lap dance

“Ding,” the doorbell rang, and Miranda stopped breathing for a moment. “Ding, ding,” the doorbell rang, and she grabbed her glass, knocking it back before realizing it was empty. She grabbed the bottle, and it was empty, too. Getting up from the table, she swayed slightly and went to the kitchen sink, getting a glass from the cupboard and filling it from the tap. “Ding, ding,” the doorbell called again as she drank quickly. Head slightly cleared, she walked to the front door, anxiously walking quickly, suddenly worried if she didn’t get the door fast enough, the stripper might leave.

On her way to the door, Miranda shook her head, trying to clear the fog from her mind. I should have had another drink, Miranda thought, or stuck to coffee. A fist pounded on the door as she approached, and she could hear muffled shouting. “One-second,” she called, finally nearing the door. “I was in the kitchen,” Miranda said, opening the door and swaying slightly.

“You should get one of those intercom things,” a sultry voice said, as Miranda blinked, the sun was shining through the clouds and she teared up a little, unable to make out the woman clearly. “I got an order for Candy,” the sultry voice continued, warm and syrupy, “Is this the right house for the party?” Blinking, Miranda finally made out the woman’s face, pretty, less makeup than the website, but with a harder jawline than she would have guessed. Candy stood there, hips cocked to the side, clad in a loose fitting blue blouse and jeans that looked almost like Miranda’s own. Through the blouse, her breasts looked a bit larger than Miranda’s, possibly a c-cup, though it was hard to tell through the blouse. Long blonde hair, with some darkened highlighted streaks, hung bound in a loose pony tail down her back and over her shoulder, framing her long, elegant neck.

“Come in,” Miranda said, drawing a deep breath, “Please.”

Strutting inside, Candy held a small stereo loosely in her left hand, looking around the den with her eyes wide, “Nice place,” she admired, “so, where is the party?” Miranda stared at her jean clad bottom for a moment, the rips in her jeans looked too symmetrical to be natural wear and tear. Through the thin, horizontal rips, Miranda could see toned, creamy calf and thigh. Licking her lips, she felt her pulse quicken as she contemplated the woman’s backside. “Hello? My face is up here,” Candy demanded, her voice firm, “Where’s the party, Miranda?”

Almost jumping, the dark haired woman had a surprised look on her face, before she smiled, her cheeks blushing. “Ah, I’m the party,” she said, “It’s ah, just me.”

“Really?” The blonde replied, her manicured eyebrows rising in slight surprise. She wore a light pink colored lipstick, which glistened slightly. Miranda stared at her lips for a moment, swaying as she stood, still slightly drunk from her morning’s indulgence.

Blushing, Miranda replied as calmly as she could, “I was too embarrassed to say it was for me on the phone,” she sighed, “if it’s a problem, I understand.”

Chuckling richly, the stripper shook her head, “just tell me where to setup, boss.”

Miranda paused, debating about simply using the den, or the home theater, or her bedroom. Or the patio, she thought, then dismissed the idea, as unlikely as it was, somebody could walk by eventually and see. “Follow me,” she said, “Ah, Candy,” she gulped, “can I get you anything before you begin?”

“I’m fine,” Candy replied, following the dark haired woman down the hall, past the kitchen into the other wing of the manse. “This is some place you have,” she said, “divorced?”

“No,” Miranda said, walking swiftly down the hall, holding up her right hand, showing off her ring. She led them down the stairs to the sub level, where the home theater was located. “My husband is wonderful. He’s at work right now, though.” She flicked on some lights as she went, as the basement stayed dark during the day. “Is this okay?” She asked, walking into the large room after the lights flicked on. She turned on the back-row and dimmed them, giving the theater a lit but ambient glow.

Candy nodded, staring at the four rows of recliners, “This works for me. Nice setup.” Miranda smiled, watching as Candy walked to the front of the room, near the projector screen built into the wall. “Sit here,” Candy said, patting the recliner in the middle of the front row, “I can get started whenever you’re ready.”

Seated, Miranda stared at the woman, wondering briefly if she was her age or slightly younger. “Rules first,” Candy said, setting the small stereo down on the floor. “I can touch you,” Candy smiled broadly, showing straight, white teeth, “You can’t touch me, if you do, show’s over. I’d prefer you don’t touch yourself, either, even though you probably wouldn’t make a mess like a guy would.” With a lewd grin, Candy arched her back, hands on her hips as she stretched, “If the rules are okay with you, I’ll start. If not,” Candy paused, reaching back to remove the tie from her hair, shaking it free. “Then thank you very much for the payment, and I’ll show myself out.”

Looking a bit disappointed at the rules, Miranda nodded, watching Candy shake her hair loose. Despite the restrictions, she could feel herself grow excited, breathing in short bursts as she watched the woman reach over to hit play on the stereo. Settled into the chair, feeling slightly tipsy still, Miranda watched aptly as the woman started to sway to a hip-hop song. The beat was heavy, thumping with bass and the woman’s voice singing made a sensuous counterpart to the stripper as she started to slowly peel off her blouse. Mesmerized, the raven haired woman started to get more aroused, her nipples straining against her shirt. As Candy peeled her top off, she turned around and started to sway her bottom back and forth. The rips in her jeans gave Miranda an excellent view of her toned, fit thighs and hips. She could make out no underwear or tan lines, as the top came off and she saw Candy’s lacy bra strap.

“What do you think?” Candy said huskily, her voice sensual. “I’ve never stripped for a woman before, at least, not one by herself.” Turning around, Candy grinned impishly, bucking her hips and sliding her hands up her thighs. Miranda stared at the blonde’s stomach, surprised to see a small belly ring pierced her navel. As Candy swayed her hips, her hands slid up her stomach, finally cupping her breasts as she moved to the rhythm. “How do I look?” She asked, voice husky, sensual.

Gulping, Miranda took a deep, steadying breath, feeling her thighs heat up, “Amazing,” she whispered, her voice exceptionally high at the last syllable. “You have a very pretty stomach.”

“Thanks,” Candy said, her legs coming together as she started to drop lower, still working her hips and thighs, “If I wasn’t getting paid for this,” Candy said, rubbing her breasts, “I’d do this for free, for you.” Circling her nipples through the lacy, pink bra, Candy started to tilt her head back, face flushed. Surprised at her words, Miranda knew the woman was getting excited and she licked her lips, enjoying the show.

After a moment, Candy slid her hands back down, standing straight up and slowly unbuttoned her jeans. Almost holding her breath, Miranda caught the first sight of her shaved mound, the pink g-string covering only a small triangle of smooth, pale flesh. “Hmm,” Candy said, sliding her pants down lower, “This is fun,” she said, wiggling her bottom as the jeans were to tight to pull off right away, “You look excited.” Nodding, Miranda didn’t trust herself to say anything, crossing her legs and kicking lightly as she watched, determined to enjoy herself as much as she could.

Pants freed, Candy started dancing again, bending forwards to show more cleavage and holding one hand beneath her breasts. Her long, muscular legs were completely free of blemish, and her mid section was covered by the skimpiest of g-strings, a matching pink to the bra. With one arm, she reached back, and then held out her pink bra, dangling it to the side.

“Catch,” she said, smiling as she threw the bra to the seated woman. Unable to help herself, Miranda smelled the lacy bra, enjoying the heady, female scent of perfume and Candy. Grinning, Candy slowly unwound her arm, exposing her bare breasts. “What do you think?” Candy said, shaking her breasts by moving her shoulders back and forth, “Do you like my tits?”

Face flushed, Miranda set the bra down and held the arms of the chair, kicking her leg still as she saw Candy’s pink nipples. The blonde teasingly touched herself, first plucking one and then the other, causing her pink nipples to stiffen lightly. Miranda felt as if she was holding her breath, staring for the first time at a sexy, naked woman’s breasts. The curves were spectacular, and the pink, rosebud nipples were perky, looking as if they were begging for a kiss. She swallowed hard, wishing nothing more than to suck them at that moment.

Dance stopped for a moment, Candy stood, bringing one nipple to her mouth and extending her tongue, blue eyes staring into Miranda’s dark ones. As she made eye contact, she licked her nipple and then closed her eyes, groaning in what sounded like pure ecstasy. Breathing shallowly, Miranda felt her own nipples stiffen in response, wishing she could pluck them as she watched the show. Candy started dancing again, her nipple glistening with her saliva, which nearly drove Miranda insane. She had never felt so turned on by watching somebody, anybody, as much as she felt at that moment. Candy’s movements became more and more lewd, dropping to the floor and crawling on her hands and knees, bucking her hips, sticking her firm, toned buttocks into the air. “Smack,” she said, as she reached back and slapped her own ass. The handprint left on her buttock was a pink outline, and she teasingly ran a finger under the line of her g-string next. Panting, Miranda thought for a moment the stripper would go one step further, and Candy paused, grinning wickedly. Withdrawing her hand, she stood, dancing slightly once more.

“Are you ready?” The stripper asked, walking seductively towards her. Miranda had no idea what she meant, only that, staring at the g-string clad woman, her sexy belly ring, her gorgeous pink nipples, Miranda was as ready as she could be without exploding.

“Yes,” Miranda said, nodding as she did. The blonde approached and then straddled the chair, dangling her breasts close to her mouth.

“Remember the rules. You can’t touch me,” she said, wiggling her hips, pushing her own warm center into Miranda’s pubic area, “But I can touch you. Okay?” Miranda, staring at the woman’s chest, desperately wanting to taste her nipple, nodded glumly and forced her hands to stay still. “Good,” Candy said, “some people forget that, and then I have to stop at this stage.” Candy reached out and grabbed Miranda’s hair, pushing her face into her chest, between her breasts. “But I don’t think you want me to stop, right?” A muffled no was all she got in response, as Miranda didn’t trust herself to move.

“Now let’s get you comfortable,” Candy said, leaning back and grabbing Miranda’s shirt. With a smooth, long pull, she freed the raven haired woman from her top, freeing her perky, dark nippled chest. “You’re excited,” Candy said, pressing her hands on Miranda’s chest, cupping her swollen nipples slightly. “We’re only just getting started,” she whispered, leaning forward and pushing her chest into Miranda’s bra clad breasts. The feeling of Candy’s tits pressed into her bare skin was amazing and she desperately wanted to reach up and stroke the g-string clad woman’s buttocks, to feel her tight, curvy bottom with her hands. Grinding down, the blonde started to push her center, thighs spread wide, into Miranda’s jean clad pubic region. As she did, Candy reached up and started to caress her chest, leaning back and riding her lap like she was about to make love. “Oh, yes,” Candy moaned, her nipples swelling, “This feels nice.”

About to explode, Miranda shifted in her seat, her legs spread to support the stripper grinding on her lap. She wished she could press her thighs together, to squeeze herself at least, and get even a little more stimulation going. Flushed and frustrated, she felt the stripper grow warmer against her jeans, the g-string panty covering her pubic mound just enough to hide the pink nether lips from her view. “Yes,” Candy groaned, leaning forward and riding up higher, pressing her tits into Miranda’s face. “Keep your tongue in your mouth,” she admonished, “or I’m done.”

“Okay,” Miranda whispered, tempted despite the firm tone to open her mouth and lick the inside of Candy’s luscious breasts. The blonde stripper continued the pelvic grinding into Miranda’s core for another minute, moving her hips in a figure eight, before slowing. As she stopped, she leaned forward and blew into the raven haired woman’s ear, teasingly. Shivering, Miranda felt her nipples start to ache, painfully, with Candy’s chest pressed into hers. Despite the satin cloth of her bra, she was feeling seriously constricted and ached to remove the confining material.

Leaning back, Candy saw the tortured, aroused look on Miranda’s face and grinned impishly. “I’ve never stripped for a woman before,” the stripper muttered, “you said you’re married, right? Are you bi or something?’

Flushed, Miranda could barely reply, her voice cracking, “I’ve been curious for a while,” Miranda said. “This is the closest I’ve ever been to doing anything with a woman.”

“Interesting,” Candy replied, her voice husky, twitching her hips slightly, grinding her g-string clad bottom into Miranda’s leg once more. She could feel the stripper’s core growing hotter, despite the woman’s insistence she was straight. “Let’s take off your bra,” Candy said, “I can tell it’s frustrating you.” Her heart pounded in her chest as Candy reached around, unclasping the bra. Once freed, Miranda’s head was spinning from the delicious contact with the stripper’s chest. Her nipples felt on fire as Candy leaned into her, the small brown nubs firmly erect. “Is that better?”

“Yes,” Miranda whispered, feeling her pussy start to leak a bit. The stimulation was overwhelming to her, unable to touch herself, and keeping in mind the strict admonishment to not touch Candy, she was feeling like she might explode. The stripper leaned back again and resumed the grinding, dangling her breasts near Miranda’s face, reaching up to cup them as she did.

“I can see how excited you are,” Candy cooed, moving her hips in a figure eight as she moved her fingers around her pink nipples. They were soft still, getting harder as Candy worked them with her thumb and forefinger. “It’s pretty rare that stripping for somebody turns me on.” After a moment, Candy’s nipples were sticking out, the pink aureola puckered and the tip nearly a half inch long. The blonde started moving faster again, her hips undulating in a sensuous motion against the raven haired woman’s thighs, while she continued fondling her breasts. While the stripper continued to grind on her, Miranda thought she could feel her heated mound grow a bit damp through her pants. Surprised, she looked up at the blonde’s eyes, which were half closed as she continued to caress her breasts and rub herself against Miranda’s leg.

“Would it be okay if you removed my pants?” Miranda asked, her voice almost steady, despite the pounding in her chest. The stripper got up and looked down at her, blue eyes half closed. Candy stopped touching her breasts and grinned, her pink lips spread in a half smile that looked naughty.

“Sure,” Candy said, voice husky, “But remember the rules.” She nodded and the stripper reached down, grabbing Miranda’s hands in her own and pulling her out of the chair to stand next to her. She started to sway to the music once more, swishing her hips back and forth as she reached out and grabbed Miranda around the waist. Teasingly, she started to unbutton the pants, pressing her tits against Miranda’s thighs as she slowly opened her jeans. When Candy started to pull them down, Miranda could smell her own sex, the musky aroma heavy in her nostrils. Groaning, Miranda almost grabbed the woman’s head and pressed it against her thighs, restraining herself only barely. Laughing softly, Candy tugged her pants down, pulling hard to get them off her hips, the jeans were so tight. “I’m glad you’re excited,” Candy said with a chuckle. Finally pulling them all the way down, Miranda unsteadily stepped out of them with one leg as the blonde tugged them off of her foot, one at a time.

“Thank you,” Miranda said, feeling her pussy aching, almost dripping through her black satin panties.

“Have a seat,” Candy replied, still grinning. “You’ll love this.” The blonde could barely believe how such a hot, sexy woman was getting so heated over a lap dance. Despite her lack of attraction, she felt herself growing hotter and hotter as the the other woman grew wet. Clad in her g-string, Candy knelt down next to the chair, looking up at Miranda with a smoldering gaze. Teasingly, she caressed Miranda’s legs with her hands, smiling inwardly when the seated woman squirmed. She moved her head over Miranda’s lap, unable to resist inhaling the heady scent of her arousal. Slowly at first, she rocked her head back and forth, draping her long blonde hair over Miranda’s lap. She knew that the motion would tickle and tease the other woman, and she was delighted to see the seated woman squirm even more while she whipped her hair back and forth. With the smell of Miranda’s sex overwhelming her nostrils, Candy was having a harder and harder time resisting the idea of experimenting, just once. Her strong hands slid up to Miranda’s knees and gripped them, hard, while she whipped her hair once more over the seated woman’s stomach.

Breathing heavily, Candy felt her own thighs begin to ache with need. She pushed herself up off the floor, looking deep into Miranda’s eyes once more, her dark pupils fully dilated. “Miranda,” Candy purred, her sensual voice throaty. “Do you like Candy?” The pun came easily to the blonde, having used the stage name just for that pun. She stood towering over the seated woman, her own desire threatening to break down her personal barriers.

Nodding, the raven haired woman could feel her pussy leaking, her panties soaked when she met Candy’s eyes. Her heart pounded in her chest and her nipples felt like they were on fire. Never before had she been so turned on, so desperate to get just a bit more stimulation to bring herself over the edge. “Keep going,” Miranda begged finally, wanting, needing more. “You’re incredible.” Looking up at the blonde, she could see that Candy’s pink nipples were now fully erect, and the stain on the front of Candy’s g-string was no accident. Mouth dry, Miranda realized the stripper was getting almost as excited as she was, despite her insistence of being completely straight.

With a wry grin, Candy slowly turned around and started to move her hips once more to the rhythm. Miranda could not resist grabbing her aching breasts, feeling electric sparks shoot from her chest down to her toes. Aching with need, she stared at Candy’s tight, perfectly sculpted ass while the stripper started to bend down, her butt spread wide. The thin, pink g-string hid almost nothing and Miranda’s breath caught in her throat when she glimpsed the other woman’s wet pussy lips, visible underneath the fabric. Paranoid Candy would look back at her, she stopped clutching her chest and squirmed in the chair, heart pounding, licking her lips and feeling her thighs grow wetter by the second.

A moment later, Candy reached back and gripped her buttocks, spreading them wider still, showing off her entire crack to Miranda by tugging the g-string to the side. Barely breathing, Miranda’s own pussy grew even wetter on seeing the delicious pink folds of the blonde’s nether lips. Seeing another woman’s privates for the first time, in person, she knew without a doubt she had to try something.

“Candy,” Miranda gasped, her voice almost hoarse. “You’re incredible,” Miranda croaked, clearing her throat slightly before continuing. “I can’t take this anymore.” The stripper stood straight slowly, slapping her ass playfully before turning around. The blonde’s eyes were dilated, the blue pupils shrunk to a tiny band around. Nostrils flaring, Candy could almost taste their arousal in the air. Looking down, her breath caught as she stared at Miranda’s chest. The marks of her fingers were visible, Miranda unable to resist squeezing her nipples almost too hard, desperate to distract herself from the aching, fiery desire down below.

“I’m horny,” Candy said huskily, her face flushed a bit. “And this is the most fun I’ve ever had with a client,” Candy moaned suggestively, her nipples perking up, her hands gripping her tits provocatively once more. “How about you lay down on the carpet?”

“What are you going to do?” Miranda asked, excited and scared.

“Give you an even better lap dance,” Candy replied, licking her lips. “Unless you want the show to stop?”

Shaking her head, “No,” Miranda got up and lay down, staring at Candy’s chest the whole time. The blonde stripper was playing with her nipples, her thumbs and forefingers on each hand plucking and strumming the pink tips. Face flushed, Miranda squeezed her thighs together for a moment, her skin hot, the pressure only increasing her screaming desire for sexual relief. The carpet tickled her back slightly, with only her black satin panties on, she stared up at Candy. Miranda was torn between plunging her fingers into her pussy finger herself with abandon and the burning desire to allow Candy to continue driving her wild.

Candy stopped playing with her nipples, the pink nubs staying fully erect, when Miranda squeezed her thighs together. “Am I torturing you?” She asked, grinning slightly. Miranda simply nodded, rubbing her thighs together a little, the scissoring motion stimulating her closer to the climax she craved. “Let’s see how you like this,” the blonde muttered, kneeling down next to Miranda. At first, Miranda thought Candy would simply straddle her hips, however, Candy instead laid down opposite her instead. “Spread your legs.”

Shocked, Miranda spread her thighs wide, feeling her juices dripping down her thighs, the satin panties already as wet as they could be. The blonde then spread her thighs wide, moving in a mirror image of Miranda. Scooting closer, Candy then twisted her right leg, placing it over Miranda’s thigh. “Lift up your leg,” Candy whispered, grabbing Miranda’s left leg and helping to adjust her position. Still stunned, Miranda did as the blonde asked, her flesh hot where Candy’s thighs entwined with her own. Thus intertwined, Candy scooted closer to her still, pressing her heated center against Miranda’s own.

Pushing herself up onto her elbows, Candy grabbed hold of Miranda’s leg, bringing her knee to her chest. In her head, Candy told herself it was just a continuation of the lap dance, despite how incredible it felt. Her pussy was aching with need, the contact with Miranda’s own dripping, satin covered mound was satisfying, at least for the moment. Bucking her hips, the blonde started to move her buttocks around in a circular motion, grinding her g-string clad center into Miranda’s satin covered cunt.

In a daze, Miranda arched her back, moaning. “Oh, yes!” Feeling the strippers pussy grinding against her was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Arching her back, Miranda started to move her hips up and down, grinding her dripping pussy into Candy in response to the strippers sensuous movement. Despite the satin cloth still covering her dripping core, she felt like she could cum in minutes. Her eyes rolled back in her head, lost in ecstasy, and she grabbed her nipples, squeezing them in time with Candy’s lustful motion. “Oh, Candy, yes, YES!” Miranda screamed, cumming finally. Never before had she experienced such a fast orgasm, with so little clitoral stimulation. She kept moving, wanting the pleasure rolling through her body to keep going, squeezing her brown nipples rhythmically.

“Wow,” Candy breathed, still driving her pussy into Miranda’s own. She saw the satisfied look on the dark haired woman’s face and felt the sudden burst of wetness flow through the black panties. She started to move faster, harder, loving the wet sensation of their cunt rubbing against each other. However, her g-string started to bother her and after enjoying the movement, Candy finally stopped grinding and backed away.

“What are you doing? Don’t stop,” Miranda begged, “I want to keep going.”

Grinning, Candy folded her legs back and disengaged herself, then quickly slipped her pink g-string off and tossed it onto the chair where Miranda had sat for the lap dance. “Who said I was stopping?” Miranda finally looked up, her cheeks flushed, and saw Candy’s dripping pussy, her inner thighs smeared with their fluids. The sight turned her on and she felt her pussy contract, the after glow of her orgasm still rolling through her. Squeezing her nipples, she watched as Candy reached up her thighs, grabbing her panties. Lifting her hips off the floor, Miranda enjoyed the lust-filled blue eyed gaze of the stripper as she freed her, finally, of her last stitch of clothes. Candy watched as Miranda’s dilated, dark pupils stared at her a moment before going south, to her now bare pink nether lips.

The air felt hot against her pussy. The slick, warm fluids of Miranda’s orgasm still dripped slowly down her thighs, between her buttocks and created a tiny wet spot on the carpet. Breathing heavily, Miranda knew that her dreams of experimenting with a woman were finally coming true, and watching as Candy laid back down and folded her legs around her thighs, Miranda realized she would do anything with Candy. Heart pounding, as Candy started to grind her pussy into hers once again, she mirrored the other woman’s movement, pushing herself up off the floor onto her elbows. Her dark eyes connected with the stripper’s heavy lidded, blue eyed stare and Miranda felt the other woman grow wetter as they humped, pussy on pussy. Desperate to make the other woman cum, Miranda grabbed Candy’s thigh, sliding her cunt more deliberately against Candy’s wet clit.

Breathing hard from the constant exertion, the blonde was growing tired, despite the incredible sensation of Miranda’s wet pussy grinding into her aching cunt. Never before had Candy broken her own rules about going further with a client, but that afternoon, the stripper wanted to see how far the ravishing Miranda would go. Despite the heady sensation of Miranda’s core grinding into her, Candy knew she wouldn’t be able to cum without going at least one step further. Candy shifted her hips, balancing on her right hand for support as she lifted her right hand off the floor. Moving her hips slower against Miranda’s pulsating thighs, Candy slid her fingers in between their gyrating mounds.

“Oh, yes,” Candy whispered, her fingertips reaching her clit, “Yes, yes,” she continued, her middle finger and index finger splayed on either side of her clit. She bucked her hips, fingertips sliding up and down her labia, also rubbing against Miranda’s clit as the raven haired woman continued her movements. Candy was feeling out of control, bucking her hips faster and stroking her clit with abandon.

Miranda, feeling the blonde’s fingertips brushing into her own clit, felt as if she would have a second orgasm from their dry humping alone. After her initial orgasm, she could tell that Candy was craving her own release. Encouraged by the deepening flush in the other woman’s cheeks, Miranda started grinding harder into Candy’s fingers and soaking pussy lips. Candy’s face grew more heated as Miranda felt her pussy leaking more juices, coating Candy’s fingers and soaking the back of her hand completely with the multiple passes of her hips. Never before had she felt so satisfied yet craving more, she mounted Candy’s fingers and dripping pussy as fast as she could. Imitating the movements the seductive blonde had used earlier, Miranda felt her pussy starting to leak more and more as Candy started to pant louder against her wet clit.

Eyes wide, Candy lifted her hips off the ground, pushing harder with her left hand as she leaned forward. “Yes!” Candy screamed, moving her right hand to grip around Miranda’s fast twirling ass cheek. Candy had a screaming orgasm, loving the feeling of Miranda’s smooth, tight buttock in her hand, her clit rubbing wetly against her own. Never before had she felt so good only rubbing against somebody, man or woman. Shuddering, Candy whimpered for a few moments, her body convulsing as she held Miranda’s ass rapt, tightly pressed into her center.

The orgasm ripping through her, Candy lost track of time for a moment, simply grinding her way through the waves that passed through her mind, drowning her vision. Her eyes came into focus, her body spasmed once more when she finally remember where she was, what she was doing. The dark haired, mysterious beauty that hired her stared into her eyes, dark pupils dilated in mind blowing desire. Wanting to feel more passion with the raven haired woman, Candy leaned into her as her orgasm finished and tilted her head to the side, mouth open.

Eagerly, Miranda opened her mouth and started to rub her lips and tongue in response to the blonde’s probing lips and mouth, lost in the moment as she kissed another woman for the fist time. She noticed how soft, how feminine Candy’s mouth felt, the taste her her tongue slightly minty. In heaven, she bucked her hips a final time against the blonde, loving how wet she felt, after the blonde’s torrid orgasm and twitching pussy soaked her inner thighs. She thrust her breasts forward in response, loving the feeling of Candy’s tight, pink nipples against her smaller breasts. Gasping in ecstasy, Miranda felt as if the kiss, their chests meeting together, she might cum at any moment. Smelling their combined sexes in the air, Miranda’s nostrils flared as she slid her tongue deeper into the blondes voracious mouth, her pink lips gliding against hers in a succulent rhythm. She could hardly wait to do more with the athletic, big breasted blonde.

Lost in the sensation of Miranda’s delicious mouth, still tasting of wine, Candy ground her hips further into Miranda in a circular motion, feeling like she could cum again in a few short minutes. The after-glow and small ripples of ecstasy rolled through her as her tongue slid all over Miranda’s mouth. Her right hand gripped the dark haired woman and she squeezed harder, her nails digging lightly into the other woman’s flesh.

“Ah!” Gasped Miranda, arching her back in surprise and a hint of pain, her pussy nearly on fire as the sensation of Candy’s nails digging just a bit too much into her skin made her arch her back. Candy took advantage of the moment and leaned forward, sucking a delicious, dark nub into her mouth. Nipple on fire, Miranda yelled, “oh, yes, yes,” as Candy sucked on her erect dark colored nipple. Candy’s hand seemed to have buried an imprint into her butt cheek and Miranda lost herself in the moment, hoping that Candy would simply start to kiss her where it hurt. Or throbbed, in this case.

Sucking feverishly, Candy felt Miranda go crazy, reaching up with her free hand and stroking her hair one moment, then gripping her head the next. With her hair firmly entwined in Miranda’s fingers, Candy reached her hand around and slid it between Miranda’s humping mound and her dripping clit. Biting softly, she touched Miranda’s slick nether lips for the first time. Sucking as she did, Candy slid a finger between Miranda’s thighs, soaking her digit on the outer rim of Miranda’s labia all the way down to her base.

Breathing heavily, Miranda pulled the blonde on top of her, arching her back so far she set her head down. Her hips stopped writhing and she grabbed the stripper’s head still. Pulling Candy’s hair, the blonde locks wrapped tight around her fingers, Miranda attempted to guide the stripper where she desperately needed her attention. Nipples on fire, she felt the other woman slide her index finger on the other side of her lips, still not slipping the digit in between her folds.

“Fuck me,” Miranda begged, arching her back. Candy slid her tongue down the other woman’s pubic mound, inhaling deeply as she did. Index finger moving slowly across Miranda’s outer lips, Candy could tell exactly how frustrated the other woman was getting. Finally, she repositioned her face near Miranda’s dark skinned pussy, her lips swollen with desire. Tongue extended, Candy wasted no time in tasting other woman’s folds. “Oh,” Miranda gasped, pulling Candy’s face in closer, “yes.”

Closer still, Candy closed her mouth around Miranda’s swollen clit for a moment, before taking the erect nub into her mouth. She sucked on it briefly, hearing Miranda’s excited groan in return, before releasing her sensitive flesh. Sighing softly, Candy extended her long, pink tongue and slid it down the length of Miranda’s cunt, loving the taste as the other woman gasped, her fingers slack in her hair. “Slid it in all the way,” Miranda begged, “I want you to stick your tongue all the way inside.” Encouraged, the blonde stripped slid her tongue all the way into the base of Miranda’s now steadily oozing pussy. Her thick fluids dripped down her chin as her upper lip met with the middle of the dark lipped woman. Sliding her tongue all the way in, Candy reached down to Miranda’s ass and gently lifted helped the other woman point her hips skyward.

Thus repositioned, Candy lifted herself up so she could more easily bob her head up and down, tongue fucking the other woman. Panting non stop, Miranda released Candy’s hair after a brief tug and used her hands to grab her thighs. Lifting her hips with her thighs, Miranda curled up slightly into a half ball. Candy then slid her tongue all the way up to Miranda’s swollen, slick clit, and started to run her tongue all around. With her right hand, she swiftly jammed two fingers into the dark lipped woman’s slick love tunnel.

“Yes!” Miranda screamed, feeling her pussy contract in a massive orgasm as Candy started to pound her pussy with two fingers. She could feel her insides contracting more than she could ever remember, and screamed incoherently as Candy kept fucking her furiously with her fingers. Just as the blonde stripped started to suck her clit into her mouth, Miranda felt her pussy squirt for the first time. The fluid sprayed down the blonde’s chin and chest, soaking her and the floor both. Sucking harder still, Candy took the other woman’s clit and upper labia deeper into her mouth, continuing to finger fuck the other woman like a jackhammer. Her fingers pumped in and out of Miranda’s wet, tight pussy while her chin got sprayed while the mind blowing orgasm wracked the other woman.

Feeling as if her orgasm was continuing on forever, and feeling an afterglow like never before, her squirting orgasm set her mind on fire. She reached down again to steady Candy’s head into her pussy as the woman kept sucking and licking her clit, rubbing it around on the inside of her mouth. Pussy pulsating, Miranda felt her orgasm seem to begin all over again as she twirled Candy’s hair around her fingers. Several minutes later, clenched in the same position, Miranda’s orgasmic fury finally started to wind down, and she set her legs down. Resting each on the sides of Candy’s head, she groaned, feeling drained, and satisfied like never before.

Sucking softly, Candy felt her head ache with the force of Miranda’s near death grip through her massive series of back to back orgasms. The blonde stripper had never before experienced such an intense burst from any woman, and she felt as if her own pussy had squirted right along with the dark haired woman. Still, after only one orgasm, that from her own fingers, Candy was not about to stop there. Withdrawing her fingers, Candy slid her tongue down the length of Miranda’s pussy, slurping slightly while moving her head. She licked up what she could, smearing her saliva with the aftermath of the raven haired woman’s explosion. Biting softly, she felt Miranda stiffen up briefly, then relax, laying her thighs draped over her shoulders.

Convinced the other woman was finished, the blonde stripper gave one final suck at Miranda’s clit, causing her to gasp, her stomach muscles clenching prettily. The stripper gently removed MIranda’s thighs, looking down at the black haired woman, her tanned cheeks glowing with a pretty rose highlight. Flushed herself, Candy knew her face must be almost glowing with the other woman’s fluids.

“You’re incredible,” Miranda whispered, her voice thick, sleepy. “You have an amazing tongue.”

“Thanks,” Candy replied, her voice thick with her own lust. “Next, you should taste candy.” The blonde gave a knowing, hinting smile as she shared the cliche.

Sitting up slowly, Miranda took a deep breath, staring at the stripper’s body with mounting lust. Despite her satisfying series of orgasms, she still felt an overwhelming urge to touch the woman all over. However, she also had no idea what she should do first, so she simply stared at Candy for a moment, licking her hips while she thought.

“Tell me,” Miranda finally said, “what to do.”

Leaning forward, Candy pressed her chest into Miranda’s, loving the sensation of the tight nipples pressing into her soft mounds. “Whatever you want,” Candy whispered, biting her earlobe softly. She licked Miranda’s ear again, causing the dark haired woman to shiver, before giggling. Candy arched her back, moving slowly to the ground, finally resting on the floor, her blonde locks framing her face.

Licking her lips, Miranda looked down to Candy’s toned, creamy thighs, paler than her own. Candy playfully spread them apart, bending her legs at the knees for a moment before bringing them back together. Smiling, she pulled her knees to her chest, showing off her wet slit and darker rear entrance to Miranda’s gaze, then set her feet back down to the floor. She slid her feet down, extending her legs, and then spread them wide like she was making a snow angel.

“This was your idea, Miranda,” Candy said huskily, sliding her hands to her chest, cupping her gravity defying breasts. She squeezed the pink nipples, licking her lips as she did. “How do you want me?”

Unable to come up with anything clever, Miranda could no longer resist the temptation to dive straight between Candy’s spread legs. She knelt between them, grabbing Candy’s thighs, lifting her legs to bend her muscular legs. Smiling, Miranda stroked her thighs for a moment longer, luxuriating in the soft, firm feel of her skin. Caressing her inner thigh, Miranda could feel the sticky aftermath of their lovemaking earlier, the fluids from her massive orgasm and Candy’s following explosion sticky to the touch. Kneeling down, Miranda inhaled deeply, loving the thick, musky scent of the blonde’s sex in the air. Finally, Miranda steadied herself as she lay her head down, positioning her mouth over the smooth, waxed mound of Candy’s pubis. Pursing her lips, she kissed the other woman’s skin, marveling at the smooth, silky feeling against her lips. Sweat mixed with their orgasmic fluids to give the blonde’s flesh a slightly sweet and musky taste, a tad salty.

Not sure what to expect, Miranda traced her tongue down the inside of Candy’s thigh, while the other woman moaned softly. At the juncture of her groin, the dark haired woman could taste the stripper’s juices, stronger, thicker. She licked and sucked at her thigh for a moment, enjoying the slow, teasing progression of sensations she knew Candy was feeling. She bit softly, planting her teeth on Candy’s thigh, pressing her left cheek into the stripper’s wet pussy. Groaning, the stripper reached down and grabbed her hair, running her hands down to the tops of her shoulders.

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