…Sophie stood up and walked down into the water to rinse the wet sand off of her naked body. I peeled myself out of the trench I found myself buried in and did the same.

“You enjoy that?” Sophie turned and asked.

“Yes master.” I mockingly replied.

“Mistress.” She corrected me firmly.

“Yes mistress, sorry mistress!” I quickly corrected myself.

“Good boy. Now what else where you going to do to me and my ass?….”

Chapter 7:

I looked up and ripped my shirt which Sophie had used to bind my arms together behind my back. I threw the rags into the sea and started to run towards her. She turned to run from me but I caught her and grabbed her body, throwing her quite hard further into the dark water under the support beams of the building we were below.

Sophie and I had just been a club with four other girls we had met on this holiday, Eleanor and Liz we met our first day and then Amy and Lucy who we met yesterday. They were no doubt inside still enjoying the music and trying to get as many phone numbers as possible so they would win the challenges we set before we went in. I was up against Sophie but any hopes of that were dashed when I went over and instructed her to strip on the pole and stage she was using to get male attention and numbers. Because of the result of a challenge she set me she had to do everything and anything I wanted that day.

We promptly left the club and ended up bringing each other to orgasm here on the beach. Sophie had pinned me down with her knees on my shoulders and the fear of drowning mixed with the sensations she and the water provided gave me an extremely intense orgasm. But that fear had now turned to a rage and my heart continued to beat heavily.

Sophie looked up at me as I approached her, she sat in the water with the waves coming in on her, I followed the waves and then decided to try something. I submerged myself enough in the water that Sophie couldn’t see me. Then waiting for a big enough wave I rode that wave toward her and deliberately landed right on top of her. The wave and my body crashing down on her as she embraced my naked body in hers. She lay back in the sand and wrapped her arms and legs around me as we kissed passionately. The water still knocking into us rhythmically on the shore.

I held her arms down as I kissed her, then quickly flipped her onto her front, her face was just out of where the water was hitting the beach but with the tide moving quite quickly that wouldn’t last too long. I kissed her back as I moved down her body, caressing her ass cheeks in my hands, parting them partially to get any sand out from between her legs. Salt water was course and caused a friction but while wet also provided lubrication. I placed my hand between her legs to caress her pussy with my fingers. Sophie groaned into the ground at my touch. She parted her legs further and with one hand I continued to play with her pussy while the other began to play with her ass. I slowly probed putting my finger further and further inside, I then added another and another widening her asshole.

“Rrrrgghhh…..” Sophie groaned loudly. “Do it!”

“Do what mistress?” I teased.

“My ass! Do my ass!!” She forcefully screamed.

“Yes mistress. But the tide is coming in so we need to come while you can still breath!” I informed.

I then placed my cock at the gaping hole in her ass, she held her cheeks apart with her hands as I slowly entered her ass. We both gasped as the sensations mixed pleasure and pain, water crashing around us as I slowly, very slowly entered her. My cock gradually consumed by the soft flesh of her behind.

Sophie growled and groaned as I began to move my hips backward and forward into hers. She had her face down in the sand and spat water as she wriggled in the sea and sand.

I gained a solid rhythm and each time I plunged my hips forward into her she let out a scream.

“Oh!…Oh!….Agh!!…Aghhh!…Aghhh…! Spllt!…Spl! Sophie continued as water began to surround her face. As she screamed she was being slowly covered and I could feel a sense of urgency in her actions. She began to thrust along with me and reached her arms back, I held mine out in front and held her arms from behind pulling her in with them. This caused Sophie’s body to lift slightly but she kept her head down as if all her strength were applied elsewhere. Still in this position Sophie was no longer drowning or fearing it and her urgency died down. I decided this would not do.

“Do you trust me?” I asked firmly

“Yes master!” Sophie quickly answered.

“Then take a breath and hold your nose!” I ordered. I let go and put my hand on the back of her neck. She turned to me looking worried, then smiled before taking a breath and pinching her nose with her fingers. I then pushed her head down into the water around us and her face was submerged, she began to move her hips and I continued to thrust back and forward quickly, I could feel Sophie’s other hand playing with her pussy as she struggled underwater to find an orgasm and breath. Her wriggling rapidly increased as her urgency for both reached new levels, she writhed around under the water and tried to pull up against my arm that held her down. I was never going to stop her coming up when she clearly couldn’t take any more but at first I would continue stop that effort for air.

She wriggled and wriggled before suddenly forcing herself up against my push, she let out an almighty scream as he face cleared the water before taking in several huge gasps trying to refil her lungs with oxygen. As she screamed I too let out an almighty release before letting her go and taking my cock out of her gaping ass. Sophie crawled a few feet out the sea before turning and laying on her back still panting for breath. I crawled up and joined her.

“Are you ok?.. Im sorry that was maybe a bit too much?” I said with concern.

“No.. no it was… it was incredible. The panic and the pleasure all rolled into one. I’m ok, and that was just incredible.” She replied still struggling for breath.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

We kissed before laying there together to catch our breath and composure.


I woke from a dream about chasing and loss,It was very early and I felt worried, almost heartbroken as I opened my eyes. Strange how dreams can effect our emotions in such a real way.

Of course these feelings vanished when I looked over to see Sophie resting peacefully next to me. He long dark hair was messy and partly covered her face but she still looked good. She lay on her back with her face toward me, one hand lay flat beside her the other rested limp across her naked stomach.

Sophie had said on the journey down how she didn’t bring any underwear at all with her, and only brought small sexy clothes to wear. So far she had gone above and beyond any dream I could have of such a thing and seemed to be regularly nude as well as appearing in tiny skirts and dresses and the most exotic swimwear. Of course she slept naked and right now her top was exposed revealing her pert round breasts.

As I lay there trying to wake up I thought back over yesterday and how Sophie had been under my complete control. After setting me a challenge the previous day she rewarded me by doing anything and everything I asked. And what a day, I’m sure we both enjoyed it but she seemed to spend the whole day naked and we had the most amazing sex so many times. A soft gentle time when we woke, once back at the apartment where we finally tried anal and both loved it. We had sex on the beach and my clothes were stolen then a kinky encounter half in the sea after we had been to a nightclub before a little more fun back at the apartment. I should have been spent but waking now I still wanted more.

I decided to wake Sophie in a similar way to how she woke me the previous day.

As she lay there naked with a bed sheet covering one leg I reached across and started to slide the rest of the sheet off of her, but in doing so started to tickle her and probably wake her. I decided to lift the rest of the sheet off and threw it to the floor exposing her beautiful naked body. She still remained motionless asleep. Her legs lay slightly open with one leg bent so her foot rested under the other leg. I decided to climb off the bed and go around to the bottom of it looking directly up at her from her feet. Ever so gently I held her leg up and moved the other from underneath laying both legs to rest with a gap in between. She must have been a deep sleeper because she didn’t even stir at this.
I then gently climbed back onto the bed and on my knees sat over her legs, I didn’t want to touch her anywhere at all right now just let her wake to the sensation of my tongue gently caressing her pussy.

I looked down at her beautifully clean shaved pussy, still completely hairless from her waxing before the holiday and now with a semi permanent tattoo of a butterfly sitting just where her pubic hair should be. It would go in a week or two but as it was only applied yesterday still looked fresh and vibrant.

Now I leaned down and placed my tongue on her pussy lips. I heard her murmur and pushed my tongue deeper inside, moving backward and forward, in and out, up and down trying to stimulate her. As she began to wriggle and gasp I could taste her juices beginning to flow as my arousal took full effect. Sophie’s arms now rigid reached out into the air to try grasp the sensation as if it were a tangible object. Her body started to move and her hips moved up and down in time with groans and heavy breathing, with each lick she tried to maximize my efforts with movements of her pelvis, I reached under her and held her ass pulling it up to my face so her pussy remained tight against my mouth. This all quickened and quickened, her body temperature seemed to rise and I could see her go pink as her blood filled her skin with color and warmth. Her hips raised in the air to hold on to the intense orgasm as I continued to lick away inside her. I let go of her ass and she slowly lowered her hips down to the bed and sighed a huge sigh. 
I refused to stop though and kept licking, she began to wriggle uncomfortably as if I where tickling her with a feather duster, she reached down with her hands and pulled my mouth away. I looked up at her as Sophie smiled down at me.

“Thank you for that, but I don’t think I can take two just as I’m waking up.” She added.

I crawled upward along her body and moved in to kiss her lips. Naked myself the touch of her fingers on my skin felt like lightning and suddenly my cock who had been surprisingly calm in all that sprung right into action. As it hardened Sophie stroked it causing me to flinch and gasp.

“What do you want me to do with this?” Sophie asked, holding my cock in her hand. “Where do you want to put it?” She added with a giggle.

I was feeling the full effects of this arousal now and my lust was taking over fully. I reached down and hooked her legs under my arms raising them so her knees bent over my shoulders. Sophie was nearly folded in two and couldn’t really move but I had a great position on my knees to start fucking her. Sophie took hold of my cock moving it across the entrance to her pussy mixing my pre cum with her own juices, she would slide the tip of my cock inside and out again as I realized she was using my cock as kind of brush and moving the wet from her pussy down to her ass. I looked down as I held her legs over my shoulders and she had one hand moving my cock around and she had fingers from her other hand penetrating her ass. I looked her in the eyes and was filled with passion. She didn’t smile, she looked more serious than I’d seen before and her head shaking as her eyes filled with a fire of desire burning inside. This fire was catching inside me. I leaned down to kiss her, still her legs hooked over my shoulders, Sophie’s thighs now pressed against her chest and her legs separated our bodies as we kissed each other. My cock had slid all the way inside her pussy and I could feel she still had her hand playing with her ass. I shifted my weight down to my hips forcing my cock deeper inside her than it had ever been. She groaned loudly into my ear and held my head close to her with her free hand. I began to thrust backward and forward as she remained pinned underneath my body folded in two. I let go of her legs giving her the option to lower them from my shoulders but she just kept them there and I felt her squeeze them together against my neck and cock. It was so tight I nearly lost it. I kept my hips moving back and forth and just at the moment of climax I leaned back thrusting my hips as far forward as I could. I sprayed her insides with cum and came back forward to lay on top of her. Our naked bodies collapsed into one as we both caught our breath.

“Don’t you want to fuck my ass? I got it ready for you?” Sophie asked.

“I did want too. But I’m exhausted, that was intense! – Sorry can we come back to it?” I replied a little bashfully. 
”Back door is always open for you I said that before. That was quite a wake up call Mr what made you do that?” Sophie probed.

“I saw you laying there and thought of the previous day and how you woke me, wanted to return the favor somehow. Was it not good?” I explained.

“Oh my gosh no it was great, I was fast asleep then felt this wet tickling down there, I wondered what was going on and then as I woke realized more and more it was your tongue! I loved it. Then what you just did, was a little uncomfortable but felt amazing and you are really quite kinky when you get going! Our exploits yesterday have done you good!” Sophie assured me. I was happy she enjoyed it.

“Today we go on that trip. Cant remember how much it was going to be but your winnings from the wet T shirt contest the other night will more than cover it.” I reminded Sophie.

“Oh yeah, to one of the other islands. Cool, we really need to go then it leaves at 8am! Whats the time?!” Sophie asked in a panic.

“It’s fine we have about 45 minutes.” I replied.

We shared a shower and applied sun cream, Sophie applied some make up and straightened her hair as quickly as she could. I went to pack some things in a bag and when I came back to room Sophie had got dressed. She was just about decent. A pink top that had thin straps over each shoulder, it sat loose on her body but left her entire abdomen exposed and even her breasts crept out at the bottom of the top. It tied up between her breasts and left quite a gap in between.

She wore a matching skirt, incredibly short that had a thin string waistline then the front and back of the skirt separated at the sides creating a flap each side. There was nothing to stop the front or back lifting up to reveal all and the same could be said with her top, if she jumped the material might fly away from her breasts. As she stood there she looked fantastic, long long legs almost completely exposed and her toned stomach out on display.

“Held together with… gravity?…” I commented in slightly worried tone.

“Yeah, I thought it was sexy, just cant move around too quickly or everything will be on display!” Sophie excitedly replied.

We headed down to the entrance of the apartment complex where our trip would be meeting to get on a coach. I had packed some drinks and sun cream, money and the room key. I dressed in some swim shorts that doubled as regular shorts and just put a t shirt on top. Sophie of course had very little on and the other people waiting looked on with dubious expressions. It was obvious she had nothing on underneath with her top held together by a bow between her breasts offering no support at all. Her breasts continued to peak out the bottom at anyone who cared to look. Her skirt was so short her ass cheeks did a similar trick at the top of her long toned legs.

There was a lot of waiting and a bit of confusion, all these reps where talking in French to one another very quickly and everyone looked on in concern. We tried to ask what was going on at the reception desk while we paid for the rest of the trip. Eventually we were all ushered on to two different coaches. They looked at our tickets and nodded as we entered the cool air conditioned vehicle. Sophie and I picked a seat and waited for everyone else to get on so we could get moving.

After about ten minutes of driving a voice came over the speaker system from the front. She spoke in French at first then translated to English.
We heard a few words that caused Sophie to look at me with real concern. She was much better at French than I and then when the English translation came over I realized why she was worried. We had signed up to go to one of the other islands just off the coast, this coach was actually going to a theme park about an hour away!

“Oh.. Well! Hope you like roller coasters!” I said to Sophie, trying to make the best of it.

“Yeah… not really the best outfit for it though. I need gravity on my side and theme parks are quite the opposite!” She laughingly replied. “It’s going to be interesting!”

As we got closer we could see the metal frames of some roller coasters and other rides standing tall. The familiar screams of joy could be heard faintly in the distance and everyone looked out the windows intently. I began to fully see how this was not the place for Sophie’s outfit, it was one thing to dress so liberally on the beach or in a holiday resort but this was just a regular public theme park. Sure it was hot but people wore shorts and small tops not things that would flap around revealing all in just a mild breeze let alone going upside down on rides!

We all got off the coach and joined a line to get in, we were given tickets as we left the coach but goodness knows how we ended up on this adventure and not what we originally thought. We were told to be back there at 6pm. A long time from now.

“I feel Sooo under dressed…” Sophie said in a terrified tone.

“It’s fine, don’t worry you look great.” I replied.

“I don’t doubt how I look but there is a time and a place and this is about the worst outfit I could have picked for a them park!” She agitatedly shouted at me.

“Well I guess we have two options, maybe three. We could just not go on any rides. We could go get you some new clothes from one of the gift shops, or we could just try not to worry.” I suggested calmly.
”I don’t want to go to a theme park and do nothing what’s the point in that! I don’t want to waste money on clothes I will never wear again. Lets just get on with it, whatever happens happens. So some people might get a bit of a show, hopefully no one will mind too much!” Sophie replied a little more enthusiastically.

We entered the park and began walking toward a map of the place looking at what was there. We worked out a vague plan but decided really to just walk around and do things as we saw fit. The first attraction we got too was like a huge pendulum thatwould swing incredibly high in the air, then at the end of the pendulum it would spin around in circles too. We joined the relatively small line whilst we kept watching.

“This will put your outfit to the test!” I joyfully stated.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to end up flashing someone every ride I get on, let alone during the ride itself!” Sophie added with a little more fear.

When it came time to get on the ride my heart was racing, I was never one for thrill seeking rides so was a bit nervous as to wether I would actually enjoy this or feel sick. Then I was also nervous to see what would happen to Sophie’s clothes.

We walked over to the stationary pendulum. There were big seats with an overhead harness you had to climb into, they weren’t too high but as soon as you sat they forced your legs apart, I looked at Sophie as she giggled. Apparently her ass was naked on the seat but because of the slits on the sides of her skirt she had a chance of not showing everyone her goods at the front, however with her legs wide apart the skirt would no doubt flap around even if it did cover her for now. A guy came along to pull the overhead harness down and did a double take on Sophie surprised at how much skin she had on show. Her harness held her all in place so it didn’t appear too much of a problem.

The ride was a blur, I just remember shouting the whole time swinging up and down while spinning, we went completely upside down many times and I remember all my weight being on my shoulders at times and not even sat in the chair as the harness took over. It was great fun and a big rush that lasted several minutes before it came to a halt.

I looked to my left and Sophie was smiling while she flicked her hair back into place, I looked down and could see straight up her skirt which had hiked up her belly somehow. 

“No!” Sophie screamed trying to pull it back down as we removed the harnesses over her shoulders.

As her harness came up we saw her top had shifted too and one of her breasts was on display through the gap in the middle of her top. She pulled it back round and climbed out the chair briefly flashing anyone looking in the process.

”Oh goodness… This is going to be an interesting day!” Sophie turned and said to me.

We walked a bit further and saw a roller coaster we fancied going on, it looked a little tamer than some and didn’t go upside down or anything but it still had some steep drops and tight turns. We joined the line and as we waited tried to figure out how we had ended up at a theme park and not on the trip we planned to do today. We agree’d this would still be fun though and wanted to make the most of it.

When we got to the kart we climbed into the back of the carriages which each seated 2. We sat down and pulled the bar down over our laps. Now this ride had no over shoulder harness and you sat on essentially a bench, Sophie kept her knees together but her skirt was very short and probably gave a good eye full to those still waiting in line watching us all get in and out of the ride. I looked down at her and could see she was just about sitting on the material of her skirt but the gaps at the sides sat loose, it also all sat very low on her so the top of her ass was on display. To me it was so obvious she was naked underneath and a few faces said they could see this too. 

“My skirt is just going to fly straight up when we get moving! And my top too!” Sophie gently informed me as we began to pull away and climb up the first drop.

As we climbed her skirt started to fall back, holding my hand with one of hers and grabbing the bar across our laps with her other hand Sophie let it stay there, then we shot down the first drop of the roller coaster and quick as a flash she was exposed just about everywhere. We both raised our arms for the first drop and in doing so Sophie’s breasts were exposed even before the airflow pushed her top up around her neck. Her hair flapped around and we dipped and span, round, down up, side to side being thrown around our carriage while Sophie vainly tried to keep her tiny clothing covering herself.

We began to decelerate and Sophie let go of my hand and wiped her hair from her face then pulled her top and skirt to cover as much as possible. As the bar raised and we climbed out I could hear a few wolf whistles the other side where people were just getting on the ride. We briskly walked down the exit way to the inevitable gift shop… But not before we looked at the ride photos being displayed on huge screens above a stand to buy them. A few moments later there we were, and there was Sophie’s naked chest for all to see as we both raised our arms and screamed. Some people caught site and suddenly someone wanted to order it… then someone else. There was a line forming to buy a photo no one else was in! We laughed, a little embarrassed but quite flattered and asked for our own copy as a souvenir. The man who took our money made some comments but we didn’t quite understand his broken English and just smiled.

“Do you think they could throw me out?” Sophie asked with sincere concern.

“Nooo, they might ask you to try and cover up more. Would have to be pretty severe to make us leave! Plus people seem to love it!” I reassured her.

“Well… I have to say, my heart has been going for different reasons on these rides, part because they are very fast and scary themselves but also because I’m terrified of the display I’m putting on. It’s also an amazing feeling though having such wind and air gushing around my naked skin, feels wonderful. The only other thing that might get my heart going so fast is sex, but I cant get all 3 together.” Sophie systematically explained.

“Well, I might be able to help a little bit… We cant have sex on a ride but maybe some other fun…” I playfully suggested.

“What you got in mind?” Sophie longingly asked as her eyes widened to my suggestion.

“Not sure, there are some slower rides, big wheel which has compartments for two… could be promising…” I expanded.

“Lets go on a really fast one and I want you to try and touch me on that.. if it doesn’t work… even if it does we will then go on the big wheel.

We walked on and the next ride was a log flume. It had a number of smaller drops before the big one at the end. On these rides you normally would have 4 people per log all sat in a line like on a bob sleigh but we saw a few going around with 3′s and 2′s and hoped they’d let just us two on. Sophie said she wanted to sit in front of me so I could reach around and touch her. What we forgot about these rides is you sit basically on the floor with your legs apart, getting to a seated position required Sophie to very effectively use her hands to cover her front while I stood directly behind. I placed the plastic bag containing our picture behind me to make sure it stayed out the way and as dry as possible. No one seemed to notice Sophie’s attire it was a miracle!

We set of and immediately I moved my hand under Sophie skirt while she leaned back against me. Though there was water in the log from the ride itself she was definitely wet in her own right. I reached up with my other hand and held her breast underneath her loose top. As I tweaked her nipples and gently rubbed her clit she groaned and pressed harder back into me. I looked around and we had floated off into woodland away from where people walked around the park. There where a few small drops with splashes that caused us to wince and scream in shock. Then we entered a cabin and could see nothing ahead as it tunneled into darkness. As soon as the darkness hit we dropped very quickly catching both of us by surprise. I Kept my hold on Sophie’s assets and continued to gently massage her smooth pussy and soft firm breast in my hands. Sophie was now panting heavily and had her head completely back into my shoulder, her eyes closed as she tried to catch her breath.

“Oh… Oh… Yes…” She gently mouthed as I continued to pleasure her.

“You like that?…” I seductively asked.

“Yes… don’t… don’t stop!..” Sophie continued.

“There are people watching us… they can see you’re exposed and what I am doing… do you like that?” I added, lying as no one was around but wanting to play on the situation as her eyes remained closed.

“I love it, I want to cum for them… OOOHHHH!…” Sophie groaned as she began to convulse. She was closer and closer to orgasm when I noticed the end of the ride was in sight, the big drop then splash. She groaned and moaned, wriggled and stretched gripping the sides of the log firmly as she could.

“Open your eyes, we’re about to drop!” I ordered firmly.

Sophie opened her eyes and let go of the log raising her arms as we plummeted down the ramp. I reached as far as I could up her pussy pulling hard and fast inside her. She squealed like she was letting all emotion possible out in one shout. She collapsed back into me as suddenly the huge splash of water the ride had caused came crashing down drenching us both fully.

Sophie gasped as she began to adjust her hair and move her clothes back into place.

“Im not going to be able to get up.. for more than one reason!” Sophie giggled to me.

We managed to climb out the ride much the same as we entered and keep Sophie pretty well covered. As we left the ride we ended up at another picture stand and again waited a few moments before the picture came up. This time with my arm around her chest she remained covered but with one arm around her top and the other reaching down out of view it was questionable what I was doing while Sophie looked like she had been shot through a magical ecstasy cannon. Her arms raised high, head held back with her mouth wide open and eyes rolled back. If you looked up joy in the dictionary a picture of her face should be next to it, it was incredible and despite being stupidly expensive we ordered that picture to go with the other.

As we stood there wet through Sophie’s nipples sprang to life bulging out from the thin material as it clang desperately to her skin. She was drenched and with so much flesh on display looked wonderful as the sun beamed down on her soft brown skin.

“I’m so wet…” Sophie breathlessly informed me.

“I can see, I’m pretty much soaked as well.” I replied obliviously.

“No, I mean I am drenched… but I am SO WET..” She elaborated.

“OH!…Really? Still?…” I hesitantly asked realizing what she meant.

“That was… You can see in that picture what that was… but I am GAGGING for it!” Sophie gritted her teeth as she spoke emphasizing the feeling inside.

“To the big wheel?…” Was all I could think in reply.

“Big wheel! I want a big something… and a big bed… and…. AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!” Sophie screamed, scaring me a little and causing a few to stare intently wondering what was going on. She grabbed my hand and pulled me with her as she walked on. “I’m so frustrated, where can we get away from all these people?!” Sophie continued.

“I don’t know, looking at the big wheel we might be away from other people but you can clearly see in from the other booths as you go around.” I reasoned with Sophie. “So maybe we should… I don’t know. Shall we get something to eat?..” I hesitantly suggested. Sophie’s eyes looked furious at the suggestion, she did not want to eat she wanted one thing and one thing only. Sex.

“Look at this!” I called out pointing at the map board nearby. “Theres a huge garden area in the middle of the park, I bet its like the one at Alton Towers back home that is beautiful but no one goes in because there are too many other things to do!”

Sophie’s sulk seemed to waver slightly and her body language immediately appeared more positive. I took her hand as we walked toward the gardens.

I was right it was really quiet and no one seemed to go in the gardens, most people who were in there used it as a cut through from one side of the park to the other and stuck to one path. We veered off and went as far from everything as we could, as we did Sophie went quicker and quicker giggling more and more in playful excitement.

She began to get away from me and I enjoyed the way her loose skirt floated around her hips revealing the bottom of her ass cheeks. She was all legs and those legs had tanned beautifully.

She turned around and walked backward facing me. She began to pull on the string bow holding her top together in the middle. As she untied it her firm round breasts sprang free and she cupped them in her hands, her fingers playing with her nipples. As she groaned and looked upward I pounced at her and took her in my arms, with her own arms pinned between us she wriggled slightly and pulled my shorts down, my half naked body ready to impale her. I lead us to a bank of grass and Sophie lay on her back wrapping her legs around me immediately forcing my cock up inside her wet pussy. Her skirt rode up around her middle. I thrust against her time and time again as we groaned into each others ears. This was raw passion, I was scared of someone coming and stopping us but was so turned on I just wanted to cum, Sophie seemed to be in similar frenzy not doing any slow calculated moves this time just desperate to get the release we both longed for. After a few minutes we could sense each others orgasm was near and stared into one each others eyes releasing in unison. As all my strength left my arms I collapsed on top of Sophie’s shaking body.

A few moments later I lifted myself up and put my shorts back on. Sophie lay for a moment with her clothes all in the wrong places before she stood and moved her skirt back down and re tied her top. We both smiled at each other as we got our breath back.

“Food?” I simply asked in a positive tone.

“Food.” Sophie firmly answered.

I took her hand in mine as we made our way back through the beautiful flower gardens to the main park. We picked a simple burger place to eat, we had been eating at all these nice restaurants each evening it was kind of nice to go back to something simple. After we collected our orders we went and sat at one of the tables under an umbrella outside so we could watch everyone in the park walk by.

I noticed two guys sat at a nearby table unable to take their eyes off Sophie, she sat oblivious with her legs crossed bouncing her shoe on the end of one her feet while she leaned in to devour her meal.

“Sophie there are two guys over there staring at you, fancy giving them a bit of a show?” I playfully suggested.

“Oooh are there, thats fun. What shall I do?” She chirpily replied.

“Well sit back in your chair to begin with, maybe uncross your legs and play with the ties holding your top together.” I instructed carefully. Sophie finished her burger and then leaned back in her chair exactly as I had suggested, she played with the loops of string holding her top together between her breasts and uncrossed her legs keeping her knees together. As she did this the shoe she had been bouncing on the end of her foot fell off.

“Now open your legs as you reach under the table to collect your shoe.” I continued. Sophie smiled as she followed my orders. I couldn’t see under the table to know how much she displayed but when she reappeared her top had shifted with a significant amount of breast of show. Without any instruction Sophie completely untied the top and pulled the strings out directly in front, showing there was nothing underneath or in between but keeping the material over her nipples. She then carefully re tied it but a little looser than before with an even bigger gap between her breasts.

“This is fun, shall I do anything else, are they still watching?” Sophie asked in joyful voice.

“They’re still watching but they are looking around more. Look at that, the skies gone very grey and a few people are walking around in ponchos to keep them dry. Do you think its about to rain?” I responded in question. And just as I asked it was like the heavens opened and a sudden down poor of big fat heavy rain pummeled the ground around us. the people walking around all darted into shops and under cover while a few just accepted they would get wet and continued as normally as they could.

“I can imagine a lot of the outdoor rides will have to close if this continues and the indoor ones will be packed. What shall we do? Stay here? Shall we get some ponchos?” I asked Sophie.

“No we don’t need ponchos! They do bugger all anyway and I bet the water is warm. Lets just keep going and see what’s still open.” Sophie confidently suggested.

As we stepped out from under out table umbrella we were almost immediately drenched. My T-shirt and shorts clinging to my body and Sophie’s hair, top and skirt following suit around her. The rain was indeed warm but either not warm enough or Sophie was a little excited as her erect nipples sprang to life under her revealing top. I could see the water just flowing down her naked flesh and as her clothes stuck to her like a second skin she looked fantastic with her exposed wet body glistening in the light.

We continued to walk but each ride we arrived at seemed to be closing and not letting more people on, some even sending the line of people back out before getting a turn. It looked unlikely we would be riding any more roller coasters that day, not unless the rain stopped.

Sophie began to shiver as she took her wet shoes off stating how uncomfortable they were in the wet. I hugged her as we headed inside a gift shop with plenty of other people hoping the rain would subside.

“You want a poncho now?” I teased.

“Like that would keep me warm. No I want a T shirt or something I can put on while I dry the rest of my clothes.”

We looked around the shop for something we wouldn’t mind buying and found a T-shirt we both liked with the park logo on it, it would be a good memento of this unexpected trip and decided to both get one. I bought a medium fit mens t shirt while Sophie got a medium women’s. I had suggested she buy large if she planned on only wearing the T shirt but she insisted on getting this one, we found out as we bought them that we would get a free poncho anyway, they were only 3 Euros but we didn’t want to pay for them however freebees are always welcome.

The poncho was essentially a sheet of clear plastic with a hood. We put ours on as we ran over to some nearby toilets. Sophie was going to put her new T shirt on and use the hand dryer to dry her skirt, top and shoes. I was simply going to change out of my wet t shirt and keep the new one dry under my plastic poncho. I quickly changed and waited for Sophie in a dry area outside watching lots of people leaving the park soaked and miserable.

Sophie reappeared about 15 minutes later in her new T shirt and plastic poncho. She was holding the T shirt down at the front as it wasn’t quite long enough to cover her, in her same hand she held the plastic bag we were given for the t shirts which presumably contained the rest of her clothes.

“T shirt a bit short?” I giggled.

“No its fine what gave you that Idea?…” Sophie sarcastically replied laughing. “My ass must be completely on show!”

“It is a bit, but the poncho is crinkled and wet so its not very clear.”

It was now mid afternoon and several hours before our coach would be around to pick us up. We asked at a help desk what we could do and they said often in these circumstances more coaches can take you back, we looked into it and found a coach that would leave in 20 minutes so climbed on board where it was dry and cool with the air con. Sophie sat by the window and removed her poncho and I sat alongside doing the same. Sophie’s T shirt fitted nicely around her curves but it wasn’t long enough to cover any of her legs. As she sat with her knees together I could clearly see her shaved pussy and butterfly tattoo just above. Her nipples too stood firmly to attention through the thin material that hugged her perfect breasts tightly. As a few other people climbed on board Sophie crossed her legs facing the the window so only her thigh was on show, that said it was all of her thigh and had I not been next to her it was clear she was wearing only a small t shirt with not a shred of anything underneath.

Sophie and I fell asleep on the coach ride back, when it stopped we awoke to see it still raining heavily outside, the coach was going to make a few stops and this first one was not ours but we began to gather our things and put our plastic ponchos back on.

“What shall we do if it keeps raining?” Sophie turned and asked.

“Whatever you want. We could do whatever and just get wet, we could stay in, or we could go for dinner then to a bar as we have most nights?”

“I’ve an idea, lets do something similar to yesterday. We go out separately and its as if we don’t know each other. A bit of role play…” She suggested sticking her tongue out lightly biting down on it playfully with a smile.

As she suggested this we pulled up in town, it wasn’t directly outside our apartments but near enough. We hopped off and directly in front of us was a street we had never been down, though it was still raining we decided to walk down and take a look. There were clothes shops and cafe’s, all kinds of things but it was very quiet due to the weather. then on the corner something caught Sophie’s eye.

“Look a sex shop!! Come on!” She demanded, taking my hand and leading me inside.

It was dark and quiet inside, there was a wall of dvd’s and then various things on the other walls and on stands in the middle. Outfits, dildo’s, handcuffs, whips, chains and all manner of things. It was a little intimidating but in the right context I could see some of it being very kinky.

“Do you want something in particular?” I nervously asked Sophie.

“Maybe…” Sophie toyed.

“What about this?” I laughed holding up the biggest black dildo I could imagine, must have been 12 inches long and was almost as thick as my arm.

“No thanks, I’d like to keep my pussy tight so you enjoy it all the more… I’m looking for… ah! Here!” She excitedly declared holding up a small box.

“What is it?”

“It’s a radio controlled vibrator. You can turn it on and off via this control. Could be fun if we’re out tonight and you come out of no where with the control and I have this inside me..”

“Definitely! What else is there?” I asked as excitement began to get the better of me.

We walked around a while and picked up some gel that should make anal more comfortable for both of us, two pairs of handcuffs and a proper blindfold. Sophie then saw some boots she fell in love with, they where incredibly long black plastic boots with a huge metal spiked heel. They tied up at the front but had a zip in the side for quicker access. Sophie tried them on but had great difficulty getting her foot inside while trying to keep her T-shirt covering enough of her. A few guys in the shop had clearly taken a shine to her and were looking over intently as her T shirt failed to cover her legs and her pussy and ass kept creeping out on show. Once she had her leg inside the boots looked amazing, they showed her legs great shape and length and went right up passed her knees. We decided to get them as a holiday treat for both of us! She then decided on a small flat hat made of the same material and wearing both she looked like some kind of Nazi dominatrix…except for the short white t shirt and poncho she was also wearing! A guy in the shop approved greatly and tried to point out the rest of the outfit, matching uniform and all but we declined and headed out excited with a bag of toys to amuse our last few days on holiday.

Sophie continued to struggle to keep her T shirt covering her modesty as we walked back to the apartment. Not many people where around and she left it alone most the time but it was funny watching her squirm at times when people got close.

When we got back we both wanted a shower and to rest up for a bit before heading out again. We showered together but other than some sensual touching and some kisses we didn’t want to spoil the fun we could have later doing too much now, anticipation was as much part of the tease as the games themselves.

“Im going to wear my new boots and hat with this leather skirt and this matching tube top.” Sophie declared holding up the items.

The skirt was a tiny pleated black leather number with a large buckle at the front. her top was a simple solid black tube that sat around her breasts revealing her arms, shoulders and stomach. It had pleats in it creating a design that somewhat matched the skirt but sat close to her chest rather than the skirt which floated around as she moved. With the boots, hat and her long dark hair all she needed was a whip and she really looked the part! Of course we didn’t get a whip and we both expressed regret at that, Sophie applied some bright red lipstick and dark eye makeup transforming her into some kind of kinky sex machine. I loved it.

Then we got out the radio controlled dildo and made sure it was working, Sophie suggested I do the honors and insert it for her. She sat back on the sofa in the apartment and spread her legs revealing her beautiful bald pussy to me. I sat down next to her and leaned in to kiss her while I moved my fingers across the skin of her legs and stomach, She began to squirm as I teased her just enough to get her wet. I started to move my fingers closer and closer to her pussy lips and then gently moved over the bumps and folds of her smooth skin down there. I gently pushed one finger inside and she groaned taking in a huge gasp of air. I kissed her immediately while still breathing to catch her off guard, she moaned back and leaned in kissing me passionately. I then pulled back and took the small vibrator in my hands while we both looked at it and smiled. I moved it closer and played around with the entrance to her pussy before slowly sliding it in inch my inch. It was only 2 or 3 inches long but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t have an effect.

“Lets see what this does then..” I whispered as I gently moved my fingers over the control. It had a dial for intensity ranging from 1 – 10 and then just an on/off switch. I turned the dial to 1 and turned it on.

“Oooohhhh…. WwwoooowwwW!” Sophie screamed as her eyes sprang wide open. I left it on for a few more seconds before turning it to 2 “JJJeeeezzzz!…Ah!. ah!… aaahhh!!…” Sophie’s lips trembled as she tried to speak.

“Its good then?” I asked switching it off again.

“Its incredible, I’ve never felt anything like that. Im not going to be able to talk to anyone if thats going off, can you turn it down a bit?..”

“That was level 1 then 2…” I replied apologetically.

“Oh dear… this will be very interesting then. Who knows what 10 is like then?!” She enthusiastically asked.

“Shall we go?” I suggested reaching out my hand as I stood. Sophie reached up and as I pulled her up pressed the on switch again, she immediately fell into me.

“Fuck!… Ben I cant walk my knees are jelly!…Oooohhh!…. Please!…. Ahhh!….Oh god!….Please stop it!…Mmmphhh!… Please!..” Sophie begged as she held me around my neck trying to stand.

I turned it off so she could gain composure and we could leave. I grabbed the key and my wallet. Sophie took nothing hoping to get free drinks and entry all night from people.

We stepped outside and the rain was still falling but it was much much lighter and looked to be easing for the day. We walked quickly through the complex and into town before finding somewhere to eat. As we ate dinner we set out some rules for the evening. Basically Sophie was going to go off into town and I was going to try and find her, if I hadn’t found her by 10pm she would head to the club we had gone to the previous night with the girls. She was going to try and get picked up by various guys but refuse all of them and then I would come in. All the time she would have this remote vibrator inside her that I only I could control. We would first test the range but as we spoke of this I kept turning it on at the table and Sophie would lose all focus. She would be talking and suddenly squeal or roll her eyes and almost fall over. I said we should test her now and get her to ask for the bill.

“Excusez-moi pourrais-je avoir la facture s’il vous plaît.” Sophie asked the waiter in her best French accent, she looked at me wondering why I hadn’t set the vibrator off, when he returned I pushed the power button just as she reached for it….”AHHHH!….Merci!..” She managed to say as the pitch of her voice varied and trembled. Her eyes rolled back and she opened her mouth to silently take in breath as best she could.

“Madame est ce que ça va?” The waiter turned – “Are you alright?” He repeated in English. As she looked up I moved the dial from 1 to 2, she grimaced as if in pain.

“Oui, oui, je pense que je mangeais trop.” She answered holding her belly. I paid the man and he left before I asked what she said, she always was better at French.

“I said my boyfriend here got me pregnant and its kicking!!” She angrily shouted, I looked over concerned. “No, I said I have eaten too much.” She calmly continued. “Now don’t be mean with that thing or I’ll tell someone you raped me!” She joked.

As we left the restaurant I kissed Sophie and held her close before letting her walk off ahead. As she walked I pressed the remote to see if it would work from far away, she stumbled and turned back around raising her middle finger to me and smiling. Then she wondered off and just like yesterday I felt sad and a bit stupid that I had let the woman I love go off to be hit on by other men. I decided to follow her from far away and just watch what she did.

She stood out from the crowd even from afar, her long legs covered in these black spiked boots looking phenomenal. Her sexy skirt and top left glimpses of skin at her thigh and middle on show. It was probably more than she had worn this whole trip but still looked incredibly sexy, I just wanted to be closer to her swaying hips but couldn’t for the game of hide and seek we were meant to be playing.

Did she actually want me to find her? Did she want some time away from me? I began to worry. I did have the control for the vibrator but she could remove that, we did agree a time to meet if I couldn’t find her but she might not go… No she doesn’t have a room key.. but what if she doesn’t plan to come back to the room? – My fears began to spiral as my heart filled with dread.

I saw Sophie go into a bar we hadn’t been in before. It had a lot of people inside but wasn’t packed full like everywhere else we had been, seemed a quieter place people would go before hitting the clubs or busier bars, or somewhere people may go to stay away from those busier places. I decided to walk straight in and find a place to sit in the corner before I tried to look for where Sophie was. As I walked in she was at the bar with her back to the door immediately being chatted to by a man who must have been in his 30′s. I sat on a stool at a table in the corner and ordered a drink from a passing waitress. As I watched Sophie played with the paper umbrella in her drink he must have ordered her, the man talked a lot and she smiled without really looking at him. She then began to look around a little, at this point I decided to press the vibrator control to let her know I was around. I held it for just a second but it was long enough for her to know I was near. Her head darted around the room looking for me but I pretended to be part of a group conversation next to me. I don’t think she saw me. At any rate she knew I was around. The man continued talking and gesturing at her body with his hands as if to say he loved her curves, she put the umbrella stick in her mouth and played with it on her tongue seductively as he spoke. The man then stood up from his stool and took Sophie’s hand to kiss it. She playfully blushed before he took her in his arms and started to whisper in her ear. I looked over with a stare that could kill and he caught my eye and winked at me before leaning in to kiss her. Just as he tried I flicked the switch in my hand to level 3 and turned it on, the effect was immediate and she fell into him for support. I left it on while he tried to work out what was wrong as she groaned and writhed in pleasure and pain. It must have been awkward to be approaching orgasm in public with no one but a strange older man holding on to you. She eventually pushed him off and ran out the door with him following. I decided to leave too and see what was happening. I turned the vibrator off and saw Sophie trying to get away from the man, she looked upset as he kept trying to grab her. I decided enough was enough and stepped in.

“Hey! She clearly isn’t interested, leave her alone!” I shouted at the man.

“Qui êtes-vous petite merde!” He smirked back, I knew some of those words, something about a little shit. I wasn’t impressed.

“va te faire foutre vieux!” Sophie screamed. “mais n’oubliez pas le fouet!” She continued as he waved his hands and walked back in.

“What did you just say to him? Are you ok you look a little shook up?” I asked sincerely, unsure if we would still be playing this game or not.

“I said fuck off old man! – I’m ok, he was just a bit full on. I had a stupid bet with my boyfriend that we go out and I let other men chat me up but I forgot how horrible some men can be and how dressed like this you give the wrong impression.” Sophie gently replied, shaking in my arms.

“Sounds like something your boyfriend would regret too the moment you left his arms.” I whispered back. “But I’ll look after you.”

“Lets go to the club over there.” Sophie demanded pointing at the club we had been at last night. We joined the line to get inside and I was still unsure of the role play or not. Had we given up?

“I’m Ben by the way, whats your name?” I asked, deciding to carry on the game.

“Well Ben, tonight you can call me anything you want.” She replied holding her finger over my lips.

“But..” I tried to speak

“Ssshhh.” Sophie whispered as she leaned in and kissed me.

“Well, if you wont tell me your name I’m afraid I just wont be able to let you go.” I smiled as I held her close looking into her eyes.

“Thats ok, I’m happy to be joined at the hip to you.” She flirted.

“I’ve got this magic device here…” I began to tease, showing her the control to the vibrator.

“Oh yeah…” Sophie breathed back, grinding herself up against me “Whats it do?..”

“Well it tells me you aren’t wearing any underwear…”

“Oh thats very clever… No, I’m not…” Sophie continued as her hips slowly moved in and out from me.

“It’s also capable of making you feel very very good…” I teased staring deeply into her eyes.

“In what way?..” Sophie replied biting her bottom lip.

I took the dial and turned it to 4. Sophie looked up into my eyes still biting her lip before we both held the device and pushed the power button. Sophie’s eyes immediately fluttered and rolled backward as she bit hard on her lip and breathed loudly through her nose. She fell into me and I held her close. Her breathing quickened and she grabbed a handful of my shirt as she began to move her body. Her skin was awash with color and her cheeks turned bright pink.

“Oh!… Oh god!… Oh my!…Mmm!….I cant!… I cant take it!.. Take me home!…Take me home now!” Sophie gasped as she struggled for air.

“I will take you home later, right now…cum for me….” I firmly ordered.

“I cant… I cant… please… please..” She begged, rubbing her hips more and more into my leg.

I put my finger to her lips and she immediately opened her mouth to suck on it, moments later I took it out and she looked at it as I then caught her eyes, we remained locked as my finger moved down and down. I put my hand between our bodies and ever so faintly touched her pussy with the same finger. The vibrator was doing all the work I just added a light human touch to which she immediately let out a huge gasp of air and collapsed into me. I flicked the switch off and let Sophie get her breath back.

“You want to go inside and dance or go try our other new toys?” I whispered in Sophie’s ear.

“Tell you what, when you take me home I’ll give a private dance just for you.”

“That sounds amazing. But lets go get a few drinks in here and have a dance first.” I instructed as we finally entered the club.

We ordered some shots and quickly drank those before getting some bottles of longer lasting things. The music was very loud but there was an atmosphere in the club that was palpable, everyone enthused fun and a good time. Before too long Sophie led me to the dance floor, we locked our eyes on one another and moved to the beat. My arms resting over her shoulders with her arms around my waist. As we moved Sophie gently placed her hands under my T shirt and moved her fingers along my flesh. I smiled as her touch stimulated me, I took hold of her face in my hands and leaned in for a kiss, but she pulled back and span away from me with a big smile on her face. I went to reach for the remote control before she quickly came back and resumed were we left off. I leaned in again and once again she moved so I ended up kissing her cheek.

“Not yet..” She whispered in my ear.

As she said that she began kiss my ear, then my neck and down to where my T shirt covered my shoulders. With her hands caressing my skin underneath my T shirt she began to bite me playfully on my neck, I leaned back as this pleasure made me lose some control of my body, luckily we were near a wall and I leaned against it while Sophie continued. She then began to bite at my T shirt, at first unsure what she was doing I then felt a big yank on the neckline and a tear, Sophie then took her hands out from under the material to grab the tear pulling it apart ruining my T shirt and taking it off me before throwing it to the surface of the dancefloor never to be seen again.

I now stood shirtless as Sophie danced around me and kissed various parts of my neck and chest but never my face which was beginning to drive me mad. The crowds of people around us all continued to dance away and we rejoined them further into the dancefloor, Sophie was now beginning to play with the waistline of my shorts and occasionally reached right down the back and grabbed my ass while pulling me closer to her. I tried to hold her close as we continued to move to the beat of various dance songs blaring around us. The alcohol from our drinks now taking full effect and I began to lose my inhibitions more than ever, feeling the ecstasy of the moment and not caring what anyone saw, not that anyone was really looking they just danced away in their own drunken stupors.

Sophie then leaned right in to me and pushed her face right into mine, with her arms still playing around with my shorts and reaching under them I held her close with one hand and put my other under her pleated leather skirt taking a firm hold of her soft curvy ass and pulling her hips closer to mine. In this movement she reached one hand right down the front of my shorts and crabbed my raging cock. Her hand started to move up and down the length of my shaft and I rolled my eyes groaning in pleasure.

“What do you want me to do? What would make you cum right now?” Sophie breathed heavily in my ear.

“Oh!… mmm!….” Was the only noise I could muster in response.

“I’ll do anything!..” Sophie continued with her hand still rubbing faster and faster in my shorts.

“Anything?…” I gasped trying to catch my breath.

“Anything!” She firmly replied. All I wanted at that moment was to feel her skin on mine, see a little more. Though she had stripped in public various times over this week this felt different as for once I was at the brink of orgasm and she was dressed in more than usual.

“Take off…..MMhhmmph!” I groaned as she squeezed harder on my cock when I spoke. She nodded while I continued. “Take off your top, press up against me… don’t stop what you’re doing!” I shouted.

“Unzip me then..” Sophie whispered, music still blaring all around us on the crowded dancefloor.

I took my hand from under her skirt and reached for zip, the realization of what I was doing combined with Sophie still stroking my cock up and down meant I almost came straight away, as the zipper slowly separated the sides of her top I couldn’t bare it, she was imminently going to be topless in this crowded room. Yesterday she had been butt naked but yesterday was fun to watch this was much more personal and I could feel every moment of it as my orgasm began to appear. Sophie took her other hand and reached up holding the top over her breasts while the leather material sprang free from her back entirely. The hand I used to unzip her now caressing the naked skin across her back. Sophie then lifted her chin to look down at me in an expectant look. My eyes fluttered and she promptly removed her top, stepping just far enough away that I could see her pert breasts free to the world. She quickly leaned in and as her warm, soft, naked flesh pressed against mine I came violently in my shorts. Sophie chose this moment to push her lips against my own and as we devoured one another my orgasm intensified. As my mind began to clear from the heat of the moment I realized just where I was and what just happened and began to feel extremely self aware. Sophie pulled back and removed her hand from my shorts letting my limping cock go. She stood away still topless with a few people looking on aghast and shocked at her brazen display.

Clarry one of our members, an author of some standing, (can I do her justice?) told her story one winter evening, she joined us after a meeting with her publisher. There was about five or six of us there that evening and I just had to write the story up as we had enjoyed it so much it was a must to share. Unlike many of our members, as an author, Clarry had a descriptive style of relating her story and I have tried to tell the tale in her way.


We all have our moments don’t we girls, somehow things just don’t fall right…Well, maybe they do, but it’s a case of taking advantage of things that arise, nudge nudge, wink wink. Let me tell you about my ‘adventure’.

My home was an ancient cottage miles from anywhere out in the country. Comfortable enough, it suited me well as I preferred the isolation while I worked on my novels, I was quite well known for what was politely called ‘Bodice rippers’.

I am Clarrisa, my friends call me Clarry so I am going to leave it at that, I won’t disclose the name I write under, as from there it is just a short step to my agent finding out and telling me I am bringing the publishing house into disrepute and I can’t have that, so Clarry it’s going to be, and I am a little bit under fifty, well to be honest forty nine and eleven months.

I suppose, truth to tell, I should have taken some sort of classes or something when I bought the place, with it being so isolated and that. I didn’t, so other than simple, and I mean simple, emergency things, the cottage has over the years become somewhat dilapidated, and in need of serious work. However, you guys don’t want to hear about my DIY skills, well not DIY to do with household maintenance anyway.

My story starts a few years ago now. I was tapping away one finger typing on my old Imperial typewriter. I wasn’t going anywhere, so I hadn’t dressed up, I had got up about six in the morning, slopped around for most of the day writing, slurping coffee, you girls will probably remember, well the older ones among us will, pipe cleaner and tissue paper used as curlers, by god did they make us look a sight and because I had a presentation dinner coming up I had decided on a face pack and you all know what they look like, and this one was green!

My dressing gown had seen better days, although I did have a ‘best’ that I kept for when I had to go away. Same with my slippers, light, well grubby blue, with a sort of artificial fur trim, flannel night gown, to about mid calf with dear little blue flowers and a sweet little lace trim around the sort of deep V neck.

I know its just a bit naughty, but home alone and working, I don’t usually wear drawers, nobody around, nobody’s business, it also saves a moment or two if I am in full spate writing, I have a pot of coffee for the same purpose. Of course, with the style of tale that I wrote, I have been known to get a bit well you know, and the absence of drawers makes it easier to relieve the tension.

It was, here’s the cliché, a dark and stormy November evening, my beloved elderly Alsatian, Herman stirred and nudged me a reminder for his dinner. I flicked the light on as I entered the kitchen only to be plunged in an instant into darkness again. Feeling with my feet across the uneven flagstone floor I returned to the hallway and flicked the light switch. Still the darkness resisted attempts to dispel it.

I groped for the ancient hurricane lamp which I kept beside the dusty book case in the study in the hope of never needing it. I suppose common sense would have suggested that matches or some other method of lighting it should have been kept close to it. I fumbled around; I’m good at fumbling, found the matches and lit the lamp. Turning, I trod on Herman, he yelped.

I muttered a curse; the silence was rent by, first a creaky groan, then a resounding crash of the knocker at the cottage door followed by the same sounds repeated. The old iron bolt made a shocking noise and clunk as it hit the stop. The latch was equally noisy as it lifted. The hinges groaned eerily, I kept meaning to oil them, as I opened the door.

Of course, if it ended there, where would the story be?

All hell broke loose as the old cottage door swung open. My hair in curlers. Face pack on, the guttering hurricane lamp held at waist level and my dear hungry old Herman howled in the most distressing way as dogs do.

I was shocked and horrified as the young man at the door collapsed to the floor with a blood curdling scream, his hair literally standing on end. I say young man, it was dark, and I just had a glimpse as he slid to the floor. Who ever he was he had imagination.

Leaving the cottage door open, I led Herman back to the kitchen, fed him, and closed the kitchen door, I knew Herman would be content there for a while. Passing the hall mirror I jumped out of my skin, catching sight of myself in the lamp light.

I put the lamp down, and carefully returned to the door. The lad was beginning to come round.

“Are you alright?”

He moaned.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, the electric has failed.”

“I’ve broken down…my car…down the road”

He was as white as a sheet and shaking like a leaf as I helped him to his feet.

“You are quite safe…nothing here to hurt you…honestly.” I smiled.

I led him to the kitchen, as I opened the door there was a deep throaty growl from Herman in the darkness of the kitchen.

“Good boy Herman, it’s alright.” The sounds in the darkness of his food bowl being pushed about on the flag stones said that he had returned to his dinner.

I pulled out a chair.

“Sit yourself down.” I placed the hurricane lamp on the table.

“Let me get you a cup of tea.” I had an old Aga cooker; the simmering kettle was only just off the boil.

As he supped the tea, gradually his apparent shock appeared to diminish, the tremors slowly dying away. Even his hair appeared no longer to be standing on end.

Small talk, I thought. Well, as you do.

“What shall I call you, what’s your name?”

I swear, you couldn’t write it, no one would believe you if you did. Particularly with the course of events which had got us to this point.

“Damien…Damien Spookes”

How did I ever keep a straight face?

“I don’t mean to be rude, but when you opened the door, and the dog howled and all the scraping and creaking noises, and your appearance it scared the, excuse me, shit, out of me.”

It wasn’t kind of me I know, but I just had to laugh.

“With a name like that, YOU got scared?”

We both had to laugh.

” You had best call me Clarry, most of my friends do. How come I got the pleasure of your company?”

“That’s a lousy road, I came round the bend the rain on my windscreen left me all but blind, I wasn’t going fast, honest, the tree is down across the road and I skidded into it.”

“How unfortunate.”

“Yours was the only house I could see.”

“It’s a good job I was home.”

“I almost wish you hadn’t been, the scare you gave me. Can you phone the garage for me?”

“If the tree is down, the line will be too.”

“How far is the garage?”

“About five miles, but they are not open at this time of the day.”

“Not my day is it? Is there somewhere I can get a room?”

This young man, I’d put him at about 19, young enough to be my son, was actually quite presentable. Dark hair slicked down with Brylcream, clean shaven and suited, and it was the first time I had seen those new fangled winkle picker shoes, I guessed that the heels of those shoes was what made him roughly my height.

“Well, if you could put up with sleeping in this creepy old cottage, you could stay the night.”

“Are you sure, it wouldn’t put you out?”

“Of course not.”

As I spoke, I half panicked, basically my home was a “bachelor pad” I had only one bedroom in use, heck, I was much too busy with my writing to clean and care for the parts of the house I didn’t need.

Of course girls, we are all geniuses aren’t we and realization will confirm the fact that one person with one bedroom, will have…yes, one bed! Settee? Sofa? Nope!

“I suppose I had better offer you a meal…sausages or fish fingers? Bread…eggs & bacon?”

“Are you going to eat?”

“I suppose.”

“Well, may I have the same as you?”

“Sausages it is then.”


“Damien Spookes… what a name…Tell me about you. What are you doing in this neck of the woods?”

“Just passing through as I am going well, was going north. I heard that some guys were looking for someone to join a band, so I thought I would give it a try.”

“And the car?”

“It’s my dad’s; I had to promise to look after it. He’s going to kill me!”

“I doubt that young man, I doubt that; Dads have usually had accidents themselves now just relax and we will have a look at it in the morning.”

Dinner, a highly sophisticated sausage, bacon, egg, and chips, with a glass of red, romantically illuminated by the hurricane lamp, passed without incident, well very nearly, there was something but not really an incident, I noticed that Damien was watching my neck line, well more my cleavage, what I had of it, my tits had headed south over the years, but he appeared fascinated.

Noticing that of course also had an effect. A tingle, for the want a better expression, down below, in the knickers department, well it would have been the knickers department had I been wearing any, as it was, I guess it was in the jungle area!

I expected the evening to be a little challenging as bedtime approached, and indeed, so it turned out to be. My thoughts had been on managing the bedroom situation, one bed, a double, two bodies, no bolster, a couple of spare blankets a spare pillow or two, and, if my observations were correct, a case of rampant male hormones, and a not dis-interested female.

How to manage the situation, how indeed?

“I guess that you are not inclined towards boys are you?”

“Not that I have noticed, girls seem to like bands, would be a bit of a waste.”

“Just as I thought.”

He blushed deeply.

I have told you of the run down state of the cottage, the need for maintenance. Well, you can stretch that need to almost everything to do with my old cottage, from the plumbing to the furniture, and not to put too fine a point on it, even to the bed. It should have been replaced years ago, but dammit, it was comfortable. I inherited it from my granny, well via my father but anyway, it could be traced back a few years. So it creaked a little, and had a copy of Dickens’s Great Expectations, hard back, first edition, propping up one corner.

Great expectations? It had been a very long time since I had any expectations in that bed, let alone great ones!

Damien followed me up the creaking stair case. His hot breath on my rump, when I hesitated, he bumped into me.

“I have left everything in the car; I didn’t expect to be away from it overnight.”

The bedroom door latch clunked, and the hinges complained, they always did as the sturdy door opened to reveal the scene inside. I have to admit being just a little embarrassed as I realised that the chamber pot was visible beneath the bed. I bent, to move the useless reading light from the bedside cabinet, replacing it with the hurricane lamp.

I was aware that as I bent over my night gown had ridden up, being a long gown it had only revealed my calves to the young man behind me.

He coughed.

“I don’t have any pyjamas.”

“I have none to lend you, wear your shirt.”

Then thought, ‘it’s not going to be on for long… Shut up Clarry. What are you thinking, he’s much too young?’

My loins didn’t say that, I suppose a combination with my obsessive writing of naughty novels, and the close proximity of the youthful hormones and of course the length of time since I had a good rogering were leading me to an inevitable plateau of desire. (Desire? Well, it was turning to rampant lust really.)

To illuminate the bathroom for our ablutions, it was necessary to leave the door open. As I lifted my night dress to use the w.c…

“You will be a young gentleman won’t you? I hope you won’t be peeping?”

Some hope of that I thought, I could see him squinting into the gloom, in the hope I suspect of a glimpse of something he shouldn’t.

Having pee’d I turned, first to cool my essentials with a wet flannel, the back of my night dress concealed me from behind as surely as the cold flannel brought forth life to my suddenly chilled being, then to clean my teeth. A hair net over my curlers completed my toilette.

In his turn, Damien stood before the w.c. his cock concealed in his hand, in the gloom I imagined that what I could see was at the very least a reasonable start to an erection, it was obvious that he was having some difficulty peeing.

“Do you need a hand?”

“No, I’ll clean my teeth first, do you have a spare tooth brush.”

“On the side, the blue one, and that wet flannel may help with the other problem.”

“What other problem.”


I watched intently as he cleaned his teeth, he glanced over his shoulder, unbuckled his belt and allowed his trousers to fall to the floor, exposing his pale slightly hairy legs. His pants came down next, followed by a groan, as I suppose the cold wet flannel did its work, at a guess I would say it was a case of erect to flaccid in zero seconds. I shivered at the thought.

He shuffled to the toilet and pee’d long and noisily into the water before stepping from the trousers and pants swaddling his ankles.

A little about the bed!

It was, as I said, old. It had a substantial brass head and foot board, connected by old iron rails upon which were laid long boards, not fixed. About six inches above the boards, and attached at head and foot was a sheet spring type of thing. In appearance similar to a close knit chain link fence, don’t ask how old it is, I think its original. It provided a beautiful soft springiness. On top again I had a, not too thick mattress, and a duvet finished a very comfortable nest. It was like sinking into a pair of loving arms, and I have spent many a winter night in its warm embrace.

Here I am, desperate to take advantage of the hormones screaming through that stormy night. Every other, and there had been just one or two, bed mate I had during my time at the cottage, had been sedate older gentlemen about my own age, and on at least one occasion, befuddled with drink. Simplicity Itself.

My recent experience of youth, my own long forgotten, was limited and I wasn’t quite prepared for the level of enthusiasm my new found friend was to deliver.

I sneaked into the bed between the cover, determined to rid myself of the night dress yet conceal my aging frame from this youths eyes. I had done no such thing by the time he had reached the door.

“I always sleep on the left side of the bed,” I told him, ” so you can sleep on the right.”

“No problem.” He replied as he rounded the foot of the bed, his clothes in his arms, and his rigid cock sticking out from his shirt.

He dropped his clothes, his shoes making a clatter as they hit the floor, then sat on the side of the bed.

“What about the door? You didn’t close it.”

“Sorry” he hurried to close it, totally unselfconscious of his cock bouncing in the cool air.

What happened next I would never have believed, he ran back to the bed, and launched himself at it. Well, as I told you, the bed had seen better days the under boards went flying, clattering to the floor beneath, the light mesh spring, mattress, the bedding, me and Damien all but disappeared into the hole the dislodged boards had created.

I couldn’t move, my night dress which I had not managed to remove before he had initially entered the bedroom, was wrapped tight about me and this young bundle of hormones was on top of me further restricting my movement.

“Sorry..sorry…sorry, I didn’t mean to break your bed.”

Herman, in the kitchen was going demented. He wasn’t used to such a racket disturbing the peace of the household.

“Just get off and get me out of here.”

He got off, and did his best, his rapidly diminishing erection disappearing behind the flap of his shirt, to haul me out of the hole he had dumped me into. Having pulled the duvet off, he took my hand and started to heave , I slithered to the side, my night dress falling back to expose my naked hairy.. you know what.

God, I was horny, knowing that I was exposed to his lustful gaze did nothing to cool my ardour, even if it had killed, hopefully only temporally, Damien’s hard on. As I regained my feet, my night dress fell back to cover my cooling, moist essential.

“Don’t just stand there gawping, you’ve seen a blinking fanny before haven’t you?”

“Nnno, Nnno, not really!”

Suddenly his bravado had evaporated. So had his confidence.

“Just give me a hand to sort out this mess.”

Together, we reconstructed the bed, the boards back in place…

“You could do with a few screws in that .” Damien suggested.

“It was the prospect of a screw that landed us in this situation.” I countered.

He grinned, a sort of sickly, shy, grin.

…under the sheet spring, then the mattress and the bedding itself, I took the opportunity to put on fresh sheets. Damned stupid really given that I expected to be indulging in some potentially messy activities before the night was out.

Finally, the bed was ready, I turned back the bedding, the reconstruction of the bed had certainly warmed me.

“Right, now into bed, unless you want to spend the night on the floor.”

Damien started to move.

“Gently, I don’t want the bed wrecked again.”

I waited until he was into bed, he laid out flat, the bedding pulled up to his chin, before I extinguished the hurricane lamp and eased myself into the bed. I shivered as I cautiously pulled the covers over me.

Damien turned towards me.

“Clarry” his voice trembled as he spoke.


” Sorry about the bed, I just didn’t think.”

“It Doesn’ t matter now.”

“Its not very warm is it”

“No power, No heating.”

“Oh… of course, I didn’t think.”

“Here, snuggle up to me.”

He started to shuffle closer to me.

“Gently mind.”

I had my back to him as he snuggled close. A moment passed, then something stirred. He wriggled uncomfortably.

“Gently,” I chided.

“I am sorry, I…I…”

“Just make yourself comfortable.”

He did, his cock lodged between my cheeks…No, not my face, my arse cheeks. And, I have to say, the size of it was not a disappointment…lodged between my arse cheeks.

His arms came around me and hugged me, muzzling into my neck. Fine!

Now you girls have to admit, you are all old enough know about these things, boys, young teen boys, they are horny, and it doesn’t matter how hard they try, they just can’t keep their hands to themselves….

Well dears, this one couldn’t, I’m not complaining mind, I have needs, just like the rest of you, and when his hand reached my breast, I started to relax, happy to accept that my luck might be in. I am not sure if he took my relaxing to mean that I wasn’t interested, or otherwise. I almost panicked, I didn’t want him to stop at the first hurdle.

He was at this stage moving his hand outside of my night dress, I tried a hint, I pulled at the neckline to make things a little more accessible. He took advantage and his hand entered and stole down squeezing my breasts and seeking out my nipples.

I am sure, girls, that experience will confirm what I am about to say. With Damien’s hand in the top of my night dress, his wrist pressed down as he fondled his new found treasure, which I assure you, I welcomed, the result was becoming more uncomfortable across the back of my neck.

“A little consideration young man, a little consideration.”

“What’s wrong?”

“You are making my neck uncomfortable.”

“Should I stop?” he removed his hand.

“You could just change your approach.”

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