jerking off

The alarm rung. It filled the room with its obnoxiousness. Today wasn’t a day for alarms to begin with. It was Saturday. Pam had only set it out of force of habit. Now she regretted it as the evil sound penetrated her ears. Her hand flung over the bed, onto the nightstand, and silenced the damn thing. Pam shoved the covers off, sitting up in bed.

She took a sip of water from her cup on the nightstand and eased her legs over the side of the bed, her feet dropping to the floor. Pam slid her feet into the comfortable pair of fuzzy slippers waiting there. She glanced at the clock and stood up. Pam felt the freezing temperatures and instantly wished she was under the covers again.

She darted across the room and grabbed her fluffy robe. Pam turned the television in her bedroom on to the news while doing a couple early morning stretches. She became perturbed when the weather girl made mention of last night’s snowstorm.

Pam had fallen asleep before it got so bad. She jogged to the window and flipped open the blinds. There was two more feet of snow than the night prior.

Pam shuffled out of the room and turned the dial on her thermostat up. Next she stopped off in the bathroom with an aching need to piss. She undid the sash on her robe and then slid her panties down her thick thighs.

Pam casually pointed her morning wood toward the toilet as a steady stream of liquid poured out. Her fingers felt good on the hard mass. Pam gave it a couple strokes as she relieved herself. Those couple motions sent a shiver of pleasure through her body. Pam knew why she was so horny. Last night hadn’t worked out as planned.

Pam washed her hands after the piss. She momentarily glanced at herself in the mirror. Short blond hair outlined her pretty face. Pam was a full-figured woman and she stood close to six feet tall. Pam’s eyes studied her thirty-year-old body, down her large DD breasts to her curvy waist.

She touched her cock again as it reached full mast. It was almost nine inches of red pulsing flesh. Next she turned the shower on, waiting patiently for it to heat up. Pam slipped the robe off over her shoulders and pulled her panties down, snapping them off her feet.

She stepped into the warm shower with a satisfied sigh. The tiny bullets of water splashed against her body relentlessly, warming her up. Pam soaped up her rather large womanly body. Pam loved showers because it was a chance to rediscover the pleasures of her body all over again.

She jubilantly ran her hands over every inch of feminine flesh, before turning her attention toward the thick masculine pipe between her legs. Memories from last night came pouring back as her hands ran the length of her shaft.

Pam lived in a college town. She did so intentionally because of the sexual opportunities it provided. Being a sexual creature, Pam had urges and wanted to be close as possible to the objects, or orifices, which satisfied those urges.

Living in a college town provided her ample opportunities to meet young men and act out those urges. Pam wouldn’t call herself a predator, but she was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. There wasn’t any indecision about it. The men she chose were the ones who suffered through indecision.

They’d give her all the signs that they were ready for her style of play and then would try to renege. Pam tried not to not take it as an affront, they were just young and uncertain. Those were precisely the qualities she looked for after all.

Pam had found one last night. A local bar was filled to capacity. She spotted him as he walked into the bar casually. Pam offered to buy him a drink, licking her lips and keeping her arm wrapped around his side all night. She had a couple drinks and he got very drunk.

Pam offered to drive him home. That was never the plan though. She intended to drive him to her place instead. Pam put him in the backseat and got distracted by the way his butt filled out his pants. She slammed the car door and started kissing him. He kissed back, their tongues mingling together.

She rubbed his cock through his jeans. Pam’s lips kissed and licked his ear, she whispered, “I hope you’re ready to fuck…”

The guy responded by squeezing her tits, then reaching for his pants. She saw his face go white when he felt the steel pipe concealed within. Pam wrapped her strong arms around him and latched her lips onto his, but she couldn’t get him to settle down. He pushed away, rebuffing her, his speech slurred, and frantically struggled to get the car door open.

Pam let out a deep sigh, resigned to her fate. He ran back to the bar and found the group of friends he had come in with. Pam decided to drive home and ended up falling asleep early.

Back to the present, Pam squirted out a dollop of soap into her hand and wrapped it around her cock. She really needed to cum. Her hand began jerking up and down the thick shaft faster and faster. Then she stopped.

Pam decided it would be best to save the first cum of the morning for Ronnie. Yes, that would do just fine. Ronnie was the son of Pam’s next door neighbor. He was home most days when no one else was. The nineteen-year-old was still a little awkward for his age but a perfect fit for Pam in more ways than one.

She’d have breakfast and go next door to see him. That sounded good to Pam. She’d rather not fuck on an empty stomach and she could expect to be cumming inside his tight rectum within the hour.

Pam grabbed a towel and began drying off her body. Her large breasts wobbled and slammed together as she toweled off. She ran the coarse towel over her sensitive nipples, the motion giving her cock another jolt.

She tiptoed across the cold bathroom tile and put on a fresh pair of panties, the flimsy material wedging in between the ample flesh of her ass crack. After that she slipped on a shirt and headed toward the kitchen.

Pam lazily opened the fridge, her eyes looking over the contents within. She grabbed the carton of milk and took a long swig, wiping her mouth with her forearm afterward. Pam took out the eggs and sausage, quickly frying them up.

Her cock hadn’t gone soft yet. It was sending a message to her brain, it was telling her to hurry up. Pam sat down, her meaty ass cheeks banging down on the cold chair. She scarfed down the meal quickly, opting to forgo the cleanup for later.

Pam tossed her long johns on and then grabbed a pair of sweats. She slid into a sweater and then a coat. She pushed her feet into a pair of boots by the door. In trying to open the door, she realized how much it truly had snowed. She was pretty much snowed in.

Her sex drive was more determined than that. Pam threw her shoulder into the door. Once. Twice. Three times. With a bang, the damn thing popped open. After that display of will, Pam daintily sauntered across the lawn. The level of difficulty in navigating her way over to Ronnie’s house got harder as the snow got deeper.

The snow had surpassed her knees. Each step was more difficult than the last. She nearly fell over. Catching herself with her hands in the snow. She had forgotten gloves! If this kind of cold couldn’t soften an erection, she didn’t know what would. She persevered toward her destination despite it all.

Pam made it up the steps of the icy porch and surveyed the Christmas lights. She got to the door and banged her paw on it. Impatiently, she banged again. There was no answer. Pam hit the door, becoming frustrating, she shouted out Ronnie’s name. She had made this trek over here and no one was even home!

What a waste she thought.

She had struck out twice between last night and today. With that in her mind, Pam slowly traveled the snow-covered steps back to the driveway and then back to her house. Now she had a headache to boot. She’d get that boy back. Their next session was going to be extra intensive. Pam would see to that.

Pam kicked her boots off, then threw off her wet sweats. She pulled her cold clothes off and tossed them into the laundry room. Pam’s cold, wet cock bobbed along as she embarked to turn the heat up higher. It needed attention. While she had grand hopes of Ronnie giving it that attention, she knew now that that wouldn’t be in the cards today.

Instead, Pam would have to take care of it herself. She might as well utilize some top-notch jerk off material while she was at it. Pam walked over to the bookshelf and looked down her row of videos. She pulled out a tape and smiled. This one was from a month or two ago.

Another thing Pam loved to do was videotape her encounters. She remembered the boy on this tape. Pam had found him at her friend’s Halloween party. He was an intern with a real knack for pleasing, as Pam had found out. He got hammered and Pam offered to drive him home. As always, she hadn’t specified whose home.

Her camera was waiting in the bedroom and she made sure to capture the whole thing. These memories came back to her as she hugged the tape to her chest, before popping it into the machine. Pam seized the remote off the table and sat back on the couch. She pressed play, rearranging on the couch afterward and taking her hard cock out.

The young man, Brett was his name, Pam remembered now, had already stumbled into Pam’s bedroom when she turned on the camera. She watched movie Pam walk toward him, sitting on the bed. She sat down next to him and started peeling off his clothes.

Brett was confused at first but didn’t resist. His eyes bugged out when she pulled the cock from her pants. The camera could barely pick up what movie Pam whispered to him.

“I’m so hard, baby. I’m going to fuck you so good. I can do it better than you. Every time you screw a girl in the future you’ll think back to tonight and remember you can’t do a better job than I did with you. Your asshole is going to quiver in that moment as you recall the imprint I left there forever.”

He mumbled something while movie Pam tore off the rest of the clothes. While she sat watching the video, stroking her cock, Pam could almost smell the sex in the air that day. She could nearly feel his body as movie Pam propped Brett’s body up on a pillow and assumed the missionary position.

With the way the camera was situated, movie Pam’s big butt obstructed the view of the action but Pam knew from the groan that movie Pam released that she had just entered him. From the couch, Pam smiled, remembering how his spit-covered rectum felt.

Pam never liked using lubricant from a bottle. It felt unnatural and unnecessary. Spit and precum worked just fine. She spit into her hand and stroked her cock with it, intently focused on the video. She watched movie Pam’s ass bounce back and forth. It was a brutal rhythm. She could remember how tightly his little asshole had clung to its invader.

They moaned and groaned loudly. Brett’s small body could barely take such an assault. Movie Pam didn’t let up, thrusting herself even deeper inside him. She bent down and kissed him, forcing her tongue into his mouth.

Pam felt herself close to cumming already. Watching movie Pam’s ass as she fucked Brett was thrilling but she wished she could see some of sex too. Her wish was granted, as movie Pam tossed Brett’s legs over her shoulders and lifted his butt up higher on the pillow.

Pam had a perfect view of the action now. Movie Pam’s cock jackhammered in and out of his ass. She was a wild animal in the movie, using this young man for her deepest of pleasures. These thoughts and more swirled around Pam’s head as she kept stroking her cock–faster now. She was so close to cumming.

Movie Pam let out a loud grunt that radiated from the television speakers throughout the room as she deposited what must have been a massive load inside Brett’s abused buns. That was it. Pam’s cock started spewing just as her cock was in the video.

A long string of the white sticky substance shot from her cock tip and landed on the table. She worked hard to catch the rest in her hands. She used the warm globs of semen as extra lubrication, which made it easier for her hand to glide up and down the pulsing shaft.

As her orgasm slowed, Pam finally had the luxury of looking back at up at the movie. Movie Pam kneeled over the young intern and his upturned, cum-filled bottom. Movie Pam looked down at Brett and noticed a number of driblets of liquid on his stomach. He came too from the fucking.

Movie Pam drew her finger across Brett’s stomach, swiping some of the cum and brought it to his lips before sucking it up herself.

“Dirty boy. I didn’t think you’d blow your load. I guess I didn’t have you pegged at all.” She swept her finger through the liquid and licked off the semi-clear liquid again.

“Yea… Yes. That–that was the most powerful experience ever. How… how did you know I would like it?” It seemed like she had fucked the drunkenness out of him.

“I didn’t.”

With that, movie Pam’s upper body dropped to his lower body and she sucked his average-sized cock into her mouth like a vacuum. Her soft lips and active tongue extracted a few more drops from his empty balls, cleaning his cock and stomach in the process.

Pam hit stop on the remote. She absentmindedly licked her own cum from her fingers and pulled her panties back up. Pam pulled the tape from the machine and brought it back to the bookshelf. She looked over the array of other videotapes and thought of the array of sexcapades recorded on them.

It was Saturday, but Pam figured she should knock out a couple hours of work. She thought Ronnie and his scrumptious body would be in her bed today, but instead her bed was empty, so why not get a little work done?

Pam was a commercial buyer for a fabrics company. Her work required she travel a lot. She had just gotten back from a trip to France. It was a very productive week-long trip. She had access to two handsome Frenchmen while there. Her assertive–often aggressive demeanor was an asset to her professional success and it went a long way in getting her laid too.

She worked for a few hours. It was nearly the middle of the afternoon by the time Pam was finished. She had a quick snack afterward and then looked outside. Then she decided to call Ronnie. She caught him after a quick dial of the phone and three rings.

“Where have you been Sweetie pie? I was looking for you earlier today.”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Thomas. My mom took me out for breakfast and then we went for Christmas shopping.”

Pam paced along her hallway, “You didn’t clear that with me first Ronnie. I wanted to see you.”

“I’m sorry I said. I couldn’t help it Ms. Thomas.”

Pam’s frown opened into a big smile, “Are you wearing them now?”

Ronnie whispered so softly that Pam had to struggle to hear him. “I am Ms. Thomas.”

“Just like I told you.”

Pam felt another surge shoot through her cock. It stood up in her panties. Pam had been screwing Ronnie for a couple months now. In that time she had turned him into a ready and willing deep throater. Her next target was to feminize him. He seemed more than willing when it came right down to it. Why, right now he was wearing a pair of pink panties she had picked out for him special.

Just the other day, he wore lipstick and eye liner while he blew her. It gave Pam immense pleasure. She would steadily introduce different outfits for him to wear. It opened the door to a lot of role-playing scenarios that got Pam’s blood pumping in all the right places. As if fucking her neighbor’s son wasn’t enough.

“And you’re going to dress real pretty and give me my Christmas present soon, right?” She asked knowingly.

“Yes, Ms. Thomas.”

Pam ended the conversation after that. The wait would be worth it. She couldn’t wait to get that little devil in her bed again. But for now, she was alone with one hell of a boner. This damned bitter cold and snow meant she couldn’t pick anyone up at the bar. She couldn’t even visit an old target. She was on her own.

Suddenly the naughtiest idea popped into Pam’s head. The act might not be too difficult with two years of yoga in her. Autofellatio. Pam would suck herself off! She had the penis length and flexibility required.

The idea of it sent Pam into a bit of a daze. She had an extra bounce in her step as she set up, tossing some extra pillows onto the bed. She figured it would be most comfortable if done in bed.

Pam was an expert cock sucker. This idea was perfect. Her warm mouth and full lips would feel fantastic compared to her cold hands. It was such a kinky idea that Pam could hardly contain her joy, dancing around the room as she finished setting up, applying lip balm to her lips

Pam stripped her panties and shirt off. She hopped on the bed, settling into a position on her back. She propped her ass up on the pillows. Pam looped her arms behind her knees next, locking her arms in place and then lifting her knees forward, effectively aiming Pam’s painfully hard cock toward her face.

The tip was a dark pink color. A bead of precum peeked out of the piss hole. Pam lifted her back up as though she was doing a crunch. The tip of her tongue made contact with the head of her cock. She eagerly lapped at the precum. Her tongue swirled around the head. This sent a warm shiver through Pam’s body.

Pam, you little minx! She playfully chided herself.

The sensation of her swirling tongue felt wonderful. The act was almost indescribable. It was hard to tell where her cock ended and her mouth began as she slurped the big thing into her mouth. She couldn’t split apart the intense feelings. There was the warm wetness of her mouth. The way the big spongy head felt between her lips. Her lips wrapped tighter around the tip.

Pam attempted to push her knees closer. That resulted in her cock popping out of her mouth. She fell back onto her bed, her butt landing squarely on the pillows. She burst out laughing for a moment.

Giving it another go, Pam interlocked her fingers this time when her arms looped behind the back of her knees, she eased forward more steadily. Pam’s lips were there to meet the tip again. She gave it a kiss.

I can kiss myself, she thought. I can blow myself! It was so lewd and so wonderful.

Pam sucked the tip between her lips once again. This time she was able to pull another couple inches in with it. She was more limber now and it wasn’t all that uncomfortable. Or if it was, she couldn’t tell because she was too horny. Sexual pleasure beats out physical pain any day of the week.

It was actually quite easy, Pam told herself as she slobbered on the thick shaft. She sucked hard on the couple inches that were trapped in her mouth. The laughing was over now, she was giving herself a damn good blow job and loving every second of it.

The sound of her mouth slurping on her cock was like music to her ears. So was the creak of the bed as she adjusted to slip another inch of cock meat into her mouth. Pam didn’t let up, her face red now. Pam’s cock was being brought to the edge with the aid of her constant sucking.

Sucking herself, she knew exactly what nerves to hit and exactly where to concentrate her tongue. Anyone looking in through the window would have been in for the surprise of their lives. This beautiful woman was lying in her bed and she had a cock. What’s more, she was sucking on that very cock!

Pam was so close now. Her balls churned. She was giving herself the kind of blow job that no cock could last long against.

Finally, Pam couldn’t hold out against the wonderful sensations any longer. Trying to concentrate, Pam held her cock tightly within the grip of her lips while she exploded. Gushes of hot ejaculate transported from her balls to her mouth. She swallowed the tangy globs quickly, making room for more.

Her cock jerked, sending more spurts down Pam’s throat. Her cock was so sensitive now. It was almost too much as she continued to tongue the piss hole. The big dick began to soften. Pam chased the tip as it began to shrink back to her crotch. She stretched her back as far as it would reach before giving in.

I zeroed in on Rory Allen the first time I saw him. Tall, thin and with a great smile, Rory didn’t fit my usual style of man. Maybe it was his rakish grin or the way he carried himself with a slightly amused smirk. Rory viewed the world as an endless source of entertainment. That attitude attracted me, even if he was too tall, not as buff as I prefer and straight.

It had taken three exchanges of rooms before I bunked with him. I had caught on to what Rory was doing. The barracks varied in size with most of the rooms sleeping six soldiers. There was one smaller room designated for only four bunks. I watched as Rory swapped and traded roommates. The married soldiers were still required to maintain a bunk in the barracks, even if they spent most of their evenings living off post with their wives and families. For inspections or alert status, the married soldiers were required to sleep in their bunks. Rory was jockeying for a room to himself and had spent three months lobbying married soldiers to claim a bunk in his room. For a month, his plan had worked, too. Three married soldiers agreed to claim bunks in his Rory’s room as their official bunks for nights when they were not allowed to sleep in their billets. When one of those soldiers got promoted and had to leave the unit, it left an open bunk it Rory’s room. After a talk with our platoon sergeant, I claimed it.

“You fucked up my good deal,” Rory growled at me the day I moved in. It was one his rare moments of looking pissed off.

“Come on, you knew it wasn’t going to last,” I told him and then softened the blow by suggesting we rearrange the furniture. The rooms in the barracks were empty boxes without closets. The army issued beds which could be turned into bunk beds. That’s what we did for the two married soldiers. Our closets were stand-up wardrobes. Rory and I positioned our wardrobes and dressers to form partitions in the room. By the time we were done, the square space was divided into two small bedrooms and an open space where we put a sofa we found and the TV. When I added a small refrigerator and DVD player, Rory’s complaints ended.

President Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy kept me in the closet. No one asked and I didn’t tell, but Rory wasn’t fooled. One drunken night two weeks after the move, he told me, “I’ve been in theater since the first grade. I don’t care if you’re gay.” I reminded him I wasn’t allowed to admit it and he laughed. “I won’t tell if you won’t tell.” I knew I had made the right choice in roommates but another two weeks passed before I admitted I women didn’t do anything for me.

“I didn’t want to be this way,” I told him during a night filled with confessions. “I used to try jerking off to Playboys, but it never did anything for me. Well, the ads that showed guys did. I liked their fashion articles.” Rory laughed at me. It was not a cruel laugh. His acceptance of me was without conditions, but it was what he said next that got my attention.

“Well maybe I’ve fallen off the path of being straight a few times,” he confessed.

“Oh really?” I asked, eager for details he barely provided.

“I might have fooled around with another guy a couple times.”

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“I came. He came. So yeah, I guess it was good,” was all he offered.

During our downtimes, Rory watched one of two kinds of movies on the DVD player. Either he was watching porn or an action flick. Sometimes he tossed a horror movie into the mix but not often. His porn was always straight porn. That was the only kind that made the rounds inside the barracks. I wasn’t a fan. As soon as he started one of his porn movie marathons, I would stay in the cubicle we had formed from furniture and keep myself busy to the passionate sounds of porno after porno. We did what we could to respect each other’s space.

“Doesn’t that get to you after a while?” I asked him during one of his Saturday afternoon movie marathons. He was sitting on the sofa we had found in running shorts and t-shirt. I could see the long, eager looking lump barely contained inside his running shorts.

“What do you mean? Do I get hard? Yeah and as soon as you leave, I’m going to jerk-off.” He rubbed the front of his pants. Was he doing it for my benefit?

“You know, you don’t have to wait for me to leave,” I joked.

“You just want to see me naked,” he scoffed and laughed. “You could do it with me if you want.”

“Not my kind of jerk-off material,” I said.

“Why not? There’s lots of guys and lots of dicks. Can’t you just focus on those?”

“Not with her in the way,” I said. I know there’s straight people who can’t stand the sight of gay material. For me, it worked in reverse. No matter how hot the guy is, seeing him kissing and fucking a woman ruins it for me.

“What if there were more guys? I think I’ve got a gangbang video here.”

“If she’s getting fucked, I’m bored,” I said. I leaned against the back of a wardrobe while he fished through a stack of DVDs.

“Let’s see about this,” he said. He swapped out movies, fast forwarded through scenes of a woman getting fucked by a squad of guys and returned it to regular speed when she was on her knees in front of her fuck partners. The squad of men circled around her and began pulling on their pricks. She sucked a few and tugged on the others as they took turns standing next to her and spraying their orgasms against her face, neck and chest.

“Lucky bitch,” I said. Rory was right. He had gotten my attention.

“Wishing that was you on your knees?” he asked. He rubbed the front of his shorts again.

“Hell yeah,” I admitted. “Look at all those dicks!”

He laughed. “Told you I could find something you’d like.”

I started getting hard. Was it because Rory was hard or the movie? A combination of both, I’m sure, but did it matter? I rubbed the front of my pants, too. “You suck, you know that?” I told him.

“You pull out yours and I’ll pull out mine,” he said.

I looked at him for a long moment. I could see his need and I felt mine. I was hard and needy. “It’s been too long,” I said. “I don’t really like jerking off.”

“You like watching other guys jerking off?”

I shrugged. He laughed again, calling my bluff. “I like watching more than doing it.”

“Yeah, well unless you do it, I’m not doing it.” His hand hadn’t left the front of his pants. Of course, I hadn’t moved my hand away the front of my pants, either.

“You’d freak if I did it,” I said.

“Or I’d help,” he said and that sealed the deal for me. I was sure what he meant by helping. Was letting me watch him do it help? Was he hoping to get me started and turn it into a free blow job for himself? I stayed a couple feet away from him as I undid my jeans and pushed them down my thighs. I wasn’t wearing underwear. As soon as my jeans left my waist, my long, thick prick was available for Rory to see and his eyes went right to it. “Damn dude, you’re hung.”

“I’m okay,” I said though I know I’m bigger than a lot of guys. I’m not swinging a monster between my legs, but I’m going to embarrass myself in a roomful of men, either. I nodded at Rory. “What about you?”

“Oh yeah, sorry,” he said and he slipped off his running shorts. I had already guessed he wasn’t wearing underwear and I was right. I was pleased to see Rory’s pricked rivaled my own in length and girth. He was long enough that if I tried to suck him, I could treat him to a deep throat. Not all guys are long enough to get that treatment.

I caressed my cock. Rory picked up the DVD remote, returned to the main menu and I glanced at the TV screen long enough to see him choose the special feature “Pop-Shots.” Like a lot of adult DVDs, this one featured an endless loop of all the orgasms. The room filled with a sound my ears recognized. I heard the sounds of male orgasms happening one after another. The female talent was thankfully quiet as the guys took turns cumming on her. I spent more time watching Rory than the movie. It occurred to me, he was doing the same thing. His eyes stayed locked on me jerking off.

“Fuck, I’m close,” I said. I hadn’t lied to him about how infrequently I jerk off. I’d rather wait until I had a partner. I wasn’t sure if this counted as having a partner, but it didn’t feel as lonely. Finding a partner, for me, meant heading off post, into town and hoping I could hook-up. Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t. Last weekend, I didn’t, so I had a backlog of need built up inside of me. “So close,” I groaned as I felt my orgasm welling up inside my balls.

“Well shit, don’t waste it,” Rory said. Moving quickly, he rolled over the arm of our sofa and landed in a kneeling position in front of me. Before I could react, he pushed my hand away and engulfed my throbbing prick inside his mouth. I came and coated his tongue.

“Fuck that was good,” he said. He raised his palm to his mouth and licked it. I hadn’t noticed it during my orgasm, but he came, too. He came in his hand and it was his orgasm he was licking up.

“Well aren’t you the little cumslut,” I said, unable to hold back an astonished giggle.

Rory shrugged, smirked and returned to the couch. “You mind if I change the movie back to something else?”

“Go for it,” I said and I pulled up my pants. I was stunned and surprised at the turn of events. Stepping around his long legs, I sat on the couch with him. “Maybe I should give straight porn another try.”

“If you’re sitting on this couch, no pants allowed,” Rory said and he fished for another DVD.

“Deal,” I said and I took off my pants. Suddenly, the world had become much more interesting.

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