Nikolaus and Lauren had been friends for the last seven months. He had first seen her while standing at the side of the road viewing the passing Carnival revellers one sunny Sunday afternoon. He thought, yet again, how beautiful Jamaican women were but since he had already lingered on the island for over nine months he felt it was time to move on. There was just so much drinking and drug use and sun, sea, sand and sex that he could take in any one place. Next stop, Rio? Cancun? Home? He pulled the two women that he cuddled, one in either arm, closer and gazed at her and her friends dancing and laughing and enjoying their lives as they marched up the road.

It was a mild surprise when Nikolaus turned his television on that evening to see Lauren on the screen. She was being interviewed by the outside broadcast crew of a popular local station. She was telling the voyeurs at home what it meant to participate in the revelry. Nikolaus was charmed, she was obviously very friendly, and, based on the way in which she explained her experience, very intelligent as well. What got to him though was her voice. He had paid for sex on the phone from women who sounded like that. He had paid for sex from women who looked worse than she did. The off-camera interviewer said something to which she chuckled and Nikolaus felt his cock stir. At least he knew who he’d be thinking about while he fucked the two women with whom he’d spent the past four days.

“…Thank you Dr. Grant,” the interviewer said as the beautiful woman on the screen looked directly into the camera, smiled a dazzling smile and waved at the viewers at home.

“Doctor? She’s a doctor?” Nikolaus muttered to himself. “I’d love her to examine me.”

Nikolaus didn’t see Lauren again for four weeks. He didn’t even remember that she existed until he pulled over to drop his 19 year-old lover off at the sprawling Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies. Lauren crossed the Ring Road along with several other pedestrians and disappeared into a building labelled the Inter-Faculty Lecture Theatre. Nikolaus’ heart skipped a beat; his breathing sped up and his cock hardened instantly.

“Who are you, woman?” Nikolaus whispered after her. “Why can’t I get away from you? Why do you affect me like this?”

He decided to follow her and found parking by paying a man to wash his vehicle until he returned. He entered the building in which he had seen the woman disappear, slipping through a door to the rear of the vast lecture theatre. He stopped short. The woman stood in front of the class delivering the lecture.

“Oh, so you’re that kind of doctor.” Nikolaus thought.

He settled into a seat into the back row and watched the woman work. Not surprisingly, she was great at her job. She was knowledgeable, had an easy rapport with the students and elicited their eager participation. Nikolaus sat mesmerized, listening to her facilitate a very interesting discussion about a case in strategic management. The two hours passed too quickly as far as he was concerned. He wanted to approach the woman to tell her how much he had enjoyed her session but she was surrounded by a flock of students, anxious to draw her attention to one thing or another despite the fact that she was trying to get them out of the room to make way for the incoming lecturer.

“Nikolaus, what are you doing here?”

Shit! Nardia was in this class!

“I came to see you, baby,” Nikolaus lied smoothly. “I missed you. I was miserable…I had to see you…makes me know how much I love you now.”

The girl giggled. She ran up to hug him. She groped him and he had to pull away before anyone, especially the good doctor, noticed what she was doing. It took some persuasion to convince her that he didn’t want her to cut classes for the rest of the day to be with him.

Nikolaus was careful to notice the direction in which the woman headed when she finally emerged from the lecture room. She was dressed in a comfortable African-inspired cotton pantsuit. Her dreadlocks and bold jewellery hinted at the soul of an artist rather than at the brilliant academic that she apparently was. He walked with Nardia to her next class and gave her a quick peck on the cheek before promising to pick her up when her day was done. Then he went in pursuit of the woman of his dreams.

It took him only half an hour to track her down and present himself outside her office. His heart pounding, Nikolaus berated himself for not preparing a plausible pretext for his visit. For some reason he decided that she might appreciate the truth. Nikolaus rapped at the door.


“Dr. Grant? Do you have a few minutes?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I came to your class this morning,” Nikolaus hesitated, trying to maintain eye contact. This was difficult because, since she was alone in her office, the woman had relaxed a bit and opened her blouse, revealing a magnificent pair of breasts under a black tube top.

The woman noticed his discomfort and followed the direction of his eyes directly to her bosom. Her eyes widened and she adjusted her clothes depriving him of the fodder for his next jerk-off session.

“How may I help you?” she asked, indicating that he take a seat.

“I came to your class this morning,” Nikolaus repeated. He didn’t say anything else.

“I know,” she chuckled after a while. “I remember you.”

“You noticed me?”

“Yes, you are not typical of my students and I tend to notice if someone joins the class in the sixth week of the semester.” She smiled at him again, “So, how may I help you? I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name…”

“I’m Nikolaus…Lundborg.”

“Ok, Mr. Lundborg…what can I do for you today? I have a very tight schedule…”

“I’ve met you before,” Nikolaus blurted.

The woman frowned. It was clear that she did not recognise him.

“I mean that I saw you on the television the other night and I had seen you on the road march that same day. You were with about five of your friends and you were in a little blue outfit and you were laughing and dancing and playing around and I thought you were beautiful and then I saw you today and so I followed you to your class.”

The woman froze and Nikolaus saw her glance at first the telephone and then the letter-opener on her desk, and finally, at the slightly-open door.

“No, I’m not some crazed lunatic here to hurt you! I just wanted to meet you.”

“Okay, you’ve done that,” she said carefully. “If that is all… I really do have work to do.” She got up from her desk and tried to move swiftly toward the door. Nikolaus anticipated this and grabbed her arm dragging her toward him. She opened her mouth as if to scream so he kissed her hard to stifle the noise.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Nikolaus groaned when her body pressed into his denim-covered erection. “Please, I’m not going to hurt you,” he panted and took rough possession of her mouth again. “Please, I just wanted to meet you. Don’t be afraid.” He softened but deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue more gently into her mouth. He kissed her forehead, her eyes, he sucked her neck. He lifted her up to make her cleavage more accessible to his lips. He used his teeth to open her blouse again; and then to drag away her tube top. He sucked gently at her erect nipple before returning to her mouth again.

Finally, he let her go and she slumped against her desk. She was panting heavily. Her breast was still exposed and her nipple strained toward him. Nikolaus reached across and gently tucked her away, pulling her blouse together. He stood looking at her calmly.

“Get out,” she said angrily.

“May I see you again?”

“Are you out of your mind?” she snapped. “Get out before I call the police!”

Nikolaus smiled, and turning away, he let himself out, quietly locking the door behind himself. He did not see the woman as she sat trembling at her desk for several minutes before she brought her hand up and lightly stroked the nipple that he had just sucked. She had an earth-shattering orgasm.

It took Nikolaus a week to go see Lauren again. He had spent the time thinking about her and about how he was going to get rid of Nardia. Ordinarily, it wasn’t difficult for him to get rid of a lover that he no longer had use for, but Nardia was in the woman’s class and there was the potential for complications. He did not go to the class that Nardia was in again but rather went straight to Lauren’s office.

“What do you want, Mr. Lundborg?” she asked coldly, barring the door bodily and forcing him to stand in the corridor.

“You remember me,” Nikolaus smiled gleefully.

She seemed startled at his response.

“Surely you don’t think that I’d forget you; you assaulted me!”

“What exactly did I do to you?” he asked, teasingly.

She could not meet his eyes. They both knew that she would never be able to speak the words to describe what he had done to her the previous week. They both knew that they had both got off several times thinking about the incident during the intervening days. They both knew that they both wanted something to happen between them today. This was why he was here and she hadn’t called the security.

So Nikolaus set things in motion, he reached up and pinched one of her nipples through her blouse. He had noticed her nubs shine through her clothes when she had seen him at her door. She pulled away from him giving him access to her office. He followed her inside, slamming the door behind them but not letting go of her nipple. He used it to pull her toward him and enveloped her in another searing kiss when he folded her in his arms. He fumbled with the buttons on her blouse and stripped the garment from her body. He wrestled with the clasp on her bra breaking through violently when it wouldn’t yield to him immediately. Nikolaus feasted on her breasts. He sucked them, bit, kissed, squeezed and licked them hungrily. He had been thinking about them all week and now he sated himself in a ravenous feeding frenzy.

He covered her mouth so that she wouldn’t scream at his onslaught, and when she calmed down again he peeled her pants slowly over her hips and down her legs until they fell around her ankles. He made her step away from them and so she stood before him wearing only her high heels and a thong. He gazed at her hungrily for several minutes. He cupped the plump mound between her legs lovingly before spinning her around and taking one cheek in either hand he squeezed and massaged her beautiful bottom until he felt her relax under his hands. He parted her cheeks gently and licked the crack of her ass before penetrating her anus with his tongue.

Strategic management, Nikolaus thought would be the only way to get this woman to want him. He knew that most of her countrymen would balk at giving her pleasure in this way. So, after licking and tongue-fucking her into a near frenzy he calmly got up and left her, nearly naked and trembling in her office, needing release more than anything in the world.

“Next week,” he said hoarsely as he pulled away from her. He was gone before she could even beg him to come back. This time, he left the door wide open when he left.

The first thing that Nikolaus noticed when he approached Lauren’s office was that there was someone else with her; a man. Her door was wide open and the sound of his laughter erupted into the quiet hallway. Nikolaus froze. He felt an irrational stab of jealousy that took his breath away. Of course she knew other men! Of course she would have other people in her office from time-to-time! Of course she couldn’t just tell this fool that she had an appointment! He had been only 10 minutes late; Erik had been more insistent than ever that it was time for him to pull himself together and come home. He needed to take some responsibility for running his family’s business.

Nikolaus wondered if she saw him if she would send the man away. Other men…as ridiculous as it seemed, he hadn’t considered the possibility of another man in her life. Was she married? Was she seeing anyone? But it was the thought that she might hold their weekly tete a tete sacred that drove him forward.

“Oh there you are!” Lauren greeted him warmly. “I told Ari here that I had an appointment. I was wondering what had become of you. Nick, please meet the Chair of my dissertation committee, Professor Ari Simonian, Ari, this is Nick Lundborg, a colleague from Sweden.”

“Aahhhh, I am pleased to meet you Nick.”

Aahhhh, she knew that he was Swedish. Nikolaus felt a stirring in his groin at the realisation that she had been trying to research him. He tore his eyes away from her with difficulty and accepted the older man’s handshake.

“Sweden? You are a bit far from home Mr. Lundborg. How do you come to know my Lauren?”

Lauren cut in hastily. It was obvious that she had given a great deal of thought to covering their tracks. “Nick is a businessman and he was interested in some of my ideas for growing mid-sized businesses in economies facing recession.”

His Lauren? What the fuck is this? This old geezer? An unexpected image of Lauren, on her knees, naked, sucking this man’s cock in his office flashed through his head and caused his erection to stiffen some more. An image of himself taking her anally, punishing her for being such a slut didn’t help. Jeez, Nikolaus, get a grip he warned himself. Focus! He’s saying something…

“Aaahhhhh yes, she is very good; no?” Simonian eyed her speculatively.

“Yes she is very good but we need to discuss her ideas some more. There are a few things that need more explanation. I met Lauren only two weeks ago but I haven’t had enough time with her. I was planning to continue my exploration of her body…of work…today.” He glanced at her as he said this. She was looking at the floor, unable to look at him.

“Aaahhh, I see that a new Master awaits you Lauren; I will return again at another time. It is obvious that you did not expect me, Lauren.”

“No, no. My business can wait for a more convenient time. I don’t want to interrupt your reunion. I will call you Dr. Grant…”

“Sit down Mr. Lundborg, I insist you do, You and I are very alike; I can see that clearly. I can also smell Lauren’s arousal; and yours.”

“Lauren, why don’t you introduce me properly to your friend? I’m sure that he has several questions.”

Lauren said nothing and Nikolaus had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. He wanted to meet her eye to receive assurances from her that this intruder meant nothing; but instead he watched with increasing dread as she kept her gaze trained firmly on the floor. He noticed with some alarm that she was also trembling and he moved toward her to comfort her.

“Stay where you are, Mr. Lundborg! Do not touch my slutty little wife!”

“Wife?” Nikolaus felt faint.

“Yes, Lauren is my wife and I did not give you permission to touch her. It is obvious that she has allowed you to touch her more than once; and for that she will be punished severely; but despite your relationship you will not touch her in front of me…not at the moment anyway.”

“So the thing about you being the Chair of her…”

“Oh no, no, that is true; I married her two years after that but that was just formalising our relationship. You see Mr. Lundborg, my sweet little Lauren really is a bright little girl but she is very lazy and she needed to have someone to whom she was accountable for her progress in all things. So I instituted a system in our weekly conferences; a system of rewards and punishments. It worked very well. She excelled in her work and I…fell in love.”

Nikolaus looked at Lauren to see the effect that the man’s words were having on her. She still stood meekly by with her head bowed submissively. He had to wrestle with himself not to go to her. He glanced at Ari Simonian, Lauren’s husband, and noticed the man smiling faintly at him. Damn! The man missed nothing with those hawk eyes of his.

“Do not worry Mr. Lundborg. I will give her to you if you prove yourself worthy of her. In fact, I hope that you really are worthy of owning my beautiful little Lauren because you would save me a great deal of trouble You see, I had not yet got around to explaining to her my true reason for coming to see her today.”

It turned out that Ari Simonian’s doctors had given him four months to live and that he had come to tell his wife goodbye and explain the details of his affairs to her. She would, of course become very wealthy at the time of his death but his concern was for her special needs and how she would satisfy them. It seemed that there were many solutions to her problem, ones that money could buy but at often incalculable cost and Ari genuinely loved Lauren and, ironically, couldn’t bear to have her hurt by anyone.

Nikolaus watched in shocked embarrassment as Lauren ran to the man and threw herself on him. She cried genuine tears and hugged and kissed him comfortingly all over his face and neck and chest. She cuddled into him like a little girl and he stroked and petted her and fondled her openly; and it was clear that the couple forgot completely that he was there. Nikolaus’ head hurt. He was puzzled. It was obvious that Lauren and this Ari person were deeply in love so what were the last two weeks about? Why was she in Jamaica on her own, while he was…wherever he was?

Nikolaus turned to go. He wouldn’t cry in front of these people. He reached the door and turned to have one last look at them. Ari Simonian was looking directly at him, his chin nestled in Lauren’s hair; a sad, dreamy expression on his face.

“Thank you, Mr. Lundborg,” he whispered. “Please come again next week. I have a proposition for you.”

Nikolaus had not intended to return when he left Lauren’s office that morning. Perhaps Erik had been right and it was time to return to Sweden and settle down. He knew that he wasn’t ready though. His life felt empty. For four years he had been trying to find something? someone? to fill the void in his life. He had failed. What had he been thinking? That this woman was an angel sent to rescue him? Why, because he had seen her everywhere he turned? Because he couldn’t stop seeing her even when he closed his eyes?

The week was difficult. Nikolaus tried to exorcise Lauren from his memory. He fucked 18 women in four days trying to find one who would interest him even remotely. None did. He drank. He used drugs; but her image remained burned on his retina and he remained tormented, needing… sexual release… again!

Nikolaus groaned and fumbled desperately for his fly. He groped for his cock and wasn’t surprised to find that although already semi-erect it hardened instantly as he pulled it out. Nikolaus sighed, knowing, at last what, or rather who, he really wanted.

What had Simonian said; that he’d give Lauren to him if he proved himself worthy? What the fuck was that about? He talked of punishment? Shit! His life was beginning to sound like bad porn! Despite this though, he wanted to see her again; and his dick was not going to calm down until he took her; at least once in his life. It was actually becoming embarrassing and painful how desperately he wanted her.

It was 10:10 a.m. when Nikolaus entered the room and saw the couple sitting together, talking quietly. The complementary black and white outfits that they wore were strangely erotic. They hinted at mutual ownership, at belonging; at a thing that he hadn’t thought possible before because, by coincidence, he was also dressed in black and white. Nikolaus barely glanced at Lauren but focused his eyes on Ari Simonian. Yes, he was ready, he would do anything necessary to take possession of this woman.

“Good morning again, Mr. Lundborg.” Ari Simonian stood and extended his hand. Nikolaus shook it firmly, his gaze locked with the older man’s.

“Good morning to you, Professor Simonian…”

“No, no! Call me Ari.”

“Then you must call me Nikolaus.”

Nikolaus smiled his first genuine smile that morning at that. He turned to Lauren to acknowledge her presence.

“Doctor?” he whispered nodding briefly at her, a shy smile on his lips.

Good grief! She made him feel like such a child! An image of himself suckling her breast intruded and he was forced to look at her bookshelves in order to give himself time to calm down again. He did not wish to insult Ari Simonian or his wife.

“We shouldn’t waste any time Nikolaus. Lauren has to be at her next class in a little under two hours. she has graciously asked me to make a presentation. Of course you’re welcome to join us if you have nothing better to do.”

Ari Simonian’s words were not an invitation. The three of them knew that they would be spending all of their free time together for the rest of Ari’s life. Nikolaus felt strangely comforted and excited by this prospect. There was something very compelling about the man. Nikolaus struggled not to feel dominated by him. He could understand why Lauren fell under his spell in the way that she did. He hoped that someday she would come to feel the same way about him.

“I mentioned a proposition to you Nikolaus. As you may suspect by now, Lauren and I have a unique relationship. It is a very special thing that I want to have preserved carefully after I’m gone.”

He paused to squeeze Lauren’s hand reassuringly because he had heard her breathing hitch at his words.

“My beautiful girl will need someone special to take care of her and to love her in the way that she needs in order for her to thrive. Have you ever heard of the BDSM lifestyle, Nikolaus?”

Ari paused, gauging the way in which his words were received. If he knew anything about people, and he believed that he did, he knew that Nikolaus had never thought about sexually dominating a woman consciously but that it probably came naturally; a by-product of his wealth and influence, his exoticism in dealing with foreigners, his natural good looks and resulting sense of arrogant entitlement.

Ari Simonian had not wasted his time since meeting Nikolaus; the week before. He had looked into his background and seen the morass of his recent life. He knew about Nikolaus’ brief affair with Erik Lindstrom, his father’s CFO, his subsequent flight from Sweden, obviously in confused guilt about that relationship since there was absolutely nothing else in his life to suggest that he was gay or even bisexual. Ari Simonian knew about Nikolaus’ women, – all 87 of them in the past four years; he knew that he was currently sleeping with one of Lauren’s students. He would insist that Nikolaus take an HIV test before he allowed him to touch Lauren again. He knew about the drinking, he knew about the drug use, he knew about the attempted suicide in Curacao, he knew everything.

On the face of it, the man was not promising as a future husband for his precious Lauren, but Ari also saw the way in which Nikolaus looked at her. It was more than sexual hunger. He was longing to touch her soul. Ari knew that Nikolaus believed that Lauren was his saviour. She was the only person who could still reach him so far out on the ledge of complete destruction. It was this willingness to be saved that caused Ari to even entertain the thought of encouraging the relationship between his wife and this man.

That there was sexual chemistry was obvious, but Ari wanted something more from Nikolaus. He wanted commitment. He was determined that Lauren would be this man’s last conquest unless she decided to gift him with others as she had done for Ari in their own marriage. Lauren may have been sexually submissive, to him, choosing to service him as his slave when they were together; but if Ari were honest with himself, he would admit that the true power in their relationship rested with her. He needed Nikolaus to understand and accept that fact long term. It would be he, Nikolaus, who would work hard to provide pleasure for Lauren; not the other way around, Nikolaus would experience the joys of sex beyond his wildest imaginings with her but the really important thing was for Lauren to be satisfied. If Nikolaus could or would not be relied to do that then he was not the man for whom Ari looked.

“I’ve heard about BDSM but I have never tried it. I just know that there is torture and ropes and whips involved.”

Nikolaus paused to look hard at Ari.

“Do you hit her?” he demanded, a surge of anger washing over him.

The man could call it whatever he liked but Nikolaus wasn’t going to allow him to hit Lauren again. He was unprepared for the harsh bark of laughter that greeted his words.

Ari Simonian’s words were low, almost a growl in the back of his throat.

“No, Nikolaus, I don’t hit her, I spank her before and during our love-making. I make her stand naked facing the corner her sore bottom on display for me as she does this. I make her strip completely naked for me whenever she’s at home because I like to look at her body and I become impatient when I have to wait to see what’s mine. I give her enemas and watch her expel them for me – she doesn’t like that but you should see how wet her pussy gets when I do that to her! I fuck her in her ass to punish her when she’s bad. When she’s very bad I don’t use lube before going in. I play games with her, she’s my slave, she’s my student, she’s my patient, she’s my daughter, she is my prisoner! I force her to have orgasms on demand for me. I made her lactate for me because I liked suckling her. Yes, look at me Nikolaus,” Nikolaus felt his face being turned roughly to stare into Ari Simonian’s cold eyes, “I enjoyed sucking my wife’s breasts. I know that you do too, your breathing changed when I said that, you are rock hard, Mr. Lundborg, ROCK HARD, thinking about MY wife…”

Nikolaus hadn’t even felt the man palm the bulge in his jeans but now that he did, now that this strange man was squeezing him there he found himself having one of the most explosive orgasms that he had ever had in his life.

Nikolaus groaned, sank to his knees and hid his face. He couldn’t deny it, the thought of doing these things to Lauren had excited him beyond anything that he could have believed possible. Ari wasn’t finished with him though.

“I make her wait to have her orgasms, she has them only when I give her permission. You have spoiled that! She confessed to me that she’s cum many times within the last two weeks thinking about you. How dare you touch what is mine? How dare she give you what is mine? You will both be punished for this Nikolaus…”

“No,” Nikolaus groaned still unable to collect his thoughts properly. “It wasn’t her fault. I wanted her and I took her, I didn’t ask.., I’m sorry…”

“You admit sexually assaulting my wife?”

“Yes,” Nikolaus groaned, ashamed of himself.

He knew that he was giving this man enough to have him arrested and thrown into a hell hole of a jail in a foreign country but his life just couldn’t be worse than it was at the moment. He understood it at last, he was FREAKING in love with this woman and she was married to a man who was never going to let her go so long as he had breath in his body.

Nikolaus understood also that if Ari Simonian told Lauren never to see him again even after his death that she would obey her husband. Nikolaus knew that that was exactly what the man was contemplating doing to them as punishment for the risque flirtation in which he had engaged her.

“Please! Please forgive me Ari. She is breath-taking and I lost my head. I am very sorry; very, very sorry!”

“Apologise to Lauren.”

Nikolaus hesitated. Ari pulled his hair roughly and snarled into his face, “Do it now or you will never see her again,” he ordered.

“I am sorry Lauren,” Nikolaus said quietly. “I behaved abominably; I took advantage of you and I do not deserve your forgiveness but I am begging for it anyway. I have nothing but the highest respect for you. I-I love you…” he whispered, barely audibly. “I would do anything to make you happy…” he couldn’t say anything else.

He staggered to his feet and prepared to leave the room but remembered suddenly that Ari Simonian had said that he had to prove himself man enough for Lauren; so Nikolaus took one steadying breath and faced her boldly, stating his apology again: “Forgive me, Dr. Simonian, I am truly sorry if I have offended you and your husband. I will never disrespect you again.”

Ari glanced at his wife and Nikolaus saw out of the corner of his eye, the almost imperceptible nod that Lauren gave her husband. Nikolaus had passed the first test.

Nikolaus wasn’t surprised to find that Ari was brilliant at his job. Indeed, he saw where Lauren had gained her inspiration. Professor Ari Simonian had the students eating from his palm within five minutes of beginning his presentation. He handled his own introduction to the class and having swept everyone in the room off his or her feet he proceeded to deliver a masterful lecture about repositioning Jamaican companies in the current global economic climate. Nikolaus, like every student in the room, was mesmerised by Ari’s wit and knowledge, his delivery and his rapport with the audience.

It seemed to Nikolaus that the man actually became sexually charged as he did his work. He flirted with everyone in the room in general and Nikolaus knew that there was scarcely a woman, and by the looks of it, several of the young men, in the room who wouldn’t give it up to him if asked. It was a sad reflection for him to realise that this brilliant man was being cut down in his prime. Life was unfair!

He didn’t want this to happen – even if it meant that he couldn’t have Lauren. He wondered briefly if they could find some doctor or research facility that could help. He dismissed this idea almost immediately because re remembered that Ari was himself wealthy and so throwing money after finding a cure would not have been the problem.

He glanced at Lauren at one point and noticed silent tears running down her cheeks and it sobered him. He understood what it must have been for her as a young graduate student to find herself the object of the attentions of this man and even more poignantly, what it must be like for her to think that she was losing him now. Nikolaus vowed to do what he could to make this man’s last months the happiest ever, not only for Ari but also for his wife as well. It wasn’t going to be easy, there were going to be difficult days when the illness asserted itself and even without that there was Ari himself, a chameleon-like personality who could be as cold and domineering as Nikolaus had seen him in Lauren’s office earlier but who could present as he was doing at the moment.

Nikolaus glanced back toward the front of the room from his reverie and found himself staring straight into Ari Simonian’s eyes. He broke the gaze. No, being with Ari Simonian would not be an easy thing, but he was going to do it.

“That went very well, Professor Simo… Ari,” Nikolaus began.

“Did you doubt that it would, young man? Ari seemed amused by Nikolaus’s blushes.

“No! No, of course not…”

“In any event, I’m happy that you found it useful, Nikolaus.”

Nikolaus noticed, but did not comment on the origin of Lauren’s favourite expression. She even copied the man’s speech patterns! He would be almost impossible to replace for her. Why he still wanted to try he couldn’t really tell.

“So are we going to eat now?” Lauren asked. She turned and smiled graciously at Nikolaus, “We are vegans. Do you have any preference?”

“No,” Nikolaus said, noting the collective pronoun. “I don’t have any problem with vegan food.”

“You almost sound Jamaican,” Lauren exclaimed. She sounded pleased; and Nikolaus felt ridiculously proud of himself.

Nikolaus found himself thoroughly entertained by the couple that afternoon. There was yet another side to Ari Simonian: the playful, teddy bear that he showed to Lauren when they weren’t in their D/s sex mode. They became almost childlike and inhabited a world of their own Nikolaus saw that he wasn’t the only person who enjoyed the sight of Ari and Lauren flirting openly with each other. Other patrons at the trendy restaurant cast askance glances at their table.

Nikolaus felt alternatively charmed and embarrassed to be with the couple. He broke into an open laugh when Lauren turned to a whispering couple at a table across from them, winked and said “Don’t worry, we’re married!”

He wanted to be swallowed up by the ground when at one point, she disappeared under the table for much longer than the time that it would have taken her to retrieve the fork that she had dropped. The expression on Ari’s face told the world that she was otherwise engaged under the table.

Again, Nikolaus found himself staring into Ari’s cold blue eyes. He tried not to jump when he felt someone palm and tickle the bulge in his pants. He managed to cover the smile that threatened by sipping his drink and squirming away. Again, Ari looked at him amusedly and shook his head, chuckling disbelievingly when Lauren resurfaced.

“You have changed my little one,” Ari said to his wife, reflectively.

“You have grown bolder. I can see that it will be difficult to have you all to myself so long as your Nikolaus is here with us…”

He lifted a quieting hand to forestall Lauren’s protest, “it is alright with me. I had hoped to monopolise your attention but now that I think about it, yours may be a better idea, if your Nikolaus agrees.”

Nikolaus, Lauren and Ari spent all of their free time together. The only awkward moment being when Ari decided that it was time for Nikolaus to understand what it meant to be Lauren’s Dom. Nikolaus was shocked on many levels: at how matter-of-fact that Ari seemed to be about including him in their sex life; at how willing Lauren seemed to be shown to him in this light but most of all at how desperately he wanted the job of being her Dom especially after Ari explained to him the philosophy that governed his relations with his wife. Nikolaus had never been a Dom before but he wanted to accept the challenge of spending the rest of his life making this amazing woman happy and if this was what she needed then so be it.

Thus Nikolaus entered a world of ropes and whips and pain and discipline that appalled him more than turned him on. It was the start of a very testing time for him. It was not at all what he had thought it would be but he was struck by how devoted to Ari Lauren was after their sessions together. He could not believe that she wished to be treated as he had seen but he couldn’t deny how much happier and confident she seemed when they interacted with the world outside their threesome after spending time with her husband.

He did not think that he would be able to treat her as he had seen done but it seemed to him that both Ari and Lauren knew when he flinched away from the thought of assuming mastery of her and he felt that he lost their respect. He realised that much of his assumptions about the lifestyle were untrue. In reality, it was the sub who held real power and he had to learn to master himself as well as Lauren.

Lauren had just given Nikolaus the best blowjob that he had ever had in his life! He lay sprawled bonelessly on the couch trying to recover sufficiently to get up and go to Ari’s side, but he couldn’t. The memory of how she had made his toes curl and the involuntary groans that her mouth dragged from his throat were too fresh. He had wanted to faint, but life wasn’t that kind to him, and he had retained consciousness throughout the entire event; he could not say whether that was a good thing or not. All he knew was that life without her sucking him off from time to time would never be enough for him.

“Come on Nikolaus! We don’t have a lot of time,” Ari chided.

Nikolaus struggled to pull his trousers up over his thighs and limped over to the man seated on the couch across from him. He and Ari were now fully dressed and Lauren completely naked except for the collar around her neck and the chained and weighted clamps that she wore on the long nipples that protruded from her big round breasts. Nikolaus chatted with Ari and did not look at Lauren because he knew from experience that if he did, he would develop another erection.

He had always been an ass man himself, but watching Ari’s fascination with his wife’s magnificent breasts was beginning to challenge Nikolaus’s preferences. He felt that he was spending far too much time with the Simonians because all Nikolaus wanted to do was to worry Lauren’s breasts with his mouth and hear her scream his name as she had her orgasm. He couldn’t forget that he had had a massive erection while he had put the clamps on her at Ari’s instruction. His cock made harder by the fact that he had not wanted Ari to see it. That had turned out to be a vain hope since Ari had him pull it out and feed it to a kneeling Lauren.

The older man then watched silently as Nikolaus began to warm to his opportunity and rape his wife’s throat, filling her mouth after several minutes of animalistic fucking and groaning with his cum and rubbing the last beads that she was unable to swallow onto her face with his own cock. Ari Simonian watched Nikolaus kiss his wife deeply, demanding her mouth hungrily and tasting himself on her lips. He watched Nikolaus’ hands stray to her breasts to squeeze them hard and elicit ragged breaths of pain from her. He watched Nikolaus eye his wife’s ass speculatively even as he struggled to get up from the couch.

“Come on Nikolaus, You’ve had your fun. I want a turn with my wife now and I want you to watch me, just as I have watched you take your pleasure from her.”

Nikolaus watched jealously as Ari Simonian calmly mounted his wife, lube himself from her dripping pussy and push his hard on into her ass before beginning to ride her to within an centimetre of her life. Nikolaus knew then that Ari had known that that was what he had really wanted to do and so he was tormenting him yet again. Nikolaus knew that as much as they were all trying to make his life as pleasant as possible for him Ari Simonian was one of the angriest men alive to be leaving his full life and his beautiful wife behind. Nikolaus admired the man immensely but he did not trust him in the least.

Not taking his eyes off Lauren was no hardship for Nikolaus. He fell more in love with her with each passing day. His only difficulty was masking the fact that he feelings had shifted from lust to genuine love. Somehow he didn’t want the Simonians to know this; he just wasn’t sure how Ari Simonian would take it and he wasn’t sure what Lauren would do if her husband objected. Again, trying to hide anything from the genius professor proved a futile effort.

“You’re in love with my wife, aren’t you Mr. Lundborg?”

Shit, the man hadn’t called him Mr. Lundborg in weeks! This could not be a good sign. Nikolaus tried to prevaricate.


“It doesn’t matter. I am not long for this world and she will have the opportunity to be with you if you can convince her that you are the right man to be her new husband. Be sure that you treat her well… or I will come back for you…” Ari’s joke was spoiled by the hooded coldness of his eyes.

Nikolaus wasn’t aware that insanity was one of the symptoms of Ari’s illness but he wasn’t prepared to take any chances. He knew that he’d stick like glue to Lauren’s side even if it cost him her love when it was all over.

“With all due respect Sir, I would treat her like a queen, not like my slave.”

“But she wants to be treated that way!”

“I would pay attention to the fact that she liked it rough…”

“Have you learned nothing in the time that you’ve been with us?” Ari interrupted angrily. “Lauren does not like it rough. She likes to be disciplined, she NEEDS to be disciplined. She is stubborn and lazy. She is proud and doesn’t admit to mistakes readily. She will not grow to fulfil her potential if she does not have a firm hand. She likes to be my little girl and have me guide her. I share in her successes by watching her shine; by being her audience. She has no other family here except her mother to whom she has not spoken in three years. I have tried to do something about that but she would rather be punished than go to see her. That will have to be one of my failures. I helped to make my Lauren the beautiful woman that she is today. She is a world-class citizen! Because of me she completed her PhD, plays five instruments, competes at a professional level in six sports and speaks nine languages fluently… although Swedish is not one of them…”

Nikolaus laughed despite himself. Somehow he had not thought so far ahead about integrating Lauren into Swedish society. For the first time he wondered about the lives of black people in Sweden. If he were honest with himself he would have to admit that he didn’t number any of them among his friends. Now he wanted to marry a black woman? When did his life become so complicated?

“You find that funny? I tell you it was like pulling teeth!” Ari declared. “My little one is stubborn and she has no idea about the phenomenal amount of potential that she has. Make no mistake, Mr. Lundborg, if I do not think that you are the man for her, the one to continue to allow her to thrive, I will not let you have her. I have a very good man in South Africa. I had actually come here to get her ready for him. I have other options in North America and in Europe; men whom she already knows. I will instruct her to go to one of them after I’m gone if you do not step up to the plate. Do you understand this?”

So there it was, out in the open at last. In a way, Nikolaus felt relieved to have the threat out in the open. He knew that he had only a little time left or his dream could be grabbed from his grasp. He had no intention of letting that happen. Nearly dead or not, Ari Simonian was fighting for continued control of his wife’s life. Nikolaus had been a surprise to him but he had taken this in his stride and tolerated his presence. Nikolaus was under no illusion now that the man liked or approved of him or his relationship with his wife. In fact, he was willing to bet that Ari hated him with a passion. Ari had just taken the strategic path to eliminating him as competition.

Nikolaus had no intention of going quietly. He reflected on this for a few moments, leaving Ari’s question unacknowledged. It was sad really; he could have become one of the man’s disciples. In fact, he very nearly became one. Now, he was cast in the role of the beta wolf ready to challenge the alpha while other innumerable alphas lurked hidden in the bushes, watching. He couldn’t even be sure that they would honour his right to his prize even if he won her fair and square. Nikolaus made up his mind in that instant. He was ready to return to Sweden; and by God he was going to take Lauren home with him when he left.

“I understand perfectly, Ari,” Nikolaus said quietly.

Lauren noticed the tension in the air as soon as she entered her home. She tried to ask Nikolaus quietly what had happened because she had left her two gentlemen in such a good spirit only four hours before when she went to teach her class and pick up a few supplies from the supermarket. Nikolaus was torn. He wanted to talk with her but didn’t know what to say… he didn’t think that “I suspect that your husband is capable of killing us both and I think that he’d rather do that than allow us to be together” would go down well with her.

The thought that Nikolaus may have upset Ari made Lauren very angry with him and she asked Nikolaus to leave. He refused and it was in trying to calm her that he really kissed her for the first time. This was not the lust-laden demand for her mouth, but rather a sweet comforting plea in which he managed to convey his love and longing for her. Lauren’s eyes opened wide! Message received! Her breath became shallow and she tried to pull away from him, but he held on to her in a bear hug and kissed her hair tenderly.

Nikolaus was horrified to hear Lauren sob into his chest! He held on to her anyway, and allowed her to pour out her grief at watching her husband slip from her grasp. He continued to hold her even after he looked up from one of his kisses to see Ari Simonian watching them both coldly.

“Lauren asked you to leave, Mr. Lundborg,” Ari said pointedly.

“She’s just upset because of your illness,” Nikolaus said defensively. “Both of us are,” he added as an afterthought.

Nikolaus realised that remaining in this man’s good graces, however tenuously, was his only chance.

“Look why don’t the two of you spend some time together and let me cook you a nice dinner this evening,” Nikolaus offered. Lauren smiled at him gratefully, but he couldn’t read Ari’s impassive expression. Nikolaus patted Lauren on her back comfortingly, spun her around gently and pushed her encouragingly in the direction of her husband. He watched Ari take her away and winced as he heard their bedroom door close and the key turn in the lock!

It was some five hours before they re-emerged to share in the feast that Nikolaus had prepared for them. They were refreshed and he was relieved to see that the mood of playful bonhomie had been restored.

“I owe you an apology, Mr. Lundborg,” Ari said quietly when Lauren excused herself to get them slices of cheesecake and glasses of champagne for dessert.

“My illness makes me irrational. This is what I hate most about it.”

“Think nothing of it,” Nikolaus smiled, not believing a word of this apology. “And please call me Nikolaus,” he reminded Ari, gently.

To be honest, Nikolaus had spent a considerable time at their door listening to the sounds of their lovemaking and whispering. He just wanted to be sure that Lauren was safe. He had no doubt that he was prepared to break the door down if he heard anything suspicious. Guiltily, he had watched them take each other with strap-ons, he had watched Lauren go down on Ari the way in which she had gone down on him. He watched Lauren nurse her husband on her big succulent breasts and role play being his little girl; and finally he watched them sleep, on the security camera when during one of his guilt-ridden breaks he realised that he could no longer hear them.

He had felt like a loser watching them but he couldn’t take his eyes off Lauren really making love to someone whom she loved genuinely. Her playfulness and tenderness showed that she was not always a sub and he wanted to see more of that in her. It surprised him greatly that she could sometimes be a Domme and he was definitely interested in that aspect of her sexuality. He only managed to turn the camera off guiltily when he noticed how lovingly they were spooned together. No, Lauren was in no danger at the moment; his spying on her could no longer be justified.

Neither Lauren nor Nikolaus had suspected the extent of Ari’s holdings in the Caribbean until he proposed a tour so that he could inspect his properties and decide which they would keep. He had invested heavily in his wife’s homeland and so owned several hotels and guest houses, two sugar plantations and one of the more popular tourist attractions. He owned beachfront and mountain top villas on prime Jamaican soil; and, they were told, he had similar holdings in Puerto Rico, St. Barts, the Dominican Republic, Antigua and St. Lucia and was a major player in the manufacturing sector in Trinidad and Tobago.

Lauren was floored! It seemed to her that she did not know her husband at all! Far from being impressed, as impressive as the evidence of his business acumen was becoming, she was hurt by what she interpreted as being his lack of trust in her. She had actually stayed as a guest in some of her husband’s hotels! She wondered if his penchant of seeming to know what she was up to in her life was as a result of having actual spies everywhere! She wondered if her job and meteoric rise at the university were as much about her skill as it was about his endowments. She wondered why it was that she was not allowed to live in the same country as him! She wondered who his friends were, and why it was that she knew so few of them.

Nikolaus couldn’t believe it of himself when one evening Ari offered Lauren to him unsupervised and he chose to spend the evening chatting with her instead of ravishing her as he dreamed of doing every night after the Simonians had retired and he was left to his own devices. At the end of their time together Nikolaus felt that he had gained a friend and he was even more interested in the woman than he had ever been in anyone.

It was then that the tone of his fantasies changed and he found himself fantasizing about chatting to her across from him at the table in his ancestral home, about swimming with her on the lake at his parents’ summer home, about getting up with her at night to comfort their new-born baby! Jeez, he had to get a grip! He even had a name picked out for his son! Jonas! Where did that come from? He wanted a daughter named Paulina and a son named Jonas! And, more than anything, he wanted these children with Lauren!

When he went to bed later that night it didn’t take him long to drift off to sleep because he found that he had the sweetest of feelings by just dreaming about driving through the Swedish countryside with Lauren and their children. He couldn’t remember being happier.

“I haven’t seen you around for a while, Nikolaus,” Nardia said accusingly.

“I’ve been very busy.”

“Doing what?”

“I’ve been trying to sort my life out.”

Nikolaus made a decision. He sighed.

“Look, Nardia, this isn’t going to work out… You and me, we…”

“You sleeping with Dr. Grant-Simonian?” Nardia’s voice became louder and shrill as she became angrier. She began to attract stares from the few patrons in the restaurant.

“Keep your voice down,” Nikolaus snapped savagely. “There is no need for a scene. You knew that we weren’t going to be forever.”

Nardia got up from her chair menacingly.

“Nuh fool wid me yuh know, Nikolaus! Me wi kill har!”

Nikolaus felt a flush of warmth creeping up his neck and into his face. Until recently he hadn’t blushed in years; but things really had changed and he found that he did it easily now. He now saw his depraved lifestyle for what it was. He was under no illusion that Nardia’s anger was fuelled not by her concern about losing his love, but rather by her fear that his patronage was being withdrawn. He paid for her apartment, her school fees, her books, her clothes; he paid for her life. She was nothing but a very expensive prostitute; very talented, especially with her tongue in his asshole, but a whore nevertheless.

He couldn’t even bear to compare her with Lauren and the thought that she was free to call Lauren’s name and speak about her offended him greatly. Not for the first time did Nikolaus doubt that he deserved to be part of Lauren’s life. The whispers of the onlookers in the restaurant broke into his reverie.

“Look, Nardia, sit down and listen to what I have to say if you want me to continue supporting you,” Nikolaus said blandly.

The girl glared at him but she sat down.

“I am leaving you; but I will put enough money in your bank account to pay for your education for another two years. Be sure that you don’t fail anything Nardia. I’ll pay your rent and utilities for three years and I’ll give you money for food and clothes during that time. I don’t think that I’m being unreasonable, I’m giving you a year to find your feet after graduation, but after that you’re on your own. I will do these things if you meet certain conditions,” he paused to ensure that she was listening to him carefully.

“You are never to step up to Dr. Simonian and speak to her about me. You are never to discuss her with your friends. Don’t take any of her classes, Nardia. Change your major if you must, but I don’t want you anywhere near her; do you understand?”

The girl hesitated. She was obviously calculating her options.

“It’s that or nothing,” Nikolaus snapped.

Nardia looked at him furiously, but she agreed to his terms.

“Nardia,” Nikolaus said quietly. “Listen to me carefully. Don’t you fool with me. If I even suspect that you, or any of your friends, are disturbing Dr. Grant-Simonian all this will disappear. You’ll find yourself out on the street with only the clothes on your back. Do you understand?”

Nardia stared at him sullenly and then her eyes filled and she began to cry quietly. Nikolaus got up quietly, threw some money on the table to pay for their meals, and walked away.

Nikolaus went back to his own townhouse in New Kingston after leaving Nardia. He thought about going back to Lauren and Ari’s place but felt that he had some tying up of loose ends to do, and that this would probably best be handled privately. He felt emotionally drained but relieved that the unpleasant task of breaking it off with Nardia officially was behind him.

It was his first time in his own home in six weeks and his plants looked dead. He’d never cared enough to have a pet so at least he hadn’t had that to think about. The place seemed dusty, quiet and lonely. He watered his plants and turned the television on for company.

The noise only made him feel more solitary. He didn’t really trust anything in the refrigerator, so he just ordered a pizza. It occurred to him that he wasn’t living much of a life if he could just walk away from it for six weeks like that; without even looking back once.

He spent the next half hour making calls while awaiting his dinner. Most of them were to say his goodbyes and thankfully, none of them was as unpleasant as his meeting with Nardia. He had one very important one to make though and he decided to do that after he’d got something in his stomach.

“Hej, it’s me,” he said softly when the voice answered. “Hur går det? We need to talk… I know, I know…” he laughed, sexily.

God what was he doing? He cleared his throat, nervously, his heart thundering in his chest.

“So, how have you been?”

Even after nearly four years Nikolaus was confused. He wasn’t gay and he wasn’t bi either, if the failure of his previous attempts to seduce men were anything to go by, so he couldn’t understand why it was that his cock still stiffened at the sound of Erik’s voice or at the thought of the man. He’d left Sweden frightened by his physical reaction to his best friend nearly four years ago but he had to deal with it squarely now. It was nearly time to go home – regardless of what happened with Lauren – it was time. He couldn’t run any longer. He was tired.

Nikolaus and Erik had begun working in the Lundborg conglomerate for Nikolaus’ father ten years before. They had been friends since boyhood and regarded each other as the brother he didn’t have. True, Nikolaus had an older brother, but when he had moved to Canada to set up his architecture firm away from their father’s iron fist, and when his sister also showed little interest in the day-to-day operations of the company, the family had turned to Nikolaus and Erik as the future of the firm.

The young men revelled in the free rein that they were given to introduce new ideas into the company’s operations and their resulting meteoric rise when these bore fruit. All seemed well for the first six years until the night of the company’s annual Christmas party when Erik had followed Nikolaus into the washroom and given him a blowjob that had resulted in Nikolaus’ most intense orgasm until then.

Nikolaus couldn’t return to the party that night, nor could he look Erik in the eye when the man came to apologise for what he thought might have happened between them the night before; he couldn’t be sure since he had been drunk. Nikolaus’ shallow breathing, the fact that he licked his open lips while staring at Erik’s mouth and the fact that he backed into the wall at the sight of his friend seemed to be enough to reignite Erik’s subconscious; because before he knew what was happening again Nikolaus found himself pressed up against the wall with Erik’s erection digging painfully into his thigh and the man’s mouth demanding his as if it was his due.

Nikolaus also found himself kissing Erik back hungrily. He never understood that! He had a girlfriend and had thought about marrying her! They had had great sex during the past two years! He had never even looked at a man before in his life and now he was ready to cream his pants because Erik had touched him!

Of course, it wasn’t lost on Nikolaus that all this enthusiasm meant that Erik had been thinking about him in this way for a long time. He hadn’t noticed anything different about his friend at all before; but it explained why Erik had turned down at least two statuesque blond models who had offered themselves to him! It didn’t bother him at all if Erik was gay; they would still be best friends, nothing would change that. He just didn’t understand his own reaction. It changed what he thought that he knew about himself.

Nikolaus fled and found refuge in the arms of his girlfriend Lindy. He nearly proposed to her the first time that he’d seen her after sharing that his kiss with Erik but his tongue stuck in his mouth and he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. This bothered him greatly; but after trying, and failing on three occasions, he knew that she was not the woman with whom he would spend the rest of his life. He called their relationship to an end and called Erik.

Their brief affair was torrid to say the least. Nikolaus had been right, Erik had been desperate in wanting him for a long time; and now, given the unexpected chance, he was making up for lost time. Erik was insatiable and so Nikolaus found himself in the throes of orgasm more times with Erik than he had with anyone else in his life within the first month of their relationship! Nikolaus objected but capitulated eventually when Erik wanted to take their relationship out into the public domain.

He found the world of Stockholm’s gay bars and clubs fascinating but was relieved to find that he wasn’t attracted sexually to any of the other patrons. He also found that the assumption made by many, that Erik was topping him, annoying. Erik had never attempted to enter his ass although he’d seen the man look at him speculatively on more than one occasion.

Instead, Erik had laid himself out for Nikolaus’ inspection and pleasure on several occasions. Nikolaus had taken him anally several times and couldn’t believe how good it felt! Indeed, it was when Lindy had rejected him that way that he had called it off with her. He knew that he would always want to be able to do that with his partner regardless of who that person was. He had seen Ari take Lauren like that on several occasions so he knew that with her he would have nothing to fear.

He also knew that he needed to be with someone who was adept at giving him great oral stimulation; and goodness, Erik could definitely do that! Always a lady, Lindy hadn’t produced the ropes of cum and spit that had excited Nikolaus when she was kneeling naked, nursing at his groin.

Erik, and now Lauren, could make him cum just by watching them suck him off. Nikolaus didn’t think that he actually needed to feel the sensation of what they were doing; the visual itself was so intense. He loved the way in which they both looked up at him with adoring eyes while they went down on him. He loved the fact that both of them moaned their pleasure at having his steel shaft in their mouths. The extra vibration always made it better for him, and it was something that they could both teach many of the paid escorts that he had known during his exile. Until he had met Lauren, Nikolaus could not remember anyone milking him the way that Erik did. It just didn’t add up. He wasn’t gay, or regardless of whatever else he had been, a home-wrecker for that matter, but his best lovers had been a man and a dying man’s wife!

Nikolaus shook himself out of his reflection back to the present to focus on what Erik was telling him. He was shocked to find that his hand had unconsciously found his cock and was massaging it lovingly. He considered tucking himself away but shrugged his shoulders and continued to give himself pleasure at the sound of his friend’s deep baritone voice.

He listened carefully to his friend tell him that he understood that Nikolaus didn’t want a relationship with him and that that was okay, he just wanted him to come home so that they could work together as they had done in previous years. Erik told him that his departure was killing his father and resulting in a loss of confidence by their investors and that he felt responsible for that. He offered to leave the company if Nikolaus would just return to Sweden and take up his place at his father’s side in the company.

“Uhh, uhh, uhhhhhhh,” Jason shuddered as Christopher eased his cock into his ass.

Christopher’s hand pumped Jason’s swollen tool in time to his thrusts, as he tried to distract his lover from the slight discomfort of being breached for the first time that night. He had prepared Jason well with first one, then two, then three well-lubricated fingers. The throaty moans excited him, but he promised himself that he would never force himself on Jason, no matter how difficult it was to control his urges.

“Are you okay,” Chris groaned.

“Yeah, I just love how this hurts back there; it b-balances out the ache in my cock!” Jason sighed.

Chris rubbed his hand gently over Jason’s muscled chest, toward his stomach and the twitching piece of meat that always mesmerised him like a cobra in a basket. He ignored Jason’s obvious need and thumbed his nipple lightly, and getting the groan that he wanted, Chris plucked the nub gently while pushing himself another half inch into his lover’s body. He pulled out and started the process again, ignoring the little grunt of frustration from his friend.

Chris was hungry for Jason since they had not made love in nearly a month, a concession to the fact that they were both elite athletes and representing their respective countries in the Summer Olympics in London. They had competed against each other, breaking each other’s world records in the pools around the world for the past three years. They had been lovers for two of these years, keeping a secret that they both agreed would threaten the sponsorship deals that they each had if their relationship were generally known.

He had been worried that Jason would have been angry with him, and not allowed him to touch him since he had just taken gold medals in four of the five races in which they had competed during the Games. Jason had taken the silver to him each time and he had taken the bronze to Jason’s gold in the 200m individual medley. Jason’s generous hugs after each race and his congratulatory tweets had made Chris even happier than winning the medals had done.

Chris planted a soft kiss on Jason’s back, a silent thank you for allowing him to have everything that he had ever wanted: Jason’s love and the medals. He really had come out on top in life. He had won gold in a big way. He didn’t care if Ashton, his previous lover, a diver on the Canadian team, thought that his love of kissing was too gay; Jason was cool about it.

“I only lost because I was so horny for you,” Jason said teasingly.

“Yeah, right!”

He pushed back in again, claiming his prize of being top for a month. It was a win-win situation, but neither of them was going to point out the obvious.

“Fuck! That feels good!”

“Of course it does,” Chris bragged.

“Shut the hell up and fuck me!”

His hand caressed Jason’s back and gripped his flank as he pushed in again, the shallow digs into the young man’s body deepening with each push. When he finally found his balls pressed firmly against his lover’s back he hooted into Jason’s ear.

“Must you always do that?” Jason grumbled.

Chris chose that moment to begin his rhythmic pounding of Jason’s ass. It was clear to Chris that the young Jamaican felt no pain. He wanted him to feel a great deal of pleasure though and so he angled himself so that he pounded Jason’s prostate with each thrust. The young man’s increasingly noisy groans as his orgasm approached were music to Chris’ ears.

The door broke open, suddenly.

“Are you okay, Jas…” a young man, about their own age, stopped, and stared like a deer caught in the headlights of a speeding car.

“Shit!” the intruder exclaimed.

Chris sprang away from Jason as if he was being burned. He was frustrated and angry at the interruption, at the same time that he was desperate to protect his lover from scrutiny. This was what they had always feared would happen. It would be bad for him, but for Jason it would be the death of his reputation at home. Homosexuality was still frowned on in his homeland and they were sure that he would be ruined there if people knew about him.

They did not usually meet each other so close to other people, but he had found himself getting cranky with his teammates and short with the throng of journalists that surrounded them constantly. He had caught himself staring at Jason a couple of times from across the crowded aquatic centre and had had to cut the celebrations short when he felt the beginnings of an erection. He had had to have Jason. Seeing him, but not being able to touch him, was becoming distracting and counter-productive. Their events were over anyway and they had decided to linger a few days to see a few of the sights of London and to watch some of the other sports around them. Jason had actually got tickets for them to see some of the athletics where he was confident that Jamaica would make a good showing.

“Get out!” he shouted at the open-mouthed journalist.

The man stood there, staring at them for what seemed like an eternity, and Chris was just about to pound him into oblivion and damn the consequences when the man closed the door behind himself and spoke again.

“Jason, what the fuck is wrong with you? I thought you got over this!” the man whispered furiously.

“It’s not something that I can just get over,” Jason muttered.

“Okay then, you two clearly know each other,” Chris butted in. He felt an irrational sense of relief that someone else knew about them at last and that it didn’t seem as bad as it could have been. True, the man seemed annoyed with Jason, but somehow things didn’t seem to be heading to hell for them. He obviously knew that Jason was gay, but it was clear that he had not said anything before. In fact, his behaviour could have been interpreted as being protective.

“Do you mind? Let us put some clothes on.”

“Please,” the man said, sarcastically.

“Chris, meet my cousin, Charles,” Jason said as he shrugged into a pair of sweats. He left his shirt off and Chris had to turn away quickly so as not to become overwhelmed by the view.

“Y-your cousin? You’re kidding, right,” he stammered as he put on his clothes.

“Yeah, Jamaica is small. He got this gig to cover these Games because I’m here.”

“You’re a madman!” Charles hissed his teeth. “I got this gig because I’m good at what I do; but don’t try to change the subject; you have to be more careful! What if it had been someone else who had come in here tonight?”

“I guess we’d have had to invite him to join us in a threesome.”

“Stop it Jason. It’s not worth it. You’re going to destroy your career.”

“It is actually,” Jason said gently after a brief pause.

“What? What exactly are you saying?” Charles asked wide-eyed.

“I’m saying that I’m thinking of retiring; becoming a kept man.”

“You shitting me?”

Charles was aghast. He rounded on Chris.

“Talk some sense into him nuh man! He’s the biggest thing that we have outside of athletics and he’s going to throw it all away!”

“Obviously, you and I don’t see eye-to-eye on this, Charles,” Chris grinned happily at Jason. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your cousin.”

“Actually I don’t need anybody to take care of me. Now that I think about it, if the sponsors drop me because of this, I’ll sue them. I have rights!”

Chris had to sit down because he was getting excited again watching this bolder, more assertive Jason stare down his cousin and tell him that he didn’t care if people found out about his private life.

“Want an exclusive, Charlie? You can break the story about me being gay, but leave Chris out of it.”

“Stop it Jason!”

“Don’t want it, C? I’ll give the interview to another journalist if you don’t. I am not hiding anymore.”

“You won’t win in any court in Jamaica. Your sponsors there will leave you. What will your fans think!??!”

“I have other options outside of Jamaica. You said it yourself, I’m the biggest thing outside of athletics.”

“I think you’re going to have to leave now, Charlie unless you actually want to watch me fuck your cousin,” Chris said breathlessly.

“Jason! I don’t want you to do this!” Charles was clearly getting desperate.

Chris heard the plea in Charles’ voice, and suddenly he wasn’t sure if Charles had been arguing to save Jason’s career or if he was defending his territory. He felt a flash of aroused jealousy at his sudden suspicion that Charles might have known Jason far more intimately than the two of them were admitting to at the moment. It occurred to him that Charles had only rarely looked away from Jason since he had entered the room. Chris would have to ask Jason about him as soon as they were alone.

Chris glanced at Charles’ groin to see if he were aroused. The man did carry a good package, but since he hadn’t checked when the man had first entered the room, Chris couldn’t be sure if Charles was excited, or just the stereotypical image of a black man. He cleared his throat to prevent himself from saying something stupid.

“Let’s talk about this later, Charlie. Chris and I have some things to discuss,” Jason smirked, knowingly.

Shit, the man was sexy! If Charles didn’t leave soon he would have much more material than he’d bargained for.

“Are you going to join us, Charles?” Chris asked cheekily while reaching for Jason.

He had not expected a serious answer, but he got one.

“Y-yessss,” Charles hissed.

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