This is Chapter 4 in the continuing story of Tina Featherstone’s abduction. If you haven’t already done so, I respectfully suggest that you read the first three chapters in this saga before continuing further.


The unfortunate four who’d been overruled when the question of who would fuck her first had arisen, held Tina as still as they could, while the bearded one positioned himself behind her. She heard him spit into his hand, but it was only when his fingers began to probe her starfish that she understood his true intention. Her body squirmed across the table as she sought to escape the horror he was about to unleash on her.

“No…” she screamed. “Don’t do this – please don’t hurt me.”

“Hold still woman,” he growled. “How can I fuck you properly when you’re wriggling around like a bucket of eels?”

She wasn’t allowed to wriggle for long. A large hand clamped down on her buttocks, pinning her torso to the table. Her arms were twisted awkwardly behind her back, forcing her head down against the table top. Tina was helpless, she could barely move as he forced his cock into her a fraction of an inch at a time. Despite the film of precum coating its head, the tightness of her anal sphincter made her difficult to penetrate. It

also hurt like hell, and Tina was yelling blue murder from the moment his cock head touched her anal ring.

It was obscene, five grown men assaulting one helpless young woman. It was easy for them to hold her down and watch as the bearded one drove his hardened cock into her. Because he was hard now all right, hard as steel. It was the noise she was making that did it, all that pleading and begging merely heightened the pleasure he felt. He redoubled his efforts, but it still took him several minutes to force his way right into her. His final grunt of satisfaction melded with her shrieking cries to fill the room. The sensation of her firm, warm buttocks pressing into his groin excited him even further. Now his cock was buried to the balls inside her, he intended to take full advantage of Tina’s vulnerability.

This first session with a new toy carried with it an extra frisson of excitement that was always likely get out of hand. It was meant to be a taster of what Tina could expect in the coming days, but sometimes they got carried away, especially when the girl was as attractive as this one. The intention was to break the will of their captive early in the proceedings. Break it to such an extent that she’d end up begging them to fuck her, rather than hurt her any more. The combination of their training regime, and the new drugs they’d be trying out on her for the first time, should ensure Tina’s full cooperation. In

ten days, maybe less, she’d agree to almost anything just to feel another cock thrusting

deep between her legs.

For the time being she was fully occupied, gritting her teeth, and trying to survive the next few minutes. Pain was pulsing through her in waves and her arse felt totally destroyed. She could feel his cock throbbing angrily inside her, like a balled fist, alternately tensing and relaxing. It was hardly a surprise he sounded so pleased when he leant forward and whispered in her ear.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you Tina? I knew you would. Sluts like you enjoy taking it up the arse, because you don’t have any pride. A real woman wouldn’t allow me to take her this way; she’d die rather than let that happen. But you’re not a real woman are you Tina? You’re just a fuck monkey, and you’re loving every second of it.”

Through the fear and pain, Tina muttered her reply. It was a stupid and dangerous thing to do, but anything had to be better than the agony she was going through at that moment. She hoped the insult might distract him, make him stop what he was doing and pull his cock out of her; but she was wrong, her words had the opposite effect. At first he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Just for a second he hesitated, before the violence of her rape moved on to another, higher level. Digging his fingers into her hips, he hauled her back onto the full length of his cock time after time, listening as Tina howled like a whipped dog at the pain tearing her apart.

“What did you say bitch?” He yelled, leaning forward to catch her reply. “What did

you say?”

“Mini dick,” she’d called him.

It had been a mistake the first time. When she said it again, her words sent him berserk. He pounded his cock into her, each stroke lifting her rear clear of the table and ripping a frantic, strangled cry from the depths of her throat. It was a cross between the shrill screams she’d been uttering for the last ten minutes, and a pained animal howl. For a while the bearded one enjoyed himself, slamming his cock into her time after time and riding the intensity of Tina’s agony to his own inevitable climax.

“That’s it, squeal you little fuck pig,” he cried as he approached orgasm, “squeal for daddy.”

Tina did more than squeal, she shrieked. Long and loud until, through the blur of her misery, she felt his cock explode inside her, pulsing wildly as it filled her arse with his poisonous seed. It seemed to take him forever, and by the time he was done Tina was lying very still, pinned to the table beneath the crushing weight of his body. Her heart and her arse were full of pain, and she couldn’t even cry any more. At that moment Tina wanted to die, yet for the five men crowded round her, the evening’s entertainment had scarcely begun. The bearded one might have been the first to use her, but the other four were lining up beside him. Each of them was driven by a burning desire to fuck her just as savagely as he’d done.

The bearded one softened slowly, his cock crawling out of her like a huge, slow moving slug. Tina breathed a sigh of relief as it slid free, and his crushing weight lifted away from her. Actually she was being a little premature, because he hadn’t finished with her yet.

Dragging her off the table, he forced her onto her knees in front of him, where she found herself staring straight at his cock. It was hanging in front of her, semi flaccid now, but still large, and streaked in a foul mixture of shit and blood. Even as she watched, a long string of sperm trickled from its bulbous red-blue tip. He grabbed her hair, twisting her head, and forcing her to look up at him. Her eyes were wide and staring.

“Open your mouth Tina,” he ordered. “It’s your mess, you can clean it up for me. You can suck my cock until it’s spotless. Don’t even think about using your teeth, try that and you’ll regret it.”

Slowly she opened her mouth, allowing him to slide the foul object into the depths of her throat. Not surprisingly her initial reaction was half-hearted. A sharp slap to the side of her head made it clear he expected more, as his angry words confirmed.

“You’ll have to do it better than that,” he shouted. “For fuck’s sake, it’s something you’ll be doing on a regular basis from now on. Suck me clean, and swallow every last drop. If you can’t even give head properly, how are you going manage all your other duties? Put some effort into it you lazy cunt, at least make it look as though you’re enjoying yourself.”

Tina redoubled her efforts, trying to blank the disgust from her mind as she sucked him clean, and swallowed the residue it left in her mouth. Even at this early stage of her training, she understood only too well that any sign of weakness on her part would be seized upon and quickly turned against her. As the bearded one pulled out and turned away, the other four closed in on her, and the groping began all over again. An older man dug his fingers into her breast and hauled her back to her feet, ignoring her shrill cries of pain.

“Get into the bathroom Tina,” he ordered. When she looked confused, his fingers tightened further and she was dragged through the door as he did his best to rip the tit from her chest. “Shut the fuck up,” he said as she shrieked her displeasure. He took no notice and, forcing her into the shower cubicle, he turned on the tap. The water ran icy cold, and hit her bare skin like a battery of hailstones. Her hands lifted for a moment as she tried to protect her face, before she realised it was a chance to wash the taste

out of her mouth. Even then they wouldn’t allow her to spit out the residue.

“Swallow it,” she was told. “Swallow it all.”

The cascade continued to beat down, causing her nipples to swell and harden embarrassingly. The older man was taking the lead now, for the moment the bearded one had disappeared. Reaching into the cubicle, he seized the shower head, and directed it at her body. Into her eyes, her buttocks, her breasts. Spraying her with the icy water, forcing Tina to dance to his sadistic tune for several minutes before switching it off.

“There, that’s cleaned you up a bit,” he said, as he guided her from the shower, “now stand still while we dry you down. The towels were soft and warm, and the remaining four took turns towelling her down, paying particular attention to her breasts, her pussy and her buttocks. The older man smiled at the look of uncertainty on her face.

“Don’t look so worried Tina,” he said. “I’m going to fuck you now, but before I do,

we’ve got a present for you, just to show we’re not all bad. I think you’ll like it.” When he took her by the hand, Tina followed him rather reluctantly out of the bathroom and across the main room, stopping as they reached the red circular rug. He looked at her.

“You know what the rug is for don’t you,” he said. Tina hesitated a moment before

kneeling down and waiting for him to continue. “Good girl,” he said, reaching forward

and stroking her face. “You’re a quick learner, that’s good, there’s still an awful lot for you to


As he turned, the man standing beside him handed him a package wrapped in tissue and secured by a red ribbon. When he held it out to Tina the first time, she didn’t respond.

“Take it,” he said, “I told you it’s a present, it’s not going to bite.”

Next time he held it out to her, she accepted the package. The tissue was decorated

with a pattern of red hearts, intertwined with creeping ivy. She was clearly unwilling to open it, and looked up at the older man standing in front of her with an expectant look on his face. He nodded.

“Open it,” he said, “and put it on. It’s the only thing you’re allowed to wear down here until we’ve finished with you.” Her hands began to temble. “Open it,” he snapped, his voice hardening noticeably, “open it now.”

His anger only increased her nervousness and she fumbled ineffectively at the ribbon for several seconds before switching her attention to the tissue itself. There were several layers and, as she tore them away, something heavy slid out of the package and fell to the floor in front of her. She looked down, a silver chain lay curled on the rug by her knees, slim but strong.

But that was only part of her gift, she could feel something else in the package, something lighter and bulkier. Tina was reluctant to go any further; whatever it was they were trying to force on her, she knew she wouldn’t like it. She paused and looked up at him again.

“Go on,” he insisted, and finally she tore away the final layer of tissue to reveal her gift. A look of confusion crossed her face when she realised what it was. A dog collar. An expensive one, but a dog collar none the less. Around an inch and a half wide, it was high quality leather, light brown in colour, hand stitched and lined with red velvet. The fittings, a buckle and three large rings appeared to be made of brass, and on each side of the buckle were painted two naked, langorous young women. That was bad enough, but it was the tasteful silver plaque that almost caused her to drop the collar. Clearly engraved on

the plaque was the name ‘Tina’.

“Would you like me to give you a hand?” The voice broke into her thoughts, she looked up. The older man was reaching out towards the collar. Without thinking she allowed him to take it from her hand and watched as he unbuckled it. “This is your badge of office,” he began as he passed it round her neck and began to tighten it. Tina could

hear the leather creaking as he tightened the strap, she swallowed uncomfortably. “It shows

you’re our slave, our pet, and while you’re here you’ll wear it twenty four hours a day. The only time you can take it off is when you’re showering, but it goes back on immediately you’re finished. Understand?”

The blankness in her eyes, and the slight shake of her head indicated that she didn’t understand. He pointed at the chain, still curled on the floor at her knees.

“That’s your lead Tina. I’d like you to pick it up and pass it to me.” His eyes stared

fixedly at hers, willing her to comply. Numbly she reached down, fumbled for a second before picking up the chain and passing it to him.

“Good girl,” he said as he clipped the lead onto her collar, patting her head as he did so. “See, I knew you were a quick learner. Now we’re all going into the bedroom, it’s my turn to fuck you next and, when I’ve finished with you, my friends here will take over. You’ve still got a busy night ahead of you sweetheart.”

He turned away and tugged lightly on the chain, though he paused when she tried to scramble to her feet and follow him. His head was shaking.

“I didn’t order you to stand did I? Stay on your hands and knees until I tell you different.”

When he moved off again, he did so slowly allowing Tina to shuffle along behind him into the bedroom. The room was singularly lacking in furniture, but the huge bed sat in the middle of the floor, made up in size and quality what the room lacked in quantity. Reaching down, he unclipped her lead and patted her on the head once more.

“You can jump up on the bed now Tina,” he said. “I’m more of a traditionalist than the guvnor, I like my women on their backs, with their legs wide open, so assume the position please. Give us a clear view of your sweet little fanny.”

Tina did as she was told, and the other three moved in seizing her arms and legs and positioning her in the centre of the bed. The older man smiled again as he sat beside her, reached across and began stroking her pussy. The two men on either side of her shifted their grip, each taking one of her hands and guiding them to their hardened cocks. When the older man parted her labial lips and slid two fingers right into her cunt, Tina groaned. Her head went back, and she closed her eyes.

For a moment she lay there with a hardened cock in each hand, as she waited for the older man to move between her legs. When nothing happened she opened her eyes. The fourth man was kneeling at her head, his balls swinging gently no more than twelve inches above her face. The first flash took her by surprise; a second, and then a third followed quickly. Tina looked up as the bearded one leapt onto the bed and fired off several more shots with his camera. He was laughing as he looked down at her.

“Just a few photos Tina, mementos of your first night. We know people who’ll pay good money for pictures of you with a cock in each hand and a couple of fingers in your cunt. These are just for starters, by the time we’re finished with you, we’ll have a whole album of photos for them to choose from. You’re going to be a porn star. Titillating Tina, desperate to fuck anything with a cock big enough to fill her cunt. Who knows, you might even get your own site on the internet before we’re done.”

Even as the bearded one was finishing his speech, the older man was scrambling between her legs. Within seconds his cock was buried inside her, and he was humping into her like a wild thing. In no time at all Tina was begging him to stop.

“No, no… Please don’t do this. Please, it hurts… Please…”

“That’s all right cunt,” he muttered, “it’s meant to hurt. You just keep begging, it’s music to my ears.”

He was aroused long before he’d plunged his cock into her, and it didn’t take him long to reach his climax. And when he was done, the remaining three took their turn with her. One after another, they buried the full lengths of their throbbing cocks into one or other of her available holes. In between each session of rape, they lost no opportunity of humiliating her, clipping on her lead and forcing her to crawl around the rooms. Thrusting their fingers into her body, squeezing her breasts and her buttocks, kissing her hungrily. For what seemed like hours they whispered their filthy obscenities into her ear as they fucked her relentlessly. Telling her what a worthless little cunt she was, only good for one thing.

Even when the first round was over, they gave her no rest. Over a period of hours, the five of them used Tina to satisfy the most depraved of their sexual fantasies. Just as they’d told her they would during her journey in the van. The only thing she could do in response was scream; and it’s hard to do something like that with seven inches of pulsing cockmeat buried in your throat.

In the early hours of morning, the action became ever more frantic. There were times when they seemed out of control, crowding round her and fucking her two and three at a time. Between them they used Tina in ways no woman should ever be used without her consent, and what woman in her right mind would consent to being used in such a way. She was raped non-stop throughout that first night of her abduction, and long into the following morning. The five men extracted every last shred of pleasure from her agony, for themselves if not for her. That they didn’t actually kill her on that frantic night was more a matter of luck than judgement.

Even so she was unconscious by the time they left her, stretched out on her back across the floor. Her legs were crudely widespread, and a mixture of blood and cum was leaking out of every hole in her body. It pooled on the floor beside her, and made her look every inch the drunken, satiated whore she most certainly wasn’t.

Tina’s petite body, battered and bruised, was criss-crossed by strings of drying cum, a farewell gift from her suitors. But it was her mind that had suffered the worst damage. At some point in the assault, it had switched itself off to ensure the damage wasn’t permanent, though her rape had continued for a long time after that. The opportunity to rape a young woman as attractive as Tina in such a manner comes rarely in a man’s life. So it was hardly surprising they took full advantage of her availability. It was one of the reasons she’d been chosen, and all of them felt they’d been royally entertained. The party had been a great success, and Tina had been an inspired choice as guest of honour.

It was several hours before she recovered consciousness long enough to crawl into the bathroom. There she vomited violently into the toilet, coughing up large, semi-solid gobs of sperm as she did so. They almost choked her on their way up, the same way they’d done while she was being forced to swallow them in the first place. Finally, overcome by exhaustion, she curled up on the floor and fell asleep with her arms still wrapped round the toilet bowl.

Upstairs, in the big house, the three men turned away from the TV monitor. There were only the three of them left now. The bearded one was there, the older man and a shorter, skinny guy. The other two had left some time earlier, as soon as the future programme had been agreed. It was the skinny one who started the conversation with a simple question.

“Well?” He asked.

“Well what?” came the reply.

“What did you think of her?”

“She’ll do,” said the bearded one grudgingly.

“Come on,” said the older man. “Give praise where it’s due, she was better than that. For a first session she took a right hammering before she gave up the ghost. At least we should get a decent price for her once she’s fully trained.”

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