Danielle awoke slowly the following morning. At first, she was only blearily aware of the cum-stained towel draped on her face. It stuck to her weary visage as she foggily rolled her head side to side. The scent wafted up through her nostrils and into the vortex of her memory, eliciting images of last night’s events.

The underwater gagging. The double penetration. The way one of them had bent her over the bed and fucked her ass until he unloaded in her. And, of course, the towel with the dried ejaculate. It all rushed into her conscience like a tidal wave, causing her to jolt up off the floor.

She peeled the caked-on towel off of her face, reminding her of grade school and how she would let glue dry on her fingers for fun. Though her left eye was still moderately sealed shut with spunk, through her right she was able to see Russell, still lying asleep in bed. She decided to clean herself up before her master saw her like this.

In the bathroom, she tempered the water to spa-like temperatures and climbed into the shower. The heat practically melted the cum away. She could feel the humidity penetrating its adhesiveness and dislodging it from her face and neck. She liberally applied shampoo and facial soap, trying both to expel the visual evidence of the previous night and to make herself presentable to Russell.

When she was comfortable with her face, she removed the shower head from its wall brace and brought it between her legs. Lifting her right leg onto the shower ledge, she shot the hot stream of water up her asshole, creating a slurry of juices that washed out of her. She repeated the process with her pussy.

She stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her. As she brushed her teeth, she looked in the mirror and noticed that the towel provided a hint of modesty. It was the first time since they landed in Florida that she had anything more than a bikini on. It reminded her of a time before Russell, before becoming the frat slave and before this trip. It reminded her of a time before she took pleasure in this complete degradation and humiliation to which she was being subjected.

Forcing those memories out of her mind, she made her way back to the bedroom. Remembering Russell’s order to wear the bikini or nothing, she left the towel on the floor in the hall. She was glad she did, for as she turned the corner, she found Russell wide awake and lying in bed waiting for her.

“Good morning, Danielle,” he said, using her name instead of one of his preferred monikers.

“Good morning, sir,” Danielle replied, not wanting to take his informality as an invitation to reciprocate.

“I have a present for you,” he said. “Come lie next to me.”

Danielle was quick to obey, sauntering over to him and lying on top of the sheets. Russell reached his arm under his pillow and presented her reward. Danielle was nonplussed. In his hand he held a shiny, silver dildo, about five inches in length and not too wide.

“I can tell you were hoping for more,” Russell said, uncaring.

“No, sir, I just do not understand.”

“Well, Danielle, I plan on sticking my dick up your ass soon, and it is probably a good idea to keep yourself limber for me. From now on, unless you are using the restroom, I want you to keep this in your ass. Starting now.”

He handed it over to a reluctant Danielle, who took it in her left hand like she had never seen one before. It lay flat on her palm as Danielle considered this demand, but Russell folded her fingers around it and gave her a simple command.


Danielle was glad she had used the morning to clean out her ass. It had kept her loose, and removed any filth that would otherwise have lingered. She rolled over onto her stomach, lying flat as a board on the bed, and brought the tip of the dildo to her sphincter with her right hand. It was not wide or long enough to cause her much discomfort. Instead, she felt a small amount of pressure as the silver prong found its place inside her.

“Very good, pet,” Russell said, stroking her back. “Now, how about a little morning fuck?”

Though it was phrased as a question, Danielle knew it was not. But she did not mind, especially knowing that he was not yet planning on taking her ass, she could experience his perfect cock in her pussy again. Through all of the obedience training and last night’s trial, she had forgotten to even look forward to this portion of the trip. But at his suggestion, her pussy started juicing instinctively.

“With pleasure, sir,” she said as she got up on her knees. She prepared to straddle his lap, but he stopped her.

“Uh uh,” he said, shaking his head. “Suck me first.”

Danielle smiled a lascivious smile as she dismounted him. “Does that mean you like the way I suck now?”

“It means you are getting better, but you still need the practice. But even when you are the perfect little cocksucker you are to always start our fucking with your mouth. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied as she gripped the base of his cock with her left hand. Her body was perpendicular to his, and she brought her lips around his head from the side. Even with her hand clenching the bottom of his dick, the head of it hit the back of her throat before her lips reached her fingers. She closed her lips around him and pressed her tongue flat against the side of his dick before sliding up his entire length.

She swiveled her head around him, using his dick as a pivot point, doing her best to lubricate him before he entered her pussy. As she bobbed her head, she slowly rotated her body so that she was between his legs. She then let his cock pop out of her mouth and lowered her attention to her balls. As she took one into her mouth, his erection fell forward on her face, blocking half of her vision.

She was like a peasant kneeling in praise before a great, stone obelisk. Her tongue lapped at his scrotum as she slowly jerked his cock with her left hand. A generous amount of saliva was glistening on his veiny member, making her hand job particularly pleasurable for him.

“Fuck yeah, baby,” he said. “Put your mouth back on it.”

Encouraged by his groans of ecstasy, Danielle put her mouth back on his dick and started pumping. Russell grabbed her hair, forming a pony tail behind her head, and helped control her pace. As he repeatedly rammed the back of her throat onto him, muted gagging sounds escaped from her lips.

“Gug, gug, gug.” she struggled around his throbbing member.

As she choked, saliva pooled out of her mouth and onto his tool. She used her hands to slather it over his entire length.

“Yeah, baby,” he said, pulling her pony tail up towards his chest. “Get up here.”

Danielle slowly crawled up his body, kissing up his rippled abdomen as she went. She flicked her tongue over his nipple, but quickly moved north as he continued to pull her hair. Their lips locked, and as they kissed passionately she swiveled her hips until her hot hole was hovering above his stiff missile.

“Sink down on it, baby. Ride that dick.”

Danielle grabbed his cock and positioned it against her soaking pussy and slowly sat down on it. This was the first time since she had inserted the dildo that she even noticed it was in her ass. His cock had originally felt utterly perfect in her pussy before. Now it felt like perfection amplified.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed in pure shock and excitement as she bottomed out on him.

She laid her chest flat against his and kissed him again, sticking her tongue in his mouth and searching for his. He gently bit her tongue, reminding her that though she was on top, he was in charge.

Danielle felt his hot breath penetrate her mouth as he snarled at her, and then flinched as he grabbed her ass and slowly pulled her up his cock. She slid up his body until only the head of his cock remained in her, and then she slid back down to his balls. His stiff scrotum tickled her labia, which she encouraged by gyrating her hips against him sensually.

“Come on, baby. Slide up and down my dick,” Russell commanded.

Danielle happily obeyed, gliding her ever-dampening pussy all over his well-lubricated cock. He continued to fit into her fully, exploring the depths of her passage with every thrust.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Danielle let out as she rode him faster.

As she started to move at her own pace, Russell let go of her ass and grabbed her tits, forcing her off of his chest. He squeezed each of them roughly, causing her supple fat to spill out from between his fingers. Eyeing up the silver barbell piercings lodged in tender buds, he took the left one between his teeth and clenched his jaw shut.

“Oh, yes, master, treat me rough,” Danielle encouraged despite feeling genuine pain. The pleasure in her pussy trumped any other emotion she could feel right now. She pulled him tightly against her and gasped in shock as he bit harder. Though she was nearly smothering him with his breast, he went on undeterred, basking in her buoyant flesh.

He let go of her left breast, freeing up his hand to smack her engorged right nipple.

“Mmmppphhhhh!!!” Danielle muffled herself with her lips, though the searing pain this caused nearly elicited an screeching yell.

Russell sat up against her, maintaining his grip on her right tit, and reached around her back with his left hand. As she continued to bounce up and down on his shaft, he slid his hand down the small of her back, causing her to shiver. He went lower, spreading her ass apart and grabbing the base of the dildo.

“No!” Danielle shouted involuntarily as he slowly slid it out of her. The motion of it dragging out of her ass had a vacuum-like effect on her, causing her to sink lower on his dick. Holding her low by pulling down on her boob, he slid the dildo back up her asshole.

The effect was mind-blowing for each of them. Neither of them moved, but each felt the silver phallus inside Danielle. Danielle’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she struggled to make miniscule movements with her pelvis. Conversely, Russell clenched his eyes shut and bit onto her shoulder as the dildo repeatedly flicked against the crown of his cock through the thin membrane inside Danielle.

Danielle wrapped both arms around him as she started to shutter, her orgasm having reached the state of inevitability.

“Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me,” she whimpered into his ears, nearly on the verge of tears from pure erotic ecstasy.

Russell increased the pace of the dildo-fucking, and achieved the desired result for each of them. He roared like a bear as he started to shoot his thick seed inside her. The feel of his sticky warmth hosing away inside her was the perfect trigger for Danielle. She dug her nails into his back and came with him.

They both basked in the glow of her moist pussy gently clasping at the base of his cock. It coaxed out the last of his cum, which leaked out of his tip and mixed with the medley of juices inside her. They held this position until his dick started to softened, Danielle’s pussy clasping at it as it went, hoping to prolong the sensation. When it had returned to full flaccidity, he rolled her over onto the bed and withdrew.

Danielle let her legs flop open on the cloud-like comforter and dipped her fingers into her humid pussy. “Thank you, master,” she said, genuinely grateful.

“Very good, pet. You are getting better and better at oral. I expect that you are appreciative for the training I have put you through. You now really know how to please a man.”

“I am grateful, master. Thank you for taking me from clueless and inexperienced to a cock-hungry slut.” Danielle massaged her clit as she debased herself.

“You better still have an appetite, slut. We are going out. Clean up and put on your bikini.”


As they walked through the hotel lobby and towards the boardwalk, Danielle was unusually conscious of her stride. Walking with a dildo in her ass in public was as humiliating as she imagined it would be, but forced herself to come to terms with the fact that most of the people were not looking at her. There were beautiful girls everywhere, most of them Puerto Rican or Cuban, with classical, hourglass figures and bikinis that were much skimpier than hers. Compared to these girls, she looked like a prude.

Bust still, she was nervous that her gait was a tad bowlegged, and that anyone who noticed would immediately jump to the conclusion that there was a dildo in her ass. She eyed everyone who walked passed them, trying to gauge whether or not they noticed. While many of them checked her out, they were not doing so in a style atypical for college boys. They were unable to hide their gaze, but it did not seem as though they suspected her dirty secret.

A few minutes later, Danielle and Russell were sitting at a Cantina on the boardwalk. The sun was already assaulting them with with a humid ninety degrees, and Danielle’s entire body was gleaming as the rays reflected off her suntan lotion. Just yesterday, Danielle felt exposed in her string bikini. But after the last eighteen hours, she felt comforted by what shreds of modesty it provided.

As her nerves started to settle, she fixed her attention on the menu. She had not eaten since the flight, and was hoping for a substantial breakfast.

A beautiful, latino waitress arrived at their table to take their order.

“I will have the Huevos Racheros and a coffee,” said Russell. Before Danielle could offer her order, Russell continued, “She will have a bowl of yogurt and a fruit salad.”

“Very good, I will have the right out for you,” she said.

“Yogurt and fruit salad?” Danielle complained. “I’m starving, Russell!”

“Pet, you are spending the week in only that bikini. I do not want you eating scrambled eggs, beans or hot sauce and getting bloated.”

Danielle’s shoulders slumped at the thought that Russell would be controlling her diet, too.

“Besides,” he continued, “I have a plan in the works, and yogurt is a part of it.”

Danielle had no idea what that plan could be, but quickly accepted her fate.

“I understand, master.”

“Good. Now, scan the restaurant for a guy you want to take to the restroom and fuck.”

“Excuse me!” Danielle nearly shouted in shock.

“This is my gift to you, pet, for performing so well last night. But, although it is a gift, you have no choice but to accept it.”

“OK,” Danielle said. This was at least not as bad as what she had been through since she arrived in Miami. “Anyone?”

“Anyone,” Russell confirmed.

Danielle had already noticed a couple of handsome guys, each about her age, muscled and oozing confidence. But one, sitting three tables behind Russell, was particularly attractive. Long, wavy brown hair, brown eyes, about six feet tall. His well-toned arms and shoulders were on display in a white wife beater, which contrasted his khaki shorts and sandals.

“OK, now what?” Danielle asked.

“Make eye contact, and make it clear that you are interested in him.”

As Danielle stared unabashedly at him, she continued to talk with Russell. “Are you sure this will work, with you sitting there? Don’t you think he will be intimidated by you?”

“Just make it clear that he will get sex if he follows you to the bathroom. Any guy would be a fool not to take that chance,” Russell said, paying her a compliment in a circuitous fashion.

Danielle blushed, which only amplified the effect of her flirting when the guy finally looked at her. She smiled, and brushed her hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear.

He smiled back, but returned his gaze to his plate.

“Going to have to try harder than that,” said Russell. “Blow him a kiss.”

Danielle’s heart started racing as she waited for him to look back up at her. He did, and she flicked her eyebrows up, making sure he was paying attention. Then she puckered her lips and subtly kissed the space between them.

This time, the guy checked behind him, making sure she was not looking at someone else, and then turned back to her and put his finger to his sternum, silently asking if she was motioning to him.

Danielle nodded and licked her lips, making her intentions clear. But before she could go forward, the waitress returned with their food.

“Perfect timing,” said Russell. “Take one of those strawberries, dip it in the yogurt, and then lick it clean for him.”

Danielle’s hands started to quiver as she grabbed one of the strawberries by the stem. Hoping that no one else in the restaurant was watching, she dipped it into the yogurt and brought it to her mouth.

Making eye contact with her unknown man, she extended her tongue and dragged it across the ripe, red fruit. The yogurt pooled on her tongue, and she took it into her mouth. When he put his hands between his legs and adjusted his shorts, Danielle knew she was having the desired effect.

“I think he is interested,” she said to Russell.

“Then drive the point home. I want you to pop out one of your tits for him.”

“Russell, please? This place is packed! I could go to jail for exposing myself!”

“Then you better make sure to do it discretely.”

Danielle clenched her legs tightly together, as if some mental stigmatism suggested that she could balance her exposure by securing access to her pussy. She kept her gaze fixed on him as she brought her right hand to the string above her right breast.

He started to get the idea as she grabbed the string in her fist and slid it down towards the cup. She felt her fingertips graze against the soft flesh at the top of her breast, and then down further along the side of it. As she lowered her hand, her bikini lowered with it and her tit started to spill over.

In the moment before her nipple revealed itself, Danielle felt a rush of excitement invade her pussy. This sensation was amplified by the friction between her clamped thighs. She lost herself in the wave of energy and pulled the bikini all the way down. As her tit popped into the open air, she pushed it up and out towards the astonished man.

“Hey, lady,” an voice called from a table to her right. Danielle turned in horror. “Those are awesome, but I don’t think this is that kind of a bar!”

Some meathead jock, sitting at a table of six guys, called her situation out to the rest of his crew. They all laughed out loud, and Danielle quickly concealed her breast.

She did not know what to do, or even who to look at. She wanted to admonish them, but she knew they were in the right. She wanted Russell to stand up for her, and she wanted to make sure she had not lost the interest of her counterpart in flirtation.

Of all these options, she looked back at the man she was trying to impress. She smiled when their eyes met, knowing instantly that he was still on board.

“Don’t worry about them, pet. They are not going to do anything about it. You are doing great. Now, tell me how our pussy feels.”

Danielle was not in the mood to stall. She wanted to get this guy alone. Still, she obliged her master.

“My pussy feels incredibly wet, and is grateful to its master for allowing her this opportunity.”

“That is what I like to hear. Now, you may claim your reward. Invite him to the bathroom and do your thing.”

Without saying another word, Danielle looked back at the guy and gestured towards the restrooms. He faintly nodded, and rose when she did, following her to the back about ten paces behind her.

Danielle beat him to the men’s room by just a few seconds, and was relieved to find all three stalls unoccupied. As she started to inspect each of them for cleanliness, her pursuer burst into the room, the door slamming open and crashing into the wall. He scanned the room for her and found her quickly, catching her gaze and walking towards her with a fast and confident stride.

Danielle’s already-sopping pussy juiced harder as he closed the gap between them. He was moving like a predator picking off easy prey, and Danielle was deeply aroused by his self-assuredness. Her knees and elbows were jittery as he planted himself directly in front of her. As he reached up to grab her arm, she gasped.

He grabbed her upper arm firmly, as if, despite all of her advances, he thought there was some shred of possibility that she would object. She didn’t. He pulled her into the handicap stall.

“There is more room in this one,” he said, Danielle soaking in his sonorous bass for the first time.

“OK,” was all she could muster, at least without revealing her wavering tone.

Pressing her shoulders against the wall, he forced his mouth onto hers and kissed her deeply. Her view obstructed, Danielle fumbled for his belt. This caused him to grab her wrist and break the kiss.

“Hold on,” he said. “I feel like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity here, and I don’t want to blow it, but who the hell is that guy you were sitting with?”

“He’s my…” Danielle paused, realizing that she had never explained her situation to anyone, other than the other girls who had been through the same initiation. How do you explain to someone that you have a master? She considered synonyms with nicer connotations: owner, boss, possessor…none of them seemed right. She considered lying, too: brother, cousin, plutonic friend. She would never be able to convince him of any of those. To fill the void of silence created by her stalling, she caved and gave her original answer.

“He’s my master.”

“Your master? What does that mean?”

Finding relief in her honesty, that technique proved contagious.

“I am his sexual slave. We came to Miami so that we could explore my whorish tendencies while remaining somewhat anonymous. We are here right now because he told me to identify a man in the restaurant that I found attractive, flirt with him, and then bring him to the bathroom and fuck him. And I chose you.”

His erection was fighting to be released from his shorts, and as she explained he gripped her wrist harder and harder.

“So, just to be clear, this is something you want, right? You are not just doing it because he wants you to?”

Danielle opted for physical proof over words. “Feel how wet my pussy is and see if you have any doubts.”


Meanwhile out in the dining room, Russell turned to the table that had mocked her for flashing.

“Hey, you,” he said specifically to the guy who spoke.

“Yeah?” he responded, unintimidated by Russell’s superior strength while surrounded by his crew.

“You know that girl you called out?”

“Yeah?” he repeated.

“She just took that guy into the bathroom to fuck him.”

“Sounds like you got yourself a real winner, pal,” he said. His friends chuckled at his attempt at humor. “Your girl leaves you at your table to go bang a stranger?”

“She did it because I told her to. She does whatever I tell her to.”

“Whatever you tell her to, huh?” said the guy as he started to understand his meaning.

“Whatever, whoever, wherever, whenever,” said Russell driving home the point. “I will pay for your meal if you help me out.”

“What do you want us to do?”

“Follow them in there, catch the whole thing on your camera phone. I need proof that she is being obedient to my command. When it is all done, bring it back here and transfer the video to my phone, and your breakfast is on me.”

Two of the boys were already on their way before Russell even offered to pay. Did they really need incentive to do this?


Danielle was vaguely aware of the door opening, but assumed, reasonably, that it was a patron who needed to use the restroom. She bit her tongue, trying to stifle moans of pleasure that were aching to escape from her mouth. Her unknown fuck partner was sitting on the toilet, and she was standing, facing him with her legs spread. His fingers had found her throbbing clit through her bikini and were vigorously rubbing it.

Danielle gripped his shoulders for support as her knees started to buckle. She wrapped her arm around his head and held it close to her chest as she started to sway. She recalled her first night with Russell, as he had done this exact same thing to her in her room. Her lust for this man grew deeper as she drew parallels between him and Russell.

She whispered in his ear, hoping to avoid being heard by the new entrants to the room. “Yes…faster!” Her breath quickened and escalated in pitch.

It was at this point, unbeknownst to Danielle, that two camera phones emerged. One over the top of the wall from the adjacent stall, one from underneath the door. The guy rubbing her pussy did not notice either, as his ear was held tight to her chest and he was staring down at her pussy.

He wrapped his left hand around her waist and held her tight as his right hand slipped under her bikini and straight into her soaking wet hole. Danielle felt his hand graze against the dildo in her ass, and, for the first time since entering the stall, was embarrassed of herself. She looked down to see how he would react, and found him looking up at her inquisitively.

“What is that?” he asked.

“What is what?” she replied, stepping back from him so that his fingers came out of her. She was not prepared to give him the truth on that just yet. To change the subject, she reached behind her back with both hands and undid her bikini top. She held it at arms length and dropped it on the floor as her fuck toy stared unabashedly at her exposed tits.

He practically charged at her, grabbing her breasts like oversized stress balls and pushed her back against the wall. As he nibbled at her neck, Danielle looked behind him and saw the camera phone peaking out from the adjacent stall.

“Wait!” she said in a heightened whisper. “We’re being filmed!”

He paused for a second to turn, and saw the camera phone retract into the stall. Then, two guys pushed their way into the handicap stall, taking advantage of the mediocre locking mechanism.

“Don’t mind us,” said the guy who had mocked her in the dining room. “Your master asked us to film this for him. He wanted to make sure you were being obedient.”

“We have another guy watching the door, so go crazy,” said the other photographer.

Danielle looked back at her partner, who was still mauling her breasts even as he had turned towards the other guys. “Are you OK with this?”

His wordless response was to pin her against the wall and kiss her hard. Danielle embraced him and held him tight, but he was not interested in kissing for long. He let go of her tits to put his hand on her shoulders and suggestively pushed her lower.

Danielle kept her back flush against the wall and the soles of her feet against the floor, choosing to squat instead of kneel in front of him. Her knees spread on either side of his legs, leaving her pussy hidden by only a thin, damp piece of green cloth. When she was level with his cock, he lowered his shorts and stepped out of them.

His dick was fully erect, and even though it was not as large as Russell’s, it looked angrier, more vindictive. ‘You invite me into a bathroom stall only to make me fuck on camera,’ Danielle imagined it saying. ‘Just wait to see what I do to you.’

Danielle quieted this ridiculous conversation by taking the taunting flesh into her mouth.

“Yeah, slut!” he said. “Suck me good. Make your master proud.”

Remembering that she was being filmed, Danielle increased the energy with which she sucked.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned like a whore in heat as she bounced on his cock.

The second cameraman knelt behind the guy and got his camera close to Danielle’s spread legs. “Spread that bikini to the side, slut,” he said.

Danielle complied, pulling the fabric away with her right hand and dipped her middle finger into her slurry of juices. She obediently swirled her fingers around inside herself, more concerned with Russell’s reaction when he watched the video than what any of these guys thought.

The guy in her mouth, though, turned out to be a bit of a showman. “You know,” he said, “I usually get to know a girl’s name before I let her suck my cock. What is your name, slut?”

Danielle tried to back off his cock to answer him, but he pushed forward so that the distance between his cock and the wall was less than the size of her head. He wanted her to answer him with his cock in her mouth.

Danielle looked up to him with pleading eyes, but he insisted. “Answer me.”

She opened her mouth wide, trying to give her tongue enough space to answer clearly, but his gag stifled her significantly.

” -an, -el” was the best she could muster.

“Oh, nice to meet you, -an, -el,” he replied, hanging his mouth open to imitate her appearance and sound when answering as he said her name.

He and the two cameramen could not contain themselves, erupting in laughter and high-fiving each other. Danielle’s cheeks flushed a dark shade of rouge as these three strangers mocked her. She had not considered that they did not know each other’s names, and the implications this had on how much of a whore she was being both humiliated and excited her.

She rubbed her pussy harder for the camera. “Mph, mph, mphhh,” she groaned around the cock gag. Tears started to smart in her eyes as the shame sank in, but still she sucked harder and faster. The cock was smooth and clean in her mouth, and she actually enjoyed the sensation of its veiny underside running up the length of her tongue.

“Damn, look at her go!” said one of the cameramen. “She is not ashamed of anything!”

“Hey, come on bro,” said the other photographer. “Let’s fast-forward the action a bit.”

Silently agreeing, they guy pulled out of her mouth and entwined his hands with her hair. She stood as he pulled her upwards. Only now did she realize the drool that had spilled out of her mouth and collected on her breasts.

“Bend over and put your hands on the toilet seat,” he said. “I want to see what it was that I felt earlier.”

Danielle braced herself physically on the toilet and braced herself mentally for the taunting she would surely receive in a few seconds. She took solace in the fact that the toilet looked as though it had just been cleaned. Not a spot of filth anywhere on it.

Her counterpart slipped his hand between her legs, rubbing the side of his forefinger against her pussy. Danielle swiveled her hips against his intruding digits, even as she felt his thumb slide between her cheeks and press against her sphincter. Danielle blushed a deep shade of burgundy as he found the obstruction, even if he had yet to identify exactly what it is.

“You dirty little slut,” he said. “Tell me what is in your asshole.”

There was no sense hiding it. He would see it for himself in a moment.

“Its a dildo, sir,” she said, still not knowing his name.

“Do you always walk around with dildo in your ass, you filthy fucking whore?”

One of the cameramen repositioned himself for a close-up.

“No, sir. My master wants me to keep it in as training for when he takes my ass.”

Just admitting facts like these caused her arousal to heighten. She felt her pussy leaking all over his fingers, and she slowly rocked back and forth against him in response.

“Let’s get a closer look, shall we?” he said as he grabbed the flimsy knots on her hips and pulled. The tiniest modicum of humility that remained slipped away from her as her bikini peeled off.

“Well,” he said. “She wasn’t lying.”

He grabbed the base of the dildo and slowly slid it out of her ass.

“Please,” she whimpered. “It is supposed to stay in there.”

“I don’t think your master will mind if we play with it a bit,” he said as he continued to pull.

“No! Please, don’t take it out. I have instructions!” She might not have resisted were it not for both cameras. She at least needed to make it seem like she was against this.

Unworried of any repercussions that would be brought onto him, he pulled the dildo all the way out of her ass and showed it off to the camera. “Look what we found!” he proclaimed, as if showing off to Russell in the future.

Danielle tried to turn to him and get it back, but he put his palm between her shoulder blades and kept her in place. He held the dildo to her mouth.

“I am going to count to three,” he said. “On three, I am going to let go of this dildo. If you do not hold it in your mouth, it will drop into the toilet.”

“No….please,” Danielle tried.




Danielle submitted, closing her mouth over the dildo and holding it in place as he let go.

“I knew you would see things my way,” he said. Then, turning to the onlookers, “Either of you guys have a rubber?”

“Yeah, man,” one of them said, pulling out his wallet and removing a condom. “Can’t believe you came down to Miami without these.”

“Yeah, I know. I have some in my room, but was not anticipating this. Definitely don’t want to fuck this slut bareback.”

“I’d say that is a pretty smart idea,” said the cameraman. “This girl has probably been with at least twenty guys.”

Danielle just hung her head in shame as they talked about how diseased she might be. She knew she was clean, or at least that she was before last night, but these guys were right to question it. Here she was, bent over in front of three strangers, gripping the toilet in a public bathroom, holding a dildo that had just been in her ass between her lips, and was waiting for one of them to fuck her while the other two filmed it.

Just when she was starting to hate what she had become, a hard cock filled her pussy and reignited her lust. He aggressively pushed his crown against her slit, expecting to meet more resistance. But she was so wet that he slid right into her and nearly fell against her.

Danielle nearly lost her supporting grasp on the toilet as his thighs powerfully slapped against hers, but she quickly clenched her forearm muscles and braced herself for a pummeling.

“Fuuuuuuck,” they said in near-unison, Danielle as an impulsive response to pure elation, her partner in shock at how wet she had become. Danielle did not muster much sound, though, as the dildo started to slide out of her mouth the minute she opened her lips. She abruptly closed her teeth around it, preventing it from dropping into the toilet bowl.

“Damn!” said one of the photographers. “Balls deep on the first thrust, dude? That must feel like rubbing your dick down a slip n slide!”

“This is the wettest I’ve ever felt,” he responded. “Good thing, too, because my cock is going to need to be well-lubricated for where it is going next.”

It was clear to Danielle want he meant, but she could not offer any rebuttal while the dildo hung precariously in her mouth.

He grabbed her hips and started rocketing in and out of her. He fucked her with great vigor, and just as anxiously pulled her back against him. Danielle encouraged him with some subtle, lateral movement to her hips. This not only looked amazing to him, as she swiveled on his cock, but caused her vaginal walls to rub against his erect tool at different angles.

He spread her cheeks wide, eyeing up his next target, which gaped open to him thanks to the dildo she had been concealing there. He slid his thumb down her crack into her hole, plugging it with something slightly smaller for the time being.

“Mmmmmppphhhhh,” Danielle groaned as he thumbed her asshole.

“Yeah, whore,” he goaded. “Moan like the slut you are.”

Danielle kept sending guttural sounds of approval into the echoic room. She knew that if someone were to walk in at that exact moment, they would instantly be able to know what was happening in the handicap stall. This only stimulated her further, and she bucked back against him with aplomb.

The guy pulled out of her pussy and watched it twitch in his absence. Danielle looked over her shoulder at him, her eyes imploring him to go on.

“Don’t look at me, Danielle. If you want something phallic in your cunt, use what is in your mouth.”

She removed the dildo from her mouth with her left hand.

“Please,” she said. “Don’t fuck my ass. It is for my master only!”

“As far as you are concerned, slut, I am your master now.”

He put the head of his dick at her sphincter.

“No!” Danielle shouted, and then quickly rescinded. She did not want anyone to think that a rape was occurring, and for anyone else to see her in here. She resigned herself to the fact that this was happening, and hoped that Russell might check on her and take care of these guys. To prevent herself from instinctively yelling again, she put the dildo back in her mouth.

After working just his head inside her, he kicked her feet further apart. This caused her to sink to a more level position, allowing him to rest the heels of his feet on the floor and trudge onward.

In her ass, he met the resistance he was expecting in her pussy. It enrobed him like a soft vice, clenching him with the perfect amount of pressure. Securing her waist firmly in his grasp, he pushed into her and pulled her onto him all at once.

“Nnnnggggg!” Danielle screamed into her dildo gag.

“Yeah, slut. Take my cock in your slutty little hole.”

He pushed all the way in to the hilt, and Danielle felt lightheadedness coming on. Her knees softened a bit, and she felt his hands grip her harder, propping her up.

“Hey!” he said in a sightly amplified voice. “Stay awake, slut!” He moved his right hand to her hair, wrapping his fingers in it and pulling her head back. “I don’t want to fuck a limp fish.”

He let go of her hair and turned his attention to her supple ass cheeks. He spanked each of them hard, bringing yelps of shock and, more importantly, alertness from his obedient whore.

“Good girl,” he said. “Now fuck my dick with your ass.”

Danielle did not understand immediately, but after a few seconds of him standing perfectly still, she realized he wanted her to do all the work. Reinforcing her hold on the toilet, she pushed back against him, feeling his cock fill her up. She then rocked forward, causing half of him to slide out of her.

Now that she was doing all the work, his hands were free to survey her body. He leaned forward, running his hands up her back, tracing her spine. As they reached her collarbone, he split his hands and grabbed her shoulders, momentarily helping her keep the rhythm of her backward thrusting.

He then traced his fingertips over her shoulders, feeling the contour of her triceps, before sliding down her chest and cupping her breasts. Here, his sensuality halted for a moment, giving each of them two quick squeezes, mashing her flesh out from between his fingers. Danielle groaned as he did so, but continued to buck against him, knowing that Russell would have wanted her to.

Finally, the stranger in her asshole moved his hand to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. This is what Danielle needed.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, increasing the speed with which her ass bounced on his cock.

This accelerated rhythm was all he needed, too. He moved his free hand to her shoulder, holding her in place while he took over and started fucking her with everything she had.

Just as he was able to finger her to climax, he gave one final shutter and pulled out of her.

“Uuuuugggghhhhh….take it, bitch!” he screamed, disregarding the potential presence of anyone else in the bathroom. He slid his fist up her cock, relieving it of the condom, and pointed his dick back towards her asshole. He shot his entire load inside her.

At this point, Danielle was too worn out and too sexually satiated to care if anyone else knew. She wanted to turn and collapse on the toilet, but he held her in place. She was very thankful when he reached in front of her and grabbed the dildo. Pulling it from her mouth, he placed the silver phallus by her asshole. Danielle barely registered it entering her.

He pulled her up, lowered the seat, and turned her around, dropping her securely on top of it. He then turned to the two cameramen.

“Want to take a shot at her?”

“No,” Danielle barely mustered. “Russell just said one.”

“But Russell also said to obey me, yes?” he asked.

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