interracial romance

Krissie and Jonathan were walking on the beach of their private South Pacific island. She was pale despite the fact that she lived a good part of her life outdoors. She was short, only five feet and not slim, not fat either, voluptuous curves and a back that stood out like her black sisters. She had long wavy brown hair which when worn down reached almost to her waist. It was done up now in a knot at the back of her head. She wore a thin cotton dress and sandals and that was all.

He was very tall – six feet, two inches, a coffee with a touch of cream complexion, worked out every day, his muscles well defined and could be discerned through his knit shirt which showed the outlines of his biceps, chest and six pack. He had his hair cut short. He was wearing khaki shorts and a white cotton knit shirt with sandals. The couple had decided to take a long walk at the water’s edge after lunch. When they were quite a long way from the house, he turned to her and hugged her hard. A moan escaped her when she felt his erection press up against her body.

“I want to go swimming with you now,” he told her.

“But we didn’t bring our suits.”

“We don’t need our suits. This is a private island. There’s no one else here.”

“Except for the servants.”

“Long time ago, I gave an order for them not to go outside when we’ve left the house. No one will see us.”

“OK,” she said, shedding her dress and kicking off her sandals. He was already undressed and in the water where she joined him. They swam around close to the shore, and then Jonathan turned, stood up and embraced her. He was already very hard and turned harder still when he felt Krissie’s naked body clinging to him, her breasts pressing up against his chest. He took one of her nipples between his fingers and squeezed it hard. She moaned with pleasure and reached for one of his nipples and did the same. He moaned, too. He guided her to the sand and lay her down just where the water met the beach, parted her legs and started to caress her mound, then her nether lips, then reaching inside found her clit and started to love it with two of his fingers in such a sensuous and effective way that soon Krissie was crying out with passion, “I’m coming, my darling. Pound me. Give it to me good like you always do.” She watched as he caressed her, becoming even more excited at seeing his black fingers work on her white pussy. She came real hard.

He slipped his big, black engorged cock deep inside her bringing her to another orgasm and then pounded her hard until his rocket burst, inundating her pink love passage with his huge wad of cum. She was excited all over again from feeling him cum and feeling the impact of his huge wad inside of her, so he bent over and licking all of their juices from her hot pink and white pussy, made her cum twice more before she indicated that she was completely satisfied.

The waves broke over their naked bodies as they lay in the glow of their lovemaking. Jonathan was almost beside himself with love for her. He wanted to lie with her on this beach forever, never getting dressed, having a discrete servant delivering food and other necessities while they rested on the beach, making love every few hours, feeding each other the delectable tidbits the servant provided. Eating her pussy, and then entering her warm wet softness with his black engorged member, his holy stiffness, pounding her until they both came, having her come down on him, sucking him to an orgasm, swallowing his cum, not wasting a drop of it. Licking it off his big black shaft, making him hard again. Letting the ocean cleanse them until the next time he hardened and again flooded her with his juices, the warm Pacific waters washing them clean all over again.

“We’d better get back. We have to go over all of those accounts,” Krissie reminded him.

“OK,” Jonathan said, reluctantly getting dressed. They slowly walked back to the house, hand in hand. By the time they went inside through their private entrance, he was hot for her again. When he turned to her, she saw right away the evidence of his desire.

“You’re such an animal. Were you a rabbit in a past life?,” Krissie asked as she pressed herself against him, as hot for him as he was for her.

He didn’t answer her question about his possible past life as a rabbit and she didn’t expect him to. They were too busy, kissing each other deeply, their tongues entwined, exciting them further. Even though they had just made love on the beach, they were as frantic for each other as if they had been apart for a month.

He carried her to the bed and ripped off her dress. It lie in shreds on the bedroom floor. She did the same, pulling off his shirt, the buttons flying off and sailing through the air. She un zipped his trousers, momentarily ignoring what abundance he had to offer her and pulled them down, throwing them on the floor, ripped off his briefs, shredding them to bits, making him so excited his big black erection was close to painful.

Then she took his big black hard shaft in her hands and started to caress it, pumping up and down on it while she bent over and licked his balls. He was moaning and writhing with excitement emanating not only in his cock but from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. Then she moved her licking action to his throbbing member, and he shuddered as some pre-cum escaped from his tiny pee hole. She licked it clean and then putting as much of his mighty Wurlitzer into her mouth as she could, began to pleasure him so much that he was rapidly approaching the point of no return. He reluctantly indicated that she should stop which she did, but not liking it.

“Baby,” he said huskily, “this is for you now.” He moved down and putting his face right over her pussy, starting to caress her mound of Venus with his tongue. He moved this organ onto her nether lips and licked and sucked them. She was impatiently waiting for him to get to where she wanted him the most. He finally again with his tongue opened her nether lips and found her rosy clit and was soon bringing her to a powerful orgasm. She was still screaming with pleasure from the first when he quickly brought her to a second and then third apex of pleasure.

As she lie there panting, he eased his hard black flesh into her soft pink love passage. She moaned with mounting excitement. His big black cock filled her up and felt so good. She moved with his rhythm. With one hand caressing her breasts and nipples and pinching them making her feel that action down between her legs, adding to her vast enjoyment and pleasure, the other hand reached down and caressed her rosy clit while his big black cock was pounding her hard. She came soon afterwards screaming her great satisfaction and screaming loader when she felt him exploding inside of her flooding her love passage once more with great wads of his white steaming cum.

After a few moments, he withdrew from her despite her protests,which stopped abruptly when once again he went down on her, eagerly licking and swallowing their combined juices bringing her once more to the promised land.

After lying together for a few moments, his John Henry was once again standing at attention.

“I just can’t get enough of you, baby.”

“Me either,” was her succinct reply.

She got up and he was ready to protest when he saw that she was going to the chest of drawers that held their playthings. He watched intently as she took out the strap on with the big dildo that she used to penetrate his rosy black bud.

“Oh, baby,” he panted. “I can’t wait.”

“You won’t have to, my darling,” she whispered, her hot breath in his ear, exciting him further. He felt his cock lurch, as it hardened even more than he had thought possible.

She lubed the dildo well and then pushing him so he was lying on his stomach, she lubed his tight black and red bud, and then slowly eased the dildo inside. He was moaning with pleasure and caressing his shaft. She reached around and grabbed it, indicating that she would pleasure him there, too. She moved up and down with both her hand and the dildo. He was screaming with pleasure. She stopped and said quickly, “Don’t forget. I want to see you cum. It excites me so much to see you shooting your white stuff out of that big black cock of yours.”

“I’ll tell you, but don’t stop. I’ll tell you baby. Keep doin’ it to me. You do me so good, girl.”

She started up both her actions and had the dildo so deep inside his butt that she was able to rub her pussy against it his tight black buns, making herself cum. Then she heard him say, “Now.”

She pulled the dildo out of his backside and he rolled over just as the white cum started shooting out of his big black cock. She reached down and started to caress her clit. Watching him cum excited her so much. Then when he had finished still working on herself, she bent over and licked up all of his cum. He saw what she was doing and leaned back and enjoyed seeing how she was bringing herself to yet another orgasm. Then he bent over her pussy and licked it clean, the juices kept flowing and he kept licking until she was screaming, I’m coming, I’m coming.

He was hard again and had plans for her and her lovely pink and white pussy and that beautiful tight rosy bud of hers. He went into the bathroom and thoroughly washed himself and the dildo. His erection was hard as steel and he fondled it briefly smiling at the good time he was about to give his wife.

She was waiting for him on the bed, the sheet thrown over her body. She smiled at him and he smiled back.

“I love you so much,” he whispered, pulling back the sheet,hardening even more at seeing her naked soft, white body, with its big breasts and nipples, her dark fuzzy mound and the wetness escaping from her pink and white pussy.

“I love you so much,” she echoed, reaching over and caressing his chest, then taking a nipple in her mouth and sucking it. He was moaning with pleasure and returned the favor, sucking hard on her nipple, biting it softly, make her cry out with pleasure. Then he put his hand on her hot dripping wet pink and white pussy. His fingers invaded her secret place, caressing her to her first orgasm. He then eased his entire nine inch length of black meat into her love passage. She loved how his cock felt inside of her filling her up, giving her so much pleasure.

Then he eased her on her side and taking the well lubed dildo slowly eased it into her other place, making her cum before he had even gotten it halfway into her. Penetrating her in two places made him very excited and thrusting his tongue into her mouth, finding hers and passionately deep kissing her was a third penetration that sent him over the top, his big black cock exploding, hammering his juices deep inside of her. His orgasm as it always did excited her so much that she came again. Without removing his cock from her body, he reached down and licked her to another orgasm. Then he took the dildo and moved it up and down in her backside and made her cum again. His cock had grown hard yet again and he pounded her hard until she came yet another time. She kept cumming and cumming and he kept up both actions in her pussy and in her butt until she begged him to stop. She couldn’t take any more. When he heard this, he exploded again sending his cum up inside of her. He looked at her and when she raised her head slightly went down on her a final time and she moaned and writhed until she came hard.

She fell asleep. He was still inside of her and fell asleep, too, exhausted. When they woke up, he was pumping his cock up and down inside of her and doing her with the dildo, too, which was still stuck in her butt. They both screamed when they came and collapsed and fell asleep again. When they woke up however, this time the dildo was in his butt and she was working it for him. His big black hard shaft was inside of her moving up and down in her pink and white pussy passage. She pulled away from him so she could see his big black piece of meat pounding up and down in her pink and white pussy. He looked too. Excitement mounted from seeing the contrast in their skin tones. Each of them were so turned on by this. Even when they held hands — to see the black and white together was enough to get them started.

His tongue was frantically loving her tongue and just before he came, he pulled out of her so she could see his jizz spurt out of him. When she started to pleasure herself because seeing him cum excited her so much, he began to pleasure himself and was soon hard again. She was reaching her climax when his rocket went off and seeing him cum made her cum very hard.

Later she told him she could watch him cum all day and all night.

“Maybe sometime I’ll take you up on it,” he told her.

“Can’t wait,” she replied.


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