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Dom dragged his tired body up the stairs, moving towards his room on site. It was the end of his term and he had six months off, his replacement would be here the next day to relieve him. There was typically a few days off with nothing to do, so he actually had some time off while being kept on site just in case. His fore arms were caked with mud and his hands were coarse after a rough day, rock climbing and spelunking with some French students.

Dom was looking forward to having a warm shower and putting his feet up and catching up with his TV shows. Reception in the area was notoriously spotty and rather than risk getting something spoiled, the team would often just ignore it. So, he would just buy the box sets of any TV show he wanted to watch and knock out each series back to back. Mercifully, 24 had finished so he wouldn’t be comatose by the end of it.

Putting his hand on the door knob, he twisted it to the side and saw Jennifer Lawrence laying on his bed. But, it wasn’t just Jennifer Lawrence. It was Jennifer Lawrence wearing one of her old high school cheerleading outfit. Her outfit was red with blue trimming and she had their old high school logo sewn onto it across her chest. Her skirt was bunching up around her waist as she cast a glance over at him. She slowly rubbed her bare legs against each other as she propped her pretty head up with her bent, right elbow.

She smiled sweetly and sexily waved at him as he stepped in and shut his door.

“Hey.” He finally managed to respond, as Jennifer got up off of the bed and walked over to where the handsome, young outside worker was standing slack jawed.

“Hi.” She replied with a smile, tucking a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

“You look great.” Dom admitted as he cast a glance over her body. He searched for more words to say but was quickly silenced by her lips on his. He took her body in his hands and pulled her up against him, she curled her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

His tongue bashed against her teeth as she welcomed him into her warm, wet mouth. Their tongues slipped and moved against the others as they kissed. Jennifer was the first to break the kiss, she moved Dom to the bed and pushed him down. Laughing as he fell, he watched as Jennifer sexily ran her hands through her hair before climbing onto the bed.

His laughter soon fell from his face as he crawled up to the head of the bed and watched Jen crawl to him sexily. She got up onto her knees and smiled sweetly as she rolled her head around, letting her hair fall loose.

“Give me a C!”

“Give me a C?” He asked her, crooking an eyebrow as he looked at the sultry actress on his bed.

“Give me a C.” Jennifer repeated, a small smile on her face as she encouraged him to join in.


“Give me a O!”

“O!” Smirking, Dom started to join in the game with her.

“Give me a C!”


“Give me a K!”


“Give me your cock!”

Before Dom had chance to respond, she had shoved her mouth on his and they were kissing again. Jennifer had moved her hands to his shirt and had yanked his shirt up off of his chest. Breaking the kiss quickly, Jennifer tossed his shirt over her shoulder and went back to kissing him. His body must’ve stunk of mud but that didn’t seem to bother Jen as she kissed her way down his strong, toned body.

Finding his belt buckle, she swiftly undid it and ripped it clean from the hoops of his jeans. Dumping the belt off of his bed, Jennifer undid the button to his pants and started to unzip his pants. Fishing his seven inch erection out of his pants, Jennifer eagerly licked her lips before going down on him. She moaned with pleasure as he slid his soft fingers through her hair.

“Fuck Jen… You’re so hot.” He moaned in bliss as she swallowed a couple more inches into her mouth. Her spit started to run down his shaft, as she slipped up and down his large dick. Bringing her lips up off of his pole, she opened her mouth and let her spit fall onto his dick.

Stroking the base, Jennifer smiled sweetly as she stroked his dick up and down. Pumping his flesh up and down, she beamed up at him, in awe at how enraptured he was in her. Sticking her tongue out, she lightly slid it around the head watching as he groaned at her touch.

“Do you like my blowjobs?” She asked sweetly as she pumped her hand up and down.

“I fucking love them Jen.” Dom admitted, his head fell back as he gazed up at the ceiling.

“They’re just blowjobs.” Jen replied with a small smile as she went back to sucking his cock.

“Not just blowjobs Jen. They’re blowjobs from you… I love you Jennifer Lawrence.” Dom replied with a smile, he moved his hand down to her soft right cheek and lightly stroked it. His mouth formed a groan as she sucked all the air out of her lungs and started to bob her head up and down on his dick. She cast her eyes up at him and smiled sweetly, she wanted to show him just how much of his fat cock she could take in her mouth.

Dom was amazed as she swallowed more and more of his cock. She wrapped her left hand around the base of his dick and slowly pumped it up and down as she sucked on his dick’s head. Sucking on the head of his dick like it was a hard candy, her soft tongue eagerly flicked against his head. Attacking the organ like it was a tootsie pop and Jennifer was determined to find out just how many licks it was going to take for her to get to the middle.

Dom’s large hands ran down to her breasts, and as he roughly kneaded her tit flesh, Jen moaned through his dick. She cast her eyes up at him and smiled sweetly as they made eye contact. She took her lips off of his dick and as she jerked him off, she let out a throaty groan as she spat on his dick.

“Fuck, that feels so God damned good. Do I look sexy?” Jennifer asked as she rubbed her spit over his large, hard, throbbing shaft.

“Fuck yes.” Dom sighed as he shut his eyes and let his head fall forward.

“Want to fuck the head cheerleader?”

“Fuck yes.” Dom repeated, he swiftly slipped his pants off of his legs. Kicking them away, Dom slipped his boxers down as well. Jennifer had flopped her skirt up over her groin and revealed to her lover that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Dom could see that her pussy’s lips were glistening with her wet juices, she teasingly ran her right index finger up and down her lips before spreading the for her lover.

“Holy shit.”

“Fuck me Dom.” Jennifer’s head rolled back as she thrust her hips temptingly at him. He nodded his head and knee walked up to where Jennifer was on the bed. Suddenly, the fact that he was covered in mud hit him.

“Don’t you want me to wash up first?”

“Oh God no! I love that you’re so filthy! You’re a filthy boy Dominic Bryan fuck me like you know you can!”

Dom smirked and nodded his head. He gave his wet dick a quick pump, he pushed his knob against Jennifer’s wet cunt and he slowly pressed himself into her.

Jennifer gasped out loud as Dom’s dick slid back into Jennifer’s welcoming pussy. Jen let out a long, low groan as her legs wrapped around his strong, toned waist. His hands grasped at the bed sheets as he started to pump in and out of her, he moved his face down and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

Jennifer eagerly smooched back at her lover, their lips smacked against each other as they started to make love to each other. She started to grind herself against him as he pumped in and out of her. She took his right hand off of the bed and placed it on her flat tummy, guiding it up her body Jen placed it on one of the under curves of her breasts. He lightly squeezed the soft, fleshy orb and smiled when his lover moaned at his touch, he tugged at the shirt and slid it up over her tummy and above her breasts.

“There’s the girls.” Jennifer smiled as her well sized breasts fell into their view. She unclipped the front of her bra and let her hard nipples poked at the sky and proved a far too tempting option for him to suck on. He latched onto her left nipple and hungrily sucked on it, he put his hands on her free tit and squeezed the fleshy mountain.

Jennifer’s hands linked with his and assisted in him squeezing her soft flesh.

“I love you Dominic.”

Dom looked up at Jennifer and smiled. Taking his lips off of her tit, they kissed again as her warm, hungry pussy hugged his dick.

“I love you too Jen.”

“Good. Now let me show you how much I love you.”

With that, she hooked her arms around his neck and threw him to his left side. With him on his back, Jennifer started to ride him. Placing a soft hand on his chest, she groaned in ecstasy as his hands palmed and squeezed at her soft tits.

“You really like them don’t you?”

“They’re really nice tits.” Dom said with a grin, winking at the now blonde haired woman as she started to ride him harder.

She moved down and pressed her chest against his. Their lips pressed together again as they kissed again.

Dom wrapped his arms around Jennifer’s waist and rolled her around, similar to how a crocodile would drown their prey. Jennifer giggled lightly as she was pinned to the base of the bed with Dom’s weight on top of her. He planted both of his hands on either side of Jennifer’s pretty head and started to push himself into her. While she had never admitted it out loud, Jennifer loved it like this. She loved getting pinned to the bed and used like she was a cheap two dollar whore.

Dom started to slide himself in and out of her, them both groaning at the actions as her legs came up off of the bed and wrapped themselves around Dom’s hips. She held him tightly and pressed her lips against his softly. Soon, the kisses intensified and their tongues were mingling together as Dom continued to drive in and out of her. Jennifer gasped out loud and grasped at his back as he thrust in and out of her. Her nails dug into his back and scratched their way down to the small of his back making Dom grunt with a strange combination of pain and pleasure.

Jennifer’s primal moaning was directly in Dom’s ear and was making him hot as well. Her wetness was starting to stick to his invading cock as he slipped in and out of her, her hips came up off of the bed and soon started to cum all over Dom’s dick. As Jennifer came, the handsome young man’s balls started to tighten as her slick, wet pussy’s walls leaked onto him.

“Jennifer…” Dom started to warn her as she still writhed around on the bed still coming down from the orgasm. He didn’t want to shoot his load in her if she didn’t want him to.

“Jennifer!” He said again, as he teetered on the edge of no return. Her eyes opened and grinned, stroking his cheek lovingly she nodded her head. Kissing him on the ear, she whispered to him sexily.

“Shoot your hot load in me Dom. Make me yours.” Dom groaned and nodded his head, exploding in Jennifer Lawrence’s tight pussy. Several short, swift ropes splattered the inside of Jennifer’s pussy making them both groan in pleasure. His thrusts soon slowed down to a standstill keeping himself buried inside her. They glanced at each other and smiled sweetly before kissing each other once more.

“I love you Jennifer.” While Jennifer didn’t really like being called by her full name by her lover it seemed much more intense and passionate when Dom called her that. Her heart fluttered as his lips left hers, his right and left hand took her head in his hands and his thumbs lovingly stroked her cheeks.

“I love you Dominic.”

They kissed each other again, her head fell into the soft spot between his neck and shoulder and rested against it while they recovered.

“I need a shower.” Dom said with a laugh, breaking the sweet silence between the two. Jennifer giggled into his shoulder and kissed his neck.

“Would you like me to do your back?”


Jennifer’s natural blonde hair was loose around her shoulders, covering the thin straps of her tight, sexy green dress. She had an expensive and large black handbag on her right shoulder and a matching pair of heels on. Her face was nicely made up with a light shade of brown eye shadow and her lips had been painted with a peach colouring. She had linked her arms in Dom’s as they parked up the car and slipped out of the vehicle.

Dom himself was dressed rather smartly, he had on a dark pair of jeans, an old rock and roll t-shirt and a black blazer on over the top of it. His now short hair had been gelled upright and outwards as if it was an untamed mess. His beard had now come off of his face and was down the drain of his bathroom at Jennifer’s insistence.

“So where are we going?”

“I am not telling you!” Jennifer teased as she guided him out of the parking lot and onto the busy high street. Couples and lone people walked past them as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and they walked on the pavement of the small L.A town where they had grown up.

The night life in the park’s area was busy with life. Various voices called out to him and Jennifer as they walked hand in hand through the crowd. They were heading for a very specific bar though, Dom’s eyes focused on the bright green luminescent sign that stood out on the skyline.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding!”

“Come on! You’ve got a great voice!” Jennifer teased as she dragged him over to the front door.

“But karaoke? Come on…” Dom whined but found it difficult to actually say no to Jennifer. They walked into the foyer and saw that it looked like it was a pretty expensive and fancy place. The carpet was a green felt-ey type of material and shone under the bright yellow and red lights, they walked along to the counter and was greeted by a smiling young woman. She was cute enough, enough to make Jennifer cling to Dom protectively. He chuckled to himself as the assistant at the club spoke up.

“Hi there! Table or booth?”

“Booth please.” Jennifer beat Dom to the punch. Observing a small poster to the left of the woman, it showed a picture of both possible seats customers could take. The booth had a small closed off area with a table between the two seats, meanwhile the table would be with a group of people who could all watch them. Jennifer knew full well Dom wouldn’t want to sing in front of people, so she booked a booth instead.

“Sure! You’ll be in number 3! That’ll be seventeen fifty please.”

Dom beat Jennifer to the punch and slid his credit card into the machine.

“Dom…” Jennifer started but was shut up when he paid for them.

“Let’s go sweetie.” Dom said with a grin, he held Jennifer’s hand and they walked down the long corridor to the booth.

“OK guys, you’re in booth number three. Paul, could you take them down please?” The assistant called out to another member of staff who nodded and guided the couple now the hall way.

They walked to booth number three and the assistant unlocked the door then let them walk in.

“A waiter will be over to take your drink orders.” The assistant said as he closed the door behind him. The booth was a small, tight space, plenty of room for them to cuddle up in. There was two black small couches that sat in front of each other, in between the couches there was a shiny black table that the drinks could rest on. The way the club worked, you had a large white plastic file with laminated pages full of songs they could sing. There was a television on the wall of the booth with a small key pad to the side of it, if you pressed the song selection onto the key pad then the music video for the song would appear, muted, and with the words at the bottom of the screen.

Jennifer picked up the large white book of song selections and idly flipped through the pages trying to find something suitable. As she glanced over the text, her eyes focused on something and she grinned.

“You are totally doing this one!” Dom looked at what she’d pointed at and shook his head.

“No way! Absolutely not!”

“Why not!? You’d be great at it!”

“Jen. I am not singing ‘Man, I feel like a woman.’” Dom said, shaking his head as Jennifer pouted and made big puppy dog eyes at him.

“Puh-leaaaaase!” She extended the middle syllable of the word ‘please’ to make it seem more dramatic. Dom stood firm, but soon his heart started to waver. Jennifer batted her eyelids and Dom sighed, the now natural blonde eagerly clapped her hands and sat down in the booth. Just as Dom was about to select the song, the door opened. Jennifer groaned as a waitress popped her head in, the waitress made a face but Jennifer quickly apologised.

“Sorry, it wasn’t based at you. I wanted him to sing.” She added, covering her mouth with the back of her hand and jabbing a thumb at Dom’s general direction. The red-headed waitress smiled and nodded her head. Her curly hair had been tied back into two pig tails and had been bunched up with two scrunchies. She was wearing a smart black cocktail dress with a white blouse on underneath covering her cleavage and the upper part of her arms.

“Quite all right! Do you guys need any drinks?” She asked, bringing up her small notepad with a bright pink pencil for her to take their orders. Her voice had a valley girl twang about it, not entirely unusual for this area. It was in country side and most inhabitants of the town had moved here from the city to get away from the smog and smoke of the city.

“Sure! Can I get a white wine?” Jennifer asked, the waitress nodded before casting another look at her.

“Can I see some ID?”

Jennifer nodded and fished into her handbag. Getting her driving licence out, she showed it to the waitress who nodded her head, satisfied with the evidence. She turned to Dom next.

“And you sir?”

“Well, I’m driving. I’ll be boring and get a diet coke please.”

“That’s not boring. That’s very sensible.” The waitress smiled at Dom and nodded her head. “Okay, I’ll be right back.”

Dom and Jennifer looked at each other, confused.

“Don’t we need to pay?” Dom asked, fishing his wallet out of his jacket pocket.

“Oh no! The drinks are included with the price of renting the booth. You only pay bar if you’re with the tables.”

Well, that seemed reasonable. Dom thought to himself, Jennifer agreed and nodded her head.

“Oh. Okay, thanks!”

The waitress smiled and nodded her head and disappeared into the hallway.

“So, am I going to have to be the jealous girlfriend now?”

“Jealous? Why?” Dom asked, crooking an eyebrow at her as she pressed her fingers onto the small key pad.

“That cute waitress was flirting with you.” Jennifer said, a dead pan tone in her voice.

“Oh she was not!”

“She was too! What sort of girl would I be if I didn’t get angry with every girl flirting with my man!”

Dom smiled and looked at Jennifer who seemed to be making a big deal out of nothing on purpose.

“I may just like having a girlfriend…”

“Girlfriend… I didn’t know you had a girlfriend!” Jennifer teased as she slipped into the booth and watched as Dom picked up a microphone.

“Well… I’m not sure if I do at the moment. But I am working on it.” Dom said with a grin as the television whirred to life from the plain black screen. Soon, colour flickered on and the music video for Shania Twain’s ‘Man, I feel like a woman’ started up.

“What’s she like?”

“Beautiful. She’s like something out of a movie, ever since I first laid eyes on her I knew my heart belonged to her. We kissed and made love once, since then I’ve not been able to pinch myself in case I wake up from a dream.”

Jennifer blushed deeply as Dom revealed his thoughts to her. She figured he liked her a lot but not that much! Her mind was screaming at her to pounce on him and push him to the ground, riding him for all she was worth. As she was about to speak to him and tell him what she though, he started to sing.

“I’m going out tonight… I’m feelin’ alright…” Dom’s voice was a little shaky to start with but soon it came into its own. “Gonna let it all hang out…” Just like Shania, Dom extended that last part of the sentence making Jennifer giggle and squeal with glee watching her man start to enjoy himself. “Wanna make some noise-really raise my voice

Yeah, I wanna scream and shout. No inhibitions-make no conditions. Get a little outta line. I ain’t gonna act politically correct. I only wanna have a good time.”

Jennifer let out a loud squeal as Dom brought the chorus in with gusto. She brought her arms up and waved them, as Dom belted out the ‘Oh, oh, oh’s’ of the chorus. Joining in, she rocked from side to side and bit down on her bottom lip. The door opened and the waitress poked her head in, grinning at Jennifer and then at the back of Dom’s head. She placed the tray in the corner and waved her head, Jennifer smiled and waved her off.

The song soon finished and Dom sat down opposite Jennifer, a big smile on his face. She grinned and leant over the table, planting a soft kiss on his lips, she lightly flicked her tongue along his lips.

“Great job baby!” She beamed as Dom smirked and pecked her lips once more.

“Your turn.” Dom grinned, grabbing the white plastic booklet and started to scour the book for a suitable song for her to sing.

“You’re going to be in a horror movie right? Maybe ‘The monster mash’?” Dom mused, playfully stroking his chin in an evil genius manner making Jennifer whine.


“What?” He stuck his tongue out at her as she grabbed the tray and brought it over to the table. “When did they get here?” He asked, surprised at the tray of drinks being there. Apparently as he was belting out his song, he hadn’t even heard the waitress turn up.

“While you were singing.” She answered, lifting the flute of wine off of the tray and placing it on the table. While she hadn’t told Dom, she hadn’t really had anything to eat and shouldn’t exactly be drinking. She was a lightweight typically too, the last thing she needed was to be fall down drunk in front of Dom. Not after what he had said to her before he started singing. She took a quick swig of the drink while Dom slowly, agonizingly slowly flipped the pages over. He smirked and his eyes settled on one particular line of text.

“Aha!” Dom said, planting his right index finger on a song.

“What?” She said, looking at the book but Dom shut it before she could see.

“You’ll see.” He teased, sitting up off of the couch, he slid along to the key pad and jabbed at the small, white buttons. Soon, the blue screen indicating the TV was on standby flickered to Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the USA’. Jennifer shot him a look that seemed to say ‘Seriously?’ but shrugged and got up standing at the front of the table she started to move to the music. Smiling as she saw Dom’s eyes roll over her tight, young body. She loved the way he looked at her, like she was the most desirable thing in the room. She blushed bashfully as she started to sing.

“I hopped off the plane at L.A.X. With a dream and my cardigan.” Jennifer’s voice was a lot nicer than Dom’s more in tune too. Dom smiled and sipped at his pint of diet coke as he watched his girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence, sing one of her co-star’s fiancée’s songs. “Welcome to the land of fame excess, am I gonna fit in?”

Dom’s eyes drifted over her body, looking at her exposed flesh he shifted in his seat. She seemed to be putting on a performance for Dom as the chorus started up, she lifted her arms up into the air and waved them from side to side as she sang. He remembered how snug she had felt wrapped around him and how sweet her voice sounded as she climaxed. He hoped that they’d be able to make some similar noises tonight as the song Jennifer was singing came to an end. Dom grinned and loudly applauded as she grinned and took a bow. Sitting down in the booth opposite Dom, they shared another quick kiss and their fingers intertwined with each other as they kissed again.

Knocking back the rest of the wine, Jennifer’s body started to tingle. She rubbed her bare legs against each other as she started to get aroused, she guessed the way Dom looked at her was making her feel that way. She shot another glance at Dom and smiled sweetly. As they ordered more drinks, Jennifer started to really pound back the white wines. She thought she’d be able to handle her liquor but the numbing feeling in her head seemed to tell her differently.

“Should we sing a song together?” Dom had suggested, picking up the second microphone they pulled the white booklet towards them and started to look through the couple’s songs.

She slid around the table and sat next to Dom, slipping her arm around him she rested against him as he held her and looked through the booklet.

“Islands in the stream?” Dom offered, looking over the book as Jennifer nodded her head dreamily. She gazed up at him, romance, alcohol and the need to cum started to swim in her bloodstream as she gazed at the handsome outdoors man. His eyes drifted onto hers and smiled at her, unaware of how tipsy she was.

As the music started, Jennifer made a conscious effort to sing along. She picked up the microphone and moved over to sit on Dom’s lap. She straddled his right knee and sat down, her arousal started to press against his pants, in turn making him hard. Her hands were resting on his shoulder, but soon her right hand drifted down his body and to his jeans. Her hand went onto the now inconspicuous bulge and soon his zipper’s teeth were being pulled apart. The sound of the metal tugger being pulled down filled the room, the background music to the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers song being the only other noise.

She moved up and planted her soft lips on his, kissing him passionately as her hand reached into his boxer shorts and found his dick. She slipped her hand into his boxers and fished out his rapidly hardening member, she giggled lightly as he groaned in pleasure.

“Shhh baby. They don’t groan in Islands in the stream!” Jennifer giggled drunkenly as she started to softly stroke his cock. Dom nodded his head and let his head fall back as Jennifer started to play with his cock. She had always liked the way he spoke to her, she LOVED the sound of his voice and hearing him groan. Stroking his dick up and down, she played his penis like it was a musical instrument and she loved playing this song. The sound he was making only encouraged her to pump and jerk him even faster, she casually licked Dom’s ear as she jerked him off.

Up and down, she listened to his soft groans as she pumped him up and down. She loved feeling him getting harder in his hands, especially as he groaned at her touch. As she jerked him up and down, when she bottomed out at his base, she lightly squeezed her hand making him gasp in sheer, unadulterated pleasure.

“Oh Dom! You’re so hard! You know how good you feel inside me?” When he shook his head, Jennifer smiled and planted a kiss on his lips. “Fucking great. Do you want a blowjob Dom?” She asked, smiling as he groaned at her words. When he didn’t answer, she smiled and assumed her handjobs were fine. However, she did lean over and let a lone bead of spit come out of her mouth and onto his dick. She noted that Dom hadn’t really said anything. Normally, women liked men to be vocal in bed but this was an instance where sheer flattery overcame her. She loved the fact that her actions were making him so hot that he couldn’t speak.

“Shall I lick up every drop?” Dom grunted an affirmative noise making Jennifer smile.

“OK baby. Just tell me and you can cum in my mouth.”

She went back to stroking his cock, the music had long since finished and there was only the slow, occasional cracking of static. She delivered long, slow strokes and as Jennifer reached the tip, she let her thumb run over the tip making him shiver with glee. She grinned at the teasing, before giving him short swift strokes, aiming to get Dom off. Dom’s hips started to lift up off of the couch as she pumped him quicker and quicker.

“Oh shit… Shit! I’m going to cum!” Jennifer heard and nodded her head. Dropping down, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock’s head. She only jerked the bottom of his shaft and groaned with pleasure as he gripped the back of her head keeping her in place as he exploded in her mouth. Several sticky ropes tore through into the back of her throat, they both groaned as he came in her mouth. Keeping her in place, Dom groaned and then sat down on the couch again wiping a trail of sweat away from his head.

“Fuck Jen… Fuck that was incredible.”

“Let’s go home. I want to feel you inside me again.” She had since swallowed his load and was standing up, straightening out her dress. Dom’s eyes went wide but he soon nodded his head and slipped out of the booth, following her out to the hallway. She grinned and grabbed hold of his hand, they hurried down the corridor and towards the main entrance for the karaoke bar.

As they moved past the doors, Jennifer and Dom walked past a long dark alley way. Jennifer stopped and peered down there, she peered over at Dom and grinned.

“Come on!”

She guided him into the alley way and bent over slightly. Planting her hands on the wall, she spread her legs and looked over her shoulders.

“I don’t need anything major right now Dom. I just need to cum. Please… Give it to me nice and hard!” Jennifer’s head fell forwards as Dom rolled the bottom of her dress up over her hips. She was wearing a black pair of satin panties that were now soaking wet with her own, slick arousal. Dom didn’t take them off, instead he opted to just move the material to one side and entered her. He would’ve liked to have teased her but he knew she needed to cum soon.

Her warm, wet lips parted for him as he pushed his way inside her. She let out a long, low groan as his dick entered her. They were still for a moment before she pushed herself back at him, he nodded and gripped her hips. Sliding in and out of her, her warm, wet juices soaked his dick as rolling waves of her arousal ran down his invading member.

His dick slammed into her hungry pot of sexual lava, stabbing at the collection of nerves making the hot, young actress cry out in sheer pleasure. His cock crashed powerfully against her slick sex, her voice was calling out his name as he took her from behind. Waves of her pleasure rolled down his shaft as he thrust himself deeply into her, his hips slammed against her tight, young ass as her head lifted up and she cried out. Despite swallowing his load not ten minutes ago, Jennifer’s throat seemed to be dry as he pounded her. She was starting to build towards one hell of an orgasm, her warm sex was teetering on the edge and all it would take is one deep push from Dom to make her explode.

Dom held himself in place and slammed Jennifer back onto him. That did it. Her body shook and her own slick, white lava exploded onto his cock. The juices ran down his pole and onto his balls as Dom changed his thrusting pattern back to pounding in and out of her.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fucking fuck!” Jennifer cried out as she bit down on her bottom lip, the orgasm utterly consuming her. Her soft flesh bruised under her intense pressure, her head fell forward and she groaned as Dom slowly pulled out of her. Her panties were ruined. She let them fall to the floor and she simply kicked them away, flipping the bottom of her skirt down she turned to face him and simply groaned as Dom took her in his arms. He held her tightly and forced his lips against hers, he’d never know just how wonderful that kiss felt. His hands roamed over her tight body before coming up and running through her blonde hair, combing it thoroughly as he did so. Breaking for air, Dom and Jennifer looked at each other, their warm, hot breath mingled with each others as they rested their heads against each other.

Dom was the first one to speak, he stroked her face gently. His love for her shining as he looked after her, she was still weak from the orgasm.

“Should we go home Jen?” He asked, looking deep in her sweet, beautiful eyes. She smiled and nodded her head, Jennifer walked forward and was rocky on her legs. Dom smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist, she closed her eyes sweetly and rested against his chest. Magically, as soon as he touched her she could function again like a normal person. They walked towards the parking lot and Dom found his keys, opening the door for her, he took her hand in his and sat her down. She beamed up at him, still amazed by his chivalry. He smiled and shut the door behind him and jog-walked around to the front of the car and to the driver’s side.

As they pulled out of the parking lot, Dom’s eyes kept moving back to Jennifer who was simply staring out of the window. Her face was being propped up by an extended arm, her elbow resting on the car’s side. Her head fell forward and quickly came up again. Maybe that booze was taking it out of her?

“Jen? You okay sweetie?” Jennifer made a strange sound and quickly covered her mouth with her hands. Dom knew exactly what was about to happen, he pulled over as quickly as he could and she jumped out of the car. Dom could hear her throwing up and winced ever so slightly as his beloved voided her stomach of bile. Jennifer sat up and wiped at her mouth with the back of her hand, she smiled sweetly and sat back down in the car, her eye lids opening and closing as she started to lose the fight to stay awake. The sandman sprinkled his dust over her and she fell asleep as Dom smirked and drove them home.


Jennifer stirred in bed and instantly regretted it. Her head pounded as her most unwelcome hangover made itself known to her. She groaned, pitying herself as she fell back in the comfy bed. Her eyes slowly opened again and her peepers drifted around, absorbing her surroundings.

There was the cheerleading outfit she had worn for Dom. Still draped over the chair where she had laid it after fucking him. Turning her head to the bedside table, she saw a small ribbed glass full of water for her. She smiled weakly and picked it up, sipping on the liquid her eyes moved back to the door way where Dom stood. He was smiling with his arms folded, he walked into the room and sat on the foot of the bed.

“Well well well. What do we have here?”

“Ugh… I’m never drinking again!” Jennifer falsely promised, sticking her tongue out in disgust at the idea of more alcohol.

“You know… I think it’s about time to test the fire alarms in the building…” Dom teased as Jennifer made a face and rolled over onto her chest. Burying her face in the pillows, she childishly kicked the mattress as if she was a child having a temper tantrum.

“You are so mean!”

“I could sing again…”

“No! You can fuck my ass if you don’t!” Jennifer said, lifting her head out of the crack of the two pillows.

“I thought my singing was good!” Dom teased, sticking his tongue out at her. He scooted up the bed and took her in his arms, her head rested on his khaki clad lap. His fingers ran through her hair, playing with the pretty locks as he did so.

“Did we…”

“You wanted to. But you threw up before we even got our clothes off. See that linen?” Jennifer nodded. “New.” Dom confirmed, a slight grimace on his face.

“Oh Dom. I’m so sorry…” Her head fell to his lap again, shame burning in her cheeks. She was embarrassed that she got so drunk last night and didn’t get to properly look after her man. She raised an eyebrow and looked up at him. “Do you still want to?”

“Jen, I always want to show my love to you… But do you want to?”

Jennifer was about to reply in the positive but another surge of pain struck her head. A negative noise escaped her lips making Dom smile.

“Thought not. Come on… Let Dominic look after you.” He said with a smile, stroking her hair and rubbing her shoulders as she smiled and nestled up to him. Her breathing was slow but steady as the hangover continued to lash at her mind, every so often she would lift her eyelids to gaze at the handsome young man who was dutifully looking after her.

“I love you Dom…” Jennifer admitted softly, that made him stop playing with her hair and cast a look down at her.


“Yeah. You could’ve taken advantage of me last night but you looked after me. I love you Dominic.” She repeated, a big grin on her face as he went back to playing with her hair.

“So… This girlfriend still as beautiful as you said last night?” She teased, smiling up at Dom who was laughing as he nodded his head.

“Yes. Even with her being fall down drunk. Yes, she’s still as beautiful as I said last night.”

“She sounds great. You think I’ll get to meet her?” Jennifer asked, sitting up and straddling Dom’s lap. He linked his arms around her waist and held her close, his lips found hers and they kissed. If Jennifer was hung over, that kiss seemed to pull it out of her.

Her arms linked around his neck and she tugged him down onto the soft, dishevelled bed sheets from their night of sleep. Their lips smacked against each other, and soon her hands had slipped down to the bottom of her sleeping shirt and slid it up over her body. Throwing the shirt across the room, Jennifer rolled to her side and opened her left leg, rising it into the air.

“Spoon with me Dom… Make me feel good again.”

Dom nodded and scooted up behind her. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he kept her steady and pushed his dick inside her. They both groaned to the sky as his dick split her lips open, he held her closer and kissed her on the neck.

“Are you OK Jen? You need to stop at any time you just say so OK? I don’t want this to be uncomfortable for you.” Dom said, worshipping her flesh as he did so.

She smiled sweetly and nodded her head. “I promise Dom. But you’d never make me feel uncomfortable.” Dom smiled and started to make love to her. His thrusts were slow but deep, meaning to stroke every where inside her walls to make her forget all about the drinking last night. He drove in and out of her slowly, her tight walls hugged his dick as she cried out. Her hands pawed backwards, aiming to get at him and pull him in for a kiss. The wetness of the water on her lips, Jennifer happily kissed him. Their lips simply bumped against each other as he slipped his dick in and out of her, her voice started to shake and quake as he made love to her.

His hands lightly stroked her tummy as they broke the lip lock and panted together. His dick slid in and out of her wet folds, the sounds of their sexes mixing together filled the room as well as the steady slap-slap-slap of their private areas bumping against each other. Jennifer’s moaning started to get higher and higher as he started to drive deeper into her. One of her free hands moved down to her crotch and started to draw slow, small circles on her hard clit.

Her voice started to crack as an orgasm struck her fiercely. If Jennifer had been sitting on a cliff before the orgasm, the cliff had now fallen away and she was plummeting towards the rocks of pleasure. Her eyes shut tightly and her pussy’s walls closed around Dom’s invading dick.

“Oh Dom! I love you so much! I’m going to cum baby! I’m going to cum on my boyfriend’s perfect dick!” Her hips jerked forward and she exploded over him, Dom’s thrusts slowed as he, himself started to get hotter and hotter. Dom buried himself deep into her and exploded himself, cumming deep inside her pussy. Several spurts splattered against her insides as he called her name out.

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