“You’re so lucky to be married to me,” my pregnant wife Vicky purred at me with a wicked grin, “because I’m going to let you get laid by the hottest little slut you can imagine.” Her playful grin was ear to ear, knowing things I didn’t know — like, the identity of the teenager I was going to bang.

My seven-inch erection was already fully engorged inside my tight jeans, but I played it cool, not wanting to seem too eager to have sex with an 18 year old high school student — in front of my 8-month pregnant wife. But I couldn’t wait, and I knew Vicky knew I couldn’t wait. Really, why was I pretending it was no big deal?

“Yeah,” I agreed, leaning across our car to kiss my gorgeous, short-haired brunette wife on her full lips, “but I think this girl is the lucky one tonight.”

My always-horny wife reached to my crotch, squeezing my Johnson just before I put our car in gear. “Hmm, looks like he’s ready to play already.” She pointed to the road in front of our parking spot. “Let’s roll, baby!”

We pulled away from our apartment complex, heading into the weekend afternoon in early Fall, the trees already several hues of red, orange and yellow. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but I knew I’d love it.

* * * * *

It’s not an overstatement to say, Tawni was beyond my wildest expectation.

Short and petite, probably 100 or 105 pounds at most, and not over 5-foot, 1-inch tall. If even that.

Blonde, with long, dangling, golden locks that she had curly around her bangs and ears, but otherwise straight down past her petite shoulders.

Gorgeous, with a truly photographic face — big brown eyes, thick cocksucker lips, a huge playful smile, wide cheek bones, a little chin. She was spectacularly attractive.

Busty, with probably C- or D-cup tits inside her tight sweater.

Slender in the hips, with barely a little butt in ultratight jeans.

And horny. Fucking, fucking horny.

I’d find out later from my wife just why the high school senior was climbing into our car, as we picked her up about a block from her house (so her overprotective mom and preacher-father wouldn’t discover where she was going or, more particularly, with whom she was travelling). This was a girl raised to believe she had to “wait” for the “right man,” which meant, on her wedding evening. Only, not everyone’s sexual desires can be contained by someone’s sermons. Some people, God bless them, can control themselves. If that’s for you, then, more power to you. But not everyone. And, to be sure, Tawni was finding out she wasn’t one of them.

How’d she lose her virginity? By her mother’s boyfriend. Yes, you heard right — her mom was cheating on her preacher-father. So right there, you get the feeling, Tawni was receiving mixed messages from the parental units. And mom’s boyfriend wasn’t no angel. I don’t just mean he had tattoos on his arms. No, he had a wicked desire for all sexy objects, and young Tawni — eighteen, virgin, delicious — drew his attention. Somehow, tricking the naive teen into his apartment, he took what he wasn’t supposed to have. Just took it from her, over her screams and shouts. I didn’t get details, but it’s a word that has four letters, starts with “R,” and rhymes with the synonym for gorilla. I don’t condone it for a second, I mean, to me, a MAN isn’t really a MAN if he has to force it on a female. If you’re really a MAN, she’ll want you, she’ll beg you for it. If a woman doesn’t want your dick, then, how much of a MAN are you really? Not in her eyes, at least. So no, that’s not how to get it from a girl.

Still, young Tawni had a rather intriguing reaction to her first sex. Run to the police? No, she didn’t. Tell her mom? No, she didn’t do that either. Turns out that, maybe, she found out that those sexual dreams she’d been having — of a big dick in her cunt — weren’t all so ridiculous and fanciful. He was taking it from her without her prior consent, but at some point during the sex, she was very much consenting. She stopped fighting, she told my wife, and decided that, maybe, she knew why her mom was dating the asshole. Because his really big dick felt fucking good inside her cunt.

Don’t get me wrong, it sounded like a horrific experience. No way to lose her virginity. He treated her like a dog, slapping and spitting on her, telling her she was a “lousy lay” and didn’t “move her ass.” Didn’t suck cock good, didn’t cum for him. I mean, what’s the prick want? He takes it by force, and he expects a maestro performance from her? She was a fucking virgin, for fuck’s sake! Seriously, if I ever met this asshole? I’d want to punch him, even if he had tattoos up and down his arm. Probably got them for free playing football at the Horseshoe, the stupid penis.

As the weeks passed from her first sex, the 18 year old decided she definitely wanted to feel dick in her pussy again, only from someone more pleasurable, and who’d be willing to teach her how to do it right. She wanted an experienced older man, someone with a big dick like the asshole who took her virginity. But someone nice and pleasant, and who wouldn’t resort to using her like a toy. She thought college was in her future, and she wanted to be a pretty good lay who could “move her ass” and suck cock well by the time she met some college boys.

Which is why, I guess, she found my wife on the Internet.

My wife had her own story. Vicky had her days to kill, as her belly grew from a little bump to a full-out bowling ball inside her maternity dresses. Already a horny little slut, Vicky was truly prurient, spending most of her days watching porn on the Internet and having ridiculously horny cybersex with men and women. She couldn’t control her oversized horny arousal, as her pregnancy advanced. I didn’t mind, I mean, she wasn’t fucking anyone else. She wasn’t even fucking me — she didn’t want to orgasm, fearing it would harm our first-born. She heard some horror stories about that, so, I was cut off.

For six months, now, and counting.

Yep, no pussy for six months. I was receiving regular blowjobs from my wife, but let’s be honest, that’s not pussy. Not close.

And, it was going to be another month until the birth, plus, she’d need time to recover on the backside. I was looking at another, what, three months at least, before she might feel good enough for me to fuck her again? That’s what we were expecting, we really didn’t know.

(Okay, I have to be slightly honest here. Truthfully, pregnant women don’t get me horny. Vicky is beautiful, and not just in the “glowing” sort of way; she’s fucking gorgeous. I’m really fit, we’re both in our early 30′s, athletic, and I had a pick of woman to marry, and I wed the hottest of them. But, she had a big belly with a baby in it, and — married men, support me on this — pregnant women . . . well, how shall I put this? Smell. I mean, a pregnant chick, when nude, emits a really weird, sickening-sweet odor, it’s just a total turn-off. I couldn’t get close to my wife’s pussy anymore, without feeling some revoltion. Facts are fact. But, it was her idea to turn me off, so it wasn’t my idea; I just didn’t argue with her.)

Now, my horny wife loved me to excess, and while she couldn’t (well, wouldn’t) offer me her pussy, she wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to cheat on her behind her back. Vicky’s solution? I could “cheat” on her in front of her — she was going to bring home a pussy for me to fuck, while she watched.

So Vicky was patrolling websites with chat rooms and personal ads for women in our local area. She assumed she could find a married woman — someone loking for “no-strings-attached” sex — who wouldn’t mind a few hours getting fucked by a hung husband in front of his pregnant wife. But, either her idea changed or she was presented with another option, she decided maybe a college-age girl was the right way to go.

Someone young, who’d turn me on. Someone kind of sexually stupid, young enough to just want sex and no interest in taking a married man away from his brand-new child. It would be a few hours of fun, and that would be that.

Through whatever fortuitous events necessary, Vicky and Tawni ended up chatting one afternoon online. Vicky is very chatty, even on the keyboard, and being a female I guess she earned Tawni’s trust pretty quickly. The teenager, home from school that day, was probably horny as shit and ready to open up to strangers about her quest for an experienced, local stud to fuck her. Vicky must have been like, what do you know, I’m married to an experienced, hung stud who wants to fuck a young pussy. It was what the business folks call a “win-win.”

It took a few weeks for Tawni to give into Vicky’s combination of subtle and relentless pressure, but a date was set. Tawni had a Saturday afternoon and evening free a couple weeks before Halloween, and Vicky made sure my schedule was clear that day too.

* * * * *

As the gorgeous, blonde teenager climbed into our car in those skin-tight jeans and form-fitting sweater hugging her ample boobs, my eyes probably popped out of my skull. Tawni had the advantage of having seen pictures and videos of me — nude, too; but, while Vicky knew how pretty the girl was, I wasn’t prepared for this delicious blonde goddess entering our car. Even her perfume was intoxicating, I could smell the sweet flavors from the front seat as she settled into the backseat.

My wife watched my reaction, smiling to herself. She knew that, the moment I laid eyes on the young girl, I was going to want to fuck her. Vicky had done well.

The first three hours of the afternoon, however, weren’t sexual, at least not much. I guess this was all planned out ahead, the women had negotiated what would make for a good day, and break down Tawni’s apprehensions. So, instead of taking her to our place for sex, instead we headed across the county to an annual October festival — aptly named, Octofestival — that had rides, games, all sorts of family fun. What a threesome we made, me and the young blonde, with my pregnant wife waddling along. She wasn’t agile, but when she build up a walk in one direction, she could scoot quickly that way. She kept up.

What a weird few hours. Vicky insisted the girl and I ride just about every ride together — small roller-coaster, ferris wheel, those spinning tops that make you sick to your stomach, even the small “lover’s ride” through a make-shift tunnel. Vicky, of course, couldn’t do any of those rides; she just stood around the railings, waiting for me and my date to have our fun. It put me alone with the girl in fun situations, and we were mostly laughing our asses off, and trying not to puke. But my wife is no idiot, it sure brought down the barriers. By the end of the last few rides, the sexy blonde was holding my hand, or walking arm-in-arm with me — next to my pregnant wife. Seriously. It was like my wife was at the fair with a 30-something year old guy and his 18 year old girlfriend.

The tunnel ride — “Kisser’s Lane” it was called — was the last of them. As we disappeared from the afternoon sky into a barely-lit tunnel, constructed by tents along a moat that ran alongside the fairgrounds, I felt the teenager scoot her slim body up next to mine. I’m exceedingly fit, about 175 pounds and 5 foot 10, but I looked huge compared to her. She was so short and skinny, except for those delicious tits. I didn’t know about her sexual history at that point, all I knew was that she was snuggling next to me, holding my hand in her hand between her slim knees. I looked at her, barely able to see her bright brown eyes in the darkness, and just instinctively kissed the tip of her soft little nose. I felt guilty about it, frankly, but thought it seemed appropriate.

The girl purred at the kiss. “You’re nice,” she softly whispered to me, her voice hoarse, hushed. “I like you.”

I returned the complement, being totally honest. “You,” I moaned confidently and quietly into her ear, past those golden curles, “are the hottest fuckin’ woman I’ve held hands with, ever — even including my wife — you’re dreamy, you know that?” It was forward of me, but it was totally true. This girl was fucking hot.

Before our little boat emerged at the far end of the “tunnel,” Tawni and I shared our first lips-on-lips kiss. It was brief, but warm and welcoming; wet, soft, luxurious, lasting a few seconds. Not the way a father kisses a daughter. More like two people on their first date who like each other, but don’t want to really give into a French kiss just yet.

Meanwhile, Vicky wanted to eat everything in sight (pregnancy does that to some women, although, she had gained only 25 pounds, which wasn’t very much by pregnancy standards). So between the rides, we were feeding the monster, so to speak. Cotton candy, a “funnel cake,” candy apple, even sausage with peppers. My wife didn’t finish any of those things, she just had an hunger for each of them, but ended up pitching each item after just a few bites. Tawni had a diet soda, and I had a water. It was weird, I was bonding with Tawni that way too.

Vicky saw me admiring the girl’s awesome body, particularly her incredible, small ass in her tight jeans. What a hot fucking butt this young woman had, and it was perfectly evident the way her jeans dug into her buttcrack, and hugged her asscheeks. The jeans had an inverted “V” shape at the bottom of her ass, you almost wanted to walk up to her and stick a tongue or dick up that butthole. So fucking hot. My wife smirked, seeing me admiring the girl’s tush over, and over, and over.

We stayed at the fair no more than a couple hours, or a little longer than that, but enough for the ice to be broken. As we headed back to the car in the crowded parking lot, moving at my wife’s pace, Tawni was hugging my arm, our fingers interlocked, occasionally looking up at my face with soft, puppy-love eyes. She was enamored with me, and me with her.

Our strange little threesome proceeded to our ultimate destination — our marital apartment, about twenty minutes away. For this portion of the ride, Tawni sat next to me in the passenger’s seat, while my wife was the third wheel in the backseat. But most of the talking was between Tawni and Vicky, because my wife was continuing to keep the girl at ease. They talked about school, compared notes about teachers (it was a small world thing, Vicky went to Tawni’s high school about fifteen earlier), talked about music and colleges and all sorts of stuff. Just keeping the 18 year old blonde relaxed and enjoying herself. Really, Vicky was creating a nurturing environment, so the girl would have no fears that she was walking into a repeat of the violence she endured from the asshole who took her virginity.

Myself, I did detect a little bit of reservation from the young blonde. She was a little shy, which I guess could be expected, but there was definitely some apprehension and even fear in her demeanor. I didn’t understand it at the time, but looking back knowing what I do now, I can’t comprehend the confusion in her head. Of course, she was with us because she wanted to get fucked — and that, of all, was what was driving her.

* * * * *

My large-bellied wife nestled into her favorite chair in our living room, a padded, reclining chair that with the footrest extended was a perfect spot for her deformed figure. Her round belly stuck upwards, while she could massage Baby and relex her sore muscles. Her back very much hurt from the walking through the festival, and she’d need a good hour or more of relaxation in the chair to recover. It was her expectation, I believed, that Tawni and I would provide her entertainment to keep her in the chair that long.

I sat on our sofa, and the teenager pulled up next to me, sitting on her small feet (sans sneakers) under her little ass — even more reticent and nervous than earlier. But my smiling, pregnant wife was doing well, continuing to chat up the girl about nothing in particular, keeping the giggling flowing and the converation light.

Until, after about fifteen or twenty minutes, Vicky decided it was time to begin.

“So,” my brunette wife muttered at the both of us on the sofa, “I told Lane that you wanted to learn from an experienced man.” She didn’t explain what she meant, but she didn’t have to — both Tawni and I knew. “I think, maybe, you wanna go ahead, want to see what you can learn?”

The blonde looked at me, giggling anxiously, then at my wife. Her pale white face was blushing badly. “Ummm, sure, I guess.”

Vicky sensed the nerves, and she was now breaking through them not with stupid banter, but a blunt directness. “Well, tell him what you told me — why you’re here?”

I think this was slightly rehearsed, because the girl said, “Okay,” then composed herself before looking at me, giggling but trying to spit out a little speech. “Ummm, so like, I’m going to college next year? And I wanna be, like, you know, pretty good at stuff–” She paused, grinning at my wife, emphasizing that word. Continuing, she said quietly, “Vicky said you’d wanna help me out, you know — have some fun, showing me what’s what?”

I felt silly listening to this, but my cock was really hard in my jeans. Part of me wanted to back out, realizing my wife was sitting right there, but Vicky was way ahead of me. From her reclining chair, she spoke to the both of us like a movie director. “Well what are you waiting for, Lane,” my wife sneered, “let’s start her off, showing her what a good kisser you are.” Then, a bit more emphatically, she just ordered, “Lane, give the nice girl a big ol’ Lane-lovin’ kiss, huh?”

The blonde and I were giggling nervously, laughing even, as I put an arm around her slim back. Pulling her face to mine, trying to get over my nerves too, I shrugged as if it wasn’t my idea. “Okay, if you want,” I told my wife.

Our lips touched, again, but this time it was more horny. I felt the girl’s warm lips seal on mine, puckered. I heard Vicky groan in disapproval, and I amped up the embrace. Putting a hand behind her head so she couldn’t pull away, I pressed my tongue to her lips and opened my jaw. Indeed, the girl reacted instinctively, wanting to pull back, but with Vicky’s urging, she opened her jaw and accepted my tongue in her mouth. Actually she had French-kissed boys at school, but it took a moment to get over the memories of the last prick who stuck his tongue in her mouth — forcefully. I let her relax in my arms, then a moment later, we were full-on making out like lovers.

“Mmm,” my wife purred, seeing her husband sucking tongues with the blonde teenager, “that’s it, baby, let him fuck your mouth with his tongue, and you do the same to him.”

Fuck, huh? So the gloves were off, this was now all about sex.

The girl was really getting into it, moaning, letting me lick around the insides of her cheeks and wrap my tongue around hers, then she invaded my mouth with her small, pink tongue too. We continued to exchange hot breaths lung to lung, and my arm pulled her closer into me. I felt her large breasts against my chest through my t-shirt, and I lowered a hand down her slim back to cup the small curve of her petite hip in her jeans.

I don’t know how long we made out, but it was a while — ten minutes? More? Vicky just sat there, simmering in her lusty juices, watching the girl and me making out. But, eventually, Vicky decided it was time to move on.

“So Lane,” my wife asked to interrupt the kiss, “is she a good kisser?”

Nodding, smiling into the youngster’s big brown eyes, I gave my report. “She’s awesome,” I said, “the college boys will love her.”

“Good.” Vicky snickered. “Okay, Tawni, now that you have his attention — and trust me, you do — you wanna learn how to really turn him on?”

The blonde, still in my arms, looked across the room at my wife. “Yeah, sure,” she said. Her voice was more relaxed and confident, I could hear her more aroused than before. The kiss did wonders to get her in the mood.

Vicky stared at the girl, then barked the instructions. “Good, then, get off the sofa, and I want you to really tease him — start taking your clothing off — show him your hot little body.” My wife explained her thinking. “A girl should get naked first, it tells a guy that she wants sex — and it gets a guy really fucking horny.”

I almost gasped. It seemed to be a big leap, going from an erotic kiss to stripping nude — but, I wasn’t going to stop the girl from getting nude in front of me, if she was intending to do so.

She was.

The teenager climbed off the sofa, blushing badly, but needing only a brief encouragement from my wife to continue. Her sneakers had already been removed, leaving her in sweater, tank-top, bra, jeans, panties and socks. Without further adieu, she just ripped off her long-sleeved, pull-over sweater, revealing a white, sleeveless tank swelling over her very obvious bosom. “Woo, woo,” the girl nervously laughed, tossing the sweater at my face, but missing me. She swayed her slim hips a little, blushing even more badly, nervous but horny too. My wife told her to take the tank off, so the girl did. Wow, she had a hot bra — it was white and lacy, and busting out from her big teen tits inside.

“Damn,” I muttered, “you have hot tits — what size bra is that?”

The girl stuck her little pink tongue at me between her teeth, giggling. My wife answered for her. “What did you tell me, honey,” asked Vicky to the teenager, “34D?”

“Umm,” corrected the barely-legal young slut, “32C.”

Wow, 32 inch torso, with C-size tits! What a rack!

Vicky was micromanaging the girl now. Do this, do that. Everything was by instruction. Tawni swayed her hips, making sure I was staring at her intently, then she spun around a few times and shook her hot little ass at me in her jeans. With her back to me, she unfastened her jeans, and bend over to peel them off. Her panties were pink, clean and fresh — brand new, probably. They hugged her tight ass, I could see the shape of that perfect butt, and in my pants my cock wanted to jump out and fuck it.

Now she was just in the bra, panties and socks. Not the socks, those came off quickly.

The girl was blushing, standing in our living room in front of me and my wife behind her, in just the undergarments. Vicky moaned a very pointed question. “Do you wanna stop, you nervous? Or do you want to make my husband so hard he’ll probably cum in his pants?”

“Umm,” the girl playfully gasped, “that, the last one.” She cackled, unable to say it herself.

My wife left nothing to the imagination. “Take your bra off, honey, show him your hot tits.”

The girl didn’t wait, reaching behind herself while staring at my reaction. She saw my eyes light up, my jaw drop, as her bra fell to the floor. I was gazing at two perfect, teenage boobs — soft, round, smooth; flawless, unblemished; firm, perky; with big brown nipples, an inch long or so, pointing right at me.

I whistled. “Wow, honey, you really do have awesome breasts.”

The nearly-nude girl giggled, looking behind her shoulder at my wife. Vicky asked to see them too, so the girl spun to show the pregnant bitch how perfect her teen tits were. My wife admired them as well, smiling as she gazed at the C-cup hooters. “Now,” my wife growled, “take off the panties, let him see your hot butt and slit, honey.” (Vicky liked to call it a “slit.”)

The teenager laughed, but did as told. She bent over, peeling down her panties, revealing her incredibly hot little butt to me. Wow, her pale white flesh was gorgeous, smooth like a baby’s, down her slim back and thighs, and on her fleshy, tight little ass. Twin, small buttcheeks, dimpled as she clenched her assmuscles, so fucking perfect. I gasped, staring at her cunt.

The girl pivoted, hands on her hips, blushing more, but showing me her nude frontside. Her awesome tits pointed at me again, and below, I saw a thick bush of dark-blonde hair, surrounding her young vagina.

Vicky scowled from her chair. “Baby,” my horny wife told her, “you got a great body, but you need to tame that forest you got there.” To my surprise, my wife extricated herself from her reclining chair — a process that took a few moments, and required a bit of a struggle, but one she’d perfected over the weeks — until she was standing next to the nude 18 year old. Vicky took her hand, and said, “Here, come with me — Lane, baby, stay there, we’ll be back.”

Puzzled, I shrugged, and said, sure. Naturally, I didn’t move a muscle for about ten minutes, seeing my wife waddle into our bathroom, leading the very naked teenage blonde with her. Shit, that girl did have a perfect, little body — curvy in all the right places, not a drop of fat anywhere. So young, so fuckable. My wife really did love me, didn’t she?

Eventually, the women emerged from the bathroom, with the teen blonde wrapped in a body-size white towel. Vicky led her back to stand in front of me, then Vicky took her spot on the chair behind her. “Okay, show him,” my wife giggled.

The girl dropped the towel. I saw her crotch was shaved hairless, and her glistening-wet bald kitty was on display. The girl blushed again, but parted her knees slightly, leaning backwards, showing off her big tits as well as her pink, wet vagina.

“Oh fuck,” I muttered, “so fuckin’ hot — your body is incredible, so sexy.”

Vicky giggled. “Like, her, Lane?” My wife purred, too. “She’s really fucking hot, isn’t she?” Vicky let me admire the girl’s nude body for about a minute, even having her spin around to show me her small butt again, before she told Tawni what to do next. “Now, here’s how you turn on a man when you’re nude — get on the floor, lean back, let him watch you finger your pussy — go ahead, baby, do it.”

My cock was leaking precum in my underwear, I was so fucking hard. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

As instructed, the short, tiny blonde sat on our carpeting, leaning back against another reclining chair directly across from the sofa. Spreading her creamy-white, soft thighs, she exposed that pink teen twat again, then dutifully stiffened a finger and began rubbing her clitoris around. She was really fucking wet, exposing her body to a married man, and she didn’t need encouragement from Vicky. My eyes were glued to the sight of her teen finger on her young, aching clitty, then she began spreading the juices over her puffy, pink pussylips. Soon, her finger was at her cunt’s hole, and with a moan, she inserted one finger into her tight cunt.

“There, fucking yourself?” my wife asked, trying to lean forward, but unable to get a view of the finger-fucking. But she saw me nod, and my wife grinned. “How many fingers, one, two? Can you put two in?”

“Uhhh, one!” the girl squealed, her chest heaving as she finger-fucked herself for me. “Too tight — just one!”

Damn, too tight for two fingers? How would my huge dick fit in her?

Vicky allowed the girl to masturbate about five minutes, while my wife watched my face the whole time. I was fixated on that finger in that cunt, nothing else, except sometimes her heaving big breasts on her slim torso. Although, her very sexy face, with big lips and big brown eyes, deserved some attention too.

“Now,” my wife instructed, “you have him nice and horny — go crawl over to him, and take his pants off — go ahead.”

I winked at the blonde, sitting upright, knees together, allowing her to do as my wife said.

The blonde pulled her finger out of her cunt, rolled to her knees, and crawled towards me. I loved the sight of her hot little ass, as she was bent over coming in my direction. Stopping in front of my knees, she reached out, unzipping and unbuttoning my jeans, giggling nervously.

My wife was watching the girl’s small nude butt, too. “So, Tawni,” my wife sneered, “how bad do you wanna see Lane’s dick?”

The petite, nude teenager giggled, blushing a bright shade of crimson, staring up at my face as she nervously finished unfastening my pants. “Mmm, real bad!” she announced, laughing as she did. Fuck, she was nervous — but horny, I could smell how wet her cunt was. With my pants opened, I pushed my ass off the sofa, allowing her to yank my pants down my legs. Vicky told her it was “more sexy” for a girl to take a man’s clothing off, but I guess, that’s not really a firm rule, is it. Exposing my underwear, Tawni saw the huge tent made by my seven inch penis. She knew what to expect, she’d seen the homemade videos that Vicky had sent her, but seeing it for real was undoubtedly a real thrill.

I took off my shirt, leaving just my underwear to be removed. Vicky said, “Go ahead, honey, take his briefs off.”

The teen’s fingers dug into the elastic waistband, tugging at it, and again I lifted my ass off the sofa. A moment later, my cock popped out, jutting into the air from my firm belly. I watched the girl’s eyes, they grew large, seeing my throbbing, married penis — fat cockhead, bulging veins, hairy cum-filled balls. She licked her thick lips, in fact, gazing at my tool.

Vicky giggled at the girl before giving her next instruction. “You need to tell a man you love his dick,” she laughed, “even if you don’t — play to their egos — say something like, ‘nice tool,’ or ‘mmm way too big for me’ — they like hearing that.”

We do? Maybe she was right. I do recall she more than adequately complemented my on my cock’s thickness, each time I fucked her. Was she lying?

The teenager was taking notes. “Oooh!” She made sure my eyes were looking at her face, when she gave me a report on my erection. “I loooove your big dick — it’s sooo big, perfect!”

My horny, pregnant wife snickered at her words. “So if you love it so much,” she sneered at the nude teenager, “suck it — go put a smile on his face, lick that big dick all around.”

For the first time, the teenager paused, looking back at my wife. “Ummm–” She seemed reticent. “Like, I wanna know — tell me how?”

Damn, that made me hard. The teen wanted my wife to explain how to suck a cock!

And Vicky more than gladly gave her that lesson.

My wife relocated to the sofa, sitting at the end a couple feet to my side. She had to really lean back, her feet forward on the floor, her hands around her round belly. Giving me a wink, she began instructing the nervous blonde. Wrap your fist around it, Vicky said, as I spread my meaty thighs open. The girl gazed at my balls and shaft while she did as told. Now pump it slowly, feel its size. Lean forward, lick the head — just the tip. Kiss it. Run your tongue around the fat helmet. Lick it, suck the head. Lick down the sensitive underside, the soft part. Kiss the base. Lick up and down the sides. Make it wet. Get it sloppy wet. Put your fist around the base, pump it slowly, use your spit as lubricant. Get it leaking precum. Suck the head, lick it more. Stick it in your lips, don’t let your teeth touch it. Suck down, put it in your mouth, let your tongue roll over it. Pump your head up and down, keep your lips sucking it tight, pump the base with your fist. Let your lips hit your fist. Keep sucking it and pumping it. Now go lick it again, up and down, and down to his balls. Run your tongue over those balls. They’re sensitive, be fuckin’ careful, but suck them in your lips. Lick back to the head, and suck it in your mouth. Pump your lips on it. Good girl, like that.

Man, I was fucking hard. She was totally inexperienced, but with Vicky’s instructions, she was giving me a pretty hot blowjob — better than other women I’d had, before I was married of course. (No, really.) My penis was throbbing and aching, I was moaning, trying to restrain myself because I wanted to grab the girl’s head and slam it down on my penis. But I was letting her go at her own pace.

It was a slow pace, but she was learning. She started bobbing her head faster, moaning a little, whimpering, getting into it. “Yeah, like that,” Vicky told her, “suck it faster — up and down faster — get it sloppy wet — go to town on it, suck Lane’s dick like a little slut.”

“Ohhh, fuck,” I moaned at my wife sitting next to me, while watching the blonde’s very sexy face surrounding my erection, “so fuckin’ good, you’re sucking me so good, baby.”

Now that my wife had me rock-hard, she threw in a twist, something she often does in bed. “So, now, when he’s this hard,” my wife told the 18 year old, “he’s at your mercy — make him do something for you — tell him to eat your slit — go climb on his face, baby, really, do it.”

The girl looked at her with anxious eyes, then at me, but she backed off my cock, wiping saliva off of her lips with the back of her hand. Then, standing in front of me, she climbed onto the sofa, straddling me, and climbing up until she had one knee on the top of the sofa, her other foot on the sofa’s cushion. Her just-shaved, sloppy-wet vagina approached my face, hovering in the air. As instructed, her young but energetic voice whined at me, “Eat my pussy, please!”

Vicky laughed. “No — just tell him — say, Lane, baby, eat my slit!”

Trying again, she made her voice more throaty, more sexual. “Lane, eat my slit, eat my cunny!”

I could smell how wet she was, and she was practically dripping on me. My mouth was watering, I couldn’t believe my wife brought home such a horny and sexy young sextoy for me. Leaning forward and sliding flatter on the sofa, I positioned my face bewteen her creamy thighs, sticking my tongue out, and I started licking her twat. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! So wet, so nasty, so sexy — soft, velvety, silky. The blonde was grunting, pumping her pelvis around, grinding her pussy in my face. I licked her pussylips, suckled her clitoris, then drive my tongue inside her pussy. She had to hold herself above my face, a hand against our wall to steady herself, feeling me loving her vagina with my lips and tongue.

My wife snickered next to us on the sofa. “You ready to be fucked, Tawni?”

Responding with a grunt first, the blonde teenager nodded anxiously. “Uh huh! Please!”

“So say it,” spat my wife, “tell the bastard to fuck you!”

Never had I heard such sexual lust in a female’s voice. “Yeah!” She was gasping as she spoke, still rubbing her pussy against my tongue, feeling me invading her tight hole. “Fuuuck me!”

An elbow from my wife nudged me to action. “Go ahead, Lane, you know this is what you want — time to fuck the little slut!”

Damn, did I love my wife!

What can I say, except, Vicky wanted me to show Tawni all of the positions of sex. ALL OF THEM.

So this wasn’t a normal fucking — normally, I mean, two people start in one position, do it a while, move to another as it feels comfortable. Variety is good, but if it feels good, you don’t stop, right. That’s good sex. This, however, was meant to be a teaching moment. So Vicky was in control, Tawni and I were just the porn actors being put in different positions, one after another, for the girl to try it out, feel it, get used to it — then move onto another position. Vicky had her rate them, too, as we moved to each one.

“Get on your back on the sofa,” bellowed my horny wife at the gorgeous, nude teenager, “spread your legs for him.” Tawni did, watching me as I towered over her, sticking my penis into her tight cunt. Did I mention it was TIGHT? It was fucking TIGHT! I mean, vice-like — so tight she could only put one finger in it earlier. My cockhead barely wanted to enter her, I had to ram forward with all my weight to thrust it inside, just the helmet. Tawni was screaming already, but keeping herself spread open. I kept pumping against the pressure and tightness, working myself into her, loosening that twat. Bit by bit my penis entered that high school pussy, going two inches inside, then three, then maybe four. I was expecting a hymen in there, but she didn’t have it anymore. So I kept going, staring at her gorgeous, cocksucking lips, watching her meaty tits jiggling on her chest, as I pounded away — five inches, now six, almost all of my fat shaft inside her hole.

Vicky approvingly watched my penis disappearing into the wannabe tramp. “That’s it,” she instructed the girl, “tell him how you love it — cry out, make noise — do whatever feels good — don’t you love that big dick in you?”

“Yes!” The slut was screaming. “Yes! I love it! Fuck me! Oooh, fuck — fuck me!”

But, as soon as I had a good rhythm build up, my wife stopped me. She had Tawni tell her she “loved” being on her back, but then it was time to move to another position. I was told to pull out, and then Tawni was instructed to climb off the sofa and kneel on the floor, bending over the sofa, sticking her ass towards me. Time for some doggy-style sex. Then, a few minutes later, my wife put Tawni on her fours on the carpet, for a more free-form fucking from the rear.

I loved those positions. I got to stare at the young bitch’s gorgeous little ass, so petite and soft, pressing into my pelvis. Ramming her furiously, I was shoving almost my entire shaft into her cunt from behind, knocking the wind out of her each time, making her cry and whine as she took a beating from my athletic physique. I could feel sweat dripping down my armpits and off my forehead, but I wasn’t stopping, loving the hot sex from behind the petite, sexy young tramp.

Well, enough of that, after five minutes. On my back on the carpet I went, and Vicky had petite Tawni climb on top of me. There, I got to see the girl’s hot, round C-cup hooters while she learned to ride me. Tawni’s face contorted in pain, as she lowered her tight pussy on my swollen, fat prick, then she bounced herself up and down to hump me, pushing me deeper into the tightness of her young cunt. Vicky gave her pointers, like, put your hands on his chest, buck your hips up and down, put your feet flat on the floor, now your knees on the floor, now lay forward and have him suck your tits, now sit upright. She had Tawni moving all around, not so much to make me enjoy the sex, but more for the girl to experience all of the positions.

Then, at my wife’s instructions, Tawni turned around and rode me “reverse cow-girl” style. I got to stare at her hot little ass, while her body slid up and down my pole. Vicky told me to reach around and play with the girl’s fat tits, while the girl masturbated her clitty herself, screwing me savagely. Tawni’s pussy was so wet and loose by this point, she was easily pumping her slim, young body up and down, sliding her velvety cunt on my aching, married erection.

Time to change again, after just a few minutes of that. Vicky had Tawni back on her fours, and let me fuck her doggy-style again a few minutes. Tawni was told to rub her clitoris underneath herself, while I fucked her, and the girl had an orgasm doing that, I was sure. I felt her cunt get so wet around my dick, her pussy spasmed, her body seemed to tense and shake and she let out a loud, piercing howl of delight. As soon as that passed, however, my wife was turning up the sex a notch. “Okay, Lane,” my wife told me, “put your dick in her little ass — fuck Tawni’s butt, let her feel that a little.”

Wow, really? Sure!

I pulled my sloppy-wet dick out of her cunt, rubbing my peckerhead on her asshole. I pried her small cheeks open more, but didn’t really need to — they were so small, I could see her asshole easily. But as soon as I was sure her butthole was lubricated from her cuntjuices, I pushed forward, stretching her anus, filling it with some dick. Fucking tight it was, just like her cunt! I growled at my wife how tight the asshole felt, but Vicky had me fuck it a few minutes, until her ass muscles loosened, and I had a good three or four inches plowing in and out of the girl’s butt. Tawni remained leaning forward on the carpet, keeping her small tush pushed upwards, feeling the unique sensation of a hard penis fucking her butthole.

Man, I wanted to cum by this point. Watching myself fuck the smoking-hot blonde teenager was driving me nuts, and her holes were so tight and youthful, they were literally the best holes I’d ever fucked — anyone, ever, as far as I could remember. I looked longingly at my fully-dressed wife on the sofa, pouting to her, asking for permission to cum. I wasn’t sure if Vicky was “done” with the lessons at the moment.

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