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“Where have you been?” Lady Firanda demanded imperiously of Zerafina. “And where is my maid? She was going to find you and, here it is, much, much later.”

Zerafina smiled at the Lady Firanda, an outward show of friendship that went only as far as her very full lips. Even if Firanda wasn’t the stuck up spawn of an inbred nobility, Zerafina would have very little positive to say to her. After all, it was Firanda’s uncle, the Baron of Gorendale, who had murdered Zerafina’s master and burnt her home to the ground. In retrospect, the Baron may have actually done Zerafina a favor by murdering her master. Her master had treated her well enough, she supposed, but it was upon his death that she gained access to his grimoire, had summoned the very Demon Lord of Lust himself, and had begun to gather a not-insubstantial number of followers. To be sure, they weren’t much, being two sellswords, two of the reptilian race the skyyrim, and now a governess. The fact that the sellswords and governess were in the employ of the Baron was rather a nice touch, she thought. Then there was her imp familiar, the ever horny Tidget, but his usefulness was somewhat limited.

“I do believe she was interested in taking a bath, m’Lady. Padryc had lent me a bar of soap, and as I was done with it, passed it on to her.”

“Oh,” Firanda said, peering around the camp, the shadows steadily lengthening as the sun descended. The other four mercenaries were setting up tents, gathering wood, and one was starting to prepare what could pass as an evening meal. “Where is Captain Padryc, and that other one… the one with the scar? Where did they get off too?”

Zerafina bit back a chuckle as she thought the more appropriate question was who they had got off on, but refrained. Firanda was still operating under the illusion that Zerafina was a midwife, or, at worst, a roadside whore. “I think they mentioned something about scouting the area to be sure that it was safe,” she lied easily, knowing full well that the two men were recuperating from their earlier exertions of having thoroughly fucked her. As she talked, she walked over to the central fire where the cook, a lean, evil looking man was busy skinning rabbits. She rested her hand lightly on his shoulder and he looked up with a cracked smile.

She leaned down to look in the iron pot that hung over the fire, giving the sellsword an ample eyeful of her expansive breasts. Firanda made a choking noise and disappeared into a nearby tent. Zerafina ran her hand down the man’s chest and between his legs, softly stroking his cock through his pants. He smiled at her, but pushed her hand away. “Maybe after I get these rabbits in the pot, wench,” he chuckled. “Otherwise it’ll be my hide when the others are hungry and dinner isn’t ready.”

Zerafina pouted, but nodded her understanding. “Well be sure to find me then,” she said, whispering in his ear.

With little else to do until the cook was available, Zerafina decided to take a walk around the perimeter of the camp. The sellswords had sent several of their brethren to keep watch, as bandits and beasts were common in those parts, and it was best to keep a watchful eye lest unwary travelers suddenly find themselves robbed, eaten, or worse.

Zerafina was feeling slightly bored and more than a touch horny. She wondered if it was because of her devotion to Nyyphas that she felt this urge to have her holes filled with cock, to taste pussy on her tongue, to feel hot cum shooting into her mouth and down her throat and onto her ass and tits. As she walked, she saw a young sellsword leaning against a tree, trying hard to stifle a yawn. He grinned when he saw Zerafina, and waved her over.

“Not bored are you?” she asked, running her red tongue across her full lips.

“Not anymore,” he replied with a smile and wink.

“I wouldn’t want the Captain to get jealous of you spending time with me, though.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that,” she replied.

“What’s a handsome young man like you doing with these ruffians anyway?” she asked, pressing against the lad, her hand finding his cock. The boy couldn’t have been more than eighteen years old, and looked like he didn’t need to shave more than once a week if that.

“Oh, well, the Captain is my father. I’ve been on campaign with him since I was about twelve or so,” the sellsword replied.

“Is that so?” Zerafina asked, her voice purring as she pressed herself against the lad. She could feel his cock hardening under her hand, could see his knuckles turning white around the shaft of his bow. “I take it you’ve been with a woman before?” She took his earlobe in her mouth and bit it lightly.

“Yes!” the boy gasped, his knees going weak and his attention faltering.

“Good,” Zerafina whispered into his ear. “I like a man with a bit of experience.”

She fished his cock out of his pants and sank to her knees. She ran her tongue along the shaft of his dick, then swirled it against his balls. The boy gasped, but managed to keep his eyes open and alert. He was supposed to be on sentry duty after all. It became even harder when she took the head of his cock into her mouth, her hand stroking the shaft, caressing his balls.

“Oh my gods,” he muttered as Zerafina’s head bobbed up and down slowly, languorously on his cock, her mouth taking more and more of him into her mouth and down her throat on each down stroke, her tongue swirling around the head and teasing his slit as she sucked him. Zerafina heard him drop his bow finally, felt his hands running through her hair. She pulled her mouth off of his cock, only to take first one ball than the other into her mouth, caressing them with her tongue as her hand continued to work his shaft.

“Lie down,” she ordered the boy. Trapped in a haze of lust and desire, the sellsword sank to the ground. Zerafina hiked her dress up over her hips and straddled the boy, his hard cock quickly sinking into her hot wet pussy. She pulled her dress down her body, freeing her full, ripe breasts, and squeezed them, teasing her nipples as she rode the boy’s cock.

“So this is where you got to then,” she heard a voice say from behind her. “And here I thought you were just interested in me.”

Zerafina turned to see the cook walking towards them. “What would the Captain say lad, if he knew you were getting your dick wet when you were supposed to be on sentry duty?”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” the boy replied, though whether it was from having been caught or the fact that Zerafina hadn’t stopped squeezing his cock with her cunt it was impossible to tell.

“You wouldn’t get the boy in trouble would you?” Zerafina asked. Her eyes were half-closed as she felt her own orgasm building, but she wanted nothing more than to feel the cock inside of her explode, for her cunt to be filled with his cum. She bent over the boy, reaching back to hike her dress higher, spreading her ass cheeks. “I have another hole here that needs to be filled,” she moaned. “What do you say? Want to stick that pole between your legs up my ass?”

“I think that will properly motivate me to keep quiet about the lad’s indiscretion,” the cook said, coming closer and loosening his breeches.

“Let me get in there for a bit lad, don’t want to try her back passage dry, now do we?”

Zerafina moaned when she felt the boy’s cock slip from her pussy and she groaned lustily as she felt the cook shove his thick hard pole deep into her pussy. He pumped hard into her for three or four strokes before pulling out.

“Get back in her boy, then we’ll see if she can handle me as well,” the cook said. “Otherwise I’ll just have to fuck her slut mouth.”

Zerafina easily slid back onto the boy’s cock, and she felt the cook press the head of his cock against her asshole. She panted and groaned as he pressed against her. It wasn’t the first time that she had her ass violated, but it was still much tighter than her pussy, and she had to work to relax her sphincter.

“Ahh, there it is,” the cook moaned as the head of his cock pushed fully into her ass. Zerafina gasped from a mixture of pleasure and pain as her ass was stuffed full of cock, the feeling made even more intense from the cock in her pussy.

“Wait, wait, wait,” she panted, head flung forward, breasts heaving. She couldn’t move sandwiched between the two men as she was. She felt as her ass grew accustomed to the cock shoved inside of her. “Okay, slowly now,” she gasped, her hands digging into the ground as the two men started to fuck her. It was awkward at first, but then they got into a rhythm, spearing her on their cocks, fucking her deep and hard. They started slowly, nearly pulling out of her hot holes before driving back into her. She could feel their balls pressed against her as they fucked her. The feeling that she was completely at their mercy, unable to move, to do anything but take their cocks, to be used for their lust, drove her over the edge and she came hard, screaming her pleasure and not caring who heard her cum.

“Ugh, I’m going to cum, you bitch,” grunted the cook, thrusting harder into her ass. The boy underneath her thrust up harder into her, and she was amazed that he hadn’t cum in her hot wet cunt yet, and couldn’t wait to feel his sperm shooting into her womb.

“Yes, yes, cum in me. Fill me with your hot seed. Fill my cunt and ass with your cum!” Zerafina screamed, another orgasm overcoming her. The two men groaned. The cook started to cum first, and Zerafina could feel his cock throbbing in her ass, shooting deep into her bowels. That served to set off the boy under her, and she could feel him cum deep inside of her as well. As they came, she could feel the tendrils of lust and control loop themselves around their will, binding them to her and adding them to her growing army of sex-controlled servants. The two slowly eased themselves from Zerafina’s ravished holes, cum dripping from their cocks onto the ground.

Zerafina sat up and slowly bathed their cocks with her tongue, moaning as she enjoyed the musky, salty taste of their cocks.

“I better get back to the camp,” the cook murmured, softly stroking Zerafina’s ass as she straightened out her dress. “People are going to be wondering where dinner is.”

Zerafina smiled at him. “Good idea. I’ll be along shortly. We don’t need the entire camp to know what we had been up to.”

The cook nodded and made his way back to the camp as the boy straightened out his clothes and tried and failed to wipe the giant smile off of his face. When he returned to camp, Zerafina was sure that everyone would know that he had sex, and there were only so many suspects that could be responsible. That was good, as it made it more likely that the other members of the mercenary band would come seek her out.

She stretched out the strands of lust and control that she had wound around her growing band, seeking out Marta. Zerafina smiled when she realized that Marta was down by the river taking a bath, but more importantly she had enticed one of the mercenaries to join her. The mercenary was currently balls deep in her cunt, Marta’s legs wrapped around his waist as he fucked her. Zerafina was impressed at how quickly the governess had moved from the role of chaste protector to that of wanton whore. It certainly made Zerafina’s job of seducing the rest of the mercenaries easier.

As useful as having a band of mercenaries under her control was, however, it was but a step to her longer term goal of gaining revenge against Baron Gorendale. Her more immediate goal was the seduction of his daughter, but so far Firanda had been very careful not to put herself in a position where Zerafina would be able to take advantage of her. She was hesitant to make too bold a move, both for the fact that the entire band of mercenaries was not yet under her control, but she also wasn’t sure if the girl had any magical charms or protections on her person that would prevent Zerafina from seducing her to her cause.

She tapped her finger against her teeth in thought, then smiled wickedly. She did know someone that did know however, and Zerafina could tell that Marta had just finished, having just had her tits painted by the mercenary she had seduced.

Zerafina changed direction, moving away from the camp and going towards the river. She passed the mercenary who gave her a lewd and knowing smile as she passed him, and she gave him a wink in return. She found Marta rearranging her dress, and having some difficulty with all of the straps and buckles.

“Here, let me help you with that my dear,” Zerafina said. She couldn’t help but run her hands over the curves of Marta’s body, so much more full and ripe than the boyish figure of Firanda.

“Thank you Mistress,” Marta murmured. “I don’t deserve your help.”

“Nonsense,” Zerafina chided. “You have, after all, helped me to a great extent. I’m afraid I must ask you for further aid, however.”

“Anything Mistress,” Marta replied, her eyes bright with lust. The tip of her tongue poked out between her lips.

“I know. What I need to know is about Firanda,” Zerafina said, running her hand softly against Marta’s cheek. “I fear that she doesn’t like me, and I would so dearly like to change her opinion of me. Wouldn’t you like to help me with that Marta?”

“You would make her like me?” Marta asked, her eyes bright with lust. “I don’t think she’s ever even fucked a man,” the governess said.

“A virgin? Truly? Or did she prefer women? Did you and her-?” Zerafina asked.

“Oh no Mistress,” Marta replied, her eyes going wide. “Firanda never showed any interest in me that way.”

“And how did you look at her?” Zerafina said, pressing her hand against Marta’s breast, squeezing it perhaps harder than she had to. “Did you ever want to seduce her?”

“Oh, Mistress! No Mistress! At least not until I met you,” Marta said. “I would love to help you seduce her, Mistress. Please, can I help you?”

“I was counting on you helping me,” Zerafina said, smiling. “No one knows Firanda better than you, correct?”

“Correct, Mistress,” Marta responded, stifling a moan as Zerafina pinched and twisted her nipple.

“Oh, Mistress…”

“Tell me, Marta, does Firanda possess any charms that protect her from charms and enchantments?” Zerafina asked. She stopped helping the governess dress and started to disrobe her, her fingers tracing the inside swell of the governess’ breasts.

“A necklace Mistress!” Marta gasped as Zerafina took a nipple into her mouth, biting down on it. “A necklace passed down from her mother. Oh, yes!”

Zerafina continued to strip Marta, pulling her down to the grass. Zerafina ran her tongue along the inside of Marta’s thigh, her fingers caressing her legs. Marta reached down, tugging on Zerafina’s hair.

“Can you get this necklace for me, Marta?” Zerafina asked, sliding her tongue slowly between the lips of Marta’s pussy.

“Ungh! Yes, Mistress!” Marta cried out, arching her back as Zerafina circled her tongue against Marta’s clit.

“Good,” Zerafina said, smiling, kissing along Marta’s stomach. “Bring it to my tent tonight, will you?”

“Of course,” Marta said. “Mistress, please Mistress?”

Zerafina’s smile grew wider and she quickly sat up and stripped out of the rest of her clothes.

“Mistress?” Marta asked. Her question was soon answered when Zerafina turned around so that her pussy was by Marta’s tongue and her own face was buried back between her legs. Marta eagerly licked and lapped at Zerafina. Zerafina, for her part, slid first one then two fingers into Marta’s dripping wet pussy, her tongue flicking against Marta’s clit then pulling it into her mouth, sucking on it and teasing it lightly with her teeth. Zerafina could feel Marta bucking her hips up into her mouth, heard her moaning as she licked and kissed her pussy feverishly. Marta came hard and Zerafina followed shortly after with an orgasm of her own.

“Thank you Marta,” Zerafina said as she dressed. “Don’t forget the necklace tonight, understand?”

“Of course, Mistress.” Marta left Zerafina, her hips swaying seductively as she departed.

Zerafina followed soon after. She smiled at the mercenaries as they went about their camp routine, her smile growing wider when Padryc brought her over a bowl filled with vegetables and rabbit meat.

“Why thank you, Captain.”

“Of course,” he said, his hand reaching down to squeeze her ass.

Zerafina moaned and leaned in closer. “Later, my pet,” she hissed into her ear. “Meet me outside the Lady Firanda’s tent tonight, would you? I will have a special treat for you.” She felt for his hardening cock and gave it a squeeze.

“A treat eh? Well I can’t pass up that now can I?” he replied.

The camp soon settled down after dinner with the mercenaries going about the tasks common to any group of soldiers: talking, bragging, caring for their gear, gambling. A few gave Zerafina and Marta longing looks. Zerafina had not seen Firanda at the cook fire, but she had seen Marta carry a plate to Firanda’s tent.

Zerafina did not have a tent of her own, and did not much relish sleeping out under the stars, again, but she felt that it was unlikely that she would have to if Marta succeeded in the task Zerafina had assigned her. And if Marta was unsuccessful, well Zerafina was sure that she could convince one of the soldiers to share their tent with her. Zerafina wrapped her cloak around herself and moved closer to the fire. She could feel the skyyrim on the outskirts of the camp amusing themselves by spying on the sentries the mercenaries had posted while staying just out of sight themselves. Tidget, her imp familiar, had found a nearby tree to roost in and was eagerly waiting Zerafina to call to him. She resisted the urge to call to him, to use him to steal Firanda’s necklace. If the necklace truly could protect the Baron’s daughter from hostile magic, then it was quite possible that it could protect her from the imp as well. Zerafina smiled a cruel seductive smile. Even if Firanda had not been the Baron’s daughter Zerafina would have enjoyed wiping the haughty expression off of her face.

The moon was cresting over the trees and most of the mercenaries had gone to bed and Zerafina was about to give up hope that Marta would be successful when she saw the governess steal from Firanda’s tent, an object clutched tightly to her chest. Zerafina smiled and waved Marta over.

“I take it you were successful?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress,” Marta replied, holding a golden necklace out to Zerafina. The necklace was of a simple design, with a single emerald set in it. Zerafina reached out to touch it, but quickly drew her hand back as it felt as if she were going to plunge her hand into an icy river.

“Keep that away from me!” Zerafina hissed.

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress,” Marta said, tears starting in her eyes from having disappointed Zerafina.

“I’m sorry Marta, it just surprised me is all. Please, find Karlin and give him the necklace. Tell him that I need it to be buried in the woods. Tell him that it is a favor to me. He will understand.”

“Of course Mistress,” Marta replied.

Zerafina made her way toward Firanda’s tent. As she approached the tent, she saw Padryc leave his tent and move to intercept her. She called out mentally to Tidget and the imp winged its way down out of the tree and slipped into Firanda’s tent.

“So what is this about a treat then?” he asked. “I didn’t think that we would want Firanda to know about our little arrangement.”

Zerafina smiled at the mercenary. “And what if I told you Firanda was the treat?”

Padryc shook his head, laughing. “Somehow I doubt it. The ice queen would never go for it, and I need the commission from her father too much to push the issue.”

Zerafina lightly tapped Padryc on the cheek. “Leave it to me,” she said. “I promise you won’t be disappointed. Wait out here for me, but be ready for when I call you. Now you best be moving on before someone thinks that we might be conspiring.”

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