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Brash, obnoxious and stunningly pretty, John could not think of any reason at all why twenty five year old Tanya Freeman would require his services. There was no doubt she could afford him, she was married to Gary Freeman, the Leeds Rovers footballer but why would she want him? That was a mystery.

Everybody assumed that Tanya and Gary must have wonderful sex. He was as desirable to women as she was to men and she trained just as hard on her body as he did on his. How could they not have intergalactically orgasmic sex? Only she and Gary knew; he could not bring himself to slap her hard enough.

Nasty and spiteful, loving and kind, she had tried everything she could to goad him into giving her the punishment she thought that she craved but he always stopped short of being able to turn her on.

Continuing with the consultation despite his misgivings John made his standard enquiries about preferences, and then turned to sensitivity.

“Frenum,” she said “I’m not paying you fifteen hundred quid to treat me like a boy scout. You say that you’re a professional and I expect you to fucking well act like one. I expect you to have all the toys and to know how to use them, hard. If you don’t you’re wasting my fucking time.”

She then stood and bent down over him, placing her face close to his.

With an almost imperceptible shake of her head and in a very low whisper she slowly said, “No fucking mercy Frenum………no……..fucking………mercy” and with that she was gone.

John shared his concerns over Tanya with Sarah; he was not at all sure if she was a suitable client. Sarah gave the situation a lot of thought and then said, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.”

She had had another of her brilliant ideas.

He knew that Tanya would not be easy prey but John had worked on the problem, taking great inspiration from TV shows of his childhood. Running hard through the woods on a regular route Tanya suddenly found the ground all around her erupting.

Her feet tripped and as she fell forwards she was caught in a fine net that instantly wrapped itself around her, tightening more and more the harder she struggled. In seconds a man was upon her, smoothing the net over her head and pulling a thick hood down to cover it. A cord came snug around her neck and she was immediately aware of the restrictive effect on her breathing.

Too late she tried to let out a mighty scream but the sound barely made it out of the suffocating garment. The man’s weight was now fully on her lower back and her efforts to move became increasingly ineffective. Her right arm was cut loose from the netting and rammed hard up to her shoulder blades where it was soon joined by the left.

Bound to the cord around her neck they were rendered totally ineffective for defence. With her knees then bent and her feet lashed tight up behind her buttocks all mobility was lost for Tanya and she was hauled into the air in a fireman’s lift and bundled into the boot of a nearby car.

Dumped face down onto the cold floor of the dungeon Tanya knew that the show was going to start for real as she heard the jangle of chains and felt the cuffs being applied to her wrists and ankles. Her feet were first to be released from the net and very soon they were being held three feet apart.

She was then lifted into a standing position and her hands released as the chains drew them overhead and as wide apart as the feet. Finally the hood was removed and John immediately saw a face full of utter defiance.

“What are you going to do now Frenum?” She sneered, but he did not answer.

He took out a knife and cut away the tiny sports top she was wearing. Her small but wonderfully firm breasts were released but did not drop a millimetre, sitting high on her chest with little conical shaped, light coloured nipples topping them off. She was truly in her prime.

He slid his hand down her flat belly and pulled at her tight shorts, slipping the knife down inside them and in an instant they and her knickers were on the floor. He took a step back to take in her inch wide stubbly Brazilian that reached up from the perfectly symmetrical architecture of her vagina with just a hint of the inner labia visible.

“Like what you see, you stinking perv?” she said. “What you gonna do about it?”

John steeled himself to remain professional and went across to the racks where he collected a riding crop. Tanya smiled as he returned.

He decided to get right down to business and, standing to her side said, “I want your cooperation.”

“I know you do you faggot, but you’ll get fuck all” came the dismissive reply.

John moved on, “On a scale of one to ten, how does this feel?” and with that he slashed at her perfect, small and round left buttock with the riding crop.

A tiny jerk of reflex shot up through her body and the instant red mark in the shape of the whip bore testament to the effectiveness of the strike.

“How does what feel?” she retorted.

Moving to her front John felt a rising sense of concern over his progress and how this was going to work out. Without saying another word he struck out at her right breast with the crop and again the tell tale flinch showed that Tanya felt its sting truly but the reaction he wanted was not there.

He eyed her with total concentration; there was no sign. She was shackled, vulnerable and had been whipped, and yet the nipples remained flaccid, there was no movement of the hips and her face gave nothing away.

With regret and very much uncertain that he was doing the right thing John hung the crop on a hook at the side of her and strolled to the chair that had been positioned in front, ten feet away.

Sarah had been watching closely on the monitor and took her cue perfectly. The disguised door on the wall in front of Tanya and a little to her right opened. Sarah stepped in.

“I said no fucking women Frenum, no fucking women.” Tanya ranted.

“Oh, I think that you will find that your contract definitely says that women may be involved. You should read the small print Tanya”, gloated John, at last feeling that he might have the upper hand.

Tanya took in the ominous figure walking towards her. She was dressed in black knee length stiletto boots with large mesh fishnet stockings above. These were held by a thick garter belt that skirted the top of the woman’s shaven pubic area which was as bare as hers.

Four inches of voluptuous midriff gave way to a corset of black leather straps in a fishnet arrangement, cradling her large breasts. Her big dark nipples, already erect, poked through. Black lipstick adorned her mouth and the top half of her face was covered by a feline mask. Hanging over a finger of her right hand was a leather strapped ball gag which she toyed with as she approached.

The feeling in Tanya’s gut had switched from defiance to vulnerability in an instant and a heat began to build in her vagina. She noticed her own breathing become deeper and faster and she concentrated hard trying to control it.

“Get away from me you fucking slag!” she shouted and the chain of her right ankle tightened as she thrashed out an ineffective kick.

Sarah circled to her rear and Tanya slammed her lips shut to prevent the insertion of the ball, but that was already falling to the floor as the tape Tanya had not seen was slapped across her perfect mouth and pressed home to make an impenetrable seal.

Sarah now slowly and gently raked her finger nails across Tanya’s belly and ribs as the helpless girl raved unintelligibly behind the tape.

“Get away from you?” asked Sarah. “My darling, by the time I’ve finished with you you’ll be lapping my twat like a randy teenager.”

Tanya squeezed her eyes tight closed in an attempt to get the image out of her mind but it just grew larger and larger and the heat in her began to swell. As her fingers made contact with those tiny nipples Sarah was pleased to feel that they had tightened nicely and with a little tweak she decided to move on.

She took the crop from its hook and stood in front of the helpless girl. Tanya’s eyes now told of the fear she was experiencing at the unexpected development in the shape of Sarah, but Sarah was not about to let her off lightly.

“You, slut, have been rude to Mr Frenum and I. Far too rude and now it will be my pleasure to make you pay the price. But before I do so I think that you are much too comfortable there, it’s almost like sitting in an armchair. Mr Frenum, the remote please.”

John tossed her the remote control for the winches and Sarah began to haul up on Tanya’s wrists. Tanya was lifted into the air with her weight completely on her arms and her legs spread out tight. The tension in her glorious little body was a delight to the eyes and her face had lost all traces of defiance.

Standing to her side Sarah thrashed the crop at Tanya’s pert arse and the poor girl let out a muffled yell as it struck home. Driven on by her own rising excitement Sarah whipped her a further five times on her buttocks and legs, taking her time between the blows to ensure that Tanya was able to contemplate each one in turn.

She then moved around to the front and Tanya’s eyes widened as she finally used the crop in an upward motion on her poor, exposed pussy. They were not hard blows but the sting of them felt like fire to her sensitive, swollen genitals and the fact that she was absolutely powerless to defend herself against them drove her wild. Tanya had never been so turned on, she was utterly desperate for her clit to be stroked, her vagina to be filled.

The remote was used again and she was allowed to make contact with the floor. Sarah ran the crop across her breasts, gently flicking the hard nipples.

“I’m going to fuck you, you know that don’t you?” she said.

Tanya just stared at her, hating the thoughts that were going through her own mind; she desperately wanted Sarah to fuck her right now.

Striking the outside of Tanya’s left hip hard with the whip Sarah repeated her question in a raised voice. Tanya jerked and nodded rapidly while a short, repeated, muffled sound came from behind the tape. Sarah then looked down at Tanya’s moist, swelling cleft and, gently lifting the crop to it, she rubbed its leather strap back and forth, working it in between her lips.

Tanya groaned and moved her hips, riding the strap and increasing its penetration but Sarah soon removed it and drew it to her own nose.

“Ahhhhhh, sweet young virgin. I’m going to ride you my darling; like breaking in a Mustang.”

Sarah then looked at John and he knew what she wanted. He went across to the racks and wheeled an apparatus that looked like a vaulting horse into a position immediately behind Tanya. It was a thick padded plank a foot wide, about three feet long and it stood about three feet high on adjustable legs.

Chains were pulled out of the floor on the opposite side of the horse from where Tanya was standing and these were fastened to her wrist cuffs. Using the remote Sarah began to shorten the new chains as those from the ceiling grew longer. Tanya began to try to shout out and twisted and yanked as best she could but the action of the chains were not to be resisted.

Thirty seconds later she was totally immobilised, stretched over the horse backwards in an exaggerated crab position. Sarah had taken some delight in watching the petulant brat being drawn into this uncomfortable position but now she left her for a moment to go to the racks.

Placing the crop on its hook she took down the flogger and returned to Tanya. She teasingly dangled it on her face for a few moments before raising it and bringing it down smartly on her left breast. Tanya was unable to make any movement at all in reaction to the stinging pain but the crimson mark and the anguish of her cry left no doubt as to the effectiveness of the weapon.

Sarah lashed at her right breast now and then began moving around the girl painting her body red with the merciless leather. It was then that Sarah noticed that she had begun unconsciously to finger her own clit as she dealt out the punishment. She was high on lust and she decided to make good on a promise.

Firstly she had to make sure that her control over the bitch was complete. Bending down towards Tanya’s face Sarah put her finger up to her mouth in a ‘Hush’ motion. She then rapidly tore the tape from her mouth and Tanya stayed obediently silent.

“Very good, very good” said Sarah and without giving any instruction she bent at her knees and introduced her massively swollen pussy to Tanya’s mouth.

Tanya had been waiting for this moment since the very second she slapped eyes on the sensual form of Sarah and now her tongue darted over her distended clitoris and between her labia with the enthusiasm of a rampant, virgin lesbian.

Sarah was enjoying the venture into sexual regions she had not explored before too. Especially the dominance and having this little whore do her filthy bidding was bringing her to a spectacular orgasm. Tanya worked harder and harder as she felt her mistress approaching climax and both women cried out loud when it came, cascades of love juice flowing across Tanya’s face.

Standing now, Sarah could not help but wonder what it was going feel like to finger another woman, she knew that forcing one to give her pleasure had been a fantastic turn on but now it was time to explore some more. Teasingly walking her fingers along Tanya’s body Sarah reached her hips and then slowly moved towards her swollen, gaping, vagina.

Using the flat of her hand she rubbed above her clit and Tanya let out a relieved “Yes!!!!” but the hand was immediately withdrawn.

Sarah strutted back to where Tanya’s head was held two feet off the ground. Taking her nipples between the fingers and thumbs of both hands Sarah applied strong pressure and a slight twisting motion bringing a scream of anguish from Tanya.

“Yes what? Slut” said Sarah.

“Yes, that was nice?” replied Tanya, confused and naïve.

Sarah took her sweet little buds between her fingers again, twisting and pulling this time. She didn’t release the nipples herself but pulled until they could simply not extend any further and were torn out of her hands, pinging against Tanya’s chest.

She cried out again, but louder this time and Sarah was pleased to hear her follow this with “Yes, my lady?”

Sarah rose again and retuned to Tanya’s pouting cleft, immediately inserting two fingers as deep as she could.

“Yes my lady, yes my lady,” cried Tanya and she tried to move her hips but her confinement was just too strong.

Finding her G spot and thrilled by the warm wetness within her pussy Sarah worked harder, inserting two more fingers and stimulating her massive clit with her other hand. Tanya gave up trying to move her hips and the chains on her ankles went tighter as spasms ran through her legs.

To Sarah’s surprise she was already approaching orgasm and with one final “Yes my lady!!” Sarah’s hand was awash with Tanya’s beautiful juices.

Not only relieved that she had finally cum Tanya now felt the relief from the discomfort of the vaulting horse as the chains began to haul her back into a standing position and the chains on her wrists were mercifully lengthened to allow her arms to hang by her sides.

Believing that her ordeal was now over she turned to John only to notice him approaching her with a strange contraption in his hands. It was a metal bar about three feet long which had a large hoop at one end and a somewhat smaller one at the other.

John made the ‘hush’ sign with a finger and then, standing behind her he fastened the large loop, a sturdy leather strap, around her neck; the bar hung down her back. The chains on her wrists were detached for a few seconds and passed through the metal loop at the opposite end of the bar and then once again locked onto her wrists. Still comfortable Tanya did not understand how the devise would work.

Eager to demonstrate Sarah began to shorten the chains and Tanya soon realised that her hands were being pulled to the rear. With them drawn fully behind her and her arms straight as a rod the bar began to rise and the action caused Tanya’s head to begin to bow down, further and further until finally her hands were stretched high in the air and her body was bent forwards at the waist more than ninety degrees, her legs locked straight by the lifting action.

Satisfied that her little whore was suitably positioned Sarah approached the racks. Tanya tried to see what she was doing but she was out of her view, for quite some time. At last she saw her making her way back across. It was now clear what Sarah had been doing; she had an enormous strap on cock proudly displaying its ten inch length and seven inch girth at her hips.

The strap running between her legs held an electronic probe that sat inside her and discharged a glorious shower of electrical pulses to her G spot as her hips pushed forward on the dildo and its base vibrated on her clit. It was the very best of woman fuckers.

Sarah paraded the massive member in Tanya’s face and said “I told you I was going to fuck you didn’t I?”

Her school’s worst prick tease by a very long way Tanya had, surprisingly, been a virgin until she met Gary. He was the only man she had been with and he was not equipped with anything like the monster on Sarah.

“NO, NO!!” she pleaded.

“No?” said Sarah with a smile, and turned away.

As Tanya saw her full buttocks framed by her weapon’s substantial straps heading off towards the racks the folly of her refusal struck home with her.

“Please, please, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it” she cried. “I’m sorry I’m really sorry, I won’t do it again.”

Her voice became higher and more desperate as she saw Sarah take a cane and smack it hard against the vaulting horse.

Rising to his feet John approached Tanya and said, “No mercy Frenum. No fucking mercy.”

He then returned to his chair and settled down for the show. Tanya’s lust was at fever pitch but the pain she had already suffered was all she could stand. She couldn’t comprehend why her own suffering and this woman’s control over it was driving her wild with desire, she just wanted to be pleasured. Now.

“No, no, please NO” Tanya cried as the cane burned into her buttocks three times in rapid succession.

“Count to ten for me Tanya.” Sarah instructed and another blow bit hard at the young flesh.

“Please, stop!!” Tanya cried but Sarah gleefully continued with four more strikes before, unable to offer resistance any longer, Tanya cried “ONE” at the top of her voice.

Sarah stopped and took a moment to examine the reddened, wheal ridden legs and buttocks of her utterly defeated victim. They were a testament to the hours spent in the in the gym and on the road. Tight and muscular but petite and beautifully feminine; and Sarah’s to do with as she pleased.

“One what?” she asked as another mighty blow crashed into her perfect ass.

“ONE MY LADY!!” screamed Tanya desperately.

And so it continued.

As Tanya cried “FIVE MY LADY!” a glint appeared in Sarah’s eyes.

Strolling across to John she took the remote and returned to stand behind her helpless victim. Concentrating hard she made tiny adjustments to the length of the chains, repositioning Tanya just perfectly.

Sarah was very happy indeed, the pink, swollen mound of Tanya’s vulva was now available as a target for the cane.

Author’s note: I could never finish this or go any further with this then I did. Don’t expect a sequel and don’t be offended. It’s my first. Everyone remembers their first.

“Be back soon, bitch.” He said huskily before shutting and locking the door, like she would escape.

“I’m awaiting for you hungrily, Master.” She said without hesitation.

Farrah caught her breath, for the first time in two days she had a moment to rest. Her arms and legs were tied to the bed with rope and she wasn’t wearing anything. A window was open, and there was a brisk chill. She had been screaming for hours and by now she knew that no one would hear her cries of despair. Farrah gave up and just lied there. My fault, she thought sadly, and for the millionth time, she went into a cycle of things she could’ve done to avoid this sexually slavery.

If she hadn’t been desperate to pick up some deodorant that night instead of waiting till morning she wouldn’t be here. If she had taken Lana, her germen shepherd who’d been begging to go along, she would’ve protected her. If she, in haste, had taken her purse with her mace and phone in it instead of ten dollars in her pocket, Farrah might’ve fought him off. Lastly, if she hadn’t worn the new pair of six-inch pumps to the convenient store to break them in, she could’ve run away in time.

It was a bracing night for Farrah that day. She was in a night gown when she decided late that night that she needed more deodorant. She knew if she didn’t get to the pharmacy soon it would close on her. Farrah was hurriedly buttoning her pea-coat and strapping on those heels when she heard Lana whining. She turned back and petted her pup. She was three, but to Farrah Lana was her puppy still. “I’ll be back soon, Lana, be good.” Looking back on it, Farrah decided that her sweet dog was trying to warn her of the impending danger.

She stepped out of her condo on the quiet street in the small town. Her black hair was in its natural, curly state. Farrah noticed the red van parked down on her side the street, her neighbor was a contractor, she didn’t think anything of it. She turned right and walked calmly down the dimly lit street. Her hair was whipping around her face. Farrah put her hands in her pocket, it was a late summer night, and it was already dark. There wasn’t a star in the sky when she looked up.

Farrah heard the distant van’s engine start up and slowly careen down the street. Her heart raced. “You’re being paranoid.” She told herself as she found herself quickening pace. She was almost in the shop when she fell flat on her face.

He got out of the van and already had his giant hands around waist and was picking her up off the ground; she kicked and screamed out the words everyone uses, “Help! Somebody help!” But the streets were empty and the pharmacy clerk was in the back room.

The man threw her in the back of the van and then pounced on her and put a chloroformed rag to her face. Farrah was out cold, her world spiraling into long nightmares of what he might do to her.

Axel was constantly looking back at her while he drove to his secluded home in the forest. He knew that if she woke when he was driving she could easily attack him or escape, and he wasn’t going back to prison. Axel glanced in his rearview mirror and fixed a stray hair. Fool, it won’t matter what you look like to her; he thought and suppressed a laugh. He was handsome no matter what he did. It was too easy to take Farrah. Axel already disconnected all security cameras in her town, using that computer of his. But it was still a gamble to kidnap her.

He pulled up to his log cabin, five miles out into the woods. Mommy and Daddy happily gave him the large lot of land to hide his skeletons from their precious political careers. Axel put another chloroformed rag to her face and let her breath it in, just to be safe. He flung her over his shoulder, and Axel thought of her like a rag doll. Her breast lay against his back as he opened the door to the house and made way to the left to the room he prepared for her. In it there was a king-sized bed facing a fireplace along with a bathroom attached to the room. On the headboards of the bed around were strings of rope. Axel was hard at the thoughts of her in such state.

He laid her down on the bed and began to tie her hands and feet with rope to the bed posts. It was a simple knot, one of the first ones he learned as a boy, but he knew that his pet wouldn’t be able to move an inch. He took out his switch blade and cut open her pea coat. Axel smiled at the nightgown underneath. It was fleece and had little white sheep on a blue background, but he was pleased that it barely covered her moon-shaped ass. He almost regretted cutting that off her too. Axel looked at the underwear, plain; she wasn’t going on any dates. Axel tore those away from her body, bundled all the clothes together and tossed them into the fire, she wouldn’t need them.

It was getting stuffy from the increased flames in the fire, Axel walked over to the window and un-latched it and opened it. He closed the light, translucent cotton curtains. The wall faced away from the driveway but he didn’t want her to be too entertained while he was away. He walked out of the room, leaving the door open, she would only see the wall facing the door, but Axel wanted to hear her when she awakened. Axel was half-tempted to go inside her unconscious pussy while she was asleep on the bed, but deciding against it, chuckling. First impressions, Axel.

An hour later he heard Farrah’s worried voice, “Help! Somebody! Is anyone there? Help!”

He laughed quietly as he stood up to walk to her room, they always scream for help.

When the man walked into the room, Farrah regretted shouting for help. “Take my money and let me go.” She pleaded, “I won’t tell anyone, just let me go.” Farrah struggled with the ropes that bound her to the bed, but it was no use. She was naked on the bed and couldn’t move except to thrust her body upward and slightly to the sides. She was uncomfortable with her nakedness. Farrah had a suspicious fear that she would be used to it soon.

He was handsome. A rugged man in a black t shirt and jeans, his hair was a deep brown and his jaw was sharp and defined. His nose was round and pointed and he had a slight beard. Farrah noticed his eyes, a grey-blue that looked violet in the light from the window. She also made a mental note of his tattoo on his wrist, a tiger. She watched as she eyed her like a piece of meat.

“Scream all you want,” he said darkly, a growl in his voice, “No one will ever hear.”

“Please, I have money, I’ll give it all to you, just let me go, I swear I’ll be quiet.” Farrah appealed. “Just don’t hurt me.”

“You whore.” He called her, “I’ll make you scream.” He began to take off his shirt in front her, his muscles pulsing with desire. “You like that, slut?”

Farrah didn’t, she tried to press her legs together to resist as he was on top of her erect with his giant cock. She yelped as he slapped her hard across the face. Tears streamed across her face. His hands were on her breast squeezing them tightly as he thrust inside of her. It was painful and Farrah looked up and tried to not see his face. He rammed her pussy and she was screaming in pain, no, please, she wanted to say, be merciful, but it hurt even more to yell out. Farrah didn’t want him to see how wet she already was.

He began to pull apart her folds as far as they would go so he could go in deeper and harder, he took his cock out and drove into her like a speeding bullet again and again, until Farrah blacked out in tortured pain.

She was awakened from bliss-less sleep when he whispered into her ear, “Say ‘yes master.’”

Farrah knew there was no point in fighting him. “Yes, master.” She answered through choked tears.

Axel turned on the hose and sprayed her down with cold water. She squirmed and yelled in surprise. He aimed it at her cunt and she yelled even louder. He was already hard again.

“Did you like that, Bitch?” He asked her slowly, hoping she wouldn’t reply correctly.

“No.” She said through her tears.

He pulled the handle again and washed her down on the highest water pressure, this time at her face. She shut her mouth and eyes. He had to show dominance, “Now, I’ll ask again. Did you like that bitch?”

He waited while she contemplated that one, “Yes, master.” But Axel could see the rebellious spirit in her eyes, it’ll be fun breaking this filly.

“Bitch, what shall you address me as from now on?” Axel asked after he hosed her down once more.


“Good. ” He replied, satisfied that she was cold and shivering, he through the hose out of the window and jumped out, turning off the water.

He walked back in on her silently waiting for him, dripping wet. “Did you miss me?”

Farrah replied through gritted teeth, “Yes, Master.”

Axel slapped her for that. “Do you want another?”

“If it pleases you, Master,” Farrah replied, trying to sound sincere.

He slapped the girl on the other cheek. Axel found himself even harder. He took the chloroformed rag out of his pocket and held it over her face. She didn’t even struggle.

Farrah woke up to find she was bent-over, taped to the wall, her hands were taped to her ankles and her hair was tied back in a tight bun. She was amazed at how deeply she slept; she was half hoping that she would sleep through this round of anal penetration.

She looked over her legs to find him taking in the scent of her ass hole and cunt. She felt his hot breath on her ass. Farrah was thankful that she was flexible. She felt him spank her, “Wake up, you whore!” He yelled at her as he yanked her hair.

Farrah whimpered, “Yes, master.”

He stuck his finger up her ass and she cringed in from pleasure. He then blew lightly into her. “That’s all the lube you get, my cunt.”

Farrah bit her lip to avoid from screaming out as he thrust into her again like a freight train. Just keep still, she thought, trying not to focus on the pain. Farrah figured that he must’ve been eight inches long and an inch wide. He spanked her again and she knew that her cheeks must be red. Blood ran down her legs as he came all down her back. It burned like crazy.

Farrah did scream when he ripped the duct tape off her. She collapsed to the floor. “Please, Master.”

He gave her a sharp kick and she lurched with pain. “On your knees, slut,” He growled at her

Farrah stayed on the ground her eyes were shut. For the first time in a long time she prayed silently. Please let someone find me, please give me mercy, God, let me go, give me a chance.

She was yanked up by the hair and her mouth was held around his erect cock, “Suck it, you bitch!”

Her eyes stung with tears as she began to suck lightly on the tip, caressing the whole with her tongue. Farrah’s head was pushed further up is cock and she was so started she almost choked on his massive cock. She licked it further and sucked it harder when the semen came into her mouth. Farrah knew she was expected to swallow it like it was soda pop. She gulped eagerly.

He knocked her aside and she fell to the floor, “Take a bath you dirty whore.”

She sniffled, “Yes, Master.” Farrah stood up and made her way around him, she jumped as he spanked her. Farrah continued to the bathroom and looked around her when she saw him locking the door behind her. There was no windows and no way out for Farrah. On her right was a claw foot tub and to her left were the sink and the toilet. On a shower rod hanging over the toilet she saw the skimpiest lingerie. It was a set, a black bra and thong, a corset and garters.

Farrah turned on the water and was pleased to find hot water. She was still dripping from the hose. She looked into the tub and realized that there was bubble bath dripped into the bottom of the tub along with red rose petals. Farrah was stricken with fear that he would invade the bath and take her there too. There was a jab of pain when she lifted her leg into the tub and got in. She was aching everywhere. All of her cheeks were red and sore, it was tender where he yanked the duct tape off her, her head was sore from him yanking her by the hair, her breasts were aching from his hands and her legs and pussy were sore to walk on. Sitting in the tub was a challenge, but then again, so was everything those days.

She laid there in the tub after scrubbing all the dirt off her and shampooing her hair, wondering how long she could stay before he got impatient. Farrah looked at the lingerie he left her. Why would you expect him to give you real clothes? She asked herself, feeling like a fool.

Axel wore blue boxers and had his computer on his lap, watching her from the cameras located in front of, above and next to the bathtub. Axel watched her as she lathered and washed herself. Now she was just lying there. He hid the cameras there so she wouldn’t try and kill herself or try and escape out the air ducts, but the cameras did have perks. He contemplated how long he would let her stay in there doing nothing. He set a timer for twenty minutes and arranged about making her breakfast.

It wasn’t anything special, just a couple eggs and some toast. He heard the timer ding and went stormed into her bathroom, “What the hell are you doing?” he raged at her.

She jumped in fear and cringed from what punishment he might give her. He found her breast jumping along. “Nothing, Master.” She responded shakily. Axel was pleased at her fear.

“I want you in that lingerie and out of the bathroom in ten minutes, you filthy skank!” He slammed the door shut, not bothering to lock it this time. Axel frowned and leaned his head against the door, making sure she was actually listening. Yes, the water is draining and she is shuffling about, he thought satisfactorily.

He set an ornate pillow on the ground and the plate in front of the fire. Axel turned as she walked out of the bathroom in the lingerie. She was more beautiful without clothes, but Axel knew she would be more comfortable in them. “Sit down and eat, you ugly slut.”

She didn’t say a word as she walked over to sit on the pillow, Axel saw that she was uncomfortable wearing the lingerie and found he pleased. Let her be weak. She sat down and picked up the fork and slowly began to eat the eggs. He took out the chloroformed rag and moved to get the chloroform out of the drawer, she looked up, hearing the rustling of clothing, but didn’t turn around to see what her captor was doing. Axel smiled darkly, let her wonder, he opened the bottle and dipped the rag into its large top and let it soak for a few seconds before taking it out and wringing it.

Axel saw that she was done with her food and ordered her, “Strip for me, my dove.”

She glanced to the door warily, but Axel wasn’t worried. She pulled the corset over her head boringly, and undid her hair. He watched her hungrily as she slipped off her entire outfit, leaving the bra and thong on. “Leave the thong on, whore.” She nodded and unclipped the bra and threw that off. He saw her tremble from what, fear, disgust or the chill in the air? He didn’t particularly care. He walked over to her and she shirked away.

“Please, give me rest.” She whimpered, “I’m so tired.”

Axel slapped her across the face, and a tear rolled down her cheek. “You’ll do as I say.”

“No.” That one word was all it took for Axel to flip on her.

Axel rushed her and twisted her left nipple hard while pinching her tender ass, knowing she was in pain. “What was that whore?”

Her lips quivered in fear, “N-n-nothing, m-m-master.”

“That’s what I thought, you’ll receive punishment for that later.” Axel growled and put the rag to her face. She slumped and Axel picked her up and threw her over his shoulder like a piece of game. He tied her to the bed again. And inspected the few lit candles on the night stand. Plenty of wax for all the night.

Farrah was never good at defying anyone, she recollected at she awakened to find him facing away for her, looking out the window. She shut her eyes-keep calm, stay asleep, still as a rock, Farrah thought to herself. She then overheard him talking. She felt herself tied to the bed again, but found her wrists more used to the ropes, as well as her legs left free to rest on the bed.

“She’s not working out, Axel.” She heard him tell himself.

“It’s only the second day; she’ll learn soon enough who is god in this house.” He replied to him.

Axel continued on, “She should know by now, you can’t let her defy you.”

“She needs more time, more dominance. Besides, I think she’s a challenge.”

“You don’t need a challenge, you need a sex slave. Murder her and find someone else.”

“No, no, that won’t do. I’ll give her one more chance to for her to prove submissive, if she fails, I’ll murder her and move on.”

“Well, better act quickly, we don’t have much time.”

She thought sadly, Axel, his name is Axel, and if I don’t submit he’ll kill me. Farrah thought quickly. He had been quiet for some time, “Master?”

He turned and her eyes fluttered open. “Yes?”

“I’m awake, master.” Farrah replied, yes, test me, you bastard.

Axel paused, “And?”

Farrah found herself caught off guard, but recovered quickly enough. “I’m feeling much better.” She tried to sound sexy.

“That’s nice, anything else you’d like to share?”

“You’re cock is so huge, Master.” Farrah went on to lie, “I’m wet just thinking about it.”

He nodded, and Farrah knew he didn’t believe her. She was always a bad liar. “You should punish me, for being so bad to you, master.” She added, trying to use her last chance wisely. She tried to sound sincere.

Axel grinned and she suppressed a shudder. “You shouldn’t try to top from the bottom, and for that, I will punish you, you, my pussy.”

“Anyway you want it, master.” Farrah tried to sound seductive, and couldn’t tell if he noticed her mistakes or not.

Axel picked up the candle. “And if I want to pour warm wax all over your chest?”

“Yes! Make me scream, Master!” She replied hotly.

“And if I want to spank you with a riding crop?” He challenged.

“Make me bleed, Master!” She answered again.

He grinned widely and picked up the candle, Farrah felt her heart race, pretend to like it, just pretend. He dipped it onto her chest. “Oh yes, Master, that feels so good. More!” She squealed in feigned happiness.

“You dirty girl.” He cooed, letting the wax run down her breasts and onto the bed. “You like that, don’t you?”

Farrah forgot the rest of the night.

“Be back soon, bitch.”

“I’m waiting for you hungrily, Master.” Farrah finally replied for the second time. Axel didn’t even bother to tie her back up to the bed. He closed the door and locked it. She looked at the window and wondered quietly if he was testing her, Farrah wasn’t sure. If I continue to stay, he’ll trust me and I’ll get an even bigger chance to escape, she wondered, but if I stay I’ll be raped more. Farrah resolved to stay on the bed and take a cat nap.

She dreamt she was back in her apartment. Farrah almost believed it when she awakened, her eyes were still closed, but then she remembered. I’m a sex slave, and he’ll kill me if I resist him, Farrah thought sadly as she turned towards the door, no way was she going to let him take her from behind ever again.

Farrah watched as he returned, freshly showered and shaved himself. He met her gaze and commanded to her, “Spread your legs, whore.”

She complied easily and gasped in surprise and shameful pleasure he began to lick and nibble on the folds of her vagina. Farrah felt him flick his tongue in and out of her moist pussy. She’d never received oral before and it felt amazing. It was exactly what she needed from him. Farrah was relieved to find out that after her giving and giving to him he’d give back in the biggest way. When suddenly just at the brink of climax, and on the edge, he stopped!

Farrah whimpered as he got up, “Please, master, don’t leave me like this.”

He grabbed her chin and made her look into his purple eyes and growled, “I will choose when I will let you orgasm, if my pet orgasms without my permission, I will see that she is punished severely, am I understood?”

She was so aroused, and answered dejectedly, “Yes, master.”

Farrah looked up at his smile and wondered what he would do next, “This is where the true domination begins, my pet.”

She nodded. Eager to please him, but she watched in disappointment as he walked to the dresser, fumbling through the drawers for something, what was it? Farrah asked herself in fury that she couldn’t see for herself what Axel was doing without letting Axel know of her curiosity. She guessed that she would be punished if he knew.

“Which color do you prefer? Black or purple?” He called around to her, bent over looking for something.

Farrah thought to herself, and, sure that he was going to give her the opposite of what she picked, would pick black. But then again, she reconsidered, he wants to dominate, let him choose, yes, that would please him. “Whichever you prefer, master.” Farrah finally replied.

He held a jewel-encrusted, black leather collar in his hand, whispered to her sweetly, “Swear your complete obedience and submission to me, and I promise I won’t withhold all of your future orgasms.”

She looked at him and back to the collar in his hands. Farrah didn’t want to live like this, she was captured, not taken by will, raped continuously. I won’t obey him, let him kill me. But, Farrah thought, she didn’t want to not orgasm, she felt so denied and helpless. In the end, she answered back, “No.”

He smiled viciously and placed the collar on the nightstand, “You’ll swear and wear that collar of mine by the end of the fourth day, my pet. I’ll show you what it’s like to be denied pleasures that I give you.”

Farrah wondered, as he put the chloroform to her lips, if that would be true.

Axel untied her and cradled her in his arms, as she was unconsciously snuggling up against his chest. He carried her out of the room and down the hall to the spare room full of his sex toys. He brought her to the punishing bench and began to fasten her into the doggie-style position on the contraption. He began to kiss her neck to awake his pet.

She jerked around in surprise wondering where she was and tried to struggle against her current restraints. It was as though she remembered where she was and what she had done to deserve his punishment, her head slumped down in shame of it. He knelt down to look at her eyes to eye, but she wouldn’t meet his gaze. He cupped her chin in his hands, but her eyes were on the floor under them.

“Look at me, my pet.” Axel said, trying to sound soft, he wanted her to work out, to swear herself to him. She stared at him, her eyes pleading, and Axel continued, “You disobeyed me, even when I offered you pleasure in return for your submission. I admit, it will be more fun forcing you to beg for that collar on your neck than having you accept it, but, all the same, I must punish you.”

“Please…” Farrah whispered to him, but whatever words she said after that didn’t matter to him now.

He put a finger to her lips and crooned, “No, my pet, you have made your choice, perhaps after this punishment I will ask you to swear to me again, or perhaps I will not and turn you onto a different form of punishment, and ask you after that. Either way, eventually I will ask you to wear my collar again, soon.” Axel walked over to the shelf and pulled a remote-controlled, vibrating-dildo off the wall and walked around his pet, savoring her eyes following the sex toy in his hands. He deliberately left the remote where it lied on the chair across from where his slave was trussed up. “This is a dildo, it’s relatively equivalent to my size, just for your imagination my pet, can you imagine me doing this to you from now on, I wonder?”

Axel looked at her vagina, glad that it was recently waxed, he’d have to call in one of his friends to re-wax it sometime, if their rendezvous lasted that long. He prodded the dildo into her wet pussy, pleased that his slave was so aroused with her current bondage. He pulled it in and out of her, inching deeper each thrust until it was all the way in.

His pretty pet huffed in befuddlement as Axel sat in the red velvety, claw-foot chair across from her. She finally commented to him submissively, “It’s not doing anything, master.”

“Oh?” Axel feigned surprise to her, “Are you sure, my pet?”

Farrah nodded to him, looking eager and horny.

He pulled out the remote and showed it to her, “Did I mention my toy has a remote that senses when you are about to orgasm to I can adjust the vibration accordingly?” Without waiting for a response from his slave, he turned on the vibrator to its highest setting and watched her happily convulse.

She gasped in surprise, trying to arch her back in pleasure, but couldn’t move at all in response to her miraculous toy.

Axel was satisfied that she would wear his collar. Soon.

He was reading a book and halfway through the first page when his remote beeps thrice. Axel lowered the setting by two and went on, ignoring her pleas as best as he could. Luckily, her punishment has many vibration settings.

Tears of pleasure ran down Farrah’s face as she begged him by the end of the long day of that dildo, she swore to herself that she wouldn’t beg him in the beginning, only whimper. “Please master! Let me come! Please!”

He shook his head and lowered the setting and went about reading that book of his after telling, “There is no point begging me, my pet, I will end your punishment when I finish my favorite book, and mind you, I am a fast reader. Besides, eventually, you should experience a ruined orgasm.”

Just when she was at peak, again and again, the damned remote began to beep thrice and he would lower the setting. Farrah slowly began to anticipate the beep, hoping that it wouldn’t beep, but trigger an orgasm. With that, the remote beat twice. “Are you defying my punishment, my pet?” He looked up from his book asked demandingly, his voice stern yet soft.

She nodded through choked sobs, not wanting to speak out of her shame. Almost immediately she felt a light electrifying shock running from her clitoris up to the very edges of her body and back. She screamed in pleasure pain, begging him to stop in a tortured whine, “Please Master! I promise to obey! I swear my complete obedience and submission to you! I swear! I swear! Make it stop, just make it stop!”

Farrah watched him close the book and remarked to her, “You are lucky I am done with my book, my pet.” He shut off the dildo and she slumped in exhaustion against it, knowing she’d swear the second he asked.

He walked around her smacking her once on the ass and pulling out the dildo simultaneously. Her master brought it up to her mouth and commanded her, “Tell me what you taste like.” Farrah looked at him and shamefully looked at the dildo, yes it was his size, but it was slick with the moistness of her pussy. She kissed it lightly when he corrected, “Ah-ah, my pet, take my gift to you in your mouth and tell me what you taste like.”

She nodded and began to take the phallus in her mouth suppressing her gag reflex, and trying to pinpoint a taste as he pulled the clean dildo out of her mouth. “It tastes like cum, Master, thank you.” It tasted warm and sweet.

Her master beamed at her and began to grab something from the shelf, she whirled her head and craned her neck to see what he was getting. Please let him ask me, please ask, please ask, she pleaded with her eyes as she liked her lips in anticipation. She watched him turn and squirmed in fear at the shackles in his hands.

“Did my pet think that her punishment would be over?” her master asked here as he placed the new shackles, connected by a piece of silk connected to shackles that would go around her wrists.

“Please Master, no more, I promise to obey, I do!” Farrah beseeched him as he put the other to shackles around her wrists, also connected to each other, with a long silk rope in the middle of the connecting silk of both shackles. They were gripping, not enough to cut off circulation but not loose enough for her to shimmy out of.

He ignored her comment and told her while kneading her ass cheeks, “It’ll be easier to crawl then walk hunched, and less painful, my pet.” Her master let go of her left ass cheek and dug through his pocket as Farrah thrashed her head to see what he was doing, hoping he would take her in the ass.

She sighed in surprise when she heard the squirting of lube and he laughed, “Don’t you wish that I would ram my cock up your sweet ass?”

“Yes Master, please take my ass.” Farrah asked him.

Axel was awfully tempted to go ape-shit on his pet’s ass, but knew he would need to condition his little slave to be the ultimate sub, and she needed to be corrected. There was no way he was going to get rid of her now. This was paradise to Axel! He had the lube in his hand and ran it over and around her ass, telling her that she would receive a severe punishment if she came without his permission. Lastly, he lubed up his favorite butt-plug, a medium sized black one that had a fake dog tail attached to it. Axel prodded it into her tight ass and smiled at Farrah’s tortured whimper.

He undid the straps on the punishment bench and picked her up by the waist to place her on the ground, “When dogs disobey, they are sent outside. Follow me, my pretty doggy.”

Axel left the door open for her and turned left, heading for the back porch, it would be cool tonight, but very chilling for his naked pet. He stood at the back porch door, examining the screened room with pleasure as his doggy moved to catch up with him. He could tell that the plug hindered her movements further and contemplating pulling it out, but decided against it as he watched her tail sway back in forth as she struggled to move swiftly through the door. She looked to the left and stopped, a whimper escaping her lips.

“On your back, my little doggy let me see your breasts.” Axel ordered her softly, his stern voice underlining the command.

“I-I can’t, I’m sorry, Master, the chains…” His doggy spoke softly, her ass clenching in anticipation of a spanking.

He flipped her over in a fluid motion, holding her neck to the floor, “You are my dog, and you will only sound as a dog in these fetters. Move your knees and hands down below your nipples, my doggy.” She knew that he wasn’t doing this for pleasure, but only to dominate her, his slave.

Farrah was whimpering as her neck constricted when she breathed inward. Slowly, she lowered her shack almost to the point where her knees were straight and looked up, and whimpered more, begging him to have mercy on her body.

He pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, watching her reaction as she arched her back in pain, he’d have to correct that. Her nipple became hard and perky and he took out a half-pound nipple clamp and stuck it on her, and she yelped in pain as the nipple clamp and her breast spilled to her side from the weight. Axel did the same for her right breast and kissed the tears on her cheeks and told her, “If you take out the clamps or somehow manage to be free of your restraints, I will further this current punishment. Get back on all fours, Pet.”

Axel watched as she struggled to get on her feet, but whether it was from her pain or her defiance, she couldn’t get up and whimpered to Axel. He pet her on the back, her hand lingering at her ass and pointed to the dog wire dog crate for a small Labrador retriever and opened the door and gestured her inside the crate, and told her as she turned around to face her master from within the crate, “Bad doggies stay in their crate for the night.”

She whimpered and whined to him, begging and shaking her tail. But Axel shut the crate and told her that she would be fed soon, and that he won’t tolerate his doggie crying and whimpering after him.

Farrah didn’t complain much about the plug, other than the fact that she felt it every time she moved. Her breast ached and her knees were sore from walking around them. She tried to move the blanket under her so that was shielded from the creeping cool night that would be autumn in this forest, but those awfully-restricting shackles didn’t help her in that quest. She tried lie down or sit on her ass but every movement hurt. Her master was an awful sadistic man. She was shivering as she lost feeling in her toes. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she saw her master in the kitchen, preparing a sandwich.

She looked at the bread and meat and cheese hungrily as it was heated in the microwave. The slave felt her stomach stormed inside of her. Farrah knew that the heated sandwich was hers when he put it in a metal dog dish. She whimpered and whined as her grinning master brought it out to her and shook her tail furiously as he stood over the cage.

“Does my doggy want a treat?” Axel teased her as she stared at the food hungrily.

She bobbed her head and whined at him enthusiastically. Farrah found herself starving insanely as he opened the crate door and set the dog dish down on the floor at her feet, her master warned her, “Use your hands to eat this treat, and you will eat dog food.”

Farrah did her best to eat the sandwich as she ripped it and chewed furiously, afraid that he would take it away from her and deny her food. The sandwich was easier to eat when she ate one thing at a time. First the top slice of bread, than the mayo-coated turkey, third the cheese, lastly the slice of bread. She looked at him and butted her head against the cage and whined for him to let her out.

Axel shook his head and closed the screen door behind him as he left his slave in the dead of night. Farrah leaned against the side of the cage and drifted off into a restless sleep. It was okay, but every time she moved that plug would wiggle inside her every time she woke in shock. The longest she did sleep was two hours, and when she awoke then she found marks on her side from the cage.

She gave up on sleep an hour ago and was watching the sun rise through the forest. When the sun was barely over the tall trees Axel came in and opened the dog crate and said to her gently, “Your punishment is over, don’t say a word, just come out of the crate and let me attend to you.” He looked relatively gentle, almost human today, if not for Farrah being on her hands and knees crawling towards her.

Farrah crawled slowly out of the cage and watched her master warily as he knelt down to under the fetters and slide them off her. She felt as her master’s hand fall naturally to her ass, she cringed for a spanking but only found a flush of relief as he slowly pulled the plug out of her stretched asshole. She still felt it inside her, though. Farrah flopped to the floor in defeat and utter exhaustion from the night.

Axel didn’t order his slave or command her to get up like he normally did, which bothered the hell out of him. He picked her up and cradled the girl in his arms as he carried her to the bed. Axel felt her squirm (or was it struggle?) when she believed that he was going to mount her on the covers. He whispered, “No, my sweet, today you will not lift a finger for me, nor receive punishment.” The bath water was already drawn as he placed her gingerly in the water.

His slave breathed in heavily as he began to massage her shoulders with massage-oil. Axel told her, “You’re very beautiful, and I want nothing more than to make you feel beautiful. I just ask for complete control over and obedience from you.” He felt her as she breathed deeply and knew she must be thinking deeply, contemplating what she should do. Axel didn’t prefer all of her contemplating whether or not obeying him. It made him hard just to see the rebellious spirit in her eyes. “I do care about you, I certainly don’t want you to feel as though I enjoy hurting you this way.”

His slave spoke out to him. “If you cared, and didn’t take enjoyment in my pain, why let me suffer?”

Axel was stumped and he had to suppress punishing her once more. “If I wasn’t trying to win your affection, you’d be in the dog crate. And as I said before, I want your obedience and control, your punishment was only the conditioning of such.”

After five minutes of silence, “I hate you.” Farrah finally told him.

“I never asked for you to love me,” Axel replied blandly, “I asked for your submission. It makes no difference whether or not you care about me.” Axel kneaded her swollen breasts. “You’ll suffer my heavy embraces no matter what.”

Axel leaned around her to kiss the rolling tears down her cheeks, before kissing her eyelids. He noted how her lip was trembling with fear. How am I frightening her now? “And if I resist you?”

She clutched her knees to her chest, and Axel wanted to fuck her. “I suppose I’ll have more fun punishing you.” His slave lapsed into silence. “I suppose it would be easier for you if you submitted.” He added finally.

Axel rinsed his slave’s hair and picked her out of the water and stood her up on the floor mat. He reached for a towel as he heard her shift her weight between feet. Axel turned and saw her looking away from him. He began to dry her shoulders, moving the towel sensually down her arms. Axel felt her chest rising in surprise and was satisfied that at least his slave responded to his caresses. He massaged her breasts with the towel for a while until moving down her hips and legs. His slave moaned in desire when he didn’t dry her pussy.

“Perhaps if you spread your legs, my sweet dove.” Axel murmured to her. He was pleased when she complied. Axel rubbed the soft towel in between her thighs. He took both hands under the towel and massaged both of the lips, while suckling her neck. She moaned until she was trembling in orgasm. “Follow me.”

Axel opened the door of the bathroom for her and told her to sit on the bed and wait for him. He was in ecstasy when she obeyed him. She’s listening! “What do you want for dinner?” Provided you don’t get fat. He wanted to add quietly.


He had to resist a growl, “What do you want for dinner?”

She rolled over and grumbled back, “Pizza Hut.”

Axel sat on the bed and stroked her hair and crooned. “Even my dove knows that I know better than to leave you here by yourself and trust that you’ll not run off into the woods. I’ll make whatever I have in the house for you.”

His slave moaned in response.

He pursed his lips and told her how he rummaged through her trash and found all of her favorite foods. “What does my little dove want?”

“I’m not hungry.” She finally said dejectedly.

Axel growled, genuinely annoyed now, “I could tie you to a chair and force feed you.”

His naughty slave told him coldly, “Then I hope you cook something delicious.”

“You’re not making it easy on yourself.”

“Maybe I don’t want it to be easy.”

That caused Axel to do a double-take, “Are you sure?”

Farrah was wet and getting wetter at the thought of being dominated, “Yes, master.” She had lost most hope that she would escape. She couldn’t see her Master, nor would she turn for a glimpse of what he was doing. He heard him rolling off the bed and fumbling through the drawers for something. Her heart was beating crazily in curiosity as to what it was. When suddenly a black silk slid over her eyes like a creeping cat, she didn’t hear him come to her. Her cunt was trembling with the blindfold over her eyes, aware of her new senses.

Her eyesight gone, the slave felt herself being lifted and slung over Axel’s shoulder, “Watch your head, dove.”

She felt herself being sat down on a chair and her hands placed firmly on the armchairs and smelt a lunch of mashed potatoes and meat and some green vegetables. It smelt delicious. Knowing better than to feed herself, Farrah sat waiting her eyes fleeting to every corner of the blindfold in hopes to see her captor. She did hear the cutting up of food with metal utensils on a ceramic plate. Chewing followed and then she felt the bits of a sausage eased into her mouth. She chewed at the food, so ambrosial.

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