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Its been three days since I was kidnapped. Three days of the most mind-blowing sex I could never imagine in my past life. Three days since I’ve had anything to eat. This creature, this demon, my lover, has done horrible things to me, with me, and I can’t tell him no. He won’t touch me sexually without my permission, but he will bite me. He floods my blood with his venom, muting my powers which should have returned by now, and keeping a furnace boiling in my cunt. Its not sacred anyone, I’m not pure anymore, I belong to him; not yet my soul, but in body I am his… or should I say bodies. At first I thought it a coincidence. He spoke of trying to impregnate me like one of my Gleaming cousins. I was too consumed by the guilt and horror, and yes the satiation of desires I never knew I possessed, to really understand much less believe the quickening within me.

I’ve accepted this and far more than I would have believed of myself these last three days. My lover is a demon that I despise, he fills me beyond ecstasy each time he communes with my flesh, and his seed has sown itself swiftly and completely within me. I accept all these things because I must, but I do not accept living as his plaything, much less his brood mare. So I starve. Soon I won’t be able to keep up with his march, and hopefully, soon after I will die, and this abomination will end as my tainted soul goes to its judgment.

He shudders in front of me, and I echo his motion. I know what this means, soon he will halt our march and turn back to me. His now crimson eyes will coruscate with his lust and as he glares into my own, he will strip my armor from me once again. I will beg and plead with him at first, and later as well… My will shifts too easily under his influence, my body betrays my mind at his touch-

Suddenly choking, “Pretty must pay attention. One has not failed as a teacher this badly. Pretty needs more motivation, or does One’s Luna want some special attention paid to her ass?” His gauntleted hand throwing me to the ground after capturing me unawares. Coughing and trying to breathe once more I none the less plead with my lover, “No.. please Luna’s One… I will be good, Luna… Luna has learned from One well. One doesn’t need to waste Its essence anywhere but my pussy,” stripping off my armor willingly I try to entice my lover not to breach this new territory. My past life remembers talk about sex back there and how some felt only pain and discomfort, but others felt new savage joy and submission.

Seeing me bare my clothed flesh, One pauses as I even slide the thong from my pussy, opening and playing with my flower without needing another bite from his fangs. I sink three cum stained fingers inside, the cloth having soaked up the remnants of his pleasure. The squishing and plopping of my seeking hand giving me a sickening delight as I watch his eyes burn brighter at my wanton display. My spare hand frees a captive breast as I maul it while bringing my own nipple to my mouth to suckle and bite. Containing himself no longer his heavy plate falls from him like the lightest silk, breezing off of him to clatter to the ground behind him as he stalks closer to me. His resplendently marbled flesh exposed to my view, my traitorous body clenches with a quick orgasm while my thrusting fingers are imprisoned within. My self-disgust surpassed only by my awakening true lust. My knees arched up as my legs spread wide for his descent, he captures my hair in his hand and replaces an engorged nipple with his tongue in my mouth. Kissing me breathless, he lifts my hips higher as his more talented jaws lower and feed upon my unmolested breast. His tongue and fang and experience quickly carry me higher into the Sky, bringing me far up on the mountain range of this session’s rapture.

~ ~

Tasty’s flesh is so much sweeter now. The pretty gave herself openly to One this time, and One believes she should be rewarded. Burrowing Its fangs one pop at a time as One’s mouth is full of Luna’s wondrous breasts, a reward for both of them as One senses and controls her plunge to madness’s depths. Her attention solely focuses higher as her hips are lifted and bent farther, One craves the touch of Its former life. One’s offhand threat appealing more and more to Its mind while Its seed slips and slicks her unviolated lower passage. Drowning in the ocean of her lust, One presses Its ram at her dark gates while It continues to sink her deep beneath the waves of her passion. Rising from her breast, mouth dripping with her blood One stares into her eyes and speaks with Its cultivated voice, “May I fill and stretch your wondrous flesh with my-” Her body on fire from the extra dose of demon One left in her breast making Luna screech, “FUCK ME DAMN YOU!”

One smiles Its special smile and settles Itself more firmly against Its target, “As you wish, my beloved.” The veil of passion parting just enough at his smile for her to feel where One is aimed draws beautiful horror in a corner of her eyes. One presses slowly against its new home as Luna cannot help her outburst of lust. Yet, Its demon chorusing in her blood is still unable to distract her from the new sensation of her ass being defiled.

~ ~

Burning! So thick inside me. Make it stop, makeitstop makeitstop. So full, so hot. Too much, deeper please! Oh Goddess I’m cumming aga- “FUCK!” I writhe and scream for my demon. If I had any modesty, the shame of my orgasm from this heinous act would break the hold his eyes have over mine. Our stare continues. Some detached part of my mind marvels at how well One has trained me, mind and body going supernova yet I still give him that extra level with our gaze interlocked. My respite ends far too soon as I crash back inside my flesh. ‘His eyes BURN for me, for ME! I did this, I MAKE HIM SHINE!’ My hands dig furrows next to our joining, breaking and bleeding without care in my exaltation of our lovemaking. His mighty cock finally engulfed fully in my luscious ass. His expression and coos of delight more beautiful than the climax I just felt, bring tears to my eyes as I whimper in overloaded joy and contentment from his pleasure, “You did so well, baby. Such a good girl.” He leans down and kisses away my tears, cooing and shushing away my mewling as my battered flesh adjusts to its new occupant.

He rocks inside me so gently. Just like our first time together he’s so soft and sweet with me. The tenderness in these moments fragment my soul. He’s so big and powerful, yet he can treat me with such care I can’t lose myself in just feeling. He’s trying to make me love him, and I fear its working. My body already obeys him, and with the echo in my stomach, my heart is bending too. I just want to lose myself, I don’t want to have to think about what’s happening, I need him to fuck me, “Please. Please, harder baby. Please.” Demon that he is, he can see the cracks in my footing, always staring at my face, into my eyes, reading my soul. “Shhh. Its okay. Its okay Luna. This is all for you. Just feel. Just us, together,” tears spring anew at his words. I’m breaking and he’s holding the pieces so gingerly, reverently.

His eyes never let me forget what he is, but sometimes, when he’s like this… I just don’t care anymore. My hands cup his face and I bring him down for a kiss, like his pace it’s gentle and sweet. I taste myself in his mouth, my blood, my tears and my nectar. I soar with my pleasure, over and over with him like this. The breeze at each peak letting me float along until the next updraft raises me above the clouds while my body weeps for him. My eyes cry twin streams across my cheeks while my dew flows from the spring of our earlier love and glides with his own down my belly. He leans back to see our river of love as he continues his gentle thrusting into my now oh so ready derriere. I smile shyly at him as the evidence of my pleasure pours anew over my skin and that with the new emotion brewing deep in my eyes sets him off. He grabs my hair tightly as his whole body shudders, “So sweet. So right, so tight, so warm,” my thumb brushes over his lips as he showers my insides with his so hot cum, “So yours. One’s Luna, I am.” He keeps surging again and again inside me as more of my own juice squirts and trickles down my body.

This round seemingly more intense than our usual, he can’t help the spasms of his body with each new gush, the heat in my bowels swelling thicker and hotter. Finally, he gains enough control to gasp and speak, “One is s- sorry. One couldn’t hel- help Itself. Its too familiar. One is so sorry.” The throbbing of our child pulses stronger as the heat builds inside me. He buries his head in my hair, still impaling my rump, still swelling my bowels with his cum, “Its okay. Its okay baby, Luna’s got you. Luna’s got One. Just fill me up like you always do baby.” A larger deluge of his essence erupts inside me before he can whisper, “Its not mine, Luna,” and another, “Its not One’s seed. One is so sorry.”


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I had a rough time last week and I didn’t really get much out of it… but… I can’t deny it was a thrill. When Thursday came around again I felt myself hurry to finish up my work and just seemed to get ready on autopilot.

I parked my car at Sydenham station a few blocks from the side ally to the bus depot and hid my keys behind the front bumper before I set off along the road in nothing other than my cotton boxer bodysuit clutching my $40 as instructed. I was looking toward the buildings that had the games in last week but I didn’t see any red arrow to guide me in this time.

I got to back of the empty bus depot. With no shoes and no watch, I was standing in the middle of the industrial area with no activity around, I wondered what time it was. It seemed like about I had waited about a quarter of an hour when I got their note, so around 7.20 – 7.30pm I guess… The note from the Valkyries was tied to the end of a water balloon that hit me in the back of the head. I thought I saw a small pink car drive off but wasn’t sure that was where it came from.

It had a shopping list that would just about cover the money I had been told to bring I thought:

Beer, cooking oil, flour, paper glue, toilet paper, poster paint, 3 trigger sprayers …etc just a bunch of ordinary stuff. I could get it all at a supermarket. Happy to be on another adventure and without a thought to how I was dressed I set off to the mini supermarket in the petrol station a four blocks up the highway.

I got progressively more cheers, whistles and car horns as I quickly walked along the dark footpath beside the highway, quite a sight I guess in the dying light of dusk for the shoppers driving home. I got the groceries first then crossed the road to the pub for beer at the bottle shop. I noticed the little red light of a DV camera. The woman standing on the corner was filming me as I walked into the bottle-o. On the way out she gestured me to walk to the well-lit car park behind the pub. The Lady with the camera walked me over to her little pink car and took my shopping bags. She gave me a Train ticket for the Gosford train to Hawkesberry River. I walked up to Sydenham station and got the train. It felt like more than hour on the train, but an excited feeling kept me going against growing nervousness.

When I got off the train at Hawkesberry river station the video camera Lady met me and walked me down to a small aluminum boat. Camera running while it dangled from a lanyard around her neck. We traveled across the water to a small park with a jetty a few hundred meters away. There were a dozen or so statues and stone sculptures in a grassy field between the train tracks and the river shore. There was no light except for the jetty, the half platform of the train station and the odd passing intercity train. None seemed to stop at the little station in front of the sculpture park. The station had no road access or even any buildings on it.

I was looking at the lights of the station when I felt a thin cloth hood cover the top of my head and face and two straws go up my nose. Without a word I was posed like a star jump and then mummy wrapped in toilet paper and sprayed all over with watery glue and sprinkled with flour. I could hear another boat arrive. There seemed to be a number of women’s voices. I could feel string being tied at limbs and joints and I was repositioned a few times while more glue, paper and I think clay was added. I was slowly loosing outside sound as the -people- set about mummifying my whole body. I was sat on a big rock, right elbow on left knee, right fingers tied up under my chin. After a few minuets the glue started to set and I could feel it pulling on my skin. I tried to say something but my mouth and jaw were shut tight, a toot sound came out my nose straws but was ignored. I could feel hands all over me and hear muffles voices, excited giggling and the ever-softening ‘sssh’ of spray bottles and bip-beep of digital camera snaps.

Another half an hour or so and I was completely immobilized. I could still feel the odd pressure here and there as more paper and clay were added and a brushing sound as layers were added to my head near my ears, but I couldn’t hear voices or much of any outside sounds at all. Suddenly all the activity stopped and I could hear the low chug of a large boat go past, or maybe a diesel train? Then nothing for a while and another train for sure this time. I started to get worried because I had to go to work the next morning and it was almost certainly past 11pm at this point. I heard a woman say.

“See you in a few hours boys.”

And shortly after than I heard very faint laughter and the boats leave.

I struggled to get free but I was stuck fast. I thought for an hour or so “They will be back any second to free me and see the look an my face.”

I don’t know how but I fell asleep for while and woke up to the feeling of cutting through my body cast. I got cheers as the hood came off my head and I stepped out of the body cast.

On the ground in the early morning light it looked like “The thinker”. My bodysuit had fused and ripped off with the cast the outline of my body was very clear. I was dazed and stark naked in the sculpture park as a train went past. It was just before sun rise and the video lady handed me a robe and a train ticket back to Sydenham. She packed up a few time laps cameras and other equipment into a big hard case before dropping me off at Brooklyn jetty.

I got home in just enough time to shower and get to work. I checked my email and their was an invitation to be a “Subject of the Valkyries””. The instructions began that afternoon.

To be continued…

I could tell something was wrong as soon as I opened the door the apartment. Jasmine, the love of my life for the past two years, always had time to straighten up the house despite the demands of her job. I helped as well, of course, believing that the best relationships are based on equal responsibility. On the weekends, I would wake up early and quietly tidy up the place before making breakfast for us both and bringing it in to my sleeping beauty.

The living room was a shambles. The cushions from the furniture were tossed about the place. The collection of magazines and bowl of candies that normally adorned the guest table were strewn across the carpeted floor. The telephone was pulled out of the wall and lay in a jumbled heap on the other side of the room.

“Jasmine?” I called out as I entered and shut the door. “Honey, are you here? Are you all right?”

Silence was my only answer. I set down my briefcase and removed my tie, letting the richness of its silk fabric ebb through my fingers as I looked into the kitchen. My gaze was drawn to the block of unfinished wood that held a set of kitchen knives. I stepped over slowly to it, pausing to finger the sole empty slot in its display of sheathed blades.

“Serrated bread knife,” I murmured to myself. It was big and menacing, I mused, capable of inflicting a wicked wound on exposed flesh. My brow knit as I glanced at a small scar on my left index finger where that same knife had left a reminder for me to be more careful in the future. It was the perfect weapon to intimidate someone. I called out for Jasmine again, a little louder this time, but there was still no answer.

The apartment’s bedroom was less disturbed than the living room but the bed covers were thrown akimbo and the lamp from the nightstand lay on the floor, its bulb broken. The covers were darkened by spots of dampness, especially near the head of the bed. The top drawer of the dresser was open — the place Jasmine stored the fancy lingerie and delicate negligee she would wear for my eyes alone.

While we were equals in everything else, Jasmine ruled the bedroom. She must have sensed that need in me, that basic insecurity due to lack of experience in such matters. She was patient, comforting and yet subtly demanding, always taking the lead. The year before, she bound me to the bed with scarves and stockings and had her deliciously wicked way with me for the better part of a night and a day.

Since then, we spent much of our available earnings on a large plastic tackle box and had filled it with various toys and restraints that she gleefully used on me time and again. I had spent many happy weekends as a helpless prisoner of that bedroom, squirming in cat’s cradles of rope, while expressing my wanton desire and climatic pleasures in smothered moans through gags of various types.

The box now lay open next to the closet door, its contents spilling out onto the carpet. My eyes widened in realization as I studied it. Several lengths of silk rope and a ball gag were missing. I felt my panicked pulse quicken as I drew shallow breaths, desperately suppressing an urge to cry out her name at the top of my lungs. I issued a bitter, shuddering sob before noticing the bathroom door was slightly ajar.

I slowly pushed the door open. A sodden bath towel lay on the floor, amid the scattered contents of Jasmine’s cosmetics and toiletries. Her wooden handled hairbrush lay in the sink. I picked it up, remembering the time she had turned me over her knee and applied its back to my posterior with several firm but loving strokes when I arrived home late from the office.

Hot tears burned my cheeks as I clung to my memories of her — of her long dark hair framing green eyes and night-pale features smiling at me just before we embrace. I relished the warm touch of her lips when we kiss, just before she forces her hot, wet tongue between mine. I longed for the pleasant swell of her bosom against my chest, the delicate scent of perfume on her skin, the music of her laughter…

The cell phone in my pants pocket warbled, snapping me out of my longings and back to the present. I fumbled it out and checked the number and saw that it was Jasmine’s cell phone. I hastily flipped the phone open. “Jasmine?” I practically yelled, “Honey, are you all right?”

“No, Jonathan,” said a calm but firm feminine voice at the other end. “I am Jasmine’s kidnapper.”

It took several rapids beats of my racing heart for that to register. With that realization, came an unnatural calm. I took a slow, trembling breath and blew it out before speaking. “Is Jasmine all right?” I asked in a lower tone of voice.

“While she is not entirely comfortable,” replied the woman’s voice, “she is unharmed.”

“What do you want?” I asked.

The woman chuckled softly a moment before answering. “You are surprisingly focused, given the situation,” she said. “That is good. You will need to be focused if you ever want to see her again.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” I said, letting some irritation creep into my voice.

“Do not take that tone of voice with me, Jonathan,” said the woman with an undercurrent of malice. “Let’s make this perfectly clear at the start — I will make demands of you, and you will obey. If you fail to follow my instructions precisely, Jasmine disappears from your life, never to return.” There was a pause before she continued. “Do you understand?”

I closed my eyes and fought down the urge to scream at the disembodied voice. “I understand,” I said at last.

“First and foremost,” said the woman, “have you contacted the authorities or anyone else concerning Jasmine’s disappearance?”

“No,” I replied. “Not a soul.”

“Keep it that way,” replied the woman. “You will not involve anyone else in this matter — NO ONE. Is that clear?”

“It’s just between us and Jasmine,” I agreed. “Just please don’t hurt her,” I added with my voice cracking.

“Steady, Jonathan,” assured the voice with a touch of sympathy. “As long as you do what I say, I won’t. Compose yourself, and then I will tell you what to do.”

Twenty minutes later, I was walking toward a small mom-and-pop motel that was nestled into a run-down residential neighborhood. I still wore my plain white dress shirt (sans tie), belted khakis and polished leather dress shoes from work. I stepped through the door to the office and rang the antique bell on the counter. A young woman in a pink t-shirt with her blonde hair tied back into a ponytail stepped through the beaded curtain.

She favored me with a smile. “You must be Jonathan,” she said cheerfully as she dug under the counter for something. She flipped a room key onto the counter before I could reply. “Suite 14,” she said pointing to my right as she went back through the curtain and disappeared from view.

Rather than shout in her wake, I sighed in frustration and picked up the key. I exited the office and walked down the sidewalk in front of the line of rooms to my right. Suite 14 turned out to be around the corner of the single-story rectangular building in the back. The area was screened in by trees and hedges and there were no vehicles parked next to the room door, nor any other room on that side of the motel. I noticed there were heavy curtains closed across the windows as I slotted the key and unlocked the door.

I felt a hand grab the front of my shirt as I opened the door and yank me inside the room. As the door slammed shut behind me, my feet got tangled up in something and I pitched face-first onto the bed, whose ancient springs squealed in protest. Night-blind in the darkness, I felt someone — a woman — jump onto my back and clasp my wrists with warm, firm hands.

I began to struggle, when I felt the touch of cold metal on the side of my neck. I stopped instantly, recognizing the feel of the serrated bread knife from the apartment kitchen. “That’s better,” said a woman’s voice — Jasmine’s kidnapper — from near my head. “Go limp,” she added. “Offer any resistance and I will cut you.”

The woman on my back continued to hold my wrists. “May I ask a question?” I ventured.

The knife came away from my neck. I was becoming aware of the dim shadowy figures of the two women in the gloom around me. I could hear the whisper of silk as the one near my head moved, towering over me in the dark. When she turned back, she had something in her hands. “You may,” she replied to my question.

“What is your na—MMMPH!” Her hands had shoved a wad of silky material into my mouth and were already strapping some sort of harness around the lower part of my face. I felt leather straps pulling tight around my head as she deftly buckled them.

“My name,” she replied as I felt metal rasp against metal behind my head, “is Cassandra.” There was a click and I realized that a small padlock had been inserted into the buckle and locked. “But you will call me ‘Mistress,’ if I permit you to speak at all.”

I felt the knife’s chill upon my skin near my neck again as I heard its working side shredding the fabric of my shirt. I whimpered softly with fear at the touch of the weapon. “Easy, Jonathan,” said Cassandra, “Just relax and be still.” With a series of quick cuts down the sleeves and the middle of my back, the shirt lay in rags around me. “Believe it or not,” she added as she worked, “I really don’t want to hurt you — yet.”

I felt my hands drawn behind my back and the two women worked together to slide my hands into heavy mitts of leather that were buckled tightly around my wrists. My wrists were locked together with another padlock that passed through metal rings mounted on them. The women than rolled me on my side. While Cassandra undid my belt, the other woman pulled off my shoes and socks before Cassandra peeled off my pants and underwear.

I could feel a blush coming to my cheeks as I saw Cassandra looking over my naked form. “Jasmine,” she said, “has good taste in men.” I felt her hands running lightly across my thighs, buttocks and flanks. I could see her smile as her hands lightly brushed my balls and cock. I twitched at the unexpected touch. “Very good taste,” she added and turned back to the bag on the night stand beside the bed.

Cassandra was a beautiful woman, despite the fact that she had kidnapped my love and was seemingly intent on doing the same to me. She was a tall, voluptuous woman with red hair and pale skin. The long-sleeved white silk blouse she wore clung to her generous bosom and enticing flanks, revealing that she wore a dark-colored corset beneath. Her black silk pencil skirt hugged the curves and contours of her hips and buttocks, distending slightly across her thighs as she moved, revealing the telltale bumps and bulges of a garter belt beneath. Her legs were sheathed in shiny, sheer copper stockings that whispered as she moved, providing wonderful highlights of her very long, shapely legs. Her feet were perched on open-toed stiletto shoes made of black patent leather.

As I watched her, I felt leather cuffs encircling my ankles and being buckled in place. The now-familiar rasp of metal indicated that they too were padlocked together. Cassandra looked over at the other woman. “Get him on his knees,” she said distractedly as she continued look through her bag on the nightstand.

The other woman allowed me to pivot on my hip and squirm off of the bed enough to plant my feet before she eased me over the side and onto my knees. I glanced back at her and gave her a slight nod of appreciation for being gentle. I noticed that she wore a leather collar around her neck with a mounted ring of metal just below her chin. She flashed me a shadow of a smile in return then threw a cautioning look toward Cassandra. I quickly turned back to face my captor.

Cassandra turned back toward me while holding a wide strap of leather in her hands. With me kneeling and her on five-inch heels, she towered over me. She stepped in close enough to let the hem of her skirt brush my face. I caught a hint of perfume as I felt the other woman threading a cord through the padlocks at my wrists and ankles.

Cassandra looked down at me with a slight smile. Behind me, I felt the other woman tying off the cord, pulling it slightly tighter so that I had to lean back to put slack in the line. The other woman then stood and walked to the door, exiting the room quietly. I was now alone with my captor.

“This,” said Cassandra, indicating the strap she was holding, “is for you.” She turned it over in her hands so I could see it. It looked like a slightly more heavy-duty version of the collar the other woman wore. My brow furrowed and then I looked up at the woman again.

Cassandra nodded knowingly. “I know, I know,” she said, “you are worried about Jasmine and are wondering what this has to do with her — yes?” I nodded slowly so as to not show irritation. Cassandra smiled again. “You will see her shortly,” she said, “provided you agree to wear this collar.” I nodded.

“I would not agree to that so quickly,” cautioned Cassandra with a waggling finger. She turned the collar over in her hands again, looking at it. “I am a mistress, Jonathan. Not the kind you see in the movies who manipulates married men for money.” She bent forward a bit and looked at me intently. “I am the kind of mistress who OWNS people. I take advantage of people’s wants and desires, making them submit to MY wants and desires. And my desires are a mix of pleasure, debauchery and pain.”

Despite the situation, I could feel the sexual power of this woman. My heart was racing and I could feel a stirring of my loins. I could feel the heat of her against my naked skin, her perfume filling my senses with its enticing aroma. And looking into her eyes, I realized that she could sense my resolve eroding away under her feminine power. I gently strained against the bonds holding my wrists and hands, the leather creaking audibly in the silence of the room.

“Oh dear God,” I thought desperately, “I want this woman.” I could feel an erection starting as my breath quickened. My cheeks were flush, burning hot against the strap holding my gag in place.

Cassandra’s smile widened as she regarded my discomfort. “If you wear my collar,” she said slowly, “then you agree to do anything and everything I demand of you for as long as you wear it. It is a mark of ownership — MY mark of ownership. Once I put it on you, it remains until I decide to remove it. Should you disobey or disrespect me in any fashion while you wear it, your punishment will swift and painful — as will Jasmine’s.”

The last of my resistance crumbled and I cast my eyes downward, my shoulders sagging as much as they could against my bonds. Cassandra gently kissed my forehead. “Good boy,” she whispered.

The leather collar encircled my neck, but my eyes were closed. Cassandra drew it snug, but not uncomfortably so, and buckled it behind my head. A padlock was slotted and locked home. I drew a shuddering breath as she walked around in front of me. A soft, warm hand found my chin and drew my gaze up to meet hers.

Her blue eyes blazed in triumph as she looked down at me. “You are mine now,” she said in a voice barely above a whisper. “Mine.” The tableau was broken by a gentle knock at the door.

Cassandra turned her gaze toward the door. “Enter,” she said. She looked at me again, favoring me with a wicked smile. “Let’s take you to see Jasmine.”

It’s been three years since my mother disappeared from our lives. I was the last person to speak to her; she called my cell phone to let me know she’d be running late. She was getting her nails done in preparation for the annual Christmas party, given at the company where my dad worked at. My mom, as always, wanted to look her best. After she got her manicure, she was supposed to pick up a new dress. Well . . . it didn’t happen that way.

Mom never came home that night and repeated calls to her cell phone proved fruitless. When she hadn’t shown by midnight, we really began to worry. My dad phoned the police but they told us we had to wait a minimum of forty-eight hours before they could declare my mother as a missing person. After several months had passed, the authorities suspected someone had either kidnapped my mother or she had gotten herself into a situation where she become injured and couldn’t ask for help.

Naturally, such news did nothing to allay our fears. We did everything we possibly could to find her. My dad even hired a private investigator but he came up empty. When that didn’t pan out, we asked our local television station to run her picture; this caught the attention of dad’s old college buddy who happened to be watching the news when they ran my mother’s picture. He recognized my mom and immediately called dad. He worked for the F.B.I. and offered to do a few checks as a favor for us. But when he came up empty, we lost hope of ever seeing her again. Then . . . a miracle of all miracles happened:

I found her . . .

And I found her purely by chance when I surfed for porn one night. I clicked on a link promising pictures of women with large, round asses because that’s what I like, especially the mature kind; that’s when several windows popped up covering the screen. I hated when that happened but that was the price one had to pay for downloading free material. It wasn’t until I closed the second to last window when my eyes widened in interest.

There was a picture of a M.I.L.F. wearing a black thong, thrusting her ass toward the camera. Her cheeks were round and inviting, making me wish I had the ability to transport myself to the time and place when the picture was taken so I could fuck the shit out of her. My dick swelled and became engorged with blood at the very idea of such a fantasy. The tent in my pants yearned to be released from its cramped space. I saved the picture and went in search of some more. This time I found one of her face, and that’s when my world turned upside down.

It was my mom! I was sure of it. Her face looked worn and vacant and there were a few extra wrinkles around her eyes, but it was definitely her. She was sitting on a red settee with her long, shapely legs crossed at the knees, wearing a see-through negligee. The caption below the pic read Lenora but the rest of the words were in a foreign language I couldn’t read. I felt excited and confused; I didn’t know whether to jump for joy and inform my dad or wait and see until I found out more. Since I didn’t want to raise any false hopes, I decided I needed to gather more information. I was ninety-nine percent sure it was mom, but I needed to be certain. I think what was throwing me off was the fact that the woman in these photos looked to be about thirty pounds less than the weight my mom was carrying the time she disappeared.

The first thing I needed to do was get the website translated. Luckily for me, I knew the king of gearheads at my college; his name is Harold; we met one day in the school cafe. He sat alone at the only empty table available. I parked myself across from him and struck up a conversation; I think he was surprised someone other than a geek wanted to talk to him. I could tell Harold was self-conscious about his face, which was severely covered in acne. I pretended I didn’t notice and kept my gaze only on the area between his eyes when we talked.

During our lunch that afternoon, I explained the fundamentals of good nutrition, educating him on the proper way to eat. I guaranteed Harold that if he removed dairy, greasy foods, and sugar from his diet, his face would clear up in no time. He listened but I didn’t think he would follow my advice, which is not surprising. Most people are slaves to their palates and a radical change to their diet can be very difficult for them. So, you can imagine my surprise when I ran into Howard two weeks later. His acne was all but gone save for some small patches here and there. To say he was elated was an understatement. Harold couldn’t contain his excitement. I felt happy for him. The poor guy deserved a break.

That’s when Harold mentioned if there was anything I needed in terms of computer help, free software, hacking–whatever. I was to come to him. Ever since then, I’ve run into Harold a few times around campus. His acne is now gone and he seems more confident as well.

The day after discovering mom’s pics, I went in search of Harold; I eventually found him sitting under a tree, studying his notes. I asked if he could meet me at the library later this evening. I thought if anyone could help me find my mom, it would be him. Howard readily agreed and said he would swing by. I never told Harold about the disappearance of my mother before, but when we met that day, I clued him in on all the particulars including my suspicions.

“No problem Rick. I have a program that can translate any modern language into English. However, finding the location of the computer that is uploading data into the server which houses the pics of the woman–I mean your mom–will take a little more time.”

“Do you think you’ll be able to pull it off?

“Don’t worry, Rick. I can do it. You’ll see.”

For the next hour, Harold explained what he planned to do. After the words “IP address” and “router” left his mouth, I pretty much lost him after that. Again, he gave me his assurances and that was good enough for me. I took my leave and headed home.

On my way home, I cut across the park admiring the lush trees and soft grass. I thought a change in scenery would help me clear my mind. The wind blew strong and its sound filled the hollow of my ears. I watched the sky slowly dim as the people in the park began making their way home. The footpath I was on led me to a still lake lined with blue benches. I sat down and stretched my arms out to the sides, enjoying the solitude afforded by this area of the park.

I began to think about mom and how she mysteriously vanished three years ago. I thought about the pain it brought us as a family, especially my sister, Tracy, who couldn’t stop crying for days afterwards. I also thought about my dad who often hid his emotions whenever Tracy or I was around. He assumed he was fooling us, but I knew he suffered in silence. How could he not. Mom and dad started their relationship as high school sweethearts. Not many couples can say the same thing.

I remember when I was younger how he would tell me that mom was a one-in-a-million lady and that’s what I needed to find one day for my bride. The honk of a Canadian goose scavenging for food pulled me from my reverie. The sun had set and it was getting nearer to the time when dad would have dinner ready. I stood up and made my way out of the park. I walked with my hands in my pockets, brooding over the string of events that brought me to ask Harold for help.

Thinking about Harold triggered a memory of a classmate who wrote an essay on human trafficking. At the time, I thought the topic interesting and asked if I could read his paper. To be honest, I was totally unprepared by the data he quoted in his paper: human trafficking is a multibillion-dollar business that exploits mostly woman and children for the purposes of slavery or sexual servitude. Victims are either lured by false promises or by physical force with no hope of escape.

The reason I mention this is because I believe my mom was taken by force the day she contacted me from the nail salon. She was 45 at the time but her body appeared to be that of a 30-year-old woman. Mom regularly visited the gym and ate a healthy vegetarian diet. It also helped that her parents passed on the right sequence of genes, which gave her an ass any buttman would want to mount. And, when she wears her form-fitting leggings, there isn’t a straight man on the street who doesn’t sport wood when she walks on by.

The traffickers must’ve taken one look at mom and decided she would be a cash cow, not to mention a nice piece of tail on the side. My stomach churned at the thought of so many men taking out their sexual frustrations on my mom. I can’t imagine what she must’ve gone through for the past three years. And if it weren’t for my classmate’s insightful paper, I never would’ve connected the dots. It’s the only explanation that makes any real sense. I gotta hand it to those bastards, whoever they were. They had balls.

That night I locked myself in my room and went back to the site which displayed my mother’s pics. I stayed up well into the night wondering what they were doing to her. Was she beaten? Was she forced to starve on the days she was uncooperative? Did the men use condoms? Was she even alive?

I hated thinking about such things but someone in my family had to ask the tough questions. I know Tracy and my dad weren’t going to. Sadly, they gave up all hope of her ever being alive. But not me. I needed proof of her death.

I feel ashamed to admit this but as an admirer of older women, I’ve often dreamed about mom’s fleshy cheeks, particularly how they would feel against my hands and how her sphincter would taste the second my tongue made contact with it. But most of all, I, dare I think it, wanted to know what it would feel like to slide my dick into her ass. I’ve thought about it even since I was twelve. Now, I desired mom even more after seeing those erotic pictures.

Harold didn’t get back to me until two days later. I ran into him heading to my Biochem class. He was waiting in the hall outside the classroom. “Hey Rick. I have that information you wanted.” he said in a conspiratorial tone. Fuck it. My mom was more important to me than Biochemistry.

“Let’s go sit on the benches outside where we can talk.” He shook his head and followed me out of the East Building. When we sat down, Harold opened his laptop and waited for it to come out of hibernation; when the Desktop appeared, he clicked on a file which opened the Firefox browser. It was the website I couldn’t read before. He had some how managed to translate the whole site in English.

Harold pushed his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose before he explained what he came up with: “Okay, you may find this strange but the language used for the website you told me to translate is not one commonly spoken. It’s what linguists call a constructed international auxiliary language.” Harold noticed the confusion written on my face before continuing. “We don’t have to get into that. Suffice it to say the people behind this website wanted it to be cryptic. That’s why they, whoever they are, used Esperanto, the language the website was originally written in. They must’ve figured the average Joe wouldn’t be able to understand what was written. And they’d be correct in that assumption. My guess, the website was made for wealthy executives and politicians.

Harold’s explanation only confirmed my previous suspicion of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual slavery. Just the thought of my mom being used as a piece of meat by some dirty bastards made me ball my hands into fists.

“Now, I did a check on the server that stores the website and traced its location back to a small town in Germany. But that’s not the interesting part. What’s interesting is the pics and web pages didn’t originate from Germany. They came from a computer in Rovno which is located in the Ukraine. So . . . I’m guessing that’s where she’s being held.”

Harold paused to clear his throat several times and squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. “Well . . . I . . . uh . . . found some more pictures of your mother,” he added sheepishly. “I swear I didn’t look at them very long.” His eyes shifted aimlessly in an attempt to avoid my gaze. “I . . . uh . . . just wanted to make sure you got everything.”

“Don’t sweat it. You did what I asked you to do.” He gave me a sidelong glance; his face wary, unsure of my reaction. “Harold, me and my family are eternally grateful for your help. I won’t forget it.” I gave him a reassuring smile. He then rummaged through his bag, taking out a silver thumb drive. It contained all the files he dug up including the new pictures. “Thanks.” We shook hands and parted ways.

Later that evening, I read through the web pages and discovered my mom was one of several women who specialized in anal sex. She was advertised as the “American Anal Princess.” Her services included (anal, blowjobs, gaping, toy play, creampies, double penetration, and enemas). Lenora, as she was called, was available for parties and business functions in addition to one-on-one fucking. The charge for her talents was 150 euros which comes out to $200 American dollars, roughly speaking. I’m sure her being an American allowed them to charge a lot more, considering the difficulty in acquiring an American girl to begin with. The risk of reprisal and the attention brought on by such a brazen act would be bad for business, except if you happen to be one these guys.

The real shock, however, was not in the description of her services but in the new pictures themselves and the captions that accompanied each one. The first one showed my mom spreading her cheeks apart, revealing her tight asshole and pink pussy. Her nails had been meticulously decorated in a red, white, and blue pattern, signifying her country of origin. The caption underneath read, “Whichever hole you choose, they are both delicious!”

Okay, I’m not going to deny that my mouth didn’t flood with saliva, because it did. I’m still a man even though I’m her son.

The next pic displayed my mom resting on her back, pulling her cheeks apart, while some guy slid his dick into her ass. Her meaty thighs had been previously oiled to give her skin an erotic sheen. No doubt a marketing tactic. I really wanted to click to the next shot but I found it hard to move my hand. I mean, it’s not everyday I get to see a picture of my mom getting fucked in the ass. The caption for this one read, “It’s so tight you won’t be able to cum in her ass!”

The third one was another anal shot, except this time mom was on her knees spreading her round mounds apart. I don’t know if it was the same man from the picture before, but whoever it was, he had half his prick stuffed into her tight anal ring. The caption of this one read, “Our goal is to please.”

The fourth one was a bit bizarre in that it showed mom spreading her ass with a travel-sized bottle of vodka lodged in her anus. Despite their bad taste in humor, mom’s ass looked even better in this shot than the previous two. Her skin was extra smooth and tanned, which is odd when you consider the Ukraine is not a destination for tourists in search of sun. They must’ve bought their own personal tanning bed. The caption for that one read, “Drink right from the source!”

In the next shot, mom was on her knees spreading her cheeks again but this time after having been fucked in the ass. Her shiny anus was gaping with cum in and around her raw asshole. The man who fucked her must’ve pulled out at the last second before shooting his wad. The caption read, “Another satisfied customer.”

I don’t know what compelled me to do this but I opened up the pic in an image editor and zoomed in on her stretched hole. I could just make out the thick fibrous tissue that made up her sphincter and the damp bottom of her rectum. I quickly closed the program, disgusted with myself for lusting after my mom’s ass. Fuck! Why did she have to look so damn sexy?

The next pic caught me totally off guard; my mom was in the doggy-style position with a latex-gloved fist in her ass! I could only imagine the pain and humiliation she went through for that shot. The caption for this read, “For those who need something special.” It’s obvious their business catered to all types.

Even though I couldn’t stop my cock from rising, I almost shed a tear knowing this had been her fate for the last three years. And if someone didn’t save her, it would continue being her fate. I wasn’t about to let that happen.

Finally, the last shot was a close up of mom sucking a large cock. She was leaning over a guy with her lips tightly sealed around his cock-head. The tits she once used to feed me and Tracy hung invitingly below, capped by half-inch nipples waiting to be sucked. The caption read, “Look at those lips. She’s ready to drain you dry.”

If my dad ever saw these pics, he’d be crushed. That’s why I hid them in an encrypted folder buried in my C: drive. I shut off my computer and hit the sack. I needed time to strategize and the best way for me to do that was to lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling. Believe it or not, I did some of my best thinking that way.

I went through different scenarios in my mind; they all had their relative degree of success and failure, but only one would involve minimal bodily harm to me and to my mother. At least I hoped it would. After all, this is a criminal organization I’m going to deal with and I prefer it if we came out of the situation unscathed.

When I hammered out all the details, I fell into a fitful slumber. I tossed and turned for the better part of the night until I finally awoke in a cold sweat. The clock read 3:18 and the only creatures up were the crickets. Lucky for me it was Friday or I’d have to be up in another four hours preparing for class. Going back to sleep was pointless. I couldn’t even if I tried. There was too much on my mind, not to mention too much at stake.

I decided to prepare for my plan . . .

The first thing on my To Do list was getting all the cash I could get my hands on. I needed it for the plane tickets, the hotel room, and for any unforeseeable expenses. I had a little over three grand tucked away in my savings account. I had planned on buying a new car with it, but now I needed the money to save a life. When the bank opened its doors at eight in the morning, I had them clear out my account.

An hour later, I exited Pike’s Used Cars with two grand in my pocket. The car I used to shuttle myself to and from school was now sitting in the back portion of the lot. I now had a total of five grand in my pocket. Not bad but still not enough. If I was going to grease someone’s palm, I better have the funds to back me up. At the risk of incurring outrageous fess, I withdrew cash on two of my credit cards; ouch! That brought my total to eight thousand dollars. I prayed that would be enough to see us safely home.

The next stop on my list was the university. I made arrangements to drop out from all my classes, opting for no credit so my GPA wouldn’t be affected. I think that was harder to do than selling my own car. Now the only thing left for me to do was to visit the local travel agency and book my flight. I bought a one-way ticket to the Ukraine. The agent, a bubbly blonde, suggested a cheap hotel where I could stay with decent food.

Upon my return home, I wrote a letter to my dad and my sister. Without going into details, I explained there was a possible lead I needed to pursue concerning mom’s whereabouts. I mentioned my flight to Europe and told them not to worry about me. And, that I would be in touch. I printed out two copies of the letter and mailed them out. I figure by the time they received it, I’d already be in the air. Once I was done with that, I went online and did a search for addresses and phone numbers integral to my plan.

At 1:30p.m. the following day, I checked my bags at the airport. At 3:05, I was in the air heading to the Ukraine. The flight took something like a day, but it gave me a chance to refine my plan. Though I was scared shitless, I knew my cause was just and that gave me the strength to carry on.

The next day, I arrived at Borispol Airport. Those of us traveling to Rovno had to take a connecting flight. I felt like crap when I finally arrived at the Marlen Hotel & Restaurant. After checking in and tipping the bellhop, I took a long, hot shower to clean myself up. At that point, there was nothing I wanted more than to nap for a few hours, but it was already 2:37 in the afternoon, their time, and I needed to make effective use of my day. I got dressed and groomed and headed out in search of a cab. Ten minutes later, I was dropped off at the front gates of the American embassy, where I had an appointment with Consul Karl Stross.

A young woman, who could have been a model, escorted me to a waiting area outside the Consul’s office. I spent twenty minutes flipping through the pages of a National Geographic before Consul Stross came out of his office and asked me in. With a gesture of his hand, he indicated I sit in the high-back chair across from his desk.

I explained everything from the discovery the website, that part was embarrassing to admit, to Harold’s help in translating the webpages. In addition, I showed Consul Stross copies of the police report, documenting my mother’s disappearance, pictures of mom with the family spanning several years, and a pic from the website. I chose only to give him the one where she’s sitting on a red settee. You could clearly see her face in that one and she wasn’t nude.

After reviewing the evidence, Consul Stross excused himself. A minute later, he returned with another man in tow. His hair was peppered on the sides, fashioned military style. He looked like he had been around the block a few times, so I’m guessing he was ex-military. Consul Stross introduced him as his assistant, Mark Bradley. We all sat down and Consul Stross brought him up to speed. He nodded thoughtfully, appearing to digest each detail given to him. He seemed genuinely interested in hearing my case.

Once the facts were given to Mr. Bradley, we discussed my options. They told me about some of the local thugs who may be involved in my mother’s kidnapping. Based on what the embassy had been able to gather, these gangs were hard to touch because many corrupt politicians, judges, and high-ranking police officers were on their payroll. Taking any kind of legal action against them would prove futile. Consul Stross felt the only way to handle this situation was for him to use certain channels to put pressure on some of the local politicians.

This would expedite matters and force the hand of the local authorities to take action. A few arrests would be made but that would be only for show. At best, the thugs would spend a night in jail while awaiting a judge to dismiss the charges. In other words, no one would be punished for the crimes committed against my mother.

With great reservation, I reluctantly went along with their plan. What choice did I have? I knew they meant well, but somebody should pay for abducting my mom and forcing her to turn tricks for three straight years! I mean, what the fuck!

Once we were done, Consul Stross advised me to go back to the hotel and wait for his call. He said he needed time to make the arrangements. I took a taxi back to the hotel and collapsed on the bed. I didn’t open my eyes until midnight; I got up and went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. I started to think about what Consul Stross had said about needing time to take action. By then, it could be too late. For all I knew, my mom could be moved to another location tomorrow, or even worse, to another country! Fuck it! To hell with this bureaucratic bullshit! I’ll handle this myself.

I still had the address Harold gave me, so I might as well begin there. My stomach growled right about then. There was no time to eat a proper meal, so I drank down a protein shake I brought along with me. It’s quick and nutritious and it comes in handy when I don’t have the time to eat solid foods.

With my tummy sated, I exited the hotel and hailed the first available cab. I showed the driver the piece of paper with the address on it. As he read it, a grin pulled at his mouth. He glanced up, looked into the rearview mirror and said, “It is good place.” He popped the clutch and poured on the gas.

The cabby pulled in front of a small brick building located in a semi-deserted industrial area. He pointed toward the wooden door and said, “You go.” I tipped him, got out of the car, and stood in front of the door. The cabby took off into the night, leaving me to fend for myself. At that moment, Elvis singing “It’s now or never . . .” popped into my mind. Great! My own brain has abandoned me, too.

With the side of my fist, I knocked two times. The sliding of a bolt on the other side of the door made me step back. A beefy- bouncer with a scowl across his face said something I didn’t understand. I pointed to myself and said, “Me American. Looking for woman.” I pantomimed the typical hourglass figure of a woman. He stood back, allowing me to pass into a dimly-lit corridor. The air reeked of boiled cabbage and funky herbs. I followed muscle-head to a small staircase which lead to the main floor. He knocked once on a red door. The guy behind it looked to be an even bigger prick, probably on the verge of having a roid-rage attack. The two fuckheads exchanged a few words in Ukrainian, but the only thing I could make out was “American.”

The second bouncer grunted and let us pass into a large, rectangular room, with plastic chairs set about the perimeter. Only few customers had shown up tonight. The johns were a mix of young and old. They all gave me the look. You know, the look that says you’re a foreigner and what the fuck are you doing here. I ignored them and found an empty seat in the corner and settled in. I wondered how many of these guys fucked my mother. Probably none. They didn’t look like they could afford it.

There was an annoying haze of cigarette smoke, which hung in the air permeating every space in the room. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hands, until the sting from the nicotine subsided. I looked around, avoiding the stares from the other men, and spotted a small LCD television bolted to the wall. There was a porn movie playing; the volume was low but who cares about that.

I spied the first bouncer talking to an older woman who looked to be in her fifties. She had dirty blonde hair with light blue eyes. The bouncer pointed at me a couple of times while she frowned. Uh-oh, I’ve been made. I know it.

She curtly replied to the big oaf and glanced my way; I met her stare with a disarming smile. The lady then dismissed him with a wave of her hand. She got up and glided over to me. When she got within a foot of my shins, she bent at the waist and placed her hands on the tops of her thighs and said, “Ahmeriken zhinka . . . ah . . . vuman. You come.” Could it be she was referring to my mom?

I followed her down a hall lined with rooms on both sides. Thick, heavy curtains served as doors, providing the johns with some measure of privacy. As I made my way down the corridor, I could hear moaning and grunting coming from the other side of each curtain I passed. The walls appeared to be nothing more than painted sheet rock, allowing anyone in one room to hear what was going on in the next.

The madam stopped in front of the last door on the left and opened it. A chime sounded. From what I could tell, it was an anteroom, sparsely furnished with plush red carpeting. She led me to another door in the far corner of the room. The blonde pressed a button on the wall and the door unlocked, opening on its own. I trailed behind her after she swung the door open.

The first thing I spotted was a short middle-aged man, fucking a woman in the ass. She was on her hands and knees with her long, dark hair concealing her face. When the man saw the madam, he slowly slid his long dick out of the woman’s shitter. The fucker had to have been ten inches in length. Once his knob cleared her anus, a faint slurping sound shattered the thick silence in the room.

The lady’s sphincter remained open and the guy smiled at the madam, while forcing the woman’s cheeks apart, increasing her gape to double the size! The madam turned her head to the side and waved her hand in disgust; she angrily spat out something in Ukrainian, which only made the older man laugh at the madam’s discomfort. Since fun time was over, he let the woman’s cheeks go and padded across the room. His dick, still erect, bobbed in the air. He picked up a robe off of a chair and covered himself. The woman on the bed still had her head hung in shame, never once making a sound.

The madam and the bald guy resumed their talking. It didn’t take a brainiac to know I was the topic of conversation. He gave me the once over as though he was making up his mind whether to trust me or not. I looked at the woman and took in her sexy body. My eyes followed a path from her heavy tits, which were resting on the covers, to her mature yet curvy ass and well-toned thighs.

The conversation ended abruptly; the old guy grunted something and left. The madam’s mouth went tight; her forehead wrinkled in a frown as she looked over at me and said, “For you. Ahh . . . Good American vuman.” That’s when the lady on the bed decided to reveal her face. She turned her head and locked eyes with me. Time slowed to a crawl as my lids retracted into their sockets; the lady on the bed looked like she’d seen a ghost, such was her shock.


I immediately broke eye contact, not wanting to tip off the madam. Clearing her throat, she put her hand out waiting for me to pay. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a thick wad of cash; I saw the old woman’s eyes light up. I wanted her to think I was a big spender. While I counted out the money, four thousand Hryvnias, which is roughly equivalent to five hundred American dollars, my peripheral tracked my naked mom going through the motions of covering herself up with a sheet. The madam smirked at mom’s attempt at modesty, considering she’d just been fucked in the ass only moments ago.

“Dyakuyu! Dyakuyu!” I think she was thanking me but I couldn’t be sure. I smiled the best phony smile I could muster and waited impatiently for her to leave. She picked up on my eagerness and left, humming a tune under her breath.

When the door closed, my emotions got the best of me and all I wanted to do was to rush toward mom and scoop her in my arms, but the moment I took the first step, she put her hand up, stopping me in my tracks. “Hey big guy. Give a lady a chance to get to know you better.” My face was a mask of confusion; I didn’t know how to respond. Why she was acting this way? Surely she must know I’m her son.

Mom got off the bed and stood unsure; she nervously glanced at the wall behind me. There was genuine fear in her eyes; she quickly recovered, though, and smirked; with a slow hand, mom released her grip on the bedsheet concealing her womanly charms. The white fabric slid down her torso, hugging the curves of her body, displaying her full mommy tits, then her soft mommy stomach, followed by her wide mommy hips, her plump mommy pussy, and her creamy mommy thighs, until it crumpled at her meticulous mommy feet.

My breath drew in sharply at the sight of her beauty. Mom smirked at my obvious approval of her anatomy and shuffled toward me. Then she reached out with her right hand and seductively rubbed her palm over my chest, warming the skin underneath my shirt. She searched my eyes for a moment before raising herself on her tippy-toes to press her soft lips against mine. I held the kiss and rested my hands on her hips. The temperature in the room got a few degrees higher. Mom pulled back just as I was getting into it; she then put her hand behind my head and drew me in. This time she gave me a peck on the cheek and combed her long nails through my hair. She sensually slid her lips right up to my ear and whispered, “Play along as best you can.” She nuzzled her nose into the side of my neck and added, “They’re watching us. I don’t want my baby to get hurt. Please.”

Mom pulled her head back and draped her slender arms over my shoulders; she scanned my face taking in every feature. I think she was having a hard time believing I was really in the room with her. When she satisfied herself that I was the read deal, she resumed the small talk, but loud enough so whoever eavesdropped could hear. “So, you’re an American, huh?”

It took a second for me to snap out of my daze before replying. “Yeah, I’m an American.”

“Whereabouts?” I didn’t want to reveal our real home state lest they caught on to the charade, so I picked the first one that popped into my mind.

“New York City. I’m here on business.”

“Oh . . . and what kind of business is that?” mom inquired.

“Uh . . . mostly international trade.” I replied. I couldn’t think of anything better to say but I thought it sounded convincing. Mom released her hold on me and padded to the large bed; I gawked at how her hips gently swayed, accentuating the rise and fall of her perfectly round globes. She bent at the waist to brush the bedsheet in an attempt to make it more presentable; satisfied with the result, she parked her soft, fleshy rear on the edge of the mattress and crossed her shapely legs at the knees.

Mom patted the bed and reached her arm out; I shuffled over and placed my clammy hand into hers; she grasped it and gently pulled me down to sit beside her. We sat in silence enjoying the warmth of our proximity to each other. Despite mom’s incredible beauty, the youthful complexion she once carried had now been replaced by a drained exterior. The crow’s feet at the outer corners of her sunken eyes were markedly pronounced, increasing her age beyond her 48 years. How could anyone be so cruel to this woman? What did she do in her life to deserve such treatment?

At this point, if I could get my paws on each person responsible for my mother’s abduction, I’d hang them on sharp meat hooks and flay their useless hides. Mom witnessed the flash of anger and gently squeezed my hand. Even under these circumstances, she tried to nurture me with love. I smiled in response and got caught up in her mesmerizing hazel irises. I used to love doing that as a boy. I could stare at them the whole afternoon while she read a book or watched television. Mom always got a kick out of that. She’d let me stare at them, knowing how much it calmed me. When I got older, she used to joke about how it was the only way she could get me to behave.

The memory brought a silly grin to my face. Mom’s voice snapped me to the present. “So, what’s your pleasure, big boy? I can pretty much do everything.”

“Huh?” I hope she wasn’t asking what I think she was asking.

“You didn’t pay all that money just to sit here and talk. So, what’ll it be?

“B—But . . . But,” I stuttered nervously.

“So . . . you’re a buttman? I should’ve guessed.” Mom winked at my obvious discomfort; she then reached into the nightstand and opened a drawer. She pulled out a single condom packet and tossed it on the bed and said, “You’re going to need this if we’re going to do anal.” I choked on my saliva and coughed when she mentioned the word anal. “All customers have to wear one—house rules, except for the boss; he’s the one you saw before.” She blushed at the reference.

Did mom really expect me to fuck her in the ass? I couldn’t be sure, but when the time came to perform, and if it only turned out to be simulated, just hearing her say the words “You’re going to need this if we’re going to do anal” was enough to get my heart pounding. I could feel my vascular organ having to pump more blood, so it could compensate for the loss in my head, which was now being used by the arteries of my aching cock.

“Is this going to be your first time doing anal?”

“Uh . . . uh . . . yeah. I guess. I mean, yes.” Though it’s been a boyhood fantasy of mine to fuck her ass, I didn’t know if I had it in me, regardless if I was being watched or not. Mom picked up on my nervousness and lovingly cupped my chin in her hand. We stared at each other and bathed in the unconditional love that poured from our hearts.

“If you like, sir—by the way, what is your name?”


“Well Rick, I’m Lenora and you can undress behind that screen over there.” Mom pointed to a light brown folding screen similar to the kind used in the orient. I stood up went behind the screen. I still had serious reservations about all this, but my actions of late brought this dilemma upon us, so I had no choice but to see it through to the end.

I took my time peeling off each article of clothing. When I had removed every last stitch of fabric from my body, I placed my clothes on a wooden bench behind me.

I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. Elvis, once again, popped into my mind: “It’s now or never . . . .” I shook my head and stepped out from behind the screen. Nothing prepared my bulging eyes when I caught sight of mom on her hands and knees, reaching back and applying lube to her anus. My mouth hung open, glued to her fingers as they sunk into her elastic sphincter. She twirled her long digit within the confines of her anus, making sure her tight ring was generously coated.

When she felt she was sufficiently prepared, mom put the tube of lube down and peered over her shoulder. “There you are. I didn’t think you were going to make an appearance.” She stared at my 7-inch cylinder of pulsing dick-meat; it was pointing straight up to the ceiling, hard as an iron bar with precum running down its sides. A thrill ran through my body knowing she was watching my veiny member.

I took a hesitant step forward, uncertain if I should proceed or not. “Don’t be shy. Come on . . . It’ll be okay.” How she could be so casual about this was beyond me. It’s as if the events of the past thirty minutes didn’t even faze her. But in all fairness, she did say we were being watched. So, that could explain her atypical behavior.

From this point on, there’s no turning back. Our very lives could be at risk if I didn’t act appropriately. Luckily, mom was way ahead of me in that department. I ogled mom as she lowered her head and shoulders to the mattress. With a few minor adjustments to satisfy herself that her center of gravity would hold, mom reached back and carefully pried her soft cheeks apart. The ridged texture of her pink, pucker radially stretched in all directions, pulling away from its center until a tiny, round hole had formed.

With my legs ready to give out, I stared in awe at the woman who bore me so long ago. The same woman who now stoked the fire within my loins with her voluptuous backside. Having no choice in the matter, my pupils made the necessary adjustments to capture the image of her mature, chunky moons. Naturally, the effect on my testosterone levels shot up, taking my libido along for the ride.

With every ounce of strength I could muster, I finally managed to climb on the bed behind her. Now, so close to the object of my desire, I could see what attracted this cadre of criminals to my mother. I’m no expert when it comes to ass, but mom’s derriere broke a new record, at least in my book.

The sequence of events that brought us together now demanded the consummation of our mother-son relationship in a way we never foresaw. Whether by fate or by desire, I knee walked the foot that separated my cock from her upturned ass, ready to commit a sin no culture would ever approve.

Shivering with lust, I lined my thick cock with her slick anus and gently pushed against the taut membrane; I watched with bated breath as her rosy ring easily sunk in before stretching tightly around the purple knob of my dick. I moaned from the combined pressure exerted by both her sphincters. The band of muscle fibers that made up her shit-hole, formed a hermetical seal around my bloated cock-head, preventing the flow of air going in and out of her rectum.

Chapter 1: Welcome Home

Author’s note – this story series is a fantasy of non-consent, including rape and kidnapping of a woman by many men and in many orifices. Stay away if these are triggers for you, and enter joyously if these are your turnons. Luckily, a thorough embrace and enjoyment of these fantasies doesn’t in any way endorse or imply approval of them in reality. If, after a wank to the happily crafted and entirely imaginary perversions below, you feel like doing some good in the world to alleviate such shitty realities, throw a couple bucks towards and/or Regardless, please enjoy!


It doesn’t matter where exactly the house is, or how it came to serve its current purpose. It only matters that it exists, and it serves. As does one of its seven inhabitants, at any given time, in just about any given way.

It’s a beautiful old house, three stories tall, in a quiet neighborhood, surrounded completely by a tall, wrought iron fence that’s lined by a nearly opaque, impeccably maintained boxwood hedge. The fence and hedge even line the driveway, with only a single gate penetrating the perimeter. Several graceful old trees – willow, birch, oak – loom their stately heads from the front and back yards, though their branches are kept carefully pruned well up the trunks. A practiced eye might infer that the owners are both energy and security conscience, as the windows have all been replaced with brand-new, double-pane affairs – most of which are kept covered with heavy blinds almost all the time. Signs for a state of the art security system are posted unobtrusively but obviously near the driveway and the gate, which itself has not one but two locks. Less visibly, all the exterior walls have been carefully, heavily insulated, and a set of cameras and motion sensors keep watch on the perimeter of the property.

The six nice young men who appear to be the houses’ entire number of occupants come and go, on different but normal enough schedules – some clearly work weekdays, some work evenings, some weekends, and one occasionally works graveyard shifts, though all seem to be home on Tuesday and Friday evenings. All six are unfailingly friendly and polite to their neighbors – waving and exchanging amiable conversation when they encounter someone while retrieving mail (the locking mailbox is just outside the front gate), driving carefully and slowly for children and pets in the road, and generally following all the rules of propriety expected by their community. At least a couple of them are sure to attend the regular neighborhood barbeques, meetings, and so on. The town is not a large one, but it’s not small enough to find the idea of a group of unrelated young people living together particularly odd; when any of the housemates are asked about their relation to one another, they simply smile and relate that they are good friends, and have been for years. Parties seem to be held in the house from time to time, in that additional cars will park nearby – always legally and carefully – and disgorge additional respectful, handsome young men who enter the house in the early evening and leave at some point after all the neighbors have gone to bed, but these affairs never give cause for complaint – no booming music or loud shouting, no drunken antics in the street, no revving engines in the middle of the night. The house and its grounds – what little can be seen of them – are kept in excellent condition. The only thing that could possibly be noted as odd – other than the utter lack of oddity from a house inhabited by half a dozen men in their mid to late twenties – is the fact that none of the neighbors, if asked, would ever be able to recall seeing a woman enter or leave the house at any time.

Which is not to say that there are no such comings and goings. Only that they aren’t visible.

About every six months, and always on a Tuesday, an unseen pick-up takes place, followed by a similarly unseen delivery. One of the two cars shared by the group of young men – eco-friendly, indeed! – will arrive home, at a perfectly normal time such as 5:30 in the evening. The car pulls into the garage. Fifteen minutes later, that car will depart – must run to the store for milk, perhaps? Another thirty minutes go by, and that car returns, followed shortly thereafter by the other vehicle. Both pull into the garage. The garage door closes.

Both drivers emerge from their cars. Almost inevitably, the driver of the second car is Evan – medium height, powerfully built – he lifts, probably?, with lovely, pale hair that speaks of Scandinavian ancestry. He likes to joke that his ancestors must have been Vikings. He’s nicely dressed, clean jeans, a tastefully patterned button-up shirt – looks like he came straight from work, though today that isn’t the case – he made a stop on the way home. He opens his trunk.

The driver of the other car – the first car home, which has returned twice now – is usually Eric, whose graceful frame and almost delicate features – half Japanese, it looks like? – bely a powerful set of muscles, built over years of playing soccer and basketball. He may still be sweaty from practice, still clad in jersey and shorts. He steps up to the other side of the open trunk, and with Evan, helps lift a long, heavily wrapped bundle from the trunk. Carefully, carefully, they carry the bundle together to the back door – which is opened from the inside.

The bundle is carried into the living room and placed in the center of the floor. All the blinds are up. Some classic rock is playing a a moderate volume – not anywhere near enough to annoy the neighbors, or to make conversation in the room particularly difficult, but enough to cause any sounds made in the room to blend together with the music into an inaudible blur from the outside. Not that many sounds would make it past the insulation, extra thick windows and double-weight blinds, the yard, and the hedge. But there’s always a little extra risk, right at this time.

The other inhabitants of the house are already here, waiting. Jacob, whose round, olive complected face and soft brown curls have regularly been called “adorable” by neighbor women in their thirties, is reclining on the couch, a beer in hand and a smile on his face. He’s still a little sweaty from work, his jeans and his shirt a little dirty from the site he works at. Drew, on the other hand, has not sweated all day, having spent most of it in his office upstairs online, banging out code for a variety of freelance security projects. His ebony-dark face is expressionless, as it often is, but he’s cleaning his glasses – the rest of the boys know he wants to see what happens next as clearly as possible.

Leon is the picture of corporate culture, still in suit and tie, his dark hair only a little mussed – since he’s gotten home and settled in the recliner with his own brew, he’s allowed himself to indulge his eager/nervous habit of fussing with it. And it’s brown-skinned, brown-haired Michael who pulls the knife out of the pocket of his khakis, grinning as he crouches down and slits through three layers of canvas to reveal their new prize.

“Oh, nice tits!” is the first thing out of his mouth. Evan nods and gestures for Michael to step back as he kneels down in front of the girl. Her breasts are, in fact, quite large – probably triple-D. The last girl was a B cup, and the girl before an A, so everyone had decided it was time to have something more substantial to play with.

Her face is twisted with panic – breath coming sharply through her nose. Shoulder length red hair – someone had requested red hair, too, and Drew had found a match – tumbles around her face, sweaty and tangled. She’s no doubt been struggling inside the canvas, especially as the air got worse inside the layers of cloth, crammed in the trunk. But not one of the girls had passed out from the journey, yet, though everyone agreed that might present its own set of fun. Duct tape, of course, covered her mouth, and behind it a perforated ball was stuffed inside, forcing her jaw wide (while preventing her from choking on her own tongue – fainting was one thing, death would certainly spoil the game). Her hands are tied behind her back – which makes her boobs even more prominent – and her feet are tied together too. She’s wearing a cute top – a green thing that shows some nice cleavage – and a knee length black skirt, with tights underneath. She struggles, manages to flip herself onto her stomach, and now her butt is up in the air, skirt slipping. Eric’s staring at it, grinning. “Nice ass, too.”

“Just hold the fuck on, asshole.” Evan retorts, grabbing her shoulder and shoving her back over so she’s face up. He gives her left cheek a hard slap, just to make sure she’s looking at him. Time for the spiel.

“Welcome to our house. You’re going to be our fucktoy for the next six months, as well as our housecleaner, cook, and whatever the fuck else we tell you to do. No one is going to look for you. Drew -” and Eric gestured to the slender black man, who makes no visible acknowledgement – “has done a lot of research on you and we know for sure not a soul is going to notice you’re missing.” The panic in her eyes jumps an order of magnitude – how can they know enough about her to know this?

“You belong to us until we let you go. I’d threaten to kill you if you fuck up too much, but instead I’m going to tell you that while Drew was doing research – he’s really good with computer shit – he’s also gotten every single piece of information about you and your living relatives – who you almost never talk to, but you might care about – or not, whatever. In any case, he’s got enough that he can fuck up your life and theirs – you’ll never get another job, they’ll find themselves in crushing credit card debt – hell, he can make you into a convicted fucking felon if he feels like it. By some miracle of god you get out of here, you’ll be in prison within 24 hours and you can get raped there for the next 20 years instead of here for the next six months.

“You following me? Do you understand? Are you going to be a good little bitch for us?”

She looks around – surrounded. Eric’s already stroking his cock through his exercise shorts – that started as soon as she flipped her ass in the air. Jacob’s gone ahead and unzipped his jeans, though he’s still sitting, sipping. While the rest of them aren’t there yet, there’s not a pair of pants in the room that isn’t showing an erection, not a pair of eyes in the room with the barest ounce of sympathy.

But she doesn’t nod, and while she looks freaked out, she looks pissed off, too. She hasn’t really taken it in – which, hey, that’s okay for now. It’s not fun if they give up too soon – the last girl was in tears by this point and it really took some of the joy out of this night, the first night.

Michael stands up and heads briefly into the kitchen, returning with six straws.

“You can try to fight now – in fact, if you want to be a bitchy little bitch for the next couple of days, that just makes it funnier for us. We’ll have you broken down by Saturday morning, I expect.” Michael is pulling his knife back out, taking three of the straws and cutting them slightly short. Leaving the girl in the middle of the floor – her name is Kari, which they all know, given that they have everything from her social security number to her birth certificate on Drew’s harddrive – all the boys stand up, circling around Michael, who has taken over talking with a clear sense of lewd joy.

“So here’s how it’s going to work tonight. Three short straws, three long straws. Three of us are gonna fuck you tonight, so you can start learning what it feels like to be our little whore, but not so much that we wear you out. We’ll go one at a time, nice and easy, though the others might… help… a little, if they feel so inclined. First one to draw a short straw gets to pick which hole he wants, but he fucks last. Last short straw gets whatever’s left, but fucks first. Drew, mister matchmaker, why don’t you draw first?”

Drew reaches in, draws a straw. Long. He steps back, sits down, still impassive.

“He works from home, you know, so he’ll be helping keep an eye on you all day tomorrow. I don’t feel too bad for him. Driver Eric? Your draw?”

Eric reaches in, his slanted eyes narrowing further as his hand hovers above the bunch. “Dropoff was a pain in the ass this time. I better get a fuckin’ straw.” He plucks – and draws a short straw.

“Ass.” Eric states it immediately eagerly, at the same time the rest of the men echo it knowingly. Kari shifts, still pissed, but nervousness starting to take hold again. It’s hard to keep her rage up with all of them standing there, acting like this is… normal, with her body being bartered up like a piece of meat.

“Driver Evan?”

“Why don’t you all go ahead?” Evan smiles, stepping back. “I’ll take the last straw.”

“Leon?” Running one hand through his hair, he looks away and reaches in – a long straw.

“Jacob?” The curly-haired man squints – it would be cute in another situation – and pulls out a short straw. Grinning, he drains his beer and heads to the kitchen to grab another, straw in hand, dropping his empty bottle on the coffee table. “Cunt,” he calls, from the other room.

“All right Evan, it’s me or you.” Michael holds up the final two straws, and draws one. Long. Sighs.

“Driver karma… sorry Michael, but I felt it coming on.” Evan smiles knowingly. “Guess I get to fuck that pretty mouth, if we can get it open long enough.”

The rest of the room settles in as Evan kneels down next to Kari, still smiling. “Kari… that’s your name, right? Kari, there’s a thing you should know about me. I really like making people hurt. It’s fun for me. Michael, can I borrow your knife?” The instrument is passed over, flipped out. Evan watches her eyes get bigger and she tries to curl up into a ball, rolling onto her side. He pushes her onto her back – her hands trapped under her – and sits down on top of her, holding her down, his crotch on her belly. She holds still, obviously in pain, but watching the knife carefully.

“I also really like getting my cock sucked.” Evan slips the knife into the v-neck of her shirt and cuts down, opening it up, exposing the bra beneath – a black, lacy thing with modest coverage, but ever so slightly see-through. He pokes at where one of her nipples is and pushes in, hard, with a twisting motion.

“I could torture your tits a bit, and then once the nipples are nice and sore, I can hold them and fuck between your tits.” He pinches her nipple, hard, through the fabric, and pulls up – loosening his grip just a little to let the nipple fall back down while keeping the fabric pulled up. Using the knife, he cuts off the bit of bra fabric he’s holding, exposing her nipple – nice, pink, cute and small. He likes little nipples – they tend to be more sensitive.

Repeating the pinch and trim trick on the other side, he continues. “Or I could just rip off that duct tape and shove my cock down your throat. That sounds nice too. It’s kind of tough. I don’t think you’d be such a dumb bitch as to bite, since then I’d just cut you somewhere that would really hurt.” He touches the tip of the knife to her exposed areola, dragging the tip across her skin. Pauses – pokes it, slightly, enough to dimple the skin, not quite enough to puncture. Moves the tip to her nipple – directly above. Presses it down, depressing her nipple into her breast, threatening to cut – but pulling back just before her skin parts. His cock has been stiffening ever more as he does this.

“I think I’ve made my point – yes, very funny.” He stands up, grabs her hair and pulls her to her knees. Folding the knife with an easy, practiced smoothness, he tosses it to Michael and reaches down, ripping off the duct tape on her mouth. Reaching between her teeth, he pulls out the ball – she is gasping, coughing, but he swiftly unzips his fly, pulls out his cock, and, still firmly gripping her hair, shoves his cock into her mouth. She chokes, but he keeps pushing – her throat is dry from the gag, but he likes it rough, and she’s swallowing frantically.

He pulls back out, looks down at her face as she gasps, and then pushes back in, the head of his cock banging against the back of her throat. “Don’t worry, I won’t make you suck if you don’t want to. I’m just going to fuck your face.” He pulls her head back, slightly, then slams it forward, pushing, feeling her gag. “I’m going down this time, though.” He bends his knees slightly, pulling her hair, forcing his cock down, feeling her gagging massage his cock. He holds there for a minute, watching carefully as she struggles without air – she starts to wriggle, pulling against his grip, but he reaches down his other hand and grabs another fistful of her hair, holding her in place, nose right at his pubes.

Just before she passes out, he pulls her back, lets her breathe, coughing again. Then he simply starts fucking her – holding her head in place, and thrusting his cock into her throat, deep strokes, gaining speed.

The rest of the group is watching, all bearing expressions of fascination, most with their cocks out, masturbating as they watch – except for Drew, who sits, staring intently but with no expression or motion.

Again, and again. Pulling his cock out, fucking it back in, feeling her choke, pulling it back, forcing it into her throat. Faster, each time bottoming out with her lips at the base of his cock.

His balls jump – he gives a final deep thrust, dumping his cum deep in her throat, leaving his cock in as she tries to swallow. Then withdrawing, watching as she coughs and slumps to her side.

“My turn!” Jacob jumps up. He’s got his fresh beer in hand, cold from the fridge – but the lid’s still on. As he stands up, he carries it over, grabbing his empty bottle as well. He kicks her shoulder, knocking her onto her back. Setting the two bottles – one cold, still capped, one empty – next to her, he squats down, grabs her knees, and forces them apart. Revealing a dark stain between her legs.

“This bitch pee herself?” He asks the room.

“I bet she’s horny! Like a good throat fuck, huh, you slut?” Michael crows from the couch. She says nothing, looking away. Jacob rubs his fingers over the spot, smells it.

“Got it in one. This ain’t piss, that’s for sure.” He easily rips open her tights at the crotch, puling open a wide hole to expose a simple pair of black panties. Pushing them aside, he rakes his fingers through her pussy lips, pushing them around, squishing at her cunt. “She is soaked! This makes it all easy!”

Kari can see his erection straining to get free, and expects unzipping to come next. But instead, he reaches down – to the empty bottle.

“I have a favorite thing too, Kari. I really like putting stuff in girl’s holes. I mean, penis is great, but seeing other stuff in there is almost better.” He lifts the bottle, placing the base over the area of her cunt, pushing down, twisting it – not trying to push it in, not yet. Just rubbing it, sliding it around, using it to push her panties back aside as they try to slip back into place.

“Jesus, Jacob, don’t fuckin’ stretch her all out before any of the rest of us get to fuck her cunt.” “Seriously, don’t put the wide part in her. You’ll ruin her for the next few days.” Michael and Leon both complain.

Jacob keeps rubbing the bottle bottom around, pressing the edges on her pussy lips, nudging them open. His other hand goes to his fly, at last, unzipping, pulling his cock out, rubbing it. “I wasn’t gonna fuck her with the bottom yet. I just like… looking at it, rubbing her. Thinking about it.”

“I have something better for right now. It won’t stretch her out so bad but it’ll make her fuck better for the rest of you.” Jacob pulls the empty bottle away, sets it on the ground. Then he picks up the other bottle – cold. Capped. He touches the bottle to the inside of her thigh and she jolts, trying to get away from the cold, fearing the edges of the cap.

©2012 angelface195 Kate goes home to Grant, The senator is putting his ducks in a row.

The Senator had gotten the word; the black bitch was coming home. Where the hell had he hidden the black whore? Now he could put his plan into action. Cranston had to determine the president’s timetable and he knew just who to call about that. He took out his cell and pressed a button.

“Get me his schedule for the next two weeks,” Cranston barked into the phone, “and let me know what that bitch is doing as soon as she gets back. I want to know where she is 24/7. Find out how often my niece is visiting her children.” He hung up the phone. Until this was over he’d stay out of sight. All he needed was a little bit of luck.

As soon as they were airborne, Worthington called Grant. He handed the phone to Kate.

“My darling, I can’t wait until you get home,” the president said.

Tears started to form in Kate’s eyes, “I’ve missed you so much. I’ve thought about you every moment.”

“Me too; tomorrow I’ll be with you. How do you feel my dearest?” Grant said wishing he were there with her.

“I feel different, yet the same. I know you know how this feels. I am in control of my life, “she said simply.

“Yes, I remember. You will need a little while to orient yourself, but soon it will all feel normal. Are you glad you went?” he asked.

“Absolutely,” she answered. “I don’t remember anything about the bonding, but I know that you and I will be together forever. Grant.” She said, serious now, “Thank you for loving me. Thank you for this opportunity. I just want to be with you.”

“Yes my darling, this is our time and we will be together. Soon you will move in with me. But for now I will see my love tomorrow. I love you. Please give me to Michael and tell Max and Audrey thank you.” Reluctantly she handed the phone to Worthington.

“Mr. President?”

“Hey Michael, she seems really good. I can’t wait to see her. Tell Audrey to be with her tomorrow. Mandy will be at the house when she gets there. I’m sure Kate wants to take care of her. I wish I could be there. I’ve got to go, dinner with the children and then a late night working on the State of the Union address.”

“I know Sir, but tomorrow you’ll be with her all night. You have to be back by 6:00 a.m. before the press corps gets there. She looks good,” he said looking at Kate who smiled. “Mistress Katherine is impressive and I know you’ll be pleased.”

He hung up from the President and talked to Kate, “Kate, between now and when he leaves, Eric has to be prepared. Mandy and Eric will be bonded which is unusual. It’s usually the sponsors who bond, but in this case Madam felt that the two of them should. We’ll do the initiation next month at my home. Will you be ready?”

“Michael, I’m ready for anything. I feel so alive.” She looked over at Audrey who was talking to Max. “Audrey, please come here.”

Audrey walked over to her. “Please get me something to drink; then I’d like you between my legs. I need some relief until I see Grant.” Kate stood up and unzipped her pants, pulled them down, and stepped out of them.

“Yes Mistress.” She left to get her an orange soda. When she returned, Michael watched as she got on her knees and went between Kate’s thighs. He remembered how it had been and he smiled.

Kate patted her head and she looked at Michael. “I bet you miss being here.” She smiled. “I also know it won’t happen again. You and I have a different destinies, but I bet you miss it. Yes Audrey, like that. Keep it slow and even honey. I’ll let you know when I want you to suck that clit. Tell me, Michael.”

Michael saw the power and he knew she was going to be a force. “Yes I liked licking you and no, it won’t happen again, but Eric will find out. He’s never licked pussy and yours is prime so he’ll enjoy it before going to Madam’s. I really wish I could remember what it was like to be inside you.”

“Yesss, Audrey! Do you know that you belong to me, dear Audrey and I know you’ve been fucking James.”

Audrey stopped licking her. Kate laughed, “I know everything my dear, keep sucking me or I will paddle you right here and now. Miss Ruby gave me a mahogany one,” Kate said to Audrey. “You will not fuck, suck or lick anyone without my permission. Do you understand my little slut?” She pulled in Audrey’s head harder.” I take that as a yes. You are mine. Yes, baby, eat that lovely brown pussy. Eat my black cunt.”

Worthington watched her face. She was beautiful. He felt his dick twitch. Shit five more hours until home and Eric. Max looked at him and licked his lips. Damn. Kate smiled at him. “Take it out Michael. Let me suck you. You know you want me too. Eric will be fine with it and so will Grant. You need some relief baby. Let me wrap my black lips around your cock. It’s the very least I can do.”

The flight attendant, a very pretty blond named Anita came out. She smiled and looked at Max. He had unzipped and was stroking his large cock.

“Would you like food first, or would you like me first?” Anita said to him.

“What the fuck do you think? Take my dick out and get to sucking bitch.”

She came over to him and unzipped his pants. Her eyes widened as Anita saw his huge dick. She got to her knees and Max roughly grabbed her head.

“Look at the way she’s eating that dick,” Max said pointing to Kate who was slurping Michael’s dick as if it were the world to her. “I want you eating my cock like that.” He roughly grabbed her blonde hair and pushed her down hard on his dick. She choked, but took him in.

Kate was loving Michael’s dick. She was swallowing it and sucking it. She licked it from top to bottom as Audrey ate her. She could feel every lick and taste every bit of Michael. Her sensations were heightened. Her body was in control. She could delay her orgasm forever or explode when she wanted. Kate felt the control. She could make Michael come with a flick of her tongue or delayed his gratification. Michael remembered how it had been right after. It would fade away and feel more normal but right now, it was all senses.

Kate turned and saw Max watching her, the blond sucking him as if her life depended on it and she knew her power. Max watched her and she winked at him. His eyes grew wide. She winked again. He felt a sensation through him that he had never felt before. She smiled and then winked again and Max exploded.

Michael was next she decided and she took him all the way in her mouth, past her throat. He was still wearing his pants and she put her hands on his cock. Two strokes should do it, she thought and she stroked once. He looked down at her. He knew what she was doing and he sighed. She smiled and at her second stroke and her flicking tongue Michael came.

He held her head into him. “Damn Kate, you are so fucking good. Eric is going to have a good time. Grant will be so happy baby,” he said as he finished in her mouth. She sucked him until he was empty. When she took his deflated cock out her mouth she licked it clean and kissed the end.

Michael Worthington was in awe of her. He kissed her lips and licked the trace of sperm that she had deliberately left there. “I taste good,” he said licking his lips.

She laughed. Audrey was still between her legs and Kate pulled her in. “Audrey, baby, take the clit and lick just the clit. Take your fingers and open my pussy. Make sure my little clitty cat is up front and center and just lick it. When I’m ready I’m going to pull you in and you are going to suck it into your mouth. Yesss, Audrey just a little longer. I know you’re getting tired, but baby you’ll be doing more of this. So good Audrey, so nice. Yesss, the clitty cat. Keep at it honey. So close Audrey baby, so close, shit, baby, suck on my black clitty cat.”

Max was now fucking the flight attendant. He was licking his lips. He wanted between Kate’s legs. Kate grabbed Audrey’s head, “Yes right now Audrey,” and Kate locked Audrey’s head between her thighs and came, loudly and erotically.

Audrey was enjoying every moment of this, she didn’t want Kate to cum, but her Mistress had ordered her so she took her clit and sucked it; then she lightly nibbled it. Then she flicked Kate’s clit.

Kate threw back her head and yelled, “Audrey, that’s it. I’m cummmming baby.” She creamed into Audrey’s mouth holding her head in a death grip into her pussy.

Audrey sucked and slurped and licked her until she released her grip. She took a deep breath and started to lick Kate gently. Kate played with her hair. “Thank you. You can stop now. Go wash up and let Max take that pussy in the back. I’m going to sleep soon.” Kate pulled her pants back on and said, “Damn now I know why I don’t wear pants. They’re too much trouble.”

Audrey got up and Kate pulled her down and kissed her. “Thank you, madam for letting me please you.”

Kate said, “You’re very welcome and you’ll be doing it a lot.”

Max had finished with the flight attendant who was limping back to her station to get dinner ready. Kate and Michael watched amused. Max winked at Kate then went in the back of the plane to take care of Audrey’s needs.

Dinner was served with real china and silverware. Delicious wine pairings with each serving and desert was a berry tart with homemade whipped cream. They were two hours from D.C. and Kate was getting butterflies. So much had changed in such a short time.

Michael took her hand, “I am here for whatever you need. You call me day or night. We will start working on what you will have to deal with from the press when it comes out you’re the president’s girlfriend. The “first girlfriend,” they will probably call you until your marriage.”

She smiled broadly and said, “The president hasn’t proposed yet.”

“He will. You know it. Don’t play coy with me. Grant will do something over the top. He’s so crazy about you he can’t think straight, so you know he’s going to make it memorable. Sweetheart, I’m sure he’s just trying to figure out the timing. He loves you so much. Also I know he wants you to meet his children, but not until things are settled with Connie.”

Kate thought for a moment, “I forgot about her. She must hate me.”

Worthington smiled. “No, she’s really happy. She is with the two loves of her life and she’s being well cared for. Constance told Grant that she wished the two of you well.” But Michael was worried because he still hadn’t been able to find the senator. Kate would have security 24/7 and he was also going to up Constance’s security to four agents.

Andrew Bentley worked for Senator Cranston. He was also a secret service agent. His loyalties were never divided. He owed the senator and would help him with his plan. Andrew Bentley looked like an agent in his dark suit, but underneath it Andrew was a dom and he loved the power. He was sadistic. He and the senator had many a party whipping women.

While the Senator preferred to whip black women, he liked white men and women. He liked to see the whip cut into the skin where just a trace of blood would drip. He liked licking the blood after, then fucking his victim. He didn’t care, man or woman. Agent Bentley learned where the president and former first lady, Constance Adams would be for the next three weeks and he knew the senator would let him have Constance. He wanted her badly. He wanted the high and mighty former first lady and soon to be divorced first lady to suffer for being the bitch she was to everyone. He wanted to mark her and train her to be his slave. Cranston had promised that after he sold the black whore into slavery he would let Andrew have Connie for his own.

The Senator was going to make sure they all went to live their lives in South America free from extradition by the US government. He owed the senator. Cranston had gotten him out of a very sticky situation in Mexico and had saved his job. He and the senator were friends, their predilections the same so he would help the senator in any way he could. Soon the black whore would be here and he would help the senator achieve his goal. He went to check in with James. The bitch would be back tonight. Andrew, his lips pressed into a hard line, nodded as James told him the plane would land in an hour. Soon the plan would come together and he licked his lips with thoughts of Connie and whipping her.

The plane landed and the four agents, paid for by the President for Kate’s safety were waiting as well as the other four for Michael paid for by the tax payers. Max was down first, then Audrey, then Michael with Kate following. The two SUV’s with blacked out windows were waiting to drive everyone to Kate’s house. Kate and Michael rode in one while Max and Audrey rode in the other.

Max was ex-military, Marine, and he was one of the best drivers around. He always carried a gun. He would pick up his car at Kate’s house and drive home. He was looking forward to going home after a great time in France. He had fucked the President and First Lady of France and he had fucked several people at Madam’s including Madam, but the most fun he had was with a guy named Manuel whose dick was bigger than his.

Max had been offered two jobs, one by Madam and the other by President Belane. He had refused both. He loved working for Mistress Katherine and he couldn’t wait to work with her at the White House.

They rode in silence to Kate’s house. Kate felt as if she hadn’t been here forever. The door was yanked open by Mandy and she ran into Kate’s arms.

“Mistress, I’m so happy you’re here.” She kissed Kate’s face.

“Mandy, I’ve missed you too. Can you let me in?”

Mandy turned crimson and stammered, “Sorry Mistress Katherine.” She pulled her in. All of her gifts and luggage were brought in by the agents and Max. They all left and Michael came in and shut the door behind him. Audrey was waiting in the car since she was going home. Michael sat down and Mandy offered him some coffee and antipasto she had made. He told her and Kate to sit.

“Mandy you are to guard the mistress night and day. I want you to move in with her until I find out what the senator is doing. The President will be here tomorrow so there will be a great deal of security. You are not to tire Mistress Kate out tonight; Grant will be doing that tomorrow. Katherine, wear your watch at all times. If you are not wearing it, put it in your purse. I can find you no matter where and there is a panic button. If you press it, I know you are in trouble. He stood up and kissed her cheek. “See you in a few days. I’m going home to Eric. I’m sure he misses me.”

Michael knelt down and said to Kate, “I mean it day or night I am here for you. I thank you for allowing me to bond with you. I thank you for loving my president and I thank you for being just you.

He hugged her. She hugged him, “You are my knight, always to the rescue.”

He stood up and with one look back he left. All the way home, Michael was anxious. He knew that Eric would be waiting for him and he had missed him so very much. Soon it would be his time and he hoped Eric took all of this news as well as Kate had. He checked in just to see if anything was going on and so far the world was giving him a night of peace and he could go home and be with his lover.

Michael opened the door to his apartment and there was Eric on his knees. He had told him to go to bed, but he knew Eric wouldn’t listen. Michael walked slowly over to him. Eric’s head was bowed and he could see his Master’s shoes and the cuffs of his pants. His heart beat faster. Michael stood in front of him and Eric reached up and unzipped his pants. Once he had Michael’s cock in his mouth he looked up at him and smiled.

Mandy made sure Kate ate something. Mandy was trembling. She had missed her so much and Kate watched her. “Get upstairs and get your lovely ass in that bed. Tonight, you get to eat me, but only until I come. Don’t take too long because you and I need to sleep. The president’s coming tomorrow and we need our rest. I haven’t seen him in two weeks and something tells me he’s going to fuck my brains out.”

Mandy knelt down, “I love you Mistress I can’t wait to suck you.”

Kate kissed her, “I missed you too Mandy. I love you.” Kate kissed her hard on the lips, “Now upstairs with you.”

Kate sat for a moment and looked at all the bags and boxes and cards and letters as well as her own luggage. She’d sort it out tomorrow with Mandy. She took out her cell phone and turned it on. It was after 2:00 a.m. but she knew Barbara would be up, “Hey sis, I’m home.”

“Hey there, how was Paris?” Barbara said out of breath.

“What are you doing? You sound like you’re running?” asked Kate.

“I’m being fucked from behind by your brother-in-law? I’ll call you back in five. Patrick, yes, do it like that.” She said and hung up.

Kate laughed and walked upstairs. She undressed and hung up her clothes. She got into the bed and took Mandy in her arms. Ten minutes later with Mandy lying naked her head on Kate’s breast, Barbara phoned, “Sorry about the delay. As I was saying, how was Paris?”

“Paris was wonderful and fun and scary. Barbara I won’t give anything away because you’re going. It was worth every minute and you’ll love Madam. Everyone does.”

“Do you feel different?” she asked, concerned.

Kate smiled, “Yes and no. Barb I’m still your little sister, but I know where I’m going, my path is clear and I feel more in tuned to the world. It’s kind of spiritual. “

“What was the bonding like?” Barbara asked.

“I don’t really remember it. All I can say is that Michael and I have a deep connection. He would die for me and I for him. It’s deeper than a marriage. He and Grant are so connected and I get it. You will be that way with Eric who is sponsoring you.”

“But you are fine?” Barbara asked.

“Yes, sis, I’m perfect, even better. The president will be here tomorrow and I can tell you I can’t wait. Mandy’s in bed with me right now and I plan to really take care of her.”

Mandy kissed Kate’s nipple. Barb laughed, “I’ll let you go. Oh, please call mom and dad tomorrow and let them know you’re all right.”

“Yes, I’ll do that. Goodnight sis.”

She hung up the phone. Mandy had waited all this time. She kissed Kate passionately and Kate got over her. She held Mandy’s hands up above her head. “I’m going to put some restraints on this damn bed.” Kate thrust her tongue into Mandy’s mouth and kissed her neck, nibbling at her throat.

“Mistress I missed you so very much. I’ve been without. I feel as if I’m going to burst.”

“You will be bursting soon.” Kate released her arms and Mandy wrapped them around her. “No Mandy I want you to hold on to the spokes of the headboard and don’t let go until I say.”

She kissed down Mandy’s body, taking her nipple into her mouth. She looked up at her and licked between Mandy’s breasts. Kate continued her journey south to Mandy’s stomach and she licked, tickling her. “Mistress what are you doing?”

“Ssh, Mandy, not a sound, at least not yet.” Kate looked up a smirk on her face as she licked the naked place where there used to be pubic hair. She licked the side of Mandy’s pussy; then she spread her legs. “Hold on Mandy don’t let go. Knees up.”

Mandy couldn’t believe it as Kate took her ass lifted it up and went for her pussy. Mandy creamed right then and there and Kate lapped it. “Mistress, you don’t have to… Oh my god, Mistress Katherine, please, how in the world. You are eating my pussy. You are so good. Mistress please let me touch you. Mistress oh, Mistress, please, Oh there yes, there. Mistress oh, you suck your Mandy, your slave so nice. Yes, there. There, oooh.”

Mandy moved her hips and Kate held her butt as she ate her. She sucked on Mandy’s clit and Mandy moved. Kate held her and kept eating.

“Please, mistress I want to, I want to, I want to cummmm and she did loudly and Kate lapped it all up. Finally Kate was done and she told Mandy to release the bed and she lay next to her. Mandy went to her arms. “That was the first time you ever did that to me.”

“Yes, I was very selfish, we’ll share each other. You are mine.” Kate said kissing her forehead.

“Mistress I like being between your legs. Can I now, please?” She looked up at Kate. “Will you call me names and pull my hair and wrap your legs around my head, please?”

Kate beamed, “Bitch get down there and eat my black pussy. Nothing’s changed I’m your Mistress and if you’ve been a good girl I may eat your slutty pussy, but most of the time my pet you’ll be eating me. So get to it. You haven’t seen me in nearly two weeks; show Mistress how much you missed her.”

Mandy dove in and spent the next hour and a half between Katherine’s legs. They slept. Audrey knocked on the door at 10:00 and Mandy was between Kate’s legs again licking her to wake her. She looked up. Audrey licked her lips and Mandy moved over. Audrey got between Kate’s legs and together they ate her to a screaming orgasm.

In the morning Katherine showered alone. She wanted to think. As she touched her body, she felt a tingle. Her hands went between her thighs. She hadn’t masturbated in a very long time, others supplied her with sex, but now, she wanted to feel everything and she thrust her finger inside her sex and moved it. She licked her finger tasting her juices. Kate put in another finger and fucked herself in the shower, bringing herself to orgasm. She was unsatisfied. Only Grant’s cock would fill her.

When she stepped out of the shower, Audrey and Mandy were kneeling holding towels. Audrey dried her bottom half while Mandy took care of the top. She put on a bathrobe. She wasn’t going out anywhere today and just before the president arrived, she would be dressed in a beautiful purple, LaPerla nightgown with matching robe. Mandy would be wearing white and Grant would fuck her ass tonight.

The house had been cleaned. The Secret Service had arrived and swept for bugs. Audrey had prepared meals for the President, Katherine and Mandy. She had also helped both of them get dressed. As a reward Mandy had eaten Audrey’s cunt to a screaming orgasm.

Audrey knelt as the president walked into the house. “You may leave. Thanks for going with her. I am sending James home to your house after his shift along with Max. You may spend the night with them and tomorrow. Mistress Katherine will see you in two days. You’ve done well.”

She kissed his hand, “thank you so much, Mr. President for this opportunity.”

Mandy walked down the stairs. She knelt, eyes lowered. Grant walked up to her. “Your job is to protect her with your life. Tonight she will show you what a mistress she has become and I will bond with you by taking your ass. You are going to Madam Claude’s with Eric. Michael will explain it to both of you in two days. You will be flogged. Tonight you will sleep in the other bedroom. You will be with us forever.”

“Thank you Sir.” Mandy was looking down at the floor. “Stay here until I call for you.” He went up the stairs. Katherine Morgan was kneeling in the bedroom. She didn’t have to, but she wanted to. She wanted Grant to know that he was still her Master.

The President gazed with love at this beautiful black woman. He could see the change. Her bearing even kneeling was straight, her manor was regal and in the purple nightgown she looked gorgeous. “Mistress, you never need to kneel to me ever my love.”

Slowly, Kate raised her eyes. “Master, I always want to kneel down to you. You are my master, my dom, my Grant, my president and my love; please allow me to kneel here.”

He smiled and said, “If that is your wish, then mouth, Kate.”

She beamed and unzipped his pants. Hungrily she sucked his cock. She had missed this cock. Kate had sucked many cocks, but nothing compared with this cock, her loves cock, her Master’s cock. He held her head as Kate stared into his eyes and he into hers. He fucked her mouth. He fucked her mouth harder and she took him all the way in the back of her throat, past her throat and he moaned, “My girl, yes, you are so fine. I can’t wait to come down your throat. Suck my dick sweet Kate.” Grant wound his hands in her hair and thrust deeply into her mouth.\

Kate reached up and felt his balls. Watching his face, Kate sucked him as she never had before. She deep-throated him and he nearly came, but she eased off. She wanted this face fucking to last so she sucked him. Kate licked him; she loved her President’s cock. She lifted her mouth completely off him; then she licked him from tip to bottom, over and over again.

“Oh my God Kate, I am so close. Jesus baby, you are gobbling me all up.”

Kate didn’t want him to come, but she wanted him in her pussy and she knew Mandy was waiting downstairs. Kate was staring into Grant’s eyes as she slowly moved her head down then swiftly brought it back up. She grazed her teeth down the sides of his dick and he stiffened. He held her head and stared hypnotically into her eyes as she closed her eyes slowly, Grant came. He exploded into her mouth and she held him there, not swallowing, just held his juices in her mouth.

When he was spent, she released his dick and smiled at him; then Kate swallowed, savoring all his juices. The president was surprised and stunned. Helping Kate to her feet he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hard. “Welcome home my darling,” He said.

“I’m so happy to see you my love.” She replied.

“Do you have the key I sent you?” He asked, kissing her nose.

“Yes, I gather it’s the key to the attic.” Kate said, tucking his dick back into his pants. “What’s up there?”

“You’ll see.” Grant removed his jacket and took off his tie. She came up to him and unbuttoned his shirt. She kissed his nipples and he held her to his chest. He undid his pants and they fell down to the ground and he stepped out of them. Grant went over to the drawer and took off a pair of pajama bottoms and put them on.

“Let’s go downstairs and have something to eat with Mandy so I can regain my strength from your excellent cock sucking, then we will go up to the attic.” Grant held out his hand and Kate put hers into his. “Did I tell you that you look breathtaking?”

She smiled shyly at him, “No, but thank you, you’re pretty handsome yourself?”

He kissed her neck as they walked down the stairs, “Is my pussy ready for me?”

“Your pussy is always ready for you,” she said as they got to the bottom to see Mandy still kneeling.

“Mandy.” Kate said

“Mistress,” Mandy answered.

“Fix all of us some food please and we’ll eat in the dining room. After eating we’ll go up to the attic.”

Mandy started to rise. “Mandy, crawl to the kitchen. You may rise when you get there,” Kate said and Mandy obeyed.

Grant went to the stereo and put on some music, a classical piece. He sat down on the sofa and Kate sat on his lap. Grant eased her down and put his hand between her legs. He rolled her clit with his thumb and she sighed contentedly. “How are the children?” She said. “They are fine.” He stroked her. “Has Constance been to see them?”

“Yes and I’m arranging for her to have more visitation.”

He twirled her clit. She moaned, “Ah, Sir, feels so good.” He stopped.

Mandy was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, “Dinners ready Master and Mistress.”

They all sat down to dinner. It was a beef stew with fresh vegetables and good French crusty bread. Mandy opened a bottle of red and they ate and drank and talked about how much they both missed Kate. They decided to have dessert later.

“Mandy, disrobe.” The President said and Mandy obeyed. Kate went over to a box and took out a beautiful leather collar given to her by one of her admirers and put it around Mandy’s neck. She attached it to the leash. “Let’s go to the attic my dear,” Kate said to Grant. Mandy got down on her knees and crawled up the stairs with Kate and the President.

Kate used the key to open the attic door and her mouth opened. She elbowed Grant. “You could’ve told me.”

He grinned sheepishly and then said, “If you would’ve known all this was in here when you first moved in, I think you would’ve run back to New York so fast I wouldn’t have had time to explain.”

She laughed heartily, ‘you’re probably right. Mandy, get up and go over to the cross, I want to flog you for pleasure while Master watches and strokes himself.”

Grant helped Mandy up to the cross and he and Kate strapped her ankles and wrists in the cuffs. Grant sat down on the bench and took out his cock while Kate got the flogger. “I heard you missed me,” said Kate soothingly.

“Yes Mistress,” Mandy said, her eyes facing the wall.

“I’m going to tap that ass a few times Mandy dear just because I can.” Swish, the flogger hit her buttocks and Mandy held.

“Thank you, mistress for flogging me.”

Kate kept hitting Mandy until her ass was bright red and she said her safe word, “Yellow, mistress, yellow.” Tears streamed down her eyes.

“I’m sorry baby. I got a little carried away, but I love how your ass looks.” Kate bent down and kissed her behind. “Grant, get over here and lick her ass,” Kate ordered.

He got up and knelt down and began to lick Mandy’s ass as Kate unstrapped her ankles. She put her hand between Mandy’s legs. “My dear sweet slut Mandy, you are soaking wet; you little minx.” She swatted her on the buttocks and Mandy shuddered. Grant kept licking her. He liked this new authoritative Kate and she didn’t realize she was doing it.

Kate undid the straps holding Mandy’s arms and kissed her. Mandy’s ass was on fire. Grant went and took out a tube of ointment from the bathroom. “Mandy, lie across the bench.”

Mandy obeyed and Grant took the ointment and rubbed it on her sore buttocks kneading them. “Mandy, mistress is going over to the bed. I want you to get between her legs and start eating her pussy. I’m sure she’s very wet after flogging you.”

Mandy got up and walked over to the bed. She was very wet and her ass was feeling better. Kate had taken off her gown and had lain in the bed with her leg up and opened. Mandy crawled over to her.

“Mandy, on your knees.” Grant ordered. He got the lube and greased up his dick. He went behind Mandy and greased her anus, putting in first one finger, then another. She was groaning.

Kate kissed her, “master is going to fuck your ass while you eat my cunt, then you will belong to both of us and I will let you swallow his seed. You are my bitch and his and will live with us at the White House.”

Mandy shivered with delight, “Thank you so very much Mistress and Master for the honor and the privilege to serve you.” She went down and began to lap her Mistress.

Kate held on to her head, “Eat me good Mandy, like that. Lap that pussy, I like it just like that. Suck on my lips. Yes, baby. Master is going to fuck that ass.” She looked up at Grant. His dick was hard watching her face.

“I love you.” Said Kate and she licked her lips.

Grant positioned his cock at Mandy’s opening and he moved in slowly. Mandy tensed but kept eating Kate. He moved more of himself inside her.

“Mistress it hurts.”

Grant eased more of himself in.

“Argh, it’s burning.”

Grant stilled allowing her to adjust.

“Master, please.”

Grant swatted her behind lightly. “Hold on Mandy. It will get better.”

Kate kissed her lips and turned around so that she was underneath Mandy staring at Grant’s cock in her ass. She moved Mandy so that her pussy was on her lips and started to eat her as Mandy went back to eating her pussy. Grant held; she was so tight. Mandy adjusted and moved back against him. Grant pushed more of himself. Mandy moved back as Kate ate her. Grant was all the way in and started moving in and out.

Kate was sucking on Mandy’s pussy lips. Mandy was moving back into Grant’s dick in her ass and Grant was squeezing her butt. “Fuck me, Mr. President. Fuck me master. Take your slave’s ass. I belong to you Sir. You can do what you wish, fuck me. “

Grant squeezed her red behind, “Yes, you are mine and Mistress Katherine’s to do with as we wish. Don’t forget it. He spanked her ass.

Mandy moved her butt, “Yes, sir, spank me again. It’s so good, Mistress you are eating me so good. Sir, please spank me.”

Grant spanked her again. He was moving faster and faster inside Mandy and watching as she ate Kate. Kate was the first to come and pulled Mandy’s head into her crotch. She stopped eating Mandy and screamed, “you are my bitch and my master is fucking your ass. I can’t wait until he takes my ass. Fuck her Grant.” And she went back to flicking Mandy’s clit with her tongue.

Grant was next. He slammed into Mandy and withdrew, slammed and withdrew, slammed and held, his head back. “What a beautiful fucking ass!” He came hard and held her as he squirted deep inside her.

Mandy begged, “Mistress, please may I come.”

Kate nibbled. “Yes, bitch come,” and Mandy came.

“Mistress, thank you. “Oh shit! mistress, eat my cunt.”

Mandy fell on top of Kate, her head on Kate’s thigh. Grant eased his cock from Mandy’s ass. He went into the bathroom and washed himself. Mandy got up and ran to the outside bathroom. She returned a while after, “That was intense.”

Kate held out her arms and Mandy flew into them. The president came out and looked at his two beauties, one black, one blond. Life was very fun, now if only Worthington could find Cranston.

He got in between them and they fell asleep.

It was time he told Eric about Madam. Michael had taken him to Komi, the restaurant they went on their first date. Eric looked up at him. “It’s not our anniversary, so why are we celebrating?”

“Tonight when we go home, we have to talk about a few things. I’ve told you something about my closeness with The President but not all.” Michael ran his hand through his dark hair. “I love you but before we can get married, I have to send you to Paris.”

“I’ve never been to Paris, when are we going?” Eric said taking his hand.

“Baby, eat up and when we get home I’ll explain everything. Just keep an open mind and know that this is for your best and I love you.” He kissed his hand.

“Now I’m worried,” Eric said.

“Don’t be it’s all going to be fine,” Michael said and Eric knew he couldn’t press him. They had a wonderful dinner and great dessert and after they went home. Michael went into the bedroom. He undressed. Eric was pouring some wine for them both. Michael came out of the room naked with a crop. Eric stared at him. “What have I done Master?” He asked almost dropping the glass, he held in his hand.

“Nothing, put the damn glass down and crawl over here. No more questions.”

Eric put the glass down and crawled, confusion etched on his face.

Michael sat down in the chair, his erection painstakingly hard. “Suck my dick slowly while I tell you everything. I’m going to spank you a little for pleasure not pain and when I’m finished if you want to you may whip me with the flogger or the crop and walk out the door, but I believe you love me and you’ll understand everything. You may be upset, but you’ll do what I ask. After I come, if you want to stay you may fuck my ass hard. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” said Eric and he began to suck Michael’s cock. Michael took a deep breath and told him everything. Occasionally he would hit him with the crop.

Eric felt betrayed and angry but he kept on sucking. When Michael told him about Kate, he started to cry even before Michael hit him with the crop, but he kept sucking. Michael told him about the Madam and how he had been chosen and what a great honor it was. Eric was still irate. He stopped sucking.

Michael hit him with the crop, “Keep sucking me and hear me out and then if you want to go you can go, but I’m begging you baby, I’m pleading with you, stay and things will be great.” Michael was crying. He kept talking and then told Eric about the bonding and how it worked and that he would be fucking Mandy.

Michael was finished and he held Eric’s head as he came in his lover’s mouth. Eric knelt on the floor, tears falling from his eyes and he sat and thought and thought and thought. The silence in the room was thick and Michael wanted to take him in his arms, but he knew that Eric had to deal with this in his own way. This whole story was incredible, unbelievable, but he realized that Michael had never lied to him to his knowledge, Michael trusted him with so much and Michael loved him. Yes, he had cheated on him and he was pissed about that, but something he said about how the process all worked it was as if Michael really didn’t have a choice.

Eric raised his tear stained face, “Do you want Kate?” Michael looked at him, “No darling, I want you and only you, but she and I have a bond. I will never fuck her again.”

“What if I don’t want to fuck Mandy?” Eric asked warily.

“You will, trust me. You will protect her and bond with her.” Michael reached out to stroke his face. “Are you staying then?”

Eric looked at him, “I want to fuck your ass Master for fucking Kate and letting her and the President suck your cock, but first I want to flog you, but I will do as you ask because I love you more than life and want to be with you until death.”

]Eric took Michael’s hand and together they went into the bedroom. Eric flogged Michael until his back and his ass were very red, then putting on a condom he shoved his dick into Michael’s ass and fucked him hard. Later as he held Michael in his arms he said, “When I return from Paris I will be more of whom I am now?”

“Yes,” Michael said softly, “and you will not fear anything.”

“Then I will go.” He kissed Michael’s lips. “There is an initiation which will happen in two week with you and Mandy. You have papers to sign. The president will pay for you while I will pay for Mandy.”

“What would have happened if I would have said no?” asked Eric stroking Michael’s face.

Michael sighed. “We would still get married. The difference would be that there would come a time when we might not understand each other as well. The relationship could work, but it would be harder.”

“I love you Michael. This is all surreal, but I’ll go along. You know you’re going to owe me big time for this,” Eric said smugly.’

Michael smiled, “Tell me that after you returned from Paris. I love you so much.” They kissed and Michael made sweet love to Eric and Eric welcomed him into his arms.

Senator Cranston had all the information he needed. His plan would take place in a week. The country house was ready to his specifications. He had four good old boys at his disposal, two of them had been in the Marines, he had his secret service spy who would be joining him and he had Mistress X who could use a whip like no one else.

Cranston had arranged for the plane to deliver him, Constance and Andrew Bentley to one destination and then take the president’s whore, Kate Morgan to meet the Sheik where she would live out her life as his slave on drugs, being fucked all day and all night. He laughed at the thought, just one more week.

Before he gave Constance to Andrew he was going to fuck her one time. He knew it was incest but since she was sixteen she had been throwing her pussy in his face with those tight pants and even tighter bikinis. He had almost crossed that line with her, but had held back because he wanted her to be first lady, now she was nothing but a worthless whore fucking a black nigger and he couldn’t wait to whip and fuck the black bitch; he wanted to find out just how good she was. She must be damn good for Grant to go through all this.

Cranston stroked his large cock. There was a knock on the door and the black whore was brought in. She worked for his brother Rick and if she didn’t want to lose her job, she would suck him and let him fuck her. He had already beaten her ass so badly that she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. What was her name again? Oh yes, Brandy.

“Nigger bitch, get over here and crawl. I am your white Master and you better please me or I’ll whip you so hard you’ll wish you were dead.”

Brandy looked up at him. Hatred was in her eyes. She’d make the son of a bitch pay, and his brother too. She crawled over to him and did as he asked, but in her mind, she knew she’d get back at him.

Mandy returned to the other bedroom as The President carried Kate back to her room. He put her into bed and covered her. He had only three more hours then he would need to be at the White House. Taking out his cell phone he pressed a button. A very sleepy Eric answered Michael’s phone, “Mr. President, I should be very pissed at you.”

“Oh,” said the President, “I guess he told you.”

“Yes, he did. I’m sure we’ll speak at the initiation. I don’t know about all this, but I’ll bite. If it worked for you and Michael and Katherine, I guess I’d like to try,” said Eric seriously and he handed the phone to Michael.

“Mr. President, how did things go?” asked Michael sitting up in bed.

“Excellent. Kate is magnificent. The Madam did a good job with her,” the president said looking at her sleeping form.

“Sir, you need to be leaving in a few hours. Is something wrong?” Michael said pulling Eric closer to him.

“No, nothing, I just wanted to know if you told Eric and I can see that you have. So let’s just say that in two weeks, it’s on.” The president smiled and then his lips pressed into a hard line. “Where is the Senator, any news?”

“Grant, if there were I would have called you. No, they are still looking.” Michael said, “I am turning over every rock to find the guy. He hasn’t disappeared; he’s too big to disappear.”

“Find him. I’m worried,” said Grant. “I just want to be with Kate and everything is falling into place. He’s the only loose cannon. Let me let you get back to Eric. I’ll see him in two weeks.”

Eric started sucking Michael’s dick. Michael moaned softly, “See you in a few hours, Mr. President.”

Grant put the phone back on the dresser and got into bed with Kate, he pressed his body close to her.

Kate stirred, “Mr. President is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” Grant laughed, “So you’re Mae West now. I am happy to see you and I have others who carry guns. I want to take you from behind.”

“What are you waiting for?” She teased. Grant eased into her. He held her in his arms and moved back and forth. She pushed back into him and he fucked her, slowly moving his hips.

“Yes Grant, fuck me, master, do me. You know you love my pussy.” She turned back and kissed his lips.

“Yes, I adore your beautiful black cunt. I love how you grip my dick, my sweet Katherine.” He held onto her shoulders and moved.

“Baby, Grant, I want to get on top.”

“Ride em cowgirl!” he said and eased out of her. He lay back on the pillows as she straddled him. With a devilish look in her eyes, she ever so slowly moved down his penis. His eyes were shut, this felt so damn good, it was like as she took each inch of him like she had teeth and was gobbling his prick up. Placing her hands on his chest she moved her body up and down.

He grabbed her hips. She moved his hands, “No Mr. President, this is my fuck.” She started moving her hips around and around on his dick. The President was in heaven, “Yesss, baby, yes, do it just like that, fuck me.”

She did and took him to a place no one had. He wanted to touch her, but she forbade it. “Grant, I’m going to pull all of your come out with my pussy. No touching, just enjoy.”

She rode his cock until finally he couldn’t stand it anymore and grabbed her ass. He rolled her over until he was on top and let her have it, slamming into her. Kate was laughing and coming all at the same time and as he looked in her face he saw such joy, such passion, such lust that it triggered his own cum.

He laid on top of her, his weight on his elbows his forehead to her forehead. ‘That was incredible.”

“Yes it was.” She breathed heavily. “I love how you fuck me.”

“And I you; let’s lie here for the time we have left.” He said sadly. “Stay on top of me. I like the feel of your body.”

She held him and he relaxed onto her. “Am I too heavy?”

“Yes, a little, but it’s all right, just stay.” She kissed his neck and they stayed that way until it was time for him to shower, dress and leave. He told her about Eric and that they would be going to a movie premiere, a new thriller on Friday. Kate stayed in bed and he kissed her lips. “People will start seeing us together. It won’t be too much longer.”

“Mm, I love you Mr. President, master, I am your Katherine,” she said feeling sleepy.

He kissed her nose, “Call your parents. I love you too my love.” And with that he was gone.

Kate called her parents and they were glad to hear from her. They wanted to come and visit but she told them not for a few weeks as she was busy with work.

Kate fell back asleep and dreamed of a little boy and a baby girl and in her sleep she smiled.

Grant felt very strange in the morning as he got dressed in the White House. He felt as if someone was walking on his grave and he was worried. Everything in his life was wonderful. He and Constance had worked out an agreement and he was glad that he gave her the settlement because her family had not only disowned her, but had cut her off.

They had come to an agreement about the children and would share joint custody. They would all be there in a few months when Kate would meet them with Constance’s approval. He still hadn’t seen Constance, but she seemed happy in her new life with Tommy and Samantha.

Eric was still not so sure about the initiation but Michael was keeping him busy with wedding planning. Michael was still trying to find the Senator. Everyone was now looking for him including his wife. Where the hell had he disappeared to?

Tonight they were going to a movie premiere of the new bond movie called, Moonlight Night. The new Bond, Fass Hammerjack, was perfect, he had the deadliness of Sean Connery with the aloofness of Daniel Craig. He was looking forward to seeing Kate but he still couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to go wrong.

Worthington was pissed off. There hadn’t been one report that hadn’t been followed up and they still couldn’t find the missing Senator. His face had been plastered on the news. Maybe the son-of-a-bitch was dead. If only I could be so lucky, thought Michael. The Senator’s wife was driving him insane. She was worried about her husband. The FBI had been called in.

Andrew Bentley was ready. He had everything set for tonight. The anticipation was killing him. All of his things were already on the private plane. They would leave at dawn. He made sure that he was second in command after James on Miss Morgan’s detail. The rest of the men hired by the Senator were going to bring Constance. His dick was hard just thinking about her. She would be all his to whip and fuck to his heart’s delight.

Andrew got into the SUV that would bring the President’s black whore to the White House. She better take one last look because after tonight she’d be living a very different life. He thought and chuckled. It’s almost over.

Constance had just left her parent’s house. They still weren’t speaking to her, but she spent the day with her children. She was in a good mood because she and Grant had worked out a schedule and she would be spending more time with them. Tommy and Samantha were out looking for a bigger house.

While she had been to the doctor and learned that she was pregnant with Tommy’s child. Connie couldn’t wait to tell him and Samantha. The two secret service agents watched her. She was so different from the difficult first lady she had been. Constance was calm and peaceful, she said please and thank you. She was happy.

The car drove on the highway. Constance was deep in thought looking forward to getting home to suck Tommy’s cock. All she wanted was his dick in her mouth, in her ass, in her pussy. He would be thrilled to learn she was pregnant and so would Samantha. The two of them had come to sort of a mutual role, and Tommy had allowed her to sleep in the bed with them. Most mornings however she found herself still between Sam’s legs waking her up and then sucking Tommy. She liked kneeling before Samantha.

Two miles from her house the convoy members saw an accident up ahead. They slowed down. Behind them was a truck. The truck slammed into them throwing Constance forward. The agent tried to stop the car but it slammed into the car in front and the airbags deployed. From out of the truck men with guns drawn came over to the vehicle where Constance was slightly stunned but not hurt. She had been wearing her seat belt.

One of the men pointed a gun at the agent before he could draw his and shot. It was a sleep dart and the agent would be out for hours. The other agent had been knocked out cold by the airbag. They shot him just in case. The masked men opened the doors. “Please, please don’t hurt me. What do you want?” The man in front of her said nothing, but the one behind took out a rag and pressed it over her face, chloroform. For Constance everything went black. One of the men picked her up and put her on the bed in the back of the truck. They closed the truck, turned around and drove away. The accident, which was a decoy, left the scene.

Kate looked great. Isabella Giovanni had designed a short silver beaded dress for her. She would again sparkle the night away. She was looking forward to going to the movie with Grant, this time as his date. They were having dinner at the White House first, Michael and Eric joining them. The initiation was a week off and she couldn’t wait; not just for her sake but for Mandy and Eric. The watch that Michael had given her didn’t go with her outfit so she threw it into her purse.

Kate was a little concerned about seeing Eric since this was the first time she would see him since her return from Paris and his learning about Madam Claude.

Mandy had packed Kate and herself an overnight bag. They would both be spending the night at the White House. She would be guarding Kate. Mandy went to the drawer and took out her gun, a Beretta 92 compact L which she wore in a thigh holster under her dress. She carried a small pearl handled gun in her purse. She wore a little longer red dress. No one would ever suspect that she was an agent of the CIA.

Kate got into the SUV with the two secret service agents sitting in the front and she and Mandy sitting in the back. They drove the five blocks to the White House.

The President, Michael and Eric were waiting for her. Eric looked at her shyly and she kissed his cheek, “Hey there, how are you?” she asked.

He grinned, “I’m nervous about next week.”

“Don’t be. I felt the same way, but trust me, it won’t be painful in the least.” She grinned back.

“You look stunning in that dress,” said the President and Michael and Eric agreed. Mandy joined them for dinner which was lamb chops with garlic mashed potatoes and baby vegetables. Dessert was an apple pie with homemade vanilla ice cream.

The President kept his hands in Kate’s thighs the entire time. She would be in his bed tonight and he was looking forward to it. “I want to suck your pussy all night along.” He said in her ear as he stroked her thigh.

“I want you there all night long.” She whispered back.

After dinner, Michael, Eric, Kate and the President got into the Presidential limousine. They rode to the theater, and were met by throngs of people and photographers. Grant held her hand as they waved through the crowd.

Andrew Bentley knew that timing was everything. Everyone was on the ready, before the night was over Katherine would be with the Senator and Constance would be sucking his dick.

Constance felt the cold air on her body and she wondered why she was so cold. She attempted to move her arms, but she couldn’t. She tried to lift her legs and they didn’t move. She was in total darkness and she was afraid. “Help me!” She yelled into the darkness, but no one came. She was cold and worried about her unborn child.

Constance should have been home hours ago, but she wasn’t. Tommy had called her parents; they had hung up on him. Samantha took over and called. Constance had left three hours before and she was still not home. Tommy got in his car and he drove the route that the Secret Service would have driven. He found the agents just coming to. There was no car accident and no truck. Constance Grant, former first lady, had been kidnapped.

The movie was fast paced and a good ride. There was a reception after. Katherine and the President had enjoyed themselves. Grant played with her pussy all during the movie and Katherine wanted him badly. She had brushed her hand across his growing erection and he wanted her badly. They both managed to straighten up before going down to the reception area and were given glasses of champagne. Kate suddenly felt as if she had to go to the bathroom. The waiter hired by the Senator had put something into her drink.

Mandy was busy with an errand that Andrew had sent her on and James was overseeing the agents who were questioning him about the events for later in the evening.

It was time. The President asked Andrew to take Katherine to the bathroom. He walked her to the room and did a check before she was allowed inside. Standing guard outside he knew exactly what was going to happen. The attendant was working for them. The permanent attendant had been given the night off. As Katherine went to wipe her hands, this woman sprayed a mist into her face and she passed out. A man, who had hidden in the stall, caught Kate before she fell to the floor.

A large garbage can had been wheeled into the bathroom earlier in the day and Katherine was put inside. A blanket was put over her and three garbage bags on top of that. The woman attendant pushed the can out into the service elevator and pressed down. She had been paid $50,000 for her services. Another man took the garbage can out of the elevator and removed all the garbage while a third man turned the garbage can on its side and they took the unconscious Katherine out and put her into a black SUV and drove off.

Andrew followed soon after and got into another car which was waiting for him. He took off his earpiece and threw it away, unloosened his tie and smiled.

The President was busy with meeting and greeting. He would look around for Kate but was distracted by the many people who wanted to meet him. He saw James and motioned for him to come over. “Where’s Katherine?” He asked. James looked around and didn’t see her. “She went to the ladies room with Andrew; I’ll go check and make sure she’s okay.” He tried to reach Andrew, Andrew wasn’t answering. He checked with the other agents, no one had seen Andrew since he walked Katherine to the bathroom.

James found Mandy and together they went into the ladies room. Katherine’s bag was on the floor, the watch inside of it. They looked at each other. Katherine Morgan had been kidnapped.

At the same time, Tommy was calling Michael. Michael answered his phone. At first Michael couldn’t hear him then he went into another room, “Michael, Connie’s missing. The two agents were in an accident or knocked out or something. I think she’s been kidnapped.”

“Tommy, I want you to stay with the agents. I’m sending someone to get them and bring you and them to the White House. I’ll take care of it.” Michael assured him, even though he didn’t feel assured.

“Michael, if anything has happened to her, I don’t know what I’d do,” Tommy said fearfully.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find her.” Michael said and hung up. He pressed a button on his phone. “I need you to pick up two agents that were driving the former first lady. Make sure they are all right; bring a medic with you just in case. Send a team to take charge of their vehicle and have a black man named Tommy follow you to the White House.” He hung up the phone.

Michael went to Eric, “Listen something’s come up. I want you to go home and stay there.”

“Is anything wrong?” Eric asked alarmed.

“Yes and please don’t ask me what. I want you to leave. The limousine is waiting outside. I’ll call you later.” Michael lightly kissed Eric and then he was gone.

James and Mandy went to Michael. Mandy was holding Kate’s purse and Michael’s heart sank. He pulled them to an office and closed the door. “The President will be informed as soon as I can get him out of here. Where’s Katherine Morgan?” He asked.

“I don’t know Sir. Agent Bentley took her to the bathroom and he’s disappeared too. He doesn’t answer his headset. “

“Damn, Damn, Damn!” Michael ran both his hands through his hair. He paced back and forth. Mandy walked over to him. “I’ll find her Sir or I will die trying.

James came forward and stood beside Mandy, “I’ll join her. This happened under my watch.”

Michael looked at the two of them, “This is for your ears only. Constance Adams has also been kidnapped. I believe the two are connected. We have to find them. I know the Senator had something to do with it. I’m going to be making calls. Somewhere someone knows something and I’m going to find out. We have about three hours to find them or all hell is going to break loose. Mandy, James, see what you can do. James, please call one of the agents out there and tell them to bring the President into this room.”

Brandy was hiding in the office listening to her boss, Senator Cranston’s brother Rick talking on the phone. He was saying something about getting the President’s whore tied up and that he would also fuck his daughter when he got to the cabin.

As soon as Rick had left, Brandy called her Aunt Vivian who worked in the White House and told her all that she had heard.

Constance heard movement. “Is anyone out there?”

“Shut the fuck up Connie.” She recognized her uncle’s voice. She felt his hand run up her thigh and stop at her sex. Albert Cranston leaned close to her and licked her sex. “Uncle, no! Please!”

He went to her ear, “You taste sweet You haven’t fucked that nigger today.” He removed the blindfold from her eyes and she blinked. She knew where she was. It was a cabin belonging to her aunt; a place she had been so many times as a child and now she was tied to a table and her uncle was looking down at her. They were down in the basement. There were three other men in the room and a woman dressed in black leather carrying a mean looking whip.

As Constance adjusted to her surroundings, she turned her head and saw Mistress Katherine, naked and also tied to a table. She was unconscious. “Why am I here, uncle and what have you done? The President will kill you.” Connie said defiantly.

The Senator laughed. “I’ll be long gone before that happens and so will you and the black whore here, but not until we’ve had some fun with you two.

Andrew Bentley came down the steps, dressed in black leather pants with buttons at the crotch. He was holding a whip and had a big smile.

Andrew pressed a button on the table so it was raised a little. He then pressed a button on the table that Katherine was on and it raised and righted so she was in a standing position. Andrew and one of the other men removed the back of the table so that it was open in the back. The woman with the whip smiled.

Rick Cranston came into the room. He undressed on his way downstairs so that by the time he got there he was naked. “Connie, I’ve been waiting for this since you turned nineteen, so has your uncle and tonight after we’ve had our fill, you are going with Andrew here and be with him. You will be his slave for the rest of your life. I only get this one shot so I’m going to take it.”

“Are you crazy, all of you? I’m not having sex with my uncle and my father. That’s incest. You can’t do this and what have you done to Mistress Katherine. What are you going to do to her?” Constance pulled at her bindings without any luck. How in the hell was she going to get free.

Andrew licked his lips and came over to her, He stroked her face and kissed her cheek. Constance twisted her head, “You’re a secret service agent. You’re supposed to take care of the president not betray him.”

He stroked down her arm and down her breasts. He traced the whip down her stomach to her sex. “I’m going to enjoy whipping you. You will belong to me, not some damn black nigger. You are mine.” Andrew pressed his face into Constance’s sex and licked. She shivered,

“Get your damn mouth off me.” Andrew chuckled and continued to lick.

Rick came up to his daughter’s head and slapped her with his dick. “Open your fucking mouth Connie. Taste your daddy’s dick.” Connie spat at him and Andrew hit her on the thigh hard with his hand. “Before this night is over you’ll be sucking everyone in this room. Now open your damn mouth.”

Connie turned her head. The Senator laughed, “If you don’t open your damn mouth, Irina here is going to whip the president’s little whore or maybe you’ll like to watch that.”

“You can’t do that,” she yelled. Katherine was awake and had been for the past ten minutes. She knew she was tied and that the former first lady was there. Kate’s mind was working. Grant and Michael would come and get her. She knew her destiny wasn’t to die here. She grew very calm, no matter what happened she would not be afraid. The president would find her.

The President was beyond angry, beyond furious, beyond anything, “What the fuck do you mean that Kate and Connie have been kidnapped? How, when did this happen?”

Michael told him all that he knew. He had called in some favors and for the next three hours he would do his damndest to keep the Press from finding out, after that he would have to issue a statement. His cell phone rang.

“Worthington here,” he barked.

“This is Madam. You will find her within the time. Don’t worry.” And she hung up.

Immediately Michael felt calmer. “Mr. President, that was Madam.” He whispered so only Grant could here, “She told me we would find them.”

The President did not relax. He wanted Kate back in his arms and not until she was would he rest. “When you find them, she moves into the White House.”

“Sir, you have to get back out there. You have another hour of meet and greet I’ll handle it from here.” Worthington said, putting his hand on Grant’s shoulder, “I’ll find her.”

Grant’s face was pained, but he nodded and went back outside. He plastered on a fake smile and did his duty, but Katherine’s image never left his mind.

Worthington’s phone rang; he answered it to find Vivian on the other line. “Look I’m in a bit of a..”

Vivian interrupted, “I tried to call the President, but couldn’t get through. I know where they are. My niece works for Rick Cranston and heard the son of a bitch on the phone talking about a cabin owned by the Senator’s wife.”

“Do you know where?” He asked excitedly.

“No sir.” She said sadly.

“Don’t worry Vivian, I’ll handle it. Thank you.” Michael said,

“Just get the son of a bitch,” snapped Vivian, “He fucked my niece without her consent.”

Worthington’s jaw tightened, “I’ll make him pay.” BDSM was one thing, but forced sex and kidnapping was something else. Michael made a phone call.

A very long half hour later he had his answer. He called Mandy and gave her the address. James and Mandy were on their way. Worthington made a few more calls, one to Tommy and then left to get to the helicopter which would take him to the cabin.

“Open your eyes nigger.” Senator Cranston said through clinched teeth. “Open your eyes and see what awaits you.”

Katherine opened her eyes and glared at him, “I can’t wait to see what the President does to you.”

Senator Cranston, Andrew Bentley, Rick and the other three men laughed. The Senator nodded and Irina raised her whip and swung.

Constance screamed and her father shoved his dick in her mouth. Katherine did not scream she passed out as the whip bit into her back. Irina swung the whip again hitting Kate on her right buttock. She swung a third time, the whip slashing down Kate’s back. Irina had made an X.\

Senator Cranston’s phone rang. He answered it. “Shit! Damn it to hell.” He grabbed his brother’s arm, “Let’s get out of here, all hell’s about to break loose.” The Senator whispered into his brother’s ear. Rick took his dick out of his daughter’s mouth. “Andrew, you take care of all this. We’ll meet you at the airport in two hours. Don’t be late. I have a few last minute details.”

“Is everything all right?” asked Andrew. He was annoyed; he didn’t like a change in plans.

“Yes, it’s fine, I have a few details to take care of with Rick. He’s coming too.” The Senator lied smoothly and he and his brother went upstairs. Rick dressed and they got into the Senator’s car and took off.

Mandy and James arrived at the cabin as the Senator’s car left. Mandy called Worthington and told them the car was hauling ass,; the Senator had been warned by someone. Mandy pulled out her Beretta from her thigh holster. With their guns drawn, Mandy and James walked over to the house. The door was unlocked and they went inside.

Andrew had put the table in the upright position. He felt Constance’s breasts and her thighs. He knelt down and pressed his face into her pussy again licking her.

Constance squirmed from anger. “Wait till I get out of here, I’m going to kill you!”

Andrew chuckled, “It’s time I taught you some manners. I was going to be real nice and make you cum, but instead, my dear former first lady, I’m going to whip you and then fuck you.”

Andrew brought his whip up and swung. The bullet hit him in the hand and he dropped the whip. “You shot me.” He said as he turned to see James with the smoking gun. One of the other men lunged at him and James fired shooting him in the chest. Another man came at him and Mandy shot him right between the eyes. Irina brought the whip up and let it fly. Mandy caught it with one hand. She handed her gun to James and pulled Irina until they were close, then she jumped kick her and Irina fell to the ground hitting her head. Andrew jumped at James, Mandy’s gun went flying. James and Andrew tussled over James’ gun. Andrew got the gun and was ready to shoot when Mandy grabbed her gun and shot him right in his eye. He fell to the ground dead.

All hell broke loose after that and a special forces group burst through the door guns drawn. The last man dropped his weapon and held up his hands in surrender. Michael Worthington came down the stairs followed by Tommy.

Michael and Mandy went over to Kate who was unconscious and bleeding from the back. “Mistress, oh my god, what have they done to you,” cried Mandy.

Michael grabbed a sheet he saw on a chair and covered her. He called to James, “get the paramedics.”

Mandy unloosened her bonds. She stroked the unconscious Kate’s face as Michael took her into his arms and carried her up the stairs.

Tommy and James helped Constance. “Baby, are you all right?” Tommy asked; he was shaking with anger. As soon as they released her, he wrapped her in a blanket he had brought with him and lifted her into his arms.

“I’m fine now that I’m with you.” Connie said laying her head on his shoulder.

“Mrs. Adams, can you tell me what happened? How did you get here?” James asked softly.

Connie told him everything and Tommy got madder and madder. Finally she was finished talking as they put her into the ambulance. Samantha who was waiting frantically outside got in with her. “Mistress, please be alright.”

“Sam, I’m fine. It was my father and my uncle. Master,” she said to Tommy, “I’m pregnant.”

Tommy’s emotions were all on his face, anger, at the men who hurt Connie, wonder at this news, but most importantly there was love. He kissed her and the ambulance door closed as Samantha, Tommy and Connie went to the hospital.

Worthington put Katherine into a special ambulance that was used by the President only. Mandy climbed in with her and the ambulance sped towards the White House. James gave Worthington a briefing about what had occurred. Michael Worthington showed nothing, but inside he was seething with rage. The Senator and his brother would pay for this!

Michael walked James to the door. Worthington’s face was hard. “James, clean it up and burn it down.”

He turned and walked to the helicopter. Several screams were heard then gunshots. Michael’s helicopter took off. He watched from the window as James get into his car and watched as the cabin went up in flames. It was done.

Worthington called the President as soon as he was in the air. “Sir, Constance is on her way to the hospital. Tommy and Samantha are with her. She’s pregnant. The Senator and his brother had her in the basement of the cabin. Rick tried to have sex with his daughter and the Senator was going to be next, but someone tipped him off.”

Worthington was delaying telling him about Kate. He sighed, “Katherine is on her way to the White House. She should be arriving about now. Dr. Banyon is on his way to her.”

“What happened to her, Michael, tell me.” The President’s voice was soft but he could hear the concern.

“Sir, she was whipped and she’s still unconscious. They had planned to take her out of the country and sell her.”

The President gasped. He held the phone so tightly, his knuckles were turning white. “Find this asshole and his brother. You know what we have to do. I know you’ll handle the press. I’m going to find my Kate.” He hung up the phone.

Michael called Tommy, “How is she?” He asked concerned.

“Michael, she’s fine and the baby is fine.” Tommy said sounding relieved. “Are you going to handle the Senator or shall I?” His voice was menacing.

“I know,” said Michael, “that you have issue with the Senator and Connie’s father, but I want you to stay out of this. I’ll handle him. I have more resources than you do. Take care of your two women.”

“I will and you take care of the Senator,” said Tommy

Michael smiled, ” I will, I promise you that.”

The helicopter landed on the White House lawn and Michael went to see Kate. Mandy and the President were waiting.

Kate was snuck into the White House and placed in the medical ward which was used by the President, Vice President and their families. Doctor Zachery Banyon along with another doctor and two nurses were attending to Kate. A half an hour later, Dr. Banyon came out of the room and came over to the President.

“How is she?” The strain showed on The President’s face.

“Sit down, sir and you too, Michael and miss?”

“Mandy, doctor.”

The doctor sat. He pinched the bridge of his nose and then said, “Katherine Morgan is in shock. She was whipped very badly and lost some blood. She is in a coma and we just have to wait until she comes around. Miss Morgan will have the scars for the rest of her life. I’ll have the plastic surgeon look at her. Right now she needs to rest.”

“Can I see her?” Mandy asked before The President and Michael could ask

“Sorry sir,” Mandy said and bowed her head. The president took her hand. “It’s all right Mandy, we are all worried.”

“Mr. President you may go in; fifteen minutes, then you two five minutes each. Don’t tire her out.” The doctor got up and went into the small office he had to write a report.

The President stood up on shaky legs. He walked towards the room and opened the door. The other doctor and the nurses left. Grant sat down in the chair, finally he was alone with his Katherine and he held her hand. She looked so small in the bed with tubes and an IV. He kissed the back of her hand and he wept. “You are never going to leave my side again. I’ll give it all up for you. Whatever you want my darling, anyway that you want it, just wake up please Kate, don’t leave me here alone. I waited for you my whole entire life. My beautiful brown skinned lovely queen. We have much more journey to go.”

The President laid his head down and he stayed there. Michael and Mandy looked at each other. Michael held out his hand and Mandy took it. They would see Kate later, The President needed her more.

“Mandy, everything you did tonight. I thank you. Now we have to find the senator and his brother and get this over with. I will take care of the accomplices. The senator needs to pay for this,” Michael said.

Mandy looked at Michael. “Tell me what you need me to do. He hurt my mistress and my master. Tell me what to do; your wish is my command.”

Michael stared at her, “You and James, find him.”

She nodded, “Kiss mistress for me. I’ll find him before the initiation.” Mandy kissed Michael’s cheek. “Go home to Eric and don’t worry. I’ll take care of this.”

Michael went home where Eric was waiting for him. He told Eric everything that happened and Michael Worthington wept. He wept because he hadn’t protected Kate enough, Michael wept because of what he had to do and Michael wept because he wanted Kate to wake up. Eric held him as he cried. Michael was drained. He fell asleep in Eric’s arms all cried out.

The next day, this story hit the paper.

The story in the press was that the former first lady was kidnapped by a group of terrorists who wanted the President to free certain hostages being held by the US government. The President arranged for a special ops mission and the President’s ex-wife was rescued. She is now recovering from her ordeal at an undisclosed hospital.

An attempt was also made on the President’s lawyer, Miss Katherine Morgan who was hurt in the attack and is now also being hospitalized after her ordeal. She was responsible for helping in the rescue of her friend the Former First Lady.

Mandy and James found out that the plane had flown to the Cayman Islands. They arrived on the island half a day after Rick and Senator Cranston had arrived. It didn’t take long for them to find the villa where the two brothers were staying. Mandy laid down her plan to James. A plane arrived later in the day with two young girls; they were over twenty-one but looked sixteen, they were the bait.

Rick and the senator came out for dinner and went to a local bar. The girls were seated at a table, laughing and giggling. Sure enough these two perverts went over to the young women and talked to them. Soon they were buying drinks and having dinner. Mandy and James were seated close by listening.

Three hours later with their arms around each girl, the senator and his brother took them to their villa. Each of the girls had a pill to slip into the drinks of the two men. They did and the two were passed out. One of the girls, named, Ginger opened the door and admitted Mandy and James.

The Senator was stripped naked and put into bed with Ginger. All kinds of photos were taken as the Senator lay sleeping. The same thing was done with Rick and the other girl named, Cindy. As soon as the photos were taken, Mandy went back into Rick’s room and took out a needle from her pocket; she jammed it into Rick’s arm. He would not be waking up.

The two girls, Mandy and James left and went to the airport. The girls were paid a handsome sum and got on two separate planes. Mandy and James took a private plane home. Steps one and two were done.

Kate was with the madam, but it wasn’t in France. It was in a room that was all white. The madam was smiling at her and said, “You are in a coma. Your body is protecting itself as it did when you were whipped. You will awaken in three days and be fine. You will bear the scar on your back for the rest of your life. You are strong Katherine. You will be great. Your destiny awaits you. Grant and Michael and Mandy are all working on your behalf. Thank them, enjoy them and rest assured, this ordeal will work in your behalf. I love you and will be here for you.”

Kate heard voices, but she couldn’t move. Her eyes wouldn’t open. Grant was talking to the doctor, “Why isn’t she waking up?”

“Mr. President, her body went into shock. She’ll wake up when she is ready. I’m more concerned with her mental state. We just have to wait,” Dr. Banyon said putting his hand on Grant’s shoulder.

Kate went back to sleep. When she awoke again, Grant and Michael were talking, “Mandy and James just left the island. We should be getting reports. The Senator is next. They will pay, politically, financially and with their lives. No one hurts Mistress Katherine,” said Michael.

“I called Constance. She’s better. Her mother, Clara came to see her and she told her the truth about what happened in the cabin. Clara broke down and welcomed her daughter back into her life. She also accepted her relationship with Tommy and Samantha. The old lady has no one except Connie, so she had to make amends.” Grant said, his hand still holding Kate’s.

“Sir, you have to go to Panama tomorrow. I’ll be with Kate. Please, this is too important.” Michael said softly.

“You know sometimes I really hate this job.” Grant sighed, “Yes, I’ll go, but keep me updated.”

“Of course,” said Michael and Kate drifted back into unconsciousness.

She was almost at the surface, but her eyes wouldn’t cooperate. Michael and Mandy were both there, “I would have loved to see the senator’s face when he saw that his brother was dead. When are we going to release the photos?” asked Mandy.

“Not yet, but soon,” Michael said.

“May I stay with her?” Mandy asked.

“Yes, you may. Talk to her,” Michael said. “I have some thing’s to take care of. You may spend the night.” He kissed her forehead. “You did a good job.”

“She’s my life. I would die for her.” Mandy said simply and Kate found herself dragged back down into the darkness.

Senator Cranston woke up the next morning with a hangover. He was naked and alone in his bed. Staggering out he went to see if Rick was up. He found his brother dead in his bed. The Senator screamed. Police were called and it was ruled that Rick Cranston had died of a heart attack, but the Senator knew the truth and he was afraid. What he didn’t know was that Mandy had put a small tracking device on his jacket. It was the American Flag that he always wore.

The senator returned to the United States and home with his brother’s body. He went to his house. His wife refused to let him in; in fact she met him at the door with a shotgun and told him if he didn’t get out, she would shoot him. Clara had told her what the senator and her husband had done.

The senator’s wife had called Clara to let her know he was back, Clara called Connie and Connie called Michael Worthington. Rick Cranston’s family buried him as quickly as possible. Constance did not attend his funeral service nor did any of his family because they had all been told the truth. A few business associates managed to turn up, but that was it. His brother, the Senator showed up and wept hysterically throughout the service.

The senator moved into his club and was trying to find a way out of this mess. No one would talk to him. After a few days, Michael Worthington came to see him. “What the fuck do you want?” the senator asked as he opened the door to his room.

Michael stepped through the door and sat down on the chair in front of him. Michael had a black briefcase in his hand. The senator had aged twenty years. He looked ill, but Michael didn’t care. “It’s over. You lost and now you are going to listen to me so this doesn’t get any uglier than it already has.”

Albert Cranston, still Senator but not for much longer, hung his head, “What do you want from me?”

Michael opened the case and took out a hand gun. It was in a plastic bag. It was registered to the senator. He placed the gun on the table and then withdrew photos from the case. Michael handed them to Albert. They were pictures of him with Ginger and Amber. They very clearly showed the young girls sucking his dick. Albert looked up at Michael; he had expected something like this. “So what do you want from me?” he asked warily.

Michael crossed his legs and took a manila envelope from inside the case and he said, “It’s all over. Your family knows the truth and if you don’t want these pictures to ruin everything you will do as I tell you. You are to call your bank and arrange for five checks to be sent to me. The first one in the amount of twenty five million dollars to be paid to Katherine Morgan, another ten million dollars will be made out to your niece, Constance Adams, another ten million to be given to Tommy since you almost killed him some time ago, another five million to Brandy and still another five million which we will divide over your other victims as we find them. The rest of your money you will give to your wife and children, they will need it in case they are sued separately. You will also set up a trust for Connie’s unborn baby by Tommy. You are to write a letter of apology to Constance which I will give to her. Finally you will sign the letter I have already written in which you resign from the Senate and say that you cannot live without your brother and his death affected you deeply.” Michael sat back and waited for a response from the Senator.

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