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“Are these too tight for you?”

“Mmm. No. If anything, they aren’t tight enough.”

I smiled. That was just like her.

We were up in her room. It was dark outside and, although the blind was drawn, the silver light of the moon filtered through the gaps in the sides. It fell on her posters on the walls. It fell on the jumble of mess that covered the floor, among which were the carelessly discarded articles of clothing that she had been wearing a few minutes previously, right before I had practically torn them off of her. My own clothes were also there, tangled up with hers. It fell on the black silken sheets and pillowcases.

It also fell on the naked pale form of the girl who lay on the bed, blindfolded and now also handcuffed to the bars of the headboard, deprived completely of her sense of sight and the ability to move her upper half. Despite her supposed predicament, there was a smile prominently displayed on her lips — lips that she had painted with ruby red lipstick. To her this was all just a game, one big, long game that fulfilled her sexual desires. For now, she was seemingly quite content to play the role of “victim” in this scenario. However, I wasn’t sure how long this would last — she was only ever helpless for as long as she allowed herself to be, and I knew full well about her dominant streak.

Once I took the cuffs off, I was sure she would get her own back.

As if she had read my mind, she giggled softly.

“You know…you should probably make the most of having me at your mercy while you can…” As she said this, she teasingly parted her long, slender legs slightly. She was already wet with anticipation from the looks of things. I felt my own excitement start to spark within me.

I grinned, and although I knew that she couldn’t see this, I had no doubt that she was likely to be able to sense it through the blindfold. I climbed up onto the bed beside her and straddled her lightly, the tip of my cock pressing gently against her clit with enough pressure to elicit a soft moan from her but not so much as that I actually entered her pussy. I rubbed back and forth, slowly and rhythmically, causing more moans to escape her mouth. Despite this, she was still determined to resist me, a cheeky smirk playing across her scarlet lips.

“Is that all you’ve got?” she breathed challengingly. “You’ll need to do better…”

The sound of her voice was cut off as I swooped down and covered her mouth with my own, stroking and scratching my hands up her bare sides, causing her to arch her back and, as a side effect of this, deepen the kiss as her mouth pressed harder against mine. I ran my tongue over her bottom lip and probed her mouth, which she eagerly opened to admit me, pushing her own tongue back into my mouth with the obvious passion that I loved about her — every action she made was driven by pure lust, and I knew that my teasing would heighten this to an almost unbearable level for her. I broke off the kiss and ran my tongue from her collarbone all the way up to her earlobe, nibbling it gently and earning a gasp of pleasure at my unexpected actions. The fact that she couldn’t see anything had no doubt sharpened her remaining senses — including that of touch, something that I was playing on. As I continued to kiss at her ear and neck, one of my hands wandered slowly up her leg and across her thigh, and I felt her shiver under my touch slightly.

I brushed my hand against her pussy, my fingertips playfully stroking down over her clit and labia to her entrance. Despite her earlier statement about me needing to do better she was already wet to touch, and I smiled slightly as I realised that she had most likely been bluffing. I knew that she wanted me inside her, and I knew that this lustful longing would only increase over time until I gave her what she desired most of all. I caressed the spot between her legs gently as I placed another kiss on her lips, this kiss one of increased passion that was rivalled only by her own enthusiasm, our tongues fiercely entwined as she moaned her pleasure into my mouth while I slipped two fingers inside of her. I tasted my own blood and felt a familiar sting as she bit my tongue, her longing for me bordering on primal. When I finally pulled away from the kiss I saw specks of my blood across her lips, which she promptly licked off in a slow, deliberate way that she knew would get to me, emphasised by a very soft and very sexual “ooh” sound. She may have wanted me, but it was all I could do to stop myself from simply pouncing on her and fucking her right then and there until she was out of breath. I loved the fact that she was bound and blind, seemingly so innocent, and yet I knew that she was about as innocent as a caged tiger and just as wild. The fact that I had someone easily capable of taking control and having her own way more or less helpless as she lay beneath me was an incredible turn-on.

Without another thought and acting practically on impulse, I leaned down and scraped my teeth across her throat before sinking them into the side of her neck, causing her to cry out in a delightful sound of pain and ecstasy. The handcuffs rattled against the headboard as she struggled and twisted, eager to try and do all she could to get at me. I laughed at her attempts — right up until the point where she surprised me by turning her head sideways and biting my own neck in return, very hard. So hard in fact that I felt twin rivulets of blood trickle down over my chest. I heard her giggle, and gasped as she sucked hard at where she had bitten me, drawing out yet more blood.

To try and prevent myself from moaning loudly I buried my face back into her neck and bit her again, intent on drawing blood myself. The two of us were caught up in the heat of the moment — an almost aggressive, vampiric act of sexual fulfilment. As we continued to bite, suck and lick at each other’s necks, I moved my fingers harder and faster in and out of her, driven by the desire that I had to hear her screaming in with the thrill of it. She didn’t disappoint me, and I continued to finger her to the point where it could almost have been considered violent. Her sounds of joy filled my ears and she spread her legs as wide as she possibly could to allow me to get even deeper inside her with my fingers. She continued to strain against the handcuffs to the point where they seemed to be cutting into her wrists, and yet she made no attempt or request for them to be loosened.

In fact, she seemed to enjoy the sensation of the pain as she hadn’t once stopped smiling in between her gasps and sighs. I slid my free hand up over her gorgeous body to her bare breasts, squeezing each one in turn and then lowering my mouth so that I could lick and suck at her nipples while continuing to work my fingers between her legs. She arched her back even more, thrusting up against the movement of my hand, determined to take as much of my fingers inside her as she could. I could tell from these actions that she was liable to no longer be content with just my fingers — I knew that she wanted to be fucked. But I would continue to make her wait. The build-up of her craving was always worth it.

Glancing over to my left, I noticed something of interest on top of the drawers where she had put her glasses after she had taken them off: her purple and silver bullet vibrator. I grinned wickedly as I leaned over and picked it up. As I did so, she cocked her head curiously to one side. She could obviously hear my movement but was unaware of what I was doing. A look of surprised realisation crossed her face as I switched it on and the soft buzzing sound reached her ears.

“And what are you going to do with that…?” she whispered, half wondering and half hopeful.

I made no verbal response, simply smiled a smile that she couldn’t see and ran the tip of the toy over her clit, back and forth.

“Oh! Oh! Mmm! Yes!”

Her sounds were like sweet music to me as I continued to please her with the vibrator on her clit, running it also over her labia while I continued to finger her. Every movement I made caused yet another moan or gasp, or for her to say my name in a way that made me shudder at its intonation.

“Ah! I can’t take it anymore! Please, fuck me! Fuck me now! I need it!”

“Do you really want it that badly?”


I grinned again. “Beg for it. I want to hear how much.”

I moved the toy over her faster and also switched up the setting to increase the strength and duration of the vibrations in order to stimulate her further. From the fact that she was practically panting when she tried to speak, I knew that this was really beginning to get to her. I loved it.

“AH! MMM!” The volume of her moans increased in line with the vibrations. “PLEASE! Oh, please! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I can’t bear the wait anymore! I want you inside me!”

“Well, since you asked so nicely…”

Keeping the bullet buzzing over clit, I entered her in one swift movement that resulted in a scream of ecstasy from her pretty mouth. The headboard shook again, more forcefully this time, as she struggled violently against her restraints again, aching to regain even some of the control that she had been completely deprived of. At one point, I thought she would actually break free because she was so tenacious and determined in her pursuits of freedom. She wrapped her legs around my waist tightly, making sure I couldn’t get away from her — not that I have wanted to. I figured that this was likely to be her way of at least doing something to indicate that she wasn’t completely powerless. I moved my hips and pelvis against hers slowly, building a rhythm that I knew she loved. I couldn’t see beneath the blindfold, but I knew that her eyes would be closed in contentment as she lay in the grip of her passion, relishing in every sensation, every thrust, every single movement that sent shivers through her body and mine too. I knew that if her hands had been free my back would already be covered in bleeding scratches. I started to get harder, faster, deeper. Her moans increased in intensity and frequency with my actions and I covered her lips with my own, kissing her with an almost ferocious energyas I continued to fuck her. She felt so good. She always did. Tight. Wet.


She leaned up to where she figured my ear would be, biting it hard and running her tongue down my neck, tracing a line down to my collarbone with her teeth.

“You’ve had your fun…” she breathed heavily. “Take a rest and let me do some of the work…”

It seemed like more of an order than a request, which coming from her was unsurprising. I smiled.

“Alright…I guess it’s okay since you’ve been such a good little girl for me…”

I reached over to the side where I had placed the key to the handcuffs. Slowly and cautiously, I unlocked them. Before I could even back off to put them away, she had jumped on me despite still being unable to see, pushing my down hard onto the bed and climbing on top of me, straddling me and thrusting herself right back down onto me without a moment’s hesitation, bouncing herself up and down while reaching up to remove the blindfold, sending pulses of pleasure through me with each movement that she made. Casting the blindfold aside, she looked down at me through eyes that, whilst bright blue, burned with the red fires of lust. To anyone else she may have seemed slightly intimidating. To me, it was a real turn-on. She knew this, and lay down on top of me so that our bodies were parallel, arching her back and moving her hips more and more, forcing me to penetrate her more and more deeply as she slid up and down on my cock, moaning and breathing softly near my ear, biting at it as her nails drew down my chest in bloody trails, more than making up for the time in charge she had lost out on when she had been blind and bound.

“Do you like that?” she teased, her words emphasised by the actions of her body.

“Yes…God, yes…” I answered, slightly breathless from her aggression.

“Good.” While maintaining eye contact, she ran her tongue slowly and deliberately up the long scratches she had made on me. Further moans escaped my lips as she lapped at the blood like a cat.

She knew how much I enjoyed her feline behaviour, knew that it was one of many things she could do that really got to me. Black-painted nails and the heels she often wore also fell into this category, too, among others.

She really was just an ultimate fantasy. A sexual dream of perfection given life.

Nobody could ever fill me with such pure, filthy desire like she could.

I wanted the control back. Now.

Sitting up so suddenly that I caught her by surprise, I lifted her up off of me and lay her down on her front. Before she could move or object, I positioned myself behind her and thrust hard back between her legs as deeply as I could go, earning a loud cry of pleasure from my partner. Tangling my fingers in her long dark hair, I pulled her up onto her hands and knees, allowing for me to go deeper still, keeping hold of her hair as I fucked her, using it to aid my movements to the point where she was practically screaming my name. As we progressed in our almost violent encounter, she started to thrust back, still refusing to give me complete control, her hips rocking back and forth at a frantic pace. Once more, she knew what this would do to me. I could feel my orgasm starting to build, faster and faster, but she wasn’t done yet. She withdrew me from her and turned to face me, lying on her back and looking up at me with a cheeky smirk.

“Not yet. I wanted to try something a little different.”

She held something up and passed it to me: lubricant.

I raised an eyebrow. “Someone’s a very dirty girl.”

“Someone fucking loves it.”

I grinned at her matter-of-fact response. She wasn’t wrong.

She rolled back onto all fours, stretched, and wiggled her arse teasingly at me, looking back at me over her shoulder with the fire still smouldering in her eyes.

“I’m waiting.”

“Patience is a virtue, darling.”

“Just shut up and fuck me in the arse.”

“Yes, miss.”

After the preparations with the lubricant had made, I was more than happy to comply with her request. I entered her slowly and shallowly at first, so as not to cause her any pain. She sighed contentedly and I felt her relax. I took this as my cue to push a little deeper and, hearing her moan, also began to increase my pace, reaching around with one hand as I did so to rub her clit as I fucked her tight arse.

“Harder! Faster! I want you to cum in my arse! Fucking do it!”

As she spoke her commands in such a dirty way, she also began to push herself back against me to compliment the rhythm of my own thrusting, screaming in pleasure and excitement as she did so, clearly enjoying this new experience in our sex life. Keeping one hand free to caress her clit and also to finger her, I moved my other swiftly up her side to play with her breasts, stroking and squeezing them, pinching her nipples softly while my cock continued to pound her arse. I occasionally also decided to give her a quick spank, knowing how much she liked this. The tightness and purely pleasurable feel of it meant that it wasn’t too long before I once again felt my orgasm beginning to build, every single thrust from me and every single reciprocal movement from her bringing it closer and closer to completion. Finally, abruptly, it hit. I felt my cum explode inside her arse in a fountain. Her soft sigh of delight indicated that she had felt it too. Even after this, she continued to move against me, determined not to stop until every single last drop was inside her. It kept coming until there was nothing left to fill her up with, at which point I withdrew. A little of my cum had escaped from inside her and now glistened across the perfectly formed cheeks of her arse. It was a captivating sight. She turned to look at me.

“Mmm. Wasn’t that fun?”

“Oh, definitely.”

“You like fucking my arse?”

“I like fucking you full-stop.”

“That’s good to hear.” She smiled. I returned it gladly.

The sex with her was never anything short of perfect.


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