Shannon took a few deep breaths as she tried to calm down from her first negative sexual experience. She could tell that Butch loved it, and that bothered her. as she correctly feared that he would want to fuck her up the ass regularly.

She spent the next few minutes finishing her joint, which partly took her mind off of the pain that still lingered from Butch having forced his massive hard on inside her small, puckered, virgin asshole.

By the time she finished the joint, she was physically relaxed but emotionally shaken, as she feared losing Butch. Wanting to know how he felt, and hoping for reassurance, she spoke to him very gently as he still lay on top of her.

“Butch?” she asked.

“What is it, baby girl?” he asked.

“I’m sorry that I tried to stop you from fucking me up the ass. I was just afraid of the pain. But I love you so much, if it brings you pleasure, I’m willing to let you do that to me. I’ve waited my whole life to find a man like you and I’ll do anything not to lose you.”

“As long as you give me any kind of sex I want, anytime I want, you’ll never lose me, baby girl.”

“I promise I’ll give you that.”

He followed that with a few kisses to the back of her neck and the sides of her face and neck. That, combined the words he’d just spoken, made her feel very secure about their relationship.

Butch fell asleep within a couple of minutes and Shannon then grabbed another joint and smoked it, hoping that it would further ease her pain. As Butch lay on top of her, she smoked very aggressively for over two hours straight, then passed out hard.

Late that evening, Butch finally woke up, very groggy from passively smoking so much of Shannon’s weed while he slept.

Seeing that she was passed out, he realized that it was a great opportunity. He fucked her up the ass four times over the next five hours while slowly smoking two joints – little enough to avoid passing out but enough to increase his sense of touch and therefore increase his pleasure from the sex. And he was glad that in the process, he was stretching out Shannon’s asshole while she was passed out and not aware of the pain. Upon coming for the fourth time of the binge, his 45-year old cock had reached its limit for the day.

He smoked another joint while gazing at his 18-year girlfriend. Before he fell in love with her, he thought that no woman would want a monogamous relationship with him; that he would have to spend his whole life settling for sleazy women he picked up at such places as bars and biker rallies.

He was amazed that a stunningly beautiful, super intelligent, 18-year old woman was so crazy about him in every way, and he was determined that he was going to make the relationship work.

Butch finished the joint at 2 AM and fell asleep almost immediately afterward. Shannon woke up about 6 AM and her ass felt very sore. She could tell that Butch was in a very deep sleep and probably wouldn’t wake up for several hours, so she smoked another joint and lay back down, this time using his ass as her pillow.

Shannon woke up about 3 PM. They were both still in the same position and Butch was still out cold. She passed the time waiting for him to wake up by looking through a photo album of hundreds of the tattoos that Butch had applied over the years.

He woke up about an hour later and the rest of the day was very subdued for both of them, as they were exhausted from the intense sex and weed smoking. The two lovers had a quiet dinner, then sat on the couch and had an easygoing conversation while cuddling.

Finally, about 10 PM, they got dressed and Butch drove Shannon to Beth’s and Gina Marie’s house. On the drive, they held hands almost the whole way but barely said a word. Still, they immensely looked forward to seeing each other again in just five days, when they figured they’d have all their energy back.

At 11:15, Beth was lying nude in bed, asleep. She suddenly woke up from knocking on her daughter’s window. Beth immediately turned on the lamp by her bed, put on a long T shirt, opened the front door, and looked over toward Shannon, who directed her attention toward the door as soon as she heard it open.

“Come on in!” Beth said.

“Hey girl!” Shannon said as she approached Beth.

“How was your weekend?” Beth asked as the two began an embrace that lasted until they headed inside. Shannon said nothing but gave an exhausted grin. Noticing both the smile and the look of fatigue, Beth inquired further. “Hey, girl, you look like you had a rough weekend.”

“I did,” Shannon replied with a slight hint of a smile but sounding groggy.

“Are you okay?”


“You look like you want to talk about something.”

“I do.”

“Well come on in, honey.”

At that, they let go of each other and went inside and stood facing each other in the living room.

“Is Gina Marie up?” Shannon asked.

“No,” Beth replied, “she got stoned out of her fucking mind and passed out a few hours ago!”

“Just like me yesterday!”

“That’s what I figured when I saw how tired you looked!”

“Speaking of being tired, is it okay if we go lie down?”

“Of course! I have to be at work in the morning anyway, so I need some rest, too!

Beth then walked Shannon back to Beth’s room. As they arrived, Shannon asked “Is it okay if I borrow a T shirt to sleep in?”

“Of course,” Beth replied and grabbed one out of her closet, while Shannon stripped and lay her clothes on the floor. Before handing the shirt to Shannon, however, Beth’s eyes rolled around at Shannon’s nude body, searching for a new tattoo, since she had gotten one every weekend since meeting Butch. “Okay, where is it?!” Beth asked.

“I didn’t get one this weekend,” Shannon replied.

“You didn’t?! Why not?”

“It’s a long story.”

“I hope everything’s okay with you and Butch.”

“It is. Let’s lie down and I’ll tell you the whole story.”

“Sounds good.” At that, the two got in bed together for the first time, Beth turned off the lamp, and Shannon immediately began her story without prompting.

“He was going to give me one yesterday, but before we got out of bed, he forced me to let him fuck me up the ass and it hurt so bad, the only thing I did the rest of the day was smoke weed until I passed out. And then today, we were both way too exhausted from yesterday.”

“Did he use any lubrication on you?”


“Poor girl. I understand totally. I remember how bad it hurt the first time I got fucked up the ass. He didn’t use any lubrication on me either.”

“How old were you?”


“Did you ever do it again?”

“Oh yeah. I’ve taken it up the ass hundreds of times now.”

“How do you like it now?”

“Well, the most important thing is that it doesn’t hurt anymore. It hasn’t for many years. I still would much rather get fucked up the cunt, but most guys love to fuck girls up the ass, and it’s easier to get them interested in you if you’ll let them do it.”

“How long did it take you until it didn’t hurt anymore?”

“Well,” Beth said, then paused for several seconds as she turned on the light, reached below the bed, pulled out her box of sex toys, took out five butt plugs, and displayed them to Shannon. “Right after my first time, I bought these. I started off keeping the smallest one inside my ass all the time, then after a couple of week I moved up to the next biggest one, and after a couple of months I could take the biggest one without any problem. After that, I’ve never had a cock that I had any trouble taking in at all, even without lubrication. I bet I could even take a door knob up my ass by now!”

“Wow, that’s great! Butch totally got off fucking me up the ass, so I want to give it to him as much as he wants, but I don’t want it to hurt, either.

“Well then here, girl,” Beth said, holding out the butt plugs toward Shannon. “Start stretching out that little rosebud right now!”

“Wow, thanks!” Shannon said as she took the butt plugs, got down on all fours, and shoved the smallest butt plug all the way inside her ass. She then set the other four butt plugs on top of her clothes and got back into bed as Beth turned the lamp off again.


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