8:24 pm – i scarf down a Chinese chicken salad before leaving for the party, so that i wouldn’t park myself near the cheese and crackers all night. The tiny slip of paper hidden within the fortune cookie that i eagerly cracked open read this: “what do you want?” Now, how in the hell is that a fortune? I turned it over, looking for something more as i nibbled on one edge of the broken bland cookie. Nothing.

i drive on two freeways, obediently following the instructions of my in-car navigation system, but not really paying attention to where i was going, lost in my own thoughts … What do I want? Stupid fortune that isn’t a fortune, but it was an intriguing question. What did I want?

A chance to do it over again, to turn the page back to that day, or rather turn the page of our collective novel backward in time, to that crisp evening when we first met. Today reminded me of that day — the cool-clean feeling of a new january morning — the world simmering after a three-day thunderstorm.

i walk confidently into an unfamiliar house, alive with a festive early-January party; people sucking out the last breath of the holidays. i step into the grand room, and instantly “feel” your presence; across the room, holding court, but keenly aware of my every move. The secret scent of your desire –distinct from any of the other party scents; the sticky sweet pall of liquored bodies sweating out seduction in flavors of cinnamon, apple and pine, but the fervent burn of your lust that only i could smell above them all, made me heady and unsettled.

i acknowledge the erotic sensation of You undressing me with your mind’s eye, as you smile in conversation with some nameless woman across the room — just out of my view. i bow my head down to one side, attempting to somehow eavesdrop on Your inner-dialogue, listening to Your silent assessment of me.

You’re paying attention to that girl with seemingly rapt attention, but Your steely-blue eyes are on transfixed on me, burning through me, conjuring up fantastic fantasies of the dirty slut you’d turn me out to be, just as soon as you decide the “when” of our situation. The next second wouldn’t be too soon in my estimation, but i silently forbid myself the luxury of acknowledging my slutty needs and instead turned them to intensify on the fierce wanting to only serve You and make You happy.

Then the question of “where?” the bathroom, the kitchen, the coat closet? no matter. And with that sly thought, my cunt flushed with hot need, reminding me of my dirty desires … My smooth virgin neck tingling with the ache for your touch, your warm breath whispering dirty words of exactly who i am, and the nasty, naughty things You’d do to me; Your nose brushing gently against the back of my ear as You nudge my hair away, and whisper how “fucking hard” i have made you with my slutty presence … how You are quite aware of what a total whore i truly am – underneath all this charm-school-girl etiquette that i present outwardly – and how very soon You’d fuck my mouth, my cunt, my mind … and “oh look here …” just look how wet the little slut has become. My, my … I lick my lips absentmindedly.

You smile mysteriously through the crowd at me, and then turn away, breezing back to your conversation with that woman. Foreign, lithe, pretty, feminine; her lips more plump than mine, her hair darker, longer, her tits a little fuller, her eyes colored with the same lust and desire — though not as intense — as my eyes. i felt the pangs of jealousy rise inside of me and clenched my jaw. i don’t know her, and i don’t care to — I didn’t like her energy from the get-go, and not simply because she had Your attention. i instinctively perceived her as “fake,” and i just don’t care for fake people.

She only seemed interested in You because of who you are in our little social circle … the success You’d achieved, the material things You had acquired, the material comforts your lifestyle could provide to her.

But there you are across the great room, glancing back at me — our eyes meet. my eyelids flutter, trying to recapture my imaginary interaction. i bite my lower lip unconsciously in remembrance of my sweet dirty fantasy, and unwittingly tuck my hair behind the ear where i felt your make-believe breath hiss my fate.

i turn away completely, my face red with shame, my back to you, engaging in mundane conversation – a valiant effort to deny You access to my psyche, my body, as i desperately attempt to ignore You.

i momentarily lose my balance, teetering to one side of my tall black high-heel, and then regain my equilibrium with an about-face toward my Hostess, turning my attention to trivial party things: how was your new year and how about that rain; what can i get you to drink and let me hang up your coat; did you try that new restaurant downtown and how is your dog? Questions i know the answers to are easier for me to answer.

You don’t seek me out, rather You let me marinate in the wanton juices you’ve stirred up … my cunt hot with the desire to be plunged into deeply by Your thick cock again and again. And ultimately left wanting more.

I move gracefully around the room, smiling my winning smile, flitting from one mindless exchange of niceties to another; trying too hard to pretend as though i don’t notice you … feel you … need you. You never lose sight of me, and i no longer know what it is like to not feel you near me. Something has changed, the earth has shifted – the imprint of you upon me … i can’t shake this, and it is unsettling, unfamiliar, scary and new.

i wander outside, feeling alone in unfamiliar dark waters that you have suddenly pulled me into. i amble, unaware and aimless, down a garden path while trying to reconcile the feelings that you’ve riled up inside of me.

a hedge a turn a bench a fountain … a lusty thought that pulls my attention away my self-awareness

a realization: i’m lost and alone in a strange place. i sigh, only partially thankful for the solitude i’ve stumbled upon in the wooded backyard of this party.

the quiet pierces the night, and i am quickly keen to the reality that there are no longer sounds of a party surrounding me, just the crackle of newborn stars, and a faint flutter of tiny cricket wings attempting one last lonely note.

i slow my gait, perk my ears, listening to the crunch of leaves under footstep. i stop, crane my neck out like a fawn assessing the change of mood. The quiet grows louder, my heartbeat thumps harder, the wind skips across the thin fabric of my dress and my nipples shiver straight to attention. i hold my breath.

Your “hello” thunders through the night air and my breath is sucked from my quivering chest.

i spin to meet you face to face, but it is such a foggy night, that all i can make of You is a shadowy, dark figure. i’m at a loss for words, (a rarity for me,) and You laugh at having caught me off guard.

“it’s rude not to reply to a greeting, you know.” You chastise me.

i stammer, “i, uh, i’m sorry … i just … You just …” i peer into the night, trying to pretend as though i don’t know it is You.

“um, do I know you?” i ask meekly, attempting to sound strong and in control.

You step out of the shadows and stand as close as You can without touching me.

“Do you know me — ha!” You shake Your head.

The night settles between our two worlds.

“Cheeky, little slut.” You’re genuinely amused at my response.

You press your warm lips against my cheek, and breathe in the sweet smell of my face, gripping a chunk of my golden hair tightly in Your strong hand.

“You’d better fucking know who I am, darling whore.” You hiss with warning. My knees go weak.

Then you wrench my head back, and pull the top of my dress to the side, exposing my supple tit, just there for Your taking. i gasp in shock and make no move to protest, only whimper & silently beg for more.

You graze your lips gently over the length of my smooth neck. i’m clearly aroused by Your forcefulness, Your perfect knowledge and command over my body … just a grunt, a sigh, a tug and i involuntarily react.

You slip Your free hand quickly under my dress, and press your palm against my hot slit, searing through my stockings.

You shove two thick fingers into my fiery cunt, piercing through the thin fabric of my fishnets — not caring that You’ve ruined them.

Your tongue dances around my ear lobe, teasing me. Hissing at me, riling me up. i melt in your arms, with deep, dizzying submission … i’m Yours … i always have been, but on this night, the moon is finally our witness.

You push me back against an ancient tree, sticky with fresh sap. I moan, unable to contain my desire. Then You release me, studying me, almost smirking at my lust and wanton need, playing with my eagerness for stimulation … i plead with my eyes, but say nothing. i can’t admit it even to myself, let alone, to You, this need, this desire that lives inside of me.

“What do you want, little one?” You reserve the more accurate name of “slut” for later because You sense that i’ll be more trustworthy and relaxed. How You know this, though, i am at a loss. Plus I can feel you’ve already dismissed me as being able to even remotely spry with you. I’m just butter in your warm strong hands at this point.

“i” scrambling to think of a witty smart reply. “i….” i decide not to answer, to deny the insatiable and forbidden desire inside my soul. i just stammer and sigh.

You release me and move to walk away, bored with my lackadaisical response.

“Wait!” i shriek, fearful that i’ve pushed You away for good. “Please, Sir!” i beg.

You turn with a sly smile on your chiseled face. “Well? I’m waiting, slut.”

I lick my dry lips, wind whipping against us both, “i … i …” and i’m not quite sure how to formulate the words to convey to you all that i want.

“Nevermind.” You grow impatient and dismiss me, sauntering off, back to the party.

“Sir, please!” I plead with you through the January night, my gravely voice getting lost on the wind.

i hear your footsteps slow, but i know that i have little time with which to persuade you.

“i know what i want.” I bravely declare, not even sure what i’m going to say, only that i do not want you to leave me.

“Yesssss, what then, Aurora?” Your impatience is conveyed in the texture of Your voice. You knew what i wanted too, but you weren’t going to let me off that easy — you wanted to humiliate me by making me acknowledge it, force me to own my desires and speak them aloud.

i shiver in the chill of the night, my plump breast still hanging out in the open as a testament to the slut that resides inside of me. my mouth wet with saliva, cunt wet with fire, tiny strands of hair sticking to my sweaty face and a look of what i know must be pure submission.

“Sir.” i whispered. Why was this so hard? my entire body hot with shame and desire. “Take me, fuck me, punish me, own me.” i blushed at my admission.

You chuckle softly at my raw lust for You and all that You have to offer me, considering all of the ways you could turn the slut inside of me out.

“You’re just a cock-hungry whore that needs her ass spanked & her cunt filled.” The honesty of your words cut into me, enflaming my entire body, my pussy smoldering.

My breath quickens…my heart races … can i be…can i truly be this much of a slut?

The night air is cool against the bits of steamy breath that escape the slight opening of my mouth. i close my eyes in shame.

A tear creeps down my cheek … why did i feel so ashamed at confessing my dirty desires aloud to You?

The wind scattering the audible evidence amongst the branches and leaves of the trees, the silence falling still between You and me.

Suddenly i feel You closer. The back of Your hand caressing my tear…loving my pain…approving of my desires.

You tilt my head up … Your gaze melts me, although my eyes are closed and i’m disbelieving of Your “realness.” This can’t really be happening … It is.

“Open your eyes…you will behold your true nature…I will unleash it for you.” You quietly assure me of a future i’ve only fantasized about for so long.

Your tongue traces over my lips…i inhale Your sweet breath… it invigorates me and stirs the longing hidden deep within my soul.

“Yes Sir…please.” i manage, barely audible as I melt against your fiery presence. “i beg you.”

This is all i’ve ever yearned for in my life.

“Oh, slut.” You hiss in my ear-hole, as you grip my hair tightly from the nape of my neck, thrusting me back, “I’m going to make you mine, and you’ll exist only to please Me.” Your tongue finds its way inside the cavernous tunnel of my ear, exploring, melting me in Your hold, tasting my dark thoughts.

“And we’ll let the naughty little slut inside of you bloom into who you were always meant to be in this life.” You promise, and lead me — Your hands still firmly clutched around my silken hair. You shove my head down, forcing me to kneel on the tiny pebbles that littered the ground.

“On your knees, slut.” Your tone darkens as the moon disappears behind a cloud cover.

My balance wavers as i obey Your command. You release Your hand from my hair, and my head falls innocently against Your bulging cock, throbbing with heated need beneath the fabric of Your slacks.

i moan, accidentally. i catch myself, ball my fists up and force them to my side, as i raise my eyes to meet Yours.

The longest, most truthful moment of my entire life is shared between our gaze. i cannot close my mouth, nor open it to speak the words that would convey to You just how much i need You. Need to submit to You.

“May, i, Sir?” I finally whisper, afraid of the words.

“What do you want, slut?” You hover above me, barking the words ferociously at me.

You know exactly what i want — You’ve known forever, but You are going to make me say it, regardless. i raise my voice a decibel higher as my knees tremble, gnarled against the river rocks.

“Sir? May i please suck Your beautiful cock.” i bite my bottom lip in shame at the little whore You reduced me to, in the backyard of someone’s party.

You draw in a deep breath, not moving Your gaze from me, and reach down to unleash Your beautiful, solid, perfect cock from within the confines of Your trousers. Seeing your beautiful manhood in all its glory makes me dizzy, heady with lust.

Instead of waiting for Your verbal approval, my mouth instinctively feeds hungrily, lavishly on your smooth, throbbing, warm cock. i devour You, slurping and moaning my way up and down Your delicious street, as if it were the only sustenance my wanton little whoreish mouth had ever known.

You bend over me, while I’m in the middle of a trance, my mouth getting fucked by You. You slap your hand down on my ass, pushing my head deeper down on the length of Your cock.

“You slut, you. I never gave you permission to suck my cock.” Instinctively, i arch my back and raise my ass up as if to beg for more punishment. You indulge me.

Smack, Your hand comes down harder over my cunt this time, and You keep Your hand against me.

“I can feel your hot little cunt under your dress.” You hiss to me. I get dizzy with arousal. I moan, my pink-wet mouth vibrating Your cock down the cavern of my throat. “I know exactly what she wants …” You muse.

You grab my hair and yank my mouth from You, strings of saliva and precum trailing off my lips and chin. I’m bewildered and stunned. You smile down at me, shaking Your head, denying me. Then smiling and taking away my toy, tucking Him back into his gray cotton-home & zipping up your trousers.

My eyes get wet with tears whose origins i do not understand. Did i do something wrong? Did i displease you in some way?

You pause for a moment, eyes appraising, breaths slowing. i practice my patience and wait for Your command.

“Face the tree, remove your dress, and place your hands over your head.” Your tone demands a response, and i scramble to my feet and turn to face the tree. While I’m complying with Your wishes, you pull out black leather gloves from a hidden coat-pocket and put them on each hand. i sense the tone of the situation taking a dark turn.

“Yes, Sir.” My reply is a husky whisper.

My entire body trembles with anticipation, and my self-awareness is unrelenting still. However, there is little time to process thoughts for too long.

You grasp my hair, the scent of new leather wafting into my olfactory. You tilt my head back, whispering in my ear. “You are mine now, slut, and I will do with you as I please. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir, i understand and am grateful.” my voice had now regained some confidence, as i tried to get a foothold in our endeavor. My body flush and my cunt gushing; a dull ache throbbing betwixt my thighs.

i raise my hands and clasp them behind me, in trusting obedience to Your instructions. You smile with deep approval and gratitude — i’ve momentarily pleased you.

Your fingertips sear against me as they trail down the long country of my neck and back. You pause at the curve of my buttocks, pressing your thumbs into the muscles just above my ass. And then … The smack of your leather-clad hand on my ass shocks me out of my bliss, knocks me off my floating cloud. i gasp, and yet my desire surges. You replace your spank of your hand with the spank of your swollen, hard, perfect cock, and then at once you drag it along my ass & cunt crack and then with a mighty thrust, ram it up my tight asshole. I squeal out in shock and delight & alsmot fight against you. Your head pressed to mine, you deeply breathe & every swirling fiber of my being — twisting up my heart up and shoving it into my throat. I only want for you to possess me, own me. I’d do anything for you. This was the first stop on the SubSpace Express ….. Next stop delirious Domination.

I never expected to be writing something like this, but I guess sometimes life takes a person into unusual places. A short time ago I had an experience that was very strange, but enjoyable as well—and it seems as though it would be of interest to the community here.

I had occasion to be visiting another state where my ex-fiancé and her family still live. Carol and I had been together for a number of years and I got to know her family well. There were several avid golfers in the family, and we used to play together a lot.

To make a long story short, I had let Carol know that I was in town—there were some business items that we had to take care of and it seemed like a good idea to get those done while I was in town. She was her usual bitchy self.

As we parted she looked at me and smirked, “I’ll let Dave and Rick know you’re in town. They may want to see you for a round of golf.” I let her know that would be fine with me.

She just laughed and said, “I’m sure you’ll get a lot more out of it than you did before.”

I had no idea what she meant, but didn’t worry about it. Dave was an older man and Carol’s stepfather, but he had always been great to me. Rick was married to Carol’s step-sister, and was also a great guy.

Later that morning, Rick left a message on my phone. They weren’t playing golf, but they were going to get together to watch the final round of the Masters tournament. They invited me to stop by for a “guys only” day before I headed home. I decided to swing by for a brief visit on my way out of town.

When I arrived at Rick’s large house, I was surprised to see Philip (Carol’s adult son) and a friend of his were there too. I immediately wondered if I had made a mistake. Philip and I had been quite close, and he had taken my breakup with Carol pretty hard.

Rick and Dave put me at ease right away, and made me feel very welcome. I was very happy to find that they were still cool, even though Carol and I had had a messy break-up. Even Philip was very friendly, giving me a big hug before introducing me to his friend, Tyler. They had met playing hockey together and how were college roommates.

We went upstairs into Rick’s “man cave”—big-screen TV and the works, and watched the computer feed of the early part of the tournament while we waited for TV coverage to start. “Watching,” of course was about 10% watching golf and 90% chit-chat as we got caught up with everyone’s lives. We also started drinking gin and tonics, which got everyone pretty relaxed too. We started teasing each other in the good-natured way that we always had, and I soon felt very much back at home.

After about half an hour, Dave redirected the conversation by saying, “Well, Mike, it hasn’t been the same around here since you and Carol broke up. Everyone’s house is a lot quieter now.” Everyone laughed and told me that family weekends had been entertaining since Carol and I had sex pretty frequently and she was very loud. Dave and his wife Janice had a very nice house on the beach, and the family would gather there regularly on holidays. Apparently Dave and Rick had heard Carol and me going at it at one point or another—and Philip told about how he got to hear us at home on a regular basis. I joined in the fun for a bit, and the conversation drifted on to other sexual things—mostly frustration with the wives’ lack of interest in sex.

Dave’s wife, Janice, was Carol’s mother and she still went for sex on occasion, but not nearly as often as Dave would have liked. Kathy, the wife of Rick, was not much interested in sex at all anymore and mostly approached it as though she were servicing her husband. Both Kathy and Carol had been violently opposed to pornography—Carol always got pissed off when she found out that I masturbated to porn, even when we were separated for long periods, and she and Kathy would share their disgust about it.

Apparently, though, Janice had talked with Kathy and got her to understand that if she wasn’t that interested in sex, it was a good release for Rick to service himself and enjoy his girlies. Janice and Dave had come up with that arrangement and it worked for them. I chimed in that since I was now single, my porn collection had grown significantly. Philip and Tyler listened intently as we older guys shared our secrets about masturbation and pornography.

During a lull in this conversation, Dave casually said, “Maybe we could see a bit more about what we’re talking about. Are you guys ready for a little variety in our viewing?” Without waiting for much response, he fiddled with his computer and a soft-porn strip video began playing alongside the golf. I laughed and asked what was up.

Rick explained that they had begun getting together years ago to watch sports “and other stuff” while the women hung out by the pool. Carol had let Philip come along at first “to get it out of his system” and he just continued to come, eventually bringing his friend Tyler along too. They all laughed and said that it had become a good “male bonding” ritual to watch sports and porn. Rick’s house was large enough that it was no problem to find places to “finish up,” as they called it. One of the back bedrooms overlooked the pool, so occasionally they would jerk off while snooping on the girls in their bikinis.

The video continued and the girl on the screen now was masturbating. After she brought herself to a moaning orgasm and squirted across the bed, Rick asked what we’d like to see next. I was getting a little turned on and a lot uncomfortable, and started to say goodbye—I had about a six-hour drive ahead of me. The guys were a disappointed that I wanted to leave, though, and they earnestly asked me to stay. I finally relented. Having just reconnected with some formerly very good friends, I didn’t want them to feel like I was running out on them. And the sexual atmosphere that was going on intrigued me.

Rick chose a nice lesbian scene as the next round and we watched the golfers play “Amen corner” while two cute blondes played with each other. As the girls moved into oral sex, Philip turned to Tyler and said, “This is a really good jack off video,” and they both laughed. He was right—the girls were really cute and were sensually kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. I was getting hard, even with the other guys around.

Rick got up to refresh everyone’s drinks, and as he brought them around he made absolutely no effort to conceal the enormous erection in his shorts. Philip said, “Gee, Uncle Rick, you’re really hard.”

Dave responded, “We all are, son, it just that Rick is better blessed than most of us.” Everyone laughed. By the end of this video, the other guys were rubbing their dicks through their pants. I was startled to see that Philip and Tyler were sitting together on the sofa, making no effort to keep their legs from touching. From time to time they would reach over and rub each other’s cocks through their pants. I looked at Rick and saw that his huge member was poking out from the leg of his shorts. He just looked at me and winked.

Dave said, “Mike, you’re the guest here, so I think you should pick what we watch next. What do you like?” I explained that I was probably not a great choice since I mostly enjoy watching girls smoke. They were mystified by this and asked me to show them. I went over to Rick’s computer and found “Fusswhip” on YouTube and put on my favorite video. That didn’t do much for them, but of course I really enjoyed it and the guys watched fascinated as I got turned on. They asked me what she was doing that I found sexy, and wanted to know more about my smoking fetish. While Rick put on another strip video, we talked more about what aroused us and that increased the level of general horniness.

Rick then said, “Well, Dave’s pick should be last for this round, so I think it’s up to you, Philip.” Philip chose a cumshot compilation that featured some incredible blowjobs.

After a couple of minutes Rick just said, “Fuck, it’s time for me to get started.” He just slipped off his shorts and began stroking his cock with long, slow strokes, milking out the precum to get himself lubricated. Within a minute or two the other guys all undressed and started beating off slowly.

I hung back, but Dave came over to me and said softly, “Do you need some help?” I was beyond caring about who was around, and the sight of the guys stroking their rampant erections was a real turn-on. I was surprised at how excited I was getting, since I’ve never been interested in sex with another guy. Finally, though, the sight of Dave standing in front of my slowly stroking himself got to me and I undressed and joined in.

Rick stood up and came close to me so he could watch. He looked intently at me and said, “Oh fuck yeah. I used to listen to you fucking the shit out of that little bitch Carol and wish I could see your cock. It’s nicer than I imagined.”

Philip and Tyler walked over and Philip chimed in, “Ever since the time Rachel and I saw mom blow you I’ve wanted to see your dick again.” Tyler played with Philip’s ass and whispered into his ear and they both giggled. “Yeah,” said Philip, “I wished I was the one blowing him instead of mom.”

Then Rick said, “Carol told us that your tastes had changed and that you’d probably fit in to our little club here.” I asked what he meant by that and he explained, “She said that you broke up with her because you liked fucking guys.”

I realized then that the bitch had set me up. “No,” I explained, “I have a new girlfriend and we’re going to get married. I think Carol just wanted to make sure that I was the bad guy.”

Dave smirked, “No one really believes a word of what that little whore says anyway. But we thought it might be fun to include you on our guy time anyway. We still fuck the ladies whenever they’re in the mood. This just lets us take care of our needs beyond that.”

I laughed and said, “Well, if you can’t beat ‘em—er, beat off with ‘em, I guess.” And everyone laughed. By now, Rick had put on a video of a threesome with two guys and a girl. The guys plowed into the girl from every angle, with some nice cock-to-cock contact as well. The girl made each guy assist with the cumshot for his buddy. As we watched that, Philip and Tyler began feeling each others’ balls as they jacked off.

I felt myself become rigidly erect. As I began to stroke myself, I glanced around and saw that the other guys were starting to get more into it, too. Rick was working his hand slowly up and down his massive tool, using a twisting motion as he reached his head. Philip and Tyler were jerking themselves with quick, nervous strokes—stopping and starting to tease themselves. They were facing each other and were touching each other with their free hands—roaming over each others’ bodies and focusing on their partner’s testicles as they jacked off.

Rick went with a nice blowjob compilation for the next show. This one, though, mixed some guy-to-guy action in with the heterosexual offerings. A cute blonde girl sucked an older guy’s cock, making him groan loudly before unleashing his sperm. The next scene was a young guy blowing the same older man. This time the older man stared intently at his partner as the young man sucked him expertly. Soon the older cock was twitching. Unlike the girl video though, the young guy skillfully brought his partner to a softer, but deep, shuddering orgasm. The man moaned softly, and we watched his buddy’s cheeks and throat work as he swallowed the entire load.

Dave’s cock was twitching, too. Since he was standing next to me I could see the precum oozing as he jacked himself. He was fixated on the scene on the screen, but leaned in so the head of his cock was brushing against my face. As he stroked, he deposited a streamer of precum along my cheek.

Rick said, “Dave, come over here, and I’ll show Mike what we do at this point.” Without saying a word, Dave just moved over to Rick and proceeded to anoint him with precum as he did me. As he made his next stroke, he held the skin back tightly as Rick turned his head and took Dave’s tool into his mouth, sucking it in deeply. Dave’s eyes closed and he put his hand on Rick’s head, guiding further down his aching shaft.

“Ahh, fuck,” he sighed, “I love the way you blow me, Rick.”

Rick gave him a slow, steady blowjob as the action on the screen continued to unfold. A glance over at the sofa revealed Philip laying back with his eyes closed as Tyler’s head bobbed up and down on his penis.

Rick removed his mouth from Dave’s cock just long enough to put on some new porn, this time a nice compilation that featured multiple couplings of men and women in various permutations. None of us, however, were watching the screen anymore. Dave was gazing intently at Rick’s hand and mouth working his cock. I heard Philip groaning, and looked over to see Tyler’s head bobbing faster as he began inserting a finger into Philip’s twitching anus.

“Your stepson is about to blow,” grunted Dave as he fucked Rick’s face. Rick freed his mouth, using his hand to rapidly jack Dave’s cock.

“So is your father-in-law,” Rick laughed.

A brief grunt then a shout drew my attention back to Philip. Tyler had removed his mouth from the young cock and was jacking it off as Philip began shooting into the air. Dave’s face set as he watched, and I saw his body begin to grow tense.

I looked up at him and asked simply, “Can you do that?” as Rick removed his mouth and began imitating Tyler’s furious jacking. It only took a second before the streams of semen burst forth from Dave’s throbbing penis, splattering onto Rick. Rick and Tyler milked their partners dry and Dave and Philip relaxed with satisfied smiles.

After a moment, we all realized that there were still three throbbing cocks that needed attention. Dave turned and walked over to me, but Philip gently pushed him out of the way. “Please, Uncle Dave, I want to do this, ok?” he asked softly. Dave just smiled and nodded. Philip looked over at Tyler and asked shyly, “Is it ok with you if I do him?”

Tyler giggled and said, “Well he’s your step-dad…or at least he almost was, I guess I won’t be too jealous.” He and Philip both laughed. Then Philip knelt between my legs and looked up shyly.

“Gee, I guess I should ask you too. Is it ok, Mike? I’ve wanted to do this for a long, long time.” I was really touched, and just smiled and nodded. I was astonished at how hard I had become and how much I wanted his mouth on me.

Philip took my erection in his hand and gently stroked it a few times, then he deftly swirled his tongue around my head and eased his mouth down my shaft. As he created the suction, I was surprised at how much firmer he was than Carol—then I realized that I was in a man’s mouth. That became even more obvious when he began blowing me in earnest—the firmness of his grip, the intensity of the suction and the perfect speed of his stroke made me realize that he knew exactly how to get the most out of a cock.

Soon, I felt my head swell inside his young mouth. Philip sensed it, too, and began working me more firmly. I glanced over to see Tyler standing in front of Rick. As Rick sucked him off, Tyler’s ass worked back and forth. Dave knelt behind them and began to play with Tyler’s ass and Rick’s balls before swallowing Rick’s twitching erection. Philip focused my attention back to him by stroking my balls very gently, then sliding his finger back to my asshole.

As with so many of our activities that day there wasn’t much preamble. Philip swallowed the entire length of my cock as he eased his finger into my ass. The combination caused my body to tense and lift up out of the chair. Philip never missed a beat as his finger expertly found my prostate gland and began to make slow circles on it while exerting a gentle press/release action. I grunted and faintly heard Rick say, “Shit, Mike’s blowing into Philip’s mouth already.”

“Ahh fuck, I am,” I groaned as I felt the first shot burst from my aching dick. I grabbed Philip’s head and held it down on me as I shot several powerful spurts into his mouth. I heard only gulping sounds as he swallowed it all, then he slowly eased his mouth off of me and sat back on the floor.

“That was fun,” he said with a big smile, “Did you like it, Mike?”

“Oh Jesus, Philip. It was amazing,” I said sincerely.

Philip nodded toward the other three guys. “It looks like Tyler and Rick are headed to where you just came from,” he said softly. I looked over just in time to see Tyler’s ass twitch as his semen began to shoot. Rick’s cheeks bulged, then he began to swallow. Tyler’s ejaculation was so strong, however, that some escaped from the corners of Rick’s mouth and splattered down onto Dave’s bobbing head. Tyler finally finished unloading and stepped back. Rick released his cock and gazed down at Dave’s mouth as it quickly brought him to the brink. Tyler knelt down and began to kiss Rick passionately, and, after just a few seconds of that, Dave was receiving a generous offering from his male lover.

After Rick finished, we all relaxed for a minute, and as we did so I began to realize what had happened. Now that I wasn’t worked up, I started to feel very awkward around these naked men, especially since I knew them so well. Rick left and returned in a few seconds with some luxurious bath towels that he passed around so we could wipe up and cover up a bit. Once everyone had done that, he put on another movie and came over to me.

“I hope you’re ok with everything, Mike,” he said softly. “I think we’re all really happy that you joined us, and we all hope that you feel good now.”

“I’m not sure,” I replied honestly, “I’ve never really thought of gay sex before, much less with guys that I know well. It’s a lot to process.”

“Well,” chimed in Dave, “I don’t really think of it as gay sex. I really enjoy sex with Janice, but this is a good outlet for me. She doesn’t have as strong a drive as I do, and I do like just having an afternoon with the guys from time to time. It’s really brought us closer together.”

Philip came over to me and gave me a big hug. “I’m really glad we could do that,” he said softly, “I’ve been wanting that for a long time.” He was so sweet that I couldn’t help smiling.

“I’m glad you liked it, Philip,” I replied. “I did too, really. It just takes a little getting used to.” He came over and hugged me awkwardly. I stood up, so we could hug properly and we embraced warmly, holding each other for a long time. I began rubbing his back, and he just relaxed against me. Although we had towels wrapped around our waists, I could feel his penis begin to harden again. I continued to rub his back, and he sighed deeply.

I looked around and saw Tyler, who had regained a huge erection, come over to Dave. “Hey, dad,” he said softly, “could you help me out?” Dave took Tyler’s face in his hands and kissed him, then began kissing his way down the younger man’s body. Soon, he had the young cock in his mouth, and was eagerly blowing Tyler. After a short time, Tyler pulled away and knelt down so the and Dave could kiss some more.

Philip reached down and began stroking my ass. “Could I kiss you, Mike?” he asked shyly.

I was pretty grossed out at the idea, but I thought it would make Philip happy, so I said “Ok, Philip. I’m not sure that I’ll like it, but I’ll give it a try.”

He smiled and began kissing my neck, then worked his way over to my mouth. Soon he was giving me a solid kiss. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, so I continued to kiss him back. After a few seconds, he slid his tongue into my mouth and we were in a full-fledged French kiss. I was astonished to feel myself become fiercely erect. I grabbed Philip firmly and pulled him to me and felt our hard cocks rub together. We continued to French deeply as we pulled the towels away and began to stroke each other’s rampant erections.

Ever since the first time I had seen my beautiful partner Laura I had often wondered about what happened between Chloe and my friend Leigh, it was not until last Friday night that I finally found out about not only Chloe but also Amber who works for my partner.


It was a typical week at work for both myself and Laura so as 6pm on Friday rolled around we had already arranged to meet in a local bar where we had become regulars and great friends with the management, The Bakers Arms was a non-scene gay pub in town and I had personally known the manager for some years.

Taking Laura in there had been an experience as the management welcomed anyone into the pub my friend had always assumed I had gone straight as he called it, it was not until one evening after sharing a few bottles of wine that Laura told him she was transsexual.

Of course it did not matter and in fact made her even more welcome to the loyal following of regulars and friends that frequented the bar.

Finishing up for the day and switching off my pc at work I was ready to drop but as I knew I would get to spend the evening with Laura and didn’t want to work any later than necessary I pushed a pile of work I had yet to do in my desk drawer and locked it in case of senior management dropping in over the weekend and seeing I had not completed my chores as I called them.

Unsure what time Laura was due to finish I decided to go grab my weekend bag from the boot of my car and pulled out a pair of smart jeans and a stylish T-shirt, wandering back into the staff room I got changed and picked up my mobile to call Laura.

Seems great minds think alike as just as I opened my call log the phone began to ring and it was Laura, she had changed her mind and we were not going to our regular place in fact she had booked for us to go to a local Tapas bar for a change of scenery which I didn’t mind.

Adding she had invited along Chloe and Amber as she had something to tell me and wanted her friends to be there when she did. Dreading to think what she may want to tell me I had just hoped we were ok as we had been through some rocky times since getting together but I knew she loved me and I her.

Suddenly and unexpectedly the phone rang again and as I answered it a voice I didn’t immediately recognize was on the end of the line, it took me a moment to realize that it was Chloe and as she asked if Leigh was around I said he is but he is on duty until 10pm tonight, asking me if she could see him I asked him and he seemed keen so I said he could finish early if it went quiet and meet us in one of the local pubs.

Telling Chloe I could hear her smile down the line so knew the girls were up to no good as usual and as I told her I would see them at the bar she simply answered cool see you there.

I knew how to play the game too and told Leigh to go home and freshen up as I knew the girls would be going home before coming out for dinner, drinks and debauchery. Flying out of the door it made me wonder even more what had happened the first night Leigh had met Chloe, it was obvious he had fucked her but he had never said a word about that night to me since.

Sitting in our security office I sat watching the cameras and computers running the normal site operations and was bored out of my skull waiting, I could have gone and finished my paperwork but my brain was telling me it’s time to relax so no more work was going to get done today.

About 20 minutes later the office door flew open and made me jump out of my skin, preparing to protect my office the adrenaline pumping through my veins it turned out to only be Leigh who didn’t bother ringing the bell the way we do so we know its staff entering the offices.

Dressed smartly for a change I joked you must be gagging for it and he just smiled and went off to make a cup of tea as Laura still had not called.

Sitting around discussing life and plans for the weekend my text alert went off on my personal mobile and opening up the text it had an attachment, knowing it was from Laura I expected one of her usual weird texts but as the attachment opened there was a picture of Chloe and Amber both sat stroking their hard cocks in lingerie with a tag line of so now you know.

I had suspected for ages that Chloe was transgendered but I had no idea Amber was Ts as well, now tonight seemed it could be fun but also made me wonder what they had planned.

Sitting across the desk from Leigh I knew he had fucked Chloe and now I knew what she had between her thighs, I had always been open about Laura with him as we had been mates for years anyway and he knew I was bi and into Tran’s girls.

Teasing him I said now I know you’re secret too, looking up from his mobile he smiled and turned his phone round to show me a picture Chloe had just sent him of her sat on Amber’s stiff cock.

In unison we could only manage two words, dirty bitch.

Asking him if he had fucked her he nodded and told me how shocked he was to find she had a cock but he couldn’t resist her and took her tight butt anyway.

2 pictures had now been sent but Laura was in neither so I guessed she must have taken them, knowing she is completely passive and no longer gets erections due to the medication and hormone treatments she is on I started to wonder if the other two had fucked her already which made me hard as hell.

Texting Laura I asked what time we were to meet and got a reply back in seconds saying around 8pm which although was later than I had expected to be seeing her it meant I could let Leigh out of work around then with the emergency phone in case of any incidents.

As we sat around waiting my phone went off again and another picture had been sent, this time it said private as the title so I knew it must be of Laura for me and me only, opening up the file it was indeed my gorgeous girlfriend in new lingerie I had not seen her in before with the tag line of you get me later and maybe…

I knew she was up to something and it seemed tonight was going to be interesting, I had not seen Laura in 3 days as she had been away on a course for her company so I was eager and not to mention horny as hell for her and packing a large load of spunk I intended to empty.

Soon enough 8pm rolled around and as an alarm sounded from the computer system Leigh ran off to answer the call only to come wandering back and say it’s the girls pulling onto site, knowing Laura would come and park down in the staff spaces I wandered out to meet her to see she had a brand new Audi, I had always been a car nut and now we had a new toy if she would let me drive it.

As the door swung open and the smell of the brand new leather seats filled the air Laura stepped out in a fitted satin mini dress and 5 inch heels followed by Chloe and then Amber, pulling Laura close to me we kissed like long lost lovers and she cheekily said did you enjoy the pictures.

Chloe went off to find Leigh in the office and Laura pulled Amber over and said go one kiss her, kiss her like how you kiss me as she is your present for later. Kissing Amber deeply I felt her tiny waist and perky breasts against my chest for the first time making me hard in the process, rubbing my cock she looked over to Laura and cheekily said no wonder you are always so cheerful he has a lovely cock.

Looking over I couldn’t believe Laura wanted me to fuck her friend for her too, I hadn’t had any sex at all in 4 days and that was unusual as Laura was always a bit of a nympho from day one.

Agreeing Leigh could secure the office as long as he brought the mobile along we walked up the main road to the restaurant and were welcomed in their usual energetic style by Lolitta the owner of the Tapas bar also named after herself.

Taking our seats Laura sat by my side with Amber at the end of the table and Leigh with Chloe on the other, it was a bit cramped but it didn’t matter and as Laura got comfy by my side she discreetly slid her hand down against my groin as we kissed making my cock strain against my jeans, breaking away from her I said I missed you baby and we kissed again.

Expecting and awaiting Leigh’s normal comment of ah how cute it didn’t come as I looked over he was far too busy himself to worry what we were up to.

As we sat and enjoyed the food, drink and company I glanced at my watch to notice it was coming up on 10pm and Leigh had to do shift end and lock down on the site so telling him to run back and do it he shot out of the door only to return to ask where to find us, telling him we would finish up and come back to site he nodded and left.

Paying up and thanking Lolitta we wandered back down the street past a bar or two we usually go in and back onto the site as the alarms were being set, insisting we only had 30 seconds or so to get to the car I asked the girls to rush, watching 3 transsexuals in stilettos trying to run was interesting and as I knew it was only the office door alarm I also found it pretty funny.

As we got back to the cars Leigh was outside and asked what the rush was for, I soon got outted and then got in trouble for making them run.

Discussing what was to happen tonight Laura took my side and whispered to me you can have me and Amber if you want her, looking her in the eye she knew without me saying a word and Laura offered to drive us back to hers.

Wondering what Leigh and Chloe had planned I didn’t have to wait to find out as they climbed into the back of Laura’s car also, asking Leigh how he planned to get back to work for 7am he climbed out of Laura’s car again and decided to follow us in his car instead.

Tearing through the town in Laura’s usual style of foot on the floor driving we took minutes to get to their flat, dialling in the number to open the gates Laura shot through them so as Leigh could follow before they closed.

As soon as we were all settled in the flat and a couple of bottles of wine and lager were opened Laura came to sit by my side and said now I have to tell you all my news as we are among friends, looking at her like there’s more to come she told me one of the 3 days I was away I was not on company business, now I was concerned as we had both been very casual at the start of her relationship and she had cheated more than once.

As she sat Laura slid her hand into mine and then came out with the truth, one of those days I was away to arrange my gender reassignment and I go in for surgery in a months’ time to become the woman I have always felt I am inside.

Pulling her against me as she cried a little I told her how much I love her and that the change means nothing to me as she is and always will be the only woman I want in my life, kissing me she soon cheered up and announced we were to have some fun.

With Laura sat one side of me and Amber the other I felt amazing and as I kissed Laura I felt Amber kissing my neck from the other side, as I turned to kiss Amber I felt my flies being lowered and Laura’s long slender fingers working their way into my boxers, stopping for a moment and looking over Chloe was already sat in Leigh’s lap sampling his tongue passionately.

As I laid back against the soft leather of the sofa both Laura and Amber kissed passionately whilst I watched, as they broke and both looked my way I knew this was going to be amazing. As Laura looked back to Amber she suggested they retire to Laura’s room, as they stood I went to get up and got told to sit and wait for them.

Sat with a rock hard cock I got to witness Chloe sucking Leigh deeply opposite me and as I offered her my cock in her arse whilst she sucked on Leigh she told me to chill out as I would need all my energy tonight.

Sitting back again both Leigh and Chloe left the room and I was alone but so horny it was unreal and thought I may have to have a wank if I had to wait any longer for the girls, finishing up my beer and clearing the coffee table up I heard the door handle click as the door opened and there stood Laura and Amber both in lace topped stockings and stilettos with the tiniest panties on barely hiding their clits.

They looked so amazing with Laura in a black and purple basque, suspender belt and very high heels with her long dark hair cascading down her back and Amber in a pink baby doll and suspender belt with white stiletto heels which made a fantastic contrast against her flame red shoulder length hair.

Laura wiggled her way across the lounge and into the kitchen area and as I took her into my arms she asked so who do you want to fuck first?

Replying I told her she is my wife and therefore she gets me first and last and with that she led me into the bedroom to be joined on the bed by Amber.

Releasing my belt and wriggling out of jeans and boxers it was obvious how turned on I was, as I pulled my shirt off I was instantly aware of the girls taking turns sucking my cock and it not only looked hot but felt amazing, Laura has always been amazing at giving me head but Amber blew my mind with the way she worked my bell end to dripping pre cum.

Still managing to control herself Amber had stayed flaccid the whole time but as the girls kneeled at the end of the bed and kissed with Laura rubbing her cock through her panties I saw the large member Amber had so far hidden so well, not being able to handle Laura playing with her she slid her panties off and out popped a thick veiny and at least 9 inch cock that looked massive against Ambers very slim but busty build.

I could not believe I was getting to see this close up and for real, I had seen this kind of fun in pornos throughout the years and been with transvestites who had fucked each other but two totally feminine looking girls and one with a huge stiff cock was all my dreams wrapped into one and tonight I would get to have them both to myself.

Watching them enjoying each other made me wonder how many times they had done this before Laura had met me, joining them and getting closer I kissed Laura hard then Amber and as Amber moaned in pleasure I realised Laura was sucking her off and taking near all of Ambers shaft deep into her throat.

There was no way I was going to hold back any longer and as I pulled away Laura’s panties and sank my tongue into her butt she squirmed and moaned in pleasure as Amber instructed me to eat Laura’s butt as she face fucked her, pulling her cute butt apart I managed to get my tongue even deeper into her ass pussy and as I slid a finger into her as I licked her she pulled off of Ambers cock and ordered me to fuck her deep.

Pulling her to the edge of the bed so I could stand behind her I spread her long slender legs and eased my bell end into her rose bud pussy, moaning in pleasure she pushed back slightly encouraging me to go balls deep in her, sliding my 8 plus inches inside her felt fantastic after not fucking her in a few days and I soon had her arse juices flowing and as wet as any pussy could ever be.

Reaching my balls I reached around to cup her breasts as I ploughed my cock deep into her slapping my full balls against her arse hard and loud enough to crack the air, once again Amber pushed her cock into Laura’s mouth and managed to lean in to kiss me as we spit roasted Laura hard with two thick cocks in her.

Begging us to release her I grabbed what was left of her cock and began to wank her off as I fucked her arse harder and as she managed to pull herself off of Ambers cock she instructed Amber to get under her and take her cum, as Amber slid under her and took Laura’s semi hard cock into her mouth and began to suck her hard as they 69′d and I continued to plough Laura’s butt hard and fast.

Feeling her body and muscles lock onto my shaft I knew she was about to cum but as I grabbed her waist and drove my balls into her butt one last time she moaned loud and hard and dumped her cum into Ambers mouth setting off a chain reaction as Amber shot her load a good foot into the air and all over Laura and herself.

As the girls rearranged themselves and managed to lie back and relax for a moment, still rock hard I now needed to spunk my load and as Laura crawled to the head board end of the bed to recover Amber released her baby doll and sat massaging the mixture of her own cum and Laura’s cum she had dribbled all over her breasts into her soft pale white skin.

Sat with Laura watching Amber play with their spunk she looked up and right at me, Laura then told me I think Amber needs that cock inside her now and as I looked at Amber she nodded and came my way coated in spunk already she looked hot as hell and ready to fuck hard.

Before I knew it Amber was sat in my lap kissing me and Laura who was knelt by her side, looking at me she brushed her tight butt against my stiff member and then asked Laura to guide me into her.

As she slowly slid down my thick 8 incher she locked her teeth as did I, Amber was so tight almost virginal but as she sat on my balls and relaxed she told me I am an anal virgin so be nice.

I couldn’t understand how she could be but I found out Amber is usually dominant so I was the first guy to ever get to fuck her.

As she slowly rocked on my cock kissing Laura I could feel her anal muscles relaxing and accepting my shaft even deeper inside her, leaning in I so wanted to suck her breasts and as I flicked my tongue across her nipples she howled in pleasure and was soon rock hard again herself from my touch and Laura’s tongue in her mouth.

As she had got nicely relaxed Laura asked her if she would like me to dom her as I did to her and with some hesitation Amber agreed but begged me to be gentle with her, rolling her onto her back and pushing her legs back I slid my cock inside her anus and lowered down onto her kissing her lips as I slid in and out of her butt hole.

Taking her thighs into my inner arms I began to pound her and as my balls slapped her butt she moaned in pleasure, telling her how sexy she looked being filled full of my cock Laura managed to get in-between us and started sucking Amber off as I fucked her harder and deeper making her almost explode as she moaned and wriggled trying to escape us.

Telling Laura to take it to the next level she slid the handcuffs we keep out and handcuffed Amber to the headboard as I fucked her arse hard Laura went to work on her nipples making her cock massively hard again, wanking her cock as I filled her arse there was no way she could handle our assault on her body and soon she showered Laura herself and me in her second load but as soon as she came Laura released her hands.

Laying down against her and kissing her lips gently she thanked me for such an amazing first time fuck, problem was I still had not cum and now I needed to badly.

As I looked to our side Laura had laid back and was beckoning me to fuck her again so pushing her thighs back and slipping inside her hot wet hole I knew she had planned to make me spunk this time.

Kissing her deeply as I took her butt as deep as I possibly could I knew she was enjoying every minute as she moaned deeply with each drive inside her wet pussy, I knew I would run out of energy before I managed to cum but as I slowed to make love to Laura I was aware of something wet and thick rubbing my arse.

Looking over my shoulder Amber was there rubbing her now stiff cum covered shaft against my butt and it was driving me wild as I love anal myself too, feeling Ambers long nails either side of my waist then the pain of her entering me, her thick cock splitting my tight arse open as she slid inside and with each push she got another inch inside me whilst she drove me hard into Laura’s butt.

Whispering to me she was getting sore I slid my cock from Laura’s butt and she told Amber to make me cum as I had done to her, as Laura slid under me and took my stiff cock in her throat Amber pushed hard and got all of her veiny 9 inch cock in my butt and didn’t hold back as she rammed me hard and fast.

This story is split into to two parts because the sections need to be posted in different categories. The first part describes how a middle aged married man enjoyed out of character but enthusiastic gay sex with a younger man. The concluding part I intend to post in Loving Wives because it deals with the aftermath when his wife finds out.


My name is Alan Martin, I am 49 years old and must admit that I probably look my age. I have reached the stage where I do not want to try too hard and am happy to sink into a lethargic life style. For the last twenty years I have been married to Helen and it is she who keeps me on my toes. A decade my junior Helen looks more than ten years younger than that and is also a seriously sexy lady. She is exceptionally attractive with a body to dream about — but I shall not say more because she does not figure in my story. The only pertinent fact is that I am pretty certain that she has always used her extensive sexual talents exclusively for my benefit, which makes what happened to me incongruous to say the least.

I have worked in computers for over twenty-five years and have developed my own area of speciality in which I am the acknowledged expert. I went on of lots of courses in my early years but for some time have avoided new training, not wanting to be apart from Helen — and frankly because I could no longer be bothered. The trouble is that the whiz kids have come along with their new techniques and languages, and the things I am good at are becoming less and less in demand.

Realising that I needed to make an effort, I deigned to peruse a list of available courses, which had already been kicking round the office for a good two weeks. To my surprise there was a one week course on a subject for which I had already a good grounding and this was an easy chance to prove that I could still go with the flow. To prevent myself from forgetting about it, I went straight along to the personnel department and asked to be put down for the course. I must point that I work for a large organisation which runs courses ‘in house’ at their own hotel in the south. The ensuing telephone enquiry on my behalf, gained the information that I was lucky in that there was still the one place waiting to be filled.

That night, Helen was surprised about the course but fully understood the reason that I needed to attend. Next day, in the middle of the morning, I had an agitated request to go back to personnel and there I was told that my place had been double booked and that the other persons request had preceded mine. All was not lost because it was accommodation that was the problem and my rival had been given one of the few double rooms in the hotel. So — if we were both prepared to share then I could still go on the course. I consented immediately and then had a tense couple of hours waiting to hear if the other chap was also agreeable.

It was an unseasonably hot June Sunday that I travelled down on the train. By the time that I had made my way to the hotel from the station, booked in and unpacked, I was feeling both very sticky and more than a little weary. Intending just to take a half hour rest, I stripped to trousers and unbuttoned shirt and lay on the bed reading the Sunday newspaper that I had acquired in the lobby. After twenty minutes my roommate put in an appearance. He looked in his late thirties, quite good looking with tight curly blonde hair.

He walked straight over to me with his hand outstretched and said, “Hi, I’m Dave.” Then before I could tell him my name he continued, “Why haven’t you got the air conditioning on — it’s like a Turkish bath in here?”

“I tried. The damn thing is on the blink – reception have promised to send someone to fix it,” I reported.

“Shit, I am going to be just a lump of grease if I don’t get this kit off,” he cursed and forthwith denuded himself of every scrap of clothing.

Now I am a naturally shy person and in any state of undress, I will automatically turn to face the nearest wall, no matter what the company. My companion had no such inhibitions, for he padded about happily unpacking as if nakedness was the most natural state in the world. Rather fascinated, I surreptitiously watched while pretending to be engrossed in the newspaper.

Now although, my face is no longer youthful, physically I am not in too bad shape, largely because Helen and I like to do a lot of countryside walking most weekends. I was however, not a patch on this chap. His body was lightly tanned, (all over), and his muscles were nicely taut and toned as if he worked out — or played squash I surmised thinking that I recognised the type.

I have to admit that I also looked at his dick. This was pure curiosity because all my life I had never seen another besides my own. There must have been times at school in the showers when I had been in the company of naked males but I have absolutely no recollection from then. From what I could see, his prick was bigger than mine and in a way looked neater — rather Greek god like, as portrayed on statues. Feeling that he was aware of my scrutiny, I concentrated on the newspaper and was startled to sense him by the side of my bed. Glancing sideways I was confronted with his penis in front of my eyes, resting in a nest of curly light coloured hair very like that on his head. Women’s bodies have always attracted me so much that I often thought men gained most from the opposite sexes visual appeal but now I could suddenly see what women got out of the deal.

Dragging my eyes upward, I found that he was holding an open packet of cigarettes towards me. “I don’t thank you,” I said but then, feeling rather embarrassed I pointed to a partly concealed magazine lying on his bed I asked, “Is that what I think it is?”

“Yes it is and a good one,” he grinned. “I am glad to see that you’re a man after my own heart.” With that he flicked it across to me.

It was as I thought a pornographic magazine but I was in for a disappointment because I had already seen the damn thing. Considering the thousands of such magazines in circulation, I wondered what the odds were of coming across the same one in places over 100 miles apart.

I still looked through it and gained enjoyment but would have become engrossed for longer if the pictures had been new. Dave had unpacked a short, thigh length towelling bath robe, slipped it on and was spending some time seeing if he could have better luck with the air conditioning. Finishing the magazine, I called out, “I don’t suppose that you have got another of these.”

“I have,” he called back, “but I am not sure if it will be to your taste.”

I laughed. “It takes a lot to shock me. What is it — really kinky?”

“No just gay.”

“Dig it out. I might as well learn how the other half lives,” I said with a touch of bravado. It was rather disappointing that it was not bestiality or something like that but I seemed to be suddenly in the kind of mood where anything sexual was worth looking at.

I have already said that I had previously read the first magazine but that does not explain why the second aroused me so much more. There were several series of pictures set in different locations with most featuring three males, mostly on the young side but some including an older man. There were six, four or two pictures per page. The first set had three naked youths in a kitchen sucking each other’s stiff dicks if different combinations and the second was situated in a cinema with one youth bent over the seat sucking off a second while being anally fucked by a father figure. The opening picture of the third series showed two young men doing sixty-nine but then interrupted to answer the knock of the mailman, who then enters the scene. Very soon one guy had the newcomer’s cock out and the series continued with the mailman now stripped and joining enthusiastically in the oral activities. The set finished with one lad fucking the other with him in turn being stuck up the mail delivery man bending over in front of him I was rather glad that the magazine resting across my lap concealed the effect that viewing these male only activities was having on me. Dave, having abandoned the air conditioning unit, wandered across to the side of my bed and stood looking down as I slowly turned the pages. As I passed the half way mark, he half perched on the right side of the bed saying, “There is a really good one coming up.”

Soon after, the whole left hand page was taken up by one picture. It showed a youth lying naked on his stomach with head looking up towards the camera. Between his legs there was an older man who very obviously had his cock hard up inside the younger man’s anus. The youth’s face was contorted in what could have been either ecstasy or agony. “Who says that they don’t like it up em?” Dave laughed, reaching past me to tap the picture.

I glanced sideways to join in the laughter and froze because my companions reaching movement had caused the front of his robe to fall apart, exposing a very erect penis. My first reaction was to look up at Dave’s face expecting him to give an embarrassed laugh and quickly cover himself. Instead he looked at me with a funny kind of half smile on his face but apart from that did not move. My eyes fell back to his cock. It was beautiful. A good seven to eight inches in length (possibly slightly longer), thick, symmetrical and looking so perfect. The head had a dark reddish tinge and there was a sheen on the tight skin. For a long long moment that seemed to last forever, we formed a frozen tableau but then, acting of its own volition, in slow motion my hand reached out and I watched my fingers close round the shaft.

It felt hot, alive and vibrant causing a thrill to run right down my arm. For some time I was content just to hold it like that, feeling the pulses throbbing beneath my fingers but then I began to slowly move my hand up and down in a caressing motion. A glistening globule of pre-cum oozed out of his slit. I was holding his dick in a perpendicular position and gradually the globule grew until it looked like a hemispherical glowing gem balanced on the end of the prick. I was fascinated by it and was idly wondering in which direction it would run when Dave said softly, “The nectar of the God’s.”

With that thought in mind, I could not let it run and risk losing one drop of the precious fluid. Leaning forward I scooped it up with the tip of my tongue. That sweet man dew was indeed nectar. It inflamed my brain. I wanted more — so much more. Taking his cock into my mouth I attempted to drain it from the source. I was aware of a slightly sweaty male smell from the area of his groin — where before I would have found it revolting now it seemed the most heady aroma that I had ever experienced.

After a while the madness eased and I was able to think about what I was doing. It seemed so natural — so right. It was crazy — for almost half a century no non-heterosexual thought had ever crossed my mind and yet suddenly I was happily sucking the penis of a man that I had met less than an hour before. The tip of my tongue found his slit and started to explore it with a slight extra stiffening of his whole penis showed that he liked it. I kept returning to that small activity, enjoying the effect that I could cause. A couple of times I removed the whole cock from my mouth to lick slowly round the rim but both times the sight of that big bulbous head, glistening with the mixed sheen of saliva and cum-juice, caused me to take it hungrily back in my mouth again.

I knew when he was going to cum. A little before the climax, Dave’s breathing changed and he rested his hand lightly on my head. There was no thought of pulling my head away – I wanted what was to come straight from his body into my throat. Immediately before the moment, his cock stiffened and seemed to swell in my mouth. And then I was madly swallowing, my mouth was overflowing with cum and more seemed to be pumping out of him every second. On the basis that the other was nectar then this had to be the elixir of life. I have no memory of the taste or texture that first time, my only awareness being the effect that it had on me. If drug addicts get a similar high from their hits then I can now well understand addiction.

Eventually I lay back on the bed with my eyes closed. I was floating, in limbo, almost on the verge of passing out and I knew that I was breathing heavily as if hyperventilating. Dave’s hands were stroking, calming me. Then I felt his lips and teeth on one of my nipples and fingers nipping the other. New tremors triggered through me. It was the first time I realised that male nipples were capable of sexual excitement. One sensation seemed to follow another. My jaw hung open and I heard myself moaning. Then suddenly, his tongue was in my mouth, urgent, probing and it took me over the top. Shudder after shudder wracked through my body and in that moment of new experience, I felt myself shooting my own load of spunk into the confines of my pants.

I slowly opened my eyes and found Dave smiling at me. “Welcome aboard,” he said.

Although I smiled back I could think of nothing to say. What could I say — ‘How was it for you?’ I had never visualised myself in a situation like this.

He gave me a nudge. “Come on. We need to take a shower — especially you I think.”

“You go first,” I told him. I wanted to just lie and think — and relive the experience in my mind.

“Nonsense. It is a nice big shower — we can both fit in together.”

Reluctantly, I started to comply but on noticing that his prick was stiff again, I made a grab for it hoping more of that lovely stuff would be on tap.

He avoided me laughing. “Don’t be greedy,” he chided. “You can have all of that you want — but later.”

In the shower we mucked about, soaping each other and laughing. I had often done this with Helen, never dreaming it could be just as much fun with a man. We reached a position where he stood behind me, reaching round to build up a lather on my nipples and I could feel his hard stiff cock digging into me. Suddenly I had a desperate craving for something that I had never had. I wanted to be the youth in the picture. Reaching back, I found his penis was slippery with soap, so I grabbed hold and tried to ram it into me.

Dave stopped me. “That is silly,” he said. “Never use soap as lube — it will make you terribly sore. It could put you out of action for the whole week and that would never do. If that’s what you want, then we will do it slowly and properly – remember we have got all night. Right now, we will go to the restaurant and grab something to eat then find the other blokes on the course before they come looking for us.”

During the eating of a very pleasant meal and immediately afterwards, we identified our seven fellow course students for the week. Four of them were the usual whiz-kids, early twenties, brash, overconfident and with accelerated promotion written all over them. Three worked together at the same division of the organisation and the fourth had graduated with them at university — so they formed a ready-made clique. Two of the others were older men in their sixties, from high level management and were on the course to gain the credit not the knowledge — it possibly also enhanced their pensions.

The seventh was the odd one out. Called Chris, he was early thirties and very tall, (possibly around 6′ 6″), and he was also very thin. It did not take me long to realise that I disliked him intensely. It was his manner that irritated me. He possibly thought that his obsequiousness was being friendly but I felt that he was constantly trying to ingratiate himself. Most people have an instinct about invading another’s personal space but to Chris this was a foreign concept — so I always felt crowded whenever he managed to engage me in conversation.

After the meal, all nine of us retired to the bar and got to know each other. By ten o’clock, I felt that civilities had been satisfied allowing us to go back to our room. Needless to say, I was more than a little eager. It was eleven (when the bar closed), before everyone broke up and the frustrating part was – Dave was the one who had kept the evening going. When we were alone, I remonstrated with him about this.

“We have got to be careful,” he warned. “Never appear too eager to get off alone together — and it might be an idea, when the course splits into project groups, never to get on the same team as each other.”

I was hoping to just lie on one of the beds with him and get to it but Dave was far more laid back (or realistic) about it. That was fine for a quickie he said but all night in the heat without air conditioning was liable to get far too sweaty. We did try pushing the beds together but they seemed to be bolted in some way to the floor. However, on inspiration and after some struggle, we found that the mattresses were removable and rather fortuitously fitted exactly, side by side, in the space between the two bed bases. Then we lay down together.

I started sucking him again – because he was very stiff and it was there. I had intended this as just a preamble to the main event but he came in my mouth very quickly. This was again very enjoyable although it did not have the same devastating effect on me as before but I was also rather disappointed, thinking this would mean a long delay before he would be ready again to introduce Fagin to me. I was to find that he had the most amazing power of recovery and the ability to cum time and time again with little decrease in his resilience.

He got me lying face down with my hips resting on a pillow and after initial caresses started applying KY Jelly to my anus. Gradually he worked one, two and then three fingers inside me. At first this felt strange and uncomfortable but quickly developed into an extremely pleasant sensation and I became eager for the real thing. By this time he was more than ready to perform and positioned himself between my legs. I cannot say that it didn’t hurt because initially there was an excruciating feeling of pain but the sensation that gradually replaced it was incredible. I very quickly decided that I loved being fucked. At first he took it slowly, allowing me to acclimatise to having him inside me but very soon I was urging him on with cries of, faster, harder, deeper.

That night we did it over and over again in many different positions but then it was like that whenever we were alone together. In that short time I had become totally besotted by his wonderful cock and I had an image of it in my mind every waking minute. It is difficult in retrospect to differentiate that night from the many times later in the week. I rather liked Dave lying flat on his back while I crouched above him and willingly impaled myself on his erect pole. The favourite was lying relaxed, face to face, with him inside me and his hard demanding tongue probing in my mouth. At his suggestion, I licked his arse and wiggled my tongue inside him. I grew to love doing this small service for him because the heavy musky aroma made me delirious and the knowledge of what I was doing was incredibly arousing. A bonus was that afterwards, his prick seemed even longer and thicker than usual. That first night, I think that he screwed me sometime after I had fallen asleep — it was either that or I had a most delightful dream.

In the morning, I awoke and found him lying with a sheet draped loosely across his torso but with lower quarters exposed. Taking advantage, I sucked him erect and went on to have an early drink and so established a regular morning ritual. Then it was a matter of restoring the two beds to how they were supposed to be and going downstairs to the restaurant for the official breakfast.

The course started and I found it interesting. A constant irritant was Chris who wandered from desk to desk asking questions but seeming to hover more around me than the others. He had a most annoying habit of crouching by the side of the desk, back straight and looking exactly a preying mantis. Over the years I have learned to overlook surface mannerisms and not to go on first appearances but this principle did not work with Chris — the man made me cringe. After we had taken a quick lunch, with just over half an hour before the course resumed, I whispered to Dave, “Let’s go to the room for a quickie.” I really wanted it badly. My rectum ached with the need to have him inside me and I thought even a few minutes might ease the craving. My lover quickly indicated his willingness to oblige but at the stairs, Chris collared us.

Like so many chance encounters we met without any intention or inclination of what would come. What else is there to do when you meet someone for the first time but to strike up conversation and slowly wade your fingertips in the in the water of their personality. Her smile and her laugh were chords of joy played upon my heart but the melody was the song with a voice that made angels cry in jubilation.

Before dawn could rob the stars of their glory, a part of me was taken and freely given in the breath of a moment. By the light of day I had meant to replace the night’s fancy with the days tedium but I was haunted by the memory of her.

We met the next night in a dream, reclining in an autumn painted orchard by a river bed. On a quilted blanket of down we held each other without restraint, lost in each others gaze that we had dared not fall prey to in waking hours. For when else but in the forgiving shrouds of dream can one hope to know such perfection without the threat of madness. A timeless passage of hours held me within those eyes until I died to be born anew.

My hand brushed hers and made a slow, deliberate ascension along her forearm and passed her elbow where my fingertips could grace to the soft parts of her flesh where the joints met. Cupping her shoulder I dared the first kiss and drank of her lips as if they were ripened fruit. My breath failed me as if being expelled to make room for the passion that was swelling within me. When she returned the kiss I was filled with her breath, exchanged for my own and we collided as one.

Her hands on me anchored my soul to my flesh at the same time her kiss set my spirit off in flickering sparks, her nails drawing crimson lines across my back in a rich tapestry of her need.

My hands ran greedily over every curve and crevice wanting desperately to hold all of her at once. I reluctantly pulled my mouth from hers and planted open-mouthed kisses down her neck and passed her torso where I found a mouth that I could kiss deeply enough to satisfy my need. With each descending kiss I licked her skin in anticipation until I found my head cradled by her thighs.

I brushed the full length of her lips wth my thumb lightly enough to tease but with enough pressure to open them, then a soft kiss on her clitoris to begin. My tongue followed the path made by my thumb, giving special attention to her swelling nub. Her heels dug in to my back as her whole body tensed and a soft moan started to rise in her throat.

Her fingers made there way through my hair, her nails drawing lines on my scalp before pulling up with two fistfuls of hair while using her calves to pull me closer to her. My enthusiasm multiplied under her forceful instruction, my tongue moving faster and deeper while my fingers kneaded and clawed at her hips and thighs. I hummed and growled in to her venus mound with unchecked ferocity, determined to taste the nectar that had not yet been released.

She thrust herself in to face again and again as her vocal cues became breathy and more frequent. I twisted enough to get a couple of fingers inside her without ceasing my kiss. Now inside my fingers reached up behind her clit and rubbed that spot that would ensure her release. Then it happened and her body quaked and shivered, at least one of her hands shot up to stifle the surprised scream came as I quickened my oral affection after each cascading orgasm.

At a time of my choosing, when her panting breath told me she’d had enough, I knelt before her and raised her ankles above my head. My hunger for her was not sated by mouth but merely channeled in to my throbbing sex. It took only a moment to place the head of my lust at her opening then a single thrust and we were as close as we’d ever be.

With one ankle in each hand, I held her legs open and pushed through her with even and measured thrusts. Her muscles clenched around my girth and she looked in to my eyes with a furious need to have me increase my pace. The pleasure of my actions was matched only by the sensation of control I was exercising, watching as her breaths matched the rhythm of my thrusts.

As my need for her overcame my control I placed the palms of my hands on the ground on either side of her and with her knees over my shoulders, I began to pound my flesh in to hers hard and fast. Broken whimpers filled the afternoon air above the baritone grunts of my own exertion.Her building excitement contracted again, this time coaxing the ultimate release of my own passion.

The dawn found me brimming with emotions and sensations I had never conceived before, haunted by the memory of her presence. Wet dream aside, talking with her and losing myself in her eyes filled a space in my heart that I hadn’t known was there before and now the distinct emptiness without her their to fill it was maddening.

Who but one that has experienced such a brand of passion, that fills you to the brink of perfect bliss and leaves you aware of its absence when gone, can understand these chains that tethered me to her so unwaveringly. I had no choice but to win her affection or face the rest of my days with a mediocre echo of what I knew love could be.

The following story could be just a story, a fantasy, or even a femdom hypnosis script. Whatever your liking… enjoy


Hey Baby,

It’s been a long time since we’ve been together alone. I’m glad to hear that your wife is out of town. I have been so horny thinking about you…. I’ve been thinking about this moment… for so long… and what it would be like when I got you all alone… away from your wife… and all to myself

Baby… I have brought you a present… and I think you are going to love it. But first… I want you to get naked. Take off all of your close. That’s it… strip all the way down. Take off your shirt… slip out of your pants… and your underwear… That’s it… I want you to be completely naked for what I’m about to show you… I have a surprise for you… and I think you are going to love it. Now…. cum here… just sit down right here next to me.

“Hey SEXY!! You can come in now!!!”

Baby… this is my friend. I know you remember him. He is from the gym. I know you have seen him… and watched him. Now baby, don’t be nervous… nobody will ever know about this. It’s just you… me…. and him. Just relax. Nothing is going to happen, that you don’t want to happen.

Now… You know that I told you that I was going to tell you my secret fantasy. Right?

Baby… have you ever, had sex with a man? … You haven’t? Do you want to know what it’s like… what it’s like to be with a man… to touch him… kiss him… taste him? Have you ever been curious? Thinking about what it would be like to have a mans, thick… penis… in your hands… and in your mouth? To service him, worship his body… feel your body against his… To wrap your legs around him? To surrender to a man completely? and let him inside you?


I want to watch you with another man. I want to see you be with another man. I want to watch you kiss another man… and let him slip his tongue deep inside your mouth. I want to see another man make love to you…. to kiss you… taste you… and penetrate you…

And I know you want this too. I know that you are curious… curious about being with another man. I’ve seen the pictures on your computer; I’ve seen the way that you look at other men. Don’t try to deny it. I’ve seen you watch my friend at the gym… I’ve seen you watch him while he worked out. I saw you looking at his body while he wasn’t looking, lusting after him. Wanting him. You didn’t think I saw it did you. Did you know, that he was watching you too? Baby… My friend is gay.

He has fucked many men from the gym. A lot of them said they were heterosexual. They told him that they were only interested in women. But once he got them alone… in a room… within minutes, he was seducing them… and fucking them. Do you want to know… how he did it? Watch him now… as he strips down naked in front of you. He is going to show you his body

Baby… I want you to look at my friend. He is fucking sexy isn’t he. Don’t try to deny it. Look at him. Don’t look away. Look at his body. Look at his lips… and his mouth. You want to know what it’s like to kiss him don’t you… to kiss him deep… letting him explore your mouth. Look at his chest, his stomach… look at his strong legs.

Watch him turn around, and pull down his pants… slowly… showing you his ass.

Now… Look at his ass baby… You want it don’t you, you want to taste him. Watch him turn back around… Now… I want you to look at his thick cock. Look at it. It’s so beautiful isn’t it. You want to taste it don’t you. You want to put it in your mouth. You want to service it. Baby, I know you want this… don’t try to run from this. Your own dick, is rock hard… just looking at him, wanting him, lusting for him.

Now… Just stay right here as he walks toward you. Stay seated…. don’t move. Now Baby… I want you to look at this big… thick cock in front of you. It is so beautiful… I know you want this… Your penis is rock hard and dripping wet. Your mouth is watering… just at the thought of sucking this dick in front of you. Now… I want you to put your hands on it. Feel it in your hands…. Feel the heat from it. Feel it throb in your hands. Now start to move your hands up and down on his thick shaft… Watch how it responds to your touch. Feel it, grow in your hands. Look at the precum dripping from the tip…. His penis is beautiful… isn’t it. Don’t shy away from this… now… I want you to lean forward…, open your mouth… open your mouth wide… put him in your mouth… that’s it… put your mouth on him… taste his precum.

OOH FUCK, this is so hot watching you do this

Move your hot mouth back in forth over his shaft. Feel his cock throbbing… and pulsating in your mouth. Worship this hard cock. Lick it… and kiss it… suck it…. Taste his dick… That’s it…, look him in his eyes… look up at him while you suck him. Take your hands and explore his body. Rub your hands over his stomach, chest… his back…, and down to his ass. I know you want this… you’ve always wanted this.

You feel his hand… press gently against the back of your head… Guiding you, while you service him… don’t stop… get into it… take him deep into your mouth…. feel it… slide into the back of your throat… Now just relax your throat. That’s it… take him deeper…. Your mouth belongs to him. Worship and service this cock… with your hot, wet, mouth. Suck it like a man for me. You know better than any woman how to suck him. This is natural. You’re going to make him cum.

Ooh Fuck… You feel his grip on your head, tighten. He’s going to cum. He’s going to cum in your mouth… and you want it so bad. You can’t get enough of his cock… you are addicted to his cock… you want his cum… I want you to swallow every drop of his hot cum. That’s it…take it. He’s gonna cum…

Suddenly… He pulls your head back… until your lips, are right at the tip of his penis. And then… he explodes… in your mouth.

…Ooh Fuck… he’s cumming. His cock is Exploding in your mouth… Shooting spurt… after spurt… after spurt… of hot cum, in your hot mouth. Take his cum in your mouth baby. Taste it… Feel it. Let his cum slide into your mouth… down your throat… and into your body. He is still cumming… shooting that hot cum into your mouth… and you can’t get enough of it… you are trying to swallow every drop… It tastes so fucking good doesn’t it.

You can’t get enough of his cum… but…

Suddenly… He pulls you up… and begins to kiss you. Ravishing your mouth with his… Kissing you… as only a man can. Forcing his tongue deep inside your mouth…

That’s it… Surrender to him. Surrender to his mouth… let him go deep in your mouth and taste cum. Your cock is rock hard as you let him kiss you deep. This is so fucking intense. He is kissing you like no other woman can or has… or ever will. You can’t get enough of his mouth as you two continue to kiss… groaning in each others mouths… You want him more than you’ve ever wanted anyone else in your life.

He wraps his arms around your body… You grab his face… and grind your body into him. Your kiss becomes deeper. Your cock is rubbing against him. His hand, slowly slides up your back, to the back of your head, smashing your face into his… His tongue goes deeper into your mouth… and into your throat… groaning into you. As you kiss him back… hungrily.

…then… he flips you around… and presses you up against the wall. He reaches around you and grabs your cock… and he begins to stroke you… while he is kissing, and licking your ear lobe. He begins to whisper in your ear… telling you how he is going to take you… slip his penis inside you… and fuck you deep… It takes everything within you, not to cum right then. You surrender to him. You lean back against him. You can feel his body against yours. His chest, against your back… His thighs against your thighs. His dick is rubbing back and forth against your ass.

You can feel his breath against your neck. He turns your head back as you kiss again. You want him to take you don’t you. You want him to penetrate you… You want him to take your virginity. That’s it…. give yourself to him. don’t fight this. Grind your ass against him… Oooh Fuck. This is so sexy, watching you like this.

Yes… He’s going to take you. He’s going to deep stroke you… he is going to fuck you… deep… long… and with passion… and when he is done with you… when he is done taking you… fucking you… and cumming in you… you will never be able to be with another woman again. Feel him as he licks down your neck. He is teasing you… making you want him… he is turning you…

As he strokes you with his right hand, he caresses your chest with his left hand. Sliding his way up… and pinching your nipples. Then, he moves his fingers up and into your mouth. You suck them eagerly, making them wet. This is driving you crazy. He removes his fingers from your mouth, and moves his hand down… and then, he slips a finger inside your ass. It hurts… but it feels so good. You know what this means… You know exactly what he is going to do to you. And you want it. He slips another finger into your horny ass… opening you up even more… as he kisses… and licks his way up and down your neck and shoulder… driving you insane with lust.

You feel his cock slide back and forth against your ass as he forcibly turns your head… and kisses you once more. You want this don’t you… you want to get fucked. This is why you kept cheating on your wife. You were looking for something that she couldn’t give to you. She can’t satisfy you. You need a man… you need a man to take you where she can not take you. You need to be fucked… you need a man to fuck you… you need a man deep inside you… You’ve always needed this. You just needed me to unlock this deep, dark, desire within you.

He slowly removes his fingers out of your hole. He’s going to fuck you now. You can feel the head of his cock, at your hole now. Then… You feel it penetrate you… You feel it begin to slide inside your ass. It hurts so bad… but It feels so fucking good. His dick slowly slides into your ass until it is lodged… deep inside you. You are his women now.

He pulls out slowly… and then, he pushes back inside you, this time even deeper. He slowly begins to move his penis in and out of you. You begin to press back against him, wanting him to fuck you… wanting him to pound you. He begins to speed up the pace…. Fucking you… Deep stroking you. His cock is deep inside you now… and you love it. He is taking you… He is breeding you… he is turning you.

Put your hands on the wall, and press your ass back against him. Give your ass to him. His dick is pounding you. It’s hitting your spot… and if feels so fucking good. He is grabbing your hips and fucking you and you are pushing back against him like a slut. You’ve never felt anything like this in your entire life.

Then… suddenly, he pulls out of you… leaving you empty. You turn around and he leads you to a chair nearby. He sits down, and motions for you. Is thick, wet cock is pointing straight up. It looks so delicious, you want to just get down on your knees and suck him off again, but you need something else first. You go to him, and straddle him. He grabs your hips as you two look into each others eyes. He eases you down… your ass opening for him… effortlessly. He penetrates you, going deep inside you again.

You start to move up and down on him… feeling his thick penis move in and out of you. You grab the back of the chair behind him and begin to slam your ass down on his cock. You two begin to establish a rhythm… fucking. He looks into your eyes, you lean into him and kiss him hungrily. You can’t get enough of him. The way he looks… The way he smells, tastes… The way his body feels against yours…

You are unaware of your surroundings. It’s just you and him. Sex sounds fill the room, as you two continue to fuck… with passion. Kissing… groaning… mating.

You’ve gone all your life… living as a heterosexual male. You never imagined that you would ever be having sex with another man… And now, here you are… in a dark room… naked with another man. your bodies, dripping…as you continue to have hot… wet… wild, uninhibited gay sex with a man who you don’t even know… Fucking,…. like wild animals. His dick, pistoning in and out of your ass… his tongue, slipping and slivering deep inside your mouth.

He moves his mouth down and begins to lick and suck on your nipples, while you moan in ecstasy. You want to scream at the top of your lungs… because this feels so fucking good. you don’t even know him…. but you want his cum…. You want his cum inside your ass… you want him to fill you up. You want his seed to impregnate you.

This is so fucking hot. Ooh fuck baby… he is about to cum. He is about to cum deep inside your womb. Take his cum inside you…. take his cum deep inside you.

He grabs your hips even tighter… and he slams your ass down on his dick. You feel his cock expand… and he shoots his load inside you… flooding your body with hot cum. Feel it! Feel his seed go deep inside of you…and as he cums… you cum. You begin to have the most intense orgasm… that you have ever had, in your entire life. Shooting cum all over the both of you.

He pulls you back into him and kisses you again… deep, long, and wet as his cum fills your body. His body is convulsing… shooting jet… after jet… after jet, of his hot cum inside your body… while you continue to shoot cum, between you. Finally… you kiss him once again… lovingly… knowing that this will not be the last time… You wrap your legs around him and kiss him passionately. This is only the beginning.

From now on… you don’t want to be with women, you only want to be with men. This deep dark forbidden passion has been unlocked within you. And it will never go away, no matter how much you try to fight it. You have to have sex with men… You want to kiss… lick… suck… and taste, men. You want to rub your body against another man. You want to give your mouth, and your ass, to a man.

You want to surrender to him… worship him. Explore his entire body with your mouth. You want to kiss a man, taste his mouth. Lick up and down is chest. Suck his cock… his balls… explore his ass, lick his asshole. You want to make a man explode, in your mouth… in your ass… on your body. You need to be with a man. You need to be fucked…. in every position possible.

From now on, you will go and seek material on how to seduce men, gay… or straight. You will become an expert, on pleasing men. Pleasuring their bodies… and making them cum, better than any woman can. And when you are finished, they will be addicted to your mouth… and your ass.

Whenever you see an attractive male, you will figure out a way, to take him somewhere… get him alone in a room, …and seduce him any way you can. You will then suck him off and swallow his cum. And let him take you… let him penetrate you… and let him fuck you… and release his seed deep inside you…. again… and again… and again…

4. Emotional Struggle

This is the fourth installment of the Kyle series. This installment is 100% true.

Staring into Kyle’s eyes and feeling fear I had originally shut down all of my senses. Hearing came back to me and I noticed the shower was no longer running. He must have changed his mind and shut it off before coming back to his room to kill all of my happiness. I didn’t blame him. We were best friends and the dichotomy of that relationship and the new one was vast. I guess I had actually fallen in love with Kyle. That could be the only explanation for why I was so scared. Physically I could beat the piss out of him, but emotionally he clearly had the upper hand. I don’t know what I was thinking starting this whole mess. At first I didn’t even think of myself as gay. I just considered my lusting for his flesh as some sort of primal sex thing, or maybe a pheromone thing.

There was no question now about my sexuality, and not just my sexuality but also my hopes of what would happen between Kyle and me. I was excited at first just being able to satisfy him sexually but now I wanted more. I always loved him as a friend but now I loved him more than I could really even express. What a stupid mistake. He was clearly not even gay. There is no way he could reciprocate the feeling. We had already both been accepted to the same college and filled out the paperwork to be roommates in the dorm. What a cluster fuck I have gotten myself into.

I was determined to not blink, speak or move first. Even in the fearful state I found myself in I was still able to admire how beautiful his face is. He had such perfect features and large eyes. I know they say speech only accounts for 40% of communication and tone, body language, and facial expressions make up the rest. I think that is mostly true with Kyle being somewhat of an exception. I think facial expressions make up about 80% of Kyle’s communication. I bet he could hold an entire conversation without opening his mouth. Kyle and I had now been in this completely awkward position with his face just a fraction of an inch from mine for close to a minute. Our breathing had even synchronized. He spoke finally, “Will you close your eyes please?”

I was less fearful and way more intrigued. I did not comply with his request, I asked, “Why, are you going to do something to me?” He replied, “There is something I want to try and it will be easier if you aren’t looking at me.” Alright, now I’m getting a little weirded out and I started rising up from my supine position. I was still locked onto his eyes so I couldn’t see his hand but I could feel his hand in the center of my chest applying pressure trying to keep me lying down. I didn’t like it. Kyle knew better than to try to use force on me. Not only am I physically strong I am also strong-willed and nobody makes me do anything I don’t want to do. I pulled out my assertive voice, “Take your hand off of me. You are creeping me out and I’m about to put an end to it.”

“I’m sorry. I’m Sorry. Just please listen to me. I am kind of feeling something. I don’t know. I want to try something but it is kind of weird to me. I really need you to go with me on this. You trust me don’t you?”

“Yeah Kyle I trust you but this is unchartered territory for me just as much as it is for you. You have to understand my apprehensiveness. Why don’t you just tell me what you want to do to me? You want me to close my eyes and lie still without giving me much else to go on.”

“Please.” Was all he said.

How could I argue with that? He was giving me the big eyes look and I was falling for it. I reluctantly lied back down. With one last long look into his eyes I sighed and closed mine. I was covered in goose bumps and it wasn’t cold. His hand made contact with my chest again. Not in any sort of forceful way, he was actually kind of caressing my left pectoral with his right hand. I felt his breath on my face again. Kyle’s hand moved up to my shoulder. I felt the bed dip down as he put some weight on it. Then I felt the bed dip down on the other side. It felt like he was straddling my hips. His hand found my neck. He sort of massaged the front and then the left side of my neck. Kyle’s hand closed around my throat. He wasn’t squeezing hard but he was definitely using some pressure, then more pressure and now I was close to feeling like I was being choked. The majority of the pressure was on the left side of my neck rather than on like my windpipe. Then I felt it.

Kyle’s lips found mine. As soon as his lips touched mine he gave a large exhale from his nose. He must have been holding his breath the entire time he was playing with my chest and neck. His lips were soft. His lips were probably the second best of his facial features behind his large eyes. I stayed completely still. This was his exploration thing so I wasn’t going to move or do anything unless prompted. He gave two really short kisses to my lips and them he planted his lips on mine and I felt his tongue touch my lips. I opened my mouth for his invading tongue. It was a very tender kiss. I found that so surprising since he had been fairly forceful when his cock was in my mouth. I guess he was able to kiss softly and still maintain his dominant stature since he was now bruising my neck with his iron-hard grip.

It was easily the most amazing kiss I have ever felt. I have made out with a lot of ladies but none of them had this kind of skill. Or maybe this just felt better since I was so in love with him. I was getting so turned on. I was running my tongue up and down his from side to side. I put my right hand up to his side and left hand to his neck. I was completely lost in the moment. My hands were now roaming his naked body. I involuntarily raised my hips from the bed and I felt his heavy cock and balls collide with mine. He was still soft but I was as hard as a rock. I didn’t want to move too quickly or make him uncomfortable but I was so lost in the moment I was acting out of pure instinct. I reached for his cock. His lips broke contact with mine and he whispered, “No.”

I wasn’t hurt or taken aback. I just went back to exploring his torso with my hands and kissing him passionately. It felt like he had been kissing me for over an hour, and that still wasn’t long enough, before Kyle broke it off. In reality it had probably only been about 3 or 4 minutes. He rose up from me and sat on my stomach. His eyes pierced mine once again and now his face held a look of complete confusion. I could stay in this position until I starved to death. I saw no reason to change anything about the current situation.

“We need to talk.” He said. If he had said that an hour ago, I would have been worried. I would have thought he realized what we were doing was gay and he wanted no part in it. However, after that kiss, I knew he wasn’t going anywhere. There is no way he could kiss me like that and then decide he never wanted to see me again. I just raised my eyebrows in response.

“I don’t know what we are doing. I feel like I want more than just friendship and head. At the same time I’m not gay. I can’t have a boyfriend. But then I realize I don’t want anyone else to have you. So am I just being possessive of you or do I really have genuine feelings for another dude?” He said it all very quietly and hurried. That wasn’t like him. If anyone on earth had an ego close to as big as mine it would be Kyle.

“Well, Kyle, I think those are only questions you can answer for yourself. I’m not sure what you want me to say. I will tell you where I stand but to be honest I’m a little worried it will freak you out. Especially since you are now having this personal wrestling match in your head.” I said.

“Yes please tell me what you think. I think it will help me sort things out in my head better if I just hear you talk about what this means to you. Please, don’t hold back either. I’ll sit here and listen to you all day.” He had almost a whimper in his voice now.’

I told him straight, “I love you. I mean I am in love with you. Like, I don’t even want us ever to move from this position for the rest of our lives. I know I’m a total catch so I’m also going to say; you’re welcome.”

I thought he was going to die. He just busted up laughing at the “you’re welcome” line. He rolled off of me and laid on the bed beside me. He was lying on his side just looking at me, “What should I say? I don’t know what to say, Levi. I mean, what are we doing here? Are we going to start dating or something? Do I have to take you out to the movies and buy you dinner? I never saw myself in this situation and I don’t know how to react.”

“Dude, I think you are totally over thinking this entire thing. We were best friends before any of this. Now we are best friends, times two, and you occasionally blow a hot sticky load in my mouth. It just doesn’t sound that complicated to me. We can still work on our cars together. We can still go to the range together. The only thing that has changed is we added sex into the cache of activities we share. I guess my feelings for you changed a little. I loved you as a friend before and I guess now I would say I love you entirely. I’m not really ashamed of it. I guess I understand your anxiety about holding hands in public or something but it’s not like we have to do that just because we are intimate in private. I will go along with whatever you decide you want to do. I hope you choose for us to continue this but I can’t make the decision for you.”

“But what if I don’t know what I want?” he said.

“Kyle, I’m not going anywhere. We are going to be living together in a couple months. You can take all the time you want to figure out what you want. I just ask that if you decide you want to end what it is we have going on; you be respectful of my feelings. I don’t want to come back to the dorm room to find you fucking a different girl everyday. I would get over it but I don’t want to see it. On the flip side I would also like to ask that if you decide you want to continue with what it is we have going on you will be respectful of me. When we are in the bedroom I like you to take control, but when we are just hanging out, we are equals-partners. Now with all that being said and everything being out in the open I am going to rub one out. I have been hard for like 2 hours and I’m going to die if I don’t expel this demon.”

I grabbed my cock, closed my eyes, focused on the taste of my best friend’s semen and started a nice slow jerk-off session. Kyle was still lying right next to me, looking at me. I opened my eyes and looked into his sweet angelic face while I pulled myself off. I leaned towards him and kissed him once more. He kissed back but ended the lip lock quickly. He was still deciding what he wanted for the future, which is fine but I hadn’t gotten off during any of our escapades. It was my time now. I was close to cumming before I even started. Then I felt Kyle’s hand start roaming my body. That almost put my 18 year old cock over the edge. His hand found my stomach, chest, nipples and finally my throat.

I don’t know what his fascination with my throat is but I like it.

Now, like I said, I’m a pretty strong person both physically and mentally/emotionally. I wouldn’t normally like anyone touching my neck. Actually I don’t really like to be touched in general but Kyle was a clear exception to the rule. I liked that he took ownership of me. I like that he tries to make me his in bed. I think he peed on me in an attempt to mark me as property in some sort of animalistic territorial way. I moaned louder as his hand continued to massage and squeeze my neck. I loved the feeling of him in power over me. I really wished that we would take the lead and jerk me off. I know his large hand would feel great on my hard cock. I was dripping like a faucet. I have always been and I still am a big leaker. I don’t even have to be hard. I leak in my pants some times when I am not even hard or aroused. I just have extra cum I guess.

Kyle had leaned in towards me and was kissing, nibbling and kind of breathing or blowing in my ear. I loved it when he was this close to me. I was stroking faster and faster while concentrating on Kyle’s hand roaming my skin and his breath on my ear. I was thinking of his magnificent dick in my mouth, his hand closed around my neck and…ohh…ohhh. I came hard. I shot a fountain of splooge that literally trailed from my chin to my pubes. I almost screamed when I shot off. Kyle had loosened his grip on my neck and he was just looking at me. I finally made eye contact with him and I went in for a kiss. He pulled back a little and surprised me yet again, “Levi, can I taste your cum?”

“Yeah, I guess. I don’t have any plans for it.”

“Thanks.” Was all he said before he put his forefinger into a glob of cum on my stomach and then put that finger to his lips. I was a little turned on watching him taste my sperm. His face puckered a little; as if he were eating something sour. Kyle only took the one taste and I don’t think he ever tasted my cum again for the entirety of our relationship. He asked me, “Have you ever tasted your cum?” I replied, “No, Why?”

“Well, I have never tasted my own either. I’m just curious if yours tastes like mine. Since you have already tasted mine you should go ahead and try your own and tell me if they taste the same.” He said.

I scooped up some from the same puddle he did and licked it off of my finger. “They taste very similar but yours is sweeter I guess. I’m not like a cum aficionado but that would be how I would describe the difference.” I told him.

“I knew mine would be better. I’ve got the most awesome balls ever.” He joked. Typical 18 year old bravado I guess.

I wasn’t really sure where to go from here. Until he had made up his mind and became more comfortable with the situation I didn’t want to come off as to “lovey-dovey.” What I really wanted to do was give him another kiss, throw my arm over him and just lay like that for awhile. Maybe get up and take a shower together after I got my fill of just breathing in the scent emanating from his body. What the fuck, might as well go for it.

Kyle was lying on his back with his eyes closed. I rolled towards and gave him a 2-3 second kiss on the mouth. In an effort to make him still feel like he was the alpha in the relationship I laid my head on his shoulder and put my arm round his torso. It was kind of a chick move. I figured he would like the role of big, strong man that his lover clings to out of admiration. I was right. He put his arm around me and we just laid there for an hour. Every once in a while I would give the soft skin of his shoulder a little kiss.

To be continued…

The Spring Gala was considered the first important social event of the summer season by most affluent residents of Savannah; a formal dance where young people, usually high school seniors on the verge of graduation, were formally introduced into society and accepted as young adults. In decades past, such galas served as matchmaking events for wealthy families seeking marriage arrangements between a young lady or distinguished suitor. Though arranged marriages were mostly an antiquated notion, the Spring Gala remained a symbolic rite of passage for the young and wealthy elite of Savannah.

For Grace Kelly Lattimore, the Spring Gala was merely one more social event among a never-ending schedule of similar functions which required her to wear a gown.

“Ah can’t believe m’ah parents paired me with Dylan Montgomery,” Grace complained in a drawl which was thick even for Georgia. She was tugging at the silken material clinging to her hips in a futile attempt to adjust the fit of her white gown.

Ashlee watched her classmate and best friend fuss over the garment from where they stood at the edge of the ballroom, “Would you stop picking at that thing? You look fine, and you should be happy you’re dancing with Dylan; I’m stuck with Connor Wilmington, who I swear hit every branch of the ugly tree…”

Grace continued to wriggle and pluck at her dress as though it didn’t fit right, “At least Connor’s a sweetheart. Dylan’s such a pompous ass… he thinks he’s gawd’s gift to the damn world just because his daddy owns half of Georgia.”

Watching Grace, Ashlee decided she couldn’t take it anymore, “What is your problem with that dress? You’ve been fighting with it for five minutes!”

“It’s too tight in the hips,” Grace fretted, “ah feel like m’ah ass is sticking out a quarter-mile.”

Though Ashlee was certainly an attractive girl herself, she had always been jealous of her taller friend. With blonde hair that always seemed to do whatever she wanted, perfect skin, and a 5’9″ body that belonged on a magazine cover, Grace resembled the movie star she was named after.

“Your ass looks perfect,” Ashlee assured. “Just like it always does. Dylan will be drooling all over you.”

“Gawd, that’s the last thing ah need. If Dylan hits on me while we’re dancing ah’m going to knee him in the groin.”

Ashlee giggled at Grace’s melodrama, “It’ll all be over soon, then we can sneak out of here and grab a smoke. Now come on, they’re about to present us for the first dance.”

Grace finally gave up on her gown as Ashlee grabbed her hand. The two teens hurried in their high heels towards a small podium where a line of their fellow classmates was forming.

At the Spring Gala, young people entering society were formally announced to the gathering by a master of ceremonies before pairing with someone of the opposite sex, for the evening’s opening dance. Grace was fully aware such a pairing was once an indication of marriage arrangement; she was thankful such arrangements were no longer common practice. She couldn’t imagine anything more horrid than being forced to marry Dylan Montgomery, who Grace felt was an egotistical bore. Still, her mother had somehow arranged it with the gala committee that Grace be paired with Dylan and assumed it was because her mother was always mindful of their family’s image; Dylan belonged to a very prestigious and wealthy family.

Grace and her peers were slowly announced, one by one, and paired off to the dance floor amidst polite applause from parents and community members in attendance. Grace did her best to smile and appear lady-like, but once the music started she found herself eagerly anticipating the dance’s finish.

Dylan was at least a competent dancer, leading them in a two-step, “You look gorgeous, Grace.”

“That’s very nice of you to say,” Grace replied, feigning a smile.

Dylan could sense her cool demeanor, “Is something wrong?”

“No, not especially,” Grace answered. “Ah just get tired of dances and galas all the time. Seems like there’s one every week.”

“Yes, but this one is special.”

“Why’s that?” Grace sounded disinterested.

“It could be our first official dance as a couple,” Dylan replied with a smug grin.

Grace rolled her eyes, “Give it up, Dylan. You and ah will never be a couple.”

“Why not? We’re a perfect match, Grace.”

“How do you figure?” Grace asked, though she feared his answer.

“Well, I’m handsome, good-looking, and heir to one of the wealthiest families in Georgia. And you’re the most beautiful girl in Savannah. We were meant for one another.”

“Y’all are dumber than a box of tacks,” Grace sighed. “‘Handsome’ and ‘good-looking’ is the same thing.”

Dylan smiled, “At least we agree that I’m attractive.”

“Ah agree that you’re arrogant?”

Dylan chuckled, seemingly immune to Grace’s icy wall, “You’ll come around eventually.”

“Come around to what?”

“What a fine pair we’ll make.”

Grace snorted, unladylike, but she couldn’t help it. “Ah think you better start looking for the second-most beautiful girl in Savannah.”

Dylan seemed oblivious, “Let’s go to my parent’s beach house this weekend. We can take my convertible.”

Grace nearly made good on her promise to Ashlee, but restrained herself from placing her knee firmly between Dylan’s legs, “Ah would rather French-kiss a crocodile than go anywhere with you, Dylan. Now stop pestering me.”

Finally the song ended, signaling an end to the dance. Grace curtseyed to the crowd, then quickly shimmied off the dance floor to find Ashlee without bothering to look back at Dylan. The cigarette Ashlee mentioned earlier was sounding awfully good to Grace.


Chase hated working the ‘high-society’ events. The people were snobby and he felt like they were always looking down at him, as though he were some form of lower-class worm. But the catering service he worked for paid well and most of the work was on evenings and weekends, freeing up his days for technical school.

“Hey,” one of his coworkers approached. Most of the catering employees were on break before the dinner rush, while the guests danced. Many of them had congregated outside, behind the ballroom at a designated area for smoking.

“What’s up, Tommy?” Chase lit a cigarette.

“You going to that party at Gina’s tonight?”

“I hadn’t planned on it, why?”

“You should,” Tommy encouraged. “C’mon, it’s Friday night. I heard her parents are out of town and there’s going to be two kegs. It should be a blast. Lots of scattered ass.”

Chase’s reply was non-committal, “I’ll think about it.”

The truth was, Chase wasn’t interested in a party. He had recently been dumped by his girlfriend, whom he had been dating since high school, and wasn’t quite ready to move on yet. It was a typical tale: his girlfriend went away for her freshman year of college while Chase stayed home to attend a technical school; she broke up with him less than a month prior, claiming she had met someone else.

“Maybe I’ll see you there, then.” Tommy stepped out his cigarette, “I better get back to serving the ‘trust-funders’.”

Chase figured to get back to work as well and took one last drag off his cigarette before stepping it out on the asphalt. Just as he was about to go in, he saw Grace come out.

She was laughing at the girl beside her, walking out of the ballroom’s kitchen exit, and her smile lit up the night. Both women were dressed finely in evening gowns, so Chase knew they were part of the trust-fund crowd; most likely slumming out back to sneak a cigarette away from the view of mommy and daddy. Normally, Chase avoided such girls. They were snobby bitches – every one. But for some reason he couldn’t take his eyes off Grace. She was taller than her friend, almost statuesque when adding in the height of her heels. Her blue eyes sparkled when she smiled, touched with just enough make-up to become terrifyingly alluring. Her blond hair was coiled and gathered high, revealing the entirety of her slender neck along with two dangling earrings.

“Are you sure you don’t have any?” Grace suddenly sounded distressed.

Ashlee was frantically digging in her purse, “I thought I did. I tried to pick up a new pack today, but that prick at the gas station actually carded me and I don’t turn eighteen until next month.”

“Well ah’m legal,” Grace lifted to her toes and looked beyond the parking lot, trying to remember if there was a convenience store nearby where she could buy cigarettes.

Chase watched the whole conversation, noticing that none of his fellow co-workers were paying any attention. It wasn’t unusual for the working-class and upper-class to maintain a mutual distance at these types of events. That was the established social order, one Chase normally adhered to, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Grace.

“Hey, you girls need a smoke?”

Grace turned to notice Chase holding out a pack of cigarettes, “Oh darlin, y’all are a life saver.”

Chase thought his ears were going to melt at the sweet sound of Grace’s thick drawl. He wasn’t from Georgia originally and found he enjoyed the way girls spoke in the south. Grace’s accent seemed unusually heavy and seductive, even for Savannah. After the girls plucked a cigarette from his package, he flicked his lighter and cupped his hands, lighting them both.

Ashlee bumped her elbow against Grace’s and quickly waggled her brow, indicating she thought Chase was cute. Grace stifled a smirk, hiding it behind her cigarette. Chase certainly was good-looking, with short brown hair neatly trimmed at the sides. He seemed fit too, though it was difficult to tell beneath his loose-fitting catering uniform.

“Hi, I’m Ashlee. This is my friend Grace.”

“I’m Chase.”

Grace inhaled delicately from her Marlboro, “Ah don’t recognize you, do you go to school near hear?”

“I graduated last year,” Chase replied. “From St. Vincent’s. I take it you two are seniors?”

“Yeah,” Ashlee answered. “Our parents are trotting us out and ‘presenting us to society’, which is even duller than it sounds.”

“At least you didn’t have to dance with Dylan. He was all over me again, telling me we’re the ‘perfect couple’ for each other.” Grace stuck her tongue out, showing what she thought of Dylan and his advances.

Chase raised his eyebrows, silently praying Grace didn’t have a snotty trust-fund boyfriend.

“Yeah, well, Connor stepped on my feet,” Ashlee exhaled a plume of smoke. “Twice.”

Chase suggested, “You two sound like you need a little excitement.”

Ashlee replied dully, “You have no idea.”

“I know of a party later tonight,” Chase suggested. He had quickly changed his mind about going to the soiree his co-worker had mentioned, as it presented the perfect means to get to know Grace better. He certainly didn’t want their chance meeting to be the last time he ever saw her.

“What kind of party?” Grace wondered.

“You know; the standard ‘parents-are-out-of-town’ kegger. It’s at this girl’s house who I know from school, not too far from downtown. Might be a lot of fun.”

Grace and Ashlee both looked at each other to gauge the other’s opinion; both girls were smiling at the prospect of a party downtown. There weren’t many kegger parties in Ardsley Park, the affluent neighborhood they both grew up in.

“Ah’m in,” Grace suddenly decided.

“Me too,” Ashley beamed.

“Yeah?” Chase smiled, attracted to Grace’s sense of spontaneous adventure.

Ashlee wondered, “Any chance you could pick us up? We’ll have to go home and get out of these clothes.”

“Yeah it’s no problem,” Chase said. “I can change here, so just tell me where to be.”


Located at a large two-story house not far from the downtown core of Savannah, in a neighborhood of old homes, the party was already in full swing when Grace, Ashlee, and Chase arrived. The house was packed with high school and college-aged kids drinking beer out of plastic cups. Loud music thudded from the basement while the sound of things breaking could be heard every few minutes.

Grace had never been to such a rough party, as everyone seemed incredibly drunk or stoned. She even saw some people snorting lines of cocaine as she followed Chase and Ashlee towards the keg. Her friends rarely hosted such visceral bashes – they were too stuck up. In fact, the boys at her school actually thought it was cool to sit around drinking brandy and smoking cigars, just like their stuffy fathers.

“This place is wild,” Ashlee yelled excitedly as Chase poured from the keg tap, raising her voice in order to be heard.

“Yeah,” Chase agreed loudly. “I didn’t realize there would be so many people here. This is cool though, right?”

“It’s great,” Grace replied, accepting a glass from Chase.

Once they had their beers secured, Ashlee grabbed Grace by the wrist. “Come on, let’s go mingle. I saw some cute guys as we came in.”

Grace looked over her shoulder towards Chase as Ashlee led her away, feeling bad that they were abandoning him so soon after their arrival, even though he was already talking to other people whom he obviously knew.

“Why did you do that?” Grace asked once Ashlee found some space to stand in another room. “Chase was nice enough to invite us to this party, we should hang with him.”

Ashlee grinned, “I’m trying to act disinterested, silly.”

Grace quickly connected the dots and leveled an amused gaze towards her best friend, “You’re into him?”

Ashlee nodded with a bright smile, “He’s cute, and he’s not a total stuck-up jerk like most of the guys at our school. Do you think he’s into me?”

“Ah don’t know,” Grace answered honestly. “You want me to go find out?”

Ashlee bubbled out a nod, “Would you?”

“Give it a couple minutes.” Grace took a swallow of her beer, which wasn’t much colder than room-temperature, “Then ah’ll go talk to him.”

“Make sure you find out if he has a girlfriend.”

“Don’t worry, ah think ah know how to reconnaissance a boy – ah’ve been doing it for you since middle school.”

“Oh!” Ashlee looked towards the keg over Grace’s shoulder, “It looks like he’s going outside for a smoke, now’s your chance!”

“Okay, okay, simmer down.” Grace rolled her eyes at Ashlee’s excitement, setting her glass down on a nearby table, “Watch my beer.”

“You’re just going to leave it? We have to catch up with everyone.”

“At least it can’t get any warmer,” Grace replied dryly. She didn’t care for the taste of beer.

Slipping through a crowd of people in the kitchen, where the keg was, Grace moved outside through a sliding glass door and onto the back porch. It was much quieter outside, though the music and crowd of voices could still be heard through the windows.

Chase was standing by himself enjoying a smoke, wearing a light brown leather jacket over his tee shirt; the evening air carried a bit of a chill.

“Mind if ah have another one of those?”

Turning around, Chase smiled at the vision of Grace. She wore a pair of white jeans and heels, with a thin yellow spaghetti-strapped top which clung to her slender torso and revealed her mid-riff. Normally such an outfit would appear slutty to Chase, but Grace somehow appeared as elegant as she did at the dance. Maybe it was because her hair was still coiled up so enticingly, he thought.

“I didn’t know girls from Ardsley Park smoked,” Chase teased, offering out his pack.

Grace blushed just a little, “Ashlee got me started during our last finals. Ah usually only do it when she and ah are together.”

Chase made sure to make eye contact when he lit Grace’s cigarette.

Grace exhaled, “So, you got a girlfriend or anything?”

Chase shook his head, “Nah. We broke up recently… actually, I got dumped. You know how it is; she’s away at school with a new boyfriend, I’m here at home hundreds of miles away. I guess she couldn’t handle the distance.”

“Well, ah wouldn’t fret too much. There are plenty of other trout in the pond.”

“I like your attitude,” Chase smiled.

“What’s your policy on high school girls?”

“I’m okay with them,” Chase joked. “When I went to high school I had to sit next to them all the time.”

Grace smiled brightly at his humor, clasping her bare arms close to her chest. She didn’t realize how chilly it would get and didn’t think to bring a jacket. Grace silently chastised herself for not knowing better; it was only April after all.

“Here,” Chase said, taking his jacket off.

“You’re a doll,” Grace replied thankfully as Chase draped the jacket around her shoulders. “Thank you.”

“No problem. So, um… why’re you asking me about high school girls?’

Grace ashed her cigarette over the railing of the porch, “Well, ah’m supposed to be more sneaky about this, but Ashlee thinks you’re cute.”

Chase hadn’t seen that one coming, “Ashlee?”

Grace made a slight wince, “Yeah, she kinda sent me out here to find out if you had a girlfriend.”

“Ah, I get it now.” Chase felt like a complete ass, thinking even for a moment Grace was interested for herself.

Grace breathed out an uneasy laugh, sensing a sudden distance from Chase, “Sorry, ah guess it’s kind of juvenile.”

“No, it’s cool. I’m flattered, actually.” Chase tried to think quick and come up with a reason as to why he wasn’t interested in Ashlee. He didn’t want to admit he was far more curious about Grace, “It’s just that… I mean, I just got out of a long-term relationship. You know how it is.”

“That’s totally understandable,” Grace replied. She deposited her cigarette into an empty beer bottle sitting on the porch rail before offering Chase his jacket back, “Don’t worry sugah, ah’ll break it to her gently.”

Chase nodded, indicating that he planned on staying outside a while longer.

Upon reaching the sliding door Grace glanced back over her shoulder, “Thanks for inviting us, by the way. Ah’m having fun.”

“Cool, I’m glad. I’ll be in soon, we can have another beer.”

Grace smiled, “Okay.”

Ashlee looked like she was already on her second beer when Grace returned and several guys were standing around the petite brunette. Grace smirked; Ashlee had always been skilled at gaining male attention.

Ashlee quickly noticed Grace’s return and unceremoniously parted from the boys she was talking to. She hissed urgently, “Well???”

“Well what?” Grace teased with a smile, sipping from her still-warm beer. She knew what Ashlee wanted to know, but enjoyed getting her friend worked-up.

“C’mon! What did he say?!”

“He said he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but he just got out of a relationship. Sounds like it was pretty major; ah’m not sure he’s over it, hon.”

Ashlee made a pout.

“He’s a real gentleman though,” Grace added. “He saw that ah was chilly when we were standing on the porch and offered me his coat.”

Ashlee grinned brightly, “Aw, that’s so sweet! Maybe he’s looking for a rebound? I’d be cool with that…”

Grace laughed.


Just over an hour later, Chase was standing outside yet again, talking with some people he worked with, when a frantic looking Grace came out to the porch.

“Chase, have y’all seen Ashlee?”

Chase shook his head, “Not in a while, why?”

“Ah can’t find her anywhere and it’s not like her to just suddenly up and vanish.”

Chase noted the concern in Grace’s voice and could tell she was upset. He cast his cigarette butt away, “I’ll help you look for her. Where’d you see her last?”

“She was talking to some guys,” Grace explained as they moved back into the house. “A couple of them were getting real familiar with her, too. She’s had a lot to drink and ah’m scared one of them might try to take advantage of her.”

“We better check upstairs,” Chase suggested.

Grace followed Chase up a steep stairway to a stretching hallway; the large house had several rooms on the second floor. Chase started opening doors but didn’t find Ashlee in any of the rooms they investigated. When he reached a locked door, Chase knocked loudly on it.

“Hello? Anyone in there?” Chase rapped his fist against the door again.

Grace bit her lip with worry, standing right behind Chase.

“I don’t think anyone’s up here,” Chase listened.

“Wait, did you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

Grace lifted a finger to her lips.

A faint voice came from beyond the locked door. “…Grace…?”

Grace panicked, “Chase, she’s in there!”

“Hang on…”

Before Grace could even think about what to do next, Chase hurled his shoulder against the door and busted it wide open, revealing a large bedroom.

Ashlee lay on a bed, her buttoned blouse open to expose her bra. One of the boys Grace had seen her talking to already had his shirt off and looked like he was either about to take his pants off, or scrambling to put them back on.

“What are you doing!?!” Grace screamed, rushing into the bedroom.

“Hey!” the guy scowled, buttoning his pants. “Get the fuck out of here! Can’t you see we’re busy?”

“Like hell you are,” Grace growled, moving to Ashlee’s side.

Chase recognized the guy from his high school, remembering him to be trouble, “King, you asshole, you’re raping girls now? You’ve really moved up in the world.”

“Hey man, fuck you,” King sneered. “This girl was begging me for it.”

“She’s out of it,” Grace worried over Ashlee, who seemed barely cognizant of her surroundings. “Ah think he slipped her something.”

“I didn’t give that bitch nothing,” King sounded defensive.

Even though King was two inches taller than Chase, who was six feet tall himself, Chase easily overpowered the skinnier King by grabbing him at the neck and slamming him back against the bedroom wall, “You piece of shit! What did you do?”

King struggled against Chase, but earned a knee to the groin for his efforts and doubled over. “…nothing… didn’t touch her…”

Grace noticed that Ashlee still had her pants on, not even the belt was unfastened. It appeared the worst Ashlee might have received was a groping, “Ah don’t think he raped her… yet.”

Chase moved to help Grace, “We better get her to the Emergency Room, who knows what this son of a bitch gave her.”

“No! Chase, if her parents find out she’s been out drinking…”

Chase slipped his arms under Ashlee’s knees and shoulders, picking up the petite girl easily. “If she’s been drugged, we don’t know what that could do when mixed with alcohol. Are you sure you want to risk it?”

“Grace…” Ashlee muttered in Chase’s arms, “can we go home now? So tired…”

“What did you give her!?” Grace suddenly barked at King, who was still recovering from Chase’s well-placed knee.

“…nothing, I promise…!”

“If you’re lying, ah swear to gawd a sore set of gonads will be the least of your problems.”

“The girl’s just wasted,” King sneered.

Grace gave King one last glare before turning back to Chase, “Please, ah think she just needs to sleep it off. We can bring her to m’ah house. She sleeps over all the time; her parents won’t think twice about it.”

Chase nodded, “All right, let’s just get her out of here.”


Grace sat with Ashlee in the backseat of the car, making sure her best friend was okay, while Chase followed Grace’s directions into Ardsley Park. Grace lived with her parents in an old three-story Victorian mansion and indicated for Chase to drive around to the back of the house near a large garage.

“What about your parents?” Chase asked, carrying Ashlee towards a back door amidst the moonlight and chirping crickets.

Grace unlocked the door, “They went to our island house after the dance.”

“Your parents have two houses?”

“It’s just a cottage in The Landings, near the marina. Daddy likes to go boating on the weekends.”

Chase glanced at the elaborate furnishings as Grace led the way upstairs to her bedroom. The wealth was beyond anything he had ever experienced, given his lower-middle class upbringing. Grace’s bedroom alone was nearly as big as Chase’s whole apartment.

Waiting while Grace got Ashlee settled into a massive canopied bed, Chase took a moment to look around. The bedroom was large enough not only to fit the bed but an entire seating arrangement as well, complete with a couch, loveseat, and breakfast table. Grace had two dressers, a tall armoire, a walk-in closet, and a walk-out balcony. Everything was tastefully decorated and a slight hint of perfume decorated the air.

“Ah don’t know what ah would have done without you tonight, Chase.”

Chase turned from the balcony window, “If it wasn’t for me, you two wouldn’t have even been at that party. I feel responsible.”

Grace pulled a comforter to cover Ashlee, “It’s not your fault. Trust me, hon – this isn’t the first time Ashlee needed to sleep one off. She can get a little rambunctious with the booze.”

“I’m just glad we found her before anything worse happened with that asshole King.”

“Me too.” Grace stepped over to her vanity mirror and started pulling the coils of her blonde hair loose, letting the wavy strands fall to her shoulders, “Can ah get you something? There’s soda and beer downstairs; ah’ll be up for a while if you want to hang out?”

Chase watched as Grace ran a tousling hand through her gorgeous hair, momentarily mesmerized by her natural beauty, “Um, yeah… okay – I could hang out for a while. You think Ashlee will be all right?”

Grace kicked her heeled shoes off and padded across the carpeted room on bare feet, “Ah think so, we can come up and check on her after a while.”

Chase followed Grace through the wide halls and down a curving stairway into a massive kitchen, “This house is amazing.”

“Thanks,” Grace replied, pulling open a refrigerator. “M’ah great-granddaddy built this house right before the second World War. You want a beer?”

“A soda is fine,” Chase replied, “I still have to drive home tonight.”

Grace pulled out two cans from the fridge, “You could stay here. We have five guest rooms, after all. M’ah parents won’t back before Sunday and the staff is off on weekends.”

“So it’s just you here for the whole weekend?”

Grace handed over one of the sodas, “Just lil’ ol’ me. And probably Ash – she likes to avoid her parents as much as possible. What about you, do you still live with your parents?”

“It’s just my mom,” he answered. “We moved here after my dad died. But no, I have my own apartment uptown.” Chase snapped open the can of soda and joked, “It’s only slightly smaller than this place.”

Grace grinned softly, “Ah bet it’s nice.”

“Not really,” Chase was smiling right back.

Grace led Chase into another room and indicated he should sit beside her on a comfortable looking couch, “At least you’re on your own, with no one to tell you what to do or what time to be home.”

“I don’t know, you don’t seem to have it so bad around here. You have this incredible house to yourself all weekend, after all.”

“Ah don’t need all this,” Grace said, curling her legs beneath her.

“Easy to say now. Try working five nights a week and still not having enough for rent and school.”

Grace blinked at Chase, “Forgive me, ah didn’t mean to suggest -”

“You didn’t,” Chase interrupted. “I’m sorry; it’s sometimes hard to let my guard down after work. I encounter a lot of upper-class snobs.”

“You think ah’m a snob?” Grace didn’t sound as insulted as she did surprised.

“Oh, no… no, I just meant…” Chase made a mental note to kick himself later, “You’re not a snob at all. You’re one of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time, actually.”

Grace made a flattered smile, “Really?”

Chase nodded easily, “Yeah.”

The two teenagers stared at each other silently for several long moments, each one wondering what the other was thinking.

For the first time that night, Grace realized how perfect Chase’s brown eyes were. He also had the cutest little dimples that she missed when he wasn’t smiling. She was reminded of the ease with which he smashed open that bedroom door earlier in the night, and how easily he carried Ashlee. She suddenly wondered what his arms would feel like around her.

The words caught in Grace’s throat as she tried to think of something to say and break the silence, “I-if you want to stay, ah’m sure Ashlee would want to thank you herself in the morning. She really likes you.”

Chase continued to look Grace in the eye, “Ashlee seems like a really fun girl, but she’s not why I invited you two tonight.”

“She’s not?”

Chase shook his head slowly, “No, you were.”

Grace swallowed, “Ah thought you were still getting over your ex?”

“I was,” Chase replied honestly, “until about five hours ago.”

“What happened five hours ago?” Grace asked in a soft voice.

“I saw you for the first time.”

Grace had no control over herself for the next few seconds as her form leaned towards him.

Their lips found each other like a pair of attracting magnets. The kiss started softly, but before long Grace noticed her arms were around his neck and his were around her torso; the pair fell into a passionate and easy embrace. Grace closed her eyes and pressed her body against his, thrilled by the experience of being held in Chase’s gentle but firm grasp. After Chase broke the kiss, Grace’s mouth hung open a little wantonly and she nuzzled her nose against his.

“Damn, sugah,” she murmured in a heated whisper, “you’re a really good kisser.”

Chase was reluctant to let Grace out of his arms. Her warm form felt amazing against his and her breasts were like two small pillows against his chest, “Do you want to do it again?”

Grace tucked a stray blonde strand behind her ear and nodded.

The seconds turned into minutes as the pair made out amidst the silence of the late hour. Grace had an amazing method of licking Chase’s upper lip before clamping onto it with her own soft mouth, driving him crazy with desire. Before long she had worked her hands under the hem of his tee shirt and Chase could feel her fingers sliding against the bare skin of his back. He did the same, slipping his own hand under the thin material of Grace’s top. She didn’t discourage him, kissing with hunger when Chase’s hand found the back of her bra.

Grace giggled softly against Chase’s mouth when he fumbled with the clasp, “How you doing back there darlin?”

Chase grinned, a tint of color appearing on his cheeks. He explained shyly, “It’s been a while.”

Grace offered him a soft look of encouragement, twisting an arm around so she could help him unhook the bra. “Ah want to feel your touch.”

Chase nodded quietly.

Grace lifted a hand to his cheek, “But we can’t go too far, if that’s okay?”

“We’re already way past my best expectations for the night,” Chase whispered.

Grace smiled and leaned in to continue kissing. She didn’t press too close, allowing Chase enough room to put his hands upon her breasts. She nibbled his lip to let him know she was enjoying his touch and that he wasn’t being too familiar.

A soft whimper escaped Grace’s throat when Chase gently glided his fingers back and forth across her nipples. She jutted her chest forward into his hands, letting him knead his grip into her soft flesh. Chase loved the way Grace’s chest felt. Her breasts were just large enough to fill his hands, pillowy and smooth. He hadn’t been with a girl since the last time he saw his ex-girlfriend, so he quickly grew excited. He was embarrassed at first by the erection pressing against his jeans, but Chase quickly got over it as Grace clutched it in her hand through the denim material. Her hand gripped his bulge firmly, causing Chase to wonder what ‘too far’ meant to Grace.

“This is going to get intense in about another thirty seconds,” Chase warned breathlessly, breaking off their kiss.

Grace’s blue eyes were full of lust, “Ah guess we’re going kind of fast, huh?”

Chase nodded, taking a deep breath and removing his hands from beneath Grace’s top.

Grace pushed a hand through her hair and did her best to look composed, even though she was far from it. If Chase hadn’t have stopped, she didn’t know if she could have.

“Ah should go check on Ashlee,” Grace said in an attempt to break the sexual tension.

“Yeah. I should go, it’s getting late and I have to work tomorrow.”

Grace didn’t want Chase to leave but nodded reluctantly, “Can we trade phone numbers?”

Chase smiled, “I was just about to ask.”


Ashlee woke the following morning to a murderous headache, slowly rising in Grace’s bed. She squinted at the sun coming through the patio door and realized she was still wearing her clothes from the previous night. Without any memory of how she got to Grace’s house, Ashlee simply assumed it had been another fun Friday night.

Then she smelled coffee.

Grace lifted a hand to cover her laugh when Ashlee shuffled into the kitchen, “Y’all look like the walking dead.”

“Very funny,” Ashlee mumbled miserably, her dark hair a mess and sticking out in every direction. “I need some aspirin.”

“Already on the counter,” Grace said, pouring a cup of coffee.

The large kitchen had a center island counter with two stools; Ashlee claimed one of them and pressed a palm against her forehead, “How did we get home last night?”

Grace placed the coffee in front of Ashlee, “Chase drove us.”

“I didn’t make a fool out of myself, did I? I really like him.”

Grace winced as she turned around to pour her own coffee, “Um, actually, he rescued you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You had a lot to drink, hon. You ended up in a bedroom with this scumbag who almost took advantage of you.”

Ashlee turned white, “Oh god, seriously?”

Grace turned back around and blew some steam off the top of her cup, “We were at the party and couldn’t find you anywhere. Chase and ah were looking when we heard you calling for me from a bedroom. Chase busted the door open; he even hit the guy trying to take advantage of you.”


“Right in the jimmy,” Grace confirmed.

“Oh my god.” Ashlee let her face fall into her palms, “How embarrassing! Grace, I’m so sorry.”

“Wasn’t your fault, hon. But you really had me scared for a while. How many beers did y’all have?”

“I didn’t think I had that many…?”

Grace frowned, “Ah think that lowlife asshole might have slipped you something funny.”

“Chase will never go out with me now,” Ashlee whined. “He must think I’m a total idiot.”

Grace immediately felt guilty. She had forgotten all about Ashlee when she was making out with Chase; afterwards, she assumed Ashlee probably hadn’t been that serious about liking him. Boys were like candy to Ashlee, in that every piece looked just as yummy as the previous. Rarely did Ashlee fixate on one guy for longer than a night and usually forgot all about them by the following morning. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem, Grace would just walk away, but she really liked Chase and wanted to see him again. She had been thinking about him all morning.

She tested the waters, “You really like him that much?”

Ashlee nodded before swallowing her aspirin and washing them down with a tentative slurp of coffee, “He’s so cute, and he seemed so nice. Plus, he’s way more mature than all the idiots we go to school with. But I’ve got no chance with him now, guys aren’t exactly attracted to rape victims.”

“You didn’t get raped, thank gawd.”

“Chase really hit him?” Ashlee asked, cradling her cup of coffee in both hands.

“Then carried you out in his arms,” Grace added.

A tiny smile broke through the fog of Ashlee’s hangover, “That’s actually sort of romantic.”

When she noticed a small slip of paper on the counter, Ashlee squinted towards it, “What’s that?”

Grace glanced, suddenly panicking she had left it out.

Ashlee slid the paper along the counter, “His phone number!?”

“Yeah, ah got it last night,” Grace replied. Then she lied, “You know, in case we all want to hang out again some time.”

“I love you!” Ashlee beamed excitedly, “Do you think I should call him?”

Grace tried to answer that question honestly, “Ah’d wait. You don’t want to seem too desperate.” The truth was, Grace was wondering herself how long she should wait before calling him.


Ashlee stayed until noon before going home, but before leaving she had hardly spoken a sentence that didn’t involve Chase. Grace felt insanely guilty and had been on the verge of telling her best friend that she and Chase had kissed, but the words had been hard to find. She wanted to see Chase again, she wanted to kiss him again, but Grace knew that if she did Ashlee would eventually find out. Grace worried it would drive a wedge through their friendship.

Once alone, Grace found herself pacing back and forth in her bedroom, trying to think of a good way to tell Ashlee, when her cell phone rang. Picking it up from her vanity, she saw that it was Chase and felt a surge of excitement.



“Hey,” Grace smiled at Chase’s deep voice. She had forgotten what he sounded like and was thankful for the reminder.

“What are you up to?” Chase asked.

“Thinking about you, actually.”

Grace closed her eyes and winced, worried she had come across as clingy.

“I was just thinking about you, too.”

“Really?” Grace’s smile stretched across her whole face.

“Yeah, I’m on break at this luncheon we’re catering and I wanted to see if you were busy tonight.”

“No, not really. Ashlee mentioned a party somewhere on the islands, but ah’m not sure ah want to go.”

“Do you want to hang out?” Chase asked.

Grace closed her eyes again, fretting. Of course she wanted to hang out! But she was still feeling guilty about Ashlee. “Ah don’t know, Chase. Ah feel terrible.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s Ashlee, ah think she really likes you.”

“And you feel guilty,” Chase surmised.

“Yeah,” was all Grace could say.

“It’s okay, I get it,” Chase replied. “I wouldn’t want to come between you two.”

“How did you get to be such a sweetheart?” Grace asked.

Chase chuckled, “Uh, I don’t know.”

Grace could almost hear the blush in his cheeks. Screw it, she thought, “Yes, ah want to hang out tonight.”

“What about -?”

“Ah don’t care. It’s not like we’re cheating or anything. Ashlee barely knows you.”

“Good enough for me, I’ll pick you up at seven?”



At six o’clock Grace realized she hadn’t asked Chase what ‘hanging out’ meant and had no idea what to wear. Would they be outside? Would she need to dress warm? Grace didn’t want to cover up too much, as she wanted to be alluring.

Entering her closet as though on a mission, Grace began a search for clothing that was both all-purpose as well as sexy. She chose a black skirt which fell just past the knee; it hugged her hips and legs tightly. Her favorite black leather boots rose to the calf, exposing just enough leg between the hem of the skirt to draw the eye. Next, Grace scrounged for the right sweater; she wanted something tight, but only heavy enough to keep her warm. A thin brown sweater with long sleeves was her choice; after checking herself in the mirror Grace found that she liked the way the sweater made her chest look. Leaving her blonde hair down, she parted it across the middle which let the wavy strands fall just past her shoulder.

While tweezing her eyebrows, applying some light make-up, and hunting for the right perfume, Grace lost track of time. Before she knew it a honk came from outside. Snatching up her small purse, Grace hurried out the door. Chase was waiting in his car, a classic-looking Mustang covered in dull, flat-black paint. The engine was loud, which turned Grace on more than she’d ever be willing to admit.

Climbing into the passenger seat, Grace smiled brightly, “Hey, sugah.”

Chase smiled right back, “You look fantastic.”

“Thanks, doll.” Grace saw that Chase was wearing a pair of brown denim pants and liked the way his arms looked in a black tee-shirt, “Did ah tell you last night how much ah like your car?”

If you were laying beside me this morning baby I would’ve rolled over to face you, tossing my leg and an arm across your body, hugging you close. I would gently kiss your ear, your cheek, and your neck and then tell you good morning. I would move the arm that I had placed across your chest slowly down your body, teasing your thighs with my finger tips while tracing your ear with my tongue. When you started to stir and little moans escaped those wonderful lips of yours I would smile knowing I was making my baby happy.

I would slip under the covers while stroking you and kissing you down your body, until I reached your cock that was hard, just for me. While still stroking you I would kiss your inner thighs, licking them occasionally all the way to your balls. I would suck on them gently for a few moments while listening to you moan and feeling your body move out of enjoyment because of me.

Before I woke you up from teasing you I would forcefully lick your hard cock from your balls to your tip, circling your head when I got there. Teasing the underside with the very tip of my tongue. I would open my mouth and my throat for you honey, taking you down as far as I could on my own, holding you there for a few moments and then stop, allowing myself to breathe again. I would bob my head up and down on your shaft love, quickly, making you feel good. I would enjoy knowing my baby felt good and just when I would really get in to it I would feel your hands on my head forcing me to take you all the way in and hear you whisper, “Mmmm… Good girl… You know how to please your daddy… Good girl” before allowing me to breathe again.

You would pull my face to yours and kiss me deeply while your hands explored my body. Your fingers would tease my hard nipples and you’d alternate between kissing my lips and flicking my nipples with your tongue, making me moan in pleasure. As you would make your way back to my lips and begin kissing me deeply you’d roll over so you could be on top of me, your hard cock pressing against my pussy, teasing me since we’re still dressed. Your hands would still be exploring my body, tracing my pant line from hip bone to hip bone.

After minutes of doing this, of just enjoying each other, you would kiss me down my body… my lips, my ears, my neck, my sides, my belly… and as you were kissing my belly your fingers would be easing their way up my thigh… slightly pushing my shorts to the side. As they got closer to the warmth and wetness I had to offer you again I’d here you whisper “Good girl” making me moan and need you so much more.

With my short to the side, you would kiss up my thighs until your tongue found the right spot to tease me… to please me… As you began to move your tongue faster you take your pants off as well and your hard cock stands at attention for me baby. Feeling you pleasuring me and seeing how I’ve pleasured you I begin to moan loudly. Everything feels so good Daddy.

Before I know it your hand is wrapped around my neck, your other hand smacking my boob, hard, and you’ve pushed yourself inside of me as far as you can go. I scream in pleasure as you use the hand that smacked me to cover my mouth… “I never told you it was okay to be loud. You’re being a bad girl and now you will be punished” is what you tell me. While still feeling your fingers around my throat and across my mouth you fuck me, hard. Filling me up as much as I can be, pinning me to the bed. It would be so hard, but I wouldn’t moan. I would take everything you gave me, silently. You’d know I was enjoying it though by the look on my face when your eyes met mine. After minutes of you taking me this way you would release my neck, ease out of my pussy, and kiss my lips whispering “Good girl” between kisses.

We would kiss and hold each other for a while, just enjoying being close and in each other’s arms. Our hands would still be exploring each other. It would be obvious we still needed each other. Your fingers would tease my pussy, making sure I was still wet for you… that I was still ready for what would come next….

You would go from kissing my lips, to my ear… tracing it with the tip of your tongue… I would get chills of excitement as the wetness from your tongue and the warmth from your breath met on my ear. You would slip two fingers inside of me, making me rise up in to you but I wouldn’t moan because my Daddy hasn’t given me permission yet. As it began to feel really amazing your other hand would grab my hair, pulling my head to the side to give you the perfect access to my neck and you would bite it, hard. You would roll me over, forcing my face in to the pillow telling me to be your good girl and enjoy everything you were offering me.

Knowing what you want I’d raise my ass for you, just enough that you could enter my dripping pussy baby and you would. You would fill me up. You would feel my tight pussy surrounding your hard cock and you would love it. “Daddy’s is very pleased” you would say “You can moan now my good girl. Let me hear how much your Daddy pleases you” You would then pull my hair, making me arch backwards, as you had your way with me. My boobs would bounce for you and I would moan your name. I would beg for you to let me cum, letting you know you were making me feel amazing. “Daddy, please fill me up. I need to feel you explode with me”

I would hear your breathing change, feel your pace quicken as you begin to fuck me even deeper. “Good girl… take it…” “Daddy, fill me up. I fucking need you…” We would both be moaning loudly. It would be obvious we were each others and then, at the same moment, my pussy would tighten around your cock as it exploded inside of me…. You would release my hair and collapse on top of me, your cock still inside of me throbbing as you kissed my neck and whispered “Good girl…. Good girl”

You were sat on the chair looking kinda tired from the long drive you’ve done today. I walk behind you, grab you hair and start kissing down your neck. I run my hands over your shoulders and down your chest. I slip my hands under your t-shirt and they feel cold against your hot skin. I slowly run my tongue up your neck as I listen to your low groans. I peel your t-shirt up over your head, throw it across the room, and move my mouth down to back, and kiss your shoulders. I wrap my hands right around your waist and pull at your button up jeans.

I listen to breathing speed up in anticipation as I slowly move my hand closer to hard cock. I wrap my fingers you, right at the base and suddenly become aware of how wet I am. I quickly stand up, move in front of you and straddle you on the chair, all in a quick movement that you hardly register. I kiss you furiously on the lips, run my hands through your hair and grinding my hips against you. Your moaning and pulling me closer letting me know how much you want me. I’m so worked up now, but I know I’m gonna make this last.

Suddenly I’m up and pushing you off the chair, stripping you of your jeans and boxers, but then staying down on my knees. I start to slowly run my hands up each of your legs, enjoying the feeling of your firm skin. as my finger get further up to your thighs I lift my head so that I’m looking right into your eyes and my lips are hoovering right in front of your swollen head. I don’t break your gaze until the very second that I let you feel my lips against your cock. I feel a little wave of pleasure as I push you right into my mouth and hear you let out an uncontrollable groan of relief at the feeling of my wet mouth gripping you. I start off with a few long, slow, strokes but quickly build up the pace. I grip your hips and let you control the pace a little until you loose control and start fucking my mouth. Then I take back the control and slow it down a little, pulling my tongue right up your shaft, flicking the tip up over your throbbing head. Your being thrust into me slower now but I’m pushing you back deeper and deeper into my throat, feeling it contract ever so slightly around you. Your getting closer and closer to cumming and the sounds your making are getting more and more unrestrained. I can’t take any more, I’m dripping wet and you haven’t even had the chance to touch me yet. But the fact that I’m fully clothed and your completely naked, hot, sweaty and so close to cumming has gotten me so turned on.

I pull myself up from my knees and push back down on to the chair. I just can’t wait any longer, you watch me intently as I frantically pull my clothes off. I stand over you for a moment before swinging one leg over and straddling you. I start to kiss you forcefully on the lips again, pulling your chest right up close to me. I’m loosing myself to the feeling of our hot bodies rubbing against each other. Your cock is rock hard now and I can feel it getting wet against me as I rub you against my wet pussy. I want to feel you slide into me so badly but I make the feeling last my moving in a way that only allows you to rub your cock between my soaking wet lips. I wrap my arms around you neck and pull myself up slightly until I can feel the tip of your throbbing cock around the entrance to my pussy. I move my hips very slowly in a tiny figure of eight, letting my dripping wet hole cover your swollen head covering it in my cum. I look down into your eyes and enjoy the pure lust in your eyes and your trying to anticipate when I will thrust you deep into me.

I move onto you but only a little so that you are inside me but only ever so slightly. I stop moving moving my hips and hold my body very still before quickly pushing down onto you completely so that are inside me fully. I start to deliberately contract my pussy walls illicting small deep groans of pleasure from you. Then I slowly rock back and forth on you, getting hot as I feel you cock rub against my g spot. I’m trying to stay in control and make this last as long as possible but as we fall into a natural rhythm I can’t do it. Each thrust and grind of our hips is bringing me closer and I thrown my head back and start to moan and scream. I find myself calling out your name and telling you that your going to make me cum. The deliberate clenches of my pussy are now being replaced by involuntary spasms. I’m grabbing your hair and pushing myself as hard and as fast and as deep on to you as I possibly can. I feel you hands grab my ass and pull me closer, grinding against you and I can see how close you are to cumming. I can’t hold back any longer and I start to have the biggest orgasm, making me scream and shake. The sensation is quickly followed by the feeling of you cumming inside me. You push your hips up filling me up as much as you can, shouting out and panting. We both slow down the pace until we stop and I feel you slipping out of me.

I lean forward and rest my head on your shoulder, not able speak or move.

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