“Ugh. I hate group jobs. I swore after the last one, never again.” Molly groaned, pulling a pillow over her face. She and Shayla were lying in a queen-sized bed, taking full advantage of the five hours left on Molly’s last trick’s luxury suite.

“These guys are different.” Shayla sighed dreamily, twirling her long, blonde extensions. She had been acting strange since she got back from last week’s group gig. “They’re not frat boys–to them, its like, spiritual or something.”

Molly raised a suspicious eyebrow. She loved Shayla, but they were in the business for different reasons altogether–Molly started working as an “escort” to pay for school, Shayla because she was had dropped out of high school and found herself with no other skills. She got fucked often enough, she reasoned, why not get paid for it? Molly, alternately, didn’t date at all through school–too busy with research and writing. She didn’t mind sex with clients, it wasn’t much worse than waitressing, and paid much better, at least. She thought she’d fall right into a good, straight job as soon as she graduated–two years ago. The economy was, she joked bitterly and often, literally fucking her.

“You do remember my last, and only, private party?” Molly asked Shayla. It had been a sad little frat affair–five or ten fat, loud, drunk guys who attempted to gang-bang her, but only two or three managed to keep a hard dick. She’d had to suck limp cocks that dripped with early ejaculate, while sticky, soft hands searched her body, groping her breasts and sloppily slapped her pussy. Molly had slept with old men, with very old men, with men whose disabilities caused her to manually erect their penises with pumps or fingers in their asses, and she’d taken it all in stride. Men like that usually treated her with respect. They were happy just to have a pretty girl treating their cocks nicely in their bed–happy to have her lithe, firm body next to them, to watch her dark, curly hair bob in their laps. She didn’t even mind the occasional face fuck from these guys, or the odd “bitch” and “whore” thrown out at the height of passion (so long as the apologized before their load had gone cold inside her). But those entitled assholes groping her, without the decency to even stay hard in front of her beautiful, pert tits? No thank you.

“I swear these guys are different.” Shayla giggled, rolling over. “God, just thinking about it makes me wet. Wanna feel?”

“Nice try, lady.” Molly pushed her away.

“Oh, come on.” Shayla said, licking her lips enticingly, her hand creeping to Molly’s breast.

“What’s so different about them?” Molly asked, sighing, acquiescing to Shayla’s hand under her robe, feeling the warmth radiating from her tweaked nipple.

“I’m not allowed to say.” Shayla answered, beginning to suck Molly’s nipple. She moved an expert hand to Moll’s cunt and started to massage. This, Molly had decided long ago, was a perk of the job. She liked sex–when her partners were good at it–and Shayla as good at it. Gender didn’t matter as much, these days. “Part of their deal. But its a thousand a guy.”

“Fuck!” Molly exclaimed, as Shayla’s finger slipped inside of her, in response to both the sensation and the price.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” Molly said. “After I do you!.” The girls laughed and pulled off one another’s robes, as Molly buried her face in Shayla’s shaven cunt.

The address was not what Molly had been expecting. Usually, group jobs were in back of a bar, or at some sad little frat house or ranch style in a cheap suburb. This place was nice– an older, somewhat Victorian house. She hadn’t even been instructed to go in a back door. She had quite a list of instructions. Not to bathe, to show up dressed modestly, with complex undergarments. The man, who called himself Brother Heavener, had specified complex, he didn’t seem to care about sexy.

She rang the doorbell, and was happy when it was answered by a handsome man in his mid thirties, with clear blue eyes, a broad chest and shaggy hair that fell to his broad jaw line. He smiled, and in a strange way, Molly trusted him immediately.

“Brother Heavener?” She reached her hand out to meet his.

“Yes, beautiful girl. And your name is not Starla.” He kissed her on the cheek. Starla was the name Molly used for tricks, and only seldom was it questioned.

She smiled, and allowed herself to be led inside. The house was lavishly decorated, and she wondered what kind of person would fill their house with gorgeous antiques and gang-bangs.

“No, you’re right about that.” she said.

“For this to work, we’ll need to know your real name.” Brother Heavener said.

“Like Heavener is your real name.” She teased.

“It is now.” He looked into her eyes intensely, and to her great surprise, Molly found herself getting wet.

“For what to work?” Molly changed the subject.

“We’re a group that specifies in…well, transcendent experiences for women. May I kiss you?”

Molly was flustered. She had never been asked this before. “Sure.” Heavener kissed her deeply on the mouth, sucking her lower lip, looping her arms around her and pulling her in close. She expected to feel a raging hard on, but there was nothing. As if sensing her misgiving, Heavener said :

“We all have excellent self control. Until you’re ready, I’m not ready. Thank you for the kiss. You’re a very sensual woman. Are you ready to meet the group?”

Brother Heavener placed a strong hand in the small of Molly’s back and led her to the next room, where five other men waited. Molly blanched a little, realizing with a group this small, each would expect a turn, probably in all of her holes. At least with awful frat jobs there were a lot of spectators–nothing wore her out quite like too many customers in one day. Sensing her distress, Heavener leaned and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry. We can give you time.”

Time for what? Molly wondered.

Heavener led her to an old fashioned chaise–upholstered in leather, lying on it arced her back, and, she knew, would offer easy access when the men began straddling her.

The other men stayed quiet, and instead of rubbing themselves as she was so used to men doing when they saw her laid out, could not take their eyes off her.

“Goddess Shayla was right about you.” One finally spoke. He was smaller, with dark hair and eyes, and broad hands. Goddess? Molly thought.

“She said you were gorgeous.”

The other men nodded in assent.

“Did she say anything else about me?” Molly asked, teasingly. It helped her to take on a persona of playful sexuality in these situations, despite her usual reluctance.

“She said you’d try to joke your way around this.” Another man answered. He was dark-skinned, with wide shoulders and a sly smile.

“You need to be yourself, Goddess. Be honest.” One of the remaining men, identical to the one sitting next to him twins?! thought Molly said, and the brothers nodded their close-cut blonde heads together.

“Enough talk.” Heavener said. “Let’s get started. ” James, ready our Goddess.”

The dark-skinned man nodded, and removed Molly’s outer coat. He brushed his lips across her neck and she shivered.

“Not ready yet?” Heavener asked. “That’s fine. Let me tell you what we do here.”

Molly felt James’s big, strong hands slide down her sides, feeling the taught shape made by her corset. His fingers started on the laces, loosening them, but he did not yet expose her breasts.

“We show women how far they can go. Tim, get the oil.” Heavener gestured to the small man, who produced a bottle of a sweet-smelling oil he began to rub between his hands.

“We make them come.” Heavener continued, as James’ hands eased Molly’s stockings off, as she lifted each leg obediently. He was nuzzling his nose against her neck again, and now she acquiesced. Somehow, she felt more comfortable already. ” It’s almost a…spiritual experience for us.” Heavener said, as the man he’d called Tim began to massage the oil into Molly’s legs. She let out a little moan, and allowed herself to be lifted by James’ strong arms and laid her down on the chaise. Tim massaged in wider and wider strokes, nearer and nearer Molly’s shaven pussy. Involuntarily, she arced her back toward the sensation.

“Does that feel good?” Heavener asked.

Molly nodded. It was rare that a trick actually made her feel good–but she could feel herself getting wet. She wanted a hand on her cunt.

“Ask.” Heavener demanded.

“Rub my cunt.” She gasped, feeling Tim’s hand immediately move to her mound, holding her whole pussy. He kneaded it firmly, and she felt herself slipping.

“Goddess Molly, do you give us permission to make you feel good?”

Molly nodded desperately, grinding her hips against Tim’s eager hand.

“You won’t be able to respond later. You need to be sure.”

James slipped her corset off, flicking her nipples. Molly moaned and instinctively started pushing her tits up toward him.

“Yes, yes. Make me feel good, make me cum!” She leaned her head back and James kissed her upside down, long and sensually, sucking her sweet bottom lip. The twins moved to her tits, each taking a nipple in their mouths and sucking deep. Molly gasped and looked to Tim desperately. As if reading her mind, he moved his head between her legs and began to lick. He was merciless, and talented. She had never been eaten so well. The twins continued sucking, as James offered deep kisses–and Molly was shocked to feel she was close to coming. She gasped.

Heavener laughed. “First one of the night. Do her, boys.” Molly’s body flushed, and she writhed beneath the men–only to feel them pull away.

“What? Please, please! Finish me!” She pleaded. Heavener himself smiled, and gestured to the men. She looked around and saw all their erect cocks, and knew what they were asking.

“You!” She said to Tim “In my pussy! And you!” She looked up at James “Get that cock in my mouth.” Secretly, Molly loved giving head, loved the feel of wrapping her lips really thick, really hard, pulsing dick. As if they had practiced a thousand times before, she felt both holes filled up at once–Tim slid in and James pulled her head back, shoving his giant cock inside. Molly had never felt so filled up–the men moved in perfect rhythm, as the twins moved their hands all over her body.

“Faster! Harder!” She shouted frantically, before pulling James’ cock back inside her mouth. Tim pounded harder, faster, as one of the twins rubbed her clit with his thumb.

“I can’t hold it anymore!” Tim shouted, grunting. With one final thrust, he let lose a huge, hot load of cum into Molly’s pussy. Feeling the stick sperm inside her pushed Molly over the edge, and she came again, her contracting cunt pushing some of the load out.

She lay panting. She couldn’t move any more–she paralyzed with pleasure.

James grabbed her head, and roughly shoved his cock in over and over. Molly didn’t care, it felt so good to be wanted so badly.

“Shoot it.” She muttered, unsure if he could understand. “I want to eat your cum.” She sucked as hard as she could muster, and feeling James’ balls jerk, swallowed the hot spurt of cum from his thick black dick.

“Goddess has a sweet mouth.” He said, and kissed her, even as his own cum dripped from her lips. Molly felt so satisfied, sucking on his lips with savor. She was limp with pleasure, exhausted with the force of her pleasure, as she felt herself lifted from the chaise.

“We always share.” One of the twins whispered, his breath warm on her neck. She leaned in to kiss him on the mouth, and used what little strength she had left to reach back and stroke his brother’s hair. She’d heard Shayla talk about this kind of experience before, being passed back and forth between two cocks–Shayla, of course, loved it. It wasn’t until she felt a hard cock pushed against her asshole that she realized what the men intended to do to her.

“No…” she gasped “No DP.”

The twin to her back began to massage her ass, stroking her hole.

“We only want to make you feel good.”

The men had proved themselves at this, Molly thought. She felt him push again at her anus with his thick cock tip. She was so wet from her cunt, dripping with both her juices and Tim’s cum she felt it slide in easily, and out again just as easily.

“Do it. Pound my ass and pussy together.” She moaned, as the twins worked together, bouncing her on their identical dicks. She’d expected a sawing motion, being pushed back and forth between the men, but they worked in perfect rhythm, thrusting as one. They grunted, she could tell they were feeling their cocks rub together as they stretched her holes–she’d never been part of something so dirty. She began to thrust on her own, finding her second wind, winning another orgasm that gushed her own fluids and the cum inside her. The brothers, for their part, reached around Molly, pressing her close between them as they simultaneously unloaded into her raw cunt and her virgin asshole, kissing either side of her neck, their tongues occasionally finding one another. They kissed her gently on her cheek and forehead as they withdrew they cocks and lay her back on the chaise, where she sprawled, her holes oozing with cum, red, swollen. On her breasts and ass were small, thumbprint bruises of passion that matched a few she’d laid on the men too.

Brother Heavener approached her.


Molly shook her head.

“I can’t, I can’t come anymore, I can barely move!”

He shushed her.

“You don’t have to. Nothing I love like a spent Goddess.” He stroked his penis, as Molly watched it get thicker even than it had been as he watched her. She was too exhausted to demur, to say it was bad form for an escort to just lie back and take it.

Brother Heavener slid into Molly’s newly-widened pussy, sluicing through his associate’s cum. Molly lay panting as Heavener picked up speed. Strangely, she felt her clit stirring again–there was no way she could come one more time.

“Ah, you like that, right?” Heavener asked, and she nodded weakly. He put a thumb to her clit and rubbed with his rhythmic motions. “You’ve been beautiful, you know that?” He asked her, leaning down to lick her nipples of the sweat and cum that soaked them. “One of the best.” He said, a final thrust, and she felt his cock pulse, twitch, hot, thick jets inside her –

But more than that, she felt a tingling that started in her toes, a warmth that spread up her legs, through her chest, getting hotter at her cunt, and she felt herself squirting–something Molly never believed possible–as her body shook with the force of the strongest orgasm she’d ever felt.

Molly fainted.

“Wake up, sleepy-slut.” Molly heard Shayla call in a sing song voice.

“What happened?” Molly asked “Where are the boys?”

Shayla shrugged.

“They’ve gone. That’s how they do their thing–but they called me to pick you up.” Molly thought to be embarrassed, as covered in cum and sweat as she was, but found herself quite clean. Someone had obviously bathed her carefully, gently even–the soreness she felt after a group job had been assuaged by a salve one of the kind men had massaged into her over-worked pussy.

Molly tried to stand, but Shayla stopped her.

“Don’t try, lady. Or should I say Goddess.” she laughed.

“They called you that too?”

Shayla nodded.

“They aren’t a cult, I don’t think. just, hangers on. Worshippers of the Goddess.”

“Temple Goddesses are hard to come by, these days, I guess.” Molly laughed, letting Shayla lead her toward the door.

“Oh, no. I think they make us come pretty easy.” Shayla smiled, as the two women hobbled back to their car, both aglow with sex and vitality.

I walk into the apartment without knocking. I am expected and you are about to fulfill one of my deepest darkest fantasies. You are waiting for me in the living room wearing dress pants and a button-down shirt in a shade of dusty blue. I scan the room but I don’t see Jordan anywhere. You smile and lead me into the bedroom where Jordan is waiting, one narrow hip leaned against the bedpost. His mocha skin contrasts sharply with the gleaming white of his crisp shirt. You lead me to the bed and sit down, drawing me down next to you. Your hands slip around my waist and pull me closer to you, softly kissing my lips. The bed depresses when Jordan joins us and I tense slightly.

“shhh.” your voice is barely audible and your big hands stroke soothingly against the what I have gotten myself into. You turn my back into your broad warm chest and run your fingers down my arms and back up my torso, cupping my big DDD breasts. Jordan leans closer and tips my chin up to brush my lips with his. His hand slips slowly down my throat, caressing my pulse, causing shivers to race up and down my spine.

You move your hands up over my hard nipples to the top button of my dress, slipping it free. Jordan slides his hands up my thighs, drawing my skirt up higher while his lips drop lower to my breasts. Somehow I think you two have done this before because was so preoccupied with what Jordan was doing that I didn’t even notice that my dress was and down off my shoulders.

I feel you move from behind me and find myself pushed back against the pillows. Two pairs of hands quickly strip the dress from my body, giving me no chance to be shy or nervous. Before I can blink, my bra, panties, and shoes join the dress on the floor. Sensing my now eager compliance, you pinch and pull at my tingling nipples. You are less gentle now, knowing I relish your roughness. My breath comes faster now and I squeal in surprise when Jordan spreads my thighs wide and shoves his tongue deep inside my already wet pink pussy.

I reach out for you and find you naked beside me, your big hard cock just inches from my lips. When I stroke you with my hand you groan softly and lean into my touch.

“Lick my cock, baby.” The words leave your lips even as my eager tongue traces a path from the root of your penis to the thick tip. I nuzzle the underside and move back up to draw your broad mushroom shaped head into the warm wet cavern of my mouth. I continue to swirl my tongue crazily around your shaft, making you wet so you can slide deeper between my lips. I moan softly in response to Jordan’s questing tongue, the sound vibrating against your heavy penis. I open my mouth wide and carefully swallow you deeper and deeper. You are so big that it is a challenge but soon I find my nose buried in your groin and your cock firmly wedged down my throat.

Jordan licks furiously at my clit while plunging a finger in and out of my tight little pussy. I feel my muscles clench around the thrusting digit, making him really work to enter my body when he adds a second and third finger.

“Oh my god!” my voice is throaty and hoarse. I grind my hips hard against his long fingers and lapping tongue, glad that you pulled back, allowing me to draw in a few ragged breaths. l whimper and pant, feeling a powerful climax crashing over me with devastating force. My body tenses and electric currents run up and down my spine converging between my spread thighs.

When my body relaxes, you pull away from me completely. Jordan gives my pussy one last slow lick, making me shudder at the intense sensation. He moves up next to my body, stroking my heated skin with soothing fingers. I finally open my eyes and smile at him, reaching out to pull him close. My gaze falls to his hugely erect penis and words fail me utterly. There must be an elephant or a brahma bull in his family tree somewhere because he just can’t be entirely human!

“Like what you see?” Jordan’s amused chuckle wakes me from my stunned state and something tells me he has had that reaction before.

“I think she does.” You lay down on my other side and mirror Jordan’s touches, multiplying the pleasure I feel. They are both right. It goes without saying that im thrilled to be in bed with two handsome men who have almost freakishly huge equipment. My pussy and ass almost ache just at the thought of what I am about to do and it has me getting hotter and wetter by the second.

“Ride him, baby. I want to watch you get yourself off.” Jordan orders me in a quiet voice that makes me shiver and I imediately move to my knees and straddle your hips. I position the thick head of your gorgeous cock against my tight opening, rolling my hips and coating you with my helpless juices. I slowly sink down on you, taking inch after inch inside my body. I can feel my pussy stretch to accept you, gripping your shaft tightly. Finally our pelvic bones bump together and I whimper. I rise up again slowly, nearly letting you go and then forcing myself back down on you hard and fast.

You move a hand to my tightly stretched slit and slowly rub my exposed clit. Jordan gets up and moves behind me to cup my bobbing breasts, rolling the nipples and pulling them up and away from my body. I thrill at the slightly rough treatment, riding your big cock even harder and faster. I can feel my orgasm approaching and I ride you harder, greedily taking all you have to offer until my whole body tenses and I squirt helplessly halfway up your torso. Two sets of hands slowly stroke my body to allow me to come back to myself.

“I want your ass, babe. Get over here.” Jordan’s quiet voice both thrills me and fills me with trepidation. I have never been with anyone quite so big and I have never had anything even close to that huge in my asshole.

“Please be gentle.” My voice betrays my nervousness because both of you cuddle me close and soothe my fears.

“I promise, baby, I will make sure you are ready for me. I want you to enjoy this too.” Jordan’s calming hands lead me to lay down on my back across the width of the bed with my ass just at the edge. You position yourself by my head and guide your penis to my eager lips. I can taste myself on you and I groan quietly. I want to taste your cum, feel you shoot down my willing throat. Jordan spreads my thighs wide and presses them way back with my knees on either side of my chest. I feel very exposed but strangely no longer afraid.

Gentle fingers stroke my clit and I feel the cool slide of lube being applied to my asshole. Jordan enters me slowly with first one finger and then two, stretching me carefully. He begins to move them faster, moving in close to lap at my now hypersensitive clit, making me squeal around the huge bulk of your slowly pistoning shaft. He adds a third finger and my asshole reluctantly stretches to accept the thickness. I grip the sheets tightly knowing I will soon have that gorgeous cock deep inside me. Again he moves his plunging fingers a little faster, making sure I can handle what he is doing.

My mouth is full of cock so to signal my eagerness, I slide my hands up my torso and roughly pinch my own tingling nipples and whimper around the bulk sliding in and out of my throat. I can feel more lube being dripped against my asshole. I am so ready for this. Jordan gives my pussy one last lick and moves up over my body. He positions the blunt tip of his dick against my slippery little asshole and slowly pushes forward, straining to go slow and make it good for me. I can feel my body relax and the first few inches slip inside with relative ease.

Jordan’s head rests against my heaving breasts for a moment while he tries to catch his breath. I reach out and grip his hips, pressing my body up to meet his, physically begging him to give me more. He chuckles against my boobs and bites at my nipples, determined to take his time. He begins a slow pace, pulling back and thrusting deeper every few strokes. I can feel my body stretch to accomodate his thrilling girth, knowing that he is thickest at the base. I want more but I know I am totally at his mercy, pinned to the bed by two massive cocks.

I continue to lick and suck deeply, sometimes just allowing you to fuck my throat. I trust you to pull back when I need to breath. Finally i can feel Jordan’s groin press against me and I know i have all of that huge cock in my ass. I shudder, feeling incredibly full. The position puts pressure on my g-spot and I can feel a powerful orgasm swiftly approaching. Seeing that I have taken all of him without any discomfort, Jordan starts thrusting a little faster, full length strokes that drive me crazy.

Sensing the end is near for all of us, both of you start pounding my body, taking what you want from me. Two sets of hands maul my breasts, the rough treatment only serving to heighten my pleasure. The slow building pleasure suddenly peaks and my body tenses and shudders uncontrolably. I feel your cock swell and jerk in my mouth, pouring thick jets of sperm down my throat. That is is all I need to set off another even more powerful climax for me. Just at that moment I feel Jordan thicken to even more impossible proportions in my ass. He lets loose a torrent of hot cum deep in my bowels. I begin to lose track of everything but the sensations I’m feeling. You pull back just in time for me to scream out my pleasure to the rafters.

We sigh and groan, bodies collapsing in a sweaty heap to kiss and cuddle. Three pairs of hands roam lazily over three very sated bodies. I feel so relaxed and sore but in a good way. It makes me remember the pleasure we just experienced. I stretch my aching muscles and snuggle up closer to the both of you.

“We really have to do this again sometime.” Tired chuckles follow my words and I think maybe this was just the beginning of a very pleasurable friendship.

Please note this is a fictional story and bears no resemblance to the real world. Enjoy the story and any constructive feedback would be much appreciated. Thank You.


He sits back on his grand throne and peers through the water which gives him a glimpse of the year 2062, and immediately next to it is another bowl of water depicting the year 450BC. On one hand he sees a colossal deep space station far from earth and populated with many sapient beings thriving in an unimagined manner.

Then he is looking to the Ancient plains of Egypt, he sees a young woman named Auletes, eighteen years old and laying on a rooftop in a bed naked and looking up to the stars in the sky. She lusts after something different and I see the depth in her eyes, awareness beyond her years, or her time in history.

Whilst turning his attention to the future he sees this woman named Alice, twenty five years old. She looks out of a window with the view of the large rotating masses of flat spherical appendages of a main sphere which contains all those whom govern this station. She too lays naked in her bed staring out into the dark abyss. Soon though their eyes had closed and they retired to the land of dreams, and now the time came to do his work. He summoned them and soon they appeared before him in a whitened room. They remained in a state of undress.

Auletes enquires, “Is this the afterlife?”

“Allow me to explain, my name is Aurrahbourn. I am keeper of the Mists and I have selected the two of you for navigation through the Mists of Time. The two of you may switch places for a period of one day. Then you may choose to stay or to return to your lives.”

“Are you God?” Alice enquired.

“No, and before you ask yes, there exists a group of deities, however they strive to preserve the balance and not take sides or intervene in the matters of sapient life,” he replied.

“Why have you chosen us?” Auletes enquired.

“I have seen knowledge beyond each of your years and your time,” He said to them.

“The last day,” Alice said to him in an inquisitive manner.

He let out a chuckle of laughter and shook his head.

“Oh the misguided nature of some humans, many dates have been issued and they miss the point time and time again,” he replied.

“Do you know when the end will come,” Alice asked him.

“No and neither do any of the deities; they will not pick a date and bring humanity or any other species forth for judgement.” He answered her.

“What do you mean by other species,” Auletes enquired.

“The planet you are on is not the only one and has never been the only one with life on it,” He said to her.

He then placed his palm on her forehead and transferred the knowledge of the universe in a limited amount as too much would have incapacitated and killed her.

Alice looks on and ushers me with a look in her eyes to do the same.

“The knowledge you need to live in each other’s time is now imparted to you, ready to begin?”

They both looked at each other and then back to him and nodded. He then dipped a hand in the water of their respective times.

“Alice lay down over there and Auletes you lay over here” he instructed them.

His hand dipped in the bowl portraying the future and slid it over Auletes body and created a sheen and as he cupped her gorgeously exposed breasts and slid his hand over her tight and flat chest moving down to her bushy vagina. He moved back over her navel and let a few drops fall in.

He then stepped toward Alice to repeated the procedure, it is precisely the same apart from Alice’s smooth shaven vagina. He stepped back and they were now teleported to their respective times. Auletes awoke to the void of space in her self-contained apartment within the deep space station.

She sees the window and the unprecedented view she now looks upon. Many a night she looked up and wondered what was among the stars and now here she was among them within the depths of the dark abyss. She looked down on her deliciously exposed body, Aurrahbourn had seen to it and it was now shaved. She garnered a view of it she had never seen before. It was quite eerie the quietness of the space station that now dawned on her. However, with the knowledge that was imparted upon her there was no trouble adjusting. She looked at the clock and realised she still had time to sleep and with that she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Alice found herself on the same rooftop as Auletes was on not so long ago, she could still feel the warmth from her body on the bed and in between the sheets. She was on the rooftop of a rather high class building in Egypt. She would later find out Auletes was the daughter of the Pharaoh’s brother and as such lived a lavish life. Alice looked around and for the first time in her life there was nothing electrical and she saw the night sky from a planet for the first time in a long while. She had visited earth and other planets a few times when she was younger but couldn’t remember much apart from a few details. The smell of the air and the sight of the darkened ancient city streets had awoken many hidden desires. She too laid her head to sleep and awaited the morning.

(Back to Auletes)

Auletes awoke with a great view and looked out and saw the images of a blue sky and rolling hills on the windows, she switched over to the view of the abyss and found it beautiful. She turned the sky back on and got dressed, she put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt which flattered her figure and she soon got used to clothing she had never worn before. She grabbed the key which was a card to be swiped, slipped it into her pocket and walked out the door which slid open.

The corridor was well lit and illuminated the people of the station began to fill the corridor. Auletes decided to use another name she decided on Alina and went on her way.

She looked around at her surroundings and the many different aliens on the station. It was an amazing sight which, she met with excitement not fear. She soon got to a canteen and sat down for some breakfast and enjoyed the sight about her. She was soon greeted by a friendly alien, he looked mostly human however, his eyes which were completely silver and his chin had a slightly longer and tapered point.

They got to talking and soon they were back in Alina’s cabin and going at it. She slowly lifted up her t-shirt and tossed it to the floor and then locked lips with the alien and the soon found themselves on the bed, the alien lifted up and pulled her trousers down and pushed them one side. He nipped her chin and slowly kissed his way down her exposed naked body.

She soon pulled down his trousers and pulled out his cock which was surprisingly human in its look but the testicles were of course internal. She slowly licked and swirled her tongue around his cock and first put the tip in her mouth and soon she slowly inched her way to the base and repeated the procedure.

She then laid him on the bed and offered her juicy ass to him. He began to lick out her pussy with a surprisingly long tongue which was only surpassed in length by his cock, which she also had in her mouth and the sensation was sending shockwaves through her entire body.

He soon inched forward to the edge of the bed and soon stood up with her mouth still enveloped over his cock and sucking with what seemed like thousands of years of experience, little did he know. His strength showed as he had no problem keeping her suspended.

Soon she wanted to switch positions and moved her hands from his waist and placed them firmly on the floor. She removed her mouth from his cock and told him, “You can let go”. So he did and she then whilst standing on her hands she stepped two steps forward and gingerly and turned her legs one at a time and soon stepped on her feet and lifted her torso up and turned to face him.

“Wow, you are amazing,” he said.

Without saying a word she walked up to him and placed her arms around her neck and hopped on to him wrapping her legs around his waist. She then slid down on his cock and slowly moved up and down. She slowly increased the tempo and continued the lustful fucking. All the while their eyes were intently fixed on one another as the shared the ecstasy in the depths of darkest space.

The moved around the room and then placed themselves on a couch and continued the pace and she enjoyed the deed she was doing and was feeling the pleasure as her vagina wrapped around his cock and the feeling of repeated penetration thrilled and delighted her to no end.

She gyrated on his cock and felt the impending orgasm coming for both of them. Soon she let go as did he and they climaxed together seemingly in unison and as wave after wave of his alien jizz shot into her she loved the warm feeling. She got off his cock and spotted the green jizz dripping from her vagina and down her leg. She sat down on the floor and laid back, he lay down next to her and the both looked at each other and then out into space and the joy of their deed showed throughout their entire bodies.

Aurrahbourn looked upon the scene and smiled seeing the woman now known as Alina caught her breath after a great few hours of sexual pleasure. He saw she had adapted more than even he had expected. He now turned his attention to the events surrounding Alice.

She awoke in the large opulent bed seeming befit for royalty. A warm breeze flew in as she awoke on the rooftop Alina had fallen asleep on not so long ago. She had around her a servant, Akram had served Alina for many years, and in fact he pretty much raised her, being of royal blood she was certainly blessed with a life of opulence.

“A very good morning Ma’am,” Akram said in a rather formal tone.

He held a robe up for Alice and she wrapped it around her. She went down into the house and got properly dressed. A simple white rope with a purple ribbon wrapped around the waist. Her outfit wrapped around her left shoulder and exposed her right.

“Your father regrets he cannot be here today as he is meeting with the Pharaoh.” Akram said. “Thank you, Akram I shall be in the gardens for the rest of the morning.” Alice replied.

Alice stepped into the garden, her sandals rustling through the grass she basks in the sunshine and enjoys the feel on her skin. It was something she missed growing up on a space station. She spotted Imran one of the groundskeeper. He had a look which pleased her and she sought to have some fun.

She pulled him to one side they locked lips and the look in her eyes told Imran everything he needed to know about coming events. The found a small patch of shadow in a hidden corner and began to remove each other’s clothes. Alice pushed Imran against the wall and removed his robe and inserted his erect member into her mouth and she began to suck away with many thousands of years of experience.

She cupped his balls and tickled them slightly; all the while she continued to suck away at his throbbing cock. She removed her lips and began to stroke; she took some of the precum and licked it of her fingers. She then turned around and seductively bent over and turned her head to him and waved a finger indicating what he must do. So he slid his member into her pussy and started slow and steady.

He pumped away in slow steady thrusts and soon lifted the tempo and began to add some gusto to his actions and Alice responded in high spirits, very high spirits. She placed her hands on the ground to steady herself as Imran pumped away. Each thrust filled her with ecstasy and she enjoyed every single second of it.

The bright Egyptian sun soon illuminated the patch of shade they had started in. Alice as now on top of Imran and they were on the ground fucking away. She gyrated moved her body around on his cock and just leaned back and moved up and down with focused thrusts and with a determination with she had all through her life.

She went up and down building up to a climax her orgasm was imminent. She soon felt it ripping through her body and it felt beautiful. Soon after Imran was ready to blow and he did so in spectacular fashion as her vagina gripped around his cock and the hot jizz shot into her and left her dazed as she sat back on the ground catching her breath.

Aurrahbourn looked upon this spectacle on smiled. Desires were awoken inside him viewing these two women enjoying sexual liaisons. He looked upon them as they soon laid their heads to rest in their respective new lives. Their time was soon up and once again they found themselves naked and stood in front of Aurrahbourn yet again.

“How did you found it ladies,” He asked.

“It seems you watched us all the while,” Alina replied.

“That would be correct,” he replied.

“It was great to be on earth, I had never seen it before, thank you for that,” Alice replied.

“Well watching the two of you has awoken desires I thought have been long since dead. I feel intimacy is not really a problem for any of us especially at this moment.”

“We agree,” the ladies said in unison.

“Just to make it a little easier you should refer to me as Aaron,” He said.

The room then turned into the depths of space it was something that Aaron had the ability to do so. He wished to spend with the two of them as they would too become immortal.

A bed appears and the three naked forms took to it. Aaron leaned back on the headboard and watched as the two women locked lips and embraced in a passionate manner. The then turned to him and set about his cock in a lustful manner. Alina sucked his cock as Alice cupped his balls in her mouth. The feeling of a double blow job even made an immortal feel as though he could die right now and be contented.

The ladies then switched places, Alina began with her tongue around his balls and Alice’s cock sucking abilities seemed unmatched as she went up and done constantly ramming his cock against the back of his throat. This continued as the ecstasy filled their very souls at that very moment.

Alice got off his cock and placed her vagina on his face and Aaron began to lick away and Alice revelled in the pleasure that was flowing through her veins. Alina meanwhile had got Aaron’s cock buried into her asshole and began to move up and down. All the while she was increasing the tempo as she acclimatised to his cock in her ass. She had never tried it before and now loved every single second of it deep inside her.

Alice’s pussy juice was spraying out of her she felt the tongue of Aaron pleasuring every inch of her now gorged pussy. It was wet and tingling and really made her want even more from Aaron’s centuries experienced tongue.

By now Alina was up and down Aaron’s cock as she soon got off for Alice to give it a go. Alice started with her pussy and eased herself onto his cock, she face away from him as she signalled Alina to offer her ass to Alice’s awaiting tongue, Aaron pumped his cock in and out Alice as he lay on the bed. Whilst this went on Alice began licking Alina’s now gaping asshole and lapped all the moisture that was present. Aaron signalled Alina over to him and then edged his way to the bed’s edge and grabbed Alice’s torso with his left hand and gripped her right leg with his right hand.

Aaron them stood up and began to pump away as Alice grinned in delight. Alina, got off the bed and to her knees and cupped his balls into her mouth as Alice was being pounded by Aaron’s cock.

Alice let out primal sounds as the ecstasy continued its occupation of every neuron and synapse of her brain. Alina got up and grabbed Alice she turned her upside down, all the while on Aaron’s cock. Once she was upside down Aaron had gripped her legs, Alina lifted Alice till she was perpendicular with Aaron’s waist, she stood over Alice’s mouth and gripped her arms and Alice began to lick away at Alina’s pussy. This sensation was driving Alice mad as was suspended, pleasuring and being pleasured.

Alice seemed ready to blow, and she did and her orgasm rocked through her, it was soon followed by Alina and it was made extra special by her particular position. Aaron soon felt an impending explosion.

“You ladies want some cum,” Aaron asked.

“Yes,” the ladies replied in unison.

“Let me give it to you,” Aaron said.

Alina lifted Alice off Aaron’s cock and the got to their knees as he soon shot his load in each of their faces and it was substantial as it shot on to their faces. They each sucked the last bit of cum into their mouths.

“We need to wash this off Aaron,” Alice said to him.

Aaron then snapped his fingers and they were in a jungle next to a jungle pool and waterfall.

“Why don’t you dive in, it’s more than deep enough,” Aaron said.

Alina dove in first, a graceful swan dive into the pool below, her head emerged from the water and she watched Alice jump in, she then emerged next to Alina and they embraced each other. Aaron soon dove in and appeared next to the ladies.

“You two up for another round,” Aaron asked.

Both ladies gave an approving nod.

NOTE 1: I highly recommend you read part one if you haven’t already. But to refresh your memory, or entice you to go read part one, here is a quite summary. In part one a happily married teacher is seduced by one of her tough pretty students and slowly her long lost and hidden sexual naughtiness is rekindled. In the end, she submits to the grade 12 eighteen year old and becomes her pet. A plot twist at the end adds a second woman…

NOTE 2: Part one was strictly a lesbian tale. Part 2 includes toys, a glory hole and interracial sex. If any of that offends you please stop reading now. Part 3 will return with the continuation of her final lesbian submission.

NOTE 3: This story is dedicated to Brittany who was the original inspiration for the Julie character.

NOTE 4: A special thanks goes to the thankless job of editing my meandering tales. Thank you, thank you, thank you…ESTRAGON.

NOTE 5: Lastly, a thank you to all my fans who voted for part one and who have e-mailed me their suggestions and compliments.


Three seconds after part one ended…

After her Mother left, Julie ordered I fuck her as planned before we were interrupted. I obeyed nervously knowing her Mom was in the next room. I went behind the 18-year-old and easily slipped the fake cock into her. Desperate to get done, I fucked her like a man: hard and fast. Julie seemed to like this as her moaning increased quickly and she began talking dirty. “Keep fucking me, my pet,” or “That’s it my pet, fuck your Mistress.”

It took much longer than it had for me to get off, but when she did she screamed loud enough for the earth to move and for her Mother to know as well. I was long past mortified, but was also long past the point of no return.

After she had finished enjoying her orgasm, my mind a muddled mess of what would happen next, she suggested we should go into Mistress’ room as she was not one to wait.

I repeated mindlessly, my facial expression clearly one of utter confusion and embarrassment, “Mistress?”

Julie shrugged and responded, “It’s a long story, my pet, which I’ll tell you about some day. But for now, it is time to present you to her.”

Still reeling in overwhelmed confusion, I repeated like a zombie, “A present?”

Julie gave a slight sigh as she explained to me, “Just do as you are told and everything will be fine.” She pulled me up and took me by the hand and I obediently and nervously followed.

We entered her mother’s room and I saw her mother on her bed still fully dressed, with an odd unexplainable smile on her face. Julie immediately went to the foot of the bed and kneeled. I mindlessly followed and knelt down too.

A dead eerie silence filled the room. An eternity seemed to pass before Julie’s mom finally spoke.

“So my Julie, who is your new pet?”

“It’s Mrs. Walker, the teacher I told you about, Mistress.”

I broad smile crossed the mother’s face. She looked at me and said. “Wow, my slut that was ahead of schedule.”

Julie responded. “Yes, Mistress, she desperately needed to submit, even if she didn’t know it.”

My face went an even redder shade if that is possible, my utter shame on display.

“Is that true, Mrs. Walker?” Julie’s mom asked.

I looked at her speechless, before eventually stuttering, “I-I-I don’t know.”

Her amused smile never left as she stated, ever so matter-of-factly, “Well it is very simple, Mrs. Walker. Did you enjoy submitting to my Julie?”

Still ruby red, I contemplated my answer. In truth, I had never felt as sexually alive and sexually needed as I did when Julie seduced me and then took me. But still, making such feelings verbally spoken, to her mother was mortifying. That said, I was naked on my knees, so really did it matter? So admitting the truth, I answered, “Yes, I did.”

Julie’s mother ordered her daughter, “You did well, my slut. Now come get your reward.” She parted her Hooters pantyhose covered legs to reveal her shaved pussy which was in plain view, having cut a generous hole in her pantyhose.

I watched, in stunned silence, as Julie, looked at me, smiled and winked, crawled onto the bed and between her mother’s outstretched legs.

I gave out a slight gasp as I watched the incestual sexual act. Julie’s mom, seeing my shocked expression, explained, as Julie’s head disappeared, “Mrs. Walker, it is ok. Julie is not my daughter. She is a girl I took in last year after the overdose of her real mother, a co-worker of mine.”

“Oh,” was all I could muster, still bewildered by the whole scenario.

“Julie is a very good girl,” she moaned, Julie’s tongue clearly having an effect on the big breasted mother figure. She added, “You can call me Candy, Mistress Candy.”

I looked at her feeling overwhelmed as I tried desperately to filter all these mixed feelings in my head. Part of me wanted to run, rewind the past two hours and keep on living my mundane, but controllable life. Another part of me was curious about the final training Candy had mentioned earlier. Another part of me, just wanted to completely let go and submit entirely not only to Julie, but also to this unknown, but clearly dominant woman. I also wondered almost to in unhealthy obsession, who else was part of this harem, Julie had earlier referred to.

Candy, seemingly aware of the inner turmoil I was currently feeling, attempted to comfort me through a moan, “Don’t worry, my pet, you need this. You want to submit to me, your mind is trying to fight it, but your body can’t lie.” She held out her hand to me, implying I was to wait as I watched her have an orgasm. She screamed, “That’s it baby, make mommy cum. Fuck me faster, slut. Yes. Yes. Yes!!!”

I watched in fascinated silence, my pussy betraying anything my mind was repulsed by, as I felt wetness slithering down my leg.

Once recovered, she continued reading my mind, “Your mind is saying this is so wrong. It is adamantly trying to convince you to get off your knees and run. But your knees feel like they are cemented to the ground, refusing to budge. Your cunt is dripping wet right now, just anticipating your complete training, your full submission, isn’t it, my pet?”

I again looked at the voluptuous woman and wanted to say she was wrong, but the fire burning down below and the undeniable yearning to submit to her was too hard to fight. I answered, full of shame, yet flushed with anticipation, “Yes, ma’am, I am very wet.”

“Let’s take a good look at my daughter’s new pet’s merchandise. Get that cunt up here and straddle me, my pet.”

My knees instantly broke free of the invisible chains holding me down. I awkwardly got up, looked at Julie, who was watching me from between her guardian’s legs, and climbed onto the bed. I nervously presented my vagina to this older woman.

After straddling her face, I sat awkwardly as she touched and probed my wet and vulnerable pussy. Although I felt like a piece of meat, my body felt electric shots of pleasure with each forbidden touch. When her tongue touched my cunt, I let out an earth-shaking scream and felt an orgasm already building in me. In only moments of her tongue teasing, I was cumming like a high school boy, unable to control myself. I shook in undeniable pleasure, before collapsing forward.

“You got quite the pussy trigger, don’t you, my pet?” she teased.

Humiliated, I kept my face in the blankets as I tried to regain my breath. I felt a soft spank on my naked ass, and jumped slightly, turning around to look at Julie’s guardian, Mistress or whatever the heck she was.

Candy smiled, “You probably should be getting home, my pet.”

I looked at my watch, a wedding anniversary present from my husband, and was shocked to see how late it was and how much time had actually passed. I responded, “Yes, I should,” and began to get off the bed.

Both women watched me as Candy explained, “You understand that you are both my and Julie’s pet and sub, right?”

I looked her unsure as I wavered, “Um, this probably shouldn’t go on past tonight.”

“Really, is that what you want? To go back to your mundane hum-drum sex life you had a couple hours ago.”

“Umm, I don’t know, I…”I began, but was cut off.

“Every new sub must complete seven tasks to become an official sub of ours. Julie will give you the tasks over the next couple weeks. If you fail to attempt to complete one, failure does sometimes happen, I know you are not committed to being our sub. If that is the case, we will pretend this never happened and you can return to your suburban boredom and no one will know of your naughty escapades today. But understand, if you do reject this offer of submission, you can’t reconsider. It is a one-time offer. Now get out of here, I need to get some sleep.”

I grabbed my clothes hastily and retreated from her room a bundle of anxiety. I got dressed and was just leaving when Julie came out in a robe.

“My pet, Mistress has forbidden me to continue your training until she knows you are completely committed,” Julie informed me. She walked over to me and kissed me passionately and with cunt dripping tenderness. When she broke the kiss, she whispered, “Just in case you don’t submit.”

Before I could respond, she turned and walked away and disappeared into a different room, assumingly hers. I stood there, a ball of goo, before finally leaving and returning home.


I woke up the next morning in bed in a dreamlike state, my body in a perpetual state of contentment. As I slowly actually woke up, last night’s memories came flooding back to me. I let out a gasp as I recalled not only my submission to my 18-year-old student, but also my submission to her guardian and the decision she left me with.

To submit or not to submit…that is the question.

Is it nobler in my mind to suffer

the bores and chores of wife expectations

or to submit completely to my carnal needs and desires. To resist; to deny;

no more; and by submitting I may end

the boredom and loneliness of monogamy

That society is heir to, tis’ a temptation

Devoutly to be dreamed, To resist; to deny;

To ignore; to submit instead to society’s expectations: ay, there’s the rub;

For in this social slumber I will surely miss my true calling. To submit…

I know that probably sounded geeky, but since I was a teenager I have used the ‘to be or not to be’ speech to make a lot of my decisions.

School the next day was excruciating. I knew I was different, but no one else did. Also, I would be seeing Beth and Julie, the day after two very different sexual submissions. Beth came to class like she did every day, no sense of the secret the two of us held; that just yesterday she had ate my pussy under my desk at lunch. She gave me her usual smile, her sweet smile, the one I knew said so much more. I taught class as I usually would, my nervousness fading away as I did what I love to do…teach. The last class with Julie was also anti-climatic as Julie was her usual student self. When class ended, Julie waited until the rest of her classmates were gone before she handed me an envelope and sauntered off.

I opened the envelope and read the letter.

Dear Potential Sub,

If you have decided to submit completely to myself and Julie, which I assume you have, you will attempt to complete 7 tasks in the next month. The first task is simple. Starting tomorrow you will no longer wear any underwear. That means no panties (which Mistress Julie had already ordered you do obey) and no bra. Of course, you are allowed to wear underwear when it is a feminine necessity.

Mistress Candy

I looked at the first task. I was wearing panties today, having completely forgotten Julie’s order yesterday. I had never been one to go without underwear, even in my college slut phase, so this was a harder task than it sounded. I closed my door and quickly took my panties off in my classroom, trying to see how it felt. I worked in my room for another twenty minutes, or attempted to work may be a better description, before deciding to drive home. Surprisingly, after an hour or so, I got accustomed to not wearing panties.

The rest of the night was typical family stuff: supper, Big Bang Theory on TV, bedtime stories and a quickie with the hubby. Not surprisingly, while he pumped his cock in and out of me, all I could think about was Julie.


It took me forever to get dressed on Friday. Having decided to fulfill the first task, I had to decide what type of blouse to wear to hide the fact I was not wearing a bra. Now luckily, my breasts at 34b were small enough and firm enough to not need one, but I sure didn’t want my nipples to end up showing through. I decided on a dark purple sweater, a black pencil skirt and, as Julie had already ordered, thigh-high stockings.

At work all day I was self-conscious. Could anyone tell that I was not wearing a bra? It seemed unlikely, but it still filled me with anxiety. That said, another part of me felt hot and naughty knowing that behind the conservative look my students saw, I was dressed like a slut.

Julie gave me a long look when she arrived at class and I could tell she was trying to figure out if I had obeyed the first task. Like yesterday, when class ended and all my students had quickly evacuated, Julie came up to my desk with an envelope in her hand.

Very quickly, before I even had time to react, Julie squeezed my breasts. “She purred, “Good girl. I can assume you are not wearing panties as well.”

“Yes, that would be a correct assumption,” I admitted.

“Good slut,” she said and handed me another envelope. “This one you will have fun with.”

Once she left, I tore open the envelope surprised at how excited I was to see my next task.

Dear Potential Sub

I am very happy you have chosen to continue on this journey. I assume you had a day of both trepidation and liberation while you taught young minds that were oblivious to your naughty obedience.

Task number two you have all weekend to fulfill. Your task is to go to a gloryhole (the attached map has the two that we know of in town) and suck off at least three cocks. A good sub slut will of course swallow the whole load. If you wish, you may ask Julie to come with you if you are nervous. Just yahoo her. Good luck and have LOADS of fun.

Mistress Candy

After yesterday’s rather easy task, this one was quite extreme. Somehow I had justified cheating on my husband with another woman, or three to be exact, but sucking another guy’s cock seemed more wrong to me. I sighed wondering if I was able to do such a disloyal act. I truthfully believe my hubby would get turned on if he learned I had been playing around with some hot student, but I doubt very much he would be impressed if I told him I had sucked and swallowed three strangers’ cocks. I drove home in a bit of a stupor, pondering if I should follow through with task 2 and if I did how would I pull it off?

That night, while the kids were asleep and my husband was watching sports I logged into my yahoo and attempted to reason with Julie.

Nylon_lover69: You there, Mistress Julie?

TeenMistress: Yes, just getting ready to go out.

Nylon_lover69: I don’t think I can accomplish this task.

TeenMistress: Why not?

Nylon_lover69: It just feels morally wrong. I would be cheating on my husband.

TeenMistress: U already have.

Nylon_lover69: I know, but cheating with another woman seems less wrong.

TeenMistress: I see. Well if you want to submit to us, you must be willing to do whatever we order, no questions asked.

Nylon_lover69: I know…but I am worried about him finding out.

TeenMistress: Well, that is up to you, but based on our conversation on Wednesday, he has been with you when you fucked another guy.

Nylon_lover69: True, but he was there.

TeenMistress: True, but the reality is he allowed u to do it.

Nylon_lover69: I suppose.

TeenMistress: In reality, he has already treated u like a slut. If u fulfill all the tasks and become our full sub, we will have u sucking and fucking other men. If that is a problem, you better back out now.

I paused and thought about it. She was giving me an out. I could just pretend all this didn’t happen. I could turn back the hands of time. But the more I thought about it, the more I knew I couldn’t go back in time. I hadn’t felt as alive as I did when I was with Julie since my college days. And the more I thought of the gloryhole, the more I began to get wet.

Nylon_lover69: No it is not a problem, Mistress. Thank you for calming me down.

TeenMistress: No problem, I very much want u as my sub, more than I have ever wanted someone, but u must choose yourself. I don’t believe in forcing someone.

Nylon_lover69: I am yours, Julie.

TeenMistress: That’s what I like to hear. Do u want me to come with u?

Nylon_lover69: Would u?

TeenMistress: Of course…tomorrow night, can u get out?

Nylon_lover69: I think so.

TeenMistress: Good, I will meet u at Zanders at 9…

Nylon_lover69: OK.

TeenMistress: Dress slutty.

Nylon_lover69: Ok.

TeenMistress: We can always go above and beyond the task.

Nylon_lover69: How so?

TeenMistress: That is for me to know and you to find out.

Nylon_lover69: Grrr….

TeenMistress: I gotta go…c u tomorrow.

Nylon_lover69: Yes, Mistress.

TeenMistress: Good night.

Nylon_lover69: Good night.

I logged out and contemplated tomorrow. My pussy was already wet with anticipation. All I had to do now was think up a lie to get out of the house.


The day dragged slowly. My head flipped flopped back and forth between good girl and bad girl, but I already knew I had made my decision, as much as I pretended I hadn’t. I told Jack I had a bachelorette party to go to for a girl at work and nervously drove to the seedy gloryhole.

I brought a different set of clothes to change in to. I pulled into a McDonald’s first and went to the bathroom and changed into a cute sundress, I was already wearing tan thigh highs and, of course, no bra or undies. I arrived at the Zanders and walked into the adult store. Julie was not there yet, so I walked aimlessly round, looking at toys. A couple pervs were checking me out and I wondered if I would soon be sucking their cock?

“Well fancy meeting my teacher in a place like this,” Julie said, pretending to be surprised to see me.

I turned around and Julie was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, the opposite of my rather slutty attire. She walked over and kissed me. I melted into her mouth, oblivious to the onlookers who I assume were getting woodies watching two chicks go at it.

Once she broke the kiss, she walked over to the counter and greeted, “Hey Sam, is our room ready?”

The balding, late 40s man, replied, “Of course, Julie, and I believe there is already a cock waiting.”

“Yummy,” Julie flirted and grabbed my hand, leading me to a back room.

Once inside, the full reality of what I was about to do hit me full force. There was a stool and a hole. It was seedy and something I never thought I would do. I mean I admit I have done a lot of slutty things, ignoring my teacher-student transgressions of the past few days, but nothing quite like this.

I looked at Julie with trepidation. She smiled, “Mrs. Walker, it is ok. If you want, I’ll take the first cock.”

I stammered, incredibly grateful, “Thanks Julie.”

As if on call, a reasonably sized erect white cock presented itself.

“Hmmm,” Julie purred and grabbed the stool, sat down and took the cock in her mouth. I leaned against the wall and watched Julie suck cock. Unlike myself, who tended to saviour a cock in my mouth, Julie bobbed up and down quickly, clearly trying to get him to come as soon as possible. I can’t explain it, but seeing Julie, my grade 12 student, suck cock was a great turn on and suddenly my anxiety went away and was replaced with a sudden hunger. It took less than four minutes and Julie swallowed a load of cum. Once done, she stood up and said, “Your turn, Mrs. Walker.”

I know she used the Mrs. Walker part as part of her dominance game, but I no longer cared. Instead, I said, “Good, because I am famished.”

My hunger was about to be filled. A small, but erect cock had popped into view. I walked over to the wall, sat on the stool and easily took the small five inch cock in my mouth. I tried to replicate Julie’s fast paced cocksucking, knowing I had at least two more to do. I also used my special saliva trick, where I make sure I have a fair amount of saliva in my mouth. This seems to make guys come quicker. After only a couple of minutes of focused sucking, I felt the first load of warm cum explode down my throat. For a small cock, he could sure cum. Once I had retrieved all his cum, his shrivelling cock disappeared and I stayed sitting waiting my next meal.

I didn’t have to wait long. A second cock, clearly of an older gentleman, about six inches, popped through the hole. I took his semi-erect cock in my mouth and slowly worked on it to get it wide awake. After a couple of minutes of slow attention, I began to bob up and down. It took longer than the first cock, but after a few minutes of consistent cocksucking, I was swallowing my second load in fifteen minutes. As I allowed the cock to fall out of my mouth, I heard a voice, “Thank you, maam.”

I chuckled and replied, “No, thank you.”

Julie, who I had almost forgot had watched my slutty performance, said, “Fuck, you are a nasty little slut. How many of your students would even begin to imagine the sinful whore their teacher really is.”

I blushed, but was distracted by the biggest cock I had ever seen live. It was thick, ten inches long and black. My mouth drooled.

“Ever had a black one?” Julie asked.

“No, but it is on my bucket list,” I joked.

I took it in my hand and gently stroked it, just as Julie left the room. I wasn’t sure where she was going, but I didn’t care, I wanted to taste this long, chocolate stick. I took it’s wide head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his mushroom top. Unlike the last two, I planned to take my time with this cock. I just started to take more of his great cock in my mouth when it disappeared out of the hole. My heart sank with disappointment, was I that bad? I attempted to peak in the hole, when another cock, almost poked me in the eye. It was a decent sized cock, probably 7 inches, but not the big black rod I now craved. I let out a sigh, but took it in my mouth. Now determined to get this over with, I began to suck quickly until I heard the door open. I quit sucking and saw Julie return with a large black man.

I stared in utter shock until Julie said, “A cock that nice needed to be met in person.”

“She’s pretty,” the 6 foot 4 black man grunted.

“Slut, Jim, Jim, slut,” Julie introduced. She pulled out an envelope and handed it to me, my pussy now soaking wet, craving his big black cock.

I awkwardly opened it and read it.

Dear Potential Sub

If you are receiving this, Julie has decided there is a delicious big cock for you. The good news is you now get to kill two birds with one stone. Task number 3 is to fuck this delicious cock. You may allow him to cum in you or on you that is your choice. Good luck, and you are crawling closer to being accepted as our full sub.

Mistress Candy

When I quit reading I glance up and Julie was devouring the big black cock. I joked, attempting to be raunchy, “Um, I think that delicious big black fuck stick is for me.”

Julie quit sucking on the cock and ordered, “Well get naked, my pet.”

I quickly obeyed. I noticed the other cock was still sitting there at full mass. I stood up, and said, “Come fuck my white cunt, while I suck this cock.”

I took smaller cock in my mouth and eagerly awaited the deep penetration I desperately craved. I didn’t have to wait long. I felt firm hands on my waist and soon felt his big cock slide inside me. I had to open my mouth and let out a slight scream as the wide cock opened me wider than I had ever felt. I returned to the dick in the wall and continued bobbing up and down. Once his monster was deep in me I again had to take the cock out of my mouth and scream, “Oh my God, your cock is so fucking big. Don’t be gentle, fuck me like a whore.”

I put my both hands on the wall, gobbled up the smaller cock with my mouth and prepared for a hardcore fucking. Not one to disappoint, Jim began to really pound his ten inch python in me. Soon he was pounding me hard while I sucked the glory hole cock. My eagerness with my mouth was rewarded with a full load of jizz and once the cock was satisfied, I was able to really just focus on the cock in my pussy.

I used the walls for balance and allowed the thrilling sensation of this massive cock to fill me. I came within seconds of focusing on his cock and screamed, “Yes, yes, I’m coming, don’t stop fucking me.” He obliged, hammering my pussy harder and spanking my ass.

“You like that slut,” Jim grunted, never slowing down.

My first orgasm never fully subsided, when a second began to rise. I was so enthralled by the pleasure his cock was having in me, I didn’t have time to think about my unprotected womb. He grunted, “I’m coming slut,” and before I had time to respond, I felt his seed fill be completely and I came a second time. Unlike most men, he didn’t slow down at all, just kept pumping his black piston in and out of me, shoving his cum deeper in me. He fucked me for at least three more minutes before he pulled out and I, without even a hesitation, dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.

“Fuck you are one hot white whore,” he grunted.

Julie concurred, “Yes she is. Can you imagine she is actually a grade 12 teacher?”

“I wish I had teachers like you when I was in high school,” he said, pulling his still big, but starting to shrink cock.

I sat still, unsure what to do now. I felt cum dripping from my pussy and out of the corner of my eye I saw another dick in the hole. I smiled up to Julie and said, “One for the road.”

Julie just laughed. I returned to the stool, my legs weak from the fucking and took another cock, my fifth, in my mouth.

Julie and Jim talked in the background and I did hear Julie ask for Jim’s number. Excited and fear mixed together. I wonder what she had in mind. I, now ready to leave, quickly got the last guy off and swallowed some of his load, allowing some to also hit my face and cheek.

I gave it a soft tug and stood up. Jim was no gone. Julie ordered, “Don’t wash off the face until you get to your car?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I obeyed, not remotely surprised by the order.

As I got dressed, Julie complimented me, “Wow, Mrs. Walker, you have turned out to be a much better prize than even I could imagine.”

“Thanks,” I said, not sure if that was actually a compliment and if it was if it was one I should be proud of.

“See you on Monday, Mrs. Walker,” Julie finished and left the room, leaving me alone in my own sin.

I took a deep breath, finished getting dressed and took the walk of shame. I walked past a younger couple who starred as I walked by, the girl whispering something to her man. I just kept walking and quickly made it to my car. I drove away fast and it wasn’t till I was at a red light that I remembered my facial evidence of my infidelity. The light turned green and I had to wait a bit longer to clean my cum covered face.

I pulled over when I could into a fast food restaurant. I wiped my face off and went into the restaurant to fix my hair and make-up. Once looking like the prim and proper good wife I usually resembled, I returned to my car and drove home.


Truthfully, Sunday was a day of recovery. My pussy was raw from the massive cock I had allowed to ravish me. Shame burned through my cheeks, my sleeping husband lying right beside me. I felt guilty, yet I knew I could not go back to before my submission to Julie. I craved her orders, I craved utter submission.


I arrived at school and while I was getting ready for the day, Julie arrived.

“Hi, Mrs. Walker,” she startled me.

“Good morning, Julie,” I replied, feeling slightly giddy just seeing her. I slightly shook my head, feeling like I was a teenager again.

“What was the head shake for?”

“Oh, nothing, it’s just, well….”

“Well what?” Julie asked, seeming offended.

“It’s just I can’t believe how excited I just got seeing you. There is definitely something wrong with me.”

Julie warmed instantly. “There is something wrong with everyone. I like you exactly as you are: eager, sexy and bedient.”

I blushed, “Thanks.”

Julie handed me another envelope. “After this weekend’s tasks, this one will be very easy, I imagine. You can do it whenever you want, but I sure would like to be able to see you do it during my class.”

When Julie didn’t leave, I opened the envelope in front of her.

Dear Potential Sub

You are almost half way to complete membership. Julie and I are very proud of you. Your next task is relatively easy. You must masturbate yourself to an orgasm in class. WHEN STUDENTS ARE IN CLASS!

As always, good luck, my pet to be.

Mistress Candy

I looked up at Julie who had her devilish smile on.

“Oh, my God,” I said, astonished by the task.

“You have suck cock at a gloryhole and fucked a 10 inch black cock. I think getting off in class should be relatively easy,” Julie said, reminding me off my earlier transgressions.

“But a student may catch me.”

“Then be careful and quiet,” Julie shrugged, turning around and leaving. I watched her perfect ass till it turned the corner before contemplating my new task. I knew the morning was out as I was lecturing in each class. I contemplated a couple times during the afternoon, but just never felt I had the right opportunity to get myself off and get away with it.

After school, Julie asked, “So….”

“Sorry, I didn’t accomplish it, yet.”

“OK, well the sooner the better, my pet. You must have tasks 4, 5, 6 done by next Wednesday.”

“OK, why?”

“Because task seven is a full evening thing at my house and the date is confirmed.”

“Oh,” I replied, trying to fathom what that event may possibly be.

“And, trust me,” she recommended, her voice dripping with sexuality, “you don’t want to miss it.”

“OK,” I said, still dazed by the unknown upcoming event.

“Oh, I also suggest you come up with an excuse for your old ball and chain. It will be a late night.”

“What time does it start?”

“Not sure, probably seven, but Mistress will want you there earlier, at least at six.”

“OK, I will find a way to accomplish this new task tomorrow.”

“Show a movie,” my teen Mistress suggested.

“Of course, why hadn’t I thought of that?”

“See you tomorrow, Mrs. Walker, I will bring task five on the hope that you have finished task four.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, and watched her perfect ass disappear for a second time today.

That night, the whole family went out together for supper and a movie. The evening was so suburban family normal. I almost forgot what I had become. That said, when I saw a big black man who looked like Jim, it wasn’t luckily, I felt a tingle down below and all my sexual wickedness came flooding back. As my pussy begged for attention, I wondered what had I become?


I had decided to show the video during my Advanced English class. My theory being they were way more dedicated to their studies and thus more likely to focus on the movie and not their teacher.

I waited till fifteen minutes into the film before I slipped my hand under my desk and begin to rub my clit. Getting horny at first under such circumstances was really difficult. I couldn’t close my eyes and fantasize like I usually would, since I had to make sure no one was watching. I had been playing with myself for five minutes or so with limited success until I noticed that Beth was looking at me. It was like she knew my task and maybe she did. Her looking at me was enough to get the juices started and I could re-play her on her knees, under my desk and licking my pussy. Such naughty memories were enough to get me over the top and I had a small, but still intense, orgasm. I let out just a light whimper, but no one noticed, except Beth who smiled and immediately turned back to the film.

The rest of the day went by at a snail’s pace, as I was shockingly eager to see what my next task was. I had to accept the fact that I was completely at the whim of my two future Mistress’s and, although I should have been concerned, my only real thought was I needed more.

When Julie arrived, I nodded my head yes and she gave me a sly smile. Once class was done, she came to my desk. “How was it?”

“It took time to get going, but once I saw Beth watching me, it became very exhilarating.”

“Beth has that way with people,” Julie shrugged.

“So true,” I responded, my face flushed.

Julie handed me yet another envelope. “Have fun, my pet.”

Once she was gone I opened the envelope.

Dear Potential Sub

You are getting closer, my pet. I bet you can almost taste it, can’t you?

This task should be easy after what you just accomplished today. You will go back to the same store where you committed your glory hole antics. You are to purchase A Whisper Wireless Metallic Bullet. You will wear it one day at school this week. The task must be completed my Friday as task six you will need the weekend to fulfill.

Julie will come and see you each morning. On the day you are wearing the toy in your cunt (you may wear panties that day), you will hand Julie the remote control.

I eagerly wait your final training my slut.

Mistress Candy

P.S.-Feel free to suck a cock or two if the craving is there!!! Which I bet it will be!!!

I had no idea what a whisper bullet was, but I assumed based on the letter it was a sex toy.

I knew I had no time tonight to go buy it, having to be home for my daughter’s piano lessons. I would have to rush out right out at the end of the day tomorrow after school.


Julie arrived in the morning. “So, do you have a story to tell?”

I couldn’t believe how bad I felt that I had no story. “No, I didn’t have time last night.”

“Aaah, a pity,” Julie said, her voice showing just a tinge of disappointment.

Trying to make her happy, I quickly added, “But I plan to go right after school today.”

Julie smiled, which made me go warm inside, I couldn’t believe how much pleasing her was pivotal for me, “Awesome. Are you going back to the room?”

“I don’t know,” I responded, unsure.

“Will you for me?” she asked, flirting like a teen girl does when she wants their boyfriend to do something for them.

Without even a flicker of hesitation, I responded, desperate to make her happy, see her smile, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Fuck, I love when you call me that.”

“I love when you are happy with me.”

“I can’t wait till I can have you again as my sub,” she winked, and turned to leave.

As usual, I watched her perfect ass, in a tight black skirt, until it disappeared from view.

The school day came and went, like it often does and I rushed out of the school when the day was done like the place was on fire. I drove over to the seedy part of town where I had only a few days ago sucked cock after cock. I was dressed much more conservatively this time. I walked in and went to the toy section. I found the suggested toy rather easily and gasped to myself when I saw how big it was. Attempting to teach all day with that in me, never mind if it was on, would be a difficult task to complete. I purchased it and quietly whispered, “Is there a room open?”

The young man, probably no more than twenty, smiled realizing I assume, I was a slut, pointed, “Yeah, door two.”

“Thank you,” I absurdly said and went directly to the room.

I had decided I would only suck one cock, enough to please Julie, but still get home at a reasonable time.

I didn’t have to wait long before a solid seven plus inch cock popped through the hole. I assumed it was the cock of the young man who I just spoke to. I sat on the stool and took the cock in my mouth. I don’t know why, but I decided to take my time with this nice looking stiff cock. I slowly bobbed on the young cock, deep throating it every few bobs. I heard the moans of the young man and my focus became giving him the blow job of his life. I picked up the pace and using my extra saliva trick attempted to create an ocean of pleasure. It worked, as his moans became more constant and I was rewarded with an explosive load of cum. Once I had swallowed all he had to offer, he pulled out and I sat there oddly still wanting more. A second cock, a deliciously looking black cock, not the ten inch python from the other night, but still easily eight inches of solid black meat, popped through the glory hole. I didn’t hesitate, gobbling the chocolate stick whole. I craved his juice and unlike the first cock which I savoured, this time it was all about receiving the cum deposit I was starved for. Impressively the boy had stamina, as my sore jaw could attest to; I wished I could have pulled him in for some hardcore fucking, my cunt itching for action. It took almost twenty minutes before I heard him bellow, “I’m cumming you fucking slut,” which only made me hotter and I was rewarded with a warm spray down my throat. I continued bopping up and down, eager to retrieve any last extraments from his lovely cock. I finally let the delicious cock slip out of my mouth. The unknown owner of the big black cock complimented me, “Wow, you are one excellent cocksucker.”

I replied, for some unknown reason, happy for the whore approving compliment, “Thanks, you have a delectable black cock.” I shook my head at my geeky word choice.

“Delectable,” he chuckled, “what are you a teacher?”

Mortified, I quickly got up and left the room. I was almost out the door when I heard the worst possible words I could hear at that moment, “Mrs. Walker, it can’t be?”

I stopped dead in my tracks.

“It is. Oh my God. Mrs. Walker just sucked my cock,” the now vaguely familiar voice said, clearly astonished.

I turned around slowly to see who this was, whose cock I had just eagerly devoured, and to somehow deal with the potential career ending situation. I looked directly into the eyes of Kane Canters, a student who had thankfully graduated last year. “Hi, Kane, this isn’t what it looks like.”

“It isn’t? Do you mean it wasn’t you who just sucked my cock and called it delectable?” he quoted.

Caught dead in my tracks, I changed strategies, I begged, “Kane you can’t tell anyone.”

“Oh, I won’t Mrs. Walker,” he said with a smile. I began to get a flood of relief when he added, “If you do me a favour.”

I could only imagine where this may go. “Yes,” I asked, full of trepidation.

“Well, next weekend is our big keg party at Pi Alpha Zigma and well I think you would make for some great entertainment.”

“I can’t,” I defended, attempting to be rational, “Others may know me.”

“Oh, don’t worry, it is a costume party, you can wear something to hide your true identity,” he retorted.

“Isn’t there anything else?” I asked, desperate to avoid this.

“I can’t think of anything, plus if you liked my delectable black cock, I think you will really enjoy my frat brothers,” he teased. The thought of lots of black cock flashed in my head and I must have went red because Kane chuckled, “White teacher loves black cock doesn’t she?”

I looked down.

“Doesn’t she?” he asked a second time.

Humiliated, but unable to deny the obvious, I shook my head in the affirmative.

“Give me your cell number,” he ordered, his attitude having shifted from stunned earlier to confident.

I obeyed and said, attempting to control this already out of hand situation, “But if I do this, it will be one time and then you will keep your word and tell no one.”

Daphne Moon’s hand had just grabbed the front door handle when she heard a voice behind her.

“Where are you going Daphne?”

She spun around in surprise “Oh it’s only you Mr Crane”

Mr Crane eyed Daphne suspiciously and surveyed what she was wearing. Her hair was plaid in two pony tails and she wore a tank top and shorts that showed off her rear and long legs very well. She had on a pair of high heel wedge sandals.

“Where are you going Daphne?’” repeated Mr Crane.

“It’s a beautiful summers day, I just thought I would get out of the apartment do some shopping” she replied.

“But what about my physical therapy?”retorted Mr Crane

“Surely you can miss one day of your exercises you silly old bugger!” replied Daphne.

“OK OK but remember to get back in time to walk Eddie, he can’t walk himself you know!”

She glared at him and replied angrily “Aren’t I the one that always ends up walking him!” and with that Daphne opened the door and walked out of the apartment.


Daphne had just begun browsing a rack of blouses in the second store she had visited when she first saw her. Her eyes glanced upon one of the stores sales assistants who was tending to a display not far from Daphne. She wore a white blouse, a very short mini skirt and a pair of black boots. Daphne stared at her entranced, her eyes going from her boots, up her beautiful legs to her blonde hair, that was cut short. From time to time the sales assistant would bend over and Daphne would see glimpses of ass and her white lace panties. At one point the sales assistant bent over the front counter to retrieve an item, and Daphne could see the woman’s ass with her lace panties covering only her ass crack. Daphne began to feel her pussy moisten- she began to feel sexually aroused. Daphne continued to watch the sales assistant, her arousal growing – at one point she had to physically stop her hand from slipping into her shorts. Suddenly she snapped back to reality “Good lord, no man in my life and I am getting hot as hell by a girl no more than eighteen! I have to get myself off somehow” she thought to herself.

She quickly exited the store and walked the down the street and around the corner. She walked past the building before stopping and walking back. It was the “Sunset Strip” adult movie theatre, a establishment she would never have considered entering. But at the moment she was horny as hell and needed desperately to relieve her ‘itch’. Summoning all her courage she pushed the door open and entered “I hope no one I know catches me in a place like this – I’ll die of embarrassment”

She quickly paid her money to the cashier and entered the darkened theatre. Daphne quickly scanned the theatre and found to her relief that it was almost deserted, with only two or three patrons.

She selected a seat three rows from the rear of the theatre and sat down, with her long legs straight in front of her. Daphne glanced at the movie playing on the screen in front of her – it showed a butler pounding a maid in her pussy from behind, while the maid was hungrily sucking the cock of a man in front. Daphne watched as the cock rhythmically went in and out of the maids pussy. She continued to watch as she undid the top button of her shorts and slid her hand into her panties. She slowly rubbed her pussy, which by this time was extremely wet. She rubbed slowly at first and gradually picked up the pace, inserting two fingers.

Suddenly behind her she heard three more patrons enter the theatre and Daphne quickly withdrew her hand from her pussy in surprise. She watched as the new patrons – an attractive black woman wearing a short skirt and high heels and two black men who were both wearing slacks and a T-shirts – survey the theatre for places to sit, finally deciding on seats only three away from Daphne. She watched, as if drawn to them for some reason, as they sat down, the woman sitting between the two men. Finally Daphne broke her stare and turned her attention back to the movie.

A short while late Daphne turned her head to glance at the latest patrons and was startled by what she saw – the woman was slowly and methodically sucking the cock of the man closest to her while the other man had slid his hands up the woman’s skirt. Daphne stared at the woman as she alternated between jacking and sucking cock only three seats away – she watch fascinated as the woman deep throated the man and how it glistened in the light because of the saliva. Daphne noticed that engorged member was easily eight to nine inches long, easily the biggest she had ever seen. She found herself thinking “I wish I had something that size, sliding in and out of me!”.

Suddenly the woman lifted her head from her cock sucking and their eyes met. Daphne could not turn her head away and the face of the black woman broke into a huge smile. “Looks like someone wants to join our little party!” Daphne heard her say. The woman rose from her seat and sat in the seat next to Daphne. “My you are a pretty little one aren’t you!”. She placed her hand on Daphne’s lips and then with her fingers slowly traced a path slowly up and down Daphne’s stomach. Suddenly she slipped her hand into Daphne’s shorts, while at the same time locking lips in a full throated kiss. Her tongue darted into Daphne’s mouth and Daphne felt herself responding in kind. She could not believe this was happening to her, but found her sexual arousal going into overdrive.

The woman broke off the kiss and turning to her companions said “Hey Leroy & Darius, come over and join the party, she’s already sopping wet!” Daphne watched as the two men approached, noticing that the two men were already naked from the waist down, their nine inch cocks standing erect as flagpoles. “I told you we would get lucky tonight Darius!” Leroy exclaimed.

Their female companion, Wanda slowly lifted Daphne’s tank top over her head and threw it over into the next row of seats. Wanda then stood up and slowly took off her clothing and Daphne watched, getting more turned on as each item was removed. At the same time one of the men was tugging at Daphne’s shorts, and she lifted her bum off the chair to ease their removal. The man slowly slid them down Daphne’s legs and finally off her feet, leaving Daphne clothed only in her bra and panties. “You’re right Wanda, she’s primed for a good fucking, her panties are soaked right through!” Darius remarked.

Daphne watched as Wanda, now naked, go down on her knees and start hungrily sucking on Leroy’s engorged appendage. Darius began rubbing Daphnes pussy with his hand through her soaked panties “Take off you bra baby” – she reached behind, undid the clasp and let her bra fall to the floor. Darius climbed on top of her and started to lick his his way down her chest to her panty covered pussy – he hooked two fingers in the elastic of her panties and slowly pulled hem off, down her legs and tossed them behind him. Daphne shivered slightly from the cool air, which made her pussy tingle.

Darius inserted one finger into her pussy and began to finger fuck her, slowly at first and then with increased rapidity. Daphne moaned as his finger went in & out of her pussy and she arched her back in sexual ecstasy. Each stroke made a squishing sound as her snatch was was drenched. He withdrew his finger and raised it to her mouth – she licked it clean and tasted her own pussy juices.

Recommencing his finger fuck he her inserted three fingers into her quivering pussy and proceeding to finger fuck Daphne with vicious strokes. Daphne rolled her eyes and started rub her breasts as the finger fucking continued – this was Daphne first sexual encounter with a black man and she found the sensation incredible – her body was shaking with desire and she was close to orgasm.

Daphne’s body continued to vibrate with ecstasy as the finger fucking continued until Darius withdrew his fingers from her dripping cunt, leaving her disappointed and on the edge of orgasm. Darius then pulled her slightly forward in the seat until her pussy was at the edge of the seat and then lifted each of Daphne’s legs to rest on his broad shoulders, giving his mouth unrestricted access to her beautiful pussy, glistening with her lovely juices. He flicked his tongue over her swollen clit. and she let out a loud moan lifting her body to meet his mouth. He then started to lick furiously at her pussy, making her body shake and she squealed in delight. He continued his savage attack occasionally biting and sucking on her clit. Her moaning and panting increased and he knew she was close to cumming. Daphne was heaven and an “Oh my god” escaped from her lips as she came with a shattering orgasm, releasing a torrent of pussy juice onto Darius’s face and into his mouth.

Her body was still shaking when Darius got to his feet and sat in the seat next to Daphne. He then roughly grabbed he head, pulling Daphne’s mouth onto his engorged member. Daphne slowly began sucking on his huge member, trying to adust her mouth to the size and not choking. Darius forced her head up and down “Oh baby that feels so good”. In the back of Daphne’ mind she wondered what would Dr or Mr Crane do if they ever saw in such a position, but at the moment she didn’t care. In fact she did not care if anyone was watching, she was so aroused.

Darius let Daphne shift position to kneeling in front of him. She rapidly moved her hands up & down the thick member, all the while still sucking away. By now Darius’s cock was thickly coated with Dahpne’s saliva, which made the passage of the huge member in her mouth and throat a little easier. She savoured his cock – the taste, the smell, the way it slid down her mouth and throat. Daphne reached down and started frigging her own pussy with her fingers, leaving only her head to bob up & down on the delicious cock. Above her moans and those of the film she could still hear Wanda moaning as she was being pleasured by Leroy. Daphne had to stop sometimes gasping for air as she was not used to having nine inches of manhood in mouth & throat. Daphne took his balls in her mouth causing Darius to moan. She started to feel his cock swell as she worked her lips and tongue up and down his long staff, when suddenly Darius felt his cock explode. She could feel a tremendous burst down her throat and as she pulled back she tasted his warm thick cum that was continually shooting into her mouth. Daphne tried to swallow all the cum but most of it dribbled down her chin and onto her breasts.

Little streams of cum were trickling down the corners of her mouth so Daphne wiped them up with her finger tips and sucked them clean with her mouth. “I need your big black cock in my pussy – I want to ride you”. She deep throated his cock a couple more times to ensure it hardness. Darius stood up and picked Daphne up like was a rag doll. They exchanged a passionate kiss, their tongues touching before Darius roughly turned Daphne around, sat down, before slowly easing Daphne down onto his lap. He guided his eight inch member to let it rub against Daphne’s pussy, coating it with his cum and her pussy juice. He then lifted Daphne up until the tip of his cock was resting at the mouth of her pussy, and slowly forced her down onto his huge member. “Oh my god, Oh my god” moaned Daphne – all her previous lovers, British or American, were much smaller in size, so her pussy constantly has to readjust itself to allow such a massive appendage inside her. She slowly raised herself up and down, allowing herself to get used to the size before picking up the pace.

Daphne leaned back letting her long legs rest on the row of seats in front of her. She turned her head to see Wanda on all fours, being pounded from behind by Leroy. The smiled at each other at their sexual good fortune. Up and down she continued, riding Darius’s cock like she was doing her exercises. His hands reached up to fondle her breasts, pinching and flicking her nipples with his fingers and she felt like she was heaven. The stimulation on her pussy was incredible – “You’ve got the best seat in the house baby” Darius exclaimed. Daphne smiled and looked up at the movie screen – and then around to the other patrons in the theatre. No one seemed to be noticing their sexual adventures in the back row, as if being fucked in a porn theatre was an every day occurrence.

Daphne continued to ride Darius, feeling more confident she could handle his nine inch member with every passing minute. “Fuck me… Fuck me…I need it… God I need mpph” She was cut off when Leroy, standing on the two seats either side of Darius, forced his cock into her mouth. Grabbing hold of each of her ponytails, he pulled her head onto his member in a brutal head fuck. Leroy grabbed the back of her head and started to face fuck her hard and deep. Her throat started to bulge with each thrust as his cock went down the back of her throat, leaving Daphne gasping for air at times. Her mouth and throat began to hurt as Leroy repeatedly rammed his cock into her mouth. Darius, sensing that her vertical momentum had slowed, started to pump his cock into her rapidly from below.

Suddenly Leroy withdrew his cock from Daphne’s aching mouth “How I about I try that white pussy of yours?”

Darius pulled his throbbing cock out of Daphne’s pussy and then she carefully climbed on top of Leroy, who had laid down on his back on the row of seats. She slowly eased her drenched pussy onto Leroy’s cock. He began to savagely pump his member in out of Daphne making her moan loudly. He pulled her body onto his and took one of Daphne’s breasts in his mouth, sucking and biting on her nipple.

Dairus knelt down behind Daphne’s beautiful ass, bent down and using his hands spread her ass cheeks open, revealing her puckered ass hole. He then proceeded to lick her ass hole, with quick strokes of his tongue, coating it with his saliva. He could smell the sweet aroma that was emanating from her snatch, as his tongue dove deeper & deeper into her arse hole. He withdrew his tongue and inserted two fingers, slowly drawing them in & out to ensure her arse hole was properly lubricated. Darius then began to slowly insert his nine inch member into Daphne’s arse causing her to cry out “Shitt… that hurts!!”. “Don’t worry baby I’ll fuck you nice & slow” Darius replied. She had never had anal sex before and the pain was intense but she did not want it to stop.

Daphne was beside herself with lust – as the initial pain subsided, the continual pounding of Leroys’s cock in her inflamed pussy & Darius cock in her arse were sending her over the edge. She loved the feel of her body between the two muscular black men and the most intense, heat-filled sensations flooded her body. Daphne could feel the two cocks pounding together just millimetres apart and the sensation was driving her absolutely wild. They continued their pounding in a steady rhythm, sweat pouring from their bodies despite the cool air of the theatre. Daphne looked up and could see Wanda sitting nearby, playing with her pussy while watching their sexual escapades.

The fucking continued with Darius driving his cock into Daphne’s ass as hard as he could and Leroy thrusting hard upward into her soaked pussy. Her body vibrated with sexual pleasure with each thrust and her pussy & arse hole were becoming sore from the constant hammering of the nine inch cocks, but she wanted the fucking to go on forever. In between thrusts Daphne breathlessly whispered “Cum inside me. Please cum inside me!”

It wasn’t long before Daphne started to spasm and her body was gripped by one intense orgasm after another. Her pussy and ass clamped down hard on the throbbing cocks and.

with both men were ready to cum, they exploded at the same time. Daphne felt both cocks swell and release their loads inside her pussy and arse hole. She could feel the warm cum as it filled both her holes and then both men pulled out, their cocks making an audible ‘plop’ noise. They lay there spent before Wanda sucked cleaned both their cocks of their cum and Daphne’s juices.

Exhausted Daphne collapsed in a theatre seat, her body still shaking from the multiple orgasms. In one final act of passion, Wanda spread open her long legs and began to slowly lick clean the cum dribbling down Daphne’s legs and from her sore pussy & arse hole. As Daphne sat, cum dripped from both her holes staining the theatre seat and even now her pussy still tingled when Wanda licked clean the oozing cum.

“Damn what a ride!!” exclaimed Leroy “What I wouldn’t do to go through that again!”

Daphne Moon, sweaty and sore from the most extreme fucking she had ever received, scrounged around for her hand bag, found a slip of paper and on it wrote her name & cell phone number. With a mischievous grin she gave it to Leroy “Any time, any time ”

When Daphne tried to get dressed again she could find her clothes with the exception of her panties. Some pervert had pocketed them she thought – the image of someone keeping her panties as a trophy, gave her an unexpected thrill. She dressed, cleaned herself as best she could and exited the theatre into the bright Seattle sunlight knowing that her life had been changed forever.

He was gay and I was newly reborn as a bi-sexual man. He was black and I am white – very white – although I do tan fairly well when I get a chance to expose my flesh to the sun. I was in my forties when I met him. We connected on line in a forum that no longer exists. I think it was called “Pink Pages” or something like that. It was a regional hook-up website in the early days of such things.

I had, as I said, just re-discovered my interest in sex with men. I’d had several experiences as a teenager, but after I went to college, got lucky with a number of women, and eventually got married I dismissed those high school episodes as an excess of hormones. Then, in my forties, I began to think differently. Thanks to the internet I had access to discussions and stories that rekindled my interest in both homoerotica and sex with other men.

My wife, of course, was and remains blissfully ignorant to this day that her husband of nearly four decades is bisexual. She would (and I know this will sound trite) never understand. It would hurt her deeply if she knew. Don’t for one moment believe that I haven’t had more than a few guilty feelings about this. We’ll leave that discussion for another blog entry, shall we?

So, I was perusing and fantasizing about the listings on line and while I was doing so, my own listing was likewise being perused, and presumably fantasized about. I had hooked up, very carefully, with a couple of other men in similar circumstances, and had found the experiences (mostly) enjoyable; enough so that I continued my pursuit of sexual satisfaction with other men. I had discovered a taste for semen and a predilection for being penetrated, anally. I preferred being with men who liked to “make out” and who appreciated the value of foreplay. I had a few negative experiences, but, again, those are, perhaps, stories for another blog entry. I also had a “gum job” and men, let me tell you, if you ever get a chance to get your cock sucked by someone who has a full set of upper and lower dentures, by all means do it. It’s unbelievable.

I’ll call him Phil, short for Philippe. Phil was from a city about 300 miles away from where I live, but it was a city to which I traveled on business fairly frequently. He responded to my internet listing with an e-mail suggesting we should get to know each other better. I agreed. No pictures had been exchanged at this point. I am not a “size queen” that is to say I do not choose my partners by measuring their endowment, and I hope my partners feel the same. I’m more interested in the mind because it is a much better barometer of the quality of the sex than mere physical attributes.

We exchanged a number of e-mails over the next few days and, as it happened, I was about to spend a week in the city where Phil lived. We agreed that we should meet to see if we wanted to take things further. I was excited at the prospect of a new lover and by the fact that I would, possibly, get some “action” on this trip.

We had agreed to meet on a certain street corner near a certain large Midwestern university at a certain time. I told him what I would be wearing and gave him a general physical description. I did not ask for one in return. A little mystery is good for any romance.

“Jim?” The voice was rich and flavored with spice. I turned and saw a well built man of medium height and about my age, or so it seemed, broad in the shoulders, and solid throughout. And black.

“Phil?” I don’t care who you are, if you are meeting someone for the first time and suddenly discover that they are of a different race, you WILL react. He must have seen something in my face, though I tried hard to keep my expression as neutral as possible. He smiled.


“Yes, a little,” I responded honestly.

“Good, you didn’t lie.”

We both laughed and shook hands.

“Let’s go for a walk,” Phil said.

I don’t know what I had been expecting, but this was not it. He gently took my arm and steered me in the direction of a walking path along a lake that bordered the University. I should mention that this meeting took place at night. We walked in the darkness quite a ways. We came to a secluded area and sat down. I thought he might make a move. I was certainly tempted to. I was horny as hell and would have liked at least a kiss. But, no, it was conversation.

“How do you feel right now, Jim?”

“How do I feel about what?”

“How do you feel about sitting here in a secluded place with a black man you only just met an hour ago?”

“Are you asking me if I feel threatened or unsafe?”

“Do you?”

“No.” I didn’t amplify the answer. Anything more than my simple statement would have seemed a lie, and my “no” was an honest response. In that 60 minute conversation (had it been that long?) we had gotten to know each other a little and I was completely comfortable in his presence. I should say that my dealings with other races had, to this point, consisted almost exclusively to a few friendships with Native Americans growing up near a reservation, and some acquaintances in college from the “Black Student Union.”

“Just no?”

“Just no. Not every white man automatically stereotypes every black man as a thug or a criminal.”


He got up and we began to walk back to where we had started. He had been pointing out various places along the trail that he identified as cruising spots. I was new enough to the game at that point not to completely understand what he meant. I did later, however, and it eventually proved fatal to our friendship. I do not cruise and I do not, knowingly, have sex with people who do. But I digress…

I had hoped that we would end the evening horizontal and superimposed. Phil had other plans. He asked me if I would like to go with him to a nature preserve the next day, a Saturday, and I said I would. He said he would pick me up at my hotel at one o’clock. We shook hands again and parted company. It was the strangest first date I have ever had.

The next day came and I made my preparations carefully. I wanted to be ready for anything. I was as clean as I could be, inside and out, freshly shaved, and smelling like (I hoped) someone who was expecting to get laid. I was dressed casually for the outdoors and carried a jacket against the vagaries of weather in this part of the country.

As it happened, it was one of those “Indian Summer” days we get in the northern latitudes – a day of temperatures in the 70′s after the first hard frost of October. Phil’s van pulled into the portico of the hotel, I got in, and we were off. To say that there were butterflies in my stomach would be an understatement.

We drove out into the country and parked in the lot of a local nature preserve. Phil led me to another trail and we walked. Perhaps he thought I needed the exercise – I wasn’t in the best of shape, but I hadn’t planned on entering any triathlons either. I was enjoying myself, however, as the conversation was excellent, the day was beautiful, and there was the prospect of sex at the end of it.

He asked me if I’d like to come over to his place for some iced tea or something, and I must have sounded pretty eager, because he laughed at me. We got into the van again and continued talking all the way to his modest house in a modest neighborhood. And then, he did a strange thing.

“Would you mind ducking down when we get close to my driveway? I’d rather not have anyone see me bringing a man into the house.”

I thought this a rather odd request, but I, hoping to get laid, was in full compliance mode, and as we turned into his street, I hid myself until the garage door closed behind us. Once inside his home, we sat for a while in the sun dappled shade of his screened in back porch sipping iced tea. And, finally, the conversation came around to sex.

“How did you discover you liked men?” he asked.

That got the ball rolling. I told him about my high school experiences and the long interlude during which I hadn’t thought about men at all.

“The bottom line for me is that I like sex, and I’m more interested in what’s between my partner’s ears than what’s between my partner’s legs,” I said.

Phil smiled. He told me his own story. He’d been married – his wife had died of cancer a few years earlier – but had always known he was more into men than women.

“What do you like to do?” he asked.

“I like to kiss.”

“So do I.”

We stood up, by now having moved into his living room, and we embraced, our lips meeting for the first time. My cock was rock hard, as it had been for most of the day. Our bodies pressed against each other as we explored one another’s mouths. I could feel a bulge in his jeans and it was substantial. I hoped he wouldn’t laugh at mine, which was considerably smaller.

I have rather large lips – a number of women have commented on how kissable they look – and so did Phil. We enjoyed our kiss. We both tasted of tea and lemon. I was breathing his scent and it was a heady aroma of cotton that’s been in the fresh air, the clean sweat of honest exertion, and subtle cologne. I was becoming intoxicated as the kiss went on. His hands found my ass and squeezed. I moaned into his mouth. I could feel him smiling against my lips. I thought I might spontaneously ejaculate. I wanted to be naked with this man, and I wanted it to be soon.

Phil maneuvered me, never breaking the kiss, down a short hallway to his bedroom, before pressing me on my back against the chenille spread of his double bed. He got a leg between mine and we began to grind against each other as our passion grew. My hands were moving up and down Phil’s back, cupping his muscular ass cheeks, pulling him more tightly to me.

I should say, at this point, that I hadn’t had a cock in my ass for more than 20 years. But I had never wanted anything more in my life to that point than Phil’s cock in my ass, and I was not planning on leaving this little bungalow until I’d had it.

Frankly, I don’t think Phil was planning on letting me leave until he’d ploughed my furrow either, so we were of one accord on that issue without it ever being raised.

The dry humping was becoming borderline uncomfortable and I longed to feel his skin against my own. I broke the kiss, which seemed to have gone on for hours but had only been minutes, and whispered “let’s get naked.” He looked down at me and smiled.

“Groovy,” he said, laughing.

He got up off the bed and began stripping. I did the same. I’d like to say that we undressed each other and kissed each area of exposed flesh as it came into view, but that would be more literary embroidery than I’m comfortable with so I’ll stick with what actually happened. Phil was not “cut” in the sense that he didn’t have six pack abs, “guns” or a lot of exposed muscular ridges. But, he was in reasonable shape for a middle aged man, whereas I was not, by any stretch of the imagination, in shape. Phil didn’t care. I was relieved.

“You’re in better shape than your description made it seem,” he said, taking me back into his arms and claiming my mouth once more. He was clearly the top in this scenario and I was content to bottom for him as long as I got some quality time with his cock, preferably inside me.

We were on the bed again, this time on our sides facing each other and trying to work out the geometry of arms and legs as we attempted to re-engage. Now, I could feel his cock against me. It was hot. The tip was wet with precum. And it was large. Not monster-sized. Phil wasn’t a freak of nature by any means. But he had to be at least 8 inches and thick.

I got a hand between our bodies and worked it down Phil’s belly until I could get a grip on the prize I sought. Oh my…it was lovely. Warm and hard and thick; it throbbed in my hands as I gently caressed it. Phil hissed his pleasure into my ear as he licked the lobe, causing me to tremble with pleasure. I love having my ears kissed and licked (I share that info in case any of you ever has occasion to need to know this).

“Phil,” I breathed, “I want this (indicating his dick with a gentle squeeze) in my ass.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. But you’ll need to take it slow. No one’s been there since I was 17, and this (again squeezing his endowment gently) is bigger than anything I’ve ever had back there.”

He looked into my eyes and then he kissed me again. “I’ll be gentle, my little white virgin,” he whispered, smiling.

I kissed my way down his chest, spending some quality time with his nipples, which he enjoyed, and eventually found myself faced with my very first (and as it turned out, only) black cock. It looked enormous. I had seen a lot of porn and all the men are hung, but when it’s right there in front of you, 7 or 8 inches looks like a tree trunk.

And then there was the scent. Each of us has a unique scent, but there are racial differences as well. It must be something genetic. I’m not going to speculate. I was inhaling his musk and it was a heady mix of sweat and pheromones. My cock was throbbing and drooling. I was responding to Phil like I hadn’t responded to another human being in quite some time.

A drop of clear liquid appeared at the end of Phil’s cock and I stuck out my tongue and licked it. It was salty and slippery and tasted good. I wanted more. I inhaled the head of Phil’s cock and as much of the shaft as I could manage licking and sucking it for all I was worth. I was not the most experienced cock sucker, but I made up for it with enthusiasm and the ability to keep my teeth from brushing the sensitive skin of my partner’s equipment. And, having a set of full lips was an advantage.

Phil groaned as I began seriously fellating him, coordinating my mouth movements with hand strokes. I was kneeling next to him entirely focused on his cock and his pleasure. I jerked in surprise and missed a stroke as I felt his hand caressing my ass. I regained my composure quickly and only moaned around his thick slab of black man meat when I felt him begin to gently stroke my balls, weighing them in his hand and gently manipulating them with his fingers. Soon he was stroking me gently as I continued to suck him.

I felt him pulling at my hips, maneuvering me into the classic soixante-neuf position, and then his warm mouth captured my hard, dripping, cock to the root. I nearly came on the spot, which, of course, would have ruined everything.

I attacked his cock with renewed vigor, pausing occasionally to lick and suck his balls, which seemed to please him based on his responses. I took as much of his meat missile into my face as I could on each stroke, but owing to a rather trigger happy gag reflex on my part it wasn’t as much as I would have liked. I wanted to swallow that black fleshy spear. I wanted to look down and see his balls at the edge of my lips. But my hand did for an extra bit of depth and was soon sliding up and down on a copious bed of my saliva in concert with my lips and tongue.

My nostrils were full of the smell of Phil’s crotch, just as I knew his were full of mine. We were both bent on enjoyment, neither of us, as far as I knew, thinking about the fact that he was black and I was white. We were two men in the throes of passion enjoying each other’s physicality. Period. Later, I would think about other aspects of this encounter – was my enjoyment heightened by the racial aspect? – but now, what I cared about was that I had a cock in my mouth and my cock was similarly engaged at the other side of the bed.

“Please, Phil,” I gasped as I pulled my face off of his penis, “I need to feel you in my ass.”

He stopped sucking my cock, releasing it from his mouth.

“Mmmm…I like that idea.”

I rolled away from him and just lay there, looking at his body as he rolled the other way and reached into his night stand for a tube of KY jelly (which shows you how long ago this was).

My cock was pumping out a steady stream of precum. I was, as one of my friends would put it, terminally excited. My whole body felt like a cock in terms of how I was absorbing the pleasure of being naked with another man – another human being.

“Roll over on your belly,” Phil ordered. Well, “ordered” would be a strong word. He just told me what to do and it made sense, so I did it.

I rolled over and humped up my ass by way of further invitation.

“Spread your cheeks for me, Jim. Show me that ass.”

I moaned a little as I reached back, my face now buried in the chenille, and spread my ass wide with both hands. I was now completely exposed to Phil, my most intimate parts on display. I was glad I’d spent some time on personal grooming…

The next sensation I felt was cold. Phil hadn’t warmed up the KY and when he dropped a glob of it on my anus I gasped. It was like having an ice cube touch me there. His finger began warming and spreading the lubricant. The second dose found me ready for the sensation and I moaned as he worked first one and then two fingers very carefully and slowly past the portals of my nether opening. He was not miserly with the KY either. Again and again he put more of the slippery stuff on and in me.

“Oh, god, Phil, I think I’m ready,” I finally moaned in semi-frustration at his finger teasing. He chuckled.

“OK, you lube me up and get me ready. I want you to see what’s going in there.”

He moved around on the bed until he had his cock pointed right at my face again. I scrambled to my knees and took the tube of KY from his hands. I squeezed out a big glob into my left hand and then put my right hand over it, warming the lube a little before I gripped his cock in both hands and began to stroke it, covering his big black dick with KY in the process. I added some KY again and made sure every inch of Phil’s cock was covered. It was shiny and throbbing, gently bobbing up and down in front of me. It was time.

“I think that should do it, don’t you?” I asked.

Phil kissed me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth as if in mockery or imitation of what his cock was about to do to my asshole. I almost came, spontaneously and without being touched, before that kiss ended. Phil handed me some tissues and I wiped the excess KY from my hands and just looked at him, waiting for whatever was going to happen next to happen.

“Turn around white boy,” Phil said with good humor, “and get your ass spread wide for some black cock. You ever had a black cock in your white ass?”

“No. Yours will be the first,” I managed to gasp out as I battled to keep from exploding all over the bed spread. His words enflamed me. I wanted him to talk more like that but wasn’t sure how to ask. He had broached the racial subject and I suddenly found that it turned me on like crazy.

I got into position and spread my ass cheeks wide open – as wide as I could get them. He put one last dollop of KY on the opening and then I felt him moving into position behind me.

“C’mon, Phil, fuck my white ass with that big black cock. Make me your little white bitch,” I moaned, egging him on.

“Whoooo-eeee,” he laughed. “What we have here is a case of buck fever, for sure. Well, get ready, ’cause here comes your black daddy.”

I felt the blunt end of his dick touch my asshole and I gasped with pleasure. Then came the steady, relentless, pressure as he pushed against me. He was gentle yet implacable as he worked the big mushroom shaped head of his cock past my anal sphincter. I knew enough to bear down as if I was having a difficult bowel movement and all of a sudden, with a burst of pain, I felt the head of his cock breach my defenses and his thick shaft was soon sliding inside.

He took his time. It took me a moment to get my breathing back under control. I won’t kid you – when he pushed that thing into my ass, even with all the lube, and all the finger prep, it hurt like a sonuvabitch. He was 8 inches long and thick. The flare on his cock head was big, making it the widest part of his equipment, and when he managed to pop the head through my anal ring I felt every millimeter of its width and thickness stretching me in ways I’d never been stretched before. Now, of course, I have toys even bigger than Phil’s cock, but at the time it was like I was a virgin and he’d just popped my cherry.

So at last my newest creation. If you are familiar with the Becoming the Dominus series, you will recognize some people from here. I have to thank my editor Kira for being awesome. As always enjoy the story and vote and comment on it. Enjoy the show and maybe I’ll have a part 2 if you enjoy it.


The paper was done and she marveled at it. The hard work and long time spent interviewing thirteen dangerous people for a psyche report was finally done. Her notes and audio tapes littered the desk, but she was done. It wasn’t easy trying to tell a convicted serial rapist to say why he did it. The answer was glaringly simple: power. It was quite something else to tell a child molester that he hurt the little angels he so loved more than anything and make him believe it. The process of making real progress in any psychological case was that she had to dig into their souls to find the ugly truth of people. Deep down people try and behave as society dictates, but not everyone can. Jessi Allmon knew this better than most.

As a doctor of psychology for three years, Jessi had seen the ugly side of human nature up close. For four years of med school she learned the make up of the human body, but that didn’t impress her. The real challenge to her was the human mind, capable of great feats of strength when prompted; capable of making wonders that fill the city skyline… but also capable of sick and degrading torture and mayhem all at once. For all mankind is he is a cunning animal. Her research had shown that not only is man a savage animal at heart, he is also a sight to behold. As Shakespeare said “What a piece of work a man, so close to an angel in his perfection.” A phrase that she loved to say. But every time she said it another thought lingered in her mind, “And even now I see the angels in heaven wielding savage weapons.”

Jessi had seen many kindnesses in the world, from missionaries to philanthropists wanting to change the world and feed the starving. She had seen many good people in law enforcement that went out daily to make the world around them safer. For all the good, she also knew the other side of mankind. Man for all the good and all the bad was a very indifferent creature. As long as it didn’t affect them they could care less. She had learned the lessons of mankind throughout her short career and from what she took to heart made her a stronger person for it. She was indeed proof of how a strong mind can overcome anything.

Satisfied with the report she sat back in her chair and smiled down at herself. A stunning figure in the tight sweater and skirt. The deep red sweater and the dark black skirt contrasted against her pale body. Her long legs were wrapped in nude thigh high stockings and set in matching black pumps. She looked into the mirror and her thick auburn mane and green eyes shone in the light. Slowly Jessi stood up from her desk and stretched out feeling the relief from nearly two hours sitting and typing. She walked away from the desk and to her coffee pot only to find it empty. She growled in frustration and walked to the side table to make a fresh batch.

As she ground the beans Jessi looked at herself in the mirror. It was truly a hell of a ride, her life. She was proud of who she had become. Deep down in her soul she ached for the reason of her being. The thought that her mother was proud of her made a slight smile come to her full lips. She sighed as she thought of her mother. The feelings from the past came to her as she looked into the spinning beans.


She wasn’t always known as Jessi Lynn Allmon. Her birth name was quite different: Jessie Leon Allmon. Jessi was born a boy, but in truth he never was one. The start of who she was to become was when he was seven years old. It was innocently at first when he was playing with his mothers shoes and put them on. Happily he walked around the house to the laughter of his mother. His mother thought it was funny and cute, but his father had another opinion on the matter. He was always a cold man to Jessie. He saw a small frail little boy and wanted him to become a big strong man. Seeing his son playing around in his wife’s shoes was too stupid for him let go. He backhanded him across the back of the head and made Jessie cry.

“Boys don’t play with girls clothes Jessie!” he scolded him as Jessie ran to his room crying.

That started the trend over the next few years. His mother was always there for him, but his father never was. Early on he knew that something was wrong with him. Every time Jessie would look in the mirror he was confused by his own reflection. He saw his face, but it was always garbled by a false sense of reality. It was over a short period of time seeing her son frustrated in everything that she began to see the pain in her child’s eyes. Janice Allmon, his mother, would always wipe the tears away from his cheeks, but his father merely said it was him being a brat. Over time however Jessi was starting to emerge. The transformation was subtle, but there under the surface. Janice noticed he played with the neighborhood girls more than the boys and didn’t care for sports. His father was furious that he refused to go to sporting events with him. The times he went he was unhappy as he didn’t care for baseball or hockey. He just wasn’t interested in that side of life and took to reading more than playing.

After a while of the way things were going Jessie noticed his parents anger over the issue led them down a hurtful path. The end came when his father was dragged out of the house in handcuffs after viciously beating his mother. Jessi had come in to the living room when he heard his mother screaming and crying. As he came into the room the look he saw in his father’s eyes scarred him for life. The crazed, wild anger in his father’s eyes made him scream and run away. He was running for his life when his father caught him and began to slap him as well. His mother ran into the kitchen, grabbed the phone, and frantically called the police. It was a long five minutes before the door came off the hinges as three large deputies rushed the house.

By the time the deputies had his father in cuffs, Jessi was already bleeding profusely. His father was drunk and high on something. The mixture of large amounts of alcohol and methamphetamine was what led to the rage. The beating he took that day broke him of any happy feelings for his father. Janice was quick to file divorce. Using the beatings and drug use as a pretext for it the divorce was quick and to the point. His father was thrown in prison for aggravated assault and her mother got everything. When he was secured in the state penitentiary they ran away from the little town of Billings, Montana and went west. After a few months of drifting they finally found a new life in San Jose, California. In the safe environment of their new home Jessie started to change. It was slow at first, but it soon became more noticeable. Janice found her son playing with one of her skirts one day and it all became clear to her. On a hunch she had Jessie dress in it and noticed it seemed to be like a second nature to him. Wanting to make sure the beating hadn’t jarred his little brain she took him to the hospital for a thorough physical. The results were no damage to his brain. Still it persisted as another day she came home and found him in her make up. Fearing the worst Janice took her child to a psychologist were it all became apparent. Jessie suffered from Gender Identity Disorder. It seemed he was a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

At first Janice blamed herself and it nearly drove a wedge in between them. But after watching Jessie look in the mirror and cry at his own reflection she knew it wasn’t her fault. Janice cried that night as she knew the only way to make her son whole was to let the person trapped inside of him come out. Janice went a doctor to get professional advice for the procedure. It was a long process, she found out, but a relatively simple one. For her baby’s peace of mind Janice relented and signed the papers. Over the course of a year it was decided for Jessi that the transition begin to lessen the possible long term damage.

Over that time Janice became a focal point in Jessi’ life. She taught Jessi everything from bathing properly to hair care. To help her transition over better Janice even bought her some proper clothes to wear and was amazed at how comfortable it was for her new daughter. Janice weighed the options of education and decided, to keep her safe, she would have Jessi home schooled. It was a simple process that led to another amazing discovery; Jessi was a sponge for knowledge. In less than a year she had completed nearly four years of study and had it all committed to memory. Janice was amazed when Jessi took advanced placement classes in her spare time and aced the exams constantly. Janice was truly blown away at how easily Jessi not only learned the courses, but showed functional application to them as well. Over time Jessi also showed she had a knack for computers as she constantly fixed her mother’s as well as her own.

When Jessi was fourteen Janice figured to give her some social interaction as a new young lady. Knowing that dance classes would cause trouble she decided to teach her a practical way to handle her balance and enrolled her in a Tae Kwon Do class. It was no shock that Jessi took to the lessons very well. Jessi had amazing balance and flexibility and Janice noted that her legs became stronger and looked better in skirts from the training. The biggest lesson Jessi learned was self discipline. The harsh discipline her teacher imparted on the whole class was to have a major impact on her young life. She resisted the taunts of the fellow students, but showed them how much better she was by beating them in the class tournaments. Jessi would never stop her practice of the art and applied herself to it as strongly as she did own her studies.

Jessi life came to a near stand still when she was seventeen. In the class she met a young boy and they dated. Her mother was thrilled and helped her to find the right ways to keep the young man interested in her without wanting to simply get in her pants. It was easy for him to want to date Jessi as since she was twelve she had been on hormone therapy and her body had taken to them very well. The young man found out she had a massive cock however and left her high and dry. Jessi wasn’t hurt by it as she understood she was different and pressed on. Janice was duly shocked as she hadn’t anticipated her baby to be so grown up so young.

Time flew by for Janice and Jessi. Slowly she developed better hips and a new bust line as the hormones and corsets did their work. Her body hair was lessening and her thick auburn hair cascaded down her back. Janice was thrilled to take her out for her birthday and they had a great time. The days after Jessi turned eighteen were filled with preparation as the big day came to her. When the day came Jessi was nervous as she went for her surgeries. Over the course of three months she had her now magnificent breasts put in and a few other cosmetic changes done. Her face was given a smoother edge and a rhinoplasty helped make her nose much cuter. Her tummy was firm and her hips curvy due to the years of wearing a corset. Her Adam’s apple was also given a simple procedure and in a few short weeks afterwords she was very unrecognizable as a young boy. The only thing that gave her away was the eight and a half inch cock that was between her legs. Going with the advice of the doctors she left it as is until she was fully ready for the permanent change.

When Jessi came home from the hospital she was on pain medications for a while and during one day of being drugged up she came across the moment that changed her life forever. As she was in a daze from the pills she went to the laundry room for her pants. On wobbly legs she went down the stairs and a loud cracking sound snapped her mind to attention. She went down the stairs softly and the cracking sound got louder and more frequent. Jessi was breathing shallowly as she steeled her courage and went to investigate. As she peered around the corner the sight she saw froze her in her tracks. Her mother was dressed in a black corset with black thigh high boots on. Her left had had a paddle in it and her right had a handful of a young man’s hair as she viciously spanked him. The young man cried out under her spanks and Jessi was stunned. Jessi’ mind ran in circles as her mother spanked the young man and taunted him abusively. She couldn’t believe her sweet loving mother was doing this. To make matter’s worse she was becoming excited by the spectacle. She couldn’t explain as to why, but she suddenly saw herself with the paddle and that thought sent a jolt to her crotch. Her cock got massive and she couldn’t help what she did next. As she watched her mother spank the young man her hand found her dripping cock. When Janice put on a strap on and fucked him silly she stroked her massive member. She cried out uncontrollably as the young man did and before long her spurts went all over the floor and wall.

Janice was in the middle of her own orgasm when she heard not just her pet’s screams of pleasure, but someone else’s. Not wanting to be over reactive she slowly turned her head to the stairs and her eyes opened wide in amazed shock at what she saw. Jessi had a massive cock in her hand and was leaning against the wall that was covered in thick semen. A glance at the floor showed another puddle as well. Janice had no idea what to say to her and said nothing.

Janice quickly cut her plaything loose they went upstairs to the kitchen. They had an awkward moment of silence as they sat across the dinner table facing each other. Jessi was embarrassed that she had done what she did, but she couldn’t help it. With arms folded Janice looked at her daughter and was also embarrassed. She had never suspected Jessi to be two things. The first was massively hung! Her father was not a huge man and it shocked her to no end. She had seen him a few times naked when younger, but didn’t realize puberty had hit her so hard or well. The second thing that scared her more was that Jessi was excited seeing her spank and strap on fuck a young boy.

“Jessi. I know you are confused by what you saw honey, but you’ll be alright,” she said reassuringly.

“I’m sorry momma. I didn’t mean to do it,” Jessi said nearing tears.

Janice got to her feet and softly walked to her daughter. With the love only a mother could give she wrapped her loving arms around Jessi’ head and soothed her.

“It’s OK baby. I’m not mad at you. It’s perfectly normal to be excited by new things. In fact I am excited by new things myself,” she said smiling into her baby’s eyes.

“But momma I touched myself in front of you and I…” she tried to explain but Janice put a gloved finger to her lips.

“I said it’s all right baby. Now why don’t you tell me why you touched yourself like that.” Janice asked curious to know. She hoped it wasn’t to the sight of her as she didn’t want Jessi thinking of her like that.

“It was seeing him helpless under you and enjoying how you made him feel. I saw the outfit you had on Momma and you looked so beautiful. I…I…” she tried to explain and stopped. Jessi had truly seen and angel and Janice knew it.

“You really think your old Momma is pretty baby?” she asked smiling at the compliment.

“Your beautiful Momma. I only wish I was half as pretty as you are.” Jessi said and her eyes dropped.

“Jessi don’t ever say that again!” Janice said sternly. Her eyes got wide and a fire burned in them. Jessi had a bit of a confidence issue and she realized how to solve it. “Get dressed sweetie. I’m gonna prove to you how pretty you truly are.” she said and picked Jessi up. She gave Jessi a playful swat on the butt to get her moving.

Jessi dressed in a simple jean skirt and a cute top. She put on her high heeled sandals and went down to see her mother had changed to a tight pair of jeans and a loose blouse that she left untucked. Her legs had on knee high leather boots with gold buckles on the sides. Jessi beamed at her mother and was led to the car. Janice took Jessi to the mall and for the next six hours they went on a shopping spree. They went to nearly every store in the mall and had a great time. The bonding time between the two of them was well spent as they both tried on many things and bought much more. The good thing about Janice’s use of the money from the divorce was she invested wisely in several large companies and they paid a good dividend. It helped that Janice also had a very respectable job in a law firm so money was never an issue for them. Janice spoiled her baby and before long they had more clothes for Jessi than they knew what to do with.

When they got home Jessi had to give her Momma a fashion show. Janice mixed a drink and waited as her baby came out and over the course of the evening they had a great time. Jessi sparkled as Janice showered her with praise and then got an eager idea. Smiling mischievously Janice took Jessi upstairs and had her sit in front of the vanity in her room. Jessi had always wanted to do this and for her it was a special moment. Janice primped her hair and did her make up just right. Once she was done she had Jessi get into a very classy one piece blue dress and gave her the lingerie she had bought to go with it. Jessi dressed as she was shown in the lingerie and enjoyed the silky feeling of it on her body. The stockings she rolled up her long legs shimmered under the soft light. Slowly she stepped into the heels and walked out of the closet. When Jessi looked in the reflection she saw not just herself, but the woman she was always supposed to be looking back at her.

“Now look at this angel I see before me,” Janice said softly as she walked behind Jessi.

Jessi’s lower lip trembled and her eyes got watery. She was not sad, she was elated by the sight before her!

“Thank you Momma!” she sobbed out and turned to Janice and her arms wrapped around her mother as she sobbed into her shoulder.

“It’s nothing baby. It’s the beautiful girl you are that shone through just now. I want to take some pictures of you honey so stop crying and look up.” Janice said.

Jessi got herself under control and Janice had her pose for a few quality pictures. Jessi was blown away again as Janice got dressed and took her daughter to dinner and dancing. They ate at a classy restaurant and when they went to an all ages night club they danced and made more than one man stare. Janice had Jessi learn to dance from an early age. She had the movements down and after that Janice taught her how to dance like a pro as she had her exercise to videos every day. The poor young men had no idea the tigress they danced with was nothing short of a perfect woman. Jessi was having fun until she met a man who unwittingly singled himself out to be her first. They danced and even got into the rhythm of the dance. It was going great until he decided to ruin the evening and reach under her skirt. Jessi froze in place as he grabbed not a slippery mound, but a semi hard cock. The man’s eyes widened at what he found. He was about to scream when Jessi took the lead. She grabbed him and shoved him hard against the wall. He was in shock as she smiled at him devilishly. The coldest look in her eyes showed she was not happy with him groping her and decided to teach him a lesson.

Before he could react she had spun behind him and grabbed him between the legs. He was on his tip toes as she rudely shoved him forwards yanking on his balls to get the point across. Jessi drug the now helpless man out the side door of the club. In the privacy of the back alley she threw him against the wall. He floundered to get to his feet and when he turned he was scared. His rabbit eyes were pin points of fear as her heels clicked menacingly along the pavement.

“Now did I say you could reach under my dress you little pervert?” she hissed.

He shook his head no and Jessi laid into him. Jessi had no idea where this new person was coming from. It was like watching herself from above as she berated the man.

“You grabbed something you shouldn’t have little boy and now you made it happy. You do want me happy correct?” she asked and he was too scared to answer.

She grabbed him and spun him around. He yelped as she slapped his ass through his slacks.

“I asked you a question little boy! Now you do want to keep me happy correct?” she asked one more time and he fearfully nodded his head.

“Good boy,” she purred into his ear. She slowly turned him around and shoved him to his knees.

He hit the floor with an thud and looked up at her fearfully.

“Please don’t! I’m not gay!” he tried to protest.

“Do I look like a man little boy?” she asked harshly and he shook his head no.

“Then stop being a bitch and do what I tell you!” she barked at him.

He raised his hands to protect himself, but she slapped them away. He was in shock as she reached under her skirt and slid aside the panties. Her cock sprang out and slapped him on the lips. He was in horror as she grabbed his hair and shoved it into his mouth. He coughed and choked as she found the back of his mouth. She glared down at him as he barely had her in his mouth. A slap on the side of his head and he looked up.

“Relax or I’m not gonna be so nice. You have two choices, your mouth or your ass! Now pick before I do.” she said simply.

“Mouth please,” he begged.

“Well now. Because you asked me so nicely, I guess mouth it is,” she purred seductively.

He barely had time to breathe when she slipped back into his mouth. In all the man’s life he had no idea that he was capable of this. He would never in a million years have questioned he was a straight man, but this woman begged to differ as she slipped in and out of his mouth. Jessi made sure to let him know her pleasure by the soft gasps and moans as her cock slipped in and out of his mouth. He couldn’t take it all in, but what he did she was happy for. She looked down at him coldly and saw he was slowly bobbing his head to meet her thrusts. A wicked smile crossed her beautiful face as she purred down to him.

“Is my little slut liking this?”

He couldn’t help but bob his head as she continued to pump her hips in and out of his mouth. Jessi laughed a seductive laugh that sent a chill down his spine. She was so turned on it was scary. Her eyes shone with a luster she had never known. Her breathing was steady and calm as her hips worked. It was simple for her to say she was aroused, but it wasn’t the truth. Her soul was on fire by this feeling of superiority! She felt so alive with this little man on his knees sucking her cock and loved it. She looked down at him and saw her legs framed by the nude stockings and garter. Her smile became devilish as a new game sprang to her mind.

“Enough for now slut. Now kiss my legs,” she said smoothly and extended her left leg to him.

Shaking he took it in his hands and kissed her legs softly. Her eyes narrowed and she slapped his head making him fall to the floor. Roughly Jessi snatched him up by the front of his shirt and yanked him to meet her scowl.

“I said kiss them, meaning worship them you little bitch!” she scolded him coldly.

With a simple shove she slammed him to the floor and stood over him with her heels on either side of his head. He whimpered and nodded his head frantically and kissed her toes of her shoes lavishly. He was on his hands and knees kissing her feet and calves as a delicious notion came to her mind. She smiled as he finally got it right and shuddered at the attention he gave her. She stepped out of her open toed shoes and using one foot shoved him to his back. He fell on his back and looked up at her. She stalked towards him slowly and raised her skirt. He was shocked to see her tremendously shaped ass as it descended to his chest. Without ceremony she straddled his chest and pinned his arms to the sides by kneeling on them. Her cock sat but inches from his face and she grabbed his head and shoved his mouth back onto her cock.

“Now bitch, time for you reward!” she said with a laugh and began to fuck his face violently.

Jessi’s thrusts became a bit more frantic as she felt a tingling begin. He tried to take as much in his mouth as he could, but she was bucking her hips to fast for his comfort. She grabbed his hair and yanked him up to impale her length in his throat and he gagged. She felt the twinge begin and yanked out of his mouth. She straddled his chest with her knees on his shoulders and furiously pumped her cock. The first jet splattered along his face and nose. The second third and fourth hit him square between the eyes and in his mouth. He moaned as the hot spunk hit him and drenched his face. Her last shots were direct at his mouth making him cough as it hit the back of his throat. With a slap of her cock on his lips she made him open up and shoved in to suck the remnants out. He choked as he swallowed the load and she purred happily.

“Good little bitch!” she smugly said as she got off him. She was a bit light headed as she stood and he laid flat on his back. She stepped back into her shoes and shuddered. She looked back at him and smiled playfully.

“Now was that so bad?” she mocked.

He refused to look at her. She reached into her purse and got a handful of wadded tissue and threw it at him.

“Clean your face, you look like a whore!” she said as she walked away laughing seductively.

Jessi wasted no time in finding her mother. She was floating as she found her and hugged her tight. Janice was stunned to see her daughter so bubbly and energetic.

“Did you just win the lottery or something?” Janice asked confused.

“No momma. I did something far better!” she said jumping excitedly in place.

“And what was that baby?” Janice asked confused.

“I just had my first!” Jessi beamed.

Janice looked over Jessi’ arm and saw the man walk back in and the look on his face was not pleasant. She took her daughter by the arm and led her away.

“Jessi that was the son of the owner of this club!” her mother warned.

Janice knew of his reputation in the underworld of the city. Her law firm was almost always involved in the cases involving them. She knew that he wasn’t likely to take kindly to whatever happened by the look on his face. Quickly Janice hurried Jessi along and to the car. Jessi was confused at the reasoning for it. Without a word Janice paid the valet got in and drove away. Jessi sat in shock as her mother was now tight lipped and scared.

“Momma what’s wrong?” she asked and Janice looked at her sternly.

“That man is Terrence Briggs. He is a notorious drug dealer and pimp honey. What did you do to him?” she asked scared.

“I took him. I made him my bitch!” she beamed excitedly.

Janice pulled over the car and looked at her daughter carefully. The happiness of her voice was apparent as was the look in her eyes. She truly did something to him that was probably nothing he had ever done. Shaking her head she got back on the road and drove home. They made it home and Janice took Jessi to her room and sat her down.

“Now listen to me honey and listen good. I can understand you wanting to be a bit aggressive with the little boys in this world. But please use sense in who you take baby,” Janice warned her. “I don’t want to see you picking up some guy and he is a bad person or worse. Use sense honey please!”

“OK momma. I will. I just had so much fun making him whimper though.” she said smiling darkly. Janice laughed at that and had Jessi get ready for bed.

Jessi laid back in her bed. She took off the dress and panties. But left the bra and stockings on. She liked to wear them as they made her feel hot. Looking in the mirror suddenly she had an idea. Jessi took off the bra and stood up. Her magnificent mounds swayed softly as she did. Looking at herself she imagined the man beneath her and her cock sprang to life. She stroked it vigorously for what seemed like hours. She remembered the feeling of his lips wrapped around her cock and she sighed loudly. She laid back on her bed and stroked her cock furiously. Without thinking she stopped and reached into her drawer. She pulled out a dildo and lubed it up. Jessi had toyed with anal sex for a while and tonight she needed more relief. She slipped it in and the feeling of being full made her moan softly. Jessi began to slip the dildo in and out of her hole and stroked her self harder and faster. It was such a great feeling that before long she arched her hips and a massive load spurted out of her. It splashed on her neck and tits nearly coating them and she slumped to bed back as she shuddered on the dildo. Softly her fingers began to explore the hot sticky semen and rubbed it into her body. Jessi felt so alive as she did she lost herself to the moment. She licked her fingers clean and soon she removed the toy.

Jessi stripped off her stockings and curled into the bed. She was glassy eyed as she looked at the door and saw it was slightly ajar. She knew her mother was in the other room and smiled. She loved her mother very much, but nothing would ever come of it between them. They had the perfect love as mother and daughter, and nothing would ever change that.


Jessi’ beans were done being ground. She looked at the fine ground and took them to the pot. Carefully she poured them into the filter and set it in the holder. Jessi picked up the pot and walked out of her office and down the hall to the sink. While she filled it up Jessi watched as two of her colleagues walked by. They shared a friendly wave as they went back to their work. Jessi was always good at making good friends in the office. Her charm and personality was very contagious at times. The other thing that helped her make friends was that she was a good judge of character. Her long time as a shrink made her see people for what they were right away. After the pot was filled she walked back to her office and noticed a sheepish looking young woman sitting in a chair. The woman couldn’t be more than twenty one or so and she was very cute.

The first thing that caught Jessi’ eyes was her lithe firm body. At maybe five foot three she was tiny, but well developed. She had a firm B cup and her dark cocoa skin was very luscious looking. Her long curly hair was down as was her head. In her eyes she saw a look that saddened her to a degree. She saw defeat in her adorable eyes. Jessi’ mind fell back into itself as she remembered her own failures and successes in life. ***

Jessi’ first few years in the university was special. She had gotten a full ride scholarship in medical sciences and was admitted to pre-med at the young age of eighteen. She had accrued enough online college course credits to be accepted to the University of San Jose. Janice was excited that Jessi was happy to be in college. Janice was happy, but at the same time she was mournful that Jessi had to leave. They had a long goodbye as Janice took Jessi to a show and danced the night away. Janice even set her up with a sub of hers and Jessi made him beg and simper for hours under her mother’s careful guidance. The night ended on a high note when Jessi fucked him silly and unloaded deep inside of him. After he had gone Janice had her take a long bath then they went to bed. During that night Janice held Jessi in her arms like when she was young for the whole night. The parting was easy as Jessi made the first step to her adult life bravely and Janice watched from the car as she walked onto the campus alone.

Over the course of time Jessi made sure to call Janice regularly. It was a fun time for her as she made a lot of decent friends, and even a few lovers in the process. Jessi decided early on not to waste her time partying and knuckled down to study. The classes were very easy to Jessi early on. She made quick work of her homework and her assignments were easily turned in on time and she always got high marks. Jessi was indeed a prodigy at times and it showed in her straight A record. For a time she was called a party pooper as she never went to the frat parties after settling down. They never bothered her as she ignored the taunts and half handed attempts to get into her pants. The only thing that really annoyed her was her room mate Alison Edwards.

Jessi was lucky to get her room, but at the same time came to hate it. Studying was always made a chore whenever Alison came home and Jessi soon became a bit of an angry person. Jessi would get even more angry at times as she would come home and Alison would be on her back being fucked by some guy that she didn’t know. To make matters worse Alison didn’t even bother to go into the other room and simply laid their like a plastic fuck doll letting it happen.

Allison was a tramp in Jessi’ mind. Nothing more than a cheap slut that didn’t care whose cock was in her as long as there was one in her it seemed. It annoyed Jessi to no end that her studies got interrupted by the slut when she would barge into her room and ask if her outfit would show enough or if the guy she was with was cute. It took about three weeks before Jessi finally had enough. She was about to confront Allison, but instead something else happened.

The day she came home and had enough was when she found Alison’s thong in her bathroom and it was covered in semen and other things. She was disgusted that that dirty whore was fucking in her bathroom. As Jessi stalked into the room full of anger she found not her slut roommate, but one of her roommate’s many fuck buddies instead. Jessi knew him as a football player named Tyrone Leonard. He was a safety on the team and supposed to be a good one. Tyrone stood six feet two and weighed a good two hundred ten pounds of muscle. His dark skin and fashion dreadlocks made girls swoon over him, but not Jessi. She could care less if her was Adonis reborn, she wanted to confront Allison.

“Well now ma I didn’t expect for that ho to have a fine roomie like you,” he said with a slight street drawl.

“Where the fuck is Allison and what the fuck are you doing here?” she said coldly and he laughed at her.

The way he laughed at her was making her skin crawl, and it was not in a good way. She had been with a black man once before and he was a nice guy, but he was not all that special in her mind. A man was a man after all. And the man in front of her was annoying her.

“Well I was here to get my dick sucked by that fine ho room mate of yours. So I guess if that ho ain’t here you can fill in for her.” he said smugly.

A stinging slap stung his left cheek as her hand lashed out before he could react. Tyrone’s eyes bugged out as she stood there eyes blazing with anger.

“Yo bitch I said get the fuck on your knees and get to work!” he roared as he came at her.

Jessi reacted before her mind could see what was happening. Her left leg shot out and in a classic spin she brought her heel to his jaw and he was flattened. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as he crashed into the bed. It took him a second to get his bearings back, but then he was suddenly aware he was flying. Jessi tipped the bed with him on it and he went to the floor with a crash. Before he could react his left arm was torn behind him in a painful joint lock and he felt something slip over his wrist. After it was secure his right arm was torn over his head painfully. Without warning the joint lock changed angles and he found his left arm joined painfully to his right. He groaned in agony his arms were extended over to meet the bed post that was now on the floor. Before Tyrone could organize a defense to get free he was viciously kicked in the side so he was forced onto his knees with his arms above his head. Briefly he tried to struggle but soon he realized the knot that was tied got tighter as he struggled. Cursing under his breath his hair was suddenly yanked back and he heard Jessi’ voice in his ear.

“I don’t play with little boys like you. But now you pissed me off. For that you have to pay the piper. I wanted to know where Allison was so I could tell her to pack her shit and go, but now it seems like I get to play with her plaything,” she said mockingly.

Tyrone felt a bit of panic set in as she got up and stalked around him. He saw her heeled boots were thick leather. The silver buckles on the sides added to the scary sexiness about her. He glanced up and saw her legs were wrapped in sheer black stockings and his lips wet. She saw him leering at her and kicked him rudely in the arm. Smiling at the pain she caused him she began to play like she liked to.

“Suck your dick? Please bitch you don’t have a cock that could be called a dick,” she laughed at him.

Before he could utter a response she snaked her hand between his legs and grabbed hold of his balls. He groaned as she painfully tugged on them. They were average sized and not too impressive in her mind. After she let them go she kicked him square in the ass crack with the point of her boot. He screamed in pain and she laughed.

“Oh get used to that pain bitch, because it is gonna be happening very often you see,” she purred.

“Let me go you crazy bitch!” he yelled and she laughed again.

“Why, so you can get your ass kicked again?” she said mockingly as she kicked him again. “I don’t think so. I don’t like you for starters. Then you make a huge mistake by coming into my room. And on top of all that you try and order me to suck your dick,” she said coldly, “Now lets just see what you got down here little boy.”

Without warning ripped his shorts down to his knees. In the same motion she had also taken his boxers. Upon closer inspection she saw he had a good seven inches. It was surprisingly erect and she laughed at him again.

“What’s this? The little boy is getting happy thinking of his Mistress punishing him. Well if that’s the case,” she purred. Getting to her feet she stalked to the door and locked it.

For all her complaining of the room she was fortunate to live in the higher end dorms. They came with their own bedroom and living room so sound wouldn’t be a problem. Jessi teasingly laughed at him as she walked to the dresser. She was pissed he was in her room to begin with and not Alison’s. Smiling at him darkly a simple, but evil plan came to her mind. As she opened her drawer she took her time adding to his terror as she milled about until she found what she sought. A beautifully evil grin came to her face as she pulled out her video camera and set it to record. Jessi stalked to the side of the room and angled it to the sight of him tied to the bed. A certain glee came to her mind as he was struggling and couldn’t get loose. Her own erection started to rise, but she held herself in check.

“Suck your dick?” she began softly, “I don’t think so little boy. I don’t do miniatures mind you,” she taunted and he gave her a dirty look that she ended by slapping him on the ass with her bare hand. He grunted in pain and glared at her.

“You come uninvited to my room and expect to take me? Silly little boy you have no idea who it is you are fucking with do you?” she mocked him and he gave her another glare.

This time the slap came at the end of a belt she snatched up. Tyrone screamed in pain as the belt slapped his flesh. She repeated the process several times and the last one she slipped between his legs and hit his balls. He mewled in pain as the agony spread through his stomach.

“Oh poor baby did Mistress hurt you?” she said in mock baby talk.

“Bitch when I get out of this your dead! I’m gonna make you beg me to let you suck me and then I’m gonna…” he went on but she silenced him with a vicious slap across the ass.

“You are going to do nothing little boy! Now shut your trap before I shut it for you,” she said coldly.

She walked behind him letting her heels click loudly along the floor. She smiled as she grabbed his dreads and ripped his head back. Her cheek pressed against his and she whispered to him.

“Don’t look now baby boy, but your on candid camera.”

He looked up and saw the camera pointed at him and he tried to get loose only for her to kick his ass crack again. He howled in pain as this time the point of her boot hit his exposed asshole. He groaned in pain and she got a cruel new idea.

“I think you need to learn how to talk to a lady like myself. And as you have wasted my study time I am going to make this my new work out time instead. I think you’ll do for now, but maybe in time you’ll learn properly to be of some use to someone somewhere.” Jessi coldly informed him.

His eyes got wide as he turned and the thought of this crazy bitch doing this to him was frightening. He was a man dammit not a fag! Tyrone frantically tried to struggle as much as he could, but her knot was perfect and it dug into his wrists painfully as he tried to get loose. His body was at a bad angle so he couldn’t get his feet under him. Jessi saw him struggling and she laughed at him trying to get up. A sharp slap on his bare ass by the belt made him scream in pain. The repeating stinging slaps made him fall forward to his stomach to avoid the pain, but it came on and on. Jessi was not going to let this slide and he was stuck.

Jessi was massively aroused as her slaps hit him again and again. She was looking at his ass and it was making her want to loose her composure and fuck him silly. Instead she decided to draw out his torture. A glimmer came to her eyes as she got up and left him simpering on the floor. He was groaning in agony as the cool air hit his now red hot ass. Her heels clicked across the hardwood floor as she went to her bag and found what she sought. She was in medical school as part of her requirements for her want to become a psychologist. The other day’s lessons had shown her something very devious. She slapped on a pair of latex gloves and got a small tube of lube. She stalked back over to him and this time she said nothing. He was shaking on the floor at her approach and she smiled devilishly at him.

“So the other day I learned some very interesting things about men. They have a very particular thing about their prostates. You see if it gets too large you can have erectile problems. If it not checked you can get cancer and die. Such a small gland, but a vital one to your health you know. I think that all men should be checked thoroughly. Especially if they are athletes like yourself.” she purred.

He squirmed about to get away from her or turn to his back, but she beat him to it by stomping her foot into his lower back making him scream and arch his back.

“Stop being a baby. When your thirty you’ll have to do this, now relax and I promise to be gentle with you.” she mocked.

Her lubed fingers found his asshole and he screamed out, “Get the fuck away from me you crazy ass bitch!”

She tilted her head and the two fingers burrowed in. His back arched as he tried to clench his ass cheeks to make them stop. She growled at him and with her free hand grabbed his erection and twisted it hard making him cry out. From the pain Tyrone forgot about the fingers and she sank them all the way into the knuckles. He groaned in agony as she found the gland and began to massage it. He stiffened up and squirmed uncontrollably as her fingers continued to tickle and probe the gland making him moan in agony. For all the man he was his body had a reaction that he was unprepared for. Jessi felt it and smirked as her hand stroked his cock and before long he uncontrollably spurted a load on the floor. He groaned and moaned as his seed dripped out of his cock as she continued to pump his spent cock. Her fingers stayed pinned on the gland as his cheeks clenched in response to being overstimulated.

“Now was that so bad?” she teased and he groaned as she stroked him tightly.

Jessi’s laugh filled the room as he started to whimper. She continued to tickle the gland and before long his cock started to get hard again. She noted the reaction and decided to put it in her notes for class. She stroked him hard and fast making him gasp uncontrollably. Her own cock was begging to taste this tight ass and she decided to go a step further.

“Well it seems I need to use a special tool to find any problems in there. Now relax as this one is a little bigger than my fingers,” she warned and he nodded his head submissively.

Jessi slowly stood up and slipped her panties off her legs allowing her cock to spring out. She sighed softly as the cool air hit her throbbing member and a smile crossed her features as she looked at the now well lubed asshole. She decided to be merciful and lubed herself up a bit more. She slipped on a condom and lubed it up then got into position. He was shaking as he felt her stocking clad legs against his and he fearfully looked over his shoulder. Before he could say anything she grabbed his braids and yanked them hard making him look at the sky. Her thick mushroom head found his puckered hole and before he could gasp it started to push in. Tyrone let out a half scream half gasp as it split his hole open and she started to sink in.

Jessi felt him clench reflexively, but she slapped him and he whimpered as she pushed in further. Tyrone whimpered and tears formed in his eyes as he felt a very thick insertion go deep into his bowels. He tried to struggle, but she had him secure and his neck was straining as she relentlessly held onto his braids. It felt like a painful eternity until she was finally settled into him. Without warning she began to rock her hips and he groaned and cried out as she did. Jessi felt the clench on her member and groaned in pleasure. She had him now and decided to make use of her other talents. Without warning left hand slipped under his chest and began to tweak his nipples. His grunts and moans intensified as she did. He was trying to hold still, but she was moving faster now. Her hips found his and he cried out as she surged deep into him. His eyes opened and his head slumped forward as she continued. He was panting in frustration as his cock slapped painfully against his leg. He was about to come again, but didn’t want her to know it. He tried to hold it off, but she sensed his clenching up on her.

“Ready to come so soon baby boy?” she asked through clenched teeth.

“No!” he lied.

A slap on his ass made him cry out as she grabbed his cock again and this time she stroked it furiously. Her hips found a fast rhythm and she began to slam fuck his ass. Tyrone moaned and groaned under the assault and before he could hold himself he fired off the largest load in his life. Nine massive spurts of seed splashed against the floor and he cried out with each spurt. His knees trembled uncontrollably and his body slumped to the floor. He cried tears of frustration as she kept her rock hard member in his ass. He never wanted to know this feeling, but it was in him now and he couldn’t hide the fact he enjoyed it. His body was shaking in the after effects of the orgasm and he was spent. His tears slipped down his cheeks and his shame was now on camera for all to see if she so desired.

Jessi felt him slump and pulled out of him. She was angry now. He came and his body went limp, but she was still not even halfway done. Her growl of frustration became a focal point of her anger. She slipped out of him and got to her feet. Her cock was still rock hard and Jessi was frustrated now. She was going to have to handle it herself it seemed, then she heard the outer door open. A grim smile came to her lips as she heard Alison walk around the dorm. She unlocked her door and let it slide open as she slunk behind the door. A plan came to her mind and she left Tyrone laying prostrate on the floor. He was moaning and crying like a little child and Alison heard it.

Jessi saw her brunette hair in the mirror and her full breasts. Alison had nowhere near the bust line of Jessi, but her hips were thick and her ass stood out. The thing that made her stand out was her tan. The deep bronze set off her look. The one thing Jessi couldn’t abide about her though was her personality. She was a stereotypical dimwit rich girl. Her daddy spoiled her for so long and now she was in college being a royal slut and general pain in the ass. Jessi waited and then her moment came. Alison walked in and saw him laying on the floor arms over his head slumped on his knees crying. She went to get him, but Jessi struck.

Jessi walked right up behind her and grabbed a handful of her hair. Alison screamed in shock but was silenced when Jessi slapped her ass hard. Alison jumped nearly a foot off the ground and Jessi used that as her moment. She slipped a foot in front of Alison and tripped her to the floor. Alison landed on her face and Jessi was on her in a flash. Alison found her own hands tied above her head. Quickly Alison joined Tyrone on the floor tied to the bed.

“Jessi what the fuck!” she screamed.

“Shut the fuck up Ali. Who the fuck let this asshole into my room and why the fuck is he here in the first place?” she barked.

“Jessi he was coming over so we could go out I swear!” she tried to lie, but Jessi knew it.

A stinging slap on her ass from the belt made her cry out. Jessi grabbed a handful of her hair and ripped it back.

“He knows where your room is you stupid bitch! Now again, why was he in my room?” she growled.

“I told him you needed to get laid! Jesus Jessi your so fucking uptight! I figured to…” she tried to say, but again the slap came cutting her off.

“You think a pencil dick little bitch like him would satisfy me?!” she roared and slapped his ass viciously making him scream pathetically.

“Alison, Alison, Alison, you never learn do you. Just because your a complete whore doesn’t mean I am too. Now he did do something for me, he pissed me the fuck off and left me hanging so now you get to fix the problem.” she purred.

Allison’s eyes bulged at that comment. She had been with a few girls, but didn’t think Jessi was into that. She welcomed the thought of suckling her large tits and making her scream, maybe even getting her to untie Tyrone so they could have a good threesome. Her hands were undone from the bed, but still left lashed together. Jessi got her to her feet and suddenly bent her over. The belt slapped against Alison’s ass twenty times making her cry out pitifully.

“If you ever send a brain dead piece of shit like this into my room again I will beat you so bad you’ll never be able to sit down properly again! Do I make myself clear?” she roared.

“Yes! I’m so sorry Jessi!” Alison whimpered.

“That’s yes Mistress bitch!” Jessi growled into her face.

“Yes Mistress,”Alison said her head shrinking between her shoulders to get away from Jessi’ snarling visage.

“That’s better bitch. Now on your knees and open wide,” Jessi purred.

Alison dropped to her knees and her eyes bugged out as the massive cock stared at her face. It was throbbing and so silky soft looking.

“Well?” Jessi said harshly.

Alison opened up and her mouth engulfed Jessi’ cock like a glove. Jessi grabbed her hair and began to buck her hips into her mouth. Jessi was amazed at her cock sucking skills and smiled darkly as she began to face fuck her Jessi shoved violently into Alison’s mouth, but surprisingly she didn’t choke. Jessi heard the loud slurping and saw the drool coming off Alison’s lips that was pooling on her chest. After a few minutes of the face fucking Jessi got her to her knees by shoving her back. Without a word Jessi ripped Alison’s top off and stabbed her cock between her drool covered tits and began to stroke herself between the valleys of the pert globes. Alison’s smartly flicked her tongue along the tip of Jessi and soon she began to leak pre-cum. Alison moaned as she tasted the sweet nectar and she couldn’t believe how sweet it was. She eagerly took the head of Jessi in her mouth and sucked it hard. Jessi’ head fell back as Alison resumed her deep throating.

Jessi felt her balls begin to tighten, but didn’t want it to end just yet. She tore her cock out of Alison’s mouth making her whimper pathetically. She grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her to her feet then threw Alison to the dresser. Alison grabbed the edge of it as Jessi appeared behind her. Jessi gripped the hem of her skirt and ripped it up over Alison’s back and tore the thong off her in one rip. Jessi slapped her ass making it jiggle and Alison bent over and spread her legs. Without a word Jessi speared her dripping pussy in one stroke. Alison was surprisingly tight and Jessi was balls deep in no time. She gripped her hips and began to violently plunge in and out of her. The slapping sounds of their hips combined with Alison’s grunts and whimpers filled the room with a strange energy. Jessi continued her assault on Alison’s snug pussy and soon Alison lost it. She came wildly and bucked her ass to meet Jessi’s hard thrusts. Jessi felt her own impending meltdown and continued on in her frantic pace. It was a loud affair when the orgasm hit Alison for the second time. She screamed and threw her head back as Jessi found that sensitive spot in her and savaged it relentlessly.

Jessi felt the trembling walls of Alison’s snug hole and soon she felt her own orgasm build up. She ripped her cock out of her pussy and threw her to the floor. Standing over her Jessi furiously beat her cock and then arched her back as a load came out of her that she didn’t know was possible. Her ropes of seed hit Alison in the face and neck. The load coated Alison as she laid back mouth open to catch as much as she could. Alison’s eyes were wide as the bath washed over her. When it was finally over Alison was literally covered face to tits in Jessi’s thick seed and was shaking as another orgasm ripped through her.

Jessi got it under control and got her eyes open to see Alison covered in her semen and licking her lips trying to get more into her mouth. Without a word Jessi grabbed the camera from the desk and took a good picture of Alison still glossy eyed and semen soaked. Something she would keep for a little leverage should Alison even think to become annoying again. When she took several good pictures she put the camera back and walked back to Tyrone. A smile on her face showed him what was on her mind. She took the head of her cock and shoved it into his mouth.

“Clean me up bitch!” she hissed and he complied.

His tongue cleaned all her semen and Alison’s juices off and then Jessi took it out. She got to her feet and walked back to Alison. A simple look at her showed that Alison was coherent and able to do as told. She reached down and undid the tie and looked at her dead in the face as she slowly spoke so Alison could hear her.

“I own you now slut. If I say come here and bend over that’s what you do am I clear?” she informed Alison who duly nodded her head. “Good girl. Now ground rules are simple; you fuck the people I say you can fuck and if you keep me awake again I will not only tan your hide but the man your fucking will also learn his place in my eyes. Do we have an understanding?” she declared.

“Yes Mistress,” Alison whispered softly.

“Good, now get the fuck out of my room,” she said casually.

Alison got to her knees and Jessi shoved her forward with the tip of her boot. Alison slunk away on her hands and knees as Jessi turned back to Tyrone. His eyes got scared as she slowly stalked towards him heels clicking loudly.

“Now as for you. If you even think of outing me you’ll find this lovely DVD as a boxed set for all your team mates and every NFL scout that may have looked at you. I think I’ll call it, “Tyrone Goes Sissy!” she said using her hands for emphasis. Looking back at him she coldly spat, “And if you doubt me then your sadly mistaken. I’ll have your sorry ass in a school girl outfit and fucked by as many men as I can find. Now get the fuck out of my room and stay away from me Tyrone. This is your only warning!” she declared coldly.

Jessi undid the hitch on his hands letting him slump to the floor. As he was about to get up she stopped him with a boot on his shoulder and shoved his face into the puddle of his semen on the floor.

“You made the mess, you clean it up!” she declared and he was forced to lick up all of it before she let him up.

When she let him up Tyrone pulled up his pants and left the room as fast as he could. The horrified look in his eyes as he ran down the dorm halls was apparent as he ran for his life from that crazy bitch and her skank room mate. Deep in his soul he didn’t want to admit that for all he tried to protest, he actually liked what had just happened. He ran from the dorm and left without a look back.

Jessi reset her bed and sat on it. She smiled darkly at her performance admiring how easy that was. The only thing she would have loved was to have her mother see him beg and simper like that. Jessi was about to lay back when the phone rang. She answered it and listened to the man as he spoke softly on the other end. Her mind went still as she listened to the news on the other end. The phone slipped down from her hand and hit the floor. It was quickly followed by tears.

Jessi made a mad rush to the door and ran out. She flew down the stairs and got into her car. She revved the engine and tore out of the parking lot and out into the streets. Her mind flared as she tried to keep her breathing in check. She was in tears as she finally made it to her destination. Jessi looked up at the hospital with tears streaming down her face. She got from the car and ran in. Quickly she found a nurse and frantically begged her to take her to her mother. Jessi followed the nurse and as she entered the room she saw her mother laying on the bed. Her body was still and her breathing was barely there.

“Momma…” she sobbed as she sank to her knees and grabbed her mother’s loving hand.

Janice heard the sweet voice of her beloved Jessi and though she couldn’t open her eyes a slight smile came to her lips and a tear streaked down her cheek as she felt her daughter’s cheek on her hand. Jessi looked up at her and the tears wouldn’t stop. Janice squeezed Jessi’ hand one last time and the strength flowed out of her body. Jessi felt it and screamed out in denial as her mother’s life faded from this world. The doctors frantically tried to save her from leaving, but it was too late. The car wreck had crushed her body and the only thing that kept her going was the final chance to touch her beautiful baby one last time.

When the doctor called it Jessi slumped to her knees and sobbed. She had never sobbed I public and couldn’t help it. Her mother was gone. The one person she always counted on to be a rock for her was not there. It hurt Jessi profusely as she sobbed into the room. It was at her lowest moment a hand of mercy found her soul. A strong hand touched her shoulder and she turned into it. She gripped the hand and sobbed her eyes out into a very powerful chest. She was slowly engulfed by a pair of strong arms that gripped her tight and didn’t let go. She had no idea who they belonged to, but it didn’t matter. They held her and she felt the strength to stop crying. Looking up through bleary eyes she saw a very large man. His pale skin was slightly tan and his crew cut showed he was Military of some sort. His dark blue eyes shone like beacons pulling her back to reality. His cologne was subtle, but nice and he looked at her warmly.

“Your gonna be alright honey,” he whispered into her ear and helped her up.

Fishing out a handful of tissue he handed them to her and helped her sit down. She looked at him and he simply nodded his head and walked away. She wanted to thank him, but he was around the corner before she could. She got up and looked for him ,but he was gone. They took her mother away and Jessi got to say her final goodbye to the woman who helped her become who she longed to be.

This story contains fisting, BDSM, interracial and older younger themes. If this is not for you please move on

Rachel is twenty one, and married to a much older man who she loves with all her heart. Not only because he was the father of her child but because he was all that she could ever want in a man. Added to that was the fact that she was free to do whatever she wanted, with whoever she wanted. Though Rachel and her husband had experimented with all forms of sex from groups of men, to woman of all ages from eighteen to seventy, she had rarely ever taken advantage of the freedom he gave her.

Rachel was slim with a gorgeous body and a perfectly rounded arse. She was extremely naïve to the effect that she had on men. She had an air of innocence about her that just seemed to attract men like a magnet. But she had no idea the effect she had on men just by being in the same room. She loved sex and did anything that was fun, she had very few if any limits. Her main problem with sex was that she could turn herself on so easily due to a fertile imagination and a seriously over active libido.

Since being married she had dressed to please and now it was just normal dress code for her. Short skirts and never a bra. When she was working she would wear a house coat with only panties underneath. She was also extremely submissive. If a client told her to do an additional room she would do it without question, or cook a meal or any of many other things that had nothing to do with her normal cleaning duties. That submission was about to take housework and extra duties to a whole new level.

Rachel had got into housekeeping by accident. She had offered to help an elderly lady with her housework as she had just had a hip operation. She did so well that it became permanent. The elderly lady had spread the word and Rachel now had several regular clients as well as some one off jobs that she got now and then


She had been cleaning Simon’s house twice a week for several months now. Simon was about fifty and his son Carl and Carls wife Rita, both in their twenties, lived with him. Rachel had met both Carl and Rita who were often at home when she came round to clean the house. They had all at one time or another told Rachel to, make some tea, or cook some toast or even sweep the garden path. All of which she had done without complaint. They treated her like a servant which she accepted as part of her job. She had always answered questions about herself when asked not being able it seemed to refuse to answer them. These questions Carl had taken a little further a couple of times and asked about her sex life. She would blush bright red when he said things that hit the button, and the more she blushed the more blatant he got. Even Rita, who found out that Rachel was bi-sexual, and Simon, who found out that Rachel had no age problems, joined in with the banter sometimes. Rachel would blush and smile and, even though she hated to admit it, she would get turned on at the thought of sex with a black man Something she had never done before.

She went into the house through the back door as usual and went through to the lounge where Simon was sitting reading the paper. This was not unusual and she just carried on with her work after a ‘good morning’. She cleared away cups and glasses and then started to plump up cushions when Simon said, “You have a gorgeous arse Rachel.”

A little shocked she went to straighten up. “No stay there. Just like that.” Simon said calmly as he stood up. Moving over to her he added, “I have wanted to do this for a very long time.” He put his hand on her right buttock and moved in a circular motion. Rachel was frozen to the spot, her pussy already getting wet. She felt no fear or even shock, all she felt was hugely turned on.

As his other hand started to massage her other buttock she couldn’t help but let out a moan of pleasure, and as his hands moved over her hips and up to her breasts she felt her knees start to shake. His hand slipped inside her house coat and as he ran a finger over her nipple she could feel his erection rubbing through his jeans against her bum crack, she opened her legs slightly to accommodate it.

Simon pulled at the house coat and she felt all the poppers come undone. Now one hand moved back to her buttocks, this time touching naked flesh. The hand moved round to her hip and slowly between her legs feeling her sopping wet hole. She raised her head and sighed loudly.

“You really are so fucking hot.”

At that moment Carl walked into the room. “Now that’s what I call a goooood morning.” He said with a laugh.

Rachel was too far gone now to do anything and Simon just continued pushing his fingers into her hole. Carl dropped his dressing gown on to the floor and sat on the settee, lifting Rachel’s arm so that she was now perched over his erection. The sight of it made Rachel gasp out loud. This was the very first black cock she ever seen and the effect on her was electric. Without any hesitation she moved her head down and slowly took his erection into her mouth.

“Fucking hell Rachel your fuckin eager ain’t yer.” Carl said.

Simon moved away for a moment and when he returned Rachel could feel his naked erection playing at her pussy. As it slid into her eagerly awaiting hole she let out a cry of utter animal pleasure. Both men were quite large but she had been fucked by bigger cocks, it was just the thought of being fucked by two black men and the thought that it was father and son made it all the more filthy and all the more fun.

Carl put his hand on Rachel’s head and urged her to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth until she had his cock in her throat, something she had done before and enjoyed. “Fucking hell you suck like a fuckin hoover.”

“I can’t believe this.” Simon said, “I am fucking a young hot cunt while my son gets deep throated. This is so fucking horny.”

“Well save some of her for me you bastards.” Rita said, “I wondered where you had gone Carl you dirty sod. And as for you dad you should know better, corrupting your son like this.”

While both men had stopped thrusting neither of them attempted to remove their cocks from it’s place of pleasure. “Sorry Rita I just couldn’t keep my hands off her any longer. Anyway you said you wanted some of her as well so why not join in. I always wanted to see you naked.”

“Yeah come on babes.” Carl said, “Have a taste.”

“Oh fuck it why not.” Rita said dropping her dressing gown to the floor, “Why should you two have all the fun. Move over make room for me Carl.”

She didn’t give Carl much choice, she was so turned on that she just pushed him out of the way and Rachel found herself eating her first black pussy. The sweet smell of a woman now drove her even further into lustful passion. Carl slipped to the floor and, spreading Rachel’s legs got underneath her. Simon withdrew his cock and allowed his son to pull Rachel down onto his throbbing erection. That left only one hole available and Simon had wanked many times over the opportunity to put his cock into this bum hole.

Not sure just how Rachel would react he fingered her pussy and gathered some of her juice on his fingers, feeling his sons cock inside of her sent a wave of excitement through him that surprised him. He slipped a juicy finger into that tight bum hole and played inside before pushing another finger in. Once he had three fingers in comfortably he put his erection to that hot hole, waiting for some reaction from Rachel. The reaction was for her to push onto him, slowly he pushed his black cock into that welcoming hole. A little at a time to begin with but once she was into a rhythm with him he pushed the rest in, right up to his balls, which bounced on her gorgeous arse cheeks.

Rachel was completely lost now. The men had got into a rhythm that thrust Rachel onto Rita’s pussy and she was licking that clit with every stroke, her hands now gripping Rita’s ample breasts and tweeking her nipples out of pure instinct.

Carl couldn’t believe his luck. He had not fucked another woman since he had married Rita, even though they had all talked about Rachel before he never expected to be fuckin the same woman who was eating his wife’s cunt. Every time he thrust into Rachel he would grip her tits hard and when he felt his dads fingers enter her hole and brush his cock he almost came on the spot, which surprised him more than anything else.

Simon, who had started all this from lust couldn’t believe what was going on. Never in his wildest dreams could he have ever pictured himself shagging a very young woman’s arse while his son fucked her cunt and his daughter in law got a pussy licking. And try as he may he could not stop looking at Rita’s tits and so wanted to help Rachel play with them.

Rita knew that her father in law was looking at her and didn’t care, in fact to her surprise it turned her on. She had often wondered what he thought of her and now, seeing the lust in his eyes as he watched her tits being squeezed by Rachel she finally knew. She also knew that she was going to come, and come hard. Rachel certainly knew how to eat pussy, and by the looks of it loved what a cock or two could do for her as well.

Rachel was lost in all the action. She had given herself up to it in mind and body and as her orgasm mounted she just let go completely. She knew the guys were about to come as they both started to thrust harder and Rita was moaning out loud and pushing up in to her face.

When they did come it was all thrashing bodies and loud moans and even a scream from Rachel who had come both in her arse and her pussy at the same time, something else that was a first for her. Rita bucked up so hard she almost knocked Rachel’s teeth out. Finally the family stopped bucking and fucking and Rachel sagged to the floor along side Carl.

“I need a cock. Now.” Rita gasped. As Carl got up and smiled at her she added, “Not you. You had your bit on the side now I want mine.” And she beckoned to Simon, who instinctively looked at Carl.

Carl just smile and said “I am going to enjoy this as much as you will dad.”

Rita slid forward on the settee so that Simon could make easier entry. Simon started slowly but soon increased his pace. Rita beckoned to Carl for his cock and pulled it to her mouth. Rachel just sat on the floor watching the action and recovering from her own ‘ordeal’. It turned her on all over again.

Carl came first in Rita’s mouth and the sight of his son’s come dribbling down her chin drove him into orgasm which in turn brought on Rita’s.

Carl turned round as his father shot his seed into his wife and offered his cock to Rachel who took it deep, sucking it till it was clean. Then she cleaned up Simons cock and once she had done that she looked to Rita who sat with her feet on the settee, her pussy wide and leaking her father in laws come. Rachel smiled and eagerly cleaned out that come riddled hole while the men stood back and watched as Rita again went into orgasm.

Finally, exhausted, they all sat in silence. Looking from one to the other. After a moment Rita said, “What the fuck just happened.” And burst out laughing. Everyone joined in even Rachel who had still said absolutely nothing.

After a while Simon got up and went into the kitchen returning a while later with three cups of coffee. Handing Rachel one he said, “I don’t know if you take sugar, I will bring the bowl in and you can help yourself.”

“Thank you.” Rachel said quietly. She, like Rita, was totally confused at to what had taken place. All she did know was that she absolutely loved it and hoped it would happen again.

All was silent for quite sometime then Rita looked at Carl, “Are you ok babe. With….” She trailed off and looked at Simon then back to Carl.

“Me!” Carl said, “I fucking loved it. Why the fuck hasn’t it happened before?” He laughed

“Dad?” Rita asked

Simon looked at her and then at his son. “It’s not something I ever would have expected but, if you two are ok with it then….I fucking loved it as well. But maybe right now we should be thinking about Rachel who, after all only came here to tidy up. He looked at Rachel sitting on the floor, naked with her knees up. Carl and Rita looked at her as well, waiting for her to say something finally.

Rachel seemed lost in thought for a moment then seemed to wake up. “What! Me! Oh! Well I just had the best fuck I have ever ever had ever.” She had a huge smile on her face. “But I really must be going. I haven’t even started work yet”

The three of them breathed a sigh of relief. “Yes of course Rachel. I am sorry we kept you so long. Maybe you should leave the cleaning for today.”

The looked on Rachel’s face mixed with the way Simon said it was just too much for them and they all burst out laughing again. Rachel slipped her knickers into her pocket and donned her house coat. “Well I will do a special job on Thursday when I come round.” This provoked another burst of laughter.

Simon reached for his jeans and took out his wallet. “I will still pay you for your work though.” He said with a smile. He took her wages out of his wallet and put it into her hand. He always paid in cash when she was leaving so nothing seemed untoward. Once Rachel was out of the house she took the money out of her pocket and was surprised to find a fifty pound note. She only charged five pounds an hour and she usually spent two hours at Simons so was expecting ten pounds. She smiled, she had wondered what he meant when he said ‘her work’ Now she realised that the ‘work’ he had paid for was the fucking he had given her. She felt really filthy and turned on all over again. Did this make her a whore she thought.

Walking home she wondered just how many of her other male clients looked on her in the same way that Simon did. It wasn’t something that she had ever considered before. Maybe she should take more notice in future. Once she got home she told her husband everything, he had always insisted on honesty so she had no fear of him being annoyed. On the contrary he had been so turned on he had bent her over and fucked her there and then. When she told him about the money he laughed and said, “Well you always wondered what it would be like to be a whore. Now you know you slut.” He did laugh which made her feel even better about it.

Later that evening Rachel was soaking in a much deserved bath. Thinking over what had happened at Simons house. She hoped he would still want her to do his cleaning for him as she couldn’t afford to really lose a regular customer. She also wondered if anything like it would happen again, deciding to play it by ear. She also decided to take more notice of her clients in future and if any of them wanted some extra work done then she would most certainly do her best to please them, if they in turn decided to give her a bonus that was up to them. She thought it a bit unfair to charge extra for something that she enjoyed doing. As it was Monday she would have to wait and see how things panned out with Simon and his family, if they wanted to give her some more added work to do she would be very happy to oblige, paid or unpaid.


Mrs Robinson and Mr Martin. Mrs Robinson was in her eighties and lived in a small bungalow. She only took about an hour to clean but sometimes Rachel would go to the shop for her so by eleven o’clock she was at Mr Martins. Mr Martin was in his sixties and was a retired gardener.

“Morning Mr Martin are you ok today?”

“All the better for seeing you my dear.” He replied

Mr Martin always sat in his chair by the fire, even when it wasn’t lit and watched as Rachel did her chores. Often he would ask her to do this for him or pick that up or go to the shop for him and on a couple of occasions he even asked her to go to the shop with him, holding onto her arm as they walked. Now and again he would put his hand behind her back, allowing it slip down to her bottom sometimes. All this had gone through Rachel’s mind as she walked to his house and she had admit that it probably wasn’t all innocent.

As she worked Mr Martin called out, “Rachel, Rachel.”

She walked into the lounge, “Yes Mr Martin?”

“Sorry to bother you my dear but could you get that magazine off the floor me.”

Rachel was fairly sure that the magazine had not been on the floor when she arrived so she bent down and picked it up slowly, glancing out the corner of her eye she could see Mr Martin trying to look up her housecoat which was of average length but if she bent from the waist was prone to ride up and show a fair amount of her legs. As she stood up she turned her back to him and undid one of the poppers on her housecoat baring a little more of her ample cleavage. She walked over to him and bent over to hand him the magazine.

“There you are Mr Martin.” She said, leaning forward. “Anything else I can do for you sir.” She deliberately added the sir even though she wasn’t sure why.

“No thank you my dear.” He said eyes glued to her cleavage and magazine thrust into his lap to cover, what seemed, a growing erection.

“I will carry on then. Just call if you want me sir. For anything.” She smiled and then left the room. Once out of sight she undid another popper. She could feel herself getting wet.

“You slut.” She said to herself.

Sure enough five minute later, “Oh Rachel, Rachel have you got a minute please.”

“Yes sir.” Rachel said, “Coming.”

As she entered the room he said, “Be a doll and plump my cushion up for me there’s a good girl.”

To do this Rachel needed to stand in front of him and pull him forward till his head was on her chest. Now that she had undone the extra popper his head was in fact buried between her tits and each time she punched the cushion he got pushed further into that wonderful cleavage. Once she had finished she pulled his head from it’s chosen place and moved him back. Still leaning forward she said, “There we are sir. Is that better for you.”

“Oh yes dear much better.” All this time his hand had been in his lap hidden under the magazine.

“Well if I can give you a, eeerr, hand with anything else you just tell me sir, anything at all.” Her gaze dropped to the magazine in his lap.

“Oh I will Rachel I will. Anything, you say? Anything at all?”

“Absolutely anything sir.” She smiled and waited for a second to see if he would ask anything else. He didn’t so she left the room. A minute later

“Oh damn. Rachel, Rachel dear I have had an accident.”

Rachel went into the lounge to find him with his cup in his hand and his tea in his lap. Now Mr Martin was not a shaker, his hands were always quite still so how this happened Rachel wasn’t sure but she knew what he wanted from her. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a tea towel. Getting on her knees in front of him she started to slowly wipe the tea up from his lap. Making very sure she brushed his erection frequently.

“Am I doing it right sir.” She smiled as he gazed again down at her cleavage.

“Oh yes Rachel. Perfect, absolutely perfect.”

“Do you like the view sir?” She asked giving an extra hard rub on his cock “Or would you like to open the curtains a bit more sir?” As she said this she raised herself up enough for him to reach the ‘curtains’ if he so wished.

“Well yes a little wider would be very nice dear.” His now uncharacteristically trembling hands reached forward and undone another popper. “Maybe one more.” and another was undone. Her tits were now on open view. He could clearly see that her nipples were engorged and her chest was heaving with her own arousal.

“Does that please you sir?”

“Oh yes my dear enormously.” he said breathing more erratically now

Rachel had dropped the tea towel by now and was blatantly rubbing his cock as she looked into his eyes. She moved her hand up to his zipper and still looking into his eyes she pulled it down and reached in for that cock. “If there is anything more I can do to help you sir tell me sir and I will do it sir.” His cock was now free of it’s restraint and Rachel was surprised at the size of it. It was only about eight inches long but must have been at least three inches round. Her small hands only just got round it.

“Well if you would like to move a little closer I am sure it would help enormously.”

Rachel thought he wanted a blow job so went to put his cock into her mouth but as she moved forward one hand went to her breast and the other to her head stopping her from putting it in her mouth. The hand on her tit was now squeezing her nipple hard, hard enough to make her moan with pleasure.

“Do you like that Rachel.”

“Oh yes sir it feels good sir.”

“You have wonderful hands my dear. Wonderful. Open your mouth there’s a good girl”

Rachel did as she was asked and with a final squeeze on her nipple Mr Martin shot his seed all over her face and into her mouth. Rachel had no idea the last time he had come but his stream just seemed to spurt jet after jet of hot semen onto her face. She swallowed what went into her mouth but that was soon replaced by even more until finally, exhausted and drained of fluid Mr Martin fell back into his seat.

“Thank you my dear that was most helpful. I would appreciate it if you stayed just as you are while you finish your chores.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.” She replied

She finished her work uninterrupted and when she was done she went back into the lounge. “I have done my work sir may I get ready to leave now sir.”.

He was reading his paper which he folded up and put aside. “Kneel down here my dear.” He said pointing between his knees. She did as she was told. “Now I want you to use your hands to wipe all that lovely come off your face and then I want you to lick your hands clean. Understood?”

“Yes sir.” She expected him to fondle her tits while she did it but instead he just watched as she wiped every drop of sticky dry come off her face and licked it from her hand. Once she had finished she put her hand in her lap and waited for him to inspect her.

“Very good my dear. Now you may wash yourself. Come and see me before you leave.”

As she washed her face she realised that the way she had acted with him, calling him sir, was purely on instinct and that the more she said it the more confident he got and the more demanding. Maybe she had found his true nature. She didn’t do her house coat up as he had not told her to do so. When she returned to the lounge he said, “Good I am glad you only did as I asked and left your self on view to me. In future when you arrive you will wear stockings, a short skirt and thin top with buttons. I may allow you to stay dressed or I may want you to walk around naked.”

“Yes sir.” Rachel said

“Here is your pay.” He said handing her an envelope which he always did. “Now I want you to leave your buttons undone till you have left the house when you can do them up. Understood?”

“Yes sir. Will that be all sir?”

“Yes, you may go.”

As she closed the door the feeling of excitement being half naked outside really turned her on. While she didn’t want to be seen she hoped she would be. Even when she started doing the poppers up she did it slowly and was disappointed when nobody walked past her. She did however leave an extra popper undone and decided that in future she would never go above her cleavage while working. When she opened up her wage packet she was pleased to see that he had put in an extra ten pounds for her ‘bonus’ work. Again she told her husband what had happened and again they fucked each other crazy. As he was a dominant man anyway he thoroughly approved of her behaviour, and as he put it, her etiquette. Complimenting her on her instincts.

As her husband had told her she could keep all her bonus money Rachel started to think of things she could buy with it. Deciding that she may eventually need to get some special clothing she chose to save it and see what happened. She also decided to take her housecoat up a couple of inches and in future she would wear stay ups or stockings and suspenders. But not till after Friday when she would see Sir again.


Today was an easy day if not a very nice one. She had the whole day free to do some window shopping and spend time with the baby. She only had Mr Roberts office at six this evening. Mr Roberts was the middle aged son of another of Rachel’s elderly clients. He was also a very rude man and very sexist. Always making remarks about how she would look stretched over his desk naked and things like that. The fact that Rachel never commented and completely ignored him seemed to drive him on to being more and more course. Secretly the fact that she disliked him turned her on as she would often fantasise about him doing what he wanted with her and then she could just say something like “Oh are you finished already” Or “Is that it then?”

She enjoyed her day and even bought a new set of suspenders and some stockings, in black of course, which she intended to wear next Tuesday for Mr Martin, or Sir as she called him now.

As Rachel arrived for work she was more nervous than usual, even anticipating what may occur. Her experiences thus far this week had been more than she would ever have expected. The second floor office was a single room with three desks on each side and Mr Roberts desk at the end. The office finished at five thirty except for Mr Roberts who stayed till Rachel had finished her work. As usual Rachel went to each desk emptying the bins first, Mr Roberts was watching her from the moment she entered. With her raised hemline and her lowered popper level she had no doubt that he was trying his best to get glimpses of her body that he had never seen before. As she approached his desk she was impelled to avert her gaze from him, something she had always done. She just couldn’t look him in the eye.

“Your looking well horny today Rachel.” He said raising one leg up onto the desk “Flashing all that tit for me are you?”

As usual Rachel ignored him, but she did take just a little longer than normal to empty the bin, bending over just that little bit further than needed.. As she stood up Rachel realised she was shaking. What the hell was she playing at. She was never like this. She always just ignored him and got on with her work as quickly as possible. Doing her best to seem calm she turned and walked away.

“Nice to actually see your tits for once Rachel.” He said, “Answer me a question will you?”

Rachel ignored him and continued walking away. “Rachel!” He shouted. The call was such a shock that she stopped. “Come here.” He ordered

Despite her head saying ignore him ignore him her feet turned her around and walked her back to his desk. Her hands shakily holding the bag of rubbish in front of her. He was still sitting with one leg up on his desk and the other on the floor, seemingly offering his crotch for her gaze. “That’s better. Now. You have shown me that you don’t have a bra on so would you answer me a question?” Afraid to say anything she just nodded in the affirmative.

“Do you have any panties on Rachel?”

The question was such a shock she looked, for the first time ever, directly at him. He had a huge smile on his face.

She turned round and, as fast as she could headed out of the office to the cupboard where she kept her cleaning tools, tears welling in her eyes. Why she had tears she didn’t know. It wasn’t anger, or embarrassment. So what was it? She really had no idea. Pulling herself together she grabbed her dusting cloth and went back into the office determined to completely ignore him. She dusted each section getting slower and slower, trying to avoid doing his section but all along knowing that she would eventually have no choice. He sat silently, watching her every move, smiling as she moved closer and closer. Finally she was at his desk. He wheeled away from the desk as he always did to give her room to get around it. Only this time as soon as she was in front of him he wheeled his chair back in with his legs either side of her, effectively trapping her. To get away she would have to step over his leg. He was so close to her that if she didn’t lean forward she would have fallen into his lap. Her hands placed on the desk for balance she said nothing, waiting for him to pull away and stop this silly game.

“I asked you a question Rachel.” He said in his most authoritative voice, “It seems I will have to find out for myself.”

She felt his hands on her naked leg and tried to say no but while the words formed no sound left her lips. As his hand reached her buttocks, and the edge of her panties “Yes.” She said quietly, “Yes I have some on. Now please let me do my work, please.”

His hands however did not stop. They ran over her buttocks and up to the elastic at her waist. “You should have answered me straight away Rachel. Now I think you owe me for being un-respectful. I will take these as penalty.” And he yanked her panties down to her knees. She gasped out loud, unable to stop him.

To her surprise he moved back, enabling her to stand upright. Then of course she realised this was for his benefit not hers as her panties dropped to the floor. “Step out of them Rachel.” With her back to him she did as she was told. Completely unable to justify to herself why she did not just run, or even object. “Now pick them up and hand them to me.”

Again she did as she was told. Her head was in such a mess, telling her no, don’t do it. While her body just obeyed. He took them from her shaking hand and put them to his nose.

“They are wet Rachel. I can taste your sweet cunt juice on them. You may carry on with your work now.”

Obediently she finished dusting his desk, all the while expecting him to again trap her. All the while screaming at her pussy to stop dripping juices.

Next she had to vacuum the carpet. This at least was noisy enough to stop him talking to her. She did the open area and then it was his area. She hesitated, waiting for him to move his chair away but when he did her knees almost gave way. He said nothing, he never touched her but she was in total shock. Mr Roberts sat with a huge grin on his face and huge erection where his trousers should have been.

“Well not so huge,” she thought through her shock, “in fact quite normal.” but erect he certainly was. She seemed hypnotised but it. The cleaner still running but not moving, it seemed impossible to avert her gaze. Even worse her mouth was wide open. “Run” her head said, “Run.”

“On your knees Rachel.” He said sternly.

The demand shook some semblance of reality back into her. But she didn’t move. She didn’t run.

“Now!” He shouted. Her legs collapsed. She fell to her knees, still gazing at his erection as it got closer and closer. Again she could feel the tears welling in her eyes but still couldn’t explain why, not even as she lowered her head over his erect phallus. “Now make it good or you could find yourself finishing your work naked like the slut you are.” His hand rested on her head

Slowly she began to work on his cock and then as the thought of being naked in his presence urged her on to greater effort. Her husband had always said how great she was at sucking cock and she used every little trick she knew. Flicking her tongue over the head, playing with his balls with her free hand, and taking him deep into her throat, where he delivered his seed. Without any warning his come went straight into her belly until he pulled out enough for the second jet to stay in her mouth. Quickly followed by another and another. She swallowed most of it but some escaped from her mouth and run down her chin. As he removed his hand she let him slip out of her mouth, unable to look at him she sat there waiting For what? She had no idea.

“Stand up.” He ordered. She did as she was told. “Not good enough Rachel. You allowed some of my precious spunk to get away. So I have no option but to punish you yet again. Strip.”

Shocked, she again looked him in the face, “I….I….Mr Roberts…I just….”

Roberts jumped out of his chair. “Now! Do not defy me.”

Rachel shrunk back, her hands flying to her poppers, dropping her housecoat to the floor. Her hands instinctively trying to cover her pussy, her dripping wet pussy.

“I have always wanted to see you naked Rachel. As I have always wanted you to suck my cock.” His hands roamed over her tits and down her back, she could smell his arousal which in turn aroused her more than her head wanted. He pinched her nipples and ran a hand between her bum crack. Her body reacted by opening her legs to allow him entry. He brushed his finger over her bum crack and then moved on round to her waiting cunt, throbbing in anticipation. Her legs shaking, almost giving way again.

“I knew you were a slut, a little whore. You love it don’t you Rachel?” She remained silent. “Put your hands on the desk and bend over. I am going to fuck you like the bitch slut you are.”

Her breathing was now heavy and erratic, her cunt throbbing for attention. She did as she was told. He pulled her back slightly and then rammed his cock into her as hard as he could. She screamed. Even worse. She orgasmed, instantly, constantly, from the moment of entry her body craved the violation he forced upon her.

“Didn’t I always tell you how much you would love it you slut.” Roberts said as he wildly thrust into her. “You cock loving whore, you fucking slut, whore bitch. Aaarrrggghhhh oooohh yes you fuckin bitch.mmmmmm” He shot his seed deep into her and kept thrusting until his legs could take no more. As he pulled out Rachel collapsed onto his desk, still in orgasm. Writhing in unexpected and uncontrollable ecstasy, she slid to the floor and rolled up in a ball.

“Get your filthy cunt juice off my cock bitch.” Roberts said, standing in front of her. Still shaking she got to her knees and slid her lips around his cock. She had done this many times so no concentration was needed thankfully. After a moment he stepped back and she fell forward, now on her hands and knees. “Now get your work finished. I have a wife to get home to.”

Suddenly hit with shame at the mention of his wife Rachel reached for her housecoat. He stamped his foot on it. “When your finished you can dress. Now get a move on.”

All she had left to do was wash the central vinyl flooring. Her orgasm was still raging though at least under some control. She didn’t think of him at all as she rushed to finish but she knew he was watching as she swished the mop from side to side that he would be watching the sway of her breasts. Thankfully he made no further moves on her. Once finished she returned to his desk and stood waiting for him to remove his foot from her clothing. He was now dressed and looked like nothing had happened. She quickly dressed and he handed her a wage packet. “As ever Rachel you have done a great job. See you next week.” She turned and in a daze left the building.

She needed to calm down and relax for a moment so she walked to a nearby park and sat down on a bench. She drank some coke from a bottle she always took to work and calmed her breathing. Thinking about it she had to admit that she loved every minute of it. Even though she hated the man she loved it all. It certainly did not go as she had fantasised, and she doubted whether she would ever have the courage now to say anything like ” Is that it?”

She opened up her wage packet and was disappointed but not surprised to find her normal ten pounds in it. She smiled to herself and made her way home. As ever she told her husband what had happened and he smiled at her, not having the energy he said to act on his arousal. She gave him a hug and went for a long hot shower.


Busy day today. Simon, Mrs Ash and Miss Applegate.

Rachel arrived at Simon’s house with some trepidation but decided to just go about things in her normal manner, though she secretly hoped something may happen. Simon was at home and seemed his usual self, a bit nervous maybe but his usual self. Several times over the next hour Rachel thought he was going to do or say something and was eagerly waiting for that hard black cock to enter one of her eagerly awaiting orifices in some way or other, but nothing. By the time she left she was hot, horny very frustrated and extremely disappointed.

Mrs Ash had left her usual written instructions. The only additions being that Mrs Ash’s two son’s were home from university and there rooms would need doing. Rachel took it in her usual stride. Mrs Ash was a very formal employer and Rachel knew very well that the boy’s or young men, would not be up for at least another hour or so. A little over an hour later as she was leaving the master suite and wondering if the boys were awake yet Jimmy walked out of his room wearing only his boxer shorts and showing what Rachel knew by now to be a man’s usual morning erection. She wasn’t sure who was most embarrassed. She acted like nothing had happened, apart from a red face, and went downstairs for a cup of coffee, allowing them further time to wake up.

As she finished her coffee Jimmy came into the kitchen, still in his boxer shorts, and started making some toast. Rachel’s instinctive response as he walked in was to see if he still had his erection, Just a little disappointed she saw it had gone, however Jimmy saw her looking and smiled at her which made her even more embarrassed. She went to rush out of the kitchen and ran straight into Mark, the elder of the two brothers, who was also dressed in his boxers. As she passed him her heart was pounding and her pussy was twitching like a maniac. She had been frustrated when she arrived because nothing happened at Simon’s, now she was screaming to be fucked, by anyone. She rushed to the bathroom and shut the door, spending five minutes to calm her raging out of control libido. Once calm she left the bathroom and went to the boy’s room. Knocking before walking in as the door was open.

The room was in fact two very large rooms with a huge adjoining door which was left open most of the time. The boy’s were sitting in armchairs eating toast and drinking coffee, still wearing boxers and , Rachel’s fertile mind believed, sitting to show off their bodies, all their bodies as they were both sitting with their legs spread wide.

Rachel did her best to ignore them doing her work as best as she could. Luckily Mrs Ash never expected too much from her when the boys were home but Rachel found herself doing more than she usually would, all the time glimpsing at one boy or the other. Several times she caught a glimpse of cock and, her face bright red, she averted her gaze. But found it impossible not to look again, and again. The boys giggled on occasion and she was sure they were teasing her deliberately. Finally she could take no more and gathered up her things.

As she was walking out of the room Mark said, “We can take the boxers off if it would help.”

Rachel stopped at the door and took a deep breath before moving on. “Next time then Rachel ok.” Jimmy laughed.

Rachel got out as quickly as she could before she lost all control. Mrs Ash always paid her money into the bank monthly so she had no wages to collect. She took a deep breath as she left the house and again spent time calming her severely aching pussy before continuing on her way.

She stopped at a local café and had her usual cup of coffee before going on to Miss Applegate. As she sipped at her coffee she let her mind wonder over the week. She still found it hard to believe it all but did admit that not one single part of it did she regret, except maybe Simon not fucking her again which she found a little confusing and hugely frustrating. When she thought about the two boys she posed herself a question. If they had tried something what would she have done. She knew immediately that she would have done anything that they asked, or should she say, anything they wanted, which was nearer the truth. By the time she had finished her coffee she was even more turned on than when she had arrived at the coffee shop.

Miss Applegate was a domineering woman. Very much in charge of her life and very demanding, often making Rachel redo something that she had already cleaned. Although Miss Applegate was single, at times it was obvious that her boyfriend had stayed the night though Rachel had never seen him. Miss Applegate worked in a nightclub till 2am somewhere in town so Rachel had her own key and was instructed not to use the vacuum till after midday.

Rachel let herself in and started by gathering up any glasses and crockery that she found in the lounge, taking them to the kitchen. It was only eleven thirty so she dusted and polished the living room and dinning room and then went upstairs to do the bathroom. She gathered up any clothing that was spread around and put it into the laundry basket, admiring some of the lingerie as she did so. Once cleaned she went to the spare bedroom to see if it needed any attention, it didn’t so she turned and saw Miss Applegate walking to the bathroom.

Miss Applegate was about five foot eight so quite tall for a woman and she had, what Rachel thought, was a wonderful body. Often Rachel had seen Miss Applegate semi dressed or as now dressed in just a short see through nighty. Averting her eyes from that body she said “Morning Miss Applegate”

Obviously still half asleep Miss Applegate looked up and said, “Morning Rachel. Is it that time already? Be a honey and make me some coffee.”

“Yes Miss Applegate.” Rachel replied and shuffled off to the kitchen, head still bowed.

The coffee maker was still whirring when Miss Applegate sat at the kitchen table, still dressed in that flimsy nighty. Rachel had seen this before but for some inexplicable reason after the week that she’d had this week Rachel noticed for the first time the roundness of those tits and how they stood up without any help from a bra, the long thin legs leading up to a pussy with only the slightest tuft of hair at the point of her slit and the strong hips. How Miss Applegate’s hair, even straight out of bed, seemed to be just right. “Rachel. Coffee.” Miss Applegate said waving her hand in the air.

Rachel realised she was daydreaming about Miss Applegate’s body. “Sorry Miss Applegate.” She said. Turning the coffee machine off she poured out a steaming cup and put it on the kitchen table.

Rachel turned back to the sink and started to unconvincingly look like she was going to wash dishes which was rather silly as she knew full well that Miss Applegate had a dishwasher.

“Do you like my nighty then Rachel?” Miss Applegate asked.

Rachel kept her back to Miss Applegate as she replied. “Yes it’s….nice Miss Applegate.”

“Nice! Is that all Rachel? Nice!” Miss Applegate said, “Turn around and have another look.”

Rachel felt her knees begin to shake. She had always been just a little afraid of Miss Applegate due to her very dominant nature. Rachel slowly turned around keeping her eyes to the floor.

“Look at me Rachel.” Miss Applegate said smiling, “What do you see?”

Rachel looked in Miss Applegate’s direction but found it impossible to look directly at her. “I’m not sure what you mean Miss Applegate.” Rachel said softly her eyes back on the floor in front of her and her fingers entwined in front of her.

Miss Applegate stood up and moved in front of Rachel, so close that Rachel had no choice but to look upon those wonderful firm breasts. She tried to avert her eyes but is was impossible to not see them. “Do you like my body Rachel?” Miss Applegate asked with a smile, “Does it turn you on Rachel?”

Rachel was a little surprised at the question and almost looked up into Miss Applegate’s face but stopped feeling that she not, in someway, allowed to do so. She remained silent. “Our me another coffee and bring it through.” Miss Applegate said walking towards the lounge.

“Yes Miss Applegate” Rachel said. She nervously poured the coffee and took it to the lounge where she found Miss Applegate sitting on the settee with one leg on the floor and the other on the settee. In this position Rachel couldn’t miss the open view of Miss Applegate’s pussy. She was holding what looked like a piece of a leather belt but it was only about fifteen inches long so Rachel wasn’t sure what it was. Rachel put the coffee on the small table at the side of the settee and went to leave.

“Wait.” Miss Applegate said sternly. “Stand here.” She was pointing with the strap that she held to a point directly in front of her.

Like an automaton Rachel did as she was told. Hands held in front of her, head bowed. Miss Applegate stood up and walked around Rachel. “If I ask you a question Rachel, I want an answer. Understood?”

Rachel said nothing. The next second she felt a slap on her right buttock. Not hard but enough to get her attention. “Yes Miss Applegate.” Rachel said.

“Do you like my body Rachel?”

Rachel couldn’t bring herself to answer until she again felt a slap on her bum from the strap. This time harder, more painful. Sending shocks through her body down to her already wet pussy, why she was wet she had no idea. But she still gave no reply. This time the pain she got when the strap made contact was leg shaking. Rachel’s pussy throbbed in time with the throbbing pain on her arse. Before she even realised she had replied, “Yes!” Her legs were again threatening to give way.

Standing behind Rachel Miss Applegate whispered into her ear, “Are you gay Rachel?”

“No!” No hesitation this time more from the feeling of insult than any fear of the strap.

Miss Applegate now stood in front of Rachel with her arms crossed giving Rachel a close look at the strap that had inflicted the pain. It was about fifteen inches long and three inches wide and the ends were split for about three inches. Miss Applegate used the strap to push Rachel’s housecoat to one side so that she could get a look at her breasts. Not happy with the view she said, “Undo it.”

Now Rachel did look up at Miss Applegate. What she saw was a woman in her element. Dominant. In control. Miss Applegate moved out of Rachel’s view and Rachel heard the strap rush through the air before it made contact. The pain she felt brought a moan of pleasure pain from her mouth and her knees almost gave way completely her pussy felt like it ejaculated juice. She immediately pulled her housecoat apart.

“That’s better. Now I can see as much of you as you can of me.” Miss Applegate said., Still walking around Rachel inspecting her from all angles. “Now drop it.”

“Miss Apple….” Rachel didn’t get any further. The strap hit her buttocks with such force she fell to her knees. Her cunt was now on the very edge of orgasm. Slowly she got to her feet and dropped the housecoat to the floor.

Miss Applegate stood in front of Rachel now, “Have you ever licked cunt Rachel?”

Rachel found herself torn between answering and remaining silent and couldn’t understand why she didn’t just say “Yes.” This time the paddle slapped her hard than ever on her right breast. The unexpectedness of the location and severity of the slap was too much for Rachel who fell to the floor in orgasm.

Miss Applegate laughed and sat on the settee. She reached out for Rachel and pulled her by the hair to where she sat. “Eat my cunt you bitch. Now!” She said pushing Rachel’s face into her wet hole. Rachel hesitated but from somewhere Miss Applegate had pulled a belt or whip that she swung across Rachel’s back. It was long enough to not only slap Rachel’s buttocks but go between the gap and slice into her already throbbing cunt.

Rachel screamed but the sound was muffled as she threw herself deeper into Miss Applegate’s pussy. The more Miss Applegate used that whip the more frenzied both women became. Throwing themselves into the debauchery like a pair of wild dogs attacking prey. Rachel’s orgasm was now self sustaining. She didntneed to do anything to keep it going. Her legs were like jelly and not even strong enough to hold her on her knees. She was splayed out as wide as she could be and if she let go of Miss Applegate’s waist she new she would just slide like a boneless jelly to the floor. Her cries of pleasure and pain buried deep inside Miss Applegate’s writhing body.

When Miss Applegate finally came she ejaculated her juices into Rachel’s mouth and all over her face and still had enough to run onto the settee. Finally, both exhausted women collapsed in a pile. Rachel on the floor and Miss Applegate on the settee. Neither of them said or did anything for a full five minutes.

Rachel was the first to move. Crawling into the kitchen before she was able to pull herself to the sink and splash water in her face, clearing away Miss Applegate’s come juice from her eyes. “Go and have a shower Rachel.” Rachel spun round terrified that Miss Applegate was going to inflict more pain on her. “Go and have a shower Rachel. We need to talk.” Miss Applegate said. “Don’t worry you have completely knackered me out I could even raise myself let alone a whip.” She flopped into the kitchen chair and smiled.

Rachel didn’t say anything, just went up and again stood under a steaming hot shower after having some awesome sex with one of her customers. She had a feeling of pride that she had tired Miss Applegate out so much. Nobody had ever told her that before. Lots of other things but never quite in that fashion. As she left the bathroom Miss Applegate entered it. “Make some coffee I will be down in a minute.”

“Yes Miss Applegate.” Rachel said.

By the time Miss Applegate came down |Rachel had donned her housecoat and was sipping at a hot cup of coffee. She poured one for Miss Applegate and stood at the sink waiting for her to say something. “Sit down Rachel.” Miss Applegate said. Rachel took the seat she had been in and sipped at her coffee.

“Do you know what a Domme is Rachel?”

“No Miss Applegate.”

“Well you do now. I am a Domme. I enjoy inflicting pain on my sexual partners, usually men. But I have never felt with any of them the way I did in there with you. You are just such an innocent it seems. It has always attracted me but I never, before today ever expected that you would be quite so submissive. Or quite so….so…. passionate, eager even.”

“I’m sorry Miss Applegate.” Rachel said, “I didn’t mean….”

“You silly girl. It was a compliment. You sucked my cunt dry in there. I can’t remember ever spurting so much in all my life and I want more.” Rachel’s head shot up. Fear on her face. “No not right now. Maybe next time you come round. But I don’t know how you feel about it. I don’t even know if you enjoyed it, I was just so lost in it all.” Miss Applegate said, “Did you?”

“I don’t think I have ever not been able to walk after having sex. The pain was shocking but the feelings it gave me were like nothing I have ever felt before. I don’t know how much of it I could take but I would like to find out, slowly though. If that’s alright Miss Applegate.”

“So will you be my regular sub then. That means submissive which is what you are, a submissive and a bloody good one too. It’s so natural for you.”

“Yes Miss Applegate.” Rachel said. “I would like to be your….submissive.”

“Good. Now I think it is time for you to get home or your husband will be knocking on my door. I have you wages her. Plus a little bonus.”

“Thank you Miss Applegate. I will see you next week.”

Rachel left Miss Applegate’s with a spring in her step and a pain across her bum that was a constant reminder of the pleasure she had just received, and it would seem had given. When she opened her wage packet she was stunned to find a fifty pound bonus on top of her normal wage. At a rough guess she calculated she had made nearly one hundred and fifty pounds extra this week


Mrs Bolton and Mr Martin

Mrs Bolton was Rachel’s very first customer. She lived in a small house and only really used two rooms and the kitchen so it never took long to do her chores. The long chatting and constant cups of tea is what took the time but she felt that she owed it Mrs Bolton as it was her that started Rachel on the road to work, and she knew that the old lady was lonely. She did make comment on Rachel’s clothing but as she had the housecoat over her short skirt and her poppers all done up there was nothing untoward, just the shorter hemline which Mrs Bolton commented on with a little twinkle in her eye. Rachel, as ever, blushed but said nothing.

Rachel entered Mr Martins house and went straight to the lounge for inspection. She showed no surprise when she saw that Mr Martin sat in his chair naked and with an already rising erection. “Good morning Sir.” She was wearing a very short grey pleated skirt and a white blouse which was undone to the waist and tucked into the elastic waistband of the skirt. No panties and of course no bra. Her suspenders and stockings were clearly visible even without any bending over. She was the perfect St Trinians schoolgirl with her hair in bunches. This again was an instinctive idea she had that Mr Martin wanted her to be as young as possible

“Good morning my dear.” He said looking her up and down, his erection rising even further. “You look stunning. But look what you have done to me.” He looked down at his erection.

Putting on her practiced little girl lost look Rachel bent forward to get a closer look and to allow her breast to rub against the tightly bound blouse, enough of her tits were visible for Mr Martins erection to reach completion “Oh! I am sorry Sir. Have I been a bad girl Sir?”

“You most certainly have. I will have to spank your bottom my girl. Come here.”

Rachel knew what he wanted and lay herself across his knee. Doing her best to keep some weight on her open knees as she did so. She didn’t want to hurt his legs which she knew were quite weak. She felt his erection against her tits and his hand raise her skirt, bearing her buttocks. He ran his hand up her leg, feeling the texture of the stockings and then running onto the naked flesh, slipping a finger into the suspender as he rose up to her naked buttocks. She had never been spanked before. Miss Applegate had used a paddle. Slap! The first hit sent a shockwave through her that went straight to her cunt. Each subsequent slap followed the same path and after the third slap Mr Martins fingers were making contact with a very wet pussy. His breathing was getting heavier and heavier and his cock was throbbing so hard Rachel was sure he was going to come all over her blouse.

When he did come his hands couldn’t keep up with the spanking so Rachel rolled her tits over his erection to finish him off. His come on her blouse felt warm and sticky and she almost came at the thought of what a filthy dirty whore she was being. As Mr Martin relaxed Rachel stopped her rolling and waited for his orders.

“Let that be a lesson to you miss. If you are naughty like that again I will punish you even more. Now get that top off and get on with your work.”

“Yes Sir.” Rachel said and standing up she slowly removed her come covered blouse and placed it into Mr Martins outstretched hand.

She didn’t know why but as she walked around the house doing her chores she was bouncing along like a child, maybe it was just in keeping with the clothes or maybe she felt it was what Mr Martin wanted but she was enjoying it. She quickly did the kitchen and then went to the lounge dinning room which was open plan. Mr Martin’s chair was at one end, so from the moment she entered he could watch her at work. She constantly bent over for him and stayed that way longer than was needed just for his pleasure.


“Yes Sir.” Rachel said as she lay across the dining table.

“Come over here my dear. Bring a chair with you.”

She did as she was told and stood in front of him with the chair in hand. “Turn around my dear and put the chair down but don’t let it go.” A bit bemused she did as she was told. “No keep your hands on the chair and shuffle back a little will you. That’s it now spread your legs wide.”

Now she realised what he was doing. In this position he could see right into her wet pussy so she wasn’t surprised to feel is fingers probe inside her wet hole. He finger fucked her for a few seconds before entering another finger and then another till all fingers and his thumb were inserted in her now seriously throbbing pussy. She spread her legs a bit wider and squatted to accommodate as much of his fist as she could. He was fucking her hard now and her pussy was flooding juices almost as fast as her mouth was seeping moans of pleasure. She could feel him straighten his fingers out as he pushed further and further into her hot hole and then suddenly he was inside her. His fist entered with a pop. She had never had a full fist in her cunt before. Rachel exploded into orgasm, her legs almost collapsing which pushed his fist in so far she could feel him brushing against her womb. She was crying now and screaming with pleasure.

Mr Martin was grunting with each push of his hand as though he was determined to enter her womb. Finally Rachel had to fall to her knees, she couldn’t stay upright any longer. She pushed the chair back as she fell and rested her head on the floor. Mr Martin’s hand slipped from her throbbing wet cunt and she felt him move behind her.

“I have always admired your bottom Rachel. If it’s not too much trouble for you I am going to fuck it.”

Rachel knew that this was his way of asking permission. After all not every woman like her arse being fucked, unlike Rachel who loved it. “I am yours to do with as you please Sir.” Rachel said shakily still going through her orgasm. She felt a finger slide into her dirt box and guessed it was still covered in her cunt juices he slipped another in but at this point the must have been desperate to get his cock in that warm hole as he rose up, brushed at the entrance and then slowly slid into that dark place. Rachel’s orgasm immediately rose up again and as he started thrusting into her she could feel her anal orgasm rising rapidly. She started to push back on him and it took only seconds for him to come in her dirt box, but that was long enough for Rachel to reach a double orgasm in her arse and cunt. She was now ferile, thrusting back and screaming for more. But try as he may poor Mr Martin could go not further and slumped back into his chair while Rachel curled up on the floor till her orgasm finished. Finally she sat on her knees and faced him. “I’m sorry Sir for taking so long to recover.”

“That’s perfectly alright my dear. It’s nice to know that I can still do that to a woman, especially one so young. Now be a good girl and clean me up please.”

With a smile Rachel leant forward and took his soft cock into her mouth and gave it a really good clean up. So good in fact that it began to get hard again. She pulled away and looked down at the floor without saying anything.

“Well done child. As much as I would love to come all over your face I think for now we should call it a day. Go and get cleaned up there’s a good girl.”

Rachel put on her childish grin and skipped off to the bathroom. As she cleaned her self up she felt her fanny and was surprised how quickly it had closed back up. Her hair was in a mess so she took out what was left of the bunches and combed it straight. She went back downstairs and entered the lounge where Mr Martin was now dressed and waiting. He pointed to the floor between his legs and Rachel dutifully knelt on that spot with her hands in her lap.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your visits this week my dear and hope that I have not been too much trouble for you.” He said quietly.

Rachel looked into his eyes and smiled. “Not at all Sir. I have enjoyed it immensely and hope I can be of further service to you next week.”

“You certainly can my dear. However. Due to my, shall we say, lack of vigour I was thinking of inviting some of my friends around on Tuesday, if that would be alright with you. They would of course be happy to pay for the…. Entertainment.”

“I am here to serve you Sir and will be more than happy to do whatever Sir desires of me.”

“I hoped you would say that. Now put this back on,” He said handing her blouse to her, “and here is your wages for the day.”

Rachel put the blouse on and put the wages in her skirt pocket. Will that be all Sir?”

“Yes my dear, just one thing. I want you to go home just as you are, all the way home and dress in those clothes on Tuesday. I do enjoy you in stockings. Lovely my dear lovely. Off you go now.”

Chapter 6 is here for all you kids who love this that much. Enjoy it and vote and comment as you need to. Winderboy did a great job editing and I am working on the next parts to keep this going. From here on out it gets more fun and hopefully more enjoyable. so sit back relax and enjoy it as it goes!

Twins! My beloved Rayne was having twins. Kimmy and Amber went with us to her final ultrasound appointment. At seven months, Rayne was getting huge, but it only made me love her more. The way she glowed made her appear more angelic than ever and I couldn’t spend enough time in her presence. She worried constantly that her figure was going to be ruined and that I wouldn’t love her because of it. It took constant reassuring to convince her that nothing could be further from the truth.

At the doctor’s office, not only did we learn she was having twins, but they were fraternal; a boy and a girl. The pictures were so clear it was awe inspiring. The news shocked all of us. I collapsed into the chair next to the bed, clasping Rayne’s hand tightly while Kimmy was kissing her belly lovingly. Amber beamed with excitement and decided that it was a reason to celebrate. A week later, everyone was expected to attend a party at her mansion. For the second time, I found myself surrounded by all of Amber’s daughters and their subs. The big difference this time was that I was no longer a mystery man in the crowd. Word had gotten around and I found myself the star attraction. Practically everyone was falling over themselves to have just a few words with me, desperate to gain more familiarity with the man who had tamed their Goddess.

It was a great time. Everyone drank and danced to live music. The caterer was five-star worthy, providing some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. Amber was as radiant as Rayne, celebrating her own successes as well as ours. She was rid of Lucian for good, content in the knowledge that he was going to be permanently institutionalized. I was somewhat surprised to learn that she was paying for his care and that he was at an exclusive facility that cost outrageous amounts of money. I realized that it was one more thing she had over him and she was happy to pay for the joy she got in return.

While I was proud of the fact that I helped her achieve that happiness, I also took it as an important lesson. I fully understood what it meant to cross the Goddess now. I promised myself that I would never do anything that would inspire her wrath. One serious mistake and I could easily end up right next to Lucian, drooling on myself in a complete mental break like him. Needless to say, I was on my best behavior even though I had finally established my domination over her.

The following weekend, Amber was away on business up in Canada. I was happy to have some alone time with Kim and Rayne. I loved Amber, but after the night I broke Lucian, she had been an almost constant presence and it would be nice to finally have a little time apart. The weekend flew by and soon enough I was back at work. It was almost unbearable watching the hours tick by as I looked forward to our last Amber-less evening together.

By the time I got done, I knew Rayne would already be home. I raced back to the house, looking forward to watching the Monday night football game. My Ravens were playing and I was excited to root for them with Kimmy curled up on my lap. It turned out that she was a big fan of football and we had enjoyed several afternoons yelling at the T.V. while Rayne shook her head in amusement at us. My beloved was not a fan, but she liked watching us watch the games because she said we were both silly when we cheered at people who couldn’t hear any of it.

Bethany met me at the door with an ice cold beer and told me that the food I asked her to make was just about ready. I cracked the beer and took a swig while I swatted her on the ass to send her scurrying back to the kitchen. She giggled and happily obliged. I had a little time before kickoff so I hurried up to the bedroom to change out of my work clothes. I threw on a pair of old shorts and my Ray Lewis jersey before grabbing my beer and running back downstairs to the den.

Rayne was already there, looking sexy with the jersey I had gotten her pulled over her big belly. She liked it because it was comfy and she could get it over her belly. She was also wearing a pair of shorts and black stockings. Kimmy came rushing in wearing a pleated skirt and tube-top with knee-high striped socks and leaped into my arms for a hug. She had black glare paint under her eyes and I groaned a little bit as cheerleader fantasies ran through my head. I managed to set her down without losing control and gave her cheek a kiss before I headed to the kitchen.

Bethany was just finishing arranging the various snacks on two big trays. I grabbed one and set it down on the top of my cooler before picking it up carefully. Bethany took the other tray and followed me obediently back to the den. After she set the tray down, she made to leave but I stopped her with a hand on her wrist.

“Hey, you didn’t think I asked you to make all of this for just three of us, did you? Sit, eat, watch the game,” I said without room for argument.

“Yes, Dominus,” she said with a giggle and sat on the floor in front of the couch.

The game started and I was in heaven. Rayne was curled up next to me with her head on my shoulder while Kim squirmed in my lap and Bethany hugged my leg like a life raft. The Ravens took an early lead and stayed there. It wasn’t even a close game, but I loved it. Rayne was leisurely eating chicken strips while I absently stroked her belly. Every now and then I’d feel our babies moving and it made me smile. Kimmy was stealing my nachos. She was being adorable as she bounced on my lap so I let it go. Whenever I wasn’t eating or sipping a beer, my free hand was constantly repositioning her so she wasn’t grinding directly on top of my dick. Bethany found a spot in front of my leg and watched the game with a passive interest. She was mainly there because she felt happy to be with us. By halftime, the game was in the bag and I was already thinking of ways to make things a little more exciting.

I managed to extract myself in order to take a pee break. As I was coming back from the bathroom, there was a loud knock on the door. “I got it!” I yelled as I veered off towards the entryway. I could see flashing lights before I even got to the door.

When I opened the door, I was shocked to see half a dozen squad cars and two unmarked cruisers parked out front. At least a dozen officers stood in the yard with their hands on their holstered sidearm. They all eyed me like I was some kind of serial killer or the reincarnation of Al Capone. Two detectives were just outside, clearly the ones who had knocked. One was an older man of about forty five and the other was a younger Hispanic woman in her early thirties. They both had a dour look on their faces as they walked up to the open door.

“Can I help you officers?” I asked politely and the man reached in his coat pocket.

“We have arrest warrants for Rayne Dumont and Kimberly Reynolds. Are they here?” he asked me.

His eyes had the hardened look that only came from experience and age. I knew he would see right through any bullshit and I was too dumbfounded to do anything but nod my head anyway.

“Tell them they have five minutes to come out here or we will be forced to come in and make a scene. Starting now,” he said looking at his watch.

I flew to the den like a bird with its tail on fire. Rayne could tell something was wrong as soon as I burst back into the room.

“Josh?” she asked.

“I don’t fucking know!” I blurted in a rush. “The cops are here and want to arrest you and Kim!” I said, too shocked to believe it.

“What!?” Rayne exclaimed as she got up quickly.

“Honey, easy!” I said thinking of the babies. “They said come out in five minutes or they’re coming in. What are we going to do?”

“I’ll handle it. Kim, go clean up quickly. We will go and I’ll get to the bottom of this,” Rayne was all business. I realized she dealt with the police on a daily basis and was better equipped to deal with things.

She lifted her legs and Bethany unrolled her stockings. Kim returned with the paint washed off and a warmer top on. She helped Rayne to the door, clutching her arm as much in support as it was in fear. When they got to the door, the female detective walked up and without so much as a “Hi” she had her cuffs out and spun Rayne around. Rayne teetered precariously and I ran forwards. I caught Rayne by the arm and steadied her. Then my anger got the best of me.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” I yelled. The cop looked at me and I got close to her face and hissed, “Can’t you see she’s pregnant, you fucking bitch!” Without warning, I was up against the wall as three cops slammed into me and held me at bay.

I heard Kim start to panic as the other detective spun her around to cuff her as well. “Please! We didn’t do anything!” she begged nearly in tears.

“Shut up!” the old detective muttered and I growled with my face pressed firmly against the side of the house.

Kimmy kept begging and pleading her innocence, but they just shoved her towards the cars. The whole way to the car I heard her cries and my rage began to boil. The cops had me pinned so I could see her being shoved along. I saw her put in the car and when the door shut she was looking at me pleadingly. Her eyes were filled with tears as she cried in the back of the car and I could do nothing to help her.

The cops let me go and I spun around with my face scrunched up in anger. They saw it and one of them put a hand on his tazer. I got the hint and crossed my arms over my chest, glaring at the female detective as she walked Rayne along to the car and put her in quite rudely. I was fuming at the sight of the women I loved being treated so badly. It helped that Rayne kept a professional demeanor, but Kimmy’s eyes…that nearly killed me.

Bethany snuck to the door as the cars left. The older detective looked at me contemptuously as he handed me a card along with a copy of the warrants. I took them and said nothing. My eyes burned into his and he wisely left me alone. I didn’t care if he was armed or a cop, if he would have stayed I would have broken him. Bethany stood behind me nervously. When I turned around, I squeezed my eyes shut and a few tears leaked out. She saw them and dropped to her knees like she was going to be punished. When I opened my eyes, I quickly picked her up, shaking my head softly to let her know that it wasn’t anything she had done.

“Go clean up,” I said softly and walked to my office.

I was shaking by the time I reached my chair. I couldn’t help the anger that was building in me and my desk became the focus of my anger. I slammed my fist into it three times when I felt a bone crack and the wood splintered a bit. I got up and roared a scream of rage. I felt a very primal feeling wash over me and I looked for something else to break. When I spotted a picture on my desk of Rayne and Kim at a Halloween party, it calmed me down. I sat back down and yanked a bottle of Scotch out of my bottom drawer. I poured a healthy amount in the glass on my desk and gulped it down without really tasting it. The burn hit me a second later and I winced the pain down as I reached for the phone. I punched in Amber’s number and poured a second while it rang. When her voicemail answered I swore loudly and waited for the beep.

“Amber please call me back as soon as you get this. Rayne and Kim just got arrested. I’m gonna call Jamal and see if he can help. Please Goddess, call me back,” I said as my voice cracked.

I hung up and my tears returned while I went through my contacts and found Jamal’s number. I called him and got his voicemail as well. I left him a similar message and slammed the receiver down. I downed the second glass of booze and rubbed my face to wipe away the moisture. When the phone rang a few minutes later, I almost fell out of my chair in my haste to answer it.

“Hello?” I asked, completely distraught.

“Josh, what happened?” Jamal’s voice.

“Rayne and Kim just got arrested. They took them and…fuck!” I said as my anger returned.

“Josh calm down. This doesn’t help. What were they arrested for?” he asked me.

I realized that in my anger I didn’t ask. “I don’t know. I got the warrants. Let me look,” I said.

I pulled the warrants from my back pocket and tried to read them. It was like reading a different language and I got completely lost in the legal mumbo jumbo. Jamal stopped me, sensing my frustration.

“Josh, scan them and email them to me. I’ll be able to make better sense of it,” he said before giving me his email address.

I hung up and tossed the documents in my scanner. My hand was shaking as I clipped them to a quick email and double-checked to make sure the address was right. After it was sent, I sat back in my chair to wait for his call, wrestling with my thoughts and trying to come up with anything else I could do. I hadn’t noticed Bethany standing in the door with a glass of water. She timidly walked to me and handed me the glass. I took it and sipped it slowly, wordlessly thanking her. She gave me a hug and I let it happen.

I felt her soft body pressed against mine and it relaxed me a little. I sighed and patted her back and she let me go. I noticed how full her lips were getting as well as her hips. She was definitely using a lot of the treatment and it was progressing well. I almost didn’t recognize the man she once was. I sat her in my lap and found that even her butt was getting nicer. I gently stroked her back while she wrapped her arms around my neck. Her hug was probably helping her more than me, but I was happy that I could at least do that much right now.

The phone rang and I snatched it up. “Yeah?” I said into it.

“OK, it says here they are under arrest for extortion, embezzling, and computer fraud. They allegedly stole a lot of money from hedge funds and moved it through a series of wire transfers until it got lost in the shuffle.” Jamal sounded indignant, but serious. “In my experience, they’ll hold them until one or the other gives up the money. I’m on my way to the police department and I’ll represent them. Kim is my biggest concern since they’ll sense her weakness. Your Mistress can handle herself even in her condition. I’ll do what I can Josh, stay near the phone,” Jamal told me and hung up.

I hung up the phone slowly, letting the information sink in. I was trembling with anger again and I didn’t have a good way to deal with it. With a shove, I pushed my chair back and stood so fast that Bethany fell to the floor with a yelp. I glared at her, quickly contemplating the idea of using her to relieve my frustrations, but just as quickly decided against it. It wasn’t her fault. I helped her back to her feet and left to hit the gym.

I whipped my jersey off and chucked it into a corner before tearing into the weights like a crazed animal. I upped the weight on every machine to almost double what I normally lifted. The strain involved with each rep at each station caused a burning sensation that calmed me as much as the physical exertion itself. Pain was my best friend for nearly thirty minutes and the energy it took from my body forced me to relax or pass out from exhaustion.

When I couldn’t do another rep, I picked up my jersey, flipped it over my bare shoulder and went to the kitchen. Bethany was patiently waiting there with a protein shake already made. I grabbed the tall glass and proceeded to down the entire thing like drowning man gulping air. When it was gone, I handed the glass back and gently patted her on the cheek before heading to the phone on the wall. I dialed Jessi’s number and tapped my foot impatiently when it started to ring.

“Hello,” she purred into the phone.

“Jessi, we have to talk. Kim and Rayne got arrested for stealing money from their funds. It’s all bullshit, but the cops don’t seem to care. Kim was frantic in the car and I don’t think she can handle what’s going to happen to her at the police station,” I explained breathlessly.

There was silence on the other end for a long time. I knew I had just dropped a bomb in her lap and I waited for her to respond.

“What precinct is she at?” she asked me quietly.

“The one downtown by the museum,” I replied and she took down the rest of what I told her.

“Listen baby boy, I’m sending Daniel over. He is a private investigator and his experience will come in handy,” she said. I heard her informing her sub and his immediate acknowledgement.

“He is on the way. Give him about an hour. Listen to him and help him with anything he needs. It could make all the difference if we want to resolve this quickly,” she said quietly.

She hung up without another word and I was alone again. Bethany went out of the room and I went back to my office to and think of something to do. I knew that the accusations against them were complete crap. My two loves would never do something so stupid. They both had successful careers that wouldn’t require either one of them to steal. The really troubling part was who could have possibly leveled such outrages charges against them and made them seem legitimate enough to stick. The phone startled me out of my thoughts and when I saw that it was Amber, I practically tackled the receiver.

“Josh what happened?” she asked her voice agitated but firm.

I explained everything as calmly as I could, starting with the arrest and including everything that I had done since. She listened quietly and then asked me to send her a copy of the warrants as well. I quickly sent her a copy and within seconds, she was reading them on her screen.

“This is all patently untrue, not that I need to tell you that. I have a few friends I am going to call to see what I can do from my end. I’m glad Daniel is on his way over. He’s the one who brought me the photos of Lucian and if anyone can find anything, it’s him. Hopefully you can keep the police at bay long enough for him to go over Rayne’s computer and figure out what’s happening,” she said.

I realized that it was very strange for the police to only have arrest warrants and not search warrants as well. I hung up to let Amber get started with her calls and then hurried to Rayne’s office. I punched in the code for her door lock and quickly snatched her laptop off of her desk. With it lodged firmly under my arm, I ran back to my office and hooked it up to my PC. As soon as it registered, I made a copy of everything she had on her hard drive. Just as the huge file was finishing, Bethany arrived with Daniel in tow.

“Got here as fast as I could, man. The Goddess is trying to stall the search warrants, but we probably don’t have much time. Is that Mistress Rayne’s?” He indicated the laptop. I nodded and he quickly unplugged it and left the room with it under his arm.

He went to his car and hid it in the trunk under a false bottom. As he closed the trunk, the police returned. Two officers started to tape off the front of the house, causing the neighbors to peek out and question what was going on. By the time they finished, one of the unmarked cruisers arrived and the Hispanic detective got out and presented me with their search warrant. Without waiting for me to read it, she shoved past me and began to go through the house.

Daniel took the warrant to read while I followed the detective as she went from room to room. When she spotted Bethany, she shot a look of disgust at me over her shoulder. She could clearly tell she wasn’t exactly normal.

When she saw the dungeon she looked at me and spat, “Well, well, a thief and a freak all at once,” she laughed and started to rummage through everything.

My hackles rose as she made a mess of my love’s intimate possessions. She was pissing me off and I knew that she was going to be a problem. If she had been anyone else, I would have shackled her up and taught her some respect right then and there, but I had to control myself. When she made her way back up to Rayne’s office, she brought the other officers in to start confiscating everything. Rayne’s files, documents, passport, identification, everything was packed in evidence boxes and hauled out. She took all the disks and USB drives that she could find. She was obviously aware that the office was suspiciously lacking any sort of computer. When she headed for my office, Daniel quickly barred the way.

“His office isn’t included in your warrant,” he said without room for argument.

“That’s right,” I added. “And if you want to search it you need to get permission from my head office and the regional director. My files contain confidential data for Verizon,” I told her with arms crossed.

She rolled her eyes and searched the bedroom instead. I was about to kick her ass when she purposely dumped Rayne’s and Kim’s drawers on the floor and sifted through everything. She noticed Bethany again and laughed at her.

“Awww look at the little critter. Ain’t “SHE” adorable,” she spat and started laughing even harder.

Bethany was almost in tears, probably more from the way the detective had messed up her Mistress’s clothes than from the insulting laughter. I clenched my fists in an attempt to control my anger. When the detective saw my expression, she quickly looked away and left the room. At least I had the comfort of knowing that I could frighten her with just a look. I decided to put it to good use and I hurried to follow her. As we reached the first floor, one of the officers informed her that the last of the evidence had been collected. The detective nodded and took that as her cue to get out of the house.

I stalked behind her the entire way to the door and as soon as she was on the other side, I slammed it shut as hard as I could. I was seething with rage when Daniel put a hand on my shoulder and I almost wheeled around to hit him. I managed to keep it to a less threatening twitch before letting out a breath I hadn’t realized I had been holding.

“OK, we got work to do Josh. I’ll have my computer tech go over the laptop and see if there’s anything there that could hurt in some way. While I’m doing that, you should look over everything and see if anything jumps out at you. I’m sure there isn’t anything, but it’s better to be sure. They are clearly being set up and we need to figure out who has that kind of pull.” With that said, he shook my hand and slapped my shoulder before heading out to get started.

I went back to our room and looked at the mess. Bethany was already on her knees, refolding everything neatly. I watched her reverently put away all of Rayne’s clothes and lingerie as neatly as she always did and was about to get a drink when I got a call. It wasn’t a number I recognized but I answered it.

“Josh?” Kim’s terrified voice said over the other end.

“Kimmy, oh god baby, are you OK?” I asked, relieved to hear from her.

“Josh please, I’m so scared. I didn’t do anything and they keep yelling at me like I did,” she blubbered. Her teary voice was driving a nail into my chest.

“Listen to me, baby. Jamal is on his way down there. Don’t say a word until he comes for you. Understand me?” I said, soothing her sobs as best as I could.

“Yes,” she said after a long silence.

“OK baby, it’s gonna be all right. I love you so much and I’m gonna do everything I can to get you safely home. I promise,” I told her.

“I love you too Josh, the detective’s back, I have to go,” she said mournfully.

The line went dead and I sighed. I knew she was going to be quiet, but I was afraid they would harass her to the breaking point. I felt so helpless and filled with impotent wrath. I went back to my office and poured another glass of Scotch, hoping to drown my fears and anxiety with fiery amber liquid. Just as I tipped a mouthful back, the phone rang again. It was like Grand Central Goddamn Station all of a sudden. I grabbed the receiver without even checking the caller I.D.

“Josh I have made a few calls and hopefully I can get some more information to Jamal to help him,” Amber’s voice said without waiting for a hello.

“Thank you Amber, thank you so much,” I said back in relief.

“What’s wrong?” she asked me, knowing something was wrong.

“Kim called me and she’s terrified. She was in tears begging me to help her, but I can’t. I feel so…” I started to say and she cut me off.

“You are doing all you can, darling. You need to keep strong for them because they are going to need a strong face to keep them steady when they get out, and they will get out. I am going to call her senior partners and see what light they can shed on the situation,” she said sternly.

“OK,” I said, getting my voice back a little. “Just let me know what else I can do.”

“For now, just sit tight. Just try and keep calm and I’ll be in touch,” Amber said quietly. I could tell in her voice that she had something else she wanted to say, but she held it back and hung up.

I made it to the living room and sat back on the couch and the game was just ending. We won, but I felt sick to my stomach and didn’t care. I turned off the TV and looked at the cooler. I decided that beer on top of all the Scotch would be a bad idea, but I cracked one anyway. I was glad it was still cold and I held the sweating can to my forehead to try and cool the headache and my temper. Then the phone rang again.

“Josh? Hey dude, listen up, the laptop is a dead end. There’s nothing on it of any interest. Mind if I come back and check to see if the cops missed anything?” Daniel asked.

“Yeah sure come over. I got a few people looking into things on this end so hopefully we’ll see progress soon,” I told him.

“Good, good. Listen man, stay out of the investigation. It won’t help Rayne if her boyfriend is caught snooping into things. It only makes people more suspicious. I know you want to help her, but don’t do it overtly. Be smart man, I got a few tricks that I can use your skills for and maybe we can find the root of how this happened,” he advised me.

It made perfect sense. It is only natural my feelings would get me in trouble if I delved too deeply into it, so I nodded my head to the air.

“All right man, I’ll be by in a few minutes,” Daniel said as he hung up.

Bethany came into the room and she was a wreck. Her eyes were tearstained with mascara and she looked like she was moments away from another breakdown. I knew it was the right thing to do, so I held out my arms to her. She ran to me and sank into my chest and cried. I knew she was terrified of losing Rayne or Kim after becoming so close. Rayne treated her very well and Kim had taken over a lot of her training since Rayne’s belly had started to swell. I think she actually liked Kim’s skills as much as Rayne’s. I stroked Bethany’s hair softly and surprised myself when I kissed her head to help calm her down.

“How can I help, Dominus?” I heard her whisper.

“How can you help, Honey?” I asked softly.

“I heard them say computer fraud. I can help with that,” she said.

I sat up and the suddenness of it made her squeak. I looked down at her and my expression told her to spit it out.

“I did computer securities at a bank. We looked for hacking and the likes. If I had some basic tools or rhythm counters I could find out for you,” she said meekly.

“Bethany, I have that in my office,” I said not believing her.

“Let me show you, Dominus,” she said. Her tears had dried and she got to her feet and helped me up.

She led me to my office and sat at my computer. As a support specialist, my job is also finding if my towers or signals get hacked by thieves looking for free air time. It’s easy enough to find with an algorithm signal. Bethany was already tapping on the keyboard and shocked me when she pulled up my layout and even showed me how to get into my secure files without my passwords. My eyes bulged at how easy she made it seem. I suddenly wondered if she was fired from her job or ran here for a new identity. I watched in blank amazement and texted Daniel to just come in and go to my office when he arrived. In a handful of minutes, Bethany made a complete mockery of my “secure” network before using her skills to lock it down more tightly.

Daniel came into the office and he had a guy with him. I didn’t recognize him and Daniel allayed my fears as he nodded to me. I moved back and Bethany looked up from my system.

“What’s this?” Daniel asked me.

“A gift from the gods; she is a fucking pro at this shit man,” I said in stark amazement.

Bethany smiled up at me appreciatively and continued on. Daniel sat back and watched her at work and his smile got wider.

“I know you, little one. You’re in Mistress Jessi’s group aren’t you?” he asked recognizing her from the group sessions Jessi ran for TGs and newbie TGs.

“Yes, sir,” she said politely.

“And she totally hacked your system I see. That’s amazing, Honey. It seems Ralph here could take notes,” he said jokingly to his guy. Taking that as his cue, Ralph pulled a laptop out and quickly booted it up before connecting it to my system.

“With this, I’m confident that we can trace the source of the hack. Where are the files you copied from Rayne’s laptop?” Ralph asked.

“I transferred them to a USB drive in case the cops managed to seize my gear as well.”

“Well, hand it over,” Daniel said, clearly anxious to get to the bottom of this mess.

I took the USB from my crotch and handed it to him. He laughed and nodded his head.

“Good hiding spot, I’m sure it got lost with your little dick,” he said laughing.

“Ha…ha…ha,” I said dryly.

Daniel was a big man, and not just in body size, his cock was easy a foot long or more. I saw him and Jessi going at it one day and couldn’t believe my eyes as he fucked her and couldn’t get it all the way in. I simply shook my head and went back to work.

The files took a whole day and a half to go over, but after nine pots of coffee and three runs to the store we found it. It was a file Bethany found in a secure folder that got our attention. It seemed whoever hacked the system had wormed into the file and that allowed him to get her personal pass codes and the like. Using her logins, it was easy to set her up and make it look like she had done it. The sick part was the only way it could be done was by someone in the building, so it was a fellow employee at her firm! I was pissed when I found out about it. I was ready to call Amber when my phone rang.

“Yeah?” I said not looking at the number.

“Josh, it’s me,” Kim’s voice whispered on the other end.

“Baby! Oh god, are you all right?’ I said loudly getting to my feet.

“The Goddess got me released. Can you come get me?” she begged and her voice was cracked.

“On my way, stay put angel!” I said running out the door.

Daniel called Jessi as I bolted from the house. I got into my car and fired the engine to life. I tore out of the driveway and raced through the neighborhood. It was 7AM and I didn’t care who I woke up. I drove like a maniac as I blew by more than one stop sign and after fifteen torturous minutes I arrived at the station.

There was my angel. She walked out softly in her stocking feet and I was shocked that they didn’t let her get shoes on. Her pony tail was undone and her hair was a mess. She looked like she had cried nonstop and I was pissed. I got out of my car and ran up to her. She saw me and her lip trembled as she began to cry again and ran into my arms. Her face met my chest and she sobbed as her knees gave out. I held her up, holding her in my arms while she clutched my neck. She sobbed pathetically for a long while. I held her all the while.

Rayne had told me how her earlier trouble had landed her in jail and how it had nearly broken her. I knew this experience was bringing up all of those old painful memories and I was happy I could finally be there to comfort her.

I walked us back to the car and sat in the driver’s seat once she was calmed down enough. I held her for as long as possible then I had her lay down and put her head on my lap. I drove us home, stroking her hair softly the whole drive. She had her knees in her chest and was shaking. I had a coat in the back seat and I put it over her body and that seemed to help her relax. I turned on my play list and her favorite song came on. She cuddled against my leg and I just drove. When we got home she was relieved. She didn’t stop hugging me as I carried her up the stairs. I kissed her forehead and she snuggled tighter against me. When we got to the bedroom I stripped her down and took her to the bathroom. I filled the tub and sat her in it then stripped and joined her. She laid the back of her head on my chest. She was done crying, but her face was still pained.

“Lean forward,” I said and she did.

Soothingly, I washed her back and hair as she sat in the tub and it made her relax a bit. She knew she was safe now, but her mind was still a bit torn up. I knew she needed to get her head in the game or she would be of no use to us in finding out what happened and maybe finding a clue as to who could have done this. I decided to be cruel to be kind and though it was going to hurt me I had no choice. I got her out of the tub and dried her off. As she went to the bed I cleared my throat and she looked back to me.

“It isn’t bedtime, Kim. Now get in your uniform and get your chores done,” I said sternly.

Her eyes got wide and she was afraid. I stepped forward and gripped her chin and looked her in the eyes.

“Are you refusing an order from your Dominus?” I said and she shook her head fearfully.

She quickly walked to the closet and proceeded to dress. The skirt went slowly up her legs and over her beautiful ass. I loved watching her dress and my cock started to twitch as she did. The part that got me was when I watched her slide the stockings up her legs and my cock sprang to life. God I had a stocking fetish! She got into her maid outfit and I stood over her with my arms crossed. She came to me and stood with her hands in front of her. I knew she was still shaken up, but I figured the best way to get her going was to get her mind off it and onto other things.

“Now go make some coffee and bring it to my office. Mistress Jessi will be here soon so make her a cappuccino as well. Then I want you on your best behavior while we sort this mess out. Understand me?” I ordered.

“Yes, Dominus,” she said like a good girl.

Kim curtseyed and left to do her work. I smiled that she was quick to get back into things. I hoped I didn’t push her too much and soon my phone buzzed. It was Daniel. I hurried back to my office and he immediately shot me a look that said he was pissed.

“Look at this.” he said.

I looked at the screen and saw Rayne in a business suit with a guy standing behind her fucking her. The animation showed her with her skirt hiked up and a weird expression. She would moan out every time he thrust forward. All in all, it was a dumb animation of her moaning in a loop. Still, it was crude and my hackles rose. It appeared that our hacker also had a sick sense of humor. I knew that when I found said person they would not laugh for long. The anger in me returned like the eye of a hurricane passing. I was about to lash out at something when Kim came in with a try of coffee and muffins.

We all ate them and drank the coffee as Bethany and Ralph got to the heart of the hack. As they kept at it, I saw Kim walking away and followed her out. She didn’t sense me until I was upon her. I spun her towards me and she dropped the tray. I scooped her up and kissed her roughly on the lips and she moaned into it. Her arms and legs went around my body and I ground into her crotch. She whimpered a bit and I continued my kissing.

Then I slipped a hand under her skirt and cupped her ass, making her squeak. I undid my fly and whipped my cock out and slid her panties to the side. She panted like a bitch in heat as I slipped into her. I began to buck into her hard and fast making her eyes bug out. I slammed her into the wall and fucked her raw. She moaned and whimpered into my mouth and I pulled away from her. Her eyes were glazing over as I continued.

“You love this don’t you little girl?” I hissed.

“Yes, my Dominus!” she hissed back.

My hips kept moving in and out of her and she moaned and bucked to meet each thrust. I grabbed a double handful of her ass and used that as leverage as I fucked her snug pussy with all I had. She wailed and quivered as she had an orgasm wash over her and I felt her little pussy contract on me hard. It was all I could stand and I came inside her. She moaned and bit my neck as she shuddered in my arms. I held her tight against the wall and when she looked at me after a long minute I smiled darkly at her.

“That’s for being such a good girl,” I said and she smiled happily.

I let her down and she straightened herself. She sank to her knees and gobbled my cock into her mouth and cleaned me up. When I was clean she put me away and looked up at me.

“Thank you, Dominus. That was just what I needed,” she chirped happily.

“My pleasure, Sweetie. Now go take care of your chores. We’ll be in there for a while longer.”

She got up and rushed away to make breakfast for us all. I knew whatever she knew about the files was going to be limited since she was only Rayne’s PA. All she did was get her schedule ready and make sure all her mail was received, read and the office was orderly. She had limited access to Rayne’s computer and the only thing she could do was get the right files loaded to her PDA and then to Rayne who had the codes to open them. Kim was little more than a glorified office pet.

I went back into the office and back to work. Daniel smirked at me when I came back in and I poured a cup of coffee and we went back to it. We found a pathway that was our best clue yet. It had a decent encryption on it, but Bethany was our ace in the hole. It was a simple, but elaborate process and I was at my wits end as she dug into the encryption. I jumped when the phone rang again and it was Amber.

“Amber, I’ve got good news; Rayne was hacked and it seems we have a possible lead as to who did it, but that leaves a lot of open questions,” I said.

“Excellent work Josh. I have spoken to the senior partners and they are not happy. They want to fire Rayne and be done with her services in order to distance themselves from any fallout. I am trying to stop them, but they are adamant,” she said ruefully.

My anger got the best of me and I slammed my fist into my desk and tore a chunk of it off. Amber heard it and yelled into the phone.

“Calm down! Now listen to me, I have everything under control on my end. I will make sure that Rayne is not charged and everything will be forgotten. I may also have a new position for her if her partners go through with their plans. Now Josh I want you to have Daniel Email all the information regarding the hack to my lawyers. They will have Rayne released in a few hours. I need you to be on stand-by and pick her up as soon as she is released,” she said at length.

“Yes, Goddess,” I said into the phone and I saw Kim was tearing up. I tilted her chin and kissed her lips.

“Is Kim there?” Amber asked.

“Yes,” I said back.

“Let me talk to her please,” she asked me politely.

I gave the phone to Kim and for some reason she left the room and closed the door. I heard her in tears as she talked to Amber in the hall. It was a painful experience, but I guess Amber decided to have her account of it.

I refocused on Bethany and Ralph’s progress. I was totally lost in their work when I felt a pair of arms go around my chest. I looked down and they were Jessi’s. She hugged me tight and kissed the back of my neck. I leaned back into her embrace and she turned me around.

“Are you all right, baby boy?” she asked me and her eyes were not stern, but affectionate.

“I’m better now that I know it was all a lie,” I said back and she smiled warmly.

“Where is Kim?” she asked and I told her about Amber’s call. She left quickly to check on her and I hoped that she could calm my angel down after her painful experience.

Daniel showed me a few files that showed the funds had been skimmed and sent to some other accounts. We didn’t have the number of the accounts, but we had a location. It was somewhere in the Grand Caymans. It seemed whoever did it was very smart. They wired the funds off shore and were probably going to collect them at their leisure. I decided now was the time to get things rolling.

We got all the information together and emailed Amber’s lead attorney. I knew this guy was a shark. He was the man who destroyed Lucian in court as well as the man who set up Amber’s financial empire and reaped a huge reward. I also found out he was a pupil of hers in the domination game. The files were sent and I got a call from him on my office line.

“Josh, this is Alistair Renault. I have the email you sent me concerning Ms. Dumont’s case. I will give this my priority attention and we’ll have her out in less than an hour. Do go and pick her up please,” he said in his thick French accent.

He hailed from Quebec and was a monster in the courts. He was licensed to practice in both countries as well as several others, including Japan. If he told me to go and get her, then she was as good as released. I looked at Daniel and he nodded his head. The phone went dead as soon as he told me what was up and I walked to my car again. I got into it and went back downtown.

I sat on the hood of my car with a bottle of Pepsi and waited patiently. I saw the door open and close several times as the cops went in and out, then it opened and a familiar face came out. It was that bitch from the night that Rayne was taken in. She saw me and sneered as she walked up to me very smugly.

“I don’t know who the fuck you are, but you are letting criminals loose!” she spat at me.

“They are innocent until proven guilty, bitch. Now get the fuck in there and get the mother of my children out here before I have your ass and your badge mounted on my wall,” I said coldly.

She glared at me and then her phone rang. Her eyes got wide when she saw who was calling and I guessed that it must have been someone high up the chain of command.

“Yes sir! Yes sir, I’m on my way,” she said before she hung and left me sitting quietly.

I smiled darkly, noticing for the first time that she had a tremendous ass as it wiggled away from me. It was hugged by the suit pants she wore and I couldn’t help envision flogging it until she couldn’t walk right; then maybe slamming my cock in her asshole until she blacked out. I spat on the ground and waited patiently. It took a while, but my patience was rewarded. Rayne walked gingerly out of the station and I rushed up to her. She held her tummy and walked towards me and I went in to overeager soon-to-be father mode.

“Are you OK, Baby? How’re the twins? Oh God, you’re not gonna pop are you?” I asked in rapid fire and she laughed.

“No sweetie, I’m just hungry,” she said, smiling at the attention I was giving her.

“Right…food! Yes…here, my love,” I said as I held my arm out to her and helped her to the car.

I held the door for her as she got into the car and helped her buckle in. She smiled at me and patted my cheek. I saw the look in her eyes and I decided to try and keep moving before she broke down. I drove her to a Starbucks and ran in to get her a juice and fruit with yogurt. She waited in the car, listening to “Dig” by Incubus. We both loved the song. She sat back and when I returned, I heard her singing along to the lyrics of the main chorus. I smiled and joined her but our duet became a simple hug then a light kiss on her lips.

She was relieved to see me and then her tears came out. She didn’t cry like Kim had, but she was definitely upset. I held her tight and let her have at it. She got it under control and opened the juice and drank it down. She ate the fruit and yogurt ravenously as I drove us home. I texted Daniel to have some more food ready for Rayne when we got home. I put an arm over her shoulders and she huddled close to me as we drove to a series of lighter rock songs. She was slowly being converted to a metal fan and I loved it!

When we got to the house I pulled into the driveway and she looked at me sadly. “I’m so sorry this happened, Josh. I didn’t do anything and now my life is ruined!” she said and the tears came to her eyes again.

“No, Baby. You didn’t do anything and we have proof. We are gonna find the sacks of shit responsible for this mess, I promise you. One by one they will be brought to justice, both the courts…and ours,” I said darkly and she nodded.

I lifted her chin and softly kissed her luscious lips and held her in my arms as our tongues slowly played. It was so nice to be in my car with the woman I love showing her how much I do. She broke off the kiss and I got out of the car and smiled as I pulled her along. She giggled as I easily hoisted her into my arms and carried her to the house. We got inside and I took her to the kitchen where Kim had a breakfast ready for her. I set her down and she hugged Kim tight. Kim was not in tears and she held Rayne like a child. My anger receded seeing the two of them safely back where they belonged, but it was still there. I swore to myself that those responsible would pay dearly for trying to ruin my precious new life.

Rayne sat down to eat and I watched her. Kim ate as well, but I wasn’t hungry. I just watched them, lost in thought. Why would someone do this to her? She may be a cold woman at times, but she isn’t unlivable. Every time I’ve shown up at her work to take her to lunch, she was the epitome of a professional business woman; showing little emotion until safely away from the eyes and ears of her colleagues. I watched as she devoured the eggs and fruit and smiled as Kim leaned on her shoulder. Rayne patted Kim’s head sweetly and whispered to her and she left the room. I got up and went to the fridge for some juice when she spoke.

“They brutalized her in there,” Rayne said softly.

“I figured as much. She was sobbing when she came out. They didn’t even let her put her shoes back on. Why did they do that?” I asked.

“They thought it was her, but when she went silent after talking to you they tore into her. It was that bitch, Detective Almeda. She got in my face several times as well. Fucking cunt,” she spat out.

I didn’t reply as I filled two cups with juice. I handed her one and she sipped it as she ate on. I smiled at her and she looked up at me with a mouthful. It was cute and she gave me a sour look.

“I’m pregnant dammit, leave me alone!” she almost whined.

I shook my head and said, “I didn’t say anything, my love. I’m just admiring the glow.”

She gave me the finger and went back to eating. I laughed at that and sipped my juice. When she was done I took her upstairs to the bathroom. I helped her get undressed and she lounged in the tub. She leaned into the hot water and savored the feeling. I noticed a great thing about Rayne being pregnant. Her normally full D cups were getting larger. I loved the size and firmness of them and decided today I was going to get some of them.

I waited for her to get out and wrapped her in a towel. I lifted her off her feet and she giggled. I carried her to the bed and started to nibble her ear. She tilted her head softly and I laid her on her side. I continued to kiss and lick her soft skin and she whimpered softly. I found my hard on as it sprang from my pants when I pulled my zipper down. She groaned as it teased her hungry treasure. I slowly slid into her and lifted her leg so I could get all the way in. She lay on her side and moaned as I filled her up.

I started to slowly slide in and out of her, making her moan and gasp. My hands explored her soft skin as they trailed up to her full tits. I ran my fingers over her nipples and she gasped in pleasure as I did. My cock found her g spot and she bucked against me. I laid her leg on my hip and continued to thrust in and out of her. My hand reached up and gripped her tits firmly and suddenly my hands were wet.

“Oh, my god!” I gasped.

She pulled away from my hands and I could see that they were covered in milky, white fluid. I immediately realized that she had started lactating and squeezing her tits had caused her milk to leak out. She looked over her shoulder at me and seemed terribly embarrassed. I just grinned and licked the warm milk off my fingers with relish.

“Mmmm, I think I’m going to like this,” I said softly.

“Just make sure you save some for the twins,” she giggled.

“I suppose,” I said dramatically. Then I reassured her by shoving hard into her. She groaned and whimpered as I continued to fuck her.

Her moans and gasps filled the room along with the musky sweet smell of her sex. She writhed against me as I slid deep into her hot hole and I gripped her shoulders to get further into her.

“I love you, Rayne. You know, right?” I asked.

“Yes, my love!” she gasped out.

“Good. You want to come don’t you?” I teased.

“Please, my love. Let me come! I need it so badly,” she purred and I couldn’t disagree.

“Do it! Let it out. Come on me hard,” I whispered into her ear softly and she did.

Her sacred treasure spasmed on me hard and I felt her juices run down between us. She cried out and started to shake and I got into my rhythm. I pounded into her as hard as I could and after a few minutes I felt my explosion building. I lifted her leg again and she moaned and whimpered while I pounded out my last strokes. I tried my best not to jostle her about, but I am a man after all. My cock twitched and my nuts tightened up as I felt a huge load spurt deep into her. She groaned and shook as she felt it fill her up. She leaned over and looked back into my eyes and leaned towards me. Our lips met and our tongues danced about as she kissed me softly. I turned slowly so I could spoon her and she cuddled into me.

“It’s gonna be all right, Honey. We know you’re innocent and Amber is gonna make it better,” I promised and she sighed contently in my arms.

I pulled the blankets over us and she fell fast asleep. I held her for a long time then I saw Kim come in and I motioned her over. She stripped out of her uniform, but left her panties, bra, and stockings on and slipped in with us. I shuffled her to Rayne’s front and she cuddled into Rayne like a baby and fell asleep. I laid back and watched them sleep for what felt like hours. I couldn’t help the anger that welled up in me as I watched them sleep. Whoever did this was going to fucking pay, and harshly! My mind snapped back when I heard my phone buzz on the nightstand. I looked at it and saw it was Amber.

“Hey,” I said softly.

“They are home and safe?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Good. I have a job for you, Josh. I need someone I can trust to make a point clear to someone. I want you to get dressed and go to the police station where Rayne was held. I have someone coming out that I want you to pick up and bring to the address I will text you in fifteen minutes. When you arrive, I want you to show our guest what it means to suffer. Understood?” she told me.

“Yes I do, my Goddess,” I said and got up. I made sure not to jostle Rayne and Kim as I got up and dressed fast. I went downstairs and Daniel was sitting in the living room with Jessi in his lap cuddled against him. It was cute that they were like that, but I saw he had a pistol out on the table. I looked at it and he saw me in the mirror.

“Go, the Goddess demands I stay here with them and keep them safe. Go do what she needs and don’t worry about their safety,” he told me and I nodded.

I got in the car and drove away. I was glad that traffic was light since it gave me a chance to collect my thoughts. I was a little confused by the directions Amber had sent, but I headed there anyway. When I got to the Police station I got out and saw the cops milling around. Some of them were walking to their cars while others went into the building. I waited and saw a door open and a very upset Detective Almeda walk out. She looked like she was about to have a nervous breakdown and I got a call from Amber.

“Is the good detective coming out my dear?” she purred into the phone.

“Yup,” was all I said.

“Get her and bring her along. She has just been suspended for unnecessary use of force in Kim’s investigation. The address is in your text. I have a few things I need to prepare so take your time. Tell her that her job depends on it if you have to. She will understand since she got a very interesting text just a minute ago,” Amber cooed softly in the phone.

“As you wish,” I said and my voice was malevolent.

I hung up and got out of my car. I walked right up to her and she saw me. She turned like she was going to say something but I stopped her with an upraised hand.

“I bet you are having quite a day, detective. It’s only gonna get worse unless you do what I say. Now come with me and we can work on getting you back in the force. Don’t, and I leave you sitting here without a career. Understand me?” I said sternly.

She bit her lip and nodded to me. I took her arm and led her to my car. She got in without hesitation and I drove off. I looked at the text and knew where to go. It was an art gallery Amber owned. The detective was clearly worried as I drove in silence. I decided to make it worse by turning on my stereo. I put in my Deftones playlist which had a lot of their harder, more intense songs like “RX Queen” and “Passenger.” The dark mood of the songs made her realize she was in deep shit.

“What are you going to do with me?” she asked, frightened.

“Shut up,” I replied.

She looked down and I smiled. I held out my hand and she looked at it. I flexed it and she reached into her suit pocket and pulled out her phone. I read Amber’s text while I kept one eye on the road. It outlined just how badly she had screwed up. Amber let her know she was very displeased that she had brutalized Rayne and Kim and that to get her job back she had to be taught discipline. My favorite subject!

We drove to the gallery and as we pulled up to the back she got a cold look in her eyes.

“You’ll never get away with this. I’m a goddamn cop,” she spat out, “You are a fucking freak and a weirdo! I hope you have a good lawyer because after I get back on the department, you’re gonna swing!”

I laughed in her face. Her hollow threats meant exactly dick to me and I let her know it.

“First, I believe I told you to shut it. Second, if you knew just who it was you fucked with, you’d be smart and probably piss yourself. And last, but not least, when I’m done with you, you’re gonna beg my women for mercy. Now do what you’re told,” I said mockingly.

She made to speak, but stopped herself. I smiled wickedly and opened my door. She got out with me and I guided her to the back entrance. Bull was waiting for us just inside the door.

“So good to see you again, Dominus Josh. Everything is prepared,” he said in that deep voice of his.

I smiled and led her along, hiding my surprise at seeing the huge man helping with this. We walked through several small storerooms before going down a series of stairs. She got a bit more terrified as we descended farther and farther. Soon, we were in the dungeon below. Amber had a few of them in certain locations of the city. I watched her knees almost give out as I walked her to the middle of the room. Her eyes were wide with fear as she recognized a nearly identical setup to the dungeon in Rayne’s basement.

“Don’t do this to me,” she said softly, realizing just a small part of what was about to happen to her.

“Not up to me I’m afraid. Like you, I’m taking orders,” I said smiling. “Now strip!” I commanded. Her defiant glare filled me with a euphoric rush. It was the same look that Lucian had given me a few months ago. The look that I now knew I relished seeing fade into hopeless acceptance.

Without warning, I grabbed her wrist and spun her around. Her shriek was like music to me as I bent her arm back behind her painfully, just like she had done to my beloved. Keeping her arm pinned between us, I closed my other hand firmly around her throat. I used just enough pressure to let her know that it would be so very easy to choke the life from her slender body, but not enough to actually cause her harm.

Once I was convinced that she got the message, I slid my hand from her neck and let it roam roughly over the front of her body. I took two big squeezes of her tits before making my way further south. She tried to struggle out of my arm lock, but any attempt to move just hurt her more. When my hand reached her groin, she tried to clamp her legs tightly together.

I wasn’t having it. I gave her pinned arm a sharp twist, that caused her to lose strength and my other hand shot between her legs at the same instant. I cupped her entire mound firmly. Her gasp didn’t startle me, but the heat emanating from her crotch certainly did. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was looking forward to this. I flexed my arm and actually lifted her an inch or two off the floor, letting her entire body weight press down on her crotch as it rested in my hand. She groaned as I worked my fingers around, pressing each of them deeply into the flesh of her labia.

I was enjoying her reaction immensely when Bull appeared from the shadows with his sadistic smile in full bloom.

“I believe Dominus Josh gave you an order, slut! Now take your fucking clothes off!” he barked in her face.

She whimpered as I released her with a shove that propelled her into the massive slab that was Bull’s chest. She bounced back and stood like a cornered animal as she quickly realized there was no way to escape the two of us. With tears coming slowly to her eyes, she reluctantly began to peel her clothes off. I knew that her suit was like armor to her. As a female cop, she wore it not only to fit in with the boys, but also to intimidate suspects and give herself an air of authority. Without it, she was just a girl in her undies. Undies that turned out to be very boring white cotton like the kind bought in bulk.

Bull paced around her the entire time she was stripping, making her shake and causing her fingers to slip several times on her shirt buttons. While he tormented her, I went to the desk in the corner and flicked on the antique lamp as I sat. There on the desk were the documents Amber had told me about but I never really believed existed until that moment.

I skimmed the first one, which was basically a consent form with the exception that it was tantamount to consenting to rape and torture. I wondered just how much power and influence my Goddess wielded in order to convince people to sign such a document.

The other document was of considerably more interest to me. I never thought I would actually get to see the same form that my beloved Rayne had signed in order to become one of the Goddess’ daughters. I understood the importance of this encounter and knew that it was incredibly significant. An officer of the law would be a useful asset to Amber’s empire, but it was also a sign of trust that I would be the one who would be offering this opportunity in the Goddess’ stead.

I looked up to see Bull still pacing around the detective while she tried in vain to hide her shame with her hands. I snapped my fingers and Bull sprang into action. He wrapped her in a sudden bear hug and bodily hauled her to stand in front of the desk. He kept her pinned up against it with his entire body and then he placed his hand on the edge to either side of her. I almost laughed seeing the detective bent slightly at the waist over the front of the desk with Bull’s enormous bulk completely surrounding her. I wondered briefly if she could feel his manhood pressed against her ass and the heat of his body enveloping her entirely.

“It seems you are luckier than I originally thought,” I said with a smug grin. “I’m going to give you a choice now and it might be the most important choice you will ever make so listen carefully.” I waited a second to make sure she understood.

“Good,” I continued after she nodded slightly, “In front of you are two documents. The first,” I slid the consent form forward, “gives us your consent to anything we might be inclined to think of in the next, oh…say…” I looked to Bull who just raised his eyebrows conspiratorially, “two…well, let’s make it three hours.”

When I got home I opened the bag and put the contents onto my kitchen table, one packet of morning after pills, six packet of wax strips, one bottle of lotion, a dozen anal douches, one large bottle of astro glide, one anal toy not even as big as one of his fingers (I guess he doesn’t want me to spoil all his fun) a bottle of something called poppers and one set of hand written instructions, no wonder the guy in the drug store spoke to me like he did.

I sat at the table took a pill and had a coffee while I read the instructions. I was to get used to using the anal douches and small toy today then tomorrow I was to wax my legs pussy and under arms in the morning and put on as much lotion as I liked when I liked, use three douches at night and another three first thing Wednesday morning, when I went to the gym I was to wear only loose fitting clothes with no underwear, all my nails should be painted candy red, candy red lip gloss, my hair in pig tails and last but not least I was to take my little bottle of poppers along with me.

I picked up my anal douche, lube and toy then headed to the bathroom where I stripped and applied a little lube to the douche before inserting it, I followed the instructions then went to the toilet, god it was uncomfortable, when I was clean I got my little toy and put it where the sun never shines then went to bed. I had a little smile to myself, I bet Ron was hard, thinking about what he wanted to do to me, I fell asleep dreaming of naughty things, mostly involving a large black cock.

I woke early, on my front, face in the pillow and my bare bottom sticking out the bed sheet. My pussy was on fire and I needed relief, I pushed one hand between my legs and started to massage my soaking wet pussy then moved my other hand over my bottom to play lightly with the small butt plug in my ass. I was ready for stimulation and climaxed easily, panting into the pillow like a dog on a hot day. I slowly pulled out the plug and it felt kind of good, my god what’s happening to me I’m acting like a cock hungry slut then I remembered Ron telling me I had a foot of black cock in my stretched pussy and smiled to myself, maybe I am a cock hungry slut, as long as I act prim and proper for everybody else I don’t see why I can’t give all my goodies to Ron, after all they are mine to give away.

I had a long hot bath, used the wax strips to remove all the hair from my body then moisturised with the lotion I got from Ron’s friend Chad. The bottle had no label on it or I would have told you what brand it was but it made my skin tingle and I actually squealed with pleasure when I worked it into my ass, pussy and tits. I made a mental note to take it with me tomorrow morning, I don’t care what the instructions said I was going to find out what was in that bottle.

I tried to get dressed in jeans and a top but every time I moved my bald smooth pussy rubbed against the denim driving me mad, I can’t go out like this I’ll cum every hundred steps, maybe it was the lotion but my pussy was super sensitive I couldn’t even wear panties. I eventually found a short summer dress that came to mid-thigh, oh well better than going out naked.

I put it on with a cardigan to cover my erect nipples and grabbed my notes for my first lecture of the day.

Between lectures I phoned and made an appointment for a manicure and pedicure at the local salon as I wanted to look my best for Ron and time was running out.

My first lecture passed without incident then I went to my modern history lecture, I got a seat in the front row, all the seating in the theatre is raised even the front row desks are at waist level to the lecturer. I crossed my legs with my note book on my lap as our scheduled lecturer walked into the theatre; he was a small bespectacled balding man that gave me the creeps. Anyhow he gave a brief talk then introduced a guest lecturer Mr Zelunjo Sadiq from Lagos; he’s an expert on African American history with a speciality on religious and social migration of the ancestors of slaves. A tall dark man probably in his sixties with short grey hair and grey stubble wearing colourful clothing came into the theatre to applause, sat on the desk and started to talk in a thick African accent about the social impact of the slave trade on Africa.

After about twenty minutes of talking my bum was getting numb on the hard seat and I shifted position sitting with both feet on the floor, another five minutes passed and I noticed that Mr Sadiq was looking directly at me while he gave the lecture. I looked at his eyes but he was staring about two feet below my eye level. Oh my god I very slowly pushed my knees together and pulled the hem of my dress back down, it had ridden up my thighs almost to my hips and Mr Zelunjo Sadiq was getting a grandstand view of my bare pussy as his introduction to college life. He looked up at my face and walked straight towards me, oh god how am I going to tell my parents I got expelled for exposing myself in class. He stood directly in front of me and examined me closely, by now he must have known all I had on was a thin dress and a top. He put one hand on my bare knee and held it there while he spoke. An electric shock ran straight up my thigh to my pussy making me blush furiously.

“What is your name child?”

“It’s Kim sir.”

“Kim what?”

“Kim Johnson Sir.”

“Well miss Johnson you are paying close attention taking notes and doing what I like, if you keep this up you will be my star pupil, class dismissed.”

He kept his hand on my knee as the class filed out, some of the other students tried to talk to Mr Sadiq but he just ignored them with a wave of his free hand. Some of them gave me very disapproving stares. When the lecture theatre was empty he slid his hand up my thigh while he looked into my eyes, I felt like he could look directly into my sole. As his hand slid higher I parted my thighs and bit my bottom lip as his fingers slipped along my wet slit looking for my tight entrance. I spread my knees giving him everything he wanted and he pushed a long black finger deep into me, god it felt good to get fingered again.

“Have you ever been with a black man before Miss Johnson?”

I nodded and answered “yes Mr Sadiq.”


“Yesterday morning sir.”

“Good Kim and when is the next time you are going to receive black seed.”

“Tomorrow morning sir.”

“Well Kim here is my card with my personal phone number call me when you are free and I will give you the honour of receiving my black seed.”

I just nodded as he pushed his fingers hard into me and rubbed the nub of my clit. I came on his hand.

“Remember to call Miss Johnson I expect you to return the favour and I don’t like to be disappointed.”

I looked straight into his dark eyes and said “I’ll try my best sir” and then he turned and walked out. I had to go to the rest room and clean myself up before I went to the salon.

I felt like a million dollars when I came out of the salon, my nails were sparkling I had my hair in tight braids. I bought candy red ribbons that I could put in bows and the brightest red lip gloss I could find; I walked home and had a light dinner before using the douche and inserting the plug. I could hardly sleep with the anticipation of what might happen the next day.

I woke early, used the douche then put a shower cap on, had a hot shower, dried myself and used the moisturiser; it felt amazing on my body. I got dressed in a loose fitting track suit packed the lube, moisturiser, poppers, ribbons and lip gloss in a small bag, checked my hair and nails were perfect then left for the gym.

When I got to the gym I pulled the zipper on my top down a bit and leaned over to press the button on the intercom.

Bzzzzzzz “hi Kim honey you’re looking well today.”

“I feel fantastic Ron, can I come in honey, only it’s a bit cold out here”.

“I can see that Kim.”

I giggled “if you mean my nipples Ron they’ve been like that all night thinking about you.”

Click the door opened and in I went.

I skipped over to him and stood on my tip toes to give him a kiss, his thick tongue snaked into my mouth and a large hand slid past the elastic of my track suit and cupped my bare bottom with an approving squeeze, two thick fingers slid into the smooth crack of my ass. I put my hands behind his neck and pulled him close so I could whisper in his ear.

“Do we have time before anyone else gets here Ron only I need it so bad honey.”

“Sorry Kim the photographer is in the gym already.”

I put both hands down his shorts, took a firm hold of his snake squeezed hard, gave him my best pout and looked at him with sad eyes.

“Please Ron I’ll let you cum in my mouth.”

“Kim I’ll cum in your mouth any time I damn well please”.

“I know Ron I was only teasing.”

He handed me a white box with a ribbon tied around it then walked me to the ladies changing, took me in sat me down and told me to change.

I put the ribbons in my hair and applied the lip gloss before taking the track suit off and standing naked in front of him to put moisturiser on my eager body, he just smiled at me as I rubbed it into my legs arms stomach pussy and tits then I handed him the bottle and turned to face the locker opposite Ron, putting both hands on it and arching my back.

“Could you do my back and bum for me please honey.”

Ron poured some on my back, I drew in breath at the first cold touch of moisturiser then he worked it in with expert hands getting lower and lower until he was massaging my bum and gently stroking the smooth skin in the cleft between my firm cheeks, every time a finger grazed my ass I pushed back and he laughed. Ron then pushed the box over and told me to open it. I sat on the cold leather put the box on my lap and pulled the ribbon open, lifted the lid off the box and took out the skimpiest candy red lycra bikini I ever saw. I knelt on the bench pressed my tits into his broad chest and gave him a wet kiss, I could feel my nipples harden against him.

“You better put it on Kim.”

I stood in front of the mirror like an excited school girl and put it on. A thin string cut into my pussy up the crack of my ass then split into two 2″ ribbons that went over my shoulders across my tits and then back down to my smooth mound where they joined and plunged back into my pussy. I turned side on to the mirror and looked at myself. It was stretched so tight I looked like I was naked; it only made contact with my ass shoulders tits and pussy.

I turned to Ron, “Honey are you sure this is the right size only every time I stand straight it slips into my pussy lips.”

He was looking at my tits and pussy “Kim that is definitely the right size, you look fucking hot.”

I spun around and bent over showing him my pussy with the lycra buried so deep between my lips he couldn’t see it any more.

“Ron I don’t think the photographer is going to like it.”

“He’ll love it Kim it’s exactly what we need for promotional shots”.

I looked at him with a worried expression.

“Ron who exactly is going to see these promotional shots?”

“Don’t worry Kim it’s exclusively for a black only underground magazine, white folks don’t even know it exists. The photographer doesn’t even know what they’re for.”

“Ok Ron, ever since you blacked me I’ve lost any inhibition of being nude in front of black men of a certain age.” I gave him a knowing wink and smile.

“Kim honey you’re about to meet the rest of the girls that will be working the gym.”

“Really Ron where are they’re clothes I don’t see them anywhere.”

“They got changed in the men’s locker room Kim; I wanted to be alone with you when you first got here so I could tell you what is going to happen. You’ll do some promo work with the other five girls then you and I are going to have a private session in the pool area.”

“I can’t wait Ron.”

“I’m sorry things are happening so fast Kim but when you turned up on my doorstep two days ago I just had to have you as one of girls. The first six female members allowed to join this exclusive club.”

“How can they afford the annual fee honey, are they millionaires.”

Ron laughed. “No they’re not Kim they are just like you honey. Young women in the prime of life, perfect specimens of the female form for our members to use as they wish, come and meet them.”

He took my hand in his and led me through to the gym.

“Kim I know you’re just going to love the other girls.”

“I do hope so Ron.”

As we walked into the gym I felt very nervous. Ron closed the door behind me and five giggling girls all dressed exactly the same as me in candy red and almost naked skipped across and took turns to hug me.

“Hi Kimmy we’re so glad you could make it now, we’re the perfect team to take on those bad black boys.”

Ron laughed and in a booming voice said “Now now girls calm down and let me do the introductions”.

He clicked his fingers and they organised themselves in a line standing with feet slightly apart and hands behind their back, nobody stood more than five foot five inches tall, they all had thin waists, long legs and voluptuous figures with breasts varying from 32C to 34DD.

“OK Kim from left to right this is number one Chloe she’s 19 and 32DD 22 34, this is number two Katie she’s 20 and 34D 20 32, this is number three Ruby she’s 19 and 32C 22 34, this is number four Summer she’s 18 34DD 24 34, this is number five Laura she’s 19 and 32D 22 34 and everybody this is number six Kim she’s 18 and 34C 20 34″ they all clapped and Ron hushed them again. “Now listen girls you are now all fully paid up members of the most exclusive black men’s club in the world your combined annual fee is 300k, there are only a dozen male members at the present time who live within a day’s travel and they are the chief of police, the governor, the senator, the governor of the state pen, the college principal, the fire chief, the cardinal, three let’s just say business men who paid cash up front and two visiting dignitaries from Africa on long assignments they expect to be here for just under one year. Now they are very demanding customers and you will make their wishes dreams and fantasies come true, in return all your needs will be taken care of , if you need anything and I do mean anything, all you have to do is ask and you shall have it. As for the three girls at college Kim, Summer and Laura the principal has assured me that you will pass with the highest grade possible, now do you have any questions?”

Summer answered “do I still have to attend class?”

“Yes Summer you still have to attend class, now you’ve got five minutes before the shoot starts.”

I took Summers hand and held it tightly, “I thought I recognised you, were you in my modern history lecture yesterday.”

She stood close to me and whispered “I sure was Kim and I saw what Mr Sadiq did to you.”

I giggled “I couldn’t help myself Summer; I just wanted to let him touch me.”

“Yeah I know what you mean Kim, Mr Sadiq is one of the visiting dignitaries, Ron sent me over to him last night, I was so submissive to him, he just did whatever he wanted and I took it all with a smile, he was very rough my pussy and ass still hurt a little.”

Laura came over to talk “sorry about the pigtails girls that was my fault, I had pigtails in when Ron blacked me” she stuck her tongue out at him and said in a sarcastic voice so he could hear “now Ron likes all his girls to have handlebars when he rides them” Ron just smiled us with the superior air of someone who was in complete control.

“Ok girls just one more thing, I got each of you a little present for the shoot” and he handed out little red boxes. We opened them and inside were two little rose gold and ruby cylinders about a quarter inch long with a quarter inch hole in the middle, he walked over to me and said “now pay close attention ladies”. He pulled the lycra ribbons on my tits to the side then pushed my titties together, rolled my nipples in his finger until they were stiff and took one little cylinder and twisted it onto my right nipple so that the pink sensitive end poked through the end of the fine gold cylinder then did the same to my left tit. I sighed when he flicked them hard.

“How do I get them off Ron?”

“I have no fucking idea Kim but they look real good on your titties baby.”

The rest of the girls started to twist the little cylinders onto their own stiff nipples with much sighing and squealing at the delightful sensation.

We lined up for the first picture all hard nipples and bare pussy lips. The photographer was a white guy, kinda cute but of no interest to any of us, he took pictures of our bums, lying down with our legs in the air, legs spread, knees on our chest, tits exposed, on the equipment on the mat and finally all the same shots without the lycra bikini just bare ass and pussy, smooth skin perfectly manicured nails, perfect make up, hair and six full sets of large tits with very stiff nipples.

After about two hours Ron said in front of everybody “OK Kim go and get the lube and poppers then meat me and the photographer in the pool, I’m gonna bust your ass while he films it.”

The photographer looked stunned as I skipped to the changing room all stiff nippled and wet with excitement, then back again carrying my lube and popper’s.

Ron was talking to the rest of the girls. “Laura I want you to attend to Mr Sadiq tonight, he has some special requests” and he handed her a holdall that had the zipper locked. “Before you ask Laura Mr Sadiq has the other key for the bag. I want everybody else to have a couple of days rest before we open on Monday and he looked at me, I thought I told you to get your white ass in the fucking pool Kim.”

I turned and showed him my bare ass before skipping of to the pool. All the girls giggled and shouted after me go get him Kimmy.

Katie turned to Ron and said “I think she’s gonna fuck you’re brains out honey” he turned to her and smiled as he walked after me waving a ball gag.

I walked along a corridor with a glass wall along one side; I could see the 80ft by 40ft leisure pool with tropical plants, rock formations, sandy beach, pool side bar, Jacuzzi, hot tub, steam room and sauna. There were rope swings above the pool and gym equipment scattered around. As I walked in I could see the photographer setting up near the artificial beach, there was lighting on stands and two HD video cameras pointing at a horse saddle built onto a workout bench.

I walked over to the photographer and put my things on the patio table next to his then asked what his name was, not that I was interested I just wanted something to do, trying to calm my nerves before Ron arrived and took my anal cherry. Little did I know that Ron was standing at the door just out of sight and could hear everything that was being said.

“My names James honey and if you take my advice you’d be better of telling that big black bastard to go fuck himself, he’s a prick and so are his fucking friends, they just want to use you, the black bastards.”

I stood opened mouthed as he ranted on about Ron then put both hands on my hips and said, “now listen here shit for brains Ron just happens to be the nicest man I ever met and I’ve already made a promise to myself that Ron can do whatever he wants to me and if that includes fucking my pussy and ass as hard as he wants then that’s OK with me.” I held my hands at my shoulders then ran them down my body as I said “see this you racist prick this is Ron’s to use as he pleases, it’s mine to give away and I’m giving it freely to Ron.” I turned and ran out in floods of tears.

As I fled I could hardly see through my tears and ran straight into a black wall of solid muscle and would have fallen back if Ron hadn’t caught me. I felt his strong arms around me and cried into his shoulder. My tears running down his broad chest. After a minute I looked up into his brown eyes and was barely coherent as I tried to tell him through sobs what had happened. He put his finger to his lips and I fell silent as he kissed me snaking his thick tongue into my mouth. I put my arms around his neck and held on tight as I kissed him back for what seemed like forever.

When he put me down he wiped my tears away with his fingers then whispered as quietly as he could into my ear. “Kim honey I heard everything that was said and I’m proud of you for standing up to that racist ass hole. The rest of the girls and the members will get to hear about this. After today that guy is finished in this town.” I beamed back at him as he went on “If you’re up for it I’d like to teach him a lesson, but you’re gonna scream in pain before I’m through.”

I swallowed hard then kissed him again and said “you heard me Ron I’ll do anything you want no questions asked.”

“Good girl Kim, now have you ever heard of a revenge fuck”.

I shook my head.

“well we’re going to go back in there and do exactly what he doesn’t want and he’s got no choice but to watch you being humiliated by a powerful black man as he films us, I’m going to be aggressive and forceful and you are going to be demure, pliant and submissive while I plough my way through you’re sweet body.”

I couldn’t take my eyes of him as he spoke, then he stopped and I just stared at him. “Well Kim, what do you think?”

I said “Ron you’re making my pussy wet” and rubbed my ring bound nipples against his chest.

“OK Kim lets go” and he put a big hand on my ass turned me around and pushed me back in. When we got into view James just stared at me as Ron started to talk in a booming voice.

“Where the fuck did you think you were going bitch, I haven’t finished fucking you yet” and with a big shove of his powerful hand on my bare bum he lifted me of the ground pushing me forward so that I landed in the sand at James’ feet. I got to my knees and turned just in time to see Ron step out of his shorts and stroke his long cock as he walked bollock naked over to James, stood next to him and said “Get the fucking cameras ready limp dick and be fast about it cos my balls are blue and I’m gonna break this white bitch like a Mustang mare at a rodeo.” Then he turned to me as I stared in awe at the black god of sex standing in front of me. “Bitch why are you lying around in the sand instead of getting my cock ready to fuck you.”

I heard the cameras turn on, a shutter lens click and James nervous voice as he said “Mr Brown everything is ready.”

Ron replied “James did I tell you to fucking start talking.” James shook his head in reply. “I didn’t fucking think so, now get filming.”

I couldn’t take my eyes of his cock and balls as I got onto all fours and crawled over to him making sure I wiggled my ass and tits as I homed in on my target. When I got over to him I put my soft hands on his strong muscular thighs to balance myself as I sat on my haunches, knees wide apart my bare pussy and ass kissing the warm air in the pool. My erect nipples brushed his inner thighs as I looked up into his deep brown eyes and took the large cock head into my hot eager mouth as he smiled back at me.

Ron turned to James “I hope you’re fucking getting this white boy.” James nodded as he zoomed in on my bare ass. Ron clicked his fingers at James and said “give me the fucking camera and get that bottle off the table for me.” James handed the camera to Ron, went to the table picked up a bottle of water and handed it to Ron. “What the fuck is this dick head” and he threw it away “I want the anal lube you prick.” James ran over and brought it back handing it to Ron instead.

I never took my eyes off Ron’s as he filmed me nursing his long thick cock. He flicked the lid off the lube and started to squeeze the bottle letting the thick cold liquid land between my shoulder blades making me shiver before it slowly trickled down my spine along the cleft between my ass cheeks then run over my ever so tight pink ring before sliding between my pussy lips and dripping onto the floor.

Ron said to James “white boy seeing as you’re doing fuck all else why don’t you lie down behind her and finger her ass while she blows me.” James got down behind me and I felt his fingers slide through the lube in my crack then one small finger try and enter my pussy.

I put my hand between my legs to cover my hole and said to James, “sugar that hole is exclusively for blacks only; I believe Ron told you to finger my ass.”

I got back to sucking black cock, Ron winked his approval of my comments to James as I felt the same small finger start to force its way into my tight pink ring. I stroked my hands along Ron’s steely pole and worked the head into my hot mouth, god knows my jaw was aching but I kept going then tried to cup his heavy balls in my small hands. I felt like I was trying to fondle two lemons in a silk bag, god they felt heavy with cum. I could even feel the thick tubes that delivered Ron’s potent load of semen to his throbbing cock.

Ron looked at James and said “What the fuck are you doing down there limp dick, that’s not how you finger a white ass. Have you never done it before, what a waste of fucking space you are? Here take this camera and film me while I finger her.” He handed the camera to James and pulled me up by my pigtails kissed me and fondled my tits while he led me over to a lounger with a towel on it.

He sat down and told me to lay on my front across his lap; I obediently did as I was told. Ron’s cock bent under my weight as I got into position. The base of his thick cock pressed into my smooth swollen mound, the shaft ran straight across my tummy and the swollen head stopped just under my rib cage. “Now James are you paying close attention to this” James nodded.

I felt Ron’s large hand run over the soft skin of my bum before he gently slapped me and wobbled the cheeks. “That’s one fine ass you got there Kim, I’m gonna have me hours of fun fucking it”.

Ron told me to hold my legs tightly together and with his left hand used his strong fingers to hold my cheeks apart exposing my anus. He held his right hand with the long thick middle finger sticking up like he was giving James the bird. “Now James pay close attention as I push this here big black finger into that there little pink star.”

I felt Ron run his thick finger up and down my slippery crack to get it wet then using a circular motion start to work into my tight ass. I squirmed under the pressure of the foreign invasion and he moved his left hand to the small of my back spreading his fingers wide and pressing down with enough force to stop me moving. With Ron’s left hand no longer holding my cheeks apart all James could see was a thick black finger pressed between two plump firm white globes. James could see the bulging muscles of Ron’s arm flex as he pushed the unseen tip of his finger past my tight anal ring, I was panting hard as he told James to get the poppers of the table.

James excitedly handed them to Ron and he passed them to me. “Kim I want you to take a sniff of this it’ll help you to relax.”

“What exactly is it Ron.”

“It’s a drug that gets you a little high and helps your ass to open up.”

“Won’t that mean that you get less sensation on your cock honey?”

“Yes Kim but I’ll never get my cock into you’re tight ass if you don’t.”

“Ron I really don’t want to take drugs especially if it’s going to lessen the pleasure for you honey. Can we start over and I’ll try and relax my ass for you.”

“Well since you asked so nicely Kim I don’t see why not” with his finger still in my ass to the first knuckle I pushed back onto his finger till his fist was pressed into the crack of my ass and his finger was in as far as it would go. “Good girl Kim now stay still while I finger fuck you.” He started to move his arm back and forward as my pink ring took a tight grip of his finger, moving nice and slow then building up speed until his arm was going like a steam train. The constant sensation of his fist hitting my pussy and ass and the thrill of just being a dirty slut for Ron was starting to work and I was pushing back at his violent thrusts.

Ron could feel me getting looser and without any warning pushed in another thick finger into my tight ring producing a high pitched scream from me. Without slowing he asked me if I wanted to stop, I shook my head as the initial pain started to melt away and turn to pleasure. He stopped and told me to put my hands on my ass and pull my cheeks apart as he started to work both thumbs into my ass stretching it wide then he pulled out and my ass gaped for a little while then started to close up. Ron watched my pink star wink at him then pulled it open with his thumbs again.

“You see James that’s how you’re supposed to finger a tight white ass so it’s ready to fuck.” James just nodded back a reply as Ron slapped my ass and told me to get on the saddle.

I got up and walked over to the saddle swaying my hips as I went. I stepped on a little stool placed there to help prospective conquests of Ron to get onto the saddle then swung a leg over it and sat down. My god what was that, I put my hands on the pommel to keep balanced and looked down between my tits to see what I’d just sat on. There was a thick black cock heavily embossed into the leather saddle. When I put my weight on the saddle the embossed cock pressed my slippery wet pussy lips apart forcing my clit to press onto the hard gnarled cock.

As Ron walked over he watched me moving my ass about trying to find a position that wasn’t going to make me cum all over the saddle before he even got his cock near me. He stood on my right side and took my left tit in his right hand squeezing gently and pushing the fingers of his left into my exposed ring. He told me to put my feet behind the rear most set of padded bars and my knees on the set in the middle. Ron kept me steady as I struggled to get into position. As soon as I had my feet back Ron told James to strap my ankles so that I couldn’t move. I could feel James’ hands shaking as he pulled the leather straps tight. I had to arch my back as far as I could just to keep balance, as a result my ass was totally exposed to Ron, my pussy was pressed hard onto the embossed black cock and my tits were pushed out in front of me.

Ron turned to James and said “Look at this you fucking limp dick see what the white bitch will do for a real cock.” He then stood in front of me; I had to put my hands on his broad chest to stop from falling forward. Ron gave me a long lingering kiss exploring my mouth with his tongue then held up a ball gag to my mouth. “You’re going to need this Kim.” I opened wide and he pushed it into my mouth then did up the buckle behind my head tightly.

He took hold of my pig tails and walked around behind me, with one in each of his large hands pulling my head back to steady me I put both hands on my ass and pulled my cheeks apart as Ron’s long thick cock sawed through the crack of my ass to poke me in the small of my back.

“Any regrets yet Kimmy.” I shook my head, “are you ready for my powerful black cock to destroy your anal cherry.” I nodded vigorously my heart pounding with excitement and every super sensitive nerve ending sending electric shocks from my pussy tits and ass as I felt the tension within me start to build.

Ron turned to James “Hey white boy what are you doing standing like a dumb ass, the cameras on tripods are going to capture all the fun.” I thought he was going to send him out but Ron had a more humiliating ending for James.

“Can’t you see my fucking hands are full with this here bitch, get your ass over here and put the head of my cock against her ass hole?” To my amazement James did as he was told and I felt the large blunt helmet push against me and my ring start to submit to the all-powerful invader. My ass was open about an inch and a half but the head slipped out when Ron tried to thrust forward and I grunted into the ball gag as it poked me in the back. I thought, god that hurt I bet I’ll have a bruise there later on.

Ron shouted at James “you fucking prick, now this time pull the foreskin right back and place the helmet against her ass hole. Use both hands this time and stop fucking shaking” James took a firm grip of Ron’s cock pulling the foreskin back to expose the large purple black glans then pushed it into the crack of my ass and onto my pink ring. I could feel the very tip poking into my ass and knew Ron was going to open me up at least another couple of inches but there was no going back now. I’d gifted my body to Ron this morning and I was going to get ass fucked whether I liked it or not.

I felt Ron pull hard on my pigtails as he strained every muscle in his body and with one violent thrust buried his big black cock balls deep in my ass. I screamed as loud as I could into the ball gag as James looked on in stunned silence. “God Kim you’re so fucking tight you feel great. I can’t thank you enough for not using the poppers. James you should feel Kim’s ass it’s fucking perfection.” Ron turned to look at James; he had a wet patch on the front of his pants that made Ron laugh out loud. My nostrils flared as I tried to catch my breath and my ring started to relax around what felt like a two litre coke bottle in my ass.

Ron told James to stand in front of me. My chest was heaving and a fine mist of perspiration covered my entire body. My nipples were stiff and swollen in their little gold and ruby prisons, the pressure on them was adding to the pleasure building in my pussy.

Ron pulled out leaving about two inches of his wonderful love stick in my ass. My ring contracted then relaxed around the purple black head as my clit pressed onto the saddle. I could feel the ridge of the wide helmet that was stopping my ring from contracting. I reached back and put one hand on the thick black shaft that was Ron’s weapon of choice in his war against racism.

“Are you ready for more black cock Kim?” I nodded and he drove in as violently and as deep as the first time, his thick steely shaft sliding through my soft fingers as it buried itself in my eager body.

I was now at the mercy of my powerful black master as I bit hard on the ball gag with my eyes tightly shut. I kicked and strained against my bonds and my body shook as my ass clamped down on Ron’s black cock.

James finally spoke “Ron man you gotta stop you’re gonna kill her.”

“What the fuck are you talking about dick head. Kim did that hurt?” I nodded my head, “do you want me to stop?” I shook my head from side to side, “Kim honey did you just cum?” I nodded my reply as my legs still twitched in their bonds. “Good girl Kim. Now James take that ball gag away, me and Kimmy are gonna make us some fuck music.”

James removed the ball gag and looked at the teeth marks in it as Ron spoke to him. “Ok James get you’re shit together and fuck off, we’re going to be here for hours.” I could feel the tension and excitement start to grow in me at the news of the fucking I was about to receive. As James picked up his things he could hear me begging Ron to fuck me again and make me cum.

“Oh Ron I never knew sex could be like this, please fuck me with your big black weapon, I need to feel it fuck me Ron and I want you to cum as hard as I did.”

“Mmmm Kim honey you say all the right things” and he started to slowly stroke his cock in and out of my ass, the mixture of pain and pleasure was exquisite. As Ron picked up speed and force I could hear the noise of his strong thighs slapping against the firm smooth skin of my bottom and the sound of him grunting with force as he drove his cock home and pulled hard on my pigtails. My pussy was on fire as my clit was pressed onto the embossed cock and I screamed my approval as I came all over the saddle again.

My voice repeatedly calling out Ron’s name and begging him to cum in my ass were the last things James heard as he sat in the changing room pulling on his small prick and getting his hand sticky as it spilled a drop of week watery cum on his fingers before he left for good.

I lost track of time as Ron manfully pleasured his throbbing cock in my once virgin ass until I felt a strong arm wrap around my body just below my tits and pull me back onto his chest as he drove in deep and held me there. His mouth was at my ear and he spoke through clenched teeth as his climax pulsed through his nuts and up his cock “uuugh fucking take my black cock Kim I’m gonna fucking fill you with black cum urggh uuuuuugh” he held me tightly his buttocks clenched as his cock pulsed and spasmed then shot a thick load of creamy cum deep into my ass. I could feel the ropey strings shoot into me as my climax came and my ass gripped him tightly. His free hand grabbed at my tits squeezing them hard pulling on the distended nipples. He stood behind me breathing heavily and kissing my neck and back for about ten minutes before he spoke.

“Are you ready to get out the saddle honey?” I nodded and he unbuckled my ankles, as I lowered my feet my legs wouldn’t stop shaking and my thighs were on fire. “You ever had a workout like that before Kim.”

I shook my head; “I’ve never been fucked in the ass before Ron.”

Ron stepped back and his long thick cock slid out my ass with a soft pop. He walked over to the lounger and laid on his back with his hands behind his head, his long cock still sticking straight up into the air. “Kim if you ever manage to get of that thing will you get me a beer.” I struggled to reach the foot stool with my left foot, every time I tried my legs opened wider and my sensitive clit pressed into the embossed cock. I bit my lip and slid off backwards as I tried to control my climax.

I stood on shaking legs and wobbled over to the bar, got a bottle of beer for Ron and a bottle of water for myself then walked over to the lounger. Every step was blissful agony as my swollen clit was poking out between the puffy smooth lips of my pussy and rubbed against them with every step.

When I got back Ron was laughing at me, “it’s not Funny Ron I’ll never be normal again.” He took my hand and pulled me down next to him. I was on my side with his big left arm around me, my head on his shoulder, my tits pressed into him. He turned his hips slightly towards me and the big purple black helmet pressed into the V between my legs parting my lips and pushing my tender clit back into its little home. I sighed softly and kissed him, “mmmmmm Ron is there anything you can’t do with your cock.”

“No baby I’ve tried it all.”

“Will you make me a promise Ron?”

“Kim I don’t normally do this for my girls but for you I’ll make an exception, what is it you want.”

“Ron would you please please promise to do that to me again?”

“Kim you can bet your sweet ass we’re gonna do that again.”

I closed my eyes and fell asleep in Ron’s arms.

When I awoke Ron was on his side facing me one hand behind my left knee pulling it up and across his muscular thigh as his long thick black cock pressed into my moist slit parting the tender lips with the shaft as the bulbous head pushing through the cheeks of my bottom. I looked up, kissed his thick lips and said “Ron do you want to nut me” as I tilted my hips back and guided his thick cock into my hot cock hungry hole with my left hand. I tilted my hips forward and Ron slid into me with satisfying resistance. I put my hand on his cheeks and pulled him in for a kiss as I did this, sighing as his tongue explored my mouth, then he pulled back.

“Mmmmm Kim tight white pussy is just what I need right now”.

With all my strength I pushed him onto his back and started to ride him cowgirl. I put both hands on his broad chest as I started to ride his ebony love pole, grinding my clit into him with each thrust.

I rode Ron hard as he fondled my tits with his strong hands and sucked on my nipples. I had to lean forward to make sure his long cock was stroking in and out the full length. He was thrusting up to meet me coming down trying to get more into me and I wanted it.

The feeling was exquisite as I felt my pussy start to tighten around his thick cock, my orgasm starting to build. Ron put his hands on my waist and pushed down as his own orgasm took hold and we came together in ecstasy as Ron started to fill me with his thick creamy cum.

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