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Chrissy Martinez, Latina Stud #6: Aftermath


I know its been awhile; I had some things to finalize, which I sort’ve done, a bit…anyhow, I have a new Chrissy Martinez Episode for you, and I hope you lovely, loyal darlings enjoy it -”Jill” n “Jack” to your lil’ hearts content!

The luscious housewife’s mind has been in a torment since her savage butt- fucking at the hands of the determined Chrissy Martinez: whether to report the attack or endure what will certainly be future, repeated sessions…after much praying and soul-searching, and on the advice of her pastor (she only gave the man the barest description, certainly not the part about her ANAL VIOLATION or the fact that her attacker had been a WOMAN!), she makes a call to her local precinct and requests that a female detective be sent to her home so that she can make a formal report…Louise has no intention of trying to explain the events to a MALE detective…how she will keep the news from her husband she doesn’t know…

In the time it takes the detective to arrive, Louise has changed her mind a dozen times about the wisdom of what she’s about to do. Before she can flip-flop a thirteenth time, her door-bell rings:

“Good afternoon, M’am, I’m Detective Lopez”

The strikingly-pretty Latina investigator shows her a badge, which Louise gives a cursory glance before allowing her visitor entrance to her home. They seat themselves in the expensively-appointed living room and Louise has coffee while Detective Lopez sips on a bottle of mineral water. The female investigator writes down the time, date, location, etc of the alleged crime, then asks Mrs. Parker a few pointed questions:

“Mrs. Parker…if this date you’ve given me is correct, the alleged incident happened ten days ago…why the delay in reporting it?”

“I-I was ashamed, I suppose, and humiliated” the buxom homemaker replies.

“Why humiliated?”

“W-eelll… I was raped by a FEMALE, Detective Lopez…I’m sure that’s not normal. And the CIRCUMSTANCES are…quite embarrassing”

“I see…that reminds me: what did the attacker use to achieve penetration? I ask because Rape indicates penetration of some sort.”

Louise blushes furiously before answering. She knows, however, that the question was bound to be asked sooner or later, and she steels herself before speaking.

“She…had one of those… rubber TOYS…a BIG one…it-it was fitted around her waist by some sort of belt or harness…OH GOD! This so is embarrassing!”

“A strap-on dildo?”

“Is that what it’s called? I wouldn’t know”

“I understand your discomfort, and I have only a few more questions. The penetration was vaginal, anal or both?”

Louise Parker shifts a bit uncomfortably on her still-sore bottom.

“Ummm…anal, no vaginal”

“And you are absolutely certain that your attacker was a young Latina woman, medium height, slim build; any tattoos or scars that you remember?”


“You have no idea who it was? None at all?”

“Well…I…I-I wasn’t completely honest when I gave my report to the officer on the phone…I do know who the woman was”

Detective Lopez remains stoic. “Well, that’s alright. You have every right to be afraid of possible retaliation, and I understand fully your hesitation at discussing something such as this with a male detective. So…who was it?”

“My neighbor-Christina Martinez”

“How is it that you know your attacker’s name? Rather, how did you find-out her identity? Did you speak to the young lady’s parents?”

“No…I asked around the neighborhood.”

“Mmmm…Mrs. Parker, before I forget…did you put-up a struggle? You don’t appear to be bruised, at least not facially”

“She’s…very strong. I was, AM, afraid of her. I’ve never had a fight in my life, Detective. I never had a chance to defend myself. I just did whatever she told me to, so as not to be hurt anymore than I already was”

“I see.” After jotting the name down in her notebook, Lopez puts the little leather-bound spiral note pad away .

“You realize that any evidence that might be useful in this case is almost certainly lost. As part of procedure, I will need to take some pictures of any bruises that you may still have for the file. Please take off your clothes”

“I-Are you sure that’s necessary? Just thinking about what happened makes me… just brings it all back”

“Mrs. Parker, I have ten pending cases, not including this one, all of the same type as yours. In those cases, the victims DID NOT WAIT ten days to report their alleged crimes, and cooperated FULLY in the ensuing investigations. I understand that you’ve been traumatized, and have suffered, but I need to either get FULL cooperation from you, or write this up as ‘VICTIM UN-COOPERATIVE’ and move-on to my other cases… so…STRIP…NOW, or I’m outta here”

Properly chastened, Louise begins undressing while Detective Lopez steps out of the room. In the few minutes she’s out of Louise’s sight, she makes a whispered cell phone call…

Chrissy Martinez checks her caller id before answering her ringing mobile phone.

” ‘Sup? Que onda, prima…Oh she DID, hmmm? Right, right…You’re there now? ‘Kay…Give me about 30 minutes…that bitch is gonna wish she had kept her fuckin’ mouth shut! Bien, bye”

What a stupid bitch, the young Latina muses as she returns to her earlier task, which was finishing some chemistry homework due the next day. The cunt will be shocked out of her white-bread mind when she discovers that Detective Lopez is Chrissy’s cousin Lourdes (Lulu), daughter of her dad Ramon’s sister and a notorious “cocks-woman” in her own right.

Chrissy finishes-up her assignment, straps-on, and leaves the house.


She jumps the fence and checks to see if she is being observed before continuing to the back-door. She pulls-out her cell phone and hits # 6 to speed dial…


Lorraine is stripping as ordered : her expensive silk blouse, dark blue in color, is draped-over a nearby easy chair; she is busy struggling-out of her tight black skirt when Detective Lopez’ cellular phone rings. “Hey…OK, c’mon in; we’re in the living room.”

Louise is shocked-into immobility. “Who-what-who were you speaking to?”, she quavers.

Her question is answered seconds later when Chrissy walks into the living room; actually, SWAGGERS in would be more accurate.

Oh, my dear lord” The shocked housewife’s whisper is barely audible. All hope of a positive resolution withers and dies; she sees, too late, that the wicked teenager is too powerful, too well-connected…she can never hope to bring her to justice and re-claim her former life. In the few seconds after Chrissy enters the room, Louise Parker surrenders to what she sees now as her fate. If Chrissy has accomplices on the POLICE FORCE, no one: not her husband, not her pastor, NO ONE can help her now…

“Wuz up, bitch?” Chrissy greets her neighbor. “Called the cops on me, hmmm? Guess what, dumb ass: Detective Lopez here is my COUSIN, so you really fucked up…and you are gonna find out just how serious that fuck-up is, once we get through with you”

The horny young female rapist’s long fingers work the zipper of her baggy jeans, then pull out the same huge latex dong she’d used on Louise during her home invasion of nearly one week and a half ago…the look on Louise’s face is one of recognition, also resignation, as the full import of her blunder sinks in.

Chrissy informs Louise that if the busty housewife can use her tongue to “snitch”, she can use it to make up for her treachery; she lifts her intimidatingly-huge strap-on cock out of the way and spreads her legs, then orders Louise onto her knees. “Eat me, bitch”…

Louise does as she’s told; she kneels before Chrissy and peeks at the hairless pink slit between the younger woman’s sturdy thighs. The sooner she complies with their orders, the sooner her ordeal will be over, so she leans forward , closes her eyes tightly, and tentatively flicks her tongue at the nea t, glistening female gash. Chrissy pushes her hips forward, so that the older woman’s face is mashed against her crotch, and warns her that if she doesn’t get to it and show some enthusiasm, that the voluptuous brunette’s ass will pay the price. Louse hurries to obey, instinctively, though a bit clumsily, clamping her mouth over her tormentor’s juicy cunt. Her tongue swabs up and down, around and around, and though it lack finesse, it succeeds in causing the young Latina to utter a faint groan of pleasure.

Lulu folds her jacket carefully over the easy chair she’d been seated in earlier, then un-clips the holstered 9mm Berretta automatic from her belt and places it on top. Her pullover blouse is next, then her tailored slacks; she takes-up a position behind the kneeling homemaker wearing a black thong, high heels, and of course, a ten inch long rubber dick strapped to her slim middle.

She grabs Louise’s buttocks and pries them open; Louise gasps as Lulu shoves a slender finger deep into the puckered brown starfish nestled between those round, fleshy ass-mounds. The rough treatment of her poor back-door causes the beleaguered brunette to scream, which is muffled by Chrissy’s muscular thighs. A yank on her hair convinces her to continue her sloppy, in-expert tongue- action on Chrissy’s bald puss.. .

Though Louise’s oral efforts are far from skillful, her hot wet, tongue still manages to excite Chrissy to the point that her juices are flowing freely, so much so that the flavorful secretions overflow the captive wife and mother’s mouth and spill down her face.

Behind her, Lulu digs her fingers into the deep crack between her ass-cheeks and spreads them wide. A second or two later, the horny detective’s fat, greasy cock-head sockets-itself firmly-against her stinging anal grommet. Louise’s guts chill briefly when Chrissy makes this statement: “Fuck that ass like you OWN IT, prima.”

Lulu has every intention of doing JUST THAT:

The steady, relentless pressure of the fat, lubricated cock-head on the weakened center of Louise’s anal pucker has the inevitable result: the blunt rammer over-comes the perfunctory resistance and pops-into into her steamy interior. The choked gasp Louise utters is muffled by the steamy pussy her face is buried in. At the same time, Lulu reaches down and around and presses the tip of her ring finger into their victim’s lightly-furred cupcake. Louise groans and her head tosses from side to side; the outrageous sensations of cock and finger are maddening and despite herself, the buxom brunette captive is getting wet.

Chrissy decides that the novice cunt-licker should put her pretty mouth to better use and pushes Louise away. “Open wide, mami” the beautiful high schooler demands, grasping the base of her big dingus and presenting it to her kneeling sex-slave. Louise submissively opens her mouth and accepts the plum-sized head of Chrissy’s dick; there is nothing else for it except to obey.

Lulu plunges slowly through the voluptuous housewife’s buttery rectal walls, stretching and filling her completely. The pinkish-brown crinkle sinks in and sucks outward on the formidable dong as Lulu continues to butt-fuck the buxom, double-stuffed Christian wife with increasing power. As the pain lessens and the pleasure grows, Louise moves her sexy ass in a spastic, circling motion, tentatively at first, then more forcefully with each stroke. Her dark pucker clings to the base of the thick rubber pole as it slides in and out.

Hot little sparks of want sear through the now-willing older woman; she moans in delight as the double attack on her senses continues.

Louise’s pillowy, spread ass cheeks smack against the fronts of the Latina detective’s thighs, and her soft cries of ecstasy are getting louder, though not as loud as they would be without Chrissy’s long, thick dick stuffing her throat. Now its’ CHRISSY’S TURN…

The horny cousin’s change places; Lulu grins evilly as she presents her lightly-soiled butt-buster to the over-heated Louise, who knows exactly what is expected of her:

Louise takes the head of the monster into her mouth. She cringes and gags when the taste of the KY mixed with her own anal secretions hits her palate. Lulu has no regard for her discomfort and pushes her hips forward, hard, spearing the shaft so deeply that Louise is sure that her tonsils will snap- off if the pressure keeps up.

Lulu’s strong fingers, buried in the heavy-titted captive’s dark, silky tresses, force Louise’s head down even further, until the thick latex truncheon is sunk deep in her throat.

Louise is so intent on suppressing her “gag reflex” that she doesn’t notice Chrissy move-around behind her and get to her knees.


The super-stacked house-wife groans brokenly when her rear portal is breached for the second time; this entry is just as rough as the first. With her mouth and throat crammed full of two massive pseudo cocks the prim and proper pillar of her church community is just another wanton lesbian anal whore on the receiving end of what she wants , needs, and DESERVES… The merciless Latina hammers her 10″ latex prick into Mrs. Parker’s sore and abused ass.

After several minutes of rapid pounding, Chrissy pauses, her cock buried in her rape victim’s ass to the hilt. With a quick, practiced motion, she pulls her ass-stretcher almost free of Louise’s sphincter, then rams it all the way back in, hard. The Latina Stud repeats this process several times, the pace of her shafting increasing with each painful thrust.

Blessedly, Lulu finally withdraws from her throat, and the anally-skewered brunette can draw in her first un-encumbered breath in some time. Her lips and throat are very sore, as is her brutally stretched ass-hole. Despite this, Louise’s vacant fanny twitches with itchy heat; now cumming continuously, she experiences a kind of full-body muscle spasm, she vainly tries to fight-off the growing intensity of the coming orgasm but is unsuccessful, finally jerking and writing in a ticklish sort of agony that leaves her gasping and weak, even as Chrissy continues her relentless anal assault.

Next…Chapter 6a

Note: Sorry because of my grammar! English is not my native language, so please be understanding because of the faults! Thanks!


There wasn’t too much people in the gym. It was Saturday morning, so the most of the people were in their bed yet, to rest after the huge parties of Friday.

But I wasn’t one of them. Although I never lost a good party, and there were times, when I danced till dawn in one of the party places of the city, and then I went home with the first bus in the morning with pain in my legs because of the high hills.

But after these kind of nights I didn’t like to sleep so much. I don’t know why, but I used to get up all days when the sun appeared on the horizon. It was no matter, when I arrived home in the previous night. Of course it was an other story, when I could lay in my bed with a muscular body in the first lights of the Sun. In this case, I could lay there till noon, and during that, I explored the beautiful body with my hands again and again.

But at the time of this story, I hadn’t got anyone, so I couldn’t have any excuse to stay in bed.

Because of the thought, I have to go to the gym, it seemed to be a better idea to pull the blanket to my head, despite of the previous things, to hide myself from the sunshine.

But the world “have to” is not the best in this situation. It wasn’t required, but, despite of the fact, how much I hated it, sometimes I felt, in the earliest opportunity I must to go to train myself. But when the opportunity came, I was too weak for it.

In the first end of balance between the worlds “to go” and “not to go” there was the fact, during the train I could just thinking about that, when will be the end of the time that I set for myself and when could I finish it. And because of this, the time was felt to be stopped and the pain in my muscles was even bigger and bigger. That was the last thing, when I arrived home and I couldn’t move my body without the hell of pain.

But on the other hand of the balance there were the beauty and the health, which were always very important to me. I wasn’t fat. What’s more, almost everyone said that, I have got perfect body. At my work most of the times the guys turned their head after me… And, of course, sometimes some girls looked at my body too. I never had got any problem with lesbians, but I couldn’t imagine myself to have sex with another girl. Despite of that it was a good feeling, when I felt the look of a woman on my body.

In these situations I imagined, what day see. There was a medium high, athletic physique girl there with long legs, shoulder length blonde hair. She was 21 and she always smiled. That was me. And when I imagined that picture in the point of view of the other people, I was very proud of myself.

But I obsessively afraid to loose my beautiful outlook, so I forced myself to eat healthy food and to train, at the price of that too, sometimes it would be better to eat hamburger. And in each time when I arrived home with hell of pain in my body, I swore to myself, I won’t do it again.

But now I was happy, because, despite of these receiving, I was there in the gym. I was happy yet, and I didn’t care what will be later.

I put my iPod to my ears, pushed the button “Play”, listened my favorite music and sat to the end of the gym in front of the mirror to the leg amplifier machine.

I forced myself not to look to the clock. I didn’t calculate, how many times had I pushed my thighs open to lift the weights up. I just concentrated to the music and stared myself on the mirror. I thought just that, what other people see when they stare at me. My black leggings stretched to my legs as the perfect continuing of my thigh tank top that showed perfectly my body. As I stared myself on the mirror, I thought that, next time at my work admirers will see the same view. And when I thought that, it made me strong to continue and not to think about the pain.

Suddenly another girl sat down to the other machine in front of me. I looked to her just from the corner of my eye. I didn’t deal with her so much. She was around same old as I, perhaps some years younger than me. Her long blonde hair was in a long ponytail and her body was slim. She wore stretch running shorts with branded trainers and pink tank top. It took only a minute for her to find a comfortable seat on the machine and start to train. I didn’t deal with her any more, just listened the music in my ears and stared myself on the mirror.

Just some minutes later I got to feel her look on my skin. I shivered and despite of the fact, my skin was full of sweat till that time, I began to shake.

I didn’t want her to notice it. In the first time I decided to hide that, I noticed her. Maybe it wasn’t me whom she was staring. Maybe there is somebody more interesting behind me, a cute guy, or something.

But this was just fantasy. I knew just I could be the one whom she is staring at. When I sat down to my machine, there were just a couple in their forties on the stationary bike in front of us in the corner, a guy in his late twenties on the treadmill next to the wall and a woman in her thirties with the weights in the gym.

Obviously the couple wasn’t whom she interested in. I didn’t think so it could be the woman in her thirties. And the guy was behind her, so he couldn’t be the one too. And there could be nobody who came after me. I had to notice everybody. So it was sure, there is nobody behind me. The only one whom she could stare was I.

She wasn’t intrusive. She didn’t stare me indecently. She just looked at me rigidly and persistently. Somebody else could thought that she is just seeing the nothing and didn’t see anything in front of me, just concentrate to the music in her ears.

But I felt on my skin, she was staring at me. Everybody feel if somebody is staring her. It was such as two warm spot on me burning my skin.

For a long time I tried to ignore her, but then I couldn’t do anything else just look to her eyes. My heart suddenly hit a huge. I just noticed she is gorgeous.

I was right. She should be one or two years younger than me, but her face was like a little girl’s, but, despite of that, very very attractive. She was look alike as a graduate at high school, who goes to gym in Saturday after the huge parties too, to dazzle the guys in her class with her perfect muscular body and prepare herself for the first year in the university. She could get very much compliment with this body and maybe some invitation to the rooms of the guys of the college.

Her full lips melted slowly to her white skin on her face, which was crowned by her turquoise eyes, which shined as diamonds. Two diamonds which reflected the shine of Sun directly to my eyes.

I felt, maybe it took too long time to stare her, but I couldn’t break the contact between our eyes. I didn’t care what is on the mirror. I didn’t stare myself on it, but in that turquoise eyes staring me. I heard the music in my ears but I didn’t listen. My moves become completely automatic.

I don’t know, how much tome was it. It was seconds? Maybe they were minutes? Or it was hours? We just stared each other. I saw her stretch tank top to lift through the move of her hard nipples. My look went under her clothes, under her skin, and I saw her muscles waving and stretching. I never felt anything like that. I knew, my panties is completely wet, but this information list somewhere in my brain before I could notice it.

Her look ran through my body and stopped between my thighs. She was staring the suture there that, after every move when I opened my thighs, let to se my pulsating pussy.

I was staring the area between her stretch thighs too in every time when she opened her legs and her shorts stretched to it. I imagined, we aren’t in the gym, but in a hotel room. I’m standing in front of the king sized bed and she is laying on the blanket completely naked and she is opening her thighs seductively to show her pulsating pussylips.

I shivered because of the fantasy. In other circumstances I would turn my head away and force myself to imagine something else, or immediately stand up to leave, but right here right now I couldn’t let her look away and I forgot everything.

Finally, my brain locked out the pain in vain, I started to feel my painful muscles.

I couldn’t continue it. My skin was already completely wet because of my sweat. Subconsciously I used it as an excuse to stand up and cover my face with my towel before I left the gym and went to the dressing room.

I stopped in the door for a minute to look back to see her following me with her shining eyes.

After I broke the contact of our eyes by closing the door, I tried to forget her. I pulled my iPod out of my ear, but continued to sing my favorite songs quietly. During that, I deleted my sweet of my skin, opened my locker, took of my clothes and screwed the towel around my body before I went to the shower.

The warm water cleaned my brain completely as it caressed my body. My brain was completely empty and I just stood there and lifted my face to the direction of the shower head, closed my eyes and enjoyed the water on my skin and hair.

I didn’t imagine anything just enjoyed the moment, and when I noticed the pain in my muscles, I knew I’m alive.

Suddenly somebody stepped next to me to the neighboring shower. She was that. I didn’t look to her, but I knew it immediately. I knew, she is here because of me. Now I think it was a bit self-sufficient idea, but that time it was obvious. She waited some minutes to find the minute when it isn’t striking to leave, but she could catch me under the shower. That moment this was the most obvious thing in the whole universe.

She took her towel off and stood under the shower. At least I could see her whole body. She had got taut stomach, shapely round buttocks, medium sized but seductive breasts and short fluffy hair on her groin. Her long blonde hair fell down as a cascade through the middle of her back and stacked to her skin. For a moment I was breathless. I knew, it’s too striking as I stared her and I knew, despite of the fact, she didn’t show any obvious sign, she enjoys it too.

For a moment she just stood there under the shower and let the warm water to caress her whole body, and then she caught her shower gel. As the foamy material covered her body, she become maybe more seductive in my point of view. She caressed her skin lightly with her hands and I imagined that, I do it with her.

Maybe she spent a little more time with her breasts as its necessary. She caressed them, rubbed and stuffed them. But it wasn’t so striking, as what she done later. She caressed her taut stomach and pushed her hand to her foamy groin.

For the first time it seemed to be just to wash her sweat off her muscular thighs, but later, as the time passed, her moves become even intense. Her mouth opened lightly, her eyes closed and as I saw her stunned face, it was obvious, what is she doing.

She masturbated. Right there under the shower as I stared her. And I knew, she do it because I’m there. She is doing it for me.

My heart wanted to jump out my chest. I heard its hits in my ears as the drum from the iPod. I was surprised, how she don’t hear it.

Suddenly my hand started to move too. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the water caressing my face. My fingers went to my pussy and my touch caused and a quite moan for me.

I saw only her with my closed eyes. She looked at me, smiled and lifted her hand to touch my groin.

Maybe not much as a minute later I noticed her to step next to me. She kissed my shoulder and neck. I felt her body pulsating behind me.

Her small hand touched my stomach and burnt my skin as slowly moved down. I let her to push her hand between my thighs, and when her fingers went to the place of mines, I felt, I will have an orgasm immediately.

My hand started an own life and touched the wet skin of her stomach. For a moment I become shy, but then she touched my wrist and pushed it between her thighs.

For a moment I just played with a short hair on her groin and caressed her pulsating pussylips. The prize for it was many warm kiss. It was like electricity run through my body from my neck.

I couldn’t bear it. I turned back to look to her eyes, but her lips, which caressed my shoulder and neck before, now found my mouth.

My body shivered. I lost in the touch of her soft lips as they danced with mines. When she hugged me, her wet hair fell to my shoulder, and her breasts pushed to mines. Her index finger went deep inside my pussy. Because of that, my index finger started to move too and went inside her wetness.

Her body shivered. Her mouth opened and suddenly her tongue entered my mouth and caressed mine.

We kissed passionately. We hugged each other and our hands worked between each others thighs during the other explored the others body. We caressed each others back, griped each others buttocks and touched each others hair.

She moved down and caressed my right thigh, then lifted my leg, pushed to her waist and pushed my body to the wall. Because of that her index finger went more deep to my body and one more finger joined too.

I pushed up my mouth not to scream because of the enjoyment, and she let me to enjoy this situation. She started to kiss my cross bone.

She pressed her groin to my thigh, so I had to move my hand away from her pussy and I used both hands of mines to hug her and caress her back, pull my nails through her spine and grip her buttocks.

My index finger entered to her anus. Her body shivered and her lips twitched for a moment and her body pressed to mine. I felt, she enjoy it.

Her juice flew through my leg and as she moved her fingers inside me I felt, the orgasm is coming.

I didn’t care, who hear us, I screamed loudly because of the enjoyment. She took this as encouragement. Pulled her fingers out of my pussy, gave a pack to my mouth and moved down.

She spent a little time on my breasts, sucking my hard nipples, than moved towards through my stomach, till se knelt in front of me and pushed her face between my thighs.

I pulled my finger out of her ass and now I gripped her wet hair and I drove her face to push her tongue deeper and deeper inside my. It took just some minutes and I had an orgasm again.

I felt, my body collapse immediately, but I couldn’t finish without give a response for this pleasure. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to kiss her. I pressed her to the wall and kissed her whole body.

I ate her breasts. I couldn’t imagine it before, who good it be to grab and kiss these soft hills.

When I entered her pussy with my tongue, she let a loud scream out and her body was explored by the orgasm that was possibly from long time expected. But I didn’t let her go. Guys always said that, I do blowjob as a goddess, and now I wanted to prove for the first time, I can lick a girl at least as well.

Her body shook and twitched as I worked on her pulsating pussy, but I knew she didn’t let it to stop till after ten minutes of hard work she come again.

I stood up and kissed her again. Her salty juice covered my mouth and now I pushed it to her mouth. She enjoyed the taste so much, her little tongue licked all of the juice out of my mouth.

For a moment I just hugged her and kissed her. But when my brain become clear again and I opened my eyes, I was alone again in the shower.

It was just a dream? Maybe it was just a fantasy that she came to catch me. No. This experience was so intensive; it couldn’t be just a dream. As I touched my lips, I still felt the salty taste.

I showered quickly and completely naked ran to the dressing room, but she already wasn’t there.

From that time I go to the gym more often. I was there in that moment, Saturday morning, in every week, but from that time in weekdays too minimum one time before the beginning or after the end of the school day, but I never met her again.

I tried to get to know more about her, but I couldn’t find out even her name. So after a time I hade to give it up to search her, and I could just hope that, one time I see her again. I hope, I will se once that girl again, who caused me that heavenly pleasure.

Till that I will look at the women with completely other way. Before that if a girl stared at me, I noticed it as a compliment for my outlook and just went away. Some minutes later I forgot the whole story. But now I stare the owner of the searching looks too and give a prize of a smile or a wink for them. They typically blush because of that, to sign that, it could be a hot hour the end of the story in the depot or in the ladies room. But this is another story.

I’m grateful today too to that blonde girl from the gym too and I pray to meet to her again and found out, it really wasn’t a dream.

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