lesbian first time

“What a bitch!”

The insult come from someone waiting behind me, but I decided to ignore it for the moment.

I gave the cashier a dirty look, “Hurry up.”

“Ma’am,” she said, “I truly am sorry, but I just can’t help you. Without a receipt there is no way I can authorise a return. It’s company policy.”

“Listen up little girl, I’ll spell this out for you: I don’t have a receipt. This dress was a gift. I’m not going to say it again.”

“Perhaps you could ask the person who gave you the gift to return it for you?”

“This was from my husband! How do you think he would feel if he found out that I don’t want it! Try using your little head!”

I could tell she was getting upset.

“Please, I truly can’t help you. Can I just call my manager?”

“Don’t you dare, you whore. I want this taken care of right now, no more stalling!”

The cashier gave up. She opened the register and started counted out my money.

“Here you are ma’am,” she said in a small voice, “I’ll just give you the refund now, and I’ll try to take care of the details when my manager gets back from lunch. I’m sorry if I have inconvenienced you.”

“Finally,” I gloated, “You’re just lucky I’m in a good mood today; I could easily have called the head office and had you fired.”

I carelessly tossed the bundle of notes in to my handbag. As I turned to leave a petite goth girl with raven black hair blocked my escape. I recalled the earlier insult but chose not to act on it.

“Excuse me?” I said to her, “You are in my way.”

“You weren’t very nice just then,” she said quietly.

“Being nice won’t get you very far in this world.”

“She could be in serious trouble because of you.”

“As if I give a shit. She’ll be lucky if I don’t arrange trouble myself.”

I smiled at the thought.

“I think that you should try to treat other people with respect,” she said, now with a definite edge to her voice.

“I think that you should take your own advice. Do you know who I am?”

“I’ve seen you shopping here several times, you’re always a bitch. You need to get laid.”

“Very mature. How about you get the hell away from me right now, or else I call the police.”

I pressed on ahead. I could hear her muttering something under her breath as I parted, but I couldn’t understand her. I moved a little quicker and was soon safe outside. A friend and I had arranged to meet at a nearby restaurant and I decided to travel on foot.

After my walk I took a moment to check my make-up. Flawless as expected. I made my way inside without interruption, no one dared to ask if I had had a seat reserved.

We had agreed on a corner table, it was positioned against a large window. I like privacy like everyone else but who can resist showing off their expensive taste?

Mary was already waiting, she sat there observing the street through the glass. I took a seat on the opposite side. Her hair long brunette hair had been recently curled, she was wearing an expensive white dress. The color contrasted against her olive skin impressively.

“What can you see out there?” I asked her, not really interested in the answer.

“There’s some kind of convention going on this week, I had to escape from a swarm of dykes on my way here.”

“How dreadful. I can’t understand those people at all.”

“I can’t argue with that.”

She turned to look at me. As her eyes met mine she suddenly blushed and looked away.

“You… you look nice today,” she said.

“I doubt it. My maid woke me late and I only had an hour to prepare!”

“No, really, you look so much better than usual.”

Now it was my turn to blush, “Er… sure. Are you feeling all right?”

She blushed, “I don’t know, since you arrived I do feel a little flushed.”

She grinned at me and I turned to the window.

The waitress arrived in good time.

“Good afternoon. Can I take your orders?”

“A fruit salad.”

“Well.. I think I’ll have a great big chocolate sundae,” Mary said with a grin.

The waitress looked at me, “Have we met before?” she asked.

“Probably, we come here a lot. Hurry up and get on with your job.”

She looked at me awkwardly for a moment the walked off.I kept my attention on the street outside. There certainly were a lot of freaks stumbling around.

Something brushed against my foot.

“Sorry,” said Mary.

I ignored her. A second later it happened again.

“Seriously now,” I said with a frown, “Try to be a little more careful.”

“I’m so sorry,” she said with a giggle.

Several poorly dressed women had paired off, they were milling around holding hands and exchanging kisses.

“It’s simply awful,” I said discouragingly.

Eventually the waitress returned and placed our meals on the table. I gingerly picked at the salad while Mary greedily devoured her sundae.

“Please, show a little restraint,” I said, barely holding back a laugh.

Mary ignored me and was finished in no time at all. She didn’t seem satisfied by it.

“How about we order some drinks?” she asked.

I nodded absentmindedly and she called the waitress back.

The waitress arrived and handed me a wine list, I casually looked it over. I noticed that Mary had disappeared from sight.

Something brushed against my leg and I reached down. My hand was just below the tablecloth when it was suddenly grabbed. I choked back a yell of surprise.

“Do you require assistance?” asked the waitress politely.

I swallowed hard, “No. I’m fine. Could you make a recommendation?”

“For you? Certainly.”

A second hand ran up under my dress. The waitress was saying something but I was too distracted to hear her.

“How about you decide,” I mumbled.

Below the table a finger hooked around the side of my panties. I pulled away as much as I could manage.

“I’m not really allowed to make suggestions,” said the waitress.

The finger gave a tug and the flimsy underwear were torn off! My hand was instantly released, the assailant quickly forced my legs apart.

I held my breath.

“Seriously, are you feeling well? That dress looks awfully tight.”

“I… I’m fine,” I stuttered.

A tongue ran up my thigh. I pulled down on the hemline of my dress.

Beneath me came a familiar giggle. I carefully lifted the tablecloth and was shocked to see Mary between my legs, pawing at my dress. She gave me a dirty grin then pushed her lips up against my pussy.

I tried to stay still as Mary’s tongue ran along my slit. She was clearly in no mood for foreplay, her tongue danced across my skin with wildly. My knees pushed against her uselessly, she refused to budge.

Mary pulled her head back for a second and a prepared to escape Before I could gather my senses she pulled my legs up over her shoulders then dove back in.

The waitress was watching me with interest.

“Wow,” she said.

I felt a bolt of pleasure run down my spine. No one had ever eaten me out like this before, and certainly never in such a public place. She was like a wild animal and my body was responding.

The tongue between my legs pressed against me forcefully. I slid forward, unconsciously grinding again her face.

My heart was beating faster every second. Her tongue began approached my clitoris, I prepared myself as best I could but when she made contact I still buckled wildly.

“Oh God,” I moaned, “That’s so good! Whatever you do don’t stop!”

I glanced at the waitress and the look of lust on her face pushed me over the edge. The orgasm enveloped my entire body, the waves of pleasure were so powerful I nearly passed out. I had to bite down on a napkin to keep myself from screaming.

Mary gave me a final lick then ran her tongue back down my thigh, a moment later my feet were back on the ground. She climbed out and took her seat once more. I looked at her glistening face incredulously.

“How was that?” she asked me.

I took a deep breath, “What the hell came over you? I’ve never come so hard in my life!”

“I don’t know. I just had the urge to get you off,” she answered, licking my cum off of her lips.

The waitress looked at me, “Hardest you’re ever come?”

She grinned and made her way under the table. A second later there was a new tongue running up my leg.

Lady Lovers

Anne learns to share love and lust with a woman

Anne dropped into Opra Bistro late one morning her arms laden with fresh vegetables and herbs. Since she and her partner Dan had begun their “lusty friendship” with the new part owner John, Anne would often drop in with home grown organic garden produce. She would exchange them for the Bistro’s heavenly Tapas.

Walking through the open back door into the kitchen she spied Grace, the pretty late 30′s something waitress, polishing glasses and stacking them on trays under the bench. Grace did not notice Anne as engrossed in her work bent down to place a glass in the rack. When she did, the short tight jersey shirt she was wearing rode up her thigh and over the curve of her tight rounded arse. Wearing only a G string, the curves of her brown cheeks were amply displayed. Anne had seen Grace in her leotards as they both attended the same gym, but seeing the exposed flesh in a working environment was somehow different and erotic.

Anne turned to the sink and placed the vegetables on the draining board.

Startled by the noise, Grace stood up and turned, unaware that she had provided Anne with a peek at her rounded ass and taut thighs.

“Thanks Anne they look great, we will be able to make the lime and mint dressing for the Tapas. We don’t have anything to give you now, but Chef is making some Tapas for tomorrow and I will bring some up this afternoon when I am on my way home. I am just in for the morning to do some catch up work on my day off.”

Standing and facing her, Anne could see that Grace was wearing a short string top that left her navel exposed . Her tanned breasts swung free beneath the material and her nipples were pushing out the light jersey into little peaks.

“Good” said Anne, wishing she were that young again. “I will see you about two.”

Returning home, Anne made a tossed salad with light dressing; poured a glass of Chenin Blanc and sat on the couch to read and listen to soft rock on the sound system.

By the time Grace arrived, Anne had cleared the dishes and was sitting watching a romantic DVD on the widescreen TV, a second glass of wine in hand.

“Here Grace have a glass of wine and tell me about your day.”

Taking the Tapas Grace had brought, she stored them in the refrigerator and poured Grace a glass. They both sat down on the couch side by side and Grace filled Anne in on the news of the day from the village.

Looking up Grace noticed the movie. “I haven’t seen that for such a long time.”

“Have another glass of wine. I will restart the movie, we can watch it all the way through” said Anne.

With a full glass, Grace settled down and they both began to watch the movie.

Half an hour later, Grace began to yawn. “I’m sorry.” she said, “We have just been working such long hours at the Bistro and as you could see, I was working on my day off. At least I don’t have to go in till 10 tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry” said Anne pulling a cushion down to her lap. “Lay your head here and if you drift off, we can watch what you missed when you awake.”

Grace smiled in assent and without a sign of embarrassment, snuggled down on the cushion. Her soft brown hair brushed Anne’s thighs as she stretched her legs along the sofa.

The movie rolled on and soon Grace’s steady breathing signified she was deep asleep. Anne looked down and brushed Grace’s hair back from her face. She looked along her body, noting that her skirt had ridden high up on her hip exposing her arse cheeks. The fine lace of her G string framed the curves. The thin strap of her top had slipped from her shoulder allowing the top to fall free, exposing the dark brown aureole and puckered nub of her nipple.

Anne resumed watching the movie as it moved into an erotic sex scene. The actors were indulging in sensual, slow, lovemaking on the balcony of an apartment overlooking the lakes of Northern Italy. Anne felt a warm tingle, remembering a previous lover and the time they had made love in a similar fashion. Unconsciously, her hand reached down and began caressing Grace’s exposed breast and nipple.

Anne quickly realized it was not her flesh she was caressing (for often she would caress herself while watching erotic scenes in movies) and feeling embarrassed, stopped and looked down. Grace was still sleeping, breathing easily, but the only difference was a relaxed smile on her face.

‘What the heck,’ thought Anne as she resumed the stroking. ‘Grace doesn’t seem to be waking and it feels good to be caressing this firm breast, while watching the actors make love.’

As she continued stroking, she could feel the nipple become turgid and the bumps in the aureole becoming erect. Grace did not seem to be reacting so Anne reached under her own top with her left hand and began squeezing her right breast as she absorbed the lust shown on the screen.

Grace stirred without opening her eyes, reaching down between her legs, parting her thighs and cupping her barely covered pussy with her hand. Anne watched as Grace did not seem to be waking, but was reacting to the stimulation of her breast by becoming unconsciously aroused. Anne kept stroking, tracing circles around the aureole and across the nipple wondering what would happen next. She had never done this to a woman before and had never intended to do this to her friend Grace; it had just happened. Maybe the sight of her bottom and free swinging breasts earlier had stirred the lust in Anne.

After a few minutes, Grace began to stir. Still asleep and breathing evenly, she rolled on her back, her legs falling open. Her hand stayed cradling her satin and lace covered pussy. She moaned and her hand began to move gently, caressing her mound and tracing her labia’s with her fingers.

Anne watched her hand at work. She noticed that in rolling over, Grace’s top had lifted up under her armpits exposing both breasts; the left nipple erect and the right soft and slumped.

Anne moved her left hand from where she had been fondling her breast and covered the newly exposed right breast of Grace. Slowly kneading and stroking, she brought the breast to the same state of excitement as the left.

Grace moaned; Anne stopped stroking; resting her hands on those lovely breasts. Grace shifted her G string aside and began running two fingers along her labia. Anne watched in awe as she had never seen another woman’s body being aroused and she felt it a joy to watch.

Beneath the soft down of her trimmed pubic hairs, Anne could see the soft tip of Grace’s clitoris rise up from under the hood as Grace’s fingers continued stroking her labia. Anne could feel the tremor course through Grace’s body as Grace touched the tip of her clitorus. Anne felt Grace’s head move as her eyes fluttered open.

“What a wonderful dream” said Grace as she lay there eyes opening fully as she moved from sleep to a drowsy awake. “I was listening to the movie and it seemed to go into my subconsious and I felt so sexy. Whatever is happening I dont want it to stop.”

Anne looked down at her hands still resting on Grace’s breasts and said, “The movie got to me too and as I went to feel myself my hands found your breasts instead. You didn’t wake and seemed to be enjoying it, so I didn’t stop.”

“I must have loved it, thank you” said Grace, as she moved her hand over her swollen sex, languidly dipping her fingers into the now glistening slit. “I sometimes do this in my sleep and when I awake I finish myself off.”

Anne could see herself on the horns of a dilemma. She could stop and let Grace go home and risk embarrassing her, or, she could relax as they were and let Grace fix her aroused state as she obviously knew how.

“Finish yourself Grace, I shouldn’t have got you in this state and I feel you should not be interrupted” said Anne.

“What would you like me to do? I have never been with a woman before.”

“Exactly what you were doing, don’t be embarrassed” said Grace. “Play with my tits while I whip the cream that is gathering in my pussy.”

Grace moved her hand down and slipped two fingers into her hole and spread the cream along the length of her pussy and over her clit. Reaching up she rubbed the remainder on her nipples. “There, it won’t be so rough now”, she said.

Anne leaned down and kissed Grace on the lips. “Thank you for allowing me to share your fun, Let me get my top off and remove your skirt and panties. We don’t have to be uncomfortable and Dan is not due home till after seven.”

Without shifting off the couch, Anne unbuttoned her blouse and slipped her bra over her head; letting her ample globes fall free and rest on Grace’s shoulder. Reaching across, she pulled Grace’s light top over her head and slipped her skirt and by now, soaking thong, over her ankles; placing them on the back of the couch.

Grace sighed and settled herself on the couch, her head still resting on Anne’s lap. Her head turned and nuzzled Anne’s boobs and kissed them. “Thank you friend, let me show you what I do when I am hot and bothered and need to work hard to relax.”

With that, Grace placed her hand over her pussy and began to rub herself in a circular motion and at the same time, lifting her legs and pulling her ankles up so that her knees fell apart and exposed the maximum area of her pussy.

Anne started back, working Grace’s breasts, smearing the pussy cream over the nipples and down the sides. Anne’s breasts swung in time with the rhythm and in brushing Grace’s breasts, also became coated in the pussy juice. Anne could feel her cunt getting warm and she wriggled to settle herself.

Grace looked up and gave a knowing smile.

Meanwhile, Grace had formed a three fingered spear and was plunging it in and out of her pink vagina. Lifting her hips to meet the thrusts, the squelch she made as the fingers hit home was the only sound to be heard as both ladies carried on with their ‘tasks.’

Anne picked up her left breast and rubbed it over Grace’s boobs. She could feel her soft nipple harden as it rolled over Grace’s taut nipples and crinkly brown aureoles. She could feel her boobs begin to dry off as the pussy juice was spread far and wide over both sets of breasts.

“Can I have some more cream up here please” said Anne as she continued rolling her breasts across Graces tits.

“Get it yourself there is plenty there”, said Grace with a wink.

Anne, rising to the bait, lifted her hand and between thrusts of Grace’s fingers, placed her fingers inside the pussy of another woman for the first time. .

It felt fine. It felt like it was a normal thing to do, as she dug deep and wriggled her fingers collecting the cream to bring back to their needy breasts.

Grace reached down and grasped Anne’s wrist and pushed her hand into her cunt hole.

Anne felt the walls stretch and close around her hand as Grace held her there while she squeezed back with her vaginal walls.

Anne felt a spurt and, as Grace relaxed, Anne was able to cup her hand and bring forth half a handful of silky cream.

She coated her breasts and lowered them back on to Grace’s beckoning bosoms. Grace moaned and wriggled as Anne’s slick breasts excited the nerve endings on the nipples. Grace commenced vigorously rubbing her clit with her two middle fingers; dipping them occasionally into her cunt as she felt the need for lubrication.

Anne, her hand still slippery with Grace’s pussy cream, lifted a finger to her mouth and tasted. It was not unlike her own, a bit thicker perhaps and a little saltier.

Grace looked up and nodded. Anne slipped her remaining fingers into Grace’s mouth and allowed the lusty woman to suck her fingers clean.

Grace reached up pulled Anne’s head down and kissed her long and deep. Their mouths tasted the same as their tongues locked, they continued till they ran out of breath.

Anne breathed deep and lay back against the back of the couch, her own pussy was a volcano with the walls pulsing and cream leaking along her thighs. Her clit was crying out for relief as she squirmed and rolled her hips almost dislodging Grace’s head.

Grace looked up and said, “Keep it hot Anne, I will fix it in a minute.” Grace began to work towards her orgasm in earnest, alternating with dipping and twisting her fingers in her swollen cunt and rubbing her clit in a hard circular motion.

With her left hand, Grace grasped her left tit, thrust it towards Anne’s face. “Suck it you hot slut!” She moaned as her hips began to buck with contractions of her approaching orgasm.

Anne leaned down and took the offered nipple in her mouth. She clamped down and sucked hard drawing the nipple almost down her throat. Never having done this before, she relied on her instinct and knowledge of what was needed to please herself in the same situation.

Grace grunted loud and hard; her hips thrust up till she was almost vertical and her fingers flicked her clit with blinding speed. Anne kept sucking on the nipple while squeezing the left breast with both hands. Grace squealed and her hips began to tremble as her hands shook free and she fell back towards the couch. A squirt of juice erupted from her pulsing cunt and flew down towards her knees.

Anne, amazed, reached down and caught the second and third squirts, intrigued that such a powerful orgasm could issue from this petite woman. She rubbed the juice over Grace’s torso and watched it glisten in the afternoon light, easing back from Grace, watching her relax, as the trembling in her thighs stopped.

Anne leaned forward and smeared her breasts across Grace’s chest and kissed her full on her lips.

“Thank you, thank you”, she said. “It was a privilege to watch you work if that’s what you could call it. I have never had an orgasm that powerful.”

Grace regained her breath and with a quiet smile said. “I have had to work at it and eventually perfected the moves that gave me maximum relief.” ” Five man free years since my divorce gave me time to work on myself and with the help of a few lady friends, allowed me to become a true Bi, comfortable with my ability to please either sex.”

Grace sat up and moved in front of Anne. “Here lover, let me introduce you to the ways women have of knowing where to go and what to do, They have the same feelings and nerve endings that few men know how to excite and carry through to exquisite relief.”

Anne rested back against the couch and Grace gently unclipped and removed her slacks and panties. Her pliant breasts, already disrobed and glistening with Grace’s pussy juices, hung down towards her waist. Grace knelt down between Anne’s legs, raised her mouth to the soft nipples and began to lick and suck them.

Gently, gently she lapped the skin, cleaning away the remnants of the pussy cream, leaving the skin shiny and soft. Anne couldn’t feel more aroused or relaxed and trusting as she was groomed by Grace’s tongue.

Grace’s lips moved to her nipple and a gentle sucking and tongue flicking enticed a start of feeling and growth as the nipples slowly expanded. They felt like they were glowing.

Grace’s hands, never still, roamed around Anne’s torso gently coaxing and tickling; pulling feelings up to the skin as her fingers always trailed off towards Anne’s groin never touching her pussy, but leading those feelings down towards that by now bubbling cauldron.

Grace moved up, kissed Anne and slowly trailed her tongue between her breasts, down her tummy and settled just above her bush. Grace lifted Anne’s thighs placing them over her shoulders, as she leaned down and with the point of her tongue just touched Anne’s clit.

Electricity coursed through Anne’s body seeming to shoot up her backbone and back to her clit following the lines of excitement that Grace had built with her tongue. Anne’s nipples seemed to shoot sparks so intense was the current. Never had one touch on any part of her body brought forward such a reaction. She was immediately set on a higher plane of consciousness and seemed to float away from her body to become an observer in the air above.

Grace bent to her task with a will and began to lap along Anne’s thighs nibbling with her teeth; bringing feelings and tingles to the surface. She licked and kissed her way back to Anne’s pussy. Using her thumbs she parted the labia and slowly licked it from the pudenda, over her vagina and urethra to finish just below her clit. Grace finished the move with a strong upward lap of her flattened tongue.

Anne felt her clit twang and again the jolt of pleasure flowed around her body in a circle to re-concentrate in her clit. From her place above, Anne watched her body convulse so strongly it nearly threw Grace to the floor.

Grace now moved in with a will, concentrating her work on the valley of Anne’s now glowing pussy. Fingers and tongue went to work. Her cunt was violated first by two, then three fingers thrusting in and then twisting reaching up for her G spot. When she felt the roughened area deep on the front of Anne’s cunt, Grace hooked her fingers and pressed up towards Anne’s clit.

Anne’s legs clamped around Grace’s head and she let forth a moan of pleasure. Grace used her free hand to roll her thumb over Anne’s clit, eliciting shock after shock and sending them coursing through her body and legs. The double shocks from the G spot and her clit sent Anne over the top and she rolled into her usual full body orgasm, shaking and pulsing for a full five minutes.

Grace stood back in awe then moved in to cuddle Anne as she rocked and rolled on the couch. “Amazing” Grace panted, exhausted from the convulsion that threw her to the floor as Anne had exploded into her orgasm. “Now we have something we can teach each other.”

The two women rose from the couch and embraced naked bodies twining in the middle of the lounge room. They vowed eternal friendship.

Each knew that they had much to learn from the other to their mutual, sensual and erotic benefit.

Chuckling they moved to gather their clothes and the blanket from the couch and went to shower. Later, champagne in hand, they walked to the Spa to relax and plan their sensual future.

To be continued

My name is Janet. I have submitted two other stories. One was true and about my husband enticing me to do another man. The other was about me in a gangbang. That one was not true, but it is one that I often fantasize about. This story is about my college roommate and our sexual encounter. It is a true story.

I got a number of comments on my previous stories and I sincerely thank everyone that commented. Most seemed to enjoy them and a few didn’t, which didn’t surprise me. Some commented on my “writing skills” which I really appreciate. I never thought of myself as an accomplished writer and still don’t. I just tried to tell things as I remember them happening or fantasizing about. Again, thanks to everyone.

Now for my next story…

Kristen and I were roommates in college. We were very close and did everything together. We went shopping, went on double dates and even had the same classes. We talked constantly, mostly about guys and some of the crazy things they did to impress us, but also about our encounters with the guys we dated. We helped each other with our studies and spent long hours at our desk pouring over lecture notes, etc. If we didn’t have dates for the weekend evenings we would sit together, drinking and laughing about various professors, guys, the day’s events, guys and guys. We got along very well, each helping happily with expenses and apartment duties.

Kristen was a typical California surfer girl. She had long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and a tan that I would die for. She was taller than me, 5’10″, thin and slender. Her breasts were on the smaller side, I would guess 34B and she had long slender legs. Her smile was captivating with brilliant white teeth. She wore very little makeup (she didn’t need any). Many times I would glance nonchalantly when she got dressed. She always wore the skimpiest bikini panties and rarely did she wear a bra. She had pink nipples and her pubic hair was a neat triangle just a shade darker than the hair on her head. Occasionally we would catch each other looking when we dressed, but always just laughed and made jokes about each other’s bodies. Although I tried my best to act uninterested, I never missed a chance to admire her as she dressed or undressed. I was beginning to desire her. I had read stories and seen pictures of girl-girl sex and admittedly I was intrigued and excited, but never thought I would ever actually do it. I decided not to let my imagination go any further and simply put it out of my mind… mostly.

One day Kristen said she wasn’t feeling well and stayed in the apartment while I went to class. When I got to class the professor said he had a death in the family and had to cancel the lecture. I stopped at the pharmacy to get Kristen some DayQuil and hurried back to the apartment to see how she was doing. When I entered, everything was quiet and I assumed she was sleeping. I decided to sneak in her room and leave the DayQuil on the nightstand without disturbing her. Softly I opened the door and froze. There was Kristen lying naked on the bed, her legs spread wide and masturbating while watching something on her laptop. Her eyes were half closed and she was using two fingers to spread her pussy lips and frantically rubbing her clit with her middle finger. I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there watching, my eyes fixed on her fingers wildly rubbing her clit. I knew I should have quietly closed the door and left, but I just couldn’t leave this extremely erotic sight.

She must have sensed someone there and she opened her eyes and seeing me, quickly stopped rubbing and closed her legs. She was obviously very embarrassed as her face got beet red. She blushed and said she was so sorry. I asked her to relax and said that I did the same thing many times and not to be embarrassed. She covered her face with her hands and began to giggle. I stared at her nakedness. God she was so lovely. Her breasts jiggled as she laughed and just looking at her nakedness I was beginning to feel that familiar moistness between my legs. I had never really thought seriously about being with another woman before, but here I was,,actually desiring this unbelievably beautiful woman. I had the strongest urge to crawl between her legs and kiss her sweet, wet, obviously ready pussy.

But I didn’t. I was scared to even suggest anything so I just stared. I am sure she saw me staring, but made no move to cover herself. It seemed awkward for a few minutes until she finally asked me if I masturbated very often. I confessed that I do it every chance I get and giggled. I asked what she was watching that got her so turned on. She moved the laptop so I could see a man fucking a woman. He was on top of her and by the look on her face she was obviously enjoying it. I said “mmm I can see why you were so involved” and giggled again. Kristen said that it was a movie and asked if I would like to watch. I said sure. She patted the bed beside her and with a wink said that maybe we could get off together while watching. It was my turn to be embarrassed, but not enough to decline this stimulating offer. My heart started beating faster along with my now rapid breathing as I thought about what might happen. I jumped on the bed beside her, still stealing glances at her naked body. She looked at me and said “Well cmon silly, it’s going to be much better if you get those clothes off.” We both giggled as I crossed my arms and lifted my tee shirt over my head and tossed it on the floor. Kristen watched eagerly as I reached behind my back, unclasped my bra, slid the straps off my arms and tossed it away. We had seen each other naked many times before, but this was somehow different. There was a sparkle in her eyes as she gazed at my breasts. I wiggled my jeans off and slid my panties down my legs and off. It felt strange to be lying on the bed together with both of us naked, but also strangely erotic and excitingly nasty. I tried my best to remain calm, but inside I was burning with desire.

Kristen wiggled close so that our hips were touching and set the laptop beside her so we could both see the movie. Her soft skin against mine made my body tingle all over. I had never been this close to a naked woman before. It actually felt strange but somehow unbelievably natural. My mind was telling me this was wrong, but my body was yearning for it to go further. My mind was swirling with thoughts of what might happen, but I was scared to make any move for fear it might ruin our friendship.

The movie started. It was an average looking man and woman, certainly not porn stars. He was nicely built although I never saw his cock as it was buried inside her. She was average looking but had huge breasts which were bouncing up and down from the pounding he was giving her. She was obviously enjoying the pumping as her head was swinging back and forth and she was moaning loudly.

Kristen slipped her leg over mine. I watched intently as her hand moved down her stomach and her fingers ran through her soft, fluffy pubic hair. As before she used two fingers to spread her pussy lips and her middle finger began slowly rubbing her clit. Kristen was engrossed by the scene taking place on the laptop. I was engrossed looking Kristen up and down, concentrating mostly on her pussy and her gyrating finger. I could tell Kristen was close to cumming and she didn’t even notice that I was also fingering myself. I was breathing very rapidly and my heart was racing. Just the thought of lying here with another girl and both of us masturbating was running wildly through my mind. I closed my eyes as I began to cum. I was moaning loudly and my body jerked up and down as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed my entire being. Suddenly I felt Kristen’s hand on mine. Still moaning I felt her move my hand away and replace it with hers. I was on fire as she rubbed my clit perfectly. I raised my hips and spread my legs further to give her more access. The feeling was incredible, even better than when I did it myself. My eyes were still closed when I felt her lips on mine. I threw my arms around her and kissed her back. Our tongues searched for each others as we kissed passionately. We were locked in a constant kiss as her finger continued rubbing, faster and faster. My body jerked and thrashed as my orgasm continued. I was a wild woman. I pulled her closer, my hands clutching the skin of her back. Still lip locked and kissing frantically I began to calm. She continued fingering me but slowly now.

Finally she removed her hand and backed away slightly. We hugged and kissed like two teenagers that sneaked away to make out. I loved the feeling of our breasts pressed together. I ran my hands all over her back feeling and kneading her soft, velvet skin. Kristen nuzzled her face in my neck and whispered in my ear. “Would you do the same for me.” I gently pushed her back on the bed and said “I have a better idea.”

I sat upright beside her and started running my hands all over her. I began lightly running my fingers along her forehead and her cheeks. Ever so lightly I ran one finger back and forth along her lips. Softly my fingers glided along her neck and then along her chest. I used the fingers of each hand to circle each of her breasts, beginning at the bottom and gradually working their way upward toward her nipples. Kristen let out a soft moan and her body twitched from my touch. I knew what I was going to do, but I wanted a buildup for her. I wanted to see her cum better than ever before. My tongue replaced my hand as I did the same as my fingers had just done. Starting at the bottom and circling until I gently nibbled at her nipple. I took it in my mouth and sucked on her breast as my tongue flickered on her nipple.

Kristen was now moaning loudly, raising her hips and squeezing her legs together. I was fairly sure she was expecting me to finger her like she did me, but I had other plans. I had never licked a girl’s pussy before and actually had only thought about it, but here I was ready, even anxious to dive between her legs.

I lightly ran my fingers along her stomach and down her thighs, purposely avoiding her pussy. As my fingers moved back up her thighs she spread her legs in anticipation, but I just got very close and touched along the sides of her pussy. Her body trembled and she raised her hips. She moaned “please.” I bent forward and kissed her, then began running my tongue down her stomach. She gasped, obviously knowing what I was about to do. I moved so that I was lying on my stomach between her spread legs. It was the first time I had seen a real woman’s pussy from that angle. I placed my fingers on each of her inner thighs and ran softly up and down as I inched myself forward. I could smell her musty aroma. I had always thought I would be disgusted by the smell, as I was always worried about mine, but it was actually inviting. I stared at her pussy lips taking in all I could see. Kristen was moaning and swinging her hard back and forth, pleading with me to please do it. I inched closer and planted a light kiss on her pussy. Kristen gasped and spread her legs even wider. Her breathing was very rapid and her body was shaking. She cried out “Please don’t stop.” I inched closer and began running my tongue around her pussy lips. She raised her hips pushing closer against my face. I found her clit and I began flickering my tongue, alternately pressing and nibbling on it. I sucked it gently in my mouth, my tongue still rapidly wavering against her. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer, grinding her hips against my face. My nose was buried in her soft pubic hair as I strained to push against her. She was swinging her legs back and forth, squeezing my head each time. I heard her yell “I’m going to cum.” She exploded in a violent orgasm, twisting and thrashing, pushing my head closer. Her juices were filling my mouth as I pressed my lips against her dripping pussy. Her body shuttered and became rigid as she ground harder against my face.

I continued licking her as she slowly returned to normal. She looked down at me. I must have been a comical sight with my face pressed against her pussy.

I got up and laid on top of her, our bodies pressed together. We began wildly kissing each other on the lips, cheeks and necks. We embraced and Kristen whispered to me “That was the best I have ever felt.”

We did it two more times after that, but that will be another story.

A note from the author:

Hello fellow Literotica fans, as this is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction I would greatly appreciate any comments or feedback that you may have. I truly hope you enjoy my story and hope to hear from you. Kind regards. TKBabylon

Some of Caitlyn’s friends had expressed to her how they had thought moving to the complete opposite end of London was a bit of a drastic move.

‘Just because you guys broke up, doesn’t mean you need to get away from your friends too.’ They had told her on numerous occasions.

But this was no ordinary break up. To Caitlyn, this was more of an escape. Not only did she feel the need to get away from Jason, but she also strongly felt as though she needed to get away from everything, if not just for a short time while she got her mind back together.

The relationship she had had with Jason was by no means a healthy one.

At first their time together had been much like any other. Nice boy meets nice girl, hit it off and eventually fall in love. However over the years Caitlyn had noticed something changing in Jason. He started drinking more and more. It got to a stage where it was practically every night. When Jason drank, he became hostile. He had always been strong willed, and always spoke his mind, but when he drank he was also extremely aggressive and stubborn. No matter how much Caitlyn had pleaded with him and tried to make him see what he was doing, Jason would simply not have a bar of it. He would often verbally abuse Caitlyn and on some occasions even threaten to strike her. Then on one November’s night, after coming home late from the pub, Caitlyn mustered all the courage she had and explained to Jason that it was the drink – or her. The fight escalated and on this occasion, Jason did in fact backhand Caitlyn across the face. That was the last straw. Jason had not only broken her nose, but also her heart. Caitlyn stormed out the door, and that was the end of their long relationship.

Now three months on, this new apartment was a breath of fresh air for Caitlyn. A way of dealing with the past, and moving on.

The first time Caitlyn had returned to her new apartment from the grocery store, she ran into the first of her new neighbours.

Caitlyn was fumbling around in her handbag trying to find her keys while still holding all of her groceries when she heard a strange voice from behind her.

“Can I help you with that?”

Clearly a woman’s voice, but strangely exotic. An accent she had not heard before. She turned around and was almost stunned at the sight of this woman. She had dark chocolate brown hair which was dead straight and pulled back in a high pony tail. Her skin seemed to both fair and tanned at the same time. Her cheek and jaw bones were very pronounced, much more than her own school-girl-like facial features which were still slightly hidden under the last of her adolescent puppy fat.

The woman wore a completely pink tracksuit with white trimming, and had her headphones dangling out from under her sweater over her chest. Caitlyn could tell at first glance that this woman was in great shape, athletic yet beautifully curved sporting fantastic hips and breasts. However the most powerful feature of this woman was her eyes; emerald green with a slash of amber, surrounded by subtle eye makeup which seemed to just draw you in so much further.

“So? Would you like my help?” the woman repeated with a cheeky grin.

“Oh, umm, yes! Sorry, yes, thanks” Caitlyn replied.

“Here, I can take those” the stranger said while taking Caitlyn’s groceries from her.

“Cheers, thanks… Ummm, I know they’re in here somewhere, ummm…” Caitlyn passed and looked up. “I’m sorry, how rude of me. I’m Caitlyn.” Caitlyn stuck out her hand to shake the woman’s.

The woman simply smiled, unable to extend her own having now taken all of Caitlyn’s groceries.

“Oh yeah, right, sorry.”

“No need for that. Did anybody tell you that you say sorry a lot?”

“Umm… Ha, actually, yes” Caitlyn now had an embarrassed smile over her face.

“Don’t be. With a smile like that you could get away with anything.” She had lowered one of Caitlyn’s grocery bags to the ground, and placed her hand into Caitlyn’s handbag. “You never need to be sorry, darling.” Without even looking down or breaking her gaze from Caitlyn’s, she had removed her keys and unlocked the door behind her.

At that moment Caitlyn realised she had been holding her breath. She exhaled fully as she nervously swung around to open the door. When she turned back, the woman was already putting her headphones into her ears.

“Umm… Thank you.”

“You are most welcome.” The stranger replied with a beautiful smile.

“Umm… would you like to come in for a coffee or…” Caitlyn offered.

“Or… what?” The woman said in quite a suggestive manner.

“Oh, ahhh, nothing. Just coffee.” Caitlyn said with a nervous giggle.

“It sounds very good. But I am late for my class… My time management skills are no good. Something I got from my Latvian father. So maybe next time.”

“So you are from Latvia?” Caitlyn replied curiously.

“No! Certainly not. I was born in Slovakia, and raised by my mother. I am sure Latvia is nice, but I want nothing to do with that rotten man of a father, including the country in which he lives.”

Caitlyn was a little taken back by the honesty and frankness of this woman, but at the same time strangely comforted. She instantly felt like this woman was someone that she could confide in, like she felt a connection with her.

“I am sure I will see you again soon as I am just next door.” And with that the woman started to make her way down the hall.

Caitlyn called out after her, “Wait, what is your name, neighbour?”

The no longer stranger called back as she rounded the bend in the hall headed for the elevator, “Vera.”

A few weeks later, Caitlyn was returning home to her new apartment after seeing a film at the cinema. Having watched a thriller she was already a little jumpy, which did not help what was to come next. After exiting the elevator, she made her way down the L-shaped hallway towards her apartment. She reached into her handbag to pull out her keys, turned the corner of the hallway, and after pulling her keys out and looking up ahead of her she was stopped dead in her tracks. There was Jason, obviously drunk from the way he was drifting his balance from one leg to the other, leaning against her apartment door and muttering something to himself she could not make out. Before she even had a chance to turn and retreat he had noticed her. ‘Oh, shit! The keys rattling must’ve caught his attention!’ She thought to herself, as Jason started calling out to her.

“Caitlyn! Caitie! My swe-*hic*-sweet Caitie. Sweetie, come over here. I gotta tal*hic*talk to ya!”

Caitlyn was obviously in no mood to talk with him. Having only recently gotten away from the mental prison she felt he had placed her in for so long. But she also knew his persistence when he was like this. While other men may have given up, or actually had some sense talked into them by their partners, Jason was not one of these men.

Caitlyn knew that the only way Jason was going to leave was if he got to say what he had come to say. She took a deep breath and walked towards him.

Once she was within a few metres of him, Jason opened his arms as if beckoning Caitlyn to embrace him. Caitlyn immediately stopped her movement.

“What do you want, Jason?”

“Babes… Don’t you have a hug f*hic*for your boo?”

“Jason, you’re not my ‘boo’ anymore. And I’m not your ‘babes’. It’s over, remember?”

“Babes, I knows, I knows. But…”

“I’m sorry, Jason, but there’s no buts about it. I’ve made up my mind. I’ve moved here to start afresh. I can’t have you here. You need to leave.”

Caitlyn had made her way around Jason to her door and was nervously trying to insert her key, which for the life of her was not going in due to her shaking hands.

“Aww cumon’ babes. I gots me da tube all da ways ova ‘ere and n*hic*now yous aint gonna talk to me?”

“You’re drunk, Jason. Y-you need to go home. Go sleep it off and we can talk tomorrow on the phone. I need you to leave.” Her voice now hinting at how anxious she was.

Caitlyn’s key was finally in the lock. She unlocked the door and started to pull it open when ‘SLAM’! Jason’s fist was now imprinted into the door, his arm not six inches away from the side of Caitlyn’s face. Caitlyn was frozen looking at Jason’s fist, her back to him, petrified, unable to even breathe. She could feel his heavy breath on the back of her shoulder. Each of them sending a new chill down her spine.

A few moments passed, both of them basically frozen except for Jason’s slight swaying and heavy breathing.

“You’re not gonna talk to me, Caitie? N*hic*not even look at me? Do I frighten you? Do I… DISGUST you?” Jason’s tone was notably deeper now, and harsher. Caitlyn didn’t answer, remembering the last time they had spoken, or rather fought, before the move. In the heat of the moment Caitlyn may have said some things she didn’t truly mean, one of which being “When you’re like that you disgust me!” Referring to Jason’s drunken episodes – much like the state he was in right now. Caitlyn remained silent, she didn’t even move. Too terrified to do anything, she just shut eyes tightly and dreaded what was coming.

She felt a sudden sharp grip on her shoulder which dug deep into her muscle almost pinching her bones. She was flung around and then slammed into the door. Jason now with hands gripping both of her shoulders he yelled straight into her face; “YOU’LL AT LEAST FUCKEN LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU!!!!!”

Caitlyn kept her eyes shut tight. Now uncontrollably sobbing, she was still frozen solid. She felt his right hand release her left shoulder, and a gust of air sweep across her face as he coiled his arm across her, ready to backhand her across her face. Reactively, and without opening her eyes, she let out an absolutely petrified squeal as she sunk her chin into her chest and turned her head to the left waiting for the inevitable strike of fury… It didn’t come.

Caitlyn then heard a new voice say quite slowly and softly, yet incredibly sternly, four powerful words. “Don’t – you – fucking – dare!”

Caitlyn opened her eyes and could not believe what she saw. Jason, still with one hand gripped tightly into her shoulder and his other coiled ready to strike, now had Vera standing behind him with one of her hands gripped to his striking arm refusing to let it budge and the other with a vice-like clutch on his throat.

Jason struggled slightly in his speech but still managed to clearly define his words; “Fuck off bitch, you aint part a dis!” With that sentence, Jason released his other hand from Caitlyn and sent a left elbow rocketing back into Vera’s cheek-bone. Vera’s head was sent swinging backwards. Caitlyn knew how strong Jason was and when she saw him strike her new friend Vera with such ferocity she could not help but scream “NO!”, and lurch forward to try and stop his arm. But Jason was too fast, and quickly replaced his hand where it had been and shoved Caitlyn back against her door which now was making cracking noises under the force she was being man-handled against it. “Don’t you fucking go anywhere!” Jason snarled.

To Caitlyn’s astonishment she noticed that while Vera’s head had been met with the full force of Jason’s elbow, her feet remained planted to the hallway floor as if stabilised by decade old tree roots and her hands were holding their grips like vices. Vera tightened her grip of Jason’s throat, which was evident when Jason started to make slight gargling noises while trying to breathe, and slowly brought her head back to where it had been before. Blood was now noticeably escaping the newly formed gash on Vera’s cheek when she spoke in a tone Caitlyn had never heard come from a woman before. It was dark and full of fury yet calm at the same time, almost as if a demon was speaking through the lips of this beautiful woman. She said “This is the only one you get, you pig. Now leave while you still have the ability to bear children.” The latter words were spoken so sinisterly they were almost guttural grunts you would expect to here on a death metal song.

Jason coughed at first then turned his head towards Vera making as much eye contact as he could before retorting “I thought I told you to FUCK OFF!” Caitlyn felt Jason’s hand release her shoulder once again as he sent another elbow hurtling back towards Vera. But this time with almost cat-like reflexes, Vera had avoided the blow and spun her body around the Brut. She was now barricading herself between Caitlyn and Jason.

In what seemed like milliseconds to Caitlyn, Vera had sent the base of her palm directly up into Jason’s nose, she had dropped into a crouch and had sent a thunderous punch directly into Jason’s manhood. Caitlyn screamed. She could not help it. Even though neither of the two fighters in front of her had even glanced at her, she still felt the terror and surge of adrenaline pump through her blood as if she was part of the action. As it unfolded before her she sank to her knees, turned to her side and brought her hands over her face.

After a moment, she slowly widened her fingers to peer through the gaps. Vera, now upright once again, was standing over Jason, who was now rocking slightly back and forth on his side on the hallway floor, one hand between his legs and the other clutched over his nose now visibly streaming with blood.

The next emotion Caitlyn felt surprised her. In that moment, at the sight of Vera standing tall over the now beaten body of the man who had abused her physically and mentally over such a long time, Caitlyn’s fear dissipated and she was suddenly engulfed with awe and, somewhat even more surprising, attraction to this goddess-like woman.

Vera bent over and grabbed Jason by the scruff of his jacket and pulled him to his feet. His hands still clutched to his nose and crotch, he struggled to stand and fell back against the wall. Vera took a step towards him and he noticeably recoiled. She spoke again in that sinister tone, “I believe, this woman told you to leave.” Now slightly more upright Jason’s gaze shot between the two women in the hallway for a moment as a scarred little boy would. He started to stumble down the hall towards the elevator meanwhile whimpering, “Fuck dis shite! You bitches aint fucken werf it!” And with that he disappeared around the corner leaving no sign he had even been there beside a slight trail of his blood which had dripped from his nose, and a rather nasty wound on Vera’s cheek bone.

Vera turned sharply back towards Caitlyn, who was now staring uncontrollably at Vera, her mouth open and eyes glazed over. Caitlyn tried to speak, but no words emanated from her slightly moving lips. Vera hurried over and knelt next to her and placed her hands softly on each of Caitlyn’s shoulders.

“Are you OK? Did he hurt you? I’m so sorry. I’m sorry you had to see this. I, I did not wish for you to see this. I am sorry. Are you OK? Are you hurt?”

“I… I…” Caitlyn still struggled in her speech. Even to simply say the words ‘I’m OK.’ “I… I… … Your cheek!” Is all Caitlyn could manage having somehow drawn her gaze away from Vera’s eyes and down to the cut on her cheek and the blood now dripping down her face and onto her pink sports sweater.

Without even acknowledging her injury, Vera spoke soothingly as if to a child who had lost its parents, “Come, let’s get you inside.” She placed her arms under Caitlyn’s, and started to lift her off her knees, with a surprising amount of ease.

Caitlyn’s eyes were now back on Vera’s. This feeling inside her was not subsiding, if anything it was growing. Once Caitlyn was on her feet, she leapt into Vera, wrapped her arms around her and embraced her harder than she had embraced anyone before.

Vera, a little surprised at the sudden movement, quickly softened and returned the embrace, placing one hand between Caitlyn’s shoulder blades and the other on the back of her head which started to softly stroke her hair.

“Hey, it’s OK, darling. It’s OK. Come. Let’s leave the hallway.” With that, Vera opened the door to Caitlyn’s apartment and without breaking the hug (not that Caitlyn was in anyway going to let her), edged them both through the door and closed it behind.

The embrace lasted for another minute or two. Minutes of absolute bliss to Caitlyn, who, while breathing in the smell of Vera’s hair and gripping her sides, was letting out a slight stream of joyous tears. She did not want it to end. However, she’d had a small moment of clarity through the balloon of awe and attraction and realised it was time to detach. She showed Vera in, removed her coat then followed.

Vera led Caitlyn over to her sofa and sat her down. She knelt in front of her and looked deep into her eyes with her own. Full of kindness and warmth that filled Caitlyn.

“Are you sure you are OK, Caitlyn?”

This time Caitlyn managed to respond, “Y, Yes, I’m fine. Thank you, Vera. Thank you so very much.” And with that she embraced her again, this time for a somewhat shorter period. “I think I know what your classes are for now.” Caitlyn said with a slight grin in one corner of her mouth.

Vera giggled, “Yes. They do help with bad men.”

Vera stood back up now seeing the blood on her own sweater from her cheek. “I will return very quickly OK? I’ll just go to clean this up.”

“No! Don’t go!” Caitlyn pleaded, sitting forward extending her arm and taking Vera’s hand in hers. “Please stay. I need you…I, I mean, I’ll help you.”

She pulled on Vera’s hand, and directed her down onto the sofa next to her. Vera obliged, noticing the eagerness in Caitlyn’s tone. “Please. Here, let me help you.”

Caitlyn left the sofa and hurried over to the kitchen where took a clean cloth from the drawer and wet it. She returned to the sofa with the cloth, disinfectant, a large Band-Aid and a bowl of ice. She found Vera where she had left her lightly touching her cheek investigating the damage for herself. Vera noticed the cloth and extended out her hand with a “Thank you, Caitlyn.”

Caitlyn refused to give Vera the cloth saying, “Please, Vera, it’s the very least I could do to thank you.”

She sat next to her and very gently cleaned Vera’s face. Caitlyn did it with such carefulness that Vera barely felt anything; until the cloth passed over the actual split in her cheek where she felt a sharp sting. Vera hardly winced, just simply closed her eyes with a slight force. However, it was enough for Caitlyn to notice, “Oh, I’m sorry. ” Almost instinctively, without even a moment of contemplation, Caitlyn leaned over and placed her lips on Vera’s cheek, as a mother would their child. Caitlyn kissed Vera’s cut with such softness that it sent a shiver down Vera’s spine. Vera shuddered and let out a deep breath. Caitlyn kept her lips on Vera’s cheek and lightly kissed the cut a few more times, each more tender then the last, before another moment of clarity crept into her mind. As she realised what she was doing, she sprung back a little on the sofa and looked at Vera with a combination of shock and embarrassment.

“I, I’m sorry… I’m not entirely sure why I did that.” But Caitlyn knew exactly why she had.

Her attraction to Vera was obviously out of her control now, and she was starting to act on instinct. This was a totally foreign area for her. Not only had she never lost this much control of her actions before, she also had never felt an attraction like this to anyone before, let alone a woman; an incredibly sexy, brave, intoxicating goddess of a woman. Who she’d do anything to make love to right there and then in a frenzy of passion and… “Oh god woman! Get a bloody grip on yourself!” Caitlyn sternly told herself in her mind. But it was of little use. Wild scenes of erotic pleasure with Vera were now playing out through Caitlyn’s mind. She found herself drifting her gaze down Vera’s neck to her torso, admiring her perfectly shaped breasts. Even through her blood stained sweater she could make out the lace outlines of Vera’s bra. The sight of this amazing woman who had just battled for her protection and the thoughts running through her head together made Caitlyn’s breath stagger and sent a wave of wetness into her vagina which was now starting to pulsate quite strongly.

New Years Eve started out fairly relaxed for my wife Melody and I. We had our friends Ava and Levi meet at our house for happy hour drinks to get out of “kid-mode” and into “fun-care-free-mode” before heading out on the town for the night. Ava had an idea that things could get interesting during the night so she brought along “Wanda”, her large vibrating wand, clit stimulating cream and some small brass Benwa balls, just to be prepared. Oh, and some crackers and cheese for later.

Ava showed up to our house wearing a sexy short blue dress with blue stiletto heeled shoes, black thigh high stockings and a black garter belt that she borrowed from Melody and was visible from the back while she was walking. Her shoulder length black hair was worn down and had a slight curl.

Melody wore a tight black and white dress that was about mid-thigh in length. She wore her chin length blonde hair very straight. Melody had on a pair of black fish net thigh highs and some bright red high heels that matched her finger nails. Both women looked great and, as they announced to us men, neither one was wearing any panties.

Dinner was at a new restaurant in town that was small, intimate and had the perfect lighting to set the mood for the evening. Portions were small but the drinks were good and the conversation was fun. It set the tone for a good night ahead.

After dinner we headed to a local strip club for some entertainment and to have a little fun. It was still early so when we walked in the dancers swarmed. Ava and Levi found a small blonde girl that led them to a private booth to perform a couples dance. While they were gone my wife and I talked to a tall brunette that offered to dance for Melody while I watched. We were led to some chairs near the middle of the club, but still out in the open, and we sat down. She began to dance for Melody and then slipped between her thighs and spread her legs open. The dancer looked to me a little surprised when she saw Melody’s exposed pussy right in her face. There weren’t a lot of people around but those who were nearby got a nice shot of Melody’s smooth pussy lips while she seemed to enjoy giving them a show. The stripper spent plenty of time between Melody’s legs, licking her thighs and staring into her crotch, before the dance ended and we headed back to our table.

Ava and Levi finished their couples dance and then got a dance by the brunette as well. Ava’s legs were also spread wide for the dancer, exposing her freshly shaved pussy to all. Levi looked nervous that some men were getting a free show but Ava just looked at him with a smile that calmed him down. Again, the stripper spent plenty of time between Ava’s parted legs, getting a great view of her slit. When Ava came back to the table she asked if Levi and I were hard, knowing we must have been. At that point we were all ready to head home and have some more fun.

On the car ride back to our house Levi sat close to Ava in the back seat and soon began to finger her. Ava’s stocking covered thighs were spread slightly to let him in while Melody sat in the front seat with her dress pulled up enough to expose her vagina as well. I ran my fingers along the outside of her soft, wet lips while glancing in the back to see Ava and Levi enjoying themselves.

Back at the house we popped some champagne at midnight and had a toast. Ava and Levi took a seat on our couch while Melody and I stood before them, backs to our fireplace. I began to kiss Melody while pulling up her dress and running my fingers across her soft slit in front of our friends. Meanwhile, Levi had begun to kiss Ava while she slowly started parting her legs in front of us. It was obvious that things were heating up and that there was more to come.

After a few more minutes of messing around and all of us getting more turned on, Melody turned to Ava and asked her if she wanted to head upstairs. We had talked before about the possibility of the girls playing together but nothing was set up for sure. Ava looked nervous and began to talk about the possibilities. She wanted to do it but was worried about how things would be after the fact. We could all tell she wanted to play with Melody but that she was waiting for someone to make a decision for her. Finally, Melody and I told her that we should go upstairs to the bedroom and see what would happen. I think at that point she realized she was about to eat vagina.

Once upstairs both girls headed to separate bathrooms to freshen up and then we all met around our bed. The lights were dimly lit and the blinds were closed. Ava still looked nervous and she told us her limits; only Melody could touch her and only she would be touching her husband. We all readily agreed that it was a good idea to clear things up ahead of time.

Ava led Melody to the side of the bed and told her to take a seat on the edge of the white comforter. Melody did so, laid back and spread her legs open for the other couple. I could tell that she was more than thrilled to finally be showing off her spread pussy to both of them. Ava knelt before her neatly tucked away vagina that featured a larger pair of outer lips while keeping all else hidden inside. You could now see Melody’s short black pubic hair that she had shaved into the shape of a triangle with the point stopping just above her slit.

Melody had never had her pussy eaten by another woman before so she tried to lay back and enjoy the pleasure she was about to receive. Ava started by running her tongue up Melody’s shaved lips to open them up a bit and get to her clit. She lapped at her slit a few times but once she found her hard clit at the top of her opening she began to gently suck. Melody bucked her hips slightly when Ava locked onto her hard button, pulling her clit out into the open.

While this was happening I was up near Melody’s head, kissing her hard. After slowly licking and sucking Melody’s clit for some time Levi whispered that Ava should run a finger inside of Melody. Ava eased one finger into her warm and soft vagina, trying to make slow movements so that Melody would relish the feeling and want more. Melody began to get even wetter, coating Ava’s finger with her wetness, as she moaned into my mouth. I knew she was building to an orgasm and Ava did too as her juices began to flow more freely and her pussy made beautiful wet noises. Melody rocked her hips slightly and told me that it felt so good.

Ava then wanted her turn to be pleasured by woman; this would be her first time as well. We all switched positions with Ava ending up on the edge of the bed. She pulled up her sexy blue dress and exposed a fully shaved pussy to us. We both looked at her vagina, which had many folds, while Melody used her hands to spread Ava’s black stocking covered thighs even wider. Her pussy opened wider for us and Melody began to explore her long lips with her tongue. She ran her tongue up Ava’s soft and wet slit to find her hard clit and tried to tease her by swirling her tongue around it. Her clit was already hard and Melody wasted no time teasing her. While Melody had her face buried in Ava’s hot sex Levi was making out with Ava, trying to get a taste of Melody’s pussy juices still smeared on her lips.

Melody’s dress was hiked up above her ass so while she was concentrating on pleasuring Ava I slipped a finger into her soaked pussy from behind. She moaned into Ava’s vagina and began to rock back onto my finger, pushing me into her g-spot. I tried to capture the scene in my head, Melody slightly fucking herself on my finger, her head between Ava’s creamy thighs while Levi was rubbing her chest and kissing her. There was so much sex in the room it was overwhelming. We were all very turned on at that point and the room even smelled like sex.

Ava then announced that she wanted to be fucked by her husband. Melody slowly pulled away from Ava’s now glistening pussy lips, still spread slightly from the tongue that was deep inside of her. Melody turned to me for a kiss, giving me a smell and taste of Ava’s pussy. Ava stood up, her dress still above her hips and juices all over her thighs, grabbed her vibrator “Wanda” and led Levi to the couch in our bedroom.

I pushed Melody onto the edge of the bed knowing that she wanted to cum right then. I slid between her wet thighs, smelling Ava’s perfume, and began to lick her protruding clit. I circled her hard button a few times and then dipped my tongue deep into her spread opening. Melody moaned loudly before telling me to lick her clit again. I looked up at her and saw she was looking towards the action on the couch while still whimpering as I got near her clit again. Soon, she was panting rhythmically, getting louder and louder. She came hard, all over my face, her juices running fast and coating her thighs while I tried to lick up as much of it as I could.

I stood up and looked towards Ava and Levi. His pants were pulled slightly down and he stood in front of Ava while she sucked his cock sitting on the edge of the couch. Her legs were spread wide and we could see she was holding “Wanda” directly on her clit with one hand while she held onto the base of Levis cock with the other. She expertly fed on his dick, taking him deep in her mouth and then licking and playing with the tip. When she pulled back far enough we could see his hard cock was coated with her saliva.

Melody began to unbuckle my pants while I was still watching the hot blow job in front of me. I was hard and dripping pre-cum that was soaking my own cock. We had talked about having same room sex with another couple before but now that it was happening it was even more exciting than I had imagined. Melody pulled my dick out and said “I want you to fuck me”, as she lay back on the bed, spread her legs and pulled her heels up to her ass. In this position her pussy was spread wide open in front of me, exposing her hard clit and pink opening. I ran my cock up her slit to spread my leaking juices on her and then pushed forward to finally bury myself deep into her. Melody let out a long moan and said “it feels so good, fuck me hard” as I began to thrust into her. Because we were still on the edge of the bed we could easily see the couch and the action going on there as well.

Both Ava and Levi looked pretty worked up after seeing us begin to fuck. Ava pulled her mouth off of his hard cock, hiked her dress up further and lay back with her legs spread open on the edge of the couch. Ava said “give me your cock” in such a way that we all knew she wanted to be fucked hard. She reached out and grabbed his dick, guiding it into her soaked and exposed pussy. We heard her wetness as he pushed deeper into her while she began to moan about how good it felt. We both watched his hard cock disappear into her folds and could see Ava’s pussy grip his dick tight. I felt my own cock twitch inside of Melody watching this scene, I felt like I could cum any second.

Melody must have felt that I was close as well because she scooted up off of my dick, told me to lie at the head of the bed and began to climb on top, her hot ass facing me. I realized she was doing this to prolong our session, to get a better view of the action on the couch AND to be able to show off her pussy taking my cock deep. She sank back on her bent knees, reached between her legs and guided me into her wetness. Her dress was folded up around her waist, giving me a great view of her ass and our friends a great view of her fucking me. I felt her hand reach for my balls but she quickly moved her fingers to my cock sliding into her and eventually to her rock hard clit.

While concentrating on Melody’s ass I heard “Wanda” get louder and Ava begin to moan. I looked around Melody to see Ava with her vibe pushed tight to her clit while Levi fucked her hard. He was standing up as her ass hung off the couch. He held her legs up so that her heels were near his face and he pounded his cock into her. Ava reached with her free hand to pull her tits out of her dress, showing us that she was also bra-less. Her full white breasts and large, bright red, nipples were bouncing to the beat of their sex. Melody and I both moaned loudly at this sight, both barely hanging on now.

At last I told Melody that I was going to finish. She murmured back that she wanted me to fill her up with my hot cum, all the while staring at Ava and Levi and breathing loudly. I tensed up and pushed as deep into Melody as I could, feeling each spurt of my orgasm rush into her hot cunt. Again and again I groaned as I pushed everything I had up inside of Melody. She screamed a loud “YES,” threw her head back and I felt her pussy tighten around me as she came again. I laid there panting as I felt my cum begin to run out of Melody’s pussy and down my shaft. Melody was exhausted as well from fucking me hard cowboy style and fell on her back onto me as my dick slid out of her spread opening.

We both laid there and watched as Ava screamed for Levi to “not stop” and to “keep his cock right there”. We knew she was about to cum by her screams and how red her face and tits were. Her orgasm quickly exploded through her with her legs pushing back into Levi and her head flung back and her eyes closed tight. Levi was pushed over the edge at the same time. We could see her pussy pulse around his cock as she came all over it and he came in it. They both moaned loudly as they came together, their juices mixing to make a frothy mixture around Ava’s opening. Levi sank down next to Ava on the couch, her pussy wide open and bright red from the pounding and the beginning of Levi’s white cum beginning to drip down out of her sex.

After we all caught our breath, we looked at each other and started to laugh. The girls both had large messes running from their vaginas so they announced they would clean up while Levi and I decided it was time to get more champagne and to prepare the cheese and crackers we had forgotten about.

Laura opened her eyes to the bright light of a sunny spring day. The early morning rays warmed her face through the thin flowery curtains of her bedroom. She stretched and reached over to the small side table to get her watch. 7:00 am, time to get up and make the day begin. But five more minutes she thought, five more minutes of me time. She smiled, her hand slipped down her body and under her thin slip and she laid back and closed her eyes again.

Laura had only moved into her new house two months ago. It was, as so many are, just an ‘average’ small house on a typical housing development in pretty much ‘anytown’. It was Laura’s first house and it had taken a good few years for her to save enough money for the deposit and rise enough in her job to be able to afford the mortgage.

At 33 she was single and had been single for the majority of her adult life. There had been the odd man from time to time, but none had stayed around long enough to be anything other than a passing dalliance. She had enjoyed the intimacy, she had enjoyed the company and the pleasures of doing things together, but none had given her any reason to think long term commitment.

07:20 it had been a long five minutes, but the pleasure of her orgasm had been worth the slight delay to the start of her day. Sliding out of the duvet, she put on her furry slippers and walked downstairs.

A while later Laura was ready for work. She looked at her self in the hall mirror. Her suit was smart, a charcoal wool outfit with a pale cream blouse and slight heels. Laura dressed conservatively and to cover her bust and her bottom. Her bottom, it was the one thing about her body that she was very conscious of. It was too big and she did not like the fact she was ‘bottom heavy’.

As a teenager, it had not been too big, but a decade of a job mostly spent sitting down had not helped it remain ideal. To her friends she would describe it as the “JLo arse” and laugh, but truth be said, she really did not like it and did her best to hide it. Laura combed her light brown hair, applied just a touch of a discrete lipstick and left the house for work.

The walk to the office was something Laura enjoyed – well enjoyed on fine days like today when the plants were blooming and the air had just a hint of warmth about it. She turned the corner to the estate and saw, standing at the bus stop a solitary figure waiting for the bus. She smiled as she walked past and the woman gave a friendly warm smile in acknowledgement.

The day passed quickly and in what seemed like no time at all, she was walking home again. Her now usual route normally took about half an hour at a brisk pace, but today was a day more to amble home and take some of the quieter streets to avoid the bustle and the noise of the main roads and more importantly for Laura, to take in the fresh sights of Spring, her favourite season.

Ahead of her, carrying some shopping in carrier bags, she saw the woman from the morning. Both her hands were full and she seemed to be struggling carrying everything. Laura thought it would be nice to help.

“Hello, can I give you a hand?”

The woman looked at her and then in a moment of recognition replied,

“Yes please, that would be lovely. I always buy more than I can carry – tummy bigger than eyes is me – always been my trouble. Can you take these two?”

She laughed in an easy manner, and Laura laughed to and she took the two bags from the woman.

“Oh I’m the same, I always seem to buy more than I can carry.”

“Thank you for helping, it’s much appreciated.”

“Not a problem, no worries. You can’t live that far from me and it’s no hardship helping and carrying a few bags.”

The woman looked at her and smiled. Laura felt a tingling in her stomach.

“I haven’t seen you around the estate much, are you new here?”

“Yes, I only moved in a few weeks ago. It’s a nice area – I like it.”

“Yes, it’s quite quiet actually. I live in one of the cul-de-sacs and it’s lovely and peaceful and most people are happy just to leave you alone and get on with their own lives.”

Laura took a sideways glance at her.

“I’m Laura by the way, nice to meet you. In fact, you are the first person on the estate I’ve actually spoken to.”

“Angela. Nice to meet you Laura, oh and welcome to Chestnut Windmills.”

“Thank you Angela, I always thought that was a funny name for an estate.”

“Well, once upon a time there were Windmills at the top of the main road in and there are a few Chestnut trees left – though the developers did dig half of them up to build the damned thing!”

Laura laughed again. She was quite enjoying Angela’s easy company and by now they were getting close to the estate.

“You don’t have to help me to my door Laura, I will be fine.”

“Not at all, really, I am delighted to help. To be honest, I’m enjoying your company.”

They walked together for another few minutes until they got to Angela’s door.

“Thanks for helping – would you like to come in for a cup of tea or coffee?”

“No, I’m fine, that’s kind of you to ask, but I’m fine really.”

“No, I insist. The least I can do is offer you a cup of something for being so helpful.”

Angela smiled at Laura and for the first time Laura looked at her face properly. Angela was about 55, maybe closer to 60. She had blond hair, a sweet smile and a friendly open demeanor. Laura also could not help but notice now that Angela also had an enormous bust. It was huge. Angela had been wearing a long Mac type coat and it had hidden most of her shape. Angela was wearing a teal dress, though very stylish, did nothing to hide the fact she was also quite obviously very overweight. Laura did think that her weight did not really show on her face as much as it does with some larger people.

Angela opened the front door and they stepped in to her house.

“Just leave the shopping by the door, i”ll put it away later. Go sit down in the living room – tea or coffee? milk? sugar?”

“Tea please, no sugar, I’m watching my weight.”

The last part just seemed to slip out without thinking. Laura felt so embarrassed and hoped she hadn’t caused offence.

Angela replied, calling from the kitchen,

“I stopped worrying about that years ago.”

She returned, with a tray carrying two mugs of tea and a tray of assorted biscuits.

“Here, just dig in, help your self.”

“Thanks Angela. Umm, biscuits are my weakness, very moorish.”

Angela had sat down at the other end of the sofa and was happily dunking her biscuits in to a cup of tea. Laura looked around the room. It was pretty enough, tastefully decorated in pastels; understated, calming and elegant in it’s way.

“You have a lovely home Angela, it’s really cosy.”

“Thank you. I like it. I”m not a big collector of things and as there’s only me, I have not tended to have gathered too much junk and stuff along the way.”

There was something about Angela that Laura found very sweet and charming. Laura could not place her finger on it. She had been very welcoming and.. That was it; there was no pretence about her. Laura liked that. She liked the fact that Angela seemed very much to be a “what you see is what you get” kind of person. They spoke in idle chit chat for half an hour and the more they talked, the more Laura found her self liking Angela’s easy way and charming, almost sensual smile.

After the tea was drunk and the biscuits eaten, Laura made a move to leave.

“Thank you Angela, that was lovely but I think it’s time I was going.”

Angela nodded, smiled yet another beaming smile and attempted to rise from the sofa. It seemed to take her some effort that Laura noticed.

“Are you OK Angela?”

“Yes, I’m fine Laura, it’s just that lugging these around is hard on the knees.”

She’d clasped her hands to her bosom and signed slightly.

“Too much weight really, I’m too big and they get in the way. It’s not fun being my age and so big.”

Laura looked at Angela, not knowing quite what to say. She thought it best to come out with what she was thinking.

“You’re not that old Angela, but yes, they are indeed quite a pair.”

“I know, me and them go way back. We’ve had a lot of fun along the way, but that’s all a long time ago now. They’re just baggage now.”

Laura laughed awkwardly and then to cover the moment said,

“Funny, I’m reminded of the words of a song “use your body in every way you can”, or something like that. Anyway, nice meeting you Angela, we should meet up again for tea.”

“Yes that would be nice Laura. Thanks again for your help.”

As Laura put her coat on, Angela was standing behind her and though Laura had her back to her, she felt very conscious of Angela looking at her, almost studying her. It made Laura feel very self conscious. She turned to face her.

“Thanks again for the tea Angela.”

“Thanks for your help. Bye Laura.”

“Bye Angela.”

Laura turned and stepped out of Angela’s home. She was smiling at the unexpectedness of the meeting and the pleasantries that had followed. As she turned the corner she glanced back over her shoulder and was sure she saw the shadow of Angela standing by the living room curtains. A trick of the light Laura thought as she walked the few streets home thinking about Angela.

It was nice to talk to someone new and she seemed a friendly sort. Laura also thought that it must be hard to carry around such a heavy bust and being so overweight must be hard on the knees. She felt a moment of empathy for her. Laura had a DD bust her self and finding suitable office clothing was at times a challenge – even more so to wear something attractive but without being revealing, or worse, frumpy. As she turned the corner to her quiet road she put thoughts of Angela to the back of her mind and thought of diner. The chicken casserole she had taken from the freezer before she left in the morning was a most welcoming thought. That, a few small potatoes and a salad would do her fine. The walk through the setting sun had been a little chilly and the sky was clouding over. It looked like it was going to rain.

Rain… well that was an understatement. The next morning the wind was howling and the rain lashing her bedroom windows. Laura woke before the alarm clock had gone off and she lay their quietly enjoying the warmth of her winter duvet.

Half asleep her left hand slipped down to touch her nipple. She lay on her right side and slowly she pulled her knees upwards into the fetal position. She squeezed her left nipple harder and felt the tingling sensation begin between her legs. With one leg gently moving on top of the other, Laura aroused herself and then, when the moment felt good, she moved her left hand to her bottom and started squeezing her left cheek very hard.

Laura loved to feel the sensation of her nails digging in to her flesh as she orgasmed. She rolled on to her back, her left hand held underneath her, and her right hand slipped between her legs into her depths of her pubic hair and to her clitoris. Slowly she tweaked her favorite spot, occasionally dipping her fingers into her vagina to draw the wetness up to her clitoris. Her orgasm was deep and intense, made more so by the nails that dug hard into her left cheek. She let out soft murmurings and then, when her orgasm abated, she returned to her side.

The intense feeling made by digging her nails into her bottom were been replaced by a dull ache of pain, overlaid by a stinging sensation when she rubbed her fingers over the slightly torn skin. It felt slightly wet – she had dug so hard she had broken the skin deep enough to draw forth plasma. As she rubbed her bottom she chided herself a little for being too vigorous, but then as she lay there in post orgasmic endorphin haze, rubbing her bruised flesh, her fingers slipped lower to the opening of her bottom.

Laura had always enjoyed the sensations of her bottom. From being a young teen, she had discovered a certain pleasure in touching it when she masturbated. Over the years she had explored a little with her partners this aspect of her sexual side, but never anything more than caressing the entrance to her rosebud with a fingertip

Alone though, it was different. As she touched her bottom this particular morning, her mind drifted back to thoughts of Angela. For a moment she wondered what it would be like to see Angela’s naked body.

What would her breasts feel like? What would she look like with no clothes? Her fingers dug deeper into her rear opening, her thoughts becoming more erotic. What would it be like to hold them? I wonder if she touches herself? What did she mean when she said she used to have fun?

The fingers dug deeper into her bottom forcing apart her tight opening, reaching for what lay within. Laura started to feel the sensations of an intense orgasm building from within her. She pushed against the invading fingers trying to expel them whilst her hand reached down and tugged at her pubic hair. The conflicting sensations of contracting muscles and pulled skin and heavily tugged hair gave her the most intense orgasm Laura had experienced in a long time.

She rolled on her back, kicked the duvet of the bed and lay there, legs spread open, fingers still deep inside her bottom and her hand rubbing furiously over her now sodden pubic thatch. She pushed all her fingers deep into her vagina, rubbing harder and more vigorously than before and then, when she though she could take no more, there came a shuddering orgasm that had her spilling her wetness over the sheet.

She withdrew the fingers from her bottom and holding them in front of her face, she studied them. They had been made slick by the juices of her vagina and darkened by the more musky contents of her rectum and then, closing her eyes, she put her fingers into her mouth and sucked them.

The taste was all Laura; a mixture of flavours, all different, all familiar and all to her liking. She felt dirty, depraved, wanton and full of self centered lust. It was her moment of utter self indulgence and one that, with the recent stresses of house moves and such like, had not been experienced for a few months. Laura lay there for a few moments longer, then almost reluctantly got up to get ready for work. She took a rearwards look at her bottom in the full length wardrobe mirror. Still to fat she said to herself and now, complete with nail scratches and deep red raw nail indentations.

“So what, who”s to know?”

She said to herself as she walked to the shower. She left the duvet on the floor and the waste smeared sheets to dry. As she walked to the shower, she felt rather slutty and rather pleased with herself. For once, she felt quite good about her big bottom, that something she did not like about her self, could at least give her intense dirty pleasure.

But that moment did not last long as Laura was overcome with a wave of self loathing and disgust at her behaviour. She stood in the shower, tears running down her face; forever in conflict at the inner torment she felt when ever she touched her bottom and had as she called them, “those fantasies.” The stinging from the nail scratches and the dull ache of her bruised bottom compounded her sense of feeling very dirty and abnormal. The strong taste in her mouth could not be disguised by mouthfuls of water swilled from the shower.

After a long shower and a hastily grabbed breakfast, Laura got herself ready for work. Her morning’s orgasmic pleasure had been overlaid by a sense of deep gloom, made worse by the stormy day. She dressed in a hurry, fought with her clothing and then finally, when she was in a “fit state for work”, she stood at the hallway mirror and looked at herself.

She felt so confused. Her morning’s fantasy had been particularly vivid and obscene and she had enjoyed it immensely. Yet, it caused her great conflict. Standing at the mirror, rain lashing at the door and wind howling she opened her mouth, poked her tongue out and imagined something hot sliding slowly down her throat.

She did not wait for the other side of her mind to show its objection. She grabbed her car keys, slammed the door and walked out into the spring gale.

Laura had decided that it was too miserable and stormy to walk so instead she took her little car. She looked to see if Angela was at the bus stop and was a little disappointed to see no one waiting there. The drive to work took about twenty five minutes – much slower than normal because the rain meant more people on the roads than a sunny day. Laura, for the most part, enjoyed her job.

As a buildings facilitator there was always plenty to do and more than enough to keep her busy. She was strict about her lunch hour though and always made time to break her day with a meal. She worked for a medium sized company on a shiny new business park – the sort with fake fountains, slate standing stones and ornamental ponds. On sunny days she would go and sit on the benches near one of these fountains and eat her sandwiches.

Mostly her job was straight forward, but from time to time she had to deal with annoying situations and irritating peoples. Her colleagues were mostly the IT sort and far from the perceived stereotype of “geeky”, were an interesting bunch who were quite happy to talk about their hobbies and lives. Though a young company, it was one that employed peoples across all the age bands and it made for a balanced and friendly place to work. Laura felt that she one of the quiet ones. It wasn’t that she kept her self to her self, it was more that she felt at times she did not do that much outside of work.

Lunch that day was taken in a dry canteen rather than huddled on a sodden bench. She sat with her colleagues and listened to their conversations and joined in where she could, but Laura was distracted. When ever the conversations paused, her mind drifted back to thoughts of Angela. Laura had never really been interested in women in a sexual way before, but for the first time, when she thought about a woman, when she thought about Angela, she felt herself become aroused.

It was a strange kind of feeling and one that surprised her. For not only was Laura sexually aroused by thoughts of Angela, she also felt real butterflies in her stomach at just saying her name in her head.

Laura needed to pee. She made her excuses and went to the toilet. Of the four cubicles, two were empty and one had tape over it indicating it was out of use. Laura chose the cubicle furthest from the door, “her” cubicle, the one she always used in this building. She lowered her skirt and her panties and sat down. The cold seat stung on her scratch marks from her early morning activities and she shifted her weight on to her right buttock. Laura had waited too long and the sensation from emptying her bladder was more one of intense relief than anything else.

She let out a slight groan and then, wiping herself she got up. As she pulled her underwear up, she felt the gusset rub against her clitoris and she felt the arousal in her body reach the point where she needed to do something about it. So there, in that, her favorite closet, for the first time ever at work, she masturbated.

She held her breath and quickly, as time was pressing and her lunch hour almost over, she brought herself to a sudden and intense orgasm. Her legs spasmed, the long muscles of her legs fluttering as her fingers rubbed her clitoris hard and then just after the moment of orgasm she called out ever so quietly the name of her dirtiest fantasy; Angela.

Laura quickly wiped the wetness from her labia, pulled her panties and skirt up went to wash her hands. She walked back to her desk, her sexual tension for now abated, but her thoughts very much obsessing on this woman, who less than 24 hours before was a complete stranger. She thought how ridiculous this was. I’m not a lesbian, I don’t fancy women, I never have, so what is it with this woman that has me so turned on? Laura had never been infatuated before – there had never been a “school girl” crush or obsession, but Laura felt something new and something different and it quite worried her.

The rest of the day passed slowly, in fact, time dragged until 5:30. Laura left the offices and drove the short journey home in darkening skies with just the hint of a break in the clouds.

“What shall I have for diner tonight then?”

Laura asked out aloud in the car.

“Aah, I know, a pasty will hit the spot.”

So, a slight detour to the local convenience store was made and several pasties and a bag of salad were bought. On her way out of the shop she saw Angela on the other side of the road She was walking in the direction of home.

She called out to her.

“Angela… Angela… hello.”

No response. Quickly, Laura put the food on the back seat of the car, took off her jacket and pulled out of the car park. She stopped opposite Angela and lowered the window.

“Hi Angela, do you need a lift home?”

“Oh hi Laura, oh that would be lovely. I”ve been on my feet all day. That would be great.”

Laura drove a small hatchback car and by the time Angela got in Laura and Angela”s proximity could best be described as “cosy”.

“It’s a fair old walk home from here Angela I thought you might have taken the bus.”

“Oh no, the bus from here takes such a daft route to our place that it’s actually quicker to walk. I’m just a bit tired today, I didn’t sleep much last night.”

Laura quickly looked across at Angela who was looking ahead. Laura noticed that Angela was wearing a dark green dress with quite a plunging V neck. Her cleavage was impressive. In fact, as Laura came to reflect upon later, it was probably the longest cleavage she had ever seen.

“Where do you work Angela?”

“I work in the plus size underwear store in the Lanes. I am what they call the “perfect roll model” for the products.”

She laughed openly and smiled at Laura and through the corner of her eye Laura could see her breasts giggle heavily at her laughter and the movement of the car over bumps.

“There’d be no point in having a skinny-minny A cup trying to advertise J and K size bras. That would be a bit daft.”

Laura glanced sideways again to see Angela smiling to herself. Laura thought how comfortable Angela was with her body and her body image and with another sideways glance her eyes dropped down to the thick rolls of her tummy and her legs. For all her top weight, Laura noticed that Angela had slim legs and she was wearing a very decent pair of heeled shoes. In fact, the whole ensemble made Angela very attractive – sexy almost.

Laura tried to concentrate on driving, but there, yet again was a tingling within her body that was both new and unexpected. Driving in the stop-start-traffic was having a very stimulating effect upon Laura. The small car, with it’s firm suspension was arousing her clitoris in ways that were making Laura feel heady.

“How was your day Laura?”

“Oh it was fine. Nothing special really, I manage one of the buildings on the new business park and there’s always something that needs doing.”

“That sounds interesting – more fun than my job I suspect.”

Laura didn’t reply for a moment, then she said,

“I guess the recession has hit your business.”

“Yes it has, but funnily enough the kind of customers we have aren’t the sort who are worried about spending 100 pounds on a bra and pant set. A lot of it is repeat business and it’s OK actually.”

“Oh good, pleased to hear it.”

“Maybe you should try it Laura, you are certainly typical of the type of customers who need a decent bra – what are you; an E?”

Laura blushed slightly.

“DD actually.”

Laura felt Angela’s eyes studying her bosom.

“Ummm, I think you’ll find that you are wearing the wrong bra. I can see the strap lines digging in to your shoulder and I can see the bra is too tight around your ribs. Maybe you should come in for a fitting.”

Laura felt a little uncomfortable. She felt awkward having this conversation with someone little more than a stranger and someone who gave her butterflies in her stomach. Laura also realised she was completely dripping wet between her legs. She felt that the gusset of her pants were completely sodden and when she moved her legs slightly, just for a moment she thought she smelt her own secretions. She closed her legs tightly and wished the journey to end.

Angela spoke.

“Here, I’ll give you my card – we also do home fittings you know and if you would like, I can come over to yours, or you can come to mine and we can do a proper fitting in private.”

“Thanks Angela, I’ll bear that in mind for the future.”

Laura felt a sense of relief when they pulled in to their estate and more so when she parked the car outside Angela’s house.

“Thanks for the lift Laura, much appreciated.”

Angela’s smiled a big beaming smile at Laura. Angela had few lines and her eyes were a beautiful light grey. She had a few freckles on her cheeks and for a woman in her late fifties looked very good. As she bent down to say good bye, her green dress gaped open and Laura saw for the first time the enormous size of Angela’s bust. It took her all her efforts not to stare. Angela smiled at her.

“Do you want to come in and share some diner?”

“No thanks Angela, that’s very kind of you, but that’s OK.”

“Another time then?”

“Yes, sure, that would be nice.”

Some part, deep within Laura’s brain started yelling at her.

“Ok then, bye Laura.”

“Bye Angela, see you soon.”

Laura closed the window and turned the car around.

“Stupid woman, what were you thinking?”

She said it out loud in the car. Then, in an impulsive moment, she pulled the car over to the side of the road, grabbed her shopping, locked the car and walked the few steps back to Angela’s front door.

“What are fuck are you doing woman?”

She said it out loud to herself in the moments between ringing Angela’s door bell and waiting for her to answer. There was some delay before Angela answered the door. She had changed. Gone was the smart green dress, replaced with a light white cotton top and red leggings. She looked hot and flushed.

“Oh hi Laura, you ok?”

“Yes, I was thinking, I bought these pasties for diner and rather than you cook, we can have these.”

“Oh lovely, come in. Go in to the lounge. I’ll turn the oven on and we can eat in a while. Fancy a drink?”

“Tea please.”

“No, I meant another drink – wine, beer, spirits? Something with a bit of a go to it.”

“Oh I see.”

Yes, red wine if you’ve got it.

“Coming up.”

Laura sat her self in the same seat as yesterday evening and after a few minutes of noises of clattering cutlery and crockery, Angela emerged from the kitchen carrying two big full glasses of red wine.

“Wow, that’s a big glass.”

Angela giggled.

“It’s early, I know. I only have one glass a day… but it is a full glass!”

Laura laughed at Angela’s giggling and there was something of an endearing innocence about her. She felt very comfortable in the company of Angela, almost as if she had known her for years and not just a few hours.

“Do you have any family Angela?”

“No just me, I was never one for kids and the marriage thing. There’s been a few significant others as I like to call them along the way, but not for a good fifteen years now. I am slowly becoming that thing they used to call the Spinster of the Parish. How about you?”

“No, not at the moment, not for some time really. The last one was a man called Robert, but that was ten years ago now and to be honest, I haven’t seen anyone that interests me or is interested in me.”

Angela’s eyes took on a slightly mischievous look. She replied,

“Nothing wrong in being single. In fact, let’s have a toast!”

Raising her very full glass, she said in a proud and almost defiant voice,

“To single ladies… and all the shapes and sizes they come in.”

Laura stood, lifted her glass, chimed it gently against Angela’s.

“Indeed… to single ladies.”

“Right, where are the pasties. Time to stick them in the oven. Why don’t you take your jacket off Laura? Be comfortable.”

“Thanks I will.”

Laura, often self conscious about her own bust being as she would call it “on show”, was quite happy to remove her jacket in Angela’s house. There was something about being around Angela that she felt was very liberating. Angela stuck her head around the living room door just as Laura was taking her jacket off.

“Laps or table?”


“Do you want to eat on your lap or at the table?”

“Oh table will be better. I’ll only end up dropping something on your floor otherwise Angela and that would be embarrassing.”

“OK, table it is then.”

Five minutes later the food was served and Laura and Angela were seated at the table.

“It’s nice to have the company Laura, it’s been some time since I’ve shared a meal at home with anyone.

“How come?”

“Well I don’t have that big a social circle and since I’ve lived by myself most of my life, food is often a solitary affair. I’ve kind of gotten used to it and in some part it explains why I am big – I skip meals and eat rubbish a lot of the time. It’s more fun cooking for two and it’s something that I don’t have many single friends that are in to having a meal and chatting.”

Laura detected a note of sadness in Angela’s voice. She could not quite place what it was and rather than pussy foot around the subject she thought she might just as well come out with what she was thinking.

“Does it worry you being big? I mean, are you comfortable being your size?”

There was a long pause. Angela put her cutlery down and looking at Laura she said,

“There’s a lot of prejudice around big people. OK, I’m not huge, but I am a size 18 and I am at times self conscious. People can be cruel and they have been in the past. I tend to steer clear of those who judge – I have developed an almost instinctive sense of knowing who will judge and who will not.”

“I don’t judge you Angela.”

Angela looked hard at Laura. It was a completely open look that seemed to pierce Laura to her very core.

“Do you think that I would invite you in to my home if I thought you were going to judge me?”

Angela put her hand on Laura’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“You’ve taken me quite by surprise Laura, I wasn’t expecting a question like that, but thanks for asking. Am I that obviously shallow?”

“No, of course not.”

It was Laura’s turn to squeeze Angela’s hand. She squeezed again and something softened in Angela eyes and something showed that Laura had not seen before.

“You are very sweet Laura, it’s nice to have met you. Now come on, let’s eat this before it gets cold and then you can have the undivided attention of a professional boulder holder placer and fitter!”


“Yes of course. I noticed yesterday when you were carrying the bags that your shoulders were hunched up. I always keep samples with me at home, you need to try them before you damage your body with an ill fitting bra.”

They ate their diner talking about other things, mostly trivial and they agreed that of all the CSI series, Horatio Caine was the coolest character and definitely the most “shaggable”.

“I’ll put these in the kitchen Laura, you go sit down.”

Returning to the living room, Laura more slumped down on the sofa than sat down. The alcohol and the moment were making her feel quite heady.

Angela spoke from the bottom of the stairs,

“I’ll get my samples.”

Laura was nervous. After several more large gulps of wine and a couple of deep breaths she heard Angela call out from upstairs.

“I’ll be a couple of minutes. Close the curtains will you. We need privacy — don’t want to give the neighbours a show!.”

Indeed not Laura thought as she got up to close the curtains and when she returned to the sofa, Angela had started coming down the stairs with some bras in her hands.

“Right, I’ve got sizes 38 to 42 and DD to H. I’ve bought a few as every manufacturer is slightly different. Don’t be alarmed if you’re bigger or smaller than you think you are, most people are.”

“Err ok. You sure about this Angela?”

“Sure, come on, take your blouse off. You really haven’t got anything that I haven’t seen at least twenty times today already.”

Angela dropped the bras on one end of the sofa and Laura started to take her blouse off.

“I’m a bit nervous Angela. Ideally I would like to have showered before I did this. I don’t feel particularly clean.”

“Doesn’t matter, don’t worry, it’s not a problem.”

Laura didn’t feel particularly reassured by Angela’s comments, but oh well, she thought, what the hell. She does it for a job and tits are tits after all. She undid her bra and then Angela reached behind her.

“Here, let me help you. I can see already that the straps are cutting in to your shoulders. You’re like me -I think you’ll need the styles with slightly wider straps.”

Laura felt the bra release around her chest and then felt her bosom fall slightly as the support was taken away.

“Your bra is too tight. You do need a different size. That’s obvious to see. Put your arms down so I can see if your bust is symmetrical.”

And there stood Laura, in the living room of a woman, who until a day before was unknown to her, but who she had masturbated fantasizing over graphically over a number of times today already. She felt very exposed, very vulnerable but also extremely turned on. To her immense discomfort, Laura felt her nipples harden and goose bumps start to appear on her chest.

“It’s cold in here Laura, ill turn the heating up.”

Phew, she just thinks I’m cold. Laura felt a sigh of relief as Angela adjusted the thermostat and came back with a pale peachy lacy bra.

“Right, this one for starters. Lets try it on and see how it fits.”

“Ok, what size is it?”

“Never mind that for now, try it on.”

Laura threaded the bra through her arms and then Angela stood behind her and did it up. Laura was so conscious of Angela’s proximity. Never had a woman stood so close to her, never been so “intimate” with her in such a matter of fact way.

“How does it feel? Turn around, let me see.”

Angela gave an appraising look at Laura. This one is the right size around the ribs – you’re a 42 and this is a DD, but it’s too small as too tight. You need an E.”

“Bloody hell, really?”

“Yes Laura, you are a 42 E, not a 40DD. Also, we need to change the style and get you one with more padding on the front.”

“Oh, is it that obvious?”

“Well Laura, you are indeed blessed with long nipples and that requires a suitable bra -unless you want people to either stare at you or you go around with tissue paper stuffed in to your bra all day.”

“I do that most days anyway. At work I don’t take my jacket off, but it’s embarrassing having long nipples.”

As she spoke these words, Laura felt her nipples harden even more. She felt so many mixed emotions and one of them was most definitely a deepening sense of sexual arousal. Her clitoris was aching to be touched and she was feeling a heady mixture of alcohol and tiredness kicking in.

“Right, take that one off, I have the perfect one for you.”

Laura stood in the centre of Angela’s living room. She was not cold, but mercifully Angela was putting her increasing sense of arousal down to her being cold.

“Try this one.”

Angela stood behind Laura again and helped her do the clasps up. Angela put her fingers under the straps and pulled gently.

“Good fit at the shoulders”

Then she put her hands around Laura’s ribs.

“Yep, good fit here to – definitely a 42.”

Then she did something that Laura was not expecting.

Angela slid her arms between Laura’s and lifted her breasts up.

“Good, well supported.”

Laura thought it was just as well that Angela could not see her face. Angela’s hands had brushed against Laura’s nipples and in doing so she had felt the most intense flow of juices from her vagina. She felt sopping wet and she was so conscious that Angela could smell her sex.

“There, done. That will do for now.”

Angela walked in front of a barely composed Laura and smiled a big smile of professional satisfaction.

“See, I said you were the wrong size. What a difference it has made. You carry yourself much better now. How does it feel?”

“Fine I think. I do feel different and my breasts do feel much less restricted than before.”

“Good, you should be comfortable in your bra, not trussed up like a roasting bird.”

Laura laughed.

“Right, ill take it off then – how much do I owe you?”

“Nonsense Laura, this one is a sample; you can have it for free.”

“Oh no, I can’t do that.”

“Of course you can – how do you think we get so much repeat business – customer service darling, customer service!”

“I don’t know what to say – thanks Angela. ”

“Not a problem. There is matching underwear to go with it. What size are you?”

Laura could have died of embarrassment.

“I have a fat arse. I’m a 42.”

“That’s not fat at all – not compared to some of the err “arses” I see every day. I have different sizes here. Let me measure you properly and we’ll get you the right size. Compared to me, your bottom is a little peach.”

Laura blushed.

“No, I’d hardly call it that. I hate my bum, I’m so self conscious of it.”

Angela smiled at Laura in a reassuring way and Laura felt compelled to continue.

“I’ve always been self conscious of my bottom. I hate it. My big boobs are fine, but my bum makes me feel really self conscious.”

“Nonsense, what you need is an impartial second opinion.”

Laura looked at Angela. She felt very nervous and very exposed, but in some way what was happening to her was just what she needed.

“Take your skirt off Laura, ill measure you properly and you’ll see just how well proportioned you are.”

Laura felt compelled to comply. She undid the side zip and he skirt fell to the floor. She felt completely and utterly exposed, but more so than ever in her life, she felt that this was something she needed to do.

“Right, let me measure you.”

Angela, for ever the profession stood behind Laura and slipped the tape measure around her bottom. She felt very vulnerable and then she remembered her scratch marks. She felt suddenly afraid.

“42. Ok, not a small bum, but one in proportion to the rest of you.”

Angela stepped in front of Laura again. She looked straight at her, looked straight in to her eyes and said,

“Did you gouge your self?”

Laura’s eyes dropped downwards. She felt suddenly utterly exposed and totally vulnerable. She wanted to curl up in to a ball and hide. She felt ashamed and embarrassed, but compelled to answer. Angela had asked in such a way that not answering was impossible. She knew she could not lie either, that Angela would see straight through any mistruth. She spoke awkwardly,

“Yes, this morning.”

“Why, what happened – do you want to get dressed? do you want to talk about it?”

Laura looked at Angela. Her earlier sexual tensions had been replaced with a drying gusset and a sense of sexual arousal now returned to absolute zero and replaced with a sense of deep shame. She did not know what to do. Angela broke the awkward moment.

“Here, let me get you a robe.”

Angela walked up the stairs and as she did, Laura stood in the living room wondering how on earth she had got her self in to a position where this woman, with whom she had very intense sexual thoughts, was asking her about why she gouges her bottom with her nails. Part of hr felt like running home, but another deeper part felt compelled to stay. The two sides of Laura’s conflicted mind fought and all Laura felt was a rising tide of uncertainty. Too late to dress now though as Angela came down the stairs with a soft fluffy bath robe that Laura gratefully covered her self with.

“Come sit down Laura, talk to me.”

And she did, much to her great surprise, Laura found herself talking to this almost stranger about how she hated her body and just wanted to accept her self for who she is.

Angela listened to everything Laura said. She did not say a word. She listened, she smiled and nodded at times and she never, not for even a moment let her eye contact with Laura break.

“Do you ever like your bottom?”

Laura looked at Angela and Angela’s eyes burrowed deep in to her.



A long pause followed.

Angela smiled at her and nodded her head in understanding, encouraging her to continue.

“They look quite fresh though; did you do that last night?”

“No, this morning.”

“This morning?”

“Yes, I could not help myself. I was having this fantasy that made me feel very guilty and then I felt that I had to punish myself. It’s hard though, it’s so confusing that I hate my bottom, but it gives me pleasure.”

Angela smiled intently.

“What was so bad that you had to punish your self so hard? Those gouges must hurt.”

Laura blushed deeply. She felt the hot flush build until it radiated throughout her whole body. She was ashamed to say anything, How could she say that she was masturbating dreaming that her fingers were buried deep inside the pussy and bottom of the women sitting right in front of her.

“Nothing really. It was silly and something that doesn’t matter.”

Angela looked at her intently. Laura felt the flush grow even more intense. My god, she knows.

“Stand up Laura. Stand up.”

“Take the robe off.”

Laura did not know what to do, but she complied. She felt confused, conflicted, unsure and very uncertain of what might happen next.

“Please Laura, stand up.”

One side of Laura’s mind won; reluctantly she did.

“Take the robe off.”

She paused for a moment. She thought she was going to cry.

“Take the robe off Laura.”

There was such kindness in Angela’s voice that she just felt compelled to comply.

The robe slid off her shoulders and ended up in a crumpled heap around the floor.

“Take your bra off Laura”

Laura did. Averting her eyes from Angela and instead choosing to stare at the ceiling, she reached behind her back and without even thinking undid the clips and she let the bra drop to the floor to join the robe.

“Now take off your panties Laura.”

A jolt of reality hit Laura. She seemed to refocus and clarity returned.

“I can’t. I don’t know you and you are a woman and you are a stranger that I barely know.”

Angela looked at Laura and spoke.

“Laura, you are a beautiful sexy young woman who has a lovely, lovely body. You don’t need to be ashamed of it, you just need to learn to appreciate and not be shy of the pleasures it can give you. You don’t need to feel shame.”

Laura just stood still listening. Moments passed. Then, reaching down, she slid her fingers into her underwear and pulled them down. She felt tears begin to form in the corner of her eyes.

The gusset flipped forwards. Black panties tell their own tale, and the slippery secretions sticking to both her thick pubic hair and the gusset told their own story of recent deep arousal. As did the smell. It was so obvious the Laura had been aroused. There was the sweet smell of female sexual arousal from between Laura’s legs. Yet Laura’s face showed a different picture, of a woman in deep personal conflict.

Angela studied Laura intently.

“Turn around Laura, let me see your bottom.”

Reluctantly, Laura did.

“You know, all that I see when I look at you naked is a beautiful sexy woman who just needs to come to terms with her own body. I’ve said it already, but there is nothing wrong with you.”

Laura turned to face her, almost confrontational in stance and look. Tears streaked her face and she looked at Angela disbelieving everything she said.

Angela was leaning forwards on the chair with her chin resting on her hands. The top of her blouse gaped open revealing her deep cleavage. She continued to look directly at Laura, but said nothing.

“Yea, but I haven’t told you want I do with my bottom.”

“You said you scratch and gouge it.”

“”Yes and I do more.”

Laura looked almost defiantly at Angela, daring her to be disgusted or horrified at what she was saying.

“What do you do Laura?”

Laura stared at her.

“I stick my fingers deep in to my bottom when I finger myself. When I cum I like to have my fingers deep in my bottom and deep in my pussy.”

Angela looked at her. No reaction showed on her face. None at all.

“You find me disgusting don’t you?”

Angela said nothing. Laura felt angry. She wanted to tell Angela what she did. She had never told a living soul, but now, right here, she was angry and upset. She continued in a tone of voice wavering and full of angry emotion.

“Then, when I’ve cum, I put my fingers in my mouth and suck them.”

Angela said not a word.

“Did you hear me? I put my fingers into my bottom and suck them dry. I like it. But then afterwards I feel disgusted and I hate myself and I hate my body. I hate myself for being so disgusting.”

She paused. Angela sat watching her face intently. She continued.

“You must think I’m disgusting. I’m… I’m… sick.”

She reached down, pulled her pants up and almost choking back tears.

“This has been a terrible mistake. I have to go. Sorry Angela, you don’t need to hear any of this. Sorry, sorry.”

This was Angela’s cue to stand up. She moved towards Laura whilst she was pulling her underwear upwards, put her arms around her and held her.

“No Laura, I don’t think you’re sick at all. I think we all have sexual needs and we need to do those things that we enjoy. There’s no need to feel shame. Please don’t. And please, don’t go. Not now, not like this, Stay at least and have a cup of coffee.”

Laura felt herself sink into Angela’s arms. She started sobbing. The tears came falling down her face uncontrollably. She was naked, she felt raw and she felt emotionally spent.

“I feel so confused. I’ve never felt anything really for anyone and yesterday I felt something in you that I never felt before. You have no idea what I’ve been thinking today, or what I’ve been doing.”

Angela held her tighter and Laura became aware of the intimacy of their embrace. Angela kissed her on the side of her neck and then moved to break the embrace.

“Let me put the coffee on, get dressed if you want to, but really, you don’t have to.”

Laura put the robe on and for the second time that night she slumped in to the sofa. She was tired and empty, drained, but in some ways felt very different to how she felt even a hour before. Some part of her life that had been troubling her for so long was some how not the dark dirty secret she thought it to be; she had told someone and they had not screamed pervert! at her.

Angela returned with the Coffee.

“You know Laura, there is nothing wrong with enjoying your body or telling others how or what you enjoy. There is nothing wrong in what you desire. In fact, it’s something I do myself and others I know… I have done the same.”

The candor with which Angela spoke could not have surprised Laura more. She continued.

“I’ve enjoyed a full and varied sex life in my time. I’ve had men and women lovers and sometimes both at the same time. I have enjoyed my body in so many ways and I’m not shy of doing what I enjoy – even if others don’t approve or like it. So what, it’s my life and my body. “

Laura looked at her intently. Her mushy head was quickly refocusing and she felt the tingling between her legs returning, but this time it felt different. Angela continued.

“The thing is though, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt an attraction towards anyone and yesterday when you helped me, to put it mildly I almost came in my pants. I saw you move in to your new house Laura and the moment I saw you, my heart skipped more than a few beats.”

“I never imagined that we would even talk let alone be under the same roof. In fact, I never thought that you would even look at me, let alone for me have a chance to have a decent feel of your rather beautiful breasts. You have really no idea just how much I wanted to put my hands into your pants when I had my hands around your boobs.”

Laura sat on the sofa wide eyed. She felt her juices streaming from her pussy.

“Why do you think I was smiling in your car earlier? I could smell your delicious pussy when you changed gear. Every time your legs moved, I got this wonderful smell from you. I think that if you went outside to your car now, you’d find a huge wet patch on the seat.”

“When you left, I ran upstairs to change and I had my favorite toy in me before you’d even turned the car around. I could not believe it when you knocked on the door.”

Laura sat there, holding her coffee not knowing what to say or do. She felt numb, dumbstruck almost. She barely had time to think.

“Well, I’ve seen your body and I’ve watched you eye up mine. Now I know I’m a fat old cow, but I want you to see me naked.”

And with that, she put her coffee cup down. She stood up then, without another word she opened the buttons on her cotton top.

Angela let the top slip to the floor and then the trousers with it. She was wearing strange pants, thick with a heavy gusset and two vertical zips on the front paneling. A warmth of sticky air wafted in to the room as Angela slowly unzipped the front panel sides. Her public hair was very thick and laced with grey. As then when the front panel opened and fell forwards, Angela reached in and pulled out a still buzzing vibrator from her vagina.

“You have no idea how much I have cum since you’ve been here. I thought I was going to squirt all over the dining room floor when you squeezed my hand over diner.”

She threw the vibrator on to the sofa and it bounced next to Laura. Laura could feel the vibrations through the sofa and she reached to pick it up. It was very warm and slightly sticky, but holding it felt the most natural thing to her. She turned it off.

“Now you get to see my fat arse.”

Laura watched at Angela pulled the girdle over her rolls of fat that sagged downwards. Then, facing Laura, she undid the front clips holding her bra. Her heavy sagging breasts rolled downwards on to her considerable belly to lie just about on the line of her navel. Laura was amazed at such a good job her bra did of holding her heavy breasts high on her chest.

“44H Laura.”

“Laura, I’m not ashamed of my body in front of you. In fact, more than anything else, I want to share it with you… I want to give my self to you.”

Laura sat on the sofa, holding her coffee tight, not really knowing what to say or do. And then Angela did something most unexpected.

She turned around pointing her bottom towards Laura. Of course Laura knew that Angela did indeed have a large bottom, that was obvious but the detail she found rather sexy. The pale skin had stretch marks and dimples and the line between the two cheeks she found very arousing, to the point where she had a strong impulse just to get off the chair and go to Angela and kiss her bottom. Angela tuned around to face Laura again, completely naked. Her thick graying pubic hair was a matted mess of secretions and Angela reached down to pull her fingers through her bush, revealing a hard and thick Clitoris. Angela touched her self and then turning around again, she bent over.

What happened next amazed Laura. Angela reached behind, parted her cheeks and from the deep folds of her bottom, pulled from her rosebud a substantial bright red vibrating plug. Laura sat there transfixed. Angela turned to face Laura again and spoke.

“I liked what you said you do. In fact I would like it very much if they were my fingers in your bottom that I got to suck.”

And with that, she took the vibrating dildo and started licking it. She clicked the switch off and put the whole toy in to her mouth and sucked it for a good few seconds.

Laura thought she was going to orgasm there and then.

The screaming voice in her head from earlier now focused into a clearly audible thought; “Now or never girl. Now or never.”

She stood up and walked towards Angela and without another moments hesitation she kissed her on the lips. She tasted flavours similar to those she had in the morning but muskier, stronger, sexier. They stood, in the middle of the living room tasting each other’s most intimate secretions. Laura felt her juices pour from her vagina. As she embraced Angela and they kiss continued she felt her heart racing and her blood pounding. Her first kiss with a woman was more than she ever imagined and the musky taste of Angela’s darker place was bringing her so close to orgasm. She broke the hold and then, almost breathlessly spoke,

“Angela I’ve never seen anyone do anything like that before. I thought it was just me who had such dirty thoughts.”

Angela whispered in her ear.

“They are not dirty thoughts, they are just thoughts and they give you pleasure and there is nothing wrong in enjoying what you do.”

Again she kissed Laura on her neck. Laura held her embrace for longer. She felt very secure and at peace in Angela’s arms.

“Wait Angela, I need to wee.”

“The toilet’s at the top of the stairs.”

Laura walked up the stairs and much to her surprise, Angela followed her. Laura felt embarrassed but so aroused as she felt Angela’s eyes on her bottom as she followed her up. She went in to the bathroom, sat down and a naked Angela stood by the door looking at her smiling at her as she stared to urinate. Laura felt slightly embarrassed but at the same time she enjoyed the new sensation of being watched. She felt her clitoris tingle and her bottom start to open.

Then suddenly Angela reached forwards, grabbed her arms and pulled her to her feet.

“Hold on” I’m not done yet.”

“I know you’re not. There’s something about me you need to know. As long as you are in this house you will never need to use the toilet again.”

“What do you mean?”

“Get in the bath and turn around.”

Laura felt her bowels start to constrict. She had not had not emptied herself since yesterday morning and the signal sent when she had started to urinate was one now of an immediate need to release.

“Angela what do you mean?”

“Please Laura, get in the bath. I need to have you right now. Laura, I need to consume you. Please Laura, please just trust me.”

Laura, driven more by the need to release than anything else, did what she was asked.

She faced the taps and then, with her hands on the mixer taps, she felt Angela get in the bath behind her. Angela steadied her self, gently slid down on her knees and then, cupping Laura’s bottom in her hands, Laura felt Angela’s tongue go straight to her bottom. It was a feeling she had never experienced before. It was intensely erotic and her deepest tormenting fantasy played out hundreds of times in her bedroom.

“Open yourself for me Laura. I know you want to. I love your bottom, it’s perfect and I want to taste it all. Open Laura, give me your bottom.”

This was all too much for Laura, the orgasm building since downstairs broke upon her, along with both the need to urinate and defecate.

“Angela, please, I need the toilet.”

“No you don’t. Trust me.”

And with that, Laura felt her bottom open. The pressure from her contractions started to push out her waste and as it did, she felt Angela”s mouth clamp firmly around her anus. Angela held her tight, locking both her arms around her thighs, preventing even the slightest movement at all.

“Oh God Angela, what are you doing?”

Angela just squeezed her thighs harder and then, as if nothing else mattered, Laura felt the last of her inhibitions go and her need to purge overcome her. This is what Laura had always wanted. From the moment she had first sexually touched her bottom as a late teen, she had wanted to know what it would be like to have it kissed and sucked, but never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine that someone would dream of putting their mouth against her bottom and consume what she offered.

This was Laura’s moment. She felt dizzy with the drink and intense arousal of her darkest fantasy coming true, but aware enough to know that she had to relax fully. She eased her body closer to the taps and as calmly as she could, barely whispered,

“Oh god Angela how did you know?”

She felt Angela squeeze her legs gently – much more gently than last time and she felt her hands start to move up to caress her clitoris. One hand slid up to her clit the other began to burrow through her public hair deep in to her vagina. Laura started to feel more and more relaxed and her bowel movement seemed to last a full ten minutes and she almost willed her anus to stay open for as long as possible. With the last of it, she orgasamed with a complete sense of abandonment. Angela held on tight, but as it came to an end, her hands moved up her body to caress Laura’s nipples.

Finally, after a full fifteen minutes Angela released her mouth from Laura’s bottom. Laura felt her stand up and heard her breathing hard. Laura rose to her knees, turned in the bath and looked up at Angela. The corners of her mouth hinted at the story of her meal consumed, but that was it,. Her teeth we slightly discoloured and her breath held an earthy and so distinctive smell, but Laura was not at all phased by it. Angela spoke; the aroma of her breath was more pungent.

“I don’t expect you to kiss me or share what I have, this is my thing Laura. I love it, I need it, but I’d understand if you don’t want to kiss me. You don’t have to.”

Laura looked at Angela, this woman who had accepted her needs and desires without hesitation or question and then, without a further moment’s thought she kissed Angela fully on her mouth. They kissed in the bath for what seemed like an eternity and then Laura, for the first time in her life let her fingers slip down through the wiry thatch of pubic hair into the vagina of another woman.

Angela groaned at the touch.

Laura, barely whispering asked,

“How did you know Angela?”

“I didn’t, not until I saw the scratches. I used to feel the same until a long ago girlfriend did the same to me. The first time I tasted her body I knew this was something I needed.”

Still in the bath they kissed again. Laura, continued caressing Angela’s pubic hair and gently touching her clitoris through the folds of Angela’s body. She was reluctant to stop out, but she feeling slightly cold.

“We need to get out. This is hardly the most romantic place to be and anyway, I want to explore you properly. I don’t know what to do Angela, I’ve never been with a woman before, but I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone.”

They kissed passionately, then carefully got out of the bath. Angela giggled again.

“Well this was most unexpected. I never thought my fantasy would come true!”

Laura looked at her. She could not keep her eyes off Angela’s breasts and she just wanted to touch her properly and explore her body in a more relaxed way. The last few hours had been a whirlwind and something she would have never imagined possible. She followed Angela in to her bedroom.

“We need some clothes – I think your panties are a bit too far gone for you to wear right now – I have some older smaller ones that will fit and some leggings. They are a bit tatty, but they will do.”

Laura followed her in to the bedroom. Angela was bending down to look in her lowest drawers. Laura looked at her heavy dimpled bottom and for the second time that evening, felt completely overcome with her deepest urges.

Quietly she crept up to Angela and then, as she still rummaged around in the drawers, her bottom sticking in the air, she kissed it.

Angela froze. Laura kissed again, a small kiss on a deeper dimple. then she kissed again, more confidently and more vigorously. Then she bit, gently, but enough to leave a small red mark.

Angela groaned. Laura continued kissing. With each kiss she became more aroused and more excited by the bottom that she wanted to spend all night kissing.


Day 15…

We slept in…we earned it.

Well, that, plus the fact we knew it was only a four-hour drive, give or take a half-hour, to Vegas from Flag so, yeah, we slept in.

Marni woke me with a little morning cunnilingus and, of course, I reciprocated. Once that piece of business was taken care of, we were showered, coiffed and out of the door by nine AM. Couldn’t check in until three PM so, yeah, we were fine.

Stopping for fuel and lattes before leaving Flagstaff, Marni slipped us into the I-40 westbound traffic without a hiccup. We both settled back, sipped our lattes and enjoyed the beautiful mountain scenery of tall, green firs and conifers, the trees seemingly reaching for the sky.

“Goddamnit, Jules, that was fun last night, sugar,” Marni said aloud without any warning.

“Yes it was, girlfriend, yes it was,” I smilingly agreed.

“Probably ought to send Maggie and Toni a bouquet of flowers for getting us cranked up last night,” She jokingly suggested.

“I’m guessing that they’re expecting something else from us as a ‘thank-you’,” I wise-cracked to her.

“Probably right…speaking of which, you still okay with meeting up with them tonight?” She asked.

“If you are, I am,” I replied simply.

“You do realize that they want to fuck us, right?” She replied.

Turning towards her, I lifted the sunglasses from my eyes and gave her my best ‘are you shitting me look?’, saying, “Seriously?”

“We’re still on vacation,” I continued, “and as your self-appointed attorney, let me point out that if we hook up with Toni and Maggie, its protected under the ‘Pinky Swear’ clause of our social contract, just as it was with Gayle,” sounding very lawyer-like as I said it, “What happens on vay-cay, stays on vay-cay.”

“Oooooh, I have my own personal lawyer now?” She teased.

Leaning towards her, I nuzzled her ear with my mouth, whispering, “Yes, yes you do,” punctuating my words by tonguing her ear suggestively as I ‘tweaked’ her boob with my fingertips through her blouse.

She punched the accelerator when I did that, the response from the Beemer pushing us against our seats.

“Yowzah,” She cried aloud, smiling at me…

We stopped in Kingman, Arizona to grab a bite to eat since we hadn’t breakfasted, laying out our ‘game-plan’ for Vegas.

“I think we should go to the ticket desk after we check in, first thing, and see what shows are available,” I suggested between bites.

“And book the spa for Sunday?” Marni asked.

“That’s what I think,” I agreed.

“Do you think we’ll be able to check-in early? Looks like we’ll get there a little after one.” Marni mused.

“Let me do the talking with the check-in clerk,” I said, “if its a guy, I can always hint that if he lets us check in early, he might get a blow-job from you later,” chuckling when I said it.

“Me? Why would I have to give him a blow-job?” She giggled.

“‘Cause I haven’t even thought about dick since we’ve started this trip,” I countered, “and its all your fault.”

“Complaining are you?” She parried.

“Oh, hell no,” I answered while signaling for our check…

Hell of a change in landscape from the mountains of Flagstaff to the salt and alkali flats that lay between Kingman and Nevada we mused, as we drove towards ‘Sin City’. Not very scenic really, we thought, as we chatted idily.

“Last night? When we were flirting with Maggie and Toni?” Marni remarked casually, “I got turned on thinking about you and Toni out there on the balcony, envisioning all sorts of things y’all might be doing.”

Chuckling, I replied, “I opened my eyes at one point when Toni was kissing me and feeling me up…I saw you and Maggie kissing, saw her stroking your boob…got me excited, as well,” I confessed.

“In Gulf Shores, when we played with Gayle?” She offered further, “Laying there, watching her eat you when you were sitting on her face, that got me sooooo fucking hot and horny, especially when she got you off,” turning her head towards me with a smile after saying it.

“She didn’t get me off,” I corrected, “She was eating me but when I looked down to you and you smiled at me, that’s what got me off, that’s when I orgasmed…it was your smile that got me off.”

She smiled sweetly at me, “You and me? There’s serious ‘kink’ going on with you and me,” she opined with a grin.

“You say that like it was a bad thing,” I joked, causing us both to giggle like schoolgirls…

The good news is that Marni wasn’t going to have give the desk clerk a blowjob after all.

The desk ‘gal’ was only too happy to check us in early and, tipping the bellman to bring our bags to our rooms, Marni and I went to see what shows still had tickets available.

The sorta’ bad news was that all of the shows that we wanted to see were sold out for that night, Saturday night, but we were able to get tickets for the show of a comedian that we both liked for Sunday night’s show.

“So, ideas?” Marni asked as we pocketed our tickets, “Not hungry…don’t really feel like drinking this early, especially if we’re going to have a few with our evil twins,” referring to Maggie and Toni, of course.

“Seems a shame to waste this bright sunny day by staying indoors…feel like hitting the swimming pool and sun-bathing?” I suggested.

She did, and we did…

We did laps until our legs cramped from the much-needed exercise, needed because we hadn’t run for a few days. Calling ‘uncle’, we slathered lotion on each other, ordered a couple of beers from the pool waitress and laid out on our reclining loungers near the pool.

Lots of twenty-somethings running around in skimpy suits, the abundance of jiggling ta-tas serving to keep one’s head turning if you were an admirer of tits and,seriously…who isn’t?

“Tell you what, sugar, I don’t know what the going rate for silicon is, but I bet we could retire if we harvested all the silicon around the pool area,” I joked with Marni as the latest pair of store-boughts strolled by us.

“Damn sure take a great vacation at the least,” She said, concurring.

“We ought to think about that,” I mused, “plan another vacation…this has been too much fun not to do again.”

“I’m on board with that thinking…just so’s you know,” She smilingly replied, then draining the last of her Corona, she said, “Think I’m done, babe, I feel like a nap…damned sun really sucks the energy from me.”

“Me too, let’s go up and do that,” I said in agreement.

Surprisingly, we were both content to snuggle together on our king bed and go to sleep, the feeling of contentment that enveloped me, bringing a smile to my soul…

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” Marni said leeringly when I twirled for her after donning, again, my killer li’l red cocktail dress.

I tried to argue against it when she had asked me to wear it that night, my argrument being that I’d worn it already, in Denver.

“So what,” She countered, “it looks good on you, so why not? Please, pretty please, for me?”

That’s when I realized I was ‘whipped’…

We had napped until around seven’ish, Marni waking first and showering, the sound of which is what woke me. When she was through, I jumped in to do my thing, the two of us chit-chatting all the while.

She chose a cocktail dress I’d not seen before, pale blue in color and strapless, the ensemble fitting her body tightly, screaming ‘Sexy’ to all who looked.

“Wow…that really looks good on you, sugar,” I cooed, “I like that look on you, fits your body well.”

“If you like it, then, mission accomplished,” She replied, accepting my words…

Choosing one of Bellagio’s full-service restaurants, we ate a leisurely dinner and enjoyed a couple of glasses of a nice wine. I noticed the glances from other diners, admiring glances from both men and women. I don’t know about Marni because we didn’t mention it or talk about it, but for me? I sorta’ liked the looks and leers.

After our meal, we wandered the casino floor, a bit of slot play from the both of us as we worked our way towards the Blackjack tables.

“Feeling it?” Marni asked as we scanned the tables, checking out the action.

“Think I am…going to play or watch?” I asked as I zeroed in on a table that had a couple of opened seats.

“I’ll watch, babe, I don’t do well with Blackjack,” Marni replied.

Taking one of the opened seats, I settled in and drew five hundred in chips from the dealer, a very attractive woman who couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off of my ‘girls’ as she dealt the next hand.

Flipping my cards over, I opted out of that hand, my cards just not ‘thrilling’ me, whispering to Marni my reason for not playing that hand. She nodded her understanding as we both watched the hand play out.

And then it started.

I got hot, hitting Blackjack after Blackjack, beating the dealer with one hand after the other until her shift ended and another dealer came in to take over the table.

A change in dealers? I was out of there, me and a couple of grand of Bellagio’s money to the good.

“Damn, girlfriend, that was sweet,” Marni said with admiration as she walked along with me to cash in my chips.

“Not bad for an hour’s work,” I replied with just a hint of smugness, all pleased with myself for ‘feeling it’.

“Almost eleven…want to go upstairs to meet the gals?” Marni asked as I slipped the bills into my clutch. Having an afterthought, I opened my clutch and fished ten c-notes out, handing them to Marni and drawing a confused look from her.


“Pretty sure you were my good luck charm,” I said in explanation, “it’s only fair that you take half of our winnings.”


“Shut the fuck up, Marni,” I said, cutting her off, “Let’s go get laid,” smiling at her but beginning my walk to the bank of elevators that would take us to the roof-top lounge and party-club.

“Yes ma’am,” She said meekly as she scurried to catch up with me…

I spotted Toni and Maggie before they spotted us.

They were standing along the outside rail of the roof-top crowded party-scene. They were also in cocktail dresses, attractive ones at that. Both were smaller-busted than either of us, not that that’s a bad thing.

“Wow,” They said appreciatively as they eyed us up and down when we approached them, “Talk about looking good enough to eat,” Maggie cooed without even trying to hide her lust.

“Ladies,” I said in greeting, the four of us hugging and cheek-kissing each other. Toni signaled the server who came over quickly to take our order, returning quickly with our drinks, as well.

Toni was a couple of inches shorter than me flat-footed but we were eye to eye because of my 2″ heels and her 4″ stilettos.

“Love that dress, Jules,” Toni cooed, “makes you look simply scrumptious,” saying that with a leering smile of desire, “I’ll bet you are, aren’t you?”

I simply smiled, choosing not to answer. Instead, I just moved a wee bit closer, making sure that my boobs were brushing against hers. Taking a sip of her cocktail, she just smiled at me while we eye-fucked each other.

She got the message.

The four of us chatted to kill time and had a couple of cocktails while doing so, the subtle ‘pairing’ happening slowly. Marni and Maggie were soon standing ‘together’, looking like a couple to outside eyes, as did Toni and I.

They were both married and had met through their spouses who worked together, several years ago. They took gals-only trips a few times a year and didn’t think twice about getting some ‘strange’, men or women, when on these trips, they cheated with each.

“Of course, when we’re at home in Santa Fe, we behave,” Toni averred, “sometimes, anyway,” drawing chuckles from all.

Leaning to whisper in my ear, Toni made sure that her drink-holding hand pressed against my breasts, saying, “Feel like going to our room? I rolled a bit of smoke for us,” rubbing the back of her hand against my nipple.

“Yeah…why don’t we do that,” I replied with my mouth to her ear, making sure that my lips brushed her ear ‘just so’.

“Mags, you two ready to go?” Toni asked but still looking hard into my eyes.

“Yeah, we are,” Marni replied, looking at me quickly, both of us sharing a look of ‘still okay with this?’, that sort of look.

“The bad news is that our room doesn’t have a balcony,” Maggie said over her shoulder as we waited for the elevator, all of us with fresh drinks in hand, “The good news, however, is that we do have a big-assed King-bed, big enough for the four of us.”

“Yummy,” I said aloud.

“Yummy is right,” Maggie said agreeing…

Their suite’s living room had a large, overstuffed couch and a matching side chair, the bedroom, like ours, a separate room.

Toni sat in the large side chair, saying to Maggie, “Want to get the smoke?” then pulling me by my hand until I was sitting on her lap, her hand on my thigh, just above my knee.

Maggie returned with a doobie, handing it to Toni. Taking Marni’s hand in hers, she said, “We’ll go smoke in here, that okay?”, nodding towards the bedroom.

“Sure,” Marni replied with a glance towards Toni and I. I smiled with my eyes at Marni, she did the same to me as she walked away with Maggie.

Toni set her drink on the side table, next to mine, and lit the doobie, holding it for her and I as we took turns hitting it.

“Think I’ve had enough,” the words coming slowly for me.

“Me too,” Toni replied, dropping the doob into the ashtray on the side table, then returning her hand to my knee,slowly sliding it up my thigh, under my dress.

I was rubbing her, lightly, across the swell of her breasts with my fingertips as her hand neared my honey-pot. Turned on by the whole scene, I slipped my fingers into the bodice of her dress until I had her boob in my hand, kneading it and fondling her lustfully, my breathing becoming labored from excitment.

Reaching to me with her mouth, I reached for her’s in return until we were lip-locked and making animal sounds to each other. Her tongue was deep in my mouth and I was sucking on it as if it were a dick.

I felt my zipper slowly sliding down my back, Toni pulling it until it reached the end of its track. Pulling my mouth from her’s for a second, I slipped out of the top-half of the dress, letting it fall to my waist.

Holding her head with one hand, I led her mouth to my breast, lifting it to her, offering it to her to do with as she would, my hand cupping and squeezing her tit the whole time.

“Mmmmmm…ummmmmmm,” She moaned as she started sucking and biting, slowly taking more of my tit into her mouth with each sucking until she could get no more in without suffocating.

Feeling her fingers slip under my silk panties, I spread my legs a bit wider to make it easier for her to play with me, her thumb rubbing circles on my clit while her finger probed my wetness, slowly in and slowly out, each stroke getting me wetter and wetter.

“Stop for a second,” I said softly. Standing and pulling her from the chair, my dress fell to the floor, gathering at my feet. Reaching behind her, I unzipped her dress, slipping it down her boobs until, it too, lay on the floor at her feet.

Kneeling before her, I slid her thong down her legs, kissing her on her mons, sliding my tongue across her landing strip, flicking at her clit as I nibbled at her slick pussy-lips.

She pulled me from my knees, kissing me savagely as her fingers fumbled to pull my panties down, my own hand helping her to get the job done. Taking my hand in hers, she led us into the bedroom.

Marni was naked and laying with her head propped on the pillows, her hands rubbing through Maggie’s hair as Maggie ate her, Marni’s legs cocked and spread wide.

Marni opened her eyes for a second or two, smiling when she saw Toni and I joining them, both of us naked. Toni positioned me next to Marni, head on the pillows, then she kissed me lustfully, while one of her hands played with Ms. Kitty. Breaking her kiss with me, Toni leaned over and kissed Marni just as lustfully, while my hand cupped and fondled her smallish tits.

After breaking off her kiss to Marni, Toni crawled between my legs which, like Marni, were bent at the knee, feet flat on the bed. Gripping my thighs, Toni lowered her head, guttural sounds of passion escaping her lips as she found my swollen clit.

Marni and I leaned towards each other, kissing each other passionately while our ‘dates’ filled their need to eat our pussies. Sucking her tongue into my mouth, I sucked on it slowly, animal noises coming from Marni as I did so. Marni climaxed first and after getting her wind back from the gasping she had done, she pulled Maggie to lay on her back now so that she could take her turn at dining at the ‘Y’.

It was watching her eating Maggie that sent me over the top and brought my orgasm from its hidey-hole, Toni’s muffled moans of pleasure filling the room as I humped against her mouth.

I slid down on the bed and pulled Toni to sit on my face and gave her what I know was a world-class pussy-eating, her screams and babble joining with Maggie’s when I got her off.

The four of us curled up with our sex partners, all of us catching our breath from that first round of orgasms, the one that had to be gotten out of the way.

Rested, we swapped partners, Toni with Marni and Maggie with me. Maggie eats pussy better than Toni but Toni’s pussy tasted sweeter, I decided after having them both, not that anybody would ask, of course.

Reverting to my college-slut personae for a couple of hours, I had them use me freely, had them sitting on my face one after the other, an oral gang-bang of me, if you will. Marni was a bit unsure about it but, reassurred that this was what I wanted to do, she got into it with them as well.

When Maggie brought out her strap-on harness with the large dildo, I made up my mind that I wasn’t leaving their room until I had been thoroughly fucked with it and it didn’t matter to me who strapped it on.

Dragging ouselves from their suite at around three’ish in the morning, we found our way back to our suite, both of us looking freshly-fucked, me, most of all

“Liked that strap-on, did you?” Marni joked

“Like you didn’t?” I smarted back.

“Had fun?” She asked with a gentle kiss to my lips which was smeared with pussy juices as I stripped for the shower.

“Yeah, but that dildo?”

“What about it, baby?”

“We need to get us one of those, sugar,” I said and meaning every word of it…

Day 16…

We were awaken by our phone ringing at the crack of noon, Marni answering it since it was on her side of our bed. Floundering about in a still-not-quite-awake fog, I heard words but could not discern their meaning.

“That was Cheech and Chong asking if we’d like another round with them sometime today or tonight,” Marni explained after hanging up the phone and falling back on the pillow.



“Whatd’ya tell ‘em?”

“I lied and said we had unbreakable plans but thanked them for thinking of us,” Marni replied, stretching afterwards, “You okay with that?”

“Yep…that was a lot of fun with them last night but I’d just as soon that today be about us,” I answered, rolling towards her and taking her in my arms in an embrace, giving her a soft kiss to the top of her head as she snuggled up against my body.

“Yeah, me too,” She agreed with a kiss to my breast afterwards.

“What time is our appointment at the Spa?” I asked as we lay together, arms around each other, softly caressing the other.

“Three o’clock…why?” She replied softly.

She found out why…

We made our way to one of the buffets after showering once my wake-up horniness had been satisfied, much to Marni’s delight, I must say.

“Were you and Prince-Fucking-Charming getting it on in the mornings when y’all were living together?” Marni asked casually between bites of her salad.

“Hardly ever,” I answered honestly, “Hardly ever thought about wake-up sex with him…now, with you? Seems to be a whole other thing for me when I wake up in a bed with you,” smiling at her, then taking a bite of my food.

A special fan from across the ocean has asked me to write a lesbian themed story and I just couldn’t resist. I hope you all like reading it as much as I did writing it.


It wasn’t unusual for someone to insist on renting a porn movie for the Saturday night viewing party, usually it was Bob. Sometimes it was so bad they spent more time laughing at the bad acting and poor plot line then becoming aroused by the film. The small group of close friends, Bob, Sally, Jill, and Kathy, had been enjoying this weekly ritual for several months. Now, if the porn movie were good enough, they’d all masturbate alone later, except for Jill, who would climax during the film, but wouldn’t say anything as she feared being embarrassed and teased by her friends. The viewing party would be held at a different person’s house every week so no one had to always be the host. They knew the rules, what happened at viewing parties, stayed at viewing parties. However, the only thing that ever happened was the one time the girls begged Bob to show them his cock so they could see if his was as big as the actor on the screen. It turned out his was bigger, and he was rewarded with three sets of hands stroking him to full climax. The four friends never went any further for fear of destroying the great friendship they shared.

One Saturday night, Bob and Kathy had dates (though, not with each other) and would have to miss the weekly movie show. Sally and Jill decided to go on without them, as neither had dates, and they both didn’t want to sit home alone. It was Jill’s turn to be the host, so ordered a pizza and met Sally at the video store. They rented a few movies, including one new porno they had never heard of before, and headed back to Jill’s place. Together, they watched the movies and ate dinner, laughing at the comedies and crying though the tearjerkers. Since there was no Bob, they had more control over the choice of films. Once the pizza was gone, they decided to put in the porno DVD and see what they had rented. It didn’t take long for the first sex scene to appear, and to their shock it was a lesbian sex scene. They watched the two women do things they’d never even seen done before, and before long, they were both somewhat aroused. Like any porn film, there was more bad dialogue, and more lesbian sex.

“What was the name of this movie?” asked Sally grabbing her cell phone.

“Ugh, ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun 2,’” said Jill giggling.

Sally put her phone down and asked, “You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope, see,” said Jill handing her the box.

Sally looked at the box and giggled. “Well, they certainly are having fun now aren’t they.”

“Yeah they are,” said Jill, shifting her weight as she felt herself becoming more aroused.

Sally looked at Jill and asked, “Is this turning you on?”

Jill bushed and said, “What? No! Of course not.”

“Yes it is,” said Sally. “I didn’t know you were a lesbo.”

“I’m not!” snapped Jill. “I like guys.”

“But seeing these women is turning you on,” said Sally. “Tell me, do I turn you on?”

Jill looked at Sally and noticed she too seemed aroused by the film. “I don’t know, I’ve never thought of you like that before.”

“Can I tell you a secret Jill?” asked Sally.

“Sure,” said Jill.

“I prefer girls more than boys,” Sally said smiling.

“Really?” asked Jill. “But what about Bob?”

“He’s a friend,” said Sally. “I mean, he’s a great guy, but that day we stroked him off, I didn’t enjoy it as much as you two did.”

“I thought it was because he was our friend,” said Jill.

“That was part of it,” said Sally. “But see, I have always been attracted to girls, for as long as I can remember.”

“Wow,” said Jill. “I had no idea.”

“It’s not something I brag about,” said Sally. “I wasn’t sure how you or Kathy would react. I mean, Bob would find it hot, but you two, I just wasn’t sure you’d still like me.”

“Why?” asked Jill. “We’re still friends aren’t we?”

“Well yes,” said Sally. “But admitting you like those that are the same as you, well, not everyone can be so understanding.”

Jill looked at Sally and smiled. “I think it’s wonderful. I’ve always wanted a lesbian friend, now I know I’ve always had one.”

“You really don’t hate me?” asked Sally.

“Why would I?” said Jill. “You’re still the same Sally I’ve known for years, aren’t you?”

Jill hugged her friend tightly. Sally smiled in relief and said, “Yes, I guess I am.”

“Well all right then,” said Jill releasing Sally from her hug. “Now stop being so silly.”

Sally moved in a bit closer to Jill and said, “But tell me the truth now Jill, this film is turning you on, isn’t it?”

Jill blushed and said, “Yeah, it is.”

Sally smiled and said, “There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I tend to get aroused by hetro scenes if they last long enough. Mind you not the actual fucking, but the oral action makes me so wet.”

“So, I’m not a freak?” asked Jill.

“Far from it,” said Sally. “Have you ever wondered what it would feel like with a woman?”

“Sure,” said Jill. “I mean, hasn’t everyone?”

Sally giggled and said, “You have a valid point there.”

Sally gently touched Jill’s cheek, stroking it softly. Jill purred under her touch and said, “That feel nice.”

“Want to feel something even nicer?” asked Sally.

“Sure,” said Jill.

Sally leaned over and gently kissed Jill’s full, pouty lips. At first Jill didn’t respond, but then, she returned the kiss and the two women slipped their tongues into the other’s mouth. Their tongues danced in their erotic coupling for several minutes, then Jill pulled away panting.

“Wow!” Jill gasped, pushing a strand of her long blond her behind her ear. “That’s… that’s incredible.”

“Thanks,” said Sally, her green eyes sparkling. “You were pretty good too.”

“Thanks,” said Jill. “But, why did you kiss me?”

Sally giggled and stroked Jill’s blond hair. “Because I wanted to, silly.”

Jill looked into Sally’s green eyes. To Jill, Sally so was beautiful with her, auburn hair, firm body, large breasts, and firm ass. Sally could have anyone, and now, she was kissing her. “You… you wanted to… to kiss… me?”

Sally looked at the shocked Jill and smiled. She had wanted this luscious creature with long blond hair, bright blue eyes, breasts as large if not larger than hers, and a lovely heart shaped ass for years. She knew man or woman would love to be with her, and tonight was her chance.

“Jill, if I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have done it.”

With that said, Sally kissed Jill again. She was rewarded with Jill’s luscious mouth and tongue eagerly wanting her in return. Had the movie not already aroused Jill, Sally’s kisses would have for sure. Jill wrapped her arms around Sally, and in turn, Sally wrapped her arms around her. The two women kissed for several minutes more, when Sally whispered in Jill’s ear, “Have you ever wanted to feel a woman’s touch?”

Jill jerked back in surprise and said, “What?”

Sally smiled and said, “I’ve wanted to make love to you since we first met, but I was afraid to scare you off. Please Jill; let me show you womanly love.”

“But, I’m not gay,” said Jill.

“I know,” said Sally. “We call it being bi-curious and there is nothing wrong with it. Please Jill; let me help you explore your natural curiosity.”

Jill looked deep into the beautiful green eyes looking back at her with desire and longing. It was true, she was very curious about how it would feel to be with a woman, but she feared she would become a lesbian and never want a man again.

“I don’t know.”

“Afraid I’ll convert you?” giggled Sally.

Jill looked shocked with this statement. “How did you know?”

Sally began laughing, then said, “Oh you silly girl. It doesn’t work like that. That’s a silly as a guy thinking if he fucks a lesbian she’ll convert and become straight. It doesn’t work that way. If you were gay, I’d think you’d know it by now. It’s okay to be curious. I was too, once.”

“What do you mean?” asked Jill.

“I’ve had sex with a guy before,” said Sally. “All it did was confirm what I already knew. I am glad I did it though, as it answered the one burning question I had.”

“Which was?”

“What it was like,” said Sally. “Now I understand.”

“So, if we were to, do more, I won’t wake up gay?” asked Jill.

Sally laughed again and said, “Not unless you were before. But if you don’t want to Jill, I won’t force you.”

Jill thought for a moment then asked, “You promise?”

Sally drew an X over her heart and said, “Cross my heart.”

Jill smiled and said, “Okay Sally. What do we do first?”

Sally smiled and said, “Let’s just watch the video, and we’ll just take it slow.”

Jill snuggled into Sally’s arms and they watched the film. More bad dialogue and soon, more lesbian sex played out. Sally rubbed Jill’s arms at first, then, slowly, slid her hand to Jill’s firm breast. She could feel the erect nipple under the fabric of bra and blouse as she gently caressed her firm and soft flesh. Jill let out a soft moan as Sally worked. Slowly, Sally began to unbutton Jill’s blouse, while still massaging the firm breast under her deft fingers. Jill shifted to give Sally better access, and Sally took full advantage of this. Once her blouse was open, Sally saw the lacy black bra covering the two lovely orbs and resisted the urge to rip it off her luscious body, but rather, began to massage the two at the same time. Jill moaned louder and pressed her breasts into Sally’s hands.

“God your breasts are lovely Jill,” whispered Sally.

“Thanks,” gasped Jill.

“I want so badly to kiss them,” said Sally.

“MMMMMM,” moaned Jill. “Would you suck them too?”

“Oh yes,” said Sally.

“Suck them Sally, please, suck them for me,” moaned Jill.

Sally smiled and moved her hands so she could unhook the bra, thus freeing Jill’s breasts from their fabric prison. The bra was tossed aside and Sally positioned herself so she was lying next to Jill, and began to kiss down her neck to Jill’s left breast, to the firm, erect nipple waiting her. Jill moaned as she felt each kiss, but gasped when Sally took the nipple into her mouth and began suckling and licking. Her hand massaged and teased the other breast and nipple and Jill’s sex grew wetter. Jill couldn’t believe that she could feel so aroused by such a simple act as having her nipples sucked. She stared to grind her sex into Sally’s stomach as Sally switched from the left nipple, to her right, moaning louder than the actresses in the movie.

“OH GOD! OH SALLY!” cried Jill.

Sally smiled and asked, “May I do more?”

“Anything! Anything you want! I’m yours!”

Sally loved hearing Jill say this, and began to unbutton and unzip Jill’s jeans as she kissed her way down Jill’s stomach. She slipped Jill’s jeans off, and looked down at the black thong panties that were soaked, clinging to Jill’s sex. Sally noticed the bra and panties matched with the same lacy pattern. Sally kissed up Jill’s firm legs, kissing up her calves, knees, and thighs. Jill’s body trembled from anticipation from Sally’s gentle kisses. Soon, Sally was looking at the prize she had waited so long to enjoy, but she decided to tease Jill a bit more. She kissed along the edge of her panties, across her stomach, and over each thigh. Jill moaned loudly and squirmed under her kisses. She reached down, grabbed Sally’s auburn hair, and tried to force her into her sex.

Sally smiled and said, “What do you wish me to do my dear?”

“Lick me… please… kiss me… show me your womanly love”

“As you wish,” said Sally.

Sally grabbed Jill’s panties with her teeth, and slowly pulled them down. She could smell the musky aroma that exuded from Jill’s wet sex and it increased her own arousal. Once the panties were gone, Sally looked at Jill’s luscious naked body, waiting and wanting her touch, her kiss, and she wanted to bring Jill nothing but pleasure. Slowly, Sally crept up Jill’s trembling legs, until she was once again inches away from the valuable treasure she had longed to kiss. Jill’s sex was covered in a soft mound of curly blond hair, and she knew, Jill was not a girl who shaved, this part of her body. Sally kissed the hair and Jill squirmed. She then moved between her legs, and gently placed her lips on the lips of Jill’s wet sex. Jill gasped loudly as Sally began to lick the outer lips. Jill squirmed and moaned as Sally slowly began kissing, and licking her aching sex. Sally licked up and found Jill’s clit. The sensation made Jill scream with delight as she begged for more. Sally had no intention of stopping as she slipped a finger deep into Jill’s sex while she kissed, licked, and sucked her clit. Jill’s body began to tense up and Sally knew she was close to a full climax.

“Do you climax when you masturbate?” asked Sally.

“Yes,” gasped Jill breathlessly.

“Are you close?”


Sally slipped a second finger into Jill and she moaned louder. Sally licked and sucked her clit while working her fingers gently inside her warm sex. It wasn’t but maybe a minute or two later that Jill screamed and her juices poured out. Jill’s climax was like nothing she had ever experienced before in her life, and nothing that Sally had expected. Sally greedily licked and sucked more, working Jill into more and more climaxes, drinking her juices and making her friend feel sensations she’d never known or experienced before.

After countless orgasms, Sally withdrew her fingers, and kissed her way up the panting Jill, who was spent and satisfied. Sally began kissing her mouth, smelling and tasting of Jill’s sex and the sensation drove Jill mad with desire. She began touching Sally’s body, exploring it, feeling her breasts and ass through her clothes.

Sally moaned and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I want to do that to you,” said Jill.


“Yes, please, let me try to pleasure you now,” said Jill.

“By all means, please,” said Sally.

Jill fumbled with unbuttoning Sally’s blouse, but soon it was lying on the floor. Jill was so aroused by the sensations she had felt she didn’t know where to begin, so she duplicated the kissing pattern that Sally used with her, kissing down her neck as she worked to unhook Sally’s bra. Sally was shocked at the passion Jill was demonstrating as she kissed down to her breasts, and the desire she demonstrated when Jill sucked her nipples. Sally threw her head back moaning loudly, and grabbing fistfuls of Jill’s blond hair. Jill sucked and licked her left and right nipples with such care and tenderness, but with a bit more force. Sally was shocked how much her friend seemed to be enjoying herself, and even wondered if maybe Jill was a lesbian after all.

Since Sally was wearing a skirt, Jill didn’t bother to remove it, but rather, she pushed it up and saw the soaked pink panties waiting for her. Jill could smell Sally’s musky arousal and felt she had to taste it for herself. She slowly removed Sally’s panties, threw them to the floor, and saw, that her friend shaved her sex, leaving the smallest amount of hair near the base. Jill smiled and kissed the tiny patch of hair and Sally moaned loudly.

“Don’t worry about hurting me,” said Sally. “I’ll tell you if you’re doing it wrong.”

Jill smiled. She did not intend to harm her friend, but wanted to make her scream the way she had just a few minutes earlier. She scooted herself down, and gently kissed those precious lips. Hearing Sally gasp, the moan told her she was very much on the right track. She touched the lips with her finger lightly, and then licked them with her tongue.

“Like this?” Jill asked.

“OH FUCK YEAH!” cried Sally. “Don’t stop, please.”

Jill smiled, kissed, and licked the lips. It was by chance she licked Sally’s clit the first time, but Sally’s reaction told her all she needed to know. Jill slipped a trembling finger into her wet sex as she licked and sucked her friend’s clit.

“Two Baby,” gasped Sally. “Use two fingers.”

Jill slipped a second finger into Sally’s sex and began to move them while working her clit with her mouth. Sally’s hands held Jill’s hair as Jill worked Sally’s aching sex. Not getting the results she desired, Jill slipped in a third finger and that seemed to do the trick. Soon, Sally was grinding her hips into Jill’s face, and before long, her body tensed up and the climax began. The flow of juices surprised Jill, but she just kept working. The taste was like nothing she had ever experience before, and soon, Jill was greedily lapping up the juices, and making Sally climax again, and again. Sally had never climaxed so many times before, especially with someone who claimed to be a lesbian virgin.

When Jill had finished, she lay next to Sally, holding her gently. They kissed and touched as the movie played on. Sally spent the night in Jill’s bed, and the two made love off and on all night. Over the next few months, they would experience their womanly love over and over again. Over time, they realized that as much as they enjoy the sex, they didn’t wish to risk their long-standing friendship. They agreed that when one or the other became involved in a relationship, the other would keep her distance out of respect. Bob and Kathy never knew about their affair, but Sally did finally come out to them, and found out, her friends accepted her for who she was, and were happy for her.

A few years after that fateful night, Sally met a woman she fell in love with, and Jill discovered she was very much a bisexual lover. She enjoyed the feel of a hard cock as much as a soft pussy and decided to explore her desires without making a permanent commitment to anyone person. When Sally and her partner decided to marry, Jill was her maid of honor and Kathy was a bridesmaid. Neither Sally nor Jill ever told anyone about their secret love affair, nor did they wish for anything more. Jill did feel a small twinge of loss when Sally married, but she knew she could never give Sally what she really wanted, and this woman could. Jill became good friends with Sally’s wife, and the growing group of friends still has the occasional movie night, only now, no one brings a porno.

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