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After two postings of this story being rejected it was suggested to me I used an editor. I did. She is Mariewriter, an exceptional writer, no pun intended, see her in Lit, and more than an exceptional editor. Thank you very much Marie; thanks for your patience and for sharing your knowledge; if this story is any good it is because of you. Muchas gracias de nuevo pot tu paciencia y dedicacion.


The luxurious boardroom of the prestigious law firm of Pierce, Pierce, Singer, Melanchthon & Associates, resembled an exclusive club with its walnut panelled walls, hung with paintings and photographs of selected predecessors, once important themselves, now long departed. Seated at opposite ends of the gleaming table, waiting for a senior lawyer, were two ladies. It was for both of them a difficult time, to say the least; they were waiting for the opening and reading of a testament.

The lawyer had summoned the two waiting ladies to read them the will of the late Mr. Martin Vandervoort. The ladies were Mrs. Charlene Vandervoort, his widow, nee Wainwright sole heiress and principal shareholder with almost seventy per cent of the stock, of the Wainwright industrial empire founded by her grandfather, and Ms. Margie Eaton in whose bed Mr. Vandervoort due to tremendous efforts and heart failure had passed away.

The will was a simple one containing only two paragraphs; in the first Mr Vanderwoort left to his-mistress-secretary– his new last model Mercedes Benz 500 SLG. A the car for which he had paid the tidy sum of $ 80,000 dollars, which was to be sold and the proceeds from the sale ought to go to the account of Ms. Margie Eaton in recognition of services rendered. In the second paragraph Mr. Vanderwoort appointed sole heir of their common property to his wife; and here we must make a stop and make it clear that the fortune of the Vanderwoort family was by inheritance, the property of Mrs. Charlene Vanderwoort, so Mr. Vanderwoort has little to bequeath to his widow.

After the reading of the will a frozen silence descended upon the room. The lawyer at the center of the ugliness and discomfort of the situation, coughed several times. Mrs Charlene Vanderwoort maintained a cool calm while Ms Eaton’s face was as red as her hair with shame and couldn’t look straight at the others. The lawyer trying to overcome the tense situation with some dignity for Ms. Eaton offered his services to find out who would sell the car and so put an end to the awkward situation.

Suddenly, the silent Mrs Charlene Vanderwoort, to the astonishment of the other two said: “Don’t you worry, I’ll see to the selling of the car”.

As it was, from any logical point of view, Mr Vanderwoort had pretended, with the sale of the car to leave financially secure, at least for some time the woman that had been his mistress…

To the lawyer, it had been a hot potato taken out of his hands; to Ms Eaton it was a further step down the ladder of shame. None could understand the reasons for Mrs Vanderwoort to take over as menial a task, the sale of a car. Unknown to them she had a powerful reason: vengeance. She was a smart lady, and had found the formula to get back at her husband and his slut. With class as befits a lady of high society.

Before exiting the conference room Mrs. Vanderwoort made a sudden request to the lawyer. She told him to start immediately the legal proceedings to get back to her legal family name; she intended, as was the case in ancient Egypt, to erase her dead husband’s name in everything concerning her life, present or past.

Before living the lawyer asked for a means to communicate with Ms. Eaton when he had news of the sale of the car.

As for Mrs. Charlene Vanderwoort she made a decision unprecedented in the last years and went to the Headquarters Tower of the family industrial empire and once there she took two actions: seal the 36th floor office of her late husband for a later exhaustive control of his documentation and fire from the company a Ms. Margie Eaton.


She was named Charlene but everybody in her social circle called her “Lone” and she was the only one who knew why. When she was a child, one of her governesses used to hold her and sing softly while waltzing her around the room: “Charlene… lene… lene, Charline… line… line, Charlone, lone… lone… lone…lone” The sound of that last wayward syllable delighted her and so she appropriated it as a nickname. When a child, in her moments of confusion she used to think that “Lone” suited her perfectly because she was always alone and because the more family and friends surrounded her the lonelier she felt.

Her mother had died giving birth to her and from then on she had always been alone. Her father the big industrialist had no time to care for newborn babies and so he left her in the care of a wet-nurse, maids and nannies. When she was eight years old her father thought it was time for her to start learning, slowly at first, the ins and outs of running an industrial empire. Being his only heir he took her every Thursday to the board meetings sat her in a chair at his side and made her pay attention to everything that was said and done. It was during this time that she met her future husband.

Martin Vandervoort was the rising star at Wainwright Industries and at thirty three he was a very competent business administrator on his way to great achievements. Later, everybody thought his greatest personal achievement had been his marriage for money to the heiress of the Wainwright Industrial Empire. She was at the time twenty three years old and he was her senior by twenty five years.

But not everything was what it seemed. Yes they went to live at the Wainwright mansion, a spacious three story house in the suburbs of Shaker Heights being a wedding gift from her father, but since the first day or rather since the first night Charlene went to her bedroom in the house second story and closed and locked the door. The next morning at breakfast they discussed their sleeping arrangements and she informed him she lacked interest in men, in sex with men or in any kind of sex. She abhorred sex with anybody, period. She had made plain her mental distaste of gropings and heavings in the sex act and then they by mutual consent decided to use separate sleeping quarters, that was the only choice left to the good old Martin boy. Her sexual rejection and the locking of her bedroom never ceased to offend and annoy the mature husband.

When her father died and she took his place at the head of the companies she usually worked and directed them from home. On the third floor of her mansion she had set up her offices; an exact copy of that of her father on the Downtown Wainwright tower. From there she ran her empire. She would go downtown solely for the most important issues such as Board of Directors meetings or surprise visits. ; For the rest of her business she had at home the perfect errand boy; her husband who used the pompous name of director for Special Operations but was in fact the chain of transmission of the orders and decisions of his younger wife.

As to Martin Vandervoort himself he had accepted married sexual deprivation uncomplainingly, in part because since he was thirty years old sex was something he could take or leave at will; in part because his ambition to succeed at Wainwright Industries had become his central driving force. So like a machine which slips into disuse his sexual urgings dwindled. It was years later, when he was at the top of the corporate ladder second only to his wife that all those years of repressed sexuality showed up in force at the surface of his conscience.

He knew without a doubt that in that important portion of his life the curtain fell too soon. So it was when his sexual desires broke through the corsets that had them compressed that they appeared with force and malice and his revenge against his wife was paid for with pain and sorrow by other innocent women.


Mr. Martin Vandervoort had told his driver to wait outside as he opened the door to the apartment of his — in the day—secretary and moved immediately to the bedroom. He had called from his car to let Margie Eaton, his fiery redheaded mistress know that he was on the way. She was his favorite; he had had at least a dozen “secretaries” in the last years none as hot as Margie. She was red haired from the top of her head to the pussy between her legs and he thought mistakenly, since she loathed sex with him, that she had a sexual appetite for him to match his own for her. It showed how little he knew about her or of women in general.

When they were together he would fuck her for hours, always him the dominant man he was not at home. She gave him great head which also he never got at home. In fact Charlene, his wife, was to his way of thinking a sexless bitch. He loved women sucking him but what he would not do is go down on her or any woman. His ridiculous macho stand was: only fags and weaklings would put his mouth between a woman’s legs. If a man could not satisfy a woman with his cock he was not a man as far as Mr. Vandervoort was concerned.

He stood 6’1″ tall a solid 190 pounds and looked at least 10 years younger than his sixty five years. He started to undress as he walked to the bedroom. His cock was hard already just from the thought of fucking Margie’s tight pussy. He loved the way her vagina muscles would grip his cock and hold on to it like a vise.

He was not in a hurry, his wife didn’t wait for him and he had removed his shirt by the time he arrived at the bedroom door. He entered and there she was laying in bed with a sheer see through negligee that left nothing to the imagination. He could see the red pubic hair lighting up her pussy like the flame on a candle. She smiled at him and crooked her finger making a motion for him to come to her. He unbuckled his trousers as he walked and was sliding the zipper down as he got to the side of the bed. He removed the rest of his clothes and laid down naked on the king size bed next to his mistress.

Margie knew what her boss wanted and slid down the bed to a place between his legs and hefted his cock in her hands. He had large pendant balls as all old men have with dark, peppered with white, wiry pubic hair around then and around his cock. Her tongue extended from her mouth and started to lick at the base of his cock, up the thick shaft and ending at the corona of his manhood. Margie sucked him in, inch by inch, trying not to gaga and letting her mouth get adjusted to the size.

No matter how many times she went down on him her repugnance always took her time for getting used to and she never could. Her tongue ran in circles over the head as one hand massaged his balls and the other his cock. She accepted giving him head but she was not going to let him cum that way. After being fucked as many times as she had since coming to the city and going to work as a secretary for Mr. Vandervoort in the Wainwright industries she felt as if she were a whore in a one person bordello,

He took to her the first time he laid eyes on her and that luxuriant red hair. A few weeks later her job was depending on her availability to make “extra time” late in the evening to take “dictation. That was the first time he fucked her all night long and then had her moved up to be his special “secretary”. In one night Ms. Eaton went from a $10 an hour pool secretary salary to a $500 a day mistress. Two years later he was still the only one that was permitted to fuck her.

Margie had him very worked up using the magic of her mouth and tongue bringing him ever closer to orgasm. But every time she sensed he was going to cum she squeezed the base of his cock to tame the beast. She stopped sucking him and heard his moan of disappointment as she straddled his hips and directed his cock to the entrance of her enflamed cunt. She sat on his cock and slowly sank down on it driving it to the very end of her cuntal passage. She could feel every inch move through her opening as it burrowed deep inside of her. When she felt him hit her cervix, her cunt muscles contracted and she felt his first orgasm.

Margie needed no guidance or help; she knew exactly what he wanted. Her hips rose and dropped on her boss cock as if she wanted his cock as deep as it would go. Faster and faster she fucked him, her cunt muscles were contracting and pulsating with a vengeance, she was feeling every vein and ridge of his massive organ and she despised him because of what she had become, him using his power over her.

She pushed her pussy down hard on the cock and engulfed it with the walls of her vagina and used her cunt muscles to squeeze the cum out of him. Martin felt the internal heat of Margie’s pussy on his cock and could not hold back any longer, he let a torrent of white hot cum erupt from his cock flooding the deepest crevices of Margie’s cunt. Splash after splash of sperm filled her grotto soaking every inch, nook and cranny of her cunt, spilling out onto her boss cock and balls. Margie dismounted and bent her head down using her mouth and tongue to lick, suck and clean her pimp-boss’ organ.

She rose from the bed and went into the bathroom and cleaned herself up before the next round started. Mr. Martin Vandervoort reached over to the night table to retrieve a cigarette and his lighter; he lit up, and lay back down to rest. He did not have the stamina to go five or six times like he did when he was young and single and of course never with his fish of a wife Beatrice Wainwright, but he could still go at least three times on a good night.

Meanwhile his driver stood outside of the condo door waiting for his boss. He leaned against the car knowing that he would be here no less than two hours. He wondered why his boss messed with these whores when he had that rich and beautiful wife at home, who was only 40 years old and had a body that would make blind men see. His boss wife had white blond hair, green eyes, and small rounded breasts that even the elegant though androgynous clothes she usually wore could not hide. And what a pair of legs! If she wasn’t his boss’ wife what he wouldn’t do to fuck her the way she should be fucked. Only he didn’t know his boss wife didn’t like sex with men.

Margie came out of the bathroom and went back to bed. Her boss pulled her to him and roughly kissed her tasting the toothpaste. She knew he would not kiss her after she had sucked his cock unless she brushed her teeth. Now came the hard part; he moved to her breasts taking a nipple between his teeth sucking it and sadistically biting the end just too hard to leave the mark of his teeth so Margie squeaked in pain. He did the same to her other breast and used his fingers to rub her pussy sliding two fingers in.

She was still dry from cleaning up and it hurt her from his manipulations. Margie didn’t like rough sex. That was why she preferred to be on top so she could ride the cock controlling the up and down pounding. Now he wanted it from behind so she got on all fours and raised her ass and offered her cunt to him and she asked herself again for the hundredth time:

What was he; her boss, her pimp, her master? What was she; his secretary, his whore, his slave? She had no answer.

The honorable captain of industry and pious Sunday church goer moved in on her like a mad male dog going after a heated bitch. He unceremoniously shoved his seven inches up her pussy to the hilt and began to fuck her hard and fast. He roughly grabbed her red hair and kept pounding his man meat in and out of her love cavern. Margie pretending to enjoy and thinking of a way to end this ordeal was pushing her ass backwards, driving him in even deeper and telling him to fuck her harder.

“Yes, yes, fuck your bitch, Come on, you sissy, you are a pussy, a wimp, fuck your cunt. It is all yours. I am your fucking bitch” she wailed at him as his cock was knocking against her cervix.

The honorable chairman wailed back, “Here it is bitch, here is the cock you want, feel that, you cunt.”

She was so lost in her foggy world of pain, her nipples and breasts a formless mass of pain that she didn’t realize that her tormentor had momentarily left her breasts and was holding her ass-cheeks open. Before she knew it he had pulled his cock out of her pussy and placed its thick head right over her ass-hole.

“Sissy, eh, wimp, eh, pussy, eh, I’m gonna rip your bowels, you slut, I’m gonna fuck you in the ass, bitch.” bawled an enraged Martin.

“No please, I can’t, I’ve never… and you’re too big, It hurts…” her sobbing was filling the bedroom.

But as usual, he wasn’t listening to her. He was as lost in his lust as she was in her pain. He started shoving his cock up her ass. Margie thought he would split her open. Her arms gave out and she fell with her face against the mattress. She was out of her mind with pain but he kept forcing it in. Suddenly he gave one big thrust and then his whole cock was inside of her to the balls again but in a place where she had never had a cock before. She could feel her blood as it was lubricating his dick deep in her ass.

He drove his ramrod deeper and deeper, feeling the cum rising from his balls he let go of her hair and reached again around to pinch her nipples hard, hurting her and when he did Margie’s cunt and ass muscles contracted in pain and he exploded in orgasmic pleasure flooding her bowels for the first and very last time. He spewed his hot thick seed into her steaming bowels splashing her intestines and soaking his own prick. At that moment a sharp pain in the center of his chest made him cry out in anguish, and suddenly his body slumped over his lover’s back limp like a rag doll. He was dead of heart failure.


Not having passed ten days since the meeting with the late Mr. Vandervoort lawyer Ms. Margie Eaton received a call to consult again with the law firm to receive updates on the sale of the Mercedes Benz. She was euphoric; finally something good was going to happen in her life. After so many abuses and humiliations with the money from the sale of the car she could finally relax and maybe take a short vacation before searching for a new job.

She could not have been more wrong.

She chose to dress somber and moderate leaving her fancy and provocative garments as a thing of the past. She wanted to start a new life and let the old one became a memory. When she got to the lawyer office she was taken to the same conference room where the testament had been read, only this time she was there alone. She waited nervously to hear the good news.

The lawyer came into the room and greeting her with a slight inclination of his head asked her to be seated and without further preamble informed her that the Mercedes had been sold and its selling price had been one dollar. Ms. Eaton felt that everything was beginning to spin as though the world had gone mad; she felt as if her head would burst and suddenly total darkness enveloped her and she fainted.

When she regained consciousness she only wanted to know what had happened, how that had come to be. The lawyer was nervous and uncomfortable.

“Mrs. Wainwrigh ordered to put a notice on the company’s bulletin board; it said she wanted to sell the car at that price to the first person to be interested. The will had made explicit that you would receive the proceeds of the sale.” A very embarrassed lawyer explained to her.

“But….but that’s so wicked,” was the pitiable reaction of Margie. “I counted on that money to begin a new life particularly after Mrs. Wainwrigh did order my dismissal from the company. What I’m going to do now?” She sobbed, her hands covering her face.

The lawyer was truly uncomfortable. “The only option to change this is for you to go and speak directly to with Mrs. Wainwrigh that would be my advice”

“But I can’t go to see her; you see, that would make my humiliation complete; first the husband humiliated me forcing me to have sex in exchange for not losing my job and now … oh my God, what now?”

“That’s all a can do for you Ms. Eaton, now if you would excuse me I have work to do. I’m sorry, very sorry, believe me,” he replied gently accompanying her to the exit door.

Once on the street Margie Eaton was disoriented and lost not knowing where she was or where to go. It was not a physical sensation; it was a feeling of loss, it was a sensation similar to that in the death of a loved one; only this time she was mourning for herself.

Dejected she returned to the apartment she was going to have to leave at the end of the month when payment of the rent for the new month was due.

Once in her apartment, despondent and completely depressed she drew the window curtains to put the room in darkness, lay down on her bed and began thinking the possibility of ending her life and with it her suffering. She was physically hurt under her clothes and now this, where would she go? She had no money and in a few days she would be with no roof over her head and she couldn’t go back to her parent’s house.

With tears streaming down her cheeks and her vision blurred, she went to the bathroom opened the medicine cabinet, looked inside and took a bottle she believed had contained her sleeping pills. She emptied the contents of the bottle on her palm, and then put the pills on her mouth, and with a mouthful of water she swallowed them all. Then she went to her bed awaiting the arrival of her final sleep.

The eternal sleep didn’t come. Next morning outside noises slowly woke her up with the most absolute darkness surrounding her as memories of the day before returned to her mind. She recalled that she had swallowed the whole bottle of sleeping pills and could not believe that she was awake. With her mouth dry, thick tongue and an incredible thirst, staggering she got up from the bed and headed for the bathroom.

After drinking several glasses of water she looked in the mirror and the face that stared back at her was emaciated pale and haggard, not understanding what had had happened the day before she looked for the bottle of pills and reading the label had the big revelation; the bottle had contained her vitamins, not sleeping pills.

At that very instant she decided her way forward. She would go see Mrs. Charlene Vandervoort.


At three in the afternoon that same day she was calling at the Wainwright mansion. A maid opened the door and asked her what she wanted. Margie told her she wanted to see Mrs. Vandervoort. The maid, with a mocking smile told her there was not a Mrs. Vandervoort in the house anymore maybe she would like to see Ms.Wainwright. Margie didn’t understand a thing so the maid told her from now on; Mrs. Charlene Vandervoort had become again Ms Charlene Wainwright in accordance with her wishes.

She made Margie enter the foyer and told her to wait she would consult whether Ms. Wainwrigh was free and could receive her, “And please would you tell me your name.”

“Tell Mrs. Wainwrigh Ms. Margie Eaton wants a few words with her.”

The maid reappeared a few minutes later and told Margie that Mrs. Wainwrigh would receive her: “Please follow me.” And she escorted her to a lavish waiting room.

Half an hour later Charlene Wainwrigh made her entry into the room and addressing Margie asked “Good afternoon, the maid told me you want to talk to me, what can I do for you?”

Then to the maid “Please close the door and don’t disturb us I’ll call you when I’m finished here.”

Margie looked at her as though she could not believe what she was hearing. The gall of this woman, but she was beautiful and Margie found herself wondering what her married life had been, and why her husband had “strayed.”

She was a slender and elegant woman now of forty years of age; her height of 5′ 9″ was imposing when she used three inch high heel shoes. Her long silvery blond hair framed an oval face with regular features in which stand out a pair of intense yellow green eyes and a mouth with thin heart-shaped lips that when smiling you could see a view of two rows of perfect teeth; white as snow. Her slenderness weighted no more than 165 pounds in a body with slim but long and shapely legs; a tiny waist and smallish almost boyish breasts, maybe a 32 A,

Her big yellow green eyes, despite their astonishing colour, expressed very little as a result of being forbidden to express anything at all. When her gaze fell on someone, it made them uneasy to see its fixedness; and the longer they regarded those large irises, so vast and vacant, devoid of any emotion, the deeper they were drawn into their emptiness. And Margie was now mesmerized.

“Well you asked to see me, what can I do for you?” Asked a petulant Charlene.

Margie seemed to wake up from a long lethargy “I want you to pay me the whole price of the car your husband left to me.”

“You want what? You are out of your mind. The selling price was one dollar and that’s what you received, or are going to; no more no less. That’s what was in your lovers will. The selling price,” a smirking Charlene said.

Margie’s eyes were filled with tears by the impotence of her powerlessness to do anything about the situation. To Margie this was a matter of life or death to Ms Wainwrigh she saw it as a joke, she wasn’t going to be living in the street in a few days.

“So you think I let your husband fuck me out of love? If you think so you are crazy; I fucked him or I was out of work; there were no two ways about it; do you, by any chance, know how it feels to be treated like dirt, without respect, and be abused just to keep a job?” Margie’s face was transformed by passion, her flaming red hair was in disarray and the whiteness of her skin was suffused red with anger and shame.

Charlene kept her thoughts to herself; she was not convinced by the vehemence of the tone and the words of Margie. Her privileged position in life, the comforts she had always enjoyed and the speed with which all those around her obeyed her orders made it difficult for her to accept that Margie had not acted willfully fucking her late husband.

“Don’t you tell me you never wanted him to fuck you that he always imposed himself with threats,” she said scornfully. “After all he was quite mild mannered and so much older than you.”

Margie was seeing red, “You…you …bitch, you don’t believe me, you don’t believe me when I tell you he not only forced me with blackmail but also abused and hurt me when he fucked me?”

“Sorry no, I don’t believe you” was Charlene’s cold answer. “Now, if there is nothing else I beg your pardon but I’m very busy.”

Margie’s temper flared up “So you don’t believe your dear husband was a beast, now, don’t you, well I’m going to show you what he was and what he did.”

Margie rose from the chair she was sitting and started to undress slowly to the astonishment of Charlene.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy? Get dressed immediately.”

Now it was Margie who asked scornfully. “What’s the matter with you Mrs. Rich Woman, are you afraid to see the truth with your own eyes or are you afraid to see the naked body of a woman.”

Margie was talking while undressing and now she had only her underwear on, a modest set of white cotton bra and panties, which however, allowed Charlene to appreciate the beauty of her body. A body that seemed carved in alabaster though she could now see it was marred with multiples dark spots that went from purple to yellow-green and all shades in between. It was evidence of a badly beaten body.

Charlene’s eyes couldn’t believe what she was seeing and her face had turned a whitish sick. Her mouth hung open and she had an expression of bewilderment and incredulity.

“Now do you believe me? This was made by your mild mannered husband. But you have seen nothing yet,” and with a rapid movement of her right hand she unclasped her bra leaving it fall to the ground.

“Oh my god, no, no, oh my god, no, that can’t be possible,” and Charlene tried to cover her eyes so as not to see what she had in front of her.

However her eyes were glued to the sight of Margie breasts; the perfect pale mounds were bruised with dark finger marks all around which showed a long time of violent treatment. But what made Charlene stomach become sick with horror was the sight of Margie destroyed nipples. It was a vision extracted from a horror film. The nipples were a formless mass of angry blue-red flesh almost raw, cracked, irritated and swollen.

Charlene’s eyes filled with tears for the first time in her entire life she felt pity for another human being and shame because of the way she had treated Margie, thinking all the time she was a slut.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry; no woman should be treated like that, ever,” sobbed a sorrowful Charlene.

“Yeah, well, so for you to have the whole picture I’ll show you what I had to do to keep a job, the job you took from me.” Margie said spitefully.

And with that she pushed down her cotton panties and turned around showing Charlene her back, and then she bent her waist and took off the dressing covering her anus. Same as her breasts, the area was swollen, red, and had a few recent stitches in the rim.

“As you can see, for some people, nothing comes free in life.” Margie was upside down and her voice seemed bodiless coming from way below knee level almost at floor level.

“Please, please, stand up and dress I beg you,” a distressed Charlene said.

“Not a nice spectacle, isn’t? And you’re lucky, because you do not hurt,” Said Margie with a touch of irony as she hurriedly dressed.

Charlene was frozen, silent; she could not assimilate what she had seen, such things didn’t happen in her orderly and protected world.

“Well I’ll take my leave now. I won’t bother you again, good afternoon.”

Before Margie could leave the room Charlene seemed to wake up of an evil dream “No, please wait, don’t go yet I want to talk to you.”

“What now? What do you want? Don’t worry I won’t disturb your placid life again you can tell that to your lawyers.”

“No, no, you have it wrong; I want to ask you a favor.”

Now it was Margie’s moment of surprise, “You ask me a favour?”

Charlene took a deep breath before she spoke “Yes I want you to work for me.”

“What!, you want for me to be your whore; well I don’t know if I’m available,” said a mocking Margie “Now I don’t have a job to lose.”

Charlene went red as a poppy leaf “No, no, don’t misunderstand me I want you to work for me as secretary, you could be my eyes and ears in Downtown Tower; you already know everybody who works there and you could be my agent…”

“You kidding me now, right?” interrupted a mocking Margie.

“No, I’m not kidding you why don’t we talk about it with a cup of tea and I’ll explain my idea to you.”

Now it was Margie who was flabbergasted, less than two hours ago they despised each other and now Charlene was offering her back her job; she couldn’t help thinking there was something weird about the offer. On the other hand she didn’t lose anything talking and could win a lot. “OK, I accept the tea.”


With a cup of tea in her hands Charlene spoke her mind. “What I want to propose to you is you work with me. As you must know I work at home and I don’t go to the city center offices except for surprise checks or Board of Directors meetings. What I need you for is to occupy the place of my late husband, in short be my woman there, no pun intended.”

Now Margie was stunned. She didn’t understand Charlene, the same Charlene who had ruined her life deliberately just a few days ago. The expression in her face must have reflected her thoughts because Charlene hastened to assure her sincerity.

“Margie, excuse me, may I call you Margie?”

Margie nodded silently.

“Margie you don’t know how sorry I’m of what has happened to you. The only way I have to repair it is, in part at least, give you a good job. A job in which you’ll be respected because you will represent me.”

Margie wasn’t convinced and asked, “What will your directors say? Martin at least was your husband; he was a person of authority in the company with a long career and extensive experience.”

“Don’t you worry about the details; I’ll take care of them. What I need to know is: do you want to work for me?”

Margie was hesitant because she needed the job badly but, and it was a big but, was that just what Charlene wanted? Give her a job or was there was something else she could not make out. Margie did not wish to get hurt again and she was sure Charlene was not going to harm her physically; but psychologically or emotionally?

Truth be told Charlene had been emotionally shocked when she saw Margie’s lacerated and scarred body. A strange, unknown to her, stirring had coursed through her body at the sight of that gorgeous nude body in front of her. She had wanted to hold, comfort and caress Margie and when she was bent and her broken ass rim was exposed Charlene felt a strong animal urge to kneel down and lick the wounded flesh like an injured animal licks its own wounds, only they weren’t her wounds. In that instant she decided she wanted to protect Margie.

Sipping her tea Margie was trying to make a decision and at last she thought aloud “What can I lose?”

“Is that a yes?” asked a hopeful Charlene.

“Yes, it’s a yes,” was the answer.

Next Monday morning everyone received a tremendous surprise when just before noon, Mrs. Charlene Wainwrigh made a surprise appearance at the company headquarters; she was accompanied by Ms. Margie Eaton, whom the rumors said, she had fired a few weeks before for being the lover of her late husband. Both women went directly to the office of the late Mr. Vandervoort, broke the seals and entered.

“From now on this will be your place of work when you are here. We’ll take the documents home to see what he was doing and please call all senior staff to a meeting at 2 p.m. we’ll inform them and go home.”


To Margie life had began to smile again; Charlene was easy to work with; she was a demanding but kind boss, sometimes gentle and gradually Margie was taking pleasure working with and for her. Her body had healed almost completely but her mind still kept memories of her suffering and sometimes at night she still had nightmares. She went everyday to the Shaker Heights mansion to work and most days she had to go at least once to downtown Headquarters to dispatch business with the head of one section or another.

A few weeks later Charlene and Margie were sipping tea and resting after a long and particularly strenuous work day when Charlene suddenly asked, “Why don’t you move and live here with me?”

Margie looked at her with surprise, their personal relationship was really good, much better than she could have imagined not so long ago. Charlene had placed all her trust in her and she corresponded working long and hard hours almost seven days a week but, move in here? In her apartment she had her independence.

“I don’t know…”

“You don’t have to answer me now but I would like it very much.” For some reason of her own Charlene was anxious.

Margie couldn’t fathom why Charlene seemed so nervous and anxious; Margie was very comfortable working with her and wouldn’t mind living here, she had even started to have feelings for her and she liked her; it was even easy talking personal things with her and even Charlene had at times opened a small window in their relationship talking about her feelings, her past and her family. And for the first time in her life she had confided to someone that she had a nickname “Lone” and why it was that?

As to the whys Charlene was so anxious to have Margie living with her the reasons were not at all clear to herself; but she felt goose bumps when they were together pouring over some document or when she smelt the wafting scent of Margie’s perfume mixed with that of her body; she was… What was happening to her; was she falling for Margie?

Taking a deep breath Charlene told Margie “You don’t have to decide right now but think about it and all the advantages for the both of us; you won’t have to go at night to your place so you will have more time to rest and you’ll have the same personal independence here and, well…I would like to have you here if an emergency arises” she finished lamely.

Margie was not a naïve person; maybe once but not anymore so she answered “All right Charlene just one simple question, you have outlined some advantages for me, what it is in it for you, what is your win?”

“My win is you; let me explain, I like you very much and I need you very much we work as a team. The most important thing is that with you here I won’t be alone again.”

At the end of that month Margie moved to Charlene’s mansion at Shaker Heights.


Margie’s life made a new and favorable spin; Charlene gave her the en-suite bedroom next to hers in the second floor with a closed door connecting the two bedrooms and whenever Charlene’s alarm clock rang Margie knew her boss was getting up.

One evening after dinner the two women had finished talking and went to their bedrooms; Margie had showered and she was drying her luxurious red hair wrapped in a towel with her body naked when she heard the turning of a key in the lock of the door connecting the two bedrooms and a faint tap at the time the door opened.

Charlene poked her head through the crack and asked, “May I come in?”

Margie turned her head looked at her and said, “Of course please do.”

Charlene’s body was wrapped in a small towel that barely covered her body exposing generous portions of her legs and her small bosom and when she entered the room she could not help uttering an exclamation of amazement when she saw Margie’s sculpted body in all its glory.

At the same moment Charlene’s pussy started to tingle and she felt her labia getting moist and a heavy scent of arousal started wafting from beneath her towel. Margie at once perceived the scent of a horny woman and felt her body responding in kind as her nipples began to swell and her vagina began to moisten.

Both women tried to act as if nothing was happening despite the high electric voltage current passing between them, neither of the two knowing what was going through the mind and body of the other. They were two horny women; each one by the other.

Charlene was the first to break the silence with a lame excuse. “Oh Marg I just wanted to ask you if you would like to go out next Friday for a walk and dinner.”

Margie trying to recover from the surprise of Charlene’s words asked jokingly, “You mean… like a date?”

Now it was Charlene time to be surprised and stuttering she answered “Y…y…yes I would like very much to date you.”

Margie looked deeply into Charlene’s big yellow green eyes now full of emotions and hidden passions and desires and softly answered to her boss, “Me too.”


It was Friday evening and both Charlene and Margie were ready to go out in their first unofficial date. Both were very nervous and contrary to their custom they chatted ceaselessly, haphazardly, as if they were inebriated. They were, not from wine or liquor, but of each other.

“I’m going to take you to a not well known place with wonderful ethnic food; American style southern food. I’m sure you’ll love it,” said an unusually ebullient Charlene.

When they reached their destination Margie wondered if she had misunderstood Charlene’s intention. Crossing the street they entered the Sunshine Cafe. As they were waiting for a table to be seated Charlene assured her again, “This place it’s not well known but they have great food. Trust me, you’ll be surprised.”

They were seated and for the first time since Margie knew her Charlene ordered a pint of Dark Irish beer for her and when the waitress asked what Margie would like she said “I’ll have the same.” Soon the waitress returned with two tankards of pitch-black dark ale and when the waitress left Charlene raised her glass in toast: “To us and our long life together.”

They clinked their glasses and Margie was bewildered by the toast when she took a sip. As she drank Charlene saw Margie drink and winked at her.

Although Margie was warned she was surprised how good the food was; she was also surprised at the knowledge Charlene had of a place so “out of the road” and how Southern her food choices were. Charlene didn’t ask her and ordered for both; as an appetizer she asked for Fried green tomatoes followed for a dish of Crab Cakes for an entrée with a small bowl of corn chowder. After dinner they had coffee with Irish Cream.

The place was small and no cards were accepted. After paying the bill Charlene asked her, “Would you mind going for a walk home? You can help me enjoy the night.”

As they walked leisurely home which was only about twenty blocks away Charlene explained her how they had just recently restored a pair of late nineteenth century historical buildings demolishing the adjutant middle twentieth century blocks and opening a beautiful square. As she was talking Charlene just casually took Margie right hand into her left. Margie surprised looked at her.

With an adoringly embarrassed smile Charlene asked “You don’t mind, do you? I’m so nervous I need something to do with my hands.”

Margie nervously just smiled her approval as her mind screamed “Do I mind? My god baby I’ve wanted to touch you for so long you wouldn’t believe it if I told you. It’s pure hell living with you working with you and sleeping next room to yours.”

As they walked around Margie felt oddly proud that she was holding hands with this handsome woman. Charlene seeing her smile asked her, “You’re not embarrassed holding your boss’s hand walking in the street, are you?”

“No, I was thinking I’m holding hands with the best-looking gal here,” her mouth said before her brain could filter her thoughts. Now it was time for Margie to be deeply embarrassed.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean it to sound like that. I was just trying to give you a compliment that’s all. I’m sorry.” Margie tried to apologize.

“That’s all right no need to be ashamed; I’m glad you find me good looking. C’mon let’s just keep walking.”

And so that’s what they did; the city grew quiet and by the time they reached Shaker Heights darkness ruled. They continued south passing through poor lighted streets and Charlene acted the role of a tour guide commenting on such and such an edifice. Margie mostly focused her attention on how wonderful it felt to be holding Charlene’s hand. It seemed so incredibly sensual and yet so natural; her hand was warm and soft a little smaller than hers, and they had interlaced their fingers without even realizing it had happened.

Whenever they passed through one of the tree-shrouded mansions Margie enjoyed watching the moonlight and shadows playing across Charlene’s face. Since she would be babbling on about some historical point she’d look at her and smile. Whenever she smiled up Margie heart would skip a beat and she would think Charlene’s smile the brightest point of light around.

Eventually they reached Whitaker Street and walked on along it to home holding hands.


Saturday morning Charlene chirped into the kitchen where Margie was preparing breakfast as the help had the day off, “Good morning my dear did you sleep well?”

Margie remembering last night’s stroll holding hands like two lovesick teenagers blushed deeply and answered with a soft, “Yes very well, and you?”

“Never better,” said a flustered Charlene taking a sip of her coffee “Would you like to visit a museum and dinner later this evening?”

Being Saturday they took their time breakfasting. Margie prepared some pancakes and served breakfast as if they were a just married couple, orange juice, pancakes with syrup, coffee, cream and the morning newspaper.

Acting husbandly and amid Margie’s laughter Charlene asked, “Well my dear what part of the newspaper do you want, sports, gossip, comics, news, or…”

Merrily Margie took the gossip pages and gave Charlene a cheek kiss, “Thank you my dear I’ll let you to your sports pages.” And they laughed madly.

Later in the evening when Margie caught up with her in the front door Charlene held out her hand to her and as Margie gladly took it Charlene asked “How about we go over to Wainwrigh Academy of Arts. They have some beautiful oil paintings you should enjoy.”

Hearing the Museum name Margie made a gesture of surprise that did not go unnoticed by Charlene; this time it was Charlene’s turn to blush. “Well this was one of my grandfather’s hobbies.”

Unlike most other museum of old arts this was an old mansion converted into a museum; the house of European style in itself was a museum; there were a series of Greek or Roman statues in the gardens and little paths that surrounded the house.

Once inside they walked slowly through rooms appreciating the collection of oil paintings, mostly American. They stopped in front of the pieces they liked most and Charlene showed her expertise pointing at different technical details in the paintings. They were heading towards the principal room when tugging on Margie’s hand she said “That’s the main gallery we’ll go there last”

They kept walking around the rooms enjoying the paintings and their being together when they heard Charlene’s cell phone vibrate. Digging it out of her handbag she flipped through the keyboard and then started reading the message. Her face lit up like a thousand bulbs.

“Yes, yes, yes, Oh my dear, Oh my dear Margie,” she exclaimed joyfully and grabbed her and hugging her she tried to pick her up and spin her in the air as men do.

She failed and Margie asked surprised, “What is it, what happened?”

Charlene handed her the phone. On it was a copy of the email the Head Manager of China Wainwrigh Industries had sent to the corporate headquarters. It basically said the new contract with the Chinese government negotiated via Margie had been accepted and sealed.

“This is awesome Margie. Congratulations” Hugging her Charlene gave her one kiss and held their lips together for three eternal seconds; ending the kiss they released each other and Charlene seemed embarrassed by her enthusiasm.

Then softly she called, “C’mon let’s get out of here. How about getting something to eat?”

They left the museum and Charlene grabbing Margie’s hand once again asked, “I know a great Mediterranean local; they have very good food, ok with you?”

Margie wasn’t about to argue with her about anything, she just let her lead the way. In ten minutes they arrived at “La Casa del Gitano”. She was not kidding about them having great food. They shared a plate of Patatas Bravas, hot potato with chilli as an appetizer accompanied by good Marques de Riscal red wine and then ordering the Paella she recommended. With full stomachs they finished supper with a good coffee and the excellent Carlos V Spanish brandy.

After they left the store Charlene grabbed Margie and pulling her close hugged her. Still holding Margie she whispered in her ear “You’re so wonderful,” and then unexpected in her other ear she huskily whispered, “I love you.”

Margie was trembling inside; powerful forces were tugging inside her mind. Love was one of them; fear was another, memories of the recent past were other, scared to surrender and be hurt again was the most acute. By then they had reached the long dark cobblestone accessing a ramp that lead from the bridge to the Riverside promenade.

Jokingly Charlene in the way of a gentleman offered, “Should I carry my Lady so she doesn’t trip on a stone?”

Margie following the playful and again husbandly spirit of Charlene answered her, “I’m fine but thank you. You’re such a ladies gentlewoman how did I get so lucky?”

Charlene didn’t answer but when they reached the point where the walkway turns and there was no one around she aggressively pushed Margie up against the tall brick wall. In the darkness of a 12-foot wall she kissed Margie hard. Her lips pressed on to Margie’s with feverish eagerness. Charlene caressed the corner of Margie’s lips with her tongue. At last, slowly, she leaned in again and Margie parted her lips in anticipation. When their lips touched they both at once felt an electric thrill ripple over them and as though a huge weight had been taken from their shoulders. Small sighs were followed by soft gentle kisses. Margie’s hands were uncertain and restless. The heat and tension in her tummy and chest grew.

I can’t believe I’m kissing Charlene, it’s really happening! The intensity of the things Margie felt inside and the way her head whirled was almost irresistible. She wanted to touch and feel and moan and revel. She squirmed as Charlene kissed her lips her cheeks around her lips. Charlene sucked her lower lip and then traced it with her tongue making Margie moan very softly. When Margie felt Charlene’s mouth open she opened hers with her. This time Charlene’s tongue entered her mouth with confidence. And as Margie felt Charlene’s tongue take possession of her mouth a thrill of lust coursed through her. Charlene pulled back and drank in Margie’s flushed beautiful face. Stroking her red hair, she knew she had to let Margie decide where to go.

“Do you want me to stop? If you want to keep going we’ll go home where it’s more comfortable. If you want to stop we can… stop right here, right now.”

“No! I don’t want to stop. Oh God, you must think I’m a slut or something.”

Charlene laughed and kissed her forehead “Then what would that make me?”

Margie giggled like a teenager.

“How do you feel right now?” Charlene asked stroking her cheek.

Margie smiled and rolled her eyes, “Unbelievable; I’ve never felt like this before all warm and fluttery and… Wet, all tingling really, really good. And grateful you brought me to live with you.”

“You don’t have to be grateful for something that is my gain; I’m grateful and give Heavens thanks for having found you.”

Now Margie laughed and she slathered Charlene’s face with smacking kisses “OK,” she said at last “Let’s go home, our home!” She took Charlene’s hand as they started moving.

“You are so incredibly sexy!” Charlene said letting her eyes devour her beautiful lover. As Charlene lead Margie into her big spacious bedroom, twin of Margie’s, she fumbled for the switch and turned on the soft recessed lights over the head of her vast empty king-sized bed creating the illusion of a sanctuary of comfort and warmth in a dark and dangerous world.

At that instant Charlene’s tremendous and repressed passion and her aching hunger taking over she discarded caution like autumn leaves cast into a wind. Her heart thudded and her insides were bubbling and simmering; her pussy a cauldron of boiling volcanic lava. She tried to maintain some control when she sat on the edge of the bed and gently drew Margie between her parted thighs.

She moaned ever so softly as she stared rapturously at the incredible beautiful woman in front of her. Her angelic beauty her glowing loveliness made Charlene weak and fuzzy it was like looking at a forbidden goddess. Charlene brought her closer and Margie breathing hard herself, her expression adoring yet lustful, let herself fall against Charlene in surrender. All her doubts were disappearing.

Charlene buried her face in the crook between her lover’s neck and shoulder and she kissed and licked a shuddering Margie whose skin was pure alabaster, softer than soft, and Charlene could smell her womanly scent wafting to her nostrils. Charlene ran her parted lips and tongue feather-like over the skin of Margie’s arched neck as only a woman can do making the woman’s breath catch. She let the very tip of her tongue caress its way passing the angle of Margie’s jaw and over her cheek; Margie whimpered and her nipples got even harder as her legs started to go weak in Charlene’s arms.

Charlene let her lips pass over Margie’s own sweet delicate parted lips to the corner of Margie’s mouth. Margie, panting with her eyes nearly shut could feel her vagina copiously leaking fluids and cream sliding down the inside of her thighs.

They started to kiss passionately again, their lips parted to let their tongues probe inside their mouths, and then they sucked each tongue like their mouths were a vacuum. Charlene’s clitoris and big nipples stiffened as they kissed passionately and she rubbed her crotch on the front of Margie’s leg; deliciously she could feel it press back into her. While one of Margie’s hands caressed Charlene’s neck and kept her face pulled into hers, Margie felt her new lover’s hand slide down and creep into her skirt caressing her thighs, then Charlene eased her hand into Margie’s panties and into the soaking wet hair of her flaming red pussy. One of her fingers snaked through the red jungle and into her vagina like it had a mind of its own. Margie gyrated her hips and Charlene hand finger-fucked her.

When Margie broke off their kiss she looked up and peered deep into Charlene’s eyes. Without looking away she pulled Charlene’s hand out of her panties and brought it up to her mouth. She took the fingers into her mouth one at a time and Charlene could feel how she sucked and licked her own pussy juices off of each of them in turn. After she had finished with the fingers she moved Charlene’s palm over her mouth and licked it clean as well. Charlene hadn’t known till now how arousing it was to have her fingers sucked and her palm licked by a woman; it was a new experience for her.

Without speaking a word Margie opened the buttons of her blouse. She stood before her lover with her blouse open and her perfect tits quivering in their freedom with each deep, ragged breath she took. She got hold of Charlene’s hand and made her stand up. Only the moon shining through the window gave them light as she had fumbled with the switch and turned off the soft recessed lights.

They stood before the bed and they kissed like lovers while Margie opened Charlene’s blouse. Her fingers ran through the flat chest of her lover caressing her small almost boyish breasts, and then she slid her hands around to the back and snapping open the bra she pulled Charlene towards her so that their breasts pressed into together. She could feel Charlene’s long, sensitive and permanently puffy nipples in dark rose with silver dollar sized areolas against her own.

Charlene’s leg slid its way up along Margie’s leg and her knee caressed the inside of her thighs landing in her crotch and softly pushing at it; after a few moments she slid her leg down and her hands moved downward to grab a double handful of Margie’s scrumptious ass as she crushed her body into hers and their hips tango danced one crotch over the other; the tongues dueled frantically within their mouths and the two bodies breathed as one.

Margie broke off the kiss to bend forward and run her nails across Charlene’s flat chest as she sucked and licked her big nipples. She worked her way down her body to explore her navel with her tongue. Charlene reached her hands down between them to undo her skirt. Then she sat Margie on the edge of her bed and knelt down to remove Margie’s shoes and nylon tights. Once the feet were bare she took the right one and slowly sucked her toes one by one and licked between them and then worshipingly licked the sole; after the right she took the left and gave it the same treatment.

When she had finished with Margie’s feet, she reached up and eased her panties and garter off of her.

Once Margie was naked and had moved to lie back fully on her bed Charlene stood before her and began to slowly remove her own clothes. In the pale light of the moon she looked like an angel preparing to give herself. When she had nothing on but her garter belt and stockings she crawled onto the bed with Margie. She slid her hand around Margie’s breasts and up and down her body several times as she locked her eyes into Margie’s.

“I’m a little nervous my love I have no experience making love; t…t…this is the first time for me.” admitted Charlene. “Yours is the first naked body I’ve touched” and with a little nervous laugh, “Outside mine of course.”

Looking straight into Charlene’s eyes Margie assured her “Don’t worry my love I haven’t made love either; I have been fucked, but that’s different, we’ll learn together to make love.”

Margie turned toward Charlene as she rolled toward her; Charlene arms went around her lover and she put one leg over hers. She softly pressed her lips on Margie’s, she had never kissed a girl in her life; not one man for that matter, and to her this was going to be the only girl she ever kissed and she would be happy. Charlene was ecstatic Margie’s lips were almost unbelievably soft and she was additionally excited by just a hint of her lover’s perfume mixed with the natural flavour of her body.

Unintentionally and without being agreed beforehand Charlene was the dominant partner in the new couple, her previous signs of husbandly care and attentions made as a joke now were becoming a reality; a reality Margie did not oppose and with which apparently was comfortable and she agreed.

They began again and as if on cue their lips parted and tongues went into mouths. Their tongues danced slowly, savouring the taste and texture of the inside of the others mouths. They kissed softly, then more fervently, then softly again. Charlene stopped the kiss for a moment to plant soft loving pecks on Margie’s forehead, then on her eyes and cheeks until she found her mouth again. She lingered on her lover’s mouth until she disengaged and slipped down to lick her neck with the very tip of her moist tongue. She dribbled lower pausing at the erect nipples to suck and gently bite each of them. Her tongue traced ever lower before she stopped and straighten up over the body of her lover.

Charlene raised her head from Margie’s breast and asked her “I’m not hurting you am I my love?”

Margie coming down from a cloud of pleasure moved her head negatively and with a voice hoarse with passion answered, “No baby, you aren’t”

“I don’t want you hurt ever again my love; I have a fixation since I saw how you had your anus and nipples hurt the first time you undressed”

Then Charlene bent down and again started kissing Margie’s body softly and slowly, first she took her right nipple and enveloped it with her lips suckling it like a newly born baby while she used her hands to lightly scratch the left breast and her sumptuous chest or to grab her ass and probe Margie rim ass with her finger; she used only her mouth on the nipples and she licked and sucked them like a candy trying to extract its essence.

She swallowed half of Margie’s breast and abundant saliva fell from her mouth down the slope until she pulled back to its tip and with her teeth lightly raked it careful not to hurt it again.

Margie felt cold in her wet nipples and breasts; she opened her eyes and saw Charlene was crawling towards the foot of the bed, once in place she gently encouraged Margie to open her legs almost fainting at the sight of such a lovely red haired furry pussy. Faced with this heavenly vision Charlene salivary glands started madly to produce and her mouth was full of saliva. She looked up to Margie’s face and without moving her gaze from her eyes she lowered her face to her groin.

She started licking at her perineum with the tip of her tongue. Margie moaned at the touch, Charlene felt the invisible fuzz on the small path between Margie’s pussy and anus and allowed herself to swirl in it. She toyed in the perineum for a minute or two more and then she was hesitant, whether going to suck Margie’s anus or her pussy and after a few seconds she decided, for the time being, go for broke and began to slowly trace her mouth up her pussylips. As she reached its centre she used two fingers to pull the labia forward until it was standing straight up, and softly, she mouthed her lovers cuntlips pushing her tongue inside the moist cavern as deep as she could, then she moved up toward the clitoris taking it in her mouth and teasing it lightly, gently, even sweetly with her lips and the tip of her tongue. She looked for and found the piss hole and placed a small, soft, even chaste kiss on the very place where she knew her urine flow out, and then allowed her tongue to merely tickle the opening at the centre of her urethra.

Charlene got up from the bottom of the bed turned around to lie over Margie’s body her head over Margie’s crotch and her pussy directly over Margie’s face. Margie looked up not understanding at first and then tentatively pulled the cunt to her mouth and started licking as a wet snake entered her own womanhood. They sixty-nined each other for what seemed like a year. Margie stuck her tongue as far into Charlene’s vagina as it could reach; she took her lover’s button love between her lips and sucked and licked across it with her tongue giving as she had received. Charlene responded by grinding her pussy hard into Margie’s mouth; soon she was cumming and Margie could taste a new wave of her juices as they flowed over her tongue and flooded her mouth. As she came Charlene let Margie’s pussy and slid over her body and sat up on her face as she continued to grind her pussy into Margie’s face.

“Oh, Margie my love… lick me, lick me… fuck me with your tongue… god! I never thought it could feel so good.”

When she was finished cumming she climbed off of Margie and lay beside her on the bed.

“I can’t wait anymore, my love. I’ve got to have you cumming; I need to fuck you so badly. Baby I need to make you cum for me.”

Margie didn’t need another invitation she quickly positioned herself above Charlene’s head and Charlene grabbed Margie’s buttocks to place her tongue between her lover pussy lips. Margie slowly pushed her hips forward to let sink the whole length of Charlene’s tongue deep into her cunt. She let out a cry of ecstasy when she felt the long and supple tongue moving like a snake inside her uterus.

She made fucking movements on Charlene’s tongue and Charlene would pull back until only the tongue tip remained inside of Margie cunt and then she would begin a long painfully slow up stroke that let Margie feel the tongue run along every inch of her pussy wall. Charlene tried to give her lover the best fucking of her life; she could tell by Margie moans and the way she was moving her hips around her face that she was enjoying it.

“Oh my god… Charlene, oh, yes… fuck me, tongue fuck me, oh my Charlene… oh god, you are fucking me so good baby… Oh my god, my love… yes, yes, more…deeper, baby, deeper… Oh god, yes… fuck me, fuck meee…”

Margie fell backwards over Charlene’s body with her knees bent and legs wide open, her body shuddering with the intensity of her orgasm; her head fell upon her lover pubes while her hair was spread over the entire area covering with red Charlene’s pelvis, thighs and pussy. The aperture of the knees allowed Charlene to see Margie’s vagina in all its glory, red, lusty, her nether lips swollen with lust and cream slithering slowly from the dark cavity to the perineum and from it to the edge of her anus disappearing between the two bodies. She caressed the thighs with both hands touching the clitoris with the tips of her fingers. The odour of Margie’s milk wafting to her nose was heady, tangy, strong, but not unpleasant and made her head dizzy with desire.

After a while Charlene helped Margie to unwrap her legs and pulled to help her straighten. When Margie was again over Charlene face to face they caressed each other bodies and kissed profoundly. Little by little, their pussies started tribbing simultaneously, and their movements were getting faster and wilder with the friction, the rubbing and chafing of their labia and clitoris.

Charlene may not have had the sexual experience (despised experiences, hated experience) that Margie had, but her energy was inextinguishable. They pounded their pussies like madwomen breaking apart a sidewalk. Charlene was raking Margie’s back with her fingernails and biting into her shoulder to keep from crying out. Margie’s tits were bouncing up and down like basketballs. They were both reaching climax and were determined to, this time, cum together.

“Cum with me, Charlene… I can feel your pussy tightening up…; you are ready, aren’t you…my love.”

“Yes, baby yes, oh fuck me… fuck me… pound your pussy in mine harder, lover, hard, hard, harder yes…… Oh god, yes… don’t stop… I’m… Oh god… I’ve never… I’m… cumming, cumming…your clit on mine, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god… fuck me, lover… yessss, yessss… I…”

Suddenly Charlene’s legs pulled Margie hard against her as she shoved her pussy into her lover pussy as hard as she could. Margie cum squirted into her lover time and again as it flooded her cunt. She squeezed her pussy to drain every last drop of cum out as their juices mingled and seeped out to soak their pubic areas; both pussy hairs became matted and tangled.

When they both had finished cumming Margie collapsed on top of Charlene as her arms refused to support her weight any longer. Charlene kept her legs wrapped around Margie to hold in communion a little longer. She pulled Margie’s mouth to hers and they kissed for as long as they could before they were forced to separate so that the exhausted bodies could suck in the air they so desperately needed.

Margie rolled off of Charlene to lie beside her with her arm around her. She huddled in close and rested her head on Charlene’s flat almost a boy’s chest. Her fingers softly stroked that chest and nipples and she would occasionally bend her head over to kiss Charlene chest or her neck, or to lick the sweat off of her. For a long time the only sounds to be heard in that room were that of breathing. Soon they drifted to sleep tightly entwined.


The next day, Sunday, as the first morning light filtered through the curtains in the window of Charlene’s bedroom, found the two lovers still sleeping and their bodies intertwined in the same position in which sleep had conquered them after a full night of passion.

For some minutes nothing happened, the two lovers continued sleeping; suddenly a ray of sun fell fully upon the faces of the two sleeping beauties and awoke them simultaneously. When they opened their eyes their breaths intermingled as their mouths were so close; staring at each other deeply in the eyes their mouths approached and they sealed their love with a deep, profound and prolonged kiss.

“Good morning my love, are you well?” they asked at the same time while they laughed together.

“Are you hungry?” said two voices again at the same time amid a burst of fresh laugher.

“Wait a minute, we seem Siamese sisters,” said an amused Charlene.

“OK, what time it is, because I’m hungry I’ll go and fix something to eat,” said Margie amid a fresh set of giggles.

“I cannot help you; we rich women do not know nothing about kitchen stuff.” Charlene couldn’t stop guffawing.

Margie gave her a small tap on her chest “Don’t worry that’s what we wives are for,” and as an afterthought, “Stay in bed I’ll bring you breakfast in a jiff.”

They breakfasted leisurely on bed talking about the night before, about themselves, where they felt the relation was going and where they wanted the relationship to go.

Charlene was sure where to she wanted the relationship to go and with whom and she said so, “I want to live with you as an equal partner. I love you. I never thought I could love anybody as I love you; body and soul.”

“I love you too but I’m afraid, I’ve been hurt so very bad, you know I’ve been abused, and had intended suicide….”

Charlene was horrified “You what? When? I didn’t know about, you must tell me when did you tried to take your life and why.”

“It was the night before I came to see you for the price of the sale of the car and showed you the mauling on my body; I was near penniless and desperate.”

Charlene took Margie in her arms and holding her against her chest promised;”Never again my love, never again, I’ll protect you with all my heart and my love.”

“Thank you baby now I’ll go to my room and take a shower….” Margie tried to say.

“Baby you don’t go anyplace. You take your shower in our bathroom; this is our bed now, and our bedroom, mine and yours. This is where, from now on to death, we’ll make love every night.”

Charlene was caressing her, undoing her apron and the sweat pants she had put on for cooking and pulling them down.

“That means every afternoon too?” Margie smiled back at her, because it was just barely three o’clock.

Charlene took Margie in her arms and holding her against her chest “Whenever you want my love, whenever you want unless you are in the downtown Tower managing my business.”


Life was good; they worked together, ate together, showered together and slept together. Day to day their relationship consolidated and intertwined like a braid, Charlene taught her new partner in love and life everything she could about her business and decision make, and Margie, her self-confidence restored, worked like a machine, in fact the two worked together as a very well oiled machine.

In the same manner their lives in relationship were almost perfect. They complemented each other in such a way that it seemed as if they were born one for the other. Emotionally as well as sexually. When in bed they operated comfortably, like a worn shoe on the foot.

Over the weeks and months Charlene in the dormitory had been taking an increasingly dominant role similar to the man in a straight couple, she had masculinized her performance in the bed her husband’s role had increased, so much, they had decided to complete their nights of love adding some toys, especially those who permitted Charlene to act more like a husband. The toys had consisted of one strap-on, a couple vibrators and some different sizes dildoes; and, as a new trend; sex role-playing games.

Charlene had discovered she liked sex beyond her love for Margie; she now enjoyed the body contact the gropings and caresses, but still she was abhorrent of penetration into her body everything else was welcomed. And had discovered she loved penetrating Margie.

One cold weekend they decided to stay home it was Saturday in the evening and Margie had gone to the kitchen to prepare some tea. The couch was in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace. Margie returned to the living room, drew the curtains closed, and stood at the side of the couch “Move over a little” she told Charlene.

Their home life was very simple they managed as equals every aspect of their lives but imperceptibly each of them in their personal relationship had accepted a different role; Margie took the more feminine approach in the couple, and by her own natural abilities she took care of the feminine aspects of the relationship. Charlene on the other hand, with her personnel training and always in male tasks and between men of power in spite of being very beautiful and feminine in appearance, her mind was inclined to a more dominant role; that was why she had taken in the couple the masculine role, that of the husband.

Charlene wasn’t certain what her lover-wife had in mind but she did as was requested. Her wife removed the remaining cushions on the couch making room for two and let them drop to the floor before she lay down next to her lover wife-husband. She snuggled against her ostensibly to watch television while seeping her tea, but the way she spooned her body to Charlene suggested otherwise. Her round bottom was perfectly formed to the concave curve of Charlene’s slim body and she snuggled, warm in her lover’s body as she allowed her legs to mimic her in their posture. They were cuddled together, warm and cosy.

Charlene as always was pleasantly surprised to find Margie lying next to her, not that it were unusual, but it always was very pleasurably to her when they were so. She could feel the warmth of her body and with her head next to her own; she luxuriated in the hint of her perfume and the warm and dusky odour of her luxurious red hair. She draped an arm over Margie’s tummy and gently pulled her closer in an affectionate embrace.

They lay there, luxuriating in each other’s presence in front of the fire and a huge Television and the two women set out to watch a romantic movie. Margie had on a shimmery loose-fitting light blue blouse that ended just at the front at her jean’s top.

As the movie’s romance developed Charlene could feel Margie’s warm breath on her chest and her hand resting on her knee. She absent-mindedly stroked her hand up and down Margie’s arm and realizing what she was doing when her hand lightly stroked the breast of her redheaded lover. She stopped her hand when she heard a quickly draw in breath in response to the touch. She thought Margie was uncomfortable and was about to take her arm from around Margie’s shoulders when she felt Margie shifting her body to give her better access. Then Charlene hand rested fully on her breast and wrapped her hand around the tit and squeezed as Margie pressed into it.

“Mmmmm… That feels good Charlene.”

Charlene slid her hand over and unbuttoned Margie blouse so she could move her hand inside it. Then, deftly, she slipped her fingers into the bra and caressed Margie’s bare tit. She could feel the nipple harden under her palm and as the bra opened in the front Charlene unsnapped it to free the straining alabaster breasts from their confinement. Suddenly she massaged the firm full tits with an urgency that could only come from a lustful and unbridled passion.

Margie let herself slide down Charlene body and lay back across her legs to look up at her. She pulled Charlene’s head down to meet hers and pressed her soft full lips into the other’s thin heart-shaped lips.

Awkwardly and with a bit of difficulty Charlene took Margie in her arms, got up from the couch lounge and with wobbly steps carried her into the bedroom. Once in it they disrobed each other with the security and speed that provides practice and confidence. The two climbed to the bed and by habit now, they lay down in the missionary position with Charlene on top.

She placed her hands on either side of Margie’s head looking down at her. She pushed into her body pressing her pelvis into her wife against her bareness. She let her hands move over her, cupping each breast whose nipples were starting to get hard; they were so real. She loved them. She bent her head and took Margie’s mouth, firm and demanding, which opened under hers with desire. They kissed for a few long moments and she realized, as she always did, that she really could lie here for the rest of her life and do just this. Her fingers pinched Margie’s nipples lightly their tongues sliding and fighting together.

“Do you want my mouth on you, licking you?” Charlene asked her, her hand moving down to cup her Margie’s mound before she could answer her.

“Yes, husband yes, you know I love your mouth on me.” she whispered.

And now they started the role-play games again,

“Where do you want my mouth?”Asked Charlene.

Margie squirmed biting her lip “Wherever pleases you, my husband.”

Charlene shook her head, in their games sometimes the good wife submitting to her master and lord have standardized answers; this was one of them, “Answer my question.” she said slowly pinching Margie’s other nipple.

Margie gasped softly; “On my breasts between my legs Master and lord” Her cheeks reddened which made her almost seem shy.

Charlene moved her mouth to her full breasts and flicked at her nipples one by one, they were rock hard and long and she sucked them strongly, watching her woman’s face as she kept them moist in her mouth. Her other hand went between Margie legs, and she ran her fingertips up her.

Charlene moved down Margie’s body to her vagina, it was so very nice almost delicate looking; pink… smooth lips covering her opening. She opened her mouth and started to lick the folds. Margie’s legs trembled slightly her back moving imperceptibly. Charlene wanted to pleasure her wanted to be on her knees before her, she liked the feeling; she smiled to herself as she ate her wife out expertly taking her to the edge, only to bring her back down and start over. Margie slit started to pour fluids; her clit was now standing out from under the hood her body trying to remain still but failing miserably.

To Charlene she tasted like honey in her mouth as Margi’s cream slid down her throat gently.

Charlene moved her face away a final time and her woman moaned pitifully. She wanted to be inside of her. Oh god how she wanted to be inside her, to posses her, to make her wholly fully hers again and again. She got up and left the bed went to the closet and took her toys bag; she brought it back in setting it on the dresser, she took out the strap-on and then put it on taking her time. Margie’s juices were glistening in her pussy lips, her nipples were hard and her mouth lips were plump from her chewing on them. She was gorgeous, responsive, and Charlene wanted to claim her anew.

She came onto the bed again and got between Margie legs.

“Do you want to be fucked?” she asked her voice low.

“Yes husband, fuck me.” was Margie wantonly answer.

She tilted her head looking at her, “I don’t think you want it enough.”

She knew Margie was lubricated but she put more lube on her strap-on from the bottle she had on the bed, she didn’t want to hurt her love; she pressed just the tip of the strap-on to the vagina entrance then ran it up and down stopping at her clit before backing away. Margie whimpered, her mouth opening like a fish gasping for air.

“Do you want to be fucked?” Charlene asked her again studying her face.

“Yes. Please. Fuck me, fuck me.” Margie pleaded softly.

Charlene leaned over her taking her breast into her mouth again the strap-on tip barely sliding in; her wife’s body shook slightly at the penetration, her hips moving with her. She sucked on Margie’s nipple, carefully biting it, her other hand going to her long red hair now tangled around her head; she moved just the tip of the fake penis in and out, in and out, the wife’s mouth opening in an O as she tried to get more of her husband-wife fake penis inside of her, her hips pressing against her husband’s, the harness chafing her thighs.

Charlene knew what Margie wanted. She wanted to cumm, and she wasn’t going to give it to her yet; she fucked her slowly never fully seating herself or touching her clit as she raised over her watching her fight the sensations at the same time she welcomed them. Margie’s breasts moved as Charlene took her, her hands clenching spasmodically in the bed sheets. She glided in and out of her for long moments and then she kept still, watching Margie fight not to cumm, just laying still. Then she would start up again only to stop and settle into her. It was torture, very enjoyable torture.

Charlene wanted her to lose control; lose it to get all pleasure possible, both of them getting pleasure together. Soon she was penetrating her more deeply, her other leg going over her thigh pressing Margie to the bed controlling her woman’s movement and her own. Their nipples teased one another their mouths and lips brushing they moaned softly; Charlene’s body was now moving faster her back arching, she knew Margie was close to her orgasm and could tell she needed stimulation on her clit, a mouth or a finger on her clit.

Just when Margie was about to break and orgasm Charlene stopped. Margie gasped, her body trying to rise with Charlene’s and her face wild with lust. Charlene sucked her own right middle finger into her mouth drenched it with spit and took Margie’ hand with her left; then, at the same time, she put Margie’s fingers on her clit and she reached back with her right hand and pushed her soaked finger into Margie’s anus. The effect was explosive both women crying out loud her mutual orgasms, their bodies sweating and spasming.

Charlene got off of Margie pulling the strap-on with her; she took off the prosthesis let it in the dresser and lay down on the bed besides Margie.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“I know.”

“I know too.” they whispered kissing their lips softly.

Margie turned Charlene over and made her lie on her stomach, and she felt Margie’s naked body slide over hers. Charlene closed her eyes letting herself feel the sensations as Margie kissed her skin her tongue trailing down the middle of her back. Charlene cupped her own small breasts and twisted roughly at her big nipples, at the same time she felt Margie’s hands moving under her and felt her fingers between her legs.

Margie opened Charlene legs wider and she felt her own surrender form in her mind. Margie was lying on her, her mouth on her lower’s back and her tongue tracing an intricate tattoo across the expanse of Charlene lower back and buttocks, curving over each hip.

Margie’s fingers were very gentle on her lover, barely rubbing, and Charlene felt her eyes open and then slam shut as Margie’s face pressed between her ass cheeks her tongue sliding against her closed wrinkled hole; she relaxed into the feeling her hands grabbing onto the pillow beneath her head as Margie nudged her legs pushing her up onto her knees with her face against the pillow.

Then Charlene’s ass was rimmed out slowly but thoroughly, her insides clenching around air she shivered, the feeling delicious as the tongue slipped deeper inside her anal sphincter, Margie’s fingers were on her clit now pulling the hood up and exposing her. She groaned when she felt the tongue stab deeper into her asshole, and the fingers were sliding into her. Instead of clenching to eject the intruders, she felt her body give in to being taken, her vagina opening to allow her wife deeper access.

“Do you want me inside that beautiful ass of yours?” Margie whispered behind her.

Charlene let out her breath but her back was moving with her mouth “Yes.” she let out. Margie continued her ministrations making Charlene feel incredibly hot and she started to turn her head to look at Margie when she pulled her wet fingers out Charlene’s pussy; then she watched Margie as she got off the bed and went to the dresser and took the harness with the strap-on; Charlene felt her breath leave her. She couldn’t believe what was happening, she was going to be taken up her ass; and strangely, the idea turned her on completely.

Margie had put the harness with the dildo and brought some lubricant back with her settling behind Charlene. She lubbed the dildo and then her mouth was on Charlene again. Charlene groaned, her ass was sensitive as all hell her vagina clenching again under the not known before invasion of her entrails.

“Relax baby.” Margie whispered and Charlene felt the toy press against her crinkled star gently.

She pressed her face into the pillow deep her hands clenching and un-clenching as Margie spread her ass-cheeks wider inching the toy in slowly; Charlene lost her breath, the feeling almost too much, pleasure, burning pain, fire, everything at once.

Margie stopped pushing her hand down under her to rub on her own clit; she felt her vagina walls contracting as pleasure pushed through her; then she started to fuck Charlene slowly her groin pressed against the bottom of her ass, the plastic cock sliding in deeper and deeper with each thrust. Unconsciously Charlene pushed herself up onto all fours her ass pushing back into the cock as she gave up any fight she might have had about prolonging the inevitable.

Margie’s thumb pressed into her vagina, her index finger on the knot between her legs as she felt herself completely slide into Charlene’s ass. Charlene cried out softly her eyes slamming shut as Margie pumped into her, faster, deeper, until she knew nothing but the toy and Margie’s hands and her swollen nipples dragging across the sheets.

She felt the orgasm only a second before it screamed through her body and she fell onto the bed Margie following her, she was sinking deeper as she bit the pillow that first climax continuing into another one almost effortlessly. Margie moved her body over the sheets fucking her strongly. She was now in command and Charlene shuddered, her anal ring and pussy clenching uncontrollably in time with Margie thrusts.

Margie’s mouth on her back and neck finally calmed her down, her actions slowing until she stopped completely. She felt satiated, taken…and fucking unbelievably good. They lay together silently for a long moment and then Margie gently pulled out of her making her groan slightly at the suddenly emptiness feeling; when she turned around Margie was on her knees behind her, her eyes wide, the prong obscenely swinging from Margie’s hips. She looked as dazed and as slammed as Charlene herself felt.

“Was it good for you?” Charlene asked out of breath, watching her from her prone position on the bed.

“That was a first.” answered a still bewildered Margie.

“Do you like being in control?” Charlene asked her softly.

Margie nodded slowly “It was like I was watching myself do these things to you, making you feel things. But, was it good for you?”

Charlene laughed and sat up bringing her into her arm “I think you know the answer to that one, Mistress.”

There was nothing wrong; everything was just okay about what had happened between them. But it was so much more. Not just the sex or the love-making but Charlene’s words her hands…she was dominant without being condescending, strong without supplying the hurt and degradation that she had it coming from the late, but never forgotten, Mr. Vandervoort; but she also was pliant and Margie had just learned a new lesson; she too could be strong and dominant not just a wife, she could became, if necessary, a husband.


It’s been a year since that ominous day of the reading of the testament in the law firm of Pierce, Pierce, Singer, Melanchthon & Associates. Today their personal commitment to live together had consolidated its less formal aspects but Charlene wanted to propose Margie to take one more step; she wanted for them to get married and become parents.

They weren’t even done shivering and leaking cum profusely in the aftermath of their powerful orgasms when Charlene thought it was the best moment to let Margie know what she was thinking about the future, their future. They were embracing and kissing tenderly when Charlene hugged Margie fiercely as if fearing she could leave her.

“Baby I need to know, do you love me?”

Margie looked at her as if she were crazy “Of course I love you, with all my heart, you are the best has happened in my whole life.” and as an afterthought “Why do you ask, has something happened? Is everything all right?”

“Yes my love, everything is all right, it’s just that I…well… I think we must move on with our relationship.”

Margie didn’t understand Charlene’s words and was getting nervous; she tried to disengage herself from the arms of her lover to look directly into her eyes but Charlene simply squeezed more her arms in their embrace not allowing Margie to move.

“Please Charlene what are you talking about, what means –we move on–, do you want to end our relationship that’s what you want?” Margie’s heart was pounding madly in her chest. She was afraid, afraid as never before in her life.

“No, no, no my love, no my dear love, that’s not what I mean; what I mean is that I want for us to get married.”

“Married?” asked a bewildered Margie not comprehending anything.

“Yes, won’t you marry me and be my wife?”Charlene asked with a tenuous voice.

“But how? I mean, this state does not allow same-sex marriage and what about the people, I mean your kind of people; what would they think? What would they say?” At that moment Margie was talking as a worried wife.

“Fuck them, I don’t care about what anybody thinks; and we’ll go out state to get married. But first things first, you haven’t answered my question: will you marry me?”

“Yes, I’ll marry you.” Margie answered.

“Good, because I don’t want our children to be born out of wedlock”

This time Margie broke loose from the embrace of Charlene and looked at her as if she had gone insane.

“Children, Charlene you must be mad? I won’t have intercourse with any man again, not even for you.”

“I don’t want you to make intimate contact with a man, there are other methods to get pregnant… of course if you agree.”

A heavy silence fell in the bedroom.

“Then how in hell do you intend me to get pregnant. Or is it you who is going to?”

It was the first time in their one year long relationship that red haired Margie’s temper boiled to the surface and the first time that she cursed.

This time a heavier silence fell in the bedroom, and for the first time Charlene felt she could lose Margie if she wasn’t truly careful; the until now accommodating Margie was showing a personality she had never considered her lover had.

“Well…I don’t see you pregnant or sick in the morning.” Margie pushed

“No, I wasn’t talking about me, I….” Charlene couldn’t end the sentence.

“So, it was me you were thinking of getting pregnant; and when did we plan to start a family.” now Margie was sarcastically angry.

“My love won’t you let me….”

“Don’t you –my love me–, I’m not a child I’m a mature woman as you should know by now, so just treat me like one and do not start patronizing me.” Now Margie was really furious.

“Ok let me explain please, pretty please.” said Charlene pouting.

Margie anger seemed to disappear as if by magic and could not stop heartily laughing at the sight of the usually dominant and sure of herself Charlene behaving like a little girl.

“Oh my, oh my…ha, ha, ha, I’m sorry love, please forgive me; you were saying…”

A little subdued Charlene told Margie her plans “I thought for us to marry and we could be a family with one or two children if you are willing to get pregnant I would love to be a mother with you, I mean I would like for us to be mothers… what a want to say is that…”

“Ok; Ok Charlene I get your drift don’t force yourself; now, how do you intend I get pregnant? And who would be the putative father? I mean the donor, have you already a candidate?”

“That’s another thing I have to talk you about.” Now Charlene was insecure.

And this time Margie noticed something very strange in the way Charlene was saying it.

“Ok, out with it.”

“You didn’t know my father. He died a widower before we met; but you know I was his only child and as he never married again I didn’t have a mother or siblings. My father always wanted to have more children but he was very busy with his business and had no time for or did not want to, whatever; socialize or get married, so he could never have children by the usual means, intercourse as a married man. One day over fifty he realized that he only had a child and a woman at that, myself, and thought about assisted insemination in a surrogate mother.” all in one breathe lest Margie might repent.

Margie was enthralled with the story “And what did happen.”

“Well he went to a clinic and you know…he…hummm… well, he ejaculated several times, you know, to keep the semen.”

“What happened? Do tell me.”

“Well daddy died before he could use the semen and it is now frozen in a fertility clinic waiting to be used.”

Margie’s mind did some quick calculations tied several ropes and came to the same conclusion,

“You want to use your father’s semen to impregnate me.” it wasn’t a question it was an assertion.

Charlene was now blushing fiercely “Well yes that was my idea but only if you agree, you see, that way the children will have our surnames and if at any moment they must prove with evidence who they are, the A.D.N tests will show they are my father’s children and my blood brothers.”

“Ok now I understand your reasons, would you mind to explain me how it works? The artificial insemination, of course”

“Well, we will use Intra-vaginal insemination, a type of artificial insemination that is sometimes used to help couples conceive. Is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure that we can perform here in our own home.” explained a more animated Charlene.

“I see you had it all figured out, you had made your homework; will you tell me how it works?”

“Well yes; Intra-vaginal Insemination is a type of artificial insemination that places sperm directly inside your vagina in order to increase the chances of fertilization. It can be performed either at a fertility clinic or in the comfort of our own home.”

“And what do you propose: we go to a clinic or we do it here?” Margie was now interested.

“Well, Intra-vaginal Insemination is usually reserved only for couples facing specific fertility issues, and is typically used when the male partner is unable to ejaculate during sexual intercourse when the female partner is healthy and fertile; the procedure requires that you are able to ovulate regularly.”

“Yes we both are healthy and fertile and… we are able to ovulate regularly” said a teasing Margie, “What do you propose… my husband, what procedure are you going to use to impregnate me?”

Charlene couldn’t help laughing out loud, thank God Margie was in a festive mode; so she explained, “The cervical cap method is the best, is typically performed at home and involves using a cervical cap to insert the donor’s sperm as close to the cervix as possible. We can get a specially-fitted cervical cap from our health care provider.”

“How so”

“Yes, the cervical cap is filled with our sperm, I mean the sperm we have, and after folding the cervical cap in half we insert it into your vagina, the cervical cap should be left in place for two to three hours. Woman orgasm most times helps the sperm to travel up into the uterus once the cervical cap is in place.”

“That means you have to fuck me to get me impregnated after all. Hummm… yummy. And I ask you Dr Charlene, what are the success rates of this kind of insemination?”

Charlene followed Margie’s jocular tone “Well Mrs. Wainwrigh, by using washed sperm or ovulation-inducing medication success rates can reach 30% per treatment cycle and sometimes a little more.”

“Washed sperm? How it’s so?”

Charlene now used a doctoral tone “Students, can I have your attention please; when undergoing Intra-vaginal Insemination it is important to use sperm that has good motility and morphology. The sperm from a donor can be used –Raw–, or unwashed; however, it may reduce your chances of pregnancy as raw samples may contain lower-quality sperm. Sperm prepared through sperm washing may be able to increase your chances of pregnancy as the procedure separates any dead or slow sperm cells from the good. Have you any questions?”

Margie raised her hand as if in a classroom. “How do we know when is the best moment to be successful?”

“The key to success is the timing of the procedure. If the insemination is performed at home it is imperative that it occur around the time of your ovulation. In order to find out when you are ovulating we’ll do urine tests to check for a surge in –luteinizing hormone–. This surge indicates the beginning of ovulation. We’ll have to perform within 24 hours of your luteinizing hormone surge, and will have so much fun.”

“Ok, let us think this carefully; if we do it and we follow that plan we must prepare for great changes in our lives; it won’t be easy.” Margie was not absolutely convinced.


During the following weeks they talked, discussed, and fought, at times heatedly, by moments with discordant ideas about the pregnancy possibility; sometimes at night they slept each in their own edge of the bed and with their backs opposing. Their relationship was becoming very tense and neither knew how to break the impasse, so it was not broken. One day Margie took the bull by the horns and told Charlene;

“Don’t you think we should separate for some time and think things calmly? Living like this it is not doing us, our love or our relationship any good. If we keep it this way we’ll end losing the love we have for each other or worse, hating each other.”

Charlene seemed to have received a blow, her breathing became ragged and her heart seemed to become paralyzed from fear of losing Margie. At that moment she became aware of how far, emotionally, they had been drifting apart.

“No Margie, please don’t go away, not even for a moment my love, don’t even think about it my love; let’s find here, together a solution to our problems, even forgetting any plans of childbearing; I can’t live without you.”

Apparently that was the end of it. They mend their relationship and the day to day life went back to almost normal. They made love, they fucked, they worked together, they slept together, but there was something in the gears of their relationship that would not let it function as before. Surely they loved each other with the same passion, but there was something unsolved, and that was causing a lot of wear on their living together.

It was Margie again who faced the situation. They were resting after a not particularly passionately love making session when she laid the cards on the table; she was absently petting Charlene’s puffy nipples when with no prior notice dropped her bomb.

“I suggest you prepare yourself to make me pregnant; in two weeks I’ll be ovulating.”

Charlene rose from the bed as spring-driven and threw herself over Margie smothering her with kisses “Oh my love, oh my love, I love you, I love you, oh how I love you, tomorrow we’ll go to get married my love” and she began to cry of happiness, tears falling down her cheeks and mingling in the hair of her lover.

A week later they went to Vermont State, were married, and back in the Shaker Heights mansion the same day. With Charlene money and lawyers it was an easy matter.

And the long-awaited day came neither Margie nor Charlene could sleep the night before, they were too anxious and skittish both anxiously awaiting the arrival of the morning to eat breakfast and for Margie peeing to do urine tests to check if there were a surge in the –luteinizing hormone–; in order to find if and when Margie was ovulating.

The first test in the morning was a negative one; the second around midday, the same. They had everything ready in the bedroom for a good fucking, toys, lube, candles, aromatic incense sticks softly burning, and the semen, now thawed, maintaining the cold chain in the fridge. Ready to be used. The only thing missing was the –luteinizing hormone–.

Their nervousness was increasing with the passing of the minutes and Charlene, particularly, wanted to start the insemination procedures but they needed a good pee test. And after several attempts at peeing with no success, Margie’s bladder was empty.

Charlene made her drink and drink water and after several more hours Margie peed once more and, oh Holy Grail, Margie was ovulating.

Margie washed herself and they went to the bedroom and to bed.

“So, we follow the procedure as we had planed it don’t we?” an emotional Charlene asked.

Margie nodded but did not get a chance to answer as Charlene’s mouth came down on hers, tongues lashing one another in frenzy. Charlene’s hands roamed over Margie’s large and conical tits and she, in turn, fondled her lover’s nipples and felt them grow stiff and hard. Without breaking their kiss they stripped one another’s gown away and Margie ran her hand down the length of Charlene’s smooth body, feeling her boyish, tight ass.

“It’s so pretty” Margie murmured as they finally broke their kiss so Charlene could slip down her body and begin sucking one, and then the other excited nipples. She slipped further down until she was kneeling on the floor between Margie’s feet, her cheek resting on the other girl’s stomach.

“Lie back on the bed and lift your legs baby” Charlene told her.

Margie obeyed and looked down her body; Charlene bent to her open cunt and captured the swollen clitoris between her lips; her wet tongue wiped languorously from the rich nest of red hair to the puckered anus and back again. Margie closed her eyes in ecstasy as Charlene’s tongue ran in and out of her pussy while with a wet finger tickled her asshole. Charlene sucked and licked her ass and pussy as if she hadn’t done it for a long time.

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