lesbian romance

Ashley and Danny left campus to drive to the downtown area after spending an hour going through Ashley’s wardrobe. “Are you sure this is something that they’d wear at a BDSM club?” she asked looking down at her long black strapless dress. Her hair was straightened and tied into a neat bun and she had put red lipstick over her pouty lips.

“I don’t know, I’ve never been to one.” Danny said, wearing a red tie over their black button up shirt. “I wouldn’t worry about it though, I imagine looking at someone not being humiliated is the least of everyone else’s concern.”

“Speaking of humiliated.” Ashley said, “How are we going to go after the Three Furies?”

“I have no idea.” Danny said, “I’m sure by now they realize something is up and will be more paranoid. Getting near them will be next to impossible.”

“Not to mention the fact that the rest of the sorority will be trying to find us out.” Ashley added.”

“Who should we go after first?” Danny asked as they pulled off of the expressway.

Ashley thought it over and then said, “Madison probably. She’s always kind of “not present” in meetings. Her major is fashion and design and so she is more isolated from the others. Wait that’s it!” she said as she touched Danny’s arm in excitement.


“One of the events the sorority told us about was the fashion show Madison puts on after Thanksgiving break. That willl be perfect, we can find a way to get to the clothes and sabotage them. It’ll also give us a chance to humiliate the rest of the sorority!”

“I like it.” Danny said as they touched Ashley’s hand. “We’ll talk this over more later, we’re getting close to the club.”

In the distance, they saw a large brick two story building with no windows on the first floor. “That’s it.” Danny said pointing to the neon lit sign that said “The Factory.”

“I’m kind of nervous.” Ashley said, “I’m not sure if I’m going to like it in there.”

“Just think of it as going to see a show that Natasha is in and we’re there to support her.” Danny said trying to look on the bright side of things. They also hadn’t been to a BDSM club but found the subject interesting. Danny felt Natasha had the right idea about college being about new experiences.

Danny parked on the side of the street and stepped out of the car. With Ashley’s arm tucked under Danny’s, the two of them walked to the small black door. Once there, Danny knocked on it and nearly jumped back as it flung open. On the other side was a large bouncer dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt. “Can I help you?” he asked in a monotone voice.

“Uh we’re here to see the demonstration. Mistress Victoria invited us.” Danny said.

“Can I see your IDs please?” he asked as he held up a clipboard with a list of names.” He took both cards, matched their faces to their names and then looked at the list once more. While he checked the list, Danny looked down a hallway and could see a dark room where a woman stood against a large rack with her legs apart. Her arms were tied and raised in a V over her head. She was naked except for a leather thong and wore a zipper mask. Just above her ass was a tramp stamp of a tribal tattoo. Behind her was another woman wearing a corset and leather pants. She had a cattle prod in her hand and as she circled the bound woman from behind, the dom pressed the prod to the bound woman’s butt cheek and sent the voltage through her flesh, causing her to moan with pleasure as the buzz made her writhe.

“You don’t think they’re going to do that to her do you?” Ashley asked as she winced.

“I don’t know.” Danny said as they bit their lip. They were starting to wonder just how much Natasha was going to surprise them with tonight.

“Okay follow me.” The bouncer said. He led them inside and up a flight of spiral stairs, as they ascended, the lighting grew more dim until they walked into a wide room crowded with about twenty people. To the right was a bartender who served drinks behind a small bar. Chairs were lined up all against the walls and in the center was a large rug and a long rectangular block painted black. It looked like a treasure chest with it’s black leather cushion on top and metal rings hanging on each side, two on each long side and one on each short side. Danny assumed that they were there so people could use them as handles to carry the block. Ashley wrapped her arm around Danny’s as they entered and looked at the crowd. Most of them seemed to be people ranging from their late 20′s to early 50′s. Men were dressed in business suits with their hair combed back.

“Wow, some of these guys look like they could be professors.” Ashley said.

“Well at least everyone here looks real and not like drop dead gorgeous models.” Danny said. Indeed, many of the men and women seemed like everyday people. Not every woman was skinny with large breasts, some were bigger than others, while the older people looked their age and not like they had been touched up by any cosmetic surgery. Most of the women wore dresses or dress pants and button up shirts. Overall, Danny liked the mood. They felt even more comfortable when they saw a few women who could have easily passed off as men given their short hair and masculine attire.

“Everyone can I have your attention.” A blonde woman wearing a long red silk dress called out. She had dark red lipstick on and had pale white skin. Long black gloves extended from her elbows and her slender legs peeked out between the slits on the side of her dress.. The noise quieted down as people sat in their seats. Ashley and Danny decided to sit against the corner adjacent to the entrance. “Thank you all for attending tonight’s demonstration. We have a new pet coming in for tonight’s play. So shall we bring them in?”

There was a chorus of “Yeahs.” As the crowd looked to the entrance. Stepping through was Natasha, her black hair hanging over her shoulders. She wore a long white dress that was cut low in the front, showing off her cleavage. Danny hadn’t realized how large her breasts were, since they were often covered up by a shirt. Behind Natasha was Mistress Victoria, her long hair extended to the middle of her exposed back over her backless black gown. The crowd applauded as Natasha walked towards the end of the room where the block was. She kept her eyes pointing straight ahead, not acknowledging Danny and Ashley as she passed them. Once they were in the center Mistress Victoria stood to the side and said, “Everyone, this is Natasha and she’s our pet this evening.”

People clapped, Danny and Ashley smiled to each other as the suspense of what was to come gave both of them goosebumps. If you had told them at the beginning of the semester that they’d be in a BDSM club they would called you crazy, but here they were and they had no idea what to expect. The fact that it was a friend of theirs made the suspense even stronger.

“First off, I don’t think I like all of these clothes on here, I think I should take them off her don’t you?” Mistress Victoria asked. Everyone in the room voiced their approval and she held out her hand for the blonde woman to hand her a black whip. “Thank you Claire.”

Danny felt Ashley’s hand squeeze tight onto theirs as they watched Mistress Victoria stand behind Natasha, who stood with her hands to her sides. Mistress Victoria raised her whip and flicked her wrist, making a loud CRACK! Ashley and Danny jumped in their seats as the whip lashed out at Natasha, who flinched as the whip hit her in the back, causing the back of her dress to split open and fall to her feet. The audience applauded as Natasha stood there in nothing but a white pair of bikini style panties. Her large breasts remained exposed while her hands went to cover her crotch as she looked down.

“Aww she’s shy.” Mistress Victoria said as she held onto Natasha’s mouth. I think we need to get these pesky hands out of the way.” Claire handed Mistress Victoria a long nylon rope who then wrapped it around her hand four times. Next, Mistress Victoria pulled the ends through the center to create two loops on either side of the four strands, creating a prisoner’s knot. She pulled Natasha’s hands behind her back and pulled each hand through a loop, cinching them tight around Natasha’s wrists but keeping them loose enough to give her enough circulation. With Natasha’s hands behind her back, Mistress Victoria forced Natasha to bend forward. “Doesn’t she have a nice ass?” she asked as she turned Natasha around. Indeed, Natasha’s buttocks was impressive to the audience as the round cheeks hugged onto the back of her panties, almost as if they would burst out. Mistress Victoria grabbed the back and pulled it upward, giving Natasha a hard wedgie.

“Ungg.” Natasha moaned as she felt the panties ride up between her ass and her labia. She curled her toes and rubbed her thighs together, wincing again when she felt Mistress Victoria give her left ass cheek an upward slap, causing it to jiggle.

“Oh you like that don’t you you little slut?” Mistress Victoria asked. Natasha nodded as she was spanked again. “Step out of these panties. You don’t deserve clothing.” Mistress Victoria slid Natasha’s underwear down her legs and had Natasha step out of them, exposing her pussy which had a small strip of black hair above it. “Now I think everyone should get to enjoy that ass of yours so get on your knees right here.” Mistress Victoria said, gesturing to the rectangular block. Natasha obeyed as she stepped on the block and bent one knee at a time to kneel down, aligning her knees with the long side of the block, bending over to extend her posterior outward. “Come on, who wants to spank this nice ass?” Mistress Victoria asked as she grabbed it hard.

At Mistress Victoria’s request, two men got up from their seats and approached the block. The first was a bearded man in his 20s, wearing a blue button up shirt with his sleeves rolled and black dress pants. The other man was bald and had a muscular build. He wore blue jeans and a red t-shirt that hugged his muscular physique. The bald man stood on the end of the block where Natasha’s ass was, groping it before finally raising his large hand to swing it down with a loud SLAP!

“OH!” Natasha screamed as she felt an explosion of pain encompass her whole ass cheek. The force was so strong she leaned forward. She heard the laughter around her and smirked herself, thinking about how red her ass would turn.

“Mmm that is nice.” The bald man said as he slapped her again.

“AHH!” she cried again as her head rested on the end of the block.

“No crying.” Mistress Victoria said, grabbing Natasha’s chin and lifting it up. “Don’t make me gag you.”

“You gonna be quiet like a good girl?” the bald man asked as he spanked her again. Natasha just nodded, biting her lip hard to repress her winces. Already she felt an itching sensation all over her buttocks as the skin swelled from his slaps. She gripped the edges of the block as she swayed her ass in response to the tingling feeling she felt between her legs.

Soon the bearded man joined in spanking her, running his hands along her smooth cheeks and in between her exposed pussy, “Mm. I think she’s getting a bit wet.” He said as felt his fingers slid effortlessly in between her labia majora..

“Oh no she won’t. You aren’t getting pleased yet.” Mistress Victoria said. “Not until we get some pleasure in return. Claire would like you to go down on her wouldn’t you?” she asked.

“That’s right I would.” Claire said as she moved to stand in front of Natasha’s face, raising her skirt to expose her naked pussy. Despite being blonde, her pubic hair was a darker color. The natural look of her pussy made Natasha smile as she licked her lips. “Come on, I want you to lick my pussy while these two spank you.” Claire said.

Natasha leaned her head forward as she ran her tongue against Mistress Claire’s outer labia, trying not to cry out as the slaps from the two men behind her continued. People up close could see that the welts on her ass were increasing in size. As Natasha licked Claire’s pussy, Claire smiled and occasionally moaned with pleasure when Natasha inserted her tongue further into her pussy and circled her inner walls. Claire slid her hips back and forth against the wet surface of Natasha’s tongue, turning to give Mistress Victoria a kiss. “How is she?” Mistress Victoria asked.

“Mmmmm she’s wonderful.” Claire said, gasping when Natasha pressed her lips over Claire’s clitoris and sucked on it.

“Good. Let’s get her to suck some cock now.” Mistress Victoria said.

Claire stepped away from Natasha, stroking the wet spot over her dress as she turned to a woman sitting against the wall. Claire lifted her dress and let the woman finish the job while the bald man moved to Natasha’s face, unzipping his pants and pulling out his penis which was already erect, a long blue vein extending out from the shaft. The tip wasn’t entirely red, but it was wide. Natasha stared at it and licked her lips as she saw a drop of pre-cum hanging from the end like a branch dripping with sap.

As she watched Natasha begin licking the tip of his penis, Ashley crossed her legs as the scene of humiliation was beginning to have an effect on her. The idea of being humiliated attracted her in terms of being embarrassed in front of Danny and so she imagined being in Natasha’s position with Danny spanking her. The one part she was fascinated with was the idea of a penis being involved. While she enjoyed going down on Danny, the image of Natasha’s mouth bobbing back and forth on a penis seemed more humiliating and thus, more arousing. Not only that, but the image also reminded Ashley of how good a hard cock felt sliding into her pussy, pushing in and out of her and stretching it as it slid against her pink walls. As she rubbed her thighs, she could feel a wet sensation over her panties and covered her crotch with her hand, as if fantasizing about a man’s genitals was a shameful thought.

Danny also reacted to the scene, already picturing themselves in the scenario. Danny could easily imagine wearing a strap-on and forcing it down Ashley’s mouth. Just the thought of it made Danny tingle inside, so much so they gripped Ashley’s hand harder and brushed their leg against hers.

“Mmm. Look at her suck that cock.” Mistress Victoria said. “But her pussy is being completely unattended to. I think she needs to get fucked in this hole as well.”

The audience cheered as the bearded man took off his shirt and dropped his pants to his ankles. He began stroking his thin but long penis to get it erect. Ashley found herself staring at his slender, tone frame, feeling more juice secrete out of her loins as he inserted his penis into Natasha from behind.

Natasha’s eyes closed as she muted her sensual groans. Her legs and arms tightened in response to the pleasure she was feeling from behind as the bearded man’s penis rammed inside her pussy. The added humiliation of the balded man’s cock sliding against her tongue made it harder to hold back from cumming. She imagined how she might seem to Danny and Ashley and wondered how they would react. Danny might be less shocked but Ashley might be speechless. Natasha pictured Ashley staring at her in awe, stunned that Natasha would allow these men to do this to her and that thought increased Natasha’s sense of empowerment. All of these people, the men, the audience, were here only because she consented and this gave her confidence that she hadn’t felt before. As a psychology major, she understood anxiety and fear and found the psychological aspect of humiliation a challenge to sit with instead of avoiding it. In her opinion, by mastering public humiliation into a turn on was one of the best ways she could achieve mastery of her identity and independence.

Mistress Victoria circled the block as both men penetrated Natasha orally and vaginally. Always alert of the audience, Mistress Victoria noticed other men had left their seats and stood around the block, pulling their penises out and stroking them. Some men with dates had their partners stroking their cocks for them. Mistress Victoria waited for the bald man to pull his dick out and tap it against Natasha’s face before saying, “Roll her on her back.” While the two men helped turn Natasha over, making sure her hands were comfortably resting behind her as she lay down, Mistress Victoria gestured for Claire and a heterosexual couple standing nearby to come forward. “Help yourselves.” Mistress Victoria said to the couple and then she whispered to Claire, “Get the wand.”

Claire nodded and walked away while the couple, a man dressed in a grey business suit who looked to be in his 50′s and a younger, brown haired woman wearing a white tube top dress, approached Natasha. The man grabbed onto Natasha’s breasts and pinched her left nipple while his female partner knelt down beside Natasha to lick her right breast. While this was going on, the bald man inserted his cock back in Natasha’s mouth while the bearded man returned to fucking her. Now that she was on her back, Natasha’s body could relax more and enjoy the barrage of stimulation she felt from four different people. She no longer needed to thrust her hips as she let the man fucking her pussy do all of the work, grunting as the couple gripped her breasts in their hands. The pain shot from her nipples straight to her core as the female in the relationship opened her mouth to bite on Natasha’s hard brown nipple, causing Natasha to squeal that was muffled by the dick she was giving oral pleasure to. She was grateful that her wrists were tied behind her back because she could take out her sexual frustration on her wrists by pulling them against the rope, using the pain to distract her from the pleasure. Just then, the man slapping her breast pinched onto the nipple and twisted it, hard enough to make her scream. Despite her cries in pain, Natasha smiled, giggling like a child riding a roller coaster.

Danny watched with wide eyes as Natasha lay there like a sexual buffet shared by four people, wincing as Natasha’s breasts jiggled up and down from being slapped. Ashley’s hand was over her mouth, she had to remind herself that Natasha agreed to this so she wouldn’t feel too conflicted with watching a woman get degraded like this. Now Ashley understood what “Public Disgrace” was and had a feeling that Natasha was far from being done.

Just then, Claire returned from the side of the room and had a long white Hitachi Magic Wand in her hand, causing another applause from the people watching. “Oh that’s just fucking cruel.” Danny said with a grin.

Claire gestured for the bearded man to pull his dick out of Natasha and step aside. Claire set the wand to its lowest setting, 5,000 RPMs and Natasha winced once she heard the noise, knowing that she was about to be tested further in delaying her orgasm. As soon as she felt the vibrating rubber brush against her vulva, Natasha squealed and bucked her hips.

“You might wanna step back unless you want her to bite your dick off.” Mistress Victoria said to the bald man, knowing that Natasha might bite down to restrain her body from losing complete control. The bald man chuckled as he stepped away from Natasha’s mouth. As soon as he did, the cries Natasha made echoed throughout the room. Mistress Victoria laughed as she repeatedly slapped Natasha’s face while Claire held the wand against her clit and vulva. “That’s it scream like a fucking baby.”

“OH!!! SHIT!!!” Natasha screamed, angry that she was not allowed to come against the vibrations that overwhelmed her entire nether region. By now, the slapping on her face and tits was a relief because it was almost impossible for her to ignore the feeling of her pussy drowning in its juices.

Claire lifted the wand and gestured for the bearded man to come forward, saying, “Stretch that pussy.” She grabbed Natasha’s legs and pushed them apart while the bearded man pulled her pussy lips open, exposing her pink labia minora. With her most sensitive area exposed, Claire brought the wand against Natasha’s open pussy, bringing electric vibrations through her pussy and thighs. By now, Natasha’s breasts shined under the bright lights as sweat covered them. Each slap from the couple caused some specks of water to fly in the air. As Claire tilted the wand up to bring more pressure on Natasha’s clit, Natasha’s voice rose an octave as she moaned, her eyes rolling in the back of her head. “OH GOD! YEAH YEAH!! OH SHIT!! OHMYGOD!!!”

“Turn it up.” Mistress Victoria said as she leaned close to Natasha’s ear.” The noise from the wand got louder and Natasha’s voice cooed out in a long high pitched whine as she pulled against her ropes so hard it made her wrists sore. “You want to come for me?” Mistress Victoria asked.

“Oh yes! Yes please!” Natasha cried as she contracted her kegal muscles to hold in her climax.

“Too bad.” Mistress Victoria said and on those words, Claire removed the wand from Natasha’s pussy and laughed as she kicked her legs, shaking her head side to side. The couple that was slapping Natasha started to drag their nails across her torso, kissing each other as they ran ruined her smooth skin with their scratches.

Mistress Victoria walked to Natasha’s lower half and raised her hand to slap Natasha on the pussy, causing her to buck her hips as she cursed out loud. “FUCK!” she shouted as all the pleasure she had experienced from the wand was drowned in the exploding pain from the slap.

“What a filthy mouth you have.” Mistress Victoria said as she slapped Natasha’s pussy again. “Maybe we should wash it out with Drew’s cock.”

Not missing a beat, the bearded man who had to have been Drew, walked in front of Natasha’s mouth, stroking the head of his penis to get it hard again. Natasha’s lips curled back as she opened her mouth and gently pressed her teeth on the tip, taking her frustration out on Drew who responded by slapping her cheek. “Don’t you bite me bitch.” he said as he grabbed onto the sides of her head and thrusted his long penis down her throat. Natasha obeyed his command, but felt it hard to do so with the nails and hands inflicting pain along her body. As if in harmony, the couple and Mistress Victoria all slapped Natasha’s erogenous zones, making sure to hit her thighs, tits, pussy and stomach. Even from where Danny and Ashley sat, they could see red marks covering Natasha’s body.

Natasha felt Drew’s fingers around her head grip tighter as she felt his penis sliding faster against her tongue, the mix of saliva and pre-cum emitting another slapping sound in this orchestra of pain. She knew Drew was about to come and braced herself for his essence as he pulled his cock out and ran his hand up and down the shaft. “Oh you ready for this bitch? You want me to cum on you?”

Natasha nodded as she opened her mouth, smiling as she heard men and women in the audience cheer her on. Drew let out a low growl as he pushed the skin around his cock up and down and then cried out as he felt a large wad of jism shoot out across Natasha’s face. Mistress Victoria laughed as Natasha’s tongue ran along the side of her mouth to lap up the warm, salty liquid. “I think she’s earned her right to come don’t you?” she asked the audience.

Danny whistled as they clapped while Ashley laughed at Danny’s enthusiasm. She was amazed at the fact that even though they were several feet away, Mistress Victoria managed to make this an experience for everyone.

Mistress Victoria placed her hand in between Natasha’s legs and inserted her middle and ring finger into her pussy, nodding to the couple so they knew to continue groping and slapping Natasha’s breasts. The soothing touch of her Mistress’ fingers made Natasha arch her back as she gasped. Indeed, she did feel rewarded for her trials and looked up at her mistress with longing eyes, an obedient pet silently inquiring about how well they did. Mistress Victoria’s eyes narrowed as she pressed her thumb on Natasha’s clit and rapidly slid her fingers inside her pussy. “Come for me, and scream. I want you to fucking scream!”

Natasha didn’t need to be commanded to do this because as soon as she felt pressure on her clit, she threw her head back and squealed in joy as Mistress Victoria finally brought her over the edge, sending her pussy into a series of convulsions as the section of the block where she lay became soaked with her natural lubricant. With her heart racing, Natasha relaxed her muscles as she lay on the black, head tilted back and legs hanging over the block. She closed her eyes to listen to the room erupt with applause as she started laughing in amazement, the high of her performance almost being able to match the high she felt from getting off.

Ashley and Danny smiled as they cheered their friend on and then watched as Claire pulled out several wrapped up bunches of rope from a bag. “What’s going on?” Ashley asked Danny who wondered why Drew and the bald man were masturbating. “I guess she’s not done.” Danny said with a nervous laugh.

“Really? What else could they possibly do to her?’ Ashley asked as her cheeks grew flush. The scene she had just witnessed was the kinkiest she’d ever watched, already her mind was overloaded with fantasies as to what she’d like to mimic and what she’d prefer to never to experience herself. She literally could not imagine what else could happen and that thought made her blush.

Natasha lay on the block, her face content as her breathing returned to normal while Mistress Victoria began unwrapping the bundle of rope. Members in the audience got up to go to the bathroom or to refill their drinks. Other spectators broke off into small groups to have some fun of their own now that their minds had been primed with various kink. The couple who had been slapping Natasha returned to their seat and the woman got to her knees so she could go down on her partner. They actually got an audience themselves as a few people gathered around.

“You want anything to drink?” Danny asked Ashley, noticing that she seemed taken aback by everything.

“Oh sure…um I’ll take some wine.” she said, feeling that it would come in handy if she was going to watch round two of Natasha’s humiliation. While Danny walked to the bar, Ashley returned to staring at the couple who were engaged in oral sex. She wasn’t a prude by any means, but her shy nature made it impossible for her to feel comfortable with the idea of public sex. Perhaps it was because her experience with public exposure was associated with the sorority, but regardless, the image of the woman wrapping her lips around her partner’s cock while other people took turns groping her pussy from over her panties sent conflicting emotions in Ashley, as if arousal and anxiety were at an endless war with each other.

“See anything you like?” she heard a man’s voice say.

Ashley looked up and gasped when she saw Drew, the bearded man who had fucked two of Natasha’s orifices standing about a foot away from her, still naked. Ashley’s hand was over her mouth as she tried not to let her eyes wander, but nervousness forced her to get a quick glance at his erect penis that stuck out like a plank. She knew she was caught when he smiled at her and said, “It’s okay. You can look. My name is Drew, I don’t think I’ve seen you here before.”

“I-i’m seeing a friend. N-Natasha.” Ashley said nervuosly, her face turning a bright shade of red as she averted her eyes from the naked man standing in front of her.

“Ah Natasha.” Drew purred, “I’m impressed with how natural she looks doing all of this. You’d think she’d been doing this for years.” he tilted his head as he scanned Ashley from her legs to her face, admiring how her clothes wrapped tightly around her firm looking breasts. “You still haven’t told me your name.”

“It’s Ashley.” Danny said, holding a beer in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. “And I’m Danny, her partner.”

“Oh.” Drew said stepping back as he faced Danny. The fact that he’d been caught flirting with Ashley didn’t phase him in the slightest as he looked at Danny’s thin frame. “You’re both quite lucky to have each other.”

“I know.” Danny said, gripping the neck of the beer bottle tighter.

“Well I’m glad Natasha has such sexy looking friends. Hopefully this won’t be the only time I see you.” Drew said before turning around and walking back to join Natasha and the others.

Ashley took the glass of wine from Danny and leaned in close to kiss them on the lips. “Thanks for saving me.” she said, “I was just shocked to see him come up to me like that.” It was the truth, and yet she still felt guilty for staring at his penis in awe, like being caught with a dirty magazine. Not only that, but Ashley was also stunned at what Danny called her, “partner.” It wasn’t “girlfriend” but she knew Danny was referring to her as a significant other and it caught her off guard because it was a conversation they never had. Not wanting to bring it up now, she forced a smile and swirled the wine in its glass.

“It’s okay.” Danny said, taking a long drink from their beer, “I’m just glad I got back in time. I think if we come back I’m going to have to cuff you to my wrists.”

Ashley giggled as she tickled Danny’s side and whispered, “As long as you do everything else to me at home.” Both partners knocked their drinks together and looked back to Mistress Victoria who was guiding Natasha’s legs apart into a full split on the block she sat on. “Damn.” Danny said as they cringed, “I didn’t think she was that flexible.” With Natasha’s legs splayed out, her torso bent forward, sticking her curvy ass cheeks out. Natasha breathed in to adjust to her stretched muscles but let the arousal creep through her mind as she focused on feeling vulnerable with her posterior facing the audience. She felt the soft touch of the rope around her right thigh and smiled when she saw Mistress Victoria wrapping one of the ropes several times around the area where her thigh met her hip before tying it off in a knot around the ring that hung on the side of the block. With the rope wrapped tight around Natasha’s leg, her right ass cheek bulged out more. Claire helped Mistress Victoria by tying the rope around Natasha’s left leg, allowing Mistress Victoria to tie a similar knot further down Natasha’s right thigh. For this knot, Mistress Victoria knotted the end to the ring hanging on the other side of the block, preventing Natasha’s leg from moving too much to either side. Finally, both of Natasha’s ankles were tied in rope cuffs that were cinched off to the ringlets on the opposite ends of the block, locking Natasha in her submissive position with her arms still tied behind her back. Natasha let her hair hang in front of her face as she felt the blood rush to different areas of her body now bound in a stretch. Her leg muscles tightened and she shifted her arms to keep her blood flowing. With her legs in a split and her torso bent forward, her clit was pressed right up to the leather she sat on and she bit her lip as the texture sent a spark of pleasure in between her legs.

Mistress Victoria walked behind Natasha, holding a black leather flogger in her hand. She stared at Natasha’s ass, her red cheeks bulging out like two swollen melons. “Such a sexy ass but not red enough for my liking.” Mistress Victoria said as she twirled the leather flails in the air before swinging the flogger downward on Natasha’s right cheek. Natasha groaned as she felt her cheek jiggle , the sting from the flogger spreading to the back of her thighs. Mistress Victoria raised her hand again to strike Natasha’s left cheek and then swung the flogger in a figure eight, unleashing a flurry of strikes that made Natasha’s ass dance. Each strike from the lashes forced Natasha to moan louder. Part of this was because her body was physically prohibited from moving in response to the pain and so her voice was her alternative to responding to stinging sensations on her ass and moist warmth of her pussy. Natasha also made noises to see if she could get away with it. In prior sessions, she was challenged to refrain from crying out as pain was inflicted on her and she was testing her boundaries in this session to see if she could be naughty without consequence or if Mistress Victoria would punish her mouth by inserting something inside.

“Terry shut her up.” Mistress Victoria said as she struck Natasha’s ass again.

The bald man, still naked from the previous play, stepped in front of Natasha and stroked his cock to get it hard again. Once it was turgid enough that it rose up against his torso, he bent it forward to guide towards Natasha’s face. Natasha smiled as she opened her mouth, pleased that she was being punished with another cock and felt Terry’s wide member thrust into her throat. However, the pleasure she felt in tasting a wet cock was interrupted when she felt an intense stinging pain on the section of her back in between her shoulders from the flogger. Completely caught by surprise, Natasha’s eyes widened as she squealed but then gagged as Terry shoved his dick further into her mouth. “Shut up.” Terry said as he grabbed onto Natasha’s face and slapped her cheek.

Mistress Victoria smiled because she saw the look of shock on Natasha’s face. Since it was clear that Natasha hadn’t expected to be spanked anywhere except her ass, Mistress Victoria struck Natasha’s shoulders several more times, creating more red welts along her upper back. Dropping the flogger, Mistress Victoria bent down so that she was eye level with Natasha’s ass and spanked both cheeks with her hands, creating a rhythm with each slap as if they were bongos. Perhaps because she was amused by this, Natasha tried flexing her ass cheeks in sync with the rhythm. By now she could feel a warm streak of her wetness in between her legs and tried not to let her clit slide against it for fear of being driven over the edge too soon. She wanted to focus in the moment on what was happening to her. Between her lips wrapped around Terry’s penis and the numbing pain on her ass, the initial pain Natasha felt from doing the splits completely left her mind. How could she be distracted with discomfort when so many wonderful things were happening to her?

Satisfied with the dark red marks she’d inflicted on Natasha, Mistress Victoria rose to her feet and looked at Drew. “She’s yours again.”

Drew smiled as stepped behind Natasha to grab onto her thighs and slid into her warm pussy. Already wet with arousal. a smacking sound could be heard as he fucked her from behind. The audience cheered and Natasha’s muffled cries continued as Drew’s long cock thrust deep inside her thanks to her hips being cocked back. Mistress Victoria leaned close to Drew’s ear and whispered, “Tease her.” Drew nodded and withdrew his cock, letting the tip graze the back of Natasha’s pussy lips.

Terry followed Drew’s lead and pulled his cock from her mouth and took a step away, shaking his dick in her face and saying, “Come on, reach for it.”

Natasha closed her eyes as the frustration in being cut off from being fucked got to her and she pulled against her restraints as she tried to lengthen her spine so she could suck Terry off. Her tongue protruded out and she was able to lick the head of his penis, running her tongue up and down as if it was a sucker. Terry raised his hands in triumph while people applauded.Then Mistress Victoria stepped to the front of Natasha and grabbed onto her tits, tightening her fingers like a vice around Natasha’s hard nipples. “OHHH FUCK!!” Natasha shouted from the new fresh pain that traveled up her chest, it was the only area that had healed over time.

Drew exacerbated the situation by running his penis up and down the entry way to her pussy and then sliding it into the valley of her ass cheeks. Natasha’s smooth skin made Drew harder then ever, making him angry that he couldn’t use her ass like handles to fuck Natasha silly. He made peace with his frustration by spanking her ass with both hands.

“OHHH!!” Natasha whined as her pussy twitched, the teasing was driving her mad and she began gyrating against the leather because she couldn’t help it any longer.

Mistress Victoria saw what Natasha was trying to do and twisted her nipples. “AHH!” Natasha squealed so loud her throat hurt.

“That’s right scream!” Mistress Victoria shouted, pressing hard on each nipple. “You think you’ve earned it?”

“OHH YES!!” Natasha shouted as a tear welled up in her eye from the sharp pain in her nipples.

“You think you earned the privilege to come?”

“OH YES!!!”

“Beg me.”

“Please!! Please let me come! Please!” Natasha whined in a high pitched voice, Danny had never heard her speak in such a childish tone. It was understandable since she was undergoing the worst pain imaginable.

“You better ask in a more respectful manner bitch or I’m going to make this worse.”

Natasha panted in quick breaths and said, “Please..Mistress..please let me come.” “Do it.” Mistress Victoria said as she stepped aside to let Terry and Drew swoop in like two pet dogs to give Natasha what she had earned after putting her body through various trials. It did strike Danny as interesting how Mistress Victoria orchestrated this entire demonstration. Even though these men were in dominant roles, they were still submissive on some level since they acted only on Mistress Victoria’s command.

“OH!!!” Natasha cried with Terry’s dick in her mouth as she felt Drew’s cock rapidly entering in and out of her.

“I want you to scream my name when you come!” Mistress Victoria said.

Even with her mouth being violated, Natasha could articulate the words she was instructed to shout as she felt her pussy lips tighten up for the final climax. “OHYEAHYEAH!” Natasha began chanting in a high pitched voice reaching a crescendo as she screamed. “MSTRSS VKTORIA!!” Natasha felt her pussy contract as her whole body tightened up, her squeals were muted by the applause she received from everyone around her. She looked up at her Mistress with gratitude, so happy that the long buildup led her to the most satisfying orgasm she’d had in her life.

“You two deserve to come wherever you want on this slut.” Mistres Victoria said.

Terry smiled as he grabbed onto Natasha’s head and thrust his dick along her tongue a few more times before pulling out and tugging at his dick. Drew continued fucking her because he wanted to watch Natasha’s face get hit with white cum. Terry’s perineum tightened and then another ropey jet of semen shot forward into Natasha’s open mouth. Happy with the image of Natasha licking the rest of Terry’s cum off his dick, Drew pulled out and stepped forward to shoot his load across Natasha’s back. The audience cheered as they saw Drew’s cum fly into the air and land on Natasha’s back. Danny and Ashley clapped slowly, wanting to be supportive but also being shocked that Natasha was willing to go this far.

Natasha smiled when she felt the warm droplets of cum hit the area between her shoulders and then she let the salty liquid in her mouth slide back and forth along her tongue before swallowing it. “Let’s see that mouth.” Mistress Victoria said as she grabbed Natasha’s chin. Natasha stuck her tongue out and when it was clear there was no semen at all on it, Mistress Victoria inserted her finger into Natasha’s mouth so she could suck on it.

You’ve been a good pet.” Mistress Victoria said as she caressed Natasha’s chin. As she heard this, Natasha melted inside, glad that she had earned her Mistress’ approval. The bonus was her body in post orgasm, the warm sensation radiating throughout her body overriding the chill she felt up her spine. Claire began untying the knots from Natasha’s legs while Mistress Victoria talked to her. “I want to parade you around and show everyone now.” She grabbed a leather collar and clasped it around Natasha’s neck, grabbing the chain on the other end. She waited for Natasha’s legs to be freed and for her to massage them to get more circulation. When she felt that Natasha was comfortable again, Mistress Victoria pointed to the ground and said, “Get on all fours.” Natasha did as she requested and Mistress Victoria began walking towards the audience. “We’re going for a walk through the room so everyone can spank you.” Slowly, Mistress Victoria led Natasha against a row of people, watching as her pet crawled close to them. Almost every man and woman who Natasha crawled by spanked her, some harder than others. When she got close to Danny and Ashley she lowered her head so as not to look at them.

She just does something to me that I can’t explain. She is simply amazing to me. She lights a fire in me that I have never know before. I see her and she lights me up. I touch her and its like electricity. I smell her and my heart races. I look in her eyes and I am home. I feel complete in her presence. She is by far the sexiest woman I have ever known. She is all that I long for, ache for, all that I desire.

She is the one I dream of, the one I crave. I lay next to her and my heart breaks with the depth of love I have for her. Its overpowering, all consuming and scary…but I embrace it because I would be lost without her.

Her hair falls over her eyes as she leans in to kiss me. This one tiny little thing sets me off. She is so devastatingly beautiful to me. Her lips touch mine and I feel the burn instantly. She kisses me and I thank the angels to be blessed with such a wonderful creature.

She reaches up and touches my face, slipping her tongue between my lips to touch mine. Her tongue feels incredible, I feel the tingle rising. I feel my heart, ready to burst with love because I have finally found her.

Being this close to her is absolute torture. I’m dying for her, dying to feel her tremble, to make her moan. All I want in this world is to pleasure her, to show her how much I truly love her with this one act because words always fail me.

I continue kissing her. Softly at first then more intensely. She melts into me. I kiss her neck as I run my fingers along her collar bone. Touching her makes my fingertips tingle. I want more.

I reach up to touch her lips. They are so perfect. She parts them slightly and I feel her hot breath on my finger tips. How did I ever survive so long without this woman?

I slowly move my hand down her neck, barely touching her skin until I reach her breasts. My God, they are so beautiful, perfect, so soft. I am breathing heavy as I kiss down her neck to take her nipple in my mouth. I suck softly, and slowly, a bit harder. Then, as if I can stand anymore, its the intake of breath. Hearing that from her just sends me over the edge. My heart swells with emotion and I’m lost in her. I feel her heart beat with my own and it is my world. I continue to suck softly, stopping only to flick her nipple with my tongue. She breathes in heavy and moans low and I’m instantly wet. Knowing that I’m turning her on is heaven to me. I want more.

I drag my tongue across her chest to take her other perfect nipple in my mouth. She breaths in and once again I am lost and feel the flush of wetness between my own legs. She reaches down to touch my hair, I’m gone. It is electric.

I kiss down her body..her belly, so soft, so perfect, like silk. I reach her hip bones, on her, beautiful, unlike any other. I kiss and lick her. My heart aches to take her, I need her. As I kiss her hips and touch her thighs, I breathe in. I can smell her desire. God let me die. I can’t believe this woman is here with me. I’m dying to taste her. I can hardly breathe, I’m shaking with anticipation. If I cant have her, my heart will surely break. I want more.

I can’t wait any longer. I bury my face between her thighs and breathe in. The smell of her is simply intoxicating. I feel the rush of hot wetness between my own legs as I inhale. Then, I can no longer wait. I have to taste her. Oh how sweet she is. So perfect, this is what I long for, what gives me the burn, that sense of absolute desperation when I am in her presence. How could I ever begin to tell her how I feel. Words seem so small. If she could feel the ache in my heart, she would forever know. She makes me feel amazing, alive.

I’m in a frenzy. I want more. I long to hear her moan, to hear that beautiful sound as she cums. I must make her cum, I need it, I want it like a junkie.

I cant stand it anymore. I need to feel her inside. I slip two fingers inside her with ease as she is soaked. She moans loudly…”oh yeah baby” she says. I want more. She feels like silk to me, so incredible. I continue licking as I slide my fingers in and out. Then, she devastates me, takes my breath away…the thing she says that sends me reeling…”Oh, fuck me baby” Ah, there it is, my driving force, my fire, that voice, that body, that essence. Her, raw and beautiful with everything cut away, just her..not diluted, just pure and devastating. I want more.

Too soon, she cums. As she does, she arches her back, bears down and makes music to my ears with the sounds of her pleasure. Its simply exquisite. I stop, I let her catch her breath as I shake at my very core. I slowly climb up her until my our eyes meet. She has that beautiful, dusty look of pleasure to her. She is never more beautiful. I lay on top of her. I feel her heat and her wet and I just cant stop myself. I hold on to her as tight as I can for fear of losing her and I push and pull with all that I am. All the while she moans my name. I cant believe I’m here with her, cant believe I have the amazing gift of her. In this moment, all that matters to me is her. Finally, my release comes as tears well up in my eyes because it is the purest, sweetest experience of my life. All I can do is tell her I love her over and over again knowing, full well, that it pales in comparison to how I really feel.

September 2018
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