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Chapter 5

A few weeks went by, and my time with Andre was fabulous. He was sweet, gentle…perfect. We still had not fucked, but I was content with the oral pleasures. I knew that at some point he would let me feel his cock, I was content to wait. I had not worn the necklace since meeting Jen and I was starting to feel the need to be dominated. I think Andre sensed my uneasiness and restless spirit because one night at dinner he began asking me questions about my sexual fantasies. The restaurant was crowded so our conversation blended away and I was sure no one could over hear. After a few glasses of wine I was relaxed enough to let my inhibitions melt away.

“Have you ever been with more than one man at the same time?” Andre asked.

“No.” I replied as visions of the possibility filled my head.

“Would you like to?” he asked.

I knew Andre well enough to know this was not a trick question, I knew he was sincerely interested in what I wanted and desired.

“Yes. I think I would.” I replied.

“What do you think it would be like?”

I told him I was not sure, but that I would love the feeling of all the men cumming on me. By this point in our relationship Andre had figured out that I was a cum whore…I love cum.

“I know you would love that. I would love to see it.”

With that Andre signaled the waiter for the ticket and we left shortly there after.

On the way home, Andre took a new route and I found myself sitting in the car with him staring up at the neon signs of an adult book store.

“Come with me.”

I followed him in the store. Andre moved directly to the back of the store, to the videos. He reviewed the shelves until he found the section featuring videos of gang bangs. He selected a video and handed the box to me. As I looked at the video snippets on the cover and back of the box, Andre moved to my side and whispered in my ear.

“See that woman, see how she is taking three guys at once? One in her pussy, one in her mouth, and one in her ass? Have you ever had your ass fucked?”

I felt his hand sliding up my arm as he waited for his answer.

“No. I haven’t. Is it fun?”

Andre smiled, “Yes, my love, it is fun. The feeling of an orgasm while ass fucking is beyond anything you can get from your pussy. You want to learn?”

Learn? I thought to myself that this was an odd statement, I mean it was pretty obvious that the cock is stuck in the ass…not much to learn. I asked Andre about this.

“Your ass is so tight that it can hurt you if it’s done wrong. I can help train and get your ass ready for a good fucking. Would you like to try?”


I was game, and trusted Andre implicitly.

Andre got the movie to purchase, ensuring the men were all gorgeous black men with enormous cocks. He knows what I like. He then moved through the store, grabbing various items I was sure I would find out about later. When he was just about done, I asked if he would get a cock ring to wear for me.

“Of course baby. You sure you can handle that? It will make my cock swell even more, and you can barely fit it in your mouth as it is.”

I told him that it would also make him last longer and shoot harder — enough said, he knew that seeing his cum spray even harder from his dick was a huge turn on for me. We took our purchases to the counter. Soon we were in the car, my pussy wet from looking at all the tantalizing things in the store. One last stop at the drug store, Andre was in and out in minutes while I waited in the car.

“Once we get home I want you to go straight up stairs and put on the necklace.”

That was all he said…I didn’t need any other instructions.

I did as expected and sat on the edge of the bed with the necklace on. Andre handed me a box, it was an enema kit.

“Go in the bathroom and clean yourself out.”

I took the box and, after reading the instructions, did as expected. When I was finished my ass was squeaky clean — and I was a little aroused from the stimulation. I stepped out of the bathroom to find Andre sitting on the bed watching the new video. The woman on the screen was getting handled and fucked by at least a dozen men. She was moaning, they were grunting. I was frozen — I wanted to be that woman.

“Get your fucking ass over here. Get on your knees in front of me, watch this woman get fucked.”

I did as instructed, I was on my knees with Andre behind me while I was glued to the television screen. This woman was being passed around like a toy.

“You like that?” Andre asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“You want to be a little slutty whore like that? You want to get pounded in all your holes by twenty different black cocks? You want your white holes stuffed? You want to eat the spunk from all those dicks?”

As Andre said these things to me he grabbed my hair and pulled. He pulled harder until I was leaned back looking up at him when he finished his questions.

“Yes, sir. Very much so, sir.” Was my reply.

“Get on the bed, on all fours. Face the television so you can keep watching this slut.” I did as told.

Once on the bed, Andre moved behind me. He took the bag of goodies from the bookstore with him. He told me he was going to use a cream to numb me a bit, so that I could take what he had to offer. I glanced over my shoulder and saw an array of various sized butt plugs. The largest was thicker than Andre’s cock and it scared me. But, with the necklace on, I had to submit. I felt Andre’s finger slide a cool gel over my asshole, his finger pushed forward slightly forcing some of the goo into me. Next, he told me he was going to lube the smallest plug first. I felt the tip of the toy on my hole, Andre pressed forward and with very little resistance the plug slid into my hole. It was an odd sensation, and as Andre gently moved the plug around I found it very enjoyable.

“Rub your clit, but don’t come. You won’t get to cum until you take the last of these plugs.”

I was so disappointed, I didn’t think I could take the largest. I continued to rub my clit while Andre worked plug after plug into my ass. Each one was a little more difficult, but as my pussy got wetter, and the video got nastier, my ass relaxed. Finally, Andre announced he was using the final plug. I couldn’t believe it. With some effort and a little pain, Andre slid a butt plug the thickness of my wrist up my ass. I felt my muscles contract and spasm as they got use to the stretch.

“Now you little slut, I am going to let you experience the ultimate orgasm. But first…”

With these words Andre moved of the bed, undressed and presented my mouth with his cock. I sucked the velvety head into my mouth, I teased the precum onto my tongue. He stroked his shaft while my tongue worked his head. I felt so nasty with my ass in the air filled with the toy while my mouth was being fucked by Andre’s cock. I rubbed my pussy harder. Andre stepped aside and told me to watch the movie, I was just in time to see the woman laid out on the floor, each man taking a turn blowing their load on her face. They would walk up and shoot on her – then walk away. I wanted to feel that. I was so transfixed that I had not noticed Andre grabbing the strap on that Jen had used on me before. In one motion he moved behind me and impaled me with it. I gasped and cried out.

“Oh my God”

I was full, the dildo in my cunt and the plug in my ass was too much. Andre moved around again and told me to suck his cock more. I saw the cock ring and knew that it would take a little more this time. I sucked in earnest, rubbing my clit and humping the air with my holes pried open with various items. I needed to cum but Andre would not let me.

Finally, I felt his cock twitch.

“Okay you are ready.”

He took his cock from my mouth and moved behind me.

“Now, you fucking slut I am going to fuck your pussy with this cock. I am going to put pressure on the ass plug too. When I start doing that, I want you to make yourself cum. But, you better fucking tell me right before you do. Understand?”

“Yes, yes” I cried out, I needed to cum.

I felt the toys in my body start to move and I nearly crawled out of my skin from the sensation. I loved it. I needed it.

“I’m going to cum.” I shouted.

Just as the words were coming out of my lips, I felt Andre slam the cock to the hilt in my cunt. I started to spasm, but it was not like any orgasm I had experienced. As my pussy contracted around the cock, my ass was spasming around the plug. It was amazing, it was like the resistance to the ass spasms made it more intense. Suddenly, mid spasm, Andre pulled the plug from my ass. That was it, I started bucking wild, the orgasm would not stop.

“Don’t move.” Andre ordered me still and I complied.

I looked over my shoulder to see him jerking his cock wildly. My orgasm started to ease, but my body was still twitching.

“Rub your fucking cunt. I want you to cum when you feel this.”

I had no idea what he was talking about but I frantically rubbed my clit. Soon I announced my orgasm. Just as I felt the first wave rock my body, I felt something warm hit in my asshole. Then I felt it again, as my orgasm overpowered me. Suddenly it dawned on me. When Andre pulled the ass plug, my hole was still gaping, and he jerked his cock until he shot his spunk straight into my ass hole. Just the thought of his hot seed in my hole made the last few waves of orgasm more thrilling.

Then Andre moved in front of me and had me clean his cock with my mouth, I sucked the last drops of come from him. He reached behind me and pulled the rubber cock from my pussy. I collapsed on the bed. I felt his hand move through my hair and unfasten the necklace. He returned it to the place of honor on the dresser. Andre returned to the bed and I fell into his arms. It was so wonderful being held by this man as I felt his cum begin to seep out of my ass. I dozed off, when I awoke Andre had put all the toys away and was sleeping by my side. At first I considered getting up to shower, but decided to enjoy a few more hours of his seed in me.

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