Again, a stand-alone tale, but please read the preceding chapters to get a feel for ‘Frank’ and her life.


I surfaced from sleep early, around nine that Saturday morning. I was lying in my bed, in my flat, but, unusually, uniquely here, there was a body behind me.

I knew it was a male because I could feel the ‘morning wood’ pressing into my back as he lay behind me. Slowly I recollected my thoughts and rediscovered my memory of the previous night.

I’d been to the college ‘Freshers’ Ball’, on a date with Simon, and brought him home. I remembered sucking him off, then getting a really good shag before we both fell asleep in my bed.

I noted a change in the breathing behind me.

“Hey, sleepy!” I whispered. “How’s the head?”

“Pretty good!” came the reply. “Your scotch was good enough not to worry the brain cells, and I think I recall some pretty heavy petting going on!”

“Heavy petting? If that’s all you think it was I wasn’t on form!”

“Joking!” came the whisper behind me. “Mmmmm.”

The ‘mmmm’ accompanied a shift in Simon’s position, to allow his hard-on to lay snug against the small of my back, not digging in as much.

I giggled. “Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?”

“No pockets in my birthday suit” came the reply, as Simon’s hand travelled up from across my stomach to caress one of my (to me) small 34B tits.

“Ooooh, what a nice way to wake up.” I was almost purring in delight. Simon’s very adept hands kept rolling across my breast, cupping, stroking, squeezing, while his fingers alternately caressed and squeezed my super-sensitive little brown nipples. He started to thrust his hips, pushing his erection up and down my back.

“That’s so nice, Si.” I said “You can keep that up all morning if you like.”

“I would” he replied. “but I’m actually really hungry. Sorry” I could imagine the moue made by his lips and the careless shrug of the shoulders that I felt behind me. Thinking about it, I was hungry too.

“You got any plans for today?” I asked.

“Just an essay. Nothing I wouldn’t put off to spend more time with you!” Simon responded.

I threw off the duvet and stood up, stark bullock naked, stretching.

“Now that’s a sight for sore eyes” was the remark from the bed. Simon was staring at my nude form, appreciation mixed with lust in his eyes. Having thrown the covers off I could see the hard shaft that had satisfied me the night before sticking almost upright as he lay on the mattress.

I threw him my dressing gown, while I grabbed one of my round-the-house shirts, an old work shirt which my father had generously donated to me. Nothing kinky, but what girl doesn’t love her father? Even after a fair few washes it still, somehow, had his scent on it, making me feel warm, comfortable, secure and a thousand other nice things all at once.

We went down the stairs and into my kitchen, where I found some breakfast stuff.

“cereal or toast?” I asked.


“Good. There’s only enough cereal for one!” I smiled as I stood up from the cupboard, catching Simon checking out my bum, covered only just in the shirt I had on.

I boiled the kettle for coffee, managed to not burn Simon’s toast, dug out the butter and some runny honey, and fixed a bowl of cereal. I stood next to Simon, munching cornflakes while leaning on him, as one of his hands caressed my side and the other held the toast.

He finished quickly. “Gourmet breakfast, Kate” he managed, his mouth still half-full of bread. “But I hear the better hotels put on a dessert menu at breakfast!”

“I see.” I said. “I’ll just have to check with the maitre’d”. I’d just had a naughty thought, and figured I’d go along for the ride (so to speak).

I went to my fridge and found what I’d hoped was there, the last pot of strawberry yoghurt. Picking it up I went to my cutlery draw, opened it, pretended to look, then slammed it shut before Simon could so.

“Oh no” I said, in my little girl lost voice. “No spoons. What can I do?”

I went up to Simon, gave him a quick kiss, then pulled the dressing gown cords so that he was frontally naked. Kneeling down, I ripped the top off the yoghurt pot and quickly put it up to his semi-hard penis, dipping the end in the sweet mixture. I held his cock and quickly kissed it, opening my mouth to run my tongue around the head and slurp up the yoghurt I’d deposited there.

“Mmmm! Breakfast dessert, I think.” I said.

Again, I dipped his rapidly hardening dick and dipped it into the yoghurt pot, more this time as I made room for it. This time I took his whole cock head into my mouth, sucking hard while tasting the heady mix of strawberry yoghurt mixed with a little precum from his manhood.

“Ohhh” Was the only noise I heard.

By the time I finished that mouthful Simon was fully hard, and I was reduced to tipping the yoghurt over his hard cock, as there was no way I could bend it to fit it in the little pot I had. His seven inches was hot and very hard, and I was able to go down on him properly, using my whole mouth as my spare hand caressed his balls.

“Oh, wow!”

Almost finished, I put the pot round the end of his cock, swirling it so that his shaft held the remains from the sides of the container, then went back to work, making sure has was fully hard.

“Arrrgh. So good!” came the response. “Stop, or I’ll come too soon.” I was pleasantly surprised to hear that statement of consideration, as (I know now) so many boys would have just held on and let their nuts explode down your throat.

I stood up in front of Simon and his hands went straight to the buttons on my shirt, opening it all down the front then pushing it off my shoulder so that I was again naked in front of him. He shrugged his dressing gown off onto the floor and we both stood as nature intended, my hard, pointed nipples and his erect penis stating our unfulfilled desire.

“My turn for dessert” he said. He took my shoulders and pushed me round till my bum was against the kitchen table. Picking up my honey jar he held it over my tits, dribbling the clear brown sweet confection over them, some escaping to run between, down my chest and over my flat stomach.

Bending down, Simon started to lick my front, either side, then on my breasts, centreing slowly to my nipples. My nipples are very sensitive, and this attention had me half way to orgasm in a minute.

“Ohhhh!’ I moaned. “Simon, don’t stop. That feels so good.”

He paused in his oral ministrations. “No way am I stopping. You’re too sweet!”

His attention was perfect. He treated both breasts equally, and the one that didn’t have his tongue all over it was treated to a gentle caress from one hand, the other rubbing up and down my back.

As he finished the honey on my front he gently pushed me back so that I was lying on the table. I thought then that I’d finally get to feel him inside me one more time, but I was in for another treat. Grabbing the honey, Simon poured more over my clit, the excess dribbling over my shaven twat.

Separating my legs, Simon knelt between my thighs and buried his face in my snatch. His dextrous tongue reached in between my lips and up my cunt, then withdrew, angling upward to caress my clitoris and send me over the edge. It was an orgasm I wasn’t expecting, but the sudden release was both welcome and invigorating.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah” I moaned as my legs clamped around his head. “Don’t…. Don’t stop.” My hands clamped round the bevelled edge of the table, holding me in place as I held Simon, the waves of pleasure overcoming my normal control.

He continued to lap away between my thighs till I’d calmed down, then stood, hoisting my legs over his shoulders and presenting his hard cock at the entrance to my cunt. He rubbed it slowly up and down my slit until I was whispering, begging him:

“Put it in me, please.” Déjà vu, all of a sudden, as I remembered saying the same thing the night before, and the pleasure that had followed led to another rush of moisture within my centre.

I had no control over what happened, as my legs were over Simon’s shoulders, and he was standing over me. He teased me rotten, slowly putting the head of his penis in, then withdrawing, only to go a half inch deeper, withdrawing, and repeating the process. I was whimpering with frustration by the time his whole seven inches was inside me, filling and stretching my love tunnel as he started to fuck me, slowly. I couldn’t help but marvel at his technique. Even though his was only the third cock I’d had, and mine the first real pussy he’d fucked I could tell he was a natural. Instead of giving me a straight in-and-out shag, his cock did figure-eights inside me as his hips rotated, stretching my walls and rubbing past my g-spot.

Simon was teasing me, withdrawing and plunging in, then withdrawing again, when he lost his control and pulled out completely. I was lost in the joy of the sexual sensation, and it was all I could do to mewl plaintively as he tried to find the entrance to my vagina once more. It was then that I felt his penis dip, and then all of a sudden it was at my bumhole.

His head, slick with the juice from my pussy, went straight in. I’d never had a cock up my bum before, but with my legs over Simon’s shoulders and him towering over my reclining form, I wasn’t in a position to argue. I tried to relax, while delicately pointing out to him his mistake, as I wasn’t sure that anal was what he intended.

“Ummm, that’s my arse, but that’s okay if…” was all I managed to stutter as he stretched my behind.

Simon’s response was to press harder, burying his shaft up my butt and setting up a quick in-out rhythm with none of his former finesse.

“Oh God! You’re tight, Kate.” He muttered. “I can’t hang on much longer!”

Faster and faster he fucked my bum until all of a sudden he stopped, rigid, over me and I felt the pulse of his ejaculate entering my bowels. He slumped forward as much as my legs would allow, his mouth open and eyes wide as he absorbed what we’d just done.

“Wow! I never thought I’d like anal sex.” He said.

“Me either” I replied. I shrugged my shoulders beneath him and smiled at his expression. “First time for me too.”

He softened and withdrew quite quickly, then untangled his shoulders and my legs, allowing me to sit up and snog him as his cum dribbled slowly out of my butt onto the table beneath me.

“That was incredible” I said as our lips parted. “You really are good at sex.”

I could tell I’d really delivered a compliment. All boys are the same in that regard – they stand two inches taller and look really smug!

“You think?” he replied. “I’m just, uh, going with the flow, so to speak.”

We kissed, my little breasts crushed against his chest, neither of us wanting to break the moment or the mood as we came down from the high of our sexual encounter.

I nuzzled into Simon’s neck.


Yes?” Quiet reply.

“I think I really fancy you!”

“Good, same here.” Happiness, tinged with lust.


“Only what?” Not suspicion, just questioning.

“I don’t want a boyfriend at the moment.”

“Me neither.” Humour!

“You know what I mean?”

“Yes. Exactly. We’re young, we’re fresh in town, we’re new, we’ve both got a lot to learn and a lot of people to learn about.” Understanding, and practicality.

“Sort of. I don’t want you to think I’m trying to give you the brush-off though”

“Never crossed my mind.” Wry amusement – I may have underestimated his sense of humour!

“I really enjoyed having sex with you, and I was really glad you stayed last night to keep me company. I mean, what I’m trying to say is I’d love to do this again, and often, but without the strings?”

“Fine by me. What red-blooded male wouldn’t want to be able to sleep with a girl as beautiful and fuckable as you and have no ties?” I definitely underestimated him!

I hugged Simon closer and the hug turned into another long French kiss.

Eventually, the sticky feeling I had between my legs and beneath me became a little cool and uncomfortable.

“Shower time” I said. I really needed to clean up a little. “Join me to save water?”

I pushed Simon away as I stood up, then grabbed his hand to follow me to the bathroom.

I turned the shower on, and waited a moment for it to warm up as I fell into Simon’s arms again. I was insatiable. I couldn’t get enough of this young guy with his tousled brown hair, emerald eyes and superb dick. We French kissed again, lips locked and tongues entwined, and almost tumbled into the shower together.

We stood under the powerhead water spray and shared the shower gel as we soaped each other up and rinsed off. Simon paid special attention to my titties while I rubbed my hands over his chest far more than was necessary to remove the soap foam. We washed each other’s genitalia gently, caressing and rubbing a little as we were necking. He pushed one, then two fingers between my wet lips and up my pussy as I tried to get the fingers of one hand round his cock, slowly pumping as I masturbated him.

I felt Simon’s manhood pressing against me as he turned me round to wash my back. I balanced with both hands flat on the shower wall and he washed my back and bum, and I felt his hard cock against me once more.

“Oh, that feels like it needs a home” I said, looking down over my shoulder at the erect cock nudging me. Simon pressed a quick kiss against my lips. “I think you can help with that!”

I parted my legs and braced myself as his cock parted my labia and found its way into my vagina and the centre of my being once more.

This was a much faster fuck, with Simon’s cock pistoning in and out, faster and faster as he picked my urgency, his balls slapping against my thighs. The feeling was amazing as he stretched my slick pussy walls, lifting my feet almost from the floor of shower with the power of his thrusts inside me, water spraying everywhere as we shagged in our frenzy.

One of Simon’s hands remained locked around my midriff, holding me tight to him as he fucked me, while the other stole upwards to crush my left tit in its grasp, his finger thumb roughly grabbing and squeezing my nipple. This was rough sex, and I loved it! Only Karl had ever got this tough with me, and with him it had always been one-way traffic, sex because he needed release, not me, and I’d always ended up unfulfilled, with his cum slipping off my back as he stepped out of the shower after shooting his load on me, marking me as his. Simon was different, as the urgency and need was mutual.

I was carried away, catching the wave of ecstasy that washed over me and riding it as far as I dared. I heard myself wailing as the orgasm swept over me, and I was only semiconscious as Simon held me up and pumped into me one last time, bellowing as he unloaded his balls once more, shooting his seed up high into my love tunnel.

We slowly calmed down, and ended up yelping and jumping out of the shower as the hot water ran out – our fucking must have lasted longer than the frenzied five or so minutes it seemed like.

I grabbed Simon’s clothes from the drier where I’d left them the night before, and amidst a hundred more little kisses we dressed, he in his clothes and me once more in just my oversize shirt. I was totally sexed out, my poor labia swollen and red, my cunt just a little sore from the fucking I’d received from Simon.

I kissed him out of the door and went straight back to bed, shattered, exhausted, and exhilarated.

Stephanie was the only woman in the house. Her father worked often and she was left with her older brothers, Tim and Tom. They were twins, twenty-one years old. She was three years younger, just turned eighteen.

A few weeks after her eighteenth birthday, she was in the downstairs bathroom. She had just stripped off her clothes and was standing completely naked checking herself in the mirror. She liked to look good and she often did this.

She hadn’t been there for very long when Tim opened the door. The smile on his face scared her a little, Tim and Tom were always on her case. Before she could push him out of the door or cover herself with a towel, he called Tom in.

Soon she was cornered in the bathroom with both of her brothers, while she stood naked.

“If you don’t let me out, I’m telling dad,” she said.

“Tell him if you want to. If you do, we’ll tell him you’ve been teasing us by walking around naked,” Tom said.

She sighed, what did they want from her? She didn’t know, but she was sure they wouldn’t let up til they got it. Tom grabbed her and flipped her over his shoulder. He headed out of the bathroom and back upstairs. He continued up the stairs to the attic he and Tim shared.

When he entered the room, he tossed her onto the bed. She lay there, frightened. Tom climbed on top of her and held her arms above her head. Tim handcuffed her to the posts. She tried to fight him, but wasn’t getting anywhere.

Tom climbed off of her when her arms were incapacitated. She tried to stop them, tried to talk them out of it. She started to sob.

Her brothers stripped off thier clothes. Both of them had raging hard ons. She was impressed, she hadn’t seen any this big before. Her tears began to dry on her cheeks.

Both sat on the bed on each side of her. Tim spoke, “Don’t worry baby sister, we’re not going to hurt you. We just want to make you feel good.”

When he finished speaking, each man leaned thier mouth down and engulfed her nipples. She felt thier hands caress her and she liked it. She never thought she’d like being touched by her older brothers. She didn’t want them to quit.

Tom let go of her nipple and went to the bottom of the bed. He opened her legs and soon was burying his face in her cunt. She had never had this done before. He lapped at her juices and stuck his fingers places she’d never thought they’d go. She was moaning and bucking. He was pleasuring her like no other man had.

While Tom tasted her, Tim straddled her stomach and began to fuck her tits. He pressed them together and slid his cock between them. He wasn’t there long before he came over her chest and face.

When he climbed off of her, Tom took his place. He quickly came over her chest too.

She was laying covered in her brothers cum when she heard her father entering the hall downstairs. They released her but not before Tom leaned close to her ear and threatened, “If you tell Dad, we’ll just fuck you next time.”

She raced downstairs and into her father’s arms. “Daddy, Daddy, Tim and Tom tied me to the bed and did bad things to me!” She was sobbing now.

Her father was a large man, much larger than her two brothers. She was tiny in his arms and still completely naked. He sent her to his room to wait for him so he could go deal with her brothers.

She went to her father’s room, she was naked and very aware of it. She slipped on his old t-shirt and climbed into the nice comfy bed he had. She could hear him screaming at Tim and Tom upstairs. She knew they’d get back at her later, but right now her father was home and she was safe.

When he father appeared in the doorway, he looked angry. “Can I sleep in here with you tonight Daddy?”

He smiled at her, “Of course baby, you’re welcome in my bed anytime.” After her father had showered and slipped on a pair of pajama pants, he slipped into the bed next to her. She was soon asleep, her head resting against her father’s chest.

It was about four in the morning when Stephanie awoke. She was still wearing nothing but her father’s t-shirt. She could feel a hand on her thigh, slipping between her legs. She could tell her was feeling for her warmth.

She spread her legs a little, just so he could touch her. His fingers caressed her clit, rubbing her. Her breathing against his neck and opening her legs surprised him. He never thought she would be interested in him.

He whispered into her ear, “It’s been so long since I’ve had a woman baby. If I can’t have you, stop me now. I won’t be able to stop if you don’t.”

She kissed his neck, “I want you too, please fuck me Daddy.”

Her answer was all he needed. He pulled her onto him, she was now straddling his lap. Thier lips met in a passionate kiss. He slipped the t-shirt over her head, revealing her perky breasts.

He kissed down her neck then each of her breasts. He flicked his tongue over her nipples. They instantly hardened. She pressed her pussy onto his cock. Seperating them was a thin piece of cloth. He grabbed her ass, spreading her cheeks. Now his cock rubbed against her clit.

He rocked her over his erection, she moaned. “Oh Daddy, I’m hot for you.”

With a quick motion, he slid his pants down and pressed her down onto the head of his cock. As he entered her pussy, he almost exploded. She shivered in orgasm as she rocked her hips.

Before he could explode, he flipped her onto her back. She instantly spread her legs wide and touched herself. She was completely bare, his favorite. He dropped his head down between her thighs and took one long lick from ass to clit. She was perfect, he thought to himself.

He buried himself in her sweetness, tasting and teasing every inch of her. He used his fingers to rub her clit while he teased her hole with his tongue. He slipped a finger into her ass and suckled her clit, she was bucking against his hungry mouth. He made her cum all over his face.

When he lifted his face to meet hers, she was smiling. “Oh Daddy, you’re so good at that, let me make you feel as good as you made me feel.”

She was begging and he liked it. He took away from the bed, his erection poking out at her. He motioned for her to come to him. She dropped to her knees on the floor at his feet. Her mouth was inches from his plump cock.

He put his hands on his hips and jutted his cock out to smack her across the jaw. She took that as her invitation and took hold of his erection with both hands. She jerked him with both hands while she took turns licking the head of his cock and lowered down to lick his ball sac.

It took all he had to keep from exploding on her face. He wanted to make this last for as long as possible. Who knew if she would change her mind when they awoke tomorrow.

When she finally took his entire length into her mouth, he grabbed her head. Pressing her down onto his erection, she gagged at first. Once she opened her throat to his entire length, he could fuck her mouth. He got into a fast deep motion, she rubbed her tongue against the ridges on his cock. He felt his pre-cum dribble out into his daughter’s mouth.

As he pulled back, he pulled her up. “Baby, I want to pleasure you like no one has. Let’s go into the shower.”

As he led her to the shower, he lit candles along the way. He left the lights off and led her into the shower. Once he had the shower on and set to a warm drizzle, he took the shower head down. Pressing it between her legs, he kissed her.

During this kiss, he changed the settings on the nozzle. She went from a light drizzle to pulsing on her tender clit. “Oh, Oh, My!” she exclaimed.

He hooked the shower head back up and turned back to his sweet baby girl. He lifted her against the wall, his legs between her. She had her legs wrapped around his thighs. He pressed into her.

Before he could fully enter him, she slipped herself down onto his cock. Soon she was riding him wildly against the shower walls. The water rolled over her breasts. He leaned into her to suckle it off her nipples.

When the water turned cold, he carried her back to the bedroom. He layed her face down on the bed then slapped her ass to get her on her knees. Her wet slit was wide open for him, he couldn’t believe he was about to fill his daughter with his load.

Before entering her, he reached into his nightstand drawer. Pulling out a large vibrator, he flicked it on. As he slipped his cock into his daughter’s waiting pussy, he used his other hand to reach around and press the vibrator to her now swollen clit. As he fucked her, she cried out. His own daughter was begging him to make her cum. This thought alone put him over the edge.

Just as he squirted his cum into her, she screamed out loudly. “Oh Daddy, I’m cumming!!”

As they collapsed onto the bed, he pulled her over to him. She gently rested her head against his chest and he wrapped her in his arms.

When he awoke the next morning, his fears that she would change her mind were eased. He awoke with his semi erect cock in her mouth. After she gave him a morning blow job, he used the vibrator on her newly swollen clit. By the time she came while his mouth was on her clit, he was erect again. She made him wait this time, she had a surprise for him she said. “Just wear your robe Daddy,” she called out to him on her way out.

She wore his t-shirt to the kitchen and began to make breakfast. When Tim and Tom entered the kitchen, they began to grab at her. Tom smacked her ass while Tim grabbed her tit. Before she could say a word, her father was in the doorway. His look alone scared the boys, they retreated to thier seats and kept thier heads down.

Her father sat in his chair in his robe, she made him a nice large plate and a tiny plate for each of brothers. Before she sat to eat, she slid her chair close to her father. After everyone was finished eating, she cleared the table. She asked her father if he wanted some dessert.

Her brothers both shouted, “I do!” She smiled, “What I have is only enough for Daddy. “

With that said, she opened her father’s robe and sat backward over his cock. She slipped it inside of her and began to bounce in his lap. Her brother’s mouths dropped open. Her father lifted her shirt off and cupped her breasts in his hands.

It didn’t take long for her to make him cum this time. Sex in front of other people was one of his biggest turn ons. He used his fingers to rub her clit as he came. She came with him, soaking his cock with her juices.

Stephanie slipped off of her father’s lap and bent down to pick up the shirt. He slapped her ass cheek and she headed back to the bedroom.

Tim and Tom sat mouthes dropped at thier father. “Stay away from her boys, she’s mine now. If you touch her without my permission, you’ll pay the punishment. Trust me, you don’t want to find out what the punishment is.”

With that, Tim and Tom were left at the table while thier father joined thier sister back in the bedroom.

After Brad had completed mowing his lawn, doing other yard work and tending to his small garden, he decided that after a light lunch he should take a short nap before heading back to his home office to work on his latest book. He was in that fuzzy zone between sleep and wake when the doorbell rang. Twice. He didn’t want to answer the call but when the bell rang a third time, he grumpily rolled off the couch and went to find out who was disturbing his quiet day.

Yanking open the door, he was about to bellow to whomever was disturbing him when he recognized the person standing on his doorstep and held his words.

“Hi, Mr. Sanderson,” chirped the brunette, “my name is Lindsey, I live next door. You and my parents have spoken several times and …”

“Yes Lindsey, I know who you are,” Brad cut her off, wanting her to get to the point.

“Oh yeah, I guess you know that. Anyway, I was wondering if I could ask a big favor from you.”

Brad didn’t reply. It wasn’t that he wasn’t friends with her parents, they got along well. He helped her parents out when they needed an extra hand and they were nice enough to watch his house when he had to go on a book signing tour. He had met her a handful of times, though usually in passing or when he was at her house. Neighbors helping neighbors and all that.

Despite being a good neighbor, he wanted to get back to his nap so he would be rested when he worked on his book. His publisher wasn’t pestering him, yet, but as this was his third book, he wanted to get a jump on things so when the call came, and it would, he could toss a bone to the publishing company.

“Why don’t you come in,” Brad told her, holding the door open as Lindsey bounced into his home. His eyes quickly scanned her athletic form as he closed the door behind her, his attention caught by the tightness of her ass beneath her shorts.

She had never been inside his home before and her head immediately swiveled left and right to take in her surroundings.

“So, what favor are you asking?” Brad asked, crossing his arms and staring at the perky neighbor.

“Well,” Lindsey began, hemming and hawing for a moment as she sought the nicest way to ask, “would it be possible for me to use your pool for a graduation party?”


“Three Saturdays from now.”

Brad pondered. There wasn’t an issue with the timing, it was more of the imposition.

“So tell me,” he said, waving an arm at her to follow him to the living room, “how many people were you thinking of having over for this party? Anything to drink?”

“Um, I was, uh, yeah, beer is fine. I was thinking maybe a dozen or so.”

“Yeah, beer’s not happening,” Brad told her flatly. “Choose something else.”

Lindsey wrinkled her mouth. From the little she had heard about him, and the few times she had met him, she thought he was cool. He was an author after all.

“Water is fine.”

Brad rose and talked over his shoulder as he got her drink. “Twelve people, huh? All your friends?”

“Yeah,” she shouted to him. “Maybe a few more, but definitely no more than twenty.”

Returning with the water, Brad handed her the glass and sat down in the chair opposite from her.

“So which is it: twelve or twenty?” He didn’t really care what the number was, he just wanted a firm answer.

“For now, it looks like a dozen but I’m still waiting on a few others to let me know if they’re going to show.”

More pondering. At least twelve, perhaps twenty teenagers, young adults really, having a party in his pool on a Saturday night.

“So tell me, Lindsey,” he asked, leaning back into the chair, “why should I be a nice guy and let you have your party at my place?”

Lindsey wasn’t sure how to respond. She thought he would either say yes or no, not grill her like a criminal.

“My parents suggested that in exchange for you letting me have the party at your place, I would have to do some yard work for you. You know, mow the lawn, take care of your garden, things like that.” She took a sip of water, her eyes locked on his as she waited for his response.

Having someone else mow the lawn would be nice, he thought. He pondered some more.

“I’ll tell you what,” he finally said, leaning forward to talk to her, “in exchange for mowing the yard once and weeding my garden three times, you can have your party …”

“Thanks!” Lindsey blurted out, bouncing in her seat at the words she wanted to hear.

“Let me finish,” Brad told her, “in exchange for all that, there are a few rules that need to be laid down.”

Her enthusiasm was short lived as she heard the word ‘rules’ and the smile on her face quickly disappeared.

“First, no drinking. All of you are under age and since this will be on my property, if anything happens, it’s on me.”

“Second, no loud music after ten thirty. I don’t care if music is played late into the night, but I don’t think the neighbors would appreciate hearing the volume turned up to eleven at one in the morning. Are we good so far?”

Reluctantly, Lindsey nodded. This wasn’t sounding like the party was going to be any fun. She placed the glass of water on the floor next to the chair and waited for whatever other rules he was going to impose.

“Third, you will help me get things cleaned up and ready that day. It’s your party, you’re the one planning it, you have to make sure everything is ready.”

“Finally, and this is the most important rule; have fun. You only get to graduate from high school once and who knows what will happen to you and your friends in the future, so make the most of it. Are we clear?”

That final rule caught her by surprise. Her smile returned as she vigorously nodded her head several times.

“Obviously I’ll have to talk to your parents to firm up the details, but as far as I’m concerned, you can have your party in three weeks.”

She almost couldn’t control herself and sprang from the chair. In that release of excitement, Brad’s eyes were momentarily distracted by her breasts bouncing beneath her t-shirt in sympathy with her motions. He rose and before he could say anything she threw herself on to him and gave him a hug. Those young breasts which moments before had caught his attention were now pressed firmly into him while her arms wrapped about him and squeezed tight.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Lindsey squealed, her body bouncing against him as she hugged him.

Doing the only thing he could, Brad hugged her back and if it were possible, she squeezed him harder, her body pressed as tight against him as she could get.

Despite being old enough to be her father, at thirty-six he was twice her age, he held on to her tight her young body squirming against him as she showed her appreciation. Realizing how it must seem, he let her go and she followed suit, taking a step back.

“Sorry,” she apologized, her smile more subdued but no less brilliant.

“It’s ok,” he told her. “I know it’s hard to believe, me being ancient and all, but I do remember my graduation and the fun I had.”

“Like what?” Lindsey asked, waiting to hear him tell her of his graduation story.

“I’d prefer not to as you don’t know me that well and you might get the wrong idea about me.”

“No I won’t,” she replied, hoping to hear him tell her of some grand adventure he had that night.

“Maybe some other time.”

Lindsey wrinkled her mouth, not satisfied with his answer but having to accept it nonetheless. She said her goodbyes, giving him another quick hug and thank you. Brad watched her leave, his eyes again drifting to the rounded outline of her ass swaying beneath the tight material of her shorts before closing the door and getting back to his nap.

During the week he talked with her parents, each in agreement with the rules laid down as well as the expected payment, Lindsey sitting in but having no say in the matter. She and Brad set up the time for her to come over that Saturday to get things ready and with that, all that was left was the waiting.

The doorbell rang promptly at eight thirty that Saturday morning and when Brad opened the door, there was Lindsey in her sneakers, shorts and a bikini top. As before, Brad’s eyes wandered to and were held by the sight of her breasts now held in place by the maroon top. While not overly large, her breasts comfortably filled the top, their curves enticing and adding to the cuteness of the brunette in the doorway.

“Hi Mr. Sanderson!” Lindsey called out, her voice much too cheerful for this time of the morning. “Ready to do some cleaning?”

Brad smirked at her enthusiasm and invited her in while he got what they would need. Returning a minute or so later, he found her dutifully waiting by the door, not having moved from her spot.

“You could have sat down,” he told her as he came down the hallway with a bucket filled with cleaning supplies.

“S’ok. I don’t think I could stay seated for long,” she told him, her excitement at the impending night evident as she bounced on her toes.

“Well don’t wear yourself out. You have a long night ahead of you.”

“Oh I won’t. I don’t think I’ll be going to bed tonight, I’m so excited!”

Inwardly Brad chuckled, understanding her excitement about graduation. It was almost as big a deal as prom.

“Follow me.” With that, Lindsey followed him out the back to the pool. It was a good size pool, large enough to swim and play in but not so large that it was more than one person to maintain. He gave her the quick tour of where things were; the small shed with the pump and other supplies and the larger shed with his lawn equipment and a few chairs. She nodded her head as he went over their plan of attack, not adding anything but simply agreeing with what he said.

They started with the concrete walkway around the pool, first hosing it down to remove the loose dirt, then setting about with stiff-bristled brooms to get out the dug in dirt and grime. Once they had the walkway clean, they went to work on the pool liner. With detergent and brushes they scrubbed the water line of the pool, getting rid of the line of dirt which naturally accumulates.

From time to time Brad would look up and watch Lindsey as she scrubbed, her body bent over as she used the long handled brush to scrub away the dirt. He didn’t want to seem like a pervert, someone of his age ogling the young woman, but it was hard not to. Her breasts jiggled in her top as she scrubbed away, his gaze wandering down then back up her young body. It was especially hard not to look when her back was turned to him and she bent over. He swore she had nothing on under her shorts, though a thong would be just as invisible across the width of the pool.

He shook his head and got back to work, turning his thoughts to scrubbing the dirt from the pool liner. Occasionally they would talk about this or that, Lindsey trying, unsuccessfully, to get him to talk about his graduation night, but mostly they kept to themselves and their cleaning. Once finished with the scrubbing, Brad showed her how to use the vacuum to clean the dirt from the bottom of the pool. He gave her a few pointers as he watched, then left her alone to finish the cleaning while he took care of other issues.

As the noon hour approached, Brad called a halt to their activities. The day was getting warm and even though he had gotten them drinks during their cleaning, the sun beating down on them for hours had made them thirsty.

“Ok, time to eat!” he half-shouted across the pool. Lindsey seemed relieved to finally get a break but to her credit, she never complained the whole time she was working. They half-staggered into his house, Brad immediately getting them large glasses of water which they sucked down, before getting out some lunch meat and other items from which they could make sandwiches.

“Why don’t you wash some of that crud off before you eat,” he told her.

“Crud? Where?” Lindsey looked down at her arms and legs but was confused as to what he meant.

Stepping in front of her, Brad swiped a finger across her sun-tinged nose and held it in front of her face.

“This crud,” he said, showing her the dark streak on his finger.

“Oh,” was the reply, Lindsey blushing as she realized the dirt had been on her face for some time.

He pointed her to the bathroom and while she cleaned herself, he laid everything out and started to make his sandwich. He was nearly done when he heard her open the door and looking up, watched as she came down the hallway. Just like with the pool, he couldn’t not look at her, her toned, teenage body giving him thoughts he knew he shouldn’t have.

They devoured their sandwiches and chips, washing everything down with more glasses of water, talking here and there.

“Thanks for the fliers you put up around the neighborhood,” she told him in between bites. Brad, on his own, had made up fliers and placed them in every door notifying the neighbors of the upcoming party, that there would be additional vehicles on the street and to cut the graduates some slack with the noise level as they celebrated their accomplishment.

“Not a problem. Just doing my part to smooth things with the neighbors. I live here too, you know.” Brad had moved to the neighborhood over ten years ago when his first book was published. He was welcomed by everyone, some even going so far as to suggest dates with relatives, which he politely declined.

“So what do you write about?” Lindsey asked. “I’ve never read any of your books.”

“Talk about kicking a guy where it hurts,” Brad feigned.

“I didn’t mean it like that!” Lindsey laughed, “I know you’re a writer, my parents told me, but I just never bothered to read one of your books.”

“I write mystery novels. Two so far, third in the works.”

“What kind of mystery?” Lindsey leaned forward on the table, propping herself up on her arms as she listened to him tell his tale.

“Something along the lines of murder mystery. People being killed off. That sort of thing.”

“Anything juicy?”

“No, not really. Just the usual bound hands, bullet to the head, knife to the back stuff. Though I have been thinking of trying something different.”

“Like what?”

“I was thinking of throwing a little sex into the mix. Something like an attractive woman running around on her husband who is found dead. Maybe she’s into being tied up or dominated. The kind that would wear slinky, sexy clothes as a teaser before hopping into bed.”

“Ooooh, sounds kinky! Anything written so far that I could read?”

“No, not yet. It’s still in my head. I just have to find time to put it down in writing but it’s a little hard to do when I’m getting ready for a party.” He gave her that knowing, joking look, teasing her about that nights activities.

Lindsey giggled, understanding his meaning. “I’d like to read it, if you ever finish it.”

“Oh sure, now you want to read my book.”

She laughed, his words telling as to her mind set. “You’re talking about sex. Of course I want to read it!”

Brad chuckled, making a mental note to use her as a test reader to see how he was doing. If he ever wrote the book.

“So you’re willing to read a book about sex, but not one about murder. I guess we know what gets you going.”

Her mouth opened in mock surprise, a hand snaking out to playfully smack his.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” she told him. “It’s just interesting to read about it.”

Brad paused, taking in her words. As a writer, he had learned to pick up on both what people said, and what they didn’t say.

“So you like reading about it?”

Lindsey didn’t reply, instead smiling and looking away as she tried not to be too obvious.

“Uh, sorry,” Brad apologized. “It’s none of my business and not a conversation we should be having.” He took a bite of his remaining sandwich and washed it down with a swig of water.

“So, ready to get back to work and get ready for tonight?” he asked, quickly changing the subject.

“Sure!” was the instant reply. Lindsey popped up from her seat, Brad’s eyes again noticing her jiggling breasts in her top and the two went back out to finish the job they had started. Fortunately they had done most of the heavy lifting in the morning so they didn’t have much to do as the sun rose high into the sky and the temperatures got warmer. They set up the chairs and with the help of her father brought over some tables which were placed around the pool area. Her mother followed with several blankets which they laid out around the yard for people to use. In just over two hours everything was as good as it was going to get, the last thing needed to be done was the food which would be brought over right before the party was supposed to start.

When they were done, they smiled at each other, sweat dripping from their faces as they surveyed their work.

“Looks good, huh?” Brad rhetorically asked.

“Yeah, looks like a party could be happening soon,” Lindsey quipped. They laughed and as before, she gave him a hug before going back home to get cleaned up for the evening.

About half an hour before the people were to arrive Lindsey knocked on Brad’s door. She waited a moment, then impatiently knocked again. With no one answering the door, she made her way around the house to the back and found Brad moving some big blue tubs into position by the tables.

“Oh hey!” he called out seeing her coming towards him. He stopped dead in his tracks as he took in her sight, her young form encased in a free-flowing white cotton dress which moved as she moved. Though she wore flip flops, they did nothing to detract from the elegant look she had, her toned legs, exposed to just above the knee by the dress, sashaying easily across his lawn while her short, almost black, wavy hair was highlighted by the fading sunlight. As she got closer, he saw the thin spaghetti straps holding up the dress and the barest hint of cleavage as her dress dipped in front.

“Wow!” he called out as she approached, “you look great!”

“Thanks,” was the cheerful reply. She couldn’t help herself and automatically blushed. An awkward silence hung in the air until she moved away and started talking about nothing in particular.

“You sure people will want to swim?” Brad asked, changing the subject. “It’s still a bit chilly and I don’t think the water is all that warm.”

“I’m sure some will try,” Lindsey said, looking at the pool. “But if nothing else, we can put our feet in.”

“So when are your friends arriving?” he asked, watching her as she moved from table to table.

“Hopefully soon. I can’t wait. It feels great not having to go to school.”

Brad chuckled. He remembered feeling the same way when he graduated from high school. “You say that now, but wait until you’re at college and have to force yourself to get up to go to class. Which reminds me, and if I’m getting too personal let me know, where are you going?”

Leaning against a table, Lindsey adjusted herself before replying. “I’ll be heading to Penn State in the fall. My major will eventually be in agriculture.”

“Ahh. So that means when you work on my garden, I’ll have nice, big tomatoes.”

“You bet. I’m pretty good with my hands when it comes to making things grow.” She started to walk towards him when she heard her mother calling her.

“Sounds like they need our help with the food,” Brad told her.

“I guess. You ready for everything? I mean, a bunch of high school graduates partying all night?”

“Sure, why not. You only do this once, right?”

“Yep, once and done.” She tilted her head and gave him a big smile, her adorable features lighting up in the glow of the setting sun.

Together they helped her parents bring over the cake, drinks and other items that would hopefully sustain the party for the evening and just as they were finishing, a car arrived with the first of many of her friends and school mates. Brad excused himself and like her parents, made himself disappear, letting Lindsey take the lead to her party.

Within an hour there were almost twenty young adults in the yard talking, laughing, playing games, eating, all the while their music playing in the background.

As he worked on his book, he would occasionally hear someone come inside to use the bathroom, followed a short time later by whomever going back outside, the muted tones of the music seeping into the house as the back door opened and closed. In addition, every so often he would get up to check on how things were going, making sure things weren’t getting out of hand but otherwise trusting the group to honor his rules.

The last time up he looked for and found Lindsey sitting with some of her friends on a blanket, laughing as they talked, and just as he was going to turn away she saw him standing at the door and caught his attention. She raised her cup to signal her approval and he gave her a small wave back in acknowledgment.

Going back to the kitchen, he did some stretches to get the kinks out of his body from sitting so long as he wrote and after getting a drink, turned around to hear several voices talking as they came into the house.

“Mr. Sanderson?” he heard Lindsey’s voice call out.

“In here,” he called back, waiting to see what she wanted. Lindsey appeared first followed closely by another girl, a short-haired blonde then a very short, but adorably cute, brunette with long brown hair. For a few moments he couldn’t stop looking at the petite and short girl, their eyes locking in unison until he mentally broke his attention.

“What’s up?” he asked, taking a quick look at the blonde standing next to Lindsey.

“This is Nikki,” she said, pointing to the blonde. Nikki reached out to shake Brad’s hand which he took, his eyes noticing her silken hair which shimmered in the fluorescent glow of the kitchen lights. “And this is Casey,” Lindsey continued, pointing to the cute brunette.

“I’m the runt of the bunch,” she volunteered which set the three of them into a giggling fit.

“Runt, huh? You know that the smaller the fruit, the more juicy and tasty it is,” Brad volunteered. More giggling from the group.

“I’ve been told I can be tasty,” Casey blurted out which caused the others to laugh heartily.

“I’ll take your word for it,” Brad finally said after he stopped laughing, his eyes having a difficult time breaking free from staring at Casey.

“They’re the ones who suggested I talk to you to see if we could use your pool,” Lindsey told him.

“I see,” Brad replied. “So they came up with the idea but left you to do the dirty work.”

“Yeah,” the two friends replied together, giggling as they did.

“I, I mean, us,” Lindsey stammered, “just wanted to say thank you for letting us have the party here. You are so nice to let us use your pool and help out with everything.”

“Yeah,” the other two agreed.

“Not a problem. As I said, I remember what my graduation party was like and this is part of what it means to be an adult. You’re officially on your own as far as the law is concerned.”

The three looked at him after his pronouncement, understanding his words.

“So what was your graduation party like?” Nikki asked out of the blue.

For the briefest of moments Brad was caught off guard at the question, realizing what he and Lindsey had talked about had been related to these two young women before him. “As I told Lindsey, you don’t know me well enough and would get the wrong idea about me.”

“Oh come on,” Lindsey pleaded, “it can’t be that bad!”

“Yeah, come on,” Casey chimed in, “tell us!”

His resistance broken down by the three cute young women before him, he had them sit at the table as he told them his tale.

“It all started in the dark ages, before there were cars, back when we rode donkeys to school. Up hills, both ways.”

The three girls laughed as Brad toyed with them, making himself seem like an old, decrepit man.

“Come on! You’re not that old,” Lindsey told him.

“Ok, not that old,” Brad acknowledged. “So, the party was similar to yours only no pool. We met in a friends back yard and had a good time. The end.”

“Thhhpppt!” Casey said, pointing her thumb down. “Boring! Come on, what really happened? Let’s hear the dirt.”

Brad thought about how to proceed, telling them, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” The three giggled as they realized they were finally going to hear how his graduation party had gone.

“As I said, the party was like yours only no pool. There were about thirty of us roaming the yard. As the night wore on, some folks brought in alcohol and spiked the drinks which of course led to a loosening of the tongues and bodies.”

The three girls leaned on the table, their eyes fixated on him as he spun his tale of his graduation party. Unconsciously, Lindsey shifted in her seat, her legs squeezing together as she listened.

“There was one girl, Toni, I always had the hots for. Cute, sort of like you,” he said, pointing to Nikki who giggled, “but her hair was darker and longer. Anyway, I was seeing someone so obviously I couldn’t say or do anything. At the party I saw Toni and my eyes nearly fell out of my head. She had on this purple dress which just …” Brad paused, his mind wandering back to that night.

“Which what?” Casey asked, jolting him to continue.

“Let’s just say that it was hot. I mean smoking hot. You girls are all dress conservatively compared to what she was wearing. You’ve heard the term, “painted on”? Yeah, the dress was like that. No guy, and I mean no guy, could stop looking at her. Eyes were falling out of heads, tongues scraped the ground, jaws fell open. Anyone who was there will never forget that night.”

The three girls giggled as they heard this older man reminisce about when he was their age and like the guys of their age, had the hots for one of them.

“Anyway, my girlfriend wasn’t appreciative of the fact that I couldn’t stop looking at Toni and eventually slapped me.”

As one the girls broke out in laughter, Brad joining in as he remembered the event.

“I of course apologized but the damage was done. We broke up that night.”

“Awww,” Nikki cried, giving him some sympathy.

“But wait, there’s more!” Brad exclaimed. “Since I was no longer attached, I was a free man and obviously I had one thing on my mind.”

“Yeah you did,” Casey joked, nodding her head as she thought ahead to the story.

“I took a few gulps of the spiked drinks and waited for the right time. It took most of the night but finally, as some of the people left and others hooked up, Toni was briefly alone. Without hesitation, and before anyone could get in, I walked up to her and kissed her.”

“Oh my god!” Lindsey exclaimed, her mouth open in shock and amusement, the other girls equally surprised at his bold move.

“So what happened?” Nikki asked.

“That’s the funny part. She kissed me back.”

More laughter. The trio couldn’t believe the man before them was so different than he appeared.

“So there we were, kissing, when Toni suddenly stops kissing me. I’m thinking I’m done. I overplayed my hand. Instead, she smiles, takes my hand, pulls me behind her and we go inside the shed.”

“Woo hoo! Take her Mr. Sanderson!” shouted Casey, getting into the story. Brad laughed at her enthusiasm then continued.

“Inside, it’s almost pitch black. There were these small windows along the top of the shed which let in some light from the house, but otherwise, I could barely see. At first. She kisses me again, hard, her tongue is slopping around in my mouth, all the while I’m getting excited.”

Another burst of laughter from the women. Each had no doubt experienced the same thing. Lindsey crossed her legs and leaned in, resting her chin in her hand, a small tingle creeping into her mind, the temperature of her body rising a degree or two as she listened.

“She stops kissing me and I hear her moving but my eyes can’t quite make out what she’s doing. Then I hear her voice calling me towards her and so I take small steps towards her voice. It’s then that my eyes finally adjusted to the low light and I can just make out Toni sitting on what I later found out were a set of tires, the top of her dress pulled down.”

Gasps, shock of disbelief, whatever, the girls were caught up in the story and held on to his every word.

“As I get closer, she reaches out with her hands and starts fumbling with my pants. Eventually, with a little help from me, my pants come undone and she pulls them down around my ankles and seconds later I feel the most incredible warm, wet sensation on my, uh, you know.”

“Yeah, we know,” Casey chirped, her head again bobbing in understanding. Her smile was captivating and Brad caught himself staring into her entrancingly bright eyes.

“So there she is, giving me the thrill of my life. I hear the slurps and what not as she’s working me over and reach down to grasp one of her breasts. God it felt good. I had never, up til then, felt something so wonderfully soft. I kneaded it, pulled it, twisted it between my fingers, and I hear her moan which of course makes me even hornier so I start thrusting my hips and …”

Brad caught himself, realizing who he was talking to and stopped short.

“Ah, let’s just say that she and I spent the rest of the evening enjoying each others company,” he finished.

“Awwww, you left out the good parts,” Nikki whined.

“Yeah, let’s hear how you bent her over the tires and had your way with her,” Casey continued.

“Girls,” Brad told them, “let’s not get carried away. You know how things went, so let’s leave it at that. A little civility, ok?”

Dejectedly, Nikki and Casey sat back in their chairs, unsatisfied with the abrupt, unfinished ending. Lindsey though, sat wide-eyed, her mind still imagining what else had happened that night. She felt a warmth spreading from between her legs and a small, devilish smile began to form on her lips before she turned her head away.

“So whatever happened to your ex-girlfriend?” Nikki asked, sitting forward to hear this tale.

“We never talked again but I saw years later she was involved in a car accident and died. Drunk driver hit her.”

The fun and laughter immediately drained from their faces as they heard the horrible ending. None said a word, their heads looking down, trying not to think about what happened.

“And that’s why,” Brad said, looking directly at Lindsey, “I said no drinking. Not just because you’re all under age, but because of what can happen, especially with people who don’t know their limits. As the saying goes, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.”

He looked at each of the girls in turn and without saying anything, they nodded in understanding.

“So is that why you’re not married?” Nikki asked.

“Gees Nikki,” Lindsey called out, “get a little personal why don’t you.”

“Sorry,” Nikki apologized.

“No, it’s okay,” Brad told them. “It’s just one of those things. Except for when I was growing up and now living here, I’ve been moving about. I used to spend about a year or so in one location for a job before I would move on so I’ve never had the chance to find anyone.”

“So you must have had a lot of one night stands, huh?” Casey asked.

“Oh my god!” Lindsey and Nikki shouted out. Both girls were somewhat embarrassed at the forward nature of the question, though they knew Casey was like that.

Brad laughed, using the time to think of how to respond. “I wouldn’t say I’ve had a lot of one night stands, though not all were one night,” he winked at Casey, “but yes, I’ve had a few here and there.”

“Were they hot?” Casey continued, seeming to get pleasure from asking these penetrating questions.

“Casey!” Lindsey called out, now fully embarrassed at the line of questioning thrust upon her neighbor.

“Not as cute as you,” Brad replied, looking straight at Casey. “How’s that?”

The group laughed at the suggestive response, Casey raising her hands above her head in seeming triumph and wooting with joy.

Lindsey looked at her neighbor in a different light. He was cool. A bit of an adult at times, but he could make them laugh with his witty comments.

“So why not now?” Lindsey asked, ignoring her previous protestation at such a question.

“Now,” Brad began, “now it’s different. I’m a famous writer, though you’ve never heard of me,” he joked, looking at Lindsey who smiled at their inside joke, “and though I have a bit of time on my hands, most of the women I meet are either already married, much too old for me or just after me because of my notoriety. It’s not easy being famous.”

“Would be nice,” Nikki countered.

“It’s not all fun and games,” Brad replied. “Believe it or not, I spend a good part of my time sitting on my fat ass trying to write my next book or doing book signing engagements. Between those two necessities, I haven’t found the time for my one and only.”

That phrase, my one and only, was like sugar to the three and their faces lit up at his words. Each stared at him, their thoughts lost in his tales of trials and tribulations.

“This is supposed to be a fun night,” Brad said, abruptly standing up from his chair, “so why don’t you three go out there and whoop it up. Have some fun. Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight.” Brad did something approximating a dance move though it looked more like a comedy routine and the three girls laughed as he continued his gyrations. Casey got up and joined in, bumping him with her hip and dancing around with him.

When he finally stopped, everyone was laughing and giggling and enjoying their time together. The trio thanked him again for the use of his pool and each also gave him a hug, somewhat embarrassing him at all the attention, especially from Casey whose head barely came up to his chest, though this didn’t stop him from giving her a slightly longer, and stronger, hug.

Lindsey was the last one and waited a few seconds as her friends went back outside, just the two of them alone in the kitchen. She didn’t say anything and Brad wasn’t sure what she was waiting for.

“You okay?” he asked. “You’re a bit vacant.”

Lindsey paused a moment before answering. “I know I’ve said it, and they just said it, but I want to thank you again for everything. You didn’t have to do what you did and I know I said it, but thank you.”

“That’s twice you’ve said thank you in the last ten seconds,” Brad joked with her.

Lindsey looked down and played with her fingers, her attention focused on something else completely. Without a word she looked up and wrapped herself around Brad, her arms squeezing him tight.

“Thank you,” she whispered in his ear, her warm breath raising the hair on his neck.

“Go have fun with your friends,” he told her, dropping his hands and staring into her dark, expressive eyes.

Lindsey said thanks again and walked away, Brad hearing the soft click of the back door as she left.

The night wore on and like his graduation party, most of the couples drifted away and as the one o’clock hour approached, there were just a handful of people left. Lindsey went inside and called out for Brad who, having fallen asleep in his seat, woke from his groggy state and came to meet her.

“What’s up?” he asked, shaking the cobwebs from his head.

“It looks like the party’s winding down, there are only a few people left. I was wondering where I can put the bags of trash.”

“Don’t worry about it. Come back tomorrow and clean up. Just be sure to put away whatever food is left over so it doesn’t spoil or get eaten by raccoons.”

“I can’t do that,” Lindsey told him, “my parents and I agreed I would clean up whatever mess was made as part of the deal, no matter what time of the night it was.”

Looking at her standing before him, Brad sighed and walked past her. Outside he saw Nikki and Casey were still there, sitting on chairs with drinks in their hands, watching as the two came out of the house.

“Helpers?” Brad asked.

“Yup,” was the short reply.

“Well then, I guess we’d better start cleaning. Why don’t you two,” he said, pointing to Lindsey and Nikki, “take care of the left over food and drink while you,” pointing to Casey, “help me with the trash.”

Casey leaped from her chair, her short, compact body seemingly electrified at the notion of working with him. Brad’s eyes were distracted by the bouncy nature of her breasts under her white tank top, the outline of her bra indicating how big she really was. As if that wasn’t enough, her legs, though short, were well shaped and seemed to spring forth beneath her black skirt.

The two groups split up and set about their tasks, the remaining few graduates either helping out or driving away. As with Lindsey, Brad would occasionally look over at Casey, his attention still drawn to her cute face and noticeable curves. Casey caught him looking a few times and smiled at him in that knowing way, once even bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet as she bent over so her breasts jiggled as he watched. Brad smiled and shook his head, turning his attention back to collecting cups, plates and whatever else was lying around.

In just over an hour things were as good as they were going to get at that time of night and the four went back to his kitchen. Flopping down in their chairs, the girls talked quietly as Brad put away some items before joining them.

“So, everything work out?” he asked, tiredness etched in his face from the toll of the long day.

The three nodded, each smiling and giggling, talking about different things which had happened.

“Good, that’s what we want to hear. Is everyone okay to drive home? Not too tired?”

“No, we’re good,” Nikki said first.

“I could sleep over!” Casey volunteered, giggling and grinning as Lindsey rolled her eyes.

“Oh you could, could you?” Brad replied, raising his eyes at her response. “And let me guess, you’re so excited you wouldn’t sleep much, would you?”

“Nope. I could do other things though.”

“Casey!” Lindsey and Nikki shouted in concert.

“I’m sure you could,” Brad calmly answered, the words slowly slipping from his mouth as he took a long look at the young brunette beside him.

“We better go,” Lindsey said quickly. As before, Brad got thanks and hugs from each, Casey squeezing him as tight as she could and smiling as she looked up into his eyes. He smiled back and absentmindedly flipped an end of her long hair over her shoulder, his mind momentarily wandering as he did. Snapping from his sleep-deprived state, he patted her shoulder and watched as she winked at him before turning and leaving.

Then he was left with Lindsey who had once again hung back. She grinned at him when he looked at her casually leaning on the counter. Brad looked up and down her body, her legs outlined beneath the thin material of the dress.

“So, just the two of us. Again,” he joked, Lindsey softly chuckling in response.

“Yup.” She tilted her head as she looked at him, her grin still plastered to her face.

“What’s so funny?” Brad asked.

“Nothing. Just thinking.”


Without another word Lindsey sauntered to him and wrapped her arms about him, leaning her body on to his.

“Just how great you’ve been,” she told him in a tired voice, laying her cheek on his shoulder.

“Just being a good neighbor,” he told her, his own arms casually laying in the small of her back.

“I want to thank you,” she quietly told him, her head still resting on him.

“You already have. Besides, you earned this party. You’re the one who did the work and kept everything under control. You should be proud of what you did.”

“Actually,” Lindsey corrected herself, “we want to thank you.”


“We. As in me, Nikki and Casey.”

Brad was confused. He was just being a good neighbor, everything had gone off without a hitch and he had been profusely thanked already.

“What do you mean?”

She lifted her head and smiled at him, their eyes meeting at the early hour of the morning. Shifting her weight, she pressed her hips into him and finding the small bump in his pants, rubbed against it.

[This story is one of a sequence I've written. You can read the other parts of the story for more details, but here is a summary;

I've recently divorced my wife, and am raising my son on my own. After a long abstinence, I've met a woman (Angela) and we've just had our first night together. She's had her first orgasm in the missionary position, thanks to a little tip I'd picked up online. We've not yet had anal sex, but a little anal play has been involved....

The cast:

Me: 36 yrs male

My son: Daniel

My girlfriend: Angela, 40 yrs

The babysitter: Samantha, 18 yrs

Samantha's dad: Bill

Samantha's brother: David]


I slid up the bed so that I was laying on to top of her, my hard, hard cock lying between the cheeks of her ass. I rubbed it up and down a bit, feeling the moisture from her previous come and my rimming spread around my cock. Then I reached down and pushed it down, under the curve of her ass so that my head was touching the lips of her cunt.

“Fuck me, fuck me now,” Angela moaned, and tilted her pelvis back to give me easier access. I rubbed my cock along her wet lips for a bit longer, and then pushed, feeling her cunt separate as my prick entered. God she was hot. I kept pushing all the way, until the cheeks of her ass touched the bottom of my stomach, at which point she ground against me. I pulled out almost all the way again, so my head was just parting her lips, and then pushed in again, harder this time. She grunted, spreading her legs a little bit more to make it easier for me to get even deeper in. And that’s how we fucked: her face down, flat on the bed, beads of sweat collecting on her toned back; me above her, feeling the mounds of her ass bounce as I plummeted into her.

After a few minutes, I pulled out altogether (“Oh, no,” she groaned), and pulled her hips towards me. She got the message, and came up onto all fours. I pushed in again, going deeper than before with the new position. “Oh Andy, fuck me baby, fuck me,” she told me, as she pushed back against me each time I entered her.

I grabbed her shoulders to pull her against me, pushing as deep and hard as I could each time my prick plowed her cunt. In and out, in and out, feeling my orgasm get closer. But I remembered how much she enjoyed the small bit of rimming I’d done, and I could see her tight ass below me, her asshole still moist from all the sweat, come, and saliva that had collected there.

I leaned back again, letting go of her shoulders and sliding my hands down to grab the cheeks of her ass. I played with them, massaging them, moulding them, separating them from the other, and making her asshole wink at me as we fucked hard and fast. Then I slid the thumbs down, underneath her ass to get some moisture from the bottom of her cunt, and then backup, over the perineum, until they were pressing either side of her rosebud.

“Oh god Andy, that feels so good baby,” she moaned as she dropped her arms and shoulders onto the bed, making her ass stick up even further. I played with her asshole, running my thumbs over it, pressing, stroking, rubbing, spreading her cunt juice around, until I pressed one a bit harder than usual, and saw her sphincter spread, letting the intruder in, resisting a little bit but not enough, and my thumb entered her asshole. Angela groaned beneath me. As I pushed harder, my thumb went into the knuckle, and she started to come, hips trembling with the force of it, her juices flooding my prick as I continue fucking her. I could feel her moisture running over my balls, she was so excited.

I kept on fucking her, intent now on getting my own orgasm, wanting to come inside this tight cunt as I watched her asshole clinging to my thumb, knowing that at some point soon it would be clinging to my hard cock. The thought of it sent a spasm down my spine to the tip of my prick, and I knew it wouldn’t be long. I reached forward to grab one of Angela’s hands, leading it down her cunt, and I felt her tunnel tighten as she started wanking her clit, then I straightened up again, grabbed hold of her hip with my spare hand, and starting giving her a good hard fuck, pulling her onto me with one hand as the other thumb continued pushing into and out of her ass.

It only took a few minutes of that for me to come, my man-juice spurting inside that hot sweet cunt as she came again on my cock, pushing herself back so hard that my thumb went all the way into her asshole. As my spasms subsided, I collapsed down beside her, panting hard. She took a moment to get her breath back, and reached down to fondle my still swollen prick.

“Baby,” she whispered, “that was real good, but don’t even think about trying to put this monster in my ass – it’ll tear me apart.”


It was a couple of weeks later that we went one step further. Don’t get me wrong – during that couple of weeks we had some great sex. A bit of anal fingering, some rimming, and more traditional sex, as well as just wining, dining, and getting to know each other.

The next time something significant happened, Daniel was staying over with a friend, Stephen. The friend’s mum (Simone) was a right hottie. She’d had Stephen real young, so she was only about 28 or so now, still fresh and tight. And she knew it. Her midriff was always exposed to show off her flat, taut stomach over deliciously curvy hips. Her tops were tight enough to show that her tits were firm and more than adequate. She wasn’t tarty, mind: the midriff gap was only a couple of inches, just that bit above the waist of low-slung jeans or trousers, where the hips curved inwards to her narrow waist. And that was all you saw – never a large midriff PLUS loads of cleavage PLUS bare arms and legs. She kept herself covered up apart from that one little bit that let you know she was very tasty underneath the rest of her clothing. A classy dresser.

She was married, and apparently very happy with her equally tasty husband. Ah well. She kept me going in wank material during the period when I was seeing nobody.

Anyway, Daniel was there for the night, and Angela and I had the place to ourselves. I’d invited her round for dinner, cooked by my own fair hands. Of course, we didn’t quite make it to the first course…..


She turned up wearing a chinese-style silk dress. High at the neck, tight round the body, long to the ankle, but slit up to the upper thigh. Very tasty indeed. When I let her in, I deliberately let her walk down the hallway to the living room in front of me, just so I could see her bum wiggle in the silk. Like two pigs in a sack. I just wanted to throw her to the floor and take her doggy style right there and then.

But Daniel was still her, so that put the kybosh on any plans for instant sex. Angela didn’t have kids herself, but she had a couple of nephews, so she knew how to get on with kids. And Daniel seemed to like, which is a relief. He even took her up to his room to show her his favourite toys, so we was in special favour – he normally reserves that for friends who have been round longer.

Then Simone arrived to pick up Daniel. Oh fuck me, she was looking good. Tight, cropped top over those delicious boobs; her midriff showing; and some sports-type bottoms on, slack round the legs, but clingy enough to show the lovely curve of her ass. She and Angela chatted for a few minutes whilst Daniel put his coat and shoes on (which always takes a long time), and I could see Angela taking the occasional opportunity, when Simone was looking at me or Daniel, to look at Simone’s tits or ass, and waggle her eyebrows suggestively at me.

Eventually, Daniel got his stuff together, and was whisked off Simone for an evening of fun and games with Stephen. As the door closed, Angela just said “Nice tits. Bet you’ve wanked off plenty of times at the thought of getting your man-meat between those mammoths, eh?”

“I plead the fifth,” I countered.

We did do some small talk first, whilst I was preparing the food. Unfortunately, she made the mistake of sitting directly in my line of sight, legs crossed elegantly, showing her legs off right to the inner thigh as the material parted along the slit.

Just the sight of that, and the memory of our anal play previously was enough to get my dick rising in my pants. I was wearing casual trousers this time, rather than jeans, so there was nothing to keep the old boy pressed down tight against my thigh. I think she must have noticed, because she stood up, walked over as if she was going to the fridge, and then cuddled up into the back of me, pressing her breasts, stomach, and groin against me, running her hand down my chest and stomach to stroke my growing bulge

“Oh, Andy, what am I going to do with you?” she breathed into my ear as she rubbed her hand up and down.

“I can think of a few things,” I answered, as I carried on chopping some carrots. At which point she lowered my zip and slid her fingertips inside to rub up and down my straining cock, outside my boxers. I kept on chopping.

She brought the other hand round, and with both hands she undid my belt and the button of my trousers, and then she pulled the fly apart to get better access to me. Then she reached into the top of my boxers, pulling them down at the waist a bit, and reaching down to lever my cock up so it could taste the fresh air.

She grabbed hold of me just below my foreskin, and started wanking me, just moving my foreskin on and off my helmet. I kept on chopping, but with slightly less interest this time.

When she saw my apparent lack of interest, she grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me away from the worktop, worked more of my cock free of my underwear, and resumed wanking me, but this time with longer, firmer strokes. I kept on chopping.

Then she slid around me so that she was standing up between me and the worktop, right in the way of my chopping. She reached behind her, and pushed the chopping board away to the side, then grabbed the knife from my hand, and put it off to the side as well. Then she looked me in the eye, and slowly slid down onto her knees. As her head reached my groin, she tilted her head and licked up my cock. I groaned, and then groaned even louder as she opened her mouth and swallowed the head of my cock. Her tongue swirled around me, as she started bobbing up and down.

I grabbed the back of her head with both hands, helping the up and down movement, but preventing her from slipping away. With her hands, she started to pull my trousers and boxers down, pushing them down to my ankle, as her hot mouth worked wonders on my prick.

She grabbed both cheeks of my ass, and took even more of my cock into her mouth. She wasn’t quite deep-throating (I’ve not yet found any woman who could), but she was doing a damned good job. I relaxed into it, enjoying the blowjob without any thought of having to give her pleasure or hold off my orgasm, just getting into it.

After a few minutes, she stood up, kissing her way up my body, all the way to my mouth. A lot of guys don’t like it, but it fucking turns me on when a woman kisses me after going down on me for a bit. No idea why, it just does. I kissed her back ferociously, grinding my groin into hers, pushing her back into the worktop. I grabbed her ass, and started working her dress up her, rucking it up around her waist.

When it was all tucked up, I grabbed her ass again, and lifted her up onto the worktop. She opened her legs and wrapped them around me, then shuffled forward so that she was rubbing her crotch up against my cock. It felt odd, so I looked down – no knickers.

“You dirty little trollop,” I said, as I licked her ear and rubbed my cock up and down her in return.

“Well, what was the point on putting knickers on? I knew they wouldn’t stay on for long. I’ve been wanking myself silly all day at the thought of us having sex again, so there’s no way I was going to wait till after we’d eaten. Besides, sex on a full stomach absolutely has gotta be bad for you.”

“I’ll tell you what’s bad for you…” I responded. “Trying to have sex in this position. Get down, turn around.”

She slid onto her feet as I kicked off my trousers and boxers. She turned round, pulling her dress back up again, exposing that delectable little ass and the dark cleft beneath it. Wasting no time, I grabbed my cock and positioned it ready for penetration, and she pushed herself back, sighing as I entered her.

“Oh god baby, that feels so good,” she breathed, working her hips to get me completely inside her. I bottomed out, feeling her tight buns against me, and I reached one hand round her waist to stroke her clit. She pulled away again, and I could feel the walls of her cunt close behind me as I withdrew. I pushed in, quite hard, and heard the slap as our flesh made contact.

We fucked, hard and fast, with her juices dripping down onto my balls and the sound of our fucking filling the kitchen. I wet a thumb in her juices, and pushed it hard and firmly into her ass. She grunted, telling me to “fucking fuck her”. I started really going for it, fucking her like I’d never fucked anyone before. She was rocking back and forth as I pushed my cock as deep into her as I could. I gave up trying to play with her clit, and just grabbed her hip with my spare hand to pull her onto my cock even more, whilst still playing with my thumb in her asshole.

She started to come, screaming out loud as she did so, but I didn’t stop. I just kept on thrusting my cock into her wet cunt, watching her ass cheeks bounce around as we fucked. I wet the other thumb, and started pushing that into her ass alongside the first one. I didn’t push too hard, just a slow gradual pressure. Well, as slow and gradual as I could manage when fucking her so hard. I could see her asshole spread, her sphincter muscles opening up like a flower to accept both my thumbs.

Angela was gone, moaning and groaning and shouting all sorts of obscenities into the kitchen air, which now smelled only of hot sweaty sex. Her asshole was clenching my thumbs, tight but unwilling to let them go. I spit onto them, making sure she was very wet, as I had plans. I could feel her cunt tighten again round my cock, and my own orgasm was approaching, helped by watching her asshole beneath me.

We got even closer to orgasm, and she put both her hands on her ass cheeks, pulling them apart to allow me better access to her ass. She was shouting now, just pure grunts in time with my thrusts, and I could tell we were both on the verge of coming.

As I pulled my cock back, I pulled a bit further so I came out totally, the first throbs starting to happen in my cock. I squeezed to hold it in, and whipped my thumbs out of her ass. I pushed down on her hips quite hard, whilst knocking the back of her knees with the front of mine, making her ass drop a bit… nicely in line with my cock.

Then I pushed – just enough to get the head of my cock inside her ass as she came, screaming at me, calling me a lying bastard and then telling me to come inside her ass, and her juices flooded out of her cunt to pour down my thighs. Her hot asshole clenched around my cock, squeezing it tighter than anything I’ve ever felt before, spasming as her orgasm continued, and that was enough to make my come spurt into bowels. Her orgasm seemed to last forever, and she was still having aftershocks as I started to recover from mine. Then she collapsed onto the worktop, body going completely limp from the force of her coming. She’d passed out.

Jesus wept, I’d made her pass out.

I was shocked, and was about to pull my cock out of her steaming ass, when I felt her asshole open up as she relaxed. Without even trying, my still-hard cock slipped another inch or two in. I froze, afraid of her going mental when she realised I’d gone further in. But she was still out for the count.

I could feel her hot ass walls around my cock, lubricated by my come, slippery and more relaxed than before. Experimentally, I pushed my hips forward a little bit, and my cock slipped even further inside that lovely ass of hers. An evil grin broke on my face, as I looked down to see her cute asshole split apart by my cock. My veins were bulging, making an even rawer image, and I pushed forward again. Another inch or two.

My mind was made up.

Slowly, I kept the pressure on, allowing my cock to ease further and further inside her. I could feel her sphincter pressure as it moved up my cock, and also the tight-but-flexible pressure of her inner ass walls – parting as the new intruder edged it’s way in. Ah, fuck me, her ass was exquisite. Grasping, clinging, but not too tight. Hot, kind of dry, but not too dry. Very different to the feeling of being in a cunt. I knew that once tonight was over, I had to have it again.

I started to nudge my cock in and our of her ass, going a little bit deeper each time. After a few minutes, and another inch or two inside, Angela had still not recovered, but I could feel her asshole start to get tighter again, so I knew it wouldn’t be long. I reached my hand round her waist, stretching down to her cunt, parting her lips and rubbing her clit.

She moaned, and lifted her head a bit…. then froze.

“Oh, shit,”I thought, “she’s gonna go ballistic,” and I got ready to withdraw.

But she reached around, and grabbed hold of the bit of my prick that wasn’t in her yet.

“Sweet jesus,” she said, “you’re almost all in,” amazement in her voice. “God, that feels good. I never thought you’d fit. How do you fit? Oh, fuck me!” she gasped as she reached back with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart again.

I took that to be a good sign, and resumed pushing my cock into her, slowly but surely. The thought and feeling of being in her ass, and watching my cock part her asshole as we fucked, had kept me hard, even after I’d come.

It was getting tight, so I looked round desperately for something to lube… the olive oil caught my eye, so I grabbed it and started undoing the top.

“Baby, reach into my bag there… there’s some real lube. Just be quick and fuck me,” whispered Angela. I reached into her handbag on the kitchen worktop, found the lube, and pulled out of her a bit. Then I spread some round the remainder of my cock, and round her asshole. I did wonder why she had lube in her handbag, but that question could wait for another day.

I started to move into her again, pushing in a bit and out a bit, letting the lube do it’s job. Gradually I got further in. Evantually, I got the last bit in, my lower stomach hitting the cheeks of her ass, and we both grunted.

“Oh, you fucking bastard, Andy. You feel so big. You bastard. … fuck my ass, Andy. Fuck me,” she whispered.

I took her at her word, and started pulling my cock out. I reached a hand down to her wet cunt lips, collecting her juices, then spread it round the rim of her asshole as more of my cock was exposed. Then I pushed in again, feeling her bowels open up around me. God knows why she wasn’t screaming… if someone shoved 9 inches of hot cock up my ass, I’d be raking their eyes out. But thank god she wasn’t, as I wasn’t stopping for any reason. She was pushing back at me a bit, straining to get more pleasure, and I saw her reach down to her cunt. As she started playing with her clit, I felt her asshole tighten around me, and I grunted at the extra pressure.

I reached bottom, and started pulling out again. The scene was one of my favourites from the occasional anal porn film I’d seen – a big cock pulling out of an ass, with the ring of ass clinging desperately to the prick, red raw with the effort. I wished I’d had a camera to record the fulfillment of many a wanking fantasy at last.

“Push out a bit, as though you’re straining over a shit,” I said, and I felt her do so. Her asshole blossomed, giving me a bit more room to maneuver. I began to fuck her a bit faster, and reached down to spread more of her lubrication around the base of my cock. Then I grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them wide.

I knew I wouldn’t last long, not with the view I had, so I let go of her ass, and reached up to her dress neckline at the back. I unzipped it, all the way down her neck as far as I could get with all the rucked up material round her waist. She pulled her arms out of the dress as she started pumping her hips back to meet me as I pushed my hard cock up her ass. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so I reached around her sides, to grab hold of her tits, squeezing them, rubbing her nipples, using them to pull her back onto me. She expressed her delight, groaning and whispering “oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” under her breath.

Her ass was definitely getting used to me, opening up even more, allowing me more freedom to push in and out more easily. I slid my hands up to her shoulders, pulling her back onto me each time I pushed into her asshole. Fuck, she felt good. I loved fucking her cunt, but this was something else, the still-taboo thought of having anal sex adding to my excitement.

I could feel her ass rhythmically tightening around me, presumably in time to the movements of her cunt walls as she wanked herself closer to orgasm. “Shove that cock up my ass, you bastard”, she grunted. “Fuck my ass. Take my ass with that big hard cock of yours. Do it Andy, fuck me harder.” I obeyed her command, putting more effort into fucking her. I still wasn’t able to go as fast as I could in her cunt, but I didn’t need to. I could feel my orgasm building again, and I could tell by her breathing and the sweat lining her back and hairline that hers was too. I leaned over her, still using her shoulders to pull her back onto me, and whispered into her ear:

“You love my cock up your ass, don’t you? You’ve wanted me to do it since that first night when I put my finger there. Well, you’ve got more than my finger there now, and you’ve taken it like the slut that you are.”

She was getting short of breath now, but managed the odd word: “Yes… god yes… I love it… oh that’s good… I love your cock up my ass… oh fuck me … make me yours.”

“I’ll make you mine,” I said, almost snarling into her ear as I rammed my cock up her bowels harder than I had done so far. “I’ll make you beg for my cock up your ass each time we meet, make you get down and spread your cheeks apart to show me where you want it. You’re desperate for it, you anal whore. That’s what you are, my little anal whore. I’m gonna fill your ass with my hot come, and you’re going to love it. You’ll love it so much, you’re going to come at the same time, with my hard cock filling your insides.” She was still pushing back and forth onto my cock, mouthing words now as she was unable to get her breath enough to speak loudly.

“Look at you, wanking yourself whilst I fuck your ass, you love it hard and fast. I can’t believe a few days ago, you told me you’ll never take my big cock up your ass, and here you are begging me to stick my hard cock up you, wanking yourself silly, while I rip you to shreds.” My orgasm was getting closer, my cock starting to swell, and Angela started to come, screaming in ecstacy, screaming “fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass, oh god, fuck my ass.” That sent me past the point of no return, and I straightened my back, pulling on her shoulders to get my cock as deep as possible inside that tight ass of hers, which was clenching around me as her orgasm ran through her.

I continued fucking back and forth, feeling that build up of sperm getting ready to flood her hot bowels, trying to hold it off so I could enjoy the heat and tightness of her bowels for as long as I could.

As she started to calm down from her come, I stopped fucking it all the way in and out, just nudging it a bit each way. Angela had got her breath back a bit, gasping, slowing down a fraction, and then as I started that nudging, she said “Oh, god, I’m gonna come again, oh sweet Jesus. Fuck me you bastard. Fuck my ass,” and that did it. I spurted into her ass, feeling it burst out of my cock harder than I’d ever felt it before. I swear it was about to come out of her mouth. The spurts went on longer than normal, and drove Angela over the edge again. She clenched her whole body, holding her breath, as he orgasm ripped through her. Her asshole tightened so much it hurt, and I felt my thighs go wet. Dear god, she’d squirted, actually squirted her cunt juice all over the cupboard door, my thighs, and the floor.


It took us a while to recover, both of us almost unable to breath with the force of our orgasms. I still had my cock up her ass, all the way in, my thighs and stomach touching her ass. I’d collapsed on top of her, and she grunted: “Get off me, you heavy bastard,”,so I straightened up and eased my cock out of her ass.

She felt between her thighs, and gasped at the wetness there. “I’ve never come like that before. Fuck me, that felt good, but look at the fucking mess. Oh god, I can feel your come leaking out my ass…” And with that, she bolted for the bathroom.

Catching my breath, I grinned as I looked down at her cunt juice all over the place, and the sweaty state of my red raw cock. Anal sex at last. And fuck was it good. And she’d squirted as well.

I pulled my boxers and trousers back up, got a cloth, and started wiping up.

Angela was sheepish as she came downstairs again. She’d thrown on my bathrobe. “Sorry for the mess,” she said.

“Sorry? Nothing to be sorry about,” I answered. “That was the best sex I’ve ever had, and I mean it.”

“Same here,” she said, almost blushing. “I never thought I’d like it up the ass as much as that, but….”

“But what?”

“Well, if it’s that good every time, or even half as good, I think I’ll want it more often.”

“Good,” I said, as I walked up to her and held her close, kissing her and running my hands down her back to her bum.

She grabbed my hands, lifting them up. “That’s enough of that tiger. I’m sore, which is not surprising given that I’ve just had your cock stuffed up my backside without so much as a ‘please’ or ‘thank you ma’am’, and you’re not getting any more till I’ve recovered. This meal you’re cooking had better be good, to make up for me not being able to sit down for a week.”

I washed my hands, and carried on cooking. The meal was good – obviously my first bout of anal sex had inspired me. We ate, and had a good chat, really getting to know each other, sharing things we’d not told each other yet. As we talked, the bathrobe kept parting, offering glimpses of cleavage and lengths of thigh, making the meal all the more tasty.

She had to leave early for work again, but before she did do, she made me promise to go easier next time. “Honestly Andy, I can hardly sit down. I think you’ve done me a permanent injury”.

“Well then, how can I make it up to you?” I asked, pretending to be deep in thought. “I know. Bend over and let me kiss it better.”

She playfully slapped me, calling me incorrigible, then sent me upstairs to pick out some clothes for her. I brought them down – a light denim shirt and a pair of jeans. She shucked off the bathrobe – leaving her naked in front of me, and sending all sorts of dirty thoughts round my head.

“Stop that,” she commanded.

“Stop what?” I asked, mock-innocently.

“Just stop it.” She put the shirt on. I’ve always loved seeing a woman in just my shirt, hanging down to just underneath the crease where her ass cheeks and thighs met. I think it’s because a slight rise to front or back – say, as she reaches up to get something from a cupboard – is enough to set the heart racing and the cock pulsing. I pulled her close, and slid one hand down to her ass, running my fingers along that crease. I love that bit… when I can get my hand there, I know I’m about to score.

My other hand rose to her chin, gently pulling her mouth towards me, and I start kissing her – not the passionate french kissing we’d done in the past, but softly, intimately, like lovers do.

“Don’t get any ideas,” she said as she looked at my inquisitively. “Just because you fucked my ass – without my permission, I’ll say again – I don’t want you going all soft on me.”

“As if that would even happen, with you wandering round in a dressing gown flashing at me. Would you call this soft?” I asked as I pushed my hardening cock into her.

“Put the beast away. It’s time it got back in it’s cage, as it’s been out to play enough today, and its play is a bit rough for me right now. It’s been very naughty and deserves to be punished”. I groaned melodramatically, and pulled back saying “You tease…” and then slapped her on the ass.

“Ooooh”, she said. “Maybe I’ll be naughty next time, so that you can spank me some more”.


A few nights later I was out with Simone and Ken, as a way of saying thanks for looking after Daniel the evening that Angela and I had anal sex in the kitchen. They were a nice couple, which made their mutual good looks even more unfair, but as the evening wore on, Ken got more and more drunk. I’d not seen him particularly drunk before, so it was a bit of a surprise to me, and not a nice one at that, as he was getting a bit obnoxious.

At one point in the evening, he staggered for the toilet, leaving Simone and I to talk. She didn’t give any details, but she admitted things weren’t as great behind closed doors as it would appear. I expressed my concern, thinking that maybe he was abusing her, but she vehemently denied it was anything like that, just run-of-the-mill problems. Her eyes were welling up, and she said something about not wanting Ken to see her like this, as he’d just take the piss and wind her up even more. I told her to take a moment to compose herself, and I went outside to phone for a taxi away from the noise of the bar. As I walked to the door, I passed the end of the corridor that lead to the toilets. And saw Ken.

He was stood chatting to a woman, dark and slutty looking, her back to the wall. He was real close, groins touching, hand on her hip, the other one playing with her hair, and neither of them looked unhappy about it.

“Stupid tosser,” I thought. He’d got it all – fantastic wife, great job, good body, good kid, and he’d fallen for the most stupid thing that men do. I turned away from them, without him seeing, and phoned for the taxi from there, speaking louder than normal. Ken must have heard or seen me, as there was a sudden “oh shit” from him, and some frantic whispering between the two of them. He came out of the corridor, almost staggering into me but managing to catch himself just in time, and then the girl followed. Granted, she had big tits and showed them off in a low cut top, but she had a short skirt showing off legs that could do with a bit more toning, and a midriff bulging over the top of it – cheap, tarty, and an obvious easy fuck – but she was not a patch on Simone. Poor girl, I thought, she’ll be gutted if she finds out Ken’s having an affair… unless she’s already found out, and that’s what she was avoiding saying earlier.

We all got the taxi home, and I left them to it, without mentioning what I’d seen to either of them. I didn’t mention it because no matter how good a friend you are to someone, if you tell them their husband (or wife, girlfriend, whatever) is having an affair, you can kiss that friendship goodbye. It’s not my place to sort out their domestic issues.

They got out the taxi, Simone helping Ken along a bit as it was starting to rain and he’s got the tendency of standing talking when he’s had a beer. She let him in the front door, and then waved back at me as the taxi pulled away again.

Samantha had been babysitting Daniel again, and we chatted over a coffee when I got in. She was wearing a blouse with the neck quite open. She wasn’t showing any cleavage, she never did, but I noticed a cross on a chain. She’d never mentioned being religious, and I knew her dad wasn’t, so it was a bit of an odd thing to wear. I didn’t ask her about it (never ask about religion, politics, or opinions on reality TV), but just chatted about her course etc. She got talking about some of the other people doing the course, and flushed somewhat when I probed her about boys, and boyfriends. I couldn’t tell whether she was embarrassed because she didn’t have a boyfriend, or because she did, so I left it at that.


The next time I saw Angela, it was at her place for once. She was having problems with her email, and as my business was in IT consultancy, she obviously thought I’d be able to sort it. So I drove over while Daniel was at school, and Angela had the afternoon off to get her legs waxed or something. She met me at the door, pulling on her coat over a short cardigan, her stomach showing underneath, and her shoes on.

“You’re just in time, I’ve got a few minutes before I need to go. But let’s get this straight. No sex today. I’m off to get my bits waxed shortly, and you’re not coming anywhere near me till then, otherwise I’ll smell of come when the beautician does me. And not afterwards, otherwise I’ll be as sore as fuck. So keep your grubby little hands to yourself”.

I tutted loudly as I walked in to her house. Damn, I thought, as I’d been looking forward to another good bout of sex, normal or anal. So I followed her through to her home office – salivating as I followed her arse up the stairs, remembering that first time we’d had sex and had made out on the stairs – and she talked me through the problem. She’d been trying to set up a desktop mail application, Eudora, rather than webmail, as she didn’t trust Yahoo or Google or anyone with her mails and personal info any more.

In the end, I had to delete her account details and re-enter them for her. As I ran the “get new mails” option, the titles of the incoming mails appeared in the software. I wasn’t really reading them as such, but I noticed a few spam mails, one from, and…. one that said “Re: Another session with Andy”.

I think she saw it as well, as I heard her draw her breath sharply. She grabbed the back of the office chair I was sitting in, and spun me round away from the computer. She leant over me, letting her cardigan hang loose, exposing her cleavage. She licked her lips, and then leaned a bit further and whispered in my ear, “I think you deserve a little thank you present”… and I heard her click the mouse behind me, presumably closing the software.

Then she clicked the mouse a few more times, and turned me round to face the monitor again. Microsoft Media Player was just opening up, and it was playing a movie. But not just any old movie. It was a shot of a big muscled guy sat on a dining chair in a kitchen, with a girl straddling him, one hand on the kitchen table on one side, the other on the kitchen worktop on the other, lowering herself onto his impressive cock slowly.

“I love this movie. Feel free to have a wank whilst I’m gone.” she said, laughing, and with that she was off, out the door and down the stairs. When she got to the bottom, she shouted up: “Oh, and pay attention! You need some inspiration – sex with you is getting a bit tame” and then she opened the door and slammed it behind her.

Bitch, I thought, laughing to myself. She could have at least given me a quick wank.

The movie was pretty good though. I’ve always had a thing about broad-chested, well muscled guys fucking petite girls, when the guy just grabs the girl’s waist as she straddles him, bodily lifting her up and down onto his prick. So I thought, “Why not?” and pulled my jeans down to give me access.

Then I saw her webcam. Its light was on. It was pointing right at my cock. She was recording me. She’d planned all this, the little tyke. Well, if that’s the case, I thought, I’ll give her a show.

I grinned a lop-sided grin as I started rubbing myself through my boxers, letting my bulge get bigger as I watched the movie, and imagined being that guy, with the size 6 girl straining to get my cock into her. I soon got hard, and, determined to give Angela a show, I just put my hand inside the waist of my boxers, rubbing my foreskin up and down, and panting a bit (louder than normal, so it would get picked up by her microphone).

I slid down a little bit (not too much in case I went off the webcam’s line of sight), and leaned back as if getting into it. Then I pulled the elastic of my boxers down, letting a couple of inches of my cock peek over the top.

I kept my hand open, just using my thumb and one finger to wank just my foreskin, making sure (but hopefully not too obviously) that the webcam had a good view. I kept that up for a few minutes, till my pre-cum started to collect on my helmet. Then I took my shirt off and threw it on the bed, running my hands over my nipples as if I was getting really turned on. And finally I slid my boxers down past my knees, exposing my cock in all its straining glory, and leaving myself naked.

I grabbed my cock full-on with one hand, and starting giving it large strokes, as far up and down as I could, gripping it tight to make the blood pump, which I knew would soon make my veins stand out. Hopefully, the webcam would pick that up in some detail.

I acted up a bit, moaning and panting, running the other hand down to play with my balls. Actually, despite the acting, I was enjoying this, the exhibitionism definitely adding something to the event. A thought occurred to me, and I stood up, pulling my pants and jeans up, and wandered over to her bedside cabinet, leaving the webcam running.

Yep, third drawer down, the rabbit and a normal vibrator sat hidden under a single layer of clothes. I picked up the vibrator and a pair of her knickers whilst I was there, and wandered back to the PC. On the way past her dresser, I picked up a jar of some facial cream (I picked one who’s brand I recognized, knowing how expensive it was – my damned ex wife used to spend fucking hundreds of pounds on this stuff), and sat down again, leaving the items off-camera so she wouldn’t know what I’d done. Then I navigated round the Media Player menus, and found the directory that the movie was in. She’d put it in a folder called Work Training Videos. “Nice work if you can get it,” I said, and opened up the folder so I could see all the other files.

It was full of porn, maybe 20-30 files. “Angela, you horny little minx,” I uttered, loud enough for the webcam to pick up I hope, as I scanned the titles.

One caught my eye, Girl On Girl 17c, next to Girl Takes It Up The Ass… and that was only dated a few days ago, I noticed.

I double-clicked the girl on girl one, and turned up the volume on her speakers. I knew the webcam would pick that up, and that she’d know which video I was watching. Then I settled back for a wank again.

I stroked slowly, firmly, letting her get a good view of what was going on, taking a nice long time over it as I watched the two girls make out on screen. They were, like all porn stars, fucking gorgeous, and I was really enjoying it. It got to a point where one of them was rimming the others ass, so again I played up to the camera, saying “Rim that ass girl,” and similar comments as I started wanking faster. I could feel my come build up, so I gave myself a nice long squeeze, subtly aiming the head of my cock towards the webcam. Just as I thought, a big blob of come oozed out and ran down the side of my red helmet. I moaned theatrically, and then reached over for the knickers. They were kind of wrinkled up, so I made a point of opening them up, spreading them, inline with the webcam, so she could see what they were, and then wrapped them round my cock as I wanked some more. I started thrusting my hips a bit, keeping my hand still, and making my cock appear and disappear into the palm of my hand, encased in her knickers. I added some moaning, and a bit more speed, then I said loudly, “Oh fuck Angela, I wish that was me in your ass,” as one of the girls on screen started fucking the other one’s ass with a strap on dildo.

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