The sound of her voice in the clips was burned into my memory, repeating and horrifying me, driving me mad as I lay there in my dark room. Mom, my loving doting StepMom, was there on those internet sex sites. The same woman who’d brought me up and who I naturally felt she was my Mom, as I was a baby when Dad met her. Clips of her, in that foreign detention center, being interrogated and such tortuous things, sexual and depraved things done to her.

She’d seemed all right when she came home. There had been trouble with the local authorites on our holiday abroad in the summer, and we’d been arrested by the police and accused of being spies. They were going to keep us there, hinting at interrogation and beatings.

Suddenly I had been brought out of my cell and told I was being deported. Mom was being detained. They allowed us a last conversation, in which Mom told me she’d somehow made an agreement, that they would leave me out of it and deport me back home. She became evasive when I asked what was going to happen to her. She hugged me and told me not to worry, she would show them there was nothing wrong and she would be home soon. Naturally I was afraid. That country didn’t have a great humanitarian record, and there had been some reports of the use of torture by the police, even on innocent people they had chosen to detain.

I was worrying and panicking, and I pleaded with her to let me stay, I would help protect her and liase with the Embassy there, the home government would surely intervene and see we were released.

“Mom, please don’t trust these people!” I said. “Remember that progamme on TV. The documentary about detainees here. the police tortured them! Horrible things, electric devices, cattle prods… Whips and everything, the Bastinado of their feet and…Gang sex on them. You know how these people perv at white women and wives, and they’re dirty bastards, they’re all into anal sex and stuff!”

She laughed that off. “No, love! That won’t happen! Those are unproven reports and anyway that was about things twenty years ago! Now don’t be silly, go on, I’ll be back soon.”

I was escorted to the hotel by a policeman, to get our belongings and cases, and Mom’s toiletries and stuff that she’d need. She wasn’t around when I returned to the police station to sign my release forms and pass them her things.

As I left the station, I noticed the group of young local lads that worked on the market stalls, sitting outside a cafe again, like they had the day she’d seemed to flirt with them. They were watching me and grinning.

I’m sure it was something to do with them, why we got arrested that day. Their leader had hung around Mom every night in the bar, chatting and giving her sleazy lines. I hated the way they seemed to like each other. My Mom, a white matronly flower of attractive maturity of good character and standing, seemed to giggle and fancy this greasy young foreign hyena from the dusty backstreets of this corrupt country.

I froze to the spot when I noticed he had a pair of panties and a bra in his hand. If I wasn’t mistaken, they were my Mom’s! How the hell did he get them? He’d had no opportunity, surely? Then I heard a shout from the police station. It came from a barred window at the side. Against my better judgement, I had to see. I looked in from outside.

First I saw the person who’d shouted. It was one of the cops. He stood, arms folded, barking out orders and chiding somebody. Then I saw Mom.

My Mom was naked, standing still with her back to me. One of the two first cops that had arrested us, the tallest one, had her in his arms. His hands roved over her bare back. He had white latex gloves on. He took out a small sample jar and a big cotton swab stick. Looking down over her back to her bare bottom, he reached and skilfully pulled aside one of Mom’s quivering white buttocks. His hand squeezed it firmly, exposing her ass crack as he pulled it open. I shuddered with shock and disgust as he reached down with the other and wiped the swab stick upwards over her bumhole. Her anus twitched in reflex as he repeated this action several times, but she stood still and quiet, submitting to him.

I reeled back in horror. Yet my cock began to twitch and harden in my jeans. I didn’t really know what was happening to me, why would I react with arousal as well as horror?

I walked quickly away. As I passed the greasy young men again, their leader shouted me in broken English. “Hey Bob! Bob, look!”

He had shaken up his bottle of pop, and he held Mom’s bra and panties over it at his crotch, and let it spurt white fizz into them while he wiggled it and pulled tongues at me! “Yourr motherrr! Bob, your motherr, Jiggy-jiggy!” He mock-fucked and spunked her most personal intems of clothing. I had a split second image flash through my mind of Mom naked and her matronly, motherly pale form riding him as he laughed. That was what he wanted me to think. I thrust it from my mind in disgust.

They all laughed at me as I stormed off in embarrassment. I didn’t quite know whether he was making out that he’d sexed my Mom, or mocking me about what was starting to happen to her in that sordid compound, but I couldn’t think straight anyway. I flagged the first cab I could and went to catch the plane, thinking constantly about Mom left behind…

I got drunk on the plane and passed out. I had to. I was still shaking and worrying about Mom, left there in police custody in that country rumoured to use torture against detainees. Even though she’d reassured me it wasn’t going to happen to her, I had a feeling that she was protecting my sensitive nature, like a loving Mom would. I knew she’d sacrificed herself in some unspoken way, to save me from what they may otherwise do to me.

On reaching home I collapsed on the sofa. When I awoke there was a message on the answerphone. I was much relieved to hear Mom’s voice. She’d left a message that I shouldn’t worry, she was all right, but she had to stay there for a while, to get the allegations “properly sorted out”, and she had “some business with them.” She warned me not to get the home authorities involved or try to have her checked on, as it might anger the authorities she was detained by, and would cause nothing but trouble for us.

I relaxed a bit after that. At least they weren’t torturing her, and had allowed her a phone call. I didn’t know much about legalities or what to do about all this anyway, I was only nineteen and very shy and naive. I loved her the same as if she’d been my natural mother, she’d always doted on me and I trusted her enough to do as she asked and say nothing. I didn’t even unpack our cases yet, I had more to drink at home and went to bed, exhausted.

An unusual thing about me is that I’ve often had psychic dreams. Sometimes things would happen the next day that I’d dreamed about, and other times I’d dream things were going on that I had confirmation of soon afterward. However, I couldn’t really tell the difference between them and normal dreams, as I had those too and usually it was just my mind running riot like everybody else in sleep.

I had very bad dreams that night. The image of Mom naked as I’d seen her, with her clothes dropped at her feet and her bottom hole twitching as the foreign policeman rubbed the swab over it, appeared again. That was horribly true, I knew. However, more appeared….


She was yelling out loud in pain and indignation. I saw her nude, cuffed and hung by her wrists from the ceiling of a bare unfriendly room, one light bulb starkly showing the scene. She was balancing on tiptoes and screaming, as the harsh sound of a whipcrack, and another, split the air. That greasy young guy from the market stalls was peeking in from outside the barred windows, his face grinning. The bastard was wanking himself in glee in the dark outside, as Mom was chided and tortured.

Then I got a full frontal of her. Her tits were ruddy, as if they’d been mauled or punished somehow, and she yelled in a way that tore at my heart, as one of the three police in the room savagely poked a cattle prod between her bumcheeks. There was a crack of electricity. She jerked in shock and splayed her legs in reflex.


Those were the noises she made in succession, because in a split second a big horrible black bullwhip was lashed across her bum. Then again.

My Mom’s mature, womanly, motherly and shockingly naked form jerked and danced in the most undignified and embarrassing way, and I saw her nipples were hard. a sign of panic,surely. Not of sexual excitement. Then again, arousal can be forced, I had heard. Perhaps it was the body just reacting to stumuli.

Then I saw something else. Her lipstick, part of her make up that I’d brought to her for her use. They had fucking stuck it up her arse. It was there, quivering with her buttocks as they clenched in agony. Several long red weals crossed her bare bottom.

Then my dreams got confused again. I saw the young guy laughing at me as he mock-spunked my Mom’s underwear. I saw him as he’d chatted her up before, in the hotel bar. I got images of him naked with her, in her room. His dusky young body between her legs, his cheeky face grinning as he rolled her about, balling her like a horny bastard.

“Bob! Yourrr Motherrr!” he mocked.

Then I saw Mom kneeling before him, rolling her tongue lasciviously around his cock head. She ran a feather up and down his long brown shaft and tickled his hairy tight balls with it. She rolled her nipples, all hard and wet with his precum, around over his bell end. “Ahhh, my Lovellly Sexxxy Ann! Dirty Bitch! You arrre my Dirrrty Bitchhhh!” he said.

Then he laughed and waggled his dick on my Mom’s tits as he came. Splashing his bollock juice all over them. “Bob! Yourr Motherrr! Jiggy-Jiggy!” he mocked. She looked at me too as he spunked her. They both smiled, teasing me to distraction.

Mom’s face smiled at me as he spurted her upheld titties. “Oohhhh! He’s jiggy-jiggying me!” She teased me as he made obscene comments and flicked his dick on her creamed nipples.

I sat up in bed, breathing heavily and soaked in sweat. “Just a dream, just a dream, forget it,” I thought. Not to worry, everything was all right. Nevertheless, it was a very WET dream. I must have involuntarily cum, and more than once it seemed. Never mind, just my mind playing tricks on me, tormenting me with such silly things, things I dared not allow myself to think in daily life. I had to believe that. I’d read in psychology books at college that such things can happen, the human being is a complex creature of conflicting feelings and desires.

At least, I had hoped it meant nothing, because I was a bit surprised at what I found when I unpacked our cases the next day.

Let me know if you like these stories. More parts to come.

This is the first episode of the Agent Avarov series. More to come.

Warning: This story may disturb you. Take a look at the tags, if you find any of those terms disgusting then you should stop reading immediately.


Agent Avarov walks down the hallway of the top secret military base. She’s wearing a sexy skirt and a high-cut top that reveals her midriff. Her black uniform has a seal with a black circle and an iron fist emblazened on it, the symbol of the Dark Corps. When people see her they immediately move to the side and press up against the wall to give her as much space as possible.

She presses her black gloves against the door sensor and it opens. The gloves, in addition to being a weapon, allows Dark Corps agents access to everything. Inside the room, a female looks up and says with alarm “This is a restricted cell. Only authorized personnel may see the prisoner.”

The agent looks at her with amusement. She must be new since she isn’t showing the proper level of fear when interacting with the Dark Corps. She will learn soon enough.

“Officer Selvis, I am here under the direct orders of the Empress. She is dissatisfied with your progress on the prisoner. Move aside and let the master do her work.” the agent says authoritatively.

“What? You think you can break him? I’ve tried everything! Racking, shocking, water boarding, water torture, he’s stuck through it all!”

“My extraction rate is one hundred percent. Leave this to me.”

Officer Selvis still resists, “Come on, just give me one more week, I think I can break him down slowly.”

“We don’t have that kind of time. This so-called Holy Rebellion is getting out of hand.”

Officer Selvis continues her pestering, and the agent is losing her patience. She doesn’t have time to deal with this insolence.

“the Dark Corps is authorized to do anything necessary to complete their mission.”

The agent holds her left hand up, and her left glove starts cackling with electricity and then catches on fire. The flames cloak her palm in a fiery blaze. The agent moves her fingers around to manipulate the flames into forming a fireball and she holds it close to officer Selvis threateningly.

“If you impede my progress, I can kill you with impunity.”

The officer gets the message and leaves the waiting room hurriedly. The agent seals the door and then enters the interrogation room. The prisoner is strapped, lying down on a steel bed.

“Greetings General Dazidan. My name is Agent Avarov.” she says cordially. She removes her gloves and leaves them by the door.

The general looks up and recognizes her black uniform immediately. “Oh my, a Dark Corps agent. The Empress must be getting desperate.” the General said condescendingly. “My men call them the The Empress’ Iron Fist. I’ve heard rumors of the atrocities your division has committed.”

“Oh, but those are just rumors, Dazidan. I’m here to be the nice cop.”

He looks confused. The agent stands next to him and caresses his face.

“Tell me, when was the last time you had sex?”

The general is taken aback by this question. “Uhh… I dunno… couple months maybe?”

“Oh, but a man like you needs to be taken care of…” she said suggestively putting her leg up on the bed so he could see underneath her skirt at her white panties. A bulge starts forming in his pants.

“I-I have a wife!” he stammers.

“But she’s not here…” she says as she reaches up her skirt and pulls down her panties, her beautiful cunt tempting the general from under her skirt. The bulge in his pants gets taller.

“Stop tempting me to sin, wench!”

She puts her hands on her top and takes it off, revealing her white bra and the beautiful breasts it contains. The general’s face grows red and he turns his face away.

The agent employs her soft and seductive voice. “You just need to give me what I want and I’ll give you what you want.”

“No! I’ll never betray my wife or the Rebellion!”

“Are you sure?” she reaches behind her back and unhooks her bra, letting it fall to the ground. The general can’t help but stare at the supple breasts bared in front of him. Then the agent turns around and pulls up her skirt, showing her gorgeous ass. The general closes his eyes and starts chanting some kind of celibacy prayer.

She sighs “Very well, it looks like I’ll have to be the bad cop. Oh well, that’s always more fun anyway.”

She puts her hands on her skirt and pulls them down all the way and steps out of it so she is completely naked.

The general opens his eyes and is shocked. “What are you doing? I said I wouldn’t have sex with you!”

“Well, it would’ve been easier if you just agreed to have sex with me, but I’ll get that information from you anyway.”

She stands on the steel bed and kneels so that her legs around his neck. She positions herself so that her vagina is on his mouth.

“Lick it!” she commands.

“what?! No!”

As he says ‘no’ she lowers her crotch area into his mouth and pinches his nose so he can’t breathe

“If you want to breathe, lick my pussy!”

He oxygen-deprived brain makes him stuck his tongue out and start licking. She enjoys about five seconds of licking, at which point he starts to turn blue from lack of oxygen, and then she raises her pussy up.

The general looks at her indignantly. “I hope you’re happy you filthy whore! Is this how you’re going to torture me? By humiliating and emasculating me further than the Darilyn Empire already has?”

” ‘Emasculation’ is such a loaded word. I think you are better described as my sex toy.”

She lowers her pussy again, but this time covering his nose. His face contorts with disgust, before turning into panic at the lack of oxygen. She lets up just enough for him to take a breath before going back down again. The agent licks her lips with delight at how the general struggles to get his precious air before having to inhale the scent from her vagina. She goes up and down several times before letting up and stopping. The general gasps for breath, and once his oxygen is restored his breathing turns into the heavy breathing of rage.

“You demon! You’re going to burn in hell for this! It’s the Empire’s utter lack of morality and disrespect for males that prompted our rebellion.”

“What’s wrong with how I’m treating you? You don’t like pussy?” she asks mockingly. “Maybe I should give you some ass!”

She turns around and spreads her ass cheeks apart so that her asshole is as wide as possible. The general looks with horror as she brings the open asshole down to cover his nose. It smells awful and his eyes grow wide with disgust. His body is writhing to get away from the horrible stench, but the steel binds and the weight of the agent’s ass holds him in place. The agent enjoys the feeling of having such a helpless being struggling under her ass. He struggles for 10 seconds and almost passes out when she lets up.

“That was disgusting … you wretched beast! But I will not … submit. The Lord … my God … will give me strength!” He says in between breaths.

“Hmph. We’ll see…”

With her asshole still in front of the general’s face, she lets out a loud fart, and he gags.

She turns around and apologizes “Oops, sorry! It looks like I have to use the restroom. Excuse me, I’ll be right back.”

The general is relieved to see her stand up and walk towards the door. But then she turns around and steps up onto the bed. He was wondering what’s going on but then realizes it with horror when she uses her fingers to spread open her pussy. She smiles with delight as urine shoots from her vagina and onto his crotch area. The agent then uses her hands to aim the stream steadily upward.

The stream reaches his face. He closes his mouth but not before some of the piss splashed in. The stream continues upward, filling his nostrils with pee, the acrid stench mixing with the oxygen he needs to breathe. Some floods his eyes, causing a burning sensation. The agent makes sure to completely drench his face with her urine. She continues flooding his face until the stream thins and stops.

The general is humiliated but relieved that she is finished but the good feeling evaporates immediately as the agent turns around and squats so her ass is right up to his face and farts. Her ass hole starts to widen and the general panics when he sees something coming out. A brown turd lands on the bridge of his nose. He closes his eyes as the shit falls sideways across his eyelids.

She repositions herself so that her next turd lands on his closed lips. She moves her ass while she shits so that his entire mouth is covered with her shit. Then she positions her asshole right at the tip of his nose. She grunts with exertion and a huge piece of shit lands on his nose. Since her asshole was so close, as the shit leaves her ass it gets smooshed against his nose. By the time she lets up, his nostrils are literally full of shit.

The stench is overpowering and the general starts crying, which mixes in with the piss and shit on his eyelids. The general had endured dozens of battles, but nothing was as bad as what he just went through. The agent steps off the steel bed and laughs at the miserable and humiliated rebel general. She asks “Are you ready to talk?”

Unable to say anything because of the shit covering his face, the general simply nods his head yes.

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