It was the night before her wedding and our girl Lauren was fucking her soon-to-be new husband in the ass, and Bruce was loving every minute of it.

“Oh God woman give it to me! Yes! Fuck me! Stretch my ass out!” he shouted as she pounded him.

The past few months had been a whirlwind of events for her.

Let’s see here: she got engaged to Gotham City’s most eligible bachelor Bruce Wayne, got the top broadcast journalist job she’d been after, and found out the man she was set to be married to is one of the most infamous crime fighters ever. That’s pretty much everything in a nutshell.

In the months leading up to their nuptials, Bruce had spoiled her beyond rotten. Not that she minded mind you.

She sold her penthouse and moved into the enormous Wayne Manor with her beau. Upon moving in that’s when he showered her with gifts.

They turned four of the 28 bedrooms into a closet for her things. She received her own collection of exotic cars, high-end designer shoes, accessories, and clothing, vacations all over the world, and all the toys, gadgets, and DVDs that a sexual deviant could ever want. Let us not forget that she was given a bank account that could cause Fort Knox to overflow. It was all too good to be true.

Did I mention that sex with this man was off the chain? No? Well the sex was always hot and heavy. Bruce loved to make her moan and scream. He loved using her toys against her, not that she had a problem with all that. If anything he loved it when she used them on him even more than he loved using them on her.

It wasn’t always like that mind you. It started out as a curiosity to him, then it grew into a secret fantasy of his that he wanted to have come true. One that she had unleashed a few months prior to the night before they had gotten married.

As a matter of fact she had woke up and caught him using her favorite 10″ dildo in his ass one night.

Let me take you back to when she discovered his secret fantasy……

So, there she was one afternoon, sitting on the terrace trying to figure out seating arrangements for both the wedding and the reception.

“OK so, Mr. And Mrs. Benson will be there. While Mrs Graham and her son Paul are here. But wait, if I Mrs Graham and her son there, where am I gonna put Mr. Wilson and his wife? And let’s not forget Mr. Johan and company and Ms. Erickson who just happens to be bringing the kids from the orphanage on the west side of Gotham. And wait! I’m doing all this for his guests, what in the hell am I gonna do with my guests?!” she asked herself

“Ugh! I hate doing this! I told that man I needed a wedding planner! But no he says that I can do this with my eyes closed! And I listened to him!” she fussed.

That’s when Alfred walked up with a mocha.

“Troubles madam?” he asked

“Yes my dear sweet darling Alfred. I’m stumped on these damn seating arrangements. Bah! Why does your Master Bruce have to be so frickin’ popular and this place so frickin’ huge?” she replied with an accompanying sigh.

“Well madam if I knew that answer to that I’d happily share with you. But alas I do not.” he answered with a heart warming smile.

“You’re a great man Alfred. No wonder you’re the best man.” she said to him.

He smiled and went back to his usual dusting and polishing up the furniture. She sat there dumbfounded. What was she gonna do?

“Ugh! Ya know what? I’ll finish this later. Right now I need to take a bath to calm my nerves.” she thought to herself as she finished her mocha.

So off she went to their bedroom. She loved being in this room. It was her favorite place in the whole mansion, besides her closet of course. When she got there she saw her at the time future husband sitting out on their balcony reading the newspaper.

“So, how goes the wedding planning dear?” he asked being a smart ass.

She just glared at him.

“Fuck you Bruce!” she sneered.

He raised an eyebrow, put his newspaper down, stood up and replied “Hmmm you should. It’ll make you feel better baby.”

He pulled her close and planted her with a knee weakening kiss.

“Mmmmm! Jesus Christ! I love your lips babe. They make me hard as stone.”, he said as he ripped her clothes off.

Ooh Lawd! She loved this man to pieces! He made her feel like such a slut. Once she was naked he dropped his pants, pushed her up against the balcony railing, wrapped her legs his waist and took her right then and there. She hung on to him and railing as he pounded her, the sound their bodies made as they fucked drove them both crazy.

“Fuck me Bruce! I need you right now! Make me cum! Yes! Make me feel slutty! I wanna feel slutty! More please! Give it to me!” she begged as he banged her harder.

“That’s my girl! Keep begging me to fuck you! I love hearing you beg! So you want me to make you feel slutty huh? Mmmmm! You’re so nasty woman!” he replied before turning around, bending her over the railing and fucking her in the ass.

“Ooh God yes! Take it in your ass baby! You’re so fuckin’ sexy! I love fucking you in your ass!” he told her as fucked her.

He was doing her oh so right and she was loving it. She felt herself reaching her peak.

“Oh Jesus! I’m gonna cum baby! Oh shit its coming! I feel it! Its coming–It”, was all she said before her orgasm hit and she screamed.

He felt her juices running down her legs and his as well. That was it for him.

“Oh fuck woman! Yeah! Cum for me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I’m gonna cum! Its gonna be all in your pretty ass! Ohhh! Fuuuucccckkkk!”, he shouted as released his cum into her ass. He pulled out of her ass completely spent holding her close.

“See? I told you that you’d feel better after you fucked me.” he said breathlessly while wiping sweat off his brow and kissing her forehead.

She couldn’t respond, she could only just stand there shaking while being supported by the railing and his arms as the orgasm aftershock ripped straight through her. He picked her up and carried her over to the lounge chair where he was sitting beforehand and sat down with her still in his arms.

“Dear Sweet Mother Mary of God! I love this man!” she thought to herself as she laid there in his arms. She eventually regained her composure thanks to him fondling her breasts while he sucked on her neck.

“Mmm! Mmmm! Mmmmm! You Mr. Bruce Joseph Wayne are one very sexy man!” she said to him with a devilish smile before getting up to go back inside their bedroom.

“And you Ms. Lauren Savanna Jenkins are the sexiest woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on!” he replied to her with a wink as he zipped his pants back up. He watched her walk back into their bedroom and was instantly hard again.

“Dammit woman! Why do you always have to turn me on?!” he said to himself as he went back to reading his newspaper. She on the other hand went into the bathroom and ran herself the hot bubble bath she originally planned on running. He soon couldn’t stand it anymore, he wanted to have his dick stuffed inside her again.

He went into their bedroom and was soon hit by her sexy moans coming from the bathroom.

“She’s in there fucking herself! Without me in there to watch!” he said aloud. So he himself marched in there and was stopped dead in his tracks.

There she was, eyes closed, bititng on her bottom lip and moaning like crazy thanks to the dildo he had molded from his dick being shoved in and out her pussy.

“Yes Bruce! Fuck me! Fill my pussy up! Make me scream!” she moaned. At some point he’d dropped his pants and was jacking off watching her.

“Yes baby! Fuck that pussy! Cum for me! Make my cock cum for you!” he said quietly so he didn’t disturb her.

“Ohhh! Oh My God! I’m gonna cum! Yes pound my pussy baby!” she shrieked as she let her womanly juices go in the hot water. Just like his future bride he was gonna cum as well.

“Fuck yeah baby! Cum for me! Let those juices go! Ohhh shiiiiittttt!” he said ever so softly as he released cum. He soon left the bathroom after blowing his load everywhere.

He decided to go lay down before he raped her.

He proceeded to the bed and continued jacking off thinking about his soon-to-be wife. But before he could finish beating off his alarm went off. Gotham was in trouble and he was needed.

“Grrr….” he growled as he left to go do what it is he does best.

When he returned later that night, she was fast asleep and he was horny as hell.

“Fuck! She’s asleep!” he hissed. His dick was hard and needed her to help him. He stripped down to his birthday suit and climbed into the bed with her.

Upon entry into the bed he shared with the woman of his dreams he noticed her 10″ dildo laying beside her.

“No wonder she’s out cold. She fucked herself to sleep.” he thought to himself with a smile before kissing her forehead. He then looked at her dildo, grabbed it, raised an eyebrow and held in his hand.

“So you put my woman to sleep eh? Muscling in on my territory are you?” he said as he chuckled to himself. Her womanly scent all over it. He sniffed it and was hard a rock.

“God that woman! I swear!” he said to himself as he held her dildo. It was turning him on. He got so hot by holding this dildo in his left hand, that he started to finger his ass with his right hand.

“Mmmmmm that feels good!” he moaned as he pushed his finger deeper into his ass. The sensation was making his dick harder by the second.

“Yeah I like that!” he said to himself as he finger fucked his ass. By this point he was hot, hard, and bothered.

“Mmmm she always has fun fucking herself senseless with this thing. So I’ll have fun too!” he said to himself. And with that he got up, went over to the edge of the bed, laid down on his back with his legs up in the air, spread his ass cheeks and lined up the head of her dildo with his crinkled asshole and slowly invaded his ass.

“Ohhh shit!” he moaned as he pushed the dildo deeper into his ass. He was surprised at how much his ass accepted the intrusion of this dildo. He started moving it in and out of his ass and moaning as he did.

“Mmmmm! Damn! This feels so fucking good!”, he moaned. He was fucking his ass while stroking his dick.

“Fuck! I’m about to cum! Ohhh! Holy fuck! Its coming! Shit! Fuuuuccckkkkkk!!” he moaned loudly as he blew his load all over his stomach.

That’s when she woke up. His moaning had brought her out of a wet dream involving the two of them. When she had awaken from her slumber, she saw him on his back pleasing himself with her toy.

“What in the hell are you doing?! And why are you doing it without me?!”, she asked accidentally startling him.

“Jesus Christ! Woman! Don’t ever do that!”, he yelled.

She giggled at him and said “I’m sorry baby! But I couldn’t help but notice that my dildo is missing and you’re moaning. Loudly”.

He blushed then said, “Its ok babe. I was horny as fuck. And I needed a way to relieve this tension, so I just decided to have as much fun as you do.”

“Mmmm I see. So you like to be fucked in the ass huh?” she asked with a seductively devilish look on her face.

“Oh God! Yes I do baby! Fuck me babe!” he told her.

“Gladly!” she replied before she planted him with a wet juicy kiss.

“Woman I swear before God! You’re a Goddess! Fuck me hard! Make me your slut baby!” he shouted as she fucked him with the dildo.

“Hold on babe. I’ve got something better than this dildo for my sexy baby.” she told him as she pulled the dildo out of his ass. He was totally infatuated with her. She returned with a gorgeous 11″ black strap-on and a small vibrator.

“Just so you know babe, I am about to fuck you into oblivion!” she said to him with an evil smile.

“Fuck me woman!” he demanded. She soon mounted this fine hunk of he-man and went to town on his ass. She used all of her weight to fuck the mans’ brains out.

“Oh fuck yes! Pound my ass baby! Fuck my tight hole like I fuck yours!” he moaned as she stretched his ass out with her dick.

“Mmmmmm! Yes! Take it baby! You’re a bad boy! But you’re not just any bad boy are you baby? No! You’re my bad boy!” she replied.

They fucked like this for eons, or that’s what he thought. She then flipped him over on all fours, put the vibrator to his balls and fucked him with the same intensity he’d always given her. She was driving him insane. She was making his deepest fantasy come true.

He was close to cumming. And the way he was gonna do that was if he rode her strap-on.

“Baby I need to cum! I wanna ride you so I can cum.”, he exclaimed. She was over the moon at him wanting to ide her. She rolled over onto her back and watched him lower himself down onto her dick.

“Holy fucking shit!!! Take my ass baby!” he shrieked as he began to ride her. His balls bounced up and down as he rode her dildo. The sound of him bouncing up and down was making her soaking wet.

His balls were boiling he knew then that he was about to explode with cum.

“Dammit woman! I’m gonna cum! Ooh! Fuck yeah! Shit! Augh! Fuuuuccckkk! I wanna cum in ya mouth babe!” he screamed.

“Mmmmmm baby. I want to swallow your cum! Cum in my mouth baby!” she cooed. That was all he needed to hear, as he hopped off her strap-on, brought her head to his dick and fucked her mouth until he exploded.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuuucccccckkkkkkk!”, he screamed as he released his cum in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop that she could.

He was beyond satisfied as he collapsed on the bed beside her. But he still wanted to make her cum. So, he grabbed her and rolled her on top of him and buried his face in her pussy.

“Yes baby! Eat my pussy! Make me cum in ya mouth!” she screamed as she grabbed his head, pulled it close and rode his tongue with all her might.

He was in total seventh heaven. His favorite fantasy had just came true and she was riding his face.

“Ohhh my God! I’m gonna cum! Baby here it comes! Ahhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes!”, was all she managed to say before her orgasm hit her like a ton bricks and she screamed to the high heavens. Her cum flooded his mouth and he was more than happy with that.

She laid there in his arms exhausted and body quivering as she listened to him breathe.

Slowly the lovebirds drifted off to a wonderfully sound sleep.

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