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Laura heard her phone buzz.

It read; I’m back in town.

She new what that meant. What it always meant. Why did she always go crawling back to him? She never knew. Something always felt right with him even during their complicated relationship. He left over a year ago to pursue his dreams and escape reality. She was left feeling rejected and alone. She dated around to find a replacement but no one struck her fancy. Laura felt numb when she dressed herself. It was late and she just threw on some sweats. She grabbed her things and darted out the door. She was met with a brisk cool that chilled her slightly. She turned on her car and off she went.

The drive was short, he only lived around the corner. It was a convenient relationship due to their proximity. She turned off the car and sat there for a moment. Why was she so drawn to him, easily manipulated and played? She shook it off and went inside. The door was left unlocked and she just walked on in like countless times before. She was met with him sitting on his couch playing a video game like countless times before. She took her spot next to him and made herself at home. He hadn’t changed minus his hair cut. He had a well muscled body, something he maintained regularly at the gym. He was tall, with light brown hair and piercing blue eyes outlined in thick eye lashes. He was everything she found attractive in a man, strong, dominating but kind. She would do anything he told her to do and he knew it.

“How have you been?” asked Joe, pausing the game to look at her. He took in her form. She lost some weight since last time, she looked more toned. It caused his cock to stir. Her hair was tied loosely and some strands fell out. She threw on some sweats and a shirt and hoodie which was left open. She didn’t wear a bra and that excited him. She had dark brown hair that she died lighter, something he didn’t approve of. He loved her natural hair color and the shine it had. She had brown almond eyes that eyed him curiously.

“Surviving.” Laura admitted.

“Come here.” Joe demanded softly. He held his hand out. Laura didn’t move. Joe’s smile turned to a disappointing scowl. “You know I’ll just make you anyways.” Laura knew that and crawled over to him willingly. Joe’s smile returned. She rested her head on his chest and he wrapped his arm loosely around her. He danced his fingers over her body and it caused her to shiver.

“Why are you back in town?” asked Laura.

“Because I can be.” Joe said vaguely. Laura looked up at him and shot him a look. She could always get him to talk. “I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. Everyone I meet is stupid. I just want to have amazing sex, fall in love and be done with it all.”

“Don’t we all.” Laura chuckled.

“Will you sleep with me?” asked Joe.

“Of course I will, you know that.”

“No, I mean sleep in the actual sense, just in my arms, all night.” said Joe. Laura was surprised, she thought he just wanted his rocks off tonight.

“You know I will.” said Laura.

“See! That’s all I want!” Joe exclaimed. Laura moved back and glared at him.

“So I’m just some back up plan? Come to me when the world butt fucks you?” Laura said heatedly.

“What? What are you talking about? You’ve been the main plan ever since I met you.” Joe admitted.

“What?” Laura said in disbelief. “What do you mean the main plan?”

“Nothing. It doesn’t matter. You keep putting out for strangers.” Joe retorted.

“You’ve slept with twice as many people as I have. I don’t want to hear it.” Laura barked.

“Oh yeah? Maybe I have but then why did I stop sleeping around the moment I met you?”

“You did?” Laura said surprised.

“Pft. You didn’t even notice. Too busy playing your boy toys.” He had her there. She never noticed he stopped sleeping around and she was always observant. Why?

“I wasn’t going to wait around and pine away for you. I wanted to go steady, I tried to push you in that direction. You never showed any hint of wanting that. You flat out told me you didn’t want that. Eventually I accepted we were just fuck buddies.” Laura rose, she really didn’t like the new direction their talk was going. He hurt her, she didn’t want to relive it. She made her way for the door when Joe grabbed her arm and yanked her back. She fell into his strong arms and chest, her own arms trapped in his firm embrace. His expression was strained, he looked angry, hurt and disappointed all at the same time.

“I never pursued it because you would just come in, get off and go. It was pretty sad Laura.”

“I did that because I assumed that’s what you wanted!” Laura said angrily. All those feelings she successfully buried were bubbling to the surface again. He pressed his forehead to hers, his eyes closed, calming his breathing. He relaxed his grip. Laura slipped out of his hold, grabbed her keys and left. She could feel his eyes boring into her back, burning into her. But she remained strong and kept up her pace to her car.

The cool air hit her like sweet relief. It was getting pretty heated back there. She slipped into her car and sat there reflecting. What the hell just happened? Her head fell back on the head rest. She banged her head on it softly. “Shit, Shit, Shit!” Laura exclaimed. She finally calmed down enough to drive home. She cranked up the a.c. to keep her sanity in check. The cool air was a rough contrast to her warm cheeks. Laura pulled into her driveway and finally relaxed. She let herself in and flopped on her bed, her arm covering her eyes.

Her phone did it’s little ring to alert her of an update. Joe just went from single to in a relationship! That son of a bitch! He didn’t even wait a day to hop on the next bitch that came along! Laura was fuming. She threw her phone and silently thanked it landed in her reading chair. She angrily paced her floor. She stalked over to where her phone was and texted her best friend. She needed a wild night out to forget him and that’s exactly what she intended to do.



“I’m coming!” Laura shouted.

*Knock Knock Knock* Ding-Dong!

“Shit! I said I’m coming!” Laura bellowed. She ran to her door and opened it. There was her best friend Mary, dressed and ready to go. Mary was an attractive girl, she knew how to have a good time but she also had a level head. It was probably why they were such good friends. Tonight Mary was dressed in a body hugging red dress. It was ruched all over with thin spaghetti straps that strained to keep her perky dd’s up. Accentuated with black pumps, gold jewelry and thick eyeliner to surround her big brown eyes, Mary looked like a dime. Her wavy brown hair flowed to the small of her back which accentuated her curvy figure. She wasn’t thin but she wasn’t heavy either.

Proud of her friend’s ability to clean up they trotted out the door and ready to go.

“So, I have a surprise for you!” Mary said excitedly in the cab. They were headed over to the cities hottest club.

“Oh god, what is it. ” Laura said dreadfully.

“No, No! I set up a double date for us!” Mary beamed.

“You did what!” Laura said exasperated while punching her best friend in the arm.

“You know Troy! I’ve been talking to him for awhile and I let it slip that you wanted to go out because of drama with Joe and he offered to meet us there with his buddy Sam! C’mon Laura! I want you to meet Troy and have some fun tonight with Sam! Loosen up!” Mary persuaded.

“I thought it was just going to be the two of us tonight!” Laura said childishly.

“It’ll be fun! Besides, it’s better when a man dotes on you and doesn’t let you spend a dime!” Mary said ruefully with a wicked smile. Laura nodded her head in agreement, half smiling, still unhappy about it but willing to have some fun tonight.

The cab pulled up and Mary hopped out and practically dragged Laura behind her. They got in line, which was surprisingly not that bad tonight. Mary texted Troy that they were here.

“So what does Sam look like?” Laura said with great difficulty. Mary beamed and clapped her hands in excitement.

“He’s a cutie-pie! He’s a little above average height, maybe 5’10″, tanned, muscled and double brown.” That was their code for brown hair and brown eyes. Laura relaxed, he didn’t sound all that bad. She was only 5’3″ so he was still taller than her by some. All of a sudden Mary squealed and took off. Laura winced and watched Mary run into the arms of a decent looking guy. He was the tallest of the two but not by much. He had blonde hair and green eyes, muscled, tanned with straight teeth. His hair was cut short but you could tell it was naturally curly. He welcomed Mary into his arms and he twirled her around in the air. Laura smiled at their display and felt a twinge of envy at the same time. They looked cute together.

Laura finally looked at Sam. He was definitely handsome. Straight nose and face. Short tousled brown hair. He had straight teeth and a cute smile as he observed his friend and his girl. He looked fit and tan. He wore a modern black sports coat, a gray button down with the top few buttons left undone and black slacks. He finally looked over to where Laura stood and his smiled fell from his face. She noticed and instantly cast her eyes downwards. She silently cursed herself, he didn’t find her attractive at all! Oh, the humiliation! Sam instantly realized his mistake. He hurried over to Laura to make things right.

“Laura?” Sam said softly while lightly holding her arm. Laura looked up, ready to fake the night at her best friend’s expense.

“You must be Sam. Nice to meet you.” Laura said cooly and mildly annoyed. “Let’s just get this over with for those two over there.” With that she turned away to check the status of the line. They were almost inside. Sam stood there, slightly shocked and stinging from her detachment. The lovebirds finally joined them laughing giddily and displaying too much childish affection. Laura instantly changed her demeanor, she smiled and matched her friends energy. She stood closer to Sam and started making idle chat with him.

“So what do you do Sam?” Laura asked. Taken aback by her quick change of demeanor he hesitated to answer. Under the scrutiny of Troy and Mary he finally found his words.

“I, uh, I’m a journalist.” Sam finally spurted out. Laura looked impressed, or maybe was pretending to be.

“For who?”

“The main news channel here in the city.” Sam said more evenly. Laura smiled and nodded.

“Yay! We’re finally next!” Mary said excitedly. With that the group entered the dark club. The music was loud, colorful lights played across the room and the room smelled of sweat and arousal. “You two find us a booth, Troy and I will grab us all drinks!” Mary yelled but barely being heard. Sam understood and grabbed Laura’s hand to lead her away in search of a booth. Mary winked at Troy, they were going to take their time getting the drinks.

When they were far enough away from the lovebirds Laura tried to drop the charade and get her hand out of Sam’s but he only squeezed tighter. He passed the booth area and headed for the bathrooms. Laura’s stomach dropped and she started to resist more. What the hell was this sick bastard up to?! Sam felt her tug back and he whirled around. He wrapped his arm around her slim waist and urged her to go into the handicap bathroom. He flicked the lights on and locked the door behind him. Laura stared at him nervously while standing as far away from his as possible.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Laura said borderline hysterical.

“Listen. You got the wrong impression! I was just surprised when I first saw you!” Sam said urgently.

“You don’t have to explain or put it nicely Sam. I’m not dense. I’m not your type. It happens.” Laura said darkly.

“No, No, No! It’s just that Troy didn’t do you justice in his description. I was expecting some dull girl but I was completely shocked to see you!” Laura just narrowed her eyes skeptically. “I honestly wasn’t expecting to have such a striking woman meet me here tonight.” Sam said softly. He soaked in her form. She was short and curvy in all the right places. He boobs looked big on her small frame but he guessed they were borderline c cup. They were a good perky handful and anything more than that was a waste in Sam’s eyes. They pushed together for a tempting display of cleavage in her form fitting black dress. Her waist narrowed perfectly and her hips flared enough to create the perfect hourglass figure. She was toned and fit. She had glowing olive skin and her almond brown eyes were highly expressive. Her pretty face framed by dark brown hair that was straight as a pin but swept up in an intentional messy bun. He caught a quick glimpse of her pert ass, it was round and firm but looked soft and jiggly. He frankly had to fight his forming hard on to remain polite.

Laura saw Sam’s unashamed survey of her body. His half hooded eyes of lust and semi hard on was all she needed to believe he was telling the truth. She blushed and looked away while inadvertently trying to cover her form with her arms. Getting nervous of what would happen next she walked towards where Sam stood. His eyes widened and he sucked in a breathe of air anticipating a move but she only reached behind him to unlock the door and open it slightly. Disappointed but relieved Sam got out of the way so she could open it fully and they could slip out. He glanced at her swaying ass as she left the room and stifled a groan. He flicked off the lights, readjusted his hard on and wrapped his arm around his date’s waist. Her skin was so soft he wished it was pressed up against his naked body as they rolled around his bed doing unspeakable things.

Sam led them back to the booth section but they had to fight their way through the sea of people on the dance floor. Laura walked in front of him while holding his hand so they wouldn’t separate. The song changed and the crowd frenzied in excitement. Bodies jumped around and bumped into the pair repeatedly. A man knocked into Laura causing her to bump back into Sam. He caught her in his strong arms and she could feel his muscled body on her back. It caused her to shiver at the mental image of what he’d look like shirtless. She gasped when she felt his hard on press into the small of her back. It was thick and she guessed it was around 7 inches. Sam wrapped his arms tightly around Laura and whispered into her ear. “We could just dance, we are at a club after all.” Laura could feel the smile in his voice. He turned her around and pressed her into him again. His leg went in between her legs and hers did the same. He held the nape of her neck while his fingers intertwined into her soft hair, holding her to gaze into his eyes as they ground into each other.

Laura’s breathing was ragged, she could feel her arousal get the better of her. He smelled so good and felt even better pressed into her. He was a well dressed man, handsome with a career. What more could a girl ask for?! An image of Joe flashed in her head and she shook it off. She could see his disapproval of her behavior and it made her hotter. All of a sudden a white light flashed and momentarily blinded the pair.

“Look at these two lovebirds!” Mary squealed while holding her smart phone. She instantly uploaded it to her page, captioning it as “Girl’s Night Out!”. Troy was right behind her, grinding into Mary’s plump behind. “Thought you two were gunna find us a booth!” Mary teased while trying to yell louder than the blaring music. “Here, we got you your drinks!” Laura nodded in appreciation and downed hers in a few gulps. Sam smiled wickedly and followed suit. They threw the plastic cups over their shoulders and continued dancing. Mary and Troy danced near them, caught in their own chemistry.

The group danced through multiple songs. Laura was certainly feeling buzzed and being so close to Sam was temptation. She was getting increasingly more brazen as the night went on. Brushing her hand on Sam’s hard on, nipping at his ear and licking the side of his neck. It was driving Sam mad and he loved it. He grabbed her ass and pulled her in tight to claim her mouth with a fiery kiss. Their tongues danced and she groaned into his mouth. She melted into him, his hand holding the back of her head and her hair entwined in his fingers. He felt her pert nipples press into his strong chest and he could strongly smell her desire. Laura broke off the kiss and slurred, “Bathroom!” Sam just laughed.

“Meet me at the bar when you’re done, I’ll order us another round.” Sam winked. He watched her slice through the crowd, her body flush with a sheen of sweat and her ass begging to be squeezed. He smiled to himself and headed towards the bar. Little did the pair know they were being watched. Joe downed his whiskey and made his way to the bathroom. His opportunity was here. He was fuming at the sight of Laura dry humping the shit out of that bastard.

Laura splashed some cool water on her chest and on the back of her neck. She was flush and hot and needed water desperately. She looked in the mirror and smiled. Her messy bun looked even messier, she was glistening with sweat but she still looked good. She admired her tight form and her nice display of cleavage. She touched up her make up before heading back out to find Sam. She was humming to herself when she bumped into a large figure.

“Oof!” Before Laura could even apologize she saw Joe and her heart skipped a beat.

“Hey sweetie. Fancy meeting you here.” Joe said darkly and surprisingly calm.

“Oh. Hey Joe. Uhh. What’s up.” Laura asked nervously. She tried circling around him so she could back up into the crowd and lose him if need be. She knew how he was.

“Oh, you know. Just watching my girl dry hump the shit out of some son of a bitch.” Joe said all too evenly. Laura’s stomach flipped. He looked absolutely predatory and dangerous. His calm demeanor was frightening because she knew he was anything but.

“I-I’m not your girl Joe! How they hell did you find me?!” Laura said defiantly.

“The hell you are!” Joe barked causing Laura to cower slightly. “Funny thing about smart phones sweetie is that they are only as smart as its owner.” He showed her the picture Mary uploaded on her page, her and Sam in a tight embrace battling with their tongues. Laura felt her jaw practically hit the floor. She shook her head no.

“Funny, I change my status to in a relationship for you and here you go and do this.” Joe said tsking with disappointment.

“What?!” Laura said completely surprised.

“You’re mine, Laura.” Joe said menacingly. With that he grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the emergency exit by the bathrooms. They flew out the door as cool air hit their warm bodies. Joe pressed Laura up against the alley wall, the sound of the muffled music still present.

“What the hell do you-” Laura was cut off. Joe brought his lips crashing down onto her soft pouty ones. She groaned in denial and tried to escape it but his firm grasp on the back of her neck held her still.

“You’re mine Laura. No one else can have you.” Joe whispered harshly in her ear. The words made Laura tingle and she felt her stomach clench. His hard stare into her wide eyes held her paralyzed. All she could do was nod ever so slightly. She knew in her heart his words rang true but her gut told her to run. Joe smiled, glad she accepted it and understood. He loosened his grip and Laura made her escape. She ran to the street and saw the nightclub’s entrance in sight. She opened her mouth to scream but a strong hand cut off her voice and covered her mouth. Mere muffles sounded which the loud music, that seeped through the walls, covered.

“Bad mistake sweetie.” Joe growled in her ear. Laura felt a stray tear run from her cheek. He grabbed her hip hard and yanked her back to feel his raging dick pulse in his pants. Laura’s heart dropped once she realized his intentions. Her struggles intensified when she spotted Sam emerge from the club looking confused. He saw Laura struggling with a man in the shadows and ran towards her.

He did NOT just say that. Did he? But of course he did Ellie, you idiot… You’ve chased him until he practically had no choice but to screw you. You know better than to think a man’s going to knock back sex, even with a fat, ugly whore like you, given enough encouragement.

You thought he liked you? Idiot.

Hang on Ellie, (her more rational self tries to intervene) let’s just rewind the memory and make sure we’ve got this straight; “Most girls give up after I brush them off the first few times.”

Yep. That’s definitely what he said. Right after fucking you senseless.

Senseless is right. You’re old enough to know men are bastards. You know very well you’re not attractive in any way shape or form to 99.9% of them… except perhaps as a soft spot to get their end wet or a well-trained victim of abuse. The old well-worn record rolls on and on, over and over in her mind, as if he’s found an internal button of hers and put it on repeat in her brain. And on maximum volume so that nothing else can enter her thoughts.

Until she suddenly realizes her mouth is hanging open.

Shit. Shut it. Ellie shut your mouth and retain some of your dignity for god’s sake!

As she turned on her heel and ran, she realized that all the warning signs had been there. Gavin had admitted to being jealous of Andrew, her first ever lover. He’d imagined the witty, clever journalism student with a hot arse who loved to go down on her as a pimply-faced, inept teenager. Wanted to kill him. Ha!

Sounds like Steve. Steve seemed to want to kill anyone who’d come before. Steve deleted men’s numbers from her phone. Steve, the menacing, wall-punching, speed-addicted, emotional abuser — yep you’ve found another one like that. Come on Ellie – grow up. What made you think great sex would be worth putting up with the daily humiliation guys like that are capable of dishing out?

Geez! If he was jealous of “pimply-faced and inept” Andrew, how would he have felt if he’d ever known about Travis and the slow, hard grind to simultaneous orgasm, week after week, year after year. Lovemaking as an extension of a loving relationship with the most beautiful and kindest man she’d ever known.

Hmmmm. That holiday in Thailand a couple of years ago. Yes. That was something to be jealous of. She’d finally felt for the first time totally secure, safe and happy in a relationship. Partly because she was in lovely Trav’s arms and partly because she knew that she was finally healed. Not a fucked up victim anymore…

That first morning at the resort by the beach… God, she’d never been so horny. Who knew that a healthy relationship and having your head blown off by love could be such powerful aphrodisiacs?

That morning Travis lay stretched out gorgeous and naked on the bed beside her, his face snuggled in next to her head and his arm draped over her body. They’d made love the night before and she came so hard she’d trembled and almost sobbed from the intensity of the experience and yet she’d woken before dawn needing him again.

His arm was heavy and warm across her belly, heating her insides and somehow irradiating her with arousal that was directly transmitting to her sexual centre. His breath was in time with hers and the deep, melting waves it was creating were travelling from her neck down her body below her waist. She was wet and aching for him.

Ellie could feel Travis’ erection against her leg and knew she wanted to kiss his beautiful cock so he could experience the waves of love she felt insistently flowing through her body. As she lightly ran her tongue over the tip she focused on transmitting her arousal and love into him. He responded with a low moan and clutched her hair.

“Good morning beautiful one,” he said.

“Good morning baby. I was just so horny I had to wake you. I hope you don’t mind?”

She didn’t give him a chance to answer her question. She immediately closed her mouth over the end of his cock and sucked hard and licked alternately for a few seconds while firmly clutching his shaft. The sweet surprise had him rising off the bed for a moment until suddenly she was flipped onto her back with him sinking in on top of her.

OH. MY. GOD. Ellie was glad she’d made it back to her flat for this part of the memory as her hand instinctively reached between her legs for relief.

As she remembered Travis driving himself into her she fell onto her front on her bed and drove her fingers hard down around her clitoris and partially into her silky wet opening in time with the memory of his thrusts. The ground shattering orgasm shook her to her core and she lay panting on her side as the waves subsided.

Then the waves of tears took over as she wondered how she could have been so wrong about Gavin. And wished there was a way that she could have experienced the sexual highs of the last few days with Travis instead.

She knew that it was mostly Gavin’s skillful execution of his sexual agenda last night that had left her wanting more and it served to heighten her humiliation that he’d gotten to her enough to make her masturbate and cry alone.

Then the phone rang and she could see it was Gavin. That familiar, lonely, sick feeling in the chest that comes from being rejected and then begged for forgiveness coursed through her body.

She wasn’t sure if she even wanted to answer it. This had better be good.

You know the old saying, “opposites attract”? In the case of me and my lover, that statement’s only partially true.

Sure, there are some differences between us. He’s nearly twice my age. I’m short and honeycomb-tan, while he’s insanely tall and dark like pure coffee. I’m the daughter of Burmese immigrants, while he was born and raised right here in Harlem. Oh, and of course there’s gender to account for, right? But we’re both down-to-earth, so Mars and Venus can shove it.

At the end of the day, all of these external differences are just ornaments. What we have in common is much more valuable.

We share many interests, but the one that’s been consuming us of late is our mutual interest in “booty”.

Now, mine’s fairly small—a natch, given I’m a pretty petit girl. And although we both adore big badonkadonks, Evander quite often reassures me that he likes my lil’ Asian peach just the way it is. He always says shape is more important than size, and I tend to agree.

Still, there’s a problem. Thankfully it’s one which we’re in the process of creatively solving.

See, his love for a woman’s well-formed posterior doesn’t just end with surface admiration. He’s specifically interested in what’s between those cheeks. He’s interested in going…inside.

I’ll admit, the idea’s certainly arousing. We’ve been watching a lot of anal-themed porn on the weekends and these days, I even download some of it myself.

But as much as I like the idea of Evander taking me through the backdoor, one look at his penis will give you an idea why it’s never happened.

It’s…huge. I’m not talking about “I’m bragging about my boyfriend” huge. I mean, scary, one-in-a-billion huge.

The fact that it’s longer than my forearm is one thing; the fact that it’s thicker is another. Even when I clasp it with both hands, my fingers just barely meet. I’m not joking.

We worked around it for a few months. We invested in some toys, which were all new to me since I’d never stuck anything up my butt before I met him.

While I frankly wasn’t wild about the sensation, I loved pleasing him. So for for a while, the colorful beads and plugs in our bedside drawer filled in the gap so to speak.

But on his end, he always wanted the real thing. Frankly I did too, but deep down I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I love Evander, so I told him my fears. It felt silly to admit, but I did worry about what effect it might have on my body.

I told him I was nervous about his size. I worried about having to wear diapers in the future, which made me blush deeply to say aloud. I knew it must have sounded so backwards, like typical farm girl ignorance.

But he just nodded wisely as he always does, without judgment, and assured me that he’d never hurt me like that. A lesser guy would have laughed at such silly fears. But he understands me, and I trust him.

I started trying new things to remedy the issue. When he managed to enter me vaginally in the doggy style position (which to this day still takes a LOT of patience), I’d squeeze tight and tell him to pretend it was my anus.

He seemed to enjoy that, but it only satisfied him for a few weeks. Yet again, one night he rolled over and told me that it wasn’t good enough.

I began to feel insecure. I started wondering if maybe some ravishing, unusually talented woman from his past accustomed him to pleasures I couldn’t offer.

It was hard to get him to talk about his past lovers; he seems reluctant to recall the past in general. But one night after a long dinner date which included several strong cocktails, I got him to put his guard down and tell me more.

He said it was something he’d sought after his whole life. He’d slept with dozens of women, even came close to marrying one—but none of them had the capacity to satisfy his one true sexual wish. He even revealed that a hired escort once declined his advances after he dropped his pants.

So we came to an agreement. Once a year, I give him a special birthday present.

It required some hunting, as well as a bit of screening. Plus, he’s picky. But I’ve found that there are definitely women in this city that are not only aroused by the idea of fitting a x-large cock up their ass, but they’ll show up prepared for the deed, and attempt it great enthusiasm. All you need to do is find them.

Thankfully, most of them are just a click away.


As our online ad specified, we were willing to trade clothed pics first, then faceless nudes of Evander once we established a phone rapport. Finally we’d meet for coffee in a heavily populated place like Whole Foods or Starbucks one afternoon, and take it from there.

We took some photos of his body—he takes very good care of himself and has a swimmer’s build, since he’s a lifeguard.

We took some of his smooth chest, his muscular back which descended to perfectly toned haunches, and of course his amazing penis.

After an initial slew of duds, a handful of viable candidates started to creep into our inbox. Though she wasn’t my first choice, the one Evander was most interested in was a woman named Michiko. When his sights are set on something, he’s resolute. He knew she was the one pretty fast.

He likes all kinds of women, but I do believe he selected a woman who at least superficially resembles me, which in hindsight was more flattering than I realized at the time. Though facially she was distinct, our builds were quite similar.

Michiko’s first emails were brief and vague. She was Japanese, and claimed to be in her early 40′s, but looked a bit younger—inspiringly so, I thought, if her pictures were to be believed. She said she worked as a gallery assistant, though in her discretion she hesitated to reveal which one.

The pictures in question were quite alluring, and displayed an unexpected artfulness. In sharp black and white, her compact body flexed lissomely into dramatic poses.

Unlike us, she didn’t hesitate to include her face in her nude pictures, her dark eyes staring down the lens as if to challenge us as she bared herself.

She was undeniably cute. Her face was broad and smooth, with short black hair that covered her forehead in neat, slinky bangs. Evander approved of her small supple bottom, her elfin breasts, and her unshaven mound.

Over the course of the next week she’d send two to three new pictures of her self per day, some of them appearing to be professionally taken.

At some point, her pictures started getting raunchier. One sent exclusively to Evander was an image of her standing against a white wall naked, spreading her butt cheeks to reveal the rubbery knot of her anus. Unlike mine, it sunk slightly inward into her narrow crack, which Evander said was telltale sign.

I shuddered, realizing what he meant. I stared at that picture and thought of Evander’s extreme girth, and considered that maybe they were a perfect match for one another.

Maybe she’s what he’s wanted all along, not me. That unlocked backdoor just waiting for the perfect visitor.

The thought of being reduced like this aroused equal parts jealousy and lust inside of me. While I worried that Evander might dump me for her, I did find that my imagination was quick to conjure up vivid images of them together.

Maybe it would be a relief to finally see it happen. To watch my beautiful lover completely own this pretty Japanese bitch’s flat little ass. I’d just be a fly on the wall, or at best an appetizer for the main course.

She said she did not wish to talk on the phone, or meet in any of the safe public places we suggested. Our house, she said, was fine. In so many words, she admitted to having done this kind of thing enough times to determine that we were trustworthy. And plus, she didn’t want to wait to get to Evander much longer.

I followed her lead and scrapped the Starbuck’s plan. She seemed legit. Our house on Friday it was.

Evander reminded me that he loved me, and no one else. And he added that no matter the outcome, this was an excellent gift.

It made me smile to know that I’d finally discovered a present that I knew for sure he’d use. If I couldn’t crack the code on my own bodily limitations, I’d hire a stunt double.

By the time our meeting date came around, we were both eager to meet her.


On the Friday night we’d planned to meet Michiko, I got dressed up. I’d mentally drafted my getup in advance; I was trying to be competitive.

I put on my tallest, most leg-flattering heels, and I hiked my boobs with a pushup cami. The fancy (and overpriced) sheer chiffon top I’d ordered online was fitting me perfectly, as was my matching red miniskirt. I’d even broke out my makeup kit and tried to lay on the slutty eyeshadow as heavy as I could get away with.

Evander seemed to appreciate the effort, though in his usual understated manner, the only praise he allowed me here was “you look good, girl.”

In the world of such a discriminating man, I’ve come to learn that this is a huge compliment. I tried to take it as such, though part of me wished he’d be a little more expressive. Meanwhile, he merely wore slippers, khakis and a white t-shirt. Beautiful guys like him have it too easy.

Michiko showed up at our front door at exactly 9 pm. She looked a little different I’d imagined.

I’ll admit, I was inclined to be cattishly judgmental. In person, she looked much more her age. Her skin was a bit more porous and uneven than I felt had been advertised.

Her hair was considerably longer than expected as well, falling shoulder-length and dyed dark auburn an inch past the root. This all confirmed to me that her photos were not exactly current.

Also, apart from a chic straw fedora and blood-red lipstick, her presentation was disarmingly plain—a drab wool sweater, bluejeans, burlap handbag, and worn white sneakers.

Maybe she was trying to downplay herself for my sake, but either way I saw not a whit of disappointment in Evander’s eyes. He seemed spellbound.

I immediately felt jealous. And much as I wanted to nitpick, it had to admit—she was undeniably, viscerally sexy. Much more so than I, and she didn’t seem to even try that hard.

Although she was of small frame like myself, there was a “bigness” to her aura. It was a shameless air, defiant even, and as she sauntered into our apartment unhesitatingly, I found myself tensing up.

Evander looked down at me, smiling. “It’s okay,” he said, patting my shoulder. I felt my heart slow down as his large warm hand graced me, but even his gentle consolation couldn’t completely calm my nerves at the moment.

“Hi, Michiko. My name is Abi…Abi Khaing. And this is—”

Michiko sucked her crooked teeth and interrupted me, staring me down with her sly eyes.

“You dunno know how fuck your man?” she snapped with a smirk on her thin crimson lips. I paused, then squinted, my brain suddenly processing her implication.

“What? Of course I know how to! It…it’s just that…”

“Haha. You lie. You dunno how fuck your man. But okay sweetie, you learn how tonight, uh huh. Watch and learn,” Michiko said with teasingly, placing her bag on the floor next to her, then pulling up her shabby sweater to reveal her bare, perky breasts.

Her nipples were caramel-tan and positively tiny, standing erect. Evander’s eyebrow raised.

“Hiiii Evander,” she said with a voice oozing exaggerated flirtatiousness. Evander chuckled, looking highly entertained. I saw that telltale bulge begin to form under his khakis. She clearly did too, because her eyes met it expectantly, a wide smile now on her face.

“Hi, Michiko,” he simply said back in a relaxed, upbeat tone. I stared at him, seeing how focused he was on her as she stood half-naked in our well-lit living room.

“Abi,” she said to me without breaking eye contact with Evander, “you suck his dick now. Get your man ready to fuck.”

“I…” I sputtered, not expecting her to be so commanding.

“Do as Michiko says, Abi,” Evander said to me calmly, the bulge in his pants now extending almost halfway to his knee. He clearly was not off-put by this woman’s tone as I was. In fact, he seemed quite amused by it.

I hesitated. This was another thing I was insecure about—my gag reflex. I’ve been working on it, but it’s still an impediment when I go down on him. He seems to enjoy my attempts, but I can never tell if it’s good enough for him; often he stops before he even orgasms and remarks that, yes, it’s “good enough”. Sigh.

I dropped to my knees and leaned in, feeling him tower over my little body. I grabbed the cold steel of his belt buckle and tugged it loose. With shaking hands I unbuttoned his pants, feeling his dark weapon swell against my forearm through the thin cloth of his pants.

Gripping him by the waist, I slipped my thumbs under the elastic lining of his silk boxers and, hooking my middle fingers around his belt loops, slid everything down slowly.

Inch by inch, my lover’s weighty, dusky penis revealed itself. The further down I pulled, the wider Michiko’s eyes became.

“Oh my,” Michiko exclaimed with a mixture of real and affected surprise. “Does it…have ending?”

For the first time, we all shared a knowing chuckle. Of course she’d seen photos of his penis, but there is certainly something about seeing it up close that drives home just how generous his endowment is, and how beautifully shaped it is as well.

As the unveiling of his smooth cocoa-colored shaft continued, Michiko slipped a hand down her jeans and moaned almost embarrassingly loud. It was clear that this woman was quite shameless.

“Ohhh I see. It’s monster, haha. Biiig dark monster,” Michiko said with a playful whisper, her nipples visibly standing on end as she finally was able to see Evander’s blessed penis in all its glory.

Finally, the bulbous mushroom head slipped out from under the cloth veil, catapulting upward stiffly.

“So perfect! Koi no yokan…” Michiko said, followed by another loud moan that made me hope our neighbors couldn’t hear.

To be honest, I had never seen Evander so erect before. I could see the smooth brown skin of his penis strain against the firm tissue underneath, shiny and throbbing.

It was Michiko having this effect him, of course, not me. I swallowed hard, trying to block out envious thoughts. Part me of hated our new guest already, and as I saw her and Evander’s eyes lock, I almost snapped.

I shook myself out of my funk, determined not to let her have all the fun, and I gripped my lover’s hefty penis in my hands with determination. The familiar feeling of his engorged veins pulsing rapidly in my palms inspired me, and opened my mouth wide.

“Look up at yo man when you suck him,” Michiko demanded. “You very lucky girl, Abi.”

I nodded in agreement, and did as told. I glanced up at Evander with my best look of focused desire that I could muster, slowing the movement of my eyelids to a crawl.

Evander’s penis slowly pushed its way through my widened lips, almost filling the entire expanse of my tiny mouth from cheek to cheek.

It felt heavy and warm on my tongue, the taste bittersweet. Evander’s an impeccably clean man, but sweaty cock will always taste like sweaty cock, and I’ve learned to savor the taste.

I began sucking him off. I started bobbing my head up and down on the wide bulb, conjuring up as much saliva as I could muster from the depths of my throat.

He put his big controlling hand on my head, stroking my temples at first, then lightly tugging my shiny black hair towards him as he swayed his hips gently back and forth.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Michiko furiously

strumming her clit under her pants, and knew that she was every bit as aroused as we were. She continued to address me brashly.

“Mmm Abi, I think Evander penis very big. Maybe too big for you. What you think?”

I merely nodded, giving her a stifled “mmhmm,” through my clumsy slobbering as I intrepidly tried to push Evander deeper into my throat.

I immediately regretted trying to show off, as his dense cock poked under my tonsils and I felt acid well up in my gullet.

Immediately I began to gasp and hack, blinking as tears formed at the edges of my eyes. I pulled away, still heaving, strings of drool still running between my pouted lips and his humongous member.

“Why your girl don’t know how to suck your dick?” Michiko taunted. I felt frustration mount in me, but said nothing.

“Hmm, she’s still learning,” Evander said casually, eyes still locked on her. I then heard him address me. “Open wider, Abi. Remember what I said about no teeth?”

Michiko laughed at me again. I said nothing and opened my mouth wider, feeling my jaw jack open uncomfortably and my lips stretch. I continued to messily slurp him down as best I could, my saliva glands running like a faucet.

I was still determined to hold my own. Gathering some of the spit around his glans, I began to slide my two tiny hands up and down the shiny length of his impossibly fat shaft. I figured if I couldn’t go deep, I’d at least give some service along the rest of his member.

That didn’t seem to elicit any strong reaction from him, though. If he noticed, he didn’t seem to care. I closed my eyes, unable to look up at him anymore. I felt ashamed that I couldn’t please him.

Michiko sniggered, then waved her hands dismissively. “Phh, she so boring. She not know how to go deeper?” She asked Evander, who shrugged again in response and joined in laughing with her.

I suddenly felt so small. Not just physically in contrast to Evander’s towering physique, but also to Michiko, whose personality seemed to fill the room and blot out my own entirely.

I heard her huff loudly. She further disparaged my meager oral skills with a sneer as she unbuttoned her jeans. She disregarded me for a moment and focused on her grand prize.

“Forget her. You like to fuck the ass, Evander?”

I could taste crystalline droplets of pre-cum on his head. I suppose my desperate oral service was “good enough”, as he would say, as his response sounded undisrupted if nothing else.

“I do, Michiko,” he said as he tugged my hair towards him forcefully. I immediately felt like I was going to gag, but I collected myself.

I now felt wetness forming at my crotch, a trickle of which began its descent down my inner thigh. I loved hearing his deep, confident voice as he nonchalantly used my mouth.

Our guest took a step closer to us and placed her hands on her hips. “That’s soooo dirty, Evander. You dirty boy! Mmmm. So. Why you want to fuck the ass?”

“Haha. Why wouldn’t I, Michiko. You brought it to me. Straight to my front door, even,” Evander said as his grip on my head tightened. I felt goosebumps rise on my arms and legs. Her voice again filled the room.

“Mmmm, yes Evander. You dirty boy, so I am dirty girl. I think it is perfect match.”

“Perhaps,” he replied without a care in the world. “Turn around, Michiko, and let me see what you’re offering.”

With an exaggerated swivel, Michiko turned around and jutted her little backside out, turning her head to fix him with her signature stare. I could hear him faintly chuckling under his breath, the vibration of his abs trailing to my lips.

His eyes fell right on her butt, and I could sense him scrutinizing its shape, visualizing it through her raggedy jeans. It only took a split second. He didn’t ogle like some guys; he made his assessments quickly.

Squinting, he stroked the scratchy salt & pepper stubble on his cheeks, then nodded his head in conservative approval.

Michiko’s voice became slightly more tremulous as his confidence seemed to intoxicate her.

“Sooo…mmm….you like this ass, Evander? My sweet momo-jiri?”

“It’s fine, Michiko,” he replied as his penis swelled deep in my mouth.

“What kind of ass you like to fuck most? Your girlfriend Asian. You like to fuck Asian ass most?”

“Nah girl, it’s not like that,” Evander said cooly. “I like all kinds of women. It just so happens that I have you two in this room. I could have any other arrangement if I wanted to.”

Looking sufficiently convinced, and quite entranced now as well, Michiko turned towards us again and took another step closer. She quickly yanked her jeans down around her ankles and kicked them off, revealing that she had no underwear.

Now plainly visible, her fingers returned to their position at the tender peak of her feathery, untrimmed crotch.

Stepping in profile, she then swerved her hips towards us and pulled one of her ass cheeks to the side. That deep puckered anus of hers—the one Evander had diagnosed so knowingly when it first flashed across our computer screen weeks ago—was finally there for the taking. I wanted to turn and view it fully, but I remembered my orders to look up at him.

The moaning from her lips was less affected now, easing to a slow, consistent purr. “Mmm, dirty boy. This what you want, yes? You like my asshole?” Michiko mewled, her naked body writhing before him right on our carpet.

Evander nodded again, his dark balls flexing as his penis pulsed again in my small mouth.

Though I couldn’t completely turn my head to view her, my peripheral vision afforded me a view of her impeccably lean and fit physique. It looked even sharper in person. Maybe the small imperfections I’d noticed in her were merely my own immature, insecure projections.

Whatever the case, in that moment I couldn’t imagine a sexier woman standing in our apartment, nor a sexier man, and I felt myself submit fully to the dynamic already well underway.

I finally understood that for tonight, I was nothing more than a curious helpmate here, an eager mouth to keep Evander pleased until he was ready for the grand prize. And ready he now was.

“Enough, Abi. That’s good enough,” he said, patting me on the head and releasing his grip. A stream of drool still gushed from my mouth, dripping onto the carpet in splotches.

At least I could breathe now, I thought to myself, though I still shivered at the thought of what was happening.

“I’m ready,” Evander said, replacing my hands with his own as he gripped the shaft of his long shadowy penis.

Michiko paused. She looked at me, then him. Her face suddenly went deadpan and her volume increased.

“I need to take shit first. Where is bathroom?”

I gasped. “Oh my god,” was all I could let out. I was astounded by how crass she could be. This woman did not have an “inside voice”.

“Right down the hall,” Evander said, pointing past the kitchen. She smiled. “Thank you! Make sure your man stay hard, Abi, so we can ketsu no ana de yaro, all night long baby. Hahaha,” she said as she temporarily removed herself from our living room.

“Evander…did she just say what I think she said?” I muttered as I started to massage his balls dutifully.

Evander shrugged, looking content to merely kick back and enjoy the wild show. “Yeah,” he said vacantly as he removed his shirt and stepped out of his sandals.”You prefer she doesn’t do that?”

“Um, I mean not if she actually has to use the toilet—I mean, it’s not my business to say—”

“Shh, Abi baby. Just do what she said, and keep playing with my balls. You know I like it when you do that,” he said, flashing me his potently charming, toothy grin. I sighed, fumbling with his large testicles as he stroked himself, still as stiff as a board.

I began wondering if Michiko talked so loudly because she wanted our neighbors to hear. Maybe she got some kind of exhibitionist pleasure out of it. Maybe she was trying to make some kind of statement. Maybe she was just a tad crazy.

It seemed possible that all of those things could be equally true, but I didn’t have the mind to think deeply about it. Especially when I heard the toilet flush distantly.

“Oh god,” I said again, my heart racing. I heard the muffled rush of water, and then her footsteps, bare feet on the carpet thudding swiftly. My fingertips went cold. Michiko sprinted as she rounded the bend, smiling and stark naked.

“I am ready, dirty boy!” she said as her hand immediately returned to her crotch.

Evander stepped out of his khakis and walked past me, leaving me to sit on the floor. He cupped Michiko’s small pillowy bottom in the palm of his hand and drew her to him.

I saw her stand on her tip-toes as he leaned in. His body eclipsed hers. I heard a deep breath, then a moment of silence.

Oh my god, they’re kissing, I realized. I almost felt tears well up in my eyes, but I held them back. I knew any drama would ruin my lover’s gift, and besides, I knew this feeling would pass.

I’m a big girl. I signed up for this, and I can take it, I thought to myself as I saw her small shin wrap behind his big sinuous calf.

“Abi, go get the lube and condoms,” he ordered. I glared at Michiko, that little slithering bitch in heat, as grappled his athletic frame for dear life.

I wanted to tear her from him, but instead I found myself just obediently rising from my spot on the floor, walking to the coffee table and opening the small drawer underneath it. That’s where he’d placed the items; we’d worked out every detail.

I picked up the tube of Astroglide and the pack of Durex XXLs and brought them over, my eyes downcast. “ you go,” I said, looking down at my stylish getup and feeling dumb for bothering to get dressed up for the occasion.

“Are you okay, baby?” Evander said, looking back at me with a twinge of concern on his face. “Your eyes are a little red.”

“Yes, I’m fine,” I said, unable to look at him. Considerable wetness stained my underwear at this point, and I felt my little nipples press stingingly up against my clothing. The dual emotions running through me had me so confused.

“Aww, she act sad like crybaby, but she horny too. Well? What you waiting for, Abi? ” Michiko hissed at me nasally. “Put on condom and get him ready.”

I sulked, unaware that my muddled arousal showed so transparently. I ripped open the plastic condom packet, then placed the elastic ring over the bronze head of Evander’s perpetually rock hard penis, pinching the tip.

Even this size condom looked tight on him, and as I rolled it further and further back over his shaft, I found that it only barely covered him completely.

At this point in our relationship, we rarely used condoms anymore, and I’d never put one on him before. It was kind of fun to do, and the loving look he gave me as I pulled it up to the bushy base of his penis renewed me with trust. I could get through this.

I smiled weakly and squirted some lube on my hand, then pumped the length of his cock with my slippery fingers. For the first time, I heard him moan slightly, his eyes still on me. I jerked him off good for a few seconds, then stood back.

Michiko snatched the lube from my hands. “Get back down on the floor and watch, Abi,” Michiko said. I sat down on the carpet and looked up at the two of them without a sound.

She took tube of clear saline solution, unscrewed the cap, then poked her finger inside of it. Retrieving a small amount of the slick material, she spread it around the open grooves, then reached behind her.

With a grunt, she shoved the tip up her ass as she hovered over me. I saw her forearm tense as she squeezed the tube, pushing its entire remaining contents up into her bowels.

“Ngh,” she let out as she emptied all of the lube inside of her, her face scrunching, but her eyes never leaving me.

“Abi, I tell you why I say you lucky. My husband, he is so small man. Short bald English chap. He only marry me for trophy wife. Always away on business, never has time to fuck me. Then even when he fuck me, it’s just little penis, it look like bean sprout! So I told him fuck my ass, but he never like to. He not handsome dirty boy like Evander, he BORING old man.”

“Oh…” was all I could manage to say, my eyes wide.

“So I never touch his chibi chinchin no more, because he don’t please me. I told him if he not fuck my ass, I get someone else to do it. He not believe I do it! He think he own me like ‘mekake’ woman, but he wrong. You understand, Abi?” she said, breathing heavily as she vigorously squeezed the dregs of the Astroglide up her rectum.

Without thought, I found my own hand trailing under my miniskirt. “Yes, Michiko. I understand,” I found myself saying, my fingers quickly finding the cream-smeared spot between my legs and rubbing furiously.

Tossing the hollow bottle aside, Michiko’s smile returned and she swung around, bending over with her hands touching her feet as she stood.

She began wiggling her cute little Japanese ass in front of us, a copious amount of lube oozing from the dark recess of her butt crack.

“Come get me, Evander,” she said with another rare whisper. I saw my lover spring to action with the ferocity of a tiger.

Grabbing her petit body, he positioned two fingers at her slippery crack, rubbing her sphincter teasingly. She moaned in a slow, primal way that only inspired me to move my hands faster between my legs.

Easily plunging his fingers through her tawny anal ring—almost too easily—he began fingering her bottom as he tugged his massive penis.

She wriggled and grunted as he prodded her hungry asshole, maddening her with anticipation.

She squealed, her face and chest flushing as she fixed him with look of shameless lust.

“Alright, Michiko. Get your little ass over there on the couch,” he said in his husky voice, smile holding steady on his face.

Retracting his fingers from her greasy bottom, he pointed to our brand new upholstered piece of furniture. I winced, wondering if I’d be making a trip to the dry cleaners tomorrow.

He grabbed Michiko by the hair, bending her over the plush armrest. Her willowy figure offered no resistance, allowing him to pose her to his preference. He pushed her head down and smacked her ass hard.

“Ow!” she squealed as a big red handprint immediately rose on her cheek. “Oh thank you, dirty boy…domo…domo.”

He smacked her butt again, the resonant thwack stabbing my eardrums. “Owww!” she let out as she trembled. Raising her head to look me in the eye, she let out a dramatic, guttural groan. “Uuugghh you so dirty boy…domo…”

“Head down, Michiko,” Evander ordered, and she broke her stare and buried her face in the couch cushion.

Pleased with her state of absolute submission, he draped his tremendous dark penis over her back. As it lay there, its length seemed to go halfway up her spine.

And honestly, compared to her narrow hips, it looked like nothing less than a tree trunk. I wondered how it would ever fit inside of her ass, of all places.

Positioning it between her cheeks, he grabbed her hips and slowly pushed. His low-hanging balls tensed again as the wide head began to lean acutely against her sphincter.

She wheezed, her legs shaking as her anus caved in severely. The subsequent primal grunt she let out communicated equal measures of pain and perverted enjoyment.

Pounding her fists on the cushion, she shrieked as he drove his head cleanly past her clenching ring. She cried out, immediately sounding as if she were ready to come to tears.

Her ass cheeks parted widely as he slid inward, so wide that I could easily imagine her hips cracking under the pressure of Evander’s penis. It was that surreal to watch.

I smiled guiltily to myself, astonished by how aroused I was becoming as I watched my beautiful man finally get his fix. I loved seeing that smug bitch him struggle with that “big dark monster” stuffed up her flat little ass.

When Evander began to thrust his hips back and forth, for a moment I thought she’d break. Her butt cheeks were split completely in half.

As he drove inch after inch inside of her, a disgusting hoop of runny filth began to gather around the abnormally widened rim of her pink anus, dripping down like some rancid gravy. I couldn’t look away.

Ass-fucking. On the $2,000 couch my parents bought for my graduation present.

Each thrust of his body, each flatulent squish.

I felt something take me over when I saw that nasty sight.

“That’s right Evander, ream that nasty bitch!” I shouted out, surprising myself with my own volume. Hearing my voice seemed to make both of them reach a new level or arousal, his hips now moving faster, driving his cock to her rectal reaches, to depths that clearly had never been accessed before.

Ignited by my trash-talk, her screams were becoming anguished-sounding and ragged. But despite her obvious pain, she remained planted in place, her sex dripping so profusely that there was already a huge white puddle streaked across the beige arm of the couch. And I was leaving quite a sizable puddle myself down there. At this point, I didn’t care about keeping things clean.

I reached under my skirt and tore down my soaking black underwear. Slipping them off my feet, I saw how heavily glazed they were with my nectar, and I balled them up and threw them at Michiko.

“Those are for her, baby. Stuff those in her loud mouth, will you?” I asked Evander, pulling up my skirt and masturbating now in plain view. My pussy had never gushed so much in my life.

Evander turned his head and flashed me a wink that immediately made my heart flutter. As pathetic as it might sound, that was the kind of validation I needed right then.

Knowing I was making him so happy filled me with a new sense of purpose as I watched him go, and I could tell that he loved seeing this side of me.

I didn’t want to step on his toes, though, so I still watched from my position on the floor, content to fiddle with myself and yell the appropriate taunt at the right moments.

He took my suggestion, stuffing my dirty underwear in Michiko’s mouth as he continued to slide the greater portion of his dick in and out of her perforated rear. Her muffled shrieks started to become music to my ears.

“I promised myself one thing, Michiko. Before you leave, my balls are going to reach your cheeks tonight. and you’re going to love me for it,” he said as he slapped her cracked-open backside again with the back of his hand. “I may break your ass, but I never break promises.”

I cheered, my blowing him a kiss with my sticky fingers. Michiko screamed something at me in Japanese through the cloth of my dirty underwear, and I just laughed.

“Now say your prayers,” Evander said before forcing his entire cock up Michiko’s shitter with one tremendous heave.

“AAARRRGHHH FUCK!” she screeched as my panties flew out of her mouth. She twisted and undulated underneath Evander, kicking and digging her nails into the couch. His columnar legs tensed as he accelerated his thrusting.

“Fuck! Fuck!” she stuttered rapidly as my lover began to swoop down into her, sodomizing her with quick and powerful strokes. The slapping sound his huge balls made as they repeatedly dive-bombed her pitiful little rump filled the air. More beautiful music.

He relentlessly fucked her up the ass for a solid two minutes. Soon enough, though, tears began to stream down her face and she began and begging him to stop.

“Evander-san, please, please stop, it hurt too much now, I am so sorry, please, too deep! Auggh!”

He paused, the extent of his member still planted somewhere up in her rectal depths.

“Alright, Michiko. We can stop, but your ass isn’t going anywhere until you climax. Remember, I said you aren’t leaving until you love me, haha.”

“Oohhhhh my god…” Michiko groaned. “Ok…Evander-san…but please…do not move the penis inside…if you must, just leave it in…and I will touch myself…”

Breathing deeply, Evander nodded, leaving his still-stiff penis embedded squarely in her behind. “Abi, come over here and suck my balls.”

Enthusiastically I slithered over on my hands and knees, immediately smelling the nasty concoction—that frothy mixture of lube and pungent runoff from Michiko’s stretched-out anus. Combined with his sweet sweat and her strong vaginal aroma, and the overall effect absolutely intoxicated me. This heady brew would never leave my olfactory memory.

Evander gripped her by the waist and spoke to her commandingly. “Michiko, your asshole’s getting loose, so tighten it up. If I’m not going to move, you have to work for me.”

I began ravenously sucking on his massive hairy testicles, tasting how funky and greasy they were, and seeing Michiko’s trembling hand rub her clit just centimeters from my face was an added thrill.

Her pussy hung right there between her fingers, ripe and unused—just the way Evander wanted. Her husband would probably never know what she did with us that night.

“Tighter, Michiko. Tighten that asshole up,” he ordered, and I saw her squeeze her butt cheeks together as best as she could, though I could tell this only stretched her internally more and caused more pain. Still, within a few more seconds, her voice began to quaver in that telltale way, and her whole body shook.

“I’m….cummminng…oh…I’m … iku iku…. IKU IKU!”

I felt Evander’s his balls constrict again as Michiko was driven to an ear-splitting orgasm. If there was ever any wonder if our neighbors heard us, there was none now.


She sounded like a dying animal, the obviously severe pain in her bowels seeming to drive her orgasm into wilder territory, continuing in a long, drawn out holler, then settling down to a motorboat groan.

“That’s good enough, Abi,” Evander said, patting me on the head as I sucked the last drop of sweat from his balls.

For the first time, I really did take that as a compliment.


We lounged in the living room while our guest freshened up in the bathroom. I sprawled out on the couch, my head resting on his naked lap as he stroked my hair. I felt the heat rising from our bodies and the lingering funk of sodomy filled my nostrils. It was over, for now.

Through all the queasiness and uncertainty and stained furniture, I felt this was all was worthwhile. I could tell my lover was proud of me.

Still, one thing lingered in my mind: was he disappointed that I hadn’t found a woman who could truly take all he had to give? Was two minutes enough to tide him over until his next b-day? I asked him this, and he said, predictably, that it was good enough.

I could tell from his tone of voice that he did want something more. A woman who could truly take him all and then some, a wild anal freak who could put him at ease. Michiko did her job as best as she could, we both agreed, but she was mostly talk.

As she gathered her things by the door, she seemed devoid of pretense, thanking and complimenting us profusely. She told us that we were lucky to have one another, which I couldn’t disagree with.

And though she didn’t need to, she apologized to me for being mean; she explained that it was all part of a persona she’d adopted to spice up her adulterous play-sessions. I told her not to worry, I’m tougher than I look. We both laughed.

How many trysts of this nature had she indulged in over the years? She wouldn’t say, but she reiterated that they were quite numerous, and I now I really believed it. In any case, I was glad my husband wore a condom.

When she left our house, she had a vaguely bowlegged gait. A humbled, satisfied simper remained where her devious grin used to be. She talked of staying in touch, and seemed quite enthused about trying to meet up again, but it seemed obvious to me and Evander that the honeymoon was over. She just wasn’t the one. Needless to say, we ignored her follow-up emails, and she thankfully got the hint.

Reflecting on it a few days later, I realized that neither of us had an orgasm that night. When I asked him why he didn’t go, he said that she “didn’t deserve the pleasure”.

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