Elena – Part I

I’ll never forget the first time that I saw her. I was invited by a friend to a party in San Francisco that was crawling with gorgeous girls, many of whom went to the same modeling and fashion school in the city. It seemed like they were all trying to compete for who had the sexiest outfits and shortest dress.

She was wearing a black mini skirt with a white thin blouse tied up high above her stomach, showing off lots of skin and her perfectly flat tummy. Her spiked platform heels accentuated her long legs and made her appear taller than she really was. Someone told me she was from Colombia but she had blonde hair, light skin, and blue eyes which didn’t fit my stereotype of a Latina. She had a absolutely perfect petite curvy body and I thought she looked a little like the singer Shakira.

I lost track of her in the crowd but found her a later sitting on a couch next to a guy in one of the other gathering rooms. He had one hand wrapped around her neck and his hand just below her breast. Their lips were locked together. I watched him probe her mouth with his tongue. They seemed oblivious to the other guests who were mingling around chatting and drinking. I watched from a short distance as his hand slid slowly down her tummy and then onto her thigh. She put up no resistance and squirmed with pleasure as he worked his fingers along her inner thigh and then up under her skirt.

I just couldn’t believe that he seemed to be fingering her right in front of everybody. I saw a couple of guys nudge each other and point to them, watching the show. My cock grew hard, wishing it was me with her. She looked up briefly, caught me staring, and gave me a quick seductive smile before he pulled her face back to his and they resumed kissing.

It was hard to tell from the distance, but it looked like he was working a finger or two up inside her. I decided that the best thing to do was go get another cocktail and then come back for another peek in a few minutes. Unfortunately, when I returned they were gone and had left the party. I went home that night alone and stroked myself until I shot a big load thinking about her.

It was almost a month later that I was invited to a pool party one sunny Friday afternoon at a swanky hillside house a few miles north of the Golden Gate bridge. The views of the San Francisco bay were incredible. And it was there I saw her again. She was standing on the other side of the pool and wearing a tiny string bikini and high heels. She was surrounded by a group of guys all wanting to get with her.

I picked up a glass of wine and slowly wandered over to get a closer look at the girl who I had fantasized about and and jacked off to a number of times since seeing her getting molested in front of everyone at the previous party. As I got closer, she surprised me by stepping away from the group and saying hello to me in perfect English but with a very sexy Spanish accent.

She said her name was Elena and it seemed like we hit it off instantly. I spent the rest of the day chatting with her, making her laugh with silly jokes, and learning everything I could about her. She had graduated from high school in Medellin Columbia and come to San Francisco for a couple of years to study fashion design and modeling. Her father had died when she was young and she lived with her mother in an apartment near the Mission District in San Francisco. They planned to return to Columbia after she finished her classes. But the real shocker for me, was that she was only 18 years old. I was 25 at the time.

Over the next several hours, I couldn’t stop staring at those beautiful light blue eyes and gorgeous plump lips. My eyes discreetly wandered every inch of her curvaceous body. Starting with her perfect flat tummy, the curves of her hips and ass, those round perky tits, her long smooth legs and well-defined calves, and even down to her painted toenails in those open-toed sexy high-heels. Damn, I wanted so badly to get some of that but I didn’t think I stood a chance.

As the sun was setting, she told she had a date that night in the city so she had to go but said that if I liked to dance I could find her at a Latin dance club in the city the next night which was Saturday. Of course I said “yes,” and then went home excited to have her number and directions to the club. When I got home later that night, I pulled my pants down, sat back on the couch, and jacked myself off while imagining that her lucky date was probably drilling her perfect body right now. I shot a huge load all over my own stomach.

The next night I made the hour-long drive to San Francisco and found my way to the club in the Mission District. However, I did get a bit lost and didn’t find the place until after 10pm. I walked in alone to the netherworld of Spanish speaking salsa studs and Latina hotties. I wasn’t exactly dressed right for the setting, wearing my blue jeans and a white button-up shirt, but I did notice some playful smiles from a couple of girls who strutted by the bar where I stood.

I finally noticed Elena out on the dance floor working her body with some guy who had his hands all over her. After a few songs she took a break and found me. She greeted me with a sweet kiss on the cheek. We only talked for a few minutes before another guy came and grabbed her by the hand and took her out on the dance floor. I watched as she moved against him, straddled his leg, and rubbed against his thigh. He had his hands on her ass and it looked like he was either whispering or kissing her ear. It almost looked like they were screwing on the dance floor. I just wished I knew how to dance like that so I could be doing that with her.

I was surprised when another pretty girl came up next to me at the bar to order a drink and started to chat with me. She said she was from Cuba and that her name was Carina but she had such a strong accent that I had trouble hearing anything else she said, especially over the loud music. Eventually, she asked me to dance but I was a little terrified since I never danced to this style of music before. I tried my best but I had a lot of trouble keeping up with the rhythm. Fortunately, my partner didn’t mind and she just went along with my crazy moves for the next few songs and gave me big smiles.

A slow song started playing and we danced close together. She pressed her head against my shoulder and I grabbed her around the waist. She smelled so good and, in that moment, I almost forgot that I had come here to see Elena. Coincidentally, about halfway through the song I felt a tap on my arm and turned to see Elena standing standing there. She took me by the hand, and pulled me away from Carina, and insisted that it was her turn for a dance with me. It was as if she was was jealous of the other girl. I told Carina sorry, and walked away.

We for a couple of songs and finally sat at a table. Elena stayed with me for the rest of the night and I never did see Carina again. Finally Elena said she wanted to leave so we picked up and drove off in my car.

She suggested that we go down by the Ocean Beach to cool off and talk for a bit. It took us about twenty minutes to drive out there and on the way I bought a bottle of red wine and some glasses. We parked facing the beach and drank the wine with the sound of the waves in the background. It was an unusually clear night.

We talked a little about her life growing up in Columbia and her lifelong love of dancing. I told her about growing up in California and my new job working for a wine distributor. I was waiting for the right opportunity to give her a kiss but she surprised me by leaning over to me and initiating the first move. She was a very passionate kisser and our tongues intertwined around and around. Her breathing and light moaning was totally turning me on to say the least.

A couple of minutes later she surprised me by unzipping my pants and then she leaned down to give me one of the most amazing blow jobs I have ever had. She grabbed my balls expertly with one hand, wrapped her hand around the base of my shaft with the other, and bobbed up and down slowly and around in slow circular motion. I stroked her hair with my hand and sat back to enjoy myself. Her technique was outstanding and it didn’t take long until I let out a deep moan and exploded with my cum filling her mouth completely. She slowed the rhythm and suckled and swallowed every drop. Then she just laid there with her mouth on my cock, not moving while I caressed her cheek and hair.

She stayed down there so long that I thought she was falling asleep or something so I asked her if she was okay and she just nodded but kept her mouth on my cock. She seemed to really enjoy having her mouth on me even as I started to soften. Finally, she sat up, licked her lips and told me that she really liked that.

In disbelief I said, “What? You liked it?” and I smiled and told her it was the best I had ever had.

Then we kissed some more. I was probably even tasting some of my own cum from her mouth, but it didn’t matter to me. Around three a.m. she finally said she was tired and it was time to go home. I dropped her off and after another make out session in front of her apartment building, I walked her body wiggle as she walked into the building and then I drove an hour back to my house in the North Bay just as the sun was coming up.

I thought I would play it cool and not call her for a few days but she surprised me with a phone call a few days later, asking why I hadn’t called her. We continued with several long phone chats over the next few days. At first our talks were just about getting to know each other better but they eventually to led to intense sexual conversations. I admitted to her how I had gotten very turned on watching her dance so sexy at the club even with other guys and then confessed how I had watched her on the couch with that guy at the first party. That seemed to really excite her and she said that she enjoyed knowing that I had been watching her. I even admitted that I had jacked off once thinking about her. She laughed and said she liked knowing that too. Every time we got off the phone I jacked off even harder thinking of her and that incredible blow job she had given me.

She told me she had a busy school schedule for the next two weeks but finally I talked her into taking the bus up to visit me one Friday night. Within minutes of getting her into my front door we were in bed fucking like rabbits. I sucked her tits, her pussy, and tongued her ass and I alternated sticking my cock in her mouth and pussy in almost every position imaginable. I stood, lifted her up and turned her upside down and sucked her pussy while she slurped on my cock. I did it in front my full length closet mirror so I could admire that hot body. She was completely naked except for the high heels which were dangling in the air over my head. Then I turned her over, cupped her ass with my hands and lifted her onto my cock without ever letting her feet touch the floor.

I bounced her up and down on my cock with her arms around my neck until my own arms gave out. Then I pushed her down on her knees on the floor and straddled her doggy style while we both watched each other in the mirror. She seemed to enjoy seeing our reflection and being the submissive, willing to let me take her any way I wanted. I grabbed her long hair and tugged gently and then pushed her face down toward the floor while slapping my balls against her round firm ass.

She was somewhere between a screamer and a moaner and I tested her reaction to a light but firm slap on the ass. She screamed out “Yes,” and I continued to spank her just hard enough to create a little red on her ass cheek but not at all painful. Finally, I couldn’t hold it any longer so I pulled out and pulled her up to her knees and moved around to shoot my cum load all over her face. She took me partly into her mouth and the rest landed on her face and chin and then dripped down onto her firm round breasts.

Maybe it wasn’t exactly what both of us were expecting for a first romantic interlude but for some reason I started to get the impression that this sweet young thing really enjoyed playing her part as a sex toy. I suspected that normal sex would have probably been boring to her. I wondered how she had become so sexually experienced at such a young age.

We continued to snuggle and fuck off and on throughout the night, slept until mid-afternoon, and then finally we emerged from the bedroom so I could introduce her to my two guy roommates who had likely heard the commotion coming from my room all night long. The were definitely were tongue-twisted when they saw how gorgeous she was.

Eventually I drove her to the bus stop so she could get back to the city in time for a planned dinner out with her mother. When I returned home, my roommates both gave me a high-five and told me how lucky and I was and how jealous they were.

I called her a couple of days later and she told me that her 19th birthday was coming up and she was having a party. She invited me to come. During the week before the party we decided to meet up at a nice hotel in San Francisco. I arrived first, paid for the room and then waited impatiently for over an hour for her to arrive. When I answered the knock on the door my eyes lit up when I saw her wearing black tight hot pants, a sexy little peasant blouse, and black leather boots that come up just below her knees. She had a small Victoria Secret bag in her hand.

I gave her a big kiss and she excused herself to the restroom. I waited and waited for her to come out and finally she emerged in some sexy lace red lingerie that hugged every curve of her body like a glove. She still had her hot leather boots on and she did a sexy little dance for me for a couple of minutes before I finally grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed.

I immediately went to work attacking her perfect body with my tongue and hands. I licked and lapped on her delicious shaved pussy and she came hard and loud within minutes. I worked my tongue down toward her ass and started to lick and make out with her tight little hole. She stopped me briefly to let me know that she had never had anal sex before so if that was my plan, I needed to take my time and be very gentle with her.

It was an unexpected invitation and it drove me crazy but I slowed down and lubed her ass with my tongue while rubbing my wet fingers on her clit. Her body was heaving with pleasure and I finally moved upright and gently pressed my stiff cock against her extremely tight little hole. I spit in my hand and rubbed the wetness over the head of my cock and then pressed a little firmer. She kept moaning, “gentle” and I took my time working the head of my cock into her. It seemed to take forever and I could tell it was a pain and pleasure experience for her. But I went slow not wanting to hurt her for her first anal experience. I leaned down to kiss her and my 8″ cock popped in almost half-way.

She was wiggling and moaning loudly and I wasn’t sure if it was hurting or pleasing her but I continued to work it in further very slowly. The grip was incredible and I could barely move inside of her. She spread her legs a little further and I finally got it totally inside of her. The pressure of her tight ass against my cock made it so much more intense and pleasurable. We locked lips and tongues and we both started moaning together. Then she let out a scream and I grunted loudly and we both had simultaneous orgasms. My cock continued convulsing inside of her will I was completely drained.

I just laid on her for a minutes and she asked me to wait until I softened a little before I pulled out so as to minimize the discomfort to her. So I continued to press against her hot moist little body until my cock finally slipped out. After a brief rest we had sex the whole rest of the night. I came at least four more times and we were both completely exhausted as the morning sun started to shine into our room. I was now officially addicted to her.

We talked a couple more times the following week, often sexual discussions like me telling her how much I enjoyed being the first to have anal sex with her and her telling me how she wished we were closer so we could be in bed together every day. The conversations morphed into phone sex as she would tell me how she wanted to suck and fuck me the next time we got together or how she wanted for me to try new things with her. She also often kept reminding me about how I had told her how turned on I had been watching her getting fingered at the party. She surprised me by asking me if I would be turned on to watch her have sex with another guy.

I just stuttered and said “Umm, probably… maybe…, I dunno. Not sure.”

But I really didn’t want to waste conversation in talking about her getting fucked by another guy when I wanted to do her every minute that I could.

It was finally the night of her birthday and I picked her up at her apartment at nine p.m. We went to a huge house in the Marina district by the bay. It was actually a combo party celebration for her and two other friends from school who also had birthdays around the same time so it was a large crowd. We mingled and she introduced me to lots of new people. She also introduced me to a guy named Trent whoI thought looked familiar and then I finally realized it was the guy that had been with her on the couch at that first party. It was a little awkward but so was the unusual beginning of our blooming relationship so I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.

A couple of times I caught them chatting together alone. She was flirting with him and he was being touchy with her. I was a little jealous but we hadn’t really made any kind of official relationship commitment yet so what could I say.

As the party was dying down I went off to find a bathroom and I caught them kissing in the hallway. He had her pinned up against the wall but she wasn’t resisting in any way. I was angry but I didn’t want to make a scene so I just walked by and loudly said “excuse me, don’t mean to interrupt” and slammed the bathroom door. When I came out and she was waiting alone outside the door.

She leaned to kiss me and said, “I’m sorry, don’t be mad. Its my birthday and I’m just having a little fun”.

I was still angry and I sarcastically responded, “Yeah. Sure, whatever you want.”

Then I grabbed her face a bit roughly, kissed her, and said, “As long as I get to fuck you like a slut, nice and hard later then I don’t care what you do.”

Of course I was being rude and a jerk but then when she started kissing me with those fantastic lips I started to cool off. Especially when she looked at me with those seductive sexy eyes and reached down to stroke my cock through my pants.

I could tell she was a bit drunk when she looked at me with this devilish grin and said “I want to be very slutty for you tonight.” She continued to rub her hand against my cock “I have something fun in mind but want you to be open-minded about it.”

I had no idea what she was suggesting but just the way she said it got me excited. There was a long pause and she continued to look at me with those eyes.

Finally I just said, “Sure, whatever,” and then we kissed again.

She took me by the hand and led me down the hallway and then up a curved marble stairway to the second floor of the house. The party had thinned out by now and the place was getting quiet with just a handful of people lingering about. She led me down another long hallway and into a large nicely furnished master bedroom with hardwood floors. There was a dim light on the nightstand next to a giant king-sized bed that had a thick down comforter on top.

I was shocked when I saw someone step out of the bathroom and then I realized that it was Trent again. The guy who always seems to have his hands on and fingers inside of Elena when I see them together. I let out a deep breath, gritted my teeth, and stood there trying to decide if I should just walk out the door and say I’ve had enough. But I continued to watch curiously as she faced me and then she slowly backed up and bumped into him purposely.

Please read the first 2 parts of the story, Unexpected turn Pt1 and Pt2

I tried getting a hold of Marco for a week. No luck…I sent him about 100 pics of me in various states of undress hoping he would reply. I tried everything I could. I was starting to lose hope. On the other hand work was going better, James was giving me everything he could to make me fall for him… with no success. I regretted sucking his dick. He started bringing me gifts everyday and buying lunch for me and Linda, he was almost making it obvious that something had happened. But it was cute. One day I told him jokingly to just give me cash instead of gifts. Because David could start to get suspicious. The next day he gave me $300, he said he was gonna buy me the new Air Jordans in pink and an outfit but decided to listen to me.

After work I went to Linda’s and waited for David to pick me up. My phone rang and I noticed it was a number I had never seen before. I didn’t answer it. Shortly after I received a text message saying, this is Marco, new digits hit me up. I called him back immediately pretending to be angry…he apologized and he asked what I was doing tomorrow. I told him it was my day off and David’s too and that he was taking me to the beach. Marco said I was messed up and he wanted to fuck me really badly. His voice made my pussy so wet and made my whole body shake. I started fantasizing and thinking of a lie to tell David. I told Marco I’d call him back once I had a plan, and that I would make it happen. I figured out my lie…

As soon I got home and told David I had to cover for James because he called off sick. I pouted as if I was upset…David didn’t seem to care. I asked him if I could borrow the truck tomorrow and he said yes. I told him I’d be working from noon to midnight and he said “so what”. I knew I had to make today memorable now that everything had fallen in place. I took a shower before heading out and on a whim I decided to shave my pussy. I felt so hot. I hadn’t been fucked in over 6 weeks and I knew my pussy was going to be virgin tight because I had been doing kegels as well.

I called Marco and asked him to meet me at the Marriott by the mall at 4PM. He said he couldn’t wait! I had errands to run now. First I went to the mall and went straight to Fredrick’s and bought a few different colored skimpy laced thongs and a garter belt with thigh highs and a matching bra and panty set. Then I went and got my hair and nails done. I wanted to make sure to deliver for Marco and blow his mind. I really wanted to be a dirty slut for him so I decided to try coke for the first time. I had Linda and Paul meet me at the mall with $40 worth of coke…

It was getting close to 4 O’clock, I checked in to the room. I decided to change out of my normal panties and put on one of the skimpy lace thongs I just bought. I tried each pair on in front of the mirror and imagined all the nasty things Marco was going to do to me. I chose pink… After that I fixed my hair and make up just perfectly. At this point I’m wearing my tightest jeans, my newest blouse and high heels, my hair and make up are perfect, the lace thong feels so sexy against my shaved pussy and I’m hornier than I’ve ever been. Marco texted me that he had arrived and I gave him the room number 226.

Marco walked in and said “hey sexy damn you look good” started kissing and fondling me all over and pulling my thong up into my pussy. He was grabbing my ass with his strong hands and telling me how good I looked and smelled. I wanted to tell him the same but I was speechless. I started grabbing his dick and then he pulled my pants down and took complete control of me. He took off my shirt and I was in bra and panties with my jeans around my ankles. He sat in the chair in the corner and told me to get on my knees and suck his dick! I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to him trying to be as sexual as possible swinging my ass from left to right. I undid his belt and took out his package and gave him a slutty wet blowjob. I licked his balls and licked his shaft from top to bottom moaning the whole time, I french kissed the head of his dick for what seemed like eternity. He told me he wanted to cum on my face so I let him. While I was taking him as far into my mouth as I could he pulled out and slapped me in the face with his wet, hard dick before he put it back in my mouth. Then he pulled out and jerked his dick in my face getting it all over my cheeks, forehead and lips. I licked off and swallowed what was on my lips and then ran to the bathroom.

I locked the door and decided to clean up and change into my new lingerie. After all it was our first time having sex and I wanted it to be special, like a honeymoon but slutty and nasty. I got ready and after I was done preparing myself I sniffed a line of coke up each nostril. It was such an intense sensation my mind moved a thousand miles a minute and my pussy was so warm and wet I felt like the biggest slut in the world.

I finally came out and Marco was laying on the bed naked. I got on the bed and crawled over to him, he kissed me and touched me with more passion than I could have ever dreamed for. He got on top and pulled my panties to the side and stuck it in my tight wet pussy, it was so hard to get it in there at first, he grunted that it was the best pussy he ever had, like a slut and a virgin at the same time. Marco fucked me missionary for what seemed like hours then he finally bent me over doggystyle and fucked me like a whore. He was stretching my pussy so good I came four times I felt so overwhelmed. He had me in a state of ecstasy by the time he decided to put his finger up my ass. My pussy was so wet that my ass was lubed up beautifully. He said he had to fuck me in the ass and I agreed… anything for Marco.. He was taking my anal virginity and I was feeling so many sensations at once, I moaned like “ah uh ah uh” “uh uh uh uh ah ah ah ” as he slowly worked it in my ass. “Ah Ah uh uh Ah ah ah uh ah!! Ah Uh” then he asked me if I was his bitch and I came so hard and started pouring sweat, then I screamed out “I’m your little bitch fuck me in the ass, ah ah ah uh, I’m a fuckin slut. Then he pulled his dick out of my ass and told me to get on my knees, I was breathing heavy and panting as he came in my mouth and all over my face. For the next few hours I did the rest of the coke and let him record me on my iPhone, blowing him and getting fucked in my pussy and ass. He made me obey his every command and talk and behave so badly. I hope David doesn’t go through it when I get home…

Ever hear that old rap song “It was a Good Day” by Ice Cube?

The song refers to that one inevitable day that every one has where everything goes “right”, you can’t make a mistake and you have the luck of the Irish.

Well, I recently had one of those days. It was probably one of the greatest days in my life.

For a little background on me (to put things in perspective) … I live and work in San Francisco. It’s a great city, but I have what is deemed bad karma. My friends tease me by calling me “Peter Parker” because I’m a little bit klutzy and always have some trouble with the ladies.

I work in the mail room at a prestigious law firm ( which I can’t name here for fear of being sued to death.) where I take a lot of shit off of various high end lawyers and executives. Chief among my workplace antagonists would be Debbie Manchellini. She was an executive assistant for one of the partners and she always seemed to be in a perpetually bad mood … “What does she look like?” Just think of that old pop star Debbie Gibson (In her teens) with a seriously exaggerated coke bottle shape. From the waist up she looked like a normal sized woman with nice sized boobs, but from the waist down she was “abnormal” with her hips flaring noticeably outward so much that the long skirts she wore were stretched out to the max. Her face was narrow and youthful framed with a long lion’s mane of 80′s style curly blonde hair topped of with a bowed ponytail jutting out of the top of her head.

Debbie was in charge of the mailroom and some of the other departments and she ruled with an iron fist. Part of the reason she got away with it was because she was married to one of the partners.

Most of the low level workers called Debbie “Wide Load” and “Bell Bottom” … They snickered and whispered when she walked past. I on the other hand found myself starring intently at Debbie’s “wide load” more and more as the days progressed. I began to wonder what was under the extra long pleated skirts that she wore. Were her legs a mass of cottage cheese and varicose veins? Did she posses the muscular horse-like legs of a thoroughbred? Was her butt a messy shapeless form resembling chewed up and discarded gum or … did it resemble two shapely globes?

My curiosity had quietly turned me into a budding “Ass Man” , a new age R. Crumb of sorts. I didn’t dare confide in any of my co-workers. I would have been heckled out of the building. My roommate Shaggy ( Hippie parents) thought it was funny and cool at the same time. He was a serious stoner who had a “Get in were you fit In” attitude when it came to women.

This was apparent based on the appearance of a few of Shaggy’s female stoner friends that hung out at our apartment on a regular basis. There was Bettie , an extremely skinny and petite asian art student that I’d had the misfortune of seeing nude once. I’d come home from the movies and entered my darkened apartment only to find Shaggy taking her anally as she perched on the sink like a gargoyle. Trust me, not something you wanna see.

Then there was Gloria, a extremely rotund and porous looking brunette who always seemed to be passed out on my living room floor. She was a Berkley grad student who had flamed out and was currently spinning around the academic drain. She was nice enough when she wasn’t disoriented from what seemed to be a perpetual high. You might ask why a seemingly clean cut guy like myself put up with Shaggy and his associate squatters. Well, the answer is simple.

Claudia Escobar, Shaggy’s long time best friend and a constant object of continual lust for me. She had been employed at the firm for a year longer than me when Shaggy had suggested that she help a newly arrived me get a “9 to 5″ and “conform”.

(Note: Shaggy’s parents sent him a monthly stipend in thousands of dollars. Shaggy was a trust fund Baby.).

Claudia was this really cool Columbian chick that was working in the paralegal department. She had long silky looking raven colored tresses that hung to her shoulders and a uncommonly beautiful face. She was probably about five four and seemed to have an athletic build. (She always seemed to be wearing business suits, so I couldn’t tell exactly how she was built.). She wore a large pair of black horn rimmed glasses that accentuated her hazel colored eyes. I was really into Claudia and even the sound of her slightly accented voice was enough to give me a raging boner.

When I first started going to work at the firm, we would ride the train together. I was always on my game with a pithy comment or some new joke to amuse Claudia. To my credit, she though I was the funniest thing since sliced bread. I kinda figured I was halfway to getting in her undies when she laughed and gave me playful little punches on my arm when I flirted.

The only problem was that Claudia was dating this asshole named Ricardo.

This dude was a chunky, angry looking dick that was completely toxic to Claudia. She had confided in me about the many times he had cheated on her and embarrassed her in public. After sharing a few rides with me on the train, Claudia even admitted that he had totaled her BMW one night in a d***ken binge. Her beautiful eyes would go to this distant far away place when she talked about Ricardo. She said that she knew she should dump the bastard …

But, she also said she loved him. And that was it for me. Too many times had I been the “friend ” to some hot, unattainable chick. So, I just sucked it up and kept my lust to myself, content just to be in her circle. We’d even started walking arm-in-arm on occasion, separating only when we got to the firm. Gossip was rampant in the workplace and spread with the speed of a forest fire. I certainly didn’t care if I was orally linked to Claudia, but she was working on a legal career with hopes of becoming a lawyer some day.

I always let her have the first crowded elevator, waiting for the second and waving at her as the doors closed. Then I skulked off to my waiting misery in the mail room. Debbie had been running the mail room ragged for the last couple of weeks and issuing mandatory overtime, so I hadn’t been enjoying Claudia’s company as of late. It was Thursday Night & I’d barely made it home only to find the apartment full of people and loud music. Shaggy was having another of his stoner parties, so I went to the double doors that made up the entrance to my room and crashed into exhausted darkness of sl**p.


I was deep in sl**p with visions of a naked Claudia frolicking when I was awakened from my sl**p by a strange sensation … a wet, heated sensation that seemed to emanating from my crotch and inner thighs … There was a strange slurping, sucking sound in the darkness.

I opened my eyes seeing nothing in the pitch dark of my room and was obliged to hit the switch on my bedside lamp.

My room was suddenly illuminated. I was still under my large thick blankets lying prone with my head facing the room’s double doors. However, there was a strange spherical object bobbing up and down between my legs.

I panicked throwing the blankets back only to find ….

Gloria giving me head.

She explained that she had sought the comfort of my bedroom floor when Shaggy’s festivities had become a little bit too much. Gloria then went on to explain that she had been disturbed to find me restlessly tossing and turning in my sl**p and had thusly decided to help me “relax”. she complimented me on the cleanliness of my cock and clearly intended to finish giving me head.

I declined ( Out of well, embarrassment that I could sl**p while someone was sucking me off.) … Gloria insisted that it was no big deal and that no one would be the wiser. She said that I needed to realign my “chi” or something to that effect.

In fact the entire time we had been talking about the pros and cons of the continued head, she had been softly stroking my cock in a soft yet measured manner. She was extremely skilled in this regard. I figured “hell with it”, I wasn’t seeing anyone and I had no chance with Claudia anyway.

Gloria was actually quite attractive in an ethnic kind of way. She had a soft round youthful looking face with a somewhat prominent nose that gave away her jewish heritage. She was soft and cuddly, her tiny digits wrapped around my member like she was holding a flute. Yes, she definitely had her technique down as she lay on her stomach between my legs sucking and stroking me increasing intensity.

I lost it in short order …. Blowing a quart of DNA deep into her waiting throat and becoming immediately embarrassed afterward.


Gloria sat on the end of my bed alternately drinking from a half full can of beer and lecturing me on being comfortable with showing my sexual nature. She was quite the intellectual admitting to losing her mojo after giving herself anally to her liberal arts professor & being rebuked from his social circle afterwards.


I’m laying on my bed again with Gloria on top of me … her blue thong pulled to the side as she rides me cowgirl. For some reason, I’m just weirded out when I should be ecstatic that I’m getting laid. I close my eyes and reach under Gloria’s Mario Bros. t-shirt cupping her surprisingly full breasts. Both of her nipples are pierced.

Gloria removes her t-shirt and starts grinding the shit out of me all the while mumbling some existential bullshit about everything having it’s place in the universe. She locks her legs against the sides of my pelvis and grinds me nearly to dust as she begins to orgasm.

I don’t cum … but my cock quivers uncontrollably.

Gloria wraps her tiny fingers around my cock and starts sucking on my balls . I ultimately fill her mouth with more liters of cum than she can handle.

She asks me if I am still embarrassed and I admit that I am.

She sighs and looks around on a bedside table finding another can of beer. She has some light freckles on her back. I want to kiss them. She grabs the remote and turns on the television. We sit in my bed together watching War of the Gargantuas …. It is a really cheesy movie.


I’m pounding the snot out of Gloria’s ass. Normally, I’m not the kind of guy that would -…well, I usually don’t do anal. But Gloria has convinced me that it will help her get closure about the debacle concerning her professor.

It’s an extremely tight fit . Gloria is on her knees bent over my bed. Me, I’m grabbing her fleshy square butt and working my crank deeper and deeper into her ass. She has her face buried into the comforters on my bed, moaning loudly.

In the other room, Shaggy’s party continues unabated.


I shoot a third and final load deep into Gloria’s rectum and pass out on top of her. I am not embarrassed … I’m simply spent.


I awake from my exhausted slumber and look across the room to see Gloria sitting on the toilet in my private bathroom looking dejected. She is sobbing.


I finally awake from my weird night of nasty sex to find Gloria cuddled up under me. She looks somewhat at peace. I gingerly slip out of bed and prepare for work.

When I come out of the shower, Gloria is standing there with a cup of coffee wearing one of my t-shirts. She assures me that she isn’t trying to make anything out of her tryst, just that it was a release for both of us. She admits that she probably needed the sex more than I did and feels like she can finally get on with her life.

I don’t know what to say to that .

I really don’t.

Gloria pulls on a pair of jeans and quietly leaves my room after giving me a kiss on the cheek. I hear the front door close moments later.


I’m standing in what’s left of my living room. Shaggy and his friends have trashed my home.


I’m just about finished sweeping up all of the loose trash and beer bottles. My hard wood floor is scr**ed to shit, but I could care less. Shaggy is nowhere to be found, a cryptic message left on the fridge the only clue to his whereabouts.


Text message from Claudia: “Meet you at Café.”

Sometimes I had breakfast with Claudia before going to work. Today, her text was a little bit early this particular morning. And I quickly finished my preliminary cleaning to catch up with her.


Gloria is little more than an afterthought as I take a care to the café where Claudia is waiting . It’s a quaint little corner café run by an old Chinese couple (Both guys) and the food is just above adequate.

I actually find Claudia waiting for me in the doorway. The over anxious look on her face gives me a moment of pause … The hug that follows is equally alarming.


I have just spent the last twenty minutes listening to Claudia pour her heart out about how Ricardo treats her like trash and barely even looks at her anymore. I’m sympathetic but not overly so … Secretly this alarms me. Is it because I had just the night prior hours upon hours of guilt free sex?

While she’s talking to me I’m actually fazing in and out of consciousness. Her words are starting to become slurred, my vision blurs as she goes on and on relentlessly about this Ricardo douche. The obvious results of my marathon night with Gloria. My mind begins to wander a few hours earlier to Gloria’s fleshy butt bouncing up and down on my worn out cock. She was so uninhibited and well, accommodating. I began to wonder if I should pursue the easier path with Gloria.


“Are you listening to me?”

There was an actual look of desperation on Claudia’s face. I was at a lost for words in the face of this plain and simple question from the object of my desire and lust for months prior. She was looking straight into my pie hole waiting for me to respond. Before I could formulate an answer, Claudia had let out a quite audible sigh and hit the door.

The loud slamming of the restaurant’s glass door snapped me out of my stupor long enough to catch up with Claudia as she stood on the curb facing the street. I apologized profusely lightly touching her arm.

She responded with a kiss.

Instant Reply – Claudia Escobar kisses me…. In the middle of the street. In public no less.

Before I could respond, she had hailed a cab and was off to work minus me. Her BFF (Or so I thought.) left standing on the corner this overcast morning. I went back into the café and paid the bill before running two blocks to the subway station and nearly getting hit by at two cars.


Twenty five minutes late for work. Debbie had been waiting for me at the time clock with a write up. I didn’t plead my case or even try to appeal to her better nature … I simply signed it. No questions asked …. No problem … I just didn’t care about Debbie’s bullshit today. She actually looked surprised when I signed the paper work.

Since midnight, my life had become complicated. I’d accidentally gotten laid with one of Shaggy’s friends and to top it off Claudia has picked today to start some drama. I didn’t know how to feel about it as I played “the kiss” over and over again in my mind’s theatre.

I spent most of the morning in a daze while life continued unabated all around me. The office was buzzing with fresh gossip of the blockbuster kind. Rumors stated that their was some sort of upheaval going on with the partners and that change was in the air. Some of my coworkers were speculating that it had been the reason why Debbie had been driving the office batty.


I sitting in the break room with a couple of guys. My friend Brad who’s been at the firm for a year longer than me and a temp named Gerald, some b*****r from across the bay (Oaktown) … He’s a temp worker from friggin’ Apple One and can’t seem to shut up about Debbie’s big freakish looking butt. He’s annoying, but only because he’s stating what I’ve been thinking for quite some time now.

“Damn, how do guys work with that in the office? I wanna jump on her back every time she come up the aisle, shit man. Seriously, I don’t know how she can even walk through there without tearing those fucking cheap ass partitions up with them big ass hips.”

Brad had been drinking milk (with a straw) and was spewing fluid from his nostrils and mouth because of Gerald’s impromptu comedy act.

“Seriously, that shit got me fiending something serious. I never wanted to kiss an ass so bad in my life. Damn man, I’d like to run two fingers up the crack of that ass.”

I kinda chuckled at Gerald’s comments, but he was right. I had been wondering what was under all those pleated skirts for a long time now. I had entertained numerous internal skits where I’d worshipped Debbie’s ass in one form or another.


He was talking to me.

“Bra? You’d hit that wouldn’t you bra? Gerald really wanted to know. Brad had leaned forward in his seat to hear my answer.

“Bra? I seen you staring at that donk man. You’d hit it serious huh?” I struggled to find an answer for Gerald, trying to find a plausible way to deny his sneaky accusation. My coworkers would heckle me out of a job if I’d admitted my fetish.


None of us had realized that Debbie was standing in the room just out of eyesight. There was no telling how long she had been standing there listening to our little jam session about her butt.



All three of us were just blown away that we had been caught having a “locker room moment”. I don’t know if I was more surprised that she was there listening or that Gerald had “made me” regarding my obsession with Debbie’s butt. I didn’t know if today would be my last, but I was glad I hadn’t admitted anything.


I have been working multiple floors in the firm, happily pushing my mail cart from office to office. I was glad to be away from Debbie after the incident in the break room. A lot of the guys didn’t like pushing the cart around because it meant cramped service elevators and going through multiple security checks on each floor.

I knew that if I remained on the mailroom floor I would inevitably end up staring at Debbie whether I wanted to or not. Then, she’d probably shit can me for sure.

I got a text.

It’s Claudia … She wants to have lunch-and talk. It’s gonna be awkward considering the kiss we shared this morning. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna say something along the lines of “Lets just forget about what happened this morning and start all over again FRIENDS.”

I didn’t return the text.

I’ve had an AWESOME night, a weird morning that included getting my ass in a sling with Debbie and I just didn’t feel like adding any more drama to my day. So I continue on with my day whatever may come.


I receive three more texts from Claudia, each more urgent than the last. For some reason I still don’t return her calls or even attempt to respond to the messages. I was getting more scared as each text arrived with a simple chirp on my cell. Mort, the security guard at the loading dock told me that now was the time to close in “for the kill” on Claudia.

He was probably right.


I finally cave and answer Claudia’s text. I blame my inattention on Debbie. She’s like a woman possessed on the phone going in and out of her native Spanish accent. Says she’s leaving work because she’s got this “feeling” about Ricardo. She wants to know if I’ll come with her … I tell her about being on Debbie’s shit list and make my apologies.

She slams on me.


Everyone has left the office except for me. It’s kind of a company policy that everyone has to get out of the office during the lunch hour. I’m sitting in the copy machine alcove watching all of my coworkers exit the floor. I realize that since I’ve been working at the firm, I’ve had lunch with Claudia every single day since of my working career. I feel really bad about behaving like a douche’ earlier with her. I just want to make it up to her some how. I’m starting to get progressively worried about the status of our friendship.


Debbie had managed to sneak up on me once more. She ushered me out of the office and locked the double doors behind her. She half pushed me into the service elevator that was full of more than a few engineers and couriers.

Once the elevators doors closed most of the loud talk and ambient noise in the car centered on what else …. Debbie’s huge ass. I began to wonder was everybody suffering from the same latent butt fetish as myself. My coworker Gerald had gotten himself shit canned for obsessing over it and my other buddy Brad would probably get the same treatment as well.

I should have answered Gerald’s question. Should have told him that yes, I would like to slobber all over that battle axe’s monstrous posterior and more.

As I filed along towards the building’s exit along with numerous other drones, I realized that I was …. Alone. There would be no smiling Claudia there waiting on the sidewalk to greet me. No Claudia to take a cab with me the few blocks over to our favorite Chinatown restaurant. She would always have wonton soup …. She made a big deal out of getting the fortune out of it’s shell without cracking the shell.

I could feel the wind, harsh and stinging sweeping in from the revolving door. It is a rainy, overcast day … a lonely day without my best friend Claudia.

I push through the frenzied crowd of busy people and begin dialing Claudia’s number on my cheap cell …. I immediately get her voice mail. This happens several more times … more than I can recall. I’m beginning to get a little anxious.

I go to the restroom and splash water on my face. I am beginning to realize the cost of my stupidity. There’s a queasy feeling in my stomach, but I’m not hungry. There’s a big ass lump swelling in my throat and I drink at least a gallon of water from one of the lobby water coolers.


Unable to face the lonely streets of Frisco, I take the elevator back up to the locked firm’s mail room. I usually work the early shift on weekends, so I have a key to the office. I unlock the doors to the office and let myself into it’s darkened interior. I don’t know what I’m going to do when everyone gets back, but I need time to think things over. I cautiously lock the doors behind me.

I find Debbie standing there staring at me in the darkness … motionless … my heart nearly leaps out of my throat.

I’m gonna get shit canned for sure now.

I do my best to explain there in the afternoon darkness that I was just looking for a place to chill out until lunch hour was over. Debbie didn’t say anything, she just stood there with her features hidden by the darkness of the unlit office.

Something was going on … something …weird.

Debbie wasn’t moving … wasn’t saying anything … not a peep. I called out to her. She didn’t respond.

I hit the light switch by the door and a single overhead bulb illuminated the alcove I was standing in. Debbie …. Didn’t move or say one word.

Debbie didn’t look so hot. I don’t mean that she was sick … She had kind of a despondent look on her face. Her narrow cheeks were glistening with what appeared to be tears. She was slightly sniffling and staring me directly in the eye.

I called out to her again …. And reached a hand out in her direction. I really didn’t know how she would react but the situation demanded some sort of action. Inside, I wanted to tell her to fuck off … I had spent most of the morning avoiding this kind of unwanted drama, but this bitch had once again snuck up on me and tossed it right in my face like a water balloon.

Debbie took my hand..

She took two small steps towards me looking up into my shocked face. More tears began to stream down her face. I asked her what was wrong once more … I tried to sound concerned, but Claudia was on my mind.

“Do all of you HATE me so much?”

It was a simple question … very simple indeed. Of coarse everyone hated her stinking guts. She was “The GREAT TORMENTOR”, “SHRINKER OF MEN’S BALLS” … TYRANOSAURUS BITCH”!!

I feigned ignorance. Actually acted like I didn’t hear the question. I tried to reset the conversation but she asked again … “DOES EVERYONE HATE ME HERE AT THE FIRM?”

I lied.

Debbie smiled and thanked me for my “honesty” half chuckling because we both knew how full of shit I was. There was a slight trace of alcohol on her breath and I chalked her somber demeanor up to a liquid consciousness. I cautiously led Debbie to the break room. I wanted to get her some coffee.

She simply followed me lithely and silently. I led her to the small table in the break room and kinda directed her to sit there while I got her some coffee.

She had to spoil it by talking.


I lied again …. But this time Debbie called me on it. She said that she knew no one liked her and barely tolerated her because of her position. I just listened to her ramble on believing that she was self analyzing and I was just a warm body she needed. Then she repeated the statement again.


This was getting a bit frustrating and I was starting to believe Debbie was one of those angry d***ks that are always spoiling for a fight.

She rambled on some more talking while I was talking muttering some fucking gibberish. I raised my voice a bit asking her what she was talking about … This hut her up and she robotically turned her head towards me and stated …


She definitely caught me off guard with that one.


Way the fuck off guard with that sudden outburst. I mean, like what the fuck could you say to something like that?

I tried to get Debbie to realize that she was more likely than not … d***k off her ass. I pushed the cup of coffee I had been holding across the table in her direction. Debbie let out an irritated loud sigh and slapped the cup to the floor.

We both looked at the coffee pool on the tile floor of the break room.

Debbie suddenly slammed her fist on the table and surprised me by half running over to the coffee pot and downing half of it. Her blouse was stained and soaking from coffee. She was honestly scaring me a little bit as she turned and bellowed ….

“DO YOU WANNA FUCK ME OR NOT?!!” I detected a powerful desperation in her voice that informed the next words to come out of my mouth.

For some reason Gloria immediately came to mind. That whole dissertation she went over with me last night about not being ashamed of my sexuality. Here was Debbie right here in front of me d***k or not daring me to answer a question …truthfully.


Debbie’s eyes widened, her thin lips stretched to the max as her jaw dropped in disbelief.

I didn’t know what would happen next, but she definitely didn’t keep me waiting for an answer.

Right there in the break room … The room shrouded in semi-darkness., I was shocked to find my day turning in another unexpected direction.

Debbie began to undress.

Off came the coffee stained blouse revealing a really nice set of breasts encased in a frilly under wire brassiere. She had tan lines that peaked over the top of the silky white material.

She had a surprisingly flat stomach for a woman of her age … there was only the slight bit of sag there and a slight hint of love handles. I noticed the perfectly ovoid navel of a swimsuit model.

A very thin belt held her pleated skirt to an incredibly small waist.

This came off as well … But the skirt didn’t fall to the floor. Debbie unfastened two large buttons at her side to further loosen the skirt.

It still didn’t fall to the floor.

I watched as she began to squirm and shimmy out of the ill-fitting garment … finally getting the material past gloriously succulent and smooth looking thighs.

The skirt fell to the tiled floor in a ring around her muscular looking calves.

Debbie Manchellini stood here in the office break room …in front of me, her whipping boy for over two years … in her underwear.

She wore what appeared to be some extremely small (for her size anyway) and extremely white panties. In the darkness, they were surprisingly the only illumination in the darkened break room. Her small waist not withstanding, the material was stretched to it’s limit so much so that you could barely see them over her economy sized thighs … The only thing apparent was the perfect triangle centered over her womanhood.

My eyes just d***k it all in … everything. This was pure eye candy saccharine sweet.

Debbie was silent again. The weird impulsiveness of her actions seeming to dawn on her as she stared at the coffee stained tile on the floor. She mumbled something and turned her back to me.

She shouldn’t have done that.

For two years, I had fantasized about Debbie’s backside … apparently along with half the building as well. And now I was witnessing the REAL DEAL.

The fucking thing was …. “OUT of this WORLD”!!

Literally … out of this world..

Two PERFECT shiny GLOBES resting at the end of her back. Resting perfectly and anchoring her impossibly small waist.


I found out another perfect triangle of white material starring me in the face. The rest of this material was hidden DEEP in a ROBUST and JUICY looking back porch.


She was apparently referring to her FREAKISHLY, HUGE ASS. Debbie sounded crest fallen and defeated. “I FUUCKIN’ HATE IT YOU KNOW… THAT’S ALL ANYONE EVER SEES WHEN I WALK INTO THE ROOM.”


I did know what she meant and the thought of it horrified the shit out of me. That she would even consider removing what was arguably her greatest “asset” (pun intended) was incredibly short sighted …. I couldn’t let her do that, now could I?


I had responded to Debbie’s silly monologue by kneeling and spooning the shit out of her voluptuous ass cheeks. That put an end to all of the negative crap spewing from her mouth immediately. My hands could barely fit over her cheeks as I struggled to grope her butt with the intensity of a crack head. I settle for placing my hands under the shelf like curve of her ass and lifting and pushing those monster cheeks up and together.

Debbie moaned loudly as I ran my tongue up and down the crack of her monster ass. I had already ripped my cock out of my slacks when she had turned her back to me. My rock was completely extended and the tip was touching the cold stained tile of the break room’s floor as I licked Debbie’s ass until it was glistening with my saliva.

Debbie was completely bent over the counter groaning and orgasmically twitching with what I assumed was delight … I was going into a trembling frenzy and starting to shake furiously. I stood up and jerked my pants down to my ankles.

I slapped my cock deep into the crack of Debbie’s ass and began to run it’s length up and down her juicy and buoyant cheeks. I nervously pushed her cheeks together and began pumping them furiously.

Debbie did her part and thrust her incredible thighs in time with me … matching my cadence until soon the head of my penis was touching her brown eye. Debbie reached back and spread her cheeks with both of her small hands.

There was an open invitation right in front of me.

I didn’t even think about it.

Debbie let out a loud yelp as I shoved the entire length of my cock directly up her tight rectum.

Her ass was tight and moist as I screwed the shit out of her brown eye with wild abandon. I’d say it took about fifteen thrusts as I injected a liter of hot cum into her amazing ass. “REALLY LIKE THAT ASS …DON’T YOU?”

I responded by grabbing her head and impulsively shoving my tongue down Debbie’s throat. That caught her by surprise and she squirmed for about a half second. After a few moments she was cooing and responding in kind …. I found her thin fingers jerking on the base of my shaft.


Debbie is lying on the floor of the break room (right on top of the puddle of coffee she spilled earlier.) with her knees drawn up into her chest.

I kneel down and gingerly press the head of my cock against Debbie’s quivering clit rubbing my engorged head against it until she begins to move around against the floor impatiently.

She lets out a loud gasp when I thrust my member deep into her well lubricated cunt and I basically fuck the shit out of her. There is nothing delicate about what we’re doing in that break room … It is not sex out of mutual attraction. It is nasty, mean spirited and something born out of desperate necessity. Something we both furiously needed. Debbie and I embrace with the strength of a bear hug and I feel myself painfully contort in her direction as she wraps her massive thighs around me like an anaconda and locks her steel calves into the small of my back.

I begin to arch my back in the opposite direction as far as it will go until ….


…. We both come together -loudly!!

We kiss with some tenderness after a few moments still connected as I fill her snatch with the remaining vestiges of my thick, congealing DNA. She actually has a creampie.

I sit bare assed on the cold floor replaying over and over again what we just did.

Debbie is silent as she slowly sits up and begins to pull her panties over her freakish calves.

We don’t look at each other.

We can’t …. It would be too awkward.



To say we panicked was an understatement.

We scrambled, haphazardly putting our clothing back on as we both heard a loud cheer emanate from the hallway. One of the building’s engineers had come to the floor and was working his way through a heavy set of keys to open the office doors. In the seconds that I was standing there silently panicking, Debbie has squeezed herself back into her clothes and was shoving me out of the break room.


Debbie’s sudden militaristic tone caught me by surprise and before I know it, I’m running fifteen feet across the office floor followed closely by my supervisor. As I sprint across the floor I realize that my fly is open and my wang is hanging out for all the world to see.

Debbie ushers me into a back office and locks the door behind her.


Debbie had pulled a small key from the desk and was opening the elevator door in the small office. I had seen small utility elevators in buildings like this before. Debbie shoved me inside and instructed me to walk around the block and come back into the building.

I really didn’t have any choice in the matter once I was shoved inside the confines of the elevator which was a little bigger than a broom closet.

This is shaping up to one of the weirdest days in my life.


It’s really cold outside as I briskly walk around the block to the building’s entrance. It’s slightly drizzling as I make my way around the building. I’m weirded out by the events of the last few hours and feel that the random people walking towards me seem to be staring. It’s like they know something.

One strange man in a flannel shirt and corduroys whispers something in my ear as he passes.

“No sweat off my back sweet cheeks, but your fly is open. Thanks for the show.”

I look down and realize that I never zipped my fly up. In fact my penis is hanging quite plainly for all the world to see. The gay pedestrian chuckles as I turn towards the building’s wall and stuff my package back into my slacks.


No sooner do I enter the office when Debbie confronts me at the firm’s entrance arms folded across her chest. She is wearing a light wool sweater over her blouse (Covering up the huge coffee stain.). I’m a bag of mixed emotions as I mentally replay the incredible sex session we’d had only minutes ago.


What the fuck, I thought. She’s going to nail me for coming in late after we just got through fucking the snot out of each other …. “Bitch!”.


I’m completely flabbergasted as Debbie marches me back across the office to her small corner work space. A couple of my coworkers snicker as I pass them. I wanna retort with “FUCK YOU GUYS!! … I’M HAVING THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!” … but I don’t think Debbie would appreciate her cover being blown. Hell, she might actually fire me.

Once we’re inside the confines of her office, I am immediately seized by an oppressive sensation, a tightening of my crotch… No, it’s Debbie’s hand grasping my package like a bag of peanuts.

“I’m NASTY …. Let’s get “weird” together.” She whispers in my ear as she expertly manipulates my fly until she has the turgid length of my cock in her palm.

She then proceeds to literally “milk” me while giving an extremely loud verbal dress down (No doubt for the listeners on the other side of the office door.) about my tardiness.

To my amazement, I shoot a wad onto her desktop., which Debbie kneels and promptly slurps up. Funny, she resembled one of Shaggy’s friends doing a line of coke.

She also “cleans” my cock off with her hungry thin lips, wiping what’s left of my cum across her face.

Unfortunately she follows this with a deep soul kiss. Not real sure I wanted to know the taste of my own splooge … I really, really could have gone the rest of my life without engaging in what is referred to as a “snowball”.


Debbie “suspends me” for the rest of the day. She actually has me sign an action plan detailing that I wont be late again under threat of termination. I grab a healthy handful of her awesome ass while I scribble my name on the dotted line.

She lets out an exasperated sigh and half shoves me towards the office door.


Brad looks like he’s gonna toss his cookies as I motion towards Debbie’s office with my thumb.


It was a miracle I could even walk at all let alone half hobble down the street away from the firm. I really didn’t feel like going home., didn’t want to see my roommate Shaggy who by this time had probably re-trashed the flat. I hadn’t really given him any thought since the morning cleanup.

My senses were still reeling from last night with Gloria and the virtual fuck fest this afternoon with Debbie. I didn’t know if we shared a one time tryst or was it going to go further? Why was she so distraught this afternoon?

Everything got so mashed up in my head that I began to f***e my mind in another direction. I ducked in a Game Stop and browsed a number of titles for my X Box (I was a casual gamer at best.). After about ten minutes in the store, my subconscious began to wonder again …. This time towards Claudia.

I pull out my cell phone, there’s one bar on the display. Shit!! I should have charged it while I was beating the hell out of Debbie’s vulva.

I place the call.

It immediately goes to voice mail. The sound of Claudia’s sweet voice brings things rushing back into perspective. Guilt begins to creep in from the dark places of my mind. 0312pm:

My phone is dead.

As a computer sales rep, I travel a lot. And as a young attractive woman, I’ve found it best to avoid hotel bars. Some evenings though, I wanted company, and so made an exception. This was one of those evenings. I was feeling like I wanted a man inside me, and I wanted to get my rocks off. If I met up with the right kind of guy that is.

So I’m sitting at the bar, the only unattached female in the place, and in walks this bullet headed guy. I know at first sight he’s not my type. Buzz haircut, muscular, and ram rod straight. Looks like law enforcement or security. Mr. Bullet Head makes a bee line for me. He takes the seat next to me, orders a drink, and gives me that once over that says he thinks I’m a hooker. This is why avoid hotel bars. The places just crawl with businessmen looking to get laid on the expense account, and assuming every unescorted woman they see is a prostitute. I’m waiting for one of the usual come on lines, when the guy cuts right to the chase.

“You a pro?” He asks.

I mean, how crass? Maybe he thinks because I’m Latina that he can drop all pretense of respect. I want to call him a racist pig, but instead tell him I’m waiting to meet with my boyfriend.

Without saying another word, Mr. Bullet Head moves off to scout the rest of the room.

Then a guy comes in who really catches my eye. Tall, trim, blond hair cut just to the top of his ears, blue eyes, and wearing a very tasteful business suit. He looks carefully around the room. Apparently not seeing who he’s looking for, he steps up to the bar next to my seat, and orders a white wine. He doesn’t take a seat.

“That seat’s not taken, if you want to sit.” I said, not wanting to let this one get away.

“Thanks.” He says, smiling at me as he sits down.

“Maria Contreras”, I say. “I sell process control equipment for Perkin-Elmer.” I hand him my business card.

We chatted . His name is Mike. He’s an auditor, in town going over the books of one if his firm’s divisions. We have a lot in common. Both in our late twenties. Both single. Both like the same kind of music. Best of all, he looks me in the eyes and holds his gaze there, instead of glancing at my tits all the time. This is feeling good.

“Want to move to a booth?” I ask. I’m ready to go to the next level.

“Actually, I’m waiting to meet someone.” He said, smiling nervously. “He may not show though.”

“That’s fine.” I said. Disappointed, but glad he wasn’t waiting to meet a girl.

“What the heck.” He says. “Let’s take the booth over there. I’ll see my friend when he comes in.”

We sat and talked for another hour or so. Every so often Mike would glance at the door, then at his watch. I was starting to wish he’d look at my tits. I do have a nice rack. And my long black hair contrasts nicely with the red dress I was wearing.

“What time do you expect your friend?” I asked.

“About forty minutes ago.” He replied, glancing again at his watch, then the door. “I think he’s stood me up.”

“Do you have a plan B for tonight?”

“No. Not really.” He sighed and looked into his empty wine glass.

I was ready for a bold move. I knew he had to be getting as hot as I was. If he wouldn’t take the initiative, I would.

“Want to invite a girl up to your room?” I looked at him with my most seductive bedroom eyes.

“No Maria. I’m sorry. I can’t do that.”

“WHAT?!” I blurted a little too loud.

He stared at me, blinking.

“I mean, why? Why not? Men find me very attractive. You don’t?” I was pissed. I’m used to getting what I want from men.

“It’s not that you’re not attractive. You are, and I enjoy your company very much. But I’m gay. I can’t get it up for a woman. I’m hot for men.”

I wanted to scream “SHIT!”, but I took a deep breath; sipped my drink. I started thinking of ways to put a hurt on this guy. Men just don’t turn down my advances. In fact, I’m used to them going a little crazy over me. I know I’m the hottest prospect this guy has ever seen.

“You have never had sex with a woman?” I asked.

“Not regular, missionary style sex. I’ve gone down on a woman before. But it was when I was in college, and having a thing with a married couple in my apartment building. It was mainly her husband I had sex with. My dick never touched her, or her husband either for that matter.”

“So the husband fucked you, and you licked his wife?” I squirmed to unstick my wet panties. I was hot for this guy. How could he not be hot for me?

“He didn’t fuck me. He fucked her. I sucked his cock, and ate his load out of her.”

“I can’t believe this.” I said, shaking my head. I wanted to shout that THIS IS SO FUCKED! But I said: “All men want me! I want you. How can you not want to do me?”

“It’s not personal. I like you. I really enjoy sitting and talking with you, but I don’t want to have sex with you,” Mike said.

“Bullshit!” I said. I knew this guy was just blowing me off. I wanted to call his bluff. “So you’d rather suck some guy’s cock than nail my sweet ass to the bed?”

“That is the size of it, Maria. I’m sorry, but that’s how I’m wired.” Mike replied. “I should go now.”

“No, wait,” I said. Mr. Bullet HHead had just come back into the bar. “I’d love to watch while you suck a cock. Would you suck off that guy at the bar and let me watch?” I asked, waving in the direction of Bullet Head.

“Sure. I could do that.”

“Wait here.” I said, getting up from the table. “I’ll talk to him.”

Bullet Head was still on the prowl, and wasn’t hard to convince to have a little three way with me and my boyfriend. There were some conditions. First he really wanted to dick me. And he wanted an around the world, and didn’t care who provided it. I told him I didn’t do things like that, but maybe Mike would. I’d talk to Mike and let Bullet Head know if we had a deal.

I went back to the booth. I wasn’t sure what an ‘around the world’ was, but Mike did. He said it involved a little ass licking, and he was OK with it.

“You suck cock, and lick ass?” This was beyond me. I’d never even considered doing either. But was intrigued by the idea of watching Mike do it. He explained he had done that for men, as well as the wife in the three way thing he’d had in college. Said she loved him to tongue her butt while the husband made it with her.

So I gave Bullet Head the high sign, and he joined us in the booth. He sat a little too close to me for my comfort. We talked, and decided to do the thing in Mike’s room. I wasn’t about to bring two strange men into my room. Bullet Head had a red eye out of town in a few hours, and had already checked out of the hotel.

The guys were naked, and on the floor of Mike’s room. I stripped down to my panties, and sat on the edge of the bed, with the guys at my feet. I had a great view of the action. Mike had an OK body, nothing special. Bullet Head was hung like a horse, and had muscles like a gorilla. Turns out he was a fitness trainer. Not a cop.

Bullet Head was on his belly, and Mike was eating out his ass with gusto. The sight of it turned me on. My panties were wet. On impulse, I stood up, put my foot on the back of Mike’s head, and pushed his face deep between Bullet Head’s ass cheeks. The guys groaned, and I almost had an orgasm. I stood there pumping my foot into the back of Mike’s head, listening to him slurp ass. It excited me a lot knowing I had control over when Mike could breathe.

When the around the world was done, Bullet Head sat up on the floor and leaned back against the bed. Mike positioned himself on his belly, between Bullet Head’s legs. I sat on the bed and watched Mike struggle to deep throat that massive shaft. I wanted that shaft inside me.

“Give us a hand here, baby.” Bullet Head said, taking my hand. He guided me around so I was on my knees, straddling his hips. He started caressing my tits. It felt wonderful.

“Oh yeah baby!” He moaned. “I’m gonna do you next.”

I sat down on the back of Mike’s head. I heard Mike gag a little when my weight buried the cock deep in his throat. The pressure against my clit almost made me cum. My panties were soaked.

“Ahhhhh!” Bullet groaned when his cock bottomed out in Mike’s throat. “That’s the ticket honey. More of that.”

By going up on my knees, then sitting back down on Mike’s head, I was forcing Bullet’s cock in and out of Mike’s throat. The pressure of Mikes head on my pussy made me cum. At the same time Bullet hugged me tight and I felt him shudder as we both had an orgasm. Mike was working hard to swallow the load. I sat down hard, grinding my crotch into Mikes head. It was a great orgasm. My panties were dripping.

Bullet and I embraced, enjoying our mutual satisfaction. Mike started to squirm under my weight.

“Better let you friend have a breath, darling.” Bullet whispered in my ear.

I lifted back up on my knees, then rolled over, sitting next to Bullet. Mike pulled back from Bullet’s already flaccid cock, coughing and breathing hard.

“You trying to kill me girl?” Mike asked with a raspy voice.

“Not yet.” I thought.

Mike was laying on his side between Bullet’s ample thighs. His cock was anything but flaccid. It was erect and throbbing.

“Don’t waste that.” Bullet said to Mike. “Give the lady some joy with it.”

I was shocked at the look of revulsion that came over Mike’s face.

“I don’t do women.” Mike growled. His cock withered at the thought.

Twice in one night this fag has rejected me, I thought. I would make him pay, but first I wanted more pleasure. I was hungry to have Bullet in my vagina. And I wanted Mike’s tongue in my ass.

“Make him hard for me.” I ordered Mike, pushing his face against Bullet’s limp cock.

Mike didn’t hesitate. He went to work as I’d ordered him, licking and sucking. My sense of power made me hot all over again. I pulled close to Bullet, nibbling his ear, and whispered that I wanted his cock to fill me up.

Soon we were in ‘girl sandwich’ position on the floor. Mike was the bottom with me laying on top of him, his mouth pressed between my butt cheeks. As soon as Bullet lay on top and entered me, Mike started reaming my anus with his tongue. It all felt so damned good I squealed like a little girl.

Bullet hammered my vagina. I felt so hot inside. Mike had his tongue all the way up my asshole. I opened as wide as I could and pushed my ass into his face to help him in. I wailed in ecstasy the whole time.

It took Bullet forever to squirt this second time. But I loved having him in me. I had never had such intense orgasms, or so many. I felt every one from my neck, down my spine and legs, all the way to my toes.

By the time Bullet’s hot juices finally exploded in me, I was a limp, worn out rag doll. I think I may have taken a dump in Mike’s mouth, but can’t be sure.

“Share my load with your friend.” Bullet gasped as he pulled out of me and rolled over, exhausted, on the floor.

I sat up on Mikes face, and he gently licked and sucked all the cum from my dripping pussy. I got a mild orgasms from that. The fag got to eat more cum.

Later, after Bullet hastily bailed to catch his flight, Mike and I lay on the bed talking, and sipping some wine we’d scored from the mini-bar.

“What about you?” I asked, gesturing at his dripping erection. “You must be about to explode.”

“I’m OK.” He said. “I’ll whack off a couple times after you leave.”

“Could a girl offer a hand job?” I asked. “No man has ever done to me what you did tonight. I’d really like to return the favor, if you’d let me.”

“I could do that.” His words slurred a little as the Rohypnol I’d slipped him kicked in. I gently stroked his cock, keeping it hard while I waited for the drug to work.

When he was totally out, I used some of his neckties to tie him spread eagle on the bed. I’d stuffed my soaked panties in his mouth as a gag, and tied them in with my pantyhose. Then I sat on the bed watching TV waiting for him to come around fully. I wanted him completely conscious of what I was about to do to him. When he was awake, I pushed one of the freebie hotel pens all the way up his rigid cock. His reaction told me he was completely conscious.

When it was time, I turned the TV to a rerun of the Oprah Winfrey show, picked up the wine bottle I’d broken over the edge of the bathtub, and I sat full weight on Mike’s face.

I went slow with the cutting, holding the broken wine bottle by the neck. I’d cut a little, lift my ass to let him breathe a little, then sit back down and cut some more. He fought hard against his bonds. He struggled for air. He tried to scream, but my panties muffled that down to the volume of a whine. When his struggles became too violent, I jabbed his balls a few times with the broken bottle.

Oprah had interviewed Snooki and the Kardashian Sisters by the time the penis was cut off. Then I stopped letting him breathe. He struggled for a while, then became still. I sat full weight on his face through the rest of Oprah’s show, just to be sure he had suffocated.

I sat on the edge of the bed and masturbated, using the severed cock. It wasn’t rock hard, but the pen kept it rigid enough to satisfy me. I finally got what I’d wanted from Mike. A pretty girl always gets what she wants.

I’m not entirely proud of what I did, but put yourself in my shoes for a minute and maybe you’ll understand. See, I’ve been working overtime at work lately, so my sleep schedule is completely fucked up. But at least that night I was getting a nice, relaxing sleep. The first one I’d had for weeks, in fact. Or at least, it would have been, were it not for the fact that I was rudely jolted out of sleep by a sudden, loud crash coming from downstairs.

Hesitantly, I looked over at my alarm clock, barely making out the digital numbers through my half-opened eyes. It was two in the morning… two in the freaking morning! Still somewhat groggy from sleep, I shrugged it off. After all, it was probably just the cat knocking something over in the kitchen. But, since I was up anyway, I figured I may as well go to the bathroom.

put yourself in my shoes for a minute and maybe you’ll understand. See, I’ve been working overtime at work lately, so my sleep schedule is completely fucked up. But at least that night I was getting a nice, relaxing sleep. The first one I’d had for weeks, in fact. Or at least, it would have been, were it not for the fact that I was rudely jolted out of sleep by a sudden, loud crash coming from downstairs.

Hesitantly, I looked over at my alarm clock, barely making out the digital numbers through my half-opened eyes. It was two in the morning… two in the freaking morning! Still somewhat groggy from sleep, I shrugged it off. After all, it was probably just the cat knocking something over in the kitchen. But, since I was up anyway, I figured I may as well go to the bathroom.

It was when I got that I noticed the cat was comfortably curled up by the foot of my bed. SHIT! If he was sleeping there this whole time, then who was making all of that noise downstairs? I quickly tossed on my robe and ran down the stairs, more than a little nervous about confronting a robber… a potentially armed robber!

Sure enough, there was a dark figure lurking around the shadows, going through my stuff. The front door was wide open, so he must have just broken in or something. He must have heard me coming down the stairs, because he quickly turned around and ran straight for the door.

“Freeze you little sack of shit,” I shouted in the sternest, most authoritative voice I could muster.

The figure stopped, and slowly put his arms up. There was an uncomfortable moment of silence as we both stood there, neither of us quite sure what to do next. To be honest, I didn’t have a gun. Hell, I’ve never even fired one! But I wanted this burglar to think that I had, if only so that I could keep him from killing me or running off or something.

As I walked over towards the light switch, I noticed that the burglar was a little smaller than I would have expected. And he seemed to be panting or breathing heavily, as if he was just as scared as I was. I quickly flipped the light switch, flooding the kitchen with blindingly white fluorescent light. I had to squint my eyes at first, as they took a moment to adjust, but it was only then that I realized that my burglar was in fact a woman! No, not a woman, a teenaged girl, not more than 18 or 19 at the oldest…

And underneath her blue jeans and dark hoodie, she also seemed pretty shapely, at least from her back side. Her ass looked as nice and round as my ex-wife’s. I licked my lips at that thought.

“You just hold it there while I call the police,” I told her.

“No,” she said in a heavy Spanish accent, “Please don’t do that!”

That voice! I recognized that voice…

“Turn around,” I told her, “Nice and slow. Let me see your face.”

The girl hesitated for a moment. And then slowly turned around, her hands still up in the air. I was right! Sure enough, it was Marisol, the teenaged daughter of the Mexican family that lived down the street from me. She was a cute girl, with dark skin, deep brown eyes, sleek black hair, and a very nice curvy young body.

“Marisol,” I exclaimed, my voice no doubt full of both shock and anger, “What the hell are you doing breaking into my house in the middle of the freaking night?”

“Hey,” she said, “You don’t have a gun! What the fuck?”

This was not the same girl I remember living next to for all these years. Her family was really nice. They’d invited me over for enchiladas a couple times. I found it hard to believe she could have changed so much. But, since she was going to put on this attitude, I figured that I may as well respond with some sarcasm of my own.

“No shit,” I said, “But I do have a phone, and I bet I could call the cops and have them over here before you could even walk home.”

“Fuck you,” she said defiantly.

“Or maybe,” I said coyly, “Maybe I should just call your parents instead… I bet they would be real happy to hear about you breaking into my house and trying to steal my shit. What do you think they would do? Ground you? Or maybe send you to live with one of your uncles?”

A sneer came over her face when I said that. It was a look of disgust, sheer disgust… exactly the same look that my ex-wife gave me when she told me that she wanted a divorce.

“All right,” I said as I started to dial my phone, “Police it is…”

And that was my moment of weakness, for right then and there a truly evil idea came over me. You’ve got to understand that since my wife left me, I haven’t really met a lot of women, and living by himself, a man gets… well, certain urges. Staying up late and jerking it to computer porn just doesn’t do the trick for me. I can only imagine what I must have looked like to little Marisol when I asked her the question…

“Hey Marisol,” I called out to the young Latina, “How old are you anyway?”

“What it to you,” she snapped back at me.

“18? 19?”

She didn’t answer right away, leaving another uncomfortable silence as I stared at her tight young body.

“18,” she finally said.

“18,” I said with a wicked grin on my face, “I see… you know that means you won’t go to juvie for this, right? Nope. You’re legally an adult now, and that means that if I call the police, you’re going to be going to jail!”

“Yeah,” she shot back, “I can handle that!”

I rolled my eyes. I have no idea where she started picking up this whole street tough Latina gangsta’ persona, especially since she was born in an upper-middle class suburb and her family was all educated, white collar professionals. Her mom was a lawyer and her dad was an accountant for crying out loud! Despite her dress and affectations, she was hardly a poster child for urban crime.

“Yeah,” I asked her sarcastically, “Do you really want to find out, cause I’m willing to bet that your sexy little ass wouldn’t last fifteen minutes in jail with the real gangstas. It wouldn’t be any problem for me to make that call, but I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, you would be willing to change my mind.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, “And what would you get out of that?”

“All I want is a small favor from you…”

“What kind of favor,” she asked, still not quite getting it.

It took Marisol a while, but she finally figured it out when she noticed the way I was lustfully eyeing her sexy young Latina body. Even draped in her dark hoodie , blue jeans and sneakers, she couldn’t really hide her feminine curves. Her eyes went wide when she knew what I was thinking, though I don’t know whether it was from fear or anger. Either way, it made her look that much more like a victim… and for some reason, I found it quite arousing.

“Oh hell no,” she said, “No way that I’m going to let some horny old white guy fuck me! Fuck it! I’d rather go to jail!”

“That can be arranged,” I said as I picked the phone back up.

“Wait,” she said, now almost on the brink of tears, “What… what were you thinking of doing to me?”

The rebellious tone that she had been affecting up until now was gone, slowly replaced by fear. She knew that she had gotten herself in over her head, and was looking for any way out of it, no matter how unpleasant it may be. Unfortunately, I was still undecided as to what I actually wanted to do to her. She did have a nice little ass on her, and I desperately wanted to fuck it. I just wasn’t sure how much I would be able to talk her into. Still, she seemed pretty pliable for now…

“Hmmm,” I said as I thought it over, “I really haven’t decided yet. Let’s see what I’ve got to work with. Take off your clothes and let me have a look.”

She looked at me again, that same look for fear in her eyes… those deep, dark eyes…

“All of them,” she asked me, “Down here?”

I looked her straight in her dark Latina eyes.

“Yep,” I said calmly, “If you’re going to break into people’s houses in the middle of the night, then you can handle getting fucked on the kitchen floor. Little wanna-be gangsta chicas deserve as much.”

Damn! Looking back on it, I was really being an asshole that night wasn’t I? But it’s true. If Marisol wanted to be a little barrio rat, then I was more than happy to oblige her. She was going to get used and abused on the kitchen floor like a common Tijuana street whore!

Reluctantly, Marisol put her hands around her waist and began to pull up her tight little black hoodie. As much as I loved the sight, I had to stop her…

“And one more thing,” I said, “Take ‘em off nice and slow. Let me enjoy it.”

Yeah, like I said before, I was being a real asshole that night.

Marisol made another face, still obviously annoyed at me, but not wanting me to call the cops either. That was good, because it kept her nice and compliant. She started to pull her tight-fitting black hoodie up over her head, doing a little dance to show off her sexy curves as she did so. Once she got the hoodie over her head, she threw back her long black hair, letting it fall straight across her back. I’ve got to admit, her boobs were nice. They were perhaps a little smaller than I expected, but still very firm and perky. Immediately I understood why she didn’t need to wear a bra underneath her top. I admired the 18-year-old’s dark olive-colored skin as she stood in front of me, now completely topless.

“Mmmm,” I said as I licked my lips, “Very nice! Now let’s see that sexy little teen as of yours.”

Marisol hesitated. For a moment, it looked as though she might say something, but she bit her lips. She knew better than that.

“Come on Marisol,” I said, “You’ve seen you walking around in your tight little jeans, flaunting your curvy Mexican ass. You can’t just go around the neighborhood showing that off and not expect to get men turned on. Now let’s see your goods!”

My captive Latina teen sighed, and then undid her belt, slowly pulling down her jeans. Again, she danced a little, thrusting her hips to show off her sexy curves. It must have been a tight fit, because it looked like she was having a little trouble pulling her jeans off her big ass. You gotta love those sexy Mexican ladies. They must have good genes, or something, ’cause they almost always have nice big asses, even when they are only 18 years old. Eventually, Marisol let her jeans fall to the floor, daintily stepping out of them.

She was now standing before me, wearing nothing but a pair of little black panties. But, they would have to go too.

“The panties too,” I said.

Before Marisol even had a chance to say anything, I rudely cut her office.

“Come on,” I said rushing her, “Hurry up! Andalé! Andalé!”

Yeah, that was probably crossing a line right there, but considering I was holding a girl who had broken into my house captive and was essentially forcing her into having sex with me, its not the worst thing I was doing that night. Besides, who says that a couple years of Spanish back in high school would never come in handy! Admittedly, my teacher would probably have a stroke if he ever found out, but still…

Marisol bent over, slowly slipping out of her panties and giving me a nice view of that big, round ass. I gestured for her to turn around, and she quickly obliged, not even putting up the pretense of a fight any more. On a whim, I pulled back my hand and slapped her sexy brown ass. There was a loud smacking sound and she whipped back around, looking at me with disbelief written all over her face. I honestly don’t think she expected me to do that, which is pretty funny if you ask me. I mean, look how far we’d already gone at that point.

“So,” she said trying to mask the fear in her voice, “What do you want to do with me?”

I’ve got to admit, having a naked Latina teen standing in my kitchen in the middle of the night was giving me a nice boner. Not having had sex since my ex-wife walked out on me, it was a golden opportunity, and my mind was working overtime to try and milk this for all it was worth. I started to rub my cock through my pajamas, but then thought about how she should be doing all the work. After all, the whole point was to convince me not to send her sexy little ass to jail…

“Why don’t you take my cock out so we can get started,” I told her, “I’m already kind of hard, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you.”

My captive Latina teen looked at the rapidly expanding bulge in my pants. She walked over to me, knelt down and pulled my pajama bottoms down. I was wearing boxers underneath, and I looked down to see her hands snaking into my undergarments. Soon they were on the floor too. But once she got my pants and boxers off, Marisol went wide-eyed. The entire length of my cock was just standing there, now fully erect and ready to penetrate this sexy little teen vixen.

“Holy shit,” she exclaimed as she stared at my cock in disbelief, “It’s… fucking huge!”

There was a genuine sense of trepidation in her voice. She wasn’t just trying to stroke my ego. Hell, at that point, I think she probably wanted to kill me. But it was painfully apparent to me that she’d never seen an adult cock before. I mean, I’m not really a well-endowed guy; just kind of average size. But I’m obviously bigger than anything she’d ever encountered, and that knowledge brought a warm feeling to my black little heart, because it was going to make raping my Hispanic teen that much more enjoyable… for me, probably not so much for her…

“There’s no fucking way I’m going to fuck that,” she said as she gestured at my cock.

“Your decision,” I said, “You can either take my cock, or take your chances with the cops. Really, it’s up to you…”

“No,” she blurted out, now almost in tears, “I’ll do it… just… just don’t call the cops!”

I walked over to Marisol, put my hands on her shoulders, and gently pushed her down to her knees on the floor. She didn’t even bother to put up any resistance, though I thought I could hear a faint whimper when I touched her.

“Well then,” I told her as I shoved my cock in her face, “Maybe you should get started and suck my cock.”

The cute young Hispanic teen closed her eyes, as if somehow not seeing what she was doing would make the whole ordeal more bearable. Slowly, she opened her thick full lips and tried to accommodate my rock hard cock. It seemed like she had a little trouble getting her mouth around my throbbing erection, at least at first, so I helped her. Running my fingers through her dark black hair, I took a hold of her head and thrust a little more of my shaft into her mouth. It was a tight fit, I can tell you that! I was only a few inches in and I could already feel myself hitting the back of her throat.

Poor Marisol was making muffled sounds of protest as she struggled not to gag on my cock. As she bobbed up and down on my cock, it quickly became apparent that she at least knew how to give a blowjob. True, she wasn’t very good at it and she was probably telling the truth when she said she’d never seen a cock as big as mine before, but at least she knew how to please a man. She adjusted herself and tried to get into a better position, so I just sat back and let her do her thing.

Eventually, once I felt that Marisol had worked my cock over long enough, I put my hands onto her shoulder to stop her and pulled out my still erect member, now lubricated with a generous amount of the poor teen’s saliva. I hadn’t enjoyed sex in a while, and while a blowjob can be nice, I’d much rather take my time and enjoy this sexy little piece of Latina ass while I had the chance. In fact, that actually sounded like a nice idea…

“Good job Marisol,” I said, complementing the dark skinned teen who now looked up at me from the kitchen floor with a look for desperation still in her eyes.

“So that’s it,” she asked, “You’re going to let me go now?”

How deliciously naive!

“No,” I chuckled, “I’m still going to fuck you; you brought that on yourself by parading around town in those tight little jeans of yours. But I’ll be nice and let you use my bed. It will at least make it more comfortable for you…”

Marisol didn’t even say a word as I took her by the hand and pulled her to her feet, leading her up the stairs and into the bedroom. I still had the queen-sized bed that I used to share with my wife – ex-wife – until she left me. Ever since then, it had just been so lonely. Well, not tonight anyway!

I didn’t even bother to say anything to little Marisol. I simply pushed the 18-year old Mexican cock tease onto my bed, leering at her maliciously as I looked over her fine naked body. Her dark skin was already covered in a thin sheen of sweat from her fear, and perhaps still concerned with protecting the last lingering shred of her modesty, she tried in vain to cover up her cunt and breasts.

I laughed sadistically when I noticed something. Reaching down, I spread my captive Latina teen’s shapely legs and reached over to stroke her cunt. She squirmed a little, trying to move away, but she didn’t really stand a chance.

“What’s this,” I said as I popped my finger into her juicy young cunt, “You’re already wet? Are you getting turned on by being dominated by an older man? Is that what you’re into?”

“Nnn,” Marisol protested, “No sir… I…”

“I think you are,” I said as I kept up the assault on her pussy, “You’re fucking soaking wet down there, and I’ve barely even done anything to you… yet…”

I kept rubbing the poor girl’s cunt, trying to get more of a reaction out of her. At this point, I was like a cat playing with a mouse before eating it. I had my Latina sex slave right where I wanted her, and I intended to enjoy the rest of the night. It wasn’t like I was getting any sleep or anything.

Marisol’s pussy was definitely wet. I kept up my handiwork, gradually getting two and then three of my fingers into her tight young pussy. It was a difficult job, and I barely managed to fit the third finger in there. Her cunt was literally squeezing my fingers. It was fun to stretch her out, especially since I was unlikely to fit into her pussy any other way.

My captive Latina writhed on the bed, the pain of being stretched out down there mixing with the impending pleasure of her orgasm. I could see her bucking her hips as she approached that blissful state, spreading her thighs as if she were begging me to fuck her nubile young body. If she only knew…

Soon she reached orgasm, and then lay there breathlessly as I pulled my fingers out of her dripping wet cunt. They were musky and soaked with her feminine juices, which I lustfully licked off my fingers. Marisol, still breathing heavily, opened her eyes and looked up at me in fear.

“How was that babe,” I asked her.

“Are,” she struggled to say, “Are… you going to… fuck me now?”

I just grinned maliciously.

“Marisol,” I told her, “Of course I’m going to fuck you… but not in there.”

Her dark brown eyes went wide with terror as I continued.

“I’ve been saving myself all night for that sexy round ass of yours. You Mexican ladies really fill out nicely, and since you’ve been tempting me with it, I think it would be a shame if I didn’t rape your ass! Have you ever been fucked up the ass before Marisol?”

I always hated Valentine’s Day. No, it’s not because of the fact that I’ve never had a relationship that lasted longer than a month. And it’s not because I don’t believe in ‘true love’; in fact, far from it, I’m actually something of a hopeless romantic myself.

No, the reason is because the holiday always seems to bring out the worst in people. I’ve heard a statistic that said men are far more likely to break up with their lovers on, or right before, Valentine’s day. I don’t know if that’s true, but it certainly sounds like it could be. But even if it’s not, people run around acting like doing one romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day makes up for being neglectful of your lover the other 364 days of the year. It’s just kind of sad.

Case in point, what happened with my friend Carmen. She is an absolutely beautiful, lovely little Latina chick — dark skinned, curvy in all the right places, and deep eyes that you just feel like you could stare into until the end of time. Sounds like the perfect girl, am I right guys? Well she got dumped by her long-term boyfriend ON Valentine’s Day.

Oh, that’s not all. She also happened to be nine months pregnant at the time! Yeah, that tells you what sort of guy her boyfriend was to just walk out on her like that.

I got a call from her that morning. She was literally in tears. Seems that she didn’t know who else to call. She couldn’t exactly call her family, and I was her only friend still living in the city. We’d known each other for years, but of course, our relationship had always been strictly platonic. So, I decided to call off work and go try and cheer her up. I told her that we could meet up at the deli just a couple of blocs from my apartment.

It didn’t take me more than fifteen minutes to get dressed and out of the apartment, but somehow, she wound up there before me. She was sitting at one of the booths by the window, still crying. And… somehow all I could think about was how beautiful she looked. So fertile and full of life. Like I said, she was already about nine months along, and her belly was huge. Heck, her whole body had filled out very nicely. You know how those Latina girls are.

I know this will sound clichéd, but there was just something about her… a ‘glow’ I guess you could say.

I walked up and greeted her.

“Hey,” I said, not really sure of what else to say. “How you holding up?”

Carmen just looked up at me and tried to smile, tears still running down her face. The poor girls make-up was smeared, and her hair was a mess. But underneath it all she was still very pretty.

“How do you think,” she asked. “I just got dumped… on Valentine’s Day… and I’m pregnant! Whose going to help me raise this baby now?”

It looked like she was going to start crying again at any moment, so I reached down and hugged her, savoring the feeling of her warm little body pressed tightly against my chest.

“Shhhh,” I said as I comforted her, “It’s all right. I’m here for you Carmen.”

“Thanks,” she said, trying valiantly not to cry.

“Don’t mention it,” I said as I sat down. “Mind if I join you for coffee.”

Carmen just smiled at me.

We made small talk, at least, as best we could under the circumstances. And exchanged snipy little comments about her boyfriend, or rather ex-boyfriend. I told her how I never really liked that bastard, and told her that he still owed me five bucks that he borrowed from me and never paid back. All in all, it seemed like we were having a rather good time. And then came the question that I was dreading….

“So why do you think he left me,” she asked. “Am I not attractive any more?”

“What,” I exclaimed, more than a little surprised and, quite honestly, unprepared to deal with that sort of talk.

“Well I mean look at me,” she said, “I’m huge!”

“Don’t say that Carmen.”

“It’s true,” she continued, looking down at her swollen belly, “He didn’t touch me much during the pregnancy. We stopped having sex months ago when I started to show.”

“Well then he didn’t know how to appreciate a good thing,” I exclaimed boldly!

Carmen looked up at me, probably a little shocked by my bold assertion. She almost looked like she was blushing, in fact.

“What,” she asked meekly.

“You heard me,” I replied. “I think that you look sexy, womanly! You are just as gorgeous as you were before you got pregnant.”

Yep, she was definitely blushing.

“Oh,” she said, “You’re just saying that to cheer me up.”

“No,” I said, placing my hand on her swollen belly. “I think you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. And if your jackass of a boyfriend can’t see that, then he doesn’t deserve to be with you in the first place.”

Looking over at the window, I reached over and pulled down one of the cheap paper hearts that they had decorated the store with for Valentine’s Day. If the manager didn’t like it, well, he could take that up with me next time I came in. I pulled a pen out of my coat pocket and wrote ‘Carmen’ on it, then passed it to her.

“Carmen,” I said staring deeply into her brown eyes, “Will you be my Valentine?”

“This is so…. Wow… I don’t know what to say…”

“Then maybe we should go back to your apartment,” I said coyly.

Carmen seemed to agree with me, because without saying a word, she picked up her purse and headed out the restaurant. I followed her, very eagerly, as you might imagine. Like I said before, both of us lived downtown at the time, so it didn’t take us very long to get back to Carmen’s apartment.

The only thing that really surprised me, though, was just how empty her apartment was. Her boyfriend hadn’t just dumped her… he also made off with her tv, computer and probably half her belongings. Even the couch was gone! That guy really was a little prick, and I suppose he’s lucky that I haven’t run into him since. Otherwise I’d probably have to kick his ass on general principle.

“Why don’t you wait right here,” Carmen said as she popped into her bedroom. “I’ve got to go do something real quick.”

“Okay,” I said, not really sure what to do while I waited for her.

Only a few minutes later, Carmen came out, wearing the sexiest little red nightie that I’ve ever seen. It looked to be a couple sizes too small, in fact, and was straining against her pregnant belly and full breasts. It couldn’t even go down far enough to cover everything, giving me a nice view of her pussy and ass… I could see that she was already a little wet down there. I took that as a good sign.

“Whoa,” I exclaimed, my cock growing noticeably erect in my pants.

“You like what you see,” she said, rubbing her hand over her huge pregnant belly.

“I certainly do,” I said. “I just wasn’t… expecting things to go this fast is all…”

Carmen just sat down on the bed.

“I thought about what you said back at the restaurant. You made me feel so… sexy… like a real woman. I hadn’t felt like that for so long and… I don’t know. I just think that I’m ready to move on.”

“So you sure you want to go through with this then,” I said as I walked over towards her.

Carmen just nodded.

“All right then.”

I put my arms around the petite Latina, hugging her. Slowly, I brought my hands down, bringing them across her swollen breasts, and then down her full pregnant belly. She cooed a little as I touched her extremely sensitive body, then wrapped her arms around me as well. We fell back on the bed, writhing around each other.

`I kissed her passionate as my hand snaked under her little red nightie and fondled her huge belly. I could feel movement within her womb. Carmen just seemed to be lost in pleasure. Slowly, I brought my hand over her ripe little body and down to her sticky wet cunt. I started to stroke her sensitive womanhood.

“Oh yes,” she moaned quietly.

I’m not even sure if she knew that I could hear her, in fact.

I kept going, gradually increasing my speed. I could feel her powerful thighs wrap around my hand, and her hips start to buck as if she were fucking me. It wasn’t too long before she was riding through wave after wave of ecstasy.

When I was done, she looked up at me and smiled, trying to catch her breath.

“That was amazing,” she said. “Now I’ve got something for you!”

She sat up, and then reached over and unzipped my pants. My cock was pretty much rock hard at this point, as you might imagine.

“What’s this,” she said, smiling as she reached over and grabbed my dick.

“Looks like someone else is getting excited over here,” she said, looking up into me.

God! Those eyes. Those sexy brown eyes… they were just so beautiful.

She started to stroke my cock, working it until it was fully erect. A tiny dribble of pre-cum came out onto the tip, getting worked into with her tender ministrations. I decided to slip out of my shirt before it got too far along. Soon I had my eyes closed and my head thrown back, really getting into her handjob.

I was a little surprised when Carmen stopped and put her lips around my cock. I looked down to see her head bobbing back and forth as she started to give me a blowjob. At first, the poor girl was struggling to accommodate the full length of my cock. I put my arms around her shoulders and stood there as she started to take more and more of my cock into her mouth.

It wasn’t too long before she got the hang of it and started to deep throat me. Let me tell you, it felt really good. After a minute or two of that, I could feel an all too familiar sensation. I knew that I was going to shoot my load, so I squeezed on her shoulders. Carmen just stopped as I shot my sticky white seed into her mouth. There was quite a bit of it too, and some dripped out of the corner of her mouth.

I pulled out, my cock sticky with a mixture of her saliva and my own juices. Carmen just looked up at me and smiled. She swallowed my cum and wiped her face. Somehow, seeing a beautiful pregnant Latina with your juices sliding down her face is very satisfying.

“You think you’ve got a little more in you, cow boy?”

My cock was already beginning to get stiff again.

“I think I do Carmen,” I said, reaching over and fondling her milk-filled breasts.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” she smiled. “Because I want you to fuck my ass!”

“What,” I exclaimed.

I should point out that Carmen has a very nice big ass, all round and curvy, and her pregnancy only served to fill it out more. Carmen just rolled over and go down on her h ands and knees, her big Latina ass sticking out right in front of me. Her gigantic pregnant belly just sort of hung there as she raised her butt as high as she possibly could.

“You heard me,” she said. “I know that guys like my ass, and I’m not sure how comfortable or safe it would be to have regular sex in my condition. But I think it would be safe enough to fuck my ass. So you up for it?”

Carmen turned around to face me.

“You don’t need to ask me twice,” I said as I positioned myself behind her.

“Good,” she said.

I grabbed her nice full butt cheeks and spread them apart gently, placing the tip of my cock head against the entrance to her ass. It was a very good thing that I was lubricated from her phenomenal blowjob because she was so tight. I’m not really sure that I would have been able to get in her if I hadn’t been, in fact.

With great effort, I started to work my cock into her bum. She was moaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure, her eyes closed tightly as I started to push into her. I could see beads of sweat starting to form over her hot little body. It was quite clear that she’d never had a cock as big as mine doing her from behind.

“Just a little more,” I said as I kept pushing into her.

Carmen just sort of moaned, and I’m not really sure she even heard what I said. I kept going, pushing until I got a couple inches of my dick into her ass. It was extremely tight, and I felt like I could loose control at any minute there. I stopped briefly for a moment and then pulled back and started to fuck. With each thrust, I was getting a little more of my shaft stuck into her.

Her moans were starting to become louder and more consistent, so I think that she was enjoying it. When I realized that, I started to ass fuck her even faster. I put my hands around her womanly thighs, both to give me a little support and to make sure she didn’t fall over or anything.

Soon, I was pounding away at her ass. Carmen was writhing under me, lost to her carnal desires. Just seeing that alone was enough to push me over the edge, and as I pushed the entire length of my dick up her tight little ass, I started to cum once again. Even though it was my second time that night, I still had a lot in me. I shot a couple loads of semen deep into her bowels and then pulled out. Carmen was completely motionless beneath me, moaning softly in the afterglow of our sex. Then Carmen got up and looked at me.

We were both a mess, covered in a mixture of sweat and juices. I think we probably stained her sheets too. But as we embraced each other, we were lost in the pleasures of our love. True, romantic love. That was absolutely the best Valentine’s Day I ever had.

Remember what I said about hating Valentine’s Day? Well I guess you can strike that, because if it wasn’t for that one magical day, I never would have found my true love. She delivered her baby safe and sound, and we wound up getting married a couple of months later. She’s had two more kids, both by me this time, and a third one on the way right now.

So if you will excuse me, I’m going to go get back to my loving and beautiful pregnant wife and give her the best Valentine’s Day fucking she’s ever had. I just hope the rest of you guys out there can be so lucky.

Outside the gymnasium the sun had nearly fallen completely away past the horizon, handing over the sky to Luna for the night. The wind had let up some although the breeze continued to toss brown and gray leaves randomly about.

Mike and Eli where slowly walking toward the bus stop in the mystical evening twilight. The temperature had fallen a few degrees and anyone with a jacket or coat was wearing it.

Mike noticed Eli only had on a thin long sleeve shirt and was holding his arms across his chest trying to stay warm. They had been talking so intently, well mostly Eli, about how and why he and his family had come here, that Mike hadn’t realized how miserably cold Eli seemed.

That’s when he did something strange. It wasn’t strange to Mike immediately, the idea had come as if by instinct. He offered Eli his coat. The way a gentlemen would a lady.

Eli had accepted, seemingly surprised yet happy at the gesture. Mike kept seeing Eli as he would any other attractive woman and it only bothered him briefly for it felt natural to do such. He wondered if Eli was insulted by his offer. Did he want to be treated like a women?

Mike had took note that Eli was dressed in clothing that really looked like it was made for women, his round ass was accentuated by skin tight blue jean pants and the long sleeved gray shirt, which was emblazoned with a dark blue tribal design across the chest, fit close to Eli’s thin physique. Also he carried himself as a women would, his every move one of finesse.

Mike had to probe this quandary, “Hey Eli? I want to ask you something, but please don’t be offended. I really just want to get this right. Did it bother you that I offered you my coat? You know what I mean? I just hope I didn’t offend you. I don’t want to treat you in a manner that is disrespectful. I’m getting the vibe, or I guess you could say I can’t help but notice how feminine you seem.” Mike stumbled over his words, “Dammit, I’m not sure how to say it. I’m sorry.”

Eli stopped walking and turned to face Mike. A large beautiful smile grew across his face as he responded, “Mike, I have only known you for less than an hour and you already get me more than those who have known me for my life time.” Eli didn’t say anymore and his eyes glistened in the low ambient light as if tears hung at their corners, almost ready to fall.

Mike finally asked, “What do you mean?”

“No ones ever offered me their coat before. I know people say things about how I act. I know they think I am just another confused gay boy. Mike, I am a women. I’ve known since I was old enough to think. The world keeps trying to tell me that I’m a man, but they don’t know whats in my head. I may have a cock, but up here,” he tapped his temple, “this is the brain of a women.” Eli sighed, “It’s not whats between the legs, but whats between the ears that tell us our gender. Why is that so damn hard for people to understand? Hell, maybe I am a third gender entirely. That wouldn’t bother me. I just know I don’t fit the definition a man. What good are such labels anyway? Sure I have boyish qualities too, but I’d like the world to see me as a woman because that is how I feel inside.”

Mike could tell his new friend was not some shallow freak show. Eli had a spark of intellect that Mike could respect. He reached out and hugged Eli, who welcomed the embrace.

The two held tight to each other for several moments. Mike felt his pants getting tighter and it freaked him out again, he pulled out of the embrace, feeling that uncertain nervousness again.

Eli spoke after looking at his mobile to check the time, “Shit! My bus will be here any minute and the bus stop is on the far side of the school. We better hurry.”

Eli turned to quickly walk on but Mike gently grabbed his arm, “Wait. I have a car. If you want I can take you home. Is it far? It doesn’t matter, I’ll take you if want.”

“You are such a gentleman Mike! I don’t want to put you out, but I’d like it if you took me home. Its not far. Maybe twenty minutes. You don’t have any plans on a Friday night?”

Plans, Mike did have plans. He had completely forgot about meeting John at the cafe. He was already late now, not by much, but late for sure.

“Damn. I’m supposed to meet John at this cafe. I’ll text him that I’ll be late.” he pulled out his phone then paused, “Would you want to go to the cafe? It’s only about five minutes from here, they have hot drinks. I could take you home afterward.”

Eli’s infectious smile appeared again, “Are you sure? I guess I can go, if you really don’t mind.”

Smiling himself, Mike said, “I sure don’t mind. We’re friends now, you don’t have to worry about that. This is senior year, we are eighteen, we should all be having as much fun as we can. Right?”

“Absolutely!” Eli betrayed some emotion again, “Thank you Mike. I appreciate you being so nice to me. I was terrified to start a new school for senior year. Now I am not so terrified.”


A short time later they arrived at the cafe, Mike pulled into a parking spot right near the door. He had driven around the lot twice waiting for a closer spot to open up. Eli had protested but Mike insisted he didn’t want him walking in the cold again without a coat. Mike could see out of the corner of his eye that Eli had been staring at him the whole time with a wide grin on his face.

Mike killed the engine and reached for the door handle when Eli spoke, “How many of your friends are here?”

Sensing the nervousness in Eli’s voice, Mike answered, “Don’t worry, just John is here tonight. Sometimes a bunch of us meet here, but this was a spur of the moment thing with me and John. He’s a good guy, he seemed excited you were coming.”

Eli sighed in relief, “Okay. I never know how people are going to treat me. Now I could use a nice hot latte!”

They entered the cafe which was bustling with patrons. Mike had opened the door for Eli, and again Eli seemed surprised at his overly kind behavior.

Mike thought nothing of it, he did it out of habit, he always held the door for a lady. Then Mike remembered that the last time he had held the door open for a lady friend at this cafe was when he was about to break up with Janis.

That was about six months ago. He had dated Janis for about as long, but found that he didn’t care much for her. Sure they had amazing sex, but didn’t all young couples? It wasn’t that, Mike just felt they were too different. She was pretty high maintenance and at first that hadn’t bothered Mike, but it quickly wore on him.

Janis wasn’t a terribly mean person but Mike thought she had an ego that was a little too big. He grew tired of that too. So he had come here to end it. She had cried and that broke Mike’s heart, but he just wasn’t happy in the relationship anymore.

Sometimes you have to hurt others in order to heal yourself. He tried to justify it that way anyhow.

But that was the past. This was the present. He shoved the memories aside as they looked for John.

Some light ambient music was playing softly over the sound system and the air was filled with the wonderful sent of winter spices and fresh pastries. The low lighting set a nice casual atmosphere and red hearts and pink cupids hung from the ceiling everywhere.

They found John sitting at a booth near the back wall. He was doing something on his laptop and didn’t notice them walking up.

“Mr. John Smith? You need to come with us sir.” John looked up and laughed. His last name wasn’t Smith but it was a joke between them, referring to the fact that John Smith was considered the most common name.

“What’s up bro? Hey Eli.”

Mike started to sit but hesitated turning to Eli, “You want the inside or outside seat?” He did it again, without much thought he had wanted to make sure Eli was happy.

Eli answered, “Oh, you go ahead. I really have to go to the restroom since we didn’t go back, um, never mind. I’ll be back.”

Mike sat down across from John, who was eying him curiously. Mike noticed and tilted his head slightly asking, “What?”

“What was that about? Why did he say ‘we didn’t’ go?”

Feeling a flush of heat, for a moment Mike was at a loss for words before finally managing to respond, “Probably a language thing. English is his second language remember?”

“Actually I don’t know anything about Eli. But that makes sense. So how did you come to invite him along?”

Mike was feeling very uncomfortable, but there was no way John knew what had happened. Still Mike felt guilty for some reason as if he had done something wrong. Even though John was his best friend, he still wasn’t comfortable sharing the details.

So he tried his best to stretch the truth because he hated to lie to a friend, “Eli was still in the locker room and after I changed we were both headed out at the same time. We started talking and I realized I was running late and figured it would be rude to rush off without inviting him along. He seems like a nice guy and I have noticed he doesn’t really have friends here.”

“Yeah, some of the guys are talking some trash about him already. Assholes. Do you notice anything unusual about him? You know what I mean?”

Mike chuckled, “Sure. He is kind of, well, he is gay. He told me that he is open and out of the closet. Doesn’t bother me. How about you?”

“Nah, I don’t care about that. Homophobia is so nineties. None of my business where he likes to stick his cock or get one stuck. Not my thing, but fuck it. Most gay people I’ve met seems nice enough.”

Relieved to hear that, Mike said, “Right on man.”

A few moments later, Eli walked up and slid into the booth next to Mike. Mike officially introduced the two and Eli told some of his story to John who had polity listened and asked questions. Mike found himself enjoying the conversation even though he had heard the story before.

He noticed he just really liked watching Eli. His hand had even wandered down under the table to lightly brush his cock, which of course was swollen again with desire.

When a lull in the conversation arose, John asked, “Do you guys want something? I’m out of coffee, time for a refill.”

Both Mike and Eli gave John their order and he refused to take the money they offered, then he left the table to stand in line at the counter.

At first Mike felt uneasy in the silence, Eli had turned to face him placing his left leg up onto the booth’s seat, his knee lightly touching Mike’s right thigh. Mike’s cock was fully hard and he tried to be discreet while he attempted to rearrange his position because his cock was facing down and it really fought to shoot straight up.

Eli all the while was just looking at him with those deep brown eyes. Mike continued to be amazed at how beautiful Eli really was, even his eye lashes were full and long like that of some gorgeous woman. Around each eye he had fine dark lines that acted like natural eye liner, really giving the illusion of his gender a final push to that of a woman.

They finally began chatting about the weather and soccer related things. John came back and sat down. He joined in the soccer talk which had them wondering if they could win the next game, which was against a great team from the nearest town and also their biggest rival. The conversation carried itself onto other things and finally the associate behind the counter called out Johns name.

John started to get up but Eli quickly spoke, “No, let me get it. You were kind to pay for us, I can get it.”

Before John could protest, Eli shot out of the booth and walked his sexy walk toward the counter. Mike had to fight the strong urge he had to watch that nice bubble butt saunter off. Those skin tight jeans were riding right up into Eli’s ass, showing off the perfect round shape of his cheeks.

John commented to Mike that he was right, Eli was a nice guy. Moments later something happened.

The door to the cafe opened and with the chill air came a colder group of guys. David and his crew of minions looked nice enough at first glance, but anyone who knew them was wiser to the facts. David was a spoiled, arrogant and mean spirited prick. His cronies were not much better.

Mike had a few classes with David last year and had witnessed his relentless bouts of bullying far too many times. Mike was a different person this year. He had wanted so bad to step up to David on more than one occasion when his bullying went too far, but Mike just never could make that move.

This year, Mike was more a man now than ever he had been. It was just at the end of the last school year that he had lost his virginity. Over last summer he got into a fist fight for the first time since grade school.

Mike had a love for not only soccer but also enjoyed martial arts. He had trained in Karate for nearly five years and was now also learning some Jeet Kune Do, the art founded by the legendary Bruce Lee.

John had seen them too, “Look what the cold wind blew in from the gutters. Man I hate that ass face.”

Mike agreed, “Damn straight. Someone needs to kick that prick’s ass. Hard. What the hell are they doing in here?”

“Looking for trouble as usual I’m sure.”

Just as John went to change the subject, Mike saw Eli turning to come back their way, holding the tray that held three hot drinks. He saw that David and his crew, who were now standing near Eli, were looking at him with disgust on their faces.

David’s foot crept out and hooked around Eli’s ankle. Eli fell forward and landed on the hot drinks which sprayed out onto him and the floor. Eli’s screech sent Mike into immediate action. John was right behind him.

As they approached, David gibed, “Damn freak! You almost got my shoes wet. Watch where you’re going you clumsy dumb ass.” His cronies laughed, then David added in a mocking tone, “Do you understand English? El comprende?”

David and John came to the scene. Mike helped Eli up and made sure he was okay. Eli turned to David and accused, “You tripped me! You ass hole!”

David took a step closer toward Eli but Mike slid in between them. David looked him up and down saying, “Oh, are you the boyfriend? Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your little fagot bitch.”

Without thought, Mike pulled his arm back, loading a punch, he spoke through gritted teeth, “You turn and leave now. Anything other than an apology comes out of your mouth and I’ll knock your goddamned teeth out.”

Mike almost couldn’t believe he had said that but his blood was hammering in his ears and adrenaline flowed fast through his brain honing his martial prowess into a calm collected rage.

He was absolutely sincere that if David said anything other than an apology he was going to knock him out or die trying.

David’s face turned red crimson and both hands turned into fists as he replied, “Why don’t you goddamn fucking queers leave instead.”

Just as the last word came out of his mouth Mike’s fist connected with it. Spit and blood flew out and landed on one of the horrified cronies who then took a step back with wide eyes filled with fear. The other crony leaned down to check on David who was sitting on the floor dazed.

Mike still had tunnel vision and a ringing in his ears, but he heard John whisper in his ear, “Lets get the fuck out of here Mike.”

Mike shook his head, “Fuck that. They leave first.”

David finally stood back up, a little shaky but he stood, “Out side mother fucker! I’m gonna break you in goddamn two! Sucker punch me you piece of shit ass hole!”

Mike screamed back as John reached an arm around him to hold him back, “Sucker punch? I warned you what I’d do. Should have known your fucking dumb ape brain can’t understand goddamn English!”

David rushed Mike and grabbed a hold of him, the two went flying into the counter and bounced off it and landed onto the floor. Mike was on bottom but quickly utilized his grappling skills and got on top of David who was now face down. Mike easily wrapped his arms around David’s throat in a classic rear naked choke.

David kicked and scrambled and the two ended up under a table sending the patrons and their chairs flying back. Mike was hanging on debating if he should choke David into unconsciousness.

Even in his rage, Mike knew that could be a bad idea. There was a slight chance that it would kill David and he wasn’t willing to take that chance no matter how small.

He let go of the choke figuring David should be exhausted and out of breath. Mike was right, David writhed under him and choked violently. Mike raised up to begin a ground and pound attack, not aware they where now under a table. And he raised up as fast as he could, which slammed his head hard on the under side of the table.

He saw a bright flash of light and he fell over and rolled out sprawling in the aisle of the cafe, darkness falling over his vision for a moment.

He felt someone grab him and lift him up. Mike could barely stand as his head spun around, but he recognized John’s face. Eli came up to his other side and placed an arm around his waist.

John spoke, “Damn, you okay?”

“Yeah. Think I’m getting a headache. Nothing I can’t handle huh bro?” he tried a smile.

“Man lets get out of here! They called the cops. Lets just split. These ass hats aren’t worth a fine or worse.”

“Sure. You lead the way. I’m not sure which way is up or down to tell ya the truth.”

Pushing through the spectators, the trio rushed outside to make their escape.

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