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* * * * *

“Let you put your hands on me in my skintight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight…” Katy Perry sang, the final notes of the thumping song dying behind her as the lights went down, the crowd erupting at her thrilling performance of a string of hits like California girls and I kissed a girl, culminating in Teenage Dream.

She felt a rush through her as everyone went wild, tingling all over at the appreciation of her work, feeling the slightest embarrassment as it as well, unable to stop herself smiling widely as she took the applause, lowering her microphone and waving to the crowd of guests and crew watching her. Her performance had mixed her fantastic uplifting dance tunes and a few slower numbers and covers, including a tender piano-based cover of Joy Division’s “Love will tear us apart”, and so she was dressed more demurely; no rubber or latex dresses, she had a long flowing black gown on, which was partly sheer material and had a couple of large white flowers on an almost transparent over layer. It was a beautiful dress, made by a famous designer, and fitted her figure perfectly to accentuate her breasts, waist and hips, with a daring split up the side of it to reveal her sexy legs and let her move. Stepping down from the stage as people still clapped and cheered her, she was buzzed on the high of performing, feeling the energy of the room as people swamped her, all wanting to talk to her, touch her and get a few autographs.

After around twenty minutes in the gradually fading mob, Katy finally made her way to the bar, needing a drink now. She could feel the huge peak of a great performance fading away now, leaving behind it a bit of a come down, the moment having come and gone to leave her waiting for the next one. She was immediately served at the bar, with the bartender taking a less than discreet glance down her dress at her impressive boobs as she ordered herself a shot to go with a drink, downing it first as he mixed her other drink. She’d made it a double, and took a needed sip of it as she turned back to survey the room of mingling people, getting into the party mood and enjoying themselves. Standing back by the bar, she felt a little disconnected, and found herself getting through her drink pretty fast, feeling the ice slide back against her lips before she knew it.

A couple more people spoke to her and tried to engage her, but she just wasn’t in the mood. She ordered herself another drink and gave a sigh. She’d come on this cruise to perform and then have fun, because she was feeling a bit lonely and worn down right now and figured a few days in the sun to relax would help. But now she felt like she’d created a pressure on herself to enjoy it, which only had the opposite effect, especially after her big moment had now passed. Walking through the people, all wrapped up in themselves, she thought deeply, knowing she shouldn’t as it would only make her go round in circles with herself about her levels of happiness. She thought of her closing song and wondered where her teenage dream was. Katy decided she really couldn’t hang around in a party right now, she wasn’t in the mood, and dodged the crowds to find the exit, slipping out of the ballroom and then the ship all together, stepping out onto the deck.

She felt a light, chilly breeze caress her as it passed, making her shiver slightly at the sudden change, taking a drink as she walked along the deck, just the sound of the waves and her high heels in the crisp night. Looking up to the sky, she slowed as she stared in slight awe at the beautifully clear heavens, taking in all the stars, the bright moon and the enchanting depths of it, which got more powerful the longer she stared. Taking a breath of the fresh sea air, she sauntered along the side of the ship and out into the pool area, quiet and peaceful, immediately feeling better for having escaped the roar of a crowd. It was a little chilly under such a clear sky, but she wasn’t cold, just able to feel the fresh air slide through her dress and over her soft skin a little, the gown blowing slightly at her feet. The breeze was stronger near the side of the ship as she leant on the railings, taking a long sip of her drink and letting out a slow breath, looking out at the bright moonlight catching the tips of waves on the dark, patient ocean as her mind ran with thoughts, contemplating so much…too much.

“Good evening,” I said, breaking her train of thought and making her stand to turn from her gaze across the sea. She stood from her lean on the railings to turn to me, pushing her long hair back over her ear, giving a smile as she took me in.

“Evening,” she replied, her eyes flicking up and down me. I was wearing my smart uniform, with a white shirt and cap, signifying my rank on board the ship, which Katy clearly seemed to have noticed. I was just out doing a walk around on deck to check things were as they should be, regulations met and so forth, as well as getting some fresh clean air on a lovely night under the galaxy.

“It’s a bright moon, but I don’t think you’ll be getting a tan any time soon,” I said light heartedly, making Katy giggle.

“No I don’t think so, but it’s lovely out here,” she said, casting her eyes back to the night sky.

“It is indeed. Sorry Miss Perry, I never introduced myself; Alex Thompson,” I said, extending my hand to her.

“Katy,” she said, reaching out to take my hand with a smile, where I took a chance and pulled it towards me, leaning down to kiss her softly on the hand, which made her beam and shuffle slightly on her high heels.

“I caught your performance in there,” I said, letting go of her hand, “quite a show. You sounded fantastic.”

“Thanks, it went really well, and the crowd seemed to like it,” she replied, seeming a little shy about it, taking a drink from her glass.

“Why wouldn’t they? Not every day you get Katy Perry performing. And singing Joy Division at that, that was a great cover,” I said, since I personally loved the song.

“I’m surprised anyone noticed, nobody else seemed to know what it was,” she smiled, warming to my attention in her performance.

“Well I did, it’s a classic song and you did a fantastic job with it,” I said.

“Well thanks, at least someone liked it,” she smiled, looking into my eyes.

“Do you mind if I join you?” I asked after a pregnant pause, indicating the railing generally with my hand.

“Um, sure,” she answered, reciprocating the motion with her glass, a little surprised that an officer of the ship had asked to share a piece of his own railing with her. Stepping beside her, I leant on the railing and looked over, down at the sea as it crashed past our behemoth, driving the sea out of her way as she powered across it on the voyage south. Katy stood beside me, taking a long sip of her drink, gazing out at the dark water again, lost in her thoughts again momentarily.

“Are you ok?” I asked, noticing her mood, which was not the excited party kind of girl I’d have expected to find.

“I…yeah I’m fine, why?” she said, looking at me with her big eyes, lowering the glass from her ruby lips.

“You just seem a little…disconnected. And you’re out here, on the deck all alone. I’d have expected you to be in with everyone else enjoying the party,” I said, looking deep into her gorgeous eyes.

“I just needed a walk, some peace for a bit,” she said, looking around at the strangeness of the empty pool and empty sea.

“It is a lovely night for a walk on deck,” I conceded, since it truly was.

“What are you doing out here anyway, unless you followed me out?” Katy teased with a cocked eyebrow.

“I didn’t follow you no, I’ve been back to the bridge since you finished performing. I’m out here just checking everything’s as it should be, and like you taking a bit of fresh air from everything going on in there,” I said, nodding my head back towards the facilities of the ship. She just gave a murmur of agreement, knowing what that felt like.

“And it’s a good thing I did, as I find a beautiful woman alone, which isn’t right at all,” I smiled, giving her a cheeky wink. Katy couldn’t help but smile and then shyly look down at her platforms.

“Thanks, you think so?” she asked, looking back up at me as if needing some sort of validation.

“Of course, look at you; you’re gorgeous, beautiful dress, hair, you’re like something out of a pin up calendar,” I said, hoping she didn’t take that the wrong way.

“Thank you, nobody’s ever said quite that before,” she giggled, looking back at the sea, giving a little shiver and feeling her nipples stiffen against the chill, and with the slight tingle of excitement in her body.

“You know, you just need to relax,” I said as she finished her drink, standing the glass down on the deck.

“Do I?” she asked in a playfully inquisitive manner.

“Yeah, just let it flow. Relax, enjoy yourself, have fun, dance,” I said, stepping back from the railings and then offering my hand to her. Her eyes widened and she laughed, looking around in case anyone was watching.

“You can’t be serious,” she said, smiling widely at me nonetheless.

“Come on, I’m sweeping you off your feet,” I joked, gesturing her to approach with my fingers. With a laugh and a roll of her eyes she stepped forward and took my hand, where I immediately drew her back into a little more space at the edge of the pool area and then into my arm, sliding it boldly around the small of her back as I took her other hand. She didn’t question it at all though, her arm sliding over my shoulders, looking into my eyes with a slight spark of the moment. Leading in a simple dance, I steeled my nerves and took charge, dancing with her smoothly across the moonlit deck, turning her a couple of times, just having fun with it, and a little bit of passion as I let my breath just flow over her neck as I pulled her in closer during a turn away.

Letting her out to full arms length, she smiled as she pulled on me to spin us around playfully, before I drew her back, letting her wrap herself up in her own arm as she wound her way back to me. With my other hand on her hip, I leant her back over both our arms towards the deck, Katy looking at me for a moment before going with it with a bite of her lip, letting her head dangle towards the ground, her long dark hair flowing gracefully down to just touch it as I got a great view of her arched body and large, full breasts rocking upwards on her chest. To my surprise Katy lifted her leg, sliding her knee up the side of my hip, the long split up her glamorous dress allowing her gorgeous pin to be revealed in the moonlight, sending a rush through me. Easing her back up, I turned her away to unravel herself from her arm, then pulled her fluidly back towards me, my arm slipping around her waist as if it belonged there, my other hand sliding into hers as she came close. She looked deeply into my eyes, and I just felt it; that spark, that moment.

Kissing her firmly, my heart pumping hard in my chest as I pressed my lips to her full pout, I pulled her a little closer with my arm. I was into it now, so there was no point holding back, just letting my tongue probe forward softly, where I was surprised and delighted to feel Katy’s ready to meet it, sliding slightly into my mouth as she returned my kiss pushing to me slightly as we made out under the stars, her hand squeezing mine in the heat of the kiss. Katy came to her senses a little and pulled away from me, breaking the kiss and looking into my eyes. I wondered if she would shove me away and storm off at my audacity, the moment stretching on forever as I awaited her move.

** Katy was a little taken aback by the kiss, even though she’d responded and kissed him back. She paused, her mind turning it over for a second as she thought about it; Katy knew it was sudden, but he was handsome, in a uniform, which she couldn’t deny she liked, and seemed quite the romantic. And she could do with some happiness right now, and this was certainly making her bubble up inside with excitement. Going for it, Katy leaned back in to kiss him again, more passionately this time, opening her mouth to let her tongue slide more deeply into his mouth than before. **

Feeling Katy kiss me again was a wonderful moment, knowing my move hadn’t been in vain, or to the detriment of my reputation. I greeted her tongue with a gentle caress of my own, coaxing it into my mouth and then sucking on it lightly as I pulled her closer to me, Katy sighing through her nose as she melted into the moment, my hand releasing hers to slip down round her curvy hip and onto her firm ass, making her arch her back a little in response, pushing her bum into my hand as I gave squeeze, accentuating her arch with my other arm as we kissed passionately in the moonlight on the deserted decks. With my hand still on her arse, I drew my other one upwards, trailing my fingertips up the curve of her spine to the zip of her gown, and without a pause in our kissing I drew it slowly down towards her bum, freeing the delicate dress from her body and revealing the sexy curve of her naked back, and strap of her black bra.

Katy dropped her arms from him as he released her momentarily to let the posh dress slide down to the deck, revealing her gorgeous body, clad in a sexy sheer ribbed black bra that supported her magnificent double-Ds perfectly and matching panties, she looked stunning in the moonlit glimpse he was offered before she kissed him again, his hands now sliding onto her warm, naked body, sliding down over her enticing lingerie to feel her panties were quite tight up her bum, offering plenty of smooth, toned arse to stroke and squeeze as she pressed herself to him, letting him feel her impressive chest against his. Her hands slid up to my chest, pushing over it and then finding the buttons easily, popping them undone swiftly down the length of my body and pushing her hands into it onto my skin, making me shiver slightly as she caressed me. We continued to kiss as I shrugged my shirt off, dropping it aside onto the deck as Katy pulled in close to me, an arm around my waist as her other hand went to my hip.

She moved to kiss down my neck, something I loved, just lightly grazing me with her teeth as her hand slipped across to my belt, undoing it as she nervously scanned the deck with her eyes, her heart pumping in her chest at the thought of being caught like this. Single handedly she quickly had my trousers undone and pushed them down, where I pulled away from her and took control, quickly getting them and my shoes off as Katy stepped out of the expensive dress puddled around her feet, leaving her in just her sexy black lingerie and platform heels, like something out of a photoshoot. With a knock of her heels on the deck she stepped close to me again, kissing me as her arm slid around my back, her other hand sliding over my chest. She liked my buff shape evidently, making me glad I worked out as I enjoyed the delicious, exhilarating sensation of Katy’s warm body pressed to mine, my hand slipping down the curve of her back and silky panties to her tight bum, giving a good squeeze as I reached up with the other to pull my fingers through her luxurious dark hair. I could just hold her all night, but she had other plans, and put them into action by kicking her sexy shoes away, dropping down away from me with a smile.

“If you want me, you have to catch me,” she teased stepping backwards and then scampering away, looking back at me as she playfully jogged away around the pool. I took a moment to just take in the delicious sight of Katy Perry running in the moonlight, her incredible chest bouncing in her overflowing bra, tight bum pushing out as she ran. With a smile I gave chase to her, making her squeal as she looked back to see me in pursuit, chasing her round the corner of the pool in the fresh night air. I could easily catch up to her but I let her keep ahead, enjoying the view of her in the night as she ran in her sexy underwear, which I was looking forward to getting off her. Catching up to her, I made a mischievous attempt to catch her, letting my hands glide over her hips momentarily as she giggled, and then followed up by giving her bum a pinch, making her squeal and speed away from me a little.

“Can’t catch me!” she teased, feeling wonderfully free as she danced across the chilly desk of the cruise ship with me hunting her down. I made another cheeky grab for her, letting my hands pull round her slender waist and snag in the back of her knickers, pinging the elastic onto her body as she tried to get away. But now I was intent on catching her; I’d had enough of watching her bounce along in front of me, the moonlight on her pale skin and tight body, and I wanted it for myself. Easily powering up close to her, I grabbed her in my arms and pulled her into the air as she gave a squeal, giggling and kicking her sexy legs as I easily swung her round, standing her back down on her feet but not letting her escape, taking the chance to give her booty another good squeeze as she pushed onto her tiptoes to kiss me softly, taking her time about it.

“You didn’t think it’d be as easy as that did you?” she purred, sliding down and stepping away from me, padding carefully back towards the pool with a naughty smile. Giving a sensual beckoning of her fingers she got to the edge, and then carefully stepped down into the water, inhaling at the chill of it on her skin as it lapped around her calf muscles. She was standing in the shallow area that surrounded the deeper centre of the pool, and then started to walk back again, tempting me to the water. I stepped in, around ten feet away from her now, enjoying the lovely sight of Katy Perry enticing me to come and get her, clad in only her underwear in a moonlit swimming pool. She was so busy looking at me that she didn’t keep track of where she was, and before I could warn her she took a step backwards into the deep, dark centre of the pool. Giving a surprised scream she fell into the water, tumbling into and disappearing under the water.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I walked towards the edge as Katy surfaced, taking a breath and laughing at the same time, reaching up to sweep her long, soaked hair back over her head and looking up at me grinning. She swam to the edge of the precipice as I reached down to offer her my hands, aiming to lift her back out and get a good look at her soaking wet body, but as she took my hands she pushed her feet against the tiled wall, and with a yank toppled me over into the water. Knowing she had me, I jumped to throw myself over her, splashing into the water as I heard her laughing; a lovely sound. Surfacing near her, she met me with a smile, already reaching out for me, sliding her arms around my neck as mine pulled around her back, drawing her to me once more in the warm water, noticing it steaming from the surface in the crisp light.

We kissed again, more hungrily this time, eager for each other, our tongues wrestling with one another’s fervently as I pulled her hard against me, feeling her fantastic tits pressed to me as she grabbed my shoulders, pulling her fingernails down my back. Sucking on her tongue as my hand found her bra strap, Katy just enjoyed it and then bit mine in return as I unclipped the clasp expertly, freeing her juicy rack from the sexy lingerie, pulling away from her and drawing the straps down her arms, which she obediently held out for me to reveal her. I pulled the black lacy garment from her and threw it towards the shallows as I took in my first view of her fantastic breasts, so full and firm, looking very inviting for my hands, an invitation I didn’t ignore as I slid back towards her, immediately squeezing her chest, feeling her stiff nipples pressing into my palms as she hooked her legs into mine.

Keeping a hand to grope her phenomenal chest, my other slid back around to her bum, giving a hard squeeze as we kissed again, just for a moment before I swiftly kissed down her neck, grazing with my teeth before I sunk them in and gave her a firm bite, somehow knowing she was the kind of girl that would respond positively. I was right, and she gave a slight cry but then a shudder and pulled me closer, holding onto me tightly as I bit her neck, excitement rushing through her body. Her hand pushed down between us to my hard cock through my shorts, making me surge in her grasp as she gave a squeeze, taking in my size evidently as she slipped her hand up and down my shaft slowly while I continued to fondle her and bite at her neck. Katy reciprocated by pulling away and biting my neck, licking with her tongue as well as I shoved my hand into the back of her panties, grabbing her arse and then pushing her knickers down, reaching down to pull them down her toned legs.

She pulled her knees up to let me strip her naked, then pushed her hand down into my shorts as I threw them after her bra, wasting no time in wrapping her fingers round my erection, making me gasp in pleasure, making her smile as she took control of the situation, drawing me into another proper kiss as she jerked her hand up and down a few times, pulling her leg around mine to keep herself in place and invite me to caress her. I immediately pushed my hand down in the water again, over her tummy and then straight across her pussy, my fingers gliding across her smooth skin, completely waxed and waiting for me, making her tremble at my touch as I drew my fingers back up over her, starting to rub slowly at her, making sure to get her clit. Both of us were breathing hard at the intensity of the situation, Katy grinding herself onto my hand as we explored each other like excited teenagers.

Sliding my hand round, I slid it down over her booty and then back up between her legs, letting my fingertips split her silky labia, making her bite her lip and then give an interested, surprised gasp, popping her eyes open as I firmly pulled them up over her tight arsehole, feeling it squeeze as I stroked over it. Her hand grabbed tightly on my rock hard cock as I did it, making her shiver, and then she was spurred into action, pushing my shorts down hurriedly, reaching up with her foot to hook her toes into the waistband, shoving them down and off into the water. As we came back together to snog hard, lips pressing together as our tongues battled powerfully, she grabbed my shorts and hurled them clear out of the pool as our bodies made contact, her warmth tangible through the cooler water.

There was no holding back now, and I knew the moment had come that I’d have never dreamed of, that I was going to fuck Katy Perry. She herself was a little disbelieving this was happening now, when so recently she’d been feeling down at her life. Katy wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled herself up on me, my hands taking hold of her arse as she pushed herself down testingly, taking a couple of tries to line me up before she pulled with her strong legs to sink down effortlessly onto my cock, both of us exhaling at the delightful sensation of my rock hard gliding easily inside her, the wonderful, enveloping warmth a stark contrast to the cool of the water around us. She pulled down all the way to take my full depth inside her tight, squeezing pussy, pressing herself right to me as she took me completely, opening her eyes to look into mine as she gave a satisfied sigh, clenching her muscles on me to fully welcome me to her haven.

Kissing her again, I held her arse firmly and drew her up slightly, Katy relaxing her legs to allow me to raise her, before pulling her down again on my cock as I thrust up into her, both of us grunting as we started moving together, getting into a rhythm of Katy relaxing and then pulling with her legs as I started to lift her up and down on my manhood, thrusting up to meet her stunning body as she bobbed down in the water to meet me. We kissed passionately as we fucked, the water splashing around us as she American singer bounced up and down on my cock, neither one of us caring if anyone saw us now, both of us gasping and groaning in pleasure as I slide in and out of her hot, tight body, Katy’s hands round my shoulders holding on tight, digging her nails in, especially when she wanted me to go a little bit faster. I moved down her neck and shoulder in a series of biting, sucking kisses to get to her enticing chest, where her fabulous double-Ds were bouncing firmly in and out at the surface of the pool, nipples stiff to the night air.

I leant down to kiss at the soft skin of her breasts and down between, feeling the firm weight of them as we continued to screw in the moonlight, kissing at her chest before moving over her breasts individually, kissing and biting at her wet, bouncing rack. Seeking out her nipple, I tongued at it, circling the stiff point momentarily to tease it harder before sucking it firmly, making her shiver a little, arching her back and pushing down a little harder, squeezing her pussy for me in return, giving me a tighter hole to slide my cock into, both of us enjoying it as I did so. Biting down on her nipple made her cry out, digging her nails into my back and instinctively pulling away a bit before I pulled her down again, unable to resist me as I pumped my thick cock deep into her curvy body, one of my hands sliding up her back now to find her hair as it floated on the water.

Sliding my fingers into her brunette locks, I took a handful of it and gave a firm pull on her hair, yanking her head back and making her gasp, feeling her body respond to me, squeezing me and pushing her chest towards my mouth, inviting me to explore more of her impressive chest. She dragged her nails down me, spurring me to pump faster into her, bouncing her faster on my cock and making sure to get full depth every time into her smooth pussy, hearing her grunting a little now as I fucked her pretty vigorously. Katy was pulled close to me now, resting her chin on the side of my head as I continued to kiss and lick her breasts, rocking her hips with me now for both our pleasure as we drifted towards the side of the pool, back to the shallow area where her underwear was still floating. Noticing we were near the corner, I turned her around, pressing her back towards the tiles, Katy kissing me again quite tenderly, softly tonguing as I pushed her shoulders back against the tiles, my grip moving from her arse up to her hips to give me greater leverage on her.

Our kisses became more passionate as I used my renewed grip to fuck her harder, Katy leaning back more now into the corner so I pressured her G-spot better, starting to feel a familiar and welcome pleasure building deep in her soul with every thrust of my cock inside her, working to push down onto me with grinding rolls of her hips, getting maximum stimulation for herself, and doing a good job on me as well. Pumping her harder, Katy let me go and reached back behind her to brace herself on the edge where the pool dropped off into the deeper part, tensing herself for my powerful assault on her body, driving my manhood deep and hard inside her as we both grunted and moaned through the pleasure. She was clearly in need of this, totally lost to the enjoyment of it now, resting her head back onto the edge and letting out primal, guttural sounds of pleasure as I kissed and licked at her chest.

Our beat was thumping now as we screwed hard, her shoulders braced strongly against the tiles, her thighs gripping me powerfully, extending her legs out behind me in the water now as she opened her eyes to stare at the beautiful clear sky, mixing the pleasure of sex with the awe inspiring depths of the universe. With a powerful grind and squeeze, Katy looked down to me again and kissed me deeply, holding on with her thighs to stop me lifting her and slow our rhythm down, just leaving my hard member twitching deep inside her delicious velvet walls. She pushed me away with gentle hands on the chest, making me lean back and then releasing herself to just let me slowly slide from her slick, all-enveloping heat.

She gave a smile and then bobbed down into the water and up, pushing on the edge as she held it to lift herself from the pool in front of me, giving me a great view of her fantastic figure as the water rushed off it, her incredible rack, the pinch of her waist, flare of her hips and smooth vulva. Katy took a few moments to teasingly slide herself back as she pulled herself to sit on the edge of the shallow part, grinning down at me. She giggled and kicked playfully as I reached to tickle her feet, sliding away on her bum and then slowly rolling over onto her knees, dropping down onto all fours with her back arched, very deliberately letting her legs slide apart slightly to give me a perfect view of the delicious bulge of her labia between her toned thighs. The American star crawled away through the shallow water with teasing shakes of her hips and bum, glancing back at me past soaked hair as she did, taking in my buff figure as I pushed up on the submerged edge of the pool, lifting myself from the water with on my hands.

She giggled and sped up a bit to get away, her lovely ass jiggling enticingly as she did, looking back to me giving chase, splashing through the shallow water, my hard cock bouncing in front of me. There was no way I was letting her get away now, and as she made for the side of the pool I lunged for her, grabbing easily at her slender waist, the flare of her womanly hips preventing her escape as in one motion I grabbed her and dropped down onto my knees behind her, my hard shaft sliding over her wet ass as the force of my capture knocked her forwards, her hands slipping on the tiles so she splashed face down into the water as I pulled her hips back to me.

Katy gave a throaty grunt as I slipped my cock straight back inside her, spreading her legs and sinking back onto me in response, letting me dominate her doggy style as she pushed back up out of the water, immediately feeling the pleasure of her favourite position and thrusting back to meet my faster, deeper penetration. I fucked her pretty hard as soon as I got her down on all fours, loving the sight of the gorgeous Katy Perry all mine, especially as her grunting and groaning made it clear she was enjoying it as my hips pumped against her ass. I added more power to really drive myself home, getting as deep as I had so far in her delicious pussy, making her give a clench and slightly strained groan at the final bit of stretching she needed, immediately followed by her tensing her muscles to absorb and enjoy my onslaught. Bracing herself, she gasped and moaned as I thumped into her hard, my hips slamming against her booty as I pulled back tightly against the flare of her hips, subjecting her to what was clearly the hardest fucking she’d had in a long time. Her hands were slipping though as I pushed her forwards, and Katy struggled to resist my power as I subjected her to an incredible fucking, slipping onto an elbow.

Fumbling forwards, Katy pulled herself over to the edge of the pool, reaching out to grab hold of the wooden bench at the side as I continued to pull back on her hips to drive my manhood deep inside her succulent body. Yanking herself over the bench, leaving just her knees in the water, she gave a sharp cry as the cold wood pressed into her firm, unsupported breasts, but grabbed a tight hold on it to support herself and put her head down, squeezing her eyes shut and giving out a long, low gasping groan of pleasure at the intensity of my efforts, since her new improved position offered me a perfect platform to deliver her every ounce of my energy. Holding her waist tightly, I used my knees to push her legs apart a little more as I proceeded to hammer on her pussy, her whole body jolting and shaking under the force as I slammed every millimetre of my cock deep into the sexy American singer.

Katy arched her back to give me maximum access to her body as she let out grunts between breaths as I pumped into her, pushing up on my toes so as to pound down into her at an angle and get her G-spot, the bulbous head of my cock driving strongly over it with every thrust and pushing her towards a peak. She couldn’t do much more than hold tight and take it now, which was exactly what she did, relaxing fully into it and just enjoying the sensations of the hardest, fastest fucking she’d been given in a very long time, being reminded of just how great it could feel. Feeling an orgasm building inside her, she squeezed her pussy and rocked her hips to inspire me to nail her just a little bit harder, finding some reserve of energy so I could drive my thick, throbbing shaft deep inside her silky tunnel, feeling it clenching and grasping at my with it’s slick walls. Katy tensed up in my grip, her breaths getting short and hard, turning into distinctly primal grunts of need.

With a sudden shudder, Katy Perry climaxed spectacularly, her whole body shaking in my grasp, letting out a strained cry of release as her pussy clamped down on me tightly, convulsing around my impaling manhood as she squeezed her thighs together. Letting out a fast, hard stream of gasping, moaning sounds of ecstasy, she quaked beneath me as I continued to hammer into her contracting vagina, her sounds being modulated by the shaking of her body from my thrusts as I reached up to grab a handful of her soaking hair, pulling firmly on it to make her grunt loudly. Lifting from the bench a little as she strained in the pleasure allowed her big, firm tits to bounce delightfully beneath her, her pussy wettening further on my cock as it squeezed tight in her climax. As the overwhelming sensations cascaded through her body she didn’t know whether to push back onto me or pull away, her incredible orgasm starting to fade and make her sensitive to my thrusts. But she couldn’t resist the thumping pleasure of my long, thick cock delving into her body, and so pushed back to me with an arch of her back as her moans went deeper and slower at the culmination of her highly satisfying climax.

With her satisfied, I was free to pursue my own pleasure, holding tighter on the pinch of her waist and thrusting hard into her body; the sounds of my hard breaths, the splashing of the water, my hips slapping into her round ass and Katy’s enduring gasps all mixing together in the steamy night air. Feeling the familiar sensations starting to build, my balls tightening, I pulled back hard against the curve of her hips, tensioning myself powerfully against her body and raising my pace to a blur, hammering hard, short and deep into the brunette, making give a squeak at the rapid pounding even as she squeezed and worked her pussy to help me climax. Holding tight, I held myself back as long as possible, my cock throbbing and stiffening as hard as it’d been all night inside her, giving a fatal twitch as I destroyed her pussy, managing to hold myself on the brink for a few seconds before I burst.

Katy knee what was coming and gave a distinct squeeze the precise moment I came, causing me to groan loudly in ecstasy as I jammed myself as deep as I possibly could inside her, my cock jumping powerfully at my first, huge spurt into her body. Katy gave a groan and pushed back onto me, wiggling her hips and ass to enhance my pleasure as I held her tightly to me, giving powerful bursts inside her punctuated by hard breaths through my teeth as I emptied my load deep in her womb. Pushing up from the bench, Katy propped herself on one arm as she arched her back tightly and reached behind her with the other, hooking it behind my head and pulling it down to her shoulder as I started to give a few short, powerful thrusts into her again to empty the last of my balls inside her. I breathed over her neck and bit down lightly on her smooth shoulder as she pulled my head down, tipping hers back beside me, her wet hair on my face as my hands slid from her hips up her beautiful, toned body to her chest, straight onto her firm, heaving breasts, letting my hands slide over her dripping skin before I gave them a hard squeeze, rocking in unison as my body gave a few last spasms to complete my climax.

Katy loved it when guys came inside her, riding bareback was so natural and felt so much better, and right now it felt absolutely sublime as she rocked. Calming down, I gave a few kisses to her neck, and then reached up to turn her head towards me, giving her soft, lingering kiss. She extended it, making it last a bit longer as our tongues gently mingled, before we slipped slowly apart, taking a look deep into each others eyes. Releasing her, I felt the tension in my muscles from the effort, slowly sliding back out of her and then away from her, sitting down into the shallow pool as Katy rocked over. I guided her down into the water beside me, where she turned to snuggle in against me, leaning her head on my chest as we both breathed deeply, feeling the lustful relief spread through our bodies as we looked up into the clear night sky, moonlight catching the ripples as they spread from us across the surface of the darkened pool.

We just lay together silently for a couple of minutes in the water, taking in the perfect moment. I certainly hadn’t expected to bag Katy Perry on this trip, and was just making sure I memorised every detail of our encounter as my brain caught up with things. I didn’t want things to end here though, and I was pretty sure she didn’t either. Breaking the moment, I stood up from the pool, pulling the gorgeous, naked singer with me, unashamedly ogling her honed body as I did so. She wasn’t the least bit shy about it, and just gave a giggle at me watching her as I stepped out of the pool to find some clothes. Katy looked around, then spotted her panties floating a little way away. As I pulled my trousers back on, I watched her splash naked through the water, then pick up and wring out her sexy see-through black underwear, and quickly pull them on, giving a shiver as they touched her smooth skin. Reaching down, she picked up her matching bra, looking apprehensive about putting that back on as well as I put my officers cap on.

“Come here,” I said to her, holding up my shirt. She gave a smile, and then stepped quickly to me as I saw the goosepimples across her body, her nipples sticking out hard in the chill of the evening and water stealing her body heat in the best possible way. Stepping out of the water at last, Katy threw her bra aside and pulled her arms up her chest with a shiver, before she turned into my shirt, sliding into it with a girlish bite of her lip, finding the other sleeve and then reaching down to quickly do a few buttons up, wrapping her arms around herself and looking up to me from under her neatly shaped eyebrows. I thought for a moment, then got to work.

“Just wait a moment,” I said, holding up a finger and then turned to quickly survey our stuff on the deck. I quickly gathered up her dress and spread it out, then picked up our stuff, like our shoes and her bra, and rolled them up in it. Picking it up, I stepped back to Katy and handed it to her, which she took a little unsurely, looking at me with her big eyes.

“You’re coming with me,” I said with a smile, and then reached round her back and under her silky legs, sweeping her up into my arms as she gave a laugh, looking up to me with a genuine smile as I powerfully took control, easily holding her and walking back towards the ship across the deck. Katy slid her arm around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder as she let the bundle of our stuff just rest on her tummy, kicking her feet playfully as she smiled to herself, gazing out at the horizon as she heard the lap of the sea on the cruise liner, the gentle rock of the waves beneath us. With her clearly lost in the moment, I held her firmly and walked back into the ship, glancing about as I walked down the corridor barefoot, Katy doing the same, nervous that someone would see her. It wouldn’t exactly be too difficult to figure out what we’d been going if they did.

We got to my cabin unseen however, and Katy supported herself as I found the key to my door, smiling at her as I let us into the room, carrying her in and kicking the door shut easily behind me. She leaned up to kiss me as I stepped to the bed and then playfully threw her down onto it as she gave a squeal, bouncing on the bed, my shirt riding up to reveal her sexy underwear as she giggled on the bed. She dropped our stuff down off the bed as I stepped through to the luxurious en suite bathroom, getting the shower going and turning the heat up. After our night time swim we both needed a hot shower, and there was no better way to warm up Katy Perry than showering with her. Quickly checking it was starting to warm up alright, I stepped back through to find Katy laid across my bed, having pulled the shirt up deliberately, and opened the top of it, buttoning it just under her boobs and pulling it tightly beneath them so they were almost spilling out as she leaned her head on the edge of the bed, a fingertip saucily in her mouth.

With a smile, I leaned down to kiss her full lips, Katy reaching up to hold my face gently as our tongues met softly, just dancing with each other as if we’d been together so much longer. My hands pushed onto her body over my shirt, going straight for her full rack, giving a squeeze to her double-Ds before my fingers found the buttons, undoing her token effort to keep it closed. Flicking it open, I let my eyes roam up to take in the sight of her firm tits exposed once again, above the long view down her toned tummy and over the smooth, sexy bulge of her vulva before her smooth, strokable legs. Standing back up from her, I walked round the end of the bed and then playfully grabbed her ankles; she played along, squealing and wriggling, making her breasts bounce deliciously as I pulled her to the end of the bed, so just her ass was on, her legs now pulled up into the air.

With a swift reach down I liberated her panties, hooking the damp waistband and pulling them down her legs, throwing them aside to reveal her smooth, naked beauty as I kissed the inside of her leg, making her look up to me with lustful eyes, biting her lip as she just wiggled her hips slightly. I reached down to free my trousers, pushing them down and kicking them aside before taking Katy’s hand, pulling her from the bed and into my arms, giving her another long, passionate kiss as I pulled my shirt from her, sliding it off her arms to the floor. Breaking apart, Katy dropped down flat on her feet, looking up at me with a smile and then reaching up to take my cap off, throwing it casually onto the bed. I grinned back and then pulled her into the bathroom, the sound of the cascading shower awaiting us.

I stepped backward into the shower and pulled the smiling, curvy Californian in with me, pulling the door shut as she sighed from the hot, steamy shower splashing down over her, making me pause to watch as she pushed her hair back, the hot water running down over her beautiful body and down to her feet. Opening her eyes, she smiled as she saw me eyeing her up, and then slipped her arms around my neck as I leaned in to kiss her. It was energetic and passionate, our tongue powerfully fighting for supremacy as my hands found their way to her ass, pulling her against me, feeling her sensually smooth pussy on my leg as my stiffening cock pressed to her tummy, rubbing easily on her wet skin. Katy’s hand slid down my body to find it, letting her fingertips find my head and just teasing at it, helping to bring me to full erection. Pulling my hand off her arse, I delivered a sharp little spank, making her silently gasp, looking into my eyes with a lustful, wanting look.

Reaching up, I grabbed the bottle of shower gel from a shelf and popped the lid open, squeezing it liberally into my hands and rubbing it quickly into lather. Katy stepped away slightly and I applied my hands to her body, starting pointedly on her chest, immediately letting my soapy hands slide over her magnificent tits as she closed her eyes and enjoyed, loving how my touch glided over her curves, taking in her breasts thoroughly in a series of squeezes and strokes, circling the nipples and feeling their weight before I moved down her body, rubbing round under her arms and down her sides to feel the feminine shape of her hourglass body, just running onto her hips briefly. Pulling my hands back up, I stroked soapily over her toned tummy, teasing in her bellybutton for a moment before I let my hand slide firmly down over her silky smooth pussy, just loving the perfectly waxed skin that let me flow over her most intimate area with ease.

Katy ground herself into my hand as I did, leaning up to kiss me as I put both my hands to work at her hips, going over and round them, down her thighs and over her bald pussy more. Leaving one there, I slid the other straight back up to her soapy tits, using it to smoothly stroke over both of them, then focussing on one and working to caress and massage it as Katy pushed onto her toes to kiss me again, slower this time. We made out as she reached for the shower gel herself, pouring it generously onto her hands as I had and then going straight onto me, applying it to my muscular chest to work into foam, using both her hands on me as she took in the shape of my pecs, rubbing out to my shoulders as she dropped away from me to stand flat, giving herself space to work, running her hands down over my toned abs. I might not have quite a six-pack, but I was pretty close, and right now it made all that effort seem worthwhile as Katy Perry was quite taken with my physique. Her soft hands slithered over my, up and down my body, down my arms and then to where I really wanted them, which was on my rock hard cock, standing up proudly between us against her tummy.

I gave a sigh as her slippery hand engaged with my cock, Katy squeezing around my head firmly and then pushing down my length, giving me a fantastic sensation and making me thrust into her grip, which she clamped tightly round the base of me before drawing back up, making me shudder visibly and cause her the smile in pleasure at her effect on me. My hands continued to work all over her sexiest areas as her hands worked on my cock and balls, one working around and along my cock as her other one cupped and caressed me below, making my thrust gently into her hand as she did. We continued to kiss in a mix of slow, loving ways and fiery, passionate attacks. She was fantastic with her tongue, deftly dancing with mine as her full lips pressed to me, pulling herself closer to kiss at my neck, making me shiver as she dragged her tongue over my skin, accentuating things with a nip here and there. My hand slid from her chest, down the lovely shape of her ribs and waist to the small of her back, before moving down onto her full, firm arse again, giving a hard squeeze of it that made her murmur.

Pushing my hand down onto the back of her thighs, I let it stray back up between her legs, making her tingle with excitement, brushing over her puffy labia, feeling her slick heat and how turned on she was. I let my fingertips just dip into her, separating her and slipping in ever so slightly, before pulling them firmly and slowly up between her ass, stroking deliberately over her backdoor as I continued to massage her clit, making her shiver and try to both pull away and push back, a little unsure. Pushing my fingers back down, I used the soap to let me stroke easily over her asshole, just rubbing up and down slowly to get her into it. After a few strokes she responded and pushed back, making me stimulate her more, rubbing a fingertip round in firm circles on her tight rear entrance, just probing at her defences. As I was just pushing slightly against her, she arched her back and pushed, biting my shoulder as she firmly drove to get it inside, making it clear she wanted it. I wasted no time and pushed my finger into her arse, making her tense and shudder, her sphincter squeezing insanely tight on me, making my cock surge in her hand as I imagined easing it in there and feeling that.

Rubbing her clit, I started to thrust my finger slowly in and out of her arse, feeling her get her hips into rhythm to rock with me, leaning up to kiss me again. This went on for a couple of minutes, Katy still stroking and stimulating my massive erection just right with her soapy hands as I worked her both front and rear, the hot water running down around us. Sliding away from me, Katy disengaged herself from my ministrations, releasing my hardon and then turned round in front of me, pushing herself back against my body, reaching up to sweep her long hair to one side. Getting up onto her toes again, she curved her bum out and pushed it back against my cock, wiggling to nestle it between as I slid my hands back around her body, seeking out her stacked, soapy chest. As my hands found their place, taking one of her lovely boobs in each one and getting going with a good grope, Katy rocked her ass so it slide the length of my cock, then back down to my balls. As I squeezed, rubbed and generally fondled her tits, Katy rocked her arse on me, up and down my soapy shaft, which was standing straight up in the crack of her ass.

I leant down to kiss at her exposed neck, making her sigh contently, both of us in a perfect rhythm with each other, Katy letting one hand stray downstairs to lightly rub at her clit as she let the other reach behind her to help press my cock down against her body as she rocked on it. We were both hugely turned on and knew it, that it was just a matter of who would go for it and take the next step. As Katy lifted, she managed to go higher, and with her fingers pulled my down into her ass, so as she slide down my cock went straight over her asshole, making both of her groan and tingle at the prospect. She swiftly built this into our rhythm, just letting me catch slightly at her asshole as she did, my hands working overtime on her body now as I kissed, licked and bit at her neck and shoulder, making her gasp in exhilaration. With one firm push of her fingers and drop of her weight, my cock got purchase in her tight arsehole, applying pressure just right so my soapy head pushed into her, her relaxed muscles letting me inside her quite easily, and for just a moment I felt the exquisite pleasure of Katy Perry’s tight asshole stretching around my cock, before she suddenly jolted forward just a touch so I slid up again onto her lower back.

I could take no more, and spun her round sharply, kissing her hard and shoving her back against the wall of the shower, both of us under the water fully, the soap washing off in the luxurious cascade as we snogged. After a long kiss, which culminated in her hornily biting my lip, I fairly smacked the shower to turn it off and shoved the door open, stepping out and grabbing a towel, turning and throwing it to the gorgeous, soaking wet singer as she stood leaning on the frame of the shower, arms wide to show off her dripping chest. She caught the towel with a smile and stepped out, towelling off as I grabbed one myself to do the same. We both got on with it, wanting to get it on now, both gagging for it as we quickly dried off, stumbling back to the bedroom as we did, casting the towels aside as we fell into another kiss and then onto the bed, Katy landing on top of me, her warm, damp body feeling absolutely perfect right then. Her weight on my body, breasts pressed softly to my chest, smooth pussy on my aching erection and her legs intermingled with mine, it was just delicious, especially as she slipped her tongue into my mouth, wet hair hanging down round us.

She ground on me slightly as we kissed, both letting me suck her tongue and sucking mine in return, before she pulled away and pushed onto all fours, crawling sexily away down the bed, sliding down between my legs so she was level with my throbbing cock, biting her lip and eyeing it lustily, looking back up at me. We locked eyes, and then without breaking it she went down to lick all the way up my cock, letting the tip of her tongue get the underside of the head so it bounced strongly and made me gasp. With a smile, she turned and reached away to pick up my cap, cast on the bed by her before the shower, then turned back to me and popped it on her head with a grin, pulling it down slightly before she lowered her head again, licking over my balls and then back up my shaft, going both sides to let her tongue wrap around me as she lapped at it, before she got to the top and then just let her hot, sucking mouth slide over my head, engulfing me in liquid heaven.

I gave a low groan of pleasure as she just sucked for a moment, then started to slowly work with her tongue, staying shallow a moment her hand slid round the base of me, pulling me up for her to push down, letting me feel every moment as she slipped my cock into her mouth, her tongue raised to slide along the underside of my cock as she took me in, wanting me to enjoy it fully, sucking with a clearly practiced technique. Taking around half my length in, she started to squeeze and jerk the base of my shaft as she got slowly bobbing on the other hand of me, hollowing her cheeks as she sucked, the velvet smooth insides of which rubbed the edges of my head delightfully as she provided a firm suction on my sensitive head. I pushed up into her mouth, which she allowed, moving with me to take a little more as she set about giving me a fantastic blowjob, her other hand just moving onto my balls, giving the slightest tease when suddenly we were rudely interrupted by an alarm sounding.

“What the fuck is that?!” Katy blurted, pulling off my cock with a slurp, looking around, making her shake suddenly.

“Fire alarm, fucking fire alarm,” I said, trying to keep the exasperation from my voice.

“What do we do?” she asked, still holding my cock and looking up at me from under the peak of my own cap.

“We have to assemble on the deck, hopefully it’s just a false alarm,” I said, pushing up onto my elbows.

“…Do we have to go?” Katy asked, a little hopeful that we could just continue.

“I really wish we didn’t, but we do,” I said with a resigned sigh. Katy sighed as well and sat up on the bed, allowing me to do the same. I stood up and grabbed two robes from the hooks on the door, handing on to the sexy American and then pulling mine on, watching as Katy stood to get into hers, pulling it closed to conceal her luscious body, tying it and looking to me to take charge. Grabbing my key, I took her hand and opened the door to the hallway, hearing the alarm louder now. She pulled the door shut behind us, and I then led her down the hallway towards the assembly point on the deck. We could hear a few voices but didn’t see anyone else on the way from my quarters to the fire point, walking out onto the deck of the ship again, feeling the cool air much more keenly now after our hot shower together. Katy pulled the robe around herself tighter, huddling into it as we looked to the starry sky again, moon still beaming down on us from the clear night.

We were one of the first ones out, but others quickly started to arrive and build up, far more properly dressed than us as well. We shuffled at the cold on our feet, Katy hopping between them as she looked around, feeling a bit embarrassed not only to be out here in just a robe, but also with me. The fact she was with me at all, let alone dressed like this, or rather undressed like this, made it quite clear what Katy Perry had been up to. And it was at that moment that Katy glanced up and caught sight of the peak, realising she was still wearing my Officers cap…

* *

After finally discovering the fire alarm had been a false one, Katy and I were walking hurriedly back to my quarters. We’d spent a chilly few minutes shifting around on bare feet on the deck as everyone was accounted for and the cause investigated; Katy had been looking distinctly embarrassed by it, pulling her robe close around her naked body lest anyone catch a peek, and generally looking at the floor. However she’d still kept my hat on, evidently thinking a move to take it off would be too noticeable and draw attention to it for anyone that hadn’t yet noticed. We’d quickly made our exit as soon as the all clear was given, and by then everyone was too wrapped up in their own thoughts of getting back indoors so didn’t pay any attention to Katy Perry leaving with me.

Reaching my door, I quickly opened it and we stepped inside, locking the door as Katy crossed her arms and looked down at the floor, uncomfortable that she’d been seen with me like that. There was nothing to be done though, and now we were back in the private comfort of my room I intended to get back to where we’d left off.

“Just don’t worry about it,” I said with a smile, leaning down to tilt Katy’s head up and kiss her, starting softly and then letting it build into a controlled passion, drawing her back into the mood as my hand slid down to grab her ass through the robe. I took my cap from her head and spun it away from us, onto the floor beyond the as my hand moved up the curve of her back. My hand quickly found the tie to her robe, pulling the loose knot undone easily to free it, and then I pulled with my other hand, drawing it down from her shoulders, and then her arms as she complied to let me pull it away from her gorgeous body, throwing it aside as I reached up to cup her breast, feeling her nipple stiff from the chill outside.

I broke away from Katy, who smiled at my immediate move to get her naked again, and enjoyment of seeing her thus, and moved to kiss me once more as I quickly undid my own robe, offering the American a perfect chance to slide her hand onto my rapidly stiffening cock. I inhaled at the cool touch of her hand, making her giggle as I dropped my robe on the floor beside hers, sliding my hands back onto her delicious figure as she started to stroke me slowly, feeling my erection grow to full strength in her soft grasp. We kissed as I took a good handful of her ass and squeezed, before delivering a firm spank to the other side with my free hand. Katy gasped past our kiss, allowing me to bite lightly at her bottom lip, feeling her hot breath on my nose. I could feel her large, firm breasts pushing into my chest as she ground close to me, squeezing and stimulating my cock, fully hard now for her.

“You can continue where you left off,” I murmured with a smile, looking into her pretty eyes. She looked back into mine, and then just gave a devilish smile, pushing her tongue out a little teasingly and sliding her hands up my body, releasing my cock to rub against her soft tummy. The singer pushed me back towards the bed till my legs bumped into it, and then gave a more commanding shove to knock me down on it, bouncing onto the mattress as Katy immediately followed, dropping down on top of me, her warm body straddling mine delightfully, her tits rubbing softly over me as she slid upwards to give me another kiss with a seductive smile that said she knew what she was doing.

There was no doubt she was as horny as I was given the way she paused to grind on my leg, both of us loving the warmth of one another after the chill out on deck. Katy kissed quickly down my body as I slid further onto the bed while she went down, getting into position between my legs, lying lazily on her front, propped on her elbows with one of her legs draped over mine as she took hold of my cock. Pulling my stiff manhood up for herself, she gave a squeeze at the base and then dragged her tongue slowly up the underside, making me twitch as she slipped off my head, just letting her tongue wrap round it slightly. She looked up at me with an open mouthed smile as she held her tongue out and licked at the head of my cock like an ice cream, then gave me a wink and pushed her full lips over the bulbous head with a hard suck that hollowed her cheeks, still looking into my eyes.

I couldn’t keep mine open however, squeezing them shut in pleasure at the intensity of her suck, feeling her work her tongue a moment and then push down deeper, taking me slowly into her mouth, letting me just touch her throat before she pulled back up, starting to bob her head in a smooth, steady rhythm. When I did open my eyes, I was treated to the sight of the luscious Katy Perry casually giving me a blowjob; her eyes shut, her long dark hard cascaded over my thighs, warm leg over mine, and head bobbing smoothly up and down. Her hot mouth enveloped me soft and wet, with her tongue flatly pressed to the underside of me to just tease but not overwhelm me. She didn’t pause or stop for a few minutes, just being a good girl and sucking my cock nicely, increasing her pressure a little to put a better vacuum on me and working her tongue about me, using the tip to stimulate me more, especially under the tip of my head when she pulled back up, letting her lips just pull back onto my head so she could push them tightly back down over the sensitive ridge as she took me back in.

She started throwing a few different moves in, like tilting her head to let me rub into her soft cheek, and pausing at the top to suck and vigorously tongue my head in short, intense bursts that made me thrust into her mouth, which she used as her next down stroke to suck me again. Demonstrating skills she’d clearly honed over some time, she pushed my into her throat a bit, letting me feel the tightness as it constricted around my head, making her gag slightly and pull back off me. The Californian surprised me by biting lightly at my shaft, little nips of her teeth that made me jump in her mouth and gasp, my hands twisting in the sheets as I tried to resist just grabbing her head and forcing it balls deep on my cock. As she gave a long, slow suck back up my length, she opened her eyes, looking straight into mine from under her eyebrows, pulling to stop at the tip and pursing her lips on my head in a pout. She seemed to know that I wanted more now, that I needed to delve my cock into her sweet body again and not just her mouth.

With a sly smile she pushed herself up onto all fours and slid silkily forwards, crawling sexily over my legs with her fantastic double-Ds hanging from her chest. She let them slide over my legs with a bend of her elbows, teasingly rocking back and forth so they rubbed around and over my cock. I tried to push up a little to thrust at her magnificent rack, pushing my cock over the smooth, soft insides of her tits a few times as she held still, just letting me attempt it with a playful smile on her face. After giving me a few goes at it, she decided to give me what I wanted, stabilising herself on her knees and leaning down so her lovely breasts pressed to my body, then reaching up to press them firmly together around my rock hard cock. I arched and pushed my cock up between her soft flesh, slipping properly between her tits now, Katy pushing down to let me go all the way, before she started rocking her body.

Bending at the waist, she knelt over me as she rocked up and down so my cock slid properly between her tits. Given her naturally busty figure, she was no stranger to it, and plenty of guys had enjoyed her giving a titfuck in the past, and I certainly was, enjoying the smooth sensation of her warm, yielding body around me. Giving a slight giggle, Katy continued to use her lovely rack to stimulate me, going a bit faster as I thrust up to meet her a little, getting into an effective rhythm. But she had no plans to get me off like this, and with one last deep push down and a firm press of her tits, she released them and pushed back onto all fours, surging towards me like a spring unwinding, slipping perfectly into my grasp as I reached up for her, my hands sliding down her sides to her slender waist.

Katy slid her tongue into my mouth as she gave me a kiss, just keeping away slightly to let our tongues dance, before kissing me more fully and sliding down to straddle me, her soft body so perfect against mine as I slid my hands round her back to hold her close, making out the with gorgeous brunette as she just pulled up enough to let my cock slip between her thighs and then pushed down slightly to let my head just touch her hot, slippery pussy. I could tell how turned on she was by her abundant wetness, her juices spreading all over the tip of my cock as she wiggled slightly on top of me. I rocked my hips to just push myself over her puffy lips, feeling her swollen labia part as I slipped between it, Katy just out of reach. I slid a hand down towards her ass, giving a hinting push on the bottom of her back as we rocked together and kissed.

We both let out a quiet but intense breath as she carefully rolled her hips and pushed backwards, letting me get purchase and then glide slowly inside her, her tight pussy squeezing around my cock even as she pushed down to take me all inside her with one slow, natural movement, just giving light breathy moans as I thrust slowly in and out of her a few times, leaning up to kiss at her neck. Katy stayed closed, sinking down onto me comfortably, just riding me gently as I thrust up to meet her, burying myself quite deep inside her with slow, powerful strokes, my hand sliding down to caress her arse as I kissed at her neck. Flicking her hair back out the way, Katy leaned down to kiss me again, using her full lips to the max as we made out, all the while just moving together at a steady, enjoyable pace, with Katy squeezing me with her muscles to increase my pleasure.

We continued like this for several minutes, just loving being together and making love, Katy’s riding turning to grinds to pressure her clit as she slid up and down my cock. She leaned down to bury her face in my neck, returning the favour by kissing and nibbling gently at my neck as her soft hair draped over me. My hands slid over her smooth back and down to her bum, giving a firm squeeze and a light spank, making her clench and push down on me a little harder. We were both just taking the time to build up towards what we knew was inevitable, and after a couple of minutes where Katy lazily laid on me, her fingers lightly teasing at my hair, she took the initiative and pushed up onto her knees, sitting up on top of me with a deep push down on my manhood, sitting fully on my hips with a smile. She pulled her fingernails lightly down my chest with a grin and circled her hips to give me a different sensation to thrusting, making me try to push her into riding me, but she just rode me like a surfboard as she waited for a wave, smirking at me attempt.

I just admired her beautiful body and resigned myself to letting her be in control right now, laying back with a playfully submissive sigh as my hands found her thighs, making her smile as she slightly dug her nails into me, then raised herself on my impaling shaft and pushed down with a distinctive energy, seeming to have saved herself up and now be intent on releasing it. Pushing down to take a bit more of me than she had been, she held for a moment before she started riding properly, taking me all the way in as she used her powerful thighs to bounce up and down on me, her lovely rounded arse bumping down into my hips with every stroke as she enjoyed being on top, loving both being in control and how I was ogling her big boobs bouncing freely. My hands slid to her waist to just feel her movements, and help her give harder pushes downwards here and there. But I couldn’t resist letting them slide up to experience and then control the jiggling of her breasts, just holding them lightly and then giving them a positive squeeze, pushing them up and together at the same time as Katy gave a murmur of pleasure at my fascinated caresses of her body.

She rode me harder, both of us breathing harder now, the bed springing underneath us as she pushed down with her knees, my hand sliding down the curve of her body to her hips, helping her to thrust down harder onto me as she held onto my body more tightly, her tits bouncing heavily now with her motion. I wanted to take charge again now though, and in one swift motion I sat up to meet her, wrapped my arms around her, gave her a kiss and then rolled her over onto her back, pinning the singer down onto the bed as she gave a laugh, enjoying how well practiced my movement of her had been. Pinning her down in the classic missionary position with the pressure of my hips, I took her hands, our fingers interlocking as I pinned her hands to the bed beside her head, making up for my weight as I pulled back to thrust into her, making her moan as I drove deep into her sweet pussy, feeling her clench her muscles for me in reward as I pumped into her, building up a good speed quite quickly, going harder on her than she had been on top, making both of us groan in pleasure.

Katy pulled her legs up and squeezed her thighs onto my hips as I plunged in and out of her, just crossing her feet behind me as I kept her pinned down, leaning up on my arms and working my hips to effectively drive my length deep inside her, getting new areas and angles that she was thoroughly enjoying. With a particularly hard thrust I buried myself inside her, holding it and making her give a silent cry, before I knelt up between her legs, breaking her hold on me and sliding my hands onto the top of her thighs. After a pause, just feeling my cock throbbing inside her, accentuated by a couple of showy contractions from her, I slid my hands down her smooth legs and lifted under her thighs, raising her legs back up beside her to offer her up to me. Holding them back, I started to thrust again, watching my thick shaft disappearing into her perfectly waxed pussy. Katy reached down and hooked her legs behind her knees, pulling them further back and spreading them wider open, giving me deeper access to her. I smiled as she helped me out, but she was looking down to watch me slide inside her, which I did slowly for her benefit, before I took a hold on her hips and buried myself hard and deep into her, making her grunt loudly, which became a recurring sound as I delivered several more thrusts the same, plundering her pussy delightfully. She didn’t tell me to stop.

After a couple of minutes enjoying the full depths of Katy’s tight pussy, I wanted what we both knew was coming, and she clearly wanted. After one more deep, body-shaking thrust into her, I slowly pulled back, just letting myself slide easily from her body and then lowered myself a little and pushed back towards her, this time nudging my head against her arsehole. I was minimally lubed with her juices, my cock slick from her pussy, which I was sure would be enough given her tease and near penetration in the shower. As I pushed forward and pressured her backdoor, she bit her lip nervously.

“You alright?” I asked, pausing in position.

“Yeah it’s ok, I’ve only done it a few times, but I do like it. Just go slow, ok?” she replied, looking into my eyes for a confirmation.

“Sure thing,” I smiled, taking a renewed hold on my slick erection. Pressing at her tight hole, I tried to ease my way inside her, holding myself steady as I did. Despite that however I slipped up and immediately back into her juicy pussy, making both of us gasp slightly. It only served to lube me a little more however, and I pulled out to try again as Katy clearly tried to relax. I slid off target again but kept control of things, trying again and getting it right, feeling her tightest hole yield to me, her tight sphincter stretching out to accommodate my cock. I held myself tight as I powerfully pushed down into her with my hips, squeezing myself into her asshole as she bit her lip, her body trying to resist me despite her want. There was a final moment as I felt her stretching, and then with a jolt and a deep, loud grunting gasp from her I popped inside, her arse springing back as my head broke through.

Katy grit her teeth and, without releasing her submissive position holding her knees back, turned her feet in to push on my chest, making it clear I needed to stop there for a moment. I held still and just enjoyed the fantastic feeling of her tight sphincter clamped around me, giving squeezes as she got used to it, my manhood twitching inside her. I decided to push on, she was going to need it, and reached up to pull her feet away from my chest, holding onto her ankles as she opened her eyes to look at me, still breathing quickly from the initial penetration. She just kept her gaze fixated on me as I pushed forward again, slowly but powerfully, just driving my cock into her ass; her juices offered just enough lubrication that now I had my head inside her, my shaft was able to slide in despite the clenching of her muscles. Katy’s mouth opened in a silent sound as she felt her arsehole stretch further and my thick cock glide deeper inside her body, feeding in inch after inch until I was almost balls deep inside the singer.

“Fuck,” she growled, giving some deep breaths and just rocking her hips slightly to help herself accommodate me.

“Soon,” I quipped with a smile, breaking the mood and kissing the inside of her leg, making her laugh slightly despite the mixture of sensations running through her. Feeling her relax a little more, I pulled slowly back, and then sank into her powerfully once more, enjoying the fantastic sensation of her tight arse as my shaft slipped back into her. Katy took it better this time, managing to relax until I was back to my depth before she squeezed and gave a slight shudder at the pain it sent through her. With more rocks of her hips however she was getting into it, and I continued to hold her ankles as I pulled back again and then pushed back in a bit more rapidly, not pausing this time but repeating it, using about half the length of my cock to pull slowly back out and then plunge into her anally once more, working to relax her to my thrusts in. She breathed hard through her teeth for a few but her spasms subsided and the tension in her legs released as she relaxed into it, starting to feel the deep, different sensations of my cock in her arse. It was clear she was in the groove when she pulled her legs back a little more and spread them wider to offer me better access, letting me get a bit deeper and faster, followed by a moan of building pleasure from her as her arse was broken in.

Over a couple of minutes we built this into a nice rhythm, with me taking Katy’s hips in my hands to pull on her more effectively as she let out a satisfied murmur with each thrust into her, remember why she enjoyed anal sex. Now we were going though I wanted her to ride me; I wanted to see her on top, driving our fuck with my cock in her ass. Pushing in deep, I leaned down over her and gave her a kiss, which she returned hungrily, arching up from the bed to maintain it as I pulled away slightly and slid my arms under her shoulders, and then in one smooth motion I raised her from the bed and tipped backwards, unfolding my legs from under me and stretching out, dropping down onto my back with her perfectly on top in the cowgirl position, my hands sliding to her hips to help her sink back down on my cock fully, feeling the distinct tightness of her ass. Katy gave a smile and shook her head slightly at the smoothness with which I’d got her back on top and doing the work, but she pushed her ass down a bit all the same to take me deeper before leaning on me and lifting slowly up till I almost popped out of her arse, followed by pushing powerfully down to drive me back inside her more intimate hole.

Pushing with her powerful thighs, the started to ride me, squeezing my cock in and out of her tight arse, relaxing herself a little more to comfortably take my thick cock. I was once again treated to the lovely sight of Katy Perry bouncing up and down on me, her bountiful rack jiggling, only this time it was tighter and more illicit as my shaft slid in and out of the American beauty under the slow, powerful pushes of her hips as she drove her ass down onto me. I rolled my hips to meet her as she did so, driving my cock deep into her anally as she started to pick up the pace a little, stroking her thighs as she rode me. My hand strayed between her legs, pushing down over her delightfully smooth mound to let my fingertips glide through her juicy lips, feeling how wet and turned on she was as I split her labia. Katy cooed softly as she ground forward into my hand on her up thrusts, stimulating her clit and enjoying me slipping a finger into her. I love to feel her riding and be able to feel her pussy unused in the process, slipping hotly over my fingers. I sought out her clit, teasing up under her delicate hood to get at her, making her shiver at my initial touch before I started to circle carefully at it, my other hand holding her hip as she rode.

She got into her stride on top of me, riding with confidence as her arse loosened up completely to let me glide in and out easily, despite the fact that her lubricating juices were long since gone. My fingers danced at her clit, not too intensely, just nicely to get her going as she took my cock in her ass, intending to build her towards a big, powerful climax later. Katy started to pick up the pace, riding me faster and getting bolder with her moves, such as pulling right up till the ridge my of my head actually slipped back out of her arsehole before she powered back down on it, grunting and groaning in sheer pleasure now at the deep, naughty sensations of anal sex. She placed her hand on mine to signify she wanted me to work her clit a little bit harder, as she in turn worked me harder, combining her increased pace with pushing down deeper, rolling her hips more to take me in almost full depth, her lovely ass pressing down firmly into my hips. She started squeezing me, having full control now and delivering clamps of her sphincter all along my length, taking particular enjoyment at doing it just under my head to make me surge and pull her back down onto me.

Taking charge again, I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her off me as she lifted up, unbalancing her so she tumbled down onto the bed beside me, sprawled over me. I slid out from under her, grabbed her waist and pulled her back towards me and up onto her knees, her legs already spread from where she’d been riding me. She was still pushing herself up onto her arms as I lined my cock and buried it in her ass again with a hard thrust, jamming myself deep into her yielding arse and shoving my hips into her firm, round booty. It was the deepest I’d been and Katy jolted up onto her arms with a cry, digging her nails into the bed at the sudden thrust into her final depths. She dutifully arched her back and braced herself though, seeming to know what I was going to do to her as I pulled back against the flare of her hips, taking a good grip on the California girl and starting to pump on her hard, wasting no time in getting straight into a rhythm of long, hard thrusts, pulling right back to my head and then driving my whole length inside her so I shoved powerfully against her bum, rocking her forward despite her tense muscles.

The bed bounced beneath us as I started to pound on Katy Perry, starting to shorten my thrusts as I increased the pace, her breaths starting to turn to groans as I thumped my cock into her ass, feeling her squeezing tightly on me, the feel of her tight hole on me just perfect. Her lovely boobs jiggled beneath her as she reached back for her clit, dropping to her elbow on one arm to maintain stability as she slipped her fingers back to her button, immediately applying two in her well-practiced method to get herself off. She gave a withering moan as the pleasure of stimulating her clit mixed with the deep, intense sensations of anal sex, which themselves were split into two aspects for her; the unique feeling of a hard cock in her ass, and the energy I was putting into her as I plundered her, both combining to turn her on. Now she was down doggy style however she was finding it much easier to relax and enjoy everything being thrown at her senses, and her orgasm was rapidly building to a powerful climax. She started attacking her clit harder, her fingers bumping my balls as I drove into her, fucking her hard and fast in the ass.

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