lesbian novella

Chapter 4 Reconciliation

I had been spending time at the mall with several of my friends; sort of like an ode to the old days, and the last chance to just be mall rats without a care in the world. It was obviously going to end soon; we all knew that—especially because Lauviah and Evelyn spent most their time filling out job applications for every single store there. I filled out some applications too, but not with the intense fervor they did; I wanted my summer at least to count as a break from twelve horrible years of crappy schooling before I went back to school or found a job.

We had spent three hours at the mall, and Lauviah and Evelyn had decided they were going to go check out their prospective apartments (they were going to room up together with some poor, unsuspecting guy using Lauviah’s charms until they could afford a place of their own). I opted out, however; I told them I was going to go see my brother. It was, after all, Saturday; meaning Abraxis was on his weekend and would probably be staying up late.

At least I hoped.

My heart began to pound ferociously; my brother’s truck wasn’t sitting in the driveway. Where the hell could he have gone, anyways? I started running scenarios through my mind where he went partying without me; getting angry that he would even think of doing such a thing—but then again, the last time we had partied, we woke up naked in his bed without any memory of what happened, and I suppose that was reason enough to stay away from me.

Talk about first world problems.

But maybe Nosferatu would know where he had gone? Besides, I needed to talk to him anyways…

I approached the front door anxiously, my palms sweating as my heart thumped against my chest. I rang the doorbell.

Nosferatu, of course, answered, giving me a glance-over.

“Oh it’s you,” he said lethargically.

I swallowed nervously, and nodded.

He cleared his throat. “Your brother isn’t home right now.”

“Yeah, I could tell; his truck’s not parked out front.” I stammered anxiously. God I really wish I had use of the alcohol now; since it was way harder to even look at this god-beast let alone talk to him sober.

“So…you need something?” he shook his head at me like he was confused.

I nodded. “I was hoping we could talk,”

He rolled his eyes at me. “What’s there to talk about? We had a one night stand.”

I held up my phone defensively. “If it was just a one night stand, then why did you give me your phone number?”

He rubbed his eyes with his hand. “Look, I thought we could make a go of it, but your brother and I had a talk about that. And by talk, I mean he beat the piss out of me until I promised never to talk to you again. Not even polite banter. So if you’ll excuse me, I really don’t want him to see you here when he gets home.”

I raised my eyebrow. “He beat you up and you still let him live here?”

Nos rolled his eyes yet again. “Your brother is very intimidating. He’s also highly persuasive.”

“Oh Jesus,” I hissed. “Do you see what he does? He takes every part of my life away until he controls it. I’m an adult now, and he still does this! God damnit sometimes I hate my brother so much!”

“Yes, and as much as I respect that, I don’t want him to ream me a new asshole, so I’m sorry, but my hands are tied here…” Nos looked around outside, probably to make sure my brother wasn’t anywhere nearby.

“You’re really going to let my brother do this? You can’t be serious…what happened to standing up to him for me?” I began to pout.

“I was drunk!” he argued feverishly. “Also, he hadn’t kicked my ass yet!”

“So get drunk,” I argued back, letting some guilt-inducing tears well up in my eyes.

Nosferatu looked appalled, and he stared at me for a long time, just soaking in all the guilt and regret. Oh yeah—take it, Nos, take it.

He let out an agitated growl as he unlocked the barred screen-door for me. “Fine; god, fine. But the next time he comes after me, you get to use those puppy eyes on him so I don’t feel the furious wrath of a northern god again.”

I smiled, wiping away the tears as I entered the house. “Thanks Nos, you’re awesome.”

“That’s what I hear,” he grumbled his reply.

I followed him as he walked into the kitchen, and sat down as he pulled out various liquor bottles. He was silent for a while, just mixing drinks.

I sighed when he set down a cocktail glass in front of me. “Another Appletini, huh?”

He shrugged. “I’m sorry; I have no idea what you like. You could have said something earlier if you wanted a different drink.”

I shook my head, taking a long sip. “No, it’s fine…but maybe I’m hoping for a chance so that maybe one day you will know what kind of drink I like.”

He gulped from his highball glass, which appeared to be a Long Island Iced Tea, and gave me a rather blank stare. “Are you trying to advocate for a relationship, or something?”

I shrugged, and withered a bit under his scrutiny. “I—I don’t know. Personally, I think that would be amazing, but…if we could just be friends, I’d be alright with that, too.”

He grabbed my hand from across the table. “Look, I know I took you, and you may be forming some kind of emotional attachment, but I strongly advise against that.”

“I don’t understand,” I argued. “I mean, I know my brother told me you weren’t good for me, but that’s my brother, and well—you’ve seen what he does.”

Nosferatu sighed heavily. “Well, he might actually be right. I tend to break a lot of hearts. I’m not easily satisfied. I need a girl who has a lot of personality in addition to being hot. I get with a ton of Barbie dolls who hang out at the gym doing Zumba all day, and then go to the mall with either her parents’ or my money and spend all of it, and then hog the remote so I have to listen to Sex and the City and Gossip Girls until I drink myself to sleep. They usually end up cheating on me, too.”

I tilted my head as I stared at him. “So, let me get this straight…You date a lot of sluts, and so just because that’s the kind of thing you go after, I’m automatically one of those girls?”

“Well honestly, I don’t know. I don’t recall a lot of the time we spent together, unfortunately. Most of that was erased due to severe head trauma the next day.” He commented sarcastically.

I hid my face in my hands. “I’m so sorry about my brother…really; he’s kind of a dick,”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not like you asked him to do it, anyways.” He finished his drink in another few gulps, and got up to refill it.

“So do you think it’s possible for us to be friends?” I prodded.

“I suppose, but I honestly don’t know how that would work, since I’m still not supposed to even talk to you. He took my phone and deleted your number from it. I think that speaks clearly enough for itself.” He answered, rubbing his temple as he drank a second iced tea.

“I know he’s a bit overbearing, but I promise I’m worth it. If Abraxis taught me anything, it was to be the exact opposite of the Barbie dolls you were just complaining about. I’m actually really cool…you did say so yourself, even if you don’t remember. You seemed pretty excited that I could quote South Park.” I pleaded.

He looked surprised. “You watch South Park?”

I nodded. “Yeah! That night at the party, you took me into your room to watch some after my brother decided it was a good idea to leave me here by myself! Remember?”

He looked towards the ceiling. “Oh yeah…some of it is starting to come back, now.”

“Good. So let’s get to know each other!” I smiled giddily, taking another sip from my cocktail.

Nos looked at his phone. “I don’t know how long we’re going to have for that tonight, but we can try. Your brother is currently at his old apartment, trying to dump his fiancée. He’s going to be angry enough when he gets back; and I don’t really want to piss him off any more than he already will be.”

I shrugged. “Alright, well at least put my phone number back into your phone so we can text and do it that way…please, I really want to talk with you.”

He conceded with a sigh and took my number down. “Alright, there. You happy now?”

I finished my Appletini. “Yeah, I suppose. Now I’m going to go see if Lauviah is back home yet…maybe she’ll give me some attention.”

“Whoa, wait—did you just say, ‘Lauviah?’ Like, as in a short girl with long black hair and blue eyes, Lauviah?”

I nodded, and frowned at him curiously. “Yeah…why?”

“Can I see your phone real quick?” he asked, reaching out towards me.

I reluctantly handed it over, still giving him a dumbfounded stare since I couldn’t figure out what exactly he was doing. He messed around with it for a bit, and then held the phone up to his ear. Who in the hell was he calling? Lauviah? Why would he call her—wait, how did he even know about her, anyways??

Nosferatu smiled goofily. “Hey, it’s me. I just wanted to hear your voice again.”

He handed me the phone back, and I could hear Lauviah screaming on the other end. “…How dare you even talk to me again after what you did to me?! Who the hell do you think you are?! You can’t just—”

“—Uh, Lucy?” I stammered, giving Nos a shocked stare as he laughed. “It’s me. Why are you screaming?”

“…Kara? Where the hell are you?! And how do you know Nosferatu?!” she yelled at me.

“He’s my brother’s housemate, and I told you I had fucked him—remember? You said he had given me a fake name and everything—remember?? So how do you know him??” I replied as I paced around the kitchen listening to Nosferatu die of laughter in the background.

“A fake name?! That’s so classy of me!” he guffawed.

I plugged my ear so I could hear Lauviah speak again. “Where are you? What’s the address? Don’t move; I’m going to have Evelyn drop me off! We all need to have a talk, it seems!”

My jaw dropped; how could my best friend be mad at me? None of this situation was under my control, anyways! I didn’t know they had known each other! “West Queen, it’s that first house before Division across from the park.”

“God, you have got to be shitting me! I can’t believe he—look, just stay put! I’ll be there soon!” she yelled, then there was silence. She had hung up on me!

I was pretty dumbstruck with the whole situation, plopping down into my seat as I tried to figure out what was going on. Meanwhile, Nosferatu was still snickering to himself; he seemed pretty pleased with the upset he had caused.

I gave him a shocked stare. “How do you know her? And why does it sound like she hates you?”

The smile disappeared from his face. “It’s a long story…probably one we won’t have time for tonight, since you know, your brother and all…but if she’s on her way here, I’m sure you’ll figure it out once she and I really get into it.”

I shook my head. “Well she’s my best friend, and if you’ve done something to piss her off, I think I should know…especially if you and I are going to try and have a friendship.”

He leaned on the table. “How long have you known her?”

“Three years and six months,” I told him, twisting around the empty cocktail glass.

He snatched it from me. “That’s pretty precise.”

I shrugged. “She’s one of the best things that ever happened to me. So what if I count our anniversary?”

His eyes widened. “I’m sorry, are you insinuating that she’s the girl you’re with?”

I nodded. “She’s my best friend and my lover. We’re in an open relationship, basically, so that’s why I got with you that night of your party,”

Nosferatu rolled his eyes at me and shook his head like he was disappointed. “Of course she did…let me guess, she’s also had an incredibly high number of boyfriends, too, hasn’t she?”

I narrowed my eyes on him. “How did you know? How do you know so much about her?”

Nos sprang from his seat, then went to the counter to make both of us another drink. “Because she does that kind of crap. In fact, I’m going to go as far to say she did it to try and get back at me,”

My jaw dropped. “Get back at you? What would—”

The doorbell interrupted me; that had to be her.

Nos looked at me over his shoulder. “It’d be better if you answered the door, trust me.”

I shook my head, and did as I was told. I opened the door for her, noticing that she was wet since it had apparently started to rain while I had been hanging out with Nos. She basically moved me with her weight, and as soon as she stepped indoors I could tell she had been crying. Her face was red, and there were remnants of tears dried on her cheeks.

Jesus Christ, what was going on??

“Where is he?” she snapped, wiping her face for good measure.

“In the kitchen,” I pointed.

She didn’t even wait for me to close the door; she was already walking towards him. I locked the door quickly and bolted after her, arriving just in time to see her and Nos standing off.

You!” she barked. “I cannot believe you! How dare you show your presence in this house?! This was a sanctuary for many years of my life, and now you’re contaminating it with your toxicity!”

“Uh, look,” Nos stayed calm amidst her tirade. “I can’t help that Nana willed me the house, alright? Christ, you should be thanking me anyways, since this means now I can watch over you and Jo-Jo at your foster place to make sure they’re treating you right. But that’s okay—no, don’t thank me.”

I looked on in horror, totally speechless. Were they related?!

Lauviah wiped away more tears. “There’s no way Nana willed you the house, it was supposed to be mine!”

“I didn’t have anywhere to go, alright? It was either here, or move back in with our piece-of-shit sperm donor! And since you were doing alright at the foster place, she changed the will six months ago! But that was only as long as I promised to allow you to live here rent-free if you needed a place. To which, obviously, I agreed. I don’t hate you, Luce, okay? You are more than welcome to move in if you want; I’ll give you your old bedroom back.” Nosferatu guzzled from his glass again.

“You leave me with that abusive, unholy abomination of a parent and expect me to not detest you? Really? Are you fucking retarded, Nos?! And by the way, no, I’m not going to move in with you. It might destroy the only happy memories I have left; the ones I have with Nana!” Lauviah spurned, wiping more tears from her face.

“He—he’s your brother? Like, the one you wouldn’t talk about or even name?” I asked weakly, trying to get a grip on the story that was unfolding before me.

She turned towards me, fighting back a sob. “Yes, that’s him. That’s Nosferatu, my shitty older brother who left me to endure six months of terrible abuse until I was finally taken from our father by protective services and placed with Joanna and her foster family.”

I placed my hand on her shoulder. “Lucy, I’m really sorry, I didn’t know.”

She sniffled. “It’s okay. This town is small as hell; it would make sense that your brother knew him somehow.”

“Yeah, he and I went to high school together. I guess it should have been obvious that you two would have met at school, too.” Nosferatu replied, swirling his drink in his hand.

She turned back to face him, clenching her fists together. “Speaking of which, I heard about your first time together. I bet you coerced her into it, just like you did with me, didn’t you, you duplicitous fuck!”

My jaw dropped off its hinges. What the hell did I just hear?

Nosferatu flushed. “Whoa, hey now! Jesus Christ, yes, let’s just air all of our family’s blood-stained laundry so Kara can see how fucked up we are! Thanks, but no, and I never coerced you into anything and you fucking know that! Just because you’re fucking ashamed of yourself doesn’t mean you get to take it out on me! Also, I never deceived your little lover-girl here, alright? She may have been a little drunk, but I did not take advantage of her, as I’m sure she’ll tell you for herself that she was actually the one who came on to me when it happened!”

Lauviah looked to me to get my take on things.

I shrugged. “I was kind of drunk, but he’s right, I totally asked him to fuck me, it wasn’t the other way around. I’m also kind of confused, are you guys saying that you fucked?”

Lauviah turned red. “Yes, we did. In fact, he was my first.”

I thought for a moment about dying, but it didn’t happen. “Wow, alright.”

“Don’t even say anything judgmental, Miss ‘I-fucked-my-brother-after-we-drank-a-roofie-cocktail.’ You know what that means! The words and actions of the intoxicated are always the truthful ones!” Nosferatu pointed his finger at me.

I blushed. “Well honestly, you’re the one who shouldn’t have said anything when you were laughing at me after I came out of my brother’s room. Who’s the judgmental one now, prick? And I still argue that he and I didn’t’ do anything. Besides, I was going to say, I think that’s pretty hot.”

Lauviah growled angrily, and it looked like she was thinking of strangling me, so I cowered and moved towards the wall. Nosferatu intervened though, and pushed her to the opposite side of the kitchen.

She leaned against the counter, and we all fell silent. She rubbed her temples with her fingers, probably just trying to think.

After a while, she finally sighed, and crossed her arms. “I still hate you for everything you did to me.”

“So…” Nos stalled. “That means you want a hug?”

Tears streamed down her face. “Yes, but I still hate you for not talking to me for four years straight!”

Nos opened his arms so she could hug him. I almost said, ‘Awwh,’ out loud, but I refrained myself from commenting on their cuteness. And then Lauviah punched him repeatedly, so that Nos coughed because the wind had been knocked out of him, ruining the moment.

“You deserved that and you know it,” she snapped, finally wrapping her arms around his middle.

Nos wheezed. “Lucretia, for whatever it’s worth, I’m sorry, alright? I’m sorry,”

I squeaked, watching them as they made up; hugging each other tightly. But it was short-lived; because Lauviah wasn’t having any of that, apparently.

She pulled out of his arms, and gave him another good, solid punch to the abdomen. “Don’t even think this is over; I’m still livid, and I still hate you! One hug and one apology are not going to make up for the four years you were gone after sneaking out of the window and not even telling me you were leaving!”

Lauviah stormed past me. “I’m going home now,”

“Okay, see you later, neighbor!” Nosferatu called sardonically, winking at me.

She slammed the door shut, and I gaped at Nos with an open mouth.

“I better go after her,” I pointed towards the door. “Text me, alright? Please?”

He nodded, and then waved me off.

I ran out the door, caught her just down the block, and pulverized her with a hug. “I’m sorry, I’m really, really, sorry. I didn’t know. I didn’t know who he was.”

She turned around to face me as I let go, and I wasn’t sure if it was the rain or her tears that were running down her face. “I don’t blame you. It’s always him. He does this kind of shit,”

“He made me feel pretty bad, too,” I admitted.

She nodded. “When you first told me you had fucked a guy named Nosferatu, I didn’t want to believe it was my brother; but since he’s pretty much the only Nosferatu in existence, I went into denial and figured some douchebag had given you a fake name. I’m sorry for how I acted. I just…I didn’t even want to think about him ever again.”

“So you believe me now, then?” I asked, adjusting my hood so I wouldn’t get wet.

“Yeah.” She scoffed. “There’s only one person in the entire world named after a race of vampires who is also a complete ass-clown. I was lucky enough to be related to him.”

I giggled, putting my hands in my pocket as we walked to her house. “So is it true your mom was obsessed with vampires? Abraxis said that’s why he was named that.”

Lauviah gave me a sidelong glance. “His middle name is Lestat, if that tells you anything. Nosferatu Lestat Ashford. Worst name in the history of names; but at least he has an excuse. Our mom was doing a lot drugs before she got pregnant. Thankfully she understood not to be on them while she was carrying any of us around, but nevertheless…”

“Ashford? That’s a wasp name. I thought you guys were German? Shouldn’t you have a German name?” I poked lightly at her.

She glared. “Says the girl who didn’t retain her original Polish surname because it was too confusing for the government to figure out who you were related to, Miss Novak.”

I rolled my eyes. “Okay, yeah, sorry.”

“To put a long story short, our grandfather defected from the Nazi Schutzstaffel and came here. He didn’t want to be associated with all those bad things he did during his time with them, so he changed his name from Aschfurt to the Anglo-Saxon equivalent, Ashford; he kept his name and didn’t at the same time.” She explained.

“Dude!” I cried breathlessly. “Your grandpa was a Nazi?!”

“Only a little while. Then he joined the Marines; which I assume is what prompted my late brother to do the same.” She said, running up the front steps to open the door.

“My grandpa was forced to work at a German post office after they took over Gdańsk.” I told her as we entered her house. “Then he opposed them, and they in turn sent him to a labor camp. Stutthof, I think it was. He was there a really long time. Not sure what happened after that, he passed away before I was born.”

“Nothing like war to bring people together,” she tossed her shoes against the wall.

“You know what I love, Lauviah? We’ve known each other almost four years, and I still learn something new about you every day.” I told her as I took my shoes and my soaking wet jacket off.

She walked across the living room, and took a left; then through the kitchen to the basement; where her and her sister’s rooms were. She knocked loudly against her sister’s door, and then opened it, leading me inside. Johnny gave us a weird look as I closed the door behind us.

Lauviah crossed her arms. “Guess who I just saw?”

Johnny shrugged, giving Lauviah a curious look.

Lauviah looked up at the ceiling, and her lip quivered for a quick second before she conducted herself. “You won’t believe this shit, but it was Nos,”

Johnny averted her eyes, and covered her mouth with one hand; then staying like this for several minutes.

“Well, while you come to terms with that,” Lauviah continued, “Kara and I need to have a little talk about being friends with that chauvinistic, egotistical, lying, cheating, poorest excuse for a human being ever to exist.”

I swallowed nervously. “I’m sorry,”

Lauviah sat down on her sister’s bed. “Listen, I don’t want to see you get hurt like I did. He dumped me—he dumped all of us—for a piece of plastic.”

I joined her on the bed, and Johnny stared at us from the chair. “You mean like a Barbie doll?”

She nodded. “Yes. Her name was Nell. We all call her Greasy Nell, on the account of her orange spray-tan and over-the-top bleached hair that contained so much product it was oily to the touch. But Nosferatu claimed to love her, and since her parents were super rich and she wanted him to stay with her, he left me with our abusive sperm donor and went out the window.”

“I’ll never forgive him for that,” Johnny snapped irately.

I rubbed Lauviah’s thigh. “I’m so sorry…I didn’t know.”

Lauviah shook her head and wiped away the tears that were spilling. “It’s alright; I’m not blaming you for this. Nosferatu is what he is. He’s a shitbag and your brother is right; if you know what’s good for you, you should stay away from him…but it might be too late for that now. Once he has a grip on your heart, he doesn’t let go. He’s selfish like that.”

I nodded my understanding. “Brothers generally are selfish like that. Abraxis told me I was dead to him because I punched his cheating fiancée in the face…but I guess he believes me now. Nos said he was over at their apartment dumping her for good…but we’ll see.”

Lauviah shook her head and giggled. “It’s kind of awkward that your brother is moving in with mine. Maybe you should move in here so we can walk over and torture them daily. I’m sure they both deserve it.”

I laughed. “It is pretty awkward. I’m sure Johnny wouldn’t mind sharing her bed with me all of her senior year, though? So we can exact revenge?”

Johnny raised her eyebrow at me. “You know I don’t like sleeping with people! You remember what happened last time!”

All three of us laughed.

“Yeah, I remember. It was a boob travesty. You managed somehow to put yours in my hand when you rolled over, while simultaneously grabbing one of mine in your sleep, and then I thought you were Lucy and so I started grabbing your boobs too, and when she woke up, she started smacking us both!” I could hardly keep a straight face as I said it.

Lauivah shoved me playfully. “I didn’t need you getting with another one of my siblings! One other is enough, and especially since he’s the biggest fuckwad of them all!”

“Come on, we both know she wouldn’t get with me anyways! She doesn’t even like sex! But you must get your nymphomania from Nos—so there wasn’t really any left in the gene pool for Johnny, here!” I looked between the two of them; Johnny trying not to laugh.

They both broke down into giggling fits, and Lauviah shoved me again. “Shut up you; you know you enjoy it!”

I shoved back this time. “So what if I do?!”

Lauviah tackled me, and started tickling me ruthlessly. “You know exactly what!”

I continued to giggle, looking over at Johnny pleadingly. “Please, make her stop! You know I hate being tickled!”

Johnny shook her head. “I’m sorry; you know I don’t get involved in these things!”

Lauviah only tickle-tortured me more; and I laughed as I writhed around underneath her.

“If you wanted to have sex, all you had to do was ask!” I fought to breathe between giggles.

Lauviah let up, and grinned as I sat up to face her. “Perfect, you read my mind,”

I shook my head at her, and she tackled me again; this time with her lips pressed firmly against mine.

I wrapped my arms around her as she kissed me passionately; her hands searching up my shirt and pulling it over my head.

“Hey now!” Johnny yelled, getting up and and pulling us off her bed. “None of that on here! I won’t have my bed tainted with intimate relations!”

We giggled. Johnny considered herself asexual, and she wouldn’t have anything to do with sexuality anywhere, anytime! Lauviah and I would just have to move to her room to continue.

“Well fine, my bed works just as well,” she stuck her tongue out at Johnny, then taking me by the hand and dragging me across the downstairs living room to her room, situated just beyond the laundry room. Lauviah pushed me onto her bed, and started rummaging through her bottom drawer. She stood up, and jiggled a double-ended dildo in her hand.

There was a smirk plastered on her face. “Well now that you’ve experienced what a man feels like, I can introduce you to woman’s best friend, finally.”

I giggled. “I thought you were mad at me for sleeping with your brother.”

She blushed. “Well, I was…but he’s good for a first time—just not so much after that, the jerk. Come on; let’s forget tonight even happened…I don’t want to think about that abandoning asshole any longer.”

I bit my lip. “Fine with me,”

“Good, now take off the rest of your clothes before I pull out my whip.” Her grin turned malicious.

I did as I was told, quickly taking off everything. I looked over to see that she was suddenly naked too, and I felt my fiery arousal consume me as I stared.

Lauviah was gorgeous. In fact she was so gorgeous, I was almost jealous. She had that coveted hourglass figure; her breasts filling out a D-cup (one cup size bigger than mine) and shapely hips with a nice, plump ass. Her black hair cascaded down her shoulders and her back, and I half-wondered as I stared at her if she was really a pearl-white nymph rather than a human.

I let my hand wander down between my hips, closing my eyes and biting my lip as I touched myself; my fingers sliding around inside my smooth pussy. Lauviah climbed onto the bed next to me, grabbing my hand and licking the sweet honey from my digits.

I bit my lip again as I watched; getting even wetter for her.

“You taste fantastic, as usual,” she complimented. She kissed up my thigh, and then gave me a shocking flick to my mound.

I moaned loudly and bucked my hips to her mouth, running my hand through her long hair as she continued to tease me with her tongue. She circled my clit with the tip of her tongue, then taking it between her teeth and making me cry out. She then slid her tongue deep inside my hole and grabbed my thighs for leverage as she started to eat at me ravenously; attacking me with her mouth and everything inside.

“Oh god, Lucretia!” I moaned loudly as I came for her, still guiding her face against me as she lapped up her reward.

She sat up, giving me a profound stare as she wiped her mouth on her arm. “I swear you are the only one who can make my first name sound sexy. I don’t let anyone else scream that.”

I giggled. “That’s because I’m the best,”

She shook her head at me, grinning. “My brother isn’t better at that than me, is he?”

I giggled again. “I don’t know. I wasn’t exactly sober when he did it, so I can’t say I was in the right state of mind to compare. Besides, he only did it once, and you’ve gotten me off too many times to count; you know I’m going to say it’s you.”

She smiled. “Good to know. Finally something I can say I’m better at than him,”

I smiled too, pulling her on top of me. She kissed me, and I could taste myself on her as we made out. Kissing me after she ate me out always riled her up; and she started to rub her wet pussy against mine, adding to my sexual fire.

I moaned, then letting my digits curl over her soft, shaven mound. I paid special attention to her hidden button, rubbing it harshly and pinching it between my fingers a few times. She squirmed as I did; thrusting herself against my hand to show me she wanted more. I slipped two digits inside, and she started to ride my hand as I searched for her g-spot. Once I found it, I tortured her inside and out; switching between dragging against her g-spot and pinching her clit.

She made a small whimper as I felt her walls clamp around me in her climax. She was always way quieter than I had been; but I guess she had been conditioned for that so she wouldn’t get caught with her boyfriends by their parents or something.

Her face flushed as she stared down at me. “You’re also the only one who knows exactly where my spots are.”

I smiled. “Well, while we’re still talking about brothers, I hear mine is back on the market, and I’ve heard from a lot of girls that he is quite the lady-pleaser.”

She rolled her eyes. “You would know first-hand, you sneaky fuck.”

“I swear he and I didn’t do anything. Abraxis says he would have remembered if we did; he claims that he wasn’t as drugged up as I was.” I laughed as I shook my head.

She scoffed at me. “Yeah, I’m sure. But we’ll talk about that later.”

She grabbed the ribbed silicone, drizzled the lube on it, then rubbing it with her hand.

I opened my thighs to her, and watched as she slowly inserted it inside her pussy. She placed the other end at my opening, then pushing it between my lips, too. I moaned gratefully as it penetrated, and Lauviah pressed her pussy against mine. The sight alone was enthralling; I loved watching her pink flesh rub against mine pleasurably; and this time the feeling was enhanced because there was something inside both of us bringing us together as one.

“Did Nos let you fuck him on top?” she asked, adjusting the dildo.

“No; I wouldn’t have known how, anyway,” I replied.

“What about your brother?”

I stared at her.

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, alright, you don’t remember…well fine then, have you ever done some hip thrusts ever?”

“You mean like this?” I pulled back, then tightening my glutes as I pushed back into her.

She tipped her head back, and let out a long, ragged sigh. “Yeah, like that.”

Lauviah wasted no time; she began savagely fucking the plastic dick, pushing and pulling inside my pussy, too. I started to thrust my hips, too, and eventually we had a rhythmic sway so that every time we both thrust there would be pelvic friction.

I moaned, my body aching for more as we continued to fuck. “Lucy, touch me, I’m going to cum soon,”

She pulled my hand to her pussy so I could play with her, too. “Come on, you’re not the only one who needs to get off,”

I gasped when her finger touched my clit, and I bucked my hips to her to show her I needed more. She rolled it between her digits roughly, getting even harsher with me as I neared my peak.

“Nnh, Lucretia, yes!” I called for her in my orgasm.

I bit my lip as we locked eyes; it was her turn now. I pinched her pink button between my thumb and forefinger, watching as her hands traveled up her body to play with her breasts as she started fucking the dildo slowly again. I began moving my hips into it too, my other hand reaching down to touch my pussy as I watched her squirm around delightfully.

As soon as she climaxed, she pushed my hand away from my pussy. “Kara, I want to see you play with your tits.”

I giggled softly, reaching up and cupping my breasts in my hands, then letting my fingers travel over the sensitive buds as Lauviah’s digits traced over my wet flesh again, stopping to pinch my clit. I gently swayed my hips, loving the feeling of her against my skin and the ribbed silicone caressing inside.

She kept up my rhythm for a while, but eventually her thrusts became stronger, cueing me to do the same. The orgasms started to crash in waves, and finally she and I were cumming together; both of us breathing heavily as we let out little moans and whimpers.

I fell limply into the bed and sighed, trying to regain control of my limbs.

Lauviah stretched out on the bed as she caught her breath. “That was really nice,”

I smiled. “Yeah it was.”

I got up, wobbling a little bit, and found the nearest towel. I wrapped it around myself as I looked down at my lover. She smiled up at me.

I tapped her on the nose, making her flinch. “I’m going to go shower.”

She sat up slowly. “Alright. I think I’m going to skip it right now, I’m pretty tired. I’ll take one in the morning; I have to be up really early anyways.”

I shrugged. “Alright, I’ll be in bed soon.”

I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and my clothes from the floor, then walking upstairs. I ran the hot water, checking to see if I had any new messages; specifically from Nos. Maybe Lauviah was right; maybe he wasn’t good for me. I didn’t want to completely crush my newfound hopes, so I decided that maybe he was just busy or forgot to text me.

When I stepped out, I checked my phone again; three new messages. My heart leapt, and I quickly opened them to see if it was him—and I was happily surprised.


It’s Nos

You there?

I texted him back, apologizing that I had been in the shower.

He replied immediately. Your brother just came home. Thought you might want to know.

Thanks. I texted back and returned downstairs, then quickly putting my shoes on.

I tapped Lauviah on the head. “Hey, I’m going to go see my brother. He just got home.”

“Alright,” she mumbled, then rolling over.

I practically ran to the bachelor pad, knocking loudly when I arrived at the door.

Nos opened it for me. “In the kitchen; we’re having a celebratory drink. You want one?”

I nodded as I came inside, shaking off the rain. “Yeah, Appletini, like usual.”

I turned the corner for the kitchen, and was particularly appalled as I watched my brother down a highball glass full of at least four shots of Bacardi straight. Was that even physically possible for a person?

He looked over at me with a red face, and I watched as a single tear fell—making me feel like I had been hit by a celestial hammer that just broke my soul into a million pieces.

Nos came in behind me. “You want to mix that with something this time?”

Abraxis shook his head ruefully.

Nos snatched the glass from him. “Well I’ll mix it for you anyways…meanwhile, would you like to tell her what happened, or do you want me to do that for you?”

I looked between them, and my brother’s face hit the table with a loud clunk. I could hear him sobbing in his arms—something I had never once seen in my life; and I wasn’t quite sure how to react to my rock crumbling into pebbles in a messy emotional display.

I frowned at Nos. “What the hell?”

Nos sighed. “Well, he went back to the apartment to have a talk with the female, and when he got there—well—she was kinda preoccupied.”

Abraxis let out a hiccupped sob.

“Preoccupied how?” I ventured carefully, feeling the adrenaline course through me fiercely; I don’t know what Trisha did to send my brother into drunken tears, but whatever it was, I assumed would end with my boot in her teeth.

Nos rubbed his temple. “She was in bed with three dudes; apparently taking it in all the orifices like a champion.”

I was almost pretty sure my brother had broken; since he was bawling loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood now. I looked over at Nos for some support, since I honestly didn’t even know how to feel seeing him break down like that.

Abraxis grabbed me, and pulled me into a hug, burying his face in my chest. “I’m so, so sorry, Kitten. You were right all along. I should have believed you…I shouldn’t have said the fucked up things that I did—because you were right. You were right.”

As happy as I was to hear Abraxis apologize (another first), it pained me greatly to see him in that condition. I hugged back, closing my eyes as some tears seeped through.

“Kitten, huh? Ooh, the plot thickens…” Nosferatu teased.

“Not now!” I hissed, frowning at him as I listened to my brother continue to ramble his apology over and over.

He shrugged, and turned around to mix my brother a drink.

“Do you have something that will make him calm down? And I don’t mean more alcohol,” I snapped at Nos.

Nos turned around slowly to face me. “The only thing I have here besides alcohol is pot. Are you sure you’re alright with me giving your brother drugs—I mean, harmless plant matter?”

I shook my head. “I don’t care—please, just make him stop. I can’t stand to see him this way. I want him to calm down and be all broody-angry again; like he always is.”

Nos shrugged, and left the room momentarily. When he returned, he came back with a giant bong and Ziploc bag full of weed. He started whistling to himself as he cleaned out the bong, filling it with hot water.

He set it down on the table, and wrenched my brother from me. “Smoke this,”

Abraxis looked to me for approval, and I nodded. He lit up, and smoked down the whole bowl to himself. Nosferatu then replaced it with a cocktail, and set down my Appletini next to it.

It wasn’t long before he had calmed down again, and Nos ordered a pizza.

“I propose a toast,” Nosferatu said, raising his highball glass over the steaming hot pizza. “To rock fucking bottom, everyone.”

Abraxis raised his glass wearily. “May it happen no more than once in a lifetime,”

They both turned to stare at me, since I hadn’t raised my glass.

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