Chapter 02: Kunis in Soho

Viola and Patrick were standing on line in a Starbucks. The relationship that started between them months ago was now a friendship. They hadn’t been physical in over a month but it didn’t seem to bother either one of them. Patrick would flirt with her in the office and when no one was paying attention and he’d always find a way to grab Viola’s ass. Viola no longer protested any of Patrick’s advances; she would just blush and smile at him. The better they got along the better they worked together and the firm definitely noticed.

“Cake pop?” Patrick suggested looking at the pastries on display.

“I’m not interested in popping anything into my mouth besides coffee.” Viola replied.

“Really, so there’s nothing else that you’d like to pop in your mouth?” Patrick smiled.

Viola looked at him and returned the smile. When she turned away she could feel his eyes on her. Patrick was roaming his eyes all over Viola. She had on snug-fitting gray slacks and a low-cut black blouse on, her hair was pulled back into a bun and she wore 3-inch heels today, making her 5 foot 2 inches; Patrick was turned on by her professional look.

“Maybe you would like to pop something into my mouth.” She said to Patrick while turning towards the cashier. “2 double tall vanilla lattes, please.” She ordered. Patrick paid and they moved over to wait for their drinks.

Patrick leaned over and whispered “It’s been a while since I’ve fucked that cute little asshole of yours.”

Viola nodded in agreement.

“Maybe we can go to the bathroom real quick so I can see if it’s still my tight chocolate butthole. Is it still my butthole?”

Viola Jean raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Mr. Slater, it is yours, if you want it to be. No one has or ever will fuck my ass but you.”

Patrick patted her butt softly. He gazed into Viola’s eyes until someone else had caught his attention; Mila Kunis strolled into the store. Viola noticed the change in Patrick’s gaze and turned around to see who had caught his attention.

“Oh my God, that’s Mila Kunis!” Viola tried her best to whisper so that attention would not be drawn to the actress.

Patrick and Viola stood at the end of the counter waiting for their drinks and watched as Mila placed her order and then walked towards them to wait for her drink. Viola smiled and Mila returned the smile.

“Hello Ms. Kunis. You’re so pretty in person.” Viola managed to say to her.

Mila smiled more. “Thank you.” She extended her hand out and Viola met hers and they shook hands.

“My name’s Viola and this is my boss Patrick Slater, he’s quite a fan of yours.” Viola announced smiling at Patrick.

Mila raised an eyebrow, looked at Patrick, and smiled “Really?”

Patrick blushed shyly and nodded. “Yes, I’d like to buy you a cake pop or dinner perhaps?”

Mila flashed Patrick a smile that spread across her face as her eyes twinkled. “Sure, how about we double date? You, me, and I’ll bring a guy for your adorable assistant.”

“Oh, that’s sweet of you but you guys go have fun, besides I’m married.”

Mila smiled “We can all have fun. Either you come with your hubster or I’ll bring someone to hang with you but I rarely get to hang out with a group of people and have group fun so I’d appreciate it if you join us.” Mila’s eyes seemed to be pleading.

Viola couldn’t resist, she glanced over at Patrick who nodded and smiled at her. “Sure. Why not? You bring someone for me but make sure he knows I’m married and not interested.” She conceded.

They arranged a time to meet that evening at the Soho Grand and find a close restaurant nearby. Patrick and Viola watched Mila as she left Starbucks.

“She’s so hot, I’d like to fuck her in the ass while she eats your pussy.” Patrick whispered to Viola. Viola’s eyes popped open at the thought. Patrick slid his hand to Viola’s plump ass and gave it a squeeze.

Viola sat in the lobby of the Soho Grand, she was the first to arrive. She wore tight denim capri pants with sneakers and a tight fitted pink tank top. She had her thick black hair down and straight. She watched the main entrance waiting for Patrick or Mila to show up. 10 Minutes later Patrick walked into the lobby; Viola had never seen him so casual. Patrick wore a regular t shirt and regular khaki shorts with sneakers, covering his eyes were simple black framed sunglasses he looked like a typical college frat boy. When he noticed Viola, a small grin appeared on his face.

Viola smiled as her boss walked towards her. “Mr. Slater, you look handsome and casual this evening.”

“Thank you Mrs. Ramsden. You look adorable as always, stand up and let me see how your tight little ass looks in those jeans.”

Viola was about to stand up when she noticed a bellhop running towards them.

“Excuse me but are the two of you waiting for Ms. Kunis?”

Patrick nodded at the young man who was probably shared the same age as him.

“She wants y’all to come to her room upstairs.”

The bellhop led Viola and Patrick to the elevator and up to Mila’s room. He knocked on the door for them and stood as if waiting for a tip. Patrick dug into his pocket and pulled out a 20 for the young man and handed it to him. The bellhop left them just as the door opened. Mila greeted the couple with her famous smile; her long wavy dark hair was pulled into a ponytail, she wore cotton shorts and a loose fitting but clingy camisole. Patrick gave Mila a once over, he could make out the gentle curve of her breasts.

“Welcome and come in.” Mila smiled as she moved to the side for them to enter her suite.

Viola Jean looked around in amazement. “This place is beautiful. May I ask why you are here? I thought you had an apartment in the city.”

“My place is being fumigated and I have a relationship sort of with this hotel so I figure I’ll stay here for a few days. Sorry Viola but the guy that was supposed to join us flaked.” She walked over to a mini bar and prepared a drink. Patrick wandered to the couch and turned on the television.

“Oh ok that’s cool. Y’all have a good time and I’ll head home.”

“No don’t go! Please stay, three’s company.” Mila insisted as she joined Patrick on the couch. Viola Jean didn’t even look at Patrick this time. She sat in the side chair and looked straight at the television.

“So where are we gonna go eat?” Patrick asked.

“Well I don’t really know why we don’t just hang out here if I can get friends to come over maybe we’ll have a little party.” Mila turned her attention to Viola. “So Viola, are you one of those assistants that fuck her boss?” Viola’s face froze in shock, Patrick laughed. “It’s okay with me but I just wanted to confirm my suspicions.”

Viola looked at Patrick. Patrick glanced at Viola and turned his attention to Mila.

“We’ve never fucked, there is just a lot of sexual tension between us.” Patrick lied.

Mila looked at Patrick from the corner of her eyes smirking. She could tell that there was definitely a secret between them. Viola stayed silent and tried her best to watch whatever was on television. Patrick changed the subject and began to have small talk with Mila. He had traveled just as much as she has and to some of the same places. Viola Jean started to feel a bit left out and jealous that they were conversing so easily. She got up and prepared herself to leave.

As she headed to the door Mila called for her. “Where are you going Viola? Are we not entertaining enough for you? Come back I’ll make you a drink.”

Viola stood by the door. “You two seem to be hitting it off and I wanted to leave y’all alone.”

Mila giggled as she headed to the minibar. “Alone? To do what? Don’t be silly, there’s nothing I want to do with your boss that would require you leaving.” Mila mixed Viola Jean a drink and walked it over to her. “Come back, it’s early and we haven’t eaten. I know you feel like the third wheel but hey you need 3 wheels for a tricycle right?”

Viola Jean took the drink and smiled at Mila’s kind words. As she sipped it, it seemed to burn the throat at first but then started to warm her up.

“What is this?”

“Oh it’s a drink they make back home overseas. There’s no name, it’s just a mixture of different types of alcohol. You like it? It’s relaxing huh?”

Viola nodded and continued to drink it. The girls joined Patrick on the couch, one sitting on each side of him. Mila watched Viola from the corner of her eye as the chocolate-skinned beauty was downing the remainder of her beverage. She could see that the concoction she made was taking over.

“Patrick, isn’t Viola just gorgeous?” she asked suddenly with a Cheshire Cat grin.

Patrick looked at his assistant up and down and smiled “Yeah she’s pretty hot.”

Mila shook her head “No she’s more than hot. Look at her skin! It’s like looking at warm milk chocolate and those matching brown eyes.” Viola blushed. “Why don’t you sit on Patrick’s lap?” Mila suggested.

Viola, confused, positioned herself onto Patrick’s lap. Patrick rested his right hand on her knee, Mila placed her hand on top of his. She locked eyes with Viola and smiled. Before anyone could say anything Mila moved in and kissed Viola on the lips. Mila’s tongue slipped between Viola’s parted lips. Patrick sat and watched the two women make out in front of him. Viola was causing friction against his bulging and almost painful erection as she sat on Patrick’s lap while attacking Mila’s sweet mouth. Viola Jean kissed Mila on her cheek then her chin and along her neck. Mila tossed her head back in pleasure and made eye contact with Patrick. Viola’s face was nestled in Mila’s neck, kissing and nibbling her flesh. Viola trailed her tongue along Mila’s collarbone; she smelled like strawberries and tasted just as sweet. She knew Patrick was there but didn’t care. Her body was on fire.

“Let’s leave your boss out here for a while and go into the bedroom” Mila purred as Viola Jean placed tiny kisses around her neck. Mila rose from the couch, took Viola Jean’s hand, and gently pulled her off of Patrick’s lap. “Be a good boy and wait about 15 minutes before interrupting us. Ok Patrick?”

Patrick was awe struck as he watched the famous actress lead his black secretary to the bedroom. Viola Jean groped Mila from behind while following her. Once in the bedroom Mila became more aggressive; she pressed her body against hers and began sucking on her lips.

“I’ve never been with a female before.” Viola confessed once Mila’s mouth separated from hers.

Mila kissed Viola hard and moved her to the bed. Viola lay on her back, Mila unzipped her pants and pulled them off of her. She moved on top of Viola and kissed her again; her hands sipped under Viola’s tank top to caress her breasts. The girls rolled around on the bed like horny teenagers. Groping and pawing at each other, moaning in ecstasy.

The sounds coming from the bedroom was too much for Patrick. With the bedroom door left ajar he decided to peek in on them. Hand on his cock, he watched the lovely ladies enjoy themselves passionately kissing and embracing each other. He heard the familiar sound of Viola Jean in pleasure, her legs were wrapped around Mila’s waist and Patrick could see her humping at Mila. Pulling his dick out he began to stroke it as Viola pulled at Mila’s jeans, helping her wiggle out of them. Mila got off of Viola Jean and took off her panties quickly. Patrick smiled while Viola started to take off her own panties as well. Mila stopped her with a kiss and removed the chocolate beauty’s panties. Patrick jerked himself slowly, anticipating what was coming next. Mila positioned Viola intertwining her legs. At first Mila’s wet pussy was pressed against Viola Jeans thigh, then she angled Viola so that her damp slit pressed against Viola’s. Slowly, she rubbed herself against Viola Jean. Viola moaned as she felt Mila’s wetness glide over hers. Their clits bumped; Viola’s body was on fire as Mila slowly tribbed her.

Patrick walked into the room. “I don’t like the idea of you seducing my secretary.”

Mila didn’t stop humping Viola, she just glanced over at Patrick as he stood bed side. “I’m not seducing her, I’m fucking her! There’s a big difference.”

Patrick smiled looking down at Viola’s sweet face overwhelmed with pleasure. “Yes, there definitely is a difference. You seem to be doing a good job of it too. I’m actually a bit jealous of you both.”

Viola reached up and gently kneaded Mila’s breast. She lightly grazed her pink nipple with her index finger. Viola continued to massage the warm soft flesh while trying to meet Mila’s thrusts. Patrick reached down at Viola and stroked her cheek.

“You should fuck her after I make her cum.” Mila insisted.

Viola moaned at the idea. She removed her hand from Mila’s breast and reached towards Patrick’s pants. Patrick took the hint and started removing his clothing. His hard-on was free from the zipper of his jeans and he stroked himself while the ladies continued to trib. Patrick could see Viola was close to cumming when her eyes rolled in the back of her head, Mila’s movements seemed so fluid. The sounds of their warm wet mounds kissing as they slid against each other filled the air along with the feminine moans. Mila looked down at the black beauty and bit her own lip as she began fucking Viola harder, smacking and pounding her pussy.

Every movement made both women feel as if they were about to burst. Patrick was hypnotized watching Mila’s ass move back and forth and roll around pleasuring Viola. He wanted to join them badly but didn’t want to interrupt the beautiful sight. Viola began to cum hard; she sat up and embraced Mila, their pussies pressed, breasts and mouths pressed together. Viola ran her fingers through Mila’s hair; legs intertwined, they grinded against each other. Their tongues entered each other’s mouths, finding one another, moaning from the pleasure coming from their hot wet sensitive mounds.

Mila broke the kiss “Oh my God Viola!” she screamed as she came. Viola continued to grind against her the way Mila did to her; Mila’s moans became animalistic. The two females were locked in a tight embrace as they came down from their orgasmic high.

Patrick watched as his secretary placed kisses on the actress’ face they cuddled each other smiling. “Ahem, I hate to interrupt this heavenly display of female fornication but I’d like to be pleasured also.”

Mila and Viola were dazed, staring into each other’s eyes smiling and paying no attention to Patrick’s statement.

Viola kissed Mila sweetly on the lips. “I’ve never been with a female before. I’ve been curious but never thought I’d ever get the chance.”

Mila smiled. “I must admit that I did put a little ‘extra something’ in your drink to relax you and make you more willing.”

“I figured that much because I didn’t feel drunk, I felt high but I felt good too.”

The bed shook a bit as Patrick joined them.

“I think your boss is feeling left out.” Mila said as she gently untangled herself from Viola.

Viola nodded in agreement, got up, and knelt on the bed facing Patrick. She pulled him towards her and pressed her lips against his. Attacking his mouth she captured his bottom lip between her teeth and gently bit him, making him smile. Viola’s kissing was interrupted feeling Mila’s mouth placing kisses on her back, her hands sliding along her body stroking her every curve. Viola’s hand drifted to Mila’s body but was quickly removed by Mila and placed back onto Patrick.

“Guess you should focus on me.” Patrick said. He ran his hands through her thick hair and pulled her to him until their lips met. His tongue swept inside her mouth as he sucked her top lip. Viola pulled back a bit knowing Patrick enjoyed the game of cat and mouse when kissing her. He captured her mouth again, she tasted sweet like the drink she consumed. Viola giggled, as they kissed Mila had squeezed her way underneath her and was now kissing her inner thighs. Patrick stopped kissing Viola and looked down to see Mila’s eyes staring back at him.

Mila smiled “You know you guys look really cute together.” Patrick smiled and nodded his head as he watched the actress lift her head and kissed the silken folds of Viola’s moist pussy. He looked at Viola’s face as Mila continued her kissing; each time she kissed her longer and longer letting her mouth linger against her throbbing snatch, he smiled. Her eyes were half closed in a dreamlike state, her mouth slightly ajar, and her full lips forming a small o.

“Do you like it?” Patrick asked cupping Viola’s breasts and massaging her nipples lightly with his thumbs. Viola nodded. Mila pressed her mouth against Viola one last time and then slid her tongue deep into her pussy. Her lips sucking on her clit, her tongue sweeping the inside of her slippery womanhood and her hands firmly grasping Viola’s tight round ass. Viola humped her mouth gently, her hips rocked slowly back and forth as she rode Mila’s expert tongue. Viola’s nipples became taunt buds against Patrick’s thumbs. The girls changed their position. Viola Jean laid on her back while Patrick straddled her face and fucked her mouth and Mila buried her face between Viola’s sweet snatch. Mila’s tongue teased and circled Viola’s clit; Viola wanted to grab Mila and fuck her face but could only reach Patrick’s toned ass and pushed him deeper into her mouth. Her moans vibrated along his shaft as she felt Mila’s tongue take long licks tasting Viola from her ass to her clit. She was able to snake her hands between Patrick’s legs to play with Viola’s taunt nipples. Her hands kneaded her chocolate-coated breasts, pinching at her tight nubs; Viola groaned at Mila’s manipulation of her body. She held off her orgasm trying her best to concentrate on sucking Patrick’s delicious cock into her mouth, her tongue encircled his shaft squeezing his dick against the roof of her mouth. Patrick managed to look down at the petite beauty, Viola locked eyes with him as he fucked her tiny mouth. He quickly broke eye contact, not wanting to explode into her mouth just yet. He angled his head to catch the sight of Mila’s face buried in Viola’s thighs and feasting on her like a delectable dish.

Mila lifted her head up from Viola she smiled at Patrick as she licked her lips “Mmmmm she is delicious.”

Patrick raised an eyebrow and smirked as his secretary’s tongue lapped at his balls. Mila slid two fingers deep inside Viola and maintained eye contact with Patrick as she finger-fucked the petite chocolate girl. She removed her hand, her fingers slick with Viola’s juice, and offered them to Patrick’s mouth. He sucked them into his mouth; he wasn’t big on eating pussy but didn’t hesitate to suck Viola’s juices off Mila’s fingers. She was delicious, mild and sweet, He could feel Viola lips kiss his finely haired firm nutsack, she tickled his testes with her tongue. Mila watched his face for a reaction as he licked her fingers clean and smiled. “She tastes so good Patrick you should try her. You know you want to. Let her sit on your face while I sit on your dick.” Those words cut through Patrick like a knife. As soon as Viola took him back into her mouth he grabbed her head shoved his cock deep down her throat and exploded.

“Shit!” exclaimed Patrick.

Viola gagged and eyes watered as strands of cum shot past her tongue. Viola felt his grip on her head soften and pulled away from him coughing. Mila swiftly moved towards her and covered Viola’s mouth with hers. She breathed air into her lungs as her tongue swept through Viola’s mouth searching for traces of Patrick’s cum. Viola could taste her own juices from Mila’s mouth. She couldn’t believe how good her own pussy tasted. The two girls fed from each other’s mouths as Patrick watched while recovering from his orgasm. He stroked himself as the girls played tonsil hockey right in front of him. The scene before him brought back another erection. Viola broke the kiss between herself and Mila when she noticed out of the corner of her eye Patrick was ready to go again. Mila motioned him to lie down and he obliged. Viola straddled Patrick’s face, her pussy hovering inches away from his mouth. She was motionless as she watched Mila leave the room and then return with a little bottle. “What do you have there?”

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