jennifer love hewitt

DISCLAIMER: This story is entirely fictional and everyone involved is over 21 years of age.

A/N: This is a sequel to The Casting Process but you do not have to read it to understand this.

This seemed like the most critical point of my career up until that point, I had just spent the whole day trying to choose between two incredibly sexy women for a role in a film that in the end I didn’t care about. Both Jennifer Aniston and Katherine Heigl had let me fuck them under the pretense that afterwards I would cast them, so I was unsure of what it was exactly I should do at that point.

A quick search on Box Office Mojo was what eventually made me come to my final decision, I knew that Jennifer Aniston was in more financially successful films, but I also knew that Katherine Heigl was a lot cheaper, in the end I decided to go with the person that would make me the most money, but before I could write the name down my office phone received a phonecall.

‘Who’s this?’ I picked up, glancing at my watch to check the time.

‘It’s Barry, have you decided yet?’ my business partner asked.

‘I think so, but why are you calling so late?’ I questioned.

‘Don’t write any names down, we have one more woman auditioning,’ he said quickly.

‘What the fuck? Who? We don’t have time, this has to be fully casted by tomorrow,’ I said.

‘Jennifer Love Hewitt, her people say she can come tonight,’ he said.

‘Jennifer Love… What? Now?’

‘Yes, so you’d better get over to the audition room, she left like twenty minutes ago,’ Barry said hanging up the phone.

‘Fuck!’ I said to myself, adjusting my hair in the mirror before walking out the door.

I ran as fast as I could, not wanting to make Jennifer wait any longer than she had to, I didn’t know where she was coming from, but I figured it was either the Milton or her house, neither of which were far away. I breathed a sigh of relief once I arrived at the audition room and realised she hadn’t in fact arrived yet.

‘Hello,’ a familiar voice from behind me called out as I unlocked the door, causing me to jump and drop the keys.

‘Who’s there?’ I asked, turning around quickly to see Jennifer Love Hewitt dressed in one of the tightest dresses I had ever seen in my entire life.

‘Jennifer, my agent called,’ she said, putting her hand out to shake mine.

‘I’m sorry,’ I said as I shook her hand. ‘You startled me.’

‘My bad,’ she said as our hands separated.

‘No it’s not your fault, I’m a bit of a pussy,’ I said as I crouched down, coincidentally finding myself at eye level with her pussy as I picked up the keys.

‘Don’t worry I’m not gonna hurt you,’ Jennifer smiled as I stood back up and jammed the key in the door.

‘This is it,’ I said after opening the door. ‘Do you need a copy of the script? We can get started as soon as you want to.’

‘I brought a copy, but I actually wanted to ask you a few questions first,’ Jennifer said as we walked inside.

‘Sure,’ I said hesitantly. ‘Fire away, bear in mind I didn’t write the script.’

‘I noticed in the script there are a couple of sex scenes,’ Jennifer said as I sat down in my chair, causing her to lean on the table, showing off an ample amount of cleavage to me.

‘Don’t worry,’ I said, tearing my eyes away from her magnificent tits. ‘We’re shooting for a PG-13, you won’t have to break your no nude clause.’

‘That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about,’ Jennifer said, I was unable to keep myself from peeking back down at her cleavage.

‘I can’t cut the sex scenes,’ I said. ‘The director would have my head.’

‘I don’t want you to cut them, I want them to be longer,’ Jennifer said, causing me to look up into her eyes.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Between you and me, my TV show is done so I think that this might be an opportunity to change the game for me in the film industry so if showing my breasts is going to do that, then I think it’s worth it,’ Jennifer said.

‘You would be willing to show your breasts for this?’ I asked.

‘A movie with my tits in them is bound to sell more tickets than a movie without them right?’ Jennifer said, gesturing down to her aforementioned tits.

‘Even if it’s got an R rating…’ I said.

‘Exactly,’ Jennifer said, a smile coming across her face. ‘So that’s what I’m offering.’

‘And you’ll take your usual rate?’ I asked.

‘I’m looking at this as an investment,’ Jennifer said.

‘And you’ll be willing to show your butt too?’ I asked.

‘Of course, what would be the point without it?’ Jennifer questioned.

‘I’m sure millions of teenage boys wouldn’t mind just seeing your breasts… Hell I’m sure millions of grown men wouldn’t mind seeing your breasts, considering just how elusive they’ve become.’

‘They are pretty nice aren’t they?’ Jennifer said, running her hands along them, stopping for a second to lightly squeeze them as she shot me a mischievous grin.

I was almost completely speechless. ‘That they are,’ I managed as she ran her hands down to her ass and gave it a little squeeze as well.

‘What about your-’

‘No.’ Jennifer said, stopping her little show and leaving me to attempt to wipe the drool coming from my mouth.

‘That’s fair enough,’ I said as I felt a stir in my pants, her previous display had clearly left an impression on my penis.

‘So do we have a deal?’ Jennifer asked, realizing I was putty in her hands by this point.

Suddenly though, I had a crazy idea. ‘We have a deal if I can see them first.’

‘Excuse me?’ Jennifer asked, staring at me like I was crazy.

‘You heard me,’ my cock was getting harder and harder at the sheer thought of seeing those puppies fully unwrapped before me.

‘What the fuck kind of request is that?’ Jennifer asked, she was seriously pissed, if I didn’t play this right I would have a lawsuit on my hands.

‘Imagine if we make this deal, and then it turns out they are somehow the worst most disgusting tits of all time or they’re fake or something? The movie wouldn’t even make budget,’ I said, attempting to justify myself.

‘I guess…’ Jennifer said, her expression softening.

‘I mean, you’re going to show the world if you sign on anyway? Why not show me?’ I said, hoping against all hope that the sentiment landed.

‘That’s a good point,’ she said, looking at me and then down at her most valuable assets. ‘Okay, but just a quick peek.’

My heart skipped a beat, I was going to be one of the first people in the world to see Jennifer Love Hewitt’s elusive tits. ‘Whenever you’re ready.’

She turned around and unzipped her dress, poking her fantastic ass out towards my face as she zipped down past her bra strap until it stopped right above her ass. She let the dress fall to her sides as her hands moved up to her bra strap, slowly unclasping it as my erection grew stronger. After what seemed like forever, the bra strap came undone and she pulled it off, giving me the smallest hint of side boob as she let the bra drop to the floor.

‘Are you ready to see them?’ Jennifer asked, smiling at me while still facing her boobs away.

‘Oh god fucking yes!’ I exclaimed, unable to contain my excitement.

Jennifer cupped her tits in her hands and turned towards me, both of her nipples still covered by her hands. ‘I’m starting to wonder if it’s really worth showing you these,’ Jennifer said as she lightly jiggled them.

‘Don’t fuck with me,’ I said, my cock pressing hard against my pants.

‘Say the magic word,’ Jennifer teased as she squeezed her seemingly perfect breasts.

‘Please! Show me your tits please!’ I begged.

‘The magic word is pay rise,’ Jennifer winked.

‘No way, you said you would do it at your normal rate,’ I said in spite of myself.

‘Oh! Oh okay, I guess you don’t want to see these…’ Jennifer said, holding a poker face.

‘Fine! Fuck it one and a half times your regular pay!’ I shouted.

‘That’s what I liked to hear.’ With that, Jennifer lowered her hands, revealing her humongous tits in all their glory.

I took it all in, making sure to stare at every inch of her amazing funbags. ‘These really are fucking spectacular,’ I said, leaning in my chair closer to investigate.

‘Why don’t you get up and stand up close so you can really get a good look… This is a once in a lifetime opportunity after all,’ Jennifer said, smiling as she gestured with her finger for me to stand up.

‘I would but… Well I have a little problem,’ I said, pointing down at my now aching cock.

‘It’s okay, I don’t mind, honestly I’d be a little offended if you didn’t have a “little problem” down there,’ Jennifer said, attempting to hold in her laughter.

‘Okay,’ I said standing up. ‘If you don’t mind.’

Jennifer’s eyes watched my bulge without blinking as it made it’s way around the desk to her location. ‘You weren’t kidding!’ Jennifer exclaimed. ‘Although I wouldn’t say that’s a little problem at all, I’d say that’s a big, big problem!’

‘Thank you,’ I said as I closely investigated her tits.

‘You can jack it if you want,’ Jennifer said, her eyes staying fixated on my bulge.

‘Excuse me?’ I looked up in shock.

‘Well, it’s only fair you show me yours don’t you think?’ Jennifer said, looking into my eyes.

‘You’re right!’ I said, quickly unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants, hell bent on taking out my cock before she was able to come to her senses and tell me to put it away.

‘Yup, that’s a fucking huge problem,’ Jennifer said, bending down to closer investigate my cock, giving me a birds eye view of her breasts.

‘You have the power to solve that problem,’ I said, mentally crossing my fingers.

‘Why would I want to solve this particular problem?’ Jennifer asked as she softly blew on my cock, causing splash of pre-cum to ooze out.

‘Problems gotta be solved,’ I said as she stood back up, much to the dismay of my dick.

‘I’m sure you can solve it,’ she said as she looked into my eyes, a broad smile on her face, clearly satisfied with her tease.

Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I slowly wrapped my hand around my cock and began jacking it. In an attempt to speed up the process she rubbed her breasts, sometimes even squeezing her nipples, trying her best to get me to shoot all over her dress.

‘Now that I think about,’ I started, an idea forming in my head. ‘I think I need to feel them.’

‘Oh?’ Jennifer asked, her arms crossing over her tits. ‘And why’s that?’

‘Well I’m honestly not convinced they’re even real, and if I’m not sure… Well you know how people on the internet can be,’ I said, lying through my teeth.

‘Of course,’ she said, playing along. ‘And the only way to know for sure is if you get a feel for your self, I understand that, go right ahead.’

She sounded sarcastic, but I sure as fuck didn’t care, without any hesitation I took my hand off my cock and placed both of them on her insane tits, lightly squeezing them as I did so. She moaned slightly as I went to work, squeezing her nipples, the precum from my dick now being wiped on to her breasts.

‘Honestly,’ Jennifer said. ‘I feel a little bit left out.’

‘That’s an easy fix,’ I said grabbing her left hand and dragging it over to my cock. ‘Now you have something to play with.’

‘Such a gentleman,’ she said as she tugged my cock.

‘I aim to please,’ I said as I resumed my duties rubbing down her tits.

‘And that you do,’ she said, her eyes closing as she brought her other hand into the mix.

‘Do you mind if I put these tits to the test?’ I asked as I roughly squeezed them.

‘They can handle anything,’ she said as she jerked my cock.

‘Perfect,’ I said as I pushed both her tits together and shoved my face in between them, quickly shaking my head.

‘How’re they doing?’ Jennifer asked, now kneading the tip of my cock.

‘Passing with flying colours,’ I said said with a face full of tit, sticking my tongue out as I continued to motorboat her famously large boobs.

‘Glad to hear that, your monster cock is doing fucking great in it’s own right,’ Jennifer said, jacking my cock furiously, bringing me closer to climaxing.

‘Mmm, fuck your tits are amazing,’ I said as I kissed all over them, squeezing the side of them as I did so.

‘Thank you, you believe they’re real yet?’ She asked as I continued to kiss up to her neck.

‘They aren’t the only thing that’s real,’ I said as I kissed up to her cheek.

‘What do you mean?’ Jennifer asked, her hands stopping still on my cock. ‘What is this?’

‘You want this, this isn’t for a role, you aren’t that big of a whore are you?’ I asked, trying to kiss her lips as she moved away.

‘You have the wrong idea, this is all for the role, you don’t honestly believe I want to fuck you right? I have a boyfriend,’ Jennifer said, now taking her hand off my cock completely.

‘You expect me to believe this is all an act?’ I asked. ‘You think your boyfriend would be okay with this?’

‘Fine!’ Jennifer exclaimed, moving backwards causing her tits to fall out of my hands. ‘Fuck it, I want to fuck you, I want that cock in my cunt, in my mouth, between my tits and even in my asshole, but admitting that to you causes me to lose all my leverage!’

I grabbed the piece of paper off the table and a pen. ‘You’ve got the part, sign this and let fuck!’

‘Seriously?’ Jennifer asked. ‘At double my rate?’

‘Yes, yes fuck it! Just sign!’ She walked over to the table and quickly signed her name on the dotted line, immediately taking away the job that Aniston and Heigl had worked so hard for.

‘Done!’ Jennifer said before being pulled into a passionate kiss by me.

Jennifer moaned as she wrapped her arms around my back, grabbing the back of my head as we sucked face. I couldn’t help but think about how far I had come in just twenty-four hours, when I had woken up I was upset about the job I had, thought I was getting nothing from it and now here I was making out with Jennifer Love Hewitt on my desk, my bare cock pressed against her crotch and her bare tits pressed against my chest.

‘And he’s a good kisser too,’ Jennifer said as we separated, saliva running between our lips.

‘I can’t wait to feel that mouth wrapped against my cock,’ I said before kissing her again.

‘Well I’m sorry to disappoint you,’ Jennifer said, pushing me off her and standing up straight.

‘What?’ I asked, confused.

‘This was all an act, I got the part and now I’m getting the fuck out of here,’ Jennifer said, placing a hand on the contract behind her.

‘You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,’ I said, tears all but forming in my eyes, unable to accept what was happening.

‘Of course I am!’ Jennifer said, getting to her knees and taking my cock in her eyes, licking her lips as she smiled up at me.

‘Jesus! You had me going there,’ I said, looking down at her as she smiled and rubbed my cock.

‘What can I say I’m a good actress,’ Jennifer said, rubbing her thumb against the tip of my dick.

‘Okay, now act like someone who’s sucking a cock,’ I said placing both hands on the back of her head.

Without any hesitation Jennifer took my cock in her mouth, fitting the head of it in and sucking as she continued to jack it. ‘Oh fuck,’ I said. ‘That’s incredible.’

She took more of my cock in, interchanging between sucking and blowing as she went, managing to get so far down my cock she could no longer fit both hands on it. She took this opportunity to run her fingers along my ball sack, this almost caused me to cum right then and there. I didn’t though, instead I gripped the back of her head tighter and pushed it harder onto my cock.

Her eyes momentarily flashed up at me, as if daring me to take her any further, she wanted to prove to me that she could take the entirety of my “monster cock” in her mouth and I wasn’t about to take the opportunity away from her. True to the promise her eyes gave, after a little bit of pushing she was deep throating my cock, the tip of it hitting the back of her mouth.

Shockingly, she didn’t seem to have any gag reflex, this gave me an idea. Slowly, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, until the tip of my dick was just touching her lips. ‘Fuck my mouth with that cock of yours, skull-fuck the shit out of me,’ she pleaded, her tongue and lips scraping my cock as she did so.

‘Be careful what you wish for,’ I said as I grabbed the sides of her head and shoved my cock so hard into her mouth that the back of her head hit the desk.

She moaned, whether in pain or in pleasure it didn’t matter, I simply continued to rail into her, happily fucking her mouth. Saliva uncontrollably shot from her mouth as my cock went in and out of it, keeping my cock well lubricated as it slammed the back of her throat. Almost instantly though, I came hard in her mouth, cum shooting out of my cock directly into her stomach.

‘Fuck!’ I moaned as I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

Jennifer swallowed. ‘Already?’

‘Gimme a second,’ I said as I fell down, sitting my self beside her.

‘Take all the time you need baby, we got all night,’ Jennifer said as I rested my head on her heaving chest.

‘Your tits are so comfortable,’ I said, cupping a breast with one hand and feeling her pussy with the other.

‘I’ve been told that before,’ Jennifer said as she kissed my forehead.

‘Tasty too,’ I said, kissing and suckling her nipple as I rubbed down her cooch.

‘You’re getting me all worked up,’ Jennifer said, bringing a hand down to meet mine as we massaged her crotch together.

‘Mmm,’ I simply stated as I continued to suckle her tit, keep a firm grip on it as I did so.

‘I’m all wet now,’ she said as our hands dragged her dress down further, revealing a soaking wet pair of panties.

‘Perfect,’ I said as our hands journeyed beneath her panties, our fingers setting up shop in her damp and clean shaven cunt.

‘Oh yeah!’ Jennifer moaned as we finger fucked her with four fingers. ‘I need your cock baby!’

‘Give it a bit more time,’ I said before kissing her on the lips, my left and right hands busy gripping her tits and penetrating her pussy respectively.

Jennifer’s free hand found it’s way to my half hard cock, gripping it tightly in an attempt to get me hard. Her attempts proved fruitful because after not long my flaccid cock had become hard as a rock ready to enter into her currently occupied pussy.

‘I need your cock in me now!’ Jennifer moaned, tipping to her side and throwing a leg over mine so that she was straddling me.

‘The tables have turned,’ I noted as I pulled a hand out of her snatch and placed it on her thigh.

‘Don’t worry boy you still have the power,’ Jennifer said her dripping cunt inching down my stomach closer to my cock.

‘Just keep these in view and you can do whatever you want to me,’ I said pressing my face against her incredible breasts as her ass crack grazed my dick.

‘Well let’s start by giving you a ride,’ Jennifer said as she raised her pussy above my cock and pressed down on it, pushing my cock slowly up inside of her.

She placed her hands on my shoulders as her pussy lips wrapped around the base of my cock, softly moaning as it finally was completely inside her. She gripped harder and slowly pulled up after taking a moment to passionately kiss me on the lips. I was shocked to find that her pussy was incredibly tight for a thirty-four year old woman, especially in comparison to the relatively loose Katherine Heigl who was only one year her senior.

Her tits grazed my chest and as she slowly slid up and down on my cock, for the first time in a while though I was one-hundred percent focused on them. Our lips were locked and my hands were busy gripping her smooth ass cheeks. While Aniston and Heigl were the perfect woman once combined, Jennifer Love Hewitt was the perfect woman all in one sex crazy package.

Our lips separated and she smiled at me, saliva dripping from her lips, in any other situation this would be off putting but instead it made me want her all the more. I gripped her ass tight and bucked my hips upwards, and pressed her tits against my face once more as our genitals clashed with wondrous force.

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And now the story -

Love in an Elevator – Part 3


MFF – cons, oral, anal

* * * * * * * * *

I still wasn’t the religious type, in spite of the direct evidence being displayed before me that miracles do indeed happen, but I was starting to feel like I had died and gone to heaven. Or at least what passes for heaven to a confirmed pervert such as myself. It did explain a lot of things. Or maybe, just maybe mind you, I was having the best day of my life. Best I ever had had. Best I ever would have. To some people that might be a depressing thought, thinking that every day from that point onward would somehow be less. But not to me. The day had been perfect. Nothing was ever going to surpass it. And I was okay with that. How many people could claim to know which day, of all the days they had lived, was the best day of their lives? Not many I’ll bet. At least I knew the day for what it was.

Love’s tongue didn’t stay limited to my balls for long. In a very short time she was jockeying for position with Sarah, the two hotties playfully fighting with each other for control of my cock before one or the other would yield to her friend only to be right back in the thick of it moments later. My head was still propped up on the pillow as I watched them share my erection, one of them engulfing me with her mouth while the other cupped my nuts, or both of them taking a side and licking their way up and down my shaft. Whenever they met, at the top or the bottom, there was much kissing and giggling, from both of them, not just Love. That was the first time that day that I saw Sarah get giggly. It made her appear softer, more accessible. I decided right there to do everything I could to make her giggly more often.

The ladies continued to work over my dick with their mouths, each trying to outdo the other in their efforts to please me, first Sarah gaining the upper hand only to be passed by Love moments later, and then back to Sarah, on and on until finally it came down to a simple deep throat contest. I thought Love would have a distinct advantage here, seeing as how she had already successfully pressed her nose against my abdomen earlier in the day, but Sarah surprised me with the ease with which she swallowed my entire length, not needing to work her way down at all. When her tongue came out and began to make its way to my balls I had my answer to the question I had silently posed earlier. I knew then that it was Sarah who had taught Love how to give head. Man would I have loved to have been their practice dummy. I wonder if the position is still available?

“Yeah, see, I still can’t do that. I can’t get the entire thing in my mouth in one swallow.”

“It takes practice Love. Don’t worry you’ll get it. And all kidding aside, he is pretty big, so you shouldn’t be surprised you can’t get it all down in one gulp. And if it takes more than one shot I don’t think you’ll be getting any complaints about it. Right?”

That last was directed to me but I was too busy watching the girls, especially Love’s shapely ass, in the mirror over the dresser as they sucked me off. I did however hear Sarah admitting that I was pretty big. I lifted my hips off the bed a little so I could get a better look at myself in the mirror. Not bad. Not bad at all.

“Caution, objects in mirror may appear larger than they really are.”

I quickly turned to see Sarah watching me watching myself in the mirror, a smirk on her face. Retorting, as usual without really thinking, I answered with the first thing that sprang to mind.

“Oh yeah, that’s original. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve heard something like that?”

Love’s hands flew to her mouth as they had several times before that day, but this time she didn’t even try to suppress her giggles and Sarah’s smirk grew bigger, one eyebrow cocked as she continued to stare at me. What the… Oh hell.

“Wait, what I meant to say was that I’ve heard other women use that line before…” Love’s chuckles continued to grow and she fell forward onto the bed, her face buried in the covers, “… wait. That’s not right either.”

Love was shaking on the bed in laughter with Sarah was close behind. This simply would not do. I lay there watching them for a few seconds, my mouth twisted to one side and my erection now unattended. They think that’s funny, do they? I’ll give them something to laugh about.

Springing up from my recumbent position I attacked the two defenseless bundles of laughing flesh, gathering up first Sarah and then Love and tossing them bodily to the middle of the bed and causing a new wave of laughter to come cascading out of the giggling twosome. I then waded on my knees into the middle with them and using both hands began to tickle any piece of exposed flesh I could reach. Seeing as how they were both completely naked that meant there was a lot of flesh currently exposed. Soft, silky, creamy white, desired by millions, flawless, nubile flesh.

Since Love was the more ticklish of the pair, big surprise there, I concentrated on Sarah, spending just enough time on the doe eyed sexpot to keep her a squealing, squirming mass while focusing on the blonde, doing my best to keep the older girl equally incapacitated, my hands evading their ineffective attempts to slap me away. The noise level was considerable, especially when I hit a particularly sensitive spot on Love, like her feet, or tummy, or, strangely enough, just under her left butt cheek, on the back of her thigh.


Eventually, despite all my labors to prevent them, the pair wriggled apart and I was forced to move from side to side on the bed to keep them going. This meant longer periods away from Sarah and soon she had recovered enough to be able to slap my hands away and scuttle to the head of the bed where she could cover up her most ticklish areas. I was required to choose between chasing after Sarah and fighting past her defenses, and thereby losing the advantage over Love, or staying with the brown haired lovely and continuing to torment her mercilessly. I chose, literally, the path of least resistance.

It didn’t take much to keep Love a helpless mess, she was almost on automatic by now, where just a faint with my hand was enough to cause her to squeal and to get her arms flailing and her legs kicking in her efforts to stop me from reaching her skin. Sarah watched from the top of the bed, keeping a vigilant eye on me to ensure that I did not abandon my ticklish torture of her best friend to begin another assault on her still recovering form. And if she had only been a little closer to me I would have, so little of my attention being needed for Love. Still, I did have to make contact with the busty brunette from time to time, just to keep the laughter at acceptable levels you understand, and I would occasionally catch her behind the knee, or on her side, or, in one instance, my fingers touched down in a rather intimate spot, the index finger of my right hand sliding along Love’s butt and poking her in the anus. The look of surprise on her face was almost cartoonish and her yelp was nearly high enough to shatter glass, and in her haste to get away from the invading digit she threw herself right off the bed, over the side and onto the rug. Giggling madly all the while.

I lurched after the younger girl, trying to prevent her from falling to the floor, still on my knees on the bed but now with one hand near the edge where she had gone over and the other reaching out to grasp her, dangerously overbalanced and needing just the tiniest push to join Love’s laughing form on the floor. A push which Sarah was more than happy to provide. The ex-slayer launched herself at me from the top of the bed, catching me around the middle and intending to send me to the carpet as well. But she had overestimated the force necessary to push me off the bed and ended up spilling over the side and landing on top of me next to Love, the three of us now in one giant tangle of limbs, and the laugh riot starting all over again.

From there it turned into a tickle free-for-all with any piece of bare skin fair game for any set of hands. We were all laughing uncontrollably by now, interspersed with occasional howls to stop from the girls, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for any of us to fend off an assailant from one direction while initiating our own assault in the other and soon after we had all separated and the laughter started to wind down as we caught our collective breaths.

Many minutes later we were all lying on the floor in various positions as we recovered slowly from the battle, sporadic chuckles still wafting upwards to the ceiling. Sarah was the first to get up from her prone position and after a quick look at me to make sure that I was not preparing to start the battle all over again and an even quicker faint in Love’s direction just to get a squeal out of the younger girl, she began to get off the floor and back up on the bed.

Nudging Love with a toe I tossed my head towards Sarah and waggled my eyebrows at the dark haired beauty. She understood immediately what I was suggesting and with a wicked grin on her face nodded her head in agreement. Without another word we swiftly got up from the floor and before Sarah even realized what was happening we were on the bed beside her, the two of us attacking her undefended sides from either direction and rapidly reducing the green eyed girl to a howling and writhing mess.

If it had just been Love on the attack I’m pretty sure Sarah would have been able to turn the tables in short order, and if it had just been me, well I don’t think she could have turned things around on me, my arms are simply too long for her to get inside my reach without opening herself up to my dancing digits, but I think in time she would have been able to get herself on her back where she could use both hands and legs to keep me at bay. Assuming I didn’t just cheat and grab her by the leg so I could focus all my attention on the bottom of her foot. Faced with the two of us however, Sarah had absolutely no chance, especially when I did exactly what I just described, grabbing her by the right leg and running my fingers lightly up and down along the sole of her foot.

Yeah, yeah. I cheated. It’s a tickle fight. A certain amount of cheating is to be expected. And it was too good an idea to pass on.

With her leg immobilized against my side and her foot under constant attack it was only a matter of seconds before Sarah found herself on her back, pinned to the mattress by her best friend and lover, screaming her surrender, “I give! I gi… ACK! I GIVE! Stop!! Please YEOW! STOP!!”

I stopped my torment of the blonde’s foot but didn’t release her leg just yet. Love stayed in place straddling her girlfriend’s waist, her hands still pressing against Sarah’s shoulders while she made sure the older girl really was conceding the fight.

“You give up?”

“Yes, I give, I give. Just please stop tickling me!”

“So you’re saying I win?”

“Yes. You win. Okay? You win!”

She wins? How did this become Love’s victory? I was just about to release Sarah’s foot and give Love a little lesson about sharing credit when she started talking about the ‘prize’ she should receive for her victory. Thinking this could get interesting, I held off on my tutorial.

“If I win I should get something for it, don’t you agree?”

Sarah was now laying on her back as comfortably as she was able, considering that I was still holding on to her leg. She had her arms crossed behind her head and she was looking up at her younger friend with a soft smile, charmed by her lover’s playfulness and willing to put up with the teasing if it made Love happy. I was struck once more by the impression that Sarah would do almost anything if it made Love happy.

“Okay. What do you want?”

Love’s gaze turned inward for a moment as she appeared to think about what reward she should claim for having bested Sarah in the tickle fight and then a big smile came to her lips and her eyes twinkled as she bounced in place a little while announcing her choice of prize, “I want your car!”

The blonde girl’s eyes went round at that but she didn’t deny her friend, instead she appealed to Love’s logical side, “Love sweetie, I drive a red Range Rover, you drive a Mercedes CLK cabriolet. Your car is nicer than mine, why would you want it?”

Something in Love’s response told me that she really had not wanted Sarah’s car, she was just using that as a way to tweak the older girl, especially since she gave up on it so quickly and made a demand for something much smaller and more personal, “Oh, right. Okay. Then I’ll… take a kiss instead!”

“Now that I will be happy to give.”

Leaning down to meet the green eyed girl’s lips Love moved her hands off Sarah’s shoulders as the older girl lifted her arms to clasp the brunette behind the neck. They fell into a quiet kiss that lasted much longer than was strictly necessary for the collection of a prize but I sincerely doubt Sarah minded very much, especially since when the kiss finally broke and they parted just far enough to stare into each other’s eyes the blonde whispered “Red Rover, Red Rover, send my Love on over.”

I don’t know if Love was familiar with the child’s game or not but she giggled in response anyway. That Sarah knew of it did not surprise me, given that she had grown up in New York where it has been a popular game among children for generations. In fact it is rumored that she bought a red Range Rover precisely so she could say ‘Red Rover, Red Rover.’ Either way it didn’t seem to matter to Sarah as she brought her right hand down to caress Love’s cheek as her left hand started to slide over the younger girl’s back. I had let go of Sarah’s leg almost as soon as Love had told the light haired girl she wanted the Slayer’s car and she moaned a bit when the older girl brought it up to rub against her left thigh, maximizing the contact of their flesh in as many spots as possible.

They stayed looking at each other for a few seconds longer, Sarah’s hand still on Love’s cheek, the thumb lightly stroking the brunette’s skin. Love leaned into Sarah’s palm, closing her eyes and bringing her own hand up to cover the other girl’s, a sweet smile on her face as she soaked in the sensations.

“I love you.”

It was almost as quiet as her previous statement but Love had absolutely no problem hearing Sarah’s declaration. Her eyes flew open and she inhaled sharply, the surprise at hearing her lover state her feelings so plainly evident in the look of shock on her face. She turned to her left to look at me over her shoulder as if to confirm that there was someone else in the room with them and then just as quickly she turned back to Sarah to see the blonde smiling up at her. They fell into another kiss as Love’s legs slid backwards along the bed and she molded her body to her friend’s. Unlike the gentle kisses from before this kiss had heat, the fierceness of it catching even Sarah by surprise at first, her eyes going round as Love pressed their lips together hard, then closing as she felt the brown eyed girl’s tongue work it’s way into her mouth, their world reduced for the moment to just the two of them. I watched them kiss each other for a while, the intensity of the snogging giving way to their usual tenderness, and when it became clear that I wasn’t going to be needed for a time I got up and went to the mini-bar to get us all some drinks. Tickle fights and kissing are thirsty work.

By the time I got back to the pair they had shifted position on the bed, Love now on her back and Sarah half lying on top of her, still joined at the lips but with the blonde’s left hand roaming about the dark haired girl’s body from her chest to her groin. I put the water bottles I had brought back for the girls on the night stand to the side of the bed and climbed onto the king-sized mattress, taking up a position on my knees near the foot of the bed.

I watched as the sexy couple continued to kiss, Sarah’s hand now down between her lover’s thighs, her fingers just starting to rub Love’s wide open pussy, preparing the brown haired girl for her entry. When Sarah’s fingertips pushed into her channel Love hissed in pleasure but left her eyes closed as the older girl probed her twat. The two continued to make out as Sarah’s digits started to move in and out of the hazel eyed girl’s snatch and Love’s hands wandered freely along the silky smooth skin of her friend’s back. Sarah shifted to her left a smidge allowing Love’s left thigh to come up in between her legs and press up against her own overheated vagina, causing yet another hiss to break through the lip-lock, this time from the woman on top of the pile of flesh.

The scene unfolding before me was starting to have an impact, on me as well as the two women involved. Watching Sarah’s fingers plunge in and out of Love’s cunt started the blood flowing back to my dick, helped along by the hand I was using to gently stroke my shaft with. I was certainly not alone in the arousal department as both women were making a significant amount of noise in spite of their continuing make-out session. Love in particular was growing more vocal as she pleaded with her friend to make love to her, begging the blonde to fill her vagina with yet another finger, or to send them deeper into her tunnel.

“Please Sarah, please. Make love to me. I need to feel you in me. Please Sarah.”

For her part the older girl was trying her best to meet Love’s requests, but short of fisting the dark haired vixen, she just did not have the necessary equipment to meet the brown eyed girl’s needs. I watched as she slipped a fourth finger into Love’s twat in the hope that that would be enough to make her younger lover happy but the adorable sexpot was still not completely satisfied.

“Deeper Sarah, please. Please, I need to feel you deeper.”

Sarah was getting frustrated by her inability to give Love what she wanted. I could sense it in her movements and hear it in the discouragement in her voice when she had to tell her friend that she was doing everything that she could but that she had reached her limit.

“Oh honey, I’m trying, but that’s it. That’s as deep as I can go.”

While watching the display from the lust-filled pair before me my cock had continued to stiffen. I could understand how her inability to please her lover would distress Sarah, but from a purely voyeuristic point of view that had not made the show any less hot, in fact the blonde’s unrelenting attempts to satisfy Love actually added to the heat. I was fully erect now and couldn’t wait for the pair to finish what they were doing so that I could join in on the action.

Hold that thought.

An idea began to form in my mind. A way that I could join in and maybe, in the doing, give Love and Sarah what they needed. Not in reality of course but more as a sort of proxy. A long, thick, turgid proxy. I would have to reposition the two of them just a bit, but if I could do it without being too distracting the illusion that it was Sarah who was filling Love’s snatch should hold, as long as they both were willing to play along. I had to move quickly though, before Sarah got too upset and started to move away from her girlfriend.

I shifted position on the bed, coming in behind the still coupled pair. Taking Sarah’s right leg in my hand I lifted it up while gently pushing down on Love’s left leg. The brunette moved easily with my hand, not even seeming to notice that I was the one repositioning her. When her leg was almost flat on the bed I moved Sarah’s right leg to the inside of it so that both Love’s legs were now outside of the blonde, something the younger girl immediately took advantage of as she lifted her legs to wrap them around her lover’s back. At least now I wouldn’t have to worry about Sarah rolling away from her paramour anytime soon. I do love it when a plan comes together.

With the girls now situated properly I moved up in between Sarah’s legs, pushing them wider apart as I went until I was positioned on my knees just below their coupled groins. Sarah moaned a short complaint as I jostled up against her but I leaned forward and whispered quietly in her ear, just two words that I hoped would be enough for her to understand what I intended to do.

“Trust me.”

We would find out if she did soon enough.

Sarah’s fingers were still moving in Love’s muff as I took my prick in my hand and spread my knees, lowering myself so that my penis was lined up with the sexy brunette’s vagina. When I was suitably placed I pushed forward, bring the tip of my dick into contact with the back of Sarah’s hand and getting no immediate reaction.

I tried again, this time sliding my dick back and forth in tandem with Sarah’s fingers as they glided in and out of Love’s box. After the third or fourth pass Sarah mumbled something again, something that might have been the realization dawning on her as to what it was I was doing, or maybe it was just her giving me the okay to proceed with my plan. Whichever it was on the next backstroke of her hand she pulled all the way out of Love’s twat, clearing the way for me to replace her hand with my dick. The younger girl groaned loudly as my shaft slid into her pussy for the umpteenth miraculous time that day. I will never, ever, ever get tired of that particular sensation.

“Uuuunnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh!! Oh Sarah! Yes!”

Once again Sarah got the credit while I did all the work. If I hadn’t been almost drowning in pleasure I would have smiled at hearing Love call out the blonde’s name. That had been the goal after all. I started to withdraw my cock, getting yet another cry of delight from the adorable girl on her back on the bed.

“Ohhhhhh! Sarah! Yes!”

When I had spread my knees positioning myself this had forced Sarah to move her legs farther apart as well. While it had not been my primary intention this had the benefit of pressing my thighs into Sarah’s and causing her to move with me as I plunged in and out of Love’s beaver. As a result Sarah was mimicking perfectly each of my pelvic thrusts, further reinforcing the illusion that she was the one making love to the brunette below us.

Love was already more aroused when I planted my rod in her than at any prior point that day. As I have already mentioned both girls had been on something like a roller coaster of stimulation, climbing up to a peak and then barreling down as a climax took them only to ascend again to an even further height, repeating the process over and over throughout the afternoon. But when Sarah had uttered those three little words that had sent Love through the roof, placing her on a hair trigger for orgasm, needing only the tiniest contact for release. It took less than five strokes before Love was screaming in gratification.

“Ohhh! Ohhh!! Ohhhhhh!! OHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! SARAH YES!!!!!”

As she came Love tightened her hold on the body of the blonde woman above her, using both legs and arms to pull Sarah even tighter against her, the two of them rocking together as the younger girl climaxed. I was also gripped by Love during her orgasm, but in an even more intimate way, my cock trapped by the pulsating walls of her vagina, my thrusting reduced as she shuddered beneath us.

In time Love’s orgasm waned and she released her death-grip on Sarah, allowing the older girl some freedom of movement, if only enough so that they could bring their lips together and start kissing again. The kissing started off frenzied, just as it had when Sarah had first expressed her feelings for her lover and best friend, Love holding Sarah’s face in both hands and placing rapid smacks all around the green eyed girl’s mouth and cheeks and nose. Sarah accepted the labial assault amiably, doing her best to give as good as she got, but she was lucky to get in one kiss for every three of Love’s.

With Love’s legs no longer wrapped so firmly around her middle Sarah could move about some and she started to slide her body back and forth against her lover’s. This got me to move again, pulling my dick partially out of Love and getting another moan of appreciation from the foxy brunette. I matched Sarah’s pace and we moved together as my cock moved smoothly in and out of Love’s twat, my intent merely to prolong the brown eyed girl’s afterglow before moving on to my next target. Oh yes, I had a next target. Love however had other plans.

“Mmmmmfffff. Oh Sarah! I can feel you in me! Unnnnhhhhhh!! So deep, Sarah, you’re so deep in me! Don’t stop baby. Don’t stop! Nnnnnnhhhh! Nnnnnnhhhh!”

Putting my plans on standby I started to move faster in Love, Sarah moving right along with me, and in just a few short instants I was amazed to hear Love announce she was about to cum yet again, “Oh God Sarah! I’m gonna cum! Make me cum Sarah! Make me cum! Sarah I love you! I love YouUUUUUuuunnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

I didn’t have much to go on, but judging only by the volume of Love’s screams and the clench of her pussy muscles around my rod, I’d have to say that this latest climax was just a hair less intense than the one mere moments earlier, and that when she recovered this time, the sweet-natured hottie was going to be one very happy, and very satisfied, young woman. And more than a little bit tired. Of all the things that had happened that day, all the pleasure I had given and taken, all the pure joyfulness the three of us had shared, it would be this moment that I would look back upon with the most satisfaction. To have been a part of this, to be there to give them this, words cannot express what that meant to me.

This time when Love’s orgasm passed there was no bout of frantic kissing, only an extended passionate lip-lock, after which the brunette dropped both arms and legs to the bed with a very satisfied sigh, lying there completely flat while Sarah gently stroked her hair, the two women pressed together at the breast, stomach and groin. I had withdrawn completely from Love while the pair was kissing, the removal of my penis causing only the smallest whimper of protest from the young woman. I waited until the girls broke for air before I moved back into position, my dick in my hand once more as I prepared to sink it yet again into a hot, moist, tight channel. Only this time that channel would belong to Sarah.

Back in place I angled my cock upward and without saying a word I pushed the head between Sarah’s overheated lips, catching her off-guard and causing her to moan loudly, “Unnnnnnhhhhhhhhh!!”

The movement of my prick inside her and the subsequent smack of my pelvis against the back of her thighs pushed Sarah forward slightly, dragging her clit along Love’s skin and getting the sultry brunette to move her own hips, pressing them upwards as the older girl slid along her body. Once again we all reaped the benefits of this unintended response as now Sarah could pretend that it was Love’s shaft moving inside of her, completing the fantasy that the sapphic twosome were taking turns making love to each other.

We continued like that for a time, Sarah, while every bit as excited as her younger friend by the recent events, apparently not on as short a fuse and needing more than a handful of strokes to start her climax. But cum she did, her breathing picking up and her moans increasing just as I was starting to feel for the first time in a long while that my next orgasm was not terribly far off.

“Oh Love. Oh. Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! OHHHHH!!!”

Her climax was far shorter than her girlfriend’s and for a time I was concerned that with the reduced duration also came a reduction in intensity and satisfaction. That is until Sarah collapsed on top of Love, lifting her head almost immediately as she pushed her hair away from her face and laughed.

“Oh Fuck that was good! For a while there I really was able to pretend that it was you fucking me! It just felt so real!”

Love giggled at Sarah’s enthusiastic endorsement and I had to chuckle a bit myself, but the dark haired girl’s giggles did not last long as the pair started kissing once more. Of course that left me with a few seconds to wonder how long it was going to last this time and if I was going to be left out in the cold again, but almost as soon as they started they were pulling apart and both women were whispering soft Thank you’s to one another. Another few moments spent looking into each other’s eyes and then as if by some silent agreement they quickly turned and practically threw themselves at me, taking me to the surface of the bed where they both started to plant kiss upon kiss all over my face and neck and chest.


You’re wel… Oh that tickles… You’re… mmmmffff… You’re… Damn. I tried to get it out. Really I did. I tried several times in fact but the best I could ever spit out was “You’re” and then one of the duo would be kissing me on the lips or the nose or doing something that would force me to shut my mouth only to try again seconds later. After a while I stopped even trying. The girls knew how happy I was to have been there for them, I’m sure of it. And if they gave me half a chance I would be delighted to show them. Again. Hey, Sarah and Love had gotten theirs, no reason why I shouldn’t be able to have one more. But which one should I choose? Do I finish off with Love, end the day where I started so to speak? Or should my last throw be with Sarah, take the opportunity to balance the scales some more, evenly splitting my time more or less with both women. Oh decisions, decisions. What’s a guy supposed to do?

As it turned out the choice would be made for me.

In time Love and Sarah started to run out of steam and their kisses started to ease off, eventually slowing down and coming to a complete stop. When they stopped kissing me they spent a few seconds with each other then broke apart to smile down at me before falling to the bed on either side of me, Love with a giggle and Sarah with a very content sigh. I thought that maybe this was a signal it was now quiet time, but no sooner had they hit the bed than they began talking, sometimes to me and sometimes over me. When they were chatting to each other it’s not like I was forgotten, at least by Sarah. While she talked she was using her right hand to stroke my cock, keeping me in a state of semi-readiness, not too close to the edge but not so far that I would have to start from scratch. I actually found the entire thing quite pleasant, especially when I factored in who it was that was giving me the handjob.

It was only a short time before the conversation drifted to the topic of Sarah’s avowal and I was treated to yet another first for the day – Sarah turned bashful. I’m certain it wasn’t due to any embarrassment about being in love with the adorable bundle of cuteness that is Love, but more over having said it in front of someone she had only known, however intimately, for less than a day. I gathered that expressing her feelings in such an open way did not come easily to the blonde. Sarah was well known for wanting to keep her private life private. Sometimes to the detriment of her relationships with co-workers.

“Was this the first time she told you she loved you?”

“Oh no, she tells me that all the time! Just like I tell her I love her all the time. But usually she doesn’t do it when other people are around. Unless it’s Jen or one of the others. But never in front of Rose. That would lead to too much teasing.”

Love wasn’t looking at Sarah while she spoke but I was and when the bubbly brunette mentioned her friends Jen and Rose the blonde’s eyes went round and I could see her start to reach over to her lover. I don’t know why the mere mention of the other women alarmed Sarah, but she clearly didn’t want Love discussing them in front of me. I pretended not to have noticed the exchange and tried to steer the conversation back to Sarah. I was in the rare position of having something I could use to tweak Sarah with and I wasn’t ready yet to let her off the hook. As for the women Love mentioned, well that really wasn’t any of my concern.

“So which one of you is the guy in the relationship?”

Predictably, Love giggled and she looked over to Sarah to see how the older girl would answer. I should have chosen my next words more carefully or kept my big mouth shut because in a flash I was no longer the one doing the tweaking, but became the one being tweaked. Hard.

“Isn’t it obvious? Of course it’s…”

“Well yeah, it’s clearly you…”

“… Love. I’m just… wait, what did you say?”

“… you’re not… huh? Did you say Love?”

“I’m not what? What exactly am I not? Are you saying I’m not feminine enough? Not submissive enough? That I’m too domineering for your fragile male ego?”

Uh oh. Danger Will Robinson, danger! Oh shit, had I ever stepped in it. I looked up at Sarah’s face and as expected she was glaring at me with a mixture of hostility and just a touch of hurt. Oh crap. I had not only angered her but hurt her feelings all at the same time. Oh crap. Crap crap crap! Turning to Love I found that she was also looking at me with just about the same mixture of displeasure and distress. Double crap! I searched frantically for something that I could say or do to apologize for this unintended slight, but nothing came to me and I was running out of time. A fact brought to my attention when I felt Sarah’s hand squeezing my shaft as it ran up and down the length. OH CRAP!

I looked quickly from face to face, hoping to see some glimmer of forgiveness, just a scintilla of a flicker that they would take pity on me, chalk up my careless statement as the typically insensitive remark only a guy would make but remember that in spite of that fact they loved me still. Yeah right. If anything the expressions on the pair grew even stonier the longer I went without saying anything. I was just about to throw myself on the mercy of the court when Sarah broke into raucous laughter, immediately followed by her best friend.

“Why you little…”

“Uh uh uh. Careful. You wouldn’t want to make me mad.” Sarah took the time out from laughing uproariously to caution me not to say anything else that could get me in trouble, real or imaginary, giving my prick another gentle squeeze to illustrate the point.

Hearing her friend warn me made Love attempt to smother her laughter and put her stern face back on, but she was unable to suppress the giggles as well as she had the first time. I was actually quite impressed with her ability to keep a straight face as long as she had. I mean she hadn’t had any success in that area at any other time that day so why should this time be any different? But it had been different and she had played her part to perfection. My admiration for her acting skills went up a notch. Sarah, on the other hand, I knew had the chops. She had demonstrated on a number of occasions that she had enormous potential as an actress. Lucky me she had found an opportunity to display those skills first hand.

The girls complimented each other on their award winning performances and the laughter quickly faded leaving the two of them back where they started, on either side of me, Love on her stomach with her chin resting on my chest and Sarah on her side to my right, her hand still gently jerking my penis, trying to recapture the ground I had lost when I thought I had really hurt the light haired girl’s feelings. I was still considering making some sort of apology when I saw Love get a little mischievous grin on her lips and she lifted her head from its position on my torso.

“So I’m the man in this relationship?”

The blonde met her lover’s gaze and she put on her most solemn face, broken only by a tiny upturn of the lips at the corner of her mouth, nodding her head decisively as she said with playful seriousness “Oh yes. Most definitely.”

“Yay!” And with that Love popped off the bed, her hands making little clapping motions as she half ran half hopped towards the bathroom.

“Love! Come back here!” Sarah was laughing again and when Love disappeared around the corner and into the bathroom she let her head drop onto my shoulder with a happy sigh, but not before we had both watched the sexpot’s incredible ass as she ran off.

“Where… No, what, is she doing?”

Sarah lifted her head and gave me a frank look, but one filled with affection for her sometimes loopy best friend, “She’s gonna see if she can pee standing up.”

What the? How could she know that?

My expression must have said it all because I didn’t even have to ask the question when Sarah was already answering it, “You just… hafta know Love. It’s just the kind of thing she’d try to do.”

Apparently so. And as I thought about it, yeah, it did strike me as the kind of thing the irrepressibly cute brunette would try to do. Oh damn! I hope she has good aim! I did not want to find myself having to explain this to housekeeping.

I had no chance to worry about that further because Sarah was moving away from her position at my side, lifting her right leg over me and coming to rest straddling my waist with her knees flat on the bed and her hands on either side of my head. When she was comfortable she immediately leaned down and gave me a long, deep, slow, wet kiss. It might not have lasted for three days but it sure felt like it. Crash Davis would have approved, I’m sure.

When the kiss finally ended Sarah pulled back a bit and I looked up at her smiling face, “What was that for?” She didn’t really need a reason to kiss me, but I was feeling caught up in the playful atmosphere that had taken over the room.

“That…” another kiss “… was to thank you for what you did for us.”

“You already thanked me for that.”

“I did huh?”


“Well. Did I thank you for everything else you’ve done this afternoon?”

As she was talking Sarah started to slide back along my abdomen, her pelvis shifting backwards until her vulva bumped up against the tip of my cock. Continuing the reverse motion she used her body to push my shaft upright, stopping when it was pointing almost straight up and nestled tightly against her slit. I started to answer her but the sensations coming from my groin were very distracting, as were the peals of laughter coming from the bathroom.

“Adorable isn’t she?” Sarah wasn’t looking at me when she spoke, her gaze focused in the direction of the bathroom, that same loving look as before on her face.

“Absolutely. And sexy as all get out.”

“Oh yeah! And she barely even realizes it.” This time she did look down at me and we exchanged warm smiles as we found ourselves in total agreement over the sweet lust bunny in the next room.

“But seriously.” Kiss. “Thank you.”

Sarah started to swivel her hips up and down, dragging her lips and clit slowly over the surface of my dick. Up and down. Up and down. Just rubbing the top of my shaft leisurely with her wide open pussy. It felt incredible.

“I want to thank you for being so good to Love and making this day so special, so memorable, for her. For both of us actually.”

There wasn’t much I could say in response. I could tell how utterly serious the green eyed girl was being, so some kind of flippant remark was out of the question, even if I had been inclined to make one. It was actually kind of surreal. I get to spend an afternoon making love to the two of them and then, for the second time that day, I get thanked for it? Very weird. But there was still only one thing I could say in answer.

“You’re welcome.” And although I tried hard not to, I just could not help but add “Anytime.”

That earned me a short laugh from the blonde who was still rubbing her cunt against my pole, but instead of brushing me off with a ‘Yeah right’ or an ‘In your dreams’ or anything designed to make me understand this was a once in a lifetime occurrence, she shocked the shit out of me by saying instead, “We just might take you up on that.”

Fortunately, before I could say anything that might ruin the moment Sarah lifted her hips and with consummate skill, and no hands, slipped her sodden twat down onto my manhood and started to ride me very slowly. Both of us closed our eyes and groaned softly in pleasure. A shout of “Wahoo!” from the bathroom made them fly back open as we burst into laughter.

“Well she certainly is unique.”

“That’s my Love. Accept no substitutes.”

I took the opportunity to grasp Sarah by the shoulders and with gentle pressure I rolled her over until she was on her back and we were in the missionary position, my penis still firmly planted in her vagina, “Oh, I don’t know. I can think of one woman who will do in a pinch.”

My words brought a tender smile to Sarah’s face and this time it was me who leaned down to claim a kiss. While we kissed I was moving at the same slow pace that Sarah had established when she was on top, in no particular hurry to get anywhere, just trying my best to make this last and to be as pleasurable as possible. For her part Sarah also seemed to be content with taking things slowly. Understandable considering the quantity and intensity of the orgasms she’d already had that afternoon. We continued that way, leisurely screwing for a time amid soft kisses, until I remembered that there was still something on my sexual check list I had yet to do.

“So is that offer still open?”

Her brow furrowed as she tried to figure out what the hell I was talking about but she got there quickly and her expression cleared, a twinkle coming to her eyes as she replied “Offer? I think that’s the first time I’ve heard someone refer to my butt as an offer, but what the hey, I’m flexible.”

“So I’ve noticed.”

A smack to my arm.

“Well it’s true. And by the way, Ouch.”

“Ya big baby. And yes, my offer is still good. You looking to take me up on it?”

I answered with another kiss and when we parted I slipped my prick out of her box. Getting up on my knees I gave Sarah some room to get into doggie position, automatically assuming that she would prefer to be entered from behind, but she surprised me when she remained on her back, the only change coming when she pulled her legs up until her knees were almost touching the bed on either side of her shoulders. See? Flexible.

With a quick shrug I took my cock in my hand, grasping it just below the head and moved into place at Sarah’s cute little derriere. I wasn’t worried about lubrication because she had been so turned on for such a large part of the afternoon that her entire groin was pretty well juiced, her fluids, those that hadn’t been sucked down by either Love or me, having dripped out of her cunt and over her asshole. Plus my unit was pretty well greased from its recent stay in Sarah’s vagina, so, for a pleasant change of pace, I didn’t have to be concerned about pressing my way into an area that wasn’t ready to receive me.

However I did want to get a feel for how tight my new lover was, so I took the index finger of my left hand and started to drive it into Sarah’s sphincter. Tight, but not painfully so. If she could get into this, instead of merely tolerating it like so many women, this had the potential to be amazing for both of us. I removed my finger and replaced it with my dick, pushing steadily as the head worked its way into her butt, the hard part almost over already.

Sarah started to laugh. Loudly. And both hands went flying up to her mouth.

Okay, I may not have the experience of a Charlie Sheen, but I have been around the block a few times. And never, ever, ever in my experience has any woman started laughing when I stuck something in their ass. Screamed in mild pain a few times. Winced more often then not. Screwed their eyes tightly shut until the discomfort passed and they got used to the intrusion. A couple even threatened me with bodily harm if I didn’t take what they usually described as being bigger than a baseball bat out of their butts post haste. But never before had a woman found the act downright funny. Until now.

“What the…” One hand moved away from Sarah’s face and pointed behind me towards the bathroom, pointing to the young woman that had just re-entered the bedroom and was now standing there flexing her arm muscles repeatedly.

“You da man. That’s right, I said You da man. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!”

As Love flexed her biceps she was pivoting on her feet, flexing first one arm then turning to face the other way while she flexed the other. Except she was doing it wrong, flexing her arm with the fist pointed away instead of in towards her body and she ended up looking like something out of a Bangles video. I couldn’t tell if she knew this and was doing it for the effect, or if she really did think this was the proper posture. It didn’t matter. I found the whole thing predictably adorable. And pretty damn funny. Was it any wonder Sarah loved this woman?

“Ow. Ow.” Oops. While watching Love’s display I had briefly forgotten that I was in a rather delicate position with Sarah.

“Sorry! Sorry.”

Her right hand, which had until recently been used to point out Love’s frisky behavior, was now down by her crotch, the fingers splayed, poised to stop me, but, for the moment, not interfering with me in any way. I backed out a bit and waited for Sarah to relax. When she was ready she signaled me to continue, while she used her hand to rub at her clit, massaging the hyper-sensitive nub and allowing the pleasure this created to mask the small twinge my entry into her ass was causing.

Meanwhile Love had stopped her posing and moved back to the bed to see what had caused her buddy the brief moment of distress. When she saw what we were up to her eyes went round and she looked to her lover’s face, getting a quick smile of reassurance from Sarah before the blonde returned to the furrowed brow concentration of moments earlier. Gradually, Love reached out with her right hand and joined Sarah’s by her clitoris, the brunette offering to take up the massage duties so the green eyed girl could focus on the ass-fucking. The act was at once so intimate, yet so casually friendly, the younger girl literally reaching out with a helping hand, that it was incredibly erotic, yet simple, and all Love. Yes Love was unique all right. Unique and very, very precious.

Aided and abetted by Love’s nimble fingers I slid the rest of my member rather easily into Sarah’s butthole without another flinch from the fair haired girl. As I had thought, she was tight, but not unpleasantly so. Since Sarah had only protested once during my entry, and that at the beginning and mostly due to my own inattentiveness, I had no reason to stop when I was fully seated in her, um, seat, so I immediately reversed direction and began backing up until I was about two-thirds of the way out, then drove my dick right back in.

This time Sarah responded more favorably, her head falling to the mattress and her eyes briefly closing as she half moaned, “Unnnhhhh yeah. Like that.”

As responses go it was somewhat ambiguous, I couldn’t really tell if she meant she liked what I was doing, or the way I was doing it. In the end, no pun intended, it probably didn’t matter which one she meant, if I kept doing what I was doing then Sarah was going to be happy. Unless of course she was really responding to Love’s attentions to her clit, in which case it didn’t matter what I did. Fortunately, I knew of a real easy way to answer that particular question. I withdrew my cock again and plunged right back into Sarah’s rump.

“Unnnhhhh, mmmm. Don’t stop.”

So it was me. Way to go me. That called for a celebration. And I knew exactly how to do it, by continuing to fuck Sarah in the ass, maintaining the same pace with which I had started and keeping my strokes slow and steady. Somehow wearing pointy hats and blowing out birthday candles pails by comparison.

“Ohhh fuck I like that!”

Sarah agreed.

When Love took over clit rubbing duties Sarah first moved her hands onto her legs, grabbing them behind the knees, but she quickly abandoned that and moved her shoulders so that they were now in front of her calves. I pitched in by reaching up to grab her ankles. This helped spread her legs further and in the doing gave me something to hold on to. It also made it easier for Love to reach Sarah’s clit and after a quick adjustment she moved so that she was coming in from my left, under my arm, her torso between my body and the back of the older girl’s right thigh. She was doing double duty with her hands, the right down at Sarah’s crotch while the left crept up the center of her lover’s body to play with the blonde’s tits.

I continued to pump away at the same rate for a number of minutes, knowing that my climax wasn’t too far off, but not in any rush to get there. It’s one thing to find a girl who’s open to anal sex, it’s something entirely different to find one who actually likes it. Having found one I was going to take my time and enjoy it. Of course when you’re fucking someone who adores sex as much as Sarah, and who takes every opportunity to let you know she adores it, it’s really easy to enjoy yourself. It also helps if it’s Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ass you’re fucking.

“Fuck! Me! Unnnhhhh… Unnnhhhh… Good! Yeah!” “Oh fuck yeah!”

That last cry was from me. In case you couldn’t already tell, I was having fun burying my cock in Sarah’s rear. I would try to compare it to something else I think is as fun, but everything I can think of that I enjoy that much is sexual in nature, and comparing one sex act to another to demonstrate how much you like the first sex act seems kind of redundant. So I’ll just settle for being repetitive. I was really, really having a lot of fun screwing Sarah in the bum.

It felt good too. Hey, if I’m going to be repetitive I might as well be obvious while I’m at it.

We stayed like this for a while, me thrusting in and out of Sarah while Love rubbed softly at her clit, and the blonde alternated between lifting her head and scrunching her face as she absorbed the flashes of pleasure coming from her groin and throwing her head back to the bed’s surface with cries of delight, “Oh God!… Oh God!… Oh God!… Ah FUCK! Gnnnhhhhhh, yes! Hunh… hunh… hunh… hunh…”

After more than ten minutes of steady humping I was starting to feel like it was time to step things up a bit and I don’t think I was the only one either. Sarah was starting to give off signals that she was ready for more, that she was ready to cum and that she was looking for me to provide the additional stimulation she needed to climax. And then of course, there was Love. Somehow we each forgot about her.

So when Love replaced her fingers on Sarah’s clit with her tongue, and thereby supplying that looked for stimulation, it came as a surprise to both Sarah and I, “OH MY GOD LOVE!!!”

Okay, so Sarah was more surprised than I was.

Still, the bubbly sexpot did catch me unprepared when she applied her tongue to Sarah’s pleasure center, and the resultant tightening of the muscles in the blonde’s vagina as her hips lifted off the bed and her hands jumped onto the back of Love’s head had a definite impact on my own gratification. The journey to my orgasm took a giant leap forward.

Initially I would have believed that Love didn’t realize what she was doing to me, indeed that she wasn’t even really thinking about me when she leaned down and replaced her hand with her tongue in Sarah’s vagina, except, as she leaned down she turned her head to the right and pushed her hair back over her ear, making sure that there was nothing getting in the way and preventing me from watching as the sexy brunette feasted on her lover’s pussy. I never realized what a long tongue Love has until I saw her stick it out and work it through Sarah’s bald lips, managing to hit every centimeter of the green eyed girl’s slit before stopping to slurp and suck on the clit she had just been polishing with her fingertips.

Sarah had been enjoying every second of the sex to this point almost as much as I had, the near continuous moans and grunts and expletives issuing from her as she lay there on her back with her legs in the air had made that quite clear. But when Love followed her hand with her tongue Sarah went from lagging behind just a bit in the pleasure race to roaring past me, windows open and stereo blaring, announcing to the whole room, and anyone else who might care to listen, that the blonde was going to cum.

“Hunh… hunh… hunh… hunh… ohhh… ohhh… ohhh… OHHH!! FUCK!! Unnnnnhhhhhhh!! OH GOD! OH Fuck Love!! Just like that!! OH GOD!! Keep that up baby! I’m gonna cum!!”

After that pronouncement Sarah fell back to moaning and cursing, though at a higher volume than before. Her moans were timed with her breathing, not surprisingly, but what was notable is that they were also timed with the thrusts of my prick into her butt, making me feel that I was, in some small way at least, still partly responsible for them and that it wasn’t all a result of Love and her very capable tongue. For me the proof came when my strokes started to pick up speed, as I moved quicker so went Sarah’s moans.

But, admittedly, I wasn’t doing it all by myself. Love was keeping up her end, her tongue making repeated trips through Sarah’s folds, with frequent pauses as she tried to drill the point of the pink muscle deeply into the older girl’s twat, starting at the bottom of the waxed gash and curling the tip upwards as she went, her head frozen in place, only the tongue moving, repeating the motion over and over rapidly and driving her lover wild with desire. It was while she was doing this specific thing that Sarah came, making up in spades for the lack of intensity of her last climax.


My cock fell out of Sarah’s butt when her orgasm started and that probably would have bothered me if it weren’t for the fact that my own climax arrived at the same time, so I was too busy enjoying the results of all that hard work to do much complaining. And even though this promised to be an extremely satisfying culmination, I blamed Love for its arriving sooner than I would have liked. I said I was too busy to do much complaining, not too busy to do any. It was Love’s industrious use of her tongue in Sarah’s snatch that sent me speeding over the edge and I looked around for an appropriate way to show my gratitude. Unfortunately the only thing I had available at that moment was jet after jet of thick, ropy, hot cum, so I angled my dick towards Love’s open mouth and blasted her face.

The first salvo hit Love on the roof of the mouth and ricocheted right back out to land on Sarah’s spread labia where it was joined by my next two shots. The fourth shot also came down in Love’s mouth, landing on her tongue and disappearing down the back of her throat. My fifth and last squirt was the weakest of the set and this came just as Love was starting to chase after the three shots that had escaped her and hit the lovable brunette right across the tip of her nose, staying there unnoticed while the giggly girl lapped up the commingled juices from my and Sarah’s orgasms.

With my climax mostly over I fell back to a sitting position on the bed, my legs still half underneath me, the efforts of the day finally catching up with me as exhaustion started to set in. Sarah’s orgasm lasted longer, or at least Love was doing her level best to try and make it last longer, but eventually the brown eyed girl removed her tongue from her friend’s pussy and sat up on the bed with a satisfied sigh. Followed quickly by a giggle when she saw the dollop of my cum still sitting on the tip of her nose. Her eyes crossed and she tilted her head to the left as she tried to focus on the foreign object on her muzzle and I started to laugh when she tried to reach the little glob with her tongue, sticking the pink appendage out and wiggling it back and forth in an attempt to gather up the trickle before it dribbled away. Sarah heard me laughing and she opened her eyes for the first time in minutes and lifted her head from the bed, her green orbs automatically tracking to her best friend.

When she saw what Love was trying to do she let out a short laugh and popped up from her position flat on her back to sit in front of her best friend and lover, “What are you doing?”

Caught in the act Love stopped and her eyes uncrossed and she pulled her tongue back in her mouth. Instead of pretending that she hadn’t really been trying to suck down that last drop of my cum that sat on her nose Love just smiled sweetly at her girlfriend and pointed to the blob of white cream.

“Oh. I see. That’s some problem you have there.”


“Would you like some assistance?”

“Yes please.”

Sarah leaned forward and with gentle precision removed the spunk from Love’s nose, holding it at the edge of her tongue and offering it to her lover. Love accepted the gift, moving in toward Sarah and turning the blonde’s donation into a lengthy kiss, both girl’s up on their knees on the bed with arms wrapped around each other as they shared my cum back and forth.

Breaking apart after a time Love smacked her lips together and said “Tasty.”

Her blonde friend quickly agreed, “Very. Know where we might find some more?”

The two women turned as one to face me and with a squeal and a giggle fell upon me, pushing me to my back on the bed as they reached for my cock, Love getting to the rod first and hungrily swallowing it whole. Sarah was right behind her and once again I was treated to the feeling of two horny little mouths working over every inch of my shaft and my balls. Love was in more of a sharing mood this time and after pushing her nose up against my pubic bone she backed all the way off and let her lover take a turn at swallowing me to the root.

“Tastes like butt.”

That got Sarah to stop what she was doing and she lifted her head to look at her friend, “Are you complaining wench? ‘Cause I sure didn’t hear any complaints last week when you spent the better part of a night rimming me.”

Under her breath Love mumbled something I couldn’t completely hear but it was something about Sarah not being able to hear because of “all the noise coming from the alley.” At least that’s what I think she said. Actually it seemed more like “all the noise coming from alley” but that didn’t make any sense. And it kind of makes you wonder where these girls live that they would be so close to an alley that the noise would drown out their conversations. Whatever it was Sarah heard enough of it for her to narrow her eyes and stare at the younger girl for long moments. Love just sat there trying to look the picture of innocence, but Sarah wasn’t buying it and after a few more seconds she hurdled across the bed at the dark haired girl.

Love bounded off the bed with another squeal and Sarah took off right after her, chasing the sexy brunette around the room, both of them giggling like mad as they played a game of naked tag, the younger girl not really trying to avoid the blonde who in turn wasn’t really trying to catch her. They were just enjoying every second of their time together and displaying way too much energy considering what they’d been doing all afternoon. I was getting tired just turning my head to look at them.

“Sanctuary! Sanctuary!”

Jumping on the bed with those words Love immediately crawled over to my left side and fell down with her head on my shoulder. I hope she wasn’t looking to me to protect her from her friend, because at that moment I couldn’t have protected her from a newborn kitten, let alone a frisky Sarah. But the light haired girl had amiably accepted Love’s declaration of the bed as sanctuary and she also got up on the mattress and crawled over to lie down on my left side, with Love in the middle. The pair both turned onto their right sides so that Love was facing me and Sarah was spooned up behind her. She lifted her head to give Love a peck on the shoulder and then smiled down at the younger woman, before leaning in for a more proper kiss.



Silence for a few seconds then the distinct sound of lips smacking and I could hear Love muttering only to be cut off by Sarah, “Don’t even go there!”

More giggles and then silence and that was the last I heard for a long while.


And the first thing I heard when I woke up.

I was disoriented at first. The room was dark, all the lights had been turned off except for one in the bathroom, and I was lying on the bed on my back with my head at the foot. Somehow a pillow had ended up under my head, and since I couldn’t remember grabbing one before dozing off one of the girl’s must have placed it there for me. That was sweet. Neither girl was where I had left them and I lifted my head to try to find them. I didn’t have to look far.

They were both still on the bed but had retreated to the top. Sarah was on her stomach and Love was on her knees with her face pressed into the blonde’s backside.

“You know Love, you really don’t have to do this. I have had bigger things in there.”

She has? Damn. I don’t think I want to hear any more.

“I know.” Love lifted her head long enough to answer her friend before returning to her task.

“It was just a couple of weeks ago when Rose oiled up Mr. Snappy. Remember? You were there. And I know you were only teasing before, so you don’t have to prove anything by drilling your tongue into my butt.”

No really. I don’t want to hear about Mr. Snappy and his big dick and how he was in Sarah’s ass before me. Hey, isn’t that the name of the character from that godawful TV show? No wait, that was Mr. Big.

“I know. And when she was done you put on Mr. Snappy and used it on her.”

Put on Mr. Snappy? Put him on? Why would she…? Oh. I get it now. Suddenly I was feeling a lot less jealous of Mr. Snappy. But I wouldn’t mind seeing pictures of ‘him’ in action.

“So you’re just doing this because you want to then?”

“Yep.” But she stopped there anyway and sat up on her haunches while Sarah rolled over onto her back. “But I guess we have to stop huh? It’s getting kind of late.”

“Yeah, it is, and yeah we do. Rose will be waiting for us. You don’t want to be late do you?”

“No. I want to see Rose just as much as you do. It’s just…”

“I know sweetie. I feel the same way. But fun time is almost over. And c’mon, it’s not like we’re going back to a salt mine. We’re going home to see our friends. Almost everyone should be at the mansion for the next few days. That’ll be fun, right? And it’s not like we can’t do this again sometime.”

“You promise?”

“I promise. But not too often. We want to keep it special. Now why don’t you go get ready while I wake up Sleeping Beauty here. We have just enough time for this one last thing then we have to leave.”

“Okay.” Love leaned down for a brief kiss then hopped off the bed and padded into the bathroom. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended I was still asleep, not because I was embarrassed to be caught listening to their conversation, but because I wanted to see how Sarah was going to try to wake me. I was not disappointed when she positioned herself by my waist and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking. And licking. And jerking.

Not that it was doing her any good.

I let Sarah suck me off for a couple of minutes before stirring and pretending to wake up. She wasn’t having any success getting me hard again, but it always feels good to have a warm, wet tongue on your rod and I didn’t really want her to stop. But as soon as she saw me looking at her she let my member drop from her mouth.

“Oh good. I thought you were going to lie there and pretend to be asleep until you got another hardon, and I don’t have all night.”

So I’m not as good an actor as the girl’s are. Sue me.

“Is he awake?” Love’s voice drifted around the corner from the bathroom.

Sarah looked up and raised her voice as she answered her friend, “Parts of him are.”

“Parts of him?”

“Let’s just say he’s having some performance issues.”

“Hey!” Being tired after an all afternoon romp, one where I performed admirably I might add, and then not being able to achieve an erection in a few minutes does NOT qualify as a ‘performance issue’ to me. I just needed a little TLC. Something I was obviously not going to get from Sarah.

“Well it’s the truth isn’t it? I was sucking your dick for what? Three minutes? Does it look hard to you?”

The funny thing is, hearing Sarah say the words ‘sucking your dick’ got more of a reaction from my penis than the actual sucking did. Still, except for that faintest of twinges I remained dormant. I would need a few more hours rest before I’d next be ready to blow. Pun intended.

Before I could respond with a scathing retort Love came bouncing back into the bedroom, capturing both my and Sarah’s attention, “Want me to give it a try? Good morning sleepyhead.” This last to me as she sprang onto the bed on her knees and leaned forward, her weight resting on her hands.

In the space of two minutes I had seen Sarah with my cock in her mouth, Love’s tits jiggling as she dashed back to the bed and the sweetest smile known to man. If my collection of mental images from the day got any bigger I was going to have to start deleting stuff from my brain to make room. Like my age. And my address. Maybe my name.

“Hello Tigger.”

“Huh?” Sarah may have understood, or she may just have found Love’s reaction funny, because when the brunette turned to look at her the blonde could only shrug in answer.

“Tigger. You know, from Winnie the Pooh? Pooh’s friend Tigger?”

“I know who Tigger is, I just don’t get why you called me that.”

“She’s bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy

fun fun fun fun fun

But the most wonderful thing about Tigger is

That she’s the only one!”

“Ohh. I get it now. I think.” She turned to look at her friend once more “But my top isn’t made out of rubber…” turning back to glare at me “… which you would know if you’d spent more than two minutes paying attention to them instead of just diving right down to my butt!”

Sometimes you can’t win. Of course I’d hardly call what I’d done with the mildly irritated vixen losing. Still, she wanted me to pay some attention to her boobs, then I’d pay attention to her boobs! I scrambled up from the beds surface and grabbed Love around her waist and tossed her on her back near the top of the bed. While she lay there giggling I rolled onto my left side and took Love’s right breast in my hand, lifting it up as I ducked my head down and started to lick and suck at her nipple. With the first touch of my lips Love’s giggles started to diminish, eventually petering out completely until she was lying there quietly, her breathing even but getting shallow as she grew more excited over time. Sarah just watched us for a while and then without a word she crawled into place on Love’s left and started to work on the brunette’s unoccupied boob.

We continued this way for a time and then I felt a touch on my hand and I lifted my eyes to Sarah’s. Without stopping what she was doing to her best friends tit she motioned with her head to the top of the bed. I also did not stop what I was doing when I looked up to see Love’s head thrown back to the pillows and her eyes tightly closed. I could see her left hand raised above and behind Sarah’s head and her fist was opening and closing repeatedly. I did not know but could assume that she was doing the same thing with the other hand behind my head. Damn, if I had realized she enjoyed having her tits sucked this much I would have spent more time doing it.

Having seen what she wanted me to see Sarah again touched my hand to bring my attention back to her. This time she grasped one of my fingers and gently tugged, moving my hand away from Love’s tit and taking it with her down the younger girl’s body towards her groin. Once down there she lifted her index finger and made a sawing motion in and out. I caught on instantly and mimicked her gesture and then together we started to rub Love’s labia, getting her ready for what was to come next.

Following Sarah’s lead I continued to rub my finger along Love’s vulva until I felt the light haired girl’s hand slide on top of mine. On the next downstroke she pressed my index finger inward and together we slipped our digits into Love’s vagina. She hissed in pleasure at the sensation but her eyes remained shut and the two of us maintained our steady offensive on her tits.

While we pumped our hands in and out of Love in tandem, Sarah was using her thumb to circle the brown haired girl’s clit, lightly brushing all around it but never getting too close and risking over stimulation. Between the two sets of lips on her nipples and the pair of fingers in her twat and the thumb fanning the flames at her clit Love was receiving quite enough in the way of stimulation. For the moment anyway. I didn’t know it just yet but Sarah had some specific plans for Love’s, and my, very near future.

After a couple more minutes of the triple-teaming Love’s head was thrashing back and forth on the bed at a pretty good clip and she was moaning, starting off low and constant and just recently having moved on to loud and in rhythm with the fingers in her pussy. For the first time since she had joined me at Love’s chest Sarah lifted her mouth away from her girlfriend’s tit and stuck her tongue out, just a bit, and flickered it briefly then motioned with her head down to Love’s snatch. Again I caught on to her intent immediately, mostly because I had been thinking along those very same lines.

I waited for Sarah to return to her duties at Love’s breast before starting to move down to the brunette’s crotch. I didn’t try to reposition myself so that I could rest comfortably in between Love’s legs, instead I took a page straight out of her playbook and came at the lust-inducing beauty’s pleasure center from above. As it turned out, I doubt it would have mattered, because the second my tongue touched her inflamed clit Love took off like a rocket.

“Unhunhunhunh… Oh God!… Oh God!… Ohmigod… Ohmigod!… OH GOD!… Sarah!… Sarah!… SARAhhhhhhhhh.”

Throughout her climax I kept nibbling and flicking at Love’s clit with my tongue and when it was over both Sarah and I removed our finger’s from the spent girl’s muff. Chuckling because we were continuing to act in sync, we both took our cum soaked digits and proceeded to suck the glaze into our mouths.


I could not have agreed more. In fact it was so perfect, I wanted to go in for more.

“No wait! Don’t do that!”

Don’t? Wait? Mommy, why is the mean woman keeping me from my treat?

Adding to my confusion Sarah jumped off the bed and reached over to the dresser, picking something up and climbing back onto the bed. It wasn’t until she was back in position between her lover’s legs that I finally understood what she was doing and why she had wanted me to wait.

Love’s electric blue thong was once again dangling from her finger, just like it had been when Sarah had first entered the room, those many hours ago.

I liked it. There was a… symmetry to what Sarah had in mind that appealed to me.

Love was still lying on her back with her eyes closed and her legs spread wide. Not the most ladylike pose perhaps, but absolutely perfect for what Sarah was about to do. When she felt the blonde’s hand run up her thigh she gave a small moan of approval, becoming louder when Sarah’s fingers brushed against her labia. Then the moan gave way to a giggle as the green eyed girl started to push the fabric of the thong into Love’s still sopping twat and she raised her upper body on her elbows to watch the blue material disappear inside her vagina, smiling up at Sarah and me when the whole undergarment, what there was of it, was buried inside her canal.

“Come and get it.”

No chuck wagon was ever approached by any cowboy in the old west with as much glee as I moved in on Love. What an absolutely wonderful way to end the day.


It didn’t take me very long to remove Love’s thong from her pussy, and it probably would have taken even less time if I had just gone in for it without taking any detours. But I was really getting in to the balance this was bringing to the days events, each woman offering me her cum saturated panties straight from the source and the fact that I was literally going to finish the day where I started, with my face pressed up against this amazing woman’s slit, so I had Love roll over onto her stomach so I could approach her from behind. Just like I had when we first entered the room. And just like that first time I drifted away from her gash every now and again to spend some time rimming her asshole and even more time teasing her clit and adding to the cream that was pooling in her snatch, but eventually I focused on the reason I was down there and gently grasping the underwear in my teeth I pulled it out from Love’s beaver, her fresh juices dampening the fabric and giving me the perfect match to the pair of gray panties that were still on the nightstand.

Unfortunately after that it really was time for the girl’s to leave and we said our goodbyes there on the bed, exchanging long kisses amid much petting and intimate stroking of bare flesh. In time even that had to come to an end and reluctantly the ladies stood up and began to get dressed, each girl needing just a fraction less time than usual due to the one less article of clothing that they had to put on. In Sarah’s case it was not such a big deal since she had been wearing jeans when she entered the room. However in Love’s case, and given how short the skirt she had worn was, this could potentially be a very big deal. One stray gust of wind and this would be a paparazzi event unlike anything the celebrity world had ever seen.

“Umm. Are you guys sure you want to go outside, in public, dressed like… that?” I motioned towards Love’s skirt with my hand as I continued “You know, given the lack of certain protection?”

Sarah laughed as she answered “Hell no we don’t want to go outside with Love’s cooch on display for anyone to see. But that’s okay, we don’t have to. We have a room here on the 31st floor. We’re just going to go down there to shower and change before we go meet our friend.”

Shower? Change? I was going to shower. Maybe I could convince them to shower up here. With me.

“You know, I was going to jump in the shower. Maybe you guys would like to stay here and join me?”

Another laugh from the blonde, “Yeah right. I’m sure that would work out real well. Sorry, maybe next time, okay?”

Well it was worth a shot. And on the plus side, Sarah was still talking about there being a next time. As consolations go, that was a pretty damn nice one. I was just about to concede defeat when I noticed the look on Love’s face. She was looking down with a thoughtful expression on her face which I mistook for indecision. Thinking that maybe she at least would be willing to stay a while longer I tried again.

“You know Love if you wanted to stay and join me while Sarah goes down to your room for her shower, that would be okay. I bet you guys would even be ready to meet your friend that much sooner if we did that.”

Love looked up at me with her eyes gone wide, that deer trapped in headlights kind of expression on her face. Oops. That didn’t look like someone who was undecided about what she wanted to do. Poor Love. I’d just put her in the position of having to choose between staying with me and disappointing Sarah, or having to turn me down and leaving with her lover. I don’t think Love ever had an easy time letting someone down, and this time was no different. She quickly glanced over to Sarah, silently appealing to the older girl to help her out of this jam.

Sarah saved the brunette from having to make any choice. She reached out and placed a hand on Love’s arm, not even needing to pull her away from me as the lovable brunette stepped back willingly into her open arms. Sarah stood there with her arms wrapped around her lover’s waist, Love’s own arms resting lightly on top of them, and looked at me from over the younger girl’s right shoulder.


That’s all she said, just the one word, but it was more than enough to make her point and get the brown eyed girl smiling like a beacon. Love preened like a peacock at Sarah’s casual display of possessiveness and if she had not been wrapped up in her lover’s arms I swear she would have been strutting about the room. As it was she managed to give off an air of supreme satisfaction until some stray thought must have crossed her mind and her brow furrowed and her look grew first pensive, then concerned. She turned her head so that she could whisper in her friend’s ear and I watched as Sarah listened to Love’s quandary.

Whatever the problem was it must not have been that serious because Sarah chuckled as Love talked and then responded lightly, “Yes Love, you can still be Rose’s slut whenever you want. Would I take that away from you? Could I is more like it. And do you really think Rose would put up with me trying for even one second? Hmm?”

Whether Love thought Rose, whoever Rose was, would let Sarah do what she suggested didn’t seem to matter to the dark haired girl, she just placed a kiss on her lover’s cheek and turned back to look at me, her big bright smile once again firmly in place. Sarah looked back up at me from over Love’s shoulder, an expression of appraisal on her own countenance.

“So. You’re not going to ask?”

Ask what, right? You would expect me to play it coy and pretend not to know what Sarah was talking about. But that would be the worst thing I could possibly do. The one thing, the absolute only thing, that I understood with complete certainty from that day is that I had been part of something very special. I don’t know how or why I was chosen to spend the afternoon with these incredible women, and I don’t know how they determined that it would be a safe thing to do, but I was chosen and they were safe. I wasn’t going to disparage that now by pretending I didn’t know what they had risked. I answered as honestly as I was able.

“None of my business really. Outside of this room…” I lifted a hand in gesture to the outside world “… what you do in private is just that. Private. Same with who you do it with. Just like I expect that what we did here today is private. Not that I’d object if you wanted to go public with it. Be good for my reputation don’tcha know.”

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