lesbian party

Olivia flopped over, pressing her arm to her forehead. A headache drummed inside her brain, dubiously reminding her of the night before: the tailgating party turned into a postgame party turned into, well, she didn’t actually remember. Fuck. Normally she was such a responsible girl, the sort to stay in and study an extra hour instead of partying the night before a test.

A breeze hissed through the room and she shivered. Then she sat up, wide awake, her skin forming goosebumps. She was naked in a strange bed, with no sign of its owner. She bit her lip and pawed through the covers frantically. No sign of a condom, either. She flung the blankets aside and scampered across the room, clutching her tits against her chest and clenching her teeth. The garbage can turned up nothing reassuring.

“Oh god,” Olivia said, dropping her face into her hands and trying desperately to slow her heart rate. Finally, she dared peek through her fingers at the dorm room as she edged away from the window. It was sparsely decorated – definitely a typical college dorm room, with a few heavy metal band posters and a coat rack with a couple of dark, heavy coats. Above the door was a small wooden sign with faded painted elephants around the border—something from a child’s room. When she squinted, Olivia could read what it said: Jerri’s Room.

Jerri. She cast about in her memory, trying to remember which pimply-faced freshman the name might belong to, but no one came to mind. And anyway, it didn’t matter. She wanted to be up, dressed, and out before her one-night stand returned and awkward words had to be exchanged.

She was just standing up and pulling her too-big Bulls tee over her head when the door opened and in walked a short girl with close-cropped hair, sun-darkened skin, and an irresistible smile. Her green eyes alit on Olivia’s face and brightened.

Olivia’s hand flew to her mouth. “Oh my god! I swear I am not here to steal your boyfriend.” She cast about for her pants, but could only find her panties, which she failed to pull over her foot in her haste.

The girl’s smile wobbled, but did not fade, as she watched Olivia bounce on one leg around the room. She set the brown bag she was carrying down on the desk. “My boyfriend? Olivia, what are you talking about?”

“How do you know my—” But it all fell into place. “Jerri,” she breathed, and she could see the I above the door burning fiercely with revelation. “You’re Jerri.”

Now the girl’s smile did disappear. “You don’t remember me?”

“I don’t remember much of anything.” Olivia dropped her voice, ashamed, and her other leg flopped down to prop her up. Her cheeks were hot as she took another good look at Jerri, at her hard little body and open, honest face. If she squinted hard enough, Olivia could see why she would have thought she was hooking up with a boy, if she was drunk off her ass. Either that, or—but she pushed that thought aside.

Jerri blinked, then sat down on the bed, staring at her hands in her lap. “Oh. I’m sorry, Olivia. I thought you meant it.” She looked up from under her dark lashes, daring a tiny twitch at the corner of her mouth that formed a lump in Olivia’s throat. “You don’t…you don’t hate me for it, do you?”

Hate you?” Olivia opened her mouth to continue, but then she closed it, because she had to think. Fuzzy memories surfaced. They were talking: Jerri introducing herself at the party, with no malice or dishonesty, and Olivia taking her hand and marveling at her soft skin and perfect nails. Olivia touching Jerri’s face. Jerri leaning in for the first kiss, the first of many in a night Olivia realized with her whole body that she had loved.

“Hey,” she said. “Hey, I just remembered something.”

Jerri looked skeptical, but hope glimmered in her bright green eyes, so keen in her tawny face.

Olivia put her hand to her forehead. Her head still ached, but standing there in her t-shirt and nothing else, Jerri’s gentle gaze on her face, she knew something with a conviction deeper than she’d ever known before.

“I remember how much I like you,” she said with a smile.

Jerri’s relieved grin could have blinded with its brilliance. “So you’ll stay for breakfast?” She pointed to the paper sack. “I got bagels.”

Olivia thought she might overflow. Instead, she lifted her shirt over her head and stood naked, her nipples erect, in the center of Jerri’s room.

“Take me to bed first,” she said. “I want to remember it for real this time.”

Jerri’s whole face pinkened with shyness. “Okay,” she said. “Come here. Lay down. I want to taste you again.”

A thrill ran through Olivia’s whole body, starting between her legs and singing in her brain. She spread herself out on the rumpled covers. Soon, Jerri’s soft fingers began to play across her skin, starting with her legs, followed by kisses light as butterfly legs. Olivia sighed contentedly. She loved long mornings.

Soon, she wasn’t thinking about mornings, or nights, or anything but the way Jerri’s tongue wove expertly through the soft folds of her cunt. It made her insides squeeze up and her ass clench., and she threw her head back, her mouth opening and little soft breaths coming out. She stared into the upside-down amused eyes of some rock god and gave him an impish smile in return.

Jerri made smacked a loud kiss on Olivia’s clit, sucking it up between her teeth and sliding them ever so lightly across the other’s nub. Olivia hissed in a scream and she came with a wobbly moan.

Short hair and a smile that made Olivia think wistfully of afternoon picnics came into view as Jerri crouched over her. Olivia raised her hand and touched Jerri’s soft cheek, smiling just a little sadly into the distance.

“Will you—understand? If I don’t go down on you until next time. I thought I kissed boys. I need to get used to the idea.” She ran her fingers through Jerri’s hair, nervously, and spoke fast.

Jerri laughed, to her surprise, and kissed her forehead. “Of course, little lady. I don’t want you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.” Her eyes sparkled, and Olivia could read her mind: Though goddamn if I wouldn’t enjoy it.

“Someday,” she said, a sly smile pinching the crest of her lips, “I’ll worship you right. I think we have that someday.”

Jerri leaned down and rested her the top of her head against the pillow beside Olivia, so that the girls were very close. Olivia wriggled her ass, her hands curled against her tits like a begging dog, and Jerri let out a moan and pursed her lips.

“What?” Olivia asked.

Jerri buried her face in the pillow. “Mm mfff mmfmf mm mm-mmm mmmfff.”

“What was that?” Olivia wriggled her finger in the perfect crook between Jerri’s hip and torso until the darker girl squealed and twitched. Then Olivia let her hand slip lower, to the inner thigh, silky and hot. “What did you say?”

Blushing furiously, Jerri repeated, “I just wanna be kissing you.”

“Okay,” Olivia said, and found Jerri’s lips with hers. Her finger found Jerri’s entrance and, with just the tiniest hesitation, slipped inside. Her skin surrounded by the silk of Jerri’s pussy, she wondered how she had ever settled for an inferior cock. Letting out a soft moan herself that mingled with Jerri’s sigh, Olivia explored the other girl, marveling at how welcome she felt.

She turned her fingers upside-down and found the accommodating spongy flesh. Her tongue entangled with Jerri’s—who tasted like iced coffee and scrambled eggs—Olivia rubbed hard, like she did inside herself. The reaction was instant and rewarding: Jerri squeezed and pulsed, her whole body making waves in the blankets. Olivia moved with her, because Jerri’s hand had found her too.

They writhed against one another, breaking free because they could barely breathe. Olivia stared down at their hands, their limbs entwined so that Jerri’s hand was under them both and Olivia’s arm was draped over Jerri’s tanned thigh. Both had two fingers buried in the other’s trim pussy. Olivia thought she had never seen anything so hot. It made her throw back her head and come.

When her vision cleared, she brought her forehead against Jerri’s and met the other girl’s eyes. There was something there, some dream fulfilled by this moment, that melted Olivia’s heart. Setting her jaw and clenching herself around Jerri’s diligent fingers, she fingered the girl with new determination. Her strokes never faltered. Jerri pressed her forehead harder to Olivia’s, and their breath mingled.

Sunlight danced into the room, making them both glow.

Olivia grabbed Jerri’s face with her other hand and kissed her with the vigor of someone who has discovered something very wonderful about themselves.

Jerri came, squirting on Olivia’s hand, which moved until the spasms died away. Olivia carefully extracted herself and wrapped both arms around Jerri. She laughed. “How did I do? Can I be a lady-lover?”

“Definitely,” Jerri said breathlessly, her eyes full of wonder. “How did you know? No offense.”

“Easy,” Olivia said. “I’ve taken care of myself for a long time.” The slight sadness entered her voice again.

“Awww.” Jerri patted Olivia’s flushed cheek, then popped up to kiss her nose. She smiled. “Not anymore.”

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