When Jeremy came to, he found himself lying completely naked on the ground on a bed of warm, soft moss within a ring of glowing toadstools. He felt strange, stringy cords binding his wrists and ankles to the forest floor; he was in a forest, or forest glade, at least. He could see towering trees beyond the glow of the toadstools. From the forest he heard the sound of laughter, singing, and music as dancing lights approached through the trees. It was only then, as he heard the approaching laughter, that he noticed his throbbing erection: a turgid totem reaching towards the heavens, caressed by the warm breezes of the forest. He felt his cheeks flush with embarrassment; he was no exhibitionist, and he couldn’t remember how he got here.

Floating Into view through the night air came something that he could not credit. They looked like Barbie dolls; they couldn’t have been more than two feet tall as they floated toward him on gossamer wings. They were nude women of exquisite beauty, who seemed to glow softly with their own radiance. Their wings came in all types; some had long wings like dragonflies and flitted eagerly from here to there and back; still others had great slow beating wings like butterflies or moths which came in all colors and patterns. Their ears were long, tapering out into antenna. Their eyes were unnaturally large, almond-shaped, dark, and made of a thousand facets.

They were fairies, they had to be, it was the only name Jeremy could put to them. Not that before that moment he would have ever admitted to believing in fairies. They came in all varieties, no one quite the same as any other. Some were slim while others were full-figured, but all were breathtakingly beautiful. Their skin and hair ran in all shades and colors, from those you would see on humans to exotic purples and greens.

Leading their train was a slightly larger fairy with large, pale green wings and ears that became feathered antennae. On her brow she wore a silver circlet, and he assumed she must be the queen. She was breathtaking, her proportions impossible for a human to match; her breasts were high and full on her chest, her slim waist flared out to full hips her legs were slim and long, her skin was pale as porcelain, glowing with its own radiance, and her shimmering aquamarine hair fell in waves down her back. Her full lips curved in a delicate smile as she and her fellows began dancing in the air above him. As they danced, shimmering gold and silver dust fell from her wings onto him and the ground around him. Where the fairy dust hit his skin a warm heat and heady ecstasy blossomed, and he felt his need build as the seductive sirens danced above him.

Finally, their Queen settled softly towards his face. She came to rest on the ground with her long slender legs straddling his face. Between her legs, he could see her sweet honeydew beading on her full nether lips. He couldn’t help licking his lips as his eyes traveled up her delicate body, taking in her exquisite features. His eyes met hers, and he thought he would lose himself in their infinite faceted depths; the color he had thought before to be black was in truth deep sapphire.

Her full ruby lips curved in a warm smile as she leaned in to caress his cheek with her tiny hand. Her peach-sized breasts swayed pendulously before his face as she leaned close. His tongue reflexively moistened his lips in anticipation. Her smile broadened and seemed to take on a mischievous look as though she sensed his thoughts. “I am Luna, Queen of this fairy tribe, and you have been chosen to sire the next generation. If you accept this call you will know heights of ecstasy beyond anything you could imagine.” Her great, pale green, gossamer wings spread wide, showering his face with her fairy dust and making him burn all the stronger with lust. “Do you accept?” she asked, her smile conveying every surety that she already knew his answer.

And she did. This whole thing was the strangest experience Jeremy had ever had, but he was about as capable of saying no here as he would have been trying to will his own heart to stop beating. “Yes,” he gasped out, and that was all he could manage over the growing haze of fairy drugs.

“Thank you,” Luna said and gasped as she pressed her tiny hard nipple against his lips. As he opened his mouth to taste her offer she pushed against him so that her whole breast popped into his mouth. His tongue massaged her breast as his lips sucked at its base. Her other breast pressed into his cheek as her hands grabbed handfuls of his dark curly hair and pulled her more firmly into his face and mouth. As he sucked on her whole breast a warm flow of milk began to fill his mouth, and he drank the sweet milk down greedily. It was by far the best milk he’d ever tasted.

Out of the corners of his eyes he saw the other fairies descending, and he began to feel small hands and mouths caressing his body. Tiny mouths affixed themselves to his nipples, pinching and teasing them in just the way he loved. He felt his fingers begin to be kissed and licked by minute lips and tongues. Near his crotch he felt the weight of two fairies on his thighs, and a moment later, long slender tongues began ministering to his aching member. Another tongue began playing over his balls.

As the flow of milk from her first breast started to ebb, Luna pulled back the ripe peach of her breast, which popped wetly from his mouth as she did. His tongue shot out to lick the last drop of milk from her nipple before shifting to her other breast. Like the first she pushed the whole peach-sized orb into his mouth, and he again began eagerly drinking the milk she produced.

He couldn’t turn his head to see properly, but he felt with fascination the fairies guiding his fingertips into their nether entrances, one fairy on each of his fingers and thumb, their bodies pressed close together as they lowered themselves. Slowly their labia stretched around his fingertips as they pushed each finger deeper. The sensation for him was bizarre, but incredibly pleasurable. It probably had something to do with the fairy dust and milk; his fingers sent sensations to his brain as though each one were a cock being engulfed by a hot, wet pussy. Their pace started slow but built in tempo, their bodies intertwined with each other. Impossibly long tongues designed for licking nectar from deep within flowers writhed continually over each other as they pressed together and their hips gyrated on his fingers.

In his mouth, the flow of milk from Luna’s second breast finally ebbed and stopped. She pulled back with a wet pop, his tongue again eagerly licking up the last drops of milk. Moving up his face she positioned her hot snatch over his mouth; as she lowered herself over his lips his tongue eagerly darted out to taste the sweet nectar glittering invitingly on her pussy lips. The taste of her honey was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before; rich and sweet, and incredibly intoxicating. It was what he imagined the nectar of the gods must taste like. His tongue eagerly went to work as she arched her back above him, the view incredible.

He could not tell what was happening beyond her wings, but he felt more and more fairies landing on top of him. They hopped onto his thighs and calves, and he felt long tongues start to play with his toes, probably inspired by the fairies riding his fingers. He felt other fairies writhing together as they lay atop his chest, and wherever the fairies touched it felt amazing. It was probably a good thing that the binds on his wrists and ankles kept him secured to the ground, or he might have accidentally crushed some of them as he moved in response to their overwhelming attentions.

On his fingers the fairies started to climax, their bodies quivering uncontrollably as they came explosively, one after another. As each of the fairies came there was a sharp prick of pain at the base of his finger and he orgasmed, but these orgasms were different; the sensations were centered on each finger and his cock remained hard and in need of release.

As his fingers exploded in climax he screamed out into Luna’s cunt. The vibrations of the scream pushed her over the edge and she climaxed, her tiny body and wings quivering in the throes of her ecstasy. As she came her nectar poured forth into his open mouth, but also as she came Jeremy felt a sharp stab of pain on his tongue before an orgasm exploded in his mouth. The sensation was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before, and he almost choked on her sweet juices as he was swept away by the torrent of ecstasy.

As Luna came down off her own climax she collapsed against his face, her soft breasts brushing against him as she pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. She lay there for long moments before she pushed herself up and climbed back to her feet. She pushed herself up and climbed back to her feet, swaying provocatively as she walked lightly on her delicate feet down his chest. Her ass was displayed alluringly as she moved, and now for the first time he noticed the slim sting, which emerged from the base of her spine to curve down between her ass cheeks. Looking at the other fairies writhing atop him he noticed that they all possessed those dangerous-looking stings. His head and hands were still buzzing from his orgasms, and if that’s what those stings did, then he wasn’t about to complain.

As she approached his member, still rising like a totem pole, she motioned the other fairies away from his cock. On reaching his cock she knelt behind it so that she faced him and wrapped her arms around it. She positioned his cock so that it rose up between her breasts with its tip resting just below her mouth. With a smile she extended her long tongue, slowly wrapping it down the length of his cock. This was the first clear view he’d had of a fairy tongue. It was incredibly long and slim; like a hummingbird tongue it was intended for sipping nectar and pollen from deep inside flowers. As she drew her tongue into her mouth, leaving a wet trail behind it on his turgid pole, an impish smile crossed her face.

Leaning forward, she pressed her lips to the tip of his glans, and then she extended her tongue. The sensation was bizarre to say the least, pleasant, but very strange. As she extended her tongue through his meatus down his urethra his pleasure from the sensation started to grow. She slowly worked her tongue in and out, developing a slow rhythm as the other fairies played across his body. Between Luna’s ministrations and the sight of the other fairies’ orgiastic fun he felt his climax fast approaching. But just as he neared its peak, she removed her tongue and stopped the slow caress of her hands and breasts. Grinning, she said, “Now, now, we can’t have you wasting your precious seed.”

She lifted herself into the air and moved to position her moist vulva above his glans. He had no idea how she would actually fit it through her tiny entrance, let alone inside her. Now, he was no porn star, but his cock was a respectable enough size that the porn stars had never made him feel inadequate. However, next to Luna it seemed like a monster; it was easily half as long as her torso and as big around as her thigh. Somehow, impossibly, she slipped it inside her, slowly lowering herself on his shaft. The sensation of her flesh wrapped around his member was mind-blowing; she was so tight it was all he could do not to come instantly. With great effort he held back as she sank slowly onto his shaft, her hips finally resting against his as her legs nearly did the splits. Strangely, there was no distortion of her belly from the shaft that somehow had to be buried inside her up to her chest; her belly remained taut and her waist slim. The only sign of the monster inside her were her gaping cunt lips spread impossibly wide, and the look of total ecstasy on her face.

Luna began to slowly beat her wings, sending swirls of fairy dust out from her as she slowly slid back up his member. Her distended labia seemed to cling greedily to his moist shaft as she rose. Once she had nearly pulled herself free, she paused then allowed herself to drop back, impaling herself on his rigid lance. She arched her back in rapture as she felt his flesh suddenly fill her once again. As she dropped on him and her muscles clenched around him Jeremy felt his balls jerk and knew he could not take much more.

New fairies had replaced those who’d satisfied themselves on his fingers and he could now feel hot pussies eagerly sucking on his toes. The first ten fairies that had been on his hands now circled around his crotch, their long tongues licking over his balls and around the base of his cock as their bodies intertwined with one another on his belly and sides. One of these fairies climbed over the others to reach Luna and began aggressively making out with her. The fairy wrapped her legs around Luna’s waist and began grinding her hips against Luna. This final added pressure combined with their erotic display pushed him over the edge.

He came deep inside Luna, shooting jet after jet of his seed into her. He was surprised that she did not explode from the sheer volume he felt like he was releasing, but no, that did not seem to be the case. On his third or fourth jet, Luna arched her back, quivering with her own climax. And yes, as she came he felt the sharp stab of her sting and his orgasm redoubled. Pleasure seemed to radiate out to every corner of his body like an exploding supernova, only to rebound as fairies on his fingers and toes started coming.

He must’ve blacked out for a moment, but when he came to, Luna was no longer impaled on his cock. Instead, a cluster of fairies held their Queen in the air, while others eagerly licked up the excess come from between her legs before slipping their tongues into the depths of their fellows, apparently to ensure that his seed would not be wasted. Still others were lapping eagerly around the base of his cock for any come they could find then performing the same service for each other as long come-covered tongues sought out moist cunts.

To his surprise, his shaft was still hard as adamant and another fairy prepared to mount him, the one who had been making out with Luna. She rode him fast and hard, and it was not long before he was coming again.

He lost track of the number of times he came. The night became a blur of pleasure and moist fairy flesh pressing against him. At some point, Luna decided to lie atop his chest and settle her small head beneath his chin. Other fairies periodically offered him their milk or a taste of their nectar.

Eventually, he had no idea how much time later; he came inside the last fairy as she passed out still astride his cock. Finally his member relaxed, and sleep claimed him.

As he drifted off to sleep a fleeting thought on the edge of consciousness seemed to nag at him: what happened to Alice? But he was too exhausted and drunk on fairy dust to form the thought clearly before sleep took him.

“LOOK AT THESE TITS!” screamed the tanned, gorgeous, and leggy beauty beating upon the wooden frame of Apartment #206. The mammaries in question were scarcely contained in the frilly, lacy cups of a black, lingerie push-up bra. She squeezed and jiggled her pliant boobs in front of the small, circular peephole in the thick door. ” I KNOW YOU WANT ‘EM! YOU KNOW YOU WANT ‘EM!” “JUST… just come get me! Come on outta there and suck my BOOBS!” she commanded in a frantic voice containing as much desperation as anger.

In spite of himself, Todd had certainly been tempted to do just that. He had indeed looked, if nothing else. The total package was like that of a busty, Victoria’s Secret model in Heat. Certainly, the elegant face, pouty lips all framed within a vibrant mane of auburn fire would have landed the girl a decent modeling career; 6 months ago at least. Not to mention the rest of her shapely, black lingerie-clad curves. The proffered boobs dangling temptingly before Todd’s door were pleasant, bronze-skinned handfuls that swelled with enough womanly bounty to catch the eye of the most ardent tit-man, yet not so over-large as to disqualify her from the world of fashion-modeling. That, combined with the smooth towers of leggy femininity, as well-formed as any work of art could have indeed landed such a woman a lucrative modeling career. 6 months, at least. Now, things were not so certain…

She began to writhe sensuously outside, where her gyrations would be visible in the peephole, waving hips, ass and arms in a serpentine gesture of slutty abandon. “But… I can make you soooo happy, Todd!” She tried to deliberately invoke a husky, sultry tone. “I know… I know how to… pleasure a man… y-you don’t know what you’re missing!” she breathed. Sighing, Todd stepped closer to the door, but spared only the briefest of passing glances to the indecent display.

“You don’t fool me; I know what this is all about. And like I said; I have a date tonight.” He explained, patiently. The woman was incredulous.

“BUT THAT’S NOT FOR SIX MORE HOURS! WE’VE GOT TIME! I NEED YOU… YOU..YOU WANT THIS PUSSY AS MUCH AS I WANNA GIVE IT TO YOU!” She accused. “No more games… just want… your hands… on my tits… your cock… in my cunt… mmmmmm my… hot… little… cunt… ” Any further words in that sentence descended to incoherent gurgles drowned by her hormone-charged estrus.

“I’m not playing you; there’s no game here. I got a date, and a RELATIONSHIP,” he emphasized. “With a REAL woman.”

“WHAAAT!” shrieked the sultry, slutty brunette. With a fluid, deliberate motion, she discarded the lacy, push-up bra. Buoyant boobs surged into the light, D-cup melons thrusting forward with erect nipples as if to point accusingly at the object of their desire. “THESE TITS ARE GREAT!! AND I’M ALL REAL!! CHECK ME OUT!” she seemed nearly as excited by her feminine assets as Todd should have been. “Just one squeeze wouldn’t kill ya!” she cajoled playfully. The controversial mammaries bulged as she thrust them into the smooth wood of the door. Of course, there was no evidence of any sort of surgery or augmentation. Not the slightest scarring of any sort.

On reflection, for a shapely piece of tail like her, Todd should have been out of his league. 6 months ago, had there been a hotty that fine anywhere near here, no reason she would have given him the time of day. Todd Caldwell had always been a lanky, rail-thin, clean-shaven black guy with few notable talents, but of decent intelligence. The parents, (his parents) had met whilst working for the Peace Corps in the fetid depths of Central Africa. While they made many friends and trusted allies over the years, they’d always regretted the assignment for the problems it caused their son.

As a mere whisp of lad, young Todd seemed to have contracted an Ebola-like virus, the dreaded Malaria, and at least 3 distinct internal, jungle parasites. The doctors wrote him off for lost, but surprisingly, Todd’s body had adapted in an unforeseen way. As he lay deathly ill, all the experts agreed that his young body had no hope of fighting off these massive, multiple infections; But instead, it was as if his body turned the diseases against each other. Somehow, the Ebola mutated and attacked the Malaria plasmodium, which in turn mutated and began to attack all of the other parasites. The harrowing ordeal weakened him considerably, but his novel immune system turned the tables on a host of terrible diseases, and his blood work was the subject of many interesting medical journal articles. Well, interesting to scientists. Todd would have just as soon grown up healthy, happy, and spoiled.

He’d always had weak lungs, could never seem to put on muscle, and forget any serious sports! The rest of him was handsome enough, he guessed. His piercing gaze and strong jaw could make him look severe, and intense when he needed, but his lanky lack of real physical strength had always embarrassed him. Throughout high school, there was no chance of his becoming a Jock, he wasn’t really smart enough to be a true nerd. While that spared him some abuse, it also made him a veritable social unknown; lost in the faceless, uninteresting social throngs of the semi-outcast for much of his life. Now, in college, well… no real changes to his situation… really it was other people who had changed.

“Oh… Oh I get it… ” the woman outside his door announced, half to herself. Todd could almost hear the wheels in her mind churning. “You need m-more than just great sex! You need a girlfriend! I… I CAN DO THAT TODD! I CAN BE… WHAT YOU NEED… ” he thought she was fingering herself as she spoke. “IT… IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT SEX WITH ME TODD, I… I CAN DO OTHER THINGS! I CAN BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND! YES TODD I WILL!! W-WE CAN DO… DATES… REAL… DATES! I… I CAN WATCH FIERY, ACTION MOVIES THAT GUYS LIKE! YOU CAN… WE CAN… JUST TALK! IT’S NOT ABOUT SEX WITH ME TODD, N-NO… ” her voice shook with need. “I CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT! I’M NOT JUST SOME SLUT INTO ONE-NIGHT STANDS! YOU..YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO SUCK MY TITS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO! JUST… just let me touch you… let me be… close to you..” she purred, less frantically. Yet her proud, thrusting bosom still heaved with thwarted longing. “We can have… a relationship Todd… ” she grunted, and her heard a rattling sound. Was she trying to pick his lock, or… “It’s not just sex with me… w-we can have lots of sex… when you want! But just… just let me touch you… be near you… oooohhh… ” again that rattling sound, he checked the peephole.

Todd shook his head and stifled a chuckle. The dirty slut was humping his doorknob! Hot sweat poured from her furrowed brow, smearing her mascara as her pert nose and pouty lips flared with the magnitude of her indecent, desperate arousal. She’d say anything to get the cock she craved!

“The answer is still no,” Todd explained calmly. “You’re not fooling anyone; I know who you are, and I know what you want. And I’m moving on. I don’t want to be cruel, but I’m through with your type. There are real women out there, and I have a date with one tonight.” Another rattle as her crotch disengaged from his doorknob. He’d have to get it washed.

“WELL FINE! I DON’T NEED YOU TODD CALDWELL!!! THERE ARE OTHER COCKS OUT THERE WHO WOULD LOVE TO GET SOME OF THIS PUSSY!” in a softer tone, she added: “I”M… I’m going back to my room to spend some quality time with Mr. Vibrator. You can replace him anytime you lii-iike!” she added, in a sing-song tone, never abandoning her attempts at seduction.


You could change a man’s mind sometimes, by appealing to his baser nature. *SHLUCK* Denise knew that Todd would come around in time, but she’d help him along. *SLURP* That was why she’d left her apartment door wide open… while she lay sprawled on her back, on her fold-out bed/couch, facing the door, completely naked, with a meaty, black dildo spearing her slathering cunt.

Denise gambled that the sight of her delicious, tanned skin, curvaceous frame, and generous boobs that waggled and wobbled ceaselessly across the fertile playground of her chest would trigger his instincts. She knew, she could feel them enlarging. It got like almost everyday for Denise and… and girls like her. Her mammaries thrust up high and proud upon her slim chest. The tanned hemispheres were similar in height to small coffee mugs as they wavered naked in the air, nipples thrust up high. But she knew, she could feel them stretching, expanding, enlarging. It was easy to miss, but her boobflesh was continually stretching as if from great pressure within; and she knew what that pressure-

“NAAH!” Denise yelped as the first spurts began. Her breasts were at least another inch higher, jiggling upon her body when the milk began to jet forth. The dark-haired slut had long since overcome the fear and uncertainty that accompanied her first few spurts of lactation. It all seemed so natural now, everything about her change was just her accepted state.

Three months ago, the… person that Denise had been would have reacted with unmitigated horror at the sight of the naked, sweating, tan-skinned, sex-pot of pussy-dripping, milk-spurting sensuality that she had become upon accepting her new urges. “MMM… *SLURP*” She was so sweet now, That idiot Todd didn’t know what he was missing! He could be here now! His cock thrusting into her sopping cunt, his lips sucking mightily from her milk-laden mams.

But her harsh words didn’t matter. She’d be back at his door tomorrow, with the same plea on her lips, the same ache in her cunt. Moments of anger, or his refusal didn’t change anything. She’d say whatever she needed to say, pretend to be whatever he wanted. Anything and everything to push his buttons, to get him on top of, and inside her.

If her boobs left any doubt in the viewers mind, the in-out motion, the desperate thrusts of the sex-toy that reamed her ever-moistening cunt would provoke a surge of primal, male urges that would make Todd forget his earlier refusal. Noisome howls of pleasure would ensure that no passersby would miss the indecent spectacle of sweat-slicked nymphomania thrashing nakedly in frenzied estrus in Room 221.

“Knock, Knock.” Announced the land-lord, as he rapped briefly upon the open door.

“Guh-huh?” murmured Denise, her mahogany-colored hair becoming matted to her bronzed skin is wet strands.

“Ah’ve never been one ta abandon a woman in need,” explained the owner of the complex, Paul Nesmith. An aging newly retiree, he’d nonetheless always attempted to remain in decent physical condition. His weathered flesh still retained a healthy strength, and beneath his balding brow, stern blue eyes regarded the nude slut with a deliberate lechery surprising in a man of his more than 60 years.

“… And we kin hear yore need all’ a way on the third floor!” as he smiled his gold-toothed grin, he tossed onto the floor of her cluttered room a small, square box of Viagra which landed amidst a frilly pile of pink, female underwear.

“Then… your cock?” Denise sluttily wondered.

“Time for Paul ta be a stud again! Heh! An’ even better… ” He produced a small, blue jar of what seemed to be ointment with detailed, medical labeling on the side, an empty jar.

“Is that…?” she asked hopefully, the full question trailing off as her boobs yet jiggled.

“It’s the VERY latest; a true preventative! So there’ll be no unfortunate… eh… surprises.” The vigorous senior declared with a roll of his blue eyes. But Denise only half-way cared. She hadn’t considered Nesmith before, a man of his age could almost never meet her considerable needs. As she cast off the vibrating dildo, the cry which escaped her lips was as much roar as moan, as she opened wide her slender arms.

“CUM!! MY CUNT!!! I WANT YOU IN MY HOT CUNT!!!” Her hips jerked with longing, her female lips full, engorged, as she spread her legs with all the dexterity of a gymnast, to better accommodate the beefy rod soon to penetrate her. It didn’t really seem to matter where the cock came from; Denise was past that. When a girl gets as hot as she was, when the burning craving for a male body, and a male dick sears her every nerve ending, there just wasn’t any way she could turn down any source of sex. Young, Old, Black or White, Single, Married… a woman in her position was long past caring. So long as the penis was hard, hot and eager, it could fill the gaping, well-lubricated void inside her. To his credit, Paul at least tried to close the door with the back of his foot before lunging.


Todd wouldn’t let it get him down. With his hot date in just a few hours, the lanky student knew he couldn’t allow any depression over this lost job to sour the mood. He’d been looking forward to this; and it wouldn’t change his attitude, losing the job at the bookstore would make it a bitch trying to pay his tuition. But he wasn’t going to let anything hold him down!

As he walked uphill on the plain, gray cement of the sidewalk along the street’s edge of the verdant grounds of Daleson University, he tried to allow the upward climb of the slope to boost his spirits accordingly. I mean, if he’d really done something wrong; maybe that would be one thing; but the whole staff knew the real reason; it was that blond with the gi-normous tits! That giggling little slut! Probably the same kinda girl as Denise!

But Mr. Caruthers could only afford 12 employees, and when blond-perky-tits arrived, the word was the Boss just selected somebody at random to fire. The talk in the employee lounge was very illuminating. The ex-bookstore cashier tried to put out of his mind the image of the portly, salt-and-pepper-bearded manager as he stood nervously, pudgy fingers wrapping on the wood of his desk as he stammered out halting, inconsistent excuses for Todd’s termination. All the while, Caruthers was adjusting his belt, as if it were all he could do to restrain his raging hard-on. Hazel eyes darting nervously towards the door as if impatient to finish stammering out the justifications, most of which didn’t even apply to Todd! (That was Stevens who’d been late those three days in July!

“But Mr. Caruthers! Stevens was the one who was-”

“THE DECISION’S BEEN MADE!” shouted the manager. “YOU… it’s… Let me finish! This is a notification! Not… a debate!” so that was it. After Todd had left, she’d entered almost on his heels. She was a short little bastion of blond-curled voluptuousness. Porn-star tits surged like captured honeydew melons in her lycra tube-top. A scandalously short-skirt was stretched taut around the wide grandeur of her ample ass and breeding-hips. She wore a thick, flowery perfume that assaulted his nostrils.

Todd had promised himself not to, but he couldn’t help but listen to the stammering, unnecessary congratulations as the slut was given his job. A nervous laugh and a giggle, and then the girls’ real job began.

But Todd continued walking back to his car, he would not dwell upon his loss; perhaps he could take legal action, but… it might be difficult to prove a real bias, and he had to ask whether this job was really worth all that effort. Hmm… well, if he was going to try to sue or something, it would be after his hot date!


Victor Caruthers was having trouble with his mouth. His joy at this unexpected rendezvous was forcing his face to budget its time between smiling, laughing with joy, and licking the tasty labia that was above him. Caruthers hadn’t even thought to move from the living room sofa where Sofie had first pounced on him.

Well, that hadn’t been the first place; She’d sucked him off at the Bookstore, right after he’d finished firing that eh… whatisname… eh black kid who… aw, didn’t matter. What mattered was that Sofie had a cousin! A little platinum blond hottie every bit the slut she was! It was a new age! A new beginning!

Victor’s hairy legs twitched As Sofie thrashed atop his turgid member, grinding her ample hips in deep rows across his crotch, her lurid motions all but ensuring that every square millimeter of her feminine sanctum was liberally massaged by throbbing man meat. Stripper-quality tits, pulsing forwards, sideways, and down with frenetic motions like that of over-sexed water-balloons seemed to have grown nearly another inch since the rut began.

Victor’s hairy, broad chest was becoming sprinkled with the creamy produce of taut-nippled lactation, as the thin, white jets only increased in frequency. Sofie and her cousin, er… Victor didn’t catch her name, kneeled facing each other, straddling his body between them like a hairy chested, deliriously happy pommel-horse. As Sofie was the one who found him, the two had agreed that she would have first crack at Victor’s penis. And Mr. Caruthers was indeed glad; the sopping cunt of the wide-hipped hussy slurped and suckled around his cock like a woman dying of thirst.

These women of the ‘New Age’ caressed and groped each other’s fertile endowments like… almost like teenage boys given unfettered access to a Porn-Star. With a wide-mouthed, lesbian zeal to make Sappho herself proud, the honey-blond Sofie, and the platinum blond er… eh… whoever she was… attacked one another in a jiggling combat waged with sensuous tongues, sloppy kisses, nipple-twists, and the most ardent of fondlings.

Fortunately for Victor Caruthers, their tastes were of the broadest sort. Sofie and her ilk pursued any penis with a ferocious passion, yet would never pass up a chance with another woman’s boobs. Their ministrations to each other halted temporarily only when the surge of Victor’s nigh-orgasmic rod struck a chord deep within, sending Sofie into a gurgling fit of incoherent urges. Her cousin likewise, was forced to stop and moan when the questing thrusts of their beau’s agile tongue provoked her feminine core in ways that apprehended her rational mind. Her ass bobbed obscenely as the thrashed ecstatic upon his face and tongue. Victor’s thighs, face and neck now slick with the pungent juice of female lubrication.

And that was the strange thing; with Sofie and er… the other girl, there was this odd, offensive odor. It was a musky, tangy aroma that called to mind animal exertion and unwashed rut. The smell was troubling, uncivilized, just the sort of scent that any woman who respected herself would attempt to purge. And yet, this perverse, animal-musk set his nerves on edge. The proximity with her pussy sent a fire rushing to his loins, and lightning to the core of his being. Sofie’s musk alerted hidden imperatives in his body, boiling his blood with a depraved, beastial passion that was as potent as it was unexpected. Her crotch exuded a haze of estrus, it was the aroma that sent wild bulls into a dangerous frenzy, it was the scent that dogs sniff for around a female’s back parts, and it was the feral musk that propelled Victor Caruthers into a potent orgasm he had never dreamed his middle-aged physiology was capable of.

The next few hours were a blur; just as Victor thought his body could not sustain the awesome, sexual Olympics, he managed to unleash yet one more orgasm, one more jet of hot semen into a pussy. Whether the bush above that womanly core was honey-colored, or platinum blond did not matter; his penis happily ejaculated with the stamina and frequency of a 15-year old boy. The vigor that infused him seemed as much… obligation as pleasure. If his penis could release this much semen, it seemed almost a crime not to spew it forth into any cunt that was handy.

Sofie screamed in ear-splitting glee; the way her skin got gooseflesh, the way her breasts jiggled, the way her muscles clenched confirmed some of the rumors Victor had heard; these girls actually got off on cum. It wasn’t just the act of the cock stimulating them within, the semen itself caused a reaction, it was like a drug to them, sending them into a narcotic craving that enhanced their already unmanageable sex-drives. And to think! Some people called this new phenomenon a plague! Ha!

This is the third part of my story about Rose the cowgirl. Obviously I would prefer that you read the first two parts before you read this part.

After the seven hour orgy the harem girls started to settle down. Rose was still completely soaked in a mix of pussy slime, sweat and breast milk from the orgy. Rose was lying on her back in the midst of all the harem girls with her huge and surprisingly firm tits standing up like mountains. The harem girls started to cuddle up to Rose in a snug and cozy manner. The girls talked to each other for a while about Rose and how sexy she is and what great sex they had with her. They talked over Rose, like adults talk over children. They giggled when she tried to approve of their comments with soft cute “mooos”. They all knew that she was just a cow girl and could not join in the conversation. Rose was physically much larger than the other girls but mentally smaller. It was obvious that the harem girls had all fallen madly in love with Rose because of her divine beauty and sex appeal. They all stared at her; they looked into her big eyes or stared at her amazing curves. After a short break the orgy continued. Without saying anything one girl just leaned forward and took Rose´s left nipple into her mouth and began to suck. That action inspired another girl to do the same to her right nipple. So the two beautiful busty girls began to nurse from Rose´s huge tits. Rose gave milk easy; the nursing girls just had to apply gentle suction. Rose felt the tug on her nipples in their mouths and felt her milk spray into them.

While the two girls kept nursing, another girl gently sat down on Rose´s face, pushing her cunt against Rose´s mouth. All that Rose could now smell and see was this woman’s vagina. Realizing that this woman wanted oral sex, Rose started to lick pussy. Rose soon pushed her long, soft and smooth cowgirl tongue into the pussy of the girl who began to buck her hips in response. The girl came after only a minute of riding Rose´s tongue like a dildo. As this went on more and more girls joined in. Rose felt hands caressing every part of her body. Rose felt an anonymous stiff tongue enter her vagina. Someone’s fingers also invaded Roses asshole. This orgy or gang rape didn’t last as long as the first but was equally intense. The harem girls would have kept this up forever if they had the energy. After many kisses and loving hugs the girls finally fell asleep together. Rose drifted off into sleep slightly frustrated because even though she made many girls reach orgasm, she did not cum herself.

Rose woke up a few hours later because she was thirsty, horny and hungry. It was kind of dark in the room, but Rose could still see. The air still smelled of sweet sex and it was hot and sweaty in that pile of sleeping bodies. Rose managed to stand up without waking up any off the girls. Rose carefully stepped over sleeping girls as she walked towards a table in the corner of the room. She walked in her natural way, the way she had been designed to walk. She always walked with her shoulders back and her pelvis rolled forward. She took long steps, putting down her foot directly in front of her other foot as if she was walking on a tightrope. Her booty and her gigantic tits swayed in an alluring manner with each step from her long legs. She could hardly see in the gloom but it looked like there was food and water on the table. She was right; a great feast was laid out on the table. Rose started to eat and drink and it was all delicious, she didn’t know what she was eating but it was real people food! Much better than the cowgirl feed that she was used to eating. As she gorged herself in a manner that was not very lady like she decided that this harem was her new favorite place. She placed her gigantic tits on the table as she bent over the table to get closer to the food. The table then helped her carry the massive weight of her giant boobs. Rose was always a bit nervous at night because she was afraid of the dark.

As Rose was bent over the table, stuffing her face with both hands like the animal she was, she felt someone gently hugging her from behind. Rose was surprised and froze up. The voice of a young woman named Sophia whispered gently “guess who”. Sophia started to plant kisses along Roses back, down towards her big butt; this had a relaxing effect on the cowgirl. Rose could then feel Sophia’s breath on her naked ass cheeks. When Sophia got down to roses ass and vagina, the scent of Rose hit her like a sledgehammer. Sophia could smell that Rose had a strong scent coming from her vagina and ass, the scent was genetically engineered to be very powerful and alluring. The scent of Roses anus was particularly enthralling and irresistible to Sophia. It smelled of ripe fruit, honey, raw sex and something else that it impossible to describe. Rose arched her back and raised her tail up. Rose heard Sophia whisper to her. She turned her cow ears backward to hear the girl better. “Your asshole is so pretty and it smells sooo nice” said the girl and Rose now recognized her voice. It was the pretty young dominant girl who had given her the bath and dressed her earlier. Sophia had not felt her scent the day before, because when Rose came to her she was so dirty from living on the milk-plant mega farm. “Just relax, it’s just me” said Sophia as she started to lick ass. Sophia just had to taste that ass to see if it tasted as good as it smelled. Rose felt the girl’s soft tongue gently lick her anus and Rose did start to relax. Rose spread her legs apart slightly. The gentle licks started to soften up Rose and made her anus looser. Sophia then pushed her tongue inside Roses ass and started to “make out” with her ass. The taste was now all over the young girls tongue ant it tasted even better then it smelled.

Rose responded to this by reaching back and with one arm to press Sophia’s pretty face gently into her bottom. Rose also started to finger herself with her other hand. That tongue in her ass felt extremely good so Rose just had to masturbate to amplify the sensation. This was possible because the table supported her giant tits. Her massive tits spilled out over the table like soft dough. If it were not for the table, Rose would fall forward. After about a minute of ass licking Rose became so excited that she started to lactate from her beach-ball sized tits. Growing puddles of milk formed under her breasts. And so the girl drilled Roses’s lovely pink asshole with her tongue as Rose fingered herself. At the same time Sophia was also masturbating. As it happened they both came at the same time.

“Moooo!” Rose finally bellowed as she felt the sensations of orgasm run through her, the tongue in her ass adding immeasurably to the masturbation. Rose just loved having that beautiful ass of hers licked and eaten. To have a woman’s tongue deep in her asshole at the moment of orgasm was a wonderful new experience for Rose.

Sophia reluctantly pulled her tongue out of Roses asshole and gave it one last gentle lick and a kiss. Sophia could not believe what she had just done, jet her mouth was full of the taste that proved it. Normally she was sexually dominant; she would never do something so submissive as to lick ass. That big ass just looked so good and smelled so nice that Sophia just couldn’t resist it. Ever since her passionate meeting with Rose the day before, she could not stop thinking about the cowgirl. Maybe it was love she was feeling towards Rose. In that moment Sophia felt that if she could spend the rest of her life licking Roses pussy and ass, then that would be her personal paradise.

After that Sophia explained that she had to leave before morning. Sophia was not allowed in the harem and could get in trouble if she got caught. She told Rose that she would try to meet with her as much as she could in secrete. After telling Rose all that Sophia snuck out of the harem like a thief in the night. Rose stood up strait and yawned; she was still a bit tired. She found a free spot on the floor and slept there.

Rose woke up the next morning because she felt hands all over her. The harem girls had awoken before her and they could not resist the urge to touch Rose. One of the harem girls who seemed to be some sort of leader spoke to Rose. “Get up and get ready, you have been given the honor of waking up our master”.

The Master was General Blossom, the commander of the imperial armed forces and one of the richest men on the planet. The general was the right hand man of Emperor Peter himself. Much like the emperor General Blossom had turned himself into a superman to improve himself in every conceivable way. He was fast, strong and smart. His body was bio enhanced to be superior and impervious to harm. He looked more like a Greek god, with the body of a young muscular man, despite the fact that he was actually really old. The general had also bio-improved his massive penis, he had always been well hung and he had also enhanced his genitalia with drugs. He spent all his free time in his harem so he needed his penis to be a superior specimen. He only slept for one night every week and he liked to get a blowjob in the morning after that night to wake him up. Every week a new girl was given the honor to do this. It was an honor because it meant that the selected girl was the general’s favorite. And so now it was Roses turn.

Rose was led by the harem girls to a great luxurious bedroom with a massive bed. The general was sleeping naked on his back with his legs quite far apart. He was not covered by any comforter or blanket. The girls giggled as they gently shoved Rose onward towards the large bed. The girls whispered to Rose “Go on, suck his dick.” Rose had no problem obeying that order because she was a huge slut and loved cock sucking and cum eating, her brain was engineered to love it. To call Rose a slut is really unfair in a way, because it implies that Rose had fallen from grace to become a debauched woman. Rose never became a sex crazy slut, she was born that way.

As she moved in between his legs she saw his huge penis and gasped. It was as large as a big cucumber even then, in its flaccid state. His balls were the size of grapefruits. Rose felt a lustful, animal like need to touch it. She took the soft, smooth cock in her hand and gently pulled back the foreskin to reveal the large mushroom shaped head. Her touch dragged the general out of his dreams and he opened his eyes. The penis soon started to react to her touch by becoming semi-erect. The general remembered that today he was going to get his dick sucked by a cowgirl who just might be the sexiest creature in the galaxy. Rose felt like she had to smell the head of the huge penis and as she sniffed it the scent of sex filled her nose. After smelling it she had to taste it. As she started to lick the head, the penis got harder as it became fully erect and doubled in size. Rose had to shift position so that she was now on her keens between the generals legs. She did this so that she could keep sucking the huge cock without bending it down. In this position the cock had to slide in between her massive tits. Rose had not intended to titty-fuck him, her tits was just so big that the blowjob turned into a titty-fuck/blowjob.

Rose used her hands to press her tits tightly together as she moved her body up and down. In this way she could stroke his cock with her soft tits as she also kept the head of the giant penis going in and out of her mouth. At that point the general was completely awake. He spread his legs a bit more and muttered “Suck my dick bitch”. Rose was amazed that the General lasted as long as he did. Normally guys would cum really fast during sex with Rose. Rose now had eye contact with the general as his dick was between her tits and in her mouth. The general stared into her big anime-like eyes as Rose slobbered all over the head of his dick.

As he got closer and closer to orgasm, the general started to caress her breasts. Her soft smooth tit flesh felt like dough in his hands. He shifted his gaze from her dreamy eyes to her amazing tits. He kept his hands on her boobs as he gently bucked his hips. He gave her nipples a tweak and a pinch that made her spray some milk, before finally bringing his hands together on her head to grab her horns at their base.

The general now had two hands stabilizing her head by her cow horns, and he knew he was seconds away from shooting his wad into her sucking mouth. He pushed down on her head, forcing his dick to stay inside her mouth. He bucked his hips while trying to hold her head in place. He fucked her tits and her mouth at the same time while he started to pant heavily.

“Oh yes, I’m cumming, drink it you cow!” exclaimed the General

The general started to cum like a stallion, but Rose was ready for it. She closed her moth over his dick. Rose felt her whole mouth fill up with cum instantly so she quickly swallowed. Right after her huge gulp of seed his penis gave her another mouthful of sperm. Rose swallowed again only to feel another blast of thick cum hit the back of her throat. The general pumped cum into Rose and she swallowed it all without spilling. It was a massive load. After his orgasm was over, Rose kept the last mouthful of cum in her mouth to properly taste it before she swallowed. Rose moaned as she tasted and swallowed the last salty mouthful of warm cum.

“That takes care of your breakfast, now I shall have my breakfast!” Said the general as he took Rose by her arms and dragged her forward over his body so that she was on top of him. He instructed her to stand on all fours so that her huge tits would hang down over his face. Even though she had her arms strait and her back ached, her giant tits could not hang free. They were just too big for that. Being the size of large beach balls, her boobs spilled out over the bed and covered the general’s face. The general found a nipple and began to suck. At the same time he grabbed her ass and guided his rock hard cock into her vagina.

“Moooh, Moooh!” The excitement had rose bellowing. Being milked was Roses favorite thing, getting fucked was her second most favorite thing. Putting the two together was pure bliss. Rose moved her hips up and down. She was now a cowgirl riding dick cowgirl style! The general had just had an orgasm so he would last longer this time. He kept drinking milk directly from Roses nipple and kept thrusting his hips up and down as he fucked her. He sucked on her nipple until his mouth was full, then he swallowed. The General moaned loudly, but the sound was muffled by Roses tit flesh. The thick warm milk he was drinking tasted wonderful, and his dick was in the best place it had ever been in. Rose´s vagina was special; it was like a bioengineered cock sleeve designed to maximize pleasure for men. It had the ability to suck, squeeze and massage the invading penis in a way that normal women can’t do.

The general kept sliding his giant rigid dick up and down within her snug pussy. Rose was riding him with her eyes rolled back and her mouth open. Rose could not contain her pleasure so she panted and let her cow bellowing escape her lips. “Moooh, Moooh!” Rose was really enjoying herself, with every thrust she felt the head of his dick pound her womb. His penis reached amazingly deep into her. The general’s huge cock was sliding roughly in and out of Rose´s, slippery, slurping and sucking love-tunnel. Rose came again and again. Each time she came Rose would bellow “mooh!” and her pussy would flutter and quiver. Soon the general was full and could not drink anymore of her milk. After all Roses breast milk was thick like pancake batter. He pushed her up into a leaned back sitting position so that he could watch and caress her tits while he kept fucking her. His eyes and hands explored her huge breasts, feeling them, grabbing them and pulling her nipples. With every thrust Rose´s tits would giggle and bounce. Rose loved to have her boobs manhandled. When he squeezed her puffy nipples she gave him a lovely shower of milk. For about an hour he did this to Rose. Her giant tits sprayed thick milk all over the general, and painted him white as well as most of the bed. Rose came five times before the general needed to spew cum again.

This time his thick cum got shot straight up her pussy, filling up her womb. Blast after blast of cum spewed into her welcoming vagina. The general shrived in trance as he pumped cum into Rose. It was the best orgasm he had ever had. Rose loved the feeling of getting filled up with cum, and she was also happy that she had made him cum again. She looked down on him with a pleased smile on her face as her pussy greedily accepted all his sperm.

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