Krista looked up from her computer. Her office atop the high-rise headquarters of her business had a great downtown view. She paused to scan the skyline. She was knee deep in things to do: hedging the commodities market to control a key rare earth metal, reviewing and rejecting another buyout offer, re-arranging her schedule to attend an emergency Total Woman Academy board meeting. Her office door opened without a knock and she turned to confront the intruder. She heard “Got time for a quickie?” and her heart skipped a beat.

Sheldon, the love of her life, stood there grinning. She rose and approached him saying “I’m sorry, not now, too many snags today.” As she drew near, Sheldon couldn’t decide which view was better, the skyline or Krista’s cleavage. He settled for Krista’s bountiful cleavage. In addition to those assets, Krista owned a piece of his company and all of his heart. Krista’s finger stroked his cheek as she kissed him. Sheldon’s groin tingled as Krista hugged her softness to him. She trapped his earlobe lightly in her teeth and her lips whispered “tonight” in his ear.

Five years ago Krista hardly noticed his presence in a room but Sheldon thanked all the gods for that day this Total Woman had stepped into his life. He turned to leave her to her corporate responsibilities and called over his shoulder “I meant a quick lunch but I like your idea better.”

Krista was a golden woman, an indefinite blend of European, Asian and African heritage. Her bronze skin, black hair and almond eyes exuded exotic radiance. She had graduated from Total Woman Academy with a degree in Chemical Engineering. She followed that with an MBA and then law school after which she passed the bar exam first time. Krista was a brilliant Total Woman. She interned at a law firm, and then was a junior associate, then an associate within a few years. A partnership should be hers shortly.

She met Sheldon in his role as a prime intellectual asset for a high tech company. Her employer represented the counter-party. They were negotiating a patent dispute, her specialty. Krista would have been a key player by her own credentials. But she used her superior intellect and her Academy trained skills to subtly, but absolutely, dominate the meeting, resulting in a resolution favorable to her client. The counter-party’s young scientist/engineer approached her after the meeting. Sheldon had discovered a break-through battery technology that would revolutionize the electric vehicle industry and wanted Krista to file the patent.

That was when the trouble started. Sheldon’s employer sued him, relying on their standard employment agreement wherein all patents became the property of the employer. Krista scrutinized the pre-employment agreement and found a change had been incorporated and initialed. It read “(remove-initialed: AA SB) all patents for work performed ^entirely^ (add-initialed: AA SB) at the company facilities”. Sheldon had documentation showing that he had done substantial work at his home, i.e., not ‘entirely at the company facilities’. Krista handled the negotiations, employing her acquired distractive charms and ended with a favorable settlement agreement. The company formed a subsidiary and shared ownership with Sheldon. Sheldon was ecstatic at the news. He had other technical ideas to patent. Sheldon retained Krista as his permanent personal attorney. Krista handled Sheldon’s part of the inevitable IPO and his green-mail stock raid afterwards that surreptitiously purchased control of the entire new company. Sheldon gave Krista 20% ownership in the company as compensation for her brilliant legal work.

After that, Sheldon and Krista had dinner and drinks occasionally with the usual flirtations but Sheldon was no Casanova. Sheldon was neither an athlete nor a nerd. He was a technical genius in love with science. However, by now, Krista had selected Sheldon as her lifelong mate and began Operation Captive Heart.

By and by Sheldon invited Krista to accompany him to the islands for an industry conference he was attending. This was Krista’s opportunity to move her plan forward. They checked into a two bedroom suite at a luxury beach front resort. Settling in to the rooms, Krista claimed weariness and asked Sheldon if a room service evening meal was okay. Sheldon, absorbed in some technical reading, agreed since that would give him free time to review the conference agenda and technical submittals.

Sheldon was still reading when Krista called to him to dinner. Room service had delivered a candle-lit dinner onto their private balcony. Sheldon lurched to a halt. Krista stood in a silvery mid thigh strapless cocktail dress which was struggling mightily to encase her magnificent form. Sheldon forgot the technical submittals. Seated opposite Krista, Sheldon ate the food and drank the view across the table. Krista glided around the table and handed him a champagne flute. Sheldon gazed up at her as she clinked his glass and said “Congratulations on your successes and your generosity to me. I haven’t thanked you properly for all the good you have brought into my life.”

Sheldon choked out a “Me neither”. She leaned over and kissed his trembling lips. Krista took Sheldon’s hand and led him inside to her side of the suite.

Her moonlit bedroom was the perfect stage. Krista pretended trouble with the dress’s zipper and Sheldon was surprisingly smooth when he reached around her and helped. Her unrestrained breasts fell into his view. His unrestrained hands rose to caress the nipples. She loosed his shirt and pants, pleased to discover that Sheldon’s brain was not his only plus-sized organ. She fondled it gently as she finalized her disrobement of the scientist. Kneeling in heels and panties, Krista kissed, sucked and swallowed the cockhead, tonguing the area beneath the crown. Sheldon’s knees gave way and he fell back onto the bed lightheaded. She stayed with him, locked in lust, not releasing his tool from her mouth and continuing the stimulation. Krista heard his breathing quicken and slowly backed him out of her opening. “We have all night, let’s try something different.” She climbed up and over his legs and boosted him onto the middle of the bed.

She lay next to him and began kissing him in special places. He was hard as a rock. Sliding up and over him, this time from the side, she sat on his pelvis, raised her own and placed him. A few progressive strokes and she had him lodged to the root. Krista felt his tip thump her cervix, he was that long. Sheldon rolled her sideways, still joined at the groin. He lay over her, took control and pumped like an engine. Her hips rocked and rolled, her muscles clamped down and her slick tube stroked his rod as she gave Sheldon her all. Sheldon responded with his all, flowing into her as she clutched his chest to her boobs.

Krista now lay next to Sheldon who stared at the ceiling as she stirred his sweaty chest with an index finger. She finger walked down his abdomen to laze figure 8′s on his prick. Sheldon tensed and grunted, more like a sharp moan. He was hard and Krista slid her soft fingers around and around until he peaked and softened again. Krista took him by the hand to the bathroom and the ready garden tub. Sheldon lay back as Krista rubbed away his worries with soap slickened breasts. She rinsed away his cares with gentle sponges. Sheldon stared at her nude beauty the entire time. He had never found any woman that made him feel this content and relaxed. And this was the same woman who had helped to make him rich. Sheldon knew there was no one else for him. The weekend saw room service delivering every meal to their room. Other than twice making love in the morning standing on the balcony, they never felt direct sunlight.

On the final morning before the flight, Sheldon realized he had missed every conference session. Just as well. He would have spent most of the time heckling and arguing with the presenters, whose papers he found scientifically laughable. Why correct their errors and increase his company’s competition? Why crush them intellectually in public when he could crush them commercially in the marketplace? And he wanted this Total Woman by his side for the rest of his life.


The Meeting was called to order by the Chairwoman. Formal Reading of last meeting’s minutes which had been distributed to the board members was waved and approved unanimously.


Safety & Security

No security incidents. Senior Move was successful and uneventful. The old senior facility location was compromised by its use for the Senior Banquet. Donations to appropriate officials squelched any repercussions.

Scholarship & Education

Mrs. Smith, as senior housemother, reported that several coaching tune-ups had taken place with satisfactory results. One involved temporary easing of the discretion rules but produced indications that seniors, and some juniors, were aided by live male contact as part of their poise development. The committee would investigate its practicality and report back to the Board.

Building & Grounds

Recent events suggested that residence housing and coaching suites at the three lower class level facilities would be beneficial. New facility designs would be produced incorporating these features for the next round of facility moves.

Finances, Alumni Fund & Pledge Contributions

An off-facility soiree by an advanced junior had garnered a substantial pledge contribution but skirted the moral edge of prostitution. Soiree guidelines needed to be reviewed and updated to address these situations in consultation with the Safety & Security and Scholarship & Education committees.

The Alumni Fund was flush with cash as more and more alumni were giving back in gratitude for the life changing Total Woman education they had received. A recent endowment included 5% ownership of an innovative automotive parts manufacturer that had recently gone IPO. Funds were available for the newly planned lower level facilities.


Replacement/addition of two Evaluation Assessors: The search continues with TWA Security performing background checks on several candidates.

Disposal of old senior facility by auction or private sale: Auctioneers engaged and advertising commenced. Auction scheduled for next month.


Investigation of a Master/Graduate level academy:

Mrs. Smith suggested the Scholarship & Education and Buildings & Grounds committees investigate the potential for a graduate level facility for recent graduates and transfers from outside college campuses.

There being no more business, the meeting was adjourned.

The fear in Nile’s eyes had killed Arden inside. He gave the Agents no trouble. He refused to answer their questions. He endured their beatings in silence until they had gotten tired of him and brought him to the blood farm. He lay in a cold metal pod. Naked, sedated, and in shackles. Tubes violated his arms, one giving blood and the other taking it in set intervals. He lost all sense of time because most of the time he was simply unaware. There were dreams now and then. Dreams of longing, of pain, of things that once were. Mostly there was blackness. When he did feel something, it was despair.

Awareness came and he could see movement through the thick round window of his pod. An Agent’s dark helmet. He felt jostled as if he was being moved. Arden slipped blackness again. There were a few more moments of awareness, but they didn’t connect. There were only muffled sounds, moving lights, and then something dark thrown over the window. The sensation of motion, speeding up, changing direction, slowing down, stopping.

Agent Morris was sleep deprived. He did not want to be working the gate today, he wanted to be home. He wanted to fix things with his wife. They had been up half the night arguing again. This was getting to be too much. For God’s sake, they had awakened their daughter. It was time to take action. Maybe see a therapist or something. He took a deep drag of his cigarette as the black van pulled up. He sighed, unhappy about having been interrupted from his brooding. He walked around to the driver’s side window. The Agent inside handed him a code card. Morris scanned it. He hoped the Agent wouldn’t engage him in small talk and he was happy when he didn’t. Morris was in no mood to pretend this was a normal day. The scanner was taking a while. Damn technology, he thought with impatience. Finally the scanner beeped and the words “Clearance Granted” flashed in green. Morris handed the code card back to the driver and walked back to his guard shack. He pressed the button that lifted the barrier and the van drove away.

Arden was aware of hunger. It kept gnawing at him, persistent and growing. It interrupted the blackness and forced him awake. His mind was foggy. He was restrained and in darkness. Confusion set in. The shackles beeped and he felt the calming impulse. His eyes fluttered and he disappeared again.

“You stand back,” a woman’s voice said. “Let me give him the blood first. He’s starved. You’re a human. He’ll attack you. It’s as simple as that.”

Arden’s eyes opened and he saw light and a blur over him. The scent of blood brought him to full awareness of his hunger. He couldn’t move his arms, but he tried to get up. A bag was shoved into his face and he pierced it with his fangs, gulping down the metallic liquid. It was cold. But that did not matter. Once drained, another bag appeared. Three bags later, the blood lust was subsiding and his awareness deepened. There was a woman standing above him. A vampire. She had short blond hair and eyes that were almost lime green. He was in an underground bedroom, but not one that he recognized.

“You’re going to be all right,” the woman said with a smile.

“Who are you?” Arden asked. “Where am I?”

The woman was shoved out of the way and in her place was Nile, his deep brown eyes frantic and worried. He reached down to touch Arden, caressing his hair, making sure he was real.

“Nile?” Arden said, a flood of emotions and realization hitting him hard. This was real. He had been at the blood farm, but Nile had somehow saved him. “It’s really you?”

Nile leaned over and kissed the vampire’s lips, ignoring the blood, and then nuzzled his face into the vampire’s neck. He wept. Arden wanted to reach up and hold Nile, but he was still in shackles. The woman was standing off to the side now, a sad smile on her face.

“I’m so sorry,” Nile whispered through his sobs. “I’m so sorry for what they did to you, Baby, I love you so much, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t stop them, I tried, and I’m sorry it took me so long to get to you. Oh God, I thought I’d lost you. I thought you were dead. I missed you so much.”

“How long was I in that place?” Arden asked in a weak whisper.

“Two months,” Nile said, bursting into fresh sobs. “Two months it took me to get to you…there was so much planning. So much to do. I’m so sorry it took so long.”

“Two months?” Arden said. “I…don’t remember much.”

“That’s a blessing,” the woman said. “There’s more blood in the cooler. I’ll leave you two now…Nile, you know where to find me.”

“Yes, Rain, thank you,” Nile said through his tears.

Rain smiled. “You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help.” She left the room.

“Who is she?” Arden asked.

“A former client I helped out,” Nile said, raising up to look into Arden’s eyes. He caressed the vampire’s hair. “I contacted her and she helped me find this place.”

“Where are we?” Arden asked.

“In a Community,” Nile said. “Or…well, the outskirts of one. A few hundred miles west of home.”

“How the hell did you do this?” Arden said.

“It took a lot of money, planning, and patience,” Nile said.

“Why are you wearing an Agent uniform?” Arden asked.

“Had to disguise myself to rescue you,” Nile said.

“You saved my life,” Arden said, a smile coming to his lips. “You’re here and you saved me.”

“Yes,” Nile said, hot tears streaming down his cheeks. “I saved you, Baby.”

“Unlock these fucking shackles,” Arden said. “I need to hold you.”

“Oh! God, I forgot!” Nile said. “I’m so sorry!” He pulled a key out, put it in the the shackles, punched in a code and they released.

Arden threw them across the room, leaped out of the pod and grabbed Nile, holding him close. The vampire broke into sobs. Nile was startled. He had never seen Arden like this. The vampire was trembling. He was naked, weak, and vulnerable. Nile just held him, stroking his back.

“I’m sorry,” Arden whispered. “About killing Everett and scaring you…”

Nile choked back a hard wave of emotion. “You were trying to protect me. I understand that. I know you lost control.”

“I’ll never forgive myself for the way you looked at me…so much fear in your eyes,” Arden said.

Nile raised Arden’s face and looked in his eyes. “I love you. I forgive you. Let’s just move on from that horrible day. We’re together now and nothing will ever tear us apart again.”

Arden burst into sobs again. He kissed Nile’s lips over and over again. “I love you, Nile. I love you more than anything. More than life. More than blood,” he whispered. “I can never thank you for what you’ve done…I don’t know how…you’ve saved my life.”

“You saved mine first,” Nile said. “Everett was in a rage. He might have killed me. The Agents found a gun on him and a suicide note. He could’ve killed me and himself.”

“I’m glad I protected you,” Arden said. “I’m sorry I killed him, but I’d kill a hundred men and walk right back into the blood farm if it meant you would be safe. I’d do anything for you, Nile.”

Nile caressed the vampire’s hair. “I’d do anything for you, too, Arden.”

Arden smiled and kissed Nile’s lips, cheeks, forehead, eyelids, nose, and down his neck. He paused for a moment.

“Go ahead,” Nile whispered.

Arden pricked the soft skin and took a small drink. He healed the marks and raised up to meet Nile’s gaze again. He smiled. “Your sweet blood is the cure to all ills.”

Nile smiled. “Come here.” He led Arden over to the bed. They sat down together. Nile reached over and took a blanket off the bed. He wrapped it around Arden. “You look cold, Baby.”

“So…what happens now?” Arden asked. “You’ll…have to leave won’t you?” He looked down and sighed. “You’ll have to go home. And I guess I’ll be running from the Agency again.”

“The Agency thinks you are deceased,” Nile said. “That was part of the plan. They also think that I moved across the country.”

Arden looked up, raising a brow. “What?”

“We’re free from the Agency,” Nile said. “At least as much as anybody is.”

Arden sat in silence for a moment and then took a deep breath. “So I’m to live in this new Community then?”

“Yes,” Nile said.

“But…what about you?” Arden said. “I guess you found a home nearby? You can’t live in a Community, you’re a human. You’d get drained. I’m surprised you got in here without being attacked.”

“I have Rain’s protection and we’re only on the outskirts,” Nile said. “No one really knows I’m here.”

“You can’t hide here forever,” Arden said. “They’ll sniff you out. You’ll have to find a place above ground.”

Nile looked at Arden, his eyes somewhat sad. “You don’t understand. It took all I had to arrange this. I had to sell my house. Everything. Money got me the van, the clearance cards, the safe passage here. I gave up my home, my job. I have nowhere else to go.

Arden stared at Nile with shocked sadness in his eyes. “You really gave up everything to save me?”

“Yes,” Nile said, taking Arden’s hand. “And I’d do it all over again. It was worth it just to be sitting here next to you.”

“But…what are you going to do?” Arden asked, his voice a whisper.

“There’s only one answer to that,” Nile said, looking the vampire in the eye.

Arden was confused for a moment and then his eyes widened with realization. He shook his head. “No…no, Nile, you don’t know what what you’re asking…”

“I’ve made my decision,” Nile said. “And being with you is well worth it. Besides…weren’t we going to come to this crossroads eventually anyway? Might as well get it over with now.”

“You don’t understand!” Arden said, fresh tears welling in his eyes. “Nile! You’re asking to give up your humanity! Do you know what that means? It means you’ll be oppressed and in poverty forever. It means you’ll hunger for blood. You will crave it and become a dangerous animal when you’re desperate for it. You’ll be a monster like me…”

“You’re not a monster,” Nile whispered.

“Yes I am!” Arden said, sobbing. “Don’t you fucking understand that? Didn’t you see what I did to Everett? Do you think that’s the first time I’ve killed? I’ve torn people apart for less than what he did to you.”

Nile took a deep breath. “I know you’re not a monster. I love you. And I forgive you for Everett and whatever else you might have done in your past.”

Arden sighed. “You’d really give up your life and your humanity just to be with me?”

“Yes,” Nile said. “Because any kind of life without you is not worth living.”

Arden swallowed hard, looking at Nile, his blue eyes in agony. “Don’t ask this of me…I don’t want to take your humanity from you.”

“I don’t want anyone else to do it,” Nile said. “I want it to come from you.”

“Oh God, Nile,” Arden said, shaking his head. “You’re so innocent. So sweet. You have no idea what you’re asking of me.”

Nile took Arden’s hand. “I’ve agonized over this for months. I’ve made my decision. This is my choice.”

“You’ll hate me for it,” Arden said.

“I will never hate you,” Nile said.

“I don’t want to do this,” Arden said.

“You said you’d do anything for me,” Nile whispered. “Please…this is all I ask of you.”

Arden collapsed into sobs, his face in his hands. Nile caressed the vampire’s hair. Several minutes passed and finally Arden looked up, wiping his eyes. He took a deep breath and looked at Nile. His eyes were filled with heartache. He reached up and caressed Nile’s face. He kissed his lips.

“This is the only way we can be together,” Nile whispered. “Don’t you see that? It’s what I want. More than anything.”

Arden looked down and nodded. “I know.” He gazed back up at Nile. “I’m sorry for this, Love.”

“Please, just do it,” Nile said. “Make me yours for eternity.”

Arden managed a small smile. “When you put it like that…” He sighed. “I just hope…you don’t regret this…”

“Never,” Nile said.

Arden swallowed hard. “Okay…well…are you sure you don’t want more time to think this over?”

“I’ve had that time,” Nile said. “I am ready.”

Arden gave a nod. “Very well.”

“What…should I expect?” Nile asked.

“I’m going to have to drink a lot of your blood. Enough to weaken you almost to dying,” Arden said, the words painful to him. “And then you’ll drink from my wrist. After you’ve had enough blood, you’ll feel a lot of pain. Cramps all over. It’ll hurt like hell, but it’ll be over quick. And I’ll hold you the entire time. After that…you’ll be like me.”

Nile nodded. “Let’s do this.”

Arden held Nile close. He kissed him softly on his lips and then looked into his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. He kissed down Nile’s neck and his fangs pierced the skin hard and deep. Nile cried out, but held on to Arden. Arden drank the blood in large gulps, tears escaping his closed eyes.

Nile grew dizzy and weak. He felt a surge of panic, but pushed it away. The vampire withdrew his fangs, healing Nile’s wounds and gently laying him down on the bed into the pillows. Nile looked up at him through his weakened daze, spots appearing before his eyes and his consciousness threatened to slip away. Arden bit into his own wrist and put it to Nile’s lips.

“Drink,” Arden said, caressing Nile’s hair.

Nile drank, at first having to resist the urge to spit out the hot metallic liquid, but after a few moments it wasn’t so bad. He kept drinking, feeling his strength return and grow. He felt invigorated suddenly. Arden pulled his wrist away. His wounds healed immediately. Arden laid down beside Nile and held him close, stroking his hair, kissing his head.

“It’s going to hurt soon,” Arden whispered. “Just let me hold you. It’ll be over quick.”

Nile nodded, snuggling closer to Arden and waiting for the pain to hit. He tried to push his fear away. The pain hit hard and fast. Nile cried out, squirming and convulsing. Arden held on to him tight.

“It’s okay, Baby, it’s almost done,” Arden said. “I’m so sorry, Baby. God, I’m so sorry…”

Nile’s muscles went rigid and then relaxed. All at once the pain was gone. Arden relaxed his grip. Nile slowly sat up and Arden sat up with him. Nile looked around. He felt like he was seeing a new world. He was bombarded with hundreds of new sounds and smells all at once. He covered his ears.

“Relax,” Arden whispered, putting his hands on Nile’s shoulders. “Just focus on me.”

Nile looked at Arden. He gasped. His lover was even more beautiful somehow. Nile was looking at him with new eyes. It felt like he was seeing him for the first time. “You’re a god,” he whispered, gazing at Arden.

Arden smiled. “Now you know how I see you.”

Nile blushed. His tongue brushed against new fangs. He was startled. He reached up and opened his mouth. He touched them. “Ow…” his finger was pricked and he pulled it away, a tiny drop of blood shining. Then it absorbed into the skin and the wound was healed. “Holy shit…”

“Yeah,” Arden said with a grin. “There are perks to this…”

Nile smiled, gazing at his lover. “This is…amazing. But I hear so much and smell so much…how does it not drive you mad?”

“You get used to it. Just focus your senses on me,” Arden said. “You’ll learn to sort them all out.”

Nile nodded. “Okay.”

“You need blood,” Arden said, reaching over to the cooler. He grabbed a bag and handed it to Nile. “Pierce it and drink.”

Nile held the bag in his hand and stared at it. “I’m…gonna drink this…”

Arden chuckled. “Well of course.”

“Doesn’t seem appealing,” Nile said. “I thought I’d want it more.”

“It’s cold cow blood, of course it’s not appealing. But it’s sustenance and that’s most of what you’re going to consume from now on,” Arden said. “It’s what they give us in Communities.”

Nile sighed. “Ah well. I’ll eat this for all eternity if it means being with you.” He smiled.

“That’s the spirit,” Arden said with a smirk.

Nile took a deep breath. “Okay, here goes.” He pierced the bag and the cold liquid flooded his mouth. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t particularly good either. At once he missed the sweet warmth of Arden’s blood. Still, he drained the bag and felt satisfied. He dropped the empty plastic to the floor. “Well…that was…not what I expected,” Nile said.

Arden laughed. “Don’t worry, love. You can always taste me for desert.”

Nile blushed. He looked at Arden, suddenly attracted by the vein on his neck. He licked his new fangs, nearly piercing his tongue.

Arden smiled. “You want to bite me?”

Nile grinned. “I think I do.” He paused. “Is…my blood still going to taste good to you?”

“Yes,” Arden said. “Always. And I can take a little more from you now without hurting you.”

Nile smiled. “That’s nice.” He took Arden in his arms, holding him close, kissing his neck. He paused. “How…do I…”

Arden laughed. “Just bite. Right where you are. It won’t hurt me.”

Nile kissed the skin and then bite, surprised at how easily his fangs sank in. He held Arden closer as the hot sweet liquid spilled into his mouth. It tasted so much better now. So sweet. He could drink this forever. It was the most delicious taste he’d ever experienced. He moaned a bit as he drank, his pants starting to feel tight.

“Whoa, slow down,” Arden said, gently pulling Nile off his neck. The wounds healed. “You’re a little too eager, Baby.”

“Sorry…you’re fucking delicious,” Nile said, licking his lips and fangs.

“Now you know how it feels when I bite you,” Arden said, smiling.

Nile reached down and unbuttoned his pants with a relieved sigh. “Oh, that’s better.”

Arden grinned. “Turned you on?”

“God yes,” Nile said, standing up to take his pants off. He took off the rest of the Agent uniform, ripping a few holes into the fabric in his enthusiasm and new found strength.

Arden chuckled. “You’ve got so much to learn.”

Nile smiled. “I’ve got you to teach me.”

“Sit down,” Arden said.

Nile sat down on the bed and Arden slid down onto the floor. He crawled on his knees and positioned himself in front of Nile. He grabbed Nile’s erect cock and stroked it gently from the base to the sensitive head.

Nile gasped. “Oh God…”

“You feel things more intensely now,” Arden said, smiling.

Nile looked at Arden wide-eyed. “Fuck…”

Arden nodded with a grin. “Oh, this is going to be fun. It’ll be like your first time.”

Nile smiled. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Then let’s waste no more time,” Arden said, taking Nile’s cock into his mouth.

Nile shuddered and gasped. Arden had never done this before, for fear of hurting Nile accidentally with his fangs. But now that Nile was a vampire, he was much tougher. Nile leaned back, supporting himself on his elbows. He gave a blissful sigh as the vampire took him into his mouth. He did feel the brush of fang, but oddly it was not unpleasant. It gave him strange shivers.

Arden sucked slow and hard, licking and teasing with his tongue. Just like Nile had done for him so many times. Nile grabbed his hair, pulling it tight. If Arden were human it would have hurt. Nile was going to take some time to adjust to his new strength. Arden focused on the taste and feel of his lover. He gripped Nile’s hips, bringing him closer. Nile moaned beneath him. Arden could feel the head of Nile’s cock swelling. Arden gently let go, looking up at his panting, wide-eyed lover.

“You okay, Baby?” Arden said with a smirk.

Nile quivered. “I…I damn near came…”

“You’ll get used to all this intensity,” Arden whispered with a smile. “Take a deep breath, relax.”

Nile closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He opened them and Arden was standing with a full blown erection. Just the sight of his throbbing hardness nearly sent him over the edge. Nile swallowed hard, breathed deep, and struggled to calm down. Arden guided Nile back farther on the bed. He crawled on top of Nile, their cocks rubbing together as their lips met.

Arden gazed into Nile’s eyes and stroked his hair. “You make a beautiful vampire,” he whispered.

Nile smiled. “Thanks.”

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