The angel was in heaven. Maria held Manuel close as she kissed his lips, and she felt like she never wanted to let go–

“I can tell your mind’s elsewhere,” Ida told her, drawing back from her kiss.

“I’m sorry,” Maria replied, “but you know this would be so much better if Manuel was here.”

“You and your young love–or before-middle-aged love, at least. Us old farts see this stuff more clearly. Manuel’s afraid of all of us, and especially of me.” For the fifth time that day, her tone turned questioning. “Why does he react so strongly to me? Did he love me before he loved you?”

“You know Flora won’t let me tell you that. There’s too much pain in your memories.” Something of Isaac had clearly survived–Ida hadn’t reacted well when Manuel fled from her. Only through Flora’s influence had she and Maria found solace in each other.

Maria had never loved a woman before, but neither had she held with her church’s teachings against the act. She had come to understand that Ida was better off this way, and she was nothing but thankful to Flora for giving her such a soft and tender lover. But Ida had no playfulness in her, and little humor, and Maria couldn’t help but miss Manuel’s casual wit.

Ida suddenly smiled as she caught sight of something behind Maria. Before Maria could react, she felt a furry tail playing at her naked slit. “Caught you!” Cat yelled out. “If I was hunting, you’d be dead now.”

Here, at least, there was playfulness to be found–an excess of it, in fact. But as Maria took Cat’s tail in her hand, and guided it inside her, she thought again of the boy she’d once said she loved.

– — – –

Manuel knew that this strange new Maria was not ashamed to be naked–that she now delighted in the way he stared at her. That was precisely why he turned away as he saw her approach.

She was direct. “I miss you.”

He, on the other hand, circled around to the point. “You know, I’ve never gotten a good look at what you’ve become. You draw the wings back in when you see me coming.” A few days ago, I would have made a joke out of that, he thought. When did I lose my sense of humor?

“Manuel, I know you’re afraid of me now. But I’m the same Maria that I always was, and I love you.”

“I haven’t activated the alert beacon. I keep asking myself why not.”

That was enough to shock Maria. “You want them to kill Flora?”

“They’ll kill her anyway, when they land. Unless you get them first–infect them, like you infected Isaac and Cap. And from there, they’ll keep throwing men and bombs at you. We both know the only way to save her.”

“No one will be hurt,” Maria said, and he knew that she believed it. “We know from Procne that minds like Flora can spread across space, if someone brings them. All we have to do is reach Earth. We’ll help everyone who’s in pain–everyone!–and no one will be willing to bomb Earth to get rid of her.”

She had little warning before he turned and embraced her, but she did not shy away from his touch. “Convince me,” he told her. “Convince me to betray the human race.”

She held as tight to him as he did to her, and she replied, “If you’ll follow me, I know exactly what argument to make.”

He was unsure why he followed her. Maybe he’d finally given in to loneliness, or he was hoping he could somehow change Maria’s mind. Or perhaps it was simply because he recognized that there was no malice in her voice, and he had a guess at what thought might be behind it: Whatever it takes, I’ll make you smile again.

– — – –

The flowers grew tall where Cat and Ida lay, and Manuel heard them before he saw them. “Oh Christ, that feels good,” Ida called out. “Your tail’s as good as a dick!”

Maria patiently waited for Ida to orgasm, while Manuel stared wide-eyed at the writhing bodies. When at last the two lay still and content, Maria told them, “I’ve got a special guest here.”

Ida looked up at him, lying under Cat. “I didn’t think you could do it. I’ve got to admit, up close, he’s even easier on the eyes.”

“Don’t claim him yet. We’ve been dating for three months. I’d say that gives me three turns with him before you get a try.”

Ida rolled her eyes. “I’ll be patient for the horny young lovers. Do you want to borrow me?”

“Uh, borrow?” Manuel asked, but Maria ignored him. “Actually, I wanted to try Cat first.”

Cat obediently looked up and locked eyes with Maria, and after a moment, the former stood and walked over to Manuel. Something about her stance seemed different . . . “Maria?” Manuel asked.

“Caught on quickly, didn’t you?” Maria told him with Cat’s voice. “Remember that soul swap we did way back when? I hope you like fur, because I know you like pussy.” Then she pounced at him, and they landed softly amidst the flowers, her atop him and his pants down at his ankles.

It was a bit misleading to call her a catgirl–there was far more cat in her frame and her motions than just two ears and a tail. But her lips and her breasts were human enough, and he did in fact enjoy the feeling of her furry body atop his. She purred as he entered her, and her whole body vibrated atop him.

Their sex was quick and playful, and she yowled in pleasure as both of them came. For several minutes, they simply lay together, she feeling complete, he wondering which of them had gone crazier. Then she pushed herself off of him, and walked over to where her own body was frantically making love to Ida’s. “Ida, you’re up next!”

Of course, Ida was a bit irritated to be interrupted, but she had never been Cat before, and she was willing to trade bodies. Manuel wasn’t even close to completing his refractory period by the time Maria sauntered over in a new body. In deference to his merely human physiology, she gave him time to recover before clamping her lips around his cock.

It was unlikely that Manuel could have gotten it up for Ida herself, but with Maria in control, he was capable of appreciating the changes that Flora had made–for instance, the complete elimination of a gag reflex. He knew it couldn’t be possible, but he still had the feeling that he must be hitting her uvula. Well, whatever he was hitting, it was quite a feeling.

When his erection stood proud and tall once more, she released him long enough to turn herself around. She lowered herself to his mouth, and as he obediently licked at her slit, he realized another change that Flora had made. The taste of her juices was like fresh strawberries, and he knew Maria must be smiling at his surprise. “Doesn’t it just drive you wild?” she asked–or at least, she tried to; she failed to finish the sentence before gasping. Then she returned her attentions to his cock, and for a while, neither of them was capable of speech.

As it turned out, Ida was a squirter, and Maria spattered Manuel’s face with strawberry fluid as she came. As for Maria, she swallowed every drop from Manuel’s cock. “Not as tasty as Ida,” she told him, after she’d licked his cock clean, “but I’ll forgive you for that. One last time with you, and then I’ll turn the other two loose on you.”

Manuel was careful in how he worded his response. “I remember when you would have gotten jealous over that.”

“I know you love me best, and besides, I can share if you can. And besides the besides, I think Flora wants us to do this–I’m fairly certain this is your greatest wish.”

Manuel pondered that. “A harem of bisexual girls . . . Am I really that easy to buy?” As easy to buy as you?

“Just shut up and enjoy the moment,” Maria told him, and she left him with his face covered in fluid.

One more swap, and Maria was herself again, so to speak. While Ida experimented to see how far she could stick Cat’s tail down what had been Ida’s own throat, Maria lowered herself onto Manuel–not bringing him inside her, but simply pressing herself against him as she licked the strawberry from his face. “Hold me,” she told him, once she had finished, “and I’ll show you what Flora’s given me.”

He put his arms around her, and he felt her back begin to arch in a rhythm that had nothing to do with him. “It’s wonderful, isn’t it?” she asked him as her body felt lighter and lighter. Something began to ripple in her shoulders, preparing to burst forth–

No!” he screamed.

She stiffened against him, the change gone. “Manuel . . .”

“I’ve accepted that Cat is Cat, and I’m starting to understand that Ida is Ida. But I’m not ready to know what you are, now that you’re not Maria.”

“Manuel, I am Maria.”

“I thought I could do this, but I can’t. Not yet. Maybe not ever.”

“I’m the girl you love. Don’t you understand that?”

Get off me!

When she did not move, he shoved her away with sudden fury.

She could have stopped him as he fled. It would have been easy to call on Flora to bind him with flowers. But instead, she let him go without a word.

The next day, she found the smashed innards of the alert beacon outside the ship. But Manuel remained inside, and the door of the ship was locked stubbornly tight–a defense against zombies, now one against lovers as well.

Ted’s parents still didn’t know that he had dropped out of college. They had really high expectations for him: getting a job, paying his own rent…it was just too hard and three more years of school wasn’t what he wanted. So Ted decided to lay low for a while and live off of the left over tuition money they’d given him the previous semester while he worked in as a valet part-time. Although money was tight, Ted generally found ways to get around paying for certain things. For instance, tonight he agreed to have dinner with his older brother, Dennis, who appeared to be avoiding him the last few weeks. Dennis was five years his senior and gainfully employed, so Ted counted on getting a free dinner out of the visit as usual.

Around seven-thirty, Dennis arrived at Ted’s apartment and drove them both to Chico’s, a Mexican restaurant on the sketchy side of town. Dennis looked unimpressed, but Ted insisted on stopping there because they offered a good beer menu. Bells at the front door jingled as they entered. Ted yapped away about experimenting with marijuana while Dennis stayed unusually quiet. They seated themselves before a tall, pony-tailed waiter came by and took both of their orders.

“What’s up with you?” Ted asked, smiling as he took advantage of the complementary chips and salsa.

“I wanted to see you for a reason.”

“Spill it.”

“When were you gonna tell me about Brooke?” the older boy asked, referring to his fiancé.

“Brooke? What about her?”

“You already know what. She told me that you slept together.”

Ted stopped eating for a moment.

“I know this doesn’t make it any better…but I was drunk when it happened and it was before you guys were serious about each other. I was different back then, you remember,” Ted shrugged in the cute way that always made his parents get off of his case. Wavy brown hair and deep blue eyes, he had a naturally angelic look to him that everybody fell for. He was used to being let off the hook for every lousy thing he ever didn’t and expected Dennis to let this go too.

“Back then? It was only last semester.”

“Oh. Well, I’ve changed. I’m way more grown up now. Promise.”

“I can’t believe you sometimes,” Dennis said, staring down as their waiter placed a full plate in front of him. But he couldn’t eat. He was too upset. “I’ll be right back,” he said, heading toward the men’s room.

Ted waited until his brother was out of sight before ordering a couple of the pricier beers at Dennis’s expense. By the time their waiter swung around with his drinks, Dennis still wasn’t back yet. It’d been almost ten minutes. Another five passed by and the waiter, a broad shouldered Mexican guy circled the table, giving him a strange look. Ted threw the same look back at him. Ten more minutes passed without Dennis’s return and Ted began to worry. Had his brother slipped and hit his head on the sink or something? Stranger things had happened. He got up to go check on him.

“Hey,” said the waiter. “You forgot to pay your bill.”

“No, I’m not leaving, I just want to see if my brother is okay. He went to the bathroom and—”

“I’ll check for you. You stay here.” Ted rolled his eyes and sat back in the booth. He started to notice that the restaurant was practically empty aside from one or two stragglers who were headed toward the cashier. His waiter came back looking perturbed. “No one was in the bathroom. Pay your bill.”

“What? No. My brother Dennis just went in there. Maybe he’s outside having a smoke. Go check.”

The waiter squinted his eyes.

“Pay your bill,” he repeated and walked back toward the kitchen.

Peeking out of a window, Ted now saw that Dennis’s car was gone.

“Oh, shit,” he started thinking to himself. He hadn’t brought much money, never did with Dennis, expecting him to pay for everything. The cashier, a short fat woman brought over his bill and took off her apron before yelling something in Spanish to the waiter in the kitchen and taking off. Ted read the bill. “Thirty-eight dollars?” he said to himself quietly. He wished he hadn’t had those last two beers. Looking around to see that he was alone now, Ted pulled out whatever money he had in his pocket and put it on the table: twelve bucks. Then he stood up and tried to dash for the door. But when he got there, the waiter cut him off.

“Hey, where you think you’re going?”

“Oh, I already paid.”

“No you didn’t. Juanita already told me,” he said, obviously referring to the cashier who had just gone home.

“Well fine, okay? Just put it on my tab.”

“What tab? We don’t do that here, white boy. This isn’t your side of town. Over here we like money, not I.O.U’s.”

“Look, Ramon,” Ted said with an attitude as he read the other man’s name tag. “I only have twelve bucks and I left it on the table.” He could tell now that Ramon wasn’t just a waiter. He also appeared to be the restaurant manager, which made him feel like he was in even deeper shit. But he tried to hide those feelings.

“Well, you ate more than twelve dollars worth of food, so pay up or work it off.”

“I told you I don’t have any money.”

“Then get your ass in the kitchen and start washing dishes!”

Ted did as he was told, intimidated by the other man’s decision to start yelling at him. In fact he was a little scared and Ramon wasn’t watching, he snuck a phone call to someone, anyone who could come pick him up ASAP.

Afraid of getting into some real trouble without anyone around to witness it, Ted got straight to work, but there wasn’t enough soap. He checked under the sink, inside of a pantry, everywhere before going to find the manager again. He could hear talking. It was coming from the back room, the office. Ted barged in and saw the manager sitting at the desk, pants undone as he masturbated and talked in Spanish to someone on the phone. Ramon’s hand glided up and down a stiff, brown cock that glistened at the tip. His girth was impressive, especially the mushroom head. An uncut foreskin covered it like a glove, sliding back and forth with the movement of his hand. Ted mentally compared it to his own and felt a little envious. “Hey puta!” a voice suddenly yelled at him. “I’ll call you back,” the other man said into his cell phone then slammed it down on the desk. “You like staring at my cock, huh? You faggot. Joto!”

“No. I was just looking for soap!” Ted said, stepping backward. “I didn’t know you were doing that in here. Sorry! I’ll just go back to washing dishes.”

“No! You were spying on me. I watched you,” Ramon said stroking himself. He stood up, looking angry, but excited at the same time.

Ted felt strange inside, scared, but aroused. He wanted to turn away, wanted to look somewhere else, but his eyes focused on the other man’s lap. That was the thing about being so young. He was horny all time and didn’t consider the consequences of his actions, like what might happen after sleeping with his brother’s girlfriend or staring at another man’s cock. Now it looked like Ramon might punish him. As much as Ted liked to think of himself as non-racist, Ramon’s dark Latin skin and thick accent scared him. He was tall and looked like he worked out a lot, much more than Ted who was also tall, but sort of lean. He was a swimmer, not a weight-lifter. Ted suddenly felt extremely vulnerable.

“It was an accident. I’ll get back to work now.”

“No. I got a new job for you.”

Ted looked into Ramon’s eyes for the first time.


“You know what. Come into the office.”


“Now!” the other man demanded. Ted thought about making a run for it. Maybe he could just snatch some of the money he’d left behind on the front table and catch a bus home or something, but fear and just a hint of curiosity made him look around the empty kitchen then, follow Ramon into his office.

Ted watched the other man step out of his pants, underwear included, and have a seat before lifting his shirt to reveal and firm abdomen.

“Come over here,” Ramon commanded, stroking his thick manhood. “I want you to suck this.” Fear and envy turned into arousal as Ted just stared for a moment. “Want me to make you do it? I’ll shove this down your throat!” Ramon said roughly. The other boy shook his head, got on his knees then, leaned forward into the other man’s lap. Nervous, Ted looked upward for instruction. Ramon was good-looking and maybe five or six years older. Strands of semi-long black hair was falling out of his ponytail framed his face. “C’mon joto, I know you wanna wrap your lips around me. Taste it.”

Ted leaned a little more forward and got his first taste of pre-cum as it drizzled out of Ramon’s fat cock. It felt like the ice had been broken after that and his hormones took over, forcing him to slurp the whole thing into his mouth. His tongue traced the veins and lapped at the head while the other man kept a firm grasp on his wavy hair, pulling him closer and closer into a pose of submission.

“Oh yeah…” Ramon sighed. “White boys do it so good. You feel better than my girlfriend.”

Ted reached down between his own legs and started to play with himself through tight jeans. The feel of hot, Mexican cock in his mouth was amazing. Once or twice he’d let one of his bi-curious roommates suck him when he was living in the dorms, but switching roles was so much better. Having his hair pulled while the other man moaned loudly was such a turn on.

Suddenly, things started to take an aggressive turn. Ramon was about to come. Ted could tell because he was really riding his face now, choking him with the crown of his penis. He gagged over and over again, drool pouring from his lips. A sticky sound filled the air each time Ramon’s balls slapped him in the chin. At times he thought he couldn’t breathe. No air could get down his throat and his nose was constantly pressed against Ramon’s pubic hair. He kept his mouth open anyway and just took it.

“Yes!” Ramon practically yelled as he shot a huge load at the back of Ted’s throat and held him there to make sure it slid all the way down into his stomach. Ted felt absolutely disgusted. But the idea of being forced to swallow another man’s come turned over in his brain over and over again as Ramon emptied himself until Ted felt so ashamed, so sexually abused that it made him feel good. It felt great to finally have someone around who was willing to discipline him. He touched himself then, his body started to convulse. His muscles clenched together and he came in his jeans.

A jingling sound came from the front door.

“Hello?” called a woman’s voice. “Ted?” It was Brooke. The two of them were still having an affair despite anything that Ted had told his brother and she had been the first person he called when thinking of someone to give him a ride home.

Ted had almost forgotten that he’d called her for a ride. Ramon looked down at him, seeming pissed. He pulled up his pants and threw a towel down at Ted who used it to clean himself up. But the wet spot on the front of his pants was unignorable. It was so obvious.

“What do I do?” he asked in a small voice.

“That’s your problem, Joto.” Ted unzipped the sweatshirt he’d been wearing and wrapped it around his waist, letting the sleeves hang over the wet spot on the front of his jeans. He made a move to leave the office. Being pushed out to meet Brooke with Ramon just behind him was humiliating. Ted kept wonder whether he would tell her about what had just happened. He didn’t stop worrying until after they’d left the restaurant.

“So he just left you here?” Brooke asked as they climbed into the car.

“Uh, yeah. He was really mad.”

“Sorry about that. We got in an argument and I wanted to piss him off. Didn’t mean to get you in trouble,” Brooke smiled before leaning over to kiss Ted. She tasted something in his mouth, but couldn’t decide what it is. “Did you get enough to eat? Or did they make you clean right away?”

Ted looked back at the restaurant, Ramon was locking up the front door. He rested a hand on his stomach, thinking about the last thing he’d eaten.

“Me? I got plenty.”

Mandi and I settled into life in Germany well, getting out and about on our own, visiting a gasthaus or two, taking weekend drives to see what was in the area. We also settled into an activity with my battalion, a mixed doubles bowling league.

The battalion Sergeant Major was a big bowler, and there was an excellent bowling facility on our kaserne, with modern equipment and urethane lanes, and was even equipped with automatic scoring. Since Big Joe (our Sergeant Major) didn’t have a league he was comfortable joining, he decided we needed one of our own, and did a masterful recruiting effort to get at least 24 teams of couples or mixed doubles to join.

This turned out to be a nice, casual way to spend an evening, and given the level of handicap in the league, every team was competitive. It was also a way to get people from different companies in the battalion to get to know each other. Inevitably, Mandi and I met several couples we would socialize with outside the league.

One was a Latino couple, Jose and Maria (I swear to God, I can’t make this stuff up)! They were quite a pair. Jose was slender, an up and coming guy who was starched and spit shined, with features that made women drool over him. He had a pencil thin Ricky Ricardo mustache that gave him an exotic look.

Maria was a doll! She shared the good looks and great body of Jennifer Lopez (quite a while before her, too, I might add). Brick house body with a booty that begged to be grabbed and squeezed. Large breasts that stood out proudly like she dared someone to notice (and enjoy it when they did). She had dark hair, olive skin, flawless, and the two of them were quite the talk of the league.

Most of the men would offer their left testicle just to lick Maria’s sweaty butt crack. And the women, although more subtle, would have gladly given Jose a ride home and offered him a chance to stay a while. I enjoyed Maria’s eye candy but they both seemed really happy together and I never heard of any problems between them.

This was odd considering that our little American community in Germany had a gossip level of 9.9 on a scale of 10. That was the favorite past time of many of the women who lived in the American housing area just outside the kaserne. Many of them were scared of living in a foreign country, and didn’t want to learn the language, get out or do anything else. For me, this made for some ripe pickings when it came to getting some strange pussy.

But getting back to Jose and Maria, Mandi and I bowled against their team one evening. We were partners with Big Joe and his wife, a sweet Korean lady who was a wonderful cook. Jose was a pretty good bowler, and Maria helped the team’s handicap (she wasn’t very good).

We took an early lead and it was pretty much a run away after that, especially considering how good Big Joe and his wife bowled. By the second of three games, the bowling turned to a secondary effort, and partying took the forefront. Mandi pounded 3-4 German beers, and soon was slurring and her bowling went slightly awry. Maria stayed reasonably sober until after the third game, and she pounded a couple of quick beers. Jose followed suit, and soon he was getting really trashed. I had sipped a beer during the 3-game set, and was the only one who was actually sober.

This led to us having to give Jose and Maria a ride home. This wasn’t such a bad deal since they lived just off the path back to the village where Mandi and I lived. So I was stuck with 3 drunks rollicking around my VW Bug. Off into the night we went.

We arrived at their apartment in about 15 minutes. It was a nice, cozy little German apartment that had its own entrance in the rear of the house. The furniture was used but serviceable, an eclectic mix of German and American items. As soon as we hit the door, Jose put on some salsa music, grabbed a beer, and pounded it as he tried to get Maria to dance with him. Mandi had never really had much to do with salsa music but as she pounded another one of those strong German beers, she got into the tunes. Maria started on another beer, while I decided to sip some German sparkling water with a lemon twist.

The dancing lasted about as long as it took Jose to pound another beer. He staggered around the room, and finally fell into the couch. Within seconds he was out cold. I helped Maria drag him into a comfortable position.

I had barely turned around when Mandi fell into me, and slurred, “I need to sit down.”

I maneuvered her to the other end of the couch and gently helped her into place. She stretched out and tried to reach for her beer sitting on the table beside the couch. She missed. She tried to say something to me and a slight mumble came out. She finally gave up and closed her eyes.

I looked at Maria and said, “Are these guys light asses or what?”

Maria giggled and said, “I may be close behind them.”

I smiled a sly smile and said, “Better not. I might try to take advantage of you.”

She laughed a deep, throaty laugh and said, “I think I would rather be awake if you’re going to molest me.”

“Works for me,” I replied.

I smiled as she tipped up her beer. I moved over to the stereo and turned the music down to a nice, casual level. Maria was finishing her beer when I moved behind her. She suddenly staggered backward into me, almost falling. As she fell into my chest, I grabbed both plump, full breasts in my hands, nestling her against my chest.

“Wow,” she gasped, “I am a little drunk!”

“Why don’t you let that one be the last?” I asked her.

She smiled and turned around, almost in my face and said, “Are you still going to molest me?”

“Only if you don’t pass out on me like the other two over there,” I quickly replied.

Maria giggled again, and told me softly, “OK. I promise.”

I wasn’t sure if she was promising to pass out or stay awake. But either way, as long as she was still ambulatory, I intended to, at the least, get a good view of that luscious body. She had set the beer bottle down and I quickly moved to take her in my arms and we gently began to move to the rhythm of the music.

I nuzzled and kissed her neck, and she quickly began a crotch grind against me that seemed to be increasing in urgency. That’s when she pulled my face to her and began kissing me strongly, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. She increased the pressure on my crotch, finally reaching around and pulling me by my ass. She was turning out to be one hot Chiquita banana.

It suddenly dawned on me that we were going at each other right there in front of Jose and Mandi. If either of them woke up, which was doubtful, we would be in flagrante. I pulled away from Maria and asked her if she wanted to move someplace where we could get comfortable. She smiled and took my hand and led me to what I had assumed was a small closet. Upon opening the door, it turned out to be a stairwell, which led to a second floor. The second level had two bedrooms.

As she went up the steep stairs, I had a bird’s eye view of that fine ass, plump but not fat, muscular but soft, a feast for my eyes. I decided right then I would not stop until I had gone balls deep in that wonderful ass.

When we arrived at the top of the stairs, she pulled me toward one of the rooms.

Whispering conspiratorially, she told me, “You’re a guest. Let’s go in the guest room.”

I whispered back, “I’m cool.”

Maria giggled again, and we entered the guest room. I took in the furniture, a large overstuffed bed, heavy, old looking wardrobe and dresser, and a big, plush rug. I moved behind Maria once again and grabbed those wonderful breasts, pulling her back to me and kissing her neck. She responded by putting one hand between us, and for the first time, rubbed at my hardening cock. We stayed like this for a couple of minutes, until I reached for her shirt.

I quickly removed the shirt from the waist of her pants and ran my hands underneath to once again cup her breasts through her bra. She sighed and leaned her head back onto my shoulder. I could feel rock hard nipples through the delicately laced bra. I couldn’t wait, though, and quickly slid the bra up and over her breasts.

Maria gasped and moaned as I massaged her breasts and rolled the nipples in my palms. She pressed that luscious butt back into my raging hard-on. It was quickly getting hot and steamy. I pulled one hand away and quickly unbuttoned her shirt. I gently broke away and slipped her shirt off, followed by her bra. Her breasts were breath taking!

I knew she had some large ones, but I was impressed. They were big, D-cup at least, sitting defiantly high on her chest. She had deep brown areole and small nipples that just accented the view, stiff and waiting for a nice tongue. I didn’t think I could have gotten harder but the sight of those breasts had me about to pop the seam of my German jumpsuit.

I quickly unzipped my jumpsuit and pulled her to me, pressing her breasts up to my bare chest. She sighed and grabbed my ass with both hands. I pulled her head up for a real kiss, and she responded in kind. Damn, she was horny!

The kiss and grind went on for a few minutes, until I couldn’t wait any longer to see her fully naked. I slid away from her and sat down on the bed, ripping my shoes and socks off in one smooth motion. After that, a shrug dropped the jumpsuit to the floor. Now that I was naked, I pulled her by the top of her jeans and quickly unbuttoned them. She leaned back against the bed and I slipped her jeans and panties to the floor. She slipped her sandals off and I almost tore her pants from her.

I was face to face with a neatly trimmed pussy that smelled of heat and sex. She had close cropped dark brown pubic hair, partially shaved into a runway. It looked so edible, and I urgently pushed her back on the bed and dived into her pussy. She let out a sharp gasp, and grabbed my head, wanting immediate gratification on her clit.

Responding to her needs, I sought out and found her clit, unsheathing it with my tongue. She began breathing rapidly and gasping. I watched those beautiful breasts bouncing up and down as she writhed around. Her legs went up for a moment and then her heels found their way to the middle of my back. I began working her clit with my lips, sucking it between them and quickly pushing it back out with my tongue.

I had never met a woman who could help but orgasm with this kind of action. While most had no idea what I did, they all seemed to remember one thing – it was orgasm city! Maria was no exception, quickly launching into the first of maybe a dozen hard spasms, squeezing my head painfully with her thighs while grinding her heels into my back. I fought through the pain to hang on until she finally had one last, writhing spasm and pushed my head away from her crotch.

She was panting like an overheated dog, and just lay there with her eyes tightly shut. Goddamn, she was frog hair fine looking, and she looked even better completely naked. She finally pried her eyes open and smiled.

“I need something to drink,” she whispered.

“I’ll be right back,” I told her and quietly went back down the stairs.

I peeked into the living room and noticed that Jose and Mandi were still out of it, both gently snoring. I got my sparkling water, topped it off, and returned to the guest room. Maria had rolled over on her side and her ass was jutted out toward me. I got even harder, so hard it was becoming painful.

I gently rolled her over and gave her a sip of my drink, and she lay back down. For the first time, I looked into the other room. It was apparently their bedroom, as there were clothes scattered on the bed, and some military uniform pieces in a pile in the floor. I also noticed some different shoes laying beside and under the bed.

I stepped away as Maria sat up to drink some more. She watched me curiously as I went into the other room and retrieved a pair of stiletto heels with straps. I entered the room, moved over to the bed and gently took a foot in my hand. I slipped the shoe on her and buckled the strap. Moving to the other foot, I repeated the process. She didn’t say anything until the process was complete, and then she smiled.

“Jose likes those shoes too,” she told me with a lecherous grin on her face.

“Great minds think alike,” I quipped.

She giggled and then looked at me seriously, saying, “Where did you learn to do that with your tongue?”

I chuckled and said, “What?”

She got an almost shy look on her face, and whispered, “I have never had a blast from anyone’s tongue. That was different that anything I ever felt in my life!”

I faked a serious look and replied, “That bad, huh?”

She made a half-hearted swat at my arm and said, “No. Stop trying to tease me. I have had a tough time learning to let myself have a blast.”

It was then that I realized her term for a good orgasm was “getting a blast.” I smiled and asked her if she wanted to try that again.

“Oh, I only do that once. After that I feel good but no, no more blasts,” she said definitively.

I smiled and leaned over to her ear and whispered, “What makes you think it won’t happen again? You just said you didn’t get an orgasm from oral sex before. I think we could kill two birds with one stone.”

She looked at me skeptically, but as her look softened, I knew the argument was mine. Before she could speak again, I leaned down and began kissing her again. She quickly responded, pulling me down to her. For someone who could only have one orgasm per session, she suddenly got a second rush of urgency.

I kissed her for a moment or two, and broke away, taking a leisurely trip down her body, stopping to pay homage to her wonderful breasts, giving them a good licking and sucking. Without protest, I wandered back down to her pussy, where I took some time licking up and down her entire slit, pausing occasionally to give her clit a light flick.

Maria was oozing juice by the time I raised and pushed her pegs back. This gave me no restrictions for licking her from her clit down to her back hole. As I headed that way, I pulled back enough to get a good look at her little rosebud. It was dark, and wrinkle free. Her little opening was already dilating slightly. It looked like a hole that could stand a hard cock. After paying more homage to her clit, I dived back toward her butthole.

As I buried my tongue into her back passage, she gasped suddenly and tried to push my head away. I persisted, she persisted, and then she pushed my head again. I stopped and looked at her between her breasts. She had a serious look on her face.

“What’s up?” I asked quietly.

She looked at me with a knitted brow, and finally whispered, “Please don’t do that. It’s nasty.”

I chuckled and after giving her clit a flick, looked back up and said, “And I love every minute of it!”

“No!” she burst out.

“Yes, now hush and let me do what I do best,” I replied.

“But that’s just not….you know……you’re not supposed to…”

“Yes you are, and yes I do, and yes you will enjoy it,” I interrupted.

She looked slightly askance and finally said, “But I don’t let anyone do that to me.”

I smiled and told her softly, “Perhaps it is past time for someone to teach you how to enjoy every part of your body.”

She didn’t look too sure of anything, so I added, “If you will relax and just let me do what I do, you won’t be disappointed. You have already done something new tonight. Why stop now?”

She looked squarely at me for several seconds, and finally decided, “Well, just be careful, and be gentle, and I’ll try not to freak out.”

I smiled and put my finger to pursed lips, telling her to be quiet. She dropped back onto the bed and I went back at eating her out front to rear. I returned to the clit action shortly, and she rode my face well for several minutes until she suddenly tightened up, and with little or no fanfare, launched into another gut wrenching orgasm.

I let her ride until she was finished, and gently moved up beside her.

“That’s two,” I whispered into her ear. “And I am not stopping.”

She groaned delightedly, and pulled my head down to her and kissed me deeply. I was dripping with pussy juice and she seemed to relish the taste, kissing around my face before returning to my lips. As she continued to kiss me, I slid between her legs and gently nudged my cock to the opening of her pussy.

This was a familiar feeling to her, having a hard cock heading for pleasure, and she quickly opened wider for better penetration. I slowly slid about half the length into her, and then just as slowly, I eased out. She grabbed my ass cheeks impatiently, attempting to pull me in. I resisted and repeated the slow penetration to about half depth, and pressed my pubic bone down against her clit.

She tried to squirm around and I kept the pressure to prevent too much movement. This went on for several strokes, slow, steady, and never getting more than half way in. She began panting, and suddenly pulled my head down. I quickly took a breast in my mouth, teasing the nipple like it was her clit.

“You’re thick,” she whispered in my ear.

I smiled and rose back up on my arms so I could enjoy the view. She had wrapped her legs around my back, and when I looked over my shoulder, I could see her feet with those cute high heels. I began to thrust into her with an increasing rhythm, but never getting more than half penetration. She kept trying to thrust up toward me but I would meet her with my pubic bone, preventing her from taking me any deeper.

Once she got into the swing of things, I could see her building toward what I hoped would be another orgasm. When she got to the point when she was straining to make something happen, I eased my body up and with no warning, plunged the entire length into her, roughly slamming the head into the bottom of her pussy. She made an unintelligible noise in the back of her throat, writhing almost painfully until she gripped me with her legs even harder. She began whispering something in Spanish, talking quickly and gutturally, and began drooling from the corner of her mouth.

She stayed into the ride but didn’t quite reach an orgasm. I slid out of her sopping pussy, and grabbing both ankles, pulled her onto her knees. I unceremoniously plunged full depth back into her pussy, pounding her hard and fast. She gasped and shook her head, and then ground her face into the bed. Before I could come, she started quaking like a jack hammer, and another orgasm burst through her.

Maria bit a big chunk of the bed spread, and rocked and quivered through the orgasm. I slowed down to a crawl, letting her get the last bit of feeling. She finally dropped down on the bed. I leaned over and asked her if she had a toilet up here.

She whispered, “The hall.”

I went out into the area between the rooms, somewhat confused. There was a large mirror at the end of the space (I couldn’t really call it a hall). But I also noticed that the mirror was much closer than the depth of the bedrooms. Upon closer examination, it turned out that the mirror was mounted on a flush fit door. I pulled a small knob and there was indeed a toilet. Typically German, it was simply a pot and a sink. But there was some hand lotion and hand soap on the sink.

I figured that I would not stop until I got some of that wonderful butt, and since Maria was still drunk enough to let me do about anything I wanted, I figured to strike while I could. I took the lotion from the toilet and returned to the bedroom.

Maria was back down on the bed with her eyes closed. I thought for a second she had dropped off the sleep. But as began kissing her hip, she opened her eyes slightly, and moaned softly. I kissed my way around a butt cheek, slowly putting her flat on her stomach.

Her ass jutted upward, giving me a sterling view. I spread her legs slowly and carefully, and eased down until I could tongue her ass. She moaned some more as I began licking up and down her cleft. I ran up and down for a minute until she began to move with me, and gently tugged her cheeks apart to probe her anus with my tongue. She had oozed some pussy juice down there, and it tasted wonderful. I licked and probed as Maria seemed to get more and more excited. I gently slipped a finger into her pussy, then two.

This got her to squirming. She rocked her crotch and waited for more penetration. I doubled my index and middle fingers up and used my ring finger and pinky to probe her pussy, while still tonguing her pretty little back hole. She rocked into it like she had done this all her life.

After some more tongue in her little asshole, I pulled back a bit to see her back hole dilating to about the width of my pinky. I took the lotion and squirted some onto my index finger, and after a bit more tongue, slowly penetrated her asshole with my index finger. Maria stiffened for a second, and I thought she would stop me. But she just moaned and settled back down.

I began stroking into her pussy and ass slowly at first, then with an increasing movement of speed and depth. After a few minutes of this, I slowed down, then added my middle finger to her ass. She groaned and pulled away slightly, but settled down almost immediately. She began a low, guttural moan as I picked up speed again.

I had two fingers in her pussy and two in her ass and was probing as deep as my hand would go. With the other hand, I slowly lubricated my cock with the hand lotion. After a short time of stroking my hand in and out of her, I eased her on to her side and pushed her upper leg up and away until I could get a clear shot at her clit.

I continued stroking into her pussy and ass and started after her clit with the other hand. I worked it between my thumb and index finger, gently rolling it in circles. Maria got quiet for a few minutes, barely moving. I was beginning to think that she had finally given up and the beer had gotten to her, when she began to move her hips and moan.

I continued to work her clit and stroke the fingers into her, setting a steady, fast rhythm. She began thrusting her hips back to me and I maintained my pressure on her clit. She seemed stuck for a minute, unable to get over the hill to another orgasm. But I persisted, and soon was rewarded with a small but powerful orgasm that spilled fluid onto the bed.

She continued to ride my hand until she shook one last time and was still. I slowly removed my fingers and noticed that her asshole had gaped open about an inch. This was a pleasant thing to see. It meant that entering her ass with a fully hard cock was going to be a bit easier.

I slowly rolled her onto her stomach and slid my body up hers until my cock was resting between her butt cheeks. I slowly stroked my cock up and down her greased cleft. I nuzzled and kissed her neck until she pushed back toward me.

I whispered in her ear, “So you can only come once in a sex session, huh?”

She smiled and moaned, continuing to thrust back at my cock, and whispered to me, “I guess I lied.”

I chuckled and gently moved my hips around until the next time she bumped her hips back to me I felt the head of my cock nudge into her little back hole, now fully relaxed. She stopped suddenly and looked up back at me.

“It’s going into my butt,” she gasped.

“Yes it is,” I replied.

“But I’ve never done that before. It’s nasty!” she retorted.

“Only in the eye of the beholder,” I told her. “I don’t think I have steered you wrong yet and I don’t think now is the time to start. So relax and let nature take its course.”

She looked at me skeptically, and answered my comment, “Well, I don’t know. It feels funny and I heard that it really hurts.”

I whispered in her ear, “I don’t think you’re feeling any pain, either from me or anything else.”

She giggled and quipped, “Yeah, I know.”

While this exchange was going on, I had slowly and gently pressed into her until the head had actually slid into her ass. She looked back at me and asked, “Will you not hurt me?”

I smiled and told her if she would relax and let me be gentle to start, she might just enjoy it. While remaining skeptical, she relaxed a bit, and actually pushed her ass back toward me. I don’t think she realized that I already had the head in when she thrust backwards, but she let out a soft but audible “Oooohhhh” when she felt me slide about half my cock into her ass.

I held still, and she surprised me by rotating her hips in a small circle, and slowly easing back toward me. In short order, I was fully buried in her tight butt. She continued to move in small circles as I did what I could to keep any weight off her so she could move as she liked.

“Oh damn,” she murmured.

Then after a few more circles, she groaned deeply and pushed straight back at me. I had arched upward to better penetrate past those wonderful butt cheeks, and I bumped into the sphincter at the top of her rectum. She yelped into a pillow and pulled away.

“That hurt,” she complained.

“Slow and easy,” I told her. “I am letting you do the moving for a few minutes until you adjust to me. So don’t make any sudden movements until you’re fully ready.”

She looked a bit perturbed, but laid her head back down and pushed back toward me slowly and gently, After a few more minutes of this action, she got to where she had the full length of my cock in her ass, given the position she was in. I kept her on her stomach and let her continue to rock around.

“Wow, this feels so strange,” she said.

I leaned up to her ear and whispered, “It will start feeling good soon.”

She looked back at me quizzically, and said, “It already feels good. It just feels so strange too.”

“Excuse me,” I said. “That’s a good sign.”

Maria began to move her ass around more freely and also began a rocking motion that had my cock sliding in and out a couple of inches. She groaned again, deeply, and after I felt her fully relax, pressed down and stopped her movement.

“Time to switch positions,” I told her. “I am going to slowly slip out now. Just let it go and don’t try to push.”

She grunted her acknowledgement, and I slipped carefully from her ass. Once clear, I slid a pillow behind her and rolled her onto it so she was face up with her hips elevated. I got between her legs and lifted them up and back so I had her asshole at the perfect spot for deep penetration. I took careful aim and slowly slid in to her ass, reveling at how her tight little ring gripped me. It felt wonderful. I didn’t plunge in completely, but began a slow steady stroke with about half my length, watching her relax and go with the flow.

I gradually pushed further in until I felt the upper sphincter again. I began to play with her clit again, and she opened her legs even wider. After a couple of gentle strokes, I stopped for a second, and slowly pushed in to full depth.

Maria groaned deeply and murmured, “Madre Mia, you are so big in my bottom.”

I smiled and told her, “Thank you.”

She groaned again, this time with a bit of pleasure as I began to deep stroke into her ass. I began rolling her clit in the same motion as my stroke, quickly getting juice oozing from her pussy. She groaned some more, and I proceeded to push harder and faster into her ass. I took in the entire picture: a beautiful Hispanic babe with a killer body, legs pressed back and out, wearing cute stiletto heels and nothing else, pretty pussy with a nice trim, big, full breasts bouncing from the pounding she was getting, and my cock pounding to the hilt in her ass. I was in heaven.

I thought I heard a noise so I slowed down, but there didn’t appear to be anything amiss. By this time I had to cum in Maria’s ass and I didn’t care if Mandi or Jose or both walked in on me. I dug in and worked her clit as I pounded her ass, until I finally looked in her eyes and let loose a blast of cum she felt hit home, because she wiggled her ass and moaned.

I let my cock shrink on its own accord, which was difficult considering I still had a wonderful view. But shrink I did, and soon I was soft enough to slowly slip from her ass. I rolled her over on the bed in case she started dripping, noticing that she was still widely dilated. But I felt great.

Maria was lying very still, and I slipped back to the toilet, leaving the lotion and cleaning my cock and hands. I thought I heard something again, but when I came out of the toilet, I didn’t see anything unusual. I slipped my shoes and jumpsuit on, and checked Maria. She had fallen to sleep. I woke her, and told her she should go to bed. I took her clothes, removed the kicky high heels, and took her into the other bedroom. After tossing the clothes haphazardly about the room, I tucked her into bed.

When I returned downstairs, Mandi and Jose were still sleeping, although for some reason Jose appeared to have moved from the position where we had left him. I shrugged it off, woke Mandi, and got her out the door, locking us out as we went. We returned home and I got Mandi into bed.

We didn’t see Jose and Maria at the next bowling league meeting. It turned out their team had a bye week. The next week, they were bowling again. When I went to the snack bar to get Mandi and me a beer, someone bumped into me and pinched my ass. When I looked it was Maria.

“I have to talk to you,” she whispered conspiratorially. “Can I call you at work?”

I replied, “Sure.”

I gave her my direct phone number in my office and she hurried away. I was intrigued, wondering what she could possibly want to talk about. I secretly hoped she wanted a rerun of our party night.

She called me the next day and told me this story: Jose had come to after we had been going at it for a while. While still drunk, he wondered where Maria was, and then noticed that I was missing too. He paced around a bit and finally decided to sneak upstairs to see if we were up there. When he got close to the door, he heard Maria moaning in pleasure and knew what was up. His first thought was to get a knife and stab me, then Maria. Then he thought about going back downstairs and attack Mandi. Then he heard something else that made him curious.

He heard me ask Maria about having another orgasm. This floored him, since she had never had more than one with him, sometimes none. Then he heard me start in with something else, and had to peek in. He was stunned and jealous with rage to see his beautiful Maria with someone else, writing in passion, approaching yet another orgasm. While he was almost overcome with jealousy, he was also stunned to get a knife edge erection that almost hurt him.

It was the first time he had ever seen two people getting it on in person, live. He stayed there all the way through my pounding her ass. When he saw me slip off the bed, he ducked by down in the stairwell. While I was in the toilet, he carefully let himself back into the living room and resumed his position on the couch. He was actually awake when Mandi and I left.

I asked Maria what happened then. What followed shocked her. Jose was due a day off and decided to take it. He was sitting at their little dining table when she came downstairs. He had a strange look on his face, and she was suddenly frightened. Could he have seen something last night? His face said yes.

She carefully poured some coffee and sat down. Jose just kept looking at her, until finally he told her that they had to talk. She was devastated, especially since she had never had an affair and hadn’t really ever considered it until I came along. She got caught with a bad case of the hornies.

Jose stayed quiet for a few minutes, until he finally blurted out that he had come upstairs and seen us the night before. Maria was crushed, and knew he would throw her out of the house and never speak to her again. She felt like such a slut. But then something odd happened.

Jose grabbed her from the chair, wrapped his arms around her and gave her a crushing hug, and slowly began to quietly cry. This caused Maria to sob openly. They went on like this for several minutes, until Jose kissed her deeply and passionately. Maria was confused, even more so when Jose had her sit back down and listen to what he had to say.

Fearing the worst, she was ready for almost anything. Jose wiped his eyes, and slowly and calmly told her an amazing thing. He told her that watching us had turned him on, and he got a bigger, harder erection that he ever had in his life. He confessed his anger while at the same time being stimulated beyond stimulation. Maria was hearing a confession of Jose’s voyeuristic instincts.

He talked at length about everything he saw, embarrassing Maria in the process. She was incredibly ashamed when he told her he watched as she got her first ass fuck. But he also asked her why she had never wanted to do that with him. This caught her off guard, and she finally asked what he was saying.

Apparently he had entertained the idea of anal sex for some time but was afraid to talk to her about it. She had no idea, and asked why he had never said anything. He told her that he was afraid she would think he was a pervert or something, and not have sex with him at all. After some discussion, they finally went to the bone with their feelings.

Maria confessed that she did get horny, and thought anal sex was dirty, but after the previous evening had found out it could be fun. She also strategically mentioned that she had not performed oral sex on me (and they kept the terms polite and proper to keep the mood open and honest) because that was just for him. That made him proud. She also asked if he really did want to have anal sex with her.

Jose almost jumped out of his chair and dropped to his knees and told her he wanted to do that more than anything else in the world. He also told her he would forgive her for her indiscretion with me on one condition: he would video tape her having sex with me again.

Maria was appalled at first, but Jose was so sweet and forgiving, she agreed to ask me about another session with me on tape. They continued to talk about sex and their relationship. He was apparently jealous because she told him I carried some good sized cock in my pants. He also was curious to learn how I made her have an orgasm through oral sex. Maria was more than happy to let me teach him the technique.

The rest of the day, they stayed in bed, fucking in every conceivable position. Maria turned into a true 1%’er that day: she swallowed his cock to the hilt for the first time, enjoyed a long, leisurely fuck, and then he finished with a gut wrenching orgasm in her big time butt.

True to their agreement, Maria asked me if I would consider doing a session with her that Jose would tape. They got together and set up a complicated plot and several different scenes, almost like they had studied some porn movies. We scheduled a day that Mandi was busy with a wives exercise for evacuation from Germany (she was a local coordinator) and while still leery, I went ahead with it.

Jose decided to do a good job, he would stay sober. This let me loose to drink a couple of good beers, and Maria decided she needed to be a little trashed herself, because she still was uncomfortable about Jose actually watching her, even though she occasionally put on personal shows for him. But it was what Jose wanted, and she still felt guilty about our session. She told me though on the sly that it was the best sex she ever had and wouldn’t really mind a rerun.

Jose agreed that he wanted Maria to do everything we could possibly squeeze in the afternoon, including giving me head. I suggested a 69 and they both agreed that it would work well in the tape.

So there I was with a beautiful, brick house Hispanic woman ready to turn her into a porn slut while her husband recorded it on video. We put on a show. We started by dancing a slow dance, and slowly stripped each others’ clothes off. Maria wore those cute high heels for me and Jose. Jose was a blur, moving from shot to shot, getting close-ups as Maria stroked my cock.

We moved to the couch and got into a sloppy 69, with Maria doing her best to take all my cock down her throat. She actually gagged several times as Jose taped. During a cut in the tape, he told her it was no wonder she gagged. He was jealous of my cock, but was happy to get it on tape.

We went through numerous positions, all the while taking directions from Jose. Move here, put your leg up there, pull your cock out slowly, finger her asshole. He was almost as insatiable as Maria was. She also seemed scared to have an orgasm until we took a break and Jose and Maria had a discussion out of earshot.

He wanted to tape her having a real orgasm, to see the look on her face, to see how hard her nipples got, the whole picture. She drank another beer, and then gently stroked me back to a full hard on. I ate her pussy as Jose got it on camera, and he was rewarded with a crushing orgasm grabbing Maria as she held on through several spasms. He was actually grinning from ear to ear when it was over.

We took another break and I carefully explained to Jose my technique for eating pussy. I used his little finger as a target, and after telling him what I was doing, demonstrated on a little finger again. Since this was to her benefit, we had Maria lay back and Jose and I took turns so we could both coach him. After a short time he got into the subtlety of my method. Pretty soon Maria was holding him down and wouldn’t let him stop until she finally got another orgasm.

When Jose came up for air, I thought he had just been named “Stud of the World.” He was proud. Then it came time for anal. I showed Jose how I worked her asshole into a relaxed looseness with my hands. He taped it all, and then after opening her ass up and getting her relaxed, I fucked her ass in several positions. Jose was busy making sure every shot was perfect, the focus was spot-on, and the sound was good. He was enjoying his voyeuristic fantasy to its ultimate end.

Maria reached an orgasm while I pounded her ass and worked her clit at the same time with her on her back like our first session. Then I turned her over on her knees and Jose directed me through several shots, getting long shots and gynecological close-ups. After one shot, I kept slowly fucking Maria’s ass while he showed me what he had gotten on camera.

When I fucked her ass really hard, her pussy would open and close with the movement. She didn’t want to see it at first, but soon became curious and while I kept my hard-on by stroking slowly in her ass. He showed her a view of her pussy she had never seen. She understood why she could get so close to an orgasm during anal. Finally he had me pound her ass hard to have my own orgasm.

After seeing how her pussy reacted, Maria got into it as I went for the money shot, and actually reached an orgasm from a hard anal fuck without any other stimulation. Unfortunately, Jose wanted me to come on her gaping asshole as opposed to shooting inside. I complied. After the stimulus of fucking Maria from so many different ways in all her holes, I had a copious blast of cum waiting.

I pulled out just as I was beginning to come, stroking my cock so I wouldn’t lose it. Maria’s back hole was stretched wide, and as Jose zoomed in I blew my load into her gaping asshole and over her ass. As I shot a couple of more weaker shots, my cum began to run down and into Maria’s open hole.

Then Jose did something odd. He had me pull Maria to her knees and face her, and kiss her deeply. As we were kissing, he asked me to squeeze her butt cheeks open, and he did a slow roll from her still open asshole up to her deep kiss. As he was moving he had Maria grip and stroke my cock, still slimy with the anal lube. He stopped for close-ups and finally backed out the shot and cut the tape.

I was almost exhausted, Maria apparently was. Jose was on fire. I told him I would film if he wanted sloppy seconds. He winced at the term, but after handing me the camera, pulled Maria onto the couch. He quickly leaned her over the back of the couch, got behind her in a standing position and without a pause, plunged his full length into her asshole.

Maria gasped, but quickly settled back in to another assfuck. She seemed overwhelmed by his passion, and was soon thrusting back at him almost violently. She began screaming in Spanish and he answered in kind. It sounded dirty and nasty and was hot as hell. I got a good close shot of Jose pounding into her butt, and then moved underneath and shot a good scene of him steadily pounding into her now loosened back hole with a great shot of her pussy.

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