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~~The characters in these stories are of my own creation, and may be depicted in sexual (often very messy) or mildly violent situations. These stories are mostly just sex scenes, and aim to include a multitude of fetishes (nothing too extreme), and often include mild domination, female ejaculation (squirting), large penetration/belly bulging, creampies, and reluctance situations. I will include the description for Rathe in the introduction for each story, as he can be a rather difficult creature to mentally visualize.~~

~~If you would like to know how Rathe and Triss met, read Rathe’s Hunts Chapter 04.~~

~~If you would like to know how Rathe and Pol met, read Rathe’s Hunts Chapter 05.~~

Rathe Defire:

Rathe was a rather large creature, even amongst the things that roamed the Nexxus. He stood over 8 feet in height, a massive being of power and intimidation. His muscles were large and developed, though they didn’t crowd his skeleton and inhibit his agility, and his claws were long and thick. Something of a half-lizard, Rathe’s skin was covered in large green scales, making the beast comparable to a small humanoid dragon, though he lacked the facial features to go with. Rathe’s face was perhaps what sparked the most intrigue about him, as his face, also covered by the green scales, only had one feature: a thin, black, slotted eye.

The peculiarities didn’t stop there. Above the waist, Rathe’s bone structure was humanoid, though below it took a turn for prehistoric as his tailbone grew out into a large tail, and his heels grew downwards to create talon’d feet. Rathe’s spine was covered in large green spikes, see-through like glass and sharp enough to pierce. They continued all the way from the back of his skull to the tip of his tail, which had its own small green glass blade to adorn its end. Rathe’s head was covered in these large glass-like protrusions, creating a crown of blades of sorts. Indeed, the creature was a walking death machine, with more spikes protruding from his knuckles and other various joints.

Naked, Rathe was very much a different creature. The scales are removed, leaving his skin exposed, pale and rippling with muscle. Some smaller scales still remain, tiny compared to their armoured kin, and only covering certain sections of his body: the underside of his chin, hips, tail, and feet. The green glass-like spikes remained, now protruding from his hairless epidermis. The most obvious change was Rathe’s face, which was now very much human with two green eyes, a snake-like curvature to his jaw line, no eyebrows, and a pair of upper and lower fangs held within his mouth, hidden. His green tinted lips often carried a sinister smirk, hinting at a rather poetic and intelligent, but ultimately psychotic personality.

Rathe was unique, the only one of his kind, a creation of demonic and divine games, punishment, and the product of a deal for his soul gone sour. Infertile and damned to an ageless existence, Rathe was a known rapist and fierce combatant amongst the Nexxus.

Slave’s Primal Lust

Chapter 3

Poliktol sat upright on the bed as she heard a knock.

Taking a moment to gather her memories, the tiny elf girl raised the thick blankets of blue fur up to her collar, hiding her naked form as she rubbed the sleepies from her eyes. It was dark save for the fire, warm strands of orange light dancing upon the curtains with the lulling sound of crackling wood to send her to sleep. More knocking quickly roused her from being pulled under again.

“Er, uh.. come in!” she squeaked, brushing her blue hair from her eyes before pulling the blanket up to her neck, hiding her teenager-like body in total.

“Pol, my pet, I have a ssssurprise for you.” Slowly, with a patient step highlighted by the click of his talons upon the marble floor, the beast entered her chambers.

As always, she took a small breath of surprise as she admired the naked form of her master. His body was a mass of lean muscle standing at eight and a half feet tall, body a mix of pale green skin, scales of a serpent, and supernatural glass like spikes that caused the light to reflect and color the walls a twist of orange and green.

“Ooh, a surprise? Show me!” She giggled with delight, forgetting her blanket and letting it drop to her belly, exposing her naked body without care or worry as she squirmed with anticipation. It had been some time since Rathe had brought home a gift, and she wondered at the possibilities.

The monster approached, massive tail slithering about behind him as he neared the bed, leaning forward to place his weight upon his palms with a feline grace. The mattress creaked with his titanic size, shifting about and making Pol smile brightly to him as she felt his size push upon her bed. She watched with delight as he soon lifted a knee up and onto her blankets, daring eyes occasionally drifting down to take a peek upon his huge member, making her blush a soft purple.

Soon the creature laid down next to her upon his back, careful of the spikes that littered his spine as he adjusted himself into her blankets. He did nothing to hide his penis, arrogant and content to let it rest against his leg and draw his slave’s attention. Perhaps that was what excited his slave so, his sheer confidence and cockiness. She was drawn to it like a moth to flame.

Forgetting her own nudity, she wriggled across the blankets, keeping her bottom half buried as she found the nook of her master’s shoulder and arm. There, she rested her head against his chest, his arm reaching around to hold her petite form against him warmly.

“Well, I got you a present, sssomething I think you can really enjoy,” he whispered darkly, leaning forward and craning his neck to plant a kiss upon his pet’s forehead. “I found you… you’re own sslave.”

Pol blinked in surprise for a moment, turning her head upon his chest to look up to him, chin against his pectoral.

“My own… slave?” Shocked, she continued to blink at her master, faint memories of a conversation in the past coming to mind. She did indeed express interest in having another person join their bed, as others did from time to time, but she had forgotten.

Rathe nodded with a sly grin, cracking a smile as his forked tongue reached about to lick at the large snake fang hidden within his mouth.

“Trisssss, get in here. Now.” With a powerful, solid booming voice, the reptile’s order reverberated throughout the room, making Pol shiver with adrenaline. She dragged her tiny index across his abs in a teasing manner, watching the door in anticipation as she waited. Triss, she remembered Triss.

Slowly, with obvious reluctance and dripping with hatred, the drow entered Pol’s chambers, eliciting a gasp of surprise from the little qwento as her old master stepped into view. The shock was not so much in seeing her old owner, but in seeing what she was wearing. The dominatrix that had spent many nights forcing Poliktol into doing whatever she wished, was wearing nothing but some common rags. A two piece of ripped and dirtied garbs that did little to hide her skin, barely holding onto her hips and doing nothing to mask her bosom.

Although surprised at her clothes, Pol was strangely delighted to see her old master; her apparently new slave’s body had not changed. Triss was all by regards Pol’s exact opposite. Pol was a tiny girl, looking to be perhaps 15 or 16 despite her age of 38, with light blue skin and long blue hair. She lacked curves and her breasts had only just started to develop any mass, a subject she was always reluctant to approach. Triss on the other hand was a goddess of ideal proportions. Standing tall at near six feet, the drow’s body was a sex symbol from head to toe, with long, voluptuous legs both defined in detail and rounded with appeal. Her waist was thin and curved at the hip, and her stomach flat and toned, dipping in at the thigh where her rags hid her privates, also barely hiding her firm, bountiful buttocks. Her breasts were massive, huge mounds of round flesh barely contained within the noticeably strained wraps of her garments, hiding her ribcage from view under their natural weight. Her face was smooth and thin, an edge marking her somewhat older look, passing for perhaps a woman in her mid thirties. Her lips were thick and dark navy, her hair a short white with a few thick strands hiding one of her piercing eyes from view.

Pol licked her lips in awe, she had forgotten just how beautiful Triss was. After a moment’s stare, she squeaked quietly as she realized her bare body was visible to the obviously angry woman, and she reached down to bring the blankets back up to her collar.

“I see you’ve been treating your dog kindly, filthy snake,” the drow snarled, fists at her side clenched and ready to claw out the monster’s eyes.

Rathe’s eyes went wide for a moment, a touch of anger upon his usually calm, sly face. He considered for a moment, before his old, evil smile returned, his glance falling down to Pol who was looking up at him, a touch of tears in her eyes. For all their sexual adventures, Pol was still young for her kind, and probably not used to being insulted so harshly.

“Pol,” the devil serpent spoke softly, “she called you a dog… she’ssss your slave, my pet. Punish her how you wish.”

“M-m-my slave…” She spoke the words aloud to herself, as if trying to convince herself of the reality. She had spent so long a toy of the dominatrix, she had trouble envisioning the sex queen doing her bidding.

Rathe nodded, nudging Pol to sit upright, massive hand gently dragging its claws teasingly along her naked back. Triss sneered in annoyance, hip protruding to the side despite her lack of high heels, or any footwear for that matter.

“Your sssslave, my pet. You can do whatever you wish to her. Make her do whatever you wish to you, or me.” Slowly, gently, Rathe leaned forward and whispered dark things to Pol’s exposed ear, making her blush as he corrupted her imagination with dark, dirty thoughts. “Anything.”

Pol continued to turn a brighter and brighter purple, clutching the blanket closer to her body as Rathe enticed her with ideas. Images danced in her head of old memories, roles suddenly reversed, with Triss now forced to listen to her, to do her bidding, to do… anything. She giggled with a rush of adrenaline as the idea finally sank in, her body growing hot as her blood pumped faster, heart racing as she approached the precipice of change.

“Triss… do not call me a dog.” A small step, and one barely reaching a whisper, but a step nonetheless.

Triss opened her mouth with a mind to let loose, eyes screaming fury and pierced tongue poised and ready in her mouth. Pol froze in fright, ready for a tongue lashing as Triss raised a hand… only to lower it as her gaze met Rathe’s.

Rathe was grinning at her, waiting for her to cross the line. The moment she broke the rules, he would punish her, and not the sort of punishment she wanted.

Utterly defeated by nothing more than a glance, the slave lowered her hand back to her hip, dropping her gaze as she ground her teeth in her mouth, visibly shaking with frustration. She was completely helpless to do anything, and as much as she hated it, she had little choice but to obey.

“Fine,” she finally snapped, lifting her arms to fold them under her bosom, turning her head to the side with annoyance.

Pol, taking a moment to realize what just happened, lit up like a Christmas tree. She told Triss what to do, and she listened! Like shattering glass, the barriers in the tiny qwento’s mind fell away, reality finally sinking in and the door of possibilities opening wide. She had a new slave, and not just any slave, Triss!

Giggling like school girl, Pol cuddled up against Rathe’s side as he sat upright next to her. She let go of her blanket, exposing her naked breasts to her new slave as she thanked Rathe with enthusiasm. Suddenly, it didn’t bother her, to let Triss see her naked. She was hers, and she could do whatever she wanted with her.

“Oh master! This is so great, it’s… wow, anything? Anything?” Rathe chuckled with her joy, leaning down to plant a kiss upon her head as he continued to rub her back teasingly.

“Anything, though I hope you had ssomething ssssssexual in mind,” the reptile hissed, his uncovered body showing a growing erection. Pol blushed until she could blush no more, pressing her body against Rathe’s side and turning to face Triss.

“I do I do. Umm…. Triss… slave! Yes, um… take off your clothes.” The very words themselves gave Pol a rush, her nipples growing hard as she felt her loins swell with need. No wonder Rathe and Triss both enjoyed positions of power, she thought, this felt amazing.

“Oh you can’t be fucking serious. Rathe, you…” Looking the titan in the eye, Rathe just smiled to her, offering a subtle, playful wiggling of his non-existent eyebrows before pulling Pol tighter against him in a single arm hug. The tiny elf was surprisingly hot and bothered, giving a tiny squeal as she rested her cheek against the monster’s serratus muscles, once innocent eyes now drunk with power and looking to Triss.

Feeling both eyes upon her and without choice or aid, the once proud dominatrix felt her pride boil under the pain of submission. Baring her fangs with pure hatred, the voluptuous drow slowly, showing obvious reluctance in her movements, lifted her hands to her shoulders and slipped the rags to her biceps. Growling under her breath, she lowered her arms, and let the rags succumb to gravity.

The audience upon the bed were treated to a site as the upper garment of the beauty finally slipped to the floor. Triss’ breasts were a magnificent example of sexual incarnation, spilling from her chest and overwhelming her torso, each larger than her head and delightfully weighty. Caving to gravity only slightly, they pressed against her body, creating a thick, round shape of perfection against her ribs as her nigh black nipples rested upon her dark navy skin. They were pierced, a small bolt of thin metal through each with a round tip on each side, making Pol lick her lips with desire.

She wanted to taste them, they looked so soft and tender. The child found her hand rising up to her own breast, cupping one in her palm and offering it a gentle squeeze as she imagined squeezing Triss’s.

Her eyes danced lower, nibbling her bottom lip as she found herself lingering upon the toned belly of her pet. It too was pierced, a ring of a similar silver metal highlighting the slight but noticeable abs of her tiny waist. Lower still they fell, admiring the curves of Triss’ hips, for as slender as her waist was, her hips were somewhat wide, meeting in the back to join a rather full ass. There, the drow begrudgingly slipped the rags from her buttocks till they fell from her thighs, exposing her body in the complete nude for Pol to devour.

Brazen and proud, the drow again folded her arms across her chest, using them to push up against her bountiful bosom as she did her master’s bidding. For all her sexual history, she blushed a dark purple upon her cheeks, looking to the side as she felt the child’s eyes fall upon her nethers. Her pubic hair was kept trim to a single line of white, short and thin and barely two inches in length, stopping short of where her labia began. There, as Pol felt her breath catch, she spied upon her pet’s pussy, bare of hair like her own. Unlike hers though, another tiny bolt of metal decorated it, a ring of silver color hanging from the dark purple hood over her clit.

Pol took a moment to breathe, realizing she was holding her breath as the waves of adrenaline washed over her. For Rathe, to bend a woman to his will was an everyday thing, but for Pol, to see such a creature laid bare at her order was making her literally shake with excitement.

She raised a hand to her lip, chewing on her finger for a moment as she tried to find the will to muster another command. Rathe noticed her reluctance, and leaned down to offer encouraging nibbles upon her pointed ears.

“Anything you want, little pet, anything at all. You can make her do sstuff to herssssself, to you, to me,” he whispered slyly, reaching around with his teasing hand to softly take Pol’s closer palm and slide it across his lap till her digits found the base of his erection.

The little elf glanced down to Rathe’s lap as she found her hand gently gripping the thick meat of her master, fingers unable to encircle its girth as it filled with blood. It was hot in her hand, growing harder and harder as it swelled to approach its ten inch limit, making Pol pant faster as she watched, felt it fill. The qwento was as much a sex addict as he, and a little arousal is all it took to brake any barriers she had.

Triss grew impatient, tapping her foot on the floor as she stood a platter for the eyes of her owners. It was a little arousing, she had to admit, watching the tiny girl grip the reptile’s rather massive cock. Even more arousing as the girl played with herself under the blankets, attempts to hide her masturbating all too obvious to both Rathe and the frustrated drow.

“Ah, little pet, remember you don’t need to do anything yoursssself anymore.” Grinning, the beast reached down and pulled the blankets away from Pol, despite her attempts to stop him with a squeal and futile tug. With her barrier gone, the child pressed up against Rathe in embarrassment, refusing to look at the growing stain of dampness under her pussy’s lips.

“Why not… let Trisssssss take care of that?” Teasing his pet with images of the drow pleasuring the qwento, Rathe nudged the child closer to the edge of the bed, keeping her next to him till her tiny legs hung openly. “All you have to do is tell her to.”

It was a lot to take in for the pet. Again on the point of change, the tiny elf was torn between a burning desire to have Triss, her new slave, satisfy her needs, but to force her will onto the dominatrix was such a massive decision.

“B-but… she might hurt me,” Pol whispered, hiding her dripping cunt from the eyes of the rather angry drow.

Rathe nodded in quiet agreement, considering his options. After a moment, a devil’s grin snuck onto his lips, and he stood from the bed with a small bounce. Triss backed away from the monster as he approached, her back to the wall and hands clenched in fists.

“I swear I’ll get you back for this Rathe. I’m going to tear out your liver and feast on your blood.” Forgetting her own nude body, she poised ready for an attack, nails drawn to hopefully shred the beast’s eyes for his insolence.

Her efforts were soon rendered useless however, as Rathe’s lightning reflexes forced her to her knees, his right hand wrapping around her hair while the other made short work of her hands. She didn’t know what was going on, she had no idea the titan could move that fast, but before long the dominatrix was doubled over. Not for pain, but the beast forced her down, taking both hands behind her back and cuffing them together. She screamed in rage, glaring up at the reptile as she struggled within her binds. Handcuffs, when did he get handcuffs? She didn’t see him with any.

Rathe grinned openly, again wrapping his fingers into her white hair and forcing her head upward, pointing it towards Pol as she kneeled, helpless to escape.

“You’re going to do anything and everything she wantsss, Trisssss,” Rathe whispered, throwing the drow forward with a hiss of aggression. She fell forward and rolled with the push somewhat, again on her knees and only a few feet from Pol. ” Pol is my ssslave, my pride, my joy, and if you harm her in way, I’ll… well, the king’sss planss for me will be nothing compared to what I’ll do to you.” For just a moment, the lizard’s eyes turned from their usual devil grins to harsh daggers, making Triss catch her breath with fright. Rathe would tear her apart if she didn’t listen.

Pol glowed with contentment, quickly re-establishing her cuddling against her master the moment he sat back down beside her. She looked down to the defeated drow, spreading her legs and moving her hand from its position of cover and exposing her already dripping pussy. She also re-established her gentle grip about Rathe’s erection, reaching over into his lap to stroke her master’s cock as she smiled down at her pet. To see Triss so defeated, so helpless to fight back, so completely at her mercy, it awoke a fire inside her.

“Triss… make me cum.” The rush from saying those words alone made her pussy clench, body aching with need and racing with adrenaline. It took all her power to not use her freehand to quickly masturbate to a fast orgasm right there. The thrill of control was unimaginably addictive, and Pol revelled in it, shaking with excitement as she waited for her new pet to obey.

Triss was shocked, starring at the two lovebirds in disarray as she knelt there, helpless and exposed. She had no idea their relationship had progressed so far, and now she was nothing but their toy, a new pet for them to play with. She snarled under her breath, looking down at the floor for a brief moment as she closed her eyes tight.

Begrudgingly, the drow crawled her way to the edge of the bed sans hands, and kneeled before her new mistress, looking up at her with a mix of hatred and submission. She couldn’t do anything, she had no way out of this situation, and ultimately she had no choice but to listen to the tiny elf’s commands.

Lowering her eyes, she took in the sight of Pol’s pussy, completely hairless and damp with need, her clit budding outward and demanding attention. While the drow was a marvel of dark navy, almost black skin and the curves of a goddess, Pol was her opposite. She wasn’t actually a child, though she lacked the defining curves of a woman, and her race’s unusually small size made her come across as almost childish. The glint of desire in her eyes certainly wasn’t childish, and Triss suddenly realized all her previous sessions of torment upon her old slave might just come back to haunt her.

“Come on, pet, hurry up.” Pol edged closer along the bed till her moist lips hung just off the edge of the blankets, her right hand still stroking the monster’s shaft with a teasing slowness. Rathe was utterly delighted with the development of his pet, hand reaching around from behind to wrap around her chest and capture a nipple between finger and thumb. She cooed with delight, fingers reaching down to softly stroke the smooth skin lining the underneath of his thick erection.

Triss sighed openly, finally bringing herself to kneel directly in front of her mistress, leaning in close and licking her lips to prepare herself. She growled in frustration, ignoring her own growing desires as she eyed Pol’s pussy lips, the blue elf using her left hand to spread her labia apart with arousal. She was bathing in the thrill of her first slave, even Triss remembered what that was like, except now it was her.

Slowly, with blatant reluctance that only seemed to tease and arouse Pol more, Triss finally leaned in close enough for lips to encase her mistress’s snatch, eyes looking up and glaring at her with hate as she ran her tongue along the girl’s clit. The qwento squealed in quivering delight, free hand lifting to grab onto Rathe’s hand in a need to brace herself, body shaking as her new slave licked her boiling cunt. The act itself wasn’t particularly amazing, but to have someone forced against their will to pleasure her in such a personal manner was breathtaking, and looking down into the sex goddess’s livid eyes only heightened her pleasure.

“Oh master, she’s… oh, oh god,” she mewled, breath coming in little pants and squeaks as Triss’s tongue teased her clit in a circular manner, gentle and teasing, a woman’s touch very foreign to the tiny elf. In little time, a stain of dampness grew from where she sat, the drow’s full lips more than enough to drive the little girl wild as she suckled upon her clit.

Without even realizing, Pol soon found herself lulled into a trance, eyes closing as she lifted her legs and placed them on the drow’s shoulders. Triss broke away only for a moment, looking up at the petite child lost in pleasure, glancing at Rathe in the corner of her eye. He only grinned back to her, offering a simple look that was clear as day: make it good. Snarling back at him, she resumed her task, making Pol squeal as her pleasure returned stronger than before, Triss sucking tightly on her clit before pressing her mouth forward, the angle and force letting her drive her tongue with vigour.

Soon the qwento’s hands had forgotten what they were doing before, and dancing fingers laced themselves into Triss’s white hair, combing and playing as she rode upon the drow’s lips. Triss found herself trapped, as while Pol was very weak and harmless, without her hands she could not fight against the qwento’s playful pulling. She was helpless to escape, glaring angrily up at her mistress as she continued to suckle, tongue occasionally running up and down the length of her smooth, warm labia before returning to her clit to resume massaging. For all her frustrations, Triss was growing more and more aroused, hating herself for letting this humiliation get to her, and hating herself more for enjoying it.

The trembling girl started pushing her little hips forward, desperate for release as she felt her orgasm approach, unable to catch her breath as each pant was followed by a mewl of pleasure.

“Master, she’s gonna… she’s gonna OH! Oh no, she’s gonna make me cum, oh god, mmm!” As Pol grew vocal, Rathe chuckled darkly as he watched his favourite pet grow bold with her new power. He leaned down, breathing deeply and teasingly pulling the tip of her pointed ear into his mouth, making her whimper with vulnerability as Triss continued to suckle.

Triss rolled her eyes, almost growing sick with the lovey dovey relationship she was forced to watch. Still, the strange mixture of how comfortable they were with each other and their shared taste in sexual deviancy was starting to get to her. She found herself growing wet, hands twisting in their cuffs as she squirmed her shapely ass left and right, trying to ignore the rising heat in her loins as she licked faster.

“Oh! Oh, oh please, please… oh….” Forgetting herself, Pol suddenly yanked Triss forward, palms open wide and keeping the powerless drow pinned to her cunt. Her hips started to spasm, body growing still for just a moment before trembling with pleasure, moans escaping an hanging open mouth as she leaned in, almost doubling over as she clutched Triss’s head close.

Triss’s mouth was suddenly awash with Pol’s cum, her pussy unleashing a gush of warm fluid that soaked the drow, juices pouring off of her cheeks and chin and creating a holy mess of eroticism on the bed. The dominatrix eased up on her licking, letting the tiny blue elf enjoy her orgasm as she convulsed against her lips, legs wrapping around her head and squeezing gently as her muscles quivered in delight.

The two stayed like that for a moment, Pol holding Triss close like a love doll, juices dripping down her lips as the final waves of her orgasm rippled through her cunt. The drow found herself unbelievably aroused, unaware of just how intoxicatingly sexy it would be to see the little elf cum, to feel her juices squirt against her mouth as she trembled. Forgetting herself, Triss offered a few more licks of her tongue, each making Pol gasp loudly and shake with over stimulation.

“Oh! Triss, that’s too much! Oh… oh…” she mewled, finally coming down from her pleasure high and releasing her slave’s head, just realizing she had trapped her against her nethers. With that, Pol collapsed sideways against Rathe’s side, half hugging him between exhaustion and panting, rubbing her cheek against his skin as she mewled happily.

“I trussst that was good for you, pet?” Rathe again leaned down to offer more ear licks, nibbling on the tips as he stroked her back gently with his claws.

Pol giggled playfully and nodded, leaning up and offering Rathe a kiss, tiny lips nibbling on his own as she closed her eyes. Like a princess drifting into the arms of a knight, she nudged her face against her master’s, growing more passionate as her arousal quickly returned.

“Master,” she whispered softly, “can we….” The rest was too quiet for Triss to hear. She kneeled there with juices still on her chin, tilting her head to the side to wipe them off on her slender shoulders. Without hands, even the simplest things became somewhat complicated. She watched the two whisper, groaning in annoyance over their obvious and sickeningly loving relationship. Her noises sparked a glance from Pol, who grinned at her new pet with mischief in her eyes.

“Come sit between the Master’s legs,” she ordered, voice quiet but surprisingly stern.

Triss sighed hopelessly and shifted her knees across the floor, slowly moving her body with a bend that made her breasts sway. Rathe licked his lips in anticipation, watching the busty woman take position between his knees, her mouth only a foot from his upright erection, her breath hot with poorly masked desire.

So close to his member, the drow couldn’t help but breathe in his musk, memories drifting back to the night Rathe had raped her, how many times she had cum. She shook her head in annoyance, grabbing onto her hate and clinging for dear life, refusing to accept her own state of intrigue and arousal. This was not how things were done, she was the dominator, not them.

Making another giggle, Pol leisurely got to her feet, a hand on Rathe’s shoulder as she fought the urge to collapse from her previous orgasm. Persevering, she stepped over her master’s thigh, careful to not trip as each legs was the size of her entire body. Soon, she was standing with her tiny derriere to Rathe’s chest, her feet between his thighs looking down at Triss with a wicked grin.

Slowly, without ever breaking eye contact with her pet, Pol began to lower herself onto the titan, a hand reaching down to aim his thick member straight up. Rathe growled possessively, massive hands reaching out to wrap around her torso, holding her gently and massaging her smooth skin beneath his thumbs as she worked her magic. Triss’s mouth actually dropped open as Pol’s dripping snatch found the head of the monster’s cock, the tiny elf taking a moment to shift her weight up and down, making Rathe hiss in pleasure as the sensitive tip was soon bathed in her hot juices.

Triss couldn’t look away, hypnotized by the erotic sight of Pol’s lewdness, the qwento lifting her weight only to let it drop an inch, her tight pussy reaching down just enough to grab hold of the monster’s cock, wrapping around the huge head tightly before sliding back up. Pol couldn’t help but mewl between soft pants, doing her best to not collapse as she slowly fucked the first inch of her master’s gargantuan shaft, her lips dripping juices liberally until the ten inches of his veined member were soaked. Still she continued, looking back over her shoulder and up to her master who kept her steady with his hands, smiling with pride as she chewed her bottom lip. The master was closing his eyes in brief windows, pupils rolling back as his shaft tingled with overwhelming pleasure, her warm labia massaging him and making him shudder. She loved to see him enjoy himself.

The drow was still shocked, body noticeably growing hotter as Pol continued her extreme teasing of the animal’s member. She had no idea the child could actually fit Rathe inside her, she was only 4’3″ after all, while Rathe was a massive titan of muscle and height, standing at double Pol’s height and clearly far thicker. Still, the petite elf moaned in pleasure, legs starting to tremble as she took Rathe a bit deeper, cunt spread wide as the round, soft tip of the beast’s blood engorged phallus rubbed against her g-spot. She held him there for a moment, looking back to Triss with raised eyebrows, eyes filled with lust and need as she slowly pushed herself back up until the tip of the monster again probed at her drenched entrance. The drow only made quick glances to her mistress, afraid to hold eye contact as her gaze kept falling back to where they connected, drinking in the sight of Pol’s pussy massaging the head of the demon’s cock, wrapped taut around it and soaking it with more juices.

“He feels… so good… inside me… Triss,” the enraptured qwento whispered, her hands gripping Rathe’s wrists tightly as she shifted her hips back and forth. Triss was surprised two fold, first with Pol’s unexpected affinity for sexuality, and that Rathe hadn’t unleashed his desires upon his pet at this point. The creature was obviously boiling, legs twitching occasionally as held the tiny doll in his hands.

Finally giving in to her own desires, Pol finally let the descent begin, legs trembling as the first few inches of the titan penetrated her. Triss licked her lips, hopelessly absorbed by the sight as the little elf’s cunt stretched wide, wrapping tightly around the veined cock as it sank deeper into her. Pol moaned openly, legs spreading wider as her knees bent, body sinking further onto the shaft as she trembled in pleasure.

“Oh god… Triss… he’s deep… deep inside me.” She tried to keep her eyes open, to gaze at her slave’s own lust filled eyes as she took the beast deeper, the mix of dominating and being watched creating a torrent of pleasure inside her. With five inches in, her pussy was fully stuffed, insides overflowing and making her quake with delight.

“More…” Trapped by her own desires, Pol lost control of her pacing, body screaming for release and completion as she shifted her hips about. Left and right her tiny body twisted, subtle motions allowing her cunt to move about in a circular fashion, slowly pulling in the massive cock that spread her open. Six inches, seven inches, eight inches. Triss leaned in closer, also lost in her arousal as she bit her lips hungrily, unable to pull away from the overwhelmingly erotic dance of Pol shifting her hips about, seeking to pull Rathe in deeper and deeper. The titan groaned in obvious pleasure, the twisting of his pet’s body causing ripples of stimulation to dance up and down his swollen phallus.

Finally, with her knees fully bent and her back leaning onto her master’s abs, the qwento managed to take in all ten inches, her tiny cunt stretched and filled to the brink. While little tingles of pain crept through her, the bulbous head of her master’s cock pressing against her cervix, her naturally elastic flesh allowed her to enjoy the unimaginable bliss of being so full, the demon’s fat meat grinding against her deepspot.

Making a tiny hiss, Rathe slid his hands down her body, fingers running along her skin until they drifted underneath her thighs, huge hands easily wrapping around them and offering support for his pet. There, he lifted her legs, spreading them open so her weight rested upon his palms, and on his cock. So exposed, Triss was treated to the full sight of the wicked scene, breathing fast and trying to control her arousal as her eyes drifted up Pol’s body. There was a noticeable bulge along the qwento’s abdomen, a tracing of Rathe’s phallus as it skewered her, sticking out an inch or two in various places along her abs and stopping just short of her sternum. She was indeed completely stuffed, body shaking and hands reaching under the beast’s arms, holding onto his forearms as they kept her thighs spread.

“Oh my god… that doesn’t hurt?” Triss asked, forgetting herself and her supposed hatred.

“It does a little, but only a little,” she mewled between pants, body refusing to stop quivering despite her lack of movement. “Now, pet… make me cum.”

Triss blinked up at her mistress, unsure of what she wanted as she was clearly penetrated and well on her way to being fucked. Rathe wasn’t moving though, grinning down at Triss from over Pol’s little shoulders, staying silent as he let his pet control her own.

Pol only grinned down at her slave, eyes drifting closed every now and then as she unconsciously shifted her hips back and forth, desperate for some stimulation. Triss eventually leaned forward, blushing purple and bringing her face closer and closer to her mistress’s pussy. It was spread open this time, albeit completely full, the thickness of Rathe’s cock forcing her clit outward as a budding nub, swollen and dripping with juices.

Slowly, with uncertainty born from a torn conscious, Triss finally brought her lips forward till they were only an inch from the girl’s clit, eyes looking up from behind strands of white as she glanced to her mistress. Her lips were so full, thick and round, Pol shuddered as she remembered her previous orgasm, pussy trickling more juices as she unconsciously squeezed Rathe tight.

A harsh glance from Rathe reminded Triss of her place, and with a tiny whine of submission, she leaned in, and wrapped her lips around Pol’s clit. The child erupted into moans as she tightened her grip on Rathe’s forearms, hips twisting about as she trembled in pleasure. She ground her ass downwards, tiny little body grabbing onto her master and holding on tight, ensuring all ten inches penetrated her and rubbed against her moist, hot insides.

The sensation was overwhelming, to have her new pet bury her clit in her tongue while also having her master skewer her till she felt him in the stomach. She clenched tightly just with the thought, juices trickling down from her pussy till they soaked the beast’s testicles. So close to cumming, she shook like a leaf, unable to stop her gyrating as she shifted about. Triss had no choice but to turn her head to the side and open her mouth, taking in both the front of her owner’s pussy and some of Rathe’s cock, licking both of them feverishly as she tried to make Pol cum.

In no time at all, the petite qwento convulsed with orgasm, body going into spasms as she rocked about on Rathe’s cock, muscles squeezing like a vice and rolling about as she twisted and writhed, moaning loudly as her head leaned forward. Her mouth opened, tongue hanging out as she looked down at her pet, meeting the drow’s gaze as her face contorted with orgasmic pleasure. Even Triss found herself in the mood, forgetting her resignation as she sucked hungrily on the quivering mistress, spurring more cum to squirt from her cunt and gush upon Rathe’s balls.

Rathe, showing an amazing amount of patience, simply let her cum upon him, keeping her legs spread as her extremely tight pussy writhed around him. It was a different sort of pleasure, focusing purely on the sensitivity of the head of his cock rather than stroking the length of it. It caused his muscles to twitch and his eyes to roll about in his sockets as her muscles massaged the tip of him, his PC muscle flexing and making his shaft jump inside her.

Eventually Pol collapsed backwards, head pressing against Rathe’s sternum as her hands fell limply to his thighs, breath coming in short pants and moans. She lifted her right to let her fingers explore her abdomen, tips stroking and massaging the bulge that pressed through her abs. She found the head of her master’s cock, making a slight bulge on her flesh where her abs connected to her sternum, making her groan with the depth of his entry. She rubbed at the bump, enjoying the feeling of the pressure his insane thickness put on her insides.

Rathe shifted about a little, changing weight from side to side for a moment as he made his own groan of pleasure, feeling the aftershocks of Pol’s orgasm around his bursting erection.

“Again pet,” Rathe insisted, trying to control his squirming as his cock grew more and more sensitive, demanding attention.

Grinning up at her master with half closed eyes, the tiny elf looked down to her own slave, nodding with Rathe’s words. Triss sighed, licking her lips in desire as she leaned in closer once more. She was aching for release herself, though she loathed to admit it.

Again she wrapped her mouth about Pol’s clit, enjoying the sounds her mistress made as she sucked hungrily, pulling the swollen nub between her lips and assaulting it with her tongue. Having her hands still cuffed behind her, she was forced to pull in closer until she was against the bed, finding a proper angle as she greedily ate the qwento’s cunt. Her unexpected enthusiasm was a bit of a shock to Pol, her body soon writhing and twisting with another building orgasm.

“Mmm, Triss, don’t stop, gonna cum… oh, oh, oh…. oh god,” she whimpered, body shuddering with waves of pleasure as she fell into another climax. This time, far more into this than she originally wanted to be, Triss continued to suck on Pol’s clit, suckling tightly and drawing more spurts of cum from her mistress’s pussy as she trembled.

“Oh! Oh god!” Definately not expecting Triss to be that aroused, Pol found herself losing control of her body, muscle spasms making her hips hump back and forth, rubbing the beast’s cock inside her with each splash of cum. Rathe hissed in ecstasy, doing his best to hold still as the constant massaging of her tight muscles around the head of his cock was overpowering. It sent constant tingles of pleasure running up and down his shaft, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm as the child quivered around his meat.

Juices soon trickled off of Triss’s chin, the drow continuing her hungry licking as Pol trembled with delight. Pol raised both her hands to her breasts, cupping them in her palms and holding them against her, nipples sending static jolts of pleasure through her body as she pinched them between moans. Finally, she realized she had to give an order or this overwhelming pleasure would drive her to madness.

“Stop Triss, oh stop… oh…. mmmm.” Triss obeyed, pulling her soaked maw away and looking up at the two lovers, sitting between Rathe’s legs on her knees. She tried to find the hate that existed before, so trapped and helpless and forced to become a sex toy, but everything grows fuzzy the hornier you get, and Triss was horny as hell.

The little elf happily drifted into an ocean of serenity as her body continued to quiver with orgasm aftershocks. Looking up over her shoulder, Pol smiled up at her master, lowering her hands to her belly and again massaging the thickness that protruded against her abs. She could see it in her master’s eyes, the look she often saw every night. He was close.

“I’ll make you cum master, please.” With that, she reached down towards Rathe’s legs and made an effort to push his thighs together. She was hopelessly unable, and Rathe chuckled with her efforts, aiding her and moving her legs till they were only a couple feet apart at the knee. Triss soon found both his calves nudging against her shoulders, the drow completely trapped in a cage of limbs as Rathe sneaked his feet around and behind her, hooking them at the ankle.

“Triss,” she whispered, still trying to catch her breath between mewls, “… play with Master’s… no, suck on the master’s balls.” She giggled with her own lewdness, reaching down to offer the large testicles a soft, gentle squeeze before Rathe let her legs down. With his thighs together, she could plant her legs upon his, her feet outside his lap. She leaned forward, planting both palms against the monster’s thighs as she stared down at Triss, waiting.

Triss blinked up at her owner, looking around in a mild panic as she considered her options. She was surrounded by Rathe’s legs, who could easily crush her in two, and her new master wanted her to lick his balls? Groaning with renewed frustration, she leaned in, bringing her moist, voluptuous lips to the beast’s scrotum that hung just off the edge of the bed. It was hairless and fairly smooth, warm and weighty with the creature’s rather bulky testicles.

With nowhere to go and a lust that was clouding her judgement, the drow opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around one of the large spheres held within. She felt Rathe tense for a moment under the sudden stimulation before relaxing, breath coming out in deep pants, a titan on the verge of orgasm.

Pol, grinning up at her master as she found him stirring with desire, started to grind her hips down against him. With her hands on his legs, she pushed her ass down towards the titan, grinding her pussy on his cock and making him hiss in pleasure. She could tell, he was close, his cock was getting more and more sensitive, jumping inside her as she pressed her flesh down on him. She twisted her hips about in a circular motion, slowly coaxing more and more groans from the demon.

Triss looked up at her mistress, mesmerized by her erotic lap dance. With her snatch only half a foot away, she was treated to quite a sight, watching Pol wriggle and writhe and twist about in her circular motion, bringing an extremely sexual look to her otherwise un-curvy figure. The drow was shocked with just how lewd the qwento had become, unaware that Rathe would teach the girl such things.

Pol beamed down at Triss, head directly over hers as she leaned forward, using the position to push her ass downwards against Rathe’s bulging erection. There, she’d push her hips to the right, inciting a groan from her master before pushing her hips forward till her pussy was only a few inches from Triss. She continued the motion counter-clockwise, soon bringing her ass back until the tiny curves devoured Rathe once more, ensuring the pulsing, thick head of his cock ground about inside her.

It was very slow, intoxicatingly slow, and Triss couldn’t help but watch as she continued to suckle and lick the titan’s testicles. She could feel him getting closer, very gradually being drawn nearer and nearer to orgasm by Pol’s ever constant rubbing. It must have been torture, to be so near and yet never quite reaching orgasm, she could feel it in his balls, their flexing making her shiver with lust as she switched from one to the other. They were each as large as the entrance of her mouth, giving her little room to work with as her lips suckled excitedly.

Pol sighed in pleasure, enjoying the slow, constant pace she made on her master’s cock. She wouldn’t cum like this, but she knew he would. She could tell her master was fighting the urge to pin her down and ram her raw, to fuck her like a doll, or simply masturbate with her as his toy. While that turned her on immensely, she wanted to feel him, to make him cum like this, drawing out every bit of pleasure as her deepest insides gripped the tip of his swollen cock tight.

Rathe groaned and struggled, free hands gripping the blankets as he tried to control himself. The pleasure was constant, a never-ending torrent of rippling ecstasy around his shaft, the head ready to burst. Looking down, he found his pet giving him a lap dance, her tiny, tight little ass moving about and devouring him, long blue hair cascading over her back and shoulders. Her naked back was smooth and curved, her body writhing and wriggling as she massaged his cock with her pussy.

Using all the self control in the world, he waited, letting his pleasure and sensitivity build as she grinded upon him. Feeling the lips of the sex goddess about his testicles only heightened his pleasure, causing his cock to flex and jump inside his slave as she continued to fuck him. He dug his claws into the bed, feeling his liquids starting to stir and send jolts of pleasure through him.

“Oh, Triss… Master’s going to cum soon… oh… he’s close,” she mewled between whimpers, never stopping her grinding and twisting, albeit slowing down to draw out his pleasure. “Don’t stop sucking, even when he cums.”

Finally, after what seemed an eternity of pleasure, the cum inside Rathe started to fill his cock. Like Pol’s dancing motion, it came slowly, a river of semen that leisurely crept upwards inside him, making the pleasure almost unbearable until his eyes rolled back in their sockets. It eventually reached the head, causing him to hiss quietly as his hot cum leaked out of him, filling Pol with a slow, thick stream of fluid.

“Oh Triss… he’s cumming inside me…. oh…. oh it’s hot…” Never ceasing her dancing, the tiny qwento leaned upward, putting her back to the beast’s abs as she ground her tight cunt against him. She reached her hands around his waist, grabbing onto his hips for leverage as she pushed herself down, sucking him in deep as she encouraged his orgasm.

Rathe closed his eyes for small moments, opening them to enjoy the sight of his pet twisting about on his cock, only to close them again as another involuntarily flex of his cock caused another spurt of cum to shoot inside her. It came slowly, gradually, drawing out his orgasm and making him shudder as her twisting sent powerful waves of pleasure through his cock, head now extremely sensitive and making him shake.

Pol smiled up at him, bathed in contentment as she watched him orgasm. He came even more than usual, an ocean of his fluid filling her, slowly stuffing her as it leaked into her womb. She was so tight, much of his cum had nowhere else to go but deeper inside her. It was an intoxicating feeling, to have his cum pour into her, inflating her womb with its volume until it pressed outwards. Her belly gently began to inflate, a bulge marking the massive amount of ejaculate her master unleashed into her.

Soon his orgasm had his cum dripping down, overflowing from her pussy in slow moving streams of white. Triss stopped for a moment, blushing horribly as she watched the qwento grind the beast in orgasm, eyes growing wide as she noticed the growing bulge of belly. Then she remembered her order, and before punishment landed she resumed her work, licking and suckling upon the demon’s testicles as they flexed upward with his orgasm. As his cum dripped down to join Pol’s own juices, Triss soon found thick streams of his liquid pouring over her lips, strong and salty and immediately bringing back memories. She hated herself for not hating the taste of him, and more for her jealously towards Pol. She wanted to feel that.

Pol continued her grinding, pussy leaking a few more trickles of her juices as she clenched with delight, milking the beast of his ejaculate. This was a rare treat, and she was enjoying it to the fullest, overjoyed she could make her master cum so much inside her. So enraptured with his pleasure, she pressed down on the bulge in her belly, causing the cum inside her to gush downward and over his cock.

“Oh… my,” Triss muttered, watching closely as Pol pushed the monster’s fluid out of her body, making the thick cum trickle down to her. She returned to her suckling, licking the demon’s balls softly as his cum dripped down onto her lips.

“Pet, that was delicioussss. Triss, you may stop,” Rathe ordered, his massive hands letting go of the now punctured blankets, huge fingers wrapping around Pol’s tiny waist. No longer in orgasm, he breathed deeply, hugging his slave close to him as she purred against his abs. Slowly, with an obvious reluctance to lose their connection, the titan lifted her like a feather, easing her off of him until his massive phallus slid from her pussy, causing more of his cum to drip freely onto his genitals. He set Pol next to him on the bed, grinning evilly at her as he looked at her body, admiring the sight of her laying down on her side, his semen still trickling out of her and rolling off her thighs.

“What about Triss?” She looked to her pet, who was looking around in a haze of mixed feelings. Kneeling there, with cum on her lips and lust she couldn’t ignore, she looked completely defeated, refusing to make eye contact with either of her masters.

With ever an arrogant air, the beast leaned down and wrapped his fingers around and into Triss’s hair, lifting her to her feet with only a quiet protest of pain from the drow. Once up, he threw her onto the bed with a thrust, the poor woman collapsing onto the thick blankets with a bounce and cry of shock.

“Hey! Be careful!” she snapped, a bit of her old spirit come back as she got back to her knees.

Seeing his prey active only aroused the beast more. Standing at the edge of the bed, he leaned over and wrapped his hand in her hair again, pulling her towards him and forcing her down on her back. The back of her head soon rested upon the edge, and Rathe forced her to remain, both hands pinning her shoulders to the bed so she couldn’t move.

“Hey! Hey… nnn.” Her whines and protests soon faded, remembering her position and Rathe’s earlier threats. She resigned herself to silence, turning her head to the side in an attempt to hide her embarrassment and closing her legs.

“Sssspread them, and keep them sspread,” Rathe demanded, smiling darkly down at his slave as she whimpered with his orders. Slowly but surely, the drow spread her curvaceous legs, exposing her wet cunt to Pol.

“Oooh, master, she’s sooo beautiful, and horny!” She giggled childishly, sneaking in closer to sit between Triss’s thighs.

Triss couldn’t blush brighter than she was, hands fidgeting underneath her as she feigned anger. She wanted to hate this, she wanted to scream and lash out and curse and demand, but for all her anger left wanting, she was dying for release. Her pussy squeezed in bursts, tiny beads of her juices trickling down her labia as she squirmed under Pol’s enquiring eyes.

Smiling with all manner of erotic thoughts, Pol leaned in closer to her slave’s snatch, examining it closely with the utmost curiosity. She had never an opportunity to explore a woman’s nethers so intimately, and now that she had her very own slave, she had all the opportunities in the world.

Leaning down, the little elf brought her face close till only a couple inches of air separated her from her pet, her breath hot with desire on the drow’s snatch. The little bolt of metal through the hood over the clitoris was dripping with juices, and a small stain started to grow between the drow’s insanely voluptuous ass cheeks. Pol couldn’t help but moan with the sight, finally taking the plunge and offering Triss’s clit a long, slow lick of her tongue.

“Nn! Hey, don’t…” Triss pleaded, soon remembering her place and biting her bottom lip in frustration. More moans escaped her as the child experimented on her moist cunt, random licks of her tongue and curious probing with her fingers making the sex queen start to quiver in response.

“Oh, Master, she’s so warm inside… and wet,” mewled Pol, finding herself entranced by the sight of her slave’s clenching snatch as she turned her palm upward and sank in two of her fingers. She pushed upward in the way Rathe did to her so many times, giggling with satisfaction as she Triss groaned in pleasure. The g-spot, she thought happily. She sat there utterly fascinated, pumping her tiny fingers into the older woman’s cunt and pushing them up against her abs, her own pussy growing wet again as trickles of juices started to soaked her palm.

“Nnn, mmnn, st… god, nn.” Perhaps it was the just the stimulation, or the mental image of the tiny girl between her legs, herself helpless to stop Pol’s pumping of her pussy, but Triss was falling deep into near-orgasm territory far faster than she thought she would. She couldn’t help but subtlety worm her hips left and right, pussy squeezing the qwento’s fingers and offering a tiny spurt of cum as she grew nearer and nearer to climax.

Pol was estatic, she had never given a woman an orgasm before. Giggling with giddiness, she leaned in and devoured Triss’s clit, sucking on piercing and nub both in excitement. She started to pump her hand up and down in need, body growing hot as she started to spur some squirts of cum from her pet’s pussy. She never realized just how unbelievably sexy it was, to have a woman helpless as you made her cum. Pol revelled in the sensation, pushing her fingers up against the drow’s clamping pussy more and more.

“Oh! Fuck! Shit, Pol, god please you’re… oh fuck…” Her orgasm caught her by surprise, particularly the strength of it, Triss panting openly and arching her back as she felt her squeezing muscles squirt a few more streams of her juices onto Pol’s hand. She twisted and writhed, breathes ripped from her in moans and mewls as the child elf drove her fingers up into her g-spot a few more times. Eventually she let her pet rest, grinning up at her master as she beamed with pride.

“She makes so much cum when she cums!” she giggled, leaning in to offer the exhausted drow a lick, rewarded by muscle clenching and a surprised whimper from the sex goddess. Grinning with new power, Pol continued to lick, making Triss gasp and try to worm away as overstimulation crept up her legs, pussy squeezing down on a single finger as the little girl started to suckle in earnest, making her cry out in pleasure.

Growing impatient, Rathe took his soaked cock in his hand and nudged it against Triss’s face, making her gasp as she looked up at him, wide eyed.

“Just like lasst time,” he snickered evilly, reaching down to grab her shoulders.

“Oh please, no, don’t, you can’t! Not while she… no!” she begged, whimpering openly as Rathe pulled her a few inches towards the edge, her head soon having no place to rest. She raised it defiantly, refusing to give Rathe access. The beast only grinned, looking to Pol as he nodded to her, a single massive hand reaching down to slowly wrap about the drow’s throat.

She squirmed and struggled in mild panic, afraid of what might happen, but for all her efforts she couldn’t stop the monster from pushing her head down. Soon the back of her skull rested against the mattress, head now upside down and lips closed.

Pol, picking up on her master’s queue, smiled back and resumed her licking with fervour. There was no teasing this time, no breaks between licks, only pure stimulation that soon had the drow shaking with a rising orgasm. She tried to keep her lips closed, doing all she could to avoid moaning as the little qwento sucked her clit between her lips with force. It was powerful, her shapely legs trembling and hips pushing upward, spreading herself open of her own accord as she tried to fight the pleasure, only helping it along.

It was too much, and the curvaceous drow was soon writhing about on Pol’s tongue, massive breasts rolling from side to side along her ribs as she arched her back. Her mouth opened wide, moans coming through with closed eyes and pants of pleasure, her hands squirming and desperate for release underneath her back. A jet of cum squirted from her hole, making the qwento squeak as her lips and jaw were soaked in the slave’s juices. Pol was a squirter too, but Triss was truly a marvel. Encouraged by her pet’s powerful orgasm, the mistress continued her forceful licking, making Triss gasp in over stimulation, more mewls coming between begging.

“Fuck! Too much! Please, can’t cum anymore! Fuck, oh god, oh oh – nn!” Forgetting about the beast who kept her pinned, Rathe slipped the head of his massive cock between her lips, catching her by surprise and filling her mouth. She squealed through her nose, trying to shake her head left and right in vain as Rathe kept her head still, hand still about her throat.

“I’m insssside, my pet,” Rathe whispered in a deep hiss, obviously enjoying the eye rolling pleasure of Triss’s tongue on his cum soaked shaft. “But she keepsss trying to get away.”

Lifting her head from the quivering woman, Pol raised a hand to wipe the juices from her maw, smiling brightly with her triumph over her pet. It was a strange feeling, to force someone to orgasm so powerfully, to hear them beg like that. Unbelievably aroused, Pol slipped a finger between her legs, rubbing at her clit in quick bursts to try and alleviate her lust.

“Triss, stop fighting Master!” Pol raised her soft voice to a little bark, commanding but unbelievably adorable, making Rathe grin at her. To emphasize her point, the petite elf girl gave her new pet a light slap on the cunt, making Triss shudder as a strange mixture of a pain and pleasure shot up her body.

Making a quiet whine mixed with a groan, Triss finally relaxed and let her mouth open, giving Rathe the leeway he needed. She knew what he wanted, and she prepared herself with deep breathes. She wouldn’t be able to stop him, and soon she’d have that thick, veined, hard cock of his slipping all the way into her throat. He’d stop her from breathing, using her body as a toy to get himself off and violate her mouth. For some reason, such thoughts had her body aching for more.

Making another node to Pol, Rathe began the slow, intoxicating journey into Triss’s mouth, a small hiss of pleasure escaping him as his broad shaft started to run along her tongue. She couldn’t avoid licking him, he was so thick he filled her mouth, leaving little room for her to hide as he ran the swollen, soft head of his cock against her tongue. She groaned onto him, feigning annoyance with her body being used as a tool, unaware her vibrating voice sent little jolts of pleasure down his cock.

The scents and tastes were overwhelming, filling her with linked memories of sex and orgasms. His phallus was still covered in his own cum, and soon her moist, luscious lips were covered in his and Pol’s juices, their combined ejaculate joining in her mouth and forcing her to taste and smell them. She wanted to hate it, every ounce of her brain was screaming at her to despise the flavours and scents, to loath them, but she couldn’t help but get more and more aroused.

Finally, as the huge tool was pressed deeper into her, Triss could no longer breathe. Four inches of the beast was inside, filling her, cutting off her breathing and giving her no way to escape. She had no hands to stop him, and biting him would prove fatal. She was hopelessly trapped, unable to save herself as she felt his massive cock was pushed another inch into her warm, wet throat. She was completely at his mercy, and yet found herself growing hotter, body aching for pleasure.

Seeing her pet occasionally clenching her pussy, Pol grinned childishly and leaned back in, providing soft little licks to the swollen bud of her clitoris, tongue running up along her piercing. She was instantly rewarded with a little tremble and quake from the pinned drow, her body begging for more even without her voice to ask.

“Oooh. She’s getting even more horny, Master. I think she likes being raped,” giggled Pol, providing another long, broad stroke of her tongue to Triss, enjoying how her legs quivered. Bringing over her hand, Pol used her other to spread her pet open wide, and slowly slipped in her middle and ringer finger, palm pointed upwards and finger trips pressing up. They soon found the drow’s g-spot again, swollen and aching.

Poor Triss could no longer make a sound, only the occasional gag coming through as Rathe slipped his shaft deeper and deeper into her. It completely filled her throat, making her struggle involuntarily as he slipped deeper, scaring her with his insane length. For all her resistance lit anew by being penetrated so deep, she clenched Pol’s fingers tight, hips pushing up and forward in slow humping motions as she craved more. The tiny elf obliged happily, stroking upward against her g-spot as she lowered her lips again, capturing Triss’s clit and suckling on it hungrily.

The sex goddess was desperately trying to hold off the coming orgasm, afraid of climaxing with the beast in her mouth, stuffing her. He was so thick and strong, her soft lips moving back and forth along his cock as he gently rocked back and forth, sliding himself deeper into her. Eight inches, nine inches. She kept her eyes closed, almost afraid to look at the sight of the giant shoving his fat member into her body, tongue hopelessly unable to avoid stroking and rubbing against him as he filled her.

With only an inch left to spare, Rathe began the slow process of removing his girth, hands grabbing the drow’s shoulders and pinning them to the bed, his body offering the occasional twitch of pleasure as he enjoyed the tight suction. Bit by bit, his huge shaft was eventually removed from the trembling drow save the tip. Grinning down at his prey, he kept the bulging head inside her mouth, letting her catch her breath as he moved his hips back and forth and inch, forcing her tongue and lips to massage the sensitive, soft skin of the head of his cock. Triss could do nothing but moan onto his phallus, breasts shaking as her panting continued, Pol’s continuous playing growing more and more forceful.

Seeing her massive breasts shift from side to side, Rathe moved his hands from her shoulders and gently grasped each pillow of flesh in his fingers. Her nipples were like diamonds pressing up into his palms, demanding attention. Her flesh was soft and conforming, filling even his colossal hands with their size, her smooth skin moist with sweat. Rathe could not help but hiss in pleasure as he kneaded them, occasionally offering a tight pinch to the slave’s nipples, making her mewl around his shaft.

Feeling his desires rise, the beast resumed his play, sliding his cock into the trapped drow’s throat as she moaned onto him, her body quivering as she neared orgasm. Soon her throat was plugged, Rathe easily slipping eight inches of his girth into her slender throat as she offered little resistance. There he held her, enjoying the way her throat sucked tightly at his cock, muscles grabbing the swollen head snugly and massaging it with hot, wet walls.

Unable to resist, the beast pushed in the final two inches of his shaft and hissed contently, leaning forward somewhat in pleasure as Triss’s lips found the base of his cock. There he held her, basking in the tightness of her throat as she writhed, pinned and helpless. He slid back slowly, savouring the feel of her tongue and lips running along his length, only removing an inch before sliding back in until he felt her nose nudge against his scrotum.

Seeing her pet was unable to breathe, completely helpless, Pol sucked greedly on her clit, pumping up against her sensitive g-spot with renewed vigor. Something about making her pet wriggle in pleasure when she was trapped and at their mercy was addicting, and she pumped faster. Soon she was rewarded with a jet of warm juices as the drow’s cunt squirted cum onto her hand, even her breasts, soaking her as Triss pushed her hips upward, spreading her legs wide and clenching with her muscles like a vice around Pol’s fingers.

“She’ssss sso tight, my pet. How many timesss have you cum , drow?” Rathe whispered between hisses, refusing to let her escape as he kept moving his dripping cock back and forth only an inch. Triss couldn’t help but writhe and squirm, still trapped in orgasm as she tried to breathe in vain.

Eventually, as her orgasm faded, Rathe removed his length entirely, giving her a moment to breathe and relax her muscles as she panted openly, trying to pull in air from the exhausting ordeal.

“Oh god, fuck… fuck you… oh god, I can’t cum anymore… I couldn’t breathe, oh fuck.”

Noticing her master had let her new pet breathe once more, Pol grinned happily at the reptile as she removed her soaked fingers from the slave’s cunt. Lifting them to her lips to offer them the tiniest kiss to try her juices, the little elf girl smiled.

“You can still cum,” Pol giggled. Catching her pet off guard, she slipped four fingers into her tight pussy, purring at the feeling of her wet walls grabbing onto her tightly. She wasted no time, pumping furiously with her entire hand, pushing her four digits downward only to bring them back up against the drow’s g-spot with a quiet splash of juices.

Triss bit her lip in futility, trying to hold back the moans as her body shuddered with pleasure. This wasn’t the brutal thrashing Rathe had given her in the past, Pol’s hands were small and gentle and despite her efforts to be rough, the pacing was pleasantly perfect. The sex goddess couldn’t help but mewl as her cunt was filled with probing fingers splashing against her sensitive insides, making her ass lift and muscles clench tight as her legs flexed against the bed.

Finding an opening with her moan, Rathe nudged the tip of his wet cock against Triss’s lips. Defeated in the midst of another rising orgasm, she slowly opened her mouth of her own will, letting the titan slide his phallus into her mouth. Lost in the waves of pleasure her mistress’s fingers were sent deep into her body, she even reciprocated towards Rathe, running her tongue back and forth along his shaft.

“Ooh, I think she likessss it, little pet.” Smiling with a devious smirk, Rathe began to leisurely slide his entire length into her awaiting throat, growling possessively as the tight, warm muscles gripped around his cock. Once he felt the lips of his victim reach the base of his cock, he removed himself gently, letting her tongue run along his phallus as he softly began to face fuck her.

Pol pumped her hand faster as she felt Triss flex, her ability to breathe readily taken away. For some reason, when Triss was trapped and unable to get away, she clenched Pol tighter, little bits of her cum squirting from her and onto the little elf’s palm. Even Pol moaned with the glorious sight, leaning in again to suck hungrily on her clit as she continued to pump upward with her palm.

Poor Triss was unable to get her bearings. From between her legs a little girl was forcing her to cum over and over, and in front of her a titan was forcing her to deepthroat him, her slender neck bulging outward as his thick meat was pushed into her body. She gagged every so often, taking in a quick breath on his outward journey before he stuffed her full again, making her struggle for a moment as her pussy pushed upward against the fingers digging inside her. She couldn’t help but be lulled into an erotic rhythm, relaxing her throat and moaning onto the creature’s shaft as the little minx between her legs shoved four fingers up against her quivering flesh.

It wasn’t enough for Pol. She wanted to give that feeling, that feeling of overwhelming penetration that can’t be escaped. Grinning darkly, like her master, Pol pushed. Soon her knuckles were pressing against the entrance to the drow’s cunt, her protests coming between moans and bouts of plugged throat. She ignored them, opening her mouth to forcefully suck on her slave’s clit, making her shake and struggle with overstimulation as she pushed her hand deeper into her pussy. Soon all five digits were inside, stretching and spreading her almost as wide as Rathe’s phallus would, forcing Triss to shake in forced trembles as Pol drove her fingers down against her deepspot.

Tightening her pussy till she ached, Triss shoved her hips forward against Pol’s pumping hand and lips, more squirts of cum shooting out of her in a powerful orgasm, splashing against Pol’s breasts. Being fisted harder and harder and given no quarter between orgasms, Rathe was treated to a delightfully tight throat, Triss gasping and gagging each time he removed his huge length as she was overwhelmed with orgasms. When he drove his cock into her, pinning her head against the bed as his meat forced her throat open, she couldn’t help but quiver and shake with pleasure. Being trapped and helpless only fuelled her pleasure, soon making her slip into another orgasm as Pol suckled hungrily on her clit, engorging it as she drove her hand upwards against her deepspot until a small bump pushed out against the drow’s abs.

“Mm… going to cum ssssooon, my pets,” the master whispered, growing a bit faster as the tell tale sign of bubbling fluids inside his body warned him.

“Oh! Master, let me.” Smiling childishly with joy, Pol ceased her fisting of her pet, crawling forward to sit on the drow’s slender belly. So enraptured, she didn’t even notice her own cunts juices dripping from her labia, making a trail of cum on Triss’s skin.

Nodding with a wicked grin, Rathe removed his cock from Triss’s throat, giving her a moment to breathe and pant. She was too exhausted to speak, desperate to get some oxygen in her as her orgasm aftershocks ripped them away as paltry moans, little whimpers akin to Pol’s.

Sliding his hands from the drow’s massive breasts to her shoulders, Rathe pushed her a foot down the bed so her head rested on the blankets, instead of hanging off the edge. Now he had the room to step forward, putting his knees against the side of the bed so that his gargantuan phallus hung over Triss’s torso. The little elf on her body eagerly crawled forward till her soaked cunt rubbed against the drow’s sternum, Pol planting her hands on either side of Triss on the bed to get stable as she wrapped her little lips around the titan’s cock.

It took no time at all to bring Rathe back up to near orgasm, her tight mouth suckling and licking the swollen head of his shaft with delight. Drops of precum dripped onto her tongue, happily lapped up as she moaned onto him, smiling around his cock. Her smile quickly vanished though, as Rathe wrapped his hand around the back of her head and yanked her down onto his member.

Her eyes went wide with a moment’s panic as ten inches of thick, veined girth were shoved down her throat, making her gag in surprise. Rathe didn’t stop, so close to orgasm he simply pulled her off a few inches only to shove his cock back down into her. Her eyes quickly watered as the thick meat inside overwhelmed her, body reduced to nothing but a fuck toy as the beast yanked her head back and forth across his dripping phallus. He wasn’t fucking her, he was masturbating, using her like a warm, writhing plaything for his amusement.

So close to orgasm, Rathe felt the liquids boiling within, sending waves of pleasure up the length of his member as the hot fluid filled it. Pulling Pol down with force and pinning her tiny mouth on all ten inches of his cock, he held her there as her tight throat gripped the swollen head of his shaft, milking the cum out of him. Looking up at her master with smiling eyes, lips wrapped tightly around his huge girth, she lulled her head about within his absolute grip, enticing groans out of him as the first waves of his semen poured out.

Triss stared upward, mesmerized by the sight. The little blue elf girl had that massive cock all the way down her throat, she could even see it bulge outward inside her tight little neck. She could see Pol shift about enticingly, trying to coax more cum out of the beast, milking him with abandon. Triss found herself growing hot once more as thick drops of the animal’s seed spilled from the little girl’s overflowing mouth, landing in pools upon her sternum and breasts. It was warm against her dark skin, soothing and surprisingly comforting to the touch, making the drow blush horribly at the thought.

She continued to watch, shocked with how dominating the lizard was being. Before he was being gentle with his pet, but now he was holding her tiny body down on his cock, stuffing all ten inches into her and giving her no room to breathe. He just held her there, making quiet hisses of pleasure as more waves of his cum poured into her, filling her and pouring out of her mouth. Her cheeks puffed outward slightly as they overflowed with his seed, her attempts to drink the demon’s semen largely unsuccessful as the copious amounts of the thick, warm liquid dripped from her chin and created a mess on the drow’s torso.

Eventually, Rathe let go of his slave’s head, giving her the time she needed to pull back and breathe. She didn’t. Gazing up at him with wide eyes of submission, she kept his shaft in her throat, holding it tightly in her muscles as his orgasm started to die down. Under his cock, her tongue slipped out between her lips, massaging the soft underside of his meat as the final spurts of his cum were sucked hungrily into her awaiting maw. Finally, with reluctance, the qwento pulled her mouth back, lips gripping securely around his huge girth to draw out the last bits of his liquids.

Suckling on the head of his cock, Pol lapped up whatever juices remained on her master, finally pulling her head back all the way and lowering it with exhaustion. It wasn’t easy to deepthroat her master like that, or for that long. A few droplets of the demon’s cum dripped from her tongue, making Triss squirm uncomfortably in arousal as it moistened her sternum and slid down her smooth belly. She wanted to find this disgusting, this exchanging of fluids. Why was it so hot?

Smiling down at his pets, Rathe pulled away and moved about the bed, slithering tail flowing about behind him as if atop water. Disappearing from Triss’s sight, it made her nervous to not know where the monster would come from next, her legs closing instinctually.

Pol opened her eyes and looked down at her new pet, the voluptuous drow. Sitting atop her, her pussy rubbing against the deliciously flat stomach of her slave, Pol admired her body. Her breasts, absolutely massive and dipping to the sides of her ribcage, were covered in the titan’s thick cum. Her nigh-black nipples poked out through the mess of fluids, large and urgently in need of attention. Her breathing was fast, filled with quiet moans of denied arousal, and her thick lips were parted with need. Her short white hair still hid one eye with its arches, but the one eye Pol could see was half closed, eyebrow lifted in a permanent state of sexual bliss.

“Oh Triss, pet, you’re so beautiful,” Pol moaned with joy, leaning down to lower her face till it neared her slave’s. Making eye contact, with Triss, Pol simply gazed at her pet, letting their noses touch as the drow blushed horribly.

“Pol… don’t…” she whispered, turning her head to look away. The plethora of orgasms that lead to this point had her body aching for contact, eyes almost fluttering with romantic delusions as the tiny girl between her breasts nuzzled her neck. They had only treated her with sexual desire, so far, how bad could this be? She frowned at herself, looking for that hatred that she dropped somewhere along the way.

As Pol snuck her face around to look Triss in the eyes again, smiling lustfully as she brought her tiny, cum soaked lips to the drow’s in a soft, curious kiss, the slave’s desperate need to loathe and despise her two new masters faded away. Slowly, with a gentle collapsing of her denial, Triss righted her head again to look up at her mistress, mouth opening in a quiet moan as the tiny qwento nibbled on her, slipping her petite tongue between the drow’s thick, luscious lips to gently lick them. The trapped woman couldn’t help herself, eventually letting her eyes drift near-closed as she pushed her chin upward, returning the kiss with her own. She could taste Rathe’s cum, feel it drift down into her mouth as she let herself drift into a fantasy, unable to hate the salty flavor and the manly musk.

Smiling with all sorts of joy, Pol sat up again and raised a hand to her lips, giggling down at the drow with wide eyes.

“Oh… that felt… nice.” She grinned sheepishly at Triss, leaning forward again and pressing her hands into the sex goddess’s massive breasts. She squeezed them gently, coaxing a quiet whimper from the drow as she kneaded the large pillows, spreading around the copious amounts of Rathe’s seed. She took her pet’s nipples into her fingers, catching the large knobs with each hand and offering them leisurely pinches, Triss mewling with submission as the tiny child drew her breasts towards her sternum, making a bed of cleavage filled with cum.

“Triss, how did your breasts get so big?” she questioned, giggling as she leaned in to suckle on her slave’s large nipples, pulling them into her mouth. They were already pointed with need, engorged and ready for her lips, making Pol sigh contently as she sucked on them like a babe.

“I… oh… I don’t… they just… mmm,” Triss moaned, raising her head to watch the little girl shift from one of her breasts to the next. While the huge mounds were quite enormous on Triss, they utterly dwarfed Pol, giving the child plenty to play with as she wrapped her forearms around them on either side. She pulled them towards her face, enjoying the feeling of their softness against her cheeks as she dipped forward, tongue reaching out to lap up pools of her master’s cum.

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