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If you’ve read up to chapter 12, then I guess you aren’t grossed out.

Here are the main characters:

The Cassidy’s

Matthew: The Patriarch

Helen: His wife

Hayley: Their youngest daughter

Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell

Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth

Jonah: Eldest child and only son — he is married to Quinn

Lance:Elder brother to Matthew

Miriam: Lance’s wife.

Son in law’s

Brandon Mitchell – Actor

Daniel Worth –Sports agent

Quinn Cassidy — Daughter-in-law married to Jonah

* Mason Chadwell –great nephew to Matthew, being considered as possible husband for Daniela

Jake Harrison — Fiancé to Hayley

*Isabel Cassidy Smythe — Daughter of Matthew’s sister Maxine, suitor to Daniela

*Stephen Cassidy — son of Dent Cassidy, Matthew’s brother suitor to Daniela


*Margaret Jones — Assistant to Hayley

*Brian West — Assistant to Jake

Daniela –Frederick’s daughter and now submissive to Hayley

* Marvina — New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake

* New main character’s

Everyone in this story is well over the age of consent. All women are shaved. Enjoy.


Jake turned Hayley’s ass very red for disobeying him by not taking off her panties when they got in the car. Hayley with tears streaming down her face thanked him by taking out his cock and sucking it until he came.

Jake spent the night and in the morning when he got up and walked naked into the kitchen to get something to drink, he got the shock of his life. There was a tall, attractive black woman standing in the kitchen.

She grinned at him and looked appraisingly at his naked body, “You must be Jake. I’m Marvina. What would you like for breakfast?”

Jake grinned and held his hands in front of his dick. “UHM, I’ll be right back.” He said.

Jake ran into the bedroom and put on a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt. Hayley was still sleeping. He had forgotten that Marvina was starting today.

Jake came out of the bedroom with a sheepish grin on his face. Marvina had set out a pitcher of orange juice. “So now that you are fully clothed, Mr. Jake, what will you be having for breakfast? By the way, nice cock!” She said and her eyes flashed a smile.

Marvina was sassy and Jake knew they would get along. Before he could answer, his cell phone went off. “Excuse me.” Jake said as he answered it, it was Brian.

“Sir, I know you have the day off, but I was wondering if we could meet later this afternoon and discuss the Lance incident that occurred over the weekend.”

Puzzled Jake asked, “What does this have to do with me?”

Brian answered, “Mr. Matthew just wanted me to make sure you both were all right and to explain what will happen in January.”

“Fine, why don’t you come to the house around four. You and Hayley should meet anyway.” Jake answered.

“Very good sir.” Brian said and hung up.

Jake turned back to Marvina who was waiting for his breakfast order. “Marvina I’d love some French toast with bacon and sausage. I’m hungry this morning.”

“Coming right up Sir.” She said and turned to begin breakfast.

Jake went into the living room. He went over to his iPad and checked to see if there were any messages from work. He answered a few and soon could smell the delicious offerings coming from the kitchen.

Hayley came out of the bedroom wearing an Asian silk print bathrobe. In Jake’s eyes, she looked quite fetching. She came over to Jake, sat down and put her head on his shoulder, “Good Morning sir.” She said.

Jake kissed her forehead, “How did you sleep?”

“Very well. I always sleep well when you’re here.” Hayley said.

Hayley smiled at Marvina, “Good morning Marvina and welcome to our home. Jake will be moving in this weekend.”

“I’m looking forward to working with you. I will be here until you dismiss me in the evenings. I will arrive at 7:00 in the morning to prepare breakfast. My days off are Sunday and Monday, but I will make sure that the refrigerator is stocked and there are things you can just heat up when I’m gone. I’ve placed an order with Fresh Direct which will arrive tomorrow. Thank you Miss Hayley for setting up the household account.” Marvina said as she handed Hayley a glass of orange juice.

“Don’t thank me, thank Margaret. She is so efficient. She thinks of everything.” Hayley said snuggling up to Jake.

“What would you like for breakfast?” Marvina said.

“Please make me an egg white omelet with bacon on the side.” Hayley ask politely.

“Coming up. Breakfast will be ready in half an hour.” Marvina said and turned to go back into the kitchen.

Jake stopped her, “Marvina, I’d like it if you would give Hayley some cooking lessons. She needs to learn how to cook and my mother will also teach her.”

“As you wish Sir, I will be happy to show Miss Hayley.” Marvina said and went back into the kitchen.

Jake untied Hayley’s robe to see that she was naked underneath. “We should get ready for breakfast, but I like that you’re naked.” He pinched her nipples.

Hayley moaned. “Ahhhh.”

“I might take you in the playroom after breakfast. I need to practice.” Jake said and bent down to capture her nipple with his mouth.

“Jake, that’s so good. Do you have to go home tonight?” Hayley asked as Jake continued sucking her nipple.

“Yes, but I’ll be moving in next Saturday. We’ll be together all the time.” Jake said as he moved Hayley onto his lap. He removed the bathrobe and slid down his pants.

“Jake, what if Marvina comes in?” Hayley moaned.

“Then she will see us fucking. I’m going to take that ass since I can’t have that pussy. Suck my cock. Jake ordered her.

Jake went back to sucking her nipples. When he stopped, Hayley slid down onto her knees and took his cock in her mouth.

Marvina came into the room and saw them. Hayley blushed but kept on sucking. Marvina smiled at Jake and left.

Jake pulled out of Hayley’s mouth, “I can’t wait to get you pregnant, but for now I want you over the couch.” Hayley bent over the couch and Jake placed his dick in her ass. Hayley grunted as Jake started fucking her ass hard. “Oh Sir, please.”

Jake smacked her behind, “Please what slut? Please more or please let me take it out?”

“Please Jake more, harder.” Hayley said.

Jake grabbed her hips and fucked her ass. “Remember I will take you anytime and anywhere no matter who’s watching.” He said fucking into her. “You are mine Hayley.”

“Yes Sir, don’t stop.” Hayley said.

Jake reached forward and pinched her nipple, “Don’t cum.” He said as he fucked into her.

She moaned, “Pleeese sir, please, I’m so close.”

Jake smacked her ass, “You don’t get to cum until I say and it won’t be now. I’m cumming in your ass Hayley. I’m cumming hard. Yesss baby, that’s good. Move that ass for me. I love fucking that ass.” He said slamming all the way inside her and spurting his semen inside of her behind.

Hayley moaned as Jake pulled out. “Let’s go wash up and get ready for breakfast. Put on something easy to take off.” He ordered.

“After breakfast, I want you to kneel in the playroom. We’ll go out for dinner but until then I want to check on how much you’ve learned.” Jake said. “Also you’ll get to meet Brian, he’s coming at four.”

Hayley looked down at her hands, “Thank you Jake.”

“For what?” He asked.

“Thank you for being the man I need.” Hayley said.

Jake took her in his arms and kissed her. “I love you Hayley and I’ll always be the man you need.”

He helped her with the robe and took her into the bathroom where they showered together, dressed and came out to find the table set and breakfast waiting.


Daniela was thinking about Mason as Matthew fucked her from behind. She was also thinking about Isabel and Stephen who wanted to be with her. She had spoken to her father about her choices. Frederick was very proud that she would be a part of the Cassidy line. He was also very happy that she was pregnant. He hoped the baby was Jake’s, which would make Matthew very jealous.


Isabel Cassidy Smythe was stroking her silky blond pussy hair as her girl of the moment Kathleen was watching her.

“Stop staring with your mouth open, get over here and put it to use.” Isabel said. “You have half an hour to make this pussy cream or I will whip you like no tomorrow. Get over here and pay homage Katie.”

Kathleen dropped to the floor and crawled forward. She hated Isabel and loved her. Isabel could be very cruel, but her pussy was very sweet. Isabel grabbed her roughly and pulled her into her soaking snatch. “I don’t have time for your shit! Get me off!” She ordered grinding her pussy into the young girl’s mouth.

Kathleen went to work. Isabel held her head. Her thoughts wandered to Daniela and she licked her lips and pulled on her nipples.

Thoughts of having Daniela between her legs like this made her cum, flooding Kathleen’s mouth with her juice.


Stephen Cassidy, Dent’s son was just 21. He was handsome and sweet. He wasn’t sure he wanted to be with Daniela, but his father was pushing him especially since Lance was on the outs with the family.

He had a very strong side, which he kept under control. He had only met Daniela once and was looking forward to seeing her again to see if they had any chemistry.


In the playroom, Hayley knelt naked on the floor for half an hour. Jake was in the kitchen conversing with Marvina. He told her they would not need her after six and she was free to go home. Marvina grinned at him, “How long are you going to keep Miss Hayley waiting in the playroom?” She asked her eyes twinkling.

Jake laughed, “Until I’m good and ready to go in there.”

Marvina laughed with him. Jake entered the room in his sweat pants. Hayley was kneeling with her arms straight out, her head touching the floor, her knees underneath her buttocks as Helen had taught her. She didn’t look up when Jake entered the room. He walked around her and touched her back. Hayley trembled but did not move.

“Hayley do you like being my pet, my love?” He asked.

“Yes Sir, I love submitting to you.” Hayley said.

“I’m going to tie you up and spank those tits.” Jake said as he pulled down the hemp rope. He tied Hayley so her hands were immobile and her breasts were bound. He sucked her nipples until they were rock hard and clamped them with nipple clamps.

Jake went out of the playroom and returned with a bowl of ice. He took down the cane. Hayley looked at him afraid. Jake smiled at her. “I am going to cane you four times on your buttocks and once on your breasts. This is not a punishment. This is for my pleasure. Do you understand?”

Hayley nodded. Jake got the ball gag. “Open.” He said and she opened her mouth. Jake put the gag in her mouth and Hayley closed her mouth around it.

Jake lifted her up and put her over the spanking bench. Hayley was bound and helpless. Jake raised the cane and hit Hayley on the right cheek. Hayley would have screamed if not for the gag. He did it again on her left cheek. THWACK!

Hayley felt pain, but also her pussy was getting moist. THWACK! Came the third strike across her butt. Tears stung Hayley’s eyes.

Jake stopped and saw the stripe marks. He was horrified and aroused at the same time. They looked beautiful on her white skin. He raised the cane again and came down hard. Hayley let out a muffled scream.

Jake removed the clamps from Hayley’s breasts. She looked up at him, her eyes wide with tears.

Jake removed the gag. “I want to hear you scream. I want you to know that I am your Master, not your father, no one else. I will take you whenever I wish and you will never tell me no. You are mine. You belong only to me.”

Jake raised the cane. Hayley closed her eyes. Jake slapped her face hard. “You will look at me.”

Hayley kept her eyes open as he brought the cane down on her tits. Hayley screamed.

Outside Marvina heard the scream and her pussy muscles clinched. She could feel her juices start to flow. She smiled Matthew would be no match for Jake. She was very happy that she had taken this job.

Jake ran ice over Hayley’s nipples and breasts. She begged, “Please Sir.”

“Please what Hayley.” He said.

“Please it’s cold. It stings. Please.” She cried.

“Who owns you?” Jake said.

“You do.” She answered.

“I will give you a choice, more ice or one more hit with the cane wherever I choose.” He said kissing her lips.

Tears were streaming down her face, “Master,” She said, gazing at him with love and adoration, her voice choked, “Whatever you wish.”

Jake grinned broadly. He picked up the cane. Hayley stared at him as he brought it down across her chest.

Madame had taught him well. He used just enough force to sting.


Hayley screamed and blacked out. Jake untied her and put her on the bed. He ran his hand down to her pussy to find it was wet. He couldn’t fuck her yet, not until the doctor’s okay. Damn Lance, but she would take his dick down her throat.

Hayley opened her eyes. Jake rubbed her sore arms and put ointment on her cane marks. He took out his cell phone and took photos of her naked body with the marks. He emailed them to Matthew and Madame.

Jake took out his dick which was hard as steel. He positioned Hayley on her side. His knees were on either side of her head. Her head rested on his knee. She opened her mouth and he grabbed her head. Jake fucked in and out. He was enjoying the control he had over her. Despite the fact that her father had fucked her and wanted her, Hayley was his.

Hayley sucked and swirled her tongue around his dick. Her thoughts were of love. She wouldn’t admit it, couldn’t admit it but had to admit it. She loved that he caned her. He loved that he took charge of her. She was falling more and more in love with Jake every day.

As she sucked his cock deep into her throat, Jake started talking to her as he moved his hips. “Yes baby, my slut, my little whore, suck my cock. Your family is some piece of work. Your daddy fucked your pussy. He took what belonged to me, now all of you belong to me. I will whip you Hayley, I will fuck you, I will have you do all kinds of things because you are mine and you will beg me to do them to you.”

Jake pulled his cock out of Hayley’s mouth and she groaned feeling empty. He turned Hayley onto her stomach. “Next Saturday I will fuck you all night long, right now, that ass will get some more of my big cock.” He said as he slammed himself into her tiny hole.

Hayley came the moment his dick was in. She moaned as Jake fucked in and out of her, “Yess Sir, yess Master, thank you.”

Jake pulled all the way out. “Thank me for what?” He said.

Hayley sobbed, “Thank you for caning me, thank you for taking my ass. Please Master, please fuck my ass. I love you.”

Jake opened her buttocks and slammed back in. Hayley gasped and shuddered as another orgasm hit her.

Hayley’s anal muscles pulled his cock. He could feel her orgasm beginning as she clinched her buttocks and he shot deep inside her rectum. Jake felt as if every part of his being was in this orgasm.

He came so hard that he passed out, his body lying on top of Hayley’s back. They were both spent.


Madame received the email and looked with pride at Jake’s handiwork. Jake would be a very good Master for Miss spoiled rich bitch Cassidy. Jake would show Matthew that he had to give up this obsession with his daughter. Madame smiled.


Matthew received the photo and balled his hands into fists. Helen took his phone and saw the photo. “I remember the first time you caned me. It cemented our relationship. I see Jake has found his inner Dom. Good for you Jake.” Helen said.

Matthew said nothing, but his dick got hard. He grabbed Helen and forced her to her knees. She looked up at him and knew he was imagining himself canning Hayley.

Helen opened her mouth and took her husband’s dick as Matthew stared at the photos of Hayley naked and caned by her new Master. He felt a sense of pride and a sense of anger that it wasn’t him.


A knock on the door awakened Jake and Hayley. It was 3:30. “Mr. Jake, Brian will be here in half an hour.” Marvina said as she cracked the door open.

Jake heard her and said sleepily. “We’ll be up in a moment. Thanks Marvina.”

“I’ve prepared some tea, cookies and scones. I also have a pitcher of water. Would you like me to bring it in?” She asked.

“No, not yet. I’ll come out.” Jake said.

Hayley was out cold. Jake shook her and slowly she opened her eyes. He kissed her nose. “Hayley honey, Brian will be here in half an hour. You need to get up. I’ll get some water for you and then you need to get dressed.”

He put back on his pants and opened the door. Marvina was standing at the door with the pitcher and two glasses. Jake took them from her and went back into the room.

Jake poured a glass for Hayley. Lifting her head, he put the glass to her lips. She drank the water down. Hayley sat up and asked for more. Jake poured her a second glass and she drank that one too. He poured her a third and she took her time sipping it. “That was pretty intense Sir.” She said smiling.

“Are you all right?” He asked concerned as he took a sip of water.

“I’m very happy Sir.” She said snuggling up to him. “Happier than I’ve ever been. I love you with all my heart.”

Jake held her and kissed her. “Put on your clothes and come out when you’re ready. Brian will be here soon.”

Jake started to get off the bed, but Hayley stopped him. “I only want you to be my Master and my husband. My heart, my body and my soul are yours.”

Jake kissed her, “I always will be my love, always.”

She smiled and let him go.


Hayley lay in bed thinking about the pain and pleasure of it all. She went to the full-length mirror behind the door and saw the marks on her breasts and her buttocks. She was wearing Jake’s marks and she touched them with awe and adoration.

Reluctantly she dressed and left the playroom. She looked back once and grinned. Hayley couldn’t wait to come in here again.


Hayley loved Brian. He was funny and clever and equally as organized as Margaret was.

They chatted for quite some time, and then Brian cleared his throat. “Miss Hayley before the council meets in January; you must decide what the punishment will be for your uncle’s mistreatment of you. You have several options.

1.You could banish him from all family events except board meetings.

2.You could have him castrated publicly before the board and the families.

3.You could use a whip, cane, flogger or any other instruments you choose and you could have the family also punish him in public or private.

4.You could make him give up his part of the family stock to another member of his family.

5.You could have every member of the board fuck him.

6.You could also have him tortured, physically and mentally.

7. Or you could choose your own method of punishment, which has to be approved of by the board.

The only thing you cannot do is bar him from the board meetings. Even if he gives up his stock, he still has the right to be there. You cannot also kill him. Murder is never an option.

You have until December 31 to make your decision and once it is made its final.

Your decision is to be written and given to me. I will deliver it to your father and he will deliver it to the head of the board. Lance will be informed of your decision and it will be read at the board meeting. It will be carried out within two weeks after the meeting to give Lance time to prepare.

Finally, Jake is to be present when the punishment is carried out. He was wronged, and will be witness to the punishment. He will also be financially compensated by Lance by damaging you.”

Brian handed Haley some papers, which explained what he had said. Hayley took them. “I’ll let you know when I’ve made my decision.” Hayley said and took the papers to her study and locked them in the drawer. She didn’t want to think about Lance.

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