Background: This is a follow-up of Dan and Rosana’s adventurous Friday night in the cabin, Saturday sex on a tree, and their fortuitous meeting of a lovely young woman who has sprained her ankle. It is Saturday night now. This chapter can stand alone. You don’t necessarily have to go back to read the first four chapters to understand this one. However, you MAY if you like it.

Rosana had just sucked off Dan in front of Krysteal (that’s pronounced Chris-TEE-ul). Dan had fingered Rosana to an orgasm, while Krysteal watched and masturbated herself with a large candle. Rosana has invited Krysteal to share their bed for the night since they didn’t have extra bedding. ;-) Enjoy!


“I feel almost responsible for you getting that sprained ankle, Krys.” Said Rosana. “If you hadn’t seen us making love up in the mountains you never would have hurt yourself. I’m sorry we distracted you like that.”

“Oh, please, no. If you guys hadn’t been there, I might have been eaten by wild animals or something. I never could have made it back to my car alone. So, I’m just grateful to have met you two very nice people. Heck, you might have been rapists or something too. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.” Replied Krysteal.

“No problem. It was our pleasure too, to have met you, Krys.” Responded Dan. “And thanks for sharing the sight of your nice body, and for pleasuring yourself the way you did. That was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.”

“Well, let’s get to bed. I’m beat from the long day we’ve had, and I’m sure you need some rest too. Can you try the walking cane I found for you?” Dan asked.

Krysteal stood and tied the robe around her waist and reached for the cane. When she tried to walk with it, there was still too much pain in her ankle, so she asked Dan for help.

“Dan, it hurts too much. Would you help me go to the bathroom and get into bed, please?”

“Sure. Hold my arm and shoulder and I’ll lead you there.”

Dan helped her get to the toilet and sit down on it. He was about to excuse himself as she raised the robe to her waist. “Oh, no, don’t go. I’ll only be a minute, and, besides, you’ve seen me already.”

He looked into her wide blue eyes as she spoke, then couldn’t help looking down to see the warm pee streaming from her pretty little pink pussy into the toilet bowl. ‘This young girl is a real hottie,’ he thought. First, her fingers, then the candle, and now seeing her peeing in front of him would be a dream come true for most guys. ‘Must remember I love Ros very much!’ He watched her wipe her pussy dry, then helped her stand, and led her back into their bedroom.

Ros had prepared them all a glass of wine and a couple more pain pills. “Here, take these. It will help you sleep and keep the swelling down.”

Dan sat her on the side of the bed and went to kiss Ros and get his wine. “How are we going to do this, Ros?”

The bed was a queen size, just right for two people, but a snug fit for three. However, the women were small enough that they could all fit in.

“”Well, Krys’s clothes are still wet, so I guess we’ll all have to sleep nude. Is that OK with you Krys? You can sleep on that side and I’ll take the wall side, with Dan between us.” She smiled, thinking of the enjoyment he would get from sleeping with two beautiful women.

Krys removed the robe and sat back against the headboard, sipping her wine and watching the other two undress and climb into bed. She sat up tall and straight, with her big, firm boobies jutting out proudly in front of her. Dan climbed in the middle, his arm and leg touching hers, causing a shiver through her body. They all sat and chatted a while, sipping the wine and relaxing. Well, Dan tried to relax, but those firm boobies staring at him every time he looked over at Krysteal, her pretty, shaved mound, and soft skin touching him began to cause his penis to rise. Rosana noticed too. She didn’t mind. Hell, this was a beautiful girl and she even admired those big, round boobs too. She wasn’t a lesbian but any woman knew beauty when she saw it, and this was one true beauty beside them in the bed.

After chatting a while, they all climbed under the covers and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Dan slowly awoke. He realized that he was lying on his left side spooning Rosana, whose smaller body was pressed back against him, from her shoulders to her feet. His hand cupped her breast as she stirred lightly against him. Awaking further, he felt something warm and soft pressing into his back, something hot and hairy pressing into his butt, and warm, smooth legs wrapped around his. It was Krysteal! She was spooning him the same way he was to Ros. Then he noticed her arm lying on his side, her hand on his chest. His penis began to awaken from the wonderful, dream-like bodies surrounding him. Was he dreaming? No, this was real.

‘Oh, man, this feels good.’ He thought. ‘I love Ros, and her body is perfect for me, but this young thing who is pressing herself into me from behind is every man’s dream come true.’

He caressed Rosana’s breasts more firmly, flicking her little nipples to arouse them. He trailed his hand down to her firm stomach, over her navel, down her soft, brown skin to the “V” between her legs. It was hard to go further since her legs were together. He managed to press a finger between them until he reached her little clitty. He rubbed it as he managed to get his other arm under and around her to hold her breasts with it. It was very relaxing, lying there with his girlfriend in front of him, feeling her nice body. And then there was that sexy young thing pressing into his back too…

Ros stirred at his ministrations. Her hand covered his hand. Then she raised her top leg slightly and forced his hand down over her pussy. She pressed his fingers between her labia right to the entrance to her pussy. She thought she was dreaming until she felt his rising cock pressing into her ass, and his big, strong body at her back. Opening her legs further allowed him access to her awaiting vagina, and he didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation. One finger searched out the beginning moisture and spread it around there, then pressed inside her. Then a second finger joined the first inside her warm pussy, slowly, almost absent-mindedly fingering her.

Very awake now, Ros raised her leg and slipped her hand between her legs until she reached his cock. She held and stroked the head of it, feeling it lengthen in her hand until it was very firm. She pulled it between her legs and started to close them over it. Dan had to remove his fingers or have them crushed. She pulled it tight against her ass and pussy and clamped her legs together firmly to keep it there. She moved her hips back and forth while holding his cock head, rubbing her vagina and clit with it like a vibrator or dildo, only this was better than any vibrator, having the real thing there.

By now, Dan knew that Ros was awake and responding to his touches. He began thrusting his hips in time with hers, enjoying the feel of his hard cock rubbing her ass and pussy, and her fingers playing with his head when it poked through the front. It was making them both very horny. He worried briefly about waking up Krysteal, but since she was part of the reason he was so horny, he didn’t worry about it too much. He just kept dry-humping Ros and feeling her breasts, and kissing her neck now too.

After a while, he felt the arm leave his chest, the hand trail down his side, to his waist and onto his hip, where the hand squeezed firmly, feeling his muscles contracting and releasing as he stroked between Ros’s legs. ‘Was she awake now too? And should we stop what we’re doing?’ But Ros didn’t stop. She kept humping his tool, rubbing her clit until it was ready for more. Ros had probably forgotten that Krysteal was in the bed with them. Besides, the hand squeezing his butt told him that Krys was OK with what was happening.

It was almost imperceptible, but he was sure that Krys was pressing her breasts into his back more, and felt her moving them against him. He thought back to the day before when he was carrying her on his back, but the feeling was even better with no cloth between them. She worked her hand over both of his butt cheeks, then pressed her fingers between them. When he felt them on his ass, he raised his leg up to allow her access. She rubbed his ass hole with her finger, pressing it at the entrance, but not entering. She moved it forward until she was touching the bottom of his ball sac. Her long fingers explored his balls, then cupped them in her hand, feeling the movement as he and Ros humped at each other.

Dan felt something wet on the back of his neck. It was Krys’s lips, kissing him there, on his shoulders, his neck, and his ear. She wore no perfume, but he smelled her sweet, natural scent, like a spring flower in bloom. He felt her hard nipples as she rubbed her big, round breasts against his back. When Ros lifted her leg again, Krys was right there, holding his cock and aiming it at Ros’s pussy. Krys helped Dan push it into Ros, then released it and went back to holding his balls when it slid in deeply. Dan had a feeling he wouldn’t last too long tonight.

Ros moaned. Dan moaned. Krys moaned inside and fought hard not to let it out. She kept kissing him from behind while feeling his balls tightening up, getting ready for release. When she felt that it was almost time, she rubbed her finger over his ass again, then licked her finger, leaving it nice and wet, and inserted it into him. It was a trick she had learned from her last boyfriend and she loved the reaction it produced. He clamped down on her finger and started cumming soon after she put it in him. He drove his cock deep into Ros and shot jet after jet of hot cum up inside her. She responded by having a nice orgasm of her own, clutching and juicing all over his throbbing cock. Krys removed her finger from his ass and milked the last drops or cum from his balls, enjoying the excitement of helping this almost-stranger to make love with his girlfriend. At that moment, she felt empty and wished it was herself that was receiving his cock.

When their heartbeats slowed, they all drifted off to contented sleep again.

“Good morning.” Krys said as Dan and Ros began stirring. “Did you two have a nice sleep?”

Krys was sitting up with her back against the headboard, the covers down around her waist, her big breasts jutting out proud as only young woman’s can. Dan’s head was inches from them when he turned to answer her, enjoying the first sight of the morning very much.

“Oh, yes. It was a very satisfying night. Haven’t slept so well in years.” Dan replied.

Ros had turned to face Krys now too. “I agree. It was a most fulfilling night. I had the most wonderful dreams.” She smiled. “How about you? Did you sleep well?”

“Pretty well. I woke up in the middle of the night and had some trouble getting back to sleep after that. It’s OK though. I’m fine now. My ankle isn’t hurting as much.”

“Oh, yeah, the ankle. I’ll check it out and wrap it up later, after breakfast, OK?” Said Dan.

“I’m hungry too. I’ll go get breakfast started. Dan, help her get up and come on in when you can.” Ros said. She put on a robe and went off to cook.

Dan helped Krys up and to the bathroom. She insisted he wait for her again while she peed in front of him while looking him right in the eyes. His eyes weren’t looking at hers, however. He couldn’t pull them away from that pretty little patch of blonde hair between her spread legs, and the warm liquid draining her bladder until it was empty. She rose up on his steadying arm.

“Hey, I need to go too, really bad.” Moaned Dan. “Want to wait outside?”

“Nope. I might fall without you to hold me. Besides, you might need someone to guide it again. Like last night. Can I help you?” She asked, reaching for his half-hard penis.

He was still nude, of course, but he looked down in frozen amazement that she was holding his penis to aim his pee. He had to go so bad that he didn’t argue, but let her aim it at the toilet. He should stop her, tell her to let go and let him do it himself. No one had ever done this for him before. It was obvious she liked holding it. Oh well, what’s the harm? He let out his own warm stream into the toilet. She aimed it expertly and didn’t miss a drop, even shaking out the last few drops.

When he looked over at her with a questioning gaze on his face, her only reply was, “I have a couple of brothers.” As if that was supposed to answer everything. It only raised more questions in his mind.

She put on the robe again and Dan only wore shorts and a t-shirt when they went to join Rosana in the kitchen. Krysteal used the walking stick and Dan’s strong arm for support. Dan propped up Krys’s bad ankle on the chair again when she sat down, noticing her long, soft, and tanned leg that was bare almost to her crotch. Yes, he had just seen her naked and slept in the same bed with her, but that half clothed, morning after look was still very sexy, especially in the bright morning light.

They all enjoyed another tasty and filling breakfast, then sat back and chatted about school, their jobs and work, music, and their common love of the mountains. It was the one thing they had most in common, the love of walking, seeing the trees and birds, smelling the clean air, and just “being” in the mountains. Then the conversation came around to Krysteal’s sprained ankle.

“It’s feeling a little better, but still very tender. I hope you can wrap it well enough for me to get home by myself.” Said Krysteal. “Good thing it’s my left foot. I might be able to drive with my right foot if you guys can get me to my car.”

“I’ll get it taped up well later. If I tape it now it might swell up even more. Besides, you aren’t in a big hurry to leave, are you?” Dan asked.

“No, not really. I just didn’t want to bother you two lovers any more. From what you told me, you two wanted a quiet, peaceful getaway from the city, and not to spend it with some dumb girl with a sprained leg.”

“Oh, be quiet!” Said Ros. “We know you aren’t dumb because you’re in college. And anyone can injure an ankle. You’re no bother to us. You’re a pleasure to have around, really. Besides, we haven’t exactly stopped doing anything we were planning on doing, have we?”

“Well, I don’t know what you were planning, but I’ve certainly done more that ‘I’ planned on doing up here, that’s fer sure!” Smiled Krys. “I just don’t want to be in the way or anything, ya know?”

After a long, thoughtful pause, she said, “You know, I have thanked you already, but I still feel like I want to do something more to show my appreciation to you two. I would have been in a real crisis out there in the woods if you hadn’t been there to help me. I’m not able to help you do anything, and don’t have anything to give you in return. There’s just me…”

They were all silent, letting the thoughts from that last statement run around their brains for a while.

“Nope, I can’t think of anything” Said Ros. “Besides, if was sorta, kinda our fault too, you know.”

Dan took Krys into the living room and checked her ankle. It did seem better today, so he began taping it to see if she would be able to walk on it. He sat in front her in a chair as she was on the couch, placing her foot on his leg. She let him lift and turn her leg to get it all wrapped up. At one point, her knee fell off to the side, opening her legs and pulling her robe apart. Dan looked up between her two brown legs to see the white patch of skin that has been protected from the sun by her bathing suit. He could clearly see the light patch of blonde hair and her shaved, pink pussy lips. She made no effort to hide herself from him. His dick began to swell once more.

When he was done, she moved her foot off his leg and it accidentally hit his cock, causing him to flinch at the pain.

“Oops! Sorry. Did I hurt you?” She asked, staring at his firm cock in the leg of his shorts.

“No, not too much. I’ll get Ros to kiss it and make it well later.” He grinned.

Just then, Ros joined them and sat down by Krys on the couch.

“You two are so beautiful together. You’re so pretty and have a great body. And I would love to have a boyfriend like Dan. Any girl would.” Said Krysteal.

“Thank you, but you must know we are in love, so you’ll have to find some other guy, Krys. He’s taken.” Ros smiled as she leaned over to kiss Dan.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean that I wanted to take him. I know you are in love. It is obvious. Hey, do you have any special event coming up, like a birthday, or anniversary, or something where you need a unique gift?” asked Krys.

“My birthday is next week.” Said Dan. “I’m turning the big 3-0.”

“That’s perfect! Ros, have you thought of something special to give him?”

“No, I haven’t” Rosana replied, wondering where this was going.

“That’s it! Ros, I can give you the perfect present for Dan, thereby saving you the trouble and cost of going out shopping for him. And Dan, you GET the perfect present!” Smiled Krys from ear to ear at having found a solution to her problem.

“Would it be a secret or do I get to see it now?” Asked Dan. “And what could this perfect present be?”

“ME!” Krys exclaimed as she pulled open her robe to show exactly what she meant.

“Do you mean that you would give your body to Dan?” asked Ros?

“Yes, to do whatever he wants to with. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s not bad, and it’s all I have to give right now. Well?”

“Now, wait a minute. You’re saying you want to make love with my boyfriend?”

“No, no. I won’t make love with him, but just give him my body to have sex with, to use in any way he desires, within reason, of course. He can use me like a sex toy, for his pleasure only. I don’t want to cause any problem between you guys. You can watch if you want so you will know that I’m not doing anything funny with him.”

“What do you think of this proposal, dear? Since it would be your gift, is that something you would want?” Ros asked Dan.

“I’m, er, almost speechless. I never expected an offer like that. I am having some fantasy thoughts right now, looking at your hot little body, Krys. It may not be perfect, but it’s damn close! Of course, I wouldn’t even consider anything like this unless Ros was completely OK with it.”

“You know, I think I’m OK with it.” Said Ros. “I know you love me, and I love you. This would be a very special birthday present, don’t you think? But, Krys, are you sure you want to do this? Please don’t think you need to do something for us that you normally wouldn’t do.”

“Oh, I really want to do it!” Exclaimed Krys, trying not to sound too excited. “I’m not a virgin and not exactly an angel. At college, there have been a couple of wild parties and things. And I will probably never do anything like this again.”

“OK, you can do it. Happy Birthday, Dan. I hope you enjoy your present. Sorry I didn’t have a chance to wrap it for you. Do you want it now or later?” Ros asked Dan, kissing him to seal the deal.

“Now. I’ll take my present now!”

Krys stood and hobbled over to where Dan was seated. She leaned over and kissed him on his forehead, then his ear, and placed her mouth over his, searching out his tongue with hers, moving her head around to taste every part of his face.

Looking over at Rosana, Krysteal said, “Don’t worry. It’s just sex! We want him to enjoy it, don’t we? By the way, he did a great job taping my ankle. I made it here without falling. Thanks, Dan.”

Ros just nodded her approval. It was strange seeing another woman kissing her lover. Krys reached down to the bottom of his shirt, held it with both hands, and pulled it up over his head and off. She felt his broad shoulders with her hands, down his arms, up to his neck, down his chest to his nipples. She rubbed and flicked them until they became hard, then leaned over and sucked each one into her mouth, licking them. He looked down to see her lovely face on his chest and saw the cleavage below where her robe had parted slightly. He glanced over at Ros. She threw him a silent kiss, which he returned so they each knew that it was no turning back now.

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