lesbian incest

Its nice to get away, isn’t it? My daughter and I had decided we needed a break and went to a very nice little Holiday Camp in early February which, in New Zealand, is the hottest time of the year. Its also the time all the kids are heading back to school so the camp was practically deserted- apart from a few late arrivals like us- and the residents who stayed all year round and had lovely caravans in their part of the camp. It was also an age, for Louise, at eighteen where its not particularly cool to be seen with a parent (Bob had lit out when she was twelve)so I was mad keen to at least go camping once with her before it was beneath her dignity to be seen in public with me.

The camp was run by Grant and Sharon, a really nice, down to earth Kiwi couple in their sixties- it was their retirement investment and they kept it immaculate. Grant showed us over to our tent site and helped Louise and me (Shona) put our tent up. Once we were all organized he let us give him a grateful kiss ( on the cheek unfortunately) then he was off to sort out what ever else needed doing. Yes, a useful man, sod all of them left I have to say.

Now the camp was on one side of a belt of trees with the beach on the other. It was hot and I was hot. I was also tired and sticky and the one thing I had been holding out for was a swim.

“Come on ; lets have a swim Hon,” I urged and she was straightaway looking for her swim suit.

“Go nude,” I told her “, go on I dare you. We can wrap a towel round to go over to the trees and then go bare; its a clothing optional beach this one.”

“You old slut!” but she was grinning “,OK, last one nude is a prude!”

That was so awful it stopped me dead and she had stripped off, grabbed a towel which she held in one hand and was running towards the beach before I even had my dress off. Once I was nude I grabbed a towel and did my best mature woman sprint with my towel also held well out of the way of obscuring any part of my body from anyone who might want to view it.

When I got there, doubled over and panting like I had just cracked the two hour barrier for the Marathon, she was chatting to a middle aged couple who- like my daughter- wore just a smile. The wife was nice, shortish with matronly hips and a tummy but shaved like us with flat pierced droopy breasts and an all over tan while he had the tan but was tall with a slim body and a gorgeous shaved cock that must have been seven inches just hangin’ there- cut too.

I though of fondling it then going down on him and sucking it till it got hard and he wanted to ram it up my eager hole – front or back, I didn’t mind.

“Mother!” Louise exclaimed.

“Oh shit!” I thought, my hand had strayed to my pussy.

“Oh, now now Louise,” the wife said putting her hand on my daughter’s arm,” if I had a dollar for every pussy this darn cock of Eric’s has got wet I’d be a rich woman. You can touch it if you like, I don’t mind.”

I was quicker this time and crouched down cupping his balls in one hand and his cock in the other. Glancing up I saw he had that contented look guys have when they’re about to get a blowy. I couldn’t help it and his cock disappeared into my mouth. There’s just something about a cock growing in a girl’s mouth and I sucked as I moved my lips up and down over his shaft. As I was sucking Eric’s cock I felt a wet tickling at my asshole so I moved my feet further apart- just being neighborly, as you do.

It was Milly (the wife) who was lying on the sand with her face under my girly bits trying to ram her tongue was up my asshole as she used her fingers to try and pull me open a bit more. She got it in and used her fingers on my pussy. I was nearly there.

‘Cum on my face babe” she urged replacing that wonderful tongue with a finger moving her mouth up to my pussy. Well with his cock in my mouth, her finger up my asshole and her tongue in my pussy I just exploded and drenched her face with my squirting. With that he came in my mouth and I held all his sweet salty cum in there as I sucked the tip clean. We all picked ourselves up, Louise had been lying with her mouth over Milly’s pussy and she was licking her lips as well.

It was certainly time for a swim but before we did they both crouched in front of me with mouths open, waiting expectantly. I obliged; dribbling Eric’s cum onto both tongues and keeping a little back for me to enjoy as well. We all went for dip and, feeling refreshed, went back up to sit together on the grass above the sand. It turned out they were permanent residents and, of course, Milly invited us over for dinner. I agreed immediately on the condition she let us bring something.

We went back in pairs, all of us naked, Milly and I leading with my daughter and Eric making odd sounds behind us. Grant waved, he was fixing the guttering on the ladies toilet block and he had stripped off now too. He finished whatever carpentry he had been doing and stood up to have a stretch as he and Eric discussed how warm the water was and when they’d go fishing later on. I can report he was shaved, slightly shorter in length than Eric but thicker and judging by the fullness of his cock he was thinking of more than the sea temperature. And so he jolly we should too. I couldn’t help thinking that it was so nice to have them on display like that to be able to compare I thought.

I was stopped by Milly,

‘Swap you,” she said to Louise putting her hand out for Eric’s. Louise and I stood puzzled then Milly whispered,

“Mother and daughter.”

It clicked and we held hands, Louise and I, as we wandered past the couple who had just arrived- he looked pleased; she didn’t- back to our tent to get our toiletries bags. Eric and Milly went on to their caravan at the back of the camp.

On our return as we approached their tent I noticed he had stripped off but she was wearing a swimsuit; a bra and shorts combination. I was a bit pissed with the look she had given us before so I thought I’d go over and say hello. My nipples got a quick pinch and seeing me Louise did hers too. I winked at her then pulled my lips apart which had her pull a face but she did hers too and we approached the tent.

They were still getting set up and he came out first to get something from the trunk. We were in the way and he almost bumped into us.

“Oh sorry,” he gasped managing to stop from running into us and taking us both in at the same time. He liked what he saw, that was obvious.

“Oh Hi, I’m Shona and this is my daughter Louise,” I said pleasantly, indicating the other nude female in front of him then putting my hand forward for him to take. He shook it and looked me straight in the nipples. Well fairs fair I was ogling his cock and Louise had moved round to check out his butt.

“Hi I’m Chris. we’re up from Wellington- my wife Cindy is in the tent – we’re just getting sorted, takes longer than you think, doesn’t it?” he asked my nipples, both of whom were experts on the subject. We made eye contact and I could tell he was ready. I licked my lips for him as I had his now swelling shaft in the cross hairs. There was movement behind him and he saw I was watching behind him. He averted disaster by turning round- giving me a good look at his very cute butt.

“Cindy honey,” he called “,come and meet our new neighbors.”

This was going to be fun. He had turned back towards the tent as she came out giving her an eyeful of hardening penis- and he hadn’t hardened up when he was just with her. I smiled moving towards her with my arms out for a girly hug. She looked like someone had given her a grass grub to eat. She had no choice though, not unless she wanted to appear even less pleasant than she had been already so she came forward too and hugged me- a very guarded reluctant hug. What she had in mind was just a quick squeeze then pull back but I wrapped my naked arms around her and pulled her in tight. She tried to pull away but I wouldn’t let her. She tried again and I held her tighter. She tried to wriggle free and I made it look as though we were having a moment of passion.

“Oh my God Cindy!” Chris exclaimed,” you look so hot. Oh strip off babe I’m getting hard just watching you and Shona.”

She relaxed into me on hearing that and we had a soft tender girly embrace as I ground my tits against hers. I reached behind me for her hand and brought it down to be cupping my left cheek. She squeezed my buttock and I clenched for her. I reached behind again and repositioned her hand so her fingers were in my butt crack- they strayed south.

She was into it now and her breathing had become labored. I leaned forward and licked her ear. She had turned her head slightly to let me and just stood there nostrils flared as I licked all over her ear then pushed my tongue into her ear hole. Its a weird sensation but incredibly erotic and I felt her tense as I licked her in there then relax as her hands came up for my face- she wanted a kiss. As our tongues explored I undid her bra catch then brought my fingers up to slip the bra off her shoulders. She brought her arms down to let it slip off and now it was my bare tits against hers.

Her bikini shorts had just an elastic waist band and someone else was pulling them down from the back- Chris.

I hadn’t seen him for a while but he was rock hard- Louise had been helping- and he was moving round behind Cindy. She was soaking wet by now of course and he pressed up behind her to position his cock at her entrance.I felt his fingers down there as he guided himself in- and had a feel of mine at the same time. I held her tight up top but she moved her ass back a ways to give him a better target and he rammed it in there. His thrusts were so powerful he was lifting her nearly off her feet and after half a dozen I knew I was the extra and it was time to leave. I let her go and backed away wanting to carry on to the showers but she put her hand up- meaning, wait for me.

Chris was into it, out there in the fresh air with a small crowd gathering round, some nude some clothed, and once it was just them two he pushed on her back to bend her over. She obliged bending right over while supporting herself with her hands on her knees. That wasn’t what he wanted and he put his arms up under hers then crossed his hands on the back of her neck.

She had big dangling tits and this was their time. I sat pulling Louise down to sit beside me. Cindy’s tits were spectacular from where I was sitting; they hung down a good six inches and as Chris thrust into her they jiggled then swayed forward, back then got hit with another jolt and jiggled again. Some of the others joined us watching her tits bouncing back and forward- big grins on their faces. Well he kept it up much longer than I thought but eventually he gave one last hard “I want to make a baby” thrust and pressed against her as he came in deep.

He pulled out and she spun round to take his now limp dick in her mouth and lick him clean. Didn’t see him offer the same service- well there’s always a first time. She did the dirty on him though, stood up with his juices on her lips and tongue and putting her arms round his neck pushed her mouth against his.

Oh, alright, I was wrong. He kissed her real hard back too and we all broke into applause. They were grinning when they broke the kiss and looked around. Three of the guys had been watching now wanted him to come down to the rocks for some fishing while Cindy put her hand up for us to wait then dashed into her tent for her toiletries bag and hurried over to join us. We split and let her in the middle as we wandered the fifty yards or so to the showers.

We did the proper introduction and I asked why she had looked so pissed when she saw us? Turns out she hated having her body seen and seeing such a hot mother and daughter- just repeat that if I may, “seeing such a hot mother and daughter”- she felt really awkward. And how did she feel when she saw Chris’s dick?

She gave me a “how the fuck did you think I felt when I saw Chris’s dick” look and I knew I’d gone too far because the only answer was that he was getting hard just through being with us a matter of seconds but she hadn’t aroused him at all and no girl wants to stare down the barrel of that, let me tell ya.

‘You’ve got such a sexy ass,” Louise chimed in, saving my bacon.

She looked round,” do you think so?”

“Oh yeah, ” I added,” real womanly.”

‘Oh, well gee thanks, I thought maybe it was too big?”

I nearly told her there’s no such thing as too big but managed to catch that one before it got out changing it to, “I can’t imagine any man not wanting to ram his cock between those cheeks Cindy” and that was good enough; she walked with a lot more sway after that. We had our showers and did our make up then went back to our tents to drop off our things.

This wandering around naked was really enjoyable but it was time to socialize, we had two bottles of wine in our chiller box and a few pretzels and nuts so we got what we had together and headed over to Milly and Eric’s caravan. We were going to go back to the beach but she asked us to stay and help set up. She had a proper fridge and I put the wine in there, got a few Tupperware bowls down to put the nibbles in and everything else looked under control so that was it wasn’t it?

No, she needed her chains in. In where I wondered then I realized as she brought out these beautiful fine silver chains she meant they went from ring to ring- as well as the titty and navel rings she had a clitty one too- hadn’t seen it.My eyes were pretty well shot for the close work without my glasses but my eighteen year old’s were good and she attached the chains as per Milly’s instructions. When she had finished I thought Milly looked pretty damned spectacular but she wasn’t finished and put on a leather collar with silver trim round the edges.

“There’s more to do, isn’t there?” I asked.

“Yes. We need to get the equipment out. Damn that Eric he was supposed to help and he’s blimin’ well gone fishing,” but she said it wistfully and I knew she didn’t really mind.

It was hard work though. There was a raised area which was in pieces and had to be assembled with some strategic screws holding the thing together so that took ages then there were posts to go in holes and we had to get the right ones in each but she knew what she was doing so between us Louise and I got everything ready and we went back to sit in the awning with Milly.

They were well set up there and Louise and my drinks were on the coffee table – yes in an awning- along with a few things to nibble on- not the ones we had brought. We sat Louise between us so she could feel a bit special. You might have noticed she was on the side a lot, hadn’t cum yet while I had so I was feeling a mother’s guilt over that as you do.

We didn’t ( that’s Milly and I) say much and Louise was a bit overawed by her elders so she was quiet too. Instead we sipped our wines encouraging Louise to get stuck into hers. She did and was soon tipsy- she was so cute pissed she really was. We could see she was getting drowsy so we helped her up into Milly’s caravan and guided her to Milly and Eric’s bed. I borrowed a towel to slip under her pretty head just in case and we left her sleeping.

“What the fuck is going down here tonight Milly? You’re dressing up as a sub, there are devices out there to hold people, there’s a stage. Tell me; I’m so horny I might just burst.”

She smiled,

“Yeah. I am so looking forward to it. I’m a sub, are you? I had you and Louise picked for subs- been spanked?”

My pussy’s condition changed from Officially Moist to Officially Very Wet as I leaned in to hear more.

‘We have to do a group belly dance and the winner gets the next punishment- we just keep on dancing till all of us have been punished.”

She saw me looking at her asking the unspoken question,” then we get gang banged.”

I had a faraway look on my face and she knew I was in. I wasn’t sure about Louise though; this was pretty heavy stuff and might have been just a bit too much. She might like to watch perhaps and I thought of her watching me squeal as I was tortured or scream as I was flogged or caned or something and I asked for a towel to sit on.

“Don’t be silly” she told me then got me to slide down and pull my legs up so she could do her best to suck me dry. I came again spurting but thankfully the perfect seal Tupperware lids kept their contents dry and she was able to wipe the coffee table and awning floor clean with a damp rag. I got her to slide forward once I was sorted and I sucked and toyed with her pussy. She was as much a slut as me and came very quickly. It was a real orgasm too with the cream oozing out of her beautiful wide open vagina for me to lap up and savor before swallowing.

Eric and the boys came in at that tender moment; each of them acknowledging the poignancy by putting a hand on their cock and stroking respectfully. I knew Eric’s cock, oops I mean Eric, but the two others I hadn’t met. Still on my knees I turned to them as Eric introduced Nigel and Patrick. I felt Milly’s leg push against me and, still on my knees , I moved to the left- in front of Patrick while Milly slid to her knees in front of Nigel and without saying a word guided his his half erect cock into her mouth. I did the same for Patrick’s and I could taste the sea on it. He was a lot younger than Eric , his son actually by a previous marriage but with so little resemblance I doubted Eric was really the father, not that I was going to say anything. He was adopted, I found out later without being a nuisance, no really.

Nigel though was the spitting image of his dad and his mother was sucking on his cock like some gay guy trying to suck the poison out of the rattlesnake bite on his partner’s butt. Both Nigel and Patrick came for us and I had another cum taste to add to my memory banks- one of the nicer ones too. They were nice young men too, after we had serviced them they kissed us and said thank you then got on with filleting the fish they and Chris had caught while Eric fired up the bar b que and suddenly the place was alive with action.

It takes a while for a bar b q to heat up and that meant Eric had time on his hands. He went in and saw Louise on the bed. She was on her back, legs splayed wide apart and everything on display. A lesser man would have taken his chance; Eric didn’t. I was watching him. He turned back to me put his arm round my waist and we left Louise in peace.

‘She’s beautiful,” he told me when we were outside,” you must be very proud.”

I went all motherly and nodded as he held me.

“Milly’s told me sort of what goes on and I’m keen but I’m not sure about Louise.”

“I am,” he told me with a smile,” she’ll kill you if she misses out.”

So that was that; Mother and daughter subs, may the best one be punished first.

It took an hour or so before the food was ready and there was quite a crowd waiting. All of us were basically naked while some had BDSM costumes- especially the ladies. I didn’t, not having thought to pack my slave’s collar- sorry just being sarcastic- no I didn’t have one. However all was well as the last man to join brought collars for Louise and me which had just been made by our Camp Mother Sharon. he put mine on me doing it up tight then went looking for Louise. He woke her as he secured the collar round her neck.

I thought my poor baby would be terrified but she just pushed her chin up to make fitting it easier; truly her mother’s daughter I thought proudly. We all sat cross legged on the grass and ate off our laps; there was plenty and I was full as can be by the time I’d finished. The women folk got to take the dishes over to the camp kitchen to wash up which I thought was unfashionably sexist but as I found later it was only to get us out of the way while they got things ready back over there.

We got a lesson in belly dancing and as we were taking on board the delicate subtleties of this time honored middle eastern dance (namely how best to push ‘em out and shake) Cindy came over ( yes with a collar- just made) and “had a go”. I thought she might strain something the way she had the girls flying back and forward. Maybe it was my words of encouragement (I’d like to think so) but she was on fire. She walked with that sway like she was drumming up numbers for a Guinness Book of Records Gang Bang attempt and she’d shaved so she was flashing that every opportunity to say nothing of dropping everything she held so she could bend over and flash her ass hole for the world.

May called Agnes first thing in the morning. I’m not even certain she had one cup of coffee before getting on the phone.

I know I hadn’t when she came bouncing on the bed; announcing Agnes and Jonathan would be here in three days. Dawn and Marie sleepily stood in the doorway. “Shouldn’t you guys put some clothes on?” I asked them.

“Why? You two aren’t wearing anything either.”

“We have a good excuse – we’ve been busy.”

“Why, that’s what I was going to say.”

“Well in that case, why don’t you two join us, we’ll all warm up.”

A king size bed is plenty roomy, but three squirming women can take up a lot of space. Those three couldn’t just lie there quietly, oh no, they had hands touching and rubbing, giggling and whispering. I’m not complaining mind you; they had me in the middle of the pile, and the hands were everywhere. Of course my hands were busy too. I was feeling tits and asses, and of course fingers found juicy pussies. Sometimes there were other fingers in there. We didn’t mind sharing, it was all good fun. You might ask how we suddenly got this relaxed. I know I would. It was spontaneous; Dawn was busy lapping away in May’s pussy, and Marie simply joined in. Between the two of them she was virtually climbing the headboard, then sliding back for more. While Dawn kept licking, Marie kissed her way up until she was lip to lip with her mother. “Good morning, isn’t this a great way to wake up?”


A few days later Agnes and Jonathan arrived. She looked much more relaxed since Yakima. He was moving much more freely. He still had mobility problems; his right arm clasped to his side, and stiffness in his walk, but much of the facial paralysis had passed. When he spoke, there was some difficulty, but he fought his way through it.

“Agnes, Jonathan, welcome to my home. Marie will show you to your room, then we can gather in the den. Um, Jonathan, can you handle stairs?” He just nodded as they walked away.

It was going to take a while for him to warm up to me.


Over coffee we caught up on events since Thanksgiving; Jonathan had been released from the hospital the following Monday, and therapy was arranged in Toppenish. He was working at recovery an hour a day, going home and continuing for the rest of the day. Prognosis was good, but recovery would take time. Agnes was on extended leave from her position as office manager of a heating company. Fortunately she had plenty of vacation time saved, but that would run out eventually.

Jonathan’s position with the farm equipment company was being held, but he probably wouldn’t be able to go back to equipment repair. His boss had felt out Jonathan about an office slot, possibly field supervisor. He thought that was for the best too.

“How long can you stay?” I asked them. “You’re welcome here as long, or as often as you want.”

“Thank you,” he responded. “After the way I treated you at the hospital, I didn’t expect this kindness.”

“Nonsense Jonathan, we all say things we regret later. You’re Marie’s father; at the very least I owe you another chance. Besides, I hear it’s really cold over there right now. Here it’s just wet.”

“Thank you. But why don’t you call me John. Jonathan seems very formal in this circumstance.”

“Great! Listen; let’s just relax the rest of the day, tomorrow we’ll take you on a tour of the area. Agnes, do you want to do some shopping? There are a lot of great shops this side of the bridge.”

“You don’t cross the bridge?”

“The Narrows Bridge can get swamped in traffic at certain times of the day; it used to take an hour or more to get across. And heaven help you if there was an accident. Fortunately adding the new one has taken a lot of the strain off the commutes. That has made a world of difference. But, if you want to, we can go to Tacoma, or Seattle if you want.”

“Well … we’ll see.”


The next day, a Thursday, we toured through Gig harbor. We dropped the women off down town, promising to be back in two hours. John and I cruised town for a bit, just making small talk; feeling each other out. Shortly we were at the Marina where I keep The Dancer. The tide was about half out, meaning a somewhat difficult slope on the ramp. I gave him the option of coming back another day; “No, no. I want to see your boat, just help me a bit. Challenges are good for me.”

I stayed in front, letting him set the pace. He was sweating at the bottom, but the smile said a lot. At the boat, he was silent quite a while, looking her over. After eyeing the path he’d have to navigate from boarding the near float, then crossing the aft arm to get to the cockpit, he sighed; “Ron, she’s a beauty, but that’s more than I can handle right now. I’d really like to see the whole boat, maybe this summer?”

“Any time. It will be warmer, and a sail then will be much more fun.”

“Will I be able to sail on her?”

“Oh sure. There was a sailor, back in the seventies or eighties that sailed on a Tri with one leg. Now granted, he was an experienced sailor, but in here, on the Sound, no problems.”

“Not to get too personal … How can you afford this? For that matter what do you do? You seemed to be able to drop everything when Marie called.”

“Actually, we didn’t drop anything. We brought our work with us. Dawn is a manager for an on-line business. She frees up the owner so he can focus on the part he enjoys; interaction with his customers. She covers the nuts and bolts, employee payroll, equipment and utilities.”

“And you?”

“I’m a money manager. I direct business investments for ten to twelve individuals. They’re busy with their own corporations, but want to give back in a way by investing in startup companies. I handle that side of things.”

“How did you meet Marie?”

I laid out our story from beginning to end. Finally he shook his head; “That’s almost spooky. Basically you met your Marie the same way we met ours. What are the odds of something like that?”

“I’ve been thinking on that … since I heard about you guys. Do you believe in karma? There are too many similarities in both situations. It has to be more than coincidence.”


We met the women and took them to lunch. Everyone was in a good mood. They all agreed they could have gotten better prices at a mall, but all their purchases were more unique.

“Just wait until we go to Jannelle’s,” announced Marie; “Then we’ll see some unique outfits.”

“No,” laughed Dawn, “the men will see unique outfits.”

John looked over at me; “Just how unique are we talking about?”

“Let’s just say if you were wearing one … you wouldn’t be wearing much. Anywhere.”

That had Dawn and Marie collapsing in each other’s arms in laughter, and May and Agnes looking a bit perplexed.

“Um girls, can we go to the ladies room?”


Ten minutes later they were back. May went straight to John, took his face in her hands, leaned forward, and in a low but clear voice announced; “You Sir, are going to have a whole new experience. I sure hope you brought your heart medicine.”

Looking puzzled, he responded; “But I don’t need heart medicine…?”

“Tomorrow we’re going to Jannelle’s. Tomorrow night … well, we’ll see how good your heart is.”

And with that, all four were laughing.


John and I kicked back while the women disappeared to Jannelle’s.

The thing about ‘Jannelle’s Intimate Apparel’ was the singularity of her clothing lines. Oh sure she had ten of this or that, but she also had outfits that were truly one-of-a-kind. These were some of the sexiest, skimpiest, alluring pieces of almost nothing. All designed by her.

John tried pumping me about everything, all I would tell him; “I know nothing, nothing.”

“You’re lying to me, I can smell it. What’s going on?”

“John, there is no way I’m going to spoil their surprise. Be patient, it will be beyond anything you can imagine.


Dinner was a prolonged production: every course brought out slowly with long pauses in between. Obviously the women were tantalizing us. There was lots of laughing and teasing by everyone, but John was definitely looking a bit lost. After dessert the women disappeared up stairs, but only after instructing us to change into robes and then have a drink in the den.


Dawn, wearing a small leather thong, and the smallest bit of a bra, swayed into the room. Looking at both of us, she did a slow turn; allowing us to admire the rise of her ass and the shape of her legs. Without a word she moved to John, slipping into his lap and then squirming a bit. Wrapping arms about his neck she said; “Do you like me? Jannelle made this just for me.”

“Uh … yes, it’s great, but should you be sitting here?”

“Oh, yes. Things are going to be changed up a little tonight. You’ll like it. I’m staying with you for the evening.”

Marie came in next, doing a slow turn so we could admire her pale green, translucent robe; her body for us to see. John’s gasp at her entrance brought a smile to her lips. She moved to my lap; the robe falling open, leaving both nipples bare. She had just settled into my lap when May and Agnes made their appearance; May in a translucent robe very much like her daughter’s but lavender in hue. But Agnes had my attention; a smoky grey body stocking, cut very high over her hips and covering only half of each butt cheek. The whole thing highlighted her slim figure, and her dark nipples strained against the thin material over her breasts.

May went to John, Agnes came to me. He didn’t know where to look first; his eyes darted to all the women, but lingered on Marie.

Immediately Agnes claimed my attention, pulling my lips to hers. She wasted no time; her tongue dove into me, dueling with mine even as her lips crushed against me. Very quickly my hands began an exploration; I had admired her figure, now I would do an up-close-and-personal.

Starting with her back and working down; no fat but all muscle. Her butt was the firmest I’d ever felt and still had a feminine sense to it. My hands swept up her sides, ending on breasts that were a small handful. But oh so sensitive; just my palms brushing over her nipples had them popping a good quarter inch out and hard as erasers. “Mmm, that’s what I want. Do you mind if I try fucking your brains out tonight? May says it’s well worth the try.”

“Have you guys been comparing notes?”

“Of course. Oh, and from now on … call me Aggie. I think Agnes will be too formal from now on.”

“What about John? Isn’t he going to object? I don’t think he knew this was coming.”

“Dawn will take care of any concerns he may have. Now enough talking, I haven’t cum from a cock in a long time.”

“Come to the couch and we’ll get that taken care of.”

We moved to the couch, Marie with us. While Aggie and I had been talking, she had been busy; running hands over both of us, laying kisses over Aggie’s neck and ears, running her hands up and over tits when she could. By the time we hit the couch, my robe had disappeared, Marie’s was floating to the floor, and Aggie’s top was pulled down to her waist. My lips instantly went to her small and firm tits. I could take one completely into my mouth; sucking it strongly and then strumming the tip with my tongue. In the corner of my eye I could see Marie duplicating me. Aggie was holding us to her, not wanting us to stop, urging us on, asking for more, moaning and groaning her excitement.

I left Marie suckling her step-mother’s breasts as I nibbled my way south, pulling her lingerie off as I went. At her pussy I found sparse hair growth and a very large clitoral hood. Her lips were already opening and moisture was forming at the edges. A quick swipe with my tongue, and they sprung wide, asking for more. Her taste was neutral to very slightly sweet, but I wanted more. Pushing my tongue deeper into her, I drew it up, contacting her clit. She lifted her hips; pushing into my mouth. I closed over her clit, sucking hard, drawing it out. Her clit broke free from its hood, a good inch in the clear. Accepting the challenge I sucked, licked and pulled on it, bringing Aggie to her first orgasm of the night. I kept contact, just licking softly as she came down. Finally I lifted my face, only to have Marie right there, licking juices from my face.

Looking in John’s direction; Dawn was just lifting her mouth from his cock. She had it hard and red, her saliva gleaming in the lamp light. Smiling at me, she positioned over his cock, and as May held it upright, she slid down; enveloping him completely. They both let out breaths, holding still for several minutes.

Aggie lifted her head; watching her husband take a new pussy for the first time in decades. “That’s what I wanted to see. From here on … everything is fair. Now that first one was good, but I want cock. And Marie honey, I like pussy, so when he’s done, you and I are going to get a whole lot more familiar.”

Now I’m always willing to make a woman happy; and when happy means ‘fuck me’, I’m doubly willing.

She pulled me up, even as her legs fell open. Marie guided my cock into the hot hole awaiting it. I slid in. All the way in. Then she clamped down. At first I felt unable to move, but she eased off just a little and I drew back until just my head was in her. I paused, then drove in. hard, driving the air from her. I was possessed. I wanted to fuck her. I had to fuck her. Back and forth my hips went, her legs wide open, feet drawn up to her thighs. I could feel nails digging into my shoulders, and she was mumbling encouraging words, urging me on. Marie was busy running fingers over Aggies exposed clit, stroking my cock, then bending down and sucking a tit. She surprised me when she attacked my left nipple; sucking it strongly, but the effect was to urge me on. Digging toes into carpet and couch I fucked into that hot hole as hard, and as fast, as I could. I left nothing in reserve. She wanted to be fucked, and fuck her I did.

She came, God! Did she ever come! At first it was a quiet contraction; her legs clasping my side. Then she began yelling her oncoming orgasm, finally she was calling John’s name; declaring her love, thanking him for this, and then going slack under me.

Somewhere in all that, I came. But really, I hardly noticed; Aggie was the center of attention. John and Dawn had been watching us, but as Aggie slumped back Dawn began riding John. She was sitting on his lap; her thighs outside his. I could watch as she lifted and fell on his cock. Her arms were draped over his shoulders, and I could see her whispering into his ear. His hands (yes the right one also) were on her hips guiding her. His eyes were closed, a look of concentration on him, licking his lips. Suddenly his eyes popped open, his hands clenched her hips, and he lifted his hips; pushing up into her. She began quivering, even as she fell into her characteristic orgasmic yips. When they did stop, both were wet with sweat, and they were leaning into each other.

May and Marie stepped out for a moment, and then returned with warm wash cloths. May came to us; Marie went to Dawn and her father. As Dawn lifted, she delicately washed Dawn’s pussy and then bent forward, sucking and cleaning her father’s shrinking cock. She followed with a gentle wipe with the cloth.


May led John to bed. I suspect he’d just had his best workout in weeks. I served a light wine to the other ladies, as they talked among themselves. I was sure the rest of the night was being decided, and I was just a play thing for them. Not that I was complaining; they could play with me all they wanted. I was only mildly surprised when Marie rose, and in all her naked glory sashayed up the stairs. Aggie, Dawn and I followed. I let them lead just so I could admire their shapely asses. A quick look, and I saw mother and daughter taking John to heaven.

We put Aggie between us and Dawn and I kissed her until she was a cooing, writhing mess. She rolled to Dawn; her hands seeking breasts, her lips wanting more taste. As they kissed I spooned in behind Aggie. She lifted her leg, wanting my cock again. This time we went slow and gentle; I stroked into her as she and Dawn smoothed each other. Eventually Dawn turned around and swiped her tongue over the upper side of my cock and up to Aggie’s clit. That made her jump! After that she couldn’t decide which way to go; forward to Dawn’s tongue or back onto my cock.


In the morning we gradually gathered in the kitchen. Dawn, Aggie and I prepared breakfast. Eventually Marie joined us. The smile on her face told us everything. John came down a little later looking a bit sleepy, May was a little behind him, obviously having taken time for a shower.

“What’s the matter John?” I asked

He mumbled a reply, blushing a bit.

“He meant to say he showed me all his love last night.” Said Marie. “Then he turned around and did the same for May.”

“I’m a little tired right now. I’m an old man … they just about wore me out.”

“C’mon Dad, tell the truth, you spent half the night keeping US awake.”

While I served our late arrivals the women had their fun with John. He kept blushing and trying to defend himself, but there was a small smile playing around the corners of his mouth. They’d tease him about his age, his being a cripple, out of practice, left handed; just about anything. All the while they rubbed against him, rubbed him, one or two even reached into his robe to fondle him.

Eventually we all broke to dress as we planned a day driving over to Hood Canal and visits to a few oyster farms.


That night we relaxed in the den. The women draped themselves on John and I, spending lots of time getting us turned on. But they didn’t stay with just one of us; rather moving around the room. At any time I had May and Marie or Dawn and Aggie. Then they would shift and Dawn might take May’s place, or Aggie and May would be working me over. I put one of my favorite movies, Summer Lovers, in the DVD and we sat back, enjoying Darryl Hannah in the nude.


Too soon John and Aggie announced they had to get back, and were leaving the next day. May decided she would return with them; moving back in and sharing their bed.

John had a huge smile; “I’m ordering in a king sized bed. There won’t be any separate bedrooms. I want to be with both of them. Our time here has taught me a lot.”

Dawn grabbed his hand, dragging him up stairs. That seemed to be the signal to pair off, as Marie and Aggie next left, leaving May with me. “Let’s go to bed, I won’t feel like moving later.”

She led me upstairs, swaying a beautiful ass just ahead of my nose. Playfully I gently bit the target. Getting a laughing shriek in return. We wasted no time shedding cloths and tumbling to the bed, where she attacked my nipples; sucking and biting just like I had done hers on other nights. All the time she was laughing and growling. “How do you like it? Doesn’t that feel great when it’s your tits?”

Now, my tits are sensitive anyway, but she took them (and me) to a different level. And she was just starting; she worked down to my cock sucking just the tip for a moment and then swiped down one side, around and under my balls, and then back to the tip where she took me to the root in one move.

Groaning, I had her to turn around. Pulling her legs over my face I drove my tongue into her puss; I was looking for juices, and I was getting them. She pressed down against my face; I pulled her ass cheeks down. She sucked on my cock, I went after her clit. It didn’t take long, I was spewing juice deep into her throat and she was drowning me with her pussy.

As we came down from our mutually induced highs we could hear the distinct yipping of Dawn in full orgasmic song. Aggie and Marie padded past the door, going to watch the action. May and I just cuddled, she giggling at the noises coming down the hall. “I don’t think John is going to do much driving tomorrow.”

Angela waited on her knees. When she had arrived she gone straight to Mistress’s bedroom to prepare herself and, by now, she was more than trained enough to know what that meant. Firstly she had stripped naked, leaving her clothes neatly folded on a chair. Then she had fitted for herself the ankle cuffs with their short connecting chain and the wrist cuffs which, once clipped together, held her arms behind her back. Now she knelt in the proscribed position, facing the door with her knees wide apart and her head held high, waiting for her Mistress.

It was nearly a year since she had first met Mistress, a year of being gently guided, moulded, until it was quite normal for her to be waiting like this. When she had first moved into the neighbourhood, devastated by her divorce and struggling with the emotional fall out of caring for Jackie, her eighteen year old daughter, Mistress, or simply Caroline as she had been know then, had been all kindness, a rock, a real support in a very trying time. More and more she had come to depend on her and, when, during a rather drunken ‘I hate men’ session, Caroline had given her a cuddle it had turned into something else and months, no years, of suppressed sexual tension had all come out at once.

Although Angela was, at first, rather ashamed of, as she put it, acting like some sort of bitch in heat, Caroline reassured her that it was fine, there was nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be scared of and how could something that felt so good be so bad? Reluctantly at first Angela agreed that it had felt good and, far more than the physical pleasure, after having been so lonely, so insecure, so emotionally battered by the divorce and all that surrounded it she was deeply grateful to relax in the security of someone else’s arms, to be taken, held, cuddled and cared for and, for the first time in ages, Angela was finding real peace as she lay in Caroline’s bed. There she could forget all the cares, all the responsibilities and be a little girl again, safe in her mothers, no, her lovers, arms.

And then, in the passion of a particularly heated session Caroline had held her down and smacked her, not hard, well, not by today’s standards, and Angela had been amazed at her own reaction. Caroline had touched a nerve within her, a nerve she didn’t know she had and far from flinching from the pain she wanted, no needed more. The little girl inside her was a naughty little girl and needed a mother’s chastisement to make everything right. Caroline had suggested that they should try some ‘role play games’ and, for the very first time, Angela had called her ‘Mistress’.

At first there had been little flickers of resistance but Caroline was so gently insistent that spankings soon became a regular part of their sessions together; indeed, more and more they became the entirety of their sessions together. The niggles inside Angela were put aside as, increasingly, she craved the inner peace that came as, shrugging the burdens of life aside, she entered the simple world of servitude where her only task was to obey.

Caroline, or rather Mistress, slowly upped the ante and started insisting that Angela refer to herself as ‘slut-slave’ and that, as part of their sessions, she had to confess her ‘sins’, imagined or real, and always in the foulest possible language. Angela was not used to swearing and using the ‘c’ word was hard for her but, somehow, there was something deeply cathartic about being forced to do this and when ‘slut-slave’ described her ‘juicy aching cunt’ she wasn’t lying, however much she had to force the words out.

And then, came the day, the day she had first been collared. As ever she had been naked and on her knees when Mistress had fitted round her neck the heavy leather collar and told her that she had graduated, she had made the grade, from then on, she was no longer free, she was Mistress’s sole possession, her true slave, her property and that, in future, slut-slave’s will would be completely subjugated to her Mistress. They had gone back to Angela’s house and Mistress had ransacked Angela’s wardrobe removing anything she deemed ‘unsuitable’. Angela had watched, horrified, as all her underwear and a good proportion of her clothing was bundled into black bin bags and taken to the local tip. Part of her still wanted to say ‘no’, to protest but she was scared, scared that should she fail Mistress she would be rejected as unworthy and that she could not bear.

But it wasn’t just fear of rejection which kept her coming back for more. There was a part of her, deep, deep inside, which only Mistress seemed to see. As she debased herself, as she grovelled before her Mistress, as the paddle, or the riding crop struck her buttocks or her breasts, through all these things which should have repelled her she couldn’t help herself from wanting more. Despite the pain, despite the humiliations, there were buttons inside her that only Mistress knew how to push and, when a session was over, as she took herself home, bruised, battered and exhausted she was also sated in way she’d never known existed.


And now, today, Mistress had sent a text demanding that she be there ready and waiting. She’d let herself in and, as so many times before, prepared herself, readied herself to be used in whatever way Mistress asked. At last the door opened, Mistress approached, the wait was over.

“There you are slut-slave, back for more, I see.” Mistress said with a light laugh.

“Of course, Mistress, this slut-slave is yours, this slut-slave lives only to serve you.” Angela replied.

“How sweet. Now I have a special treat for you today, but only if you’re truly obedient, only if you do exactly what I say. Is that understood?”

“slut-slave understands, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.” Angela replied.

“Now let’s finish getting you dressed.” Mistress went to her bedside table and brought out the collar, returning to stand in front of the kneeling Angela. “What do you say?”

“Please, Mistress, this slut-slave begs to be allowed to wear the collar, this slut-slave begs to be allowed to serve.” The need, the longing in Angela’s voice wasn’t feigned. She didn’t know what she would do if Mistress ever said no.

Mistress leant forward and fastened the heavy collar around Angela’s neck, fastening the twin padlocks that held it tight. At three inches wide the collar meant that Angela had to hold her head up and it reinforced Mistress’s constant demand for a perfect posture.

“Tonight, tonight will be easier if you don’t think too much. I’m going to blindfold you and take you to the playroom. If you just do as you’re told it will be fine.” Mistress went back to her bedside draw and returned with a blindfold and leash. The blindfold was leather with Velcro fastenings and soft padding over the eyes and, once fitted Angela was in complete darkness. Then the leash was attached to the collar and Angela was ordered to stand. With her feet hobbled it was hard keeping up with Mistress as she was led through the house but she had learnt the small precise steps necessary and they were soon at the playroom door.

“Remember, slut-slave, try not to think too much, just do as you’re told.” Mistress said gently before opening the door and leading her through.

Angela was amazed to hear a muffled gasp. There was someone else in the room, someone who was, by the sounds of things, very upset and wearing a gag.

“I’ve brought you to meet dirt-bag, one of my other slaves.” Mistress said. “What? Did you think you were the only one? Now kneel down.”

Angela’s head was reeling. She had never for a moment considered the possibility that Mistress might have other slaves. Was she jealous? Of course she was. Mistress’s instructions not to think ran through her mind. She had to calm down, she had to show she was worthy, she had to show that she could be a better slave, more obedient, more compliant, more willing than this interloper.

“Now then, slut-slave, why don’t you tell dirt-bag just what you are?” Mistress suggested.

“I’m a whore, I’m a slut, I’m a harlot. I am not worthy to lick Mistress’s boots” Angela began. This was a litany she knew by heart. “I’m a bitch in heat, driven by my animal need to satisfy my putrid cunt, my filthy lusts, my sick perverted desires. I am forever grateful to Mistress for showing me what I am and I love my Mistress for allowing me to serve her, allowing me within her gracious presence.”

“Very good, slut-slave. Do you see, dirt-bag, do you see what a foul degenerate this slut-slave is. She’s good for nothing, nothing at all.” Mistress said.

“But you’re just as bad, aren’t you, dirt-bag.” Mistress continued. “Your cunt drips with need as well. You’re just the same, just as horny. Now, slut-slave,” Mistress turned her attention back to Angela. “Why don’t you find out just how much dirt-bag’s cunt is dripping with her foul juices.”

This tirade of invective, this torrent of abuse, worked to fuel the desire between Angela’s thighs and, almost in a dream, she shuffled across the floor guided by Mistress until she felt her face bump against dirt-bag’s body presumably fastened to the St Andrew’s cross that was part of the playroom “furniture”. The strong smell of an aroused woman greeted her and, as Mistress pushed her forward, she knew she was settling between widespread thighs and as her lips touched flesh she realised she had ended up with her face directly over dirt-bag’s shaven pubic mound. For some reason dirt-bag seemed distressed by this and little mews of frustration escaped the gag as she tried to twist her body away but, as Angela knew only too well, once the straps were fastened there was little room for movement on the cross.

“Go on, slut-slave.” Urged Mistress. You know what to do. Let’s see just how much dirt-bag likes having her cunt licked out by a degenerate like you.”

Angela probed with her tongue and searched out the folds of dirt-bag’s sex and, despite the struggling managed to ease them apart. It was quite an effort to stay with dirt-bag as she writhed about but Angela managed and, in the fullness of time, she was rewarded as dirt-bag’s body finally responded. Whatever reason dirt-bag might have for her reticence her body was flesh and blood as Angela’s busy tongue worked it’s magic she could feel dirt-bag’s clitoris swelling beneath it. Angela had been well trained by Mistress and it wasn’t long before she could sense that dirt-bag, however unwillingly, was reaching her first climax.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop until I say so.” Angela heard Mistress order and, keeping a regular flick, flick, flick Angela worked away as time and time again dirt-bag responded until, with a massive shudder, and a cry which even the best of gags couldn’t suppress, dirt-bag came one last time, her body going rigid before collapsing, hanging limply against the bonds that held her.

“There, wasn’t that fun.” Mistress said gaily as she used the leash to pull Angela back and away from dirt-bag. “Now, let’s get this blindfold off you.”

Mistress undid the Velcro fastenings and pulled the blindfold away. Angela blinked in the light and, as sight returned she could see the spread eagled body of dirt-bag before her. A sudden sense of dread gripped her and her stomach gave a lurch; surely this could not be, surely Mistress wouldn’t…

“Look at the pair of you, my pathetic little slaves, so desperate to please their Mistress, they’ll do anything I order, anything at all. Well get used to it.” Mistress’s voice was suddenly harsh, demanding. “You’re mine to do with as I wish, with no limits, no excuses and whether you like it or not is of no consequence whatsoever.”

With Mistress’s laughter ringing in her ears Angela leant back and looked up, up past the stomach, up past the breasts and up, straight up, up into the distraught and tear stained face of her daughter, Jackie.

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