Here they come!” the yell startled Sergeant Johnson out of his day dream as he contemplated what had happened last night. He had fucked one of the king’s daughters, while the other watched and then licked his cum off her older sister. Johnson looked out over the battlements to see that the alarm was a bit premature. A small group of the enemy had brought forward some unfinished ladders.

“They want us to watch them finish what is supposed to spell our doom. I think we are watching what is going to become their worst nightmare.” Johnson said loudly, causing a chuckle from nearby defenders. The garrison of castle Alzahar took immense pride in the fact that not a single invading force had ever even breached the walls. While they were a bit scared of the sheer numbers of the enemy, they were also supremely confident in their own skills at battle and defending their walls.

The men relaxed, and most went back to lounging around, putting down their heavy shields and weapons, believing that they would be safe until the ladders were finished. But something looked wrong with these ladders. They were much too sloppy, they could have built hundreds of these low quality ladders over the night, but yet only 40 or 50 were insight and uncompleted. After about 10 minutes Johnson noticed that that they never seemed to be getting closer to completion, it made him very suspicious.

“UP, UP! EVERYBODY UP AND AT ATTENTION! PASS IT DOWN THE LINE!” Johnson yelled, moving down the Southern wall, his wall, until all of his men were staring at the enemy, fully armed and alert. He moved down to the end of his wall and yelled at the commander on the Eastern wall to do the same. The other commander, Jake, looked at him, looked at the ladders, and then Johnson saw the comprehension spread over his face. The he was yelling at his men and Johnson was moving to the other side. When he had warned the Prince, who was commanding the Western wall, Johnson returned to his position just in time to see high quality, completed ladders burst out of hiding. If Johnson had not ordered his men to be at the ready, he could see that the ladders would have been up against the wall and the attackers already scaling them before all his men were prepared for an attack.

“Archers!” Johnson yelled to the men standing in the tall, round towers at the intervals of each wall. Soon wave after wave of dark arrows were streaking out to cut down the invaders. But nonetheless, the ladders still kept coming. Soon he heard them thud against the stone wall and shouted at his men to push them off. But pushing a ladder off is never an easy thing when several heavy bodies are keeping it pushed firmly against the wall. Johnson ran to help one of his men trying to push a ladder off all by himself, but before he got there, a sword flashed out from out of sight below the wall and stabbed the defender through the neck. As the attacker pulled his sword out, it dragged the dead defender with it and his body went toppling over the wall. Suddenly the attacker was over the wall and turning to face Johnson.

Johnson sized his opponent up, big, with full body armor, a bloodied sword in one hand and a round shield in the other. But there was something that set this attacker apart from any other enemy that Johnson had faced before. He was a she. An Amazon actually, and possessed breasts, penis, and a vagina. Johnson of course knew this from experience, as they tortured his anus and mouth with terrifyingly huge pricks.

The amazon took a swing at Johnson, who took the blow on his large rectangular shield, before stabbing at her with his own blade. She swept that aside with her shield, but Johnson used that action to do a 360 degree turn and slam his shield into her head. She staggered back a few steps and Johnson slid his sword up into her gut. She fell without a sound. Then Johnson was off to find a new enemy.

The battle raged for a full hour, with fresh defenders coming up from inside the cities walls and fresh attackers climbing the ladders on the outside. It seemed that the defenders were killing just a few more on average then the attackers and seemed to be winning.

In fact, the attackers stopped coming up after a while, and then the whole army retreated to just outside missile range. He looked around and took stock of his men. It seemed that he now had about half of the men that he started with, having exhausted his reinforcement halfway through the battle. Then the recall sounded from the citadel. His men looked around, confused. When nobody moved from any of the walls, it sounded again and a runner was sent to each commander. The runner breathlessly informed Johnson that there was not enough men to defend the other walls, the northern wall had been decimated after their commander, Joey, had taken a sword in his back. To try and reinforce it with men from the other walls would leave them dangerously undermanned and so it had been decided to abandon the walls and retreat to the citadel. Johnson nodded and ordered his men to move out. There was quite a few grumblings from the men. They hadn’t ever given the wall to any enemy, but now here they were handing it to one enemy without even a fight.

As they moved down through the city between the walls, Johnson noticed that there was nobody around. Standard siege policy has been that if the walls were threatened, all the civilians should take what they could and retreat behind the citadel walls.

The citadel was like a castle within a castle. With walls higher and thicker than those on the outskirts of the city. It had been built long before the other buildings that now surround it. When all the forces were assembled and redeployed so the walls had roughly the same number of men defending each section, the three remaining commanders went to the command room. In it the king told them the sum total of the situation. Barely enough men to hold the citadel, a much superior force opposing them, and a threat that was delivered during the fight. A soldier had been wounded and a note stuffed into his pocket. When he reached the hospital he discovered the note and gave it to an orderly to take the king. The soldier died soon thereafter. It reads: “let it be known that any man, women, or children who resist against our attacks and are captured, shall not be treated with much respect by the army of Queen Lee. A special surprise awaits any soldiers captured. However, if the civilians surrender to us at their earliest convenience, they shall not be tortured, and may retain many of their personal items and homes.”

“there you have it, now, our hold on the walls are tenuous at best, we have no reinforcements to speak of, and-” whatever the king was going to say next was cut off by the sounds of horns being trumpeted and the roar of the amazon attackers. The four men rushed to the windows to see thousands of attackers swarm over the outer wall and charge through the empty city to try and scale the citadel walls. “Sire, you should flee, take the secret passageway out” Prince Thomas urged his father.

“There’s a secret passage? Where?” Jake demanded.

“It’s directly under the command room and leads to the woods on the north side of the castle.” Thomas explained impatiently.

“Why were we not told of this before?” Jake again spoke up.

“Because you were given a command yesterday, there has not been enough time to tell you everything” Thomas was getting mad now.

“Gentlemen, can we get back to the manner of importance, if you keep arguing like that we might still be here when the enemy breaks through the walls.” the king said calmly. Thomas then proceeded to argue with his father to leave via the secret tunnel, while his father argued against it, and Jake and Johnson just stood there and watched the battle on the walls.

Suddenly the hatch to the ladder flew open and an amazon burst out of the hole. She jumped on Jake and they wrestled for control of her sword, Johnson rushed in to try and pull her off, but the shield of the second amazon through the hatch slammed into his helmet, causing his ears to ring and my vision blur. He fell flat on his back but he had a good view of the sword slice right through jakes armor and into his heart, the tip coming out his back. Jakes lifeless body landed heavily on Johnson, pinning him down. As he got him off, an amazon appeared and held her sword at his neck. He sat up and could see that both the king and the prince had been captured too, though the prince did have two dead amazons at his feet.

The prisoners were taken down the stairs and they saw the secret entrance smashed in, clear indication of how the amazons had ambushed the command party.

They were taken to the throne room, where an exceptionally large amazon in very ornate armor was waiting. At her side was Janielle, the extremely well endowed second in command. She smiled at Johnson when she saw him.

“There you are Johnson, I was wondering where my favorite prisoner was! I was so lonely without you.” she exclaimed, looking more like a girl who found her favorite toy rather than someone who genuinely missed him.

The amazon in the fancy armor only glanced at the king before grabbing him and dragging him out to a balcony to shout to his beleaguered troops on the wall to surrender. It took a while for the king to be noticed, first one, then 3, then a dozen, and finally the entire citadel had stopped fighting. The sight of the king with a sword at his neck made all the remaining soldiers drop their weapons. The amazons let out a great cheer and began rounding up their prisoners and weapons.

The fancy amazon brought the king back inside and threw him on the ground “I do not believe that we have been introduced. You are King Collin. While I am the commander of all the great armies of the Amazonian nation. My name is Alicia. My second here, Janielle, shall take you to your chamber and you will be held there. Your children as well, under heavy guard. Do not try and escape or you will regret It.”

when Janielle had left with the king and the prince, Alicia turned to Johnson. “Well now, who do we have here?”

“Sergeant Johnson ma’am” one of his guards answered. “He was the commander of the patrol ambushed by Commander Janielle ma’am”

“ahh I see. Yes my second hasn’t been able to stop talking about you. Saying how well you held out against their questioning. Perhaps I should sample you for myself before I give you back to my soldiers.” Alicia grinned at that. She nodded to the two amazons behind him. “But I need you to be warmed up by these two lovely ladies back there. Fancy some fun girls? The one on your right is Lia, while the other is Brooke. Have fun.”

Both girls gave wolfish grins and quickly stripped Johnson of all his armor and clothes. He was forced on his knees while the girls pulled out their cocks. As Johnson had found out earlier, the higher up in the command chain you go the bigger the dick. As personal guards of the general, these girls seemed to be about 14 inches in length and maybe 2 and half inches thick. Lia, the amazon with fiery red hair started him off. She opened his mouth for him and stuck it in. Johnson couldn’t fit more than the head and a couple inches more into his mouth, but Lia wasn’t discouraged, she just kept pumping and forcing more and more of it in. after a while Johnson managed to fit just over 10 inches into his throat. But Lia wasn’t content with most of it in, she wanted all of it in. she kept at it.

Finally, one extra hard thrust and the coincidental relaxing of Johnson esophagus, the other 4 inches managed into slide in. Lia held him there and began small thrusting motions, only an inch at a time, but it hurt Johnson nonetheless. When Lia was content with the view, and he really needed air, she released him. He gasped for breath and was sputtering and drooling all over the place. Right as he got his breathing under control, Brooke spun him around and eagerly stuffed herself in.

She went through the same process that Lia did, not stopping until he had her full length in his throat. It went in a hell of a lot easier the second time then the first. Brooke was decidedly more rough with the throat fucking then Lia was. Instead of an inch or so at s time, Brooke took practically the whole thing out before ramming it all the way back in.

When Brooke had had enough of his throat, she pulled out and repositioned Johnson. He was still on his knees, but he was bent over and his legs spread wide. He had to hold himself in that position as his hands were still tied behind his back. Brooke got down on her knees behind Johnson while Lia knelt in front of him. The lined up, and at the count of three both rammed themselves into his holes. The sound of their balls slapping his ass and face and their moans of pleasure echoed through the throne room. The two amazons fucked like mad for a few minutes before slowing down.

They pulled out and switched places, with Brooke at his face and Lia prodding his ass hole. This time they pushed in on their own time and didn’t assault Johnson with too much sensation at the same time. Again they fucked like mad for a few minutes before Alicia gave a signal and Brooke and Lia pulled out and stood up.

Johnson looked up at the Amazonian general and turned white. Alicia had gotten undressed during his ordeal and was standing there in her naked glory. Had she not been his enemy, he might think her incredibly beautiful. Her light brown hair fell past her shoulders, almost to her massive, yet firm breasts, her well-toned stomach and abs muscles clearly showed, the only thing out of the ordinary was her astronomically large penis. Not yet fully hard, it dangled between her legs, reaching three quarters of the way down her thigh. She moved towards Johnson.

“Are you all ready for me now? Those two do an amazing job.” She smiled as he shook his head no. “Aww, don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit. It’ll hurt a lot!” She and her two body guards laughed uproariously at her wit, but it only made Johnson feel worse.

Alicia strode over to him and grabbed his hair. Johnson cried out, but when he opened his mouth to do so he invited Alicia right in and she obliged. The head was thicker than anything Johnson had ever seen before and he could barely fit it into his mouth. But his throat was already well stretched out by Lia and Brooke. It didn’t slide in easily, but it slid in nonetheless. He bottomed out about halfway down Alicia’s still flaccid cock. She pulled out and Johnson watched in amazement as she began growing. When it reached its full length Alicia measured it against her body. The tip of the penis managed to touch the underside of her large breasts. “Boy are you lucky. This bad boy is 20 inches long and three and a half in diameter. No one, man, female, or amazon, has ever taken the entire thing in any hole. Maybe you’ll be different?” With that she opened Johnson’s mouth again and inserted herself. She grabbed the back of his head and was simultaneously pushing with her cock and pulled with her hand.

During a breathing break he looked over and noticed the two bodyguards playing with each other’s pussies. Being hermaphrodites, they had both a cock and a pussy.

Johnson felt a boiling rage coming up through him. He was not their play thing; he would not meekly sit by as these amazons got off on his humiliation and pain. When Alicia next went to face fuck him, he bit down hard on her cock, so hard that he felt like he punctured skin, he tasted blood and assumed it had come from Alicia’s cock. Alicia just calmly pulled herself out and wiped the saliva and blood off of her dick. Johnson looked, hoping to see the bite marks he had inflicted, instead her dick was completely clear, and then Johnson realized he still tasted blood. Searing pain suddenly shot through his gums as he realized one of his teeth had pushed up into his gums, touching a nerve and causing some bleeding.

While Johnson squirmed in pain, Alicia explained that amazons had extremely hard skin around their penises, protecting them. Nothing less than a full sword stroke would ever harm the soft tissue beneath. Johnson’s pain subsided.

“Now, since you decided to be an idiot and try to rebel, I must punish you. Or more precisely, have Lia and Brooke punish you. When I’m done with your mouth, all three of us shall fuck your ass at the same time. Trust me, you have not known the kind of pain this will inflict on you.”

With that, Alicia forced him back onto her dick and went back to trying to bury her entire cock down his throat. Alicia suddenly let him off her. He sputtered and coughed. “Girls I need a little help here, you know what to do.” Lia and Brooke moved towards Alicia and each grabbed a hold of Alicia’s cock. Lia’s hand was placed about midway, while Brooke’s was midway between Lia’s hand and the base of Alicia’s cock. “Now boy, if you manage to fit so much of my cock down your throat that your lips touch Lia’s hand, only one girl will fuck you with me. If you manage to touch Brooke’s hand, only I will fuck you, and if you your lips manage to touch my balls, no one else with fuck you and you can go back to your room. You have five minutes before we fuck you. Ready?” She didn’t give Johnson time to answer before she pressed her cock into his face. Lia flipped a little hour glass and the time had started.

“What if try and run?” Johnson asked.

Alicia laughed. “Let’s see, you’re tied, naked, probably sore from Lia and Brooke, and just outside those doors are 15 sexually frustrated Amazonian captains, who would not hesitate to use you as they like. That good enough?” Johnson nodded. “Good, now you’re wasting time.”

When Alicia didn’t make any effort to try and force feed him, he realized he had to throat fuck himself. He sucked in as much of her cock as he could, but since he couldn’t use his hands for leverage he had to make do without them. One time he almost got close to touching Lia’s hand, but as he neared her, Alicia would slowly move her hips back, keeping Johnson from the hand. Johnson got frustrated and pulled himself off.

“That’s no fair, your cheating!” Johnson yelled.

Alicia raised an eyebrow. “Am I? I never said anything about what I would do while you were furiously trying to humiliate yourself by choking on a woman’s cock.”

This made Johnson even more furious and he opened his mouth to give a retort, but just then the timer ran out of sand. He had lost.

Alicia grinned and picked him up with one hand. The girls moved in a well-coordinated way, obviously they had tricked people with this before. Lia lay down and Alicia put Johnson on top of her. Lia slid her cock into Johnson’s gaping and well lubricated ass. Brooke then climbed over Johnson and prepared herself to enter. These two alone were enough of a challenge that Johnson didn’t think he could take one more, even larger dick. Alicia moved in and slid her massive member right into the gap left between Lia and Brooke.

So far only Lia was in his ass. But ever so carefully Brooke inserted herself. When both girls were completely in, the slowly fucked him at the same time. They both went in and out together, like their cocks were attached. Johnson screamed like a stuck pig while the fucked him. He continued screaming until Alicia grabbed Johnson’s tunic and ripped a part of it off to stick in his mouth. With a warning that there would be far worse if he didn’t keep it in, she crammed it in.

Brooke and Lia had sufficiently stretched his ass hole that Alicia felt that she could fit in. Both Brooke and Lia pulled out and Alicia slid in. He couldn’t take all of her in his ass. But that didn’t stop Alicia from trying to bury her to the hilt in him. Finally, with only a couple inches to go, Lia and Brooke got involved; Lia had slid out from under Johnson and was getting a nice blowjob from Johnson, though it wasn’t very nice for Johnson. Brooke had gotten behind Alicia and was fondling her ass as well as Johnson. With a nod to each other, Alicia gave an extra hard thrust, complimented with Brooke pushing Alicia into Johnson and Lia pushing Johnson back onto Alicia. The result was a sight that Alicia had never seen before. Her entire 20 inches completely buried in a man’s ass. It was so much that she nearly lost control and ejaculated. But she held on and, enjoying her success, pulled out and rammed herself back in. She got so carried away with being able to go balls deep that she actually did lose control.

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