kanye west

“Mistress, please may I have another”, Mr. West says at the end of my black and white leather whip. Bent over a custom made black spanking bench, Mr. West is tied from his ball sack to a black leather strap around his forehead. I love the custom fit of the piece because any movement on his behalf and one of those two body parts get strained. It is fun to see a guy squeal being forced to choose between his head, balls, and reddening skin.

I give him full force right across his already reddening back. He murmurs under me, well aware of his safe word. We have played numerous times and he has never called his safe word. I commend any man that can put up with my ever inspired torture without calling his safe word, but tonight I’ll have to push him to the point. I have to make sure that his ego is not going to get in the way of his safety.

Kanye sure does have a lot of ego. He likes to get beat to his music. I don’t mind. I’ve always liked Kanye’s music and some of it I find particularly erotic when wielding a whip against his flesh. He serves me just as well as he does his millions of fans.

“Are you ready to lick my toes?”

He shakes his head yes. I run my red nails against the whelps appearing on his back. Those big lips of his always feel particularly soft against my toes. I undo the strap around his neck, but there is still pressure going to his balls. He falls immediately to his knees and removes my black heels.

“Describe them,” I tell him in my sternest tone.

He isn’t articulate but he gets to the point. He calls my feet both tasty looking and beautiful. His music blares behind us as he starts to lick. My toes find a comfortable spot on his bottom lip. His tongue slides out and around each individual toe. The toenails are freshly painted red and he seems to enjoy the new color as he thrust them toward the back of his throat.

“Slave Kanye,” I call him to attention.

“Yes mistress,” he says leaning back on his heels.

“Tonight,” I say slowly, “I’m going to push your limits. Do you remember your safe word?”

“Teddy,” he says and we both giggle. I’ve used his bear costumes quite a few times to put him over the edge. He is like a different person inside of it.

“I know you hate needles,” I say pulling out a small medical kit from under the spanking bench, “but I love them, and you did say you would try them.”

He murmurs, yes mistress, but I can already tell that his nerves are getting the best of him. Paranoia seeps through him. It is ironic because ‘Paranoid’ is what is coming out of the speakers.

“You’re worried about the wrong things,” I sing along and he seems calmer, but more egotistical than he needs to be at this moment. I can already tell he is going to have a hard time calling his word.

I pick a medium sized set of needles. These needles will be felt both going in and coming out.

“Don’t move,” I instruct.

He sits on his knees faced away from me. The uncomfortable position adds to the excitement as I sanitize his skin. I pierce him with the first needle horizontal on his back.

“If you can take at least ten of these, I’ll add a bow,” I say sticking the next in and finding blood dripping from the spot I’ve hit.

The next needle makes him move forward a little but I guide him back with my hand. He isn’t saying much, but his breath has sped up. I talk to him and he answers my questions, but I know he is hurting. On the tenth needle, I ask him if he is ready to quit. ‘Love Lockdown’ starts to play out of the speaker. I think he contemplates quitting, but he doesn’t.

“Let’s try a bigger needle,” I say sliding my hand to the other side of his back.

I stick the first needle in and it is the biggest gage in the kit. He moves forward a lot now but he doesn’t call the word. He is being stubborn. I remind him that he needs to call the safe word if he wants me to stop.

“Continue,” he whispers in his own personal triumph.

I make it to twenty needles before he starts to be incoherent. I stop. I’m angry that I have to stop us because he should have long ago. ‘Heartless’ plays on the radio as he collapses on to the floor. I release his cock and he starts to take deep breaths. Removing the needles he only alludes to the pain with murmurs.

“Kim,” he says rolling over on to his back, “I want you so bad right now.”

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