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AN: This chapter takes place two years after chapter one.

Sarah adjusted her pigtails and made sure that her uniform fit just right. She needed to look perfect. She had never felt so nervous, not even during her dad’s toughest cons. However, this was different. She was going on her first official mission for the CIA. She had spent the last two years attending college while also being trained by the CIA. Graham had wanted her to get the best training along with the best education. Sarah was itching to prove herself ready.

Graham hadn’t planned on letting Sarah go out on a mission this soon however, this mission was tailor-made for Sarah. Rumors were circulating that a CIA asset at a university was using a cheerleading squad to send classified information to enemy agents when the squad was on meets. Sarah’s job was to find out who the girls were that the asset was going through and who they were meeting. She just had to make the team.

That was the cause of Sarah’s nerves. While she had undergone a makeover in regards to her appearance, she still felt like the girl that was tormented by Heather. Unfortunately this led to moments where she could still be a klutz. She couldn’t make any mistakes. She had to prove herself to Graham. If she failed, would Graham kick her out of the CIA already and then what? Her dad was still in prison. She would be all alone.

Focus, she reminded herself. She needed to focus. She looked at herself in the mirror again. She didn’t want to admit but she looked kind of hot. She had a very tight revealing tank top with a cheerleading skirt that barely covered her backside. The thong she was wearing underneath the skirt covered little as well.

Yes, she was taking no chances. She had heard there was a new coach for the squad. He was supposed to be a real hard ass. He was a strict drill sergeant type guy. With the way she looked, she thought she could get under his skin. Of course he could be gay. However, as she looked at her backside in the mirror she was reminded of what that red headed DEA trainee had said during their seduction class. She had told Sarah that her ass could turn a gay man straight. Sarah took another glance at herself in the mirror she looked kind of slutty or like Heather, that bitch. Again she reminded herself to focus. She was ready. She knew the moves and had the look. Things were going to go perfectly.

Things went horribly wrong. The tryout was as far from perfect as Sarah could have imagined. First, the coach barely acknowledged her looks. He just merely grunted before telling her to begin. Her routine started bad, then went to horrible and ended as a disaster. The coach said nothing to her and just asked for the next girl to come in.

She had failed. Tears were building in her eyes. Graham was going to kick her out. She didn’t want to go back to doing cons. Sarah closed her eyes and wiped away the tears. She steeled her nerves. She was going to get on the squad no matter what.

She waited for all the girls to finish their auditions before she went back in the gym. It was just her and the coach. She studied him. He was not what you would expect from a cheerleading coach. He looked like a football player. Hell, he looked like a bear. She was tall but he was almost half a foot taller than her. He was probably just a little over thirty but still quite muscular. He was kind of handsome. He was also now staring intently at her.

He grunted again. “Let me guess this is the part where you tell me you will do whatever it takes to make the team.”

Sarah licked her lips. “Yes, anything.”

Another damn grunt. “Anything. Let’s see. I need girls who follow my instructions without question. They do what I say when I say it. Are you that kind of girl? I doubt it but let’s see. Take off your top.”

Sarah’s eyes widened but she saw the determined look in his eyes. She couldn’t back down. She reached for the hem of the tank top and pulled it over her head leaving her naked from the waist up.

“No bra, classy.”

Sarah blushed at the remark and also at the look he was giving her. She had seen looks like this before. It was lust but in this man’s eyes it was more animalistic.

“My girls are the strongest. Their minds, their bodies and their wills are unmatched. Let’s see if you are just as strong. Do a handstand and remain in position.”

Sarah did as she was told. However, she realized now that her skirt was flipped now leaving nether region just barely covered by the thong.

Another fucking grunt. “Now, do a split while you remain in a handstand.” Sarah split her legs as far as she could. She was a perfect T shape. “Nice, let’s see how disciplined you are. Don’t you dare fall over till I tell you to.”

Sarah was getting worried. Her arms were already starting to shake from the strain. However, those thoughts were lost as he moved in front of her and moved the last barrier covering her pussy.

“What the-? Oh God.” Sarah’s words were cut off by the feel of the coach’s tongue licking her pussy. She is sweating and feeling lightheaded. However, more important was the feeling spreading through her body. No one had ever done this to her. She had heard stories of what it was like to have their pussy licked mainly from the red head in seduction class. She had mentioned what it felt like to be gone down on and also to go down on another woman. Sarah had to admit she was intrigued she wasn’t sure by which. The girl had said that most times women were the best at this. However, the coach must have been very skilled. Each lick was sending pleasure throughout Sarah’s body and she felt wetness in her pussy. It was building higher and higher till…

“Yes! Oh god!” Sarah toppled over. She rolled onto her side trembling. She couldn’t believe this had just happened. Graham had told her things like might happen. Sex on missions was part of life as an agent. She was awakened from her thoughts by the coach towering over her. She looked up to find him naked.

“Disappointing. I didn’t tell you it was okay to let go of your position. I should just tell you to leave…” However, his movements told another story. He moved himself and her so that she was now on her back with her legs spread while he was kneeling between them. He had also ripped off her thong. “However, I’ll give you a last chance. My girls need stamina. How long can you last?”

She looked down at his dick. He was large, too large she worried. She had only been with her mentor/former handler Arthur Graham. However, their sexual relationship ended just as quickly as it began when he was promoted to Director of the CIA. She hadn’t had sex since then. Graham had told her that he couldn’t teach her anymore about sex now that he was the director as it wouldn’t be appropriate. He never got around to going down on her or anal sex. Sarah felt very naïve about sex especially compared to others at college and her seduction class. Now, she was about to have sex on a mission for the first time. She wanted to scream for him to stop as he pushed into her.

“Oh, fuck. You are so fucking tight. Almost like a virgin.” He pulled back a little. “Are you a virgin?”

“No.” She squeaked out. She was trying not to cry at the pain. She was not a virgin but was still very tight.

“Well, those must have been some little dick losers.” He was starting to pant as really was fucking her. He then started to use his hand to rub her clit causing Sarah to feel those feelings again. The pain was now gone and there was those pleasurable feelings again. She couldn’t believe how quickly the pleasure came about. It was fantastic. She wished she hadn’t waited so long to have sex again. She felt herself pushing up to meet the thrusts. He was starting to sweat and his face showed the strain of each thrusts.

The coach slowed his thrusts before pulling out leaving Sarah whimpering in need. The coach only smiled before he brought her legs over his shoulders and thrust into her again.

“Grab your tits.” After a hard thrust, Sarah’s hands flew up and grabbed her breasts. “Yeah give them a good squeeze. Pinch those nipples.”

Sarah was really pinching her own nipples. She couldn’t understand it but it only added to her pleasure. They were both moaning and now even Sarah was grunting. The pleasure built up to a peak and just as she reached the peak the coach pinched her clit causing Sarah to feel an explosion within her pussy. The coach was really straining with each thrust as her pussy was clenching around his dick. His grunts were even becoming more strained.

“So… fucking…. tight…. ARGH!!” He screamed out as he came. Once he was spent he rolled off of Sarah and they both lay on the gym floor. A thought occurred to Sarah laying there. He came in her. She could get pregnant. She was about to panic but then she remembered that part of seduction class had gone over the birth control pill and morning after pills that female agents have in their medical kits. She also remembered that red head mentioning the pill had helped her out of a couple of jams. She would take the pill once she got back to the room.

The coach brought Sarah out of her musings. “Not bad but to be on this squad you need to be able to inspire people. You need to lift others spirits when they are down.” As he lay down, he was giving her a pointed look. Sarah was confused. He rolled his eyes before looking down towards his dick. “Come on girl, I am down right now so lift me up.”

She realized what he meant. She sat up and reached for his soft dick. She started to stroke it however, the coach stopped her.

“No, use your mouth.” Sarah tried to keep the fear down. She didn’t know what to do. She had only given Graham a blowjob one time and that was mainly him pushing her face up and down on his dick. She closed her eyes and tried to think what to do. She remembered that same red headed girl talking about her technique for the best blow jobs. Thinking back that girl was kind of a slut. However, she followed the instructions as she took the dick in her hand while lowering her mouth. The first taste wasn’t bad. She then realized she was tasting her own juices mixed with his cum on his dick.

She was going down a mental check list in her head. Lick the balls, check. Bob her head up and down, check. Stroke the shaft, check. Cup the balls, check. Tease the asshole with her tongue, check. One long lick from the asshole to the dick, check, though she found those last two a little weird but that red head seemed to know what she was talking about. What the hell was her name though? Take the dick in her mouth, check. Suck in her cheeks, check. Blow out, check. Lick the tip, check. She was so focused on this list that she didn’t hear him say stop. Finally, he pulled her off his dick by her hair.

“That was very good. You may be just the right type of girl for my squad.” Sarah smiled at this. She was happy about the team but also pleased that she had given a good blow job. “However, there is still one more quality that I look for in a cheerleader. It’s the most important one.”

Sarah was determined to do whatever was necessary. Hell, nothing had been so bad so far.

“Get on your hands and knees.” Sarah was still a little sore but she did as she was told. She felt him pull her butt cheeks apart. Then she heard him spit and felt the spit on her asshole. He did this a couple of times before she could question him she felt something pushing into her asshole.

She turned around to see him pushing his dick into her asshole. It was too big. He barely fit in her pussy. However, he pushed her face down to the ground as he thrust all the way in to her asshole.

“Fuck!!!” She screamed out so loud the whole campus probably heard her.

“No not yet.” He held her hips type as began to thrust into her asshole. There was no gentleness in his thrust. The pain in her ass was so great that she didn’t even notice how hard his hips were slapping against her butt. After a few minutes of painful fucking he reached up and grabbed her pigtails. He started to use them as reins as he continued to fuck her. “Final quality in a cheerleader is knowing that it isn’t about them but about the squad. Your pleasure is irrelevant just… the … squad.”

He was starting to strain as he really was fucking her ass harder than before. Sarah was grunting in pain finding no pleasure in this act. His thrusts were beginning to become more labored as was his breathing.

“And for you… I… am… the… SQUAD!” He yelled out as he came. Sarah could feel her ass filling up with cum. His thrusts finally stopped and he let go of her pigtails. Sarah slumped to the floor and a pop was heard as his cock left her ass. Sarah didn’t even look up and just laid there spent. She heard him moving around. “Congrats, you made the team.”

A couple of hours later, Sarah went to meet with Graham. She had a humiliating walk back to her room with torn underwear, the short skirt and cum leaking out of her pussy and ass. She took a long hot shower and made sure to take the pill.

Graham was pleased by her success, which made it all worth it. However, she really hoped the coach was involved in this because she wanted to get him back. Maybe she could fuck him in the ass and see how he likes it. Was that possible? She would ask the red head about that.

“Sarah, I am pleased with your success at the tryouts. Of course, it seems it was unnecessary.”

“What?” She couldn’t believe what he just said. She had lost any virginity she could claim. This couldn’t have been for nothing.

“Well, it seems that the NSA also has someone working on the inside that could have gotten you on the team without having to tryout. They will be here soon. Have a seat while we wait.”

“No, I’m fine.” Graham gave her a weird look but didn’t question her further. What could she say? She didn’t want to sit because her asshole was on fire and sitting down will only make it worse. She didn’t think she would be able to sit down for another week. A knock on the door caused both to look as the door opened.

Sarah’s face went white as she saw the coach enter the room.

“Sarah Walker, I would like you to meet Captain John Casey.”

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