jealous girlfriend

The next morning, Ryna was awakened by a familiar weight on his chest. After opening his eyes, he found that Sensara was sprawled across him. Her left leg was over his stomach, while her arm was draped across his chest, and her head was nuzzled into his neck. His own arm was stuck in between her breasts, and she was slowly rubbing her exposed pussy against his hand.

“Girl, you’re a pervert even when you’re asleep, aren’t you?” he askedher sleeping form. After disentangling himself from Sensara, he quickly got dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. After leaving a note for Sensara and placing a pillow where he had been in the bed, he grabbed an apple from the kitchen and made his way to the front door of the dormitory building.

It was still dark outside, probably around 6:00, when Ryna finally managed to find his way out of the dormitory building, thanks in no small part to an elderly cleaning woman named Chicha who had given him directions. He quickly found his way back to the dome building he had taken his test in, then wandered inside until he found what he was looking for: the workout room.

He had been working out for two hours when he heard the door to the room open. Ignoring it, he continued to workout until a familiar voice called his name.

“Ryna, is that you? It is so good to see you again so soon!” called Laura’s voice from behind him.

“Hey Laura. You do realize that it hasn’t even been 24 hours since I saw you last, right?” Ryna asked without pausing his workout.

“That is why I included the ‘so soon’ part, silly,” Laura replied flirtily.

“You also realize that I have a girlfriend, correct? And she doesn’t seem overly fond of you,” Ryna retorted, catching her tone. She sat behind him on the bench, twirling a finger on his shoulder blade.

“That’s cuz’ she feels threatened by me. But that is no reason for you to not like me! I am here anytime you get tired of her,” Laura suggested, pushing her breasts into his back.

“Thanks, but no thanks. What you could do though, is tell me what there is to do around here until classes start,” Ryna asked. He stood up and grabbed a towel from a nearby wall, making Laura almost fall over from the sudden lack of support.

“Fine, be like that. The only thing that I know is happening today is a tournament of the beautiful game,” Laura answered. She picked herself up off of the bench and followed Ryna as he turned to leave.

“The beautiful game? What is that?” Ryna asked, continuing out of the workout room.

“Soccer, duh. You use anything but your hands and arms to put the ball into the opposing team’s goal,” Laura explained.

“I’ve never heard of that…oh wait a minute, I used to play a game called ‘football’ in the streets of Zyloth. We had to use our feet to put a small ball into a net. Is that the same game?” Ryna asked, getting excited.

“Yeah, I think it is. Anyway, the tournament starts in two hours in the big arena you took the Admissions Test in,” Laura said, getting excited as well.

“Cool, I’ll check it out!” Ryna called back to her as he broke into a run back to the dormitory. About 20 minutes later, he arrived back at the door to his apartment. Quietly opening the door, he smelled something delicious and cinnamon from the kitchen. He shut the door as quietly as he could, then tip-toed his way into the kitchen. Coming up behind Sensara, he waited until she didn’t have anything in her hands, then groped her tits through the apron she wore.

“KYAAAAH! RYNA STOP IT!” She yelled, weakly slapping at his hands while they pinched her nipples.

“If you say so…” Ryna whispered into her ear. He removed his hands and waited a couple seconds before he slid one hand in behind her apron, then feeling his way down to her clit. The sudden stimulation was too much for Sensara, making her knees buckle. Ryna laughed, catching her before she hit the ground then sat at the small table opposite from the cooking appliances. Sensara crawled after him, waiting until he was seated before she yanked at his sweatpants.

“I am not your plaything, Ryna!” She exclaimed, flicking his exposed cock.

“Owww, that actually hurt a little. Besides, I stopped, didn’t I?” Ryna asked sarcastically, a smirk crossing his face. Sensara opened her mouth to retort, but stopped when she caught a whiff of his cock, unwashed after the workout. Slowly, intoxicated by the musky scent, Sensara leaned closer to the source of the scent. Without realizing it, she took the head into her mouth, eager to taste the deliciously-tempting smell.

“Mmmm, Sensara!” Ryna moaned, breaking her out of her trance. She pulled up immediately, blushing fiercely.

“N-n-now is-isn’t the t-t-time for that,” Sensara stammered. She turned away from him and resumed cooking.

“Damn it, looks like my attempt at seduction failed this time… Oh well, at any rate, I am rather hungry,” Ryna remarked, his stomach growling right on cue.

“That was a rather poor attempt at seduction, don’tcha think?” Sensara asked, flashing Ryna a flirty smile, “If you had really wanted to get down to business right here, you should have said something really sensual in my ear. Instead, you groped me,” Sensara explained.

“I am a guy after all, you shouldn’t expect that much delicacy, especially when the only thing you have on is an apron,” Ryna joked, eyeing her exposed ass.

“You perv, it was just the most convenient thing to put on while cooking. I prefer to walk around nude when I am in a comfortable and safe environment,” Sensara replied, slightly irritated that Ryna wasn’t taking her seriously.

“This would be a safe environment if you weren’t so goddamn sexy,” Ryna flirted, watching her shoulders relax. She grabbed two plates from a cupboard above the stove, then served food onto both plates.

“You are such a flirt, we both know you don’t mean that,” Sensara said, turning around and placing the plates on the table. She sat down and was about to begin eating when Ryna leaned over the small table and kissed her. Lightly at first, he pressed his tongue against her lips until she relented, allowing his tongue entrance into her mouth. His tongue sensually brushed against hers before he drew back, breaking the kiss.

“Why would I lie about something like that?” Ryna asked, looking into her eyes.

“Because you want to get laid,” Sensara stated simply.

“Alright, what’s up? Why are you being so pissy?” Ryna asked, concern filling his eyes.

“Nothing is up, it isn’t like I need to ask you something, or anything,” Sensara huffed, looking away.

“So what do you need to ask me?” Ryna asked, leaning back and taking a bite of the roll-like thing Sensara made.

“I need to ask you what you are doing today,” Sensara said, still looking away angrily.

“Ummm… I think I am going to an all-day football tournament, why? This is delicious, by the way,” Ryna stated, taking another bite.

“Thank you, it is the first time I’ve made it-Wait a minute, you are already going to the Soccer tournament?!” Sensara asked disbelievingly.

“Yeah, why? Is that a bad thing?” Ryna asked, confused.

“No, it is fantastic! I have a team, but I needed a forward. Are you already signed up?” Sensara asked, her mood brightening considerably.

“Not that I am aware of, Laura only told me this morning,” Ryna answered, immediately realizing his mistake.

“Laura told you? Oh how nice of her. Tell me, when and where exactly did you two meet?” Sensara said through gritted teeth. Ryna noticed that her grip on the table was turning her knuckles white.

“Ummm, she sorta ambushed me in the workout room. Nothing else happened though, I promise,” Ryna assured her, affectionately putting his hand on hers.

“Alright, we are leaving now to register you with my team!” Sensara said, standing and going to the door.

“Love, you may want to put some clothes on if you want to go out in public, I really would rather not have to explain that to your grandfather,” Ryna said, eating the rest of the cinnamon roll whole.

“Ah! I totally forgot!” Sensara exclaimed, running back to the bedroom to get dressed.


Thirty minutes later, the pair were standing at the front desk of the building being used for the tournament, aptly named the “Megadome”. Sensara had thrown on a light orange sweater that clung to her curvaceous body and ended mid-thigh, as well as a pair of black pantyhose. “All in all,” Ryna thought, “Very sexy and good looking for a mere five minutes to prepare.,”

“What do you mean Ryna is already registered!?” Sensara asked a green rocky-looking alien at the desk, pulling Ryna out of his thoughts.

“It says here that Ryna Harcourt is registered as a forward on team Valkyrie,” the being answered with a gravelly voice.

“Team Valkyrie? Who is the registered manager of that team?” Sensara asked, her voice becoming sickly sweet.

“Ummm, let’s see here. The manager is a Ms. Laura Bann. I assume that you are this mister Ryna? The assigned locker room for Valkyrie is #13,” The being replied.

“Thank you so much for your help,” Sensara said, turning on her heel to face Ryna, “I have no idea what that bitch is planning, but it won’t be good, I guarantee,” Sensara said, the veins on her forehead comically popping out from anger. Ryna dragged her to the side of the entrance hall before he cupped her face with his hands.

“Have a little faith in me okay?” Ryna said, kissing her on the forehead, “I need to go now, but I’ll see you later. Don’t expect me to go easy on your team, by the way!” Ryna exclaimed as he walked off in the direction he assumed locker room #13 was in.

“Of course I wouldn’t expect any mercy, I’m gonna beat your team so bad it won’t even be funny. By the way, #13 is the other direction,” Sensara replied, feeling slightly more at ease. She laughed when Ryna spun around on his heel, mouthing the words “Dammit, I was gonna look so cool”.


After finally managing to find his way to the locker room, he took a second to plan his next move. Plan formulated, he pushed open the door, and was greeted with the sight of about 10 pretty girls in various stages of undress. A brief moment of silence passed while both sides began to comprehend the situation.

“Oh shit, I seem to have the wrong room. My baaaad,” Ryna said, regaining his wits first. He quickly exited the room and shut the door just as the first chorus of embarrassed screams began and the first volley of retaliatory items flew at the door. Taking a step away, he looked at the number on the door again.

“13″ he said aloud.

“You do have the right room, if you’re wondering,” came Laura’s voice from behind him.

“Like hell I do, there are a bunch of changing girls in there, Laura,” Ryna replied, blushing.

“That’s team Valkyrie. They are changing into our team uniforms. There is one for you in there too, so go change,” Laura said, pushing him toward the door.

“I don’t think those ladies would appreciate it very much if I barged in a second time,” Ryna said shortly, easily resisting Laura’s push toward the door.

“How about I go in and smooth things over, then tell you when you can come in, okay?” she asked, not waiting for an answer before she entered the locker room. A couple minutes later she opened the door and motioned him in. As soon as he set foot into the room, 10 angry glares found their way to him.

“Well, this is gonna be rather awkward…” he murmured, grinning sheepishly. “It seems we got off on the wrong foot.”

“Damn right we did! Not only do you come in and peep on us, but you take Mila’s starting spot!” One of the taller girls in goalie wear exclaimed.

“Hush Nieva!” Laura chided. She opened a locker near the group of girls and threw a red shirt with vertical black stripes at Ryna. Printed on the back was a large “10″, along with his name along the bottom.

“Laura, I’m not here to replace any of these lovely ladies,” he said, changing his shirt. The girls whistled appreciatively at the sight of his well-defined chest before they remembered to be angry at him again. “But, you have the number 10 printed on here. Tell me, does anyone know what the number 10 position is?”

“Not the forward, I’ll tell you that,” the one Ryna assumed he had replaced said. She was a short Iloni, a near-human race with a slightly red complexion and an incredible amount of stamina due to their heritage of being a slave race thousands of years back.

“I-it’s the playmaker, t-the central midfielder,” a shy-looking human girl with long black hair said softly.

“Hey, we have a winner! Yes, the #10 is the central midfielder. Do we have a central midfielder somewhere in this group?” Ryna asked, catching the pair of shorts that Laura threw at him next.

“Umm… Y-yes, that’s m-me,” the shy girl said again, “B-but I like to play d-defence more.”

“Well, that settles it then, I’ll be your attacking midfielder, alright?” he asked the group, receiving a collective murmur of assent, “Now that that is settled, could you ladies turn around for a second?” he held up the pair of shorts. Understanding quickly, the girls turned and waited for Ryna to finish changing.

“Why don’t we have some sort of introduction? I’m Ryna Harcourt, 1st year, Class C.” he announced as he finished putting on the shorts.

“I’m Nieva, the goalkeeper. I’m a 2nd year, Class A,” Nieva announced after a nudge from Laura.

“I’m Nina and this is my twin sister Anna. We are two of the center defenders, and we’re 1st years, Class B.” said a short brunette, pointing to a blonde girl of similar height standing next to her.

“I’m Spahana, the third center defender. I’m a 3rd year, Class F,” a tall human girl with her red hair up in a loose bun behind her head. Over the next couple minutes, Ryna learned the names of the rest of the team, Mila was the sole forward, Rafi and Jamina were the wingers, Dahlia was the shy-looking defensive mid, and the two wing defense girls were Decima and Lola.

“Now that we’ve finished with our introductions, I suggest we get a move on! Our first game is in ten minutes, and we haven’t talked about any strategy!” exclaimed an irritated Laura.

“Chillax, we’re playing a 5-4-1, so we’ll focus on defending, then catching them off guard with a counter attack,” Ryna said, removing his shoes and socks and leaving them by the door to the locker room. “Alright, let’s go win something!”

“Is he crazy, going out there without cleats, or even shoes!?” Nieva asked Laura as they followed him out.

“No idea. He says that he’s played before in the streets of Zyloth, so hey,” Laura said, shrugging.

“If you say so,” Nieva muttered as the team lined up near the half line so the referee could check them in. Ryna was looking around, marvelling at the change of scenery from the jungle that had filled the dome the day before.

“…young man, are you planning to play without any shoes?” the referee asked, pulling Ryna out of his amazement.

“Why no sir, I must have completely forgotten to put them on before I marched all the way out here,” Ryna said sarcastically, drawing a muffled snicker from both of the teams gathered at the half line.

“Well then, do you accept the risks involved with playing barefoot in a game surrounded by people with spikes attached to their feet. I will not give you any preferential treatment if you choose to play barefoot,” he announced, choosing to ignore Ryna’s sarcastic comment.

He pretended to think seriously for a second, “Well, spikes in my feet would be rather painful, but that assumes that anyone can hit them, so sure, I accept the risks, Mr. Ref.”

“Alright then, your problem. Anyway, this tournament is a single elimination tournament, so a single loss and you will be viewing from the bench for the rest of the day…” the ref continued on to explain the rules of the tournament and the game itself for those who hadn’t played before. Ryna wasn’t really paying attention, instead remembering the years he had spent playing on the streets.

The two sides took their positions on either side of the half line with the opposing team with the ball first. Ryna noticed that the other team was composed of mostly amateur-looking guys from the 1st and 2nd year students. The whistle blew, and the kickoff was sent back to the defence and passed around to the outside. Jamina intercepted a pass and smashed it inward toward Ryna. He received it easily, and began his sprint toward the goal.

“Mila, go into the box and get ready to break!” he shouted, watching the Iloni girl follow his order. One of the opposing players saw his attention shift for a second and took the opportunity to step into Ryna to get the ball. Exactly as he wanted. Ryna held the ball tightly with his feet as he flipped over the confused defender, resting his hand on his shoulder to increase his balance. He released the ball mid-flip, sending it flying through the air toward the next pair of defenders.

Then he was off again, leaving the very confused defender behind him as he caught the ball on his foot about halfway to the two midfielders standing to block his way. He lifted it again, juggling the ball over their heads as he passed their helpless attempts to somehow touch the ball. Finally, he had reached the back line. He sent a lobbed through ball over to Mila’s waiting foot, which smashed it into the back of the goal.

“Holy Shit! That was amazing! I’ve never seen anyone play like that,” Mila exclaimed as they were walking back to the half line.

“It wasn’t anything, really. I was one of the worst players on my street team back home,” he stated, leaving the girl standing in amazement that anyone as good as he was could have been one of the worst players on a team.

The rest of the game continued in that same fashion, with the other team giving the ball up to the Valkyrie’s defense, who passed it up to Ryna, who gave it to Mila after an increasingly impressive acrobatic show. The final score ended as 6-0.

The next game and the game after that were very similar, ending in similar scores of 5-1 and 7-2. A sense of trust and camaraderie built up, and the girls were soon protecting Ryna from the group of fangirls he had amassed with his flashy plays.

The finals match was set in the late afternoon on a centrally located field with small bleachers with those who chose to stay and watch. It was between team Valkyrie and a team called Rafae’s Fury. The players were allowed a short break before the game, and a familiar figure meandered his way over to Ryna.

“Ey mon! How are ya’?” Raas asked, waving enthusiastically.

“Raas? Hey man, wassup! How is your arm?” Ryna asked, walking over to where Raas was standing.

“Eh, it’s fine now. I heard we’re gonna be in the same class mon’, but that isn’t why I came over here,” Raas said.

“Oh, and why did you come over here? You trying to psyche me out before the big game?” Ryna asked jokingly.

“No way mon’, I’ma let the big boss do that! She needs a fix I think, and you being her lover and all…” Raas said thoughtfully.

“This is Sensara’s team?” Ryna asked, getting a quick nod from Raas, “Where is she?”

“Over there, under the bleachers,” Raas explained, pointing to the bleachers set up on the left side of the field. After giving Raas a quick “thanks”, Ryna sprinted off around the bleachers. As he got closer, he heard the tune of “Lonely” being hummed out.

“Ryna!? What are you doing here?” Sensara asked as she saw him come under the bleachers and sit next to her.

“What do you mean ‘what am I doing here’? Raas told me you were here and rather sad. And lonely too, judging from the song choice,” Ryna said softly, putting his arm around her and rubbing her shoulder.

“Of course I’m lonely! But since you’ve been out hanging with a bunch of pretty girls all day, obviously you aren’t!” Sensara exclaimed, pushing his hand off his shoulder.

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