On her knees like a repentant bitch, Sarah’s big round ass was high in the air awaiting her punishment! David’s strong hand came down hard on her sexy round butt, spanking it moderately. David stepped back before lunging forward again, spanking her other cheek. “You’re my bitch!” David demanded. He stood beside her and spanked her again sharply. Sarah yelped as she gratefully received David’s full penance! “Fucking Slut!”, he decided.

“I’ve been a bad girl!” confirmed Sarah. “I need to be taught a lesson so that I’m never bad again!” she insisted.

“You’ve been very bad. Such a dirty little slut…” explained David. Spanking her again, he added “you are going to be taught a lesson that you will never forget!” David proceeded to spank Sarah’s juicy bum everywhere through her jeans, from the thighs to her lower back. Sarah moaned accordingly!

Ever since she seen David on her internet camera, she dreamed of him spanking her! They first met on a chat room. They got talking, then finally showed each other pictures of themselves. David was a cute, sexy man – Sarah was hooked! She used to wave her gorgeous blonde hair at him over the camera and noticed how he smiled when he noticed her. It was easy for Sarah to talk about her fantasies and sexual desires to David. He always listened! So it was only a matter of time until she wanted to see him in the flesh.

From the top drawer of the wooden chest, David pulled out a strange looking thing! There was a large metal ring with another smaller metal ring inside it, impressed slightly. There were black straps hanging from it. He brought it over to Sarah who was sitting on the bed and raised it to her flinch-less face. Forcing the strap through the buckle at the back of the mask, the inner ring pressed into her mouth forcing it open. Sarah couldn’t close it. She breathed heavily through the metal ring, as David went back to the chest of drawers.

In David’s hand were two pairs of metal handcuffs! He grabbed Sarah’s arm tightly and cuffed it with the black pair of handcuffs, chaining it to the furthest pole at the corner of the headboard! Jumping over her to pin her other arm down, the blue handcuffs secured her other arm to the opposite corner pole.

Sarah tried to sputter something but the gag on her face muffled it into abstract primal noise.

“Be still!” ordered David, as Sarah realized she couldn’t be heard! David was now tying belts around her left ankle. With a strong tie he then yanked the belt down to the bottom right corner of the bed and fastened it over the metal bar in the corner.

He went straight over to the right leg and did the same. Sarah’s muffled sounds came out rougher than before. She was trying to tell him something! David didn’t seem to care. “Just sit still!” he commanded.

Sarah couldn’t move. Her four limbs were stretched tightly to each of the four corners of the beds. Trying to move her head to the side, she noticed that the head mask had been tied to the headboard too whilst David had been up at her arms tying them. David left the room.

Two minutes later when he returned, Sarah’s anxiety had build slightly. She was in it for the long haul now. She couldn’t talk. David had a pair of scissors in his hand!

Sarah whimpered and tried to sound something, but it came out ape-like! David took the scissors down near her ankles but she couldn’t see him due to her head being forced back. She could feel a tugging sensation at her jeans, followed by a ripping noise. Shortly afterwards she could feel fresh, colder air brush against her shins. He was cutting up her jeans! She could feel him moving up her thighs as the ripping, severing noise got louder and closer to her. David stopped. He went back down and started on the other legs.

After he stopped, he eased the wasted jeans away from under her legs and threw them to the corner of the room. Sarah could just see him smiling. He must have been looking at her pink cotton panties!

David grabbed the scissors and disappeared out of her view! Sarah felt his hand on her belly as he reached around tugging at her blue top. Sarah was self-conscious about her little belly, despite David explaining to her over the internet many times how cute he thought it was. Then came the ripping noise again! Her sky blue top was coming off too! The bottom of the scissors tickled Sarah as they slowly worked their way up between her breasts to her neck, gnawing at the material before retreating down her left arm. Then it was going back up her right arm.

David pulled the destroyed blue top away from under her and admired her pink bra. “Mmmmmm!” he sounded as his cheeky grin came back upon his face, now easier to see since he was closer. “I’ve got a surprise for you!” he announced.

Sarah whimpered in the mask again. A little bit of spit had built up from all her heavy breathing and trickled down the side of her cheek. She stopped her futile efforts at trying to communicate. She wondered what the surprise was!

Now cutting away at her bra straps, David effortlessly removed the bra, exposing her gorgeous pink nipples. They were stiff! David teased them with the tips of his fingers and ran them across like he was drawing a line through the condensation in a steamy kitchen window, prodding slightly. The combination of fresh air and David’s touch sent pleasant shivers all down Sarah’s young curvy body.

David had left the nipples to start cutting away at her panties. The cold metal of the scissors tickled her inner thighs as he detoured his cut around the side, respecting her young, sensitive crease. The sexy little pink panties came off as easy as the bra! The nice air got to her, spreading her primitive scent in the air for David to take in.

Sarah felt a softness on her outer lips too soft to be a finger! The slick warmth probed her slightly. Then she felt it glide slowly up her vaginal crevice, rubbing her stiff clitoris on the way! David’s tongue ravished at her, lapping at the slick moisture now dripping out of Sarah’s pretty vagina! Sarah moaned. She wanted more! David’s tongue penetrated deep into her glistening, tight socket and gently skated across her salivating clitoris.

Sarah’s moaning intensified as David concentrated on her clitoris, with what could only be fingers pumping in and out of her hole. David really knew what he was doing, because Sarah’s climax was building up fast!

There was a noise outside. Even with all the stifled moaning, it could be heard. Sarah heard the front door opening! She tried to move away but couldn’t! David made an amused noise as he left the room, closing the squeaky door behind him. Sarah tried to get away but she was stuck tightly at all corners of the bed and by her head. She couldn’t do anything but look up at the ceiling.

Sarah could hear chatter from the hall outside. She supposed that David had left the door unlocked and some of his friends had come in unannounced. Then she remembered him locking the door as they came in. The room door creaked back open again, and the chatter got louder. Sarah could hear heavy footsteps all over the room. The chatter quickly died and was replaced by a strange silence, only broken by brief male noises of acknowledgment and almost-audible whispers. Lying there completely naked, Sarah felt a gnawing at her right ankle and jumped the two eighths of an inch that the restraints would allow. She could only see brief shadows from the very bottom of her eye but there must have been at least 3 people in the room, maybe 4.

“This is gonna be sweet!” said one of them. Sarah’s anxious body tried to compose itself, but it tensed up.

“Blindfold!”, she heard one of them say and they all seemed to agree. Right enough, out came a black cloth-like material and was fastened around Sarah’s head, covering her eyes. Sarah reverted to her primal whimpers, as she felt many different hands caress her naked body simultaneously. Two rough hands were groping her breasts, one circling her belly, and a further pair rubbing up and down her sides. Another hand ran across her vagina. Sarah was still moist from moments before when David had his tongue deep inside her, nearly sending her into an orgasm.

A tongue lashed at her pussy, this time rougher. It couldn’t have been David. This tongue never knew what it was doing. “Get her legs up higher!” instructed an older man. He sounded in his forties, Sarah thought. This man’s minions untied the belts that held her legs in place then grabbed Sarah’s legs firmly so they couldn’t kick.

As her legs were raised, Sarah felt another man get under her on the bed. He grabbed her hips as the two minions lowered the legs, then tied them back up higher up on the bed railing. The man underneath her had a nice aftershave, thought Sarah as he ran his hands round her curvy sides. Her ass was resting on his belly!

Sarah felt one of the guests grab her mouth gag. He was trying to bring it closer, but her head wouldn’t budge. Then she could smell cock! The man slid his penis through the metal ring, resting it right in her mouth. Sarah let out a stifled grunt as she tried relentlessly to move. The man started masturbating in her mouth, as his balls jiggled against Sarah’s chin.

Just when she was getting used to the smallish cock in her mouth, the tip of another pressed into her pussy and remained there. Sarah grunted! The cock forced further into her stretched open pussy. She was dripping now. It came back out then went in even further. One of the men at her feet let out a sigh, and with that the cock in her pussy thrust deep inside her. She yelped in pain. The cock was gigantic! Sarah tensed up as the man withdrew the cock from her, but the pain remained. With his next thrust, the man on her pussy slid his well-built appendage back in sharply. Sarah could feel it right under her belly! It was painful for Sarah, but hot to be filled up so well. The pain grew less with every thrust inside her, and started becoming masked by the pleasure the penis was bringing to her pussy. Sarah moaned.

The cock in her mouth was getting harder now, and Sarah could hear the man on her mouth breather harder. Just then the man underneath her, wriggled about. Sarah had practically forgotten about him! His cock was pressing against the right cheek of her pump. Now it was erect from all the thrusting the man on the pussy had been doing.

The man underneath wriggled more aggressively and his hands grabbed Sarah’s bum. Sarah soon felt the tip of his cock knocking at her asshole. It wanted in! Sarah had tried anal sex once before but hadn’t enjoyed it. She didn’t like this idea!

“Don’t worry darling. I’ve got plenty of lube on.” Announced the man underneath her.

Sarah whimpered a little bit as she knew what was coming next. The man on her pussy was still going slowly, breaking her pussy in to be able to fully fit his cock. The man in her mouth was still masturbating, as if on standby, waiting for a signal. Sarah felt the man underneath her spank her ass cheek, then she felt his penis dig its way into her anus. She tensed up in pain! The man started thrusting underneath her.

Oddly, Sarah noticed that the pain had disappeared! All she could feel was pleasure building up in her pussy from the monster cock inside it. Tingles ran through her pussy to her ass now, spreading the pleasure. The fucking got more aggressive.

Sarah was filled with cock! She had always dreamed about this, and now she was really getting it. She started moaning louder, but there was a cock in the way, being stroked in her mouth. She could hear all the men groaning now as they upped their game. Sarah wondered how good it would feel to make three men cum at once. They were headed that way.

Sarah’s pussy was electrified as the big cock in it stretched her to the limit! There was a finger on her clitoris too rubbing it — maybe a fourth man, she supposed. It felt nice in her asshole, as the man underneath her growled. Sarah felt his warm milk start to fill her up as his dick twitched inside her anus! She felt the big stallion cock in her pussy buck as it expelled it’s lava deep into her vagina, whilst she was milking the cum out of the cock underneath with her virgin-like asshole. Sarah moaned like never before as she came around these two cocks! Her waves of euphoria engulfed her entire body

Just then, the man at her mouth roared and furiously spurted into Sarah’s forced open mouth. She was forced to swallow it just to keep breathing! The semen was delicious, Sarah realized. Another angry spurt sent a big thick string pinging off her tonsils, nearly making her choke. Sarah swallowed it and recovered. Another spurt! Then a feeble dribble formed a puddle at the back of Sarah’s mouth she swallowed it, still reeling.

Sarah felt fresh cum land on her tits and chin. The other man must have been masturbating over her. He made no noise, but made a large mess. Sarah could feel it dripping down her neck and breasts like it was glazing on a delicious donut. All the other cocks were still in her, spent! To exhausted to be pulled out she imagined. Then the cock left her mouth. There was quiet chatter in the room of a congratulatory nature. The quickly-softening monster penis slid out from her pussy, followed by the man underneath wriggled away from under her.

The men all left the room. Sarah could feel all the cum trickling out from her pussy and anus. A few minutes passed! She heard the front door leave and being locked. Footsteps came through to the room

“Well…” said David. “That was a lot of fun!”

Sarah made another animal noise. It came out incoherent as per usual, so David untied her head from the headboard and undid the black strap at the back of the mask to remove the gag. David looked into her eyes. Sarah’s mouth was open in awe.

“I’ve never came like that in my life! When can we do it again?” she told David, as he undid the limb restraints and lay up behind her on the bed to spoon her and tell her how pretty she looked.

“So what guy were you?” asked Sarah.

David said nothing!

“Aren’t you going to tell me?” she asked.

“Maybe one day.” Replied David.

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