leg brace

James had a lot of responsibilities in the office. Some he enjoyed, some not so much. Overall he enjoyed his job, but there were aspects of it that he loathed. His favourite part had to be perving over all the sexy woman in the office. He still remembered fondly the evening spent with Richard and Jen. He had hoped, and tried to re-engage them to have another night of it, but there was always something stopping them. Too many prior engagements were the usual excuses. Either way, he was not getting any anywhere else in his life and he was getting frustrated.

One part of his job that he didn’t like, however, was dealing with staff issues. As a senior manager it was his responsibility to ensure that his staff were healthy and productive. He always felt this was a load of corporate bullshit, but he had to tow the line. He had a good thing going and didn’t want to fuck it up.

Today was one of those days that he wasn’t going to enjoy. One of other manager’s had had a knee operation and was confined to her house. It was up to James to do a home visit and make sure the company was doing what it could to ease her transition back to work. James couldn’t think of anything worse than having to coddle some invalid at home. He had never met the woman in question, but he was sure he wasn’t going to enjoy himself.

James arrived 10 minutes early at Lacey’s house. It was a very nice semi in a tucked away residential area. The kind where everyone watched you come and went. James checked the time again, and after adjusting his tie in the mirror climbed out of the car. After ringing the doorbell James could hear the tell-tale noises of crutches rattling across the floor.

Lacey opened the door to find a tall handsome man standing there. She was told that a ‘James’ would be visiting her, but she only knew him by name and had not seen him before. She was taken aback momentarily as she looked him up and down. He was dressed in a classy well-fitting suit and his short cropped hair was perfectly maintained. She quickly caught herself and looked down, only to realise with a pang of regret that she was only wearing a denim mini skirt and t-shirt.

James was just as surprised as Lacey when the door opened. His eyes were immediately drawn to the enormous leg brace she was sporting. But as his eyes wandered up her bare leg to her mini skirt and beyond he was pleasantly surprised. Her tight t-shirt did little to hide her large breasts and her hair fell loosely around her face framing her good looks perfectly. Letting his eyes wander down again he felt a stirring in his crotch as he stared blatantly at her chest.

‘Good afternoon, I’m James’ James finally tore his eyes away and put on his best professional manager’s voice.

‘Oh, of course, please come in, I’ve been expecting you’. Lacey’s calm voice hid her anxiety well, but she still thought he had noticed.

After the obligatory salutations and James helping her make and carry two cups of tea through to her lounge they both sat and stared at each other for a few moments whilst they drank their tea. Neither of them knew quite what to do in a situation like this. James was there in a professional capacity and this was Lacey’s home she should have felt more comfortable than she did. However it wasn’t long before they were both speaking freely and easily. Like two old friends that had just reconnected.

After several minutes of conversation about how her surgery had gone and how things were at the office. Lacey was feeling relaxed and reassured in James’ presence.

‘The worst part about this damn brace is the things I can’t do!’ Lacey continued ‘I can’t carry tea very well with two crutches, as you’ve seen! I can hardly bend over to even put socks on’. At that point Lacey bent over in the chair as if to demonstrate the difficulties she was having.

James looked on, with genuine interest as Lacey leaned over to show him how little freedom of movement she actually had. James then caught a flash of flesh from her upper leg as her mini skirt raised up. His breath caught in his throat as he was almost certain he didn’t see any underwear.

Lacey looked over to see James leering at her waist. She realised too late that her skirt had ridden up, but truth be told she really didn’t mind giving James an eyeful. She watched, bemused as he adjusted his clearly growing cock in his trousers. It looked nice and big, and she assumed it wasn’t even at full length yet. She licked her lips involuntarily as she watched him. Suddenly their eyes met and they could both clearly see what the other was thinking.

James casually reached down and adjusted his growing cock so that it was protruding down his leg, never once taking his eyes from Lacey’s.

‘I should imagine there is a lot of things you must find difficult in your predicament’ James said casually as he watched her.

‘There are a few things yes. But I have my trusty laptop at hand should I need any further entertainment’ Lacey replied with a devilish grin.

Lacey was enjoying where this was going and was hoping James was thinking the same thing. She decided to see how far he would go, given his managerial position and that she was still an employee after all. She very slowly leaned over the side of the couch and reached for her laptop. She knew her skirt had ridden up and she was giving him a full unimpeded view of her ass.

James simply watched as Lacey’s ass slowly came into view. His heart pounded in his ears as she leaned over completely. Finally he was presented with her full uncovered ass. Her skirt had ridden up completely and his vision was filled with two perfect fleshy globes separated by the smallest of purple thongs.

‘Shit, I think I’m stuck!’ Lacey suddenly announced. Unfortunately she really was stuck, but she was painfully aware of how much she was showing off to James. ‘Can you…. Help me out?’

‘Of course; it would be my pleasure’ James replied

Lacey felt his hands first: one on each cheek of her ass. She jumped despite herself. It had been a long time since anyone had wanted her. Really wanted her. Her leg hadn’t helped much, she felt trapped by it, and the hideous scar she was faced to stare at every day. But James’ hands felt wonderful as they gently massaged her. She moaned softly as his hands worked slowly towards her thong covered centre. Then Lacey jumped almost out of her chair as she felt James’ hot breath and then his tongue pushing against the cloth of her barely covered pussy.

James held firmly to the two cheeks of her perfect ass. He slowly pulled them apart so that he could wedge his tongue farther into her crevice. He licked as far down between her legs as her position would allow then all the way back up to her waist. As he went down for a second pass he felt her pushing against him and trying to open her legs for him. Only her leg brace was making it impossible. James reluctantly pulled away and offered her his hand to pull her back up.

‘Sorry about that, it looked a little irresistible’ James said as he pulled Lacey back into a sitting position.

‘Not at all, as I said this fucking brace makes a lot of things more difficult’ Lacey replied as her chest heaved and she could feel her face flushed with excitement.

‘Can I help make you any more comfortable?’ James asked as he stood next to the couch where Lacey was sat. His cock flexed at full hardness right in front of her eyes, barely contained within his trousers.

‘You were certainly helping before…. Perhaps if I could just re-arrange myself’ Lacey had very little chance to move before James was around the front of the couch gently easing her legs apart. He kindly pulled the stool over for her to rest her leg on, whilst at the same time pulling her forward on the couch. She ended up almost laying back on the couch with one leg up and the other splayed open, her skirt around her waist and her panties soaked through.

James wasted no further time and knelt down between her legs and forced his tongue back between her folds. He breathed deeply savouring the smell of her arousal as his tongue pushed against her clit hidden beneath her thin thong. Even with the fabric in the way he could still taste her delicious nectar. God he loved eating pussy he thought to himself.

Despite herself Lacey clamped her legs around James’ head at the sudden intrusion. Although she put up very little resistance as his hands pulled her legs back apart. She looked down and watched as he pulled her wet thong to the side and watched his tongue slowly snake out of his mouth and teased her. He didn’t touch her, but she could feel his breath on her exposed pussy. Just when she thought she could take no more, James pushed his tongue roughly between her folds and licked her roughly up her entire length.

‘Oh Fuck!’ Lacey moaned as she threw her head back into the couch. She reached up under her shirt and forcing her bra over her tits she began pulling on her erect nipples.

James was really getting into it now. Normally he would have liked to take his time and bring Lacey off slowly and meticulously, but her pussy simply tasted too good and he had to get as much of her sweet fluids as he could. He roughly tongued her clit from its hood and lashed at it. She bucked under him and he grabbed her legs hard and held her down. His tongue worked its way down through her pussy until he started to fuck her with his tongue. Darting his fleshy length in and out of her he lavished her pussy forcing more and more juices to flow into his mouth. He quickly clamped his whole mouth over her mound and licked every bit he could. Technique was out the window as Lacey thrashed under him, he pushed his tongue back into her as his top lip and teeth scraped across her clit.

Lacey was quickly losing control. Perhaps it was the recent dry spell or the suddenness of it all, but she was quickly climbing to a crashing orgasm. She could feel his teeth rubbing her sensitive clit and it sent her over the edge. Her back arching, her mouth held open in its silent scream, her whole pussy throbbed and flexed as her orgasm ripped through her. She pulled her nipples and mashed her pussy into James’ face, forcing every ounce of bliss from his tongue. Her head spun and her ears rung as he relentlessly licked and sucked on her pussy.

James was forced away by her hands pushing against his head. He finally relented and pulled away, but not before giving her pussy a final lick from top to bottom.

‘Oh fuck!’ was all that Lacey could get out as his tongue flicked her once again.

James stood up and surveyed the image in front of him. Lacey was half lying on her small couch. One leg up on a stool supporting her braced leg, the other splayed obscenely out the other direction. Her perfect pink pussy was covered by her hand as she tried to recover from its hyper sensitivity. Lacey’s shirt had been pushed up over her tits with her bra and her impressive tits were fully exposed. James gently wiped his face of her juices on the back of his hand. Her taste had been exquisite when she had come and he was savouring the taste as he watched her recover.

Lacey was brought back to reality at the sound of a zipper being opened. She opened her eyes to see James stood leering at her and gently stroking his cock. He had simply pulled it from his trousers and was still fully dressed. His suit jacked had been removed when he arrived but everything else was still on. And now she was watching him gently pull on his beautiful cock. Yes, she definitely thought it was beautiful. Nice and long, not to thick that it would split her in half, and nicely curved. She was sure it would hit all the right places.

James moved slowly towards her as she watched him play with his cock. He moved around the back of the couch and pulled her head back slightly. Leaning over the couch he was able to push his hard cock into her mouth as she simply looked on and let him. Holding on to the couch with one hand he used the other to explore her breasts. He wasn’t overly surprised to find they were fake, but they were very impressive. He pulled her nipples lightly as he gently moved his cock in and out of her mouth.

Lacey was quick to learn and she grabbed hold of the cock in her mouth and stroked what she wasn’t sucking. She couldn’t reach his balls with her other hand but she wanted to feel them as well. Using her hand she pulled at his belt trying to undo it.

James released the nipple from his grasped and slowly opened his belt and trousers. Letting them fall to the floor he carefully stood out of them and pushed them aside. He regretfully pulled his cock from Lacey’s talented mouth and pulled his boxers over his hard cock. It was almost painful how hard it was. He looked back down and after kicking his boxers away he started to move forward.

Lacey stopped James’ forward progression by reaching up and grabbing his balls and pulling him forward. She massaged the fleshy balls in the palm of her hand as he guided his cock back into her mouth. It was her turn to listen to him moan as she swirled her tongue around his engorged cock, paying special attention to the sensitive underside. He was far too big to get very much into her mouth, but she bathed his cock liberally in spit as she licked it down to his balls and back up again. As she sucked his sensitive head back into her mouth she felt him buckle slightly from the intense sensitivity.

James couldn’t take much more of her mouth, and the way she looked. Lacey had made no effort to cover herself up and she remained spread legged and shirt up beneath him. As much as he wanted to explode in her mouth and see if should could take it all, he wanted to be inside her. He pulled his cock from her mouth with a pop of suction and backed away. He moved quickly around her and knelt between her legs. His cock pulsed up and down to his heart beat as he lined it up to her entrance.

Lacey propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at the cock about to invade her. It looked hard and menacing as it bobbed up and down. The hard purple head was still shining from her spit and looked even bigger than it had in her mouth. James looked up at her with pure lust in his eyes and swayed his body forward. Lacey closed her eyes as his cock pushed through her folds and into her clit. She opened them again as he pulled away. She was no longer in the mood to be teased. She wanted to be fucked; and fucked now, by the hard cock pointing at her entrance.

James paused, considering what to do; to tease her clit some more and or just push into her. Lacey decided for him and reached between her legs and grabbed his cock and pulled it to her entrance. James watched as she rubbed his cock head once over her lips and then pulled him into her. James needed no further encouragement and pushed himself fully into her. Her orgasm had left her slick and hot and he filled her pussy with ease.

Both of them moaned in unison as James’ cock bottomed out inside Lacey. James because her pussy was tight, wet and hot; it gripped his cock like a hot iron and pulsed up his full length. Lacey groaned as his length filled her fully, pushing up inside her like a relentless rod of hard steel filling her completely. Only one of her many toys filled her like this, and she hardly ever used it.

Before Lacey could become accustomed to James’ size he started to pull out. She could feel his hard mushroom head reach her entrance before he pushed it hard back into her. She was forced back up the couch as he pounded into her. She was held in place by his hard cock and she felt him flex inside her. She opened her eyes thinking he was coming already, but she was met with eyes searching hers and his mouth half open in a lusty smile.

James pulled out again and thrust hard back into her. She grunted and groaned with every inward assault of his cock. He reached down and gripped her tits hard and pushed her into the couch further. Her brace rubbed against him every time he pulled back, but his mind was solely on his pleasure now. He pulled her tits and nipples roughly and continued his steady in/out rhythm of his cock. He continued to pound his hard length in and out of Lacey as she started to moan and groan beneath him.

Lacey could feel another orgasm starting to build in her and she hoped they would come together. He leg throbbed in pain from all the movement, but it paled in comparison to the wonderful feeling his cock was giving her pussy. She closed her eyes as James picked up his speed. Her head fell back again as James’ cock pushed her relentlessly towards another orgasm. Her breath was coming in short stabs as he pulled her sensitive nipples, and she could feel her chest and face turning redder from her excitement.

James was getting closer to cumming. Watching her writhe beneath him from his constant fucking was pushing him over the edge. He could feel her pussy starting to quiver around his cock and he hoped that she was close to cumming as well. Hoping to help her out he quickly pushed his thumb into her folds and pushed hard on her clit. Lacey screamed out beneath him and bucked upwards into his hand. He quickly rubbed his thumb back and forth over her clit and picked up the speed of his thrusting. Lacey screamed out as her orgasm tore through her body and he could feel her pussy tighten around his cock. It was too much for James and he thrust one last time into her as hard as he could as his cock exploded it’s cum load into Lacey’s convulsing pussy.

Lacey didn’t think she had ever been so full. She could feel James’ cock grow even bigger as it lurched and spit into her. Her orgasm had left her breathless and numb. James was still gently thrusting into her as he continued to fill her with his cum. She could feel it running down her ass as he slowly began to soften inside her. She opened her eyes to see James’ head thrown back in orgasmic bliss as his cock twitched inside her. She flexed her pussy around his cock and smiled as his body bent over double from the pressure on his sensitive head.

James was truly spent. Lacey had truly sucked every last ounce of energy from him. As he was leaning over her trying to catch his breath he looked her in the eyes. They returned his glossy post-orgasmic look and simply stared back into his soul. James flexed his softening cock inside her and as Lacey smiled he leaned down and kissed her. She willingly opened her mouth as his tongue searched out hers. James eagerly searched out her mouth with his tongue and was surprised that this was the first time they had kissed. It was also with a small amount of regret, as she was a wonderful kiss – as well as a wonderful fuck.

Lacey was enjoying the kiss and the feeling of his cock still inside her. He had hoped that he would be able to get hard again, so they could fuck some more, maybe in her bed where it didn’t hurt her leg so much. Not that she was going to complain, however, she thoroughly enjoyed every second of his visit. Sadly they were pulled back to reality at the sound of a ringing phone. Lacey pulled back from James as they listened to the ringing.

James made no attempt the get up. His cock was still pleasantly encased in her hot wet pussy and he had no real desire to remove it. They watched each other entently as the phone continued to ring.

‘I suppose at some point you have to go back to the office’ Lacey finally said.

‘I suppose I do’

James hoped that Lacey would be off work for a little bit longer and that he could check up on her again… sometime real soon would be very nice.

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