Jeeter Raines and his wife, Cathy had invited his twin brother, Keller, over for dinner knowing Lovey would be out for the evening.

Even though it was the weekend, the twins had decided to work that day. Keller was in favor of getting the loose ends of the previous week’s job tied up and out of the way. Jeeter usually agreed with him, leaving Cathy alone for most of the weekend.

Cathy, anticipating their evening, knew how fond her husband was of the evening political news show, so she taped it for him. She really wasn’t interested in politics unless the country was experiencing some crisis. Nevertheless, she would join him in front of the TV when he returned and would try to pay attention.

The children had nowhere to go that day and Cathy would spend the day alone with all four of them. Some adult company and conversation would be welcome. Having gotten them all bathed and to bed, she was able to be relaxed when Jeeter got home.

Jeeter’s sister-in-law, Lovey, was away visiting her sister, Hope, leaving Keller to spend his evening on his own. After the day’s work was done, he decided to spend a few hours at Jeeter’s house. He stopped at home first to get some of Lovey’s good cooking. He knew she had left a plate in the oven for him. Cathy cooked OK, but cooking was a passion for Lovey. She cooked almost as well as she fucked. He was constantly badgering her about writing a cookbook, but she refused to part with her precious recipes.

By the time he reached Jeeter’s house, the kids had already gone to bed. Keller enjoyed playing with them, and was sorry he had missed them. His brother had a wonderful family. He was blessed with a pretty young wife and four beautiful children. Cathy held up great for a woman with four kids. Giving birth to twins three years before had still not ruined her figure. He knew she exercised regularly and kept an eagle eye on her health and eating habits.

Jeeter openly discussed his wife’s physical attributes with his brother. Although Keller did not approve of that practice, he found himself secretly checking out one body part or another when he was in her presence. He was sure she had caught his eyes darting from her face to her chest from time to time. She didn’t seem to mind. In fact, sometimes she even seemed to encourage him to look. He would come into the house and her blouse would be buttoned all the way up. Suddenly he would turn, to find that her top button had been opened, exposing some cleavage.

After they had finished dinner, Jeeter loaded the evening news video his wife had recorded for him. They were sitting on the sofa together watching it when Keller arrived. He hunkered down heavily in a plush arm chair. Dinner had made him drowsy. He had been working seven straight days and didn’t realize how tired he was.

As the program droned on and on, Keller dozed. He did not notice that his brother’s hand was slowly stroking his wife’s thigh through her dress. With each stroke, the dress was raised higher until most of her thigh was exposed. Cathy was embarrassed and pushed his hand away, glad that Keller hadn’t seen what had happened. She covered herself and moved away a little.

Jeeter knew that Cathy would be aroused by his touch even though she wouldn’t show it with her brother-in-law sitting in the room. He went into the kitchen to get or do something or other. When he returned to the sofa, he dropped down so close to Cathy that he almost sat on her.

Keller stirred when he heard his brother’s noisy return. He thought he heard Cathy complain softly about something. He half opened his eyes and saw, from behind flickering eyelashes, Jeeter nudging Cathy’s breast with his elbow. She kept pushing his elbow away and admonishing him, trying to make him stop. She was clearly not all that serious.

Keller considered leaving at that point, but figured nothing would happen; it was all just horseplay. He closed his eyes again, but did not doze this time. He kept his ears open, curious to know how far they would go. Of course, he wouldn’t be rude or insensitive enough to stay. He fully intended to leave and let them get on with “it” if things became critical.

Again, Keller did not see his brother fondle Cathy’s knee. He fondled up the inside of her thigh as high as she would let him go. She lightly slapped at his hand and pushed it away, but this time he wouldn’t stop. He pushed all the way to her crotch. His shoulder pinned her one arm to the sofa so that only her far arm was free. He noted that she hadn’t closed her legs. She kept them relaxed leaving him room to get his hand between her thighs. She peeped over at Keller before turning her mouth up to beg a kiss from Jeeter. He obliged her with a long juicy smooch while she scooted forward a little and opened her legs a little wider. He moved the crotch of her panties aside to gain access to her pussy.

This time Keller could distinctly hear her moaning softly. Curiosity gripped him and he opened his eyes just enough to see from behind his lashes again. Her thighs were fully exposed. He could see his brother’s hand buried in his wife’s crotch area. It was kneading slowly there. Her thighs were clamping shut and releasing while she ground her ass into the sofa cushion, her hand rubbing and squeezing his. He heard a series of small muffled whimpers and a few sighs come from her. Jeeter probably had his tongue down her throat.

‘This would be a good time to leave,’ he thought to himself, but he found that he was glued to the seat. It seemed they were forgetting about him. He guessed they figured he was asleep.

Suddenly Jeeter slid to the edge of the sofa with his back to Keller. He slipped his hands under her dress and pulled her panties down to her ankles and onto the floor. She bent quickly to pick them up and get them out of sight, tucking them behind one of the sofa cushions.

By the time she turned back to him, he had his hand already fully on her pussy. She moved her body around to face him, one foot on the floor and the other leg bent on the sofa. Her cunt was starting to get juicy and Keller could hear Jeeter’s finger sloshing around in it, searching for her clit. When he found it, she let out a little yelp and closed her eyes. He rubbed it until he felt it begin to swell and harden.

She unbuttoned his shirt leaning forward to kiss and lick his bare chest. Her hands caressed his hairy chest and down to his tight abdomen. He could feel her hot breath on his nipple as she took it into her mouth. Her hands wandered down to the familiar bulge in his pants. She fondled it firmly for a while before pulling his zipper down to release it. It was beginning to harden and strain against the fabric.

Jeeter’s eyes were closed, his chin resting on the top of her head. As her hands slowly massaged his dick, he drew a long breath in through his teeth.

Keller couldn’t see that Cathy had wrapped her hand around his brother’s thick shaft and was pulling up and down on it. Watching intently, he saw her lower her head while Jeeter leaned back slightly with his face to the ceiling and groaned softly. She had lowered her head to take his dick into her mouth.

First, she kissed his cockhead, running her hot tongue around its sensitive ridge. Her hand wandered down to his hairy balls, gently manipulating and tickling them with her fingers. All the while, she licked and sucked the throbbing knob, drooling greedily and clamping her lips tightly on it.

Jeeter whispered softly close to her ear, “That’s right, baby. Suck me…suck hard, baby. You know how I like it.” He didn’t really care anymore if Keller could hear him.

Her tongue spiraled around his organ before slurping on it and stuffing it in her mouth. She inserted as much of it as she could and worked it slowly in and out as her tongue stroked it and squeezed it tightly against the roof of her mouth. She stuffed it to the back of her throat and he could feel her swallow on it.

Cathy moaned softly causing vibrations to radiate over his cock’s knob. He felt his dick shudder as her teeth gently grazed it, as if it were hot, buttered corn on the cob.

From his vantage point, Keller could see her head bobbing up and down faster and faster on Jeeter’s rod. All the time, she played with his balls, rolling them around, flipping them, tickling them, ever more vigorously as they enlarged and tightened up against his erect dick.

Cathy suddenly, without speaking, raised her head and pushed Jeeter back on the sofa, checking quickly to make sure Keller was still sleeping. She hadn’t noticed the bulge growing in his pants as well. She had just missed him absentmindedly kneading it.

Jeeter’s spittle covered dick was standing erect as he lay there, one foot on the sofa, the other lying limp on the floor. Cathy helped him pull his pants and underwear off. She threw them on the floor not remembering to hide them, and knelt between his thighs.

Keller peeped from behind his lashes and saw Cathy position Jeeter’s leg higher on the back of the sofa. She reached down into her cunt and collected some of her own juice. He watched as she inserted the wet, glistening hand gently between the crack of Jeeter’s ass. From his brother’s moans, Keller could tell that Cathy’s finger was reaming Jeeter’s gripping asshole.

Her hand swirled around and around between the hairy cheeks causing Jeeter to groan. She removed her finger and with both hands, spread his buttocks apart exposing his asshole. Bending forward and forcing the tip of her tongue into the now well lubricated aperture, her face engulfed in his hairy gap, she looked like a famished dog slurping in a bowl of food.

“Uhmmm, uhmmm,” she murmured as her saliva gathered in his crack, mingling with her cunt juice. Her mouth opened wider as she rammed her tongue deeper into him. She brought it out and rammed it in again and again, sometimes swirling it. Jeeter imagined there was a hot snake trying to slither up his ass.

“Oh my God, you are so gay,” she teased, raising her head to check him out.

“I don’t care what I am right now. I am lovin’ that hot tongue up my ass. I can’t get enough of this,” he breathed without opening his eyes. “Don’t stop, go on,” he begged, “ream me some more.”

She lowered her head again and licked the length of his hairy gorge. Jeeter let out a deep throaty groan as she took a firm but gentle bite on one ass cheek. She was once again the ravenous dog, growling as her teeth nipped at him.

Cathy suddenly sat back on her heels with her hand buried in her crotch. Keller realized Cathy had been working on her pussy the whole time. Her wet pubes were clinging to her hand, and she was no longer gathering lubrication for Jeeter.

Keller was finding it hard to keep his eyes closed. They were fully opened now and he had hauled out his dick and was jerking off quietly. He closed his eyes only for a moment. Beads of sweat broke out on his upper lip and forehead. When he opened his eyes again, Jeeter was looking straight at him. Their eyes met, they smiled, but said nothing.

Jeeter sat up and helped Cathy turn her back to him. He pushed her forward on her elbows and knees. Sticking his fingers into her dripping cunt, he pulled out a wad of her juice spreading it around and into her anus. He rubbed his rod between her swollen pussy lips and got it buttered up, then guided the tip of it to her asshole and reamed it hard, then harder until he had worked the tip into her a little ways. Cathy buried her face in the throw pillow, and let out a long, muffled, screaming moan.

He grabbed her buttocks, spreading the cheeks apart for easier entry. He kept stuffing his cock up her tight ass until the head was firmly up inside of the canal. Mashing the rest of his meat into her was easier. He buried the length of it up her endless tunnel and paused for a moment contemplating the sensation of her gripping and grinding action. Turning, he saw Keller watching the exhibition with eyes wide open, pulling furiously on his own hard dick.

Cathy lifted her head from the pillow and whispered desperately, “Why are you stopping?” “Don’t stop now,” she pleaded. “I need you to fuck me, baby. Bang that big cock up my ass,” she begged, rhythmically pounding on the sofa cushion with her fist. “My pussy is aching for you. Rub my pussy, baby…fist fuck my pussy. I love your dick in my ass. Help me, help me-e-e-e-e!” she growled, no longer caring if Keller heard.

Jeeter let go of her buttocks and leaned forward, wrapping his arm around her waist. His hand found its way down to her bushy mound, felt her slit and navigated a finger onto her clit.

He massaged the rubbed button with several fingers. As per her request, he stretched as far as he could to reach her juicy hole and stuffed several fingers into her. All the while, he slowly moved his cock steadily in her asshole.

Her moans were muffled in the pillow again as she pushed her butt back onto his rod, impaling herself with each stab. In an effort to get his hand deeper inside her, he released her waist, sat up, moved his hand to her cunt hole from behind and plunged the same fingers in.

When his hand became slippery with her pussy juice, he made a fist and fired it in her halfway up his hairy arm. When his dick went in her ass, the fisted arm came out of her cunt. When his dick came out, his fist went in, reminding Keller of pistons in an internal-combustion engine.

Cathy was now screaming into the pillow. Jeeter could feel her asshole, and pussy muscles contract around his prick and his arm as his pace quickened.

Cathy vaguely remembered Keller sleeping in the next chair. Facing the opposite direction, she could not see him pulling madly on his dick. She was not aware that Jeeter, after periodically checking Keller, had invited him to join the fuck fun. At first, Keller was reluctant and even a little embarrassed, but with a bit more encouragement, he gave in.

Jeeter removed his wet fist from his wife’s squirming, hole. He sat back on his heels, once again placed his arms around Cathy’s waist, pulling her down with him being careful to keep her ass attached to his dick. Slowly, he brought his legs out straight and laid back on the sofa, his dick still connected to Cathy’s ass.

After he had laid them both down comfortably, he put his hands under her thighs and pulled them up and open, leaving her cunt exposed to Keller.

Jeeter positioned one of his legs over the back of the sofa and the other foot on the floor, allowing Keller to get as close as possible to Cathy’s pussy.

Keller had never seen a man from that angle before. The shock nearly stopped him cold, but his attention was drawn back to Cathy’s glistening, slit and his prick urged him on.

Cathy momentarily came out of her pleasure coma and was shocked to see Keller climbing onto the sofa and between her wide-open thighs. With her husband’s dick buried up her asshole and his hands holding her thighs open, escape was impossible. Before she could utter a word of protest or refusal, Keller was already preparing to work his dick head into her slobbering cunt. He was on his knees, and too far for her to push him away. She protested briefly, but neither man paid attention to her.

After Keller had pushed his cock head halfway into Cathy’s now straining pussy, he took her thighs in his own hands. By this time, all guilt and shame had deserted him, leaving him vulnerable to his own out-of-control lust. With her cunt gripping his prick, he drove his dong in as far as it would go.

With Keller holding Cathy’s legs open, Jeeter’s hands were now free to manipulate her clit and tits. She was already in the grip of sexual pleasure when Keller joined in and it did not take much to reduce her to a moaning, groaning, willing participant in their bawdy game. She had never had both holes plugged by dicks at the same time before. There was nothing she could do to stop them, so she decided to lay back and enjoy.

While Keller forced his dick hard into Cathy’s drooling cunt, Jeeter began to knead her firm breasts and tweak her swollen nipples with one hand. The other hand’s fingers were spiraling round and round on her slippery clit, causing her wet thighs to quiver.

“Oh-oh-oh, O-O-O-O-O-O-O-OH baby! Fuck me, fuck my PUSSY, fuck me, fuck me, fuck that pussy. FUCK IT! Good dick, dick, fuck, FUCK, OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK ME-E-E-E-E-E,” she cried as she gripped her husband’s hand, encouraging him to rub her clit harder.

Keller pummeled his dick into Cathy again and again. Her eyes were shut tight, lips drawn back over clinched teeth, head twisting from side to side, back arched. She uttered a few unintelligible words, mostly guttural animal sounds, breathy and desperate.

Jeeter could feel the pressure of his brother’s dick charging back and forth against his own. He felt the massive head ploughing against one side of her tunnel and then the other. He felt Keller ram his shaft into Cathy with short, quick movements, then repeatedly launch into her with a deep hard, stabbing action, causing Jeeter and Cathy to cry out in unison.

Jeeter felt like he was being fucked by a dick. He struggled to comprehend his feelings about the situation. He rejected the obvious implication as he screamed to himself, ‘MY DICK IS IN AN ASSHOLE AND I’M BEING FUCKED BY ANOTHER DICK!’

Keller suddenly released Cathy’s thighs and wrapped her legs around his waist. She didn’t know what was about to happen, but she took the initiative and locked her ankles behind his back. He slowly sat her up allowing Jeeter to take notice of the change. Cathy held onto Keller’s neck as he squeezed and spread her butt cheeks.

Jeeter followed Cathy up, crawling closer to prevent his dick from slipping out of her asshole. He started working his wanger in and out of her ass as soon as he was in a comfortable position.

“Ah, ah, ah, ooh, OOH, OOH-ooh-OOH-ooh-OOH,” she moaned. “Uhmmmmmm hm, uh-uh-uh-uhmmmmmmmm yes, yes, yes, oh yeah, yeah, right there, right there,” she insisted. Who was she talking to? She didn’t know and none of them cared.

Keller waited a moment to feel his brother’s dick slamming against his through the walls of both Cathy’s vagina and ass. He had never felt another dick rubbing his dick, not knowing that his twin had had the same reaction. However, Keller did not stop to analyze the experience. Spurred on by his prick, he attempted to match Jeeter’s pile-driver strokes. Now the brothers could feel each other’s cocks moving inside Cathy’s body, making her moan and beg for more.

Cathy’s whole body shook and quivered. Sandwiched between the two muscular brothers, she could hardly breathe as they rocked her back and forth. She laid her head back on Jeeter’s heaving chest. Her eyes were clamped tightly shut and her mouth hung open. She groaned and growled, beginning to bite her bottom lip.

Jeeter was, once again, furiously kneading and squeezing her tit with one hand and twiddling her clit with the other. The brothers’ battling pricks became more and more urgent. Their wet, hairy balls could be heard slapping loudly against her body. Each of them was experiencing their own pleasure now. Cathy felt her release approaching and dug her nails into Keller’s back.

“I’m cum-ming, oh God, oh God, OH-OH-OH-OH-OOOOOOOOOOOOH, cum, CUM-MI-I-I-I-ING,” she alternately whispered and yelled, as their powerful thrashing made it difficult to speak in complete sentences.

Forgetting the sleeping children upstairs, she managed to let out a high-pitched scream. As her orgasm rose, her body lurched and her arms flailed, fists wildly pounding Keller’s back and shoulders. She gasped between short, grunting screams, and Keller stuffed his tongue into her mouth and sucked her tongue out. Gradually, her convulsions subsided.

Still the brothers pounded on. Jeeter had an iron grip on both her tits now. It wasn’t long before they both fired off a wad of hot cream. Keller un-cunted and pumped his thick jism onto Cathy’s waiting face and tits. He watched it slowly ooze down her cheek and nose and into her mouth. Jeeter chose to unload his cream up Cathy’s ass. He kept his cock in her hole, giving her a hot sperm enema.

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