As I write this I cannot believe what has happened.

First, by way of description, my wife, Lorrie, has a fantastic sexy smile and deep blue eyes and long straight blonde hair that reaches her waist when it is not matted from having just been washed. Lorrie stands five feet six inches tall and she is very slender even after having two wonderful kids she weighs 120 pounds. Her smooth, shapely legs end at heaven’s definition of a perfect little ass.

Ultimately, every man’s eye is drawn to her perfect breasts. Her soft supple mounds are average size and Lorrie’s firm breasts are accented by very sensitive nipples that seem to be permanently hard.

Finally, I should not leave off her warm inviting sex. Just below a thin C-section scar she has a ‘V’ of downy soft fuzz covers her pubis and her tender dark pink labia are hidden by the swollen flesh on either side of her slit. When stimulated, her clitoris peeks out of the top of her opening. Put simply, Lorrie’s vulva is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

Anyway, a good friend of ours, Jerry, had dropped by unexpectedly. Jerry and I were standing in the kitchen, discussing nothing of any real consequence when my beautiful wife unexpectedly wondered in.

I had heard her coming and I had tried to warn her but Lorrie was chattering away and not paying any attention to me as she came in, barking orders about this and that the way wives do. She was fresh from a shower, and not knowing Jerry was in the house, only had a damp towel haphazardly wrapped around her barely hiding her nakedness.

The top of the towel was tucked in between her breasts to secure it around her body and the edge ended just mere fractions of an inch below her butt cheeks. Best of all the loose edge of the towel flapped open and closed with the motion of her legs as she walked, flashing us an ample amount of bare skin to hip bone but not quite showing her vulva to our hungry eyes.

Even after she entered the kitchen, Lorrie was so busy towel drying her hair that she did not see us and especially Jerry until she was right at us. The shocked look on Lorrie’s face was priceless when she stopped only a few inches in front of Jerry.

“Oh my god! Jerry,” Lorrie exclaimed dropping the towel she was drying her hair with and letting her long wet blonde hair fall around her shoulders. “I had no idea you were here, she continued, “Jason! You should have warned me! God, I am so embarrassed! How could you!”

I looked at Jerry and he had a huge shit eating grin on his face and a lust filled look in his eyes. Doubtless, he was thrilled at having such an intimate look at Lorrie and it was obvious he was wishing that my wife’s towel would disappear or that may have been me. That was when a wicked thought entered my mind.

I remembered having fun teasing my sister when she came into my room wrapped in a towel after a shower by snatching it off her. My sister tried to act like it annoyed but we both knew she liked showing off her naked body, especially when I did it in front of my friends. My sister would protest but from the wide smile on her face and the fact that she stayed naked far longer than necessary I could tell my sister enjoyed letting others see her naked.

With that memory in mind, that was when a wicked thought crossed my mind and I knew what I had to do. Lorrie was standing right in front of Jerry yammering about I do not know what. Her towel was practically begging me to tug on it so my hand just kind of grabbed the edge of Lorrie’s towel and yanked!

There was a long pause. Lorrie looked at me in wide eyed amazement and I looked at Jerry and Jerry stood staring. I could see his eyes traveling down from Lorrie’s face, admiring her from head to toe then back lasciviously feasting his eyes on my naked wife. I knew I would be in trouble later but I just could not help myself.

That said, Lorrie remained frozen in place in total shock. I stayed frozen waiting to see what she would do next. Jerry, on the other hand, knew a great opportunity when he saw it and took immediate action.

His shirt, shoes, pants and underwear were off in an instant, presenting his hard erection to my wife, what is fair is fair after all. He did not stop there. He took Lorrie’s right hand and guided it to his shaft and then he had her grip his balls with her left hand.

Now Lorrie and I have jokingly talked about what having a threesome would be like, MMF only Lorrie will never allow me to be with another woman. And I have teased Lorrie about her having sex with another man, just stupid stuff to make our sex different. I/we never expected anything to happen for real.

Jerry pushed Lorrie’s hand up and down his shaft a couple of time. Lorrie looked at me wondering what I wanted her to do. A nod by me and Lorrie started fisting Jerry’s rigid cock in earnest, causing Jerry to moan and say, “Oh my god, yes, Lorrie, that feels so damn good!”

Lorrie’s eyes were shining brightly now and she chewed on her lower lip as she concentrated on massaging Jerry’s firm meaty pole.

With Lorrie busy with his cock, Jerry reached out and started fondling my wife’s bare breasts. He squeezed them firmly but not too hard, the way I think most women like. He also pinched and fingered her nipples, again, in a way that drove Lorrie mad but not so hard as to be unpleasant.

They pleasured each other like that for a few minutes until Jerry leaned forward, breaking Lorrie’s grip, and began to lick and suck Lorrie’s erect and protruding nipples.

From there it was a simple matter for Lorrie to push Jerry’s head downward to her waiting sex. With Jerry kneeling in front of her, Lorrie widened her stance to give him access. There, he inhaled deeply to take in the heady aroma of Lorrie’s excitement.

On Jerry’s first contact, Lorrie’s whole body shuddered and she had to brace herself on the counter behind her to keep from falling down. Jerry passionately feasted on my wife’s tender womanly bits and sweet nectar, something I have done many times. To me, eating Lorrie out is the best part of sex.

Jerry took his time pleasuring my wife like I have experienced many times but I have never been able to see before. Lorrie’s face reflect what her body was feeling which was alive with sensual pleasure as muscles clenched and unclenched and waves of sexual delight washed over her body. Her eyes opened widely or clenched tightly shut depending on which strong wave of sexual delight hit her. She was practically panting too as her mouth gaped open as she tried to catch her breath.

When the time was right, Jerry stood up and wrapped his arms around Lorrie and took a butt cheek in each hand. Without speaking both understood what to do, Lorrie put her hands on the back of Jerry’s neck and gave a little hop. Jerry lifted her up the rest of the way and guided her into position and Lorrie wrapped her legs around Jerry’s hips. Lorrie was suspended in midair from Jerry’s eager body.

Simultaneously, Lorrie reached down in between them to guide the tip of Jerry’s cock to her sweet spot. One thrust and he was in. Man, I wish I could have seen that first penetration of my wife by a man other than me but all I could do was watch, knowing from their gyrations and body language what had happened, Jerry was fucking my wife.

This was the point I took off my clothes because there was no stopping them now and so that I had free access to my own hardon.

In and out Jerry thrust into my wife as Lorrie bucked hanging from Jerry’s body. The thing about fucking the way Jerry and Lorrie were is that it’s hard to do for very long. After a few minutes, Lorrie could not hang on any longer and Jerry had to let her down. This, of course, caused Jerry to pull out of my wife.

It was weird seeing Jerry’s erection coated in Lorrie’s sex juices as it waggled in front of him. At the same time, Lorrie looked at me sheepishly and smiled nervously at me before taking Jerry’s hand and leading him into our great room.

Lorrie quickly tossed pillows and sofa cushions on the floor. But when Lorrie moved into position on the cushions, I broke the silence and hoarsely said, “I want to see.”

They understood, so Jerry changed places with Lorrie so that Jerry lay down with his hardon sticking up like a spike. Lorrie then, facing toward Jerry’s feet, straddled Jerry’s hips. I now had the perfect view of Lorrie’s spread sex and Jerry’s waiting throbbing pole.

Lorrie pulled her long damp blonde hair back out of her face before she reached down between her legs and grasped Jerry’s cock and touched the tip to her opening. Lorrie and my eyes locked and she gave me a quick sly smile before she impaled herself.

Time seemed to move in slow motion as Lorrie’s soft pliant flesh gave way to Jerry’s stiff member. First his plum shaped head disappeared into my wife followed by the rest of his fleshy shaft sliding gently into my wife’s pink silky vagina. I felt strange seeing another man balls deep in Lorrie and her nether lips stretched around and framing his cylindrical shaft and her engorged clit and its sex slick reddish pink prepuce showing above.

Once he was fully in her, their fucking started in earnest. Up and down Lorrie went as Jerry’s vaginal juice soaked cock repeatedly appeared and disappeared. Lorrie made little whimpering sounds each time his cock slid in. At the same time, Lorrie used her hand to increase her stimulation by massaging her clit. God, it was the most fantastic sexy thing I have ever seen in my life.

Jerry suddenly held his breath and gave one deep hard thrust into Lorrie and I clearly watched his balls pump up and down as he spewed his tiny baby making sperm into my wife’s waiting fuck chute, completing and consummating my wife’s adultery.

Jerry held himself in Lorrie for a few more moments, savoring the exquisite tenderness of her velvety interior. At last, his spent cock slipped out of my wife. At first, only a few drops of Jerry’s milky white fluid dribbled out of Lorrie until Lorrie flexed her vaginal muscles causing several pussy farts and a couple large dollops of semen to bubble out of Lorrie and fall on Jerry’s soft cock.

Lorrie, then, crawled backwards until her face was even with Jerry’s cum drenched cock. I was shocked to watch Lorrie start licking Jerry’s cum off of his cock because I knew how much Lorrie hated the taste of semen. But because of the raunchiness of the moment, Lorrie had tossed out all of her previous inhibitions.

I was even more surprised when Lorrie slurped Jerry’s soft cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Lorrie hates to suck my cock and she only does it after a lot of begging by me and only on special occasions like my birthday. Nevertheless, there she was eagerly sucking away.

Lorrie wiggled her butt and her just fucked pussy at me which I took as my being my turn. I crawled up behind Lorrie and had almost lined my cock up when Lorrie stunned me by demanding, “No, eat me!”

Lorrie had always wanted me to eat her out after I had cum in her and I had actually tried to eat my creampie many times. It’s just that after cumming I lost any desire to do it but now with me very horny she knew I could not refuse.

I figured now was as good a time as any to give Lorrie what she wanted so I bent down and got into position. First, I had to fight a retching sensation as I prepared. Ordinarily, eating Lorrie’s pussy is one of the most wonderful things I get to do but now with her pussy coated and leaking Jerry’s fresh semen I was having trouble working up the nerve.

Lorrie shook her butt at me impatiently so I steeled my nerve, stuck out my tongue and touched it to her seeping hole. Haltingly I licked and tasted the bitter, salty and bleach flavor of Jerry’s semen mixed with the more pleasant tang of my wife’s delicious fluid.

Lorrie grunted; signaling her displeasure at how slow I was going so I increased the pressure from my tongue. With Lorrie’s pussy inverted I started down at her clit and ran my tongue along her slit lapping up the pasty oozing mess to her fucked and seeping hole and back down to her clit again.

Lorrie moaned her approval. She had something she had wanted for a long time; me cleaning a creampie out of her and all in all it was not that bad. I would not want to do it a lot but if Lorrie enjoys it I can live with it.

Lorrie stiffened suddenly and her body started shaking which I knew was from the powerful orgasm rocking her body. I, on the other hand, was rewarded with the most exquisite tasting flow of liquid literally shooting out of Lorrie. This is always the sweet prize I look forward to for orally servicing Lorrie’s pussy.

Once Lorrie came down off of her orgasmic high it was time to shift positions again. Lorrie had Jerry get up and she lay down where he had just been and spread her legs for me. It was my turn to be in Lorrie’s pussy.

With Lorrie lying there with her legs and her pussy spread obscenely open, Jerry, who having gotten hard again from Lorrie’s oral favors, interrupted and made a small request.

“Hey, guys,” he said, “if you don’t mind there has always been this one thing I have wanted to do with a girl. Until now I have never had a chance since I have never been where two guys are sharing one girl.”

Jerry hesitated and Lorrie looked at him quizzically and goaded him to get on with his request by saying, “OK and…”

“Can we make Lorrie into a girl sandwich?” He finally asked.

I, too had fantasized of Lorrie as a “girl sandwich” and had discussed it with her in generic terms of “would you” but had never really expected us to have a chance to do it for real. Additionally, I had tried anal with Lorrie before, of course, but not with any success. Tonight, though, was a night of firsts and of throwing out the rule so once Lorrie cautiously agreed, I was for it too.

I went and got a bottle of sex lube Lorrie and I use from time to time and handed it to a beaming Jerry. I then lay down where Lorrie had just been and Lorrie lay down on top of me, inserting my hard cock into her soft hot vagina at the same time.

This was the first time Lorrie and I had had close face to face contact since we had started this whole ridiculous thing. Lorrie’s face reflected the anxiety she was feeling as she prepared to have Jerry’s cock shoved up her poop chute.

I gave her a little kiss and asked her if she was “ok.”

She nodded nervously and answered “yes, are you?” as she looked behind her trying to see what Jerry was up to. I answered “yeah”; but I was not sure what I was feeling but whatever I was feeling it was too late to change things.

Suddenly, I felt something slick and wet dribble on my balls and I knew Jerry was lubing Lorrie’s ass hole. All of sudden Lorrie winced in pain from Jerry poking his finger passed her ass hole and into her rectum.

“Try to relax for me, babe, you’ve got to relax for this to work.” Jerry soothingly told Lorrie.

For the next several minutes, Jerry kept the pressure up and worked to get Lorrie to relax until he was able to move his finger in and out of her ass hole freely. Let me tell you it was really freaky feeling Jerry’s finger on my cock in Lorrie’s vagina when he massaged the inside of Lorrie’s rectum.

From one finger, Jerry soon had two and finally three before Lorrie was ready for the main event. Lorrie’s face was now a complete contrast from the one she had had earlier. She seemed to be completely relaxed and even appeared to enjoy Jerry molesting her poop hole.

“Ready?” Jerry asked expectantly.

Lorrie nodded yes in reply as she waited uneasily.

Jerry squeezed an extra liberal amount of lubricant onto and into Lorrie’s now stretched hole and he quickly coated his hardon with it too. He spread Lorrie anus open and lined the tip of his cock up. A gentle push and his head popped in fairly easily, all of Jerry’s preparation had worked.

Lorrie let out a little gasp and then giggled nervously. She looked back at Jerry almost not believing he had penetrated what until now had been an impenetrable barrier, going where no man has ever been.

Jerry waited a couple of minutes so that Lorrie would be ready to take the rest of him. In fact he waited so long that Lorrie wiggled her butt at him impatiently.

“Alright, alright,” he told her and then gave her right butt cheek a hard slap causing Lorrie to yelp in surprise. This, too, was a new experience for Lorrie because I have never been physical like that with our love making.

After that he pressed forward and easily slid the rest of the way into Lorrie inner most forbidden place. I felt his cock too as it glided up into Lorrie’s inner sanctum.

As Jerry hit bottom, his balls pressed into mine, yet another strange thing to add to this night of strangeness.

Jerry had complete control now as he in and out of Lorrie with an ease I had never imagined possible. Lorrie eyes were tightly shut and she kind of mumbled, “My god I’m so fucking full” over and over again. I just settled in for the ride which was alright since I was close to cumming anyway.

Jerry’s pace pickup right before he started cumming. His second load went where no other man’s had ever gone. Lorrie started shaking at this point as her orgasm rocked her body. That was it for me, I could not hold out any longer and I filled my wife where I had filled her many times before.

Breathless and sated, Jerry rolled off of Lorrie and Lorrie rolled off of me. Lorrie lay on the floor with her legs lewdly splayed displaying her most intimate places in a most unladylike way for Jerry and me to see; something my previously straight laced wife would never have done.

Between her legs, her labia were more swollen than I had ever seen them as white milky fluid leaked out from both of Lorrie’s holes and pooled on the floor beneath her.

Lorrie was the first to break the silence after her breath return as she broke out into a bad case of the giggles. This caused Jerry and me to start laughing too before we all started talking at once.

From nowhere, Lorrie reached out and slugged me, “What the hell were you thinking?”

Suddenly the reality of what had happened over the last two hours sunk in. What followed was about fifteen minutes of graveling and reassurances from me and an equal amount of compliments and expressions of gratitude by Jerry.

We knew she had settled down when she declared, “I’m famished” to which Jerry and I agreed.

The three of us went back to the kitchen where it had all began a couple of hours earlier. The most remarkable thing I remember is just how normal everything was even though the three of us were naked and Jerry had just fucked my wife.

Jerry eventually had to go and after he dressed he picked up the towel I had ripped off of Lorrie and asked, “Can I keep this?”

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