’s growls became louder and louder until she screamed “RIO!” violently. That really got to Heaven, who picked up her pace, her eyes closed and her legs up so high her calves were resting above my hips. Her eyes flew open and that gaze pierced me and held me in place as she humped me harder, as her strokes became more erratic.

“Zane,” she whispered, followed a second by, “Oh, FUCK!” and her body pounded up against mine, ropes of semen splashing between us. We kept close…if now sticky…contact for some time.

“Oh, Christ,” she whispered into my ear as we panted face to face. “Does it keep getting better and better?”

“We’ll see,” I grinned, then started kissing my way down her body. Initially she was totally engrossed in my progress but when I moved between her breasts and licked up some of her seed, Heaven tensed up.

“Zane? Zane…Zzzzaaaannnneeee,” she ended up purring. I didn’t actually give her a blowjob – she didn’t ask for one but I did clean her up, taking her creamy, slightly chalky seed away with my tongue.

When I looked up, Heaven pulled me up and flipped me over so she could return the favor on me, cleaning up her semen off my torso. From there, she descended on my cock and began to suck me off with gusto. Her tongue made crescent licks along the base of my cockhead, then used suction down my shaft until she began pulling her lips along my ball sack.

“Someone has been…reading,” I moaned.

“Someone’s shaved down here,” she giggled back between slurps.

SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” Mercy groaned, then whimpered when Rio disappeared behind her.

“Eyes forward!” Rio barked. I had become lost in Heaven’s…heavenly blowjob but the look Rio shot my way, eyes on fire and eyebrows shooting up with glee, brought me back to earth. Rio settled a hand on Mercy’s hip and pushed gently forward, her hand holding something against Mercy’s ass crack. I did notice that one of her hands held a tube of lubricant but Mercy couldn’t see that. Instead, Mercy’s eyes grew wide when Rio thrust forward.

“Rio,” Mercy said with trembling lips, “are you…” then there was silence.

“I’ll pop your cherry whenever I want to, you cow. I don’t give a crap about your precious virginity but I do care about making you scream,” Rio taunted her, trying to sound stern and not to snicker, ruining the moment.

“What are you going to do…with that…” she requested in a frightened whisper.

“I’m going to fuck your ass, Mercy. Then I’m going to let Zane fuck your ass, and then I’m going to take you to Church on Sunday and find a guy or three to fuck your ass as well,” Rio growled, but her eyes portrayed intense amusement. “You are my whore and I’m going to use you like one, Mercy; do you understand?”

“Yes, Rio,” she whimpered, but there was an undercurrent of desire as well.

“Can I have a go at her too?” Heaven asked eagerly. Rio looked surprised but nodded.

“Oh, definitely, Heaven,” Rio shrugged playfully, “I want to wear this slut out,” then, “Heaven, can I borrow Zane for a bit? I need him to gape her open. I need to use her mouth for stress relief.”

“Mmmm…slurp…mmmm…slurp…I don’t know. I’m enjoying what I’m tasting,” Heaven grinned.

“Wait. Have Mercy come up here, lie on her back pointed to the foot of the bed,” I suggested. “You can straddle her face, I can lube her up, and Heaven can keep working on me.”

“Get to it!” Rio said with a ‘Slap’ to Mercy’s thigh. Mercy scrambled to do as I instructed, though I had to take some care to ensure Heaven had a pillow once more in her lap until she rolled over onto her stomach. Rio handed off the lube and soon we had Mercy’s legs pulled back to the point that Rio held them to her ankles as she lowered her glistening pussy onto Mercy’s waiting mouth.

Heaven’s head was between me and Mercy; she was taking turns sucking me off and ravaging Mercy’s cunt. I rested an arm beneath Heaven’s chin and lubed up three fingers. I teased the crease of her ass, brushing her anus several times. At the last two contacts, her anus contracted and pulsed beneath my fingers, letting me easily circle it and finally sink a fingertip on the opening.

“Aaahhh…” Mercy moaned wantonly.

“Relax, Mercy,” Rio cautioned her mount. “Relax and take it, my little Fuck Bunny.” Mercy’s chest raised sharply, breasts jiggling like mountains about to unleash an avalanche, and exhaled into Rio’s love box; Rio shivered in pleasure.

Sure enough, Mercy’s butthole relaxed and my finger slipped down to the first digit. The muscles squeezed down to slow my progress but when I wiggled and curled it, she flexed, then relaxed once more. I sank my finger farther and farther in until my fist parted her cheeks down to the bone. I let it settle there a moment, giving time for her to adjust, then began slowly strumming it in and out.

I barely touched my second finger to her anus when Mercy screamed into Rio’s muff and ejaculated fluids into Heaven’s mouth. Heaven took everything Mercy had to offer and drove in with her tongue to harvest even more of her juices. Rio drove her pussy all over Mercy’s lips and nose as her own orgasm approached, and Mercy’s climax kept coming and coming like some building tidal wave.

Mercy gave one last spasm and flopped down, unresponsive and struggling for breath. Rio was coming down from her own excitement but eager for more. She twisted off Mercy’s cum-covered lips and knelt down beside Mercy’s dream-touched face. For a moment, Heaven and I saw a look of real compassion on the Wild One’s countenance.

“Zane, keep up your work; Heaven, tear up that pussy, and I’ll wake her up with my tongue and fingers,” Rio demanded. She swooped down on Mercy’s lips and began kissing and licking all over her face while tweaking Mercy’s nipples with her free hand. Heaven and I kept up our attentions where we were.

“Aaahhh…Rio,” Mercy pleaded weakly when she came around, “it hurts…I’m sore.”

“Oh, shut it; I brought you here to be used and abused, so take it, you little cunt,” Rio cooed to her. Rio added a strange counterpoint to her words as she slapped one of Mercy’s breasts, causing her to yelp and jolt.

Mercy’s ass kept contracting and relaxing, making my penetration with my two fingers a bit of an exercise in rhythm-nastic gymnastics, but her gyrations were worth it. My third finger opened her up with a squeal of pain and a sharp push against my penetration, driving me even further in.

“Mmmm…Zane, I can feel you with my tongue. Her pussy is going nuts,” Heaven noted playfully.

Mercy was whimpering and moaning, one hand clenching the sheets while the other one had reached out to Rio’s hair, stroking it gently. Rio was kissing her neck, shoulders, chest, and breasts with speed and tenderness that forged a bond between mistress and the subject of her attentions.

“She’s as ready as she’s going to be,” I informed Rio after several minutes as I finally was able to twist three fingers around her distended rectum without a reflexive contraction from the pain.

“Okay, Mercy,” Rio said, as she poised her eyes right over Mercy’s, speaking gingerly, “I’m going to tear your ass up now.”

“I want you to scream, to cry, to beg, and I know none of it will matter because I’m going to break you in as my bitch,” Rio told her, and while her words were terrifying, her voice was passionate and loving.

“Rio…I…please,” Mercy pleaded.

“What did I say I’d do to whiny little sluts?” Rio reminded Mercy with deceptive calm.

“Rio, I’m sorry. I’ll be good, I promise!” Mercy begged. Rio got up on her knees and picked up the strap-on she’d rested just out of Mercy’s sight when they got on the bed. Now she affixed it to her crotch and let the purple cock bob right over Mercy’s lips.

“Roll your head to the side, Mercy, and suck on it like the good stripper-whore you are. If you do a great job, I’ll stuff a ten dollar bill up your cunt,” Rio directed. She didn’t have to repeat herself; Mercy popped the top inch inside her mouth in one move. It was glaringly obvious to all of us that she’d never given ‘head’ before.

A minute into the process Rio pulled away, the dildo popping out of Mercy’s mouth.

“I would say you were bad but you’re more like pathetic,” Rio degraded Mercy. “Zane, I may have to hire you to throat-train this sorry sack of shit; I’d be ashamed to give Mercy to someone I hated, much less someone I liked.”

“Don’t you dare turn your head away,” Rio snapped as Mercy tried to hide her tears by burying her head in the folds of the quilt.

“Her ass looks a thousand times better,” I offered.

“And this pussy is one of the sweetest I’ve ever had,” Heaven lauded. “I’d love to take her off your hands and share her with a few of my friends.” That was awful nice of Heaven.

“Hmmm…in that case, maybe I’ll give my Fuck Toy another chance,” Rio mused. “Do you think I should give you another chance, Mercy? Can you beg me for another chance?”

“Please, Rio, give me another chance,” Mercy parroted.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you up your ass,” Rio sneered.

“I beg you, take my ass,” Mercy tried not to sound too eager.

“I want you to beg all of us to fuck you up your ass until your tears dry up, you brazen tramp,” Rio pressed on. Mercy looked to Heaven and I even before the words ‘brazen tramp’ came out of Rio’s mouth.

“Please, Zane and Heaven, fuck me – fuck me until I cannot stand – rip me up; break me,” she exulted. Heaven looked to me with a ‘what the fuck’ look stamped on her face. I shrugged.

“Who goes first?” I smiled at Rio.

“That would be me, of course; my slut, so I get all her holes first!” Rio declared.

“Mercy, assume the position – knees and elbows; Heaven, give her a pillow. I don’t want to be annoyed by her baby-girl moaning and crying,” Rio directed. I tossed Mercy a pillow instead of having Heaven risk it. In seconds, Mercy was on her knees and elbows, ass towards us and face in a pillow. Rio settled in behind her, a maniacal explosion of excitement on her face she shared with me.

Rio lunged forward and drove a full inch of her artificial cock into Mercy’s asshole.

“AH!” Mercy screamed. Her whole body shook and her sobs weren’t totally buried by her face pressing into the pillow.

“Come on, now,” Rio coaxed her. “Push back against me. I’m not going to fuck you because I want you to fuck yourself. Now push back, damn it!”

Nothing, then a SLAP, and Mercy’s body jumped from the impact. She did start backing into Rio, though.

“Faster, damn it,” Rio growled. “Impale yourself – you know you want to,” and sure enough, Mercy kept trembling but she pushed back harder and harder. I knew it had to hurt like hell but she had been stretched well by me and this was Rio’s smaller strap-on.

“Wow,” Rio said softly to Mercy as she leaned over her back, “you shoved that up your tight little ass, you slut.” Mercy moaned. “That was…awesome. I’ve never met an ass as hungry as yours and I’ve known a few professional whores in my time. Now tell me, ‘I’m a great ass-slut and I want the world to know’,” Rio teased.

“I’m a great ass-slut and I want the world to know it,” she gasped.

“I need to make you prove it,” Rio mused as she established a smooth rhythm with Mercy.

“You could advertise her services?” Heaven suggested.

“Good idea!” Rio agreed. “We could take photos and make a video or two.”

“No, please,” replied Mercy in a panicked voice. “My parents would die if they ever found out.”

“Mercy, I’m going to create of a whole gallery of you taking it up the ass, post it on the internet, and e-mail your Dad the link,” Rio threatened. Mercy began crying. Rio pushed Mercy forward until her hips were almost on the bed, then pulled her, and the strap-on, back until it was almost out.

“Impress me, Mercy, and your Dad may not get a Christmas present to remember,” she offered. Mercy stifled a few more sobs, then pushed back up against Rio and her cock. “Fuck, that feels good,” Rio exhaled. “How about this, Mercy: I’m going to take a few select pictures of your tits and ass and then send them to your Father anonymously so you know what he’s beating off to but he won’t it is his little girl. Deal?”

Mercy didn’t respond verbally but she did keep fucking her ass on all of Rio’s eight inches. I detected a certain increase in enthusiasm. I could tack on exhibitionism to the list of Mercy’s intriguing quirks. Quickly, Rio began alternating spankings from cheek to cheek as Mercy slammed herself back.

“I see your point,” Heaven joked as I moved over her. “I can think of a few people I’d like to send a Christmas card to with a picture of her rear end on it.”

“Let me think about it,” Rio pondered. “Mercy, how would you like to be the most popular slut on campus – the one all the girls want a piece of?”

“How would you like to be the one all those other members of the Karate team are thinking about when they are rubbing their nipples and their clits in the shower, the one whose name they wished they could call out when they orgasm if only they knew who you were? Could you be that kind of whore for me?” Rio inquired.

“Yes,” Mercy whispered. When Rio pounded Mercy’s ass painfully hard, Mercy began chanting, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Heaven looked over her shoulder at me with a ‘whoa’ expression, then pushed forward, pillow covering her midsection, and grabbed hold of Rio’s hip. Rio looked over her shoulder speculatively; Heaven grinned up at her, then kissed the small of Rio’s back.

With her free hand, Heaven parted Rio’s butt cheeks and began darting her tongue lower and lower. I rubbed Heaven’s back down to the point I was rubbing against her anal ring.

“Later, Zane,” Heaven scolded me in a highly pleasurable way. We had all night.

“Whoa, Heaven,” Rio gasped, “I take back all that wicked stuff I ever said about you,” as Heaven’s tongue darted over Rio’s puckered hole.

“I’m doing this because of all the bull you said about me,” Heaven teased.

“Then I take it all back, but only so I can do it all over again,” Rio responded with bated breath.

“Mmmm…I think someone is an anal virgin,” Heaven teased right back. Rio laughed at the absurdity.

“I’ll give you mine if you give me yours,” Rio suggested. Whoops.

“I am Zane’s now,” Heaven replied without hesitation, “so if he wants to share me, I’ll lie down next to Mercy right now.” Rio looked to me somewhat hopefully.

“Not right now, Rio; Heaven is the best piece of ass I’ve ever had so I’m not ready to share, but when we get there, you will know why I was greedy,” I evaded.

“I think you are in love with that tight little ass squeezing that big cock of yours,” Rio laughed. “How about you take my place and let me and Heaven figure out who gets on top?”

“How about you give Heaven the strap-on, and you and I FINALLY get a little personal time?” I offered, which I hoped was the best of both worlds. I could tell Heaven’s cock was raging hard at the thought of Mercy’s inviting butt and that Rio and I had some unresolved sexual tension.

“Heaven,” Rio questioned, “are you okay with this? I know this is your date night.”

“Return him in a usable form and I won’t mind…too much,” Heaven reminded. No one asked Mercy what she wanted but I had a strong feeling she wanted it that way. For Rio’s sake, I was glad she didn’t just shove Mercy forward and pop her cock out painfully.

“I’ll get a few washcloths,” I offered. Rio slipped to the edge of the bed and took off the strap on while occasionally petting Mercy’s back, ass, and thighs. Heaven scooted behind her as well and began rubbing Mercy’s cunt and penetrating a single finger into her anus, keeping the submissive sophomore on a razor’s edge.

Iona had cached a freezer bag full of wet cloths for me so I was able to help us all clean up. I quickly took Rio to the foot of the bed and pulled her down to a mutual kneeling position.

“You know this doesn’t change anything,” Rio whispered to me. “You are still Iona’s bitch.”

“Okay,” I whispered in return. I read her emotions by looking into her eyes before lowering my mouth to her left breast. I brought my lips together to pinch her erect nipple, her sloped breasts jiggling as I teased it.

“Ooohhh…you are being gentle, you bastard,” she moaned. She noticed Mercy looking at her wide-eyed.

“This is how you make love,” Rio panted to Mercy. “All you are good for is fucking.” I gave her some deep suction, absorbing much of her tit into my mouth. “If you are really, really good, I’ll show you how this is done someday.” I didn’t waste time talking; I let Rio’s body soak up my attention, drifting to the right breast while slithering a hand around her small but firm and finely proportioned ass to her pussy from behind.

“Damn you,” Rio choked softly. She began thrusting her body against me, lowering her head to the top of my head, kissing it, and rolling her fingers through my hair.

“Ugh,” Mercy groaned as Heaven steadily pushed her cock into her ass. Heaven had hidden the strap on somewhere and was taking her second woman in a week.

I had little doubt she was experiencing erotic bliss while Mercy had no real clue that the hot piece of meat in her ass wasn’t some different technique with the dildo. She’d learn in time, but we would cross that bridge when we came to it, and right now Mercy was grinding into Heaven’s pelvis while smiling with lustful fulfillment.

I hooked one of Rio’s legs, placing it around my side, then did the same with the other, letting me press her down to the ground. I worked up her body until we were face to face once more and my cock rested on her thigh, right below her exceedingly wet pussy.

“Are you going to fuck me?” she asked with a foxy grin on her lips.

“No,” I replied. “I’m not going to blow this chance to feel up every inch of you.”

“Fuck me, damn it,” she growled playfully. I let my weight settle on her body and allowed my hands free range over her body. “Zane,” Rio called to me softly, her eyes wide, “fucking use me.” I shook my head, managing to take one nipple between my fingers, and started to torture it.

“Fuck me,” she insisted vigorously, “fuck my ass, let me blow you, but use that magnificent cock on me. Don’t just leave it there; it is fucking torture.” The hornier Rio got, the more limited her vocabulary became.

“Uh-uh,” I shook my head, “you don’t get off that easy. I want you to wear me out.”

“Use…uh…that tongue…yeah…on her…Zane,” Heaven suggested to me as her thighs slapped loudly against Mercy’s ass.

“Heaven…Rio…oh…God…damn…harder, Heaven…yes…HEAVENNNNN!!!” Mercy went off. Mercy slumped forward, but Heaven clearly wasn’t done yet and the slap, slap, slap of flesh continued rapidly.

“Can I pick the bitches, or what?” Rio sighed to me.

“I trust you, Rio,” I responded. There was a moment where we figured out what we really wanted to say. She pushed her head up to kiss me and my response pressed our embrace back down to the sleeping bag. Rio drew her legs outside mine and writhed her body so that my cockhead rested against her pussy lips.

“You realize when I get out of here,” Rio panted, “I’m going to hunt Iona down and lick her into unconsciousness.”

“She couldn’t ask for a better lover,” I stated serenely, which only made Rio give an even throatier growl and look to the glass ceiling.

“Oh, God…take it…take it…take it, Mercy, you bitch! OH, GOD! You bitch,” Heaven went off. “Yeah…ugh…take it…oh, yeah…urgh…bitch…mmmm,” followed as Heaven pumped load after load of cum into Mercy’s bowels.

“Christ Almighty,” Mercy howled. “That feels…fantastic.” She had received her first ever anal injection of semen searing its way into her and she apparently loved it.

“Zane,” Rio embraced a different approach, “let me stay at your house this weekend.”

“Sure,” I agreed. “I’d love to have someone to hang out with and share my Saturday night addictions on the sofa.”

“Damn, Mercy, clearly spanking you isn’t good enough because Heaven has found your sweet spot without it,” Rio told her ‘toy’. “Zane, it is a date,” she replied to me. “Now get up there and spank my bitch until she cries.”

I gave Rio one more long kiss, which was both very sweet and allowed Heaven to retreat behind the covers without anyone being wiser. I stood up, brushed Mercy’s hair away from her face, and got her attention.

“Mercy, are you okay with this?” I asked with the deep sympathy I felt for her.

“If you tell him ‘No’, I’m going to stick a butt plug up your ass and make you walk around with it all day long,” Rio threatened.

“Please fuck me,” Mercy blurted out, “take my ass. I need it.” I moved around to her side, went on my knees, before knee-stepping between her legs and lined up with her anus.

I could see Heaven’s cum seeping out and starting to drool down over her cunt and starting to drip to her thighs. Heaven must have blown a huge load up there and I really had to get off myself to cover the situation. I was thicker than Rio’s strap-on or Heaven, so I was afraid I might hurt Mercy, but I shouldn’t have bothered worrying.

No sooner had I pushed my bulbous cockhead through her abused anal ring and she ridden through the slight pain, Mercy pushed against me with great determination and drive.

“Oh, God, Yes,” she gasped.

“Heaven gets to have that two or three times a week,” Rio taunted Mercy as she settled in deceptively beside Heaven.

I had the twin duty of keeping an eye on Rio, behind me and to my right, who was nestled with Heaven and yet stay attuned to Mercy who lasted all of fifteen seconds before her first orgasm hit her like a seizure.

“ZANE!!!” she screamed…there goes my name again. I wonder if Leigh is having a sympathetic orgasmic vibe because of this.

Heaven wiggled her butt and Rio nudged her.

“I never thought I’d feel this way but I love the way he works that inside me,” Heaven sighed.

“I love the feel of it deep inside as he holds me tight and works it in and out.” Rio spoke with her lips on Heaven’s neck and a hand on her left breast.

I admit, I used Mercy harder than I would have liked, thrusting deeper and more violently into her rectum than either woman had done before. Mercy was sobbing and chocking with each stab and I could feel her body cascading toward one more orgasm. I reached forward, grabbed her shoulders, and pulled her up. When her arms swung loose, I worked my hands down her arms until I wrapped my hands and wrists around hers.

My stabs took on a new brutality as I pounded her and pulled her up. When I had her high enough, Mercy was struggling for each breath and I felt positioned well enough to free up my left hand to grab hold of her breast. The tit was the right mix of soft yet firm and her nipple was already rubbed raw by her long torture, brought on by lying chest down on my bed’s quilt while being fucked hard.

“Zane…I can’t take it…anymore…Jesus Christ…I’m going to cum…Aaaaahhhhhh,” she pleaded. I pulled her hard to me one last time, then thrust up with my hips with such force, I propelled her knees off the bed. She screamed, I cried out, and we both came. I let go of her wrist and tightly wrapped both arms around her, right below her breasts.

I kept thrusting and she kept crying and sobbing, but it was an oddly joyous sound. We were covered in sweat and grinding together in slower and slower gentle cycles.

“Rio…Zane…was I good…” she rasped, “…good enough?” This was Rio’s game so I held my tongue.

“What makes you think you are done?” Rio commented. “Clean Zane up.”

“What…huh?” Mercy stuttered. “What do you mean?”

“I mean give him a blowjob,” Rio snapped.

“But…he’s…I…it was in my ass,” she whimpered.

“It is called Ass-to-Mouth, Slut,” Rio explained. “Now get sucking.” In desperation, Mercy sent me a pleading look. I gave her a wink but used a stern voice.

“On your stomach, Mercy. You have to do this so let’s get it over with, and if you use your teeth, Rio’s going to slap your tits until they glow bright red,” I promised.

I slipped off the bed, onto my knees, stealing a wet cloth from the bag and moving rapidly around to the foot of the bed. Mercy collapsed forward, still uncertain until she saw me vigorously cleaning my cock to the point she nodded in satisfaction. I then edged my semi-flaccid rod to her lips and let her have a taste.

When she realized it didn’t taste horrible, she began licking it and kissing my penis head. I would have been more supportive and attentive if I hadn’t noticed Rio, Heaven, and the look of bafflement on Heaven’s face. Rio was still nursing on Heaven’s nipple, but while Heaven had been distracted by the interchange between Mercy and I, Rio had snuck a hand beneath the covers.

My attempt to figure out how to play this out was short-circuited by Rio tucking herself up near the head of the bed, then slipping under the covers. She returned to her previous place snuggled beside Heaven and latched onto her nipple. She also began to rummage Heaven beneath the sheets, riling my tranny lover like few other things could.

“Give me that little kitty,” Rio teased Heaven as she shifted so that she was between her legs and working her body down Heaven’s. I had to gulp down a shout as Mercy scrapped her teeth against my super-sensitive and rebounding head. Rio’s kisses brought her to Heaven’s waist level. With one hand Rio kept the covers up, and with the other, she spread Heaven’s legs wider.

“Mmmm…that looks delicious,” Rio continued to confuse Heaven. She pressed Heaven’s legs still wider apart and down to the mattress, then used her lips and tongue to trap Heaven’s cock and start to suck on it. “I bet Zane loves this cunt,” she slurped. With one determined effort, I saw Rio raise her head, then pump down until she pressed her nose against Heaven’s pubic hair.

Heaven groaned in lust and collapsed against the pillows at the head of the bed. Rio was working Heaven’s cock over with what I had to imagine was expert tongue work and throat contractions. A tiny part of me wished I could turn Mercy around so she could see how a blowjob was supposed to work but that wasn’t happening – no way, no how.

“Mmmm, Heaven, I’m going to have to steal you away from Zane once in a while,” Rio slurped and moaned. “This is one of the tastiest snatches I’ve ever put my lips to. Do you like my lips and tongue?”

“Ummm…yeah, it’s great,” Heaven managed a response. Rio bobbed a few more times, then Heaven asked, “Is your tight ass part of that deal?”

Rio decided actions were better than words so, keeping the sheets covering them both, she crawled up Heaven’s body until she was over her, tits in Heaven’s face. Rio reached between them and undoubtedly spent several seconds rubbing Heaven’s cock along her moist labia until she slowly inserted that penis down to the point their crotches ground against one another.

Heaven looked like she was about to lose it right there and then. Rio grabbed Heaven’s head and rubbed her mouth over her boobs.

“Does that answer all your questions?” Rio said in hushed tones.

“Yeah…yes,” Heaven gasped. Rio dismounted and slid back down Heaven, leaving the transsexual deeply conflicted – pussy or blowjob?

I turned my focus back to Mercy, who seemed desperate for some feedback from me and I had been neglecting her.

This is my second installment towards the goal of getting a conclusion to the great series started by BobbyT years ago. He said “To be continued ………if you want more.” We clearly did yet many years later he has not! If you haven’t read his 3 chapters and my version of Chapter 4 I suggest you start there. If you don’t like huge cocks that cum in gushers and last forever, skip this one. If you read on, thanks just don’t complain about it when you are finished. This chapter involves incest, lesbian sex, three-somes and four-somes. I tried to remain true to the story line began by BobbyT.


The game went great. Actually it went better than great! Kim was giving me some very sensuous looks and I needed to do something to keep my boner from growing. So I really threw myself into playing hard, really hard so I didn’t get hard. I already had scored two touchdowns by the end of the first quarter – my first in six games – and then coach asked me to play both ways due to injury to our star defensive back. I finished the game with five offensive TDs, two interceptions – one returned for another touchdown – and one forced fumble which I recovered and ran back for another score. Coach named me the offensive AND defensive player of the game!

Our coach wanted to talk to me after the game so the rest of the team had all ready showered and left when he was finished. He told me he was amazed at my play since my practices hadn’t been all that great. I told him I had a lot on my mind but that I had really tried to focus on the game. I took a quick shower and hurried home to see my mom and aunt.

Mom’s sister hadn’t come to visit since I was a kid. Mom had traveled alone to visit her, leaving me with my grandparents. Needless to say, I was not prepared for the vision that I beheld upon entering our house fifteen minutes later. My mom looked ravishing in her tight jeans and even tighter blouse. Her boobs looked awesome, unfettered by a bra, and I could see her soft nipples through the material.

Aunt Jennifer was just like my mom, except she has the bigger ‘store bought’ boobs. And brother, on her small frame those fake boobs looked HUGE! Her jeans weren’t tight on her legs but her ass was definitely being held captive. Jenny wore a shear black blouse with a lacy half-bra caressing her jumbo titties.

“Tommy!” Aunt Jenny shouted with glee as she saw me. Hopping to her feet she ran to me to give me a hug. I was mesmerized by her bouncing boobs as she ran, and felt my cock begin to stir in my shorts. Shit! My aunt hugged me tightly, her boobs pressed into my lower abdomen – like my mom she’s only about 4’11″ tall.

“Aunt Jenny, give me a proper hug.” I said as I easily lifted her up and hugged her with our heads face to face. Giggling and kicking her feet, she gave me a quick kiss on the lips before telling me to put her back down. I held her body to me as I lowered her, enjoying the feel of her big boobs rubbing my torso as she went lower. “That was MUCH better,” I said as I released her.

My mom told me they had listened to the game on the radio as they caught up on each others life and she was quite proud of her football hero. I just blushed at which point they both really started giving me the raspberries. Trying to hide my actions, my hand moved to my crotch to adjust my growing member to a more comfortable position. We talked for another hour before my mom whispered in my ear, “Why don’t you go on up to bed, and I’ll wake you later to relieve some of that pressure I see in your shorts, okay baby?” I gently nodded my agreement before saying I was going to go to bed. As I left the room I stopped and gave mom a quick kiss goodnight and then picked up my aunt and gave her a hug goodnight and a kiss on the cheek.

True to her word, my door softly opened about 90 minutes later and mom slid onto my bed, sucking my cock to awaken me. I was rock hard when I became cognizant of her mouth on my cock. Realizing I was awake, mom wasted no time as she climbed onto me and impaled herself on my granite hard shaft, her tiny body shuddering as she worked at getting my huge shaft into her tight hole. She moaned as she reached the bottom and slowly started fucking my cock. My hands had moved to her tight ass and I was kneading her butt cheeks as her ass rose and fell on my shaft. Suddenly I thought ‘why does her ass feel softer tonight?’ I raised my hands as my fingers stroked up her back before I moved quickly, grasping both boobs before she could stop me. “Aunt Jenny?!” I said in shock.

The petite body above me had froze at nearly the top of her stroke on my member and she said softly, “Shit!” before she slammed her pussy down onto my meat. “How could you tell I wasn’t Carol, Tommy?” She remained firmly planted on top of my shaft, her clit crushed against my pelvis as her movements ceased except for her hips flexing and rocking against my hips.

“Well,” I began, “your boobs were a dead giveaway, my dear aunt.” My hands squeezed them hard again and my cock thrust forcefully into her as I continued, “But it was your butt that told me it couldn’t be my mom.”

“Look here, young man, there’s nothing wrong with my rear end!” she countered.

“Hey, don’t get so defensive, I never said there was anything wrong with it,” I said as I moved my left hand and squeezed her right butt cheek really hard, making her squeal in pleasure/pain. “It’s just that it’s a little softer than my mom’s is and I could tell. Hey, it’s only been about 19 hours since I had a good feel of it. Yours is really nice though, Aunt Jenny.”

“Thanks, Tommy. How about we drop the ‘Aunt’ though, if I’m going to be riding this wonderful cock of yours, I think a first name basis is the rule,” Jenny told me. I shoved my cock up into her tight cunt forcefully, making her groan, “Umph, oh shit but your cock is so fucking huge! God I love the way it fills me up. Umph, oh yeahhhhhhhhhh.”

I rolled us over keeping my cock firmly imbedded in her pussy, moving into position so I would be the ‘fucker’ and then just let my weight hold her hips down, my cock stationary inside of her. “Well Jenny, what should I do now?” I asked her. She tried to flex her hips up to me but found she was held captive under me. She grunted a few times trying to encourage me to move by her own actions but I remained immovable. “Come on, Jenny, what do you want me to do?”

She made garbled sounds as she again tried to get my pelvis to move, but I remained in place, grinning down at her. After one more futile effort by her she looked deep into my eyes saying, “Fuck me, Tommy.” I cupped one hand by my ear and shrugged my shoulders and she cried out in frustration, “Damn you, FUCK ME you fucking bastard! Fuck me till I can’t walk! Ooooooohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, that’s’ it! Oh shittttttttttt are you ever huge. Ohmygodfuckmefuckmeeeeeee!”

“How’s this, Jenny?” I asked as I pumped her with my full 12 inches, making her gasp as I nearly pulled completely out before slamming back into her wet and hot pussy.

“That’s so good, Tommy, keep going, don’t stop, oh please don’t stop! Oh shit I’m cumming all ready! YESSSSSS! Oh shittttttttttttttttttttttttt, don’t stop, oh god, don’t stop, oh fuck me don’t you dare stop! Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.” And my aunt shook hard under me as her entire body erupted in her orgasmic bliss. She was just coming down, her climax past, when I took her clit between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed it hard, stretching it out from her body. She lurched up at me as once again a tidal wave of an orgasm racked her tiny body. “FUCKINGHELLLLLL, SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTDAMNFUCKOHGOD SHITTTTTTTT!! Yesssssssssss do it, Tommy, fuck me and makkkkkkkkke me cummmmmmmmm oooooooooohhhhhh!”

Jenny’s feet were pulled up close to her ass and her knees were splayed out wide, both flopped tightly to the bed, her sex opened fully to invite my cock to take her to realms she’d never thought existed before. I released her clit and allowed her to recover from her mind blowing orgasm. She clung tightly to me as her breath slowly returned to normal, my rock hard shaft still slowly fully pumping into her. “Sweet Jesus on high, Tommy, I didn’t actually think you could make it so I can’t walk, but I’m sure that I can’t. My god but I’ve never cum so hard, and I thought that I had been with some real studs before. Guess I’ve only been with one, though, holy fuck…” and her voice trailed off as she buried her face in my chest.

After giving her a few minutes to recuperate I started increasing the force of my thrusts, pounding hard into her deepest depths. I could feel her pussy muscles twitching on my cock and decided she was getting close again. Hooking my hands under her knees, I lifted her legs until I could grasp her sexy calves and forced her legs back till they were on either side of her head. When I slowly pushed into her again her eyes grew large as saucers before she raked her nails down my back crying out in ecstasy as she came again. Jenny was doing her best to fuck back at me, lifting her upraised pussy to meet my downward thrusts as her juices poured from around my shaft. “Ohshit, Tommy, ohshit! Oh god here it comes againnnnn, oh, oh, oh, ohohohoh OHOHOHOHO ohohohohohoooooooooo.”

Her climax was waning as I began to feel the telltale signs in my balls. Jenny had clamped down tightly with her pussy muscles and as yet had not let up on me, she was literally pulling the cum from my balls. “Oh god, Jenny, I’m almost there,” I cried out, “I’m al…most…there…oh FUCK JENNY I’m CUMMING!” and I began shooting spurt after hard spurt deep into her pussy. My aunt was pushed over the edge again as her pussy convulsed around my entire length as we came together.

After we both came down from our intense climaxes, I leaned down and kissed my horny aunt passionately once more before helping her get her legs down from where they had been firmly planted next to her ears. She groaned in gratitude as her legs stretched out along my own, we kissed again and I rolled to the side pulling her with me, my cock still buried about two-thirds the way in. “My god, Tommy, how did you ever learn to use that monster like that?” Jenny asked me.

“Well, I just happen to have a fantastic teacher living here with me.” I said. “Jenny, you are one fantastic fuck yourself.” I said kissing her deeply once more. As we kissed I rolled us again as I went to my back, Jenny on top of me and my slowly softening cock.

“Oh my god, no, no more, Tommy! Oh shit, Tommy, you’ve already fucked me so good, I can’t take any more, oh shit.” Jenny was reacting simply to my rolling us again, so I thought what the hell; let’s see what happens and then I pumped her cunt with six hard and deep thrusts. “Tommy! Stop! OH don’t! Tommy stop, oh don’t. OH! Don’t! Stop! Oh don’t…stop, oh shit don’t stop Tommy, don’t stop!” and my cock kept right on going, pounding into her cum filled pussy as she screamed and cried out her pleasure.

Jenny’s little frame was shaking uncontrollably above me as her body was again racked by an orgasm that seemed to roll on and on over the span of at least five minutes. Finally Jenny cried out again “Tommy, oh shit, please stop, oh shit, I can’t, oh shit, take any, oh god, more! PLEASE STOP! Oh fuckkkk, oh my god Tommy, I can’t believe it, so intense.” Jenny’s head slowly fell to my chest and soon she was sobbing lightly.

“Jenny, did I hurt you? Damn I never wanted to hurt you, Jenny, fuck!” I said trying to find out what was wrong and what I had done to hurt her.

Her tiny hand rose up before she made a fist and smacked it back down onto me. “Oh damn you, you fucking stud of a nephew, you didn’t hurt me at all! I’m crying from the unbelievable pleasure you’ve given me, and I’m trying to figure out how the hell I go back home to Texas on Sunday! How in hell do I leave you and your VERY talented cock?” I flexed my still deeply imbedded cock inside of her “OH shit! Fuck, oh shit, Tommy STOP! Oh my god, my pussy’s on fire!”

Suddenly Jenny pushed herself into a sitting position atop my shaft, her eyes burning into mine as she continued “Damn you Tommy, I just can’t help myself…” and her hips once again began lifting up then slamming back down as she tried to fuck out the fire. The vision of her beautiful face and body above me as she quickly came on me was so erotic that it rapidly pushed me over the edge and once more I was pumping her incredible cunt full of my hot cum. My cock stopped spurting but she continued pounding her pussy onto me as her climax refused to end. She went on for about two more minutes before “Yeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhhhhhoooo FUCKKKKKK! OHGODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo shitttttttttttt!” I had to grab her arms to keep her from falling back as she went limp above me.

I rolled us again putting her on the bottom, then I slowly pulled my purple, well fucked cock out of her pussy so I could lay beside her. I gave her a light kiss on the lips as she regained her senses. “Now I know why my sister welcomes assistance at handling your cock, it’s way too much for any one woman!” After she caught her breath some more she looked at me and said she needed something to drink. Jenny pushed herself up into a sitting position and then swung her legs over the side of the bed. She took a deep breath and slid off the bed to stand up, but ended up in a heap on the floor.

I quickly was beside her asking if she was all right and she told me she was. Then she again tried to stand up and ended up sprawled on the floor. I easily lifted up her petite body and placed her back on the bed, telling her I’d be right back. I went to the kitchen and grabbed two cokes before heading back to my room. Mom stopped me on the way to give me a kiss and to see how her sister was doing. She laughed when I told her, then she said she’d see me in the morning and sent me on my way.

As I entered my room Jenny looked at me and said, “I know I told you to ‘fuck me until I couldn’t walk’ but damn, I say that all the time and you’re the first one to actually do it! Shit, Tommy, I still can’t believe it.”

We lay there sipping our cokes and talking softly, but mostly enjoying the closeness we felt after having both of our brains fucked out. Eventually we drifted off to sleep with me wondering what the rest of the weekend had to offer that could top this.


I awoke around 3:30 Saturday morning to a glorious dream only to find it was no dream; a petite body was riding my cock and was definitely close to cumming. Then I realized there was another body lying beside me, so I reached out and cupped the tits above me before saying, “Aaaaaahhh, mom you feel so good.”

She giggled and softly said, “Guess you really can tell us apart by feel. Uhmph. Uhmph. Oooohh Tommy you feel so good. Oh shit Tommy, I’m going to cum! Oh god yessssssssss!” When she finished cumming she slid her feet back and laid her body on mine, snuggling close with my cock firmly imbedded inside of her. She quickly fell back to sleep and I lay there thanking my lucky stars for the way getting caught jerking off by her had turned out. Soon I drifted off to sleep as well.

My eyes opened again at about 7:15 to the feel of someone kissing my lips. When I was able to focus I saw it was Jenny, mom was still contentedly sleeping on top of my body, my cock still clutched by her vagina muscles. She then leaned back looking at mom and me before saying, “Damn if you two don’t look sexy as all hell. Phew!” Then she reached between our legs and caressed my balls for about 20 seconds before mumbling about coffee. She slid off the bed and seemed to catch herself to keep from falling, then shook her legs to test them out. “Damn you,” she said with a wink as she slowly made her way out of my bedroom.

Her hands on my balls had worked their magic on my cock as it rapidly sprang to full size, stretching mom’s insides as it grew. I flexed my muscles a few times making it twitch and jump inside mom’s tight hole and then she wiggled her hips on me before saying “Oh baby that is one wake up call I could never get tired of!” Mom kissed my lips hard her tongue seeking out my own as her hips started a circular motion fucking herself on my shaft.

Mom effortlessly switched roles as she continued, “Did my big Daddy like the surprise I gave him last night? Huh, Daddy, did you like my surprise?”

“Oh, baby girl, Daddy just loved your surprise! It was the best surprise ever, baby girl.” I said as I hugged her to me again. “Baby girl, Daddy’s going to reward you for your surprise.” With that I gave her a few quick thrusts with my cock. “Does my baby girl like her reward?” I asked as I gave her some more thrusts.

“Oh golly yes, Daddy, your baby girl really likes the reward.” My mom suddenly switched roles as she cried out, “Oh Tommy, fuck your mommy, oh fuck me baby!” as her eyes closed and she held on for dear life. I rolled us over and began relentlessly pounding my cock deep into her quivering pussy. I was bottoming out and more as I sometimes pushed my cock head into her cervix. She cried out in pleasure each time I entered her inner hole and her arms clung even tighter to me. Mom had cum three times as we made passionate love for nearly 30 minutes before I told her I was close. Mom increased her efforts to drain my balls as they erupted into her spasming pussy.

“Eeeeiiiyyyyyeeeeaaaaaiiiiooooooooooaaaaaaa!” mom screamed as her fourth orgasm of this encounter hit her. If I hadn’t been above her she would have shook herself right off the queen sized bed. “OH Tommy, that felt so good, my baby. Please never stop doing this with me, I love you so much!” I slowly pulled out of her well fuck pussy and watched as she clamped her hole tightly closed. “Oh Tommy, quick, hand me my water glass from the table there,” mom asked and I told her it was empty. “Dammit, I know that, just give it to me!”

As I handed it to her she yanked it from my fingers with desperation and I was surprised when she climbed onto her knees and held it below her pussy opening. I watched with wonder as she let my cum flow from her pussy and caught all of it in the cup. What didn’t drip into the glass she wiped off with her fingers only to put them in her mouth and suck them clean. When she seemed satisfied that she had all of my cum in the glass, she lifted it to her lips and then slugged it down. The glass was wide and short so she could lick all of the sides and the bottom of the glass, when she finished with it the glass looked clean enough to put in the cupboard!

“Damn, mom, that was sooooo fucking sexy! Holy shit mom.” I said in amazement.

“I’ll second that, Tommy.” called out Jenny from the doorway. “I didn’t know my big sister was such a cum slut!”

“Hey, if you weren’t so hell bent for taking his load up that tight twat of yours you would have already tasted it and you’d know how right I am. God I love his spooge!” Finished talking, mom checked the glass for any remnants. Finding none she slid two fingers into her cunt hole and tried to scoop out any remaining cum. She was disappointed that she found none.

“Damn girl, you really do like his stuff, don’t you?” said Jenny. “Guess I’ll have to try not to ride him later on and just make him blow his wad in my mouth.”

“Is that a promise, my dear aunt?” I asked with a lecherous grin.

“Hell yes it is!” she responded happily.

Mom looked at us both before sliding from the bed while pulling my hand, “I’m starved, any one else for breakfast?” We all scampered to the kitchen, naked as the day we were born. Both the women ate a very large breakfast but I showed what real hunger is. What with the football game and then the unbelievable fuck sessions over night and this morning I acted like I was trying to eat us out of house and home. But, four fried eggs, eight slices of bacon, three sausage patties, a glass of milk and a glass of orange juice later I was recharged and raring to go.

The meeting of Ladies Masturbation Club was just about ready to come to order as President Mary Ian called for order,

“Alright ladies let’s quiet down and get ready for business.”

Twelve naked females between the ages of 26 and 58 all sat down and waited for Mary to start the meeting.

“It looks like were all here,” she began while surveying the crowd,

“I guess everybody has that familiar itch between their thighs this evening…. right?”

A nervous laughter rolled across the room as the women looked sheepishly at one another, but Mary quickly asked for order and continued on,

“As usual we have a young man from the local college to entertain us, and I’m sure that you’ll all be more than pleased with his performance, but we also have a special treat tonight.”

Everyone’s interest was piqued when Mary mentioned a “special treat”, and an excited murmur quickly passed among the women.

“As you probably all know,” Mary continued,

“Emma has missed quite a few sessions due to her pregnancy, but I’m happy to announce that even though she’s seven months along she’s with us tonight, and will be actively participating with the rest of the group.”

Mary asked Emma to stand up, and take a bow as everyone broke into a round of applause, and cheered Emma’s return to the group. Several of the women gathered around Emma, shaking her hand, and kissing her on the cheek with congratulations, but it didn’t take long for someone to ask.

“Show us your breasts Emma, I can’t wait to see how large and full your breasts have become.”

Emma shyly opened her blouse, and set it aside while another helped her off with her bra. Then woman that had asked to see her breasts gasped when she saw just how large they had become, swollen with milk for the soon to be born baby.

“Oh my Emma, your breasts are so full and swollen, and your nipples look almost uncomfortable. Are they sore, and sensitive?”

“Yes all of those things. I can’t believe I’m lactating so soon, but I guess that’s par for the course.”

The woman stared at Emma’s nipples for a moment, and then smiled as she cupped Emma’s right breast in her hand, and took one of Emma’s hard nipples into her mouth and began nursing like baby.

“Mmmmm, Emma moaned,

“That feels so nice, my nipples have become so sensitive lately that I just love having them sucked.”

The women helped Emma to the couch where her other nipple was gobbled up by another club member. It was a very sensual sight to be sure, with the young, pregnant woman contentedly nursing two older females who were of course masturbating at the same time. Emma heard some say,

“Hi Emma it’s me, Jennifer. I was wondering if you would mind if I pleasured your pussy orally? It looks so pretty, and wet I just can’t resist the urge to kiss it, and savor those beautiful full lips of yours. If you don’t mind that is.”

In a very soft voice Emma gasped,

“Oh Jennifer yes please by all means, my pussy is even more sensitive than my nipples lately.”

Jennifer quickly took her place between Emma’s open thighs resting her mouth against Emma’s dripping wet pussy. The moment her tongue touched Emma’s wet lips she gasped, and moaned loudly reminding Jennifer to suck her clit too.

Jennifer was soon ravaging Emma’s pussy licking, and sucking her swollen lips, and tongue fucking her as the two other women continued sucking Emma’s nipples, and fingering themselves into a sexual frenzy.

Emma was moaning, and cooing as Jennifer slid two fingers into her pussy as her lips moved to Emma’s clit, where she began sucking it as Emma closed her eyes, and began moaning from all the sexual attention.

Emma’s loud groans filled the room with erotic excitement while the rest of the women not involved in the action sat quietly rolling and tugging their nipples, and fingering their hot, wet pussies.

Soon it wasn’t only Emma’s moans that were filling the room as a chorus of sighs, and grunts reverberated off the walls when an orgasm would overtake the women as they masturbated. One fifty year old woman, furiously fingered herself while staring intently at the two women sucking Emma’s fat nipples and moaned,

“Damn that looks so fucking good,”

she groaned as her fingers flew over her hard clit.

“Emma your breasts are so full and heavy it’s just unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable!”

The woman sitting next to her who was also nearing her own mind shattering orgasm said through gritted teeth,

“Mmmm yes Emma is so fucking hot, look at how much she loves getting her pussy sucked.”

The two women gave each other a quick look when their pussies started convulsing with powerful orgasms, and their juices started spewing from their quivering pussies.

Emma was now caught in a vortex of sexual euphoria with her nipples being sucked, and her pussy was being devoured by Jennifer.

With Emma’s head spinning one of the women sitting close to her began asking very arousing, yet intimate questions about her sex life.

“Emma,” the woman asked softly,

“Do you remember the day you got pregnant?”

“Yes,” she stammered,

“I remember it, why do you ask?”

“Oh I just wondered if you had a hard orgasm when your husband fucked you that day,” the woman asked calmly.

Emma didn’t quite understand why she wanted to know, or what made her ask something to private, but she didn’t want to offend so she just smiled saying, “V

“Oh yes, very hard. In fact I came really hard as Jim fucked me from the back.”

“Did you suck his cock?” the woman asked.

“Oh yes, I love sucking his cock.”

“Does Jim have a large cock?”

“Yes he has a really nice thick cock, and it’s long as well.”

“Really, how often does he fuck you Emma?”

“Almost every day! He has a very high sex drive. He’s hard all of the time, and he wants to fuck constantly.”

“Since you’ve been pregnant does he like sucking on your nipples.”

“Yes he loves sucking on my nipples, and he can’t wait until I can give him some real milk.”

“Emma,” the woman asked,

“Are you ready to have an orgasm? You seem to be having trouble concentrating on my questions?”

“Oh fuck yes! I’m so close now. Oh ya….I…I’m gonna fucking cum in Jennifer’s mouth! Oh yes suck my pussy Jennifer…that’s it…I’m gonna fucking CUM!”

The woman watched as Emma raised her hips off the couch moaning, and grinding her pussy into Jennifer’s face. Finally spent Emma lowered her hips letting out a sigh of relief as she basked in the after glow of her orgasm.

Emma wasn’t the only one having an orgasm. All around the room fingers were flying over distended clits, and pussies with seven or eight women cumming at the same time was one of the most erotic things any of them had ever experienced.

Just hearing the moaning of other females induced others into having orgasms of their own. It was quite a scene as twelve women totally drained, and collapsed like so many limp dish rags all around the room. After everyone had seemed to have recovered from the shock of such a hard climax Mary hopped to her feet and announced,

“Don’t get too comfortable girls, because the main event is still to come. Allow me to introduce our feature attraction Billy.”

After having just had their pussies devastated by such hard orgasms most of the women were still numb, and not yet quite ready for action. This however was short lived when they saw the handsome young man prance naked into their midst with a huge erection.

You could almost hear twelve pussies beginning to drip like a leaky faucet. Working his way through the crowd Billy gave each woman a chance to feel his hard cock, and if they chose to do so give it a quick suck.

Usually what happened after everyone had gotten a chance to sample the wares so to speak, was one of the women would take it upon herself to orally satisfy the young man while everyone else sat, and masturbated while watching the show much as they had done with Emma.

There was usually some verbal give, and take between the young man and the women, and tonight was no exception as one of the older women named Hillary asked,

“So how big is your cock Billy?”

“Big enough to fill your pussy,” Billy joked as the women laughed.

“I’d like that. My poor Harry can’t get it up more than once a week if he’s lucky. Bring that thing over here, and let’s see how it fits.”

Billy walked over to Hillary, and stood in front of her wagging his cock in her face. She took his cock in her hand pulling Billy closer to her, and swirling her tongue over the thick head of his cock.

In the meantime two other women sat down next to Hillary, and began sucking her nipples as Hillary started to take as much of Billy’s cock down her throat as she could.

Hillary moved her hand down, and began fingering her pussy while the other women sucked her nipples and fingered themselves. After a few minutes Hillary took Billy’s cock from her mouth saying,

“Stick that thing in my pussy, I really need a good fucking.”

Mary spoke up saying,

“Now Hillary this is supposed to be a masturbation club…remember?”

“Oh fuck off Mary, I need this young mans cock, and I’m going to get it.”

Before Mary had a chance to respond Hillary leaned back spreading her legs saying,

“Come on Billy, fill my pussy with that beautiful cock of yours.”

Billy smiled and maneuvered around, and slid his cock into Hillary’s wet pussy.


The other women gathered round straining to see Billy cock as he slid all eight inches of it into Hillary’s pussy. The women gasped as Billy slid his cock into Hillary spreading her pussy as wide as it could go.

Some women began caressing one another, while others teased one anothers nipples, and still others began fingering their pussies as they watched Billy start slamming his cock in and out of Hillary’s pussy.

Hillary had a woman on either side of her holding her legs apart, and running their hands up and down her thighs as Hillary moaned loudly. Soon Hillary called out as her body stared shuddering, as the orgasm coursed through her body.

Next Tracy a sexy young blonde took Billy’s cock from Hillary’s pussy, and knelt down taking Billy’s cock down her throat, and began sucking Hillary’s juices from his cock.

Once she was finished she took Billy by his cock, and led him over to a large oak table where she laid down with her legs spread, and her feet on the table. Billy aimed his cock at her pussy sliding it in easily.

As he began pummeling her pussy Emma and Mary, who had now given into the lust began sucking Tracy’s nipples as Billy fucked her. As they had before, the other women started masturbating, and caressing one another while they watched.

Billy was fucking Tracy’s pussy, his balls slapping against her ass while the woman looked on. Two women came over to the table, and began sucking Tracy’s nipples causing her to start moaning. Tracy was soon cumming arching her back and raising her ass off the table. She looked up at Billy telling him,

“Cum on my tits Billy, cover them with your load.”

Billy pulled his cock from Tracy’s pussy while she turned so that her head was on the edge of the table with Billy’s ball hovering over her mouth. As Billy stroked his cock Tracy started licking his balls as the woman urged Billy on.

Tracy felt a pair of lips on her well fucked pussy, and then a tongue slid inside her. Tracy started cumming again. Then Billy grunted, and sprayed his cum over her tits as the women squealed in delight applauding as the last drops of cum landed on Tracy’s breasts.

The women took turns licking the cum from Tracy’s nipples and breasts, and then shared cum filled kisses. After Billy had finished cumming he was still hard asking,

“Well is there anyone else that would like to take a ride on my cock?”

“How about Emma?” One of the ladies shouted.

Emma replied,

“Oh no thank you, I’m perfectly happy with my husband’s cock although I wouldn’t mind licking Tracy’s juices from it if that’s alight with you Billy?”


Billy walked over to where Emma was sitting, his cock standing proud as it glistened with Tracy’s juices. Billy walked over, and stood in front of Emma as she reached out taking his cock in her hand, and running her tongue over the head of his thick cock.

Emma was soon running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, licking and sucking Tracy’s juices that covered his cock. She loved the taste of Tracy’s pussy as she took Billy’s cock into her mouth, where she began deep throating him.

The ladies cooed, and egged her on, telling her to suck him good and hard. Emma found herself becoming more and more aroused as she sucked Billy’s cock, sliding her hand between her legs, and her fingers into her pussy. Another female voiced said,

“Get yourself off Emma, finger that pussy until you cum.”

“Ya!” Another woman said, “Let’s see who cums first, you or Billy.”

Now something that had been so simple turned into a challenge, but Emma found herself up to the challenge. She sucked Billy cock, running her tongue along the base of his cock as she took as much of his down her throat as she could.

In the meantime she worked her fingers furiously, deep into her pussy, rubbing her clit with her thumb. Billy in the meantime was beginning to moan saying,

“Damn, this woman is good. She really knows how to suck cock.”

Emma wanted to get Billy off, and took her free hand, and moved it between his legs. Then she eased her middle finger between his ass cheeks, and started teasing his asshole making Billy moan all the more.

Once she had him about ready to explode she eased her finger into his asshole, and started fingering his ass. In a matter of a minute or two, Billy shot his load down Emma’s throat. He filled her mouth so full, that his cum was oozing from the corners of her mouth.

It was Tracy that came over, and moved between Emma’s legs, and started kissing her, sharing Billy’s cum with her. After a cum filled kiss Tracy ask Emma,

“So now, would you like to taste the real thing?”

Normally Emma probably would have passed, but tonight she was feeling especially horny. She smiled and nodded as Tracy helped Emma to her feet, taking her over to mattress in the corner where she helped Emma lay down.

Once Emma was comfortable Tracy straddled Emma’s face, lowering her pussy down to Emma’s waiting tongue. Emma began licking Tracy’s pussy, lapping up the tale tell remains of Billy’s cum, and Tracy’s sweet juices.

As Emma and Tracy performed a hot 69 on one another, the other women were gathering around to watch the action.

Some were kissing and caressing one another while they fingered their pussies, others were using dildos, and other assorted toys on themselves while others quietly watched the action taking place.

As for Billy he was content to stroke his cock in an attempt to get hard again, and maybe work the room providing his cock was rock hard. Emma pushed her tongue as deep as she could into Tracy’s pussy, working it around as she tried to take Tracy to a powerful orgasm.

Tracy in the meantime was likewise tongue fucking Emma, while sliding her fingers between Emma’s cheeks and teasing her asshole. Emma moved up, and began sucking Tracy’s engorged clit, while stuffing as many fingers as she could into Tracy’s pussy.

It was hard for her to concentrate, partly from the arousal she was feeling with Tracy sucking her pussy, and fingering her ass, and the cat calls, and words of encouragement coming from the woman that had gathered to watch the show.

It wasn’t long before Emma was suddenly gripped with a huge orgasm that shot through her body. Her orgasm was soon followed by another powerful orgasm from Tracy as her body started to quake and shudder.

Once Tracy and Emma had finished cumming, the two of them found a nearby sofa, and sat masturbating while they watched some of the other woman who were engaged in various forms of masturbation, as well as woman going down on one another.

Soon there were more squeals of delight as woman after woman started having orgasms. Emma tapped Tracy on the shoulder when she noticed Mary, the club president sucking Billy hard cock. It wasn’t to long before Mary was choking down Billy’s last load of cum.

Once she recovered she closed the meeting of the Womens Masturbation Club until the next meeting. Emma returned home with her husband asking how things went at her ladies club meeting. She just smiled saying,

“Oh, just the same old thing Hon….a bunch of women sitting around carrying on like they always do,” she said as she smiled looking forward to the next meeting.

Five foot two, light brown hair, hazel eyes.

That was Dawn. She was also one hundred twenty pounds, firm bodied, and shapely.

A bit of a tomboy, she refused to shave her legs or pussy, but with really fine hair it didn’t matter.

We were out on my boat; The Dancer. It was mid-August, nicely hot on Puget Sound, and we were on a light reach heading for Quartermaster Harbor. The wind was only a couple knots and boat speed was half that.

She was stretched out on a cockpit cushion, tanning her tits and nipples; the bottom of her suit was pulled down until just her pussy was covered.

As the wind died off, I knelt next to her, pulled the bottoms aside, and licked her slit.


We had been seeing each other just over three months; usually on weekends when we could get away from our jobs. Sex with her was an adventure; Dawn was an intense lover, delighting in everything we did; many were new experiences for her. A couple interesting things I learned fairly quickly; she loved being dominated, and some pain enhanced her sexual experiences.

Today we were out on the boat. The weather was sunny and in the mid-eighties; excellent for being on the water. We were alone; no other boats within a half mile, so Dawn had shed her bikini top, letting her light brown nipples bathe in the sun. I signaled her to me with the crook of a finger, pulled her to me, sucked her nipples to hard points, finishing with light bites. She responded with quick intakes of breath and then a moan.

I sent her to the leeward cushion, telling her she would get much more when we anchored.


We glided to our moorage; fifteen feet of water at low tide, sandy bottom, no other boats in the area, and the nearest house a quarter mile away. The anchor was set and tested, sails furled and stowed, all while she moved about the boat topless, her firm B cup breasts gleaming in the sun, a touch of perspiration shining on her skin.

Once everything was stowed properly, I called her to me in the cockpit. “Remove your bottoms and come here.”

She stood before me, legs spread. I admired the light, downy patch over her pussy, the lips gleaming with juice. Placing my left hand behind her, running it up her back from firm butt to molded shoulders, I pulled her tits to my mouth. While I sucked and bit them, I inserted two fingers into her flowing pussy, and strummed her clit with my thumb. As she moaned, I pulled her further down, so we could kiss. After a moment I released her so she could stand; “After you have cleaned my fingers, you are to go to the forward bunk. Kneel facing forward, knees at shoulder width, and head on a pillow. While you wait for me think of this; I shall take your cherry ass sometime this weekend. When I deem the time is right, your ass will be mine.”

The look of lust in her eyes confirmed my belief she wanted to be taken. I offered my pussy-juice covered fingers, and watched as she lovingly cleaned them. She turned and went into the cabin.

While I had been talking to her, I thought I’d seen a flash of light from the nearest house, but looking over, I didn’t see anyone. I waited several minutes, then stood, dropped my shorts and went below.

Stepping into the forward compartment I was greeted by the sight of Dawn’s glorious ass; round and full, her rosebud just peeking from between her cheeks. Her pussy was just below, a pouting, vertical smile, waiting for me. I ran my hands all over those delightful globes, paying special attention to her pussy and rose. In response, she wiggled her ass around, seeking more, all the time moaning and whispering words of delight.

Soon I dropped to one knee; putting her pussy and ass at face level. Holding her hips I nuzzled into her ass-crack, licking pussy and ass, drawing juices from her and then swabbing them up into her ass hole. Now she was pushing back, forcefully, wanting more and more attention. My thumbs began pressing into her dark passage, getting her excited by the pressure; the promise of even more thrills to come.

When I deemed her ready I stood, pressed my cock against her gaping pussy lips and pushed in just an inch. Back out, then in again, several times. Then I pulled out completely, moved my cock up just a little, swirled it around her ass. Her rosebud began to open, just a little; she was anticipating my cock taking her for the first time. I moved back down, sliding in half way, then pulling almost all the way out, in again, then back out. Again, teasing her ass, getting it to respond; winking as if to say; “Hi sailor, want a ride?”

For the last time I pushed into her quim, going all the way, driving in until my hips slammed into her cheeks, forcing the air from her. By now she was frantically pushing back, yelling for me to fuck her, then making high pitched yelps, then grunting, begging for more. We crashed into our orgasms together, shouting at each other and at no one, cum boiling out of me as if it came from my toes.

I held myself to her, keeping her on her knees until we had finished, then let her slide forward and down, her ass sticking up as if to say, ‘I’m still here’.

When I had my breath, I smoothed and caressed her back, then her hips, and finally her ass; rubbing the excitement back into them.


After we had napped a bit, we moved back up to the cockpit, not bothering with clothes. As we were lolling with drinks in hand, another sail boat came gliding in. An older looking man was steering, while a much younger woman was on the fore deck bringing down the jib. She was blonde and curvy, with a blue bikini. More than that I couldn’t tell.

He looked over at us, obviously saw Dawn with her tits exposed, and waved a hand, sailed farther up the harbor, anchoring a few hundred yards nearer the house. They stowed everything, then I could see him saying something to his companion and waving in our general direction. She looked over our way, then reached back and released her bra. Even at that distance I could tell she had beautiful breasts.

“Mmm, I wouldn’t mind playing with her.”

“You want to play with women too?”

“You wouldn’t mind would you? In fact, I’ll bet you’d want to be in the middle of something like that. Yes, I do have dreams of loving a woman.”

“Do you have anyone in mind?”

“No…Not yet. But I’ll let you know when I find her.”

“What about that one?”

“Hmm, maybe as a first time. It’s a bit hard to tell from here, but she seems pretty enough, and those tits would keep both of us happy.”

“What about him? Would you like to fuck him as well?”

“I’ll fuck anybody you tell me to, as long as I don’t get hurt, and don’t lose you.”

“I’m getting hard just thinking about you sucking those tits. Open your legs, dip a finger in and give me some pussy juice.” She swirled two fingers deep into her pussy, bring a load up to my lips. Delicious! It got my cock hard instantly. She knelt over me, guided my cock to her pussy, and sat down in one move. I bottomed out, and she yelled out; “Oh, God…”

I glanced over at the other boat; he was waving her to him. I could see him taking her bottoms off, guiding her to his lap, duplicating us. Dawn was now pumping herself up and down on my cock, rolling her nipples tightly between fingers and thumbs. She was moaning and groaning, and every once in a while, glancing toward the other boat. She was on display, knew she was, wanted to be.

The more she rode my cock, the louder she got. The louder she got, the harder she rode. Soon we heard echoing yells from the other boat; looking over we could see the blonde bouncing in his lap, head lifted to the sky.

Again, a glint of light from the nearest house caught my attention. I didn’t see anyone, but another glint came from a larger window. “We’re being watched from that house. And they have glasses on you.”

“Oh god I’m coming. Coming. Coming. All this attention. I can’t wait…Aaa”

And come she did. Wordless yells that must have echoed off the hills. Our compatriots on the other boat were matching us yell for yell. Our voyeur must have been going nuts scanning from boat to boat. We finally slumped together, me holding her in my arms. Looking over, the other couple had disappeared


After another rest we set up the grill off the stern, and while I cooked up the salmon steaks Dawn put together a salad and brought me a glass of wine. As the sun dropped behind the hill, we finally put clothes on, probably to the dislike of our unseen voyeur. While we relaxed with after dinner wine I scanned the harbor and houses; admiring the other boat and the houses, finally settling on the home of our voyeur. Scanning the house with my glasses, I noticed movement at the window; then a woman holding binoculars stepped onto the deck, and brought them back up to her eyes. We were looking at each other through our lenses. She appeared to be middle aged, blonde and slim, wearing some kind of robe.

As I watched, she undid the belt and opened her robe, putting her body on display for me. Quickly I removed my shirt and dropped my shorts, returning her display. Dawn stepped into the hatch, and seeing me nude asked what was going on.

“I’m exchanging full frontals with our watcher. Take your clothes off and join me.”

Instantly she shed her shorts and top, and stepping beside me faced toward the house.

I handed her the binoculars, and watched as the two women looked each other over. Then Dawn lifted her hand, crooked her finger, and signaled to the woman; beckoning to her. Even without glasses I could see her response; she waved an arm and then turned into the house. Several minutes later she reappeared at the dock below the house. She stepped into a skiff, started the motor and headed our way.

All the time Dawn watched her. “Do you think we should get dressed?”

“It’s a little late now, considering she’s been watching us fuck all afternoon.”


Her name was Lillian. Tall and willowy, she appeared to be in her early forties, toned and tanned with close cropped, sun-streaked hair and hazel eyes. She wore a tight pair of shorts and a cut-off tee that clung to medium sized tits.

“I hoped you would invite me.” She said as I helped her aboard. Her hands lingered in mine, and she looked directly in my eyes.

“”Why not the other boat?” I asked as I handed her a glass of wine.

“Oh, that’s my husband and his latest assistant, I’ll get to her soon enough. But I had to meet you two. That has been quite the display you have put on.”

Even as she was talking, her hand caressed my cock, and her eyes devoured Dawn. I reached for her top, easily lifting it off; exposing her pink nipples. The tits had some sag to them; they were naturals and had the same tan as the rest of her. “Would you like to go below? We can get much more comfortable than here in the cockpit.”

“I’d love to…but I want my husband to know I’m over here.”

“That’s easy.” I reached into a locker, pulled out a compressed-air horn, and gave it two quick blasts. A minute later her husband appeared in the hatch, and returned her wave. With that, we went below.

Once again we went forward. “Dawn, stretch out on your back and show our guest what you have to offer.”

“She takes orders?”

“She’s learning. Dawn has the potential of a good Sub, if she is brought along properly. I’ve promised her something special this weekend, and she seems ready for it.”

“What have you promised?”

“I’ll take her ass for the first time.”

“Mmm, I remember when my ass was taken. Dawn honey, you are in for a treat…May I watch?”

“Perhaps. But for now…Dawn is inexperienced when it comes to loving women. Would you like to teach her?”

“I’d love to. And what will you be doing?”

“Well, the first thing is remove your shorts. Then I’ll go where inspiration takes me.”

“Then I’ll try to inspire you.”

I knelt before her, pulling the shorts down, revealing a taut and slightly rounded belly and a completely bald pussy; not even a hint of hairs. I leaned forward and took a tongue swipe; delicious!

I sat back and Lillian moved onto Dawn; kissing her way up from belly to lips, stopping to pay particular attention to the brown nipples before her. Almost instantly Dawn moaned and groaned; encouraging the attention she was receiving. Her hands caressed Lillian’s cheeks-guiding her from breast to breast. As she neared Dawn’s face, Lillian took the hands from her face, and holding them in one hand, stretched them above Dawn’s head. “Do not move them until I give permission.”

Again Dawn moaned. She was fully into the moment; giving herself completely to her lover. Lillian laid nibbling kisses along Dawn’s jawline, then down the side of her throat and across her chest to the breasts and nipples again. This time she didn’t stop; moving down through the navel and around Dawn’s pussy; never quite touching her slit, but blowing across it. Dawn groaned as goose bumps rose all across her body; her arms twitched but she held them in place. Lillian bit lightly at thighs, then across Dawn’s pubic arch; always teasing more groans from her student. Suddenly she dove into Dawn’s pussy; grinding her lips into the slit, moving up to the clit, surrounding it with her lips, audibly sucking it to attention. “Argh!” Dawn reacted; quickly going into a series of yips that came with her orgasms, and then she brought her hands down, holding Lillian’s face in place forcibly.

Lillian held Dawn’s hips in place as she licked her down from her climax. Slowly Dawn relaxed. When she opened her eyes, all she could say was “Wow.”

“Turn around dear; I want to be fucked while you eat my pussy. Just do what I did, and you’ll do fine.”

Dawn spun quickly, placing herself under Lillian’s flowing slit. I watched for a moment as Dawn tasted her first woman. After only one taste, she clasped Lillian’s hips and pulled herself hard against her target. Waiting no longer, I placed my cock head against the quim before me, and pushed in ’til I found bottom. “Jeez! You do know how to get a gal’s attention.”

I could feel Dawn’s nose brushing against my cock, my balls brushing her eyes as I stroked deep. Lillian was arching back, opening herself to me while Dawn munched from below. Almost instantly Lillian’s cunt began quivering; she started wailing, juices were flowing, and I could hear Dawn slurping. I held on as long as I could, but soon the constant vibrations on my cock drove me into an orgasm that seemed to pull the hair from my head…Lillian finally dropped over Dawn, and I collapsed on both.


While we rested I learned a little more about our guest; Lillian was her husband’s second wife. She had been his assistant a few years ago, after his divorce. Now she shared him with other women, on the understanding she too could play with others. The fact he would bring them “home” where she could watch just added to the fun. We proved to be a bonus for her.

The current playmate, Melissa, was due to be invited to the house for dinner on Sunday, and if everything worked out, she would become their full-time playmate.

After our rest it was time for Dawn’s anal initiation. Lillian wished to be part of the fun; “I’ll help her through her first time. But she looks like she’s ready now. Let me lube her for you.”

Again, Dawn was on her knees, head down. Lillian massaged lube into her ass hole; first with a fingertip, then two. Soon she was pushing deep into Dawn’s ass, forcing her open, sawing back and forth. Dawn was moaning loudly; deep into the sensations of her ass, relishing the feelings of intrusion. With her other hand, Lillian stroked my cock to extraordinary hardness. When Dawn was ready, Lillian led my cock to the open and waiting ass.

With my cock head pressed against the waiting hole, I paused a moment, savoring the sensations, and Dawn’s eager acceptance of the coming ravishment. She pressed back, wanting to be taken, desiring my cock once again. Firmly I pressed in, stopping after my crown popped past her anal ring. Dawn groaned at the intrusion, but she didn’t pull away, she pushed back, taking another inch into her ass. She was ready, and so was I. Lillian was stroking Dawns clit and tits, I was going deeper and deeper, Dawn was groaning, yipping, yelling, sweating, and quivering. The deeper I went, the faster I stroked, the more noise she made, until she suddenly froze…and collapsed to the bed, out like a light. She dropped so quickly my cock popped from her ass, spewing cum over her back. I sat back on my folded legs, gasping for air.

Slowly she drew up into a ball, clutching her knees to chest. “That was soo intense…thank you…It was way beyond anything I expected.”

All I could do was nod. Lillian smiled; caressing the rounded ass, the hole just closing while a trace of cum dripped over it “It was that way for me also… I thought I’d never be the same. The intensity…I look for it every time now.”

“Can I sleep now? I’m just beat.” Lillian and I left Dawn covered and napping while we returned to the cockpit. Except for the masthead lights on the two boats it was pitch black over the water. But overhead…millions of lights could be seen. Lillian curled into my arms under a blanket. “I never tire of seeing the stars. Many say they feel small in comparison, I just feel alive; as if I’m absorbing energy from all those stars.”

“I look up there, and on a night like this…I guess the thought that comes to me is ‘we’re not alone’ there must be others out there.”

“Speaking of others…I must go. My husband and his assistant may be at the house fairly early. Kiss Dawn for me.” We exchanged contact info and Lillian jumped back into her skiff, not bothering with dressing and motored away.


“Mm, Where’s Lillian?”

“She had to be home for company this morning.”

“I slept really well last night. You two really wore me out. Thank you.”

We had breakfast, then upped anchor and headed out. Dawn moved about the boat nude; she wanted to feel the morning air on her skin. With no wind, we had to motor out, so I had her stand on the foredeck arms outstretched. Lillian stepped onto her deck to wave as we left, and then her husband also stepped out and pushed her to the rail, and apparently began fucking her from behind.

My cell rang; “Darling, it’s Lillian. Robert says ‘thanks for the fucking show’. I just say thanks for the fucking. Call me next week, will you?”

“Dawn! Come here. Suck my cock. Lillian and her husband are watching. Show them what you can do.”

We motored out with Dawn eagerly bobbing up and down, drawing my cock in. I could hear Lillian on the phone shouting for Dawn to suck harder, and just as I came Lillian announced their mutual orgasms as well.


Part l

My first Friday as Jean:

Although I work at home, I still took the day off to make sure all the housework was done. Rene called on her lunch hour and said she bought a surprise for me, that she felt naughty and wanted us to spend the weekend doing naughty things. I was hard at the word naughty; my beautiful wife is such a tease and enjoys role-playing. Naughty is like her code word and always means over the top sex for her and me. Her last words before she hung up were,

“And don’t you dare touch that nasty thing between your legs until after I get home.”

By five, the house was clean, all the laundry was done, and dinner just needed a warming in the oven. I sat in the front room with a glass of white wine awaiting my bride, my love, my queen. As I waited, I pondered on how such a nerd as I, could ever have ended up married to such wonderful woman. I know she pursued me, as I was far too shy even to talk to such a campus queen. Rene was the star of the swim team, the anchor of the four by relays she help set a state record that stood for years. She was a Delta all four years of school and dated all the big jocks and popular boys. As for me I was a math geek plain and simple, I mean I was good at what I did and was renown among my peers but to Rene and her crowd I was unknown.

That changed as we both took voice for reasons other than singing, she for breath control and thus better swimming times. As for me, I had a formula buried deep in my head about octaves and metallurgy. I thought if I could learn to sing in a higher octave it would lead to successful research. I guess we found common ground because neither of us could sing, somehow that grew into a friendship that morphed into dating. Don’t ask me how I still don’t understand it but it changed my life and my happiest day was the day we married.

My wife’s car in the driveway brought me back to the present. She came in and collapsed into our wingback chair, dropping her purse and briefcase on the floor.

“Oh my god what an afternoon, I’m exhausted. Our new product line is in the tank and at the last minute they wanted massive changes to the add layout. Mr. Orson, what a dear he is finally told me to go home and we would finish it Monday. I wanted this to be a naughty weekend and now I’m so tired all I can think of is rest.”

“Don’t worry about it dear, just let me serve you, you relax.”

I dropped to my knees in front of her and slipped off her shoes. I began to rub her feet and it made me feel good when I heard her sigh with pleasure.

“I swear Gene, you know just how to please me, it’s just what I need, just serve me, please me.”

It was when I looked up to answer her that I saw up her skirt and realized she wasn’t wearing pantyhose but stockings.

“Oh darn you saw my surprise, well how do you like them?”

With a smile on her face, she stood up, then raised her skirt to show me the tops of her nylons attached to straps hanging down from her panties.

“I went shopping with Carol at lunch today and when she talked about how much a garter belt and stockings turned her husband on, I bought one also.”

I ran my hands up her nylon-covered leg to the bare skin just below her panties. It felt so erotic and my erection was throbbing I put my fingers to her slit to feel her clit sticking out and I rubbed it softly.

“Not so fast cowboy I thought you were serving me tonight. I still have another tired foot that needs massaging.”

She put her other foot in my face; it was slightly damp with perspiration from being in her shoe all day. Somehow, I found this highly arousing and with my nose buried in the base of her toes, I inhaled deeply. Now as I rubbed her foot I began to kiss her toes putting each one in my mouth and gently sucking. When I got to the one next to her big toe, it reminded me of sucking her clit and I told her so.

This must have excited her as she invited me between her legs. I leaned forward and put my mouth right where I knew her clit to be.

“Gene I want so much for you just to serve me all weekend, just be my servant, my bitch. I feel so naughty I want this whole weekend to be just about me, after the day I had I deserve it.”

She grabbed my head to hold it to her wet panties as she orgasmed in a flood. After, she leisurely ran her wet pantied covered crotch over my face, saying she wanted me to wear her scent. Most of the time when we have sex, I lick Rene until she cums and then we fuck until I cum, so I stood to unfasten my trousers.

“Not so fast Jeanie, I said this weekend is all about me and I mean only me. If I let you spurt your silly little juice, you’ll no longer want to play. You just keep that little pecker in your pants, do you hear me missy?”

Jeanie, missy, little pecker, why was she talking to me like this? Even more important was why this kind of talk excited me so much, I mean she was humiliating me but it was turning me on. I got back on my knees in front of her and following her lead I begged,

“Please Miss. Rene, I need relief, when you talk like that it drives me crazy, I’m just throbbing down there, I promise to serve you all weekend, forever even, but can’t you just let me this once?”

“OK we will make this a test, I’ll do what you want, and then you’ll do whatever I say no matter what.”

She instructed me to take down my pants and then she took my erection in her hand and began to rub.

“God you are so pathetic you just have no self control and just look at this thing you call a cock. This is not a cock, it’s not even a penis, it’s more like a cockette, or maybe I should call it a clitty. Here let me rub your clitty right here on your special spot.”

I was so hot I thought I might pass out and when she rubbed that place right under the head I came in a torrent right into her hand.

“Do you see what I mean missy, a real cock needs to be stroked up and down, but I only need rub your clitty to make you orgasm.”

“Rene honey don’t talk like that now it makes me feel weird you know after…”

She slapped me, my own wife slapped me and suddenly I realized it was with the hand I had just coated with my sperm. I could feel the cum wet and cool on my warm cheek turning my face even redder.

“What happened to your promise to serve me, you said if I let you cum you would do whatever I wanted, well I want you to feel like the worm you are, understand.”

I had never felt as emasculated as I stood with my pants around my ankles and my underwear around my knees. I now knew that I was beaten and as I bowed my head, I merely said,

“Yes Mam.”

Rene placed her hand over my mouth and nose; she rubbed the residue of my ejaculate into my face as she commanded me to clean her hand. I felt revulsion as I cleaned my own spunk from Rene’s hand but even as disgusted as I felt I noticed a stirring in my groin.

After we ate, Rene told me that when I finished cleaning up the kitchen I should get the wine and bring it to the bedroom and then she got up and left the room. I couldn’t believe it my own wife was making me feel like a servant and it was arousing me like nothing before. Until now, I had considered us as equal partners but how could I feel that way when she, as always was the beauty queen and I was the math nerd.

When I got there, she was in the shower, so I sat on the bed and turned on the TV. I turned to ESPN hoping a dose of sport talk would somehow bring back my virility. To my dismay, it was a show on women weight lifters, all more manly than I could ever be. I turned off the TV and waited for Rene to finish. I must have dosed off for I awoke to Rene naked and cradling my head on her boyish breasts.

“Gene have I been too hard on you? I thought you liked it when you served me, honey I don’t want to do something you don’t like.”

“Honey I get so excited when you tease me and play with my head like that but after I cum it embarrasses me to act so unmanly.”

“Does that little firm-on your getting mean you want to play some more? See you do like it; will you do what I say now? Don’t just nod your head tell me that you’re my servant.”

“Miss. Rene I want to be your servant, I want you to make me do naughty things.”

“That’s good to hear, now go into the bathroom, and bring out my dirty clothes. I want you to wear my dirty panties to bed tonight; I want you to feel my silky panties on your clitty as you sleep.”

I went and fetched her clothes from the floor of the bathroom. She watched as I slid her panties up my legs and I was so excited I was trembling. She had me lie down beside her and as we made out, she was the aggressor as she forced her tongue into my mouth. She began to fondle my nipples first tenderly then with fierce pinches that made me wince. She licked my face and bit my neck and shoulders and it all inflamed me. Once again calling it a clitty she found that special spot and rubbed me through her panties with her finger,

“Does that feel good lover, do you like that?”

She next straddled me and soon had my erection, though still in her underwear in the middle of her slit as she mover back and forth on it. She began to suck my nipples biting harder and harder until I whimpered in pain. She was at an almost fever pitch and her pussy was so wet I could feel it through the panties. It all felt so good on my cock and I hoped I could wait for Rene. When she hissed, that she was cumming I did too. Exhausted and spent she lay down beside me and I told her I’d better go clean up.

“Not tonight missy you just sleep in the mess, that’s how we girls always end up with the mess dripping into our panties.”

She put her nipple on my nipple and her leg between my legs, up tight against me. We slept as one all night.

Part ll

Saturday morning, our role-playing weekend continues:

Saturday morning I awoke to an empty bed and got up to find Rene. As I neared the kitchen, I heard her talking on the phone,

“Twenty-ninth you say and to ask for Marie, thanks Clare I’ll see you soon.”

It was Clare, Rene’s old college roommate, whereas Rene had the natural grace and slim figure of a speed swimmer, Clare had the wide muscular body of a water polo player. Clare had little respect for me and often showed open hostility to me behind Rene’s back. Yet Rene loved her and often said she never would have made it through school if it weren’t for Clare. She was now a hormone therapist and had a thriving clientele among the women going through menopause.

I went over and kissed Rene and she commented that my face smelled like pussy. It was only then that I realized I was still in her panties and that they and I were crusted in dried cum. When I said I was going to shower, she offered to take one with me. In the shower as I washed, she played with herself and watching her really turned me on. Once she climaxed she turned her attention to me as once again she stroked that magic spot she knew so well. I said,

“Why are you playing with me, I thought this was your weekend. What can I do for my queen this morning? I am your servant and you need only to ask.”

She continued to stroke me slowly just enough to keep me excited. She smiled,

“That’s right you’re my bitch, you know what I want, I want to shave your body, I want to be able to run my hand across you and feel nothing but skin.”

She was grinning now as she got her Lady Schick and her scented shave cream off the shelf then she began applying it to my chest. I wasn’t too sure about this but really, I don’t have a lot of hair on my body anyway and besides I had just told her I would do anything for her. On top of that, my erection was sticking strait out now and her just rubbing the cream on me felt erotic. When she got to my pubes, she hesitated and said she had a change of plan. When she finished with my pubes, she had left just enough hair to form a heart. When we got out of the shower, she gave me a bottle of cream to rub in saying it helped to heal razor burn, it smelled like flowers as I rubbed it in.

We went to the bedroom to dress and she stopped me as I open my underwear drawer.

“Honey I want us to switch this weekend, I mean you’re still going to be my servant but I want you to be the girl and I’ll be the man.”

Usually I wear boxers but I have a few pair of tidy whiteys that an aunt or someone gave me for Christmas in my drawer. She pulled out a pair of those and stepped into them. Once she had them on she put her hand into the fly and I could see she was playing with her clit. I have to say I’ve never seen a pair of men’s briefs looking so sexy.

“Oh yeah, I going to like these, OK let’s find you some of mine to wear.” She handed me a pair of frilly lace panties telling me they were boyshort’s.

Although a little tight the panties fit me, except for my erection sticking out the top. She came over to me and as we kissed, she pushed me up against the wall. She rubbed her palm over my nipple as she rubbed her body up and down over mine. As my erection was now sticking up and out of the waistband of the low ridding panties the waistband of her briefs was now hitting that magic spot. Rene sensed I was almost past the point of no return,

“Oh no you don’t missy I told you, no orgasm for you today, this is my day.”

I slid down the wall to the floor and put my lips to her sex. The briefs were so thick I couldn’t free her clit so she reached down and spread the fly so I could put my lips on her. The thought of my face inside a pair of men’s underwear crept into my head and maybe because it felt wrong it was causing my loins to stir. I put my hands to my crotch but she used her leg to pin my arm to the wall. She shuttered when she came then she turned and said time to get dressed. My dick ached it was so hard, I didn’t know why but playing my wife’s servant was turning me on more than anything else I had experienced.

She got a pair of my Levi’s out of my closet and although they fit me, they actually were short on my wife. She handed me a pair of slacks and only after I put them on did I notice they zipped on the side. I started to say that I couldn’t wear them but the look from my wife shut me up. Rene then put on a tee shirt of mine, and then a flannel from my closet. The shirt was big enough that you couldn’t notice her tits. She then handed me something she called a camisole that was purple and then a black blouse, long sleeved which buttoned on the wrong side.

We stood side by side in front of the mirror, whereas Rene still looked like a woman, rather butch but still beautiful, I looked nowhere near a woman but maybe a clueless gay. Rene said I didn’t look gay I looked metro-sexual but she laughed when she said it. All I knew was my dick was still throbbing and I was close to begging for release of some kind. I told Rene I had to cum but she just laughed and said maybe later. When she picked up the car keys I balked, no way was I going out looking like this. She grabbed my balls, gave them a not too gentle squeeze, and then brought up my promise I felt trapped and gave in.

When we turned on twenty-ninth, I remembered Rene’s call earlier. We pulled into a parking structure and then walked into the backdoor of a shop. Once inside I saw that it was some sort of sex shop but not like any, I’d ever seen. Before I could ask Rene what was going on a lady came up to us. When she said that she was Marie, Rene said that Clair recommended her for a private fitting. She then looked at me for the first time and I felt my face turn red, as she looked me up and down.

“Is this the one you want fitted?”

She asked and the two discussed me as if I wasn’t there. We followed her to a separate room closed off by a curtain over the doorway. Marie instructed me to undress; when I started to balk, it took just a look by Rene for me to see the hopelessness of the situation. As they both looked at me, I took my clothes off then stood in front of them in my panties. Marie walked over to me,

“Cute panties,” then yanked them down to my knees, it was only after she giggled that I remembered how my pubic hair looked. Still laughing Marie said it would look cute dyed red and that made Rene laugh. One would think all this humiliation would make my dick shrivel up but instead it only made it harder. I stood there red-faced and naked with my erection sticking obscenely out in front before two fully dressed women. I’d never felt more humiliated or more turned on. Marie actually reached out and grabbed my dick,

“This will never do I can’t fit him correctly if he’s all stiff like this.”

“What can we do, he’s not allowed to cum today.”

I think I heard the sound first, SMACK, as Marie drove her fist into my balls. I dropped to the floor in pain so bad I had lights flashing in my head. Marie turned me on my back, as I lay there doubled over.

“See no more erection,”

Marie said as she played with my wilted cock.

I must have passed out for the next thing I knew I was on a table and Rene was wiping a wet cloth over my forehead. She helped me up to get dressed and only then did I notice I had what I had heard called a chastity cage locked around my genitals.

“That’s right there will be no more orgasms for you until I decide you deserve one. Get dressed it’s time to go home.”

I was in pain, I was mad and I sulked in silence on the way home. Rene however was in great spirits and chatted as if it was a normal Saturday. When we pulled into the garage, she turned to me,

“Listen to me missy, this is my weekend you promised, and if you can’t change that attitude you might never get that cage off.”

As she talked she toyed with a chain around her neck and then I noticed there was a small key on the chain. For some reason the thought that my wife carried the key to my orgasm around her neck both mortifying and terribly erotic. I knew what to do, I leaned over, and kissed the key as a sign of submission, this made her smile.

Part lll

Saturday afternoon, getting ready for Clair’s visit:

Once inside the house Rene took me right to the bedroom where she began to undress. When she was down to her pair of my briefs, I noticed the evil grin on her face as she let them drop to the floor. She then sat on the bed and watched me do the same but when I came to my panties, she halted me.

“Jeanie hand me my underwear,”

I knelt to retrieve them and she sat up to keep me in my subservient position that is on my knees in front of her. She put the crotch of the briefs in my face and I inhaled her scent deeply. Rene knows this to be a richly erotic act as well as very humiliating. She often allows me a sniff of her panties as she called it when we are making love. Still these weren’t panties these were boy’s underwear thus making the act even that much more degrading. She then put her feet on the bed and spread her legs putting herself on display for me. Rene guided my head toward her slit and once my face was against her, she held my head in place. Licking my wife’s pussy was my greatest pleasure and I loved coaxing orgasms out of her. After her first climax, she relaxed but held my head in place for more. As she casually ran her hands through my hair she started to talk to me, this surprised me as she usually just concentrated on her orgasm.

“Gene, I’m so sorry that woman hurt you so bad, honey, I didn’t know that would happen. It’s just I wanted the whole weekend to be about me but if I let you cum you lose the desire to please me. I thought you liked this too but if you don’t want to play we’ll stop, it’s just not as much fun if you don’t want to.”

I pulled my face covered in her cum back to talk,

“Rene, I can’t explain it but when I’m horny everything we’ve been doing drives me crazy, well everything except the punch in the balls. I yearn to serve you to be your slave, to do your biding but after I cum then I feel as if I’m not acting like a man and I become embarrassed. So, you’re right if I have this cage on even as much as it hurts it will be the only way I’ll keep my hands off my, my er, my clitty.”

As I was talking, Rene was rubbing her juices into my face as she looked into my eyes. When I called my cock a clitty I saw her eyes glaze over in passion and I knew I had chosen the right term. She yanked me back to her clit for another thunderous orgasm and then invited me to lie down beside her on the bed. She played with her new toy as she called my cage and held my sore balls in her hand. Next, she rubbed her fingers over my nipples until they both stood up tight and erect.

“I don’t want you to be my man this weekend, I want you to be my girl, no don’t look at me that way, I know you’re a man I just want to pretend. Won’t you do that for me honey, just be my girlfriend? Your tongue is the best, it drives me up a wall but your dick, well it’s so small, and you always cum so fast, no don’t feel bad. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy making love with you it’s just you do me so much better with your mouth. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings I’m just telling you the truth.”

“What are you telling me, that I’m not enough man for you, that I’m lousy in bed? How can you love a man who can’t satisfy you?”

“Honey that’s not what I said, you do satisfy me just it’s with your tongue not your manhood.”

Did she use the term manhood just to further humiliate me; I guessed it didn’t matter because either way it worked. The more she talked like this the hornier I became and my caged dick was throbbing in pain as it tried to grow in its confined area. Excited beyond belief I told Rene I’d be her girlfriend this weekend. It was then that she told me Clair was coming over for dinner and I felt as if I’d just fallen into a trap. I told her I couldn’t act like a girl in front of Clair; she already treated me with disrespect.

“You just promised me missy so now I expect you to keep your promise, besides Clair already knows about your cage and she thinks you’re more like a girl than a man already.”

If that was supposed to make me feel better it didn’t work but she was right, Clair already hated me so what did I care what she thought of me.

I soon forgot about Clair in the excitement of serving Rene, as she got ready for our evening. First, as I painted her toenails Rene painted her fingernails meaning that once again I was on my knees serving my wife. While her nails were still damp and not wanting to smudge them, she asked me to assist her in peeing. I followed her to the bathroom where she allowed me to pull her pants and panties down so she could sit.

“God, Rene you’re driving me crazy, my dick, I mean my clitty is so trying to get hard.”

“You want to see me pee baby, here get close.”

She spread her legs and I put my chin right on the toilet seat to watch as she noisily sprayed her urine into the bowl. She instructed me on how to wipe her and let me have a lick to see if I did a good job. As I pulled her clothes back up, she mentioned that with my cage I would now need to sit to pee and for some reason even that turned me on.

Once again, I told Rene how much my clitty hurt, just saying that word, calling my manhood a female appendage was a huge turn-on.

“I know, my little sissy, I know but Clair told me she can fix that, so you’ll have to wait until this evening.”

I asked her to explain but she refused to talk about it. Rene was dressed in her normal weekend attire but wanted me to remain dressed only in her panties. I told her to relax as I prepared the house for our guest including the spare bedroom in case she spent the night. While making up the bed I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and was amazed at how girly I actually looked. I went and stood in front of the mirror, with the way the cage kept me flat and pointed down in the tight panties I looked like a girl. I next pulled my panties down to look more closely at my new confinement. I held the lock in my hand and thought about the submission of giving the key to your manhood to your wife. No you fool I thought don’t call that useless thing manhood, call it what it is call it a clitty and the thought made me throb in my cage. I told myself not to worry about the devise, that it was only for the weekend, it would soon be off and merely a memory.

My thoughts of Clair were so mean and she was so butch that I put on our laciest girly sheets and pillowcases just to annoy her. Then I got one of Rene’s flower scented candles and lit it in the room. Rene had already told me that I was to be respectful of Clair and that by serving Clair was a way of serving Rene and it was what she wanted me to do.

Finished with the house I went to find Rene who was relaxing in the front room, reading a magazine. She had her feet up on the couch so I picked them up and sat while putting them in my lap. She did not stop reading but smiled when I began to massage her feet. I know she enjoys this but maybe not, as much as I do. As I rubbed, I wondered if this would be the last bit of pleasure, I was to have this weekend.

Part IV

Our evening with Clair:

As the afternoon passed and evening approached Rene kept getting more excited at the prospect of seeing her dear friend Clair. As for me, it had just the opposite effect as I was becoming more uneasy but I put it behind me for this was my wife’s weekend and if a visit from Clair made her happy then I was happy. Seeing how my wife dressed for the evening did little to ease the pain my clitty was feeling. She reminded me of a schoolgirl as she wore a pleated skirt that rose at least five inches above her knees showing off her long legs so smooth and tan. To add further to her schoolgirl look she wore a starched short-sleeved button down blouse with enough buttons left undone to show she wore no bra. To finish the schoolgirl harlot look she wore a pair of strappy heels with white anklet socks ruffled at the top.

Rene had my outfit picked out as well and from her closet. Although what she had selected couldn’t be called girly, it definitely would not be called manly. She selected a pink blouse that she called mauve and a pair of navy shorts with pleats in the front and a zipper on the side along with a pair of ballet slippers When I started to balk, Rene merely shushed me so I swallowed whatever pride I had left and put them on. She told me how nice the shorts looked on me as it showed off my new flat front. As I looked in the mirror, I saw that from the neck down, I looked like a girl, although a flat one. Yet in the full reflection, I looked like a sissy who just dressed like a girl. I told Rene my feelings on how I looked; she came over and put her arm around me. Now I know I am a little shorter than my wife is and I realize it is a little embarrassing but now with her in heels and me in slippers she towered over me as she held me. As she hugged me, she whispered in my ear,

“Sweetie that is what I want, I want you to be my sissy, my sissy servant pleasing me in any way I want. Thank you dear for being my sissy this weekend; I just hope you are having some enjoyment in this too.”

She unbuttoned two buttons on my blouse and stuck her hand in to caresses a nipple. With her warm breath in my ear and her hand in my blouse, I just tingled all over. She tilted my head up to her mouth and as our lips met, we kissed with her tongue probing mine. I was getting so excited I began breathing rapidly as I felt the heat rising in my loins and then, the doorbell rang.

As soon as Rene heard the bell she let go of me so fast, I almost fell over. I watched her run to get the door as I tried to calm my emotions. Rene opened the door and threw herself into Clair’s arms. They kissed in the doorway for what seemed like a long time and I remember thinking that it had not been that long since they had last seen each other. Only after breaking their embrace did Clair look at me and with could only be called a smirk she said, “Nice outfit.”

While I tried to think of some smart-ass reply, Rene asked me to go open the wine for us. When I returned they were sitting together on the couch so I took the chair across the floor. Except for refilling their glasses, I was ignored as they talked old times. At seven, I served dinner and we had our third bottle of wine, then after, I cleaned up as they retired to the living room. I really didn’t mind as I just felt like a third wheel.

When I returned to the living room I heard my wife giggling and knew she had drank too much wine. She looked up and crooked her finger at me to come over to them. The first thing I saw was Clair holding the key to my cage. My wife said,

“Jeanie, pull down your pants she wants to see my new toy.”

“But Rene I can’t…”

“Hush girl she knows all about it I just want to show it to her.”

As humiliated, as I’d ever been I slowly reached to the side and unzipped my shorts, when my wife thought I was too slow she yanked them down to my ankles. She then pulled my panties to my knees exposing to Clair not only my cage but also my heart shaped pubic hair. Clair began to laugh and Rene joined in as I stood for their inspection with my hands behind my back.

“Clair, my poor baby says it hurts when his little clitty tries to get hard but if I let him out of his cage he spurts and then he doesn’t want to play anymore.”

“Like I said on the phone I can fix that problem, when I’m done with her she’ll get just as excited but she won’t have erections any longer so sex like a man and a woman have will no longer be possible.”

Clair then picked up my clitty in its cage and chuckled,

“Of course, with this little thing I can’t see you’d be missing much.”

Rene giggled too,

“Oh you’re right about that and her nick name should be ‘Quickshot’ as she lasts about three strokes.”

As they were talking, they were toying with my genitals and yet talking as if I wasn’t in the room. I was still trying to get over all the feminine pronouns they were using for me. I was a man goddamn it, was what I wanted to scream and yet I felt too emasculated to say anything. It was only after these thoughts were processed in my pea brain that I realized Clair was talking about me no longer having erections. I started to protest but Rene just put her finger to my lips and I held my tongue.

“Let’s take her to your spare room and we can examine her, let me get my bag.”

Rene pulled up my shorts but not my panties so they just bunched at my crotch. As soon as we got out of earshot, I asked Rene what Clair was talking about.

“Oh honey this is what I want so just go with it OK? Just remember this is my weekend so please don’t wreck it for us.”

I briefly wondered who ‘us’ was, Rene and I or Clair and Rene.

Clair came into the room and ordered me to undress and lie on the bed. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the key to my cage, this really bothered me that she still now had the control over my genitals. Still talking only to Rene as if I couldn’t understand English she said I needed to be bound to the bed so I wouldn’t disturb the examination. I knew I should stop everything now but as Rene distracted me first by playing with my balls and then she toyed with my butt. Once I realized my hands were bound I gave up and let them have their way with me. Clair unlocked my cage and the pain from the blood rushing back into my clitty ached.

“We need to measure recovery time, Rene why don’t you rub out a good orgasm from her and then we’ll measure how long it takes to get excited again.”

Rene began her friction on me but not like jacking off a penis but by rubbing my special spot just under the head of my clitty. Between the humiliations of having two dressed women playing with me just to see me climax and the sexual tension I had been under all day I came almost immediately spurting on my belly.

“It’s a good idea to always make her eat her discharge that way she will know she has to earn it.”

She scooped up a finger full and put it to my lips and when I refused to open my mouth, she merely rubbed it on my lips. She got another finger full and as she held to my mouth she squeezed my nose shut with her other hand. Once again beaten I opened my mouth to take my own spluge. I gagged almost retching on texture and the thought of what was in my mouth more than he taste. The two girls took turns feeding me by the finger full until I was left with just a dry sticky crust on my belly.

What was once humiliating and exciting was now merely degrading and embarrassing but when Clair pulled my wife into her arms to kiss, I felt a twinge return to my groin.

“You see Rene that excites her to think of us making love. Didn’t you ever tell him about us at school, you naughty girl.”

She calmly freed my wife’s breast from her blouse and as she toyed with her nipple, she looked me right in the eyes.

“Oh yes your wife and I were big time lovers in school, I couldn’t get enough of this girl, I guess I don’t need to tell you but she has the sweetest tasting pussy of any girl I’ve ever had.”

I don’t know what was turning me on more seeing Clair playing with Rene’s breasts or the thought of them engaging in oral sex.

“Look at that your hubby recouped real nicely. Rene, let me show you how to milk your husband. This works very well to release the pressure and allow her a discharged yet without an orgasm. That way it keeps her interested although somewhat frustrated.”

She pulled a long flat device out of her bag it had a handle on one end and was curved at the other. She poured some kind of oil or lube on the curve end and pressed it to my rectum. She warned me to relax or she might damage my anal passage. She picked my legs up over my head and told me to keep them there. Now as Rene watched in fascination she began to insert her tool.

“This is a prostrate massager; this curve if inserted correctly will press on the prostrate until the testicles empty naturally through her clit.”

Soon I was feeling something magic in my rear end and then I saw the first trickle coming out of me and dripping into the cup that Clair had placed on my stomach. I mean I knew it was cum but I didn’t feel like I was cumming. Clair invited Rene to try it and soon she had me leaking more fluid. When Clair decided I was empty, she held the cup to my lips and I drank it without protest. I felt drained but still unsatisfied and realized that Clair had been right.

Part V

Just two girls and a sissy spend the rest of an evening together:

It felt so good being out of my cage but if felt even better when Rene picked up my little clitty and slowly rubbed my spot with her thumb.

“Gene we need to talk,”

I hated hearing those words; those words always meant bad news. She seemed to be studying me as she continued to stroke me softly.

“Dear, I need to know the truth, are you enjoying being my little sissy? I know I’ve put you through a lot but have you been as turned on as I have?”

“My clitty gets so hard when you call me that but after I cum I don’t want to play anymore. You were right to lock me up but its torture yet for the chance to please you I’ll do anything even the cage.”

“Well, that just what I wanted to talk to you about, Clair has an injection that will let you still get excited but will stop this little thing I’m holding from getting hard. If it doesn’t get hard you won’t cum so our problem will be solved.”

“But she said we couldn’t have sex if she did that…”

“Shush, we can still have sex you just won’t be hard enough to put it inside me any longer. I know that would be rough for you but to tell you the truth you little clitty have never satisfied me anyway. You always please me with your tongue, I mean that’s my favorite and we can still do that.”

“But honey what about me, don’t I get to cum.”

Here Clair interrupted us, I had forgotten about Clair even being there.

“Rene I can mix up a small cocktail not a full dose and once injected will only last around forty-eight hours with no lasting side effects. Why don’t you try it and see how she likes it and if she’s not happy in a couple of days she will return to as she is now. At least she’d be free of her cage and that seems to bother her the most.”

What Clair said made sense, I was already committed to a weekend of being my wife’s servant, and this way I would stay excited and not have to wear my cage. So it was agreed to and Clair took her bag to the kitchen to remix the dose.

“You know you’ve always been my Jeanie, even when I first met you it wasn’t your manliness that attracted me to you it was you soft feminine side that I loved. You have always been respectful of my needs unlike all the men I dated in school and although sometimes I miss a good fucking what I get from you makes it worthwhile.”

What was wrong with me the more Rene talked about how unmanly I was the more excited I became? Manly, how could I call myself manly, here I was allowing my wife to dress me in women’s clothes? Rene may have made me fem up but deep down I knew I loved it. I thought of the trip to the sex shop in the morning I walked in the shop dressed, as a sissy and displayed to a woman I’d never seen before. To tell the truth up until the shot in the balls I took, it was the most exciting morning of my life. I had to face the facts my wife was right I was nothing but a sissy. Although I dressed like it, I wasn’t a woman and I sure wasn’t a man for no man would allow his wife to take him in out in public dressed as a woman. Therefore, what did that leave, sissy, a word I grew up hating, I guess because it was too close to the truth.

Clair came back carrying a large syringe,

“Rene this is going to hurt her so if, oh look her little clitty is firm again. That’s good Rene if you’ll just keep rubbing her that way it will distract her so…”

I screamed in pain as my scrotum felt as if it was on fire and the pain kept building until I passed out. When I came to the room was dark and I was by myself. I found I was no longer tied to the bed so I got up to look for Rene. I saw the kitchen light was on but when I walked in the kitchen, I found Clair there by herself, drinking coffee.

“Well, you’re awake, how you feeling? Come here I want to check my handiwork.”

She led me back to the spare bedroom using my clitty as a leash. I was instructed to lie back down on the bed where she bound my leg with a padded chain she had beside her bag. I didn’t try to stop her, as I knew she would do to me what she wanted. As she caressed my balls I took stock of my body, how did I feel, well the pain was now gone and even Clair’s rough handling of me didn’t hurt. I did feel somehow different but I couldn’t quite put a handle on it.

“What did you give me and what will it do to me?”

“Basically it was just female hormones but the cocktail I’ve made works much quicker than normal injections and that is why I had to inject them in your testicles. The first thing you will notice will be the lack of erection and with that the cessation of ejaculation except through anal stimulation. You may have orgasms similar to what a woman has but to you it will feel more as a glow than a climax. Next, your body should round and fill out and maybe even the starting of breasts but no more than mastunculi in description yet still much more sensitive than a male’s. It should be working already but I need to see how your body is accepting it.”

She released my balls and put her hands on my nipples. The feeling was so erotic and I moaned in pleasure. She continued to rub my breasts as she now called them,

“You know I took your wife’s cherry back when we were in school. I still have the dildo I used on her and her way of thanking me for treating you is to let me take your cherry as well. I didn’t mind her going out with all those men, I mean she is a woman and a woman needs a cock to please her. You however stole her from me as she told me you could please as a woman did. I never thought it would last between you two because every time she came home from a date with you, she had to call a man over to have a good fucking. Did you know that, yes that right after an evening with your puny little dick she had to have a real man?”

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