interracial sex

The house was silent except for the TV in the background. The kids were at camp for the next two weeks and Robert was away on a business trip. For a change I had nothing to do after a long day of work. I kicked off my heels, hopped into bed and picked up the house phone to call my best friend Jody, to catch up.

“Hey girl, what’s going on? Everything going okay with you, I haven’t heard from you in awhile.”

“Yes, everything is good. I’m doing fine, just getting ready for date night with hubby.”

“Oh great, you two eating out?”

Jody laughed.

“The only thing Keith better be eating out is me! We haven’t done it in ten days and I’m about to go crazy. I got the kids out of the house. I picked up some naughty lingerie and it will be on as soon as he walks in the door.”

“I’m happy for you. I know you two will have fun. I’m kind of jealous. I wish it was only ten days for us.” I groaned.

“Really, I thought you two would be doing it like rabbits? I know how you were back in your single days.”

“That was a long time ago it seems. I don’t know what to do to get Jason’s attention.”

“I will sometimes send Keith a sexy cell phone picture of my pussy after I have shaved or when I’m really horny. That always seems to do the trick and has him racing home from work. You should try it.”

“Jason is in New York on a business trip, that’s not going to do any good and I’m not sure he would like it if I did that.”

“He will like it, you should do it. Now would be a great time. That way when he gets home he will go down on you till you beg him to stop.”

“I don’t know Jody, maybe. I’m not even sure he likes eating pussy, the way he goes down on me. That is the rare times he does.”

“You have got to be fucking kidding me, Bailey. You have the body of a twenty-seven year old, arctic blue eyes, and that sexy red mane of yours; Keith should be on you all the time. Girl, you have more problems than I thought you had. Oh shit! I think that is Keith coming in. Take a pic, send it to him and let me know what happens, okay? I’ve got to run.”

I hung up the phone and saw my cell phone sitting on my nightstand just calling out to me. With all of this sex talk I could feel my body start to ache for some sexual attention. I tried to get my mind off it but I would find my left hand creeping into the waistband of my panties as I watched TV.

I wanted to feel the sensation of a man tongue buried between my thighs, lustfully licking my neglected clit.

“Why the hell not,” I said to myself. “What do I have to loose? If he gets upset with me for sending him a naughty picture of my pussy, what’s the worse thing he can do? Not have sex with me? Hell, he’s not fucking me now.”

I slipped off my pants and threw my panties to the floor. I grabbed my cell phone and stretched out my smooth alabaster legs into a wide “V” with my knees up and feet flat on the bed. I splayed my soft pink lips open with two fingers and snapped the picture. I gazed as the image of my pussy glistening wet with my clit distended, standing at attention, demanding to be touched. As I looked intently at the erotic image of myself my body began to throb with lust and ache with need. I hastily tapped the screen and sent the photo.

My phone beeped and a message appeared.

“Sent to Russell Shaw”.

A panic flashed red deep down to my core.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” I screamed out loud. “How could I be so stupid?”

I couldn’t believe I actually sent my “X-rated” photo to my co-worker instead of my husband.

I swiftly typed a message to Russ: “Sorry, that wasn’t intended for you.”

A new message popped up on my phone from Russ.

“I’m sorry to hear that, I’m jealous of who it was intended for.”

“I feel horrible, that was completely unprofessional of me,” I texted him back.

“You shouldn’t feel so bad. I enjoyed it. Here is something, so we will be even.”

A photo of Russell’s cock appeared on my cell phone screen. I was shocked, amazed, and really turned on all at the same time. Seeing a man’s cock isn’t the kind of thing that would generally turn me on but what he had going on was extraordinary. Nicely trimmed black hair, deep dark mocha skin, a shaft as thick as a can of Red Bull that dangled almost as long as a flashlight.

“Shit Russell, who knew you were packing all of that,” I muttered to myself.

The next day I was nervous while waiting for Russell in the conference room, my face obscured behind my laptop screen. I knew he would bring up the photo I sent him but he didn’t say a word about it. We went right to work on the Graham account.

It was late in the evening when we were finally finished. The building was silent except for the hum of the ventilation system. Russell sat across from me with his pink tie loosened at his neck. His eyes were dark and shiny as beer bottle glass, intently focused on his phone in hand.

“What are you looking at Russ?” I asked while looking up at him through scarlet-colored bangs.

“Nothing, just nothing.”

“You’re not looking at the photo I sent you, are you?” I questioned while I leaned back into my chair and crossed my legs in front of him.

“What? No, not at all,” Russ placed his phone down on the table, his white teeth flashed against his dark skin.

“Yes you are, don’t lie to me Russ. You know, you are not a very good liar.”

“I guess you got me. It’s just such a sexy picture of you. I can’t stop looking at it.”

I was truly flattered by his comment and couldn’t help but smile. I licked my sultry-pink lips unconsciously.

“Did you look at the photo I sent you? I didn’t hear back from you last night,” he asked and sat up in his chair.

“Yes, I saw your pic.”

The room was silent as I stared into his sexy brown eyes and swiveled in my chair from side to side.


“And, I think I need to see it again, your picture was a little fuzzy,” I lied. “Why don’t you take out your cock and show it to me again so I can see it better,”

I couldn’t believe I was being so bold.


“You heard me,” I leaned towards him and raised an eyebrow.

“Here? Now?” Russell questioned.

“Yes, right now Russell.” I gazed at him. “Take out your cock and let me see it. It’s late, nobody’s here.”

I held my stare at his crotch and wondered if Russ would give me what I asked for, or would he disappoint me, just like my husband.

The sound of his zipper seemed like a freight train in my ears as he pulled it down. That sound brought a wicked grin to my face and warmth between my thighs.

“Make it hard for me. Show me how big it gets,” said as I could almost feel devilish horns sprouting through my ravishing-red hair.

I stood up and moved closer to him so I could get a better view as he stroked himself.

“Did you do this last night while looking at my picture, Russell?” I asked.

“Yes,” he moaned.

“Nasty boy,” I bit my bottom lip. “I like that. Tell me, what were you thinking about while you stroked that big cock last night?”

“I thought about you naked on my bed, spread out before me. I’m naked too and kneeling over you. I bury my head into your beautiful pussy. I lick your silky wet folds and spread your lips open so I can dip my tongue into you deep. Then I suck and flick my tongue over your sweet clit.”

“Oh so you like to eat pussy,” I said before hiking up my skirt and shimming out of my thong.

I sat on the conference table in front of Russ with my shapely opalescent legs open and my black stilettos dug into each arm of his chair.

“It’s been far too long since a man has licked this neglected pussy,” I said while I stared at him intently and slowly inserted two fingers into my pussy. They slid in with no resistance, with a squishing sound that made me exhale through my teeth.

Russ was on me in an instant: his fingers, lips, tongue. My slick pussy went quickly too soaked as my breath tore out of me. My leg wrapped around him, which compelled him to suck my clit deeply into his mouth until it stood wantonly erect and sluttishly demanding.

He made my insides boil, my body clenched around something that wasn’t there yet. I wanted Russ in me so badly. My body demanded cock; his big smooth black cock. But that would mean giving up the feeling of his tongue probing my cunt, and I wasn’t ready to let that go just yet. I was forced to wait far too long to feel this sensation again and I was going to enjoy it. I was on the razors edge of orgasm and I didn’t want to come. Not yet.

“Russell,” I managed to say his name all breathy and strangled. My voice just didn’t seem like me to my own ears.

Russell stood up over my pulsating body. My heart double-clutched as he sank into me. One smooth stroke and he was deep inside me with that big cock of his, moving. His movement was the torturous part as I clenched and writhed somewhere between pleasure and pain, trying to hold on but wanting to let go.

He moved high and hard in me, each thrust a blissful agony. I felt my hips lurch up to meet his, too impatient to wait for his strokes, I added my own.

In an instant Russ flipped me over, slid his fingers into my insatiable pussy and opened me up for his meaty cock to follow.

“Fuck,” I moaned.

I reached around behind him, grabbed a hold of his ass cheek and pulled him closer to me, coaxing him to fuck me harder. His hand gripped my shoulder while his thrusts grew harder, unrelenting. The fingertips of his hand moved from my shoulder and gripped into the skin of my ass, while the other used my wetness to lube the rim of my asshole. Then a thumb or finger, I neither knew nor cared, slipped into my ass, invaded me pleasantly with its thickness.

“You like that?” Russell growled from behind.

“Fuck yes!” I cried out as my back arched and I pushed my ass back on to his digit.

I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed anal play. It had been years since the last time I felt this kind of pleasure.

Russell’s free hand snaked around to my pussy as he slowed his thrusting to a deliberate tease. His fingers, wet from my juices, easily traced and teased my clit. Pulses of heat radiated through my body. His fingertip stroked my clit harder, my fingers intertwined with his, maximizing the pleasure.

I breathed in deep through clenched teeth. “Oh fuck,” I cried out as my pussy pulsed in intense radiating waves. His finger stopped its invasion of my ass and instead caressed my asshole. Then he plunged into me again, hard and fast. His fingers bit into the skin of my shoulder while he shuddered behind me. He buried his cock deep in me and I felt his balls pulse as he came.

“Fuck! Damn, Bailey,” his voice echoed off the walls.

I felt his wetness leak out from between my thighs as my body shivered. Russ collapsed in the chair and I turned around to watch his cock slowly pulse down to a rest.

I breathed in deeply, the room smelled like sweet sex and candy.

“That was amazing, you have no idea how badly I needed that,” I said to Russell as he stood up and kissed me deeply.

His hand intertwined into mine, I took hold and gripped him tightly.

A few days later my cell phone rang, it was Jody.

“What you up to girl?”

“Just shopping for some sexy lingerie,” I replied as I ran my fingers over a sheer onyx bra-and-thong set then headed to the dressing room with the tiny items.

“Oh really, so you took my advice and it worked.”

“Oh it worked, better than I ever thought it would.” I closed the door of the dressing room and quickly slipped off my clothes.

“You have to tell me, did he go down on you?”

“Yes, so good it was as if he was another man.” I would tell Jody later that it truly was another man but for now, I was going to enjoy my little secret.

“And he has done it at least once every night this week.” I admired how the sheer jet-black lingerie complemented my curves in the mirror.

“At least once a day; now that sounds like the woman I know. So you will be taking more pictures, I take it.”

“Oh yes, you know I will Jody.” I felt the heat of my arousal building up between my thighs. In response my fingers began to tease my sex through the silky fabric of the thong and I spontaneously let out a moan.

“Well it sounds like you are busy, hon, so I will let you go.”

I hung up the phone and leaned against the cool wall of the dressing room. I watched myself in the mirror as my free hand touched my heated flesh. My fingers pinched my puffy bubble gum-pink nipples through the silky material till they throbbed. I thought about Russell, and moved the thong aside as my fingers mingled in the wetness of my sex. I held my phone and framed the image of my glistening wet pussy. With one tap of my finger, I snapped the photo.

This time I carefully sent my naughty photo to the right person, knowing it would invoke a positive response that I would immensely enjoy.

The twins begin to marshal their forces in their bid to reclaim their father’s business. Along the way, they uncover some interesting news about their parent. Includes brother/sister incest, interracial sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, some (a little) humiliation and pregnant sex.

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A Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 5

As Lee walked across the floor in the executive area, he could feel the eyes of the secretaries and clerks on him. He stopped by Ashley’s desk and told her to call Max and Thelma and tell them he was ready for them. He had just finished hanging up is overcoat when they entered together, closely followed by Ashley.

“Lee,” said Max, with a note of pleading in her voice, “do we have to do this now? Can’t it wait until after work?”

“Probably,” he replied, his voice flat, “but I have another appointment right after work, and she can’t stand waiting.”

“Mr. Brock,” interrupted the blonde secretary, “did you want me to observe and take notes?”

Before he could answer, Thelma broke in. “Girl, you get your fat ass out of here. This is a private affair, and if I hear one word about what happens in here this afternoon, I will whup that ass of yours so hard that you’ll think it’s made of hamburger; now, get out!”

A look of amused shock on her face, Ashley looked at Lee. He smiled, and nodded. “Tut, tut, Ms. Williams,” he said, “there’s no need for threats here. If you don’t want a witness, a simple no will do. That’s fine, Ashley. Thank you for asking. I may call on you later, however. In the mean time, would you ask Mrs Bridges if she would be available between two thirty and three this afternoon?”

Lee turned to Max as Ashley left the office. “Are you ready?” She nodded. “How do you want it?”

“In private,” she said, with a sob in her throat.

“Sorry,” replied Lee. “That is the one condition I can’t change. If you don’t have any other preferences, bend over with your elbows supporting you on the desk.” Max slowly walked to the end of the desk and did as she was told. Lee reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt.

“Mr Brock! What on earth are you doing?” Thelma gasped out.

“Unless you have a better suggestion, I’m going to fuck the daylights out of her.”

“B…Bu…But her husband… He…he’s right across…”

“I really don’t give a rat’s ass where he is. If she had done her job properly, this wouldn’t be necessary.”

“B…But it wasn’t her fault. I told you; it was my fault Teesha didn’t stop…”

“As your supervisor, Max is still responsible,” he paused for a short five count; “unless…”

“Unless what,” Thelma asked. Her eyes, wide open with mistrust, looked like ping pong balls in her dark face.

“Welllll,” Lee answered, drawing it out, “if you are really the one responsible, you should be here instead of Maxine.”

“No! ” interjected Max.

“What?” gasped the petite black woman.

“Makes perfect sense to me, if you do the crime, you should do the time. That doesn’t excuse Max, but if you step up, Ms Williams, you’ll save your boss from an unfair, if deserved, punishment…”

“Does she have to watch?” Thelma asked, glumly.

“Thelma…” said Max.

“Are you volunteering?” asked Lee.

“Do I have a choice?” grumbled Thelma. “Ms Maxine, you been a good boss. The past four, five years, I’ve learned a lot from you about how to deal with people, friendly and,” glancing at Lee, “…not so friendly.

“A lot of bosses I’ve seen come and go, they’d blame their secretaries when mistakes were made, but you always took the blame, sometimes when it was my fault, when I was careless, or just too …whatever to do the job properly.

“If Teesha had done something great, I’d be walking around with pride, busting my buttons, taking credit for her. Much as I hate to admit it, Mr Brock is right. You asked me to speak to my daughter, to set her straight, and I didn’t do that, therefore I’m the one who should have to face the music.”

She turned to Lee. “If my punishment is to be what you had planned for Ms Maxine, can I ask that it be done in private, without witnesses?”

Lee nodded, suddenly wishing he didn’t have to impose himself on the small black woman. Softly, he said, “Leave us now, Max. I’ll want you to sit in with Mrs. Bridges. Ask Ashley to let you know when she arrives.”

Max looked at him and nodded. She went to Thelma and gave her a hug without saying anything.

As soon as the door closed behind Max, the petite woman reached up and began to lower the zipper on the back of her dress. “It has been a while since I’ve done this in an office, Mr Brock; you’ll have to tell me where you want me and in what position.

“This brings back some memories I would rather had stayed forgotten. Before Teesha was born, I had her job, in the mailroom. Mr. Carruthers, the owner, used to ask me to stay after the rest of the office had gone home, me and another secretary. I guess it was a bit after his wife had passed on. I was only eighteen, and he was a handsome men; looked a bit like you.

“When I got pregnant, he gave me money for an abortion, but I couldn’t do that to my baby, so I took the money and went away…Is something wrong?” she asked, seeing the shocked look on Lee’s face.

“Teesha is…Ian’s daughter? Does he know that?”

“I don’t know,” she said, after a short pause. “I’ve never told him, and he’s never asked. When I came back, the Personnel office told him I wasn’t qualified for the job I applied for, but he told them to hire me anyway; otherwise, he hasn’t talked to me much except for stuff related to work.”

Thelma’s dress was in a pool around her feet. She stood there, in white briefs, watching him. Except for the lines life had etched in her face, she looked almost prepubescent. Just over five feet tall, she probably didn’t weigh more than ninety pounds. There was the slightest indentation at her waist, with a minimal flare out to her hips. She didn’t wear a bra because she didn’t need one, except to hide her protusive nipples.

She stepped out of her dress and walked to him. As she approached the desk, she saw the intercom lamp was lit. She passed Lee and bent over the communication unit. “Ashley Anita Dix, if you don’t turn this thing off by the time I count one, naked as I am, I’ll come out there and beat your …” She stopped because the light had gone out.

Thelma turned to Lee, who was trying hard not to laugh. When she saw him, she began to laugh with him. He reached for her and pulled her between his legs, his arms loosely around her waist. “For such a tiny woman, you certainly are a feisty wench. Was there ever a Mr Williams?”

“Mmm, there were a couple who asked, but they wanted to move to a bigger city. I preferred living here, even though there aren’t many black families. Less crime, fewer opportunities for Teesha to get into trouble. When I think she’s mature enough, I’ll send her to stay with my sister in Orlando for a year. After that, maybe I’ll be able to convince her to try some college.” She shimmied her chest and hips against him. “Enough talk, Mr Brock…”

“You’re right. And under the circumstances, you can call me Lee.”

“Unh uh, Mr Brock. If you’re going to punish me, we’ve got to keep the roles straight. Maybe in the future, sometime, but for now, you stay Mr. Brock, and I’m Ms Williams,” she stated, pulling his head down and melding his lips into hers.

Lee picked her up, holding the kiss, and carried her to the love seat. He sat, placing her on his lap. His right hand slid up her stomach and rib cage to search for the very prominent nipples. His hand passed over one, bending it slightly, and elicited a low moan from her.

She turned and began to loosen his tie. When it was sufficiently loose she simply slid it over his head and started on his shirt buttons. Lee’s hand slipped between her legs, to encounter her damp heat. By the time Thelma had his shirt off, her hips were beginning pulse against his hand.

He lifted her to stand up and turned to lay her down while he removed his pants. The small dark woman grinned when she saw his eight inches emerge from his jockeys. She didn’t say a word, simply lay back and opened her thighs. When Lee went to move her into the doggie position, she shook her head.

“First time, face to face, Mr Brock. Especially since you’re punishing me. You want to be sure I realize how serious it is, don’t you?”

Lee grinned and nodded, positioning himself between her knees. Her arms went around his neck; her legs, his waist. She reached down to position his staff at her opening, then lifted her self off the sofa.

“Don’t move,” she said, and tightened her legs, driving him into her, so his full length was inside.

“Unnnggghh! Oh, shit! That hurt. Don’t move yet. Christ, you feel bigger than you look. Mmm, slowly now. Short ins and outs until I get used to you. Damn, I had almost forgot…unnnnh, yeah, okay longer… uh oh oh oh oh oh go! go! go! fuck it, now! fuck me now, you mother fucker! go go go go go yesss! Aaaaaiiiiiiieeeeee!!!”

Unlike her daughter, who had barely made a sound the entire time they had been coupled, whose orgasm had climaxed with a silent scream, Thelma’s voice, once they established their rhythm, had been in crescendo, culminating in a loud screech. Once the scream stopped, and their breathing regulated so they were aware of their surroundings, Thelma heard the beeping of the intercom, trying to get their attention.

“Ashley,” she growled, loudly.

“It’s Max, Thelma. Are you okay? I thought I heard a scream.”

“Oh, Ms Maxine.(gasp) Yes,(gasp) I’m fine.(gasp) That was(gasp)…Mr Brock, (gasp)he’s ..(gasp).punishing me just fine.”

Max’s chuckle was plainly heard. “Mmhm, I imagine he is.

“Lee, Mrs Bridges asked if we could meet at two-fifteen; that’s her usual break period. Apparently Don has her working on something important.”

“What time is it? One forty-five; tell her no, I’m sorry, I’ll be busy right up’til two thirty. Tell her I said this takes precedence over anything he has her doing.”

“He’ll be pi…upset.”

“Like the song says, give him a quarter and have him call someone who cares. Send Ash in, would you?”

“You sure?”

He looked down at the petite woman under him, gesticulating wildly, “No, no, no!”

“I’m sure. Ms Williams isn’t, but it’s the final part of her punishment.” They heard Max’s chuckle as she shut off the intercom.

Thelma’s eyes were wide with anger; her expression would have frozen lava. “What in hell are you doing, Lee?” she demanded.

“‘Mr Brock’ is winding up your punishment,” he said, leaning down to kiss her just as Ashley walked in.

Keeping his lip lock, he gestured Ashley closer. Gathering Thelma up in his arms, he got off the couch and carried the small woman to his desk, where he laid her down on her back, his cock still firmly embedded in her quim.

“Ashley,” he said, as he stood up, “when I back out, I want you to clean Thelma up, using your tongue.” Ashley nodded, with a smile. In the past, she and Thelma had often worked closely together. She had noticed an intriguing aroma under the black woman’s perfume. Now she would get to sample it more directly.

Thelma lay there, immobilized partially from fear, partially from anticipation. She had heard of lesbians, was sure she even knew a couple of them, but she had never thought of experimenting with that kind of sex. She was familiar with oral sex and usually enjoyed it, but had never been able to come from it. Her lovers had used it mostly to get her lubricated for their entry.

She felt Lee withdraw, and experienced a mild sense of loss and emptiness. Then Ashley was lapping at the effluent running from her sheath. At first it was a gentle, almost feathery sensation. As the fluids disappeared into her mouth, Ashley’s tongue became firmer, exploring inside the sheath, and all the surfaces outside. Thelma felt the velvety surface of the tongue brush against her clitoris and jerked reflexively. “Ohh!” she grunted.

Lee moved to the center of his desk and pulled Thelma’s head to his groin. She looked up at him and smiled. She worked her right arm around his thighs and pulled herself closer, to reach his now flaccid member. She slurped it into her mouth just as Ashley attacked her clit with gusto. Her scream was muted by the presence of the dick in her mouth. The vibrations of her oral tissues and vocal cords brought Lee back to erection within seconds, pushing down Thelma’s throat.

Instead of pushing him away, she pulled him closer, as Ashley continued her assault on Thelma’s clit, quickly bringing her to another orgasm. Lee’s sex with Ashley, Rosa and Max over the past few days had increased his tolerance for excitation, keeping him from releasing directly into her stomach.

As her peak passed, and she relinquished her oral grip on Lee, he withdrew from her gullet. She maintained a light suction on his staff, her tongue dancing all around it as he slid out of her mouth.

When his crown reached her mouth, she increased the suction and tightened her grip on his legs, stopping his withdrawal. He became aware of the action of her tongue on the head of his prick, concentrating on that spot on the underside where the foreskin attaches to the shaft.

Within a few seconds he felt the tingle in the back of his knees which signaled the beginning of his climax. “Thelma,” he moaned, “I’m go..go… gonna… unngh!”

“Mmmm,” was her only reply.

After releasing Lee, Thelma reached down and patted her blonde lover on the head. “Ashley, much as I hate to interrupt what you’re doing, it’s time to stop.” She felt Ashley bob her head, and then her tongue touched Thelma’s rosebud and made its way to the top of her slit, where it remained resting on her clit for several seconds as the women recovered.

Thelma pushed herself up and pulled Ashley to a standing posture, so she could embrace the tall blonde in a tight hug. “Oh, girl, that was lovely. You’ll have to come over some night so I can return the favor.”

“I think I’d like that. Lee has also introduced me to the pleasure of sixty-nining. It’s even more fun.”

Thelma looked at Lee. “Don’t even think about saying this was the only time…”

“Actually,” he replied, “I was about to say I expect you back here on Friday, sans panties.”

Her smile lit up her face and made her look nearly as young as her daughter. “Speaking of which, where are they?” she asked. Ashley found them and gave them to the older woman, who had already slipped her dress back on. With a smile, Thelma paused at the door to ask,”What time?”

Lee had just finished dressing and straightening up his appearance when Max knocked and opened his office door to look in. “Mrs Bridges is here. Are you ready for us?” she asked with a smile.

“Probably not, but come on in. Mrs Bridges, good afternoon. How are you today?”

“I’m fine, I guess. I’d probably be better if Mr. Pieters could give me a better idea of what to look for…”

“Why? What does he have you doing?”

“First, it was looking for all kinds of companies selling stuff on the internet. Then it was for companies that failed; then it was for companies which sold stuff they manufactured, not resold. Then this afternoon, he had me look up companies like us, to see what they sold, and what techniques they used, or what venues, like catalog sales, internet, direct mail, and so on, especially companies our size.”

“Did you find a lot?”

“More than a couple. Would it surprise you to know that we’re not even close to the top 50, but we’re in the top quarter in terms of gross income over the last five years?” She gave Lee and Max a small smile. “Donald asked for a print out of what I found this afternoon. We have a daisy-wheel printer and a box of paper for it. The report started printing just before two o’clock, and wasn’t quite half done when I came over here at two-thirty.”

“I get the impression you’re not…” began Lee.

Max gave him a small shake of her head. “Virginia, are you and Ron still thinking of taking early retirement? I remember hearing that he wanted to go south and set up some sort of bait and fishing guide business.”

“We were thinking about it. His brother opened a place in Myrtle Beach a couple of years ago, and asked Ron to join him. With the economy the way it is, Sid couldn’t keep it going, and even if we both retire, we can’t afford to move down south, not until we’re able to get full benefits.

“Is that what you wanted to talk to me about. I know business hasn’t been real good for the past few months; are you going to start laying people off? Is that why you asked about early retirement? Oh, dear, I hope not!” The pitch of her voice began to rise, and she began to look flustered, upset.

Max looked at Lee and shook her head, knowing their plan to let the Bridges retire early wouldn’t work. “No, Virginia, that’s not why we asked you to come talk to us. How long have you worked for Donald?”

“A little over five years, ever since Agnes Hunt walked out on him that day.” She looked at Lee. “Aggie claimed that Donald had made an obscene request of her, and that there was no way she would repeat it. He, of course, denied it.”

Max hid her smile. “Whatever he said must have really been bad. Aggie wasn’t exactly a saint when it came to language. On her way out, she keyed both sides of his car, we think. Nobody saw it, but there were two gouges through the paint the full length of his new Cadillac. Dad laughed and told him to be more judicious in choosing women to hit on.”

She turned back to Mrs Bridges. “How long have you worked for Carruthers, Virginia?”

“Heavens, child. It’s hard to remember exactly. It started out in Indiana, and your father moved it back here a year or so after your mother died. I think Ian said you and your brother were four when he moved back.

“I was one of the first office workers he hired here, a combination time keeper, receptionist, and typist. For the first year, the machine shop was in the barn; the office was in the farm house, in one room and you three lived in the upstairs.

“Those were fun, exciting times. Course, I was single at the time. I didn’t meet Ron until he came to work here…”

Max interrupted the older woman’s memory trip. “So, you’ve worked for Dad for about twenty-two years. Don’t get upset by my next question, Virginia, but it’s very important. If you had to make a choice between Donald or Dad…”

“Maxine Carruthers! How you can even dare to ask! You know I would do anything for your father!” The older woman’s face softened into a smile. “And I often did before…Ron.” She blushed at the admission. “Ian, Thelma and I; we had some good times. That was after the plant was built and you guys had moved into town.” She shook her head, as if clearing away cobwebs..

“Is there a reason for that last question?”

“As you have seen, we’ve reduced our direct sales staff, and sell most of our stock items over the internet. The people manning the computers may be talented geeks, but they don’t seem to have a lot of sense about servicing our customers. They need some sort of help organizing the processing of an order.

“Since that’s what you did for Donald for the past few years, when Lee asked me whom I would recommend, I immediately thought of you. He questioned the recommendation because you’ve been with Don for so long.”

Mrs Bridges looked at Lee, her brow furrowed, just barely visibly nibbling on her lower lip. She let out a huge sigh and turned to Max. “Maxine, I don’t, and I probably never will, understand why you married Donald Pieters. He one of the …sleaziest characters I have ever had the misfortune to meet, let alone work for.

“I have put up with his crude remarks, foul language, and innuendoes for the past five years because your father asked me to. The day after Aggie walked out, Ian called me in here and asked me to stick with Donald and keep an eye on him; he was sure he was up to something.

“For the next year, he made a show of eating lunch with me in the break room at least twice a week. Up until he took this extended vacation, we had lunch a couple of times a month; a few times, in here, re-living old times.”

Lee looked at his sister, whose face mirrored his shock. “I take it you didn’t know about this? It would have been nice if Dad had let us know about his suspicions, and his intelligence network.”

Max nodded and was about to reply when Mrs Bridges found her voice. “Dad? Y…you’re Lee Carruthers? B…But…y…y…you’ve been…with Max?”

“No, Virginia, we haven’t. We’ve been…acting, I guess is the best description. Donald blackmailed me into marrying him, threatening to reveal a shortage in the company finances, and making it look like Dad was responsible. He also bought up enough stock, and fraudulently obtained proxy control of enough more so he thinks he has a controlling interest in the company.

“We’ve regained control of enough proxies that all he can count on is his own stock and a small block owned by some friend of his in Northport. We’re now working on a way to prove everything we’ve discovered. You can help us and the company if you take the new assignment.”

“Who’ll replace me? I’ll have to explain my monitoring system to them, some time when Don is out of the building.”

Lee answered, “Ashley.”

“That child! Why she’s so scatter brained, all she can talk about is the latest gossip…”

“Hardly, Virginia. Ashley has turned out to be a real friend, and a real find. She recognized Lee the first day he was in, and didn’t reveal who he was to anybody, plus, when our stock started to lose so much value, she bought up enough so she is a major owner of the company.

“Like you did with Dad, she agreed to do anything Lee asked of her, and has agreed to one of the most distasteful tasks an employer can ask of an employee.”

Shock and understanding registered on Mrs Bridges’ face. “She’s going to…Donald? Oh, the poor child.”

Lee hit the intercom, “Ashley, would you step in for a few minutes?”

In reply, in a few seconds the door opened and the tall blonde walked in. She closed the door and joined the group, remaining standing. “Sit, please, Ashley,” began Lee. “I think everyone in the company who knows the truth of my identity, except for my father, is in this room…”

“Thelma,” interrupted Ashley. “She knows, but since you seemed to want to keep it secret, she didn’t say anything. She won’t until you say she can, or it becomes general knowledge.”

“Hmmmh,” sighed Lee. “Well, for the foreseeable future, it should be kept secret. Okay; now, tomorrow, Ashley, you will begin training to replace Mrs Bridges as Don’s secretary, like we talked about earlier. Apparently, much of what we discussed is already in place. Max and I will make sure you have adequate opportunity to learn the system.

“Mrs Bridges, I know you have identified at least two accounts Don uses for illicit purposes, and Ash, you said you knew of two. Compare notes, to see if they’re the same, and see if you can identify any more. One thing we know, they all appear to be at the same bank. Also, if you can, look for mutual fund activity, bonds, stock trades, that kind of thing.

“And people, any regular visitor or appointments out of the building…”

“Like Mr. DeMarco, or DeMare, something like that?” asked Mrs Bridges.

Three pairs of eyebrows shot up. “He’s been here?” asked Lee.

“Several times, although not since you took over. He always brought a little black satchel. At first I thought he was some kind of doctor, but when I asked Don, he just laughed, said that was a good one. He always left early when Mr DeMare showed up, taking home an attache’ case, full of work, he said.”

“Do you know if he was on Don’s calendar, or did he just show up?”

“Yes,” Mrs Bridges said, and continued. “When I first started working for him, he’d occasionally just show up and ask to see Donald. After he had to make a few return trips, he started to call ahead.

“Sometimes, he’d use a different name, but I recognized the voice, or he’d just say, ‘This is Marco,’ and tell me when he’d be there. I’d have to find Don and let him know. I’ve seen him cancel all his other afternoon appointments to make sure he was available for ‘Marco’.”

“Is there any hope those old calendars are still around?” Virginia smiled. “Bless you!” he turned to Ashley. “In the morning, report here first. I’ll call Don over and explain the changes to him before you start training with,” he looked at the older secretary, “Virginia,” he finished, with a smile, which she returned.

After Ashley had exited the room, Lee got up and walked around to Virginia, who stood up as he approached. “I think my father and your husband are very lucky men. I envy them.” He opened his arms, inviting her in for a hug.

“You’re very much like Ian; it’s no wonder the women have itchy pants for you. If I was a few years younger…” she said, stepping into his arms.

“You said you and Dad still…what about Ron?” asked Max.

“Poor Ron; he has diabetes, and it has left him with ED. None of the pills work, so he needs to inject himself. That’s really no big deal, except it doesn’t always last long enough for both of us, especially if he comes first. He knew about Ian when we met. When he learned about our lunches, he suggested Ian might…

“I swear, my husband should be nominated for sainthood. He’s put up with my lousy moods from working with Don all day, and then he actually spoke to Ian. I don’t know what was said, but that next lunch…Makes me blush to remember it,” she said, smiling. “How is he these days?”

“He’s doing pretty well. He and our grandmother are traveling together, seeing the country.”

“Edie? Tell her I said hello. We also had some good times with Ian. Nearly makes my…Hush up, Virginia,” she said, smiling. She looked at Lee. “I told you, you were like him. Being with Ian made you forget all your inhibitions.

“Well, I better be getting back before Don blows a gasket. Unless, there’s something else…”

“Nope. As I said, tomorrow, we’ll inform Don of the change, and Rick Jacobs, the guy you will be eventually replacing in Customer Service. Right now, it’s located adjacent to the parts room. As soon as we can, we’ll find a more pleasant place for it.” Virginia nodded, gave each of the twins a hug and peck on the cheek, and left the room.

Later that afternoon, after the other managers, supervisors, and officers had departed, Lee hit his intercom and asked Ashley to step into his office. When she opened his door, Max was right behind her.

Max slipped her arm a round Ashley’s waist as they entered the office and walked to Lee’s desk. He came out from behind the desk and greeted each of the women with a hug and kiss on the cheek. With a curious smile, Ashley asked, “Is something wrong? This feels an awful lot like I’m about to get some bad news.”

“Only if you agree, Ash,” replied Max. “Lee told me a little about your first time together, and the promise he had you make. I’m here to make sure he doesn’t force you to agree to keep it.”

“Promise? Oh, you mean the who, when, where ever thing. I never really thought he meant that. I went along with the others because I thought it would be fun. I guess the next person you want me … it won’t be fun, will it? You’re going to ask me to screw Don, to give him the same privilege I give you?”

“Not hardly, Ash,” answered Lee. “I’ve already told you, I want you back here twice a week. I can’t ask you to do him more than once a month, twice at most.” He led her to the love seat and had the women sit down. Pulling over a chair he sat so their knees were in contact.

“You know what Don has done to the company. He also forced Max to marry him, to keep our father out of prison. He thinks she is sleeping with me so he can keep his job, and access to his secret accounts. Tomorrow, we are going to begin the process of cutting him loose.

“In the morning, when I am explaining how you will be replacing Mrs Bridges, I am also going to take Max away from him. I will tell him she will no longer share his bed, even though she lives under his roof. I want to tell him you have agreed to have sex with him once a month. I intend to make those two statements while I fuck both of you in front of him.”

Both women were silent for a long ten count, then Ashley doubled over as if she were in pain. “Ooooooooh, fuckitall,” she moaned. “I think I just wet myself; my panties are soaked.”

With a small laugh, Max, gripping Ashley’s arm, added, “Me, too. Christ, Lee! What are you going to do for us right now? If I go home to Don in this condition, I’ll jump on his bone so fast he’ll think we’re really married. Not that it would do me any good.

“I can assure you, Ashley, after being with Lee, even just once a month with Don is really just a nuisance fuck. He’s on the small side of average; I can cover his whole prick with my hand, so you probably won’t need any foreplay, which is good because he doesn’t know what foreplay means.”

She turned to her brother. “Well?”

“Hmmm, there’s something I read about once that I always wanted to try. Both of you, strip from the waist down.” He went to a closet near his private bathroom and removed a pair of blankets, which he laid on the floor so there were four plies of blanket. “Okay, Max, you on your back, knees as wide as you can manage. Ash, you lie on top, facing her, getting your clit as close to hers as you can.”

When Ashley was situated, he slid his hand in between them, checking the relative locations of their clits. As he moved into position behind Ash, he noticed her butt. “Wow, Ash! I never noticed before what a nice ass you have. So full and round. Looks almost good enough to eat.”

“Go ahead, Lee; you can say it. I know I have a fat ass, and I’m not ashamed of it.”

“You shouldn’t be, and I wasn’t commenting on a fat ass, but a beautiful one.” he bent down and planted a kiss on each cheek, eliciting a giggly laugh from the big blonde.

“You goof ball,” she said. In response, Lee slid his cock between the two women, invading and separating their labia. “What? Oooohhhh, yesssss,” Ashley sighed, echoing the tall, slender brunette under her.

Lee began to move in and out, sliding his thickness between the two clits, at the same time massaging their U-spots, as well as the supersensitive areas right outside the opening to their vaginas. He took his time, making long, slow strokes.

Not until both women were beginning to move their hips in concert with him did he start to increase his speed. They were moving with each other, both going up, and then down, maintaining the pressure on his rod. When he started to speed up, so did they, rapidly bringing themselves to orgasm.

Both of the girls planked, practically at the same time, driving Lee backwards and out of his strange double sheath, and at the same time created enough friction to stimulate his eruption, spraying his spend all over Ashley’s lovely ass. He sat there, between their legs, on his heels, catching his breath.

Tentatively, he reached out and caressed Ashley’s rear cheeks, rubbing his cream into her pale skin. As he did so, he opened her crease, exposing he rosebud. Without thinking about what he was saying, he asked, “Ashley, have you ever had anal…” while he tentatively pressed a finger against that sensitive opening.

“N…” she stammered, “please, don’t…”

“Lee,” interjected Max, wrapping Ashley in her arms, “behave yourself. That’s not something you ask a woman to do on the spur of the moment. If you want to try that, it’s something you talk about and build up to over several days, preparing her for the experience.”

Lee looked at his sister, smiled and nodded, pulling his hand back from Ashery’s butt. Ashley wrapped her arms around Max. “Thank you. I can’t say no to him, even when I know I should.”

Max kissed her lightly on the lips. “I know,” she sighed, “neither can I, and God knows, I’ve tried. Are you okay now? Do you need anything?”

The big blonde smiled. “Lotto numbers would be nice, but otherwise, I’m fine. If Don’s as small as you say, after taking your brother eight or nine times a month, he shouldn’t be a problem, unless he gets mean or violent.”

“I can’t guarantee he won’t, but that’s something I haven’t seen in him. And it’s even more unlikely here, where there would be witnesses,” Max replied. “Well, we should be getting dressed and getting out of here.” She looked at her brother. “Are you going to talk to Dad tonight? I want to be there, if you are.”

“Last night, after you left, he told me he and Edie were going to dinner and a show in Buffalo, and would probably spend the night. I’d call him on his cell, but you know how he is about taking calls.”

“Call Edie’s phone and leave a message for them to call you. I’d like to know what the hell is going on before we get too much further into this.” Lee nodded and began to dial while Max walked Ashley out the door.

“If anything changes before tomorrow, we’ll let you know,” Max told the secretary, with a hug. “Thank you for this afternoon. I really enjoyed sharing Lee with you. After the baby’s born, we’ll have to see about more traditional methods.”

“Baby? You’re…That’s fantas…is it? Is it some thing you wanted?”

“Yes. And it is fantastic. It’s also supposed to be a secret, yet, for a while.” Ashley grinned and hugged Max back, with a kiss to the cheek.

“I won’t tell a soul. Contrary to my reputation, I can keep a secret, when I know it’s important.”

“I know. That’s why I told you. Thanks again, Ash, for everything.”

Inside, Lee had just finished leaving his grandmother the message to call him, no matter what time it was. Max walked back into the office.

“Call me if they call you back, unless it’s after midnight.”

“What about Doofus?”

“Unless it’s one of ‘his’ nights, he’s in bed and asleep by eleven. And this isn’t one of his ‘weeks, let alone nights.”


“Yep; first and third Thursdays, unless it’s that time of the month,” she answered, with a smile. “You know, for some women, that time can be awfully long, and there’s no way to predict it. It’s just another thing for us to have to put up with, the curse of womanhood.” She let out a heavy sigh, and laughed. “Call me anyway, to say good night.” Lee nodded.

“By the way, what do you know about this?” he asked, picking up an envelope from his desk.

Max looked at it briefly. “Oh, that was one of Don’s few good ideas, a few years back. It’s sort of a retirement option, an annuity the employees can buy into. The payback, of course, depends on how long they pay into it, but it has a minimum guarantee, five or six hundred a month. Why?”

“This is the first I’ve seen or heard of it. I’ll ask Pete if he or Rosa looked into it. This is the kind of thing it would be easy to steal from, and nobody would know until it went broke.” He picked up the phone to call his partner. Max headed for the door. “Good night, sweets; talk to you later,” he said as she pulled it open. She glanced back over her shoulder and blew him a kiss.

“Hello, Rosa, is Pete still alive? Pete, Lee…Yeah, so far everything is on track. Say, did either you or Rosa look into the employees’ annuity option… Me, neither; I just got a report on it today. Looks sort of like a semi-annual. It’s all aggregate figures…Tomorrow morning? Late, around ten-thirty would be fine… It’s time to up the pressure on Don…I wouldn’t care, but Max would have a shit fit if you were here watching. She says it’s going to be bad enough in front of Ashley, especially in front of Don…Unh uh, you want to watch, you suggest it,” he laughed. “See you in the morning.”

Wednesday morning. Max knocked on their connecting door and pushed it open. Lee looked up and grinned. She was dressed in a blouse and skirt. The skirt was a conservative charcoal brown A-line, and reached just below mid thigh. Her ivory white blouse was fairly sheer and was designed to be worn with the tails out. Under it, her bra, a similar color, seemed to be one of the soft cup one-cup-fits-all styles, camouflaging her slightly swollen breasts more than supporting them.

“Don just got in,” she said, approaching his desk. “Shall we get started?”

He nodded and switched on the intercom. “Ash, would you call Mrs Bridges and have her tell Don I want to see him, then come in. Thanks.”

He got up and walked around the desk to embrace his sister. “Why don’t you come over tonight? We could invite Pete and Rosa to dinner, play some games; Pete said he’d like to challenge you to a game of strip euchre, men against women.”

Max laughed. “I bet he would. Maybe after the baby’s born. I know I don’t show much, but I’m beginning to feel big…”

“Believe me, sweetheart, you aren’t big. Unless somebody knew you real well before, they couldn’t tell.”

“He’s telling you the truth, Max,” said Ashley, who had heard the last exchange, as she walked up behind her. “I’ve seen you practically every business day for the past two years and didn’t have any idea until you told me last night.”

Max laughed. “That may well be, but I’m still not going to play strip anything with Pete.”

Ashley’s eyes widened. She looked at Lee. “If you’re looking for a partner…uh, who else is playing?”

The twins laughed. “Rosa, I imagine,” said Lee. “Pete proposed to her last week before he went on the trip to Niagara and Northport. She told me she was going to accept, but that was before their fight here Monday.”

“Hmmm. I wonder which option he chose. She called earlier to get him on your calendar at ten-thirty. Said you had called last night, and that she didn’t think, from the part of the conversation she had heard that you’d remember to tell me.”

“Option? About getting married?” queried a puzzled Max.

Lee replied, “She gave Pete two choices, her, anyway he wants her, but only her; or her and the ability to screw just about anyone he wants, knowing she’ll be out sport fucking as soon as she learns what he’s been doing.”

“That’s the same mistake he made. Didn’t you listen, Mr Brock? She didn’t say she would, she said he shouldn’t get angry and upset ‘if’ she did, and that she wouldn’t, unless he did,” Ashley said. “Men!”

“Wow! That’s pretty broad minded of her. As you know, brother, before the final commitment is made, as long as I know who, I’m not too upset about you having sex with anyone. But if we do as you suggested, and live together to raise this baby, then your stable of possible partners is going to shrink pretty fucking drastically.”

Before anyone could respond, there was a knock at the door. At a nod from Lee, Ashley went to answer it. Don came into the room, vexed at being summoned, and then, at there being noone to announce him. He was close to fuming when Ashley opened the door. When he saw it was she who answered, and that Lee and Max were in the room with her, he all but lost it.

“Goddam it, Brock! What the fuck is going on here? You summon me like you’re calling a friggin’ clerk, and here you are, locked up in a room with a pair of wh…”

“Watch your language, Pieters. I ‘will’ support a sexual harassment suit if you don’t. As for what’s going on, I have decided to make some changes, which primarily affect you and these two ladies. Sit, while I explain.” Don plopped down in one of the side chairs, glowering.

“First, Ashley. The new customer service department needs some expert help in learning how to process the new purchase requests, so I’m transferring Mrs Bridges out there effective tomorrow. She’s already been approached and accepted the transfer. She will work there two days a week, to be gradually replaced by Ashley, who has generously agreed to take on the job. Before you object, let me continue.

This story is copyrighted ©, all rights reserved. If you wish to use it please contact the author.

Nagapatnam — India, 17th July, 1702

Dear Husband,

I honestly hope this letter finds you well, please offer the best welcome to Mijnheer Abbott, our neighbor who has so kindly offered to deliver this letter to you as he was going to sail to my dear country.

From a wife to a husband I wish your rage has stormed away by now. Strong, spiteful words were written in your last letter. They were meant, as you said, to bring a high-born wife back to the honesty and decency she should have never left. Did I?

What is respectable? A life without pleasure means decency, or may it mean death? And how can one live a life that is dead already?

Is honesty the murder of pleasure and desire? Or it may be more honest to take pleasure in what life gives us, our bodies too?

Yesterday I went out for seeing a bit of this lovely country. Neela is my maid, a lovely young girl around the age of eighteen. She dresses in a white gown as all servants do and walks like a feather on the wooden floor. She is a good company, good at conversation and good at her chores. The Marquise surely picked the right girl to serve me, yet I like to treat the servants with more familiarity than she does.

This country is so warm and beautiful that exploring it without a local guide is like smelling a rose without being able to feel its scent, for this reason Neela often joins me into my promenades out of our residence.

The warm humid air embraces our bodies in a wet hug, sometimes with a light breeze from the ocean tickling drops of sweat on our foreheads. Indian women wear colored sarees fluttering in the breeze, no corsets but a small blouse; what a difference from our strict undergarments!

I can only imagine how fluidly those colored vests fall on the floor showing perfect ebony bodies, not like our laces and petticoats, leaving a caricature in fluffy cotton.

Yesterday we left home early morning; the air was still fresh enough to take a long stroll. Neela was with me, walking side by side. The Marquise advised me this habit of letting the servants out with me and allowing them to walk by my side, not a few steps behind me, was going to create some minor scandal through the good society. They are just blind, unhappy people craving for a satisfaction of any kind, so poor inside that they can only take it out on the servants!

We walked in front of our fort, from which the Official in charge controls all the trades, then headed to the Temple. It will sound strange, dear husband, how I love that temple. All the figures carved in the rock, attractive unknown gods entering into the most human activities.

Neela tells me tales of her gods from time to time. Each god has had a life, with passions and flaws; martyrdom is not their only value. Can you believe couples too are carved into statues, or painted on walls? As if our churches could ever host a husband taking his young wife. Our old society can only learn from these natives, and then we will see how valuable was the freedom we have lost for the sake of a strict etiquette.

In front of the temple there is a market, families mix with merchants, selling produce of their own gardens or goods just arrived from the land. Women in colored sarees happily mix in a swirl of colors and languages, tasting, touching and haggling over the price.

It is a sea of colors, sounds and scents, big sweaty merchants and women who use fragrant spices on their skin. There are so many unknown powders, fruits and roots peeping from baskets, attracting our attention. Smooth, firm mangoes their fibrous sweet pulp showing up bright yellow or red colored litchis with the pointy hard shell protecting the white pulp around the ebony seed; there is so much bounty to choose from.

As the sun was getting higher into the sky the pleasant breeze from the sea faded and I started to feel tired. Neela pointed me to a group of banyan trees making quite a shelter from the road. There I sat on the grass and watched the hummingbird flying in a frenzy around flowers. The long beak entering the flower, barely touching it, sipping the nectar then gracefully fly to the next flower.

Hummingbirds have nothing to hide, neither their shiny feather nor their making love to the flowers. They are a banquet for the senses to watch, sin would be hiding them.

As I was lost in my thought over the hummingbirds my mind returned to the Temple gods, the sculpted figures and their poses.

The image of those two gods standing with their legs entwined stood in my mind, how lucky was the goddess, engaged in an eternal kiss of stone she had hosted the divine cock for centuries. Other two gods were watching the scene, with a badly hidden interest. Maybe Neela could tell me if they all took part in that mythological orgy. Lucky gods, for they can have all it is forbidden to us.

Lost in those thoughts my hand had started wandering on my corset and started tickling a breast. Lifted my skirts, aided by the privacy given by the tree and bushes sheltering our private spot, and touched my most intimate parts to send a thrill through my body.

Indeed, I was wet and my breasts were strictly closed under the corset, begging for freedom. Neela was laying on her side, her quiet dark eyes staring what I was doing. I asked her to help me with the corset, definitely too strict for that heat and sat up enough to let her access the laces on my back.

You could never imagine, my dear Husband, what the dear Neela did. I felt her breath on my neck and her soft lips kissing it. I turned surprised and caught her cheeky smile. She said “If Madam will allow …” and did not finish the sentence, for I had allowed her already by returning the smile.

My corset came off and her thin fingers closed in a cup around my breast; what a vision! Her ebony fingers on my pale white skin, her mouth on my neck, kissing and arousing inch by inch as she was undressing me.

Her tongue nibbled and tickled one nipple, then moved on the other, with a twirling motion she bought me close to ecstasy, once, twice, she did it over and over leaving me panting for more after each time. In my eyes I could only see the pointy hibiscus flowers, carefully attended by hummingbirds, just as my breasts.

Her hands moved as feathers on my body, removing garments and leaving my pale skin exposed to the warm exotic air. I sat up and helped her undress; her full breasts were hanging free under her white cotton dress, and the big nipples were pointing to my mouth just as if they were calling for attention. When I got closer to suck one I felt the scent of spices, of almond and turmeric the local women use on their skin, mace, or cinnamon maybe. They were a drug to the senses, penetrating my nostrils and my mind, attracting my lips to fondle that ebony skin.

Neela’s dress fell on the grass and my lips approached her crotch, what a pleasure. A smell of freshly caught fish mixing with cinnamon and other spices, my dear Husband, what a pleasure we are forbidden. Neela laid on the grass spreading her legs, showing her secrets, you should have seen those lips, darker than the rest of her skin, slightly wrinkled, soft and juicy under my tongue. The warm moist center in the middle, dark pink and wet of a white humor, inviting my tongue to probe deeply, then move up to the pinhead over it.

She called me to straddle her face so she could, “return the favor Madam is doing to her,” I did not waste time and moved as she directed me.

Two of my fingers plunged deep into her opening, her hips moved to meet my hand, the palm grinding on the little needle tip. What a contrast were my pale fingers against her tanned skin, how inviting was that opening, I dipped my tongue in it.

I tasted her juices, moved my tongue inside and felt more of them dripping in my mouth.

Neela reacted arching her back and moaning softly, that excited me so much I sealed my lips around her cunt, explored and sucked with passion. Any time I would push my tongue in Neela moaned; I wanted her moans to never stop so I didn’t leave her flower until her legs trapped my head in place on her groin.

She was holding me between her strong tanned thighs, grabbing my hair with a hand so my tongue couldn’t leave her groin. It was like convulsions shook her, so close to reaching her final pleasure. My fingers, my face, they were all coated in her juices and I was feeling so hot and wet myself.

She came like a wave, grabbing my head so strong I thought she could pull it off. My fingers inside her cunt felt her inner muscles throbbing, then every muscle of her body contracted and she let out one final loud moan before collapsing, panting heavily, just as if a demon, or a god, had just possessed her.

I stood back a little and feasted on the view of her naked body, smooth colored skin. My own body was reclaiming attention and my pussy was now dropping juices all over my thighs, so my hand slipped under my garments and started rubbing my most intimate place.

Standing on my knees I opened my legs as wide as my unacceptable clothing would allow me and dipped three fingers into my pussy, used them to furiously fuck my own cunt, as if they could be the most amazing tool of a man. I reached my own pleasure quickly, for I was already far on that path.

The scents, the sight, all came to my senses and pleasure took a hold of me, rushing, gushing and owning my body as if the same demon that owned Neela had moved into my body. I collapsed near my trusted maid and must have needed some time to regain consciousness.

I must tell you, my dear Husband. The pleasures of this world have always been forbidden to us, but no more! A life with no pleasure I will have no more.

Mijnheer Abbott will deliver this letter into your safe hands but our home country and its silent rules will see me no more. The time of six months the doctor had prescribed me that dark day in Rotterdam is up, but the Sereniteit will sail back home without me.

The few coppers I had sent you from my last adventure were returned. I once again enclose them into this last letter, in the hope you will use them as a payment for my services, as a loyal yet not pleasure-deaf wife, when you will take your pleasure from me. Otherwise may they just be a help to the distant memory of a once well-known person.

With love,


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