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A sliver of sunlight pierced through a small opening in the heavy curtains hanging on Staci’s bedroom window, streaking across the room as I opened my eyes Sunday morning. Staci was snuggled into my side one slender leg draped over my thigh, a tiny delicate hand softly resting on my chest and her head cradled on my shoulder. Her eyes remained closed and her breathing shallow as I stared up at the fancy lace canopy hanging above her bed.

Her petite body fit perfectly into my side, small champagne glass shaped breasts pressing against my naked flesh. The comforter I’d pulled over us before I drifted off to sleep still warmed us, making her body feel even more luscious.

My mind began reviewing the events of Saturday night. I had initially thought Staci to be a reserved conservative woman, but once the passion of our foreplay began she was quickly transformed into a seductive tigress, her incredible body matched equally by her sensuous mind. Unlike her roommate Gina, I knew that Staci wouldn’t be a one-time fuck but rather a woman I hoped to enjoy again and again.

I felt her body snuggle tighter against me as her fingers curled and she lightly scratched my chest with her perfectly manicured nails. “Morning lover.” She whispered.

I turned my face toward hers and replied. “Good morning sexy.”

Her eyes still appeared a little sleepy but sparkled just the same, the irises seemed a more sensual shade of green, the gray highlights disappearing in the brighter light of day.

“I kind of embarrassed myself last night.” Staci mentioned.

“How so?” I asked as I curled my arm and pulled her soft sleek body tighter against me.

Staci grinned then explained. “Watching that couple across the street really turned me on, I went a little wild when you started touching me.”

“That shouldn’t embarrass you, I absolutely loved it.” I replied squeezing her shoulder to emphasize how much I loved her aggressive manner.

“I’m not normally that wild.” She admitted while continuing to scratch lightly across my chest with her fingernails.

I grinned at her then said. “Trust me, I know some pretty wild women and you’re no wilder than most.”

Staci’s smile disappeared and she flattened her hand against my chest as she lifted her head off my shoulder, looked me squarely in the eyes and asked. “You’re involved with other women?”

Having no reason to lie to her I replied. “Yes, I’m seeing several other women.”

I instantly regretted using the word several as the frown that appeared on her face confirmed she had an issue with me seeing other women. Staci rolled away from me and sat up on the edge of the bed. Her sleek naked body slid from under the comforter as she spoke. “I wish you had told me that before we made love last night.”

I hadn’t even thought of telling her I was seeing other women before we began our mutual seduction and tried to explain as I replied. “I’m a 41 year old divorced man, I told you I have no intention of getting married again and I assumed you would have figured that I would be dating other women.”

Staci turned a little toward me so she could see my reaction as she asked. “Do these women know you are seeing others or are you cheating on all of them?”

My ex had cheated on me with several men, and the word cheating offended me a little. I knew my answer to Staci’s question would either salvage our budding relationship or end it just as we started. I hesitated a moment then answered. “They all know and are okay with it. In fact we sometimes spend evenings together.”

“Would you expect me to be a part of a ménage à trios?” Staci asked.

Her question gave me hope that she’d be okay with me dating other women and I quickly replied. “Staci, other than enjoying the time we share together, I have no expectations.”

“Well that’s good to know. Gina once talked me into a threesome with a guy she was dating and I felt like a third wheel the entire time.” Staci admitted.

I stared into her beautiful eyes waiting for her to continue. If she agreed to share me with the others I knew our time together would be one on one, which I was completely happy with.

Staci’s eyes dropped from mine and she hesitated for the longest time before speaking. “I not sure I’m willing to share a man with other women. Every time we’re together I’d feel like we are cheating on them.” Staci said.

“You’d feel that way even if they were aware I was seeing you?” I asked.

Staci returned her eyes to mine as she answered. “Oh god, that would make it even worse, I’m already wondering about whether I’m as good a fuck as them, and I can’t imagine they wouldn’t wonder the same if they knew about me.”

I knew Staci wouldn’t believe me if I told her she was a better fuck than all the rest, and to be quite honest I’ve never really compared them in that way. Every fuck is awesome to me. I still wanted to try and salvage something between Staci and me since I knew there were many sexual buttons still to push on her sleek sensual body. I reached out and gently touched her shoulder as I said. “I really enjoy being with you and hope we can see each other again.”

She moved so my hand slipped from her shoulder and turned more toward me before answering. “I love the way you touch me, the way you kiss me. I love the feel of your cock inside me, in my mouth and the sweet taste of your cum, but I don’t think I can share you with other women.”

I gazed over her lovely petite tits, up to her silky blonde hair and into her sparkling gray green eyes. I knew it would have to be on her terms if our relationship was to continue and offered a suggestion. “I want you to think about it Staci. I promise never to tell anyone about us if you change your mind.”

Staci stood up and began walking toward her closet. I studied her exquisite naked ass for what could possibly be the last time, the unique and colorful tramp stamp inviting my gaze. She slipped into a bathrobe and tied it tightly around her waist.

“I will think about it and promise to tell you what my decision is, but for now I think it best if you leave.” She said as she turned and walked toward the door.

I sat up on the edge of the bed and heard the bathroom door close. When I walked past I could hear Staci sobbing inside. As I collected my clothes and dressed I thought about what she was feeling, I had promised last night to honor the trust she had for me, and now she was crying because she felt I had already broken that trust.

She was still sobbing softly as I lightly knocked on the bathroom door and said. “I’m leaving Staci please forgive me for breaking your trust in me.” Staci didn’t reply and I left without saying another word.

As I waited for enough coffee to brew to fill my mug I wondered if Staci would actually call, or if her silence would serve as an answer to her decision. Only time would provide me with the answer.

The morning sun was beaming onto my balcony as I stepped through the door and went to the railing carrying a mug of hot coffee. I looked toward Kay’s apartment and saw she was standing on her balcony apparently enjoying the crisp morning air while having that first cup of java.

I waved to her and she instantly smiled widely and waved back. I wondered if her black lover was still there, or if she’d dispatched him shortly after he pumped her hot pussy full of thick cum. She was wearing her favorite fluffy bathrobe which was tied tightly around her waist protecting her from the crisp early morning air.

She held her hand up and spread her thumb and pinky finger then moved them to her ear signaling she wanted me to call her. I gave her the okay sign with my hand and turned around to retrieve my cell phone inside.

“Good morning.” Kay answered my call as I stepped to the railing again.

“Morning Kay, did you sleep well?” I replied looking down toward her.

She was looking up at me as she answered. “I slept like a baby and my headache is gone.”

I bit my tongue and didn’t ask if she’d cured her headache with a huge black cock, instead I simply replied. “I’m glad to hear that.”

“I’m so excited about going over to Ginger’s later.” Kay said.

I chuckled then answered. “I’m looking forward to it too.”

Kay giggled and offered. “I suspect you’re really going to enjoy yourself today.”

“I’d ask you why, but I think I’d rather be surprised.” I said.

“I know how much you like surprises so I won’t reveal any of our plans for you.” Kay answered.

What Kay didn’t know was that I had a surprise or two planned for her. Somehow during the day I wanted to bring up the fact that I watched as she deep throated a huge black cock last night but in a way that only Kay would know I’d seen it.

“I figure we should leave about eleven thirty.” Kay suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” I replied.

She giggled again then asked. “Did you get plenty of rest last night?”

“Enough.” I replied with one word.

“So I’ll see you later this morning?” Kay asked

“For sure, do you want me to come up?” I asked.

Kay replied. “I’ll be waiting in the lobby for you.”

“Great see you then.” I answered.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Kay said before she disconnected our call.

I puttered around the apartment for a couple hours thinking about the incredible sex I’d shared with Staci as well as what I fully expected to be an awesome afternoon with Ginger and Kay.

About 10:30 I showered and got dressed. I drove to the local Rite-Aid and bought a box of Garcia y Vega Elegantes, a slim six inch long Dominican Republic cigar with a flavorful taste and sweet aroma, before picking Kay up at the Cambridge Arms.

Kay was standing inside the lobby when I double parked outside. She came bounding through the doors as soon as she noticed my car carrying a small overnight bag which she tossed in the back seat before sliding into the passenger seat beside me.

I turned and accepted her quick kiss, as she buckled her seat belt I asked. “What’s in the bag?”

She grinned devilishly at me then replied. “It’s a secret.”

As I pulled into the flow of light Sunday traffic I mentioned. “I’m sure glad you got rid of that headache.”

“Me too, nothing like a good night’s sleep.” Kay replied, continuing her lies about how she got over her headache.

As we drove to Ginger’s Kay mentioned that she and Ginger had talked about going antiquing up north one weekend soon. I told her I thought that was a great idea knowing a couple days away would provide me with an opportunity to hook up with Fran or perhaps Staci if she changed her mind about seeing me again.

I’m looking forward to seeing Kayla again.” Kay mentioned.

I glanced toward her and replied. “I hope she’s doing okay.”

“I’m sure she is, Kayla looked pretty good when we first visited her shop.” Kay answered.

“I bet Kim will be happy to see you and Ginger walk into his shop.” I said.

Kay giggled then suggested. “Maybe Ginger and I can double team him and get some goodies at a deep discount.”

“As hot and bothered as he got when you flirted with him I’d suspect he might give you two some freebees.” I said with a chuckle, recalling Kim’s remark that he’d love to see Kay when she’s really turned on and her admission that she told him she wished she was alone so she could do more than show him her tits.

We arrived at Ginger’s a little after twelve, one garage door was open and the bay empty, the black Escalade that was parked there Wednesday was missing. I parked in front of the closed door where that classic T-bird had been parked figuring Mindy had left in the Cadillac and forgotten to push the button on the remote in her car. I grabbed Kay’s bag from the back seat and held her hand as we walked past the open garage door. Ginger’s red Beamer was parked in the other bay confirming her daughter was out and about already today.

Ginger opened the front door as we approached and said. “I’ve been expecting you two.”

Kay smiled as we walked inside and answered. “We’re not late are we?”

“Of course not we have the rest of the day to enjoy ourselves.” Ginger replied.

I smiled as I followed Kay inside then extended my hand toward Ginger as I said. “It’s good to see you Ginger.”

I instantly felt a little silly offering her a handshake when I fully expected to be offering her a rock hard cock later.

Ginger grinned and instead of accepting my hand moved against me and hugged me tightly as she spoke. “It’s really good to see you.” She placed more emphasis on the word you.

Ginger’s hair was teased into a very sexy messy look and her sensuous lipstick was a lovely shade of pink. She was dressed in a black floor length knit dress with short sleeves that hugged her body snuggly. Most would think it a rather mundane dress to entertain guests in until I noticed it was split up both sides to a point at her waist. When she walked the split opened to reveal not only her shapely leg, but also her firm thigh and sexy hip.

“Let me take your coats.” Ginger offered.

Kay slipped out of her coat; besides the short denim skirt she was wearing she had on a rich blue satin blouse that she had left open enough to show off her creamy white cleavage. She had decided to go braless, her already erect nipples poked at the satin fabric.

Ginger hung Kay’s jacket in the foyer closet and I took the liberty to hang my own. As we turned to face Kay, Ginger remarked. “That’s very sexy.”

I smiled at Kay confirming I thought she looked extremely hot today.

“Your dress is pretty sexy too.” I commented as I turned to again check out Ginger’s shapely leg.

Ginger chuckled and replied. “This old rag, I like to wear it when I’m planning on a soak in the hot tub, it’s very easy to slip on and off.” As she started toward the kitchen Ginger asked. “Would anyone like some champagne?”

“I’m gonna leave my bag here.” Kay said as she placed her overnight bag on a chair at the bottom of the curved staircase leading upstairs and followed Ginger and me toward the kitchen.

Ginger had a bottle of champagne on ice and three fluted glasses prepared. Her kitchen looked like something out of a home design magazine, cherry cabinets with brass pulls, black granite countertops and matching black appliances. The floor was done in a very expensive looking ceramic tile. It had clearly been designed by someone who knows their way around a kitchen, every area seem to flow into the next so preparations would move smoothly.

“Allen, can you open this please?” She asked as she slowly stroked the neck of the bottle like it was a cock.

As I began working on the bottle I asked. “Where’s Mindy today?”

“I don’t really know, she got up early and took off. Hopefully she’ll be out all day.” Ginger answered.

Kay moved beside me and placed her hand in the small of my back then said. “I haven’t eaten anything today; I hope this champagne doesn’t make me tipsy.”

Ginger was standing at the corner of the counter watching and remarked. “I made up a cheese and fruit tray so we’d have something to snack on while we soak in the hot tub.”

I worked the cork slowly out of the bottle wanting to avoid any accidents with a flying chunk of cork or a mess if the bottle fizzed too much. With a resounding pop, the cork came out of the neck but I caught it with my fingers.

“Here we go.” I said holding the open champagne bottle up for them both to see before filling all three glasses and returning it to its icy cradle.

Ginger held her glass up and offered a toast. “Here’s to incredible sex.”

Clinking her glass against Ginger’s Kay said. “Here, here!”

“I couldn’t agree more.” I said as my glass touched theirs and I smiled at Ginger.

“I don’t normally use this during the day, but after a stressful or especially long day at the office I usually relax with a warm soak by candlelight, soft jazz and a glass of wine before heading for bed.” Ginger said as we entered the room.

The midday sun had warmed the floor as well as the air in a room clearly designed for one purpose. A huge eight seat hot tub was sunken into the floor and potted ferns surrounded it on three sides. The hot tub was already turned on and a froth of air bubbles rose to the surface from every jet. Ginger’s snack tray of fruit and cheese sat near one corner of the very inviting tub.

“I like soaking in the nude.” Ginger remarked as she bent down to set her champagne glass down on the edge of the tub.

Ginger straightened up and lifted her knit dress over her head. She was naked in an instant with the exception of her heeled black sandals. Kay quickly followed unbuttoning her satin blouse and letting it slip from her shoulders. Her denim skirt fell to the floor and she kicked it and her pumps toward her blouse then slipped out of her black lace panties.

“Come on Allen, aren’t you going to join us?” Ginger asked as she slipped out of her sandals and I stood there comparing their sexy bodies.

Ginger’s a more petite version of Kay’s, her perfectly shaped B cup tits are decorated with darker nipples than Kay’s whose tits are a full D cup and tipped with pinkish nipples and decorated with a light splattering of sexy freckles, like most true redheads. Kay is slightly taller than Ginger, perhaps by two or three inches but I believe the difference is in her torso because their hips seem to be an equal distance from the floor. They both have incredibly sexy legs, shapely thighs and well defined calves. Kay’s feet are a little larger than Ginger’s but both take the time to add sexy colors to their toenails.

As they joined hands and stepped into the tub Kay looked over her shoulder and said. “Are you gonna stand there and stare all day?”

I didn’t need to be invited again. I placed my champagne glass next to Ginger’s and quickly stripped. I could tell they both were studying my semi erect cock as I stepped into the hot water.

Kay was first to remark. “He’s got such a beautiful cock.”

As I walked down the steps in the hot tub into the hot frothy water, Ginger’s eyes were carefully surveying my cock as she said. “It’s a perfect size, not so big that he’d rip you open, especially if he puts it in your ass, but big enough to fill every nook and cranny and when its completely erect it has a perfect curve to massage my most sensitive spot.”

After getting all the way into the hot tub, I moved across to take a seat between these two sexy vixens facing the doors to the family room. A strong air jet was massaging my back as I stretched my arms behind them both. I placed my champagne glass on the edge behind Kay then placed a hand on each of their shoulders. I pulled them closer to me, the sultry Ginger on my right and the mature tart Kay on my left. Ginger rolled with my hug, her right hand coming to rest on my thigh. Kay slide sideways and place her right hand on the other. Both sexy women teased my thighs with their long fingernails. Enjoying the feeling I said. “I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“Tell us what you want Allen?” Ginger asked.

“Yes we want you to tell us what you want today, tonight and in the future.” Kay added.

I felt like I was seated between two sexual Santa’s both ready and willing to provide me with everything on my Christmas list of desires. Both happy to fulfill every fantasy and satisfy every fetish, I hardly knew where to start.

I glanced at Kay her sexy smile acknowledging that she already knew most if not all of my desires.

I turned my head toward Ginger and started. “I want to fuck your hot pussy again. I want to fuck your tight ass.” I turned my head to Kay and continued. “I want you to teach her how to swallow cock, how to take it deep in her throat without gagging.” My face turned again to the sultry brunette who was now dragging her nails along my thigh under the water. “I want to feel your tight throat massage my cock head as I fuck your mouth.”

“Ooooooh I like that.” Ginger said her hand sliding up to squeeze my growing erection.

I turned my attention to Kay and began. “While Ginger licks your hard clit, I want to fuck you doggie style before giving your asshole a good hard fucking. At times Ginger’s tongue will lick my exposed shaft and balls. She may even take my hard cock in her mouth and suck it when it comes completely out of you. I wanna slid my big cock between your large soft breasts and fuck the smooth cleavage as Ginger licks, kisses and bites your sensitive nipples while she uses her fingers to pleasure your clit and pussy. She can spit on my hard shaft to keep it lubricated while I’m fucking your tits.”

“Hmmmmmmm… I can’t wait.” Kay responded.

I was really getting into my sexual wish list and continued. “I want to sit back and watch you eat each other’s pussy, fuck each other in the ass and cunt with big fat dildos and take turns fucking each other with a big black strap-on.”

Ginger exclaimed. “Oh god, I love being fucked with a strap-on almost as much as I love getting fucked by a man who knows how to use his big hard cock.”

They were both getting very turned on hearing what I wanted from them and I continued more explicitly. “I want to cum.” Glancing toward Ginger, I completed the sentence with the following words. “In your ass.” Turning my head to Kay I said. “In your hot wet cunt.” Turning back to Ginger my next words were. “In your throat.” As I continued with my list of places I wanted to shoot a load of cum I alternated glancing from one sexy woman to the other. “I want to cum all over your tits, your back, your pussy and your ass. I want to shoot my hot thick cum all over both your pretty faces. I want you both covered with hot sticky cum, pasting your eyes closed, filling your nostrils, overflowing your hot wet mouths and dribbling down your chins. I want you both to become my cum sluts, craving every drop, lapping every ounce and sucking every sperm filled droplet from my cock no matter where it is located.”

Kay tilted her head back and closed her eyes before saying. “I love when you talk really dirty. I love when you tell me how much you want to make me your cum slut. I want us be your cum craving sluts.”

When Kay finished, Ginger added. “We want to be your fuck toys; we will do anything to please you as long as you continue to let us have your big hard cock.”

Ginger’s hand was slowly stroking my erect cock as I went on and on about fucking her and Kay. She stroked a little harder when I began my outpouring about where I wanted to shoot my hot cum. After I finished my monologue she said. “That’s a lot of fucking, sucking and cumming. Kay and I have talked and we have some ideas of how else we can satisfy your fetishes.”

“I’m all ears.” I answered.

Ginger began. “We both want to be bound, gagged and fucked brutally. You can use your hands or a leather whip but we want you to tattoo our creamy white asses with pink signs of pain.”

Kay took over. “We want to tie you to the bed, so you can’t move an inch, and then we want to pleasure you with our mouths until you think you will explode but we’re not gonna let you cum Allen, you will beg us to make you cum, plead with us to take you over the edge. Only after you satisfied all of our desires which include eating our cunts and asses and pleasing our bodies, then we might let you cum.”

I was smiling ear to ear as I looked toward Ginger and slipped my hand between her legs and began to finger her pussy.

“We want to satisfy your voyeur fetish too Allen. We’re going to search out other men and fuck them so you can secretly watch on webcam. We’re going to bring in other women so you can enjoy watching us pleasure them. I especially want to have you watch Kay and I fuck a black man. I’ve had a fantasy of fucking a black man for a very long time and I want to share my fulfillment of that fantasy with you and Kay.

Kay spoke up. “Ginger I’ve already found us that black man. He came into my shop yesterday and I knew in an instant he was exactly what you want.” Ginger leaned forward and looked beyond me at Kay listening intently. “He is over six feet eight inches tall very muscular broad shoulders and has a huge cock. I’m talking twelve inches when completely erect and incredibly thick.

Seeing my chance, I jumped in and said. “I can attest to what Kay is saying, he’s got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.”

Kay glanced at me a somewhat puzzled expression on her face. With that one statement I had shown her that I knew she had lied to me last night, but I didn’t want that fact to ruin what I knew would be an evening I’d never forget so I quickly added. “I can’t wait to watch you two fucking that black giant.”

Ginger giggled, I’m not sure if it was because she was contemplating fucking a giant of a man, or if it was because my middle finger was implanted in her hot pussy no matter which she said. “I can’t wait either.”

Just as I was about to suggest that we move the party to Ginger’s bedroom Mindy appeared in the door from the family room. “What are you three up to?” She asked as she walked toward the hot tub.

I replied for us all. “We’re having a relaxing soak.”

Mindy was wearing a short leather jacket and a red stretch tube top beneath, her short pleated plaid skirt covered only the very top of her shapely thighs. Her hair, straight and long, hung behind her shoulders. I don’t believe she wore any color on her lips but they still glistened with clear lip gloss.

As she removed her jacket she asked. “Mind if I join you?”

Before Ginger could object Mindy pulled her tube top off her tits, unzipped her sexy little pleated skirt and let it fall to the floor. She kicked off her sneakers and stepped toward me wearing only the tiniest thong I’ve ever seen. It barely covered her pussy. Her tiny tits couldn’t have been even an A cup but they were perfect, pink areolas and even pinker nipples. Her thin almost skinny body showed each rib along her sides, her hips seemed wide but I think that was because her body is to slim. Mindy must be almost five feet five inches and her legs were spectacular, long and shapely with complete separation all the way up to her white thong.

“Mindy please.” Ginger finally said, her tone of voice almost conceding that she was helpless to stop her daughter from intruding on our party.

I was staring intently at this incredible young woman, studying her perfectly shaped tiny tits, her sleek lean body and long shapely legs waiting patiently for her to slip that tiny thong off so I could see her pussy. My wait was momentary as Mindy hooked two fingers into the side straps of her thong and slipped it down her legs. I only got a glimpse of her naked pussy as she stepped to the edge of the hot tub. It was cleanly waxed the delicate mounds of flesh where most women thighs blend into their loins appeared almost swollen. At the center her pussy lips were tightly closed almost like a rosebud before it blossoms. I was certain that when she spread her thighs wide it would be a very inviting target for any man’s cock or mouth.

As she stepped into the hot tub, I stared at her pussy until it disappeared under the froth of bubbles then watched as her smooth stomach and perfect little tits followed. As she sank neck deep in the warm bubbly water she said. “I promise not to touch him mom.”

Ginger’s hand had long since slipped from my cock, her arms now folded across her chest. She frowned at Mindy and said. “Sometimes you can be such a pain in the ass.”

Kay apparently sensed that this tasty young tart excited me because she slipped her soft delicate fingers around my cock then said. “You should feel how hard his cock is.”

Mindy giggled as Ginger spoke. “Kay, please don’t encourage her!”

Mindy was seated directly across from me her tantalizing eyes staring directly into mine. “I promised I wouldn’t touch him.” She lied as her foot stretched out to slide over mine.

Ginger kept her tongue for now letting her daughter have a little fun.

Mindy knew Kay and I were lovers and she directed her question to Kay. “Is he a good fuck?”

Kay smiled widely and instantly replied. “He’s an incredible fuck.”

Her toes toyed with my foot as she grinned then said. “I bet he’s got incredible staying power.”

“Mindy you need to stop this.” Ginger scolded her sexy young daughter.

Mindy wasn’t about to stop her underwater tease or her verbal intrusion of our tub seduction. She giggled then asked her mom. “You fucked him mom, did he make you cum?”

Ginger grew even angrier as she shot back. “That’s none of your fucking business.”

Kay’s hand continued stroking my cock as Mindy’s toes slithered along my leg as she asked. “Did you try to deep throat him mom?”

“Fuck you!” Ginger instantly exclaimed. Apparently her daughter knew about Ginger’s gag reflex.

Under the camouflage of bubbles, Kay’s delicate hand was stroking my totally erect cock and Mindy’s sexy toes were now touching the inside of my knee as Mindy asked. “Does his cum taste sweet mom?”

Ginger was totally enraged, so Kay responded to the young tart’s question. “His cum is a sweet as sugar, very thick and sticky too.”

“Hmmmmm…” Mindy replied as she licked her lips imagining the taste of my sweet sauce before quickly adding. “Mom, did he also fuck your ass with his big hard cock?”

Ginger had enough as she angrily spoke to her daughter. “Mindy I want you to get out of here immediately; you’re embarrassing me and my guests.”

Mindy removed her foot from my leg and straightened up on her seat. Her tiny tits rose above the surface of the water; her perfectly shaped erect nipples surrounded by equally perfect pink areolas were again visible to my lecherous stare. Her skin glistened with droplets of water as she began to stand.

“I wouldn’t want to embarrass you mom, so I guess I’ll leave you all alone to enjoy whatever it is that you’re planning.” Mindy said as she stood before me her eyes fixed on mine.

She turned and stepped up the steps from the tub, her incredible ass now visible and inviting my stare. She paused after stepping from the tub and bent over at the waist to pick up her clothes, giving me an opportunity to imagine fucking her from behind. The pink slit of her pussy glistening just below the puckered tight opening of her asshole.

As she straightened up holding her tube top, thong and short skirt in one hand I continued imagining fucking her doggie style. Even with the slimness of her hips, when she walked the movement was inspiring. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her sleek sexy body then turned and said. “Enjoy your afternoon.”

No one spoke a word as Mindy disappeared into the family room. I knew Ginger was steaming, I imagined Kay was wondering if Mindy was bi, and I was trying without success to convince myself that I shouldn’t want to fuck Ginger’s young daughter at some point in the future.

Kay broke the silence as she turned more toward me then leaned forward and said. “She’s quite a pistol.”

Ginger was still very much upset with Mindy and offered. “That’s not the first time she’s tried that when I was entertaining.”

I wanted to get our party back on track and asked. “How about I get the champagne and refresh our drinks?”

Kay was just tipping her glass finishing her first drink and agreed. “I need a refill, how about you Ginger?”

Ginger smiled and nodded but didn’t speak; I assumed she was still fuming about her daughter’s interruption of our party.

I stood up in the hot tub; my erect cock curving up from my loins, then walked across and up the steps grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist.

“Hurry back.” Kay said as I stepped into the family room.

When I reached the kitchen, much to my surprise Mindy was there drying off. She smiled at me as I entered, her eyes staring directly at the bulge in my towel as she asked. “You do want to fuck me, don’t you Allen?” Her voice emphasized the word do.

She stepped forward and hooked a finger in my towel releasing its grip on my waist.

“I want to touch it.” Mindy whispered as her eyes rose to stare into mine and her delicate fingers surrounded my erection.

I was frozen in place, unable or unwilling to grasp her wrist and remove her soft hand from my cock.

“I want this big beautiful cock.” Mindy said as her hand moved slowly along the throbbing shaft.

Her eyes sparkled and a broad smile came to her lips when I didn’t stop her from touching my cock.

She spoke again. “Sometime soon I want you to stretch my tight little cunt wide open with this big hard cock.”

I should have told her right then and there that I wanted to fuck her more than anything, but I replied. “I’m not sure that would be a good idea.”

She kind of giggled knowing I was lying then said. “My mom would never have to know.”

I chuckled before answering her. “She’d probably kill us both.”

Mindy released her delicate grip on my cock then turned and began down the short hall to the bottom of the long curving staircase to the second floor. I watched as she walked, her sleek body moving as seductively as any more full figured woman. She paused at the bottom of the stairs and looked back toward me to confirm I’d been watching. Her sexy smile encouraged me as she extended her thumb and pinky finger then moved the imaginary phone to her ear suggesting I call her sometime soon just before she stepped up the stairs and out of my line of sight.

I didn’t have her phone number but I sure as hell knew where to find her. I’d have to stop at Brewster’s soon to see if she was serious about wanting my cock buried in her youthful pussy.

I wrapped my towel around my waist again and grabbed the champagne bottle then returned to the Florida room where my play toys for the day were waiting. They had slid together on the bench and were engrossed in some serious kissing as I stepped down into the hot tub.

Ginger’s hand was squeezing one of Kay’s big soft tits and hidden below the water, Kay’s hand was surely pleasuring Ginger’s sensitive pussy and clit.

“Did you start without me?” I asked trying to grab their attention.

Ginger turned her head toward me as Kay kissed her ear. “We’re just warming up a little.”

I offered to freshen up their drinks by extending the bottle toward them. Both sexy vixens held out their glasses which I promptly filled while they studied my erection. I leaned forward placing the nearly empty champagne bottle on the edge behind them. Kay reached out and grasped my hard cock with one hand. She tugged me by the cock until I stepped forward placing a foot between both their feet. She turned to Ginger and said. “Now this is the kind of cocktail I’m talking about.”

Ginger smiled at Kay then looked up toward me. “I think we should suck it a little.”

I placed my hands on my hips and watched as both sexy mouths approached the head of my cock, Kay’s delicate hand holding me at the base. Together their lips pursed then pressed against my hard cock head, each sexy mouth kissing one side in their own seductive way. Ginger’s tongue flicked at my corona as Kay’s soft lips slipped over the sensitive flesh from the other side. One soft wet tongue caressed my cock head from below while the other slithered over the top.

“That feels fuckin’ great.” I said not needing to mention how awesome the sight was.

Together they licked at my cock head then moved over the tip to French kiss each other with my cock included in their kiss. Ginger’s tongue slid down along my cock shaft as Kay let the bulbous head slip between her soft lips. I moaned as Ginger began tonguing my balls and Kay sucked softly on just the head.

“Tickle my balls.” I suggested to Ginger.

Her fingernails moved up to lightly scratch at both as her tongue teased the heavy contents of my scrotum.

“Take it deeper.” I said as I moved one hand to Kay’s head and pressed her mouth further down over my throbbing cock.

I reached down with my free hand and began pinching Ginger’s erect nipple causing her to groan loudly and lap more intensely at my ball sack. As my hand flattened over Ginger’s petite tit and I groped at the flesh she said. “I wanna suck his hard cock too.”

My hand was still resting on Kay’s head and I pressed more firmly filling her mouth with hard cock. When it touched the back of her throat I clenched a handful of red hair and slowly lifted her hot wet mouth off my cock. Ginger was already licking up my pulsing shaft teasing one blood engorged vein with the tip of her tongue and when Kay’s mouth slipped off the tip Ginger quickly collected the thin string of saliva trailing from Kay’s tongue to the tip of my cock. With a slurping sound Ginger sucked the spit into her mouth then placed the tip of my cock against the pursed lips.

“Suck it.” Kay softly urged.

Kay and I both watched as Ginger used my cock head to spread her lips open, soft moist lips sliding sensually over the head first then covering the flaring smooth flesh of my corona.

Kay’s hand joined Ginger’s as together the playfully rolled my balls in the delicate hands, teasing the flesh of my scrotum with their fingernails. My hand which had slid off Kay’s head a moment earlier and was resting on her shoulder now slipped further down to squeeze one of her big soft tits.

I stared intently down as more and more of my cock shaft slithered beyond Ginger’s soft lips and my hands played with their tits. I felt my cock head touch the back of her throat then involuntarily Ginger’s body heaved as she gagged on my cock.

Kay noticed her gag and quickly said. “Just suck the head for now, I’ll teach you to swallow his cock a little later.” Her comment disappointing me some, but confirming that I’d be looking forward to Ginger’s deep throat training sometime during the day.

Ginger’s lips, tongue and the soft flesh inside her mouth tenderly caressed my cock head and the first few inches of its throbbing shaft. Kay leaned toward me and began kissing my stomach, the top of one thigh and all around the exposed shaft of surging cock Ginger was expertly sucking.

I knew that if these two sexy mature vixens continued they’d be sharing the first load of thick, creamy cum my balls could provide and Kay knowing my signs better paused her oral teasing and suggested. “We should give him a break and go upstairs before we continue.”

Ginger let my cock slip from her wet mouth to respond. “But his cock feels so good in my mouth.”

Kay giggled and answered. “He wants to fuck us both before he shoots his load.”

Ginger looked up toward me and I agreed by rapidly shaking my head up and down with a broad smile on my lips. Together they moved away from my cock leaving me standing in the froth of bubbles around my thighs at the very edge of orgasm.

Ginger grinned and said. “You’ll have to give us a couple minutes before you join us upstairs.”

Kay laughed loudly knowing a couple minutes would feel like hours to me but added. “We want to look very sexy for you.”

I wondered how they could look more sexy then having my cock between their mouths, but agreed to give them as much time as they needed knowing my cock would remain totally erect until I joined them in Ginger’s bedroom.

Together they stood and moved to the steps in the tub, as I turned around and sat down on the bench. As I had earlier with Ginger’s sleek sexy daughter, I studied their asses as they climbed from the hot tub. Kay’s ass was slightly fuller and more round, but Ginger’s perfectly proportioned to the rest of her petite body, both sexy women sporting shapely legs even without the help of high heels. As they collected their clothing and wrapped towels around their bodies Ginger offered. “We won’t keep you waiting too long.

They disappeared into the house leaving me alone with a rock hard cock, a glass of champagne and an untouched tray of fruit and cheese. I decided to give them more than a couple minutes and relaxed in the steamy water thinking about the rest of the afternoon and evening.

I knew at some point I’d be enjoying the sensation of both their throats around my cock, and as promised I’d bury my cock in Ginger’s tight puckered asshole. After what was nearly an hour of sensual foreplay and mental images of fucking Mindy, I still had hours and hours to enjoy them both and hopefully before the evening ended leave them totally satisfied mentally and sexually, something I could take all the time I needed to accomplish.

I finished my glass of bubbly and poured the rest in my glass, finishing it as I carried the tray of snacks in one hand and a towel in the other toward the kitchen. Once there I dried off but didn’t see a need to wrap the towel around my body. I gave them another couple minutes snacking on a couple pieces of pineapple, and then decided they should be ready. I picked up the snack tray then glanced at the ice bucket grabbing it knowing its contents could be used to tease both lovely women waiting upstairs.

While my cock wasn’t totally hard it still stood straight out from my loins swaying side to side as I climbed the long circular staircase to Ginger’s bedroom. Reaching the top I glanced down the hall, knowing one of the closed doors led to Mindy’s bedroom. For a brief moment I wondered if she was inside, naked on her bed, masturbating with visions of my hard cock buried inside her as she climaxed. But I had more important things on my mind and my attention was immediately drawn to the bedroom door in front of me that was left ajar. I approached slowly, reaching out with one foot to push it open.

I gasped at the sight before me. The bed was stripped of the soft down filled comforter I’d fucked Ginger on earlier in the week, its mattress was covered with a royal blue satin sheet, and three pillows propped against the headboard. Kay was standing near the bottom of the bed. Her wavy red hair had been pulled into a tight ponytail behind her head held in place with a black ribbon, she had applied a sensuous dark burgundy lip gloss to her full pouty lips which accentuated her brilliant white smile. She was naked from the waist up, her big soft tits rising and falling slowly as she breathed, her erect nipples surrounded by slightly darker areolas. Below she wore a black lace thong which she’d stretched high over her hips. The creamy white of her thighs contrasted magnificently with the dark thigh high stockings stretched over her shapely legs, the elastic top hem grasping firmly at the soft flesh they surrounded. I smiled knowing Kay had been shopping because the black patent leather stilettos she wore had at least five inch heels.

Ginger looked equally sexy, her shorter brunette hair skillfully teased around her sexy face. Her lips glistened with a bright red lip gloss. She wore a very sheer black see through bodystocking that hugged her sexy form tightly, her erect nipples clearly visible beneath the fabric covering her perfect petite tits. She was standing beside the bed, and it wasn’t until I stepped toward her that I discovered she was wearing an equally high pair of stilettos that matched her lip stick perfectly. Ginger slid her hands down her body then dipped a finger between her thighs, quickly removing it to show me the moisture she’d drawn from her wet pussy through the open crotch of her elegant bodystocking

Kay spoke first. “Did you bring us snacks?”

“I did, and some ice too.” I said holding the snack tray up and shaking the ice bucket.

Ginger giggled then said. “The only snack I want is your big hard cock.”

As I moved past Ginger she reached for my cock, but I sidestepped her and placed the ice bucket on the night table. I got onto the bed and sat with my back against the headboard balancing the snack tray in my lap. I patted the mattress on either side of me inviting them to join me as I spoke. “Before you can snack on hard cock I wanna feed you both some juicy fruit.”

Kay moved first slithering onto the satin sheet and propped her head up with one hand. Ginger followed positioning her head directly across from Kay’s with my hips and loins between them.

I glanced at Kay, then Ginger as I said. “You both look very sexy, and I’m sure you both would just love to tie me to this bed and have your way with me. I may allow that to happen, but first I want to see if you can be just as sexy when you eat.”

They both giggled knowing that I was challenging them to continue my arousal by making oral love to each miniscule piece of fruit I was going to feed them.

I picked up a bright red strawberry and held it above Ginger’s red lips. Her tongue extended between red lips and flicked at the fruit. “That’s it, lick it like it’s the tip of a cock.” I remarked.

Her tongue licked the bottom edge of the strawberry then flattened against it so I could slide the fruit along her tongue. “Use your teeth on it.” I said.

Kay’s fingernails were lightly scratching the top of my thigh as she waited her turn to savor a piece of fruit.

Ginger’s teeth bit into the bright red strawberry and the end dropped onto her waiting tongue. “It’s so sweet and juicy.” She remarked as she chewed the tiny morsel of fruit.

I placed the half eaten strawberry back on the tray and picked up a sliver of cantaloupe. Kay smiled as I held it above her lips. “Suck this between your sexy lips.” I told her.

Kay’s pursed lips approached the wedge of fruit I offered, she sucked the tip as soon as it touched her lips pulling it from my fingers then holding it between her lips waiting for me to ask her to suck it deeper. “Swallow that sweet juicy fruit.” I instructed Kay.

The juicy cantaloupe wedge disappeared between Kay’s richly colored lips and with her mouth closed she slowly chewed the fruit before swallowing the savory treat.

Ginger must have known a whole banana would be fun, and as I picked it up I asked. “Who wants some banana?”

Instantly they both replied. “I do!” Knowing the firm yellow fruit was closest to a cock of all the satisfying treats on the snack tray.

I slowly peeled the banana then divided it equally into two parts. Reaching out and holding each part above their mouths I said. “Open wide ladies.”

Ginger tilted her head back and opened her lips wide while Kay just opened hers wide knowing she could swallow it whole if asked. I moved the banana to their tongues, Kay closing her lips around the firm fruit and sucking it from my grasp, while Ginger was more content to have me hold it while sliding it across her tongue. As I slowly fucked Ginger’s mouth with the banana, Kay sucked her part inside chewed and quickly swallowed every bit.

Ginger seemed to enjoy having me slide the fruit toward her throat and kept her lips open wide as again and again I pressed the pointed tip against the back of her throat.

Kay was watching from her vantage point opposite Ginger’s sexy mouth but after finishing her snack lifted the tray from my lap and placed it at the foot of the bed. Her hand slid up my leg until she could circle my erect cock with soft fingers. As Ginger chewed her part of the banana Kay slipped over my thigh and spread my legs apart before she said. “Perhaps you’d like to fuck these soft melons?”

I looked down toward her and agreed. “I’d love to fuck your big ripe melons.”

Ginger watched from the side her fingernails now slowly clawing my stomach and pubic mound.

“Fuck him with your big soft tits!” Ginger said as she watched Kay slide up to capture my erect cock between her breasts.

Kay pressed her tits firmly around my cock and I began humping into the soft cleavage with slow deliberate strokes. After several minutes Kay looked up into my lust filled eyes and asked. “Do you wanna fuck my throat too?”

I happily nodded yes and she slid down letting my erect cock slip from her awesome cleavage.

“Maybe this would be a good time for Ginger to learn how to swallow a big hard cock without gagging?” Kay asked as she glanced toward the sexy Ginger.

“Oh yes please teach me to deep throat his big cock!” Ginger exclaimed.

“Slide down Allen.” Kay suggested as she slid on her hands and knees over the satin sheet toward the edge of the bed. I followed until my head was flat on the mattress.

“Get on top of him so you can watch and learn.” Kay said to Ginger.

Ginger quickly spun around then lifted one sexy leg over my head, settling down with her shoes against the headboard, her face inches from my cock and her naked pussy positioned directly above my head.

I looked up at the open crotch of her bodystocking, the stitched edges of the opening running on either side of her glistening pussy lips. They were partially open revealing pink flesh beyond which I could dip my tongue into if I lifted my head off the bed.

I felt Kay’s tongue slide along the bulging urethra on the bottom of my cock, the tip teasing what she knew as a very sensitive part where my corona blends into the shaft from below, then up to circle the very tip of my cock head. “The key to swallowing any big cock is relaxation.” Kay commented.

“You have to teach your throat muscles to relax and stretch open so the thickest part can slide through.” Kay continued.

I moved my hands to Ginger’s thighs softly caressing the flesh through the sheer fabric of her body stocking.

“Show me Kay!” Ginger excitedly said.

My fingers crept toward the split in her bodystocking.

“Start by slowly massaging the head with your lips and tongue.” Kay remarked before she took my cock head in her mouth to demonstrate the first steps to her enthusiastic student.

Kay’s lips softly caressed my corona as her tongue swirled around the bulbous cock head deeper in her mouth.

“Yes, yes, I know all about pleasing the head with my lips and tongue. I want you to show me how to swallow it.” Ginger urged.

Ginger moaned as my fingers slid along the lips of her pussy touching as lightly as possible, teasing it to involuntarily open to my advancing digits.

Kay’s mouth lifted from my cock head so she could explained. “You want his cock rock hard, that way when he slips into your throat it will reach as deep as possible.”

I toyed with Ginger’s sensitive clit causing her to groan deeply.

“Please let me taste his cock again.” Ginger pleaded as my finger dipped into the moist flesh beyond her pussy lips.

Kay giggled then said. “Just a taste, don’t go trying to swallow him just yet.”

Ginger’s shoulders dropped, her firm petite tits pressing against my abdomen as she took my cock head between her soft red lips. She moaned softly as her tongue massaged the head and corona but none of the throbbing shaft below.

Her movement allowed me to reach across to the night table and retrieve a piece of ice from the bucket.

Her tongue swirled around my cock head teasing the sensitive flesh before she let me slip from her oral grasp to say. “I felt his cock get harder inside my mouth.”

Kay answered. “Now he’s hard enough to massage the back of your mouth, watch as I demonstrate.”

“Oh Allen!” Ginger exclaimed as I touched her clit with the ice her voice extending my name as I swirled the cold against her hot erect nub.

I heard Kay scold me from beyond the sultry vixen spread open before me. “Let her concentrate Allen.”

Ignoring Kay’s comment, I lifted the piece of ice from her clit, pressed it between her lips and used my index finger to push it deep inside. It instantly melted in the hot folds of her wet pussy.

“Now watch carefully.” Kay said just before her mouth covered my cock head again.

Very slowly Kay took more and more of my cock between her lips until the head was pressed into the back of her throat.

I took over for Kay who obviously could no longer lecture her enthusiastic student. “My cock is pressing into the tight ring at the back of her mouth. She using my cock head to massage and relax the flesh.”

Normally when Kay is about to throat my hard cock she would just let it slip through, her throat long ago had become accustomed to having my hard cock invade its soft flesh. But this time she extended her massage showing Ginger that it takes time for the muscles to surrender to their ultimate fate.

“I can feel her throat expanding, feel it opening wider so my cock can slip through.” I explained.

Kay lifted a little and filled her lungs with air. “She’s going to swallow it now.” I remarked as Kay pressed her mouth deeper over my pulsing cock shaft.

“I see it!” Ginger exclaimed as Kay’s throat easily opened to accept my cock head.

I arched my hips up off the bed forcing the final inch or two between Kay’s lips and my cock head deep in her throat. As I settled down on the mattress my cock slipped that inch or so from her incredible oral grasp, but Kay pressed down again impaling me as deep as possible her nose pressing into the patch of pubic hair at the base of my cock.

“When she wants to tease me more she just swallows like she’s trying to pull my cock into her stomach.” I remarked as Kay did just what I was describing to her cock sucking student.

“She looks so god damn sexy with your cock shoved completely in her mouth.” Ginger said.

Kay bobbed up and down a couple times pleasuring me with her awesome mouth and throat, and then lifted slowly until my throbbing rock hard cock slipped from her soft wet lips. She gasped as her lungs filled again with oxygen.

“Now it’s your turn to try.” Kay told her deep throat student.

I slipped two fingers of each hand between Ginger’s swollen pussy lips using my thumbs to pinch her hard clit and my fingers to spread her open.

“I can’t wait to feel his cock down my throat.” Ginger said as she dropped her shoulders again.

“Just take your time and let his cock massage the back of your mouth before trying to swallow him.” Kay instructed.

As I fingered her wet pussy, Ginger slipped her mouth over my rock hard bulbous cock head swirling her tongue around the smooth corona as I fingered her wet pussy. She knew what it felt like having a cock in her throat since she’d swallowed my softening cock Wednesday night after I’d climaxed, but this wasn’t a soft cock she was trying to swallow, this was a rock hard throbbing cock engorged with blood that was about to assault the soft flesh of her throat.

“Take your time.” I heard Kay suggest.

Ginger moved her lips down letting my cock head slide along her wide wet tongue.

“Massage your throat with the head.” Kay reminded her.

I felt my cock head touch her throat, press into the tighter ring of flesh at the back of her mouth and Ginger instantly pulled her mouth back her gag reflex again trying to stop the invading cock.

“Go slower.” Kay urged.

Ginger slowly pressed my cock deeper I felt her mouth move around as she used the hard head to massage the tight flesh at the back of her mouth.

“Now you’ve got it.” Kay remarked seeing her slowly allow her throat to become accustomed to being spread open by a rock hard cock.

Again and again Ginger slid my cock over the softening ring protecting her throat, each time it opened a little more, each time it surrendered more to my hard cock head. Her oral pleasure was driving me insane. I mustered every ounce of will power to keep from thrusting up off the satin bedding and impale her throat.

“You’re almost there.” Kay said as she watched from below.

I couldn’t take much more and urged Ginger on. “Swallow my big fuckin’ cock!”

I felt Ginger’s stomach muscles tighten and knew she was preparing to fight off the urge to gag. Her mouth pressed harder down on my throbbing cock. She moaned lustfully as the wide flaring corona of my cock pressed against the tight ring then slipped through into the soft flesh of her throat.

“Swallow it!” I demanded.

Ginger groaned sinfully having won the battle and quickly pressed down until her lips circled the base as my cock sank deep down her throat.

“You’ve done it!” Kay exclaimed as she watched from below.

Ginger moaned again and again as her throat accepted its fate, her sensual sounds those of victory over the talent that had eluded her for many years.

Kay dipped her mouth and licked at my scrotum as Ginger happily bobbed up and down on my rock hard cock. Her lungs had to be burning needed to be replenished with life sustaining oxygen and she lifted enough so my cock slipped from her throat and she could fill her lungs again before swallowing my entire cock a second time.

“That’s it, fuck his big hard cock with your throat.” Kay excitedly said as Ginger began lifting more and gasping for air each time she lifted off. For the second time since Kay and I had arrived I was approaching orgasm. I knew that if I allowed her to continue to throat fuck my cock that it would explode in her throat something I was determined wouldn’t happen before I fucked both their hot wet pussies and tight asses.

“Enough!” I exclaimed letting her know to stop her oral assault on my hard cock.

Ginger lifted knowing that I wanted more than just her throat and gasped for air as my cock slipped from her bright red lips.

“Now you know how to deep throat a big hard cock.” Kay remarked as Ginger panted over my throbbing hard-on.

I felt my cock being pressed against my abdomen as they kissed sharing the saliva that filled Ginger’s mouth.

I straightened out my fingers and pressed several into her wet swollen slit spreading her pussy open wide. Ginger’s muffled groan acknowledged that she loved being fingered deeply. I pushed harder causing Ginger to whimper as my knuckles pressed harder against her pussy.

“Give me more.” Ginger pleaded as my fingertips swirled around inside her wet flesh.

My thumb and pinky finger joined the other three and I slowly pressed them forward giving Ginger’s pussy time to yield to my hand.

“Oh god, yes fist my tight pussy!” Ginger exclaimed breaking her kiss with Kay only long enough to beg me to push my hand deeper.

I pressed harder sliding my free hand up to her ass to hold her firmly as I pushed my fist inside. Unlike her throat that had resisted my invading cock, her pussy spread open, the lips stretching over my knuckles as I pressed my hand inside. She groaned harshly once my hand slipped through then pressed her loins back as I made a fist inside her tight wet cunt.

I slid the thumb of my free hand down and probed at her sphincter knowing that her pleasure would be heightened once my thumb slipped inside her tight asshole. As I pushed my thumb through Ginger groaned again then broke her kiss with Kay then exclaimed. “Yes, oh my fucking god, yes finger fuck my tight ass.”

The image I was watching from below was incredible, her pussy stretched to its limit, the swollen lips surrounding my wrist, the thumb from my other hand buried completely in her tight asshole as Ginger pushed back wanting my hand and finger deeper still.

Kay was clearly excited knowing from Ginger’s lustful moans of pleasure that she loved being fisted and I suspected Kay would want the same sensation soon enough.

“I want to watch him fuck your tight puckered asshole!” Kay exclaimed.

“Yes!” I also exclaimed wanting to watch my hard cock disappear into her ass.

I withdrew my fist from her pussy then slapped her ass through the sheer fabric of her body stocking before I commanded the sultry vixen. “Sit your gorgeous ass on my big hard cock!”

Ginger straightened up as I slipped my thumb from the tight puckered flesh of her sphincter, than quickly moved down until my cock slid through her wet stretched pussy lips.

She steadied herself using Kay’s shoulders and rose up so I could point my cock at her tight sphincter.

“Fuck my tight ass.” Ginger exclaimed as I positioned my cock head at the puckered flesh.

She slowly dropped down on the throbbing cock head while I arched my hips thrusting up into her steamy tight ass. A deep moan escaped her lips as my cock head spread her open her moan trailing off as my cock sank deeper and deeper inside her tight ass.

“Oh god that feels so fucking good!” Ginger exclaimed as her ass cheeks came to rest against my loins. She leaned back placing her hands on my chest so my cock filled her even more. Kay dropped down between my legs and began licking the gaping hole of her pussy and my cock shaft as it slipped in and out of Ginger’s asshole.

I began thrusting up harder and faster driving my throbbing cock deep into her tight ass again and again, knowing that I could allow my climb to orgasm to reach the peak this time.

Ginger’s sinful moans became louder and louder as together Kay and I pleasured every part of her being. My hands slid up and covered her tits, pressing the hard nubs of pleasure at their center into my palms then squeezing the petite mounds through the sheer fabric of her bodystocking. She dug her nails into my chest causing both pleasure and pain at the same time.

“Fuck me harder!” Ginger exclaimed.

I continued pumping my hard cock up into her asshole, its flesh no longer tight but as relaxed as her throat had become as my cock filled her again and again. Ginger was bouncing up and down to meet my thrusts as the combined pleasure of my cock filling her ass and Kay’s sensual mouth carried her to the edge.

“I’m gonna CUM!” Ginger screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her body convulsed as she felt the waves of pleasure crash over her. Impaled on my cock and being lavished by Kay’s skillful mouth Ginger instantly became a thrashing mass of quivering flesh. I squeezed as hard as I could on her tits, Kay sucked deeply at her flooding cunt and my cock pounded into her hot ass as she rode the tsunami of orgasmic pleasure.

I too was at the very edge, my cock swelling to climatic proportions, the sizzling heat of an impending explosion beginning to build in my balls. I slid my hands to her hips and began pounding up into her with my hard cock.

“Yes I’m cumming!” I exclaimed. I lifted Ginger up and my cock slipped from her hot ass. As I dropped her again my cock slipped along the swollen lips of her pussy and over Kay’s lips.

“Cum for us!” Kay exclaimed as she moved back a little to watch my cock explode. Her hand grasping my balls as cum boiled through my cock shaft. In an instant I exploded, thick sticky cum shot from my cock and splattered on Ginger’s body clinging to the sheer fabric of her bodystocking.

Ginger straightened up and began stroking my cock hard with one hand and smearing my cum across her stomach with the other as a second surge shot from me and splashed on the back of her hand.

“Stroke it!” I exclaimed as my balls pumped several more wads from my cock, each leaving pearly drops on the sheer black fabric of her bodystocking.

Kay’s face was inches from my cock and Ginger pressed the head coated with cum against her lips. Kay licked the head as the final few droplets of hot sauce oozed from the tiny slit at the tip.

Kay sucked my cock head clean then began licking and slurping the sweet load from my shaft, balls and Ginger’s coated hand. She worked her way up slurping the thick sauce from the sheer fabric covering. Ginger’s stomach and tits then straightened up kneeling between my legs. Ginger instantly leaned forward so Kay could share my load of thick cum with her. Their passionate cum sharing kiss continued as they played with the wad passing it back and forth between their sexy mouths.

I slid my hands to Ginger’s tits and played with the petite orbs of sensual flesh, her hard nipples pressed into my palms their sensitive points trying to escape the sheer material covering them.

Having equally shared the savory taste of my load the girls broke their passionate kiss. Kay slid to her right and lay down beside me snuggling into my side. Ginger slipped off my body and lay down to my right stretching her shapely legs along mine. Kay used her fingernails to lightly scratch through my chest hair and down onto my stomach, her big tits pressed softly against my side.

“You’ve made quite a mess of my pretty bodystocking.” Ginger remarked as her fingertips slid across the sticky remnants soaked into the material.

Kay lifted her head a little and looked at Ginger’s messy lingerie then said. “He does shoot a huge load.”

Ginger instantly replied. “And I love it.”

I was grinning ear to ear between them already wondering what other sexual treats these two mature vixens had in store for me.

“I want to clean up a little and change into something less sticky.” Ginger explained as she rolled away from me and sat up on the edge of the bed.

She disappeared into the master bathroom closing the door behind her.

Kay snuggled even tighter against me, her soft sensual lips kissed my shoulder before she spoke. “I hope you saved a thick hot load of cum for me.”

I turned my head toward her and kissed her softly on the mouth then replied. “You know I’m always good for a second round.”

She giggled and said. “I’m counting on it.”

“I’m going to use the other bathroom I gotta pee.” I said.

“Okay but don’t leave me along too long or I might start without you.” Kay warned.

I slipped out of bed and as I walked toward the door to the hall I stopped and turned to Kay then asked. “Ginger didn’t say anything to you about being into golden showers did she?”

Kay smiled widely at me before responding. “Allen you’re such a devil.”

I closed the bedroom door behind me and headed down the hall toward the open door of the bathroom. As I approached the second door on the right I noticed it was slightly ajar. My eyes were drawn to the opening and inside I could see Mindy lying on her bed. Her eyes were closed, but she wasn’t sleeping, her sleek hands covered her loins the index finger of one circling her erect clit while the middle finger of the other probed between her spread pussy lips. I watched intently noticing how her tiny tits seem fuller captured between her upper arms, the erect nipples begging for attention.

I knew I should move past but the sight of her masturbating kept my feet in place. Her soft sensual moans signaling an approaching orgasm, I stood silently watching her sleek sexy body begin to gyrate and convulse as her skillful fingers drew her closer and closer to climax. She began breathing harshly as her orgasm began, a second finger plunged into the pink flesh of her pussy and her index finger pressed roughly against her quivering clit. She gasped loudly then uttered three words that nearly floored me. “Fuck me Allen!”

In almost stunned disbelief I forced myself to start toward the bathroom. Mindy was masturbating while fantasizing about me fucking her. Her spectacular youthful body writhing against her slender fingers as she climaxed with images of my cock buried in her wet pussy. Without knowing she had sealed my fate, I knew instantly that somehow, some day I would have to turn her fantasy into reality.

I quickly finished in the bathroom then walked slowly and quietly past her partly open door. Mindy had rolled to her side, apparently basking in the glow of an inspired orgasm her slender body nearly curled into a fetal position. I paused for only a moment to let the image of Mindy’s spectacular ass burn into my brain, knowing Kay and Ginger would be wondering what was taking so long.

Both Kay and Ginger were not in the room when I returned. The master bathroom door was open, but the light was off. As I walked across the room, my naked cock swaying side to side, I called to them. “I’m back.”

Ginger’s voice came from one of the walk in closets. “Relax Allen we’ll just be a minute.”

I wanted to walk over to the closet in the worst way, knowing it contained all kinds of toys and other sexual aids along with what Ginger described as her playful wardrobe. But I resisted the urge not wanting to ruin the surprise they were conjuring up for me. Instead I got back in bed lying in the middle with my back against a stack of satin covered pillows.

Kay appeared first from the closet, her black lace thong now missing. As she approached the bed she reached behind her head and pulled the end of the ribbon that held her ponytail in place. She smiled as her wavy red locks cascaded around her head the gave it a quick shake which not only evened the waves around her face, but also gave her a sexy wild look.

She paused at the edge of the bed and gave me a seductive wink of her eye before crawling up and slipping between my legs. Her soft fingers slid along my calves then over my knees before she pressed my legs further apart. She leaned forward placing her hands against the stack of pillows then dipped her shoulders.

“You look so fucking hot!” I exclaimed as she dropped her head to tease my chest and stomach with her soft hair. She shoulders began moving side to side causing her big soft tits to slide over my cock. It slipped between and she moved back and forth letting the soft flesh between her tits massage my cock.

As Kay slowly caressed my growing erection with her chest, out of the corner of my eye Ginger appeared from the walk in closet. She paused in the doorway until I turned my head to watch her. She had removed the see through bodystocking, and changed into a very tight fitting red leather corset, which fit so tightly that even her petite tits oozed above the red cups. She had brushed her hair straight back giving her a sultry domineering look all accentuated by the bright red lipstick she wore. Her shapely legs were covered by black leather boots that flared above her knees, and to my amazement she had buckled a huge black strap-on cock around her waist.

I smiled widely as she approached the bed, her strap-on cock swaying side to side with her seductive stride. “Fuck me!” I exclaimed as Ginger slipped one hand around the 10 inch black cock extending from her body.

Ginger returned my smile then replied. “No, fuck Kay.”

Kay looked up at me, smiled and said. “I’m gonna give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had while Ginger fucks me with her toy.” Her head dipped again so she could continue teasing my cock with her soft tits and my body with her silky hair.

Ginger crawled across the mattress and between Kay’s legs. Her hand reached around her back pulled a small tube from the waist of the strap-on. She smiled as she held the tube up for me to see then said. “I’m gonna make my big black cock nice and slippery so I can fuck her ass before I slam my cock into her hot wet pussy.”

I watched intently as Ginger held the tube above one hand and squirted some of the thick lube into her palm then remarked. “She loves having a big black cock buried in her ass.”

As Ginger smeared the lube over the huge black shaft she said. “Move your sexy butt back this way so I can rub some lube on your tight puckered asshole.”

Kay slide backwards on the satin sheet, her tits sliding along my thighs and her hair now tickling my cock.

Ginger held the tube above Kay’s ass and squirted some lube at the top of the valley between her cheeks, then snapped the lid closed and tossed it toward her play closet.

Kay cooed softly as she felt the lubricant slowly travel down between her ass cheeks, over her asshole and between her pussy lips, her hot breath swirling down over my growing erection. She continued moving her shoulders side to side dragging her big soft tits over my thighs and her wavy red hair around my cock. I reached in and cupped her tits letting the erect nipples slip into my palms before I squeezed gently on the swaying mounds of soft flesh. Kay dropped her shoulders, trapping my hands between my thighs and her soft tits my cock pressed into the smooth skin of her neck and the bottom of her chin.

Ginger was applying the lube to Kay’s loins, smearing the slippery substance evenly over her pussy lips and the puckered flesh of her asshole above. She grasped the thick black cock strapped to her waist and pressed it against Kay’s tight sphincter. Kay pleaded when she felt the pressure of the tip against her asshole. “Give it to me Ginger. Fuck my tight hot ass with that big black cock.”

I squeezed Kay’s dangling tits firmly as Ginger pressed the slippery black cock against her sphincter spearing the tight hole with her big sex toy.

“Ooh yes!” Kay exclaimed as the thick head penetrated her asshole and she pressed her hips back even more causing my cock to slip across her lips as she spoke.

Kay’s long red locks teased my flesh while her lips and tongue slithered along my rock hard erection. Ginger pressed more of her strapped on cock inside her ass causing Kay to turn her head to one side her hair sliding sensually across my cock. She looked back toward the sultry assailant kneeling behind her and implored. “Sink it deep. I wanna feel it stuffed in my ass.”

My hands had continued to knead her swaying tits pinching hard on the erect nubs of her nipples and manipulating their soft fullness as Kay dipped her mouth to lick along my throbbing cock. Her warm wet tongue slid over my scrotum pausing to flick at the balls inside then followed my bulging urethra up until she reached the bulbous head of my cock.

I slipped my hands from her tits and laced my fingers into her wavy red hair as I demanded. “Suck it now!”

Kay slid her mouth over my cock and lifted it from my abdomen with her upper teeth letting it slip between her moist full lips. She rose up a little and moved one hand in to pull my cock toward her sliding her mouth further over my cock.

“That’s what I want. Suck it deeper!” I exclaimed as my hands pressed her head down.

Ginger had moved her hands to Kay’s hips and was slowly sinking her strap-on further inside Kay’s tight ass. As she thrust forward Ginger exclaimed. “Your sexy ass looks so good with a big black cock buried inside.”

Kay groaned over my cock as Ginger pressed the final inches inside filling Kay’s ass completely with thick black cock.

I felt my cock head wedge into her throat then commanded Kay. “Swallow it, take my cock deep down your throat.”

As her throat surrendered Kay moaned, I pressed her head down sinking my shaft down her throat stuffing the wet flesh completely with throbbing cock.

Kay’s lustful groan confirmed she loved having her ass and throat filled with cock.

Ginger pulled back causing nearly all of the large and thick strap-on cock to slip from Kay’s asshole. I held her head firmly keeping my cock engulfed in her slippery throat and wet mouth with her shimmery lips surrounding the shaft just above my pubic hair.

Kay rocked back wanting the thick black dildo strapped to Ginger’s body deep in her ass again filling her ass as completely as my cock filled her throat.

I released my grip on her hair and slipped my hands to her tits again, squeezing and fondling their ripe fullness and occasionally pinching the taut nipples at the tips.

As Ginger thrust forward, driving the thick black cock inside causing Kay’s soft sensuous lips to press into my pubic mound.

“Suck his cock!” Ginger implored from behind Kay’s ass.

The steady synchronized rhythm of our assault on Kay’s sexy body from both ends continued. Her mouth slid along my big shaft as she rocked forward and back in response to Ginger’s deep penetrating thrusts into her ass with the big black strap-on cock.

Kay’s lustful moans and groans filled the room as my cock filled her mouth and Ginger’s strap-on cock filled her ass.

I again moved my hands to her hair this time collecting it behind her head and holding it high so I could watch as her mouth slithered on and off my cock. Saliva began seeping from her lips and dribbled down over my scrotum.

Ginger asked. “You want this big black cock in your wet pussy don’t you Kay?” Kay’s sinful moan confirmed she wanted Ginger to move it to her dripping wet slit.

Ginger pulled back this time enough so the strap-on cock slipped from Kay’s ass. “Fuck her hard and fast!” I demanded as Ginger slipped the head of her sex toy inside Kay’s wet slit.

Kay moved her hips back to meet Ginger’s first thrust into her hot pussy. Her mouth slipped off my cock and she lifted her sexy face up toward me as she pleaded. “Fuck my mouth while Ginger fucks my hot wet cunt.”

I tightened my grip on the fistful of hair behind her head then pulled toward me turning Kay’s face down toward my rock hard cock. She exhaled deeply over the head through parted lips then touched the head with the tip of her tongue. I held her head firmly in place as I thrust up off the bed stabbing at her mouth with my throbbing cock. She gasped loudly, either from my erection filling her mouth or from Ginger’s black strap-on cock filling her wet pussy.

Kay’s lips closed around my cock shaft and I began fucking her hot mouth as she’d pleaded. Ginger’s thrusts into her wet slit mimicked my thrusts, as I arched my hips to stab at her mouth Ginger pulled back withdrawing the strap-on cock from her pussy.

Kay’s sensuous groans confirming she was enjoying our double penetration immensely. Keeping my fist tightly holding her hair above I lifted my other hand to her head and began pressing her mouth further down toward the cock stabbing her hot wet mouth. Her gasps for air timed perfectly with my cock slipping from her soft oral grasp.

“Deeper!” Kay exclaimed while my cock was outside her lips for a moment. Her command was directed at both Ginger and me, wanting the big black dildo deeper in her hot wet slit and my cock deeper in her mouth.

I pressed my hands harder against her head then thrust up higher than before the gagging sound confirming my cock head was wedged into the back of her throat. Ginger ground her strap-on harder into Kay’s pussy as together we filled the sexy Kay’s body completely.

Ginger’s hand rose above Kay’s ass then cracked down hard on the creamy white flesh of her butt causing Kay to squeal delightfully. I thrust up again my cock head spearing her throat, my hands forcing her mouth down until her nose pressed into my pubic hair.

“That’s it fuck her hot tight throat!” Ginger exclaimed just before her other hand slapped hard against Kay’s other soft ass cheek. Ginger continued fucking Kay’s hot wet cunt from behind, occasionally lifting one tiny hand up then spanking Kay’s ass, as I lifted her mouth a little off so I could stab at her throat again and again.

Kay’s mouth flooded with thick salvia clogging her throat and causing my thrusts into her mouth to take on a sloppy gagging sound. I could feel her hot spit running down my over my scrotum and knew she need to fill her lungs with air. Pulling up on her hair I lifted her mouth off my cock, a cascade of saliva spilled from her open lips dribbling down over my already soaking wet cock. Her gasps for air quickly becoming a panting sound as she groaned in unison with Ginger’s thrusts into her from behind.

“Fuck me harder!” Kay exclaimed between gasps for air.

Over and over again Ginger slammed that big hard black strap-on cock into her, each time Kay grunted as the hard head slammed into her cervix. Again and again Ginger’s tiny hands smacked Kay’s soft creamy ass cheeks. I was certain the imprint of her hands were now showing as sensual pink tattoos on Kay’s ass.

“Make me cum Ginger!” Kay screamed just before her wet slippery mouth closed around my cock head again.

I released my grip on her hair and dropped my hands to the bed. Kay’s long wavy hair cascaded down around my cock obscuring my view somewhat, but the stirring in my loins confirmed that I wouldn’t need to have a perfect view as she sucked my cock head eliciting my balls to provide her oral reward.

Ginger’s hips moved at a feverish pace slamming the black cock into Kay’s sopping wet pussy faster and faster. Kay’s mouth, that sinful soft wet mouth, sucked my cock head her tongue dancing over the bulbous flesh and smooth corona as my orgasm approached.

“Make me cum!” I demanded.

I love summer! Today was just one of those beautiful days; the sun was shining high in the sky and it just put me in such an incredible mood. My favourite place to spend my time at during days like this was round my best friend Scarlett’s. She was pretty wealthy and had the most beautiful home- a lovely, stranded cottage in the country surrounded by plenty of fields and a beautiful lake where she had put a big float in the middle of.

Scarlet and I had been best friends since we were very young, even though we had always been very different, she was gorgeous, confident and popular and I was very shy, but that never affected our friendship. Scarlet was a bisexual, I was straight but that didn’t stop me from noticing her beauty. She was quite small and her body had the most beautiful curves around her small but perky breasts, her flat stomach and round bum, her long golden hair flowed perfectly down to just above her breasts and her green eyes sparkled in the sun.

I slipped on my favourite black lace panties, a vest top and a pink mini skirt. I usually went braless in the summer. I put on some flip flops and jumped into the car to head down to Scarlet’s. After a long drive, I was finally there.

Before I even got out the car Scarlet was out the door to greet me. She was dressed in a pretty little floral dress which sculpted her figure very nicely.

‘Hey Liz!’ She said as she walked over and gave me a little hug, ‘I was thinking we could go down to the lake today.’

‘Sure that sounds like fun.’ I replied as we began to walk to the lake, exchanging small talk about our lives in general.

As we got to the lake Scarlet turned to look at me and grinned ‘Race ya to the float!’ she shouted as she lifted off her dress and ran towards the water, revealing her white bra and pants, and more of her tanned skin. I quickly slid out of my skirt and ran into the water in just my panties and vest. The water was usually pretty cold, but the sun had warmed it up a little. I made it to the float just a couple of seconds before she did and we both collapsed onto the float, ‘Well I guess you win!’ she sighed.

After a few seconds of lying their silently she turned onto her side so she was facing me, she put her soft hand onto my stomach and began stroking me. It was a little strange but I just relaxed because her hands felt so good against my skin. She moved her hand onto my chest and stroked across, pinching my nipples as she got to them, it made me notice how see through my vest had gone!

‘You’re so beautiful, Liz.’ She smiled as she cupped my breasts with both hands, ‘Let’s get this off.’ Scarlet pulled at my shirt and I lifted myself up so she could pull of my shirt. She put my vest to one side then continued to play with both my breasts. I had never been like this with a girl before, but I was definitely enjoying it.

She lowered her soft lips onto mine and kissed me gently. Slowly, she moved her kisses down my jaw, then my neck and then down to my chest. As her lips met my now hard nipples, she licked, kissed and bit them lightly. Whenever she was pleasuring one nipple with her mouth, she would play with the other between her fingertips. Her actions were beginning to really get me wet.

‘That feels so good, babe.’ I sighed as she sucked my nipple into her mouth.

Then she moved away from my nipples and kissed down my belly until she reached the top of my panties. She looked up at me and I nodded in approval. She stroked her hands between my thighs and kissed my clit through the panties. After a minute of this she pulled my panties down and put them to one side. She kissed up my thigh up to my pussy lips then she stuck her warm tongue between them, making me moan so loud. She licked and sucked all around my pussy and I had to bite my lip from screaming out in pleasure. Her hand moved up until it met my pussy, she pushed a finger into me and pumped it in and out slowly as she licked away and my hard clit.

‘Baby, your pussy tastes so sweet.’ She said between licks.

‘God, this feels amazing!’ I exhaled.

She continued to lick and suck at me while her fingers wiggled in and out of me. I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure!

‘Make me cum, honey! Don’t stop.’ I squealed as I felt my orgasm fighting to get out.

Scarlet moved one hand onto my chest and one onto my clit as she shoved her tongue into my soaking pussy.

‘That’s it, I’m cumming!’ I shouted as I let my orgasm take over my entire body. She continued to lick me until I stopped shaking and my breathing became regular. She moved away from my pussy and I sat up, so our lips could meet. We shared a passionate kiss and I could taste my juices on her tongue. I wrapped my arms around her and unclasped her bra, letting her perfect breasts fall out. I wasted no time teasing and sucked her nipples one by one into my mouth as I rubbed at her clit through her panties- I could feel how wet she was through the material.

I pulled down her panties and licked at her gorgeous pussy for a few moments until she turned around so she was on her hands and knees. I cupped her ass cheeks then moved one of my hands to her pussy and let two of my fingers slide into her. She gasped as I began to wiggle them. I moved my head between her cheeks and let my tongue slide around her ass hole as I fucked her with my fingers and rubbed my thumb over her clit.

‘Fuck! Babe, that feels so good, don’t stop.’ She screamed- it would have taken a lot to stop me! I continued until she told me she was going to cum, I went even faster as I felt her juice run down my hand. She turned around so she was straddling me, and then shocked me by sucking my fingers into her mouth, tasting her cum on them. I knew this wasn’t over.

We adjusted our position until I had one leg over hers and she had one leg over mine and we began to grind our pussies together. We stroked each other all over while we rubbed our pussies with one another. It wasn’t long before I felt myself about to cum again.

‘I’m cumming!’ as squealed and she told me she was too. Our orgasms erupted through our bodies and once we calmed down a little we were just staring into each other’s eyes.

‘Let’s go back to mine.’ Scarlet said with a little smile. I agreed and reached for my clothes, ‘You won’t be needing those.’ She said.

***Author’s Note: I’ve put this into Group Sex as that is where I felt it fit best, but it does involve anal, girl on girl, and fetish so if these are areas that may bother you, be forewarned.

***Editing thanks to: Annafaye — Thank-you


It was a Friday and the kids were going to be spending the night at a friend’s house. My wife, Linda wanted to have a couple of her girlfriend’s over for the evening and I agreed. I liked her friends, Kate and Caryn, and it would be fun, as most anytime those two came over we’d end the night laughing till our sides hurt.

Of my wife’s friends, she is the only one to have married her ‘high school sweetheart.’ I was the only boy she’d ever dated and I was the only man she’d ever had sex with. That put her in the position of being teased on girls’ nights, or so she told me. Apparently they called her ‘Sweet-Lind’.

My wife is also the best looking amongst her friends and after 10 years of marriage many expect me to be looking around, which is certainly not the case. She’s 5’8, with long dark hair, average build with supple curves in the right places, and a smile that makes me grin instantly.

That’s not to say her friends were unattractive. Kate is shorter, at 5’4, she’s a fireball of energy. A little rounder than my wife, she has a pair of breasts that she complained were nearly impossible to keep contained, topped off with short red-hair, and a sprinkle of freckles on a pert nose.

Caryn is just a hair shorter than my wife, blond hair kept very long, nearly brushing her ass, bright blue eyes which are the first thing about her that always get my attention. Her body is tight, athletic and a little leaner than my wife. She has a small, barely-there ass, and of the three, the smallest breasts as well.

Once the night was started I played bartender making the girls’ drinks as we played a couple of board games. We were three stiff drinks and two hours into the night when Kate turned to me with a smile.

“You won’t believe the kinds of stories your wife has been telling lately with a couple of drinks in her.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” I asked with an arched eyebrow.

“I’m not sure you want to know, since your wife offered us a demonstration next time it was just us.” Caryn said, with an even wider grin.

“Really? Sounds interesting,” I replied, with a smile of my own, before out of the corner of my eyes I saw a horrified expression cross Linda’s face.

“She’s been trying to tell us she isn’t nearly so innocent as we all know she is, and she says you like to fuck her in the ass.” Kate said with a big smile, knowing she’d finally be able to catch my wife’s little story.

“I’m sorry, honey…” Linda started, before I smiled, first at her and then at her two friends.

“She’s right, I do.” I watched with amusement as three mouths dropped open in surprise, “with an ass like hers who could blame me?”

“Holy shit! You really do anal?” Caryn asked in shock.

“I told you I don’t lie.” Linda said defensively, “I only told them to get them to stop thinking I’m some naïve little girl.”

“I can’t believe it! Then it’s really true you’ve cum that way?” Kate asked, still in disbelief.

“Oh yeah, I mean, I’m usually fingering her at the same time, but…” I stated.

“Mike says any guy who wants to do that is really gay.” Caryn said, still surprised.

“And I’d say any guy who says something like that has something they are hiding.” I said this with a laugh.

“So. . . No way, seriously?” Caryn asked, still clearly in shock.

“Alright, alright, but Lind here says she’s fucked your ass with a strap-on before. That isn’t true, now is it?” Kate asked.

I paused, a little surprised myself now, “um actually, yeah she has. I wasn’t aware we were talking about that.”

Truth is, we’d done it a total of two times, it had been fun both times, and particularly the second time, but it was not a regular part of our sex repertoire.

“No fucking way! Are you gay or something?” Kate asked, now clearly in complete shock.

Caryn’s mouth was hanging open again, and my wife was beet red with embarrassment.

“No, I’m not gay. To be gay I’d have to be attracted to guys, and I’ve never seen one even remotely attractive. Honestly, I don’t know how you girls aren’t all lesbians; at least it works out well for me and the continuation of the species.” I said this with a smile, and added then with a shrug, “the simple fact is it feels pretty good having my ass played with and I’m comfortable enough with myself to just go with it.”

There was a long moment of silence while the girls digested that. I could see a slight flush come to both Caryn’s and Kate’s skin, and their breathing seemed to be little deeper than before.

“That sounds so hot.” Kate finally said, with a slight huskiness to her voice.

“Did you really promise a demonstration, honey?” I asked Linda.

“Uh, yeah, I guess I did.” she replied, sheepishly.

“Are you up for it?” I asked, with an encouraging smile.

Both Kate’s and Caryn’s jaws dropped open yet again, and Linda just nodded mutely with a bit of a shy smile.

“I guess I’d better get the box then.” I said, with yet another smile before I went to our bedroom to retrieve a box of toys and other items that we’d pull out from time to time for a little spice.

I came back with the box and set it down on the floor. Before I sat back down I noticed all three girls looked a little flushed and I took that as a sign they were all more than a little aroused.

“I assume, since Linda has told my big secret, I can tell hers,” I smiled, “she’s fantasized about having both of you licking her pussy, and watching you getting fucked by me.”

Once again Linda turned red with embarrassment, but instantly I could see a fire leap into Kate’s eyes. She turned to my wife with a smile before she reached with her left hand to place it on my wife’s right breast, and as she rested it there, she leaned in to press her open lips to my wife’s.

I watched with interest as my dick hardened. My wife seemed to melt into the kiss and as Kate grew bolder she worked a hand under my wife’s bra top revealing her breasts; which she began to massage as my wife moaned into the kiss.

I glanced over at Caryn; her eyes were locked on her two friends making out, and her hands were gently massaging her breasts, gliding down her belly and rubbing her pussy.

Kate broke the kiss, both women took deep breaths of air. Then Kate grabbed the bottom of Linda’s shirt lifting it over her head and tossing it aside. Kate took a moment to soak in the sight of my wife’s naked breasts before she resumed kissing my wife, now taking a breast in each hand.

I was so intent watching the show I didn’t notice that Caryn had moved from her chair to kneel before me until I felt her hand gently rub my cock through my pants. I moaned approval as I looked down to see Caryn staring up at me, her blouse already open revealing her breasts in a lacy purple bra. She was smiling tentatively and I smiled back encouragingly.

Slowly she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I lifted my hips to allow her to pull them down and she took my boxers with them, instantly freeing my hard-on. Her eyes widened as she wrapped her delicate fingers around my shaft.

“You are huge.” She said, surprise evident in her voice, “I didn’t think Lind knew any better.”

I saw Kate glance over to get a look and she smiled appreciatively, “You are a lucky girl!”

I’m not overly large, a little over 8 inches in length, and a little under 2 inches in diameter, but having it complimented still made me feel good; almost as good as the next moment when Caryn ran her tongue up the underside of my shaft, from base to tip.

I looked up just in time to see my wife wiggling out of her bottoms that Kate was pulling down. Once she’d freed my wife of her last articles of clothing, Kate’s hands and mouth seemed to be everywhere at once. First she was sucking on my wife’s breasts as her hands roamed over Linda’s body. Then as my wife’s breathing became deeper, she slowly worked her lips down over Linda’s belly.

Caryn had taken the head of my dick between her lips, and she was sucking gently on the tip, flicking it with her tongue as her hands cupped and caressed my balls, bringing approving groans from my throat.

Kate worked her way down until her mouth was at my wife’s crotch, she paused only a moment before she latched on, and my wife screamed as she pulled Kate’s head tight to her cunt.

I nearly blew my load in that instant, and Caryn smiled up at me, seemingly knowing this fact. With difficulty I fought back my orgasm, wanting to make it last even as Caryn began to take more of my cock between her lips. She managed about three quarters of my length before she had to ease back up.

Linda was really humping into Kate’s mouth; she apparently had a pretty talented tongue. Of course, my wife has always been a big fan of oral, both giving and receiving, so I wasn’t too surprised she was already building to another orgasm.

Caryn had really begun to go to town on my cock, sucking and slurping it hungrily. It was becoming increasingly difficult to hold back my impending orgasm, and finally, before I lost complete control, I stood-up reaching down to help pull her to her feet with me. My cock slipped from her lips with a wet ‘pop’ and she pouted at me like a little girl denied a special treat.

I ended that pout with a kiss, my tongue darting between her lips to wrestle with hers, and as I held her she melted into the kiss moaning softly into my mouth. I pushed her blouse off of her shoulders, and unclasped her bra, freeing her pert breasts for my hands to massage and rub and my fingers gently tweaked her nipples causing her to moan still more.

Slowly I broke the kiss and as her eyes met mine, I knelt before her, undoing and removing her pants and underwear, stripping her of the last of her clothes.

I inhaled deeply of her feminine scent, similar yet distinctly different from my wife’s. Grabbing her ass I pulled her shaved cunt closer to my mouth, and ran my tongue over her slit, already moist with her juices.

Caryn moaned, tangling her fingers in my hair she pulled me closer. She lifted one leg placing her foot on the armrest of my chair, opening herself to me as she leaned against the wall for support.

So encouraged, I began to lap at her pussy in earnest, enjoying her taste as juices flowed freely from her. I could hear rising arousal as I devoted more of my tongue’s attention to her clit.

“Yes! Lick my fucking pussy!” She screamed, as she came into my mouth.

I continued to lick her womanhood as her body shuddered for several long moments before she released her grip on the back of my head and lowered her leg.

“I believe you said Lind wanted to watch you fuck me?” Caryn asked as she got down on all fours on the floor and wiggled her ass invitingly to me.

I glanced over at my wife, still enjoying having her pussy eaten, and she smiled and nodded at me. I lined my cock up with Caryn’s well lubed pussy and slid my full length into her in one stroke.

“Ah, fuck! That does feel huge!”

“It’ll feel even bigger when I put it into your ass.” I said with a smile, as I began to slowly rock my hips back and forth.

“Huh!” Caryn said with a grunt, “I’m not sure I’m ready…”

“You’ve gotta let him do it!” Linda said encouragingly, “he’ll go slowly, and once you adjust to it, it feels real good.”

“Linda will lick your pussy while Dave takes your ass.” Kate said looking over her shoulder at us.

“Hmmm, that does sound real good.” Caryn agreed.

“And I’m gonna try that strap-on and fuck Dave’s ass.” Kate said excitedly.

“Oh yeah!” Caryn said excitedly.

Kate got up from between my wife’s legs, and began to strip, the last to remove her clothes she had a rapt audience as all three of us watched her reveal herself.

Once completely naked she got the strap-on out of the box, Linda got up and helped her get it on. Then she stood proudly displaying her rubber dick, stroking it suggestively.

“Pass me the lube a moment.” I said.

Linda gave me the bottle, and I squirted a generous amount on Caryn’s ass crack. I then began to slide a finger up and down her Caryn’s crack, eliciting soft moans of pleasure. Slowly I inserted a finger in her ass and I felt her pussy clench my dick even harder.

“That feels surprisingly good!” Caryn gasped and then with an arched tone asked, “So, are you gonna lick me or not?”

As answer, Linda slid herself under Caryn’s body and I could feel Caryn’s reaction on the first touch of my wife’s tongue to her wet cunt.

Caryn really began to moan as my wife’s mouth, and my cock worked her pussy, and I slid a second finger into her ass. Kate approached Caryn’s head, stroking her rubber phallus, and then she brought it to Caryn’s lips.

Caryn sucked it in hungrily, and Kate slowly fucked her face as Caryn moaned with increasing excitement.

Kate withdrew from Caryn’s mouth, got down on her knees and sunk herself deep into my wife’s exposed pussy.

I heard Linda moan into Caryn’s pussy as Kate began to fuck her. Her moans became even more enthusiastic as Caryn lowered her mouth to Linda’s cunt, and began to use her tongue.

It wasn’t long at all before both Caryn and my wife were screaming their orgasms into each other’s pussies.

As Caryn’s orgasm began to subside, I first pulled my finger’s free of her ass, and then my dick from her cunt. As my dick popped free, I slid it up her ass crack for two slow strokes as Caryn humped her ass back into me, encouragingly.

I lined the head of my cock up with her back door, and pushed forward, her ass immediately, and easily accepted the head of my dick along with my first inch or so before I stopped.

Caryn grunted softly into my wife’s pussy, and Kate came around to watch from a better view. Slowly I rocked back and forth, feeding a little more of my dick into her ass each time I pushed forward. Little by little her ass swallowed up my cock until I was pressed tightly to her, my balls resting on her cunt lips, her deep breathing and soft moaning telling me she was still enjoying herself.

“That’s so fucking sexy! I can’t believe you took his whole dick up your ass!” Kate said excitedly.

“Feels real fucking good! I feel so fucking stuffed.” Caryn responded.

I pulled back out slowly, her ass resisting my withdrawal, and then I pressed forward sinking my full length into her again, eliciting a moan from Caryn’s lips, and a spasm from her ass as it clenched even tighter on my cock.

“Are you ready for me?” Kate asked as she moved behind me.

“Oh, yeah, fuck him.” I heard Caryn and Linda say as one.

Kate poured the lube down my ass crack, and poured some more on the strap-on, and then she was sliding it along my ass crack. I bent a little more forward, leaning into Caryn and allowing Kate easier access.

Kate guided her dick to my backdoor and then pushed forward. I felt the head pop into my ass, and now it was my turn to moan.

Kate paused, waiting for me to adjust, but I simply pushed back into her. She took the hint and proceeded to sink the full length into my ass.

“What a fucking slut! You love getting fucked up the ass!” Kate whispered against my neck.

I just moaned softly in response as I rocked forward into Caryn’s tight ass. Then I was pulling back as Kate was pushing into me.

While I had been fucked with the strap-on by my wife a couple of times this was the first time I’d had my dick sunk deep into a welcoming hole simultaneously. The sensation of plowing and being plowed combined together was incredible and I knew my orgasm was fast approaching.

Kate began really fucking me with gusto, ramming her rubber dick into me with increasing speed and force. She grunted and groaned as the other end pushed into her as well.

Beneath me, Caryn was really beginning to go wild. She was pushing her ass back into me, meeting my every thrust and her ass began to squeeze tighter to my cock, milking me for my seed.

Caryn screamed first and her ass clamped tight onto my cock as she came.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my fucking ass with that fucking cock and lick my fucking cunt!” She yelled out as her orgasm took her.

“God, I’m fucking gonna cum.” I announced as I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell.

“Yes! Cum in my ass!” Caryn screamed.

I gripped her hips even tighter, and plunged deep into her ass once more; yelling as I began shooting my cum deep into her bowels.

A couple more thrusts from Kate and she pushed hard against me as she began to scream her own orgasm.

It was several moments before we three came back down. Finally Caryn collapsed forward allowing my cock to pop free, and then she rolled to the side dismounting my wife with an exhausted and sated sigh.

It took Kate another couple moments before she was ready to pull free of my ass. I rolled and laid flat on the floor beside my wife, on the opposite side Caryn had rolled to. For several moments I took deep breaths, trying to grasp what had just happened. I felt residual orgasmic pulses course through my body, as my cock twitched, and my ass spasmed.

Linda got up on her elbow and smiled at me, and then she crawled on top of me, and began to lick and suck my cock clean.

With her pussy over my face I couldn’t resist licking her wetness, and soon I felt my cock stiffening as I was enjoying the free flow of my wife’s juices. I was getting so into the oral activities I’d nearly forgotten we had an audience.

Very soon Linda was moaning into my manhood, sucking almost painfully as her orgasm tore through her.

“I want to try that cock in my ass.” Kate announced, as my wife was slowly quieting.

Linda climbed off of me, and Kate straddled me, facing me. Squatting over my cock she lined it up with her backdoor, and began to lower herself down.

She’d obviously already availed herself of the lube, since her ass offered very little resistance before my cock began sliding in. Taking deep breaths, she paused a couple of times, but finally she was sitting all the way down, with my dick buried fully into her tight asshole.

“Oh god, that does feel fucking good!” she exclaimed.

Kate began to raise and lower herself, fucking herself on my dick while Linda and Caryn watched. Slowly she began to increase her pace, and she closed her eyes to fully enjoy the sensations. I reached up and began to pinch and twist her hardened nipples which elicited a combination of gasps and moans that caused her ass to convulse excitedly around my manhood.

“Bitch, turn the fuck around so you can get properly fucked.” My wife said in a dominant tone she only used when wearing the strap-on, and sure enough she had her rubber dick on and was ready to do some fucking.

Obediently, Kate spun on my cock, her ass never releasing me. She continued to fuck me, and I enjoyed the new view of seeing her ass swallow up my meat.

Then my wife knelt between my legs and I wondered what she was up to. My question didn’t go unanswered long as I felt the pressure of her rubber dick sliding into Kate’s cunt, through the thin wall of her ass.

“Oh fucking god!” Kate yelled as her ass clenched tighter on my cock and she came.

Linda kept right on fucking her through her orgasm, pumping Kate’s pussy in slow, deep, steady strokes. I began to lift my hips up, slamming my dick deep into her ass as Kate was reduced to just grunting and moaning as yet another orgasm took her.

Slowly Kate resumed riding me, fucking herself on both mine and my wife’s dicks.

Caryn then swung her leg over me and straddled me; placing her dripping wet cunt on my face.

“Lick me.” She commanded.

Obediently my tongue went to work on her pussy as she moaned immediate approval.

Caryn rode my tongue like she was fucking a small cock, she moaned, and sighed through orgasm after orgasm, as I licked, nibbled, and sucked at her pussy.

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