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Karl was taking an well-earned vacation at a reward for his hard work as an Evaluation Assessor for the Total Woman Academy. He had chosen a nearby seaside resort. As he relaxed in a beach chair, he spied a familiar vision walking by, a recent graduate named Xalika.

Karl actually started to tingle remembering the final evaluation assessment he had performed with Xalika. Her techniques were superb and well-polished. The timing and perfect pressure she exerted with hand, mouth and cunt were unmatched by any other student Karl had tested. And now she was here with him at the resort.

Xalika saw Karl and walked straight to his chair. She laid a hand on his shoulder and leaned over to look in his face and greeted him calmly and directly. “Hello, Karl, so nice to see you. How have you been?” Her voice was like silk caressing his eardrums.

“I’m fine, young lady. How have things gone since graduation? Here, sit next to me and bring me up to speed on the current events in your life.” Xalika lay in the adjacent lounge chair and they talked about how her career started out fast with the 5 pledge contributor business cards she accumulated at the Senior Banquet. One of her best client’s turned out to be one of the bidders for some of her auctioned clothes. She found them in his bedroom one night after they unknowingly began dating. He had them displayed in a diorama. He confessed that he had masturbated many times staring at the articles of clothes, remembering her auction performance.

But as sweet and loving as he was and though she had orgasms with him, she couldn’t get the total fulfillment she wanted from their vanilla sexual encounters. She was used to a skilled and talented male that understood her physical timing and needs. “A really knowledgeable, carnal lover: someone like you, Karl.”

Karl thought about it and asked Xalika how long she was staying at the resort. “Only until tomorrow,” was her reply.

“Then let’s spend that time trying to get you satisfied.”

She looked across at him and idly rubbed her left nipple through her thin stretched bikini top. “I think that is a good idea. What do you plan to do to me?” Karl didn’t answer, just stood up, helped her up by the hand and led her back to his room.

Inside, Xalika stood in bikini and heels before Karl. She reached out and caressed his cheek before gliding her mouth forward and capturing Karl’s lips with hers. Her other hand rose to palm the back of his head and pulled it tighter into the kiss. They exchanged probing tongues, alternately seeking each other’s’ depth. Karl grew inside his shorts.

Xalika moved her hands down to Karl’s shoulders and onward to his back. She pulled his chest in to mold against hers. Karl raised his hands to her hips and pulled to mold her groin to his. The tongue swirling continued. Xalika could feel the lump in Karl’s shorts pulse with the blood flowing into his cock.

They broke the kiss for air but touched their foreheads together and stared into each other’s eyes. Noses rubbed together. As if on signal, they relaxed away from each other and Xalika dropped her arms to her sides. They had established a tender trust as assurance for the safety of the raw physical sex about to follow. Karl grasped the bikini fabric connection between Xalika’s breasts. His fist exploded downward, snapping the shoulder ties. He yanked outward and the back strap broke. Xalika’s breasts bounced once and rippled to stillness. Karl threw the ripped garment across the room behind his back without breaking eye contact.

Xalika now took a step forward, grasped the neck of Karl’s teeshirt and ripped sideways. She had less strength and it took several tries to rip it wide. She moved forward to reach around Karl to grasp the tee-shirt back hem, rubbing her nipples to his chest in the process. Stepping back, Karl leaned a little forward as she pulled the shredded garment over his head.

Karl stood tall and reached to grab Xalika’s thong but she slapped his hand away before he reached her. Karl growled low in his throat. She grabbed his swimming truck ties and pulled the bow sharply, opening a gap in the front waist band. Her hand dove in and her palm covered his cock as her fingers reach under and cradled his balls. Her other hand jerked the waist band downward while the first hand protected his cock and balls from an errant wrench of the fabric. She leaned over and pushed his trucks to the floor. While she was bent over, Karl popped his palms sharply under her hanging boobs making them dance and jiggle. She stood as he kicked off his pants and launched them one footed to join the bikini top across the roof.

Karl reached again for her bikini bottom but she twisted around to avoid his hand. As her back turned to him, he grabbed the rear waist band and yanked upward. What started as a classic wedgy move was too much for the ties. The bottoms front slid down her groin, over her cunt lips and was dragged up the crack of her ass and out. Xalika yelled from the brush burn on her cunt lips. Karl tossed the bottom where the top had gone.

Xalika turned back on Karl who grabbed the incoming arm before it could strike him. He held that wrist as his other hand full palmed her vulva. He jammed his middle two fingers up her cunt. Now having a balanced two hand hold, Karl lifted Xalika off the floor and tossed her on the bed pulling his fingers out as she flew away from him. On the rebound upward, Karl grabbed her legs, and placed her knees astride his shoulders and held her ass against his chest. She was now held inverted with her knees on Karl’s shoulders as her shoulders were supported by the bed. Karl planted his mouth and sucked hard on the irritated cunt lips.

Xalika stopped struggling when Karl licked the center of the slit and put little teeth nibbles on the side flaps. Ned maintained a steady pace of licks and little tooth pinches. Xalika relaxed her back and just savored the tingles in her groin. Her breathing changed rate and her moans got louder as she reached to hold Karl’s hands where he had her legs trapped against his chest. Her moans grew louder and her legs squeezed together, trapping Karl’s head and covering his ears so that he heard only a muffled screech as Xalika came.

When Xalika relaxed and unclamped Karl’s head from the orgasmic leg vise, he lowered her onto the bed and arranged her legs outside his hips. Palming her ass cheeks, he put the tip of his cock at the entrance to her cunt. Karl let his body fall forward and with one strong thrust, buried himself in Xalika. She turned her head sideways to avoid his face, a kiss or any tender touch. Karl drew his cock backward and drove in again and again. He set his own rhythm and pleasured his cock without regard for her feelings. His knob swelled, his toes, legs and groin prickled as his pleasure approached. He jetted with a roar. Withdrawing his rod, Karl climbed up her body, pried open her mouth and rammed his softening meat into her mouth. She sucked and cleaned it.

Karl lay sideways next to a likewise sideways Xalika with the covers pushed back. They were lightly pecking each other’s face with kisses, sometimes pausing for an extended mouth open smooch. Their hands were caressing each other’s flanks. Karl pulled himself halfway up Xalika’s body as she scrunched down his. At the right position, she put her mouth completely over his prick and suckled gently. Ned reached down to caress her hair and dozed off.

Karl awoke later with his flaccid prick inside Xalika’s mouth while she continued to sleep. Sunlight was peeking through the curtains. Karl caressed her head. Xalika woke slowly, recognized her surroundings and began suckling tenderly on Karl’s cock. Karl lay back and enjoyed the feeling. As he grew in her mouth, Xalika put a little stroke motion into action. When Karl was really hard, she stopped and rose from the bed. She walked nude to the bathroom and soon Karl heard the shower running.

Karl walked into the bathroom with his rigid cock bobbing in from of him. He opened the shower door and stepped in. Xalika turned to face him. Karl reached under her one knee and lifted. He lined up his cock with her opened cunt and plunged in. Xalika pulled him into an embrace as Karl slammed her against the shower wall. With her back anchored, she raised the other leg and crossed her ankles. Karl pumped away until his cock throbbed out his cum into Xalika.

Xalika whimpered as his cock shrank and withdrew. She did not get her orgasm from this particular event. Karl set her down on her feet. Xalika washed Karl and he washed Xalika. His sweeps aroused her even higher. When they were clean and hot, Karl walked back into the bedroom. Xalika ran to the bed and lay with legs spread. Karl dived face first onto her cunt and his tongue lashed the engorged lips. Xalika quickly howled her orgasm.

After dressing, Karl escorted Xalika back to her suite. Xalika gave Karl a final tender kiss at the door and went inside, feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

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